Contents - Montfort Brothers of St.gabriel

Contents - Montfort Brothers of St.gabriel

Contents - Montfort Brothers of St.gabriel

1 Issue no. 193 15th of February 2019 E D I T O R I A L : LIVING TOGETHER In mathematics, we have, for many years, adhered to the “concept of sets”. If, today, we no longer mention this "theory of sets", it remains present in many sciences that refer to mathematics. Our religious life consists in "living together" and, here too, we are in search of a meaningful fraternity concept. The Church documents inspiring our prayer, our studies and our way of life have brought changes in our religious life. The last General Chapter has raised, once more, a hope for renewal in our option for fraternal life: "FRATERNAL LIVING AND THE "FRATERNAL LIVING AND THE COMMUNITARIAN DIMENSION OF THE MONTFORTIAN MISSION”.

But where can we find the strength for such renewal? In the Preamble to the Acts of the 32nd General Chapter, on page 8, we read: "Sacred Fire… is ignited when God calls one to partnership with Him, and is fanned into flame when one responds to the call”. Nothing new, will you say! But, but, but... It is the Lord's command to love one another as He loves us and as He loves his Father. An alliance is formed between 2, 3, 4 entities, and between the members of such entities. Each one brings his strength, his personality and his presence, but it is the ALLIANCE that brings us together, by the power of the Sacred Fire.

Let us remember what Father de Montfort, our Founder, said: "If we don’t risk anything for God, we do nothing great for Him”. Taking the risk of loving, like him, of living together, with Him, as a Brother... Living together means much more than the number of Brothers who form a Local Community, much more than the group that we form when we come together in a Chapter, in Jubilee celebrations, in celebrations of school anniversaries, or in various new initiatives that we take... Living together is letting ourselves be animated by the Sacred Fire of our Alliance with God. Living together is being like BROTHERS...

really like BROTHERS. (Editor) Contents Editorial 1 Wishes for 2019 2 PROVINCES Singapore-Malaysia 2 Yercaud 6 Ranchi 11 Canada 12 Senegal 15 France 16 Prayer time 19 PARTNERSHIP 22

Contents - Montfort Brothers of St.gabriel

2 A New Year … Wishes found in texts from our Provincial Superiors Singapore-Malaysia : The voice of Jesus from the Crib or from Calvary, or from the Altar is: “YOUR LIGHT MUST SHINE IN PEOPLE’S SIGHT, SO THAT, ON SEEING YOUR GOOD WORKS, THEY MAY GIVE PRAISE TO YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN.” Matthew 5:16 May the Grace of Christmas come down upon us, and move us to be “bearers and messengers of Jesus the Christ”. “The footsteps of those who bring the Good News are a welcome sound.” (Prophet Isaiah 52:7) “Their word goes forth through all the earth.” (Psalm 19:3-4) India : YERCAUD Wish you all a very Happy, Peaceful and Successful New Year.

Just do your Best and Leave the Rest to God throughout the New Year 2019 and success will be assured for you. RANCHI : "Like the shepherds we too must share our experience with others. Celebrating Christmas means like the shepherds, accepting God's Word, seeing for oneself its truth and proclaiming it to all. Because God became one with our human condition, we hear and see every day God's mysterious presence and hidden love in whatever happens to us. Like the shepherds, we must bear witness to our experiences of these signs of God's love and care. When webear witness to the values we have “heard and seen ( Bro.

Clement Kandulna) Singapore-Malaysia The Brothers in Malaysia and Singapore had their annual retreat at Oasis Canossians Convent, Kluang, Johor on the 7th – 13th November. The Retreat Facilitator was Fr. Arnold Suhardi (SMM), the Assistant General of the Montfort Fathers. The retreat focused on the Montfortian Leadership and Spirituality.

The Province Assembly, which was held in September, 2018, had proposed that the Province of Malaysia-Singapore to be re-structured. This proposal deemed to be very important because the number of the Brothers in the Province is only 15 and the average age is 64. The Superior General released a letter dated 23rd October to suppress the Province of Malaysia-Singapore. The Brothers in Malaysia and Singapore together with their mission in Myanmar would merge with the Philippines TOGETHER and UNITED UNITED

Contents - Montfort Brothers of St.gabriel

3 Mission (which is under the Province of Trichy) to form the District of South East Asia.

At the same time, two provinces (Trichy and Yercaud) are also undergoing some changes. From these two provinces, the New Province of Bengaluru would be born and would have the District of South East Asia and Myanmar Mission under its jurisdiction. As such, the autonomy the Brothers in Malaysia and Singapore had enjoyed, since the 70’s, would cease. Boys’ Town, 70th Anniversary Open House (From Trevor Chan, p. 5) On 15 Sept 2018, Boys’ Town celebrated the 70th anniversary with an Open House hosting more than 200 visitors. The highlight of this event was the official launch of the Boys’ Town Adventure Centre rock tower.

An exhibition to inform the public of our key services and to showcase the photographs taken by our boys was part of the celebration as well. The Guest of Honour, Minister for Social and Family Development & Second Minister for National Development, Mr. Desmond Lee graced the event. Boys’ Town would like to thank all their friends, partners, volunteers and benefactors who have supported them for the past 70 years.

Assumption English School 65th Anniversary Dinner – 16 Nov 2018 (From Mr. Quek Ser Hiang, p. 6) “Return, Reconnect, Rejoice.” - It was with this simple tagline in mind that students, staff and alumni gathered in celebration of Assumption English School’s 65th anniversary on 16 November 2018 with ex- Principal, Mr Wilfred James, gracing the dinner event as the Guest-of-Honour along with Brother Dominic Yeo-Koh, Supervisor of Schools. The highlight of the night was the reverse auction conducted by our very own celebrity alumni, Mr Craig Teo, which raised a grand total of $65,000 (Sin) for the school’s Academic and Sporting Excellence fund.

Assumption Pathway School (APS), Singapore : (From Jenken Hoon, p. 7) Our School was pleased to work for the Income OrangeAid APS Challenge. This programme aimed to inculcate in students the confidence to dream big, the discipline to “go the distance” and the perseverance to take the necessary actions to actualising those dreams. APS took part in the Out of This World Baking Competition with Space Adventures as the theme. Out of 30 participating schools APS emerged as the First Runner Up. Bro.

Dominic Yeo-Koh,

Contents - Montfort Brothers of St.gabriel

4 St Gabriel’s Secondary School (SGSS), Singapore : 65th Anniversary, The Homecoming (From Mr.

Muhammad Rizian, pp 9-10) November 2018 was more than the homecoming of students. It marked the unveiling of a gallery that holds three important monuments, one of which had been brought from the gate of former school site. a programme by Montfort Care (From Abdul Rahman Bin Kamarudin) For 4 consecutive weeks, participants gathered every Thursday night, from 7 to 9 pm to discuss and learn ways in managing their child's digital usage. In our first session, we dived into understanding the latest games and mobile applications that youths use nowadays. For the second session, we investigated the motives behind youths' gaming behaviour and further understand the functions of games in fulfilling the youths’ needs.

Contents - Montfort Brothers of St.gabriel

5 Montfort Boys’ Town, Shah Alam. (From Ms. Cecilia Anthony, pp 12-13) On 1st October 2018, Montfort Boys' Town celebrated its 59th “Founders Day”- years of noble and fruitful mission of our dear founding brothers. The sprinkle of kindness and care of our Founding Brothers, Bro. Roberge, Bro. Evariste, Bro. Fernand and Bro. Henry has bloomed into a garden of hope and promising future for many underprivileged youth. More than 6,000 students have benefitted over 59 years. The values of the Founding Brothers and the significance of a strong foundation were the centre of attention of the activities.

Montfort Youth Training Centre, Sabah (p. 15- 16) The MYTC carolers were spread into two groups, one for the Penampang community, a suburban town and the other for the KK community, in the city central. We have visited more than 60 houses of our Board of Governors, regular donors, supporters and friends of Montfort. MISSION in MYANMAR, (ALL) Assumption Learning Loft (From Mr. Martino, pp 19-20) On 6 December 2018, at 8:30 AM, Bro. Dominic, Mr. Martino, Mr. Petrus, Mr. Kapaul Mue, Mr. Shane Lin Htet and Ms. Cynthia held an annual meeting 2018. They reviewed the developments of each department.

Bro. Dominic listened and gave comments to each department head. On 7 December, 2018 in the evening, was the ALL houses blessing. On 8 December 2018, ALL celebrated ALL Alumni Second Gathering. They were encouraged to keep learning, to do their best in life and to keep in touch with ALL.

Contents - Montfort Brothers of St.gabriel

6 Montfortian Associates in Sabah (p.21) The Montfortian Associates in Sabah had their retreat cum formation session called MX6 Christian Discipleship held on the 30th November to the 2nd December, 2018. Montfortian Associates coming from Singapore were helping in this formation based on the Prayer for Missionaries by St. Louis Marie de Montfort. The Montfortian Associates in Sabah is very young and just in the infancy stage. They made their Total Consecration in February this year. They long to know Montfort, especially in his steadfastness in God’s Divine Providence, the love of the Cross and tender devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

YERCAUD 2nd PRINCIPALS' CONFERENCE OF THE ALL INDIA ASSOCIATION OF MONTFORT SCHOOLS (AIAMS) (From TIME, bulletin of Yercaud Province, January 2019) Brother John Kallarackal was the main invited speaker for this 2nd Principals' Conference. He reminded to all the Role of the Heads of Educational Institutions with an acronym : SPECIALNESS. This word is an acronym composed of those qualities, characteristics and attitudes that are essential for offering holistic education, training the Head, Heart and Hands of the students, in order to achieve the twin objective of transforming the individuals and transforming the society through education.

(p.11) S : service and selflesness P : patience and punctuality E : enthusiasm C : courtesy and Caring attitude I : integrity and impartiality A : affection L : love N : never condenm E : encouragement S : sensibility S : spirituality. LAKE MONTFORT School, Bengaluru (From Bro. Jenny Kuriakose, pp 14-15) Lake Montfort School has received the prestigious Mother Theresa Award from Indian Development Foundation (IDF), dedicated to Health, Education and Development in India, for humanitarian services to society On 7th December the students were taking part in the Christmas Prelude Bro. Dhanaraj, the National Council Brothers John Kallarackal, Sup.

Gen.; Justice Kurian Joseph and P.J. George, Provincial Superior

Contents - Montfort Brothers of St.gabriel

7 Executive Secretary, gave an apt message to the LMS family highlighting the core theme of Christmas as joy of sharing, the main focus of Christmas, baby JESUS. The skit on the theme: “There is more Joy in giving than receiving” depicted the true meaning of the season. The entire school vibrated with the echoes of Christmas carols and decorations. WISDOM MONTFORT INTERNATIONAL School, Bengaluru (From Mrs. Saibymol Scaria, p. 18) The School prepared itself with a Christmas crib in each class and and each class was ecorated. Our MGA members were proposing the theme of 'JOY OF GIVING' to help the needy in the zone.

The idea brought in items sponsored by students to help the poor and, on 8th December, the entire school visited the needy and the poor to distribute Christmas Gifts MONTFORT VISYASAGAR CBSE School, Belagola (From Bro. M.K. Joseph, p. 19) Education takes a positive turn, when teachers themselves are taught to learn. Our teachers handling Social and English attended seminar based on class-room management. MONTFORT SCHOOL, Anakkara (From Bro. Joseph Thomas, p. 21) We conducted the 24th School Annual Day on 29th and 30th of November. The programs were well planned, practised and staged. Member of Parliament, Idukki, Adv.

Mr. Joyce George was the Chief Guest for the second day. He appreciated the work of the Brothers at Anakkara and encouraged the school to continue to nurture good ethics and humanitarian qualities in students along with academics. The programs of the Main School were excellent and imparted a theme on the need for parental attention in the life of a child in the modern world of technology and connectedness.

MONTFORT VALLEY SCHOOL, Murickumthotty (From Bro. Joy Theckanath, pp 24-25) With the financial assistance from the Province of Hyderabad, Montfort Valley Sr. Secondary school is planning to rehabilitate the flood affected people of our nearby area. We have selected a few most deserving families and planning to build a few houses for those people. SMS Alert: To make communication with parents in a quick, easy and hassle free and saving ourselves hours of time, our school has introduced SMS alert service to the parents. Using this unique SMS software, it is made possible for our school to communicate with parents of students on different areas like intimating daily attendance of their wards, exams dates and syllabus, test results, fee details, school circulars, special announcement and weekly test results in a private and

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8 confident way with each parent. To keep a track of our school buses with a comprehensive transport management solutions having fea-tures like speed alerts and security notifications that can ensure the safety of our students outside the school as well we have opted for GPS in our Buses The system will enable school authorities, parents and enforcement agencies to monitor bus movements. Since Montfort Valley's inception in 2006 at Murickumthotty, the Brothers had been adjusting them- selves in the class rooms. To put an end to this situation we constructed Brothers' Quarters which was officially inaugurated on 22nd Dec, 2018 by Rev.

Bro. John Kallarackal, Superior General. By the same moment he laid the foundation stone of a new hall and few class rooms for the school. ST. MARY’S H.S.S., A.N, Mangalam (From Bro. Louis Alex, p. 26) We all know very well that gaja cyclone destroyed few districts of Tamilnadu. The people were affected badly by the effects of cyclone. We collected money for clothes, and food materials distributed to the poor families.

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9 NIRMALA H.S.S., Kolathur (From Bro. David Selvaraj, p. 29) The 65th Annual Day Celebration was held in the new hall. The Chief Guest was immensely happy about the Multipurpose hall and the holistic service being done by the Montfort Brothers in Kolathur and all over Tamilandu. He also appreciated and spoke highly of Mr. Vincent Rosary Gladwin, B.T. Asst Maths, who had never taken casual leave for 11 consecutive years from the day of his appointment and honoured him with a shawl. MONTFORT MATRIC. H.S.S, St.Thomas Mount (From Bro. K.K. Thomas, p. 30) Being the month of October, a month dedicated to the Holy Rosary, special prayers and Rosary were conducted during the month for both students and staff.

Intercessory prayers were offered for various intentions.

From 9th to 11th Nov the All India Associations of Montfort Schools (AIAMS) conducted the Principals' Conference at our school. More than 100 persons across the country came to participate. Our school, imparting INCLUSIVE EDUCATION, was considered as a Model and was given an opportunity to present the need for Inclusion in schools. The presentation drew positive response from among the delegates. MONTFORT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY (MCDS) (From Bro. Joseph Louis, pp 33-35) Here are some activities under the main aims of our Organization a) Eye Screening Camps at 13 schools in and around Chennai, with the assistance of IVI (Indian Vision Institute); b) Free spectacles were distributed to 136 people who needed them during the three camps that was held earlier; c) MCDS in partnership with "The Banyan" organized Mental Health Awareness for the Women SHG members of MCDS.

102 SHG members learnt about the causes of mental illness and ways to handle them through this

Contents - Montfort Brothers of St.gabriel

10 Awareness program.; d) Acupuncture awareness program was organized for 35 women SHG members and they had very interactive session; e) Multi Medical Camp: Doctors included General physician, Diabetologist, Dermatologist, and Gynecologist. MCDS Clinic on Wheels reaches out to the community areas with a Doctor, Nurse and sufficient stock of medicines to be distributed free for the beneficiaries. More than 7320 patients benefitted through this initiative during this reporting period. Senior Citizens were with us in the evenings from Monday to Saturday with their regular yoga, exercise, storytelling, sharing medicinal tips etc.

ST. JOSEPH’S H.S.S., Susaigiri (From Bro. A. Britto Lourdusamy, p. 37) Hand washing is a small action that can have big benefits for children. Our School raised awareness on the importance of hand washing for children's health and education. As an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases, we invited few parents and students and taught them the 7 steps to rinse both hands properly with water.

MONTFORT A.I., H.S.S., Yercaud (From Bro. Soosai Alangaram, page 41) Proud Moments of Montfort: Students of our school participated in the Science Exhibition held at Rasi Matric Hr. Sec. School, Salem. We are happy to announce that Montfortians were placed overall "Second" and Ms. Bella Sheryn of class X won the Special Award for "Best Presentation". Mast Koushick R.C. of class VIII B was rewarded Rs.10,000 cash in addition to winning the "Inspire Award" for his project, "Solar powered Lawn Mower" !

MONTFORT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, Tonga (From Bro. Cruz Mesias, p. 50) The memorandum of understanding was signed between Montfort Technical Institute and Tonga Skills for the disabled in Cooperation with Australia and New Zealand High Commissions.

They also donated basic carving hand tools to start with. This center for the disabled will start functioning from the beginning of the new academic year.

11 RANCHI (Gabrielites – Ranchi), January, 2019 Pratyasha : (p. 5) We had attended several meetings organized by the NGOS of Jharkhand to share the burning issues, policies and strategies of the present government that affects the poor people. We had joined protest marches to the Governor's palace to highlight the various issues that infringe the rights of the people. The struggle is on till we get justice. ST. ALOYSIUS School, Ranchi (From Bro. Chandradeep Toppo, p. 6) A seminar for the young Brothers of Ranchi Province was held on 1st and 2nd December 2018 at St. Aloysius School, Ranchi.

Rev. Bro. Paul Raj was the resource person. The theme was CAPACITY BUILDING. About 16 Brothers participated in the seminar. He also made us to be aware of cyber wellness, cyber world space and cyber etiquette which affects our life directly or indirectly. MONTFORT VIDYA DEEP, Ranchi (From Bro. Vincent Madhanu, p. 9) On December,22 we arranged a Christmas gathering for the priests from Bhitah and Tarunoday. We expressed our gratitude towards them for the service rendered to our spiritual nourishment. Candidates welcomed them with a song followed by carols. We presented them gifts for their service.

Bro Vincent Madhanu expressed words of appreciation to the priests. After that we had a fellowship meal.

12 MONTFORT NIKETAN, Konbir Noatoli (From Bro. Zaphrenius Sinduria, p. 10) We had pre-Christmas celebrations with different groups. On 16th December, we had C.R.I. Pre- Christmas celebration in our community. Around 65 Religious Priests, Brothers and Sisters were present. We had short prayer service, and Christmas message was delivered by V.G of Gumla Diocese. MONTFORT GABRIELITE ASSOCIATE MEETING, 2018 (From Mr. Suvodipto Gomes, p. 15) The Annual Meeting of Montfort Gabrielite Associate was held on 15 th and 16 th December, 2018 at St. Aloysius School, Ranchi. The meeting was attended by 7 teachers (associates) and 5 Brothers.

The teachers came from different schools managed by the Brothers.

The entire meeting was meticulously plannedandmanagedbyRev. Bro.Paulose. The meeting was conducted in three sessions for two days. In the first session, discussion was held on various projects and plans for the future : to train the members of Montfort Gabrielite Associates to conduct montfortian prayers and to celebrate the feast of Montfort ; to make small prayer groups, to organize seminars for Catholic students and teachers etc. In the second session we were lucky to have the Vicar General and Provincial Superior. In the third session Bro. Paulose recharged us with Montfortian Spirituality.

CANADA CHRISTMASTIME GET-TOGETHER, ON 28 DECEMBER 2018 (Bro. Yves Ladouceur, Provincial Superior) It is a tradition, in the Province of Canada, to have a get-together for the Brothers during one of the days separating Christmas Day from New Year's Day. Last year, a novelty was introduced and, this year, it was renewed: our brotherly gathering now brings together the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel and the Montfort Missionaries.

Since 2001, our elderly and sick Brothers live in the Infirmary of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, which is called “Résidence De La Salle”. For the last two years, Montfort Missionaries needing special services due to their health condition are also welcomed in that same Résidence, where several

13 members of other Congregations also live. Living in the same house is, for the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel and for the Montfort Missionaries, a valuable experience: it strengthens the ties between our two Congregations and between their members.

In Provincial Council, we had decided that the two communities would join to celebrate and formulate all their wishes for the New Year. We then reserved a large room where the beneficiaries of the Residence De La Salle and a good number of members of the Gabrielite Province and of the Montfortian Vice-Province gathered.

The meeting began with the Eucharist, which was celebrated, at eleven o'clock, in the chapel of the Institution. Bro. Guy St-Onge, SG, presided over that Celebration, and Father Georges Madore, SMM, gave the homily. After this solemn Celebration, rich in canticles and organ music, the participants walked to the dining room for an aperitif and for the meal that was served according to pure Canadian tradition. At each table, the members of our Congregations who live in the Infirmary were joined by Gabrielite and Montfortian colleagues coming from other houses. Fifty persons responded to the invitation, to the great satisfaction of those in charge of organizing that special event.

During the meal, we sang Christmas carols and other traditional songs meant for that particular time of the year. Father Georges Madore and Brother Yves Ladouceur expressed their good wishes for the New Year. After expressing his wishes, Bro. Yves thanked the organizing Committee and all the Brothers and Fathers who took part in this Montfortian Family gathering which allowed us to better know one another, to share our reflections and experiences, and to celebrate in a beautiful spirit of fraternity. Intercultural Community in the Province of Canada by Bro. René Delorme An Intercultural Community project is presently taking shape in the Province of Canada.

Under the responsibility of the Provincial Superior and of his Council, a Committee, comprising Bros. Guy St-

14 Onge, Raymond Leroux, Pierre Girard and René Delorme, has held a good number of meetings since the year 2016, in view of clarifying the nature and the modalities of such a project.- We first specified the objectives of the project: to continue spreading the Montfortian spirituality and charism among the people who live in our midst, thus assuring a future presence of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel in Canada. We then defined what would be the mission of the members of such a Community: • to work in non-formal education (outside school); • to make themselves close to the poor, the marginalized, the neglected, the excluded, the immigrants, and to assist them in their difficult journeys; • to get involved in social, ecclesial, catechetical and sacramental ministry; • to work in partnership with pastoral agents of the Archdiocese of Montreal, and possibly with other members of the Montfortian Family.

We formulated certain criteria concerning the Brothers called to be members of that Community: ✓ Brothers coming from different cultural backgrounds and having aptitudes to live in a new cultural environment; ✓ Brothers being community-minded and able to live in a context of diversity; ✓ Brothers having a solid religious and professional formation; ✓ Brothers willing to work in socio-pastoral ministry in a poor environment; ✓ Brothers who are well-motivated to learn a new language (either French or English); ✓ Brothers willing to commit themselves in the Canadian Intercultural Community project for a five-year term, which could be renewable at the end of those five years.

On 16 July 2018, the Superior General and his Council proceeded to the appointment of two African Brothers: Bro. Jean-Claude MUSEMA, from the Province of Kinshasa, and Bro. Jean-François BONANG, from the Province of Senegal. After several months of procedures to get the required visa, Bro. Jean-Claude has arrived in Canada on 15 January 2019, and has already taken steps for specific commitments in socio-pastoral ministry. As for Bro. Jean-François, he is still waiting for the visa that will allow him to come to Canada. We also know that two Brothers from our Asian Provinces should eventually be appointed for that same project.

We, of the Province of Canada, are very happy to welcome the Brothers who have already been called or who will eventually be called to join our International Community, and we thank their Provinces of origin for having accepted to make them available for such a commitment. We all know that sending a Brother to a foreign mission always imposes heavy sacrifices on that Brother’s Province of origin. Bro. Jean-Claude is welcomed by Bro. Yves, Provincial Superior Thank you for your prayers for the apostolic success of this project and for the apostolic success of similar projects in other Provinces of our Institute.

15 SENEGAL Yes, Christmas, is Love. The face of God became flesh and was made present in a child. We wish to be saved… Are we going to drag our feet? Let us, like the Magi, go and see the face of God. We can then, not only murmur, but sing with fervor our joy and their joy of loving. Let us not wait till it is too late. Let us tell the world that it is still possible to open our hearts, welcoming and loving one another. May the beautiful Christmas star show us the path of love and peace. May our hearts be open to the light of love, so that our hands and our lips build peace among us and around us.

(F. Michel Wend-Kuni Michel Kientega) How to think about Vocation Promotion in the light of the Synodal meeting about the youth ? Four verbs (To Welcome, Promote, Protect and Integrate) which, according to Pope Francis, express the advent of "a culture which can overcome suspicions and fears".

To Welcome: The young people who come to us want to be listened to and recognized for who they are. To Promote: Vocation promotion requires every Brother’s commitment. May we realize that we should all be concerned with vocational promotion. To Protect: The young people who come to us wish to be accompanied and protected. In their educational projects, our Gabrielite Institutions should give an appropriate place to the integral formation of young people. To Integrate: The Church must encourage the faith dynamism that is present in the hearts of young people. They rightly claim their integration into the Church.

"I invite you to form welcoming communities, in which it is beautiful to live, expressing to young people, in particular, the joy of following Christ and of responding to His call. That they feel heard without prejudice, recognized and valued, so that they can offer, with enthusiasm, the gifts that God has bestowed upon them for the good of all!" (Bro. Dominique Diouf) To love with your heart and hands so that peace may germinate, grow, bloom and bear lasting fruits. When you want to love, make sure your heart is in your hands. (Bro. Michel Wend-Kuni Kientega)

16 Final profession Brothers Alphonse NDAW and Barnabé SARR made their Final Vows on Saturday, 29 December 2018, in Ndiagamba.

The Eucharistic Celebration was presided over by Father Gérard DIENE, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Dakar. The SUNUGAAL NEWSLETTER will eventually give a full report of the event. FRANCE (Bro. Christian Bizon) Seven hundred pilgrims in Saint Laurent-sur-Sèvre for the closing of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Father Gabriel Deshayes. On Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September 2018, in Saint Laurent-sur-Sèvre (France), 700 pilgrims from the large Deshaysian family took part in these two festive days. Representatives of the main Congregations that are concerned, Deaf people, and "Friends of Gabriel Deshayes" joined the Brothers of St.

Gabriel, the architects of those two days, so they could organize this major commemorative event.

Members of the various Congregations having been founded, cofounded, revived or accompanied by this tireless Apostle got together: Sisters of the Christian Instruction of Saint-Gildas-des-Bois, Brothers of the Christian Instruction of Ploërmel, Montfort Missionaries, Daughters of Wisdom, Brothers of St. Gabriel, Sisters of the Guardian Angel, Brothers meant for agriculture, Sisters of Charity of St. Louis, Sisters of St. Marie of Torfou. There were also many Lay people, including those in the

17 field of the pastoral care for the Deaf from the Western part of France.

We also noted the presence of foreign participants from India, Italy, Belgium, Spain, ... Discovering the action of Father Deshayes for the Deaf On Saturday afternoon, in a Hall that was made available by the municipality of St. Laurent, more than 300 people gathered to discover the action of Father Deshayes for the Deaf. With the help of a clear and lively video, Bro. Jean FRIANT recalled the beginnings of the Institution for the Deaf in Auray, with the Daughters of Wisdom and the Brothers of St. Gabriel. He also mentioned Fr. Deshayes’ action in view of opening 10 other establishments in France.

This is a clear testimony of Father Deshayes’ very strong concern for the Deaf. And then, Bro. Jean presented the Institutions which, in today’s world, accompany people who have a sensory handicap. The meeting continued with the presentation of the film "MARIE HEURTIN" (2014). This story is inspired by real events that took place in France at the end of the 19th century. Marie Heurtin, 14 years old, deaf, dumb and blind, was unable to communicate with the rest of the world. It is with this young girl that Sister Marguerite developed an innovative method: that of relating an object and the sign to which it corresponds, in a tactile way.

When the film was over, the participants lived a rich and moving moment when people with sensory disabilities presented their means of communication in braille and sign language...

Sunday 23 : In the absence of the Bishop of Luçon, Bishop Centène, of the Diocese of Vannes, who admires the personality of Gabriel Deshayes, presided over the Eucharist. With him were members of the clergy of the Dioceses of Luçon, Nantes and Vannes, The choir that animated the mass was made up of young people from

18 Collège Saint-Gabriel. In his homily, Bishop Centène mentioned three qualities of Fr. Gabriel Deshayes: Fidelity, service and selflessness. In the afternoon: Closing celebration with procession starting from the Tomb of Fr. Deshayes The pilgrims were invited to let themselves be inspired by the great commitments of Fr.

Gabriel and invited to journey like him, serving their brothers, in the footsteps of Jesus. The procession comprised four phases: 1. On the footsteps of G. Deshayes, man of faith, hope and charity; 2. On the footsteps of G. Deshayes, innovator in favor of the Deaf and Mute. This moving moment was animated by two Deaf girls who, through sign language, expressed their solitude and difficulty in being integrated; 3. On the footsteps of G. Deshayes, missionary, pastor and builder. Bishop Centène invited the participants to live the missionary commitment of their baptism in this dechristianized world, knowing that "The death of God means the death of man".

4. The sending forth in mission: Every pilgrim was invited to renew the commitment of his Baptism and everyone received a light that would allow him to go and radiate the love of God as G. Deshayes did, and as 5000 people of the Deshaysian Family, who work in 60 countries around the world, do.

Bro. Christian Bizon

19 A MOMENT OF PRAYER PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS, February 2019 INTRODUCTION Prayer is more than words. It is rather a heartfelt cry to God our Father. Let us be silent and humble to listen to the One who called us from the womb to work in his vineyard. Let us be like Mary, Christ’s first disciple. SIGN OF THE CROSS ENTRY SONG (to be chosen) WORD OF GOD: Reading the Book of Jeremiah 1: 4-8. The Word of the Lord came to me in these terms: “Before I even modeled you in the womb, I knew you; Even before you came out of the womb, I consecrated you; As a prophet of the nations, I established you”.

And I said, "Ah! Lord Yahweh, really, I do not know how to speak, because I am a child!” But Yahweh said, “Do not say, ‘I am a child!’ For to all whom I will send you, you will go, and all that I will command you, you will say. Have no fear in their presence, for I am with you to deliver you”, said the Lord. – This is the Word of the Lord.

PSALM 23 R / You are my shepherd, O Lord, Nothing can fail where you lead me. In your green pastures, You make me rest, And in your limpid waters, you quench my thirst. In the valley of the shadow, I do not fear death, Your strength and your presence are my comfort. You set the table for a wonderful feast, My cup is overflowing. MEDITATION: PRAYER FOR MISSIONARIES, NO. 15 Memento: Holy Spirit, be ever mindful that it is you who, with Mary as your faithful spouse, are to bring forth and fashion the children of God. In Her and with Her, you brought forth the Head of the Church and, in the same way, you will bring all his members into being.

Within the Trinity, none of the divine Persons is begotten by you. Outside the Trinity, you are the begetter of all the children of God. All the saints who have ever existed or will exist until the end of time will be the outcome of your love working through Mary.

INTERCESSION: -- R/ Lord, hear our prayer! 1. We give you thanks, O Lord, for giving the Holy Spirit and the breath of life to your Apostles and to us. Grant that your Church may persevere in prayer, in love and in joy. - - Lord, we pray to you. – R/

20 2. Let us pray for all those who proclaim the Gospel: priests, religious men and women, so that through their fidelity to their commitment, they may be true signs of Jesus' presence in the world. -- Lord, we pray to you. – R/ 3. For young people in search of their vocations, we pray to you, O Lord. You are the source of any vocation, give them the desire to commit their lives to you, so that they can be witnesses of your love for people of all nations.

-- Lord, we pray to you. – R/ 5.May the Holy Spirit continue to enflame the hearts of all the missionaries of the great Montfortian Family with the fire of love and joy so that they proclaim the Gospel in all corners of the earth, for the glory of God Alone, as true disciples of Father de Montfort. -- Lord, we pray to you. – R/ 5. Lord Jesus, you said, "Ask and it will be given to you; search and you will find; knock and the door will open”… We pray for our benefactors, for our parents and for all those who encourage vocations to consecrated life. Grant them your grace and blessings. -- Lord, we pray to you.

– R/ CONSECRATION OF OURSELVES TO JESUS THROUGH MARY I renew and ratify today, through your hands o Mary, my baptismal promises, and I give myself completely to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom, to carry my cross after him for the rest of my life. In order that I may be more faithful than I have been till now, I choose you, Mary, as my Mother and Queen.

I surrender and consecrate myself to you, body and soul, with all that I possess, both spiritual and material, even including the value of all my good actions, past, present and to come. I give you the full right to dispose of me and of all that belongs to me, without any reservations, in whatever way you please, for the greater glory of God, in time and throughout eternity. Amen.

21 FINAL SONG Vocational prayer prepared by the Montfortian Novices Montfort’s Native House, 11-15, rue de la Saulnerie 35 160 Montfort sur Meu « TOTUS TUUS »

22 Collaborating with all people of good will International Partnership Commission: 1st session.

(Brother Dionigi Taffarello, Vicar General, in-charge of Partnership) Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, from 4 to 7 November 2018 During the 32nd General Chapter, the Capitulars expressed their conviction of “working in communion with other members of the Church, with the Montfortian Family, with our Associates and Collaborators, with other people inspired by the Montfortian spirituality, and with all people of good will” (32nd GC, no. 3.5). Consequently, it was decided to create an International Commission made up of Brothers and Lay people so that we would “carry our Partnership initiatives forward”.

This is the framework and the order of mission of the Commission that was thus created. Could we, for our first session, find a better place than that of the foundation of our Gabrielite Montfortian Family, Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, near the Basilica Saint-Louis-Marie de Montfort?

The three tombs that we find side by side are, in themselves, a very significant symbol: those of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort, of Blessed Marie-Louise Trichet, and of a Layman, the Marquis of Magnane, that great benefactor of the Montfortian Family, who gave up all possessions to live, for 27 years, in a small room of the “Maison Longue”, with the Missionaries (Priests and Brothers) of the Company of Mary.

23 More than a symbol was the fact that we (four Lay people, four Brothers coming from various continents, Bro. Maurice Hérault, former Secretary for Partnership, Bro.

T.K. James, and me) lived that session in the house of the International Community. We also had a translator, Bro. Michel Mendy, who - at certain times - made an excellent translation. The presence of Bro. Jean-Claude Lavigne, o.p., whom the Capitulars have known as a Facilitator during the last General Chapter, helped us a lot in our use of the following concepts: Collaborators, Associates and Brothers, description of everyone’s status, degree of belongingness, registration, etc. A strategy for the years to come could then be defined.

The spirit of that session: As we wish to collaborate in doing the Lord’s work, we began our session with a prayer to the Holy Spirit. Since the Synod had just come to an end, it was like our turn to go on with our work in an approach like that of the Synod, which, etymologically, in Greek language means, “to journey (odos) together (sun)”; or, to live in ecclesial Communion. Concretely, we ask the Provinces to make sure that Lay people can participate in the structures of reflection and decision in matters that concern them. For instance, if this is not already done, Partnership Commissions should include Lay people.

In the coming months, we will conduct a study of the present-day situation, using a questionnaire which will be sent to all the Provinces and Sectors of the Institute. We will work on a draft of the Statutes. We will update the document that was published in 2009 and/or write a new Partnership Handbook. 1st row, from the left side: Bro. Paulose Mekkunnel (Ranchi), Bro. George Pottakaran (Delhi), M. Victor- Stanley (Hyderabad), M. Jocelyn Bemaria (Madagascar), Bro. Jean-Claude Lavigne (o.p.), M. Sebastian (Chennai), Bro. Yvan Passebon (France).

2nd row, from the left side : Bro.T.K. James (A.G.), M. Daniel Sebrian (Spain), Bro. Dionigi Taffarello (A.G.), Bro.. Jean-Crysostome (East Africa), Bro. Maurice Hérault (France).

24 We also foresee the possibility of an international meeting for our collaborators and associates in 2020 in Rome. I conclude, but only concerning this particular session, since another one will be held in August 2019, when the Commission will meet again. Again, we want to mention that the task goes beyond our human forces, but our trust is in Jesus, and we want to listen to the Spirit.

Many people want to know who we are and what it is that inspires us. Are we ready to share and to enrich one another? It is good to remember the example of Mary (forma Dei) who gave Jesus to the world and invites us to be like Her in today’s world (TD 219). From left to right: Bros. Yvan Passebon (France), Jean-Claude Lavigne, o.p., Dionigi Taffarello, Vicar General. Next issue, No 194: April 15, 2019 Send your articles or Province News Bulletin before the 30th of March 2019 to :, Photos could be sent with this free software WE TRANSFER. Many fraternal thanks.


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