Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society

Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society

           Annual Report 2012
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

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                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

Mission, Values and Vision Statements                        2

Organizational Profile                                       3

Board of Directors                                           4

Organizational Chart                                         5

Report from the Executive Director                           6

Report from the Chairperson                                  7

Finance and Administration                                   8

Community Living Services for Adults                         9

Community Outreach                                           13

Family Services                                              15

Community Development                                        19

Funders' Contributions & Specific Program Expenses           24

Community Connections Programs                               26

Community Connections Staff                                  27

Community Connections Partners                               28

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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

Mission Statement
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society provides integrated, accessible social services to individuals and
families in the community of Revelstoke. To respond to community needs we deliver quality services both
directly and through community partnerships.

Community Connections provides an integrated suite of social services including:
    Community living services for adults and children;
    Clinical services for families, individuals, children in care, and women or children who have witnessed or
      experienced abuse;
    Family support services for parents;
    Youth opportunities programs; and
    Outreach programs to the community.

Values Statement
In providing our services we value:
         The diversity, individuality, capacity for               Friendship;
          change and growth, and strengths of our                  Sense of belonging;
          clients, co-workers and community;                       Including all; and
         Respect;                                                 A healthy environment.
         Human dignity;

Vision Statement
Over the next five years, Community Connections will continue to be recognized by our community, the region
and the province as a leader in the provision of social services for:
      Providing effective social programs that strengthen individuals and build community;
      Engaging our community by promoting respect for the diversity, capacity and strengths of all
      Engaging individuals, families and our community in the development of quality client-centred
        programs and services; and
      Developing an organizational culture that values the contributions of all.

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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

                                        Organizational Profile

Community Connections is fully accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).
We are a non-profit agency providing a broad range of services to the community of Revelstoke and the
surrounding area. Original services were reflective of the mandates of the two founding agencies - Revelstoke
Association for Community Living and the Revelstoke Family and Youth Resources Society.

Over the years the number of programs and services have increased dramatically as a direct response to the
needs of our community. Programs range from services for adults with developmental disabilities (residential
and day programs); clinical counselling and support services; a preschool program; community living services
for children; youth programs; housing outreach; to a summer day camps and the food bank, to name a few.


Community Connections’ programs and services are funded in part by Community Living British Columbia, the
Ministry of Children and Family Development, BC Housing, the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General,
Columbia Basin Trust, BC Gaming, Whitevalley Community Resource Centre, Revelstoke Community Foundation,
United Way, Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary, Revelstoke Credit Union and a variety of individual, community and
corporate donors.

Some of our programs operate solely due to the generosity of donors, community foundations and associations,
with no government support. These programs are recognized as vital to the well-being of our community, such
as the Food Bank, Summer Day Camp, Social Justice Advocate and some of the youth programs.


Many of the staff at Community Connections reached employment anniversary milestones this past year. We
would like to take this opportunity to thank the following staff for their loyal and dedicated service.

25 years             20 years              15 years                10 years                  5 years
Marianne Marolf      Cathy Girling         Dayna Donovan           Laurie Jones              Amanda MacIntosh
                                           Rosetta Bernava                                   Erika Holmes
                                                                                             Shannon Moorhead
                                                                                             Yvette Pendergast
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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

                                                Board of Directors

CHAIR                                 NORM TENNANT1             Retired

ACTING CHAIR                          KARMEN COZENS2            Commercial Lender, Revelstoke Credit Union

TREASURER                             JIM COOK                  Consultant

DIRECTORS                             CONNIE BROTHERS           Lawyer & Owner, Constance M. Brothers Law

                                      ROB LAMONT                Owner, Revelstoke Janitor Services

                                      TRACEY VOPNI3             Human Resources Consultant

                                      JANET LEMIEUX4            Instructional Designer, Thompson Rivers

                                                                             1.   Resigned January 22, 2013
                                                                             2.   Acting as at January 22, 2013.
                                                                             3.   Joined the Board in December 2012.
                                                                             4.   Resigned February 14, 2013.

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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

Organizational Chart

       * Organizational Chart includes changes up until March 1st, 2013.

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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

                           Report from the Executive Director, Craig Brown

This past year has been a year of change and uncertainty. With the departure of the previous Executive
Director, Gayle Morgan, Cathy Girling stepped into the breach to provide leadership. Cathy did a phenomenal
job and provided the stability and direction needed. It was through a period of apprehension and uncertainty in
anticipation of who the new Executive Director would be.

I am very pleased to have joined the team at Community Connections and have been truly amazed by the
dedication and hard work of the senior management team and staff. Even in a year as difficult as this one,
Community Connections continued to be a leader in the provision of a varied array of essential social services.

We have had to address funding shortfalls (what else is new!) while maintaining, and in some cases expanding,
services. In some program areas, such as Community Living Services for Adults and for Children, funding has
not even reflected a marginal cost of living increase over the past few years, resulting in our having to
constantly rejig and realign necessary services with essentially a shrinking budget. In spite of this, we strive to
tailor programs to meet the specific needs of clients.

Programs such as our Food Bank, Social Justice Advocate and Summer Day Camp receive no core government
support or funding. We have phenomenal support from our community for the Food Bank, with food drives,
individual donations, local companies and organizations sponsoring events, etc. Organizations such as the
Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary, local clubs, the United Way and the Columbia Basin Trust, come to our rescue
with financial support for these programs and others. We thank everyone for helping us and allowing us to
continue to serve you.

Change though is never ending and we have recently been faced with the need to make further changes to our
organization to reduce costs, including reducing the number of senior managers to ensure a balanced budget.
That means the remaining managers will have to take on even more work and responsibilities, but does ensure
that we don’t need to cut direct services to our clients.

The Board and staff are a pleasure to work with. Community Connections is truly a remarkable place to work.

Craig Brown
Executive Director
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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

          Report from the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Norm Tennant

This will be my fourth Annual Report message and as many of you are aware it will be my last. Before drafting
this one, I took the opportunity to re-read my past statements. I was struck by the second paragraph in the
2009 Annual Report which in some way foreshadowed our current budgetary reality. It said:
       “Unlike many social service organizations that have more focused mandates, Community Connections is
       built upon layers based on our funding sources goals and objectives. In a very real way, we are not in
       control of the programs we offer, as we are shaped by provincial government policy and subsequent
       funding attached to initiatives aimed to implement their policies. To put it more simply, nobody just
       gives us money and says “here just do what you think is best for Revelstoke.” To be frank, I sometimes
       wish that we were just handed the cash, but it simply doesn’t work that way.”

Current Government policy is focused on reducing spending. Organizations like ours, who service some of
societies most vulnerable, are easy targets on the way to meeting their objectives. Community Connections has
been impacted with significant reductions in funding, that to be fair, go beyond Government spending
constraints. We had to make very difficult decisions that frankly, we would have preferred not to make. We are
a not-for-profit Society and unlike Government, cannot run a deficit.

So where does all this leave us? Truthfully I don’t know; but I do know that Governments change, economies
grow and things turn around for the better. I choose to be an optimist.

I wish to take this time to welcome Craig Brown, our new Executive Director, to Revelstoke and of course to
Community Connections. Craig brings with him a wealth of experience in the social and public sector. It is a
challenging time with difficult decisions to be made and I am confident his sound judgment will be a tremendous
asset now and when the fiscal environment improves.

I also wish to thank Cathy Girling for an excellent job as Interim Executive Director, which was a bit longer than
the 3 weeks she first agreed to, and the Board of Directors, whom I served with for 5 or so years. Finally, the
biggest thank you to Community Connections staff who, year after year in spite of it all, just get the job done.

Norm Tennant
Chairperson of the Board                                 *Norm resigned from the Board of Directors in January 2013.

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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

                                           Finance and Administration

It is hard to believe yet another year has gone by since the last AGM. All things considered I would have to say
2012 was a year of enormous change; in operations, in attitudes, and in reflection of who we are and what we
are doing. And… is what we are doing the very best it can be?

Finance and Administration, a program in itself, is here to provide a service, much the same as all our other
programs. Our ‘clients’ are the staff, the volunteers, the Board of Directors, our patrons and our funders. Our
goal is to remove, append or improve any kind of administrative obstacle that might prevent or impede the
delivery of services. For the most part we achieve our goals just by listening to staff and embracing the
suggestions and opinions of others.

In recognition of reduced revenues in 2012, the Finance department has reduced our hours of operation with
the objective of stabilizing our budgets while still providing a great service to the organization. Though we
continuously look for ways to ‘keep it simple’ it becomes a much more imperative endeavour when adjusting an
existing workload into a limited timeline. However we have a very capable staff and I am confident we are up to
the challenge.

We are currently in the process of implementing an online Human Resources program that will streamline some
of the more onerous tasks of keeping up with the many entitlements and requirements of personnel
management. Ultimately, staff will have direct access to their own personnel information and Program Directors
won’t have to rifle through the filing cabinets and stacks of folders to keep up to date with their staff. Our goal is
to have the program accessible for Program Directors by mid spring 2013 and available for staff very shortly

I have come to think of the Annual Report as an opportunity to publicly recognize my staff; Tennille Barber, IT
Specialist, Alicia Winter, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper, and Andree Rioux, Receptionist, have all
performed admirably and commendably throughout the year. I would also like to extend my thanks to Gill
MacLachlan for helping out when needed. Ladies, it is a pleasure to work with all of you. Thank you.

Diana Gadbois
Director, Finance and Administration

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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

                                Community Living Services for Adults

Residential Care

We support six individuals at our two Group Residences. One home is tailored to meet the needs of our senior
population, while the other home is designed to support individuals to live independently or more correctly, an
interdependent life.

The individuals like to keep active in their community. During the winter months, they are seen at the
Revelstoke Grizzlies hockey games most weekends, which can go until early Spring depending on where the
Grizzlies are in the Playoffs.

Once springtime arrives, it is time to enjoy outdoor activities like barbeques and potlucks. The individuals also
enjoy going to friends’ homes for brunches. The Farmer’s Market starts up in May and they rarely miss a
weekend of browsing and shopping for local vegetables and meats. Music in Grizzly Plaza begins in late June and
everyone enjoys having coffee and ice cream while listening to the performers and people watching.

The Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre has been a great addition to our community. Individuals from our Second
Street Group Residence have attended many events, such as the Cambodian Orphanage Dancers, Acoustic Folk
Artists and the musical group ABBA Again. They have also attended the Carousel of Nations cultural event,
Christmas concerts at the United Church and monthly Revelstoke Coffee House performances. Sporting events
are enjoyed by all and we are all particularly enthusiastic fans of the latest team to arrive in town, Revelstoke’s
own Roller Derby team, the Derailers. Socializing with residential home friends is important and there is rarely a
month that goes by without a visit to celebrate someone’s birthday or special holiday. A favorite activity is
visiting the local coffee shops, particularly Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Emos or A&W.

A highlight this past winter was the annual Canadian Pacific Rail holiday train that came to town with musical
performances and donations made to Community Connections’ Food Bank. Participants were thrilled to be able
to get tickets and ride the train all the way to Salmon Arm. It put everyone into the spirit of giving and was a
topic of conversation for days afterwards.

With the restructuring of Community Connections’ programs and more flexible staffing hours, our individuals are
seeing new opportunities for volunteering during weeknights and/or weekends. One-on-one staffing has enabled
one person to join the Elks Club, while another has volunteered at the Grizzlies Hockey games.
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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

This past fall, a highlight in the Group Residences was when we welcomed a new addition to our senior’s home.
A past resident of Revelstoke has come home where he has been embraced by his family, friends and the
community. With profound sorrow we said goodbye to an individual who shared his life with us for just a few
short years, but his essence and spirit will be with us always. This young man left with the utmost dignity,
respect and peace. He brought a wonderful gentle and sincere feeling to his home and is missed every day.

We would also like to congratulate Marianne Marolf in reaching her twenty-fifth anniversary of employment with
Community Connections in 2012. Marianne is the first employee in our Society to reach this milestone.

All in all it has been a very successful year of community inclusion, respect, friendships and a sense of belonging
for the individuals of the Group Residences.

Kathy Stuart and Maralee Faurot
Residential Care Workers

Community Support Program

This one-on-one program has continued to enrich our client’s experiences and add to their life skills.

The focus of the program this year was to expand sensory input activities, maintain social skills and increase
community inclusion. To this effect, our client commenced twice monthly attendance at Soup and a Smile and
continued weekly visits to the Food Bank. The new Begbie View Elementary School has welcomed our client into
an expanded program with two intermediate classes participating as mentors and one primary class for whom
our client returns library books. We are also working with Columbia Park Elementary and Revelstoke Secondary
to further expand community involvement. This program has continued to broaden the client’s community
spectrum through a variety of field trips to Salmon Arm waterslides, the Armstrong Fair and Three Valley Gap,
as well as rides on the gondola at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and dogsledding trips planned for February.

Our client has had many accomplishments this year and continues to adapt to more challenging activities.

Angie Martin
Community Support Worker
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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

Community Inclusion

2012 has been a year of change and development for the Individualized Community Inclusion Program (ICIP).
We have been serving the needs of adults with disabilities for many years in Revelstoke with a focus on group
programming within a Monday to Friday schedule that included opportunities for individualized programming
within the participant’s goals.

A shift began when our funders, Community Living BC, wanted to see the program head towards the objective
of more individualized programming within a 7 day a week schedule. This is an amazing opportunity for many of
our individuals, but also enables our program to potentially reach many other adults in the community that
require a more flexible schedule.

This has however, created a new challenge for both staff and management to begin this process while
maintaining service of our core client’s needs. It has taken many months of working out these difficulties to
come to a place that works effectively.

2013 should be an exciting year as the program continues to grow and change! If we keep in mind the goal of
enriching the lives of those that we serve, then all the growing pains should be worth it in the end.

Yvette Pendergast
Community Support Worker

This year we have been busy engaging participants in the community in some exciting programs geared to their
personal interests. We had success in the Senior’s Center carpet bowling group, which started out as a
supported activity and then progressed to an activity which no longer requires staff support. We have also linked
a participant with the Nordic Ski Club for adult lessons. Another of our participants became a member of
the Revelstoke Elks Lodge and has many exciting volunteer and friendship opportunities coming up this year
within the service club.

Anna Robbers
Community Support Worker

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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

Supported Employment

The Supported Employment program has been in operation for many years, however over the past five years we
have seen a steady growth in the community’s investment in the program. Employment opportunities are
created by person centred planning based on individual interests, skills and abilities. Each participant in this
program enters a job development and personal discovery stage where they establish goals for employment.
With assistance from many community resources including Okanagan College and Work BC, our participants
have been able to develop their skills and enter the workforce in meaningful, inclusive environments.

With the support of these employers, our participants have expanded their sense of belonging in our community
that they are proud to be a part of:
          A&W - Service Assistant                                 Private Housekeeping Contract
          Community Connections - Cleaning and                    Private Yard Maintenance Contract
           Confidential Shredding                                  Revelstoke Dental - Confidential Shredding
          Malone’s Confectionary - Cashier                        Revelstoke Museum and Archives - Janitorial
          Mountain Meals - Recycling                              Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre - Jack of all
          Mount Begbie Brewing Company - Recycling                 trades
          Pharmasave - Cleaning and Recycling                     Sandman Inn - Public Spaces Assistant
          Powder Springs Inn - Public Spaces Assistant            Visitor Information Centre - Visitor
          Private Dog Walking Contract                             Information Counsellor

On behalf of the individuals that you employ, thank you!

Shannon Moorhead
Community Support Worker

Community Living Services for Adults reports submitted under the direction of Kelly Riguedell
Director, Community Living Services for Adults

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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

                                             Outreach Services

Community Connections Food Bank serves Revelstoke residents who struggle with food insecurity, including
people working for low wages or living on a fixed income, people who have been laid off work, people with
chronic illness and disabilities and those without an income or home.

This is our thirteenth year of providing Food Bank services to local families, individuals and seniors. Our latest
Hunger Count completed in March 2012 shows that we assisted 312 separate households that included 370
adults and 128 children. In the last three years alone we have seen an increase of 14%.

The Food Bank is a client focused program that values and practices the concept of promoting healthy lifestyles,
increasing personal self-esteem and self-worth. Our clients participate in nutrition education and cooking
demonstrations, and receive access to local resources and information such as the volunteer tax program, Heart
& Stroke and literacy. In addition, flu shots and diabetes testing are provided annually on site. We also provide a
venue for social and volunteer opportunities at the Food Bank and have witnessed many success stories as our
clients move forward with their lives.

The Food Bank is a busy place and over the past year we worked hard to ensure that we had adequate financial
and food resources on hand so that people had access to healthy, nutritious food choices each week. We also
provided the weekly Kids Snack Program and additional donated items such as household supplies, personal
care items, donated clothing, furniture and blankets. We also provide donated bus tickets, pool passes, diapers,
baby food, formula and clothing, and vitamins. Throughout 2012 we maintained the Food Bank budget and at
the end of the year, exceeded our expectations!

There were many successes celebrated this past year that included taking on two practicum students. We also
participated with several fundraisers held in partnership with local community groups such as The Bygone Era
Entertainment Society, Revelstoke Florist, Denny’s Restaurant, Benoit’s Bar, Crime Stoppers, Relay for Life and
Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie Week.

The second annual Emergency Services Fight Back against Hunger community food drive was a huge success
and we collected 10,000 pounds of food and $5,365.00 in cash donations! This event was hosted by a variety of
Emergency Services groups and there were more than 150 volunteers who came out in support of the Food
Bank. This food drive has formed a lasting partnership and has become an annual event in our community.

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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

I continue to sit as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the provincial organization of Food Banks BC and
strive to bring more focus to the needs of rural food banks and our unique challenges in gathering large
donations of food and financial donations that are required to operate.

We continue to be well supported by the National Food Sharing Program and Food Banks Canada and received
8150 pounds of food products during 2012. In addition, we were successful in receiving $5,170.00 with the
Campbell’s Community Kitchen Better Meals Program through the Food Banks Canada funding process. These
funds were targeted at supporting our Nutrition Education Program.

We could not provide the services we do without financial support from Columbia Basin Trust, Revelstoke
Community Foundation, Revelstoke Credit Union, Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary, United Way and BC Gaming.

During this past year we have continued our partnerships with agencies that include Interior Health, Canadian
Diabetes Association, Revelstoke Farmers Market, Bear Aware Program and the Community Garden project,
Local Food Initiatives with North Columbia Environmental Society and the CP Rail Holiday Train. As always we
are very grateful to the Royal Canadian Legion for their ongoing support and dedication to the food bank.

I believe that together as a community we can continue to make a real difference and help those in need. We
are very grateful to the many individuals and groups who worked hard and gave generously.

Patti Larson
Director, Community Outreach

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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

                                              Family Services
Counselling and Consultation Services

Counselling and Consultation Services includes the Counselling Program which provides individual, family and
group counselling as well as training and consultation, the Youth Program which offers groups and activities for
youth from 9 to 18 years, and the Mentoring Program which provides opportunities for people to connect.

Outlined below is some statistical information:
 Total number of participants in groups we have offered this year was 600.
 Total number of intakes for counselling this year was 261, which is a 15% increase from 2011.
 Most referrals for counseling are self-referrals at 162, with referrals from parents/guardians next at 44.

A number of weekly groups have been provided over the year including:
 Boys Club: Weekly adolescent boys group offered at Revelstoke Secondary School.
 Girls Lunch Group: Weekly group for adolescent girls offered at Revelstoke Secondary School.
 Women’s Group: Weekly group for women.
 Bellies and Babies: Group for women who are expecting and/or have new born infants.
 Stoked Parents: Group for parents with children under six years of age.
 ESL Group: A collaboration with Okanagan College ESL Program. Group for parents who are also involved in
   an ESL Program at Okanagan College.
 Girls Move Mountains: Group for grade 7 girls transitioning into high school.
 Family Fridays: A parenting information session held once a month.
 Connecting Moms: Meeting once a month for moms who are interested in connecting with other moms.

Collaborative ideas continue to inform our work with individuals, families, and community. To that end our work
with Revelstoke Secondary School and the Ministry of Children and Family Development continues as we
collaborate around new projects and generate new ideas together.

Revelstoke Secondary School has provided us with dedicated office space which has increased our presence in
the school. Team members are in the school daily providing individual and group counselling to students. The
Healthy Relationships Program, facilitated by Laura and Sheena, is offered to grade 8 and 10 students. We
appreciate the support we have received from Mike Hooker and his staff, including counsellors Erin and Jody,
and all the teachers. We welcome Greg Canyon, the new Principle who began in January, 2013.
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Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

The Youth Services Program continues to provide weekly groups and activities for youth in the community. This
past year we were involved in GASP, a program initiated by Parks Canada to expose youth to the National Parks
System and have them give back to their community. We also continue to provide services to youth through the
Youth Justice Services Program, including counselling, support, and facilitating any community work service
requirements. The Mentoring Program has matched several youth with adult volunteers in the community.
Unfortunately, the demand for mentors has quickly exceeded the number of adult volunteers available which
means youth are eagerly waiting. In addition, moms interested in connecting with other moms attend the
monthly Mentoring Moms group.

I am fortunate to work with a group of talented, passionate, and energetic professionals who enjoy their work
and are eager to explore new ideas in providing the best service possible to the community. As has been the
case over the past few years, there have been a number of staffing changes with the team. Laura Kanik joined
our team part-time in June 2012 and then full-time in September 2012. Karley Trauzzi left for her maternity
leave in October 2012. Sheena Bell returned from her maternity leave to join us part-time in October 2012 and
then full time in January 2013.

We could not provide the services we do to the community without the financial support from the Ministry of
Children and Family Development, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General (Stop the Violence, Children
Who Witness Abuse, Women’s Outreach), Columbia Basin Trust, BC Gaming, United Way, Vancouver
Foundation, Ministry of Justice and of course the generous support from local businesses and individuals.

As always we could not do what we do without the support of our administrative team: Diana Gadbois, Tennille
Barber, Andree Rioux and Alicia Winter.

Team Members:
Gorette Imm                     Lindsay Legebokoff
Kelly Silzer                    Sheena Bell
Laura Kanik                     Karley Trauzzi

Doug Egan, MSW, RSW
Director, Family Services

Page 16
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

Autism Program

In collaboration with families and community professionals we continue to provide programming and support for
children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our work with children and their families begins shortly after
diagnosis. The focus of individual and group programming is on the development of critical social and life skills.

Infant Development Program (IDP)

IDP is a voluntary home-based program that offers support to infants (birth to three), who are born with a
special need or are at risk of developing a delay in their development, and their families and caregivers.

The average caseload of the Infant Development Program for 2012 was sixteen families. The program offered
support to eighteen families in the month of May (highest) and fourteen families in the months of November and
December (lowest). Twenty-one infants and their families were referred to the program in 2012. Eighteen
referrals resulted in open/active IDP clients and their families.

Where are the referrals coming from?
   Ministry of Children and Family Development, Social      Pediatrician, Dr. Waida
    Workers                                                  Kamloops Infant Development Program
   Family Physicians                                        Intra-agency
   Public Health Nurses                                     Self

Some of the reasons for referral were:
   Premature birth                                          Torticollis
   Multiple births                                          Positional-Plagiocephaly
   Infant not meeting milestones                            Complicated birth

IDP continues to support families by offering home visits, developmental monitoring using the Ages and Stages
Questionnaire and Ages and Stages Social-Emotional Questionnaire, developmental assessment using the Gesell
and Battelle Developmental Inventory, support in developing Family Service Plans, access to physiotherapy and
occupational therapy, parent support and education, group support and seamless transition from IDP to our
Supported Child Development Program.

                                                                                                                  Page 17
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

Supported Child Development Program (SCDP)

SCDP supports children aged 3-6 years with developmental delay/disability to participate in preschool or
childcare. In 2012, SCDP provided support to children attending Jumping Jacks Preschool and Corner Stones
Childcare Centre, and received further referrals for children attending Jumping Jacks and Cool Kids Preschools.

The SCDP Consultants continue to offer children and families developmental screening and monitoring using the
Ages and Stages Questionnaire, Ages and Stages Social-Emotional Questionnaire, developmental assessment
using the Gesell and Battelle Developmental Inventory, support in developing Family Service Plans, access to
physiotherapy and occupational therapy, parent support and education, and support in kindergarten transition.

Amanda MacIntosh
Infant Development Consultant

Parents and Communities Together (PACT)

This drop-in group is a relaxed, informal, inclusive place for parents of young children to socialize, share
experiences and access resources to support them in the demanding job of raising small children. We provide
information on topics related to family life and child development as well as lead discussions on parenting and
relationships. Referrals to other services within the agency and community are offered when requested.

PACT runs two days a week, Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm, and continues to experience
very high attendance. In 2012, a total of 1,440 parents/caregivers and 1,579 children attended the program,
thus a goal going forward is to add another PACT day as our families often request!

We would like to acknowledge the families we work with from which we learn new things every week. They keep
our work interesting and fun by allowing us to share in their joys and frustrations. We would also like to thank
Cathy Girling, our Program Manager during 2012, for her guidance and leadership; and Community Action
Program for Children and MCFD Family Enrichment Program for their continued support.

Gorette Imm and Stacy Sanchez
PACT Facilitators
Page 18
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

                                       Community Development

The programs in this department were all developed by Community Connections in response to community
identified need, resulting in programs that address local issues with local solutions.

Social Justice Advocate (SJA)

This program began in 2005, when the community experienced the closure of several government offices and
identified the need for a program that would assist individuals and groups struggling with poverty, life skills,
problem solving, income security, disabilities, tenancy issues and access to government services.

As this program has never had core funding from any government body, fundraising has been a constant issue,
and operating funds have been inconsistent over the years. The program has continued to operate with no core
funding and decreasing funding from most sources, but was successful at the end of the year to receive
confirmation of a small amount of funding from the Columbia Basin Trust Social Funding stream for next year.

The SJA program has worked with individuals, groups and families to address their needs and to work together
to address community needs. While the program has continued to deliver services regarding family law, health,
housing and employment issues, the most common presenting problems during this reporting period were
disability, chronic illness, residential tenancy and employment standards.

The advocate has also taken an active role in identifying both systemic and community social issues. In the past
several years, poverty has been identified as a major community social issue and the advocate has contributed
to the completion of the City of Revelstoke Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Recent pressures on employment, housing, and food and fuel costs have continue to increase stress on our
client community. This pressure has had the greatest impact on those living at the margins; an overwhelming
majority of our clients are experiencing poverty, and its long lasting effects.

The SJA has worked with various provincial and local agencies, and this year has focused on developing working
relationships with Service Canada and their outreach services, the ProBono Law Society, Access to Justice
projects, and the City of Revelstoke.

                                                                                                               Page 19
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

This year, the program was delivered through two part-time employees; many thanks to Melissa Jameson for
stepping in and learning as she worked.

The SJA has become a well recognized community resource for many members of our community. With the
support of the Columbia Basin Trust, B.C. Gaming Commission and the United Way, we will continue to respond
to, and take leadership in, community social concerns.

Housing Outreach Program (HOP)

Since 2008 we have delivered this innovative and flexible program that addresses chronic and/or absolute
homelessness and provides supports that ensure individuals with complex housing needs are able to access
income security, community based health services and potential housing units. Addressing the underlying,
complex reasons for homelessness can be time intensive, but our focus on the needs of the individual and our
strong team work within the community has led to many clients being successfully housed and maintaining that
housing for longer periods of time.

Social isolation, limited income and a lack of suitable housing units in the community continue to be the most
significant barriers to housing in Revelstoke. The HOP worker has created a number of activities that ensure
clients can interact with her informally in the community and during predictable drop-in hours that do not
require an appointment. Social isolation has been identified by our clients as an obstacle to their search for
housing and has been addressed during the winter months through a weekly drop in breakfast program called
Connections Café. The larger challenge of finding housing in a community without an emergency shelter or
supported/affordable housing projects continues to be addressed through developing strong relationships with
local landlords and tenants, providing short term housing in motels, advocating with local governments and
using the small rent supplements to assist clients with financial roadblocks.

The program also provides supports to local landlords including: a landlords lunch to educate, support and
provide resources to local landlords, access to information and provincial resources for landlords, and follow-up
and problem solving for new tenants. In the past several years, local landlords have experienced successes with
clients maintaining longer term tenancies when supported by the HOP worker.

HOP is pleased to work in partnership with, and be financially supported by, B.C. Housing.

Page 20
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

Tenant Support Worker (TSW)

The Tenant Support Worker program has been operating since 2009. This provincial program assists tenants of
B.C. Housing buildings to overcome the various challenges that may arise when living in a social housing
environment. The ultimate goal for the individuals is to be successful in their tenancies and in their lives. The
program involves coaching, capacity building, diplomacy, assessment, service planning, skills teaching, resource
identification, referral and follow-up.

In the past year, the TSW has assisted tenants with new tenant orientations, understanding and solving tenancy
issues, applying for income security programs or pensions, moving, accessing education, employment searches,
managing conflict, accessing legal advice, addressing household cleanliness and acquiring furniture or other
resources. The TSW is also frequently called upon to assist tenants in personal and family problem solving. Our
TSW, Doug Hulley, has also assisted tenants in accessing community resources such as the food bank,
counselling, seniors programs, financial services, health care and mental health services, and recreation
programs. In addition to interactions with individuals, Doug has organized group activities such as a weekly
movie matinee, seniors exercise classes, pot luck meals, Canada Day barbeques, fire safety workshops, tenant
orientation sessions, craft workshops, afternoon teas, and regular coffee mornings.

The 40 plus tenants in the building report a safer, friendlier, more welcoming atmosphere, and every one of
them has frequently taken the time to sit and talk out their problems with the support worker. We are sure that
this program has had a positive impact on the tenants, and on the larger community, and know that we will
continue to deliver the program with the support of B.C. Housing.

Summer Day Camp

This was our sixteenth year operating the Summer Day Camps! We offered eight very successful weeks of camp,
most of which were full and some had waiting lists. This year, children between the ages of 6 and 12 occupied
spots in the regular camps, and an additional camp for children entering kindergarten and grade one was added
(Camp McKenzie). Each camp included sponsored spots for children and supports for children with special needs.

Each week, the events and activities of the camp were organized around a theme, which included culture,
nature and science, arts and crafts, food, animals, carnival, wet and wild water, sports, around the world,
discovery and nature, and camping.

                                                                                                                Page 21
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

All weeks included local activities, physical activities, explorations of creativity, developing friendship skills and
lots of support from the camp leaders. Campers returned home at the end of the day with good memories,
completed projects, new friends, increased knowledge of the community and big smiles on their faces.

We had a terrific staff team this year including: Nick Potocki, Meighan Phelps, Samantha Messaros, Alexis
Macrae, Kaarina Duncan, Eric Schwenck, Sandra Murray, Laurie Jones, Kaitlin Larson, Andree Rioux and Patsy
Walker. The staff came together as a very dynamic and energetic team who all said they would like to return.

Cathy Girling
Director, Community Development

Jumping Jacks Preschool

Jumping Jacks Preschool is a fast paced, fun filled inclusive preschool for 3 to 5 year old children. We offer a
Monday, Wednesday, Friday class or a Tuesday, Thursday class. We have a maximum capacity of 20 children
per class and each class operated at full capacity throughout the 2011-2012 school year. Our program operates
on the school calendar year, September through to June, and we observe Revelstoke’s school district vacations
and statutory holidays. As an inclusive program, we ensure all children are able to participate in all program
activities; additional support is provided through the Supported Child Development Program.

Each month our program offers a minimum of 2 themes; we have our favourite yearly themes which include all
of the holidays and seasons, hibernation, dinosaurs, our five senses, space and community helpers, just to
name a few. During each theme we try to incorporate all of the different centres in our classroom; theme
related puzzles, fine motor activities, drama centre, sensory tables, arts and crafts, songs and finger plays,
stories and games and gross motor movement.

During June, the last month of our school year, everyone looks forward to Graduation, which is a culmination of
fun and learning poured into a small musical performance and pot luck-lunch celebration for the children and
their families. A highlight of the past year was when the older children participated at the Children’s Charter
Event at the newly opened Revelstoke Secondary School.

This past year we goodbye to several families that we had the privilege of teaching three or more of their
children through the years.
Page 22
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

We had several staff changes in 2012 with one of our Supported Child Care Workers on maternity leave from
February and our Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) Program worker accepting another job. In September
we said goodbye to Kelly Silzer, Preschool Assistant and wonderful co-worker, who decided to work with the
counselling team at Community Connections. Kelly worked at Jumping Jacks for several years and it was sad to
see her leave. Caitlin Carswell has filled the position and I am lucky to have found another wonderful addition to
our team. Monica Degerness also returned from her maternity leave in September and Erin MacLachlan also
joined our team to provide IBI support for a student. I am so grateful to be a part of this cohesive team of
talented colleagues. Each year I endeavor to make our workplace a happy, cooperative and creative unit and I
am so very fortunate to say, it is all of that!

In June, our Licensing Officer informed us that we had to physically practice an emergency evacuation drill to
our safe spot, which is Arrow Heights School. I decided to turn this trek into a field trip and contacted the
kindergarten teacher to see if we could fit in a kindergarten class visit since we would be walking there anyhow.
We were readily accepted and it turned into a valuable experience for our children who were moving onto
kindergarten in September.

This past year has been a busy one for taking on practicum students. I believe it is important to accept students
into our facility to provide practical experiences for their learning. This year we had a Work Experience Student
from Revelstoke Secondary (which ended in January), a Social Services Practicum Student (September to
November) and a Pathways to Success Program student (October to December).

Throughout the school year we try to provide our children with a wide variety of experiences. My staff and I
strive to come up with new and creative ideas to expand upon their knowledge of the world in which they live. I
thoroughly enjoy working with these young and inquisitive minds and I would like to thank Community
Connections for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Rosetta Bernava
Preschool Manager

                                                                                                                Page 23
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

              Funders' Contributions & Specific Program Expenses (unaudited)

              Revenue Sources                                           2012            2011
              Community Living BC                               $   1,252,653 $     1,567,819
              Ministry of Children & Family Development               513,543         508,768
              BC Housing                                              155,551         154,704
              Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General           145,158         145,158
              Donations                                               110,122         115,689
              Autism Revenue                                           73,880         123,912
              Fees                                                     70,816          70,363
              CBT funding                                              63,511          74,000
              BC Gaming                                                58,000          66,250
              Rent Group Home Residents                                57,242          65,158
              Other Contracts (Whitevalley - CapC)                     29,383          25,705
              United Way                                               25,000          16,035
              Vancouver Law Foundation                                 14,500               0
              Okanagan College                                         14,142               0
              Revelstoke Community Foundation                          11,000           3,420
              H.R.D.C                                                  10,045          10,219
              Subsidized child care                                     9,292           8,941
              Interest                                                  4,441           7,860
              Miscellaneous                                             3,775           1,488
              BC Housing for 8th St. Home                               3,060           4,210
              Events & Other                                            1,005           2,837
              Total Revenue                                     $   2,626,119   $   2,972,536

Page 24
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

 Funders' Contributions & Specific Program Expenses (unaudited)

Program Expenses                                               2012                   2011
Autism                                          $             87,959     $           91,684
Cap-C                                                         28,156                 26,382
CLS for children                                              91,442                 90,380
Social Justice Advocate                                       41,009                 37,995
Children Who Witness Abuse                                    46,765                 51,897
Community Inclusion & Supported Employment                  386,249                535,837
Family Enrichment                                           204,952                212,534
Residential Group Homes                                     812,043                999,074
Residual Administration Costs                                 66,066                 29,054
Homeshare                                                     84,967               171,305
Housing Outreach                                             80,639                 93,885
Infant Development                                           55,698                 61,489
Outreach (Food Bank)                                        162,852                151,200
Parents and Children Together                                  8,037                 10,520
Preschool - Jumping Jacks                                     83,453                 56,404
Stopping the Violence                                         62,727                 59,635
Summer Day Camp                                               66,472                 43,349
Supported Child Development                                 133,044                131,148
Tenant Support                                                67,136                 71,930
Women's Outreach                                              45,972                 43,831
Youth Services Program                                        58,948                 59,194
Total Expenses                                  $        2,674,586       $      3,028,727
Deficiency of revenues over expenses                     ($48,467)              ($56,191)

                                                                                                  Page 25
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

                                      Community Connections Programs

                      Autism Programs                                    Mentoring Program
               Children Who Witness Abuse                        Parents and Communities Together
                   Community Outreach                                     Residential Care
               Community Support Program                               Social Justice Advocate
               Counselling and Consultation                            Stopping the Violence
                Family Enrichment Program                               Summer Day Camp
                         Food Bank                              Supported Child Development Program
                     Housing Outreach                                 Supported Employment
                         Homeshare                                    Tenant Support Program
           Individualized Community Inclusion                            Volunteer Program
               Infant Development Program                                Women’s Outreach
                 Jumping Jacks Preschool                                   Youth Services

Page 26
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

                         Community Connections Staff
 Finance and Administration                          Community Development
Craig Brown - Executive Director                       Cathy Girling - Director
    Diana Gadbois - Director                              Caitlin Carswell
          Alicia Winter                                     Doug Hulley
          Andree Rioux                                    Melissa Jameson
         Gill MacLachlan                                  Rosetta Bernava
         Tennille Barber
                                             Community Living Services for Adults
       Family Services                            Kelly Riguedell - Director
     Doug Egan - Director                                Angie Martin
      Amanda MacIntosh                                   Anna Cossey
          Andree Rioux                                  Anna Robbers
      Christine Froehlich                               Ayla Rasilainen
          Donna Dyck                                   Cathy Edmonson
        Erin MacLachlan                                 Courtney Miller
          Gorette Imm                                  Dayna Donovan
           Kai Boggild                                   Erika Holmes
         Kaitlin Larson                              Jesse Davy-Powell
         Karley Trauzzi                                  Kathy Stuart
           Kelly Silzer                                 Maralee Faurot
           Laura Kanik                                 Marianne Marolf
          Laurie Jones                                  Marydell Allain
      Lindsay Legebokoff                             Shannon Moorhead
      Monica Degerness                               Shelley Hummelink
         Pamela Olsson                                Stephanie Clifford
          Patsy Walker                                   Ray Peterson
         Sandra Murray                                  Robyn Conway
           Sheena Bell                              Vanessa Hermansen
         Stacy Sanchez                                Yvette Pendergast

    Community Outreach                        *Staff list includes changes up until March 1st, 2013.
     Patti Larson - Director
                                                                                             Page 27
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society Annual Report 2012

                                      Community Connections Partners
 Bear Aware Program                                             Pharmasave
 Beta Sigma Phi Preceptor Delta Alpha                           Revelstoke Arts Council
 BC Gaming                                                      Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce
 BC Housing                                                     Revelstoke Community Foundation
 Canadian Diabetes Association                                  Revelstoke Credit Union
 Canadian Pacific Holiday Train                                 Revelstoke Current - David F. Rooney
 Chantilly Kitchen                                              Revelstoke Early Childhood Development Committee
 CMH Gothics Lodge                                              Revelstoke Emergency Services
 Columbia Basin Trust                                           Revelstoke Farmers Market
 Columbia Shuswap Regional District                             Revelstoke Florist
 Community Futures Development Corporation                      Revelstoke Grizzlies
 Community Living BC                                            Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary Society
 Direct Connect - Diane Cline                                   Revelstoke Masonic Lodge
 Food Banks BC                                                  Revelstoke Mountain Resort
 Food Banks Canada                                              Revelstoke Senior’s Centre
 Gold Range Lodge # 26 Knights of Pythias                       Revelstoke Shrine Club #19
 Human Resources and Skills Development Canada                  Rotary Club of Revelstoke
 Investor Group Financial Services                              Royal Canadian Legion Branch #46
 Joy for Tomorrow - Krista Carnegie                             Staff of Community Connections
 La Baguette                                                    Staff of Revelstoke Credit Union
 Louisiana Pacific                                              Stella Jones
 Ministry of Children and Family Development                    Tim Horton's
 Ministry of Justice                                            United Way
 Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General                Vancouver Foundation
 Mountain Meals                                                 Volunteers of Community Connections
 Okanagan College                                               Whitevalley Community Resource Centre
 Partners for Others - Ray and Jackie Brosseuk

 Community Connections extends sincere thanks to the individuals, families, organizations, funders,
   partners, Board and staff and who have contributed both time and money to our organization.

       Without your ongoing support, we would be unable to provide the quality services we do!
Page 28
Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society

Box 2880 • 314 Second St. E. • Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0
      Phone: 250-837-2920 • Fax: 250-837-2909

                Main Office Hours
        8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Thursday
             8:30am - 12:30pm Friday
             Closed Statutory Holidays
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