Community Resources HOME as my FIRST CHOICE - Southern Health

Community Resources HOME as my FIRST CHOICE - Southern Health

Community Resources
Community Resources HOME as my FIRST CHOICE - Southern Health
is all about sharing ways to make “home”
a viable option for longer. The information
about resources is aimed at helping make
being supported at ‘home’ possible.
 VERSION: 02 25/06/2019

The information supplied in this document is provided as
a resource and for information purposes only. Southern
DHB does not endorse or recommend any particular service
or services and accepts no responsibility for any loss or
injury that may arise through use of any of the services or
for any inaccuracy in the content in any service provider’s
information. Consumers should contact the service providers
directly for the most up to date information about the
provision of services from that supplier.
Community Resources HOME as my FIRST CHOICE - Southern Health
Adaptive Equipment                01   Home Support Services      03

Caring Caller Services            01   Library Services           04

Companionship Services            01   Local Support Services     04

Dementia                          01   Low Cost Health Services   05

FallS Prevention /                     Meal Services              06
Strength and Balance Programmes   02
                                       Shopping Services          06
Feedback for SDHB Services        02
                                       Social Groups              07
Hearing Services                  02
                                       Support and Advice         08 - 09
Home Personal / Safety Services   03
                                       Transport Services         10
Healthy Homes                     03
Community Resources HOME as my FIRST CHOICE - Southern Health
Adaptive Equipment                                            Caring Caller Services                                         Dementia
There are many adaptive items to assist everyday living       St Johns Caring Callers                                        For information and services visit
including kitchen, bathroom and bedroom aids, beds,           Caring Callers is a service that St John provides for people
wheelchairs, frames, chairs. There are local stores as well   who live alone or feel a bit lonely. Volunteers phone
as a range of online suppliers selling adaptive equipment     clients regularly to check that everything is ok.
nationwide. Homeware stores also sell some helpful items      0800 780 780
such as The Warehouse and Briscoe’s who sell waterproof
mattress protectors.

Blind Foundation
Help for people who are blind or experiencing sight loss.
(03) 466 4230

Disability Information Service
Equipment and aids.                                           Companionship Services
Dunedin Community House, 301 Moray Place, Dunedin.
(03) 471 6152 or 0800 693 342                                 Volunteer Visitors: Supporting people living alone or                                      unable to drive. Visit people in their homes for a chat over
                                                              a cup of tea, to play a game of cards, help with shopping,
Disability Resource Centre (Southland)                        or share an outing. Regular contact and company.
Equipment, support for attending hospital appointments.
25 Gala Street, Invercargill                                  Age Concern
214 5000 or 0800 100 531                                                                        See also Aged Concern in other areas within
Mobility Solutions Centre                                     • Age Concern Waitaki (Oamaru)
245 King Edward St, Dunedin                                   • Age Concern Otago (Central Otago)
(03) 455 1201                                                 • Age Concern Southland
                                                              Enliven, Presbyterian Support Otago

Community Resources HOME as my FIRST CHOICE - Southern Health
Falls Prevention/Strength and                                Feedback for SDHB Services                                  Hearing Services
Balance Programmes                                           Families are encouraged to give feedback at any time they   In addition to support from your local Audiology Centre,
                                                             feel they would like to. They can do this in a number of    you can access assistance from volunteer agencies and
There are options to suit everyone who would benefit         ways, by:                                                   charitable trusts. They offer free advice, information on
from improving strength and balance. This might be                                                                       funding options, and low cost options for devices that help
joining a local ‘Steady As You Go’ class, having an          •   Talking to any member of staff                          to manage day to day activities independently.
individual assessment at home or attending a                 •   Phone: Patient Affairs Office (03) 470 9533
physiotherapy clinic. People who have home based             •   E-mail:                    Deaf Aotearoa
support may be able to have help with in-home exercise       •   Website:                
                                                             Patients can contact the Health and Disability              Otago branch:
Classes                                                      Advocacy Service for free independent advice and
Approved community strength and balance exercise             support on 0800 555 050.                                    Ear Health South
classes. Details of local classes.                                                                                       557 Hillside Road, Caversham, Dunedin.                                                                                                  (03) 455 0801 for Ear Canal Micro Suction.
Home Based Falls & Fracture Prevention Service
0800 477 115                                                                                                             Hearing NZ Southland                                                                               126 Leet Street Invercargill 9810
                                                                                                                         (03) 214 9154
School of Physiotherapy Clinics (Dunedin)                                                                      
Includes balance, dizziness, and vertigo, sprains and                                                          
strains, back and neck problems, arthritis, post-operative
and rehabilitation clinics.                                                                                              Hearing Support Otago                                                                           (03) 487 7641
Steady As You Go and Tai Chi (Dunedin)                                                                         
                                                                                                                         Life Unlimited Hearing
                                                                                                                         Kelvin Gaskill Hearing Therapist (Dunedin)
                                                                                                                         (03) 456 4350 or 0800 008 011
                                                             Look out for a copy of this brochure around the hospital.
                                                             You can record your compliments, complaints or              To learn about what’s happening in the local Deaf
                                                             suggestions directly onto to it and Freepost back to        Community (or to advertise your event/workshop), sign up
                                                             the Southern DHB.                                           to Deaf Aotearoa Community Weekly newsletter:
Community Resources HOME as my FIRST CHOICE - Southern Health
Home Personal /                                               Healthy Homes                                                 Home Support Services
Safety Services                                               It’s important to have a healthy home. The advice is to       There are a range of private and funded options for help
                                                              insulate your home, dry it out, air it out and warm it up.    at home and community activities including household
There a range of options for helping safety at home. These    There’s lots of advice, support and financial assistance to   chores, showering and dressing, skin care, managing
include alarms to press in case of an accident or illness,    help you have a healthy home.                                 medication, shopping, helping to ensure safety and
alarms that will trigger if a person falls and also to help                                                                 security at home.
those caring for others.                                      Dunedin Curtain Bank
                                                                                    Access Community Health
Consumer New Zealand list five Accredited Suppliers of        (03) 425 9678                                       
Personal Alarms that the Ministry of Social Development
have approved for its accredited supplier list. Four of       For subsidies on ceiling and underfloor insulation:           Dunedin Nursing Service
these suppliers are available in the South Island.            • Otago:                                                      Private nursing care, social support, assistance with
                                                                                             community activities and appointments.
ADT Security Neva Alone                                           phone 021 999 395                               
                                                              •   Southland:                                                Footsteps Podiatry Invercargill
Local Fire Brigade                                                                           (03) 215 4666
Local fire brigade will install smoke alarms and change           (03) 214 2927                                   
batteries. Look in your phone book and ring them directly
(do not dial 111)                                             Information about warmer, dryer homes:                        Health Care NZ
Red Wolf Personal Alarm                                       warmer-drier-homes                                                                                In home foot care
                                                              NZ Red Cross Invercargill Curtain Bank                        Pedicare (Dunedin)
Securely (formerly called Bupa)                               102 Yarrow Street, Invercargill.                              (03) 4897860                  (03) 218 4339.
                                                              Open Tuesdays and Thursdays 12.30pm to 2.00pm.                My Care
St Johns Medical Alarms                                                                                                     Online website to find in private home support                                                                         
                                                                                                                            Royal District Nursing Service
Vital Call (Chub)                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                            Sui’s Finger and Toenail Grooming Service
Community Resources HOME as my FIRST CHOICE - Southern Health
Library Services                                               Local Support Services
Options for people who cannot get to library.                  Details of local support services can be found on the
                                                               ‘Home as my First Choice’ page on the Southern DHB
Dunedin Book Bus                                               website
Provides a free delivery service for people unable to attend
the library or book bus due to illness or disability.          er-peoples-health/finding-right-support/home-my-
Timetable:         first-choice
                                                               We will update this area with any information we receive
Dunedin Library                                                about supports in particular areas/communities.
(03) 474 3681            Please email or call
                                                               0800 627 236 if you have information or updates for this
Mosgiel Library                                                area.
(03) 474 3690

Invercargill Library
Alison Fraser (03) 211 1444,

Southland District Mobile Library Services

Community Resources HOME as my FIRST CHOICE - Southern Health
Low Cost Health Services                                              to a health professional about diabetes. You can chat
                                                                      about the products and equipment we stock or get          Meal Services
                                                                      support and resources on how to manage your
Health care or services related to disability and age can                                                                       There are a range of options for help with meals. You can
                                                                      diabetes. We also provide blood sugar tests and blood
be costly. Many people are eligible for financial assistance                                                                    have a hot meal delivered to your door, or receive frozen
                                                                      pressure checks. Come and chat to the Long Term
from WINZ to help pay for these costs. This may be in                                                                           meals to reheat.
                                                                      Conditions Community Nurse from WellSouth, at
the form of a Community Services Card and/or Disability
                                                                      Diabetes Otago branch office 135 Frederic Street,
Allowance. This can help towards the cost of a range of                                                                         Dunedin Meal Services:
                                                                      Dunedin. No appointment necessary.
things including doctors’ visits, prescriptions, foot care,
personal alarms, electricity and phone, lawn mowing and                                                                         •   Home of St Barnabas Meals on Wheels (03) 455 8298
                                                                  He Puna Waiora Wellness Centre (Southland)
gardening services.                                                                                                             •   Taieri Court (03) 489 6044
                                                                  Run by Nga Kete Matauranga Pounamu Charitable Trust, a
                                                                  ‘Very Low Cost Access’ (VLCA) GP Practice offering doctor     •   Portobello Penguin Cafe (03) 478 1055
Dental Care                                                                                                                     •   Outram 4 Square (03) 4861723
                                                                  and nursing services and rongoa/natural therapies. Late
The Admissions and Urgent Care Clinic (UCU) undertakes                                                                          •   Port Chalmers 4 Square (03) 472 8746
                                                                  nights by appointment on Monday and Tuesday till 7pm.
initial admission and diagnosis within the Faculty of                                                                           •   BBQuick : (03) 453 1000
                                                                  The base fee for their low cost GP service is $18.00, other
Dentistry, and is one of our nine specialised clinics.                                                                          •   Eat L8R (Eat Later)
                                                                  fees may apply.
Please note that patients may be required pay a $35                                                                             •   EAT Unlimited
                                                                  92 Spey St, Invercargill
Consultation Fee before treatment in this clinic, if it relates
                                                                  (03) 214 5261 or 0800 925 242
to the Emergency Dental Care Scheme.                                                                                            Southern District Health Board Meals On Wheels
For other treatment, normal charges will apply. Patients                                                                        0800 627 236 or (03) 470 9300
should discuss these with their treatment provider.                                                                             Southland Meal Services:
                                                                  Mataora Low Cost Medical and Dental Clinic (Dunedin)
                                                                  25 College Street, Dunedin
                                                                  (03) 471 9960                                                 •   Dinners club. 0274906174.
Diabetes Otago                                                                                                            
135 Frederick Street, Dunedin,                                                                                                  •   Adagio Café (Winton) deliver Monday to Friday in
(03) 474 0240                                                                                                                       Winton (03) 2367272
                                                                                                                                                                 •   Country Manor Catering (Winton) offers delivered
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 10am-2pm                                                                                              meal on wheels (if eligible) or meal able to be collected
                                                                  Work and Income
Diabetes Otago offers a Low Cost Podiatry service on the                                                                            from bakery
                                                                  • Disability Allowance:
first Tuesday & Wednesday of every month held at our                                                                            •   Aged Concern meals, eat in dining Tuesday to Friday.
branch offices at 135 Frederick Street. This service is run                                                                         Also have takeaway meals and soup available.
by a registered podiatrist.                                                                                                         50 Forth Street Invercargill. (03) 1286549
                                                                  •   Community Services Card:                                  •   Luvlee home cooked meals and takeaways. Open
•    Drop In Clinic – This is a FREE service run once a                                                                             seven days a week. 278 Tay Street, Invercargill.
     month on the 1st Wednesday, where you get to talk
                                                                                                                                New World, Pac n Save and Plaza Super Value all
    05                                                                                                                          have cooked meals available
Shopping Services                                           Driving Miss Daisy (Invercargill)
                                                            Rachel Goodall: (03) 216 7763 or 021 503 334
                                                                                                                           Plus Bus Shopping Service (Dunedin)
                                                                                                                           Tues-Fri door-to-door services to the supermarket, ring
                                                                them to find the best run for your area. They can assist
There are a range of options for you to have help to get
                                                                                                                           with carrying groceries, assist in the aisles if needed, at the
your groceries. You can catch the Shoppers Bus, receive
                                                            Four Square Delivery                                           same time as having a social outing - all to help
1:1 help from Driving Miss Daisy, have your groceries
                                                            Four Square stores may also provide a delivery                 maintain independence and wellbeing. $8-$12 return per
delivered, or you can taxi to the supermarket and have
                                                            service – contact the 4-square store in your area. Cost        person, area dependent. Different suburbs on different
the staff help you while you are there. Some supermarkets
                                                            ranges from $3.00 - $7.50                                      days.
have shopping trolleys and wheel chairs for customers
                                                            Kaikorai Valley: (03) 453 5742                                 03 455 4050
with limited mobility. For example, New World Centre City
                                                            Palmerston: (03) 465 1164                            
(Dunedin) staff will push customers around the
                                                            St Clair: (03) 455 7658
supermarket and help select items. Contact your local
                                                            Four Square Dunedin: (03) 455 7427                             Veggie Boys Delivery
supermarket to see what assistance they can offer. If you
                                                            Port Chalmers: (03) 472 8746                                   Delivers from Mosgiel to Port Chalmers Monday to
receive support from a home support agency they may be
                                                                                                                           Saturday between 2pm-6pm. Order online or by phone,
able to take you to the supermarket.
                                                            Fresh Choice Green Island Delivery                             and spend $25 for free Delivery.
                                                            Order by email or phone. $5 to deliver anywhere between        (03) 477 7987
Age Concern Southland
                                                            South Dunedin, Wakari through to Brighton. Accepts   
A van is available to assist with shopping every
                                                            cheque, internet banking or cash.
Wednesday. Pick up and drop off for a gold coin donation.
                                                            (03) 488 2317 extn line 8
(03) 2186351
Countdown Delivery
                                                            Napthali – Shopping Service
Delivers anywhere from Milton to Palmerston,
                                                            A service provided by Naphtali Activity Centre (North East
Invercargill City and Queenstown.Delivery charges can
                                                            Valley Dunedin) for adults with intellectual disabilities as
vary from $8.75 - $15.75 depending on the cost of
                                                            part of their community outreach.
                                                            (03) 473 9104,
0800 40 40 40
                                                            New World Delivery (Southland)
                                                            New World, Windsor and South City Plaza all deliver for
Driving Miss Daisy (Dunedin)
                                                            a fee.
Charging are based on time and requirements of
individual’s needs. Covers Regions from Waikouaiti
– Outram. Accepts total mobility taxi vouchers.
Dunedin Head Office: 0800 948 432
Dunedin South: (03) 486 2033 or 021 503 498
Dunedin North: (03) 467 5017 or 021 503 298
Social Groups                                                  Day Groups
                                                               For housebound or lonely elderly. Activities, outings, crafts.
                                                                                                                                Menz Sheds
                                                                                                                                A Menz Shed brings men together in one community space
                                                               Transport and meals provided.                                    to share their skills, have a laugh, and work on practical
There is a long list of social opportunities for people
                                                                                                                                tasks individually (personal projects) or as a group (for the
wanting to connect with peers and engage in social and
                                                               •   Mosgiel Elder Care, Mosgiel: (03) 489 0075                   Shed or community).
recreational activities. These cater for people with a range
                                                               •   Sheen Street, Roslyn: (03) 474 1082                
of abilities. These are some that we know about. Also see
                                                               •   Club Enliven, North East Valley: (03) 4777115 which has information about other
                                                               •   Senior Link, South Dunedin: (03) 456 4249                    •   Menz Sheds Otago area:
community resources throughout NZ.
                                                               •   Waikiwi Gardens (Invercargill)                                   - Alexandra Men’s Shed
                                                                   Offers a $35 a day pick up and drop off. Includes                - Arrowtown MenzShed Inc
Age Concern
                                                                   meals, an extra $5 will purchase a meal to take home.            - North Dunedin Shed
                                                                   (03) 2157200                                                     - Oamaru Menz Shed
- this has links to the following services:
                                                                                                  - South Dunedin Bloke’s Shed
• Accredited visiting service
                                                                                                                                    - Taieri Bloke’s Shed
• Independednt living seminars
                                                               Dunedin 60 Plus Club                                                 - Tapanui
• Senior Chef
                                                               Friendship, fellowship and fun. Including: walking group,
• Englsih for elders
                                                               line dancing, singing group, indoor bowls, mah jong,             •   Menz Sheds Southland area:
• Active aging centres and groups:
                                                               tavern lunches, book club, movie club, coach trips,                  - MenzShed Invercargill
     - The Octagon Club
                                                               coffee and culture.                                                  - Lumsden
     - South Dunedin Seniors
                                                                                                   - Mataura Menzshed
     - Mosgiel Seniors
Regular Bus Trips and annual five day holiday adventure,
                                                               Gaius Cottage (Invercargill)                                     South Centre Anglican Care (Southalnd)
monthly book chat, variety concert, monthly outings, gym
                                                               Day care for people with dementia to give full time carers       Social activities and other services offered including for
class, walking group, social art and crafts, line dancing,
                                                               a break. Private paying options/DHB funded places.               people who are housebound.
bowls, body-beat, Tai Chi, lunch and food share.
                                                               Care Coordination Centre: 0800 223 225.                          (03) 2182777

Support and Advice                                             Asthma Society (Southalnd)
                                                               70 Forth St, Invercargill
                                                                                                                             Disability Information Service (Southland)
                                                                                                                             For a range of services including equipment, support to
                                                               Mon - Fri | 10:30am - 2:30pm                                  attend hospital appointments.
There are many agencies available who offer valuable
                                                               03 214 2356                                                   25 Gala Street, Invercargill.
support, advice and equipment or aids.
                                                                                         (03) 214 5000 or 0800 100 531.
Age Concern NZ
Age Concern is a charitable organisation dedicated solely
                                                               Carers’ Society Otago
to people over 65. Local Age Concerns throughout New
                                                               Supports family/whānau carers with one on one support         Dunedin Budget Advisory Service
Zealand are the first port of call for older people in their
                                                               and with six support groups throughout Otago.                 Community House 283-301 Moray Pl, Dunedin
communities. Age Concerns offer expertise and knowledge
of all available services for older people as well as social
                                                               Diabetes Otago                                                Eldernet
                                                               Provides information and support for individuals and fam-     To access information about bed availability/information
                                                               ilies, educational evenings, sells a wide range of diabetes   about residential facilities and services in your area.
Alzheimer’s Otago
Helping families coping with memory loss. Home visits,
                                                               135 Frederick Street, Dunedin, Ph: 474 0240
carer support groups, education.
                                                               Office Hours: Monday – Friday 10am-2pm                        Mauri Ora - Community Health services
                                                                                                Free Gym, Educational Hui – Diabetes, Lifestyle and
                                                                                                                             Healthy Kai, Personal Trainer Sessions, On-site computer
Arai Te Uru Whare Hauora
                                                               Diabetes Southland                                            access to electronic health diary, Clinical Support, Basic
Support whānau using an integrated and collaborative
                                                               151 Gala Street (behind MS Rooms entrance of Jed street)      health check, Whānau Ora kaimahi supporting whānau to
approach to service provision in partnership with whānau
                                                               (03) 218 3422                                                 access appropriate health resources.
and other organisations.
                                                                                                                             Multiple Sclerosis Society (Otago)
Arthritis NZ
                                                               Disability Information Service (Otago)                        8 Baker Street, Dunedin, New Zealand
Provides information, advice and support for anyone
                                                               Free information and advice, equipment and aids,              (03) 455 5894
diagnosed with arthritis.
                                                               continence product service with free samples and delivery.
                                                               Ground floor Dunedin Community House, 301 Moray     
                                                               Place, Dunedin.
Asthma Society (Otago)
                                                               (03) 471 6152 or 0800 693 342                                 Multiple Sclerosis Society (Southland)
03 471 6167
                                                                                           151 Gala Street, Invercargill
Dunedin Community House, 1st Floor
                                                                                                                             (03) 218 3975
Cnr Moray & Great King St, Dunedin
asthma-support-asthma-society-otago                                                                                          Continued>
Pacific Peoples Health Trust (Otago)                        Stroke Foundation
Health Promotion, Social and Community Support              Hospital and home visits, support individuals and families,
(03) 470 1501                                               stroke clubs.
Parkinson’s Society
Education support, support groups, exercise classes, home   Te Roopu Tautoko Kite Tonga Inc
visits and individual assessments.                          A non profit Maori health provider based in Dunedin. Runs
(03) 455-7260,                                              a number of programmes and services that are free to                   access.
                                                            6 Wolseley Street, Dunedin
RSA                                                         4774670
Supports ALL current and former service personnel, and
their families. They can help by:
• Financial assistance:                                     Veteran’s Affairs
• Advocating for service benefits:                          Care Coordination Centre can assist with referrals for local
• Connections e.g. linking you to government, corporate     support i.e. for administration and advice on veterans’
    or community groups to provide information,             entitlements and care or practical things like organizing a
    mentoring and support.                                  gardener (Dunedin).                                    

Senior Line
Helping older people navigate the health system.
0800 725463

Links to useful information brochure and useful booklet:
“Moving into Residential Care”

Community training classes helping people to enjoy
technology confidently in everyday life.

Transport Services                                             NZ Red Cross Community Transport
                                                               Free transport to and from doctor hospital or community
                                                                                                                              •   Southland Total mobility Scheme:
                                                               appointment                                                        Vouchers are available for subsidized travel from
People may be able to access discounted taxi fares if they
                                                               (03) 4771527		                                                     various services e.g. Aged Concern and Enliven.
are no longer able to drive. In addition to public transport
and taxi services there are some transport services for                                                                           These can be used with services such as:
                                                               Staying Safe                                                       - Good Partners (golden ride) 0800 262 301
health related appointments.
                                                               A refresher workshop for senior road users. Contact NZ             - Driving Miss Daisy.
                                                               Transport. A Self assessment quiz is avaiable online.
Disability Resource Centre Southland
                                                               0800 822 422
Free transport to attend hospital based appointments
(03) 214 5000 or 0800 100 531
                                                               St John Community Care
Driver Assessment
                                                               Health Shuttles between areas and towns. This includes
Your clinician may refer you for a driver assessment. It
                                                               shuttles from country areas in Southland to Southland
may be suggested that you have this with an Occupational
Therapist. The following fact sheet outlines what this may
involve. You may also choose to have your assessment
with the AA or a Registered Driving School.
                                                               Total Mobility Card
                                                               Half price taxi fare for people unable to drive and unable
                                                               to use public transport. There are 15 supporting agencies
                                                               across Otago to help people who have difficulty accessing
Driving Miss Daisy (Dunedin)
                                                               public transport, assessing them for eligibility to access
Charging are based on time and requirements of
                                                               subsidised taxi transport. This is a 50% subsidy (up to $25)
individual’s needs. Covers Regions from Waikouaiti –
                                                               on eligible door-to-door transport with one of 16 approved
Outram. Accepts total mobility taxi vouchers.
                                                               transport operators, including taxi companies and private
Dunedin Head Office: 0800 948 432
                                                               hire companies.
Dunedin South: (03) 486 2033 or 021 503 498
Dunedin North: (03) 467 5017 or 021 503 298
                                                               •   Otago:
                                                                   - For more information about Total Mobility contact
Driving Miss Daisy (Invercargill)
                                                                   Otago Regional Council.
Rachel Goodall: (03) 216 7763 or 021 503 334
                                                                   0800 474 082        
Mobility Scooter Use
Keeping mobile: How to safely use your mobility scooter.
From NZTA . Guidelines for safe use and handling:
You can also read