Community Service Plan and Implementation Plan - LIJ Medical Center 2019 2021 - Community Service Plan and ...

Community Service Plan and Implementation Plan - LIJ Medical Center 2019 2021 - Community Service Plan and ...
Community Service Plan
and Implementation Plan
LIJ Medical Center
2019 – 2021
Community Service Plan and Implementation Plan - LIJ Medical Center 2019 2021 - Community Service Plan and ...
Mission Statement for                              As a member of Northwell Health, Long Island
Long Island Jewish                                 Jewish Medical Center (LIJMC) strives to improve
Medical Center                                     the health and quality of life for the people and
                                                   communities we serve by providing world-class
                                                   service and patient-centered care.

Who We Are
Long Island Jewish Medical Center (LIJMC)                               Long Island Jewish Hospital (LIJ)

Is a 1,025-certified bed, tertiary care teaching medical center         Serving as a clinical campus for The Donald and Barbara Zucker
serving the greater metropolitan New York area, Queens, and Long        School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell and with Albert Einstein
Island. The LIJMC has three divisions: (1) Long Island Jewish           College of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, SUNY Downstate
Hospital, a 583-bed tertiary hospital; (2) Steven and Alexandra         Medical Center, SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital and New
Cohen Children’s Medical Center of NY, a 206-bed children’s             York College of Osteopathic Medicine, LIJ has one of the largest
hospital; and (3) the Zucker Hillside Hospital, a 236-bed psychiatric   graduate medical education programs in New York State. Its
hospital. In 2019, the three divisions of LIJMC reported a total of     specialty programs include Alexander Cohen Institute of Oncology;
63,425 discharges (excluding normal newborn discharges), 10,264         the Joel Finkelstein Cancer Foundation Radiation Oncology
newborn deliveries, 150,728 emergency department visits                 Institute, a cancer patient care, medical research, and education
(including emergency department admissions), and 23, ambulatory         network; the Ann and Jules Gottlieb Women’s Comprehensive
surgeries, including endoscopies and cardiac catheterizations. The      Health Center, one of the largest providers of women’s health
LIJMC was recently upgraded to Gold Plus Status by the New York         services in New York State; and the Apelian Cochlear Implant
City Health Department as part of the Department’s Tobacco-Free         Center, a major center for the advanced treatment of hearing loss
Hospital’s Campaign for efforts to achieve excellence in providing      disorders. Other major clinical centers include the Hearing and
tobacco-free environments and programs for patients, employees          Speech Center, Epilepsy Center, Stroke Center, Comprehensive
and the community.                                                      Hemophilia Treatment Center, Pain and Headache Treatment
                                                                        Center, Sleep/Wake Disorders Center, and the Ambulatory Care
                                                                        Unit. The Katz Women’s Hospital at LIJ is committed to women’s
                                                                        health and family-centered care, featuring a range of specialized
                                                                        women’s services, including programs in perinatal and obstetrics,
                                                                        gynecology, urogynecology, minimally invasive and robotic surgery,
                                                                        infertility and pediatric and adolescent gynecology on four floors of
                                                                        LIJ’s newest 10-story inpatient tower. LIJ is a NYS Department of
                                                                        Health designated Stroke Center and a recipient of the American
                                                                        Heart Association (AHA) “Get with the Guidelines-Stroke Gold Plus

2 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
Community Service Plan and Implementation Plan - LIJ Medical Center 2019 2021 - Community Service Plan and ...
The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center              The Zucker Hillside Hospital (ZHH)
                                                                      The ZHH is known for its pioneering work in the diagnosis,
The CCMC is one of four acute care children’s hospitals in            treatment, and research of mental illness. The hospital provides a
downstate New York and one of only two children’s hospitals on        comprehensive continuum of behavioral health services for all age
Long Island. The CCMC provides primary, secondary, tertiary, and      groups. Inpatient services include units for adolescents, adults and
quaternary care on an inpatient and ambulatory basis through a        geriatric patients. Treatment specialties at ZHH include early phase
continuum of medical, surgical, psychiatric, and dental programs      treatment, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar and personality
and services. Subspecialty areas include 35 pediatric medical         disorders. ZHH Women’s Unit includes 22 inpatient beds and is the
subspecialties, nine pediatric surgical subspecialties, child and     first in the State of New York and one of the only few in the U.S. to
adolescent psychiatry, pediatric anesthesia, radiology, pathology,    specialize in treating women with perinatal psychiatric illness.
and physical medicine. The CCMC also maintains tertiary               Outpatient services are provided both on campus and through a
consultation centers in Commack, Hewlett, Flushing, Brooklyn, and     coordinated network of community based programs, and include:
Manhattan. The CCMC has disease specific multi-disciplinary           geriatric psychiatry, child and adolescent services, perinatal
centers in the following specialties: hemophilia, cystic fibrosis,    programs, partial hospital programs, early onset diagnostic and
minimally invasive pediatric surgery, epilepsy, interventional        treatment services, vocational rehabilitation and training, and
cardiology, bloodless medicine and surgery, eating disorders, and     addiction recovery services. The National Institute of Health has
oncology. The Regional Pediatric Trauma Center at CCMC is the first   established a Clinical Research Center for the Study of
regional pediatric trauma center in the entire downstate/Long         Schizophrenia at Zucker Hillside Hospital, one of only four such
Island region and one of only three such centers in all of New York   facilities nationwide. In addition to its clinical and research
State to receive this designation.                                    recognition, ZHH is a major regional training site for psychiatrists,
                                                                      psychologists, nurses, licensed mental health counselors and social
                                                                      work students.

3 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
Community Service Plan and Implementation Plan - LIJ Medical Center 2019 2021 - Community Service Plan and ...
Prevention Agenda for the Healthiest State
Long Island Jewish Medical Center, as part of Northwell Health,         PRIORITY AREA: Promote Well-Being and Prevent Mental and
utilizes the US Surgeon General’s National Prevention Strategy          Substance Use Disorders
(NPS) to guide its community chronic disease prevention and
wellness agenda. Northwell Health incorporated the NPS in LIJMC’s       1. FOCUS AREA: Promote Well Being
NYSDOH Community Service Plan (CSP) to impact the health of its         — Strengthen opportunities to build well-being and resilience
                                                                           across the lifespan
surrounding communities. The strategic directions of the NPS
                                                                        — Facilitate supportive environments that promote respect and
                                                                           dignity for all ages
—   Healthy and Safe Community Environments
—   Clinical and Community Preventative Services                        2. FOCUS AREA: Prevent Mental and Substance Use Disorders
—   Empowered People                                                    — Prevent opioid and other substance misuse and deaths
—   Elimination of Health Disparities                                   — Reduce Prevalence of major depressive disorders

To improve the health of the community, Northwell Health as a           The NYSDOH Prevention Agenda Dashboard Improve Heath Status
result of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process          and Reduce Health Disparities objective that Northwell will be
and approved by the Committee on Community Health of the                focusing on is age-adjusted preventable hospitalization rate per
Northwell Health Board of Trustees, has selected the following          10,000 - Aged 18+ years in addition to a focus on low income
NYSDOH Priority Agenda Priority Areas, focus areas and goals for        populations with health disparities.
the service of the health system:
                                                                        The Community Service Plan focuses on the following areas:
PRIORITY AREA: Prevent Chronic Disease                                  — Increasing screening rates for cardiovascular diseases; diabetes;
                                                                           and breast; and lung cancers especially among populations
1. FOCUS AREA: Healthy Eating and Food Security                            experiencing health disparities
— Increase access to healthy affordable foods and beverages             — Increasing access to high quality chronic disease preventive care
— Increase skills and knowledge to support healthy food and                and management in both clinical and community settings
   beverage choices                                                     — Reducing obesity in children and adults
— Increase food security                                                — Reducing illness, disability, and death related to tobacco use and
                                                                           secondhand smoke exposure
2. FOCUS AREA: Physical Activity                                        — Promoting mental health and preventing substance abuse
— Promote school, childcare and worksite environments that                 related to tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure
   support physical activity for people of all ages and abilities       — Promoting mental health and preventing substance abuse

3. FOCUS AREA: Tobacco Prevention                                       Examples of interventions that support these areas are:
— Prevent initiation of tobacco use, including combustible tobacco      — Robust chronic disease and cancer screening programs
   and electronic vaping products (electronic cigarettes and similar    — Implementation of culturally relevant evidence-based chronic
   devices) by youth and young adults                                      disease self-management education
— Promote tobacco use cessation, especially among populations           — Creation of community environments that promote and support
   disproportionately affected by tobacco use including low                healthy food and beverage choices and physical activity
   socioeconomic status SES, frequent mental distress/substance         — Elimination of exposure to secondhand smoke and prevention of
   use disorder; LGBTQIA+; and disability                                  the initiation of tobacco use by youth, especially among low
                                                                           socioeconomic status (SES) populations and the promotion of
4. FOCUS AREA: Preventative Care and Management                            tobacco cessation, especially among low SES populations and
— Increase cancer screening rates for breast, cervical and colorectal      those with poor mental health
   cancer                                                               — Strengthened infrastructure to promote mental, emotional and
— Increase early detection of cardiovascular disease, diabetes,            behavioral well- being
   prediabetes and obesity
— Promote the use of evidence-based care to manage chronic
— Improve self-management skills for individuals with chronic

4 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
Community Service Plan and Implementation Plan - LIJ Medical Center 2019 2021 - Community Service Plan and ...
Community Benefit Programs                                             LIJMC, through community partnerships and coalition building, has
Community-based programs addressing both health and social             significantly expanded the reach and impact of community health
needs at LIJMC are the key components of its Community                 improvement services that address the NYSDOH Prevention Agenda
Service Plan. Social determinants of health encompass a range of       Priorities. LIJMC, also, as part of Northwell Health, provides a broad
personal, social, economic, and environmental factors that             array of community benefit programs, such as:
influence up to 75% of health outcomes. They reach beyond the          A. Access to Healthcare Services and Caring for the Medically
boundaries of traditional health care to include sectors such as       Underserved
education, housing, food, employment and environment. The              B. Health Professions Education
following program descriptions demonstrate the depth and breadth       C. Community Health and Wellness
of the hospital’s CSP Implementation Plan activities that impact the   D. Community Medical Support Services and Programs
health and well-being of the communities we serve.                     E. Support Groups

5 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
Community Service Plan and Implementation Plan - LIJ Medical Center 2019 2021 - Community Service Plan and ...
A. Access to Healthcare Services and
                                                                          Caring for the Medically Underserved
      Financial Assistance Program (FAP)
      Northwell Health is a regional leader in providing financial relief to families who do not have access to the financial resources to pay
      for medical care. The FAP program was implemented in 2004 through the creation of a standard policy as the result of the combined
      efforts of the Finance Department, Community Health and the Center for Equity of Care. Developed through a collaboration of
      senior leadership, community members and key staff, the policy provides a uniformly administered system of reduced fees for
      uninsured residents of Northwell Health’s service area. All medically necessary services are covered under the program. The program
      is promoted through:
      -    Multilingual signage throughout facilities
      -    Multilingual educational brochures at key points of patient contact
      -    Website (
      -    Community outreach events
      -    Patient bills - All bills include a notice about the FAP, along with the program’s toll-free number, (888) 214-4065

      The FAP is available for individuals earning up to five times the federal poverty level ($128,750 for a family of four). In addition, the
      application process for financial assistance has been redesigned to improve the quality and user-friendliness of the experience. Many
      FAP requests are now processed via telephone, relieving the patient of the burden of providing current income documentation.
      Additionally, the FAP application has been simplified to one page. FAP applications are available online in 15 languages at For more
      information or questions, please call (718) 470-4492.

      Effective Communication in Healthcare
      The Center for Equity of Care is a system wide resource and offers numerous educational opportunities to ensure the integration of
      cultural and linguistic competency into the fabric of the organization. To ensure meaningful access to healthcare services for persons
      with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) or persons whose preferred language is other than English, free medical interpretation and
      document translation services are available 24/7. Sign language interpretation services for the deaf and hearing impaired, as well as
      specific communication tools for visually and speech impaired patients are also available. For more information, please call the
      Center for Equity of Care at (516) 881-7000.

6 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
Community Service Plan and Implementation Plan - LIJ Medical Center 2019 2021 - Community Service Plan and ...
Diversity and Inclusion
      Diversity and inclusion are identified as essential components for the delivery of quality, safe, patient and family centered care that
      support principles of equity and community. Aligning with the National Prevention Strategy to eliminate health disparities and
      empower people in the communities we serve, the Center for Equity of Care implements a system wide educational curriculum and
      supporting programs. Northwell’s “Unconscious Bias” e-Learning program and seminars raise awareness of unconscious filters and
      their impact on patient care and the workplace. CultureVision™ is an online cultural diversity resource that provides employees
      information to develop their cultural knowledge and enhance the delivery of culturally competent patient care.

      Northwell’s Business Employee Resource Group (BERG) Program enhances employee engagement; talent recruitment, retention and
      development; and staff serve as community ambassadors. Northwell Health has been named one of the nation's top health systems
      for diversity, ranking second nationally and No. 1 in New York State, according to the 2019 DiversityInc’s top Hospitals & Health
      Systems for Diversity list.

      The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer watchdog organization Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation has ranked
      Northwell Health as the No. 3 health system in the nation and first in New York State based on the number of facilities designated a
      Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality, according to its 2019 Healthcare Equality Index (HEI). The following hospitals were honored:
      Cohen Children's Medical Center, Glen Cove Hospital, Huntington Hospital, Mather Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, Long Island Jewish
      Medical Center, LIJ Forest Hills, LIJ Valley Stream, Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat, North Shore University Hospital, Northern
      Westchester Hospital, Peconic Bay Medical Center, Phelps Hospital, Plainview Hospital, Southside Hospital, South Oaks Hospital,
      Staten Island University Hospital (North and South campuses), Syosset Hospital, Zucker Hillside Hospital. In addition, the Center for
      Transgender Care in Great Neck, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research in Manhasset, Lenox Health Greenwich Village, Orzac
      Center for Rehabilitation and Stern Family for Rehabilitation each earned the designation. For more information, please contact the
      Center for Equity of Care at (516) 881-7000.

      The Katz Institute for Women’s Health (KIWH) Resource Center
      The KIWH is dedicated to improving all aspects of a woman’s health at every stage of her life. The Resource Center offers women
      seamless, coordinated access to all of Northwell Health’s clinical programs and services across the continuum of care. The Center is
      staffed Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. During off-hours, please leave a voice message and your call will be returned
      within one business day. For questions related to Women’s Health, please call (855) 850-KIWH (5494).

      Northwell Health Physician Referral Service (888) 321-DOCS (3627)
      Northwell Health operates a referral service to help community residents find a perfect local match for their medical needs.
      Information is available for physician specialties, office locations, languages spoken, hospital privileges, and accepted health
      insurance plans (including Medicaid and Medicare). Bilingual telephone operators are available 24/7. Information can also be found

      Northwell Health partners with MedShare, an organization that recovers valuable, unused surplus medical supplies and equipment
      in the United States, which would otherwise be discarded. This partnership successfully bridges the gap between surplus in the U.S.
      and health care institutions in developing countries, which have a significant need for medical supplies and expertise. Over half of
      Northwell Health Hospitals and the Integrated Distribution Center provide donations, including beds, biomedical equipment, and
      other assorted medical supplies. In 2019, Northwell Health donated more than 17,746 pounds of unused medical supplies and 2,261
      pounds of medical equipment.

      Cancer Services Program
      The New York State Department of Health partners with Northwell to promote comprehensive screenings for breast, cervical, and
      colorectal cancers, and provide education to underserved populations. Additionally, the Cancer Services Program provides diagnostic
      services for abnormal findings and patient navigation for clients with barriers that may prevent them from seeking care. Financial
      support for treatment is available through the Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program for those eligible clients who are found to be in
      need of treatment for breast, cervical, colorectal, or prostate cancer and precancerous conditions, but who may not qualify for
      traditional Medicaid. For more information, please email

7 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
Center for Young Adult, Adolescent, and Pediatric HIV
      The Center for Young Adult, Adolescent, and Pediatric HIV (CYAAPH) at Cohen's Children's Medical Center of New York provides
      comprehensive medical care and social support services to individuals under the age of 30, regardless of sex assigned at birth, sexual
      orientation, gender identity and expression. Our expert team provides compassionate medical and psychosocial care to adolescent
      and young adults, from infancy to age 30, who are HIV-infected. We help manage HIV with expert medical care and medication
      therapy; STI screening and treatment; immunizations; supportive mental health services; case management services to assist with
      various social determinants of health; risk reduction and U=U education; gynecological exams; nutrition services; and primary care
      services. CYAAPH also provides HIV prevention services such as PrEP and PEP for at risk individuals.

      Housed in CYAAPH is Project inSPECT - an initiative which offers free rapid HIV testing and PrEP screenings all over Nassau and
      Queens County. Safer sex, LGBTQ 101, and HIV prevention workshops are offered to schools and CBOs to spread awareness of HIV
      and STI prevention. For more information please call (516) 622-5189.

      Serving Those Who Have Served Our Nation
      The recipient of numerous awards for service to veterans, Northwell offers extensive programs to support career education and
      enhancement, as well as the physical and mental health of those who serve.

      Barracks to Business workshops, webinars and job fairs help translate military skills into career success and Health NYServes
      connects veterans to more than 60 service providers.

      The Rosen Family Wellness Center and the Mildred and Frank Feinberg Division of the Unified Behavioral Health Center for
      Military Veterans and Their Families are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of military service members, 9/11 first responders,
      law enforcement personnel and their families.

      Northwell partners with the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the VA Women’s Referral Program and with FLAG
      (Freedom.Loyalty.Admiration.Gratitude) on Staten Island to provide confidential and safe services for women currently serving or
      who have served in the military.

      Northwell donated $100,000 to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation to build a new “smart” home for a disabled

      Most recently, The Return brought medical experts at Northwell Health together with aerospace engineers, 3D printing pioneers and
      prosthetic experts to provide specialized prosthetics to a veteran amputee.

8 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
B. Health Professions Education

      Graduate Medical Education
      As a major academic health system in the New York metropolitan area, Northwell Health is dedicated to excellence in patient care,
      teaching, and research. More than 1,800 residents and fellows are trained each year in over 160 residency and fellowship programs
      at 23 member hospitals, with access to state-of-the-art simulation and a BioSkills Education Center. Clinical affiliations include
      Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/ Northwell, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, SUNY Downstate College
      of Medicine, New York Medical College, New York University School of Medicine and New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. The
      Feinstein Institute for Medical Research is among the top ten percent of research institutions that receive funding from the National
      Institutes of Health. For more information about the individual training programs at Northwell Health, please visit

      Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/ Northwell
      In 2008, Hofstra University and Northwell Health entered into a formal agreement that established the School of Medicine, the first
      allopathic medical school in Nassau County and the first new medical school in the New York metropolitan area in more than 35
      years. The academic partnership enhanced recruitment of faculty, leadership, and researchers; furthered the expansions of
      residencies and fellowships; and enhanced the integration of clinical and translational science.

      Hofstra Northwell School of Graduate Nursing and Health Professions
      Launched in March 2015, the school is well poised to become a national and global leader in preparing students to meet the growing
      need for qualified advanced-care nurses and physician assistants who deliver community-based health care. The School offers
      several options for advanced learning: master’s degrees in family nurse practitioner and adult-gerontology acute care nurse
      practitioner programs, as well as a master’s degree and a dual bachelor’s/master’s degree program in physician assistant studies.
      The School expands the successful medical school partnership between Hofstra University and Northwell Health. It incorporates the
      University’s diverse academic programs and infrastructure, as well as Northwell Health’s significant clinical activities and
      educational resources, in its mission to provide an innovative inter-professional education to a new generation of healthcare leaders.

      For further information, please visit the Hofstra Northwell School of Graduate Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies’ website at or call (516) 463-7475.

      Medical Scholars Pipeline Program
      The Medical Scholars Pipeline Program (MSPP) at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell (SOM) is a
      three-year academic enrichment program for underrepresented in medicine (URM) students who show potential for pursuing a
      career in the healthcare professions.

      The goals of the program are: 1) to expose URM high school students to various careers in the healthcare professions, and 2) to make
      the students more competitive applicants for undergraduate and professional healthcare programs. The long-term goal of the
      program is to increase the number of URM students graduating from professional healthcare schools and providing care for patients
      in underserved communities.

      The MSPP has been in existence since 2010 and a total of 214 students have been admitted to the program. Of the 214 students
      admitted to the program, 112 students have completed the three-year program and 100% of the MSPP graduates have enrolled in
      colleges and universities. Twenty-five URM students who completed our program are now matriculating in professional healthcare
      programs. This number includes 14 students who are enrolled in medical schools; 4 of whom are matriculating at the Zucker School
      of Medicine. The MSPP continues to give students exposure to medicine in a medical school setting, college preparation,
      communication and leadership skills to help them pursue a career in the healthcare professions. For more information, please call
      (516) 463-7550 or visit the School of Medicine’s website at

9 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
SPARK! Challenge
      Northwell Health is leading the charge on career awareness by partnering with local high schools in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens,
      Manhattan and Staten Island to participate in the SPARK! Challenge. More than 70 teams of employees across the health system
      introduced nearly 900 high school students to a wide variety of careers that require competencies in Science, Technology,
      Engineering and Math skills (STEM). The SPARK! Challenge engages students and showcases both clinical and non-clinical career
      paths available within healthcare. For more information, please email

      The Greater New York Hospital Summer Enrichment Program (SEP)
      Northwell Health participates in the SEP, an internship program for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a degree or
      concentration in health services management. Students work with members of Northwell Health leadership to gain firsthand
      experience in the major issues, skills, and responsibilities involved in day-to-day management of healthcare facilities. The program
      seeks to promote diversity in healthcare management, and members of underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to
      apply. For more information, please contact the Center for Equity of Care at (516) 881-7000.

10 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
Long Island Jewish Medical Center offers
                                                     free and low cost health education programs
                                                     throughout the year on a variety of topics.

                                                     For more information, please email

                                                                     C. Community Health and Wellness

      Community Health Programs and                                   Take Care New York (TCNY)
      Screenings                                                      Northwell Health is an active partner with the New York
      Northwell Health provides community residents with free         City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Take Care
      health screenings in conjunction with national campaigns        New York population health agenda. The goal of TCNY is to
      (heart health, blood pressure, prostate cancer, and skin        significantly reduce chronic disease in New York City—for
      cancer) and throughout the year at educational events, all      everyone—by supporting proven, community-level efforts,
      of which are open to the public. Individuals may be referred    to change the environments in which people make
      for follow-up care at Northwell Health. Uninsured               decisions that impact their health. For more information
      individuals who require follow-up care can utilize the          call Community Relations at (631) 396-6700 or visit
      services of LIJMC’s sliding fee scale program, with services
      starting at $0. Northwell Health participates in more than
      13,000 community health programs annually.
                                                                      Long Island Health Collaborative (LIHC)
      FollowMyHealth™                                                 Northwell Health is a founding member of the LIHC which
      To help patients take a more active role in their health and    was established in 2013. LIHC’s goal is to help Long
      wellness, Northwell Health rolled out a web-based patient       Islanders understand why prevention and primary care are
      portal that allows patients to access their personal health     important, why each patient must play a more active role
      information anywhere and anytime. FollowMyHealth™ is            in their own health, what resources and services are
      available to patients who have received care from               available here on Long Island, and how these resources and
      Northwell Health hospitals and physician practices. To          services can be accessed. LIHC is a working group of
      access the portal, please visit                                 hospital members, local health department personnel,             representatives from social service organizations, public
      portal or call (844) FMH-8108.                                  health specialists from colleges, and others who form the
                                                                      core of health and human services for all Long Islanders.
                                                                      The LIHC focus areas are: obesity, chronic disease and
                                                                      mental health. For more information, please contact
                                                                      Community Relations at (631) 396-6700 or visit

11 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
NYC Coalition for a Smoke-Free City                             Safe Kids
      Northwell Health is an active member of the coalition           Each year, approximately 3,700 children participate in
      whose goals are to: reduce access to tobacco products and       more than 30 injury prevention/safety education programs
      limit tobacco industry marketing to youth; increase the         sponsored by the New York State, Queens, and Nassau Safe
      number of smoke-free outdoor spaces, including                  Kids Coalitions, led by Northwell Health. These programs,
      neighborhood parks, grounds and entryways; increase the         which encourage kids to be active, have fun, and be safe,
      number of apartment buildings, co-ops and condos that           are offered in partnership with area schools, Police
      are 100% smoke-free; and reduce tobacco imagery from            Benevolent Associations, government, and local
      youth rated movies and the internet. Northwell has              businesses.
      assisted in the creation of over 2000 units of smoke free
      housing and the passage of over 10 Community Boards             Educational programs cover topics such as water safety,
      Smoke–Free Housing resolutions. For more information            pedestrian/ motor vehicle safety, burn injury prevention,
      contact the Community Health at (516) 600-1494 or visit         bicycle and sports injury prevention, enhanced “911,” pets
      http://www.                                  and pals, and summer safety. In addition, child car seat
                                                                      check-up stations and special events are held throughout
                                                                      the state. Please call (516) 881-7000 for more information
      Northwell Health Concussion Program                             about the Safe Kids.
      The Concussion Program at Northwell Health provides
      advanced concussion management to maximize recovery
      and return patients to an active lifestyle. We strive to
                                                                      Stepping On
      achieve the best care for each individual by practicing         More than one out of four adults aged 65 or older falls each
      evidence-based guidelines while applying the most current       year, leading to both fatal and non-fatal injuries, and
      research breakthroughs in diagnostics, treatments and           threatening safety and independence. Stepping On is an
      clinical trials.                                                evidence-based community prevention program that
                                                                      empowers independent, older adults to carry out health
      The Concussion Program is successful in achieving recovery      behaviors that reduce the risks of falls. More than 500
      through interdisciplinary collaboration between physicians,     people have attended the 7-week program which is based
      neuropsychologists and therapists. By combining all our         on adult education and self-efficacy principles. In a small
      expertise. Our physician consultation will determine the        group setting, older adults learn balance and strength
      need for further assessment and treatment with physical         exercises and develop specific knowledge and skills to
      therapy, vestibular rehabilitation or neuropsychology by        prevent falls. Workshops are facilitated by trained leaders.
      assisting patients returning to their daily activities with     For more information, please call the Center for Equity of
      return to play, return to work, or return to school activity    Care at (516) 881-7000.
      programs. To learn more about the Concussion Program at
      Northwell Health please call (855) 510-5110.                    Human Trafficking
                                                                      The Northwell Health Human Trafficking Response Team is
                                                                      designed to provide heightened education and awareness
      The Resource Guide for Parents of Children                      to Healthcare providers concerning the prevalence and
      with Hearing Loss                                               resources surrounding Human Trafficking. We will provide
      The Long Island Jewish Hearing and Speech Center has            victim-centered, trauma informed, and culturally sensitive
      created a resource for parents of children with a hearing       care for those who are at-risk of or victims of Human
      loss. The guide covers a variety of topics, including working   Trafficking, while respecting their needs, wishes. To learn
      with schools, preschool education, individualized education     more about the education and link to your communities,
      plan, available services and resources, and how to make         please contact:
      listening easier at home. The book has been translated into
      Chinese, Korean and Spanish and was underwritten by The
      Long Island Hearing and Speech Society. Free printed
      versions of the book are given to parents. To request a
      copy, please contact the Long Island Jewish Hearing and
      Speech Center at (718) 470-8920.

12 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
Healthy Food Access
      The Northwell Health service area contains over 1.5 million food insecure individuals. Increasing access to healthy affordable food
      improves individual and community health. The Northwell Food as Health Program impacts our patients, communities and
      employees. Northwell Health partners with local community Farmer’s Markets to bring fresh affordable produce to food deserts and
      food swamps and increase Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefit redemptions. The health system has begun to
      implement food insecurity screening and in collaboration with regional food access partners has established hospital-based and
      community programs providing on site and home delivered emergency food supplies and meals, nutrition education, entitlement
      enrollment and navigation to community food and social service resources. Northwell Health has also engaged in a Farm to Bedside
      initiative of increasing local, organic and hormone free meats, chicken, fish, dairy and produce for patient meals as well as launching
      a comprehensive employee wellness program focusing on Healthy Choice meals, beverages and snacks at all of our facilities. For
      more information, please contact Community Health at 516-600-1494.

      Living Healthy
      Living Healthy, Northwell Health’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP), is a 6-session, evidence-based health
      education program for people with any type of ongoing health problems. This program is designed to help people gain self-
      confidence in their ability to control their symptoms and manage how their health condition affects their lives. To date, 33 programs
      have been held in English and Spanish, reaching more than 300 community members. For more information, please call Community
      Relations at (631) 396-6700.

13 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
D. Community Medical Support Services and Programs

      Center for Tobacco Control (CTC)
      Northwell Health’s Center for Tobacco Control provides tobacco cessation treatment and support, including individual and group
      counseling, and support groups, reaching 2,249 individuals in 2019. The CTC received 1,610 referrals from Northwell Health
      Physician Partner practices. The CTC also provides preventive services to community members and employees, as well as
      comprehensive evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment education to healthcare providers and healthcare students,
      educating over 7,386 providers last year. The CTC provides tobacco control educational programs to the community in the form of
      health fairs, classroom presentations, expos, and other events, reaching more than 9,500 children and adults in 2019. The CTC guides
      leaders in healthcare organizations to develop policies that mandate tobacco dependence treatment for all tobacco users, in both
      the inpatient and outpatient settings. Please visit, call (516) 466-
      1980, or email for more information.

      Blood Donor Services
      Each year, employees of LIJ Forest Hills help to ensure an adequate blood supply for New Yorkers in need by donating blood. In 2019,
      more than 8,303 pints of whole blood were donated by employees of Northwell Health.

      House Calls Program
      Northwell Health’s House Calls Program provides home-based care for frail, chronically ill patients who have difficulty getting to
      their doctor’s office. The program provides advanced illness management, with a variety of services available to them at home and
      was recently recognized by CMS for success in their Independence at Home Project providing home-based primary care. Clinicians are
      available to make urgent visits during the week and are available nights and weekends to answer clinical questions from patients
      and caregivers, or arrange urgent services. In addition, Northwell Health’s community paramedic program provides a 24/7 in the
      home clinical response with an on-line medical doctor utilizing telemedicine capabilities for at-risk patients requiring urgent care.
      For more information, please call (516) 876-4100.

      Sky Health
      Northwell Health launched the New York area’s first hospital-based Helicopter Emergency Medical Service. SkyHealth is a
      partnership with Yale-New Haven Health. Patients who need lifesaving care for major traumas, and other life-threatening brain
      injuries will receive emergency medical care by helicopter and be quickly flown to the most appropriate hospital. Northwell Health
      and Yale-New Haven expect to serve 350-400 patients annually in the SkyHealth program. Southside Hospital has the only
      Federal Aviation Administration designated helipad in Suffolk County.

      Emergency Telepsychiatry
      The Division of Emergency Psychiatry at LIJMC operates a 24/7 Emergency Telepsychiatry hub to provide attending physician
      videoconference consultation to Northwell Health Emergency Departments to enhance on-site psychiatry staffing. This ensures
      patients are promptly evaluated, and admitted or discharged. This has reduced ED waiting times and length of stay, with a positive
      impact on patient health and safety, patient experience, and provider satisfaction.

      Queens World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program
      Northwell Health is home the Clinical Center of Excellence funded through the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act to
      provide annual monitoring and treatment for WTC related health effects to 9/11 responders. Eligible members receive confidential
      physical and mental health monitoring and treatment within the Center and through referrals to the Northwell Health network of
      providers. In addition to monitoring and treatment examinations, the Center provides outreach and education, social services,
      benefits counseling, work related benefits counseling, and case management. All WTC Health Program services are federally funded
      and provided at no cost to responders. For more information, contact the Queens Clinical Center at (718) 267-2420, or the WTC
      Health Program at (888) 982-4748, or email or visit

14 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center
      The AHA Training Center provides trainings in Basic Life Support (BLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Advanced Cardiac
      Life Support (ACLS) to healthcare professionals who require certification. Additionally, this training site offers numerous (CPR, AED,
      Emergency First Aid) programs to community members, including schools, faith-based organizations, expectant parents, childcare
      providers, community children’s sports league volunteers, and the general public. Please call (516) 881-7000 for more information.

      Gift of Life
      Currently, almost 114,000 people in the U.S. are awaiting life-saving organs for transplantation. In 2018 36,528 transplants were
      performed. Each day 20 people will die due to the shortage of donated organs. In an effort to increase organ and tissue donor
      awareness, Northwell Health hosts annual Gift of Life programs for employees and visitors. Donor families and recipients participate
      in these events to acknowledge the importance of this need. Northwell Health, in collaboration with the New York Donor Network,
      provides education throughout the year to the public regarding the importance of organ and tissue donation. For more information,
      please contact the Northwell Health Transplant Center at (516) 472-5800.

      Public Access Defibrillation Program (PAD)
      The PAD program is designed to increase the availability of automated external defibrillator (AED) devices in the community as well
      as empower people within the community to use them through AED/ CPR training and education. The PAD staff assists local
      organizations with establishing an emergency response that includes the use of an AED, as well as both initial and refresher training
      in CPR and AED use. For more information, please call (516) 881-7000.

      Hagedorn Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Center
      Cleft lip and/or cleft palate is one of the most common birth defects in the U.S., affecting approximately one in 700 babies. The
      Hagedorn Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Center provides comprehensive diagnostic, medical, surgical and emotional care to children
      with facial clefts or other malformations and their families. Clinic services, cleft palate bottles, support groups and lectures are
      provided free of charge to all patients. For more information, please visit https://www.northwell. edu/find-care/locations/cleft-
      palatecraniofacial-center or call (516) 466-2990.

      Special Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP) for Women, Infants, and Children (W.I.C.)
      A federally-funded and state-supported program, W.I.C. provides nutrition education, nutrition counseling, and guidance for
      pregnant women and new mothers, as well as nutrition and health services for children from birth to five years of age. W.I.C. also
      encourages optimal infant nutrition through breastfeeding counseling and support for new mothers. When necessary, W.I.C.
      provides infant formula. The W.I.C. program also provides referrals for SNAP benefits, Medicaid, and other social services, including
      dentistry. For more information, please call (516) or (718) 470-4620.

15 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
C-D. Long Island Jewish Medical Center Specific Programs and Services:
      Cancer Services Program
      LIJMC is a collaborative recipient of the New York State Department of Health Cancer Services Program of Nassau County. Eligible
      uninsured community members receive no-cost breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer services, regardless of immigration status.
      Central to the mission of the program is outreach and education. Bi-lingual health education sessions are offered at no-cost
      throughout Nassau County. For interest in an outreach session, please contact For appointment and eligibility
      information, please call (718) 470- 4165.

      Northwell Health Visits
      Northwell Health Visits Program / Family Connects Long Island is an evidence- based Family Connects model for mothers and
      newborn infants. All families who birth at LIJMC are eligible for this home visiting program that provides universal screening, crucial
      education and linkages to necessary community resources. Northwell Health Visits provides structured in-person and supportive
      telehealth visits by trained professionals and paraprofessionals to postpartum women and their families in order to enhance their
      well-being and achieve skills to raise children who are physically, socially, and emotionally healthy and ready to learn. For more
      information, please contact (516) 600- 1178.

      Breast Health Navigation
      Many barriers can exist for those in need of cancer screening services. At LIJMC, navigation services are offered to those facing
      complex barriers to screening care. Navigators are available to assist with logistical, financial, and psychosocial barriers to care. For
      more information or assistance with scheduling your breast screening appointment, please call (718) 470- 4165.

      Pink AID
      In collaboration with The Pink Aid Fund Long Island, critical support is provided for non-medical necessities, including travel to and
      from medical appointments, groceries, wigs and recovery garments, child care, house cleaning services, and other basic needs that
      often go unmet when concurrently facing the financial hardship of a breast cancer diagnosis.

      Head and Neck Screening
      This annual event held by the Department of Otolaryngology allows both insured and uninsured members of the community to be
      screened for multiple types of head and neck cancers. The oral cancer screening consists of a non-invasive test that is convenient to
      administer and results are given immediately. If an abnormality is found, the individual is immediately referred to a provider from
      the department for further evaluation. The event also includes education regarding prevention, signs and symptoms and diagnosing
      head and neck cancer which can be shared with other members of the community.

      Cancer Survivors Conference
      The bi-annual Cancer Survivorship Conference is hosted by the Northwell Cancer Institute. The conference is 1/2 day educational
      wellness seminar focused on the different issues cancer survivors face once completed with treatment. Highlights include a
      roundtable discussion from specialty physicians along with Nurses and mid-level providers whose practice focus is based on
      monitoring and assessing longer term side effects and issues related to treatment completion. The conference also includes a patient
      panel who share their own inspiring experiences.

      Cancer Community Connection Program
      The goal of the Cancer Community Connection Program is to provide evidence-based, culturally informed breast health interventions
      to increase screening rates among the highest risk communities in our region. We are committed to serving African American,
      Hispanic, Asian American, foreign-born, undocumented, and uninsured women, and others in need of screening and subsequent
      diagnostic services if needed. Utilizing best-practice strategies, we continue to leverage outreach, education, and in-depth
      navigation services. For more information or to schedule services, please call (718) 470- 4165.

      Cancer Survivors’ Day
      Each June, LIJ honors their current and past cancer patients, their families, and caregivers at an annual Cancer Survivors’ Day
      celebration. Cancer survivors, along with friends, families, and healthcare professionals gather to celebrate their health and share
      emotions and experiences with other survivors and their families. In 2019, more than 1,200 people attended this event. For more
      information, please contact us at

16 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
Family Planning
      LIJMC offers a state-funded Family Planning program located in the Ambulatory Care Unit. This program is available to people of all
      ages, the Family Planning program provides comprehensive reproductive healthcare including birth control counseling, HPV vaccine,
      testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, and testing for HIV. The program accepts both public and private
      insurances and offers an affordable sliding fee scale program to those with limited financial resources. In addition, assistance with
      enrollment in insurance such as the Family Planning Benefit program, which covers all family planning costs, is available. The
      program also supports community health education and provides workshops to community based organizations and schools
      throughout the area. For appointments, please call (718) 470-5278 and for program inquires please call (718) 470-4034.

      Prenatal Program
      LIJ Prenatal Program offers access to comprehensive prenatal care for pregnant women, including those who do not have proof of
      citizenship. The program provides full medical and social work, and nutritional services throughout pregnancy, delivery, and the
      postpartum period. Newborns receive medical coverage for a full year following birth. For more information, please call (516) or (718)

      Queens Child Advocacy Center (QCAC)
      The LIJ partners with the QCAC, a child friendly, fully coordinated, multidisciplinary program dedicated to coordinating and
      expediting the investigation, prosecution, and delivery of treatment services in cases of child sexual abuse and serious physical
      abuse, ensuring that victims receive effective and immediate support. The goal of the QCAC is to protect victimized children from
      further abuse, minimize ongoing trauma, and provide comprehensive rehabilitation services. In addition, the QCAC strives to
      coordinate care, collect evidence in a child friendly environment, and minimize trauma to the child during the evaluation process. A
      co-located center for the collection of forensic evidence is also on the premises. For more information, please call (718) 575-1342.

17 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
C-D. Cohen Children’s Medical Center Specific Programs and Services:

      Health and Wellness Program
      The Health and Wellness Program is an opportunity for elementary school students (Kindergarten-6th grades) to learn about
      introducing healthy behaviors into their everyday life. Students have the opportunity to speak with clinical and non-clinical
      healthcare professionals from various service lines and specialties including: nutrition and healthy eating, dental hygiene, bike and
      helmet safety, pedestrian safety, hygiene and hand washing, sun safety, stress reduction and stretching, staying active and fit,
      bullying prevention and more. The newest segment of this program is G.R.O.W. (Growing Real Opportunities through Wellness)
      which provides hands-on engagement to improve health for students, staff and teachers. Our team is committed to taking an active
      role to address obesity, behavioral health and substance abuse as top priorities for our community. The program focuses on the
      unique health benefits that come from growing plants and impacts the students by helping shift and change unhealthy behaviors
      that are ingrained in our society while satisfying Northwell Health’s commitment to social responsibility. The students are engaged
      by planting their own seedling and then nurturing the seedlings to learn the skills needed to grow and harvest. In 2019, more than
      8,000 elementary school students participated in the program.

      School and Community Based Educational Programs
      Our experts are available to provide educational programs in schools and our communities. These programs can be tailored to the
      specific needs of your students, parents and/or community. For more information please email or call (631) 449-3277.

      Senior Prom Program
      The Senior Prom Program is designed to address the conversations and issues which most prominently surround prom night. Our
      experts provide an interactive and informative overview of these concerns, while addressing the needs of both students and parents.
      At Northwell Health, we know prom is a special occasion everyone has been waiting for and we are here to help make it as enjoyable
      and safe as possible. This 75 minute program includes: Consent Education with experts from Cohen Children's Medical Center, Peer
      Pressure and Decision-Making Skills with experts from Cohen Children's Medical Center, North Shore Univesity Hospital, and
      Southside Hospital and Understanding Drugs and Alcohol with experts from Zucker Hillside Hospital and South Oaks Hospitals. In
      2019, more than 3,000 high school seniors participated in this program.

      School Principal and Superintendent Program
      Cohen Children’s Medical Center now holds the opportunity for direct contact with these critical school district stakeholders.
      Understanding that direction often comes from the top, Community Relations now actively promotes programming and content to
      this important group via targeted newsletters blasts and direct networking. Dedicated workgroups have also been scheduled
      bringing in important school administrators and additional community contacts to attend free educational sessions. Suffolk and
      Nassau County administrators have been informed of our ability to provide educational programs to their districts and willingness to
      assist their needs. In 2019, over 140 school districts attended these programs.

      Prep for Success Program
      This three hour program is designed to walk each individual student through goal-setting, resume building, interview styles and
      networking. This program also provides the students with a rewarding mentoring opportunity with our Northwell Health and
      Community leaders. This event is geared toward students who have been identified by school staff as needing an extra push toward
      building their career path. This program targets students in low-income communities whose schools have lower than average
      graduation and college acceptance rates. This program launched in November 2019, in partnership with Southside Hospital, to
      welcome 40 students of Brentwood and Central Islip School Districts. This program is scheduled to launch in Nassau County in the
      spring 2020 with a focus on Freeport, Baldwin, Hempstead and Westbury School Districts.

18 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
Cohen Strong Program                                            students, and the landscape of addiction treatment; Part 3:
      Cohen Children’s Medical Center is dedicated to ending the      Opioid overdose prevention, recognition, response and
      bullying epidemic in New York State. Through our                Naloxone rescue. This 90-minute program additionally
      continued work with Long Island Coalition against Bullying      provided CEUs, drug disposal bags, and Naloxone kits. This
      (LICAB), we have expanded education to school-aged              educational program is now offered online to any
      children grades K-12, their parents and school staff on         professional who is interested in changing the way we
      strategies to end bullying. Additionally, we have               discuss opioids and the epidemic surrounding us. This
      extensively trained our medical providers to recognize,         online program covers the same content in the same
      screen, and assist families who are experiencing bullying.      timeline, but can be completed at each individual’s pace
      To help families understand that our providers are bullying     with free Contact Hours will be provided at completion of
      experts, our Pediatric offices proudly display banners and      the session.
      their staff wear buttons spreading the messaging to stop
      bullying. In 2019, we hosted our third annual Facebook Live     Commerce Plaza
      on the Cohen Children’s Medical Center page to answer           Commerce Plaza is an immersive field trip experience for
      questions families may have. These have been archived for       5th grade students across Long Island. Bringing in 7,500
      future viewing. Our commitment to combating bullying            students each year, this culminating experience is a test of
      will increase throughout 2020 with the introduction of          an intensive business and finance curriculum students
      Cohen Strong - a leadership program to build high school        have engaged in for 10 weeks prior to attending. Cohen
      students into anti-bullying ambassadors in their school.        Children’s Medical Center is proud to host a business
      The leadership program is in collaboration with the Long        station within Commerce Plaza, “employing” a Doctor,
      Island Crisis Center and includes 8 school districts and 40     Nurse, Office Manager, X-Ray Technician, and Medical
      students from across South Shore Nassau County. These           Biller. Students who rotate through this station learn more
      students are carefully selected students in grades 10-12        than just business and finance skills, but are introduced to
      who exemplify both the academic and social leadership           handwashing, sun safety, smoking cessation, bullying, and
      skills needed.                                                  nutrition topics as well.

      School Nurse Education                                          ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention
      Since 2017, Cohen Children’s Medical Center has worked          Program
      diligently to provide education to school nurses that they      Each year millions of children visit emergency departments
      so desperately need and seek. We’ve recently expanded our       for injuries across the United States, most of these injuries
      educational efforts through two innovative partnerships:        can be prevented by making safe decisions. CCMC is the
      With our partnership with Northwell Health’s Institute for      NYC/Long Island Chapter for national Think First, an
      Nursing (IFN), we have established a robust offering of         evidence based educational program with a goal of
      programs, providing education in both Nassau and Suffolk        reducing injury among children, teens and young adults.
      Counties. Additionally, through our relationship with the       Through this curriculum based program, children, teens
      IFN, we now can offer Contact Hours free of charge to           and young adults learn to reduce their risk for injury,
      nurses who complete our program. This program covers            thereby significantly lowering the incidence of injury-
      topics and trends, from obstacles encountered on a regular      related death and disability. The Think First curriculum is
      basis to serious issues that could put students’ health and     implemented in schools across Queens, Nassau, & Suffolk,
      personal safety at risk including: Managing Food Allergies      for grades k-12. To schedule a program please call (516) or
      in School; Childhood Anxiety, What Can We Do?; Tech for         (718) 470-7178 or visit the website at
      Tots Through Teens: Social Media Consequences and Its
      Effects on Children and Adolescents; How important is the
      School Nurse for the Student with Urological Issues? Very!;     Hagedorn Cleft Palate and Craniofacial
      Human and Child Sex Trafficking; Handling Anaphylaxis in        Center
      a School Setting; Managing the Care of Students with            Cleft lip and/or cleft palate is one of the most common
      Diabetes and Caring for Seizure Disorders. Additionally, in     birth defects in the U.S., affecting approximately one in
      partnership with SBIRT (Screening Brief Intervention            700 babies. The Hagedorn Cleft Palate and Craniofacial
      Referral to Treatment), South Oaks Hospital, and Zucker         Center provides comprehensive diagnostic, medical,
      Hillside Hospital, we have introduced “Recovery, Resilience     surgical and emotional care to children with facial clefts or
      and Hope.” This program provided regionally appropriate         other malformations and their families. Clinic services, cleft
      trainings to school nurses throughout the school year to        palate bottles, support groups and lectures are provided
      arm them with the skills they need to: Part 1:                  free of charge to all patients. For more information, please
      Understanding the problem—prevalence and stigma; Part           visit
      2: Building resiliency, identifying warning signs, talking to   palatecraniofacialcenter or call (516) 466-2990.

19 Northwell Health | Long Island Jewish Medical Center Community Service Plan
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