Contents - National College of Ireland

Contents - National College of Ireland
Welcome to NCI 						2
Introduction							3
Academic Calendar					3
I’ve received an offer, what happens now? 		 4
I’ve accepted my offer, what next?			        4
Online Registration					5
Students Fees - A guide					                 7
Psychology Students: NC010				9
Enrolment & IT session					11
Orientation							11
Registration Summary					12
What if I want to Defer my Place			          13
DARE and HEAR applicants 				                14
Life at NCI							15
Enrolment and Orientation				20
    TO NCI                                                          Introduction
                                                                    Congratulations on your recent
    Dear       I am delighted to welcome you as a student to
               National College of Ireland. I hope your time        examination results.
               with us will be both enjoyable and rewarding.
                                                                    We are delighted that you have chosen National College of Ireland (NCI) as one of your
               This Handbook provides you with a step by            preferred destinations for further study.
               step guide on how to register online and gain
               access to the many services and supports             The purpose of this booklet is to help guide you through the next steps to start your
               available to you as a student here at National       exciting college career. Please ensure you read this booklet thoroughly and follow each
               College of Ireland. The handbook will provide        step as outlined.
               you with information on the Registration,
               Enrolment and Orientation Programmes.                Your lectures will commence the week beginning the 17th September. Dates and times
                                                                    for enrolment and orientation have been included at the back of this booklet. Please
               I urge you to take the time to read this
                                                                !   check these carefully and ensure you attend ALL sessions.
               handbook carefully as it will answer many of

                                                                    Academic Calender
               the queries you may have at this time and
               contains important instructions regarding the
               Registration process.                                 Calendar 2018/19          From             To
                                                                                                                           Courses are scheduled for enrolment,
               It is important to attend the Orientation             Enrolment            03/09/2018       04/09/2018      orientation and the IT session on
               Programme, details of which are available                                                                   different dates and times. You MUST
                                                                                                                           check the website for your orientation
               on the College website, as this will provide                                                                dates
               information that you may need in the future.
               The Orientation programme includes a Campus
               Map and a guide to Student Services, Peer             Orientation          10/09/2018       14/09/2018/09   You MUST check the website for specific
               Mentoring, Library and Information Technology          		                                                   times and dates for your Orientation

               In addition, from the College website (www.           Semester 1           17/09/2018       14/12/2018
      you can access the student portal
               which provides a range of material and advice         Reading Week         29/10/2018       02/11/2018
               to help you in your first year.
                                                                     Semester 1- Exams 03/01/2019          12/01/2019
               I wish you every success in your academic
               studies here at National College of Ireland.          Semester 1 Break     13/01/2019       20/01/2018

                                                                     Semester 2           21/01/2019       26/04/2019

                                                                     Reading Week         18/03/2019       22/03/2019
               Yours sincerely,
                                                                     Revision Week        22/04/2019       26/04/2019
                                                                     Semester 2 - Exams 01/05/2019         19/05/2019
                                                                     Repeat Exams         07/08/2019       16/08/2019
               John McGarrigle
2                                                                                                                                                             3
I’ve received an offer                                                                  Online
                                                                                                                  This section is applicable to all students
                                                                                                                  except BA Hons in Psychology students. If you
                                                                                                             !    have been offered or accepted a place on the

    what happens now?                                                                       Registration
                                                                                                                  BA Hons in Psychology please see the section
                                                                                                                  entitled “Psychology Students: NC010”

    So you’ve received an offer of a place from NCI,                                                       Full time undergraduate students
    the next step is to accept your place!                                                                 MUST register online BEFORE attending
                                                                                                           their Enrolment and IT Session. Before
    CAO Applicants                                                                                         you start this process please make sure
    Your offer of a place was made through the Central Applications Office (CAO)                           you have the following to hand;
    so you must accept through the CAO. Please carefully read the offer acceptance
    procedure which the CAO provided you with.                                                             1. This booklet; in order to follow the
                                                                                                              step by step guide to logging on
    Direct/Mature Applicants                                                                               2. A credit/debit card
    You may have already received an offer from NCI by post. If you have not yet                           3. Your login details – your username
    received an offer letter, receipt of this registration booklet can be used in lieu of                     and password as detailed in the above
    this. To accept your place please contact us on 1850 221 721. If you have already                         section.
    received an offer and accepted, please skip to “I’ve Accepted My Offer – What
    Next?” You must contact us by Monday 20th August at the very latest to accept
    your offer.
                                                                                                           What is online registration?
    I’ve accepted my offer, what next?
                                                                                                           Online registration allows you to pay
    CAO Applicants                                                                                         your college fees online in a quick and
    Your CAO application number is now your student number. Your college                                   convenient manner.
    username will take the form of x followed by your student number. For example,
    if your CAO number is 12345678, your username will be x12345678. Once
    you have accepted your offer from the CAO, you will be required to reset your                          When do I have to register
    password. You can reset your password 48 hours after accepting your place by
    following the Setting Your Password guide on the New Students section of the
                                                                                                           Your fees must be paid before you attend
    NCI website. Please carefully read these instructions and follow the steps given to
                                                                                                           enrolment on campus (see schedule on
    reset your password.
                                                                                                           the back of this booklet). If your fees
    NOTE: If you were deemed eligible under the HEAR scheme please skip directly to                        are not paid by 17th September, you will
    the section entitled HEAR (Higher Education Access Route) for your next steps.                         be required to present yourself to the
                                                                                                           Fees Office in person to pay your fees
    Direct/Mature Applicants                                                                               and a late charge of €75 will apply. Your
    You should have already received your student number on all your e-mail                                IT accounts and access to the library
    correspondence with the college. Your college username will take the form of                           will also be suspended after this date if
    x followed by your student number. For example, if your student number is                              payment is not received. Please see the
    12345678, your username will be x12345678. Once you have accepted your                                 section entitled Student Fees – A Guide
    offer from the CAO, you will be required to reset your password. You can reset                         for further information on course fees.
    your password 48 hours after accepting your place by following the Setting Your
    Password guide on the New Students section of the NCI website. Please carefully
    read these instructions and follow the steps given to reset your password.

    If you have not yet accepted your place please do so by contacting or 1850 221 721.

    Mature students are also required to attend a supplementary orientation.
!   Please see further details at the back of this booklet.

    4                                                                                                                                                  5
This section is applicable to all students

    Online                                                                                 Student fees
                                                                                                                                              excluding BA Hons in Psychology students.
                                                                                                                                        !     If you have been offered or accepted
                                                                                                                                              a place on the BA Hons in Psychology

    Registration                                                                          - A guide                                           please see the section entitled “Psychology
                                                                                                                                              Students: NC010”

                                                                                          Tuition Fees
                                                                                          Most undergraduate students attending             • A copy of your letter from SUSI
                                                                                          publicly funded third level courses do              confirming you have made an
                                                                                          not have to pay tuition fees, under                 application
    How do I access online                    3. When you are logged into the My          the terms of the free fees initiative.            • A printed screenshot of your SUSI
    registration?                                Details service you will see the
                                                 details of your course on screen.
                                                                                          There are eligibility criteria which you            online application account which
                                                                                                                                              displays your name and your SUSI
                                                                                          must meet in order to be eligible for
                                                 To continue to the registration          free fees, these will be assessed                   ID
    1. Online registration can be accessed
                                                 page, click on the “Confirm Place”       during online registration. If your               • In some cases you may already
       via the NCI website. Go to;
                                                                                          self-assessment for fees during online              have received confirmation of your
                                              4. You will be presented with a number      registration results in the incorrect               award from SUSI, if you have this
       and click on “Full Time Students”
                                                 of steps to confirm your registration.   calculation of your fees based on your              to hand please provide us with a
       and follow the link to “Register &
                                                 Please follow the instructions on        criteria you will be contacted by the               copy on the date of your
       Pay Course Fees”
                                                 each page carefully and ensure the       Fees Office to rectify.                             enrolment session
    2. If you encounter any problems             information you provide is accurate.
                                                                                                                                            If the above is not provided then
       when accessing the My Details                                                      Student Grant 2018                                a form will need to be filled out
       section please contact the                                                         Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)
                                                                                                                                            confirming you have made an
       IT Support Desk:                                                                   is the awarding authority for all student
                                                                                                                                            application to SUSI in respect of the
       Tel: 014498671/01 4498667                                                          grant applications. All students who
                                                                                                                                            SCF, you will need to have your
       Email:                                                          are applying for the student grant must
                                                                                                                                            SUSI application number to hand
       (Please note that when logging in to                                               apply through SUSI. Please see
                                                                                                                                            to fill this form out. The form
       pay your fees, your username will                                         for more details. If
                                                                                                                                            has been included in this pack but
       take the form of x followed by your                                                awarded, the student grant will
                                                                                                                                            should only be used if the above is
       student number followed by                                                         go towards paying for the Student
                                                                                                                                            not readily available. For example,                                                    Contribution Fee (SCF).
                                                                                                                                            If proof of a funding application is
                                                                                          Student Contribution Fee (SCF)                    not provided to the Fees Office by
                                                                                          The SCF must be paid by all students.             September 29th, then the following
                                                                                          The SCF for the 2018/19 academic year             payments must be made:
                                                                                          is €3,000.
                                                                                                                                            • 20% of SCF (€600) immediately
                                                                                          • I’ve applied for a SUSI grant; do I still       • 30% of SCF (€900) by 15th
                                                                                            have to pay the SCF?                              November 2018
                                                                                                                                            • Balance of SCF (€1,500) at the start
                                                                                          If you have applied for the student                 of the second semester (January
                                                                                          grant through SUSI you are not required             2019)
                                                                                          to pay the SCF to register online.
                                                                                          HOWEVER, you must provide the college             If application for funding is
                                                                                          with confirmation that you have made              unsuccessful, then payment of the
                                                                                          an application to SUSI for the grant              SCF falls due on the above dates.
                                                                                          at enrolment. The following will be
                                                                                          deemed acceptable as confirmation you
                                                                                          have applied to SUSI:
6                                                                                                                                                                                     7
This section is applicable ONLY to students

         Student fees                                                                         Psychology      !
                                                                                                                                            who have been offered and accepted a place
                                                                                                                                            on NC010 – BA Hons in Psychology. If this
                                                                                                                                            does not apply to you please refer to the

        - A guide                                                                             Students: NC010                               Section “Student Fees – A Guide”.

    !   Please Note: The €80 gym membership
        fee must be paid by all students. The
                                                      with the remaining 50% balance
                                                      payable at the start of semester    !     Psychology students cannot use
                                                                                                the online registration service
                                                                                                                                         Total Course Fee             €5,500

        grant does not cover this cost. Students      two.                                                                               Gym Membership Fee           €80
        will need to register online and pay this
        fee.                                         Please Note:                             Fees                                       20% Deposit PLUS
                                                                                                                                         Gym Membership Fee

                                                     Fees Can Be Paid Online By               The BA (Hons) in Psychology is             to register for the course
                                                                                              not covered under the free fees
        I am not entitled to a SUSI                  Credit/Debit Card.
                                                                                              initiative. The fee for the course is      8 x Monthly Instalments      €550

        grant; do I have to pay the                  We Do Not Accept American Express        €5,500 per annum.

        SCF and gym membership in                    We Do Not Accept Cash                    Students must also pay a gym
        full?                                                                                 membership fee of €80 per annum.
                                                                                                                                      When does the first direct
                                                     Gym Membership Fee
        No, if you are not eligible for a SUSI       A referendum on gym membership           Do I have to pay the full               debit commence?
        grant you must pay, at minimum, 20%          was held and the full-time                                                       The first direct debit is scheduled
        of the SCF (€600) and the full gym           undergraduate student body voted         fee before the course                   to come out of your account on 5th
        membership (€80) online before you           in a mandatory annual membership         commences?                              October.
        attend enrolment. You may then decide        fee of SV Fitness (www.svfitness.        No, there is an easy payment plan
        to pay the balance one of two ways:          com). The referendum will require        for the course which has been           What is the gym
                                                     students to pay the mandatory €80        outlined below. If you sign up for
        1. Complete a direct debit form and          fee at the start of the year when        the easy payment plan you can           membership fee?
           return it on/before your designated       registering. The membership period       register as a student by paying         A referendum on gym membership
           enrolment date. The direct debit will     is fixed for one year from the 1st       20% of your fee PLUS the full gym       was held and the full-time
           split the remainder of the fees           September, 2018 through to the           membership fee by calling us on         undergraduate student body voted in
           (€2,400) equally over 6 months, with      31st August, 2019.                       1850 221 721 (AT LEAST 48 hours         a mandatory annual membership fee
           the first instalment of €400 due on                                                after you have accepted your place      of SV Fitness (
           the 5th October. A direct debit                                                    through the CAO) and pay by debit
           form has been included in this pack                                                or credit card.                         The referendum will require students
           and is also available on the website to                                                                                    to pay the mandatory €80 fee at the
           download. PLEASE NOTE: 20% of the                                                  Alternatively, you can pay by           start of the year when registering. The
           SCF MUST BE PAID ONLINE TO AVAIL                                                   cheque, bank draft or postal order      membership period is fixed for one
           OF THE DIRECT DEBIT OPTION and                                                     (made payable to National College       year from the 1st September 2018
           you must return a completed direct                                                 of Ireland) and sign the enclosed       through to the 31st August, 2019.
           debit form on your enrolment date or                                               direct debit form. You MUST sign
           you will not be registered.                                                        and return the direct debit form in
                                                                                              order to be registered.

        2. A further 30% of fees (€900) must
          be paid by 15th November 2018

8                                                                                                                                                                               9
 Students: NC010                                                                           Enrolment

     When can I pay my fees?                     the course fees and you can pay the       ALL students are required to attend           You MUST attend both your assigned
     You can pay your fees at the enrolment      outstanding amount in one of the          Enrolment in NCI in order to pick up your     enrolment and orientation session
     session (see the back of this booklet for   following ways;                           student card. Details on the enrolment        so it is important you check this
     details) or you can contact us on 1850                                                and IT session can be found at the back       information online at http://www.
     221 721 and pay your fees by credit/        • Pay 50% of the outstanding fees         of this booklet and online          
     debit card 48 hours after accepting           (along with the €80 gym membership      (
     your place via the CAO. You can email a       fee) and a further 50% before
                                                   semester 2.                             Your student card is a vital part of your
                                                                                                                                         Access Orientation for
     completed version of your direct debit
     form to or bring it with      • Pay 20% of the outstanding fee (along   student life. You will need your student      DARE, HEAR & MATURE
                                                   with the €80 gym membership fee)        card to enter the College library, printing
     you on the date of your enrolment.
                                                   and complete and return the enclosed    and photocopying, for identification
                                                                                                                                         Students who were deemed eligible
                                                   direct debit form. Your remaining       purposes and most importantly for
     Can I Apply for the Grant?                    balance will be spread over 8 monthly   student discounts!
                                                                                                                                         under the DARE and HEAR scheme
     Yes you can make an application for a                                                                                               MUST also attend a supplementary
                                                   instalments commencing 5th October.
     grant through SUSI (Student Universal                                                                                               orientation in addition to the above.
                                                 • Pay 100% of your outstanding fee        In order to pick up your student card
     Support Ireland)                                                                                                       Mature students who applied directly
                                                   (along with the €80 gym membership      you must have first registered online and
                                                                                                                                         to the College must also attend.
                                                   fee)                                    have your CAO number/Student number
     If I have applied for a grant                                                         to hand. Collection of your student card
                                                                                                                                         Please see the back of this
                                                                                           will take place at scheduled times from
     do I still have to pay the                  Does this course qualify for              Monday 3rd- Tuesday 4th of September
                                                                                                                                         booklet for dates and times of the
                                                                                                                                         supplementary orientation.
     deposit as outlined above?                  tax relief?                               during enrolment.
     Yes. If you do not receive confirmation     Yes you can apply for tax relief at the
                                                 end of each academic year.                You must ensure you attend the IT
     from SUSI of receipt of your grant
                                                                                           Session after your enrolment session as
     prior to your course commencing
                                                 PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT             it demonstrates how to access key online
     then you are required to pay the
                                                 CASH                                      services you will use as a student.
     deposit as outlined above and fill out
     and return the direct debit form on
     the date of your registration. If you                                                 Orientation
     are subsequently awarded the grant                                                    Orientation for first year students will
     then any fees over paid by you will be                                                take place the week beginning 10th
     refunded.                                                                             September. Each course is assigned a
                                                                                           separate date and time for orientation
                                                                                           so please ensure you check the
     What if I have confirmation                                                           schedules online at
     of my SUSI grant award?                                                               newstudents to confirm when yours is
     If you have received confirmation of                                                  on.
     what your SUSI grant is, please ensure
     to bring a copy of this notification with                                             Orientation is compulsory and extremely
     you on the date of your enrolment.                                                    important to attend as it will help
     Your SUSI grant will be offset against                                                familiarise yourself with the layout of the
                                                                                           College and you will meet your new class
10                                                                                                                                                                      11
Registration                                                                         Registration
     Summary                                                                              Summary
     CAO Students                             Direct/Mature Applicants                    BA Hons in Psychology Students                 What if I want to defer my
                                                                                          • Accept your place with the CAO by
     • Accept your place with the CAO by      • If you have not already accepted
                                                                                            following the steps they have outlined in    place?
       following the steps they have outlined   your place with the National College of                                                  You may decide that you are not
       in the CAO Offer Notice.                 Ireland please send back the                the CAO Offer Notice.
                                                                                          • 48 hours after accepting your place with     going to take up your place with NCI
                                                acceptance slip at the bottom of your                                                    this year, if that’s the case you may
     • 48 hours after your acceptance           Offer Letter or contact us by email;        the CAO contact us on 1850 221721 to
                                                                                            make a payment by credit or debit            be granted a deferral for one year by
       has been submitted to CAO, you will or by phone                                                          doing the following;
       have permission to reset your log-in     1850 221 721 to accept your place           card for the 20% deposit PLUS the gym
                                                                                            membership fee. Fill out the enclosed          • Do NOT accept the offer of a place
       password. A guide on how to reset                                                                                                     through the CAO..
       your password is available from        • 48 hours after your acceptance              direct debit form and return it on your
                                                                                            enrolment date.                                • Email
       the New Students section of the NCI      has been submitted to CAO, you will                                                          IMMEDIATELY and give your name
       website. Please ensure you follow        have permission to reset your log-in                                                         as it appears on your CAO
       these steps in order to progress to      password. A guide on how to reset         OR
                                                                                                                                             application, quote your 2017
       online registration.                     your password is available from                                                              CAO Application Number and the
                                                the New Students section of the NCI       • Make a payment by cheque, bank draft
                                                                                            or postal order and return it on the date        Course Code of the offer you wish
     • Click on the link to “Register & Pay     website. Please ensure you follow                                                            to defer and set out the reason(s)
       Course Fees”                             these steps in order to progress to         of your Enrolment along with a
                                                                                            completed direct debit form.                     for the request. Mark ‘DEFERRED
                                                online registration.                                                                         ENTRY’ clearly in the subject line
     • When logged in select “Confirm Place”                                              • 48 hours after your deposit payment has
                                                                                            been made, you will have the opportunity         of your e-mail.
       under Actions from right hand menu. • Click on the link to “Register & Pay                                                          • The letter or e-mail must arrive
       Follow the instructions to complete      Course Fees”                                to reset your log-in password. A guide
                                                                                            on how to reset your password is                 in the Admissions Office at least
       your registration                                                                                                                     two days before the “Reply Date”
                                              • When logged in select “Confirm Place”       available from the New Students section
                                                                                            of the NCI website. Please ensure you            shown on the Offer Notice.
     • Attend your Enrolment and IT             under Actions from right hand menu.
       Orientation Session to collect your      Follow the instructions to complete         follow these steps in order to progress
                                                                                                                                         If the deferral is granted, you will receive
       student card                             your registration                           to online registration.
                                                                                                                                         notification by post from the Admissions
                                                                                          • Attend the Enrolment                         Office in late October. In order to take
     • Attend your Orientation Day            • Attend the Supplementary Orientation      • Attend your Orientation and IT session       up your offer of a deferred place you
                                                Schedule                                  • Commence classes on 17th September           will have to reapply through the CAO for
     • Commence classes on 17th September                                                   2018                                         2019/20 and indicate you are applying as
       2018                                   • Attend your Enrolment Session to          • Late charges will be applied if you do not   a deferred applicant and place the course
                                                collect your student card Attend your       register by 17th September 2018              you deferred as your ONLY preference on
                                                                                                                                         the application form.
     • Late charges will be applied if you do   Orientation and IT session
       not register by 17th September 2018                                                What Should I bring on the
                                              • Commence classes on 17th September
                                                2018                                      day of Enrolment?
                                                                                          • A copy of letter from SUSI confirming you
                                              • Late charges will be applied if you do      have applied to them or a print screen of
                                                not register by 17th September 2018         your SUSI application or a copy of the
                                                                                            letter confirming what you have been
                                                                                          • A completed and signed direct debit
                                                                                            form if you choose to pay your fees in
                                                                                            this manner.
12                                                                                                                                                                                13
DARE and
HEAR Applicants                                             Life at NCI
          DARE (Disability Access Route                     Getting to NCI                             On-campus Accommodation
          to Education)                                     NCI’s central location means it is         NCI guarantees on-campus
          National College of Ireland believes that one     serviced by a number of different          accommodation for all first year
          of the most important first steps for students    methods of public transport.               students. With a campus located
          with disabilities is to be sure that you can                                                 in Dublin’s city centre, on-campus
          access supports in an open, relaxed, friendly     Luas                                       accommodation gives you easy
          and confidential manner.                          With a red line Luas stop right outside    access to all transport links and
                                                            our door (Mayor Street) you’ll never be    nightlife.
          In order for the College to help you achieve      late for lectures. See for
          these first steps students who have applied       more information.                          The student residences consist of
          via DARE and were deemed eligible will be                                                    53 apartments offering a total of
          contacted by the Disability Support Officer to    Connolly Station                           286 separate contemporary-style
          arrange a meeting in order to register with the   Connolly station is a five minute stroll   study bedrooms. Apartments vary
          Learning and Disability Service.                  away from the College. Connolly            in size from 3 to 8 study bedroom
                                                            services the DART, South Eastern           units. Each apartment has a fully
          Supplementary Orientation                         suburban, Northern suburban and            fitted kitchen/dining area and a
          If you were deemed eligible under the DARE        Western suburban routes see                generous sized living area.
          scheme you MUST attend a supplementary   for more information
          orientation, please see times and dates at the                                               Further information on
          back of this booklet.                             Dublin Bus                                 accommodation is available
                                                            Dublin bus services a number of stops      on our website; www.ncirl.
                                                            direct to the city centre and North Wall   ie/Prospective_Students/
          HEAR Students and Online Registration
                                                            Quay, see for more        Accommodation
          Students who have been deemed eligible
          under HEAR must indicate during online
                                                                                                       To book for the upcoming
          registration that they have applied for SUSI
                                                                                                       academic year please contact the
          funding. As a HEAR student you are only
                                                                                                       Accommodation Office;
          required at this time to pay the €80 Gym
          Membership Fee in order to be registered.
                                                                                                       Phone: 01 4498705/703
          The Gym Membership Fee is a mandatory
                                                                                                       Fax: 01 4498760
          charge and registration cannot be completed
          until this charge has been paid. All students
          in receipt of Higher Education grants or VEC
          grants are required to pay this charge which is
          not covered by the grant scheme

          Supplementary Orientation
          If you were deemed eligible under the HEAR
          scheme you MUST attend a supplementary
          orientation, please see times and dates at the
          back of this booklet.

14                                                                                                                                          15
Student Support
At NCI we realise that adapting to          Mathematics Support Service                  the Disability Support Officer will be more
College life can be a daunting so we        The Mathematics Support Service              than happy to meet with you and provide
have set up a number of support             provides an informal environment             personal support and guidance.
services to help your transition to         for students who are experiencing
third-level.                                difficulties where they can improve          Medical and Counselling Service
                                            their understanding of and confidence        College life can sometimes produce a
                                            in mathematical concepts.                    great deal of stress. The reasons for this
Student Attendance                                                                       can range from a heavy workload and
Student attendance at lectures,             The Service provides workshops and           imminent deadlines, to difficulties of a
tutorials, practicals and laboratories      one-to-one sessions throughout the           personal nature.
have been recognised to be a key            year. The service is free to all students
indicator to how well a student will        in NCI and you can attend as often as        The Counselling Service provides an
perform on their respective course.         you wish.                                    opportunity to discuss any difficulties you
                                                                                         may be experiencing with a qualified
NCI considers student attendance
to be a serious part of a student’s         Learning Support                             person. The counsellor will help by
                                            The Learning Support Service is centred      listening without judgement, offering new
life at the college and expects each
                                            around some core areas such as               perspectives and working with you on
student to attend all their respective
                                            academic writing, reading, researching,      strategies that are right for you.
learning events. As a result, all student
attendance at their respective learning     studying, note-taking, exam revision
                                            and aiding students in all areas of          National College of Ireland provides a
events is recorded and reviewed.
                                            academic advancement.                        subsidised medical service to all full-time
                                                                                         registered students. The Hanover Medical
Student Leaders                                                                          Centre, located just minutes from the
The Student Leader Programme is             Disability Support                           College, are the appointed doctors for
designed to specifically help new           National College of Ireland believes         National College of Ireland.
students of the College. Each year, 12      that one of the most important first
current NCI students are chosen to          steps for students with disabilities is to   The Hanover Medical Centre provides
help make the transition to college life    be sure that you can access supports         full male and female health screening,
as easy and enjoyable as possible by        in an open, relaxed, friendly and            cardiovascular screening, occupational
providing guidance and support to you       confidential manner.                         health, travel vaccinations, minor
throughout the whole of your first year.                                                 surgery, nursing care, sports injuries
                                            In order for the College to help you         and specialist clinics. Students are
The Leaders are specifically trained to     achieve these first steps please contact     charged €10 per appointment and the
answer your questions about college         our Disability Support Officer in order      balance is paid by the College.
and to be a source of support to you. If    to arrange a first meeting by calling 01
you have questions or concerns through      6599269.
your first year and are unsure of where
to go or what supports are available to     If you need to talk to someone about a
you, the team will be available to help     matter regarding day-to-day life beyond
direct you to the right one.                the lecture theatre, or if you have any
                                            medical, social or well-being concerns,

16                                                                                                                                     17
Student Amenities
     Atrium                                    Childcare                                       SV Fitness – Lead a Healthier               The Library section of the student portal
     The College’s Atrium is the hub of        The Giraffe Early Learning Centre and                                                       provides students with comprehensive
     the Campus. From here students can        Childcare Facility at NCI provides a            and Fitter Life                             information on research tools, using
     find their way to the Library, Canteen,   dedicated space for the care of young           Students can access the gym upon
                                                                                                                                           the library and e-information so please
     Student Services and the Student’s        children. The facility is located to the rear   presentation of their student card
                                                                                                                                           ensure you review all information on
     Union.                                    of the campus in the I.F.S.C. For more          and it’s located adjacent the College
                                                                                                                                           the Student Portal at the start of the
                                               information on fees please contact;             quadrangle area.
                                                                                                                                           academic year.
     AIB                                       Giraffe Childcare & Early Learning Centres
                                               Tel: 1850 20 10 99                              The state of the art gym and health
     AIB has a branch located opposite                                                                                                     Your student card will become your
                                                                       club offers a wide variety of fitness and
     the College on Mayor Square. The                                                                                                      library card so it is important you pick
                                                                                               spinning classes, free weights area,
     branch provides students with access                                                                                                  up your student card at your allocated
                                                                                               steam room, sauna, changing area, and
     to student and graduate banking. An Clubs and Societies                                   massage sports therapy centre. For
                                                                                                                                           enrolment session.
     ATM is located beside the entrance to During Freshers’ Week the College holds             more information on the excellent gym
     the bank.                             a “Clubs & Societies Sign-Up Day” which is          facilities please visit www.svfitness.      Photocopying
                                           your opportunity to sign-up to an existing          com.                                     Printing and photocopying in National
     ATMs                                  club or society or even set up your own!                                                     College of Ireland is charged to students
     Other ATMs are located in the         NCI has a range of Clubs and Societies                                                       using a credit management system
                                           some of which are listed below so be sure           IT Facilities and Services
     following newsagents close to the                                                         The NCI IT Department is responsible     linked to your Network account and Stu-
     College;                              to check it out.
                                                                                               for providing IT Services and Support to dent ID card. Photocopying credit can be
     • Fresh   • Spar                                                                          all students.                            purchased online via the student portal.
                                                                                                                                        All new students receive €5 printing
     Books                                      Badminton Club         Basketball Club         For more information about the IT        credit on commencement of term.
     The College enjoys a central location      Cricket Club           Dance Society           facilities, user guides and updates refer
     in Dublin city. There are many                                                            to the IT Facilities and Services section
     bookshops in the locality;                 Pool Club              Soccer Club             of the website;
     • Easons – O’Connell Street                                                               student-services/IT-Services. If you
                                                Table Tennis Club      Futsal Club
     • Chapters – Parnell Street                                                               encounter any difficulties or have any
     • Hodges Figgis – Dawson Street            Fashion Society        Gaming Society          queries in relation to your IT Services,
                                                eSports                Golf Club Equality      you are requested to contact the IT
     Careers and Opportunities                  International
                                                                       Equality Society
                                                                                               Support Desk:
     The National College of                    Society
     Ireland provides students with                                                            Support Desk:
                                                Rugby Club             Poker Society           Tel: 01 4498671 / 01-4498667
     acomprehensive careers advice service
     and provides classes and individual                                                       Email:
                                                Music Society          Adventure Society
     support on job hunting strategies,
     creating CVs and cover letters,            GAA Club                                       Library
     preparing for interviews and holds a                                                      The Norma Smurfit Library in National
     number of careers fairs and events                                                        College of Ireland will provide you with
     throughout the year.                                                                      the key academic material needed in
     More information on Careers and                                                           order to make your college career a
     Opportunities can be found at                                                             success.
18                                                                                                                                                                                19
     and Orientation
     Supplementary Access                    !   Supplementary Orientation
     Orientation Schedule for                    Dates
     DARE, HEAR and MATURE                       Mature Students – Thursday 6th
     If you were deemed eligible under           HEAR & DARE Students – Sunday 9th
     either the DARE or HEAR scheme or           September (Parents Welcome)
     applied directly to NCI as a mature
     student, we would like to invite you        Parents Session – Sunday 9th
     to a supplementary orientation.             September (Students Welcome)
     The event has been designed to
     specifically address some of the            Please note: Supplementary Access
     concerns you may have in relation           Orientation is a separate event to the
     to getting ready for College                traditional enrolment and orientation.
     including general support services
     available to students, transition and       More information regarding times for
     studying tips, welfare and financial        the Supplementary Access Orientation
     advice.                                     can be found on the website:
     Information Session for
     There will also be an information
     session for parents of prospective
     students. This will be an
     opportunity for any parents of
     prospective students to learn
     a little more about NCI prior
     to students starting. This will
     include information on Fees,
     SUSI, Admissions, Deferrals,
     Progressions, Student Supports &
     Exams. We would encourage you
     to recommend this session to your
     parents as it is designed to allow
     us to help you explain and reassure
     your parents over any concerns
     they may have about college life.

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