LOCALLYMANUFACTURED,INTERNATIONALLYACTIVE This way of working offers both parties a number of advantages:
  • Specialized production facilities close to the Dutch headquarters
  • Competitive and flexible production
  • The sheltered workshops employees increase their job opportunities
  • High product quality, which is under special supervision of Bever Innovations‘ R&D team
  • This initiative is close to our hearts fits within the company ethos
  • ISO 9001 certification From the design and the procurement to guiding the production at the workshops, everything is completed by us in the Netherlands. As well as manufacturing, Bever Innovations also provides installation and service of the LED products in the BeNeLux countries. We are involved in all stages of these projects; from transportation, installation and connection to the final commissioning.

As a manufacturer of intelligent outdoor LED solutions with a 100% focus on the petrol retail market, Bever Innovations is the market leader in intelligent LED lighting products for petrol stations. Bever Innovations is represented globally and supplies its products in over 54 countries to many clients including Shell, BP, Q8 and Total. Besides subdivisions in Germany, Finland and UK we have partners in most European countries, South America, Australia, Africa, as well as the Far East. Every day our products prove themselves as high quality LED solutions to our customers, on thousands of forecourts around the globe.

In 2009, the European Commission officially recognized Bever Innovations as a ‚GreenLight Endorser‘ for its efforts in the field of energy-efficient lighting. Social involvement The production and assembly of the LED products takes place in two different social factories close to the Dutch head office in Zierikzee; ‘Orionis’ in Vlissingen and ‘Dethon’ in Terneuzen. In addition to the 40 employees of Bever Innovations, nearly 200 people work daily in manufacturing to produce the high quality LED products. This combination has been very successful from the beginning. LED’SCONNECTTHEFUTURE 3 2

We understand your needs and demands. From LED Under Canopy Illumination, LED Price Change Units, LED Area Illumination to LED Shop Illumination: your need has our focus. Bever Innovations is a manufacturer of intelligent high-quality outdoor LED solutions for the international petrol retail industry. With a 100% focus on this demanding market, our customers strongly benefit from our years of experience and know-how. As a technical innovator, Bever Innovations has gained a leading position in the fields of:
  • Intelligent LED Under Canopy and Area Illumination for Petrol Stations Maximize light on your forecourt, minimize energy cost with 90%
  • LED Price Displays The perfect LED display for your price sign, not compromising on visibility or your corporate identity
  • LED Shop Illumination Lower energy cost with 75% saving whilst enhancing the customers experience
  • Intelligent forecourt customer service systems Innovative solutions to improve customer experience on forecourts These product ranges prove themselves as high quality LED solutions for global customers, on thousands of forecourts world-wide.



LED Price Displays 10 LED Screen LED Shop Illumination 14 LED Under Canopy Illumination 8 LED Contour Illumination LED Area Illumination 12 Intelligent forecourt customer service systems 16 Click in square to go to page LED’SCONNECTTHEFUTURE 7 6


LEDUNDERCANOPYILLUMINATION not only offers ideal visual conditions but also big results in savings! The award winning Luci Series, is in all aspects the most cost effective way to light up your forecourt.

The clear white light creates a safe and clean forecourt, making it an excellent choice for you and your customers. Compared to metal halide lamps, the Luci Series saves up to 90% of your energy costs because it smoothly switches automatically from full to dimmed power when no activity is detected. On top of that each Luci Series can be tuned to the exact light behaviour you need with our EOS technology (Android App). This flexibility make the Luci Series simply unique.

And maintenance? Forget about it. They are designed to last more than 20 years. This is based on 12 hours of use, day or night, 365 days a year. Aforecourt is a very important part of your petrol station; providing a visually welcoming environment to customers that is approachable and gives a sense of safety. Without compromising on visibility there is also a possibility of saving energy and cost. Automatically switching light intensity as necessary is key in these energy saving solutions, providing the best lighting whenever needed which is fully customized to your station’s needs - this is the answer that Bever Innovations can give you.

It is important that your customers see that your site is open but is it necessary that your lights are on at full power all night? No! This is a thing of the past. Bever Innovations has a specially designed intelligent LED under canopy solution (the Luci Series) that adapts to the conditions on your petrol station. Intelligent dimming, to control the lights when customers are approaching your forecourt. You can adapt the light levels to your needs at any time of the day or night; making sure your forecourt is adequately lit at night and welcoming to customers, but still saving energy when full power is not necessary.

Based on this motion-detection dimming function and unique flexibility option, the Luci Series LED’SCONNECTTHEFUTURE 9 8


LEDPRICEDISPLAY Visualise your identity... Are you looking for the perfect LED price display for your price sign, without compromising your unique brand identity? The I-Catcher LED price displays make sure the pricing of your products is displayed clearly and complements your corporate branding perfectly. The Bever Innovations’ I-Catcher displays are installed all over the world, in the most extreme weather conditions. Bever Innovations ground breaking LED design and production techniques are the result of many years experience in the field with major oil companies. We ensure: 1 - Unique flexibility We value your branding! Therefore our displays complement your identity in a perfect way.

No compromises are necessary.

2 - High reliability These LED products are built using the latest techniques and the most reliable LEDs to ensure their excellent quality. These displays are suitable for tropical, arctic and temperate climates and will give a long life span with low maintenance in any conditions. 3 - Maximum readability A wide oval viewing angle ensures the best readability even in the worst weather conditions day or night with our self adapting control techniques. Every font is possible The I-Catcher LED displays give each price sign a perfect finishing touch. I-Catcher displays are used in more than 54 countries around the world.

On thousands of forecourts globally, companies like Shell, BP and Total rely on the quality of Bever’s I-Catcher displays. There are multiple fonts and colors available, making sure your corporate house style is represented correctly in your price sign.

Unique flexibility Strengthen your on-site branding with the I-Catcher Full graphic LED display. Make no concessions with your corporate identity! The various options in font shape, color, and size will create a display complementing your house style perfectly. Hybrid technology Bever Innovations I-Catcher price displays are built with the newest Hybrid technology. This is a combination of two proven LED technologies (HMT and SMD) in one ultimate LED display solution with the best reliability, power efficiency and readability. The I-Catcher displays have the advantages of SMD technology (automatic and steady perpendicular placement), and the advantages of through hole technology (HMT) like oval viewing angle (more efficient) and better readability in direct sunlight.



LEDAREAILLUMINATION Luci Series Ambiente is an LED fixture from the awarded Luci Series family, designed especially for area lighting around your petrol station. Lighting the roads and parking facilities with Luci Series Ambiente immediately gives drivers the right feeling in terms of comfort and visibility. First impressions are important This is exactly the case for your petrolstation. The right lighting on the approach roads and parking area will make your clients feel safe and welcome. Bever Innovations designed an LED Area luminaire that combines the perfect light level with big energy savings.

Bever Innovations designed an LED luminaire that combines the optimum light level with big energy savings. Luci Series Ambiente is an LED fixture from the awarded Luci Series family, designed with a special focus on the area around your petrol station. Lighting the roads and parking facilities with Luci Series Ambiente immediately gives drivers the right feeling in terms of comfort and visibility. The LED fitting consumes very little energy, enabling a potential saving up to 70%. Maintenance? Forget about that! The Ambiente is designed to last more than 15 years*! * Based on 12 hours of use, day or night, 365 days a year.

This product is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under OP-Zuid: LED’SCONNECTTHEFUTURE 13 12


LEDSHOPILLUMINATION Luci Series LED Shop Illumination is the most energy efficient way of lighting your shop. The elegant LED spots create a visually welcoming atmosphere which attracts customers and puts them at ease. The intensity of the LED spots is variable, meaning the comfort factor of the luminaire can be diff erent for each shelf. This makes it possible to focus on certain products and encourage impulse purchases.

The LED spots consume very little energy, enabling a potential saving up to 75%.

Forget about maintenance The Luci Series LED luminaires are designed to last more than 8 years! This is based on 12 hours of use, day or night, 365 days a year. Luci Series LED Shop Illumination sees Bever Innovations concentrating on the petrol station owner who knows the importance of reducing energy costs whilst putting customer experience center stage. Inspire customers The right in-store atmosphere can make your customers feel welcome and give a more enjoyable shopping experience. Bever Innovations LED Shop Illumination is designed to enhance the appearance of all your products on sale.

The energy-efficient LED shop lighting creates a visually welcoming environment which not only reduces energy consumption but also improves the customer’s comfort. Operational advantages LED Our solutions are suitable for every petrol station’s application. They offer attractive opportunities to inspire customers by improving the appearance of products and enhancing store ambience. Bever Innovations has the design skills and experience of implementation in new or retrofit projects to provide you with the best energy efficient solution that needs the least maintenance.

Be smart Bever Innovations’ smart LED shop illumination takes petrol station shop lighting to the next level. Create the right atmosphere in every area of your shop to enhance displays. Control your energy and maintenance costs while improving your retail presentation. Energy savings The Luci Series LED Shop Illumination not only offers ideal visual conditions, the energy savings are really high. Compared to conventional 2x26W CFL luminaires, the Luci Series LED Shop Illumination saves up to 75%. LED’SCONNECTTHEFUTURE 15 14


INTELLIGENTFORECOURT CUSTOMERSERVICESYSTEMS Nowadays oil companies are very much aware of their branding and the corporate image of their petrol stations.

Many developments and branding enhancements take place in the shop, adding value to the petrol site, with numerous promotions and extras. But what if we go back to the basics and perfect the core business... refueling? Would that pump up the volume? Refueling Murphy’s law ‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’ can be reflected in the feelings of many petrol station visitors. Customers often think they have picked the wrong lane because other lanes appear to move faster. This creates a feeling of dissatisfaction. Visitors will change lanes and create unsafe situations and further congestion on your forecourt.

The three biggest client complaints on your petrol forecourt?

  • Waiting until the desired fuel grade is available and not knowing how long it will take until the pump is free.
  • Choosing the wrong lane. Visitors often have the feeling they have to wait endlessly in their chosen lane, then they see other lanes are moving faster. This can result in changing lanes, which causes unsafe situations and more congestion on the forecourt
  • Technical issues are often not communicated well by the site. When a customer gets to a pump having queued and their grade is not available they are again frustrated.

Now improving the customer forecourt experience can be achieved by helping your clients to make the right choices, so refueling will be quick, safe and easy.

Simply informing customers about timing and availability plus redirecting them to the right dispenser is key! LED’SCONNECTTHEFUTURE 17 16


2 3 1 How can we make this possible? Bever Innovations has developed the FOCUS system, which inform customers what grades are available and which pump will be available next. This system is available in 3 variations: 1. FOCUS FPT, showing Fuel and Pump availability combined with a Timer 2. FOCUS FP, showing Fuel grade and Pump availability 3. FOCUS P, showing Pump availability 1 - FOCUS FPT The first concept of this version was made for Shell. Bever Innovations created a system that guided visitors to the first available pump. The fundamental idea is that a client arriving on the forecourt only needs one glance at the system to see which pump is available next.

Signage used on this system indicates to a client as they drive in which pumps are available, where other clients are refueling and which customers are paying and leaving the forecourt.

2 - FOCUS FP This system informs the customers in a very intuitive manner which grade is available at which pump on both manned and unmanned stations and when there is technical problem with the pump that cannot be fixed instantly or if the staff have closed a lane. On EPOS connected versions it can indicate which pump is available next. This increases the safety on the forecourt and reduces lost time. Changing of lanes will decrease and clients will progress quickly to the correct pump. 3 - FOCUS P As with Focus FP this is a simple and easy way to inform your customer which of the pumps is available.

It reduces the amount of people backing up on your forecourt, increases safety and reduces lost time. LED’SCONNECTTHEFUTURE 19 18

STARTWITHWIRELESSSMARTCONNECTEDLIGHTING Connect EOS Technology connects devices, equipment and processes to the Internet-of-Things in the simplest way. EOS improves your petrol station and environment and is very easy to install. Intergrated design EOS Technology is integrated into the LED products and solutions from Bever Innovations and it can also be added to every other device in your network. It connects all devices on your forecourt. Connect as many networks as you like because EOS technology can talk with any other connected systems; it is endlessly scalable. This opens up a world of possibilities.

Plug&Play There is no need to worry about installation, cabling and configuring. EOS technology connects devices, equipment and processes in the simplest way: it’s plug and play. It is very safe because all data is encrypted and only you decide who has access to your connected system. Flexible The EOS Manager can handle a high level of detail about your data and the output can be configured to your specifications. Its flexibility ensures that a limitless number of luminaires and devices can be managed, expanded and modified. And because it is all wireless, there is no need to make any adjustments to your infrastructure.

EOS Manager map selection Intuitively shows an image of your network representing your site layout. Dragging, dropping and zooming is easy. You are given the tools you need to keep an overview of all your devices.

SMARTOPERATIONWITHEOSMANAGERAPP The EOS Manager is an application available for Android through the Google Play Store. It helps you with installing, configuring and analysing all connected devices, in real time, 24/7. It turns your mobile device into an intuitive way to communicate with all your connected EOS devices. It allows you to fully analyse the behaviour of your devices, increase safety and to push energy savings to a higher level. Data and usage statistics can be easily extracted by one touch of a button.

Configure Group Extract statistics LED’SCONNECTTHEFUTURE 21 20

2 EOSCONNECTED:BIGDATAMADEEASY Web-based management system EOS Connected is an intuitive web-based management system for EOS devices and Bever innovations LED products, that gives information about your forecourt infrastructure. It allows you to have an overview of all sites with EOS devices, to monitor remotely and to have better insight into device operating conditions, such as temperature, average power consumption etc. It also allows you to efficiently plan maintenance and monitoring in advance. All your data – in one overview The EOS LED lighting and its device infrastructure is represented by a flexible and detailed data model, a site floorplan for easy identification of device location, allowing configuration of devices to be optimized to a petrol stations’ specific needs.

Benefit from a complete analytical overview, which allows you to plan preventive maintenance and to analyse luminaire behaviour over time. This simple data visualization shows accurate charts and maps. EOS Connected on screen examples: Remotely monitor your EOS luminaires and see historical data such as energy usage and savings and CO2 emmision reduction. Data EOS Connected shows you your petrol sites and gives you remote access to detailed site information. Petrol sites overview PREDICTIVEMAINTENANCE Real time data The constant flow of data from connected EOS devices enables unforeseen situations in your devices to be spotted in real time.

Connected systems can provide a great amount of data to allow more accurate predictive analysis, allowing you to optimize decision making and use of connected (EOS) devices.

Combining the data of sensors throughout the process allows transparency. Filtering this data enables better decision making about maintenance, to optimize performance based on their role within the network. Together, these abilities can enable more informed, strategic decision making—the primary benefits of the predictive maintenance process. John installs EOS LED products and devices on this petrol site. They are automatically connected to the EOS Manager app. Sensors stream data about EOS devices’ vital statistics to EOS Connected. EOS Connected builds statistics using historical and real time data to create heat maps, sees product settings, failure and change settings Maintenance orders are automatically generated, and maintenance companies are instantly informed.

EOS Connected alerts John of maintenance needs. John monitors the data remotely and checks if all devices are performing well and in healthy conditions. John is a petrol station maintenance supervisor in charge of monitoring and maintaining operating devices on (remote) sites. CONNECTED PUMP STATION REMOTE MONITORING PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS AUTOMATED MAINTENANCE ORDERS LED’SCONNECTTHEFUTURE 23 22

Bever_BROCHURE_CORPORATE_GB_2019-07-30 Bever Innovations B.V. Techniekweg 2 | 4301 RT Zierikzee The Nederlands Tel +31(0)111 74 54 00 Find here your representative LED’SCONNECTTHEFUTURE

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