Could be worth millions

Could be worth millions

Could be worth millions september 2018 next EMC event: The Fall cruise mustang found after 50 years, could be worth millions The first Ford Mustang owner kept the car

Could be worth millions

2 I September 2018 president’s letter What’s on the President’s Mind EMC president I dan bybee Next Meeting Friday, Oct, 5th Larry Miller Ford 6th & Simms 11595 W 6th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80215 at 7:00pm How was Horsefeathers this year? From all accounts it was a success, however there was some small issues, like we needed more food and drinks at our end, it sure was hot and we lost our shade, strong winds blew down the tent we had set up and we had issues with our online judging format.

At the end of the day however the club made money and we also made money for our charity. Lot’s of wonderful awards were given out among the 132 cars that were present. Of those 100 were registered for judging.

The online registration worked fantastic. We had 48 early Mustangs and 31 late model Mustangs and 21 cars were other Ford models to be judged. 32 cars were display only and I believe the quality of cars on our end were better than the other car show vehicles. Once again want to thank all the volunteers who helped with the show. Looking forward to our event this month and know it’s going to a blast. Thanks in advance to Darrell and Jon for setting this up for the club  Hope all is well with everyone  Later DAN the BOSS

Could be worth millions

September 2018 I 3 BOARD REPORTS Vice President Election dinner will be at Bennetts Barbecue on Oct 20th.

Anybody who has a desire to be an officer for the upcoming year 2019 let Jon know and he will get you on the ballot. Time will be 6:00 P M Director Bob Bettinger has stepped up to take over for Dave and has a spot for us at the Rocky Mountain Metro Airport where we had the event before. It will be Dec 2nd from 2-5 pm Full details later. Treasure General account 6,145.22 Charity Account 2,232.43 Tourmaster Sept: Fall Cruise Oct is election dinner at Bennetts. See details in newsletter. Nov 7 Forney Museum Dusting and then out for lunch. Dec 2nd is Xmas party at Rocky Mountain Airport CCCC One of the things in the Council News this month is an interesting resume of the Beach Boys car songs from all the years the Beach Boys were spinning out their songs.

Featured are short bios of the albums and the way they came about. For those of us interested in cars, I think this is an excellent review of what the Beach Boys were doing during the 1960’s. It brings back a lot of memories for me, at least.  If you would like to receive the monthly newsletter, send an email to Greg Akiyama at and include name, club affiliation, and phone number. It’s FREE. Thanks, Bob B., CCCC representative General notes Two club members got trophy’s at the applebee car show. Congrats to Glenn Cobb and Denny Lobben .

We will be moving up our meeting time to 7:00 PM so we can get out earlier for the folks at the dealership. INTRODUCING THE MUSTANG 3.7 CONNECTION  The MUSTANG 3.7 CONNECTION is dedicated to the history and future of the Duratec 3.7L V6 powered Mustangs assembled from 2011 to 2017. We are the home of the feature MUSTANG 3.7 CONNECTION e-newsletters. At present we have over 675 members in the US and Canada. We are focused on providing quality monthly feature e-newsletters and other information about the Duratec 37 powered Mustangs. We charge no dues, but we do ask for digital pictures, stories, interviews and other information about these Mustangs to contribute toward their legacy.

If you are interested in joining our MUSTANG 3.7 CONNECTION, then review our website at and join on our Contact third page at no cost. You do not have to own a 3.7L Mustang to be a member. Would you like to receive free feature e-newsletters dedicated to the 3.7L Mustangs from 2011 to 2017? Then consider joining our MUSTANG 3.7 CONNECTION. september club meeting

Could be worth millions

4 I September 2018 Mustang street news ‘Little Red’ 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 found after 50 years, could be worth millions By Gary Gastelu | Fox News Seek and ye shall find.

Eventually. A legendary Ford Mustang that many thought was destroyed 50 years ago has been discovered rotting away in a Texas field. And it could be worth millions. Affectionately called Little Red, the 1967 model was an experimental car that Ford loaned to Carrol Shelby to use as a test bed for the development of performance parts. Little Red and a later car, unofficially known as the Green Hornet, were the only two Shelby GT 500 notchback coupes of their era, each sporting a snazzy vinyl roof. Shelby’s crew tinkered with the cars, trying out different body parts, engines and transmissions.

Little Red was primarily configured with a supercharged 428 V8 and 3-speed automatic transmission, while the Green Hornet was fitted with a prototype independent rear suspension that never made it into production, but remains on the car today.

Bidding for the Green Hornet reached $1.9 million at a 2013 auction. (Barrett-Jackson) Little Red made an appearance at a Ford preview event in Los Angeles, where it inspired the creation of the first California Special Mustang, which aped its styling, if not performance. Shelby eventually sent the cars back to Ford for a date with the crusher, as was standard practice for prototype cars, but they both stood it up. Little Red appeared at several promotional events. (Martin L. Schorr) The Green Hornet showed up at a Ford employee auction in 1971 and was resold several times until it ended up in the garage of Barrett-Jackson Auction House CEO, Craig Jackson, about 15 years ago.

Little Red just disappeared.

A half-century of failed attempts to find it seemed to back up the prevailing view that it had been crushed. But like any good mystery, all that was missing was the right key to unlock it. Then Jackson got his hands on it. Jackson and classic car specialist Jason Billups were doing research on the Green Hornet recently and found an inventory sheet from Ford listing its VIN along with those of some other cars. It dawned on Billups that everyone who’d been looking through records for Little Red were using its Shelby-issued serial number, rather than the original Ford VIN, which they now had.

(Kevin Marti) And just like that, they found it.

It was registered in Texas, where they connected with its current owner this past February — and the rest of its story unfolded. Jackson told Fox News that Little Red, naturally-

Could be worth millions

august 2018 I 5 mustang street news aspirated again, was sent to Courtesy Ford in Littleton, Colo., where a wounded Vietnam vet decided to treat himself, not knowing the car he was about to buy was any more special than the other Shelbys on the lot. After driving it for a couple of years he then sold to a man who lived in Wyoming at the time. The second owner later moved to Texas and had it put away in a storage container that got broken into, the thief taking a few parts from the car, which was no longer in running condition.

After that, he brought it to his cousin’s house in Weatherford, Texas, and left it in his yard among a bunch of other old cars, where it was sitting when Jackson and his team arrived.

Along with Billups, he’d brought along renowned Mustang expert Kevin Marti to authenticate the find. Marti last year confirmed that a Mustang shell that had been sitting in a Mexican junkyard for years was one of the stunt cars used in the Steve McQueen film “Bullitt.” This one wasn’t in much better shape. The engine and transmission are out, the front fenders and hood are missing, and you’d never give it a second look if not for the Shelby badge on the roof pillar. The owner told Jackson he had a hunch that it might be Little Red about 25 years ago, but when he reached out to the folks at Shelby, they gave him the crusher story.

Confident that it was the real deal, Jackson said the owner sold it to him for a fair price and was glad to be a part of what’s to come. Jackson wants to bring it back to life in as close to its ideal condition as possible. Of course, he’s not really really sure what that is, since it morphed many times while Ford and Shelby were working with it. So he’s launching a website to document the work and crowdsource information from anyone who has any.

“If your dad worked for Ford or Shelby, talk to them. Or look in your closet and see if you have any old pictures of it. Anything might help,” he said. One hint he already has is the presence of two fuel pumps, which supports a rumor that it was twin-supercharged at one time. As for the rest, the work will likely be a yearslong project that Marti thinks will rewrite Mustang history. Jackson didn’t say what he planned to do with it when its done, but he did put Green Hornet up for auction in 2013 and the bidding got as high as $1.9 million, which wasn’t enough to meet its reserve. Don’t expect him to offer a discount for the pair.

Could be worth millions

6 I September 2017 monthly EMC events SEPTEMBER EVENT EMC FALL cruise (FMPSTR) DARRELL SCHWARTZKOPF / JON MEDIN EVent info SEPTEMBER 22nd & 23rd Place: TBA Meet: Larry Miller Ford Cost: $250.00 Per Couple Contact: Jon Medin 303-906-2066 As announced at the club meeting on Friday, 3/2, Darrell Schwartzkopf and I are putting together a fall cruise (FMPSTR) for the EMC. The dates for the cruise (FMPSTR) will be September 22nd & 23rd, 2018. We will be starting out at Larry Miller Ford in Lakewood and heading out from there. Participants will not know the route or destination, once at Larry Miller Ford, you will be given directions to the first checkpoint.

At that checkpoint and all others after, you will receive directions to the next checkpoint. There will also be items to check off and things to do at each checkpoint that you will get points for. Points get you prizes. Another way to get points is to figure out what FMPSTR means and if you do, don’t tell anyone else, keep it to yourself! Everyone is welcome, kids included. We just need to know how many and ages. You are not required to drive your Mustang but we would love it if you did. We are trying to arrange covered parking at the hotel but this may not be an option. Plan to drive up to 150 miles each day.

Attached is a registration form and we are requesting this form back along with a $100 deposit by our club meeting on May 4th, 2018. The remainder will be due by August 25th, 2018. Total cost has not yet been determined as we do not have a hotel selected at this time. Once we know how many will be attending, we will be better able to get final costs. We are trying to keep this cost to around $250.00 per couple. At last nights meeting, it was said that the cost would be per person, this was incorrect, the cost will be per couple.

What is included in the $250.00 per couple cost? Dinner Saturday night 1 - Hotel room Saturday night (double occupancy) Lunch Sunday Prizes, great scenery and lots of fun! Once again, please return your 2018 FMPSTR registration along with a $100.00 deposit by 5/4/18.

Any questions, Please contact Darrell or myself. Jon Medin

Could be worth millions

September 2018 I 7 Monthly EMC events The dinner will be held Saturday October 20th, at 6:00 pm and will be at Bennett’s BBQ in Arvada. Cost will be a bit higher this year as they have raised their prices, it will be $22.00 per person but includes the dinner and non-bar drinks (soft drinks, lemonade, milk). Please let me know on/by the October meeting, 10/5 if you will be attending so that I can get the restaurant now how many will be attending. Either email me at or call 303-906- 2066.

Payment will be made directly to Bennetts at the time of the dinner. Any questions, let me know.

Hope to see you there, Jon october EVENT election dinner JON MEDIN EVent info Saturday October, 20th Place: Bennett’s Barbeque Cost: 22.00 per person Address: 7490 W 52nd Ave Arvada, CO 80002 Phone: 303-906-2066 Time: 6:00 pm

Could be worth millions

8 I September 2018 Mustang street news The first Ford Mustang owner kept the car. It’s now worth $350,000 DETROIT – Tom and Gail Wise disagreed about whether a broken-down car should be stored in a family garage for 27 years or sold for junk. He insisted they keep it because, he promised, one day he would find the time to fix the vehicle himself. It was her skylight blue convertible Ford Mustang, purchased at age 22 in 1964, that their family of six drove for 15 years. One day, it just stopped running. And there it sat until Tom retired. When he started hunting for car parts on the internet, he discovered a story about someone with a similar car who claimed to be the very first Mustang owner, with a purchase date of April 16, 1964.

“Tom came to me and said, ‘I think you bought the car a day earlier,’ ” Gail Wise recalled. “And, sure enough, he went down to the basement and found the receipt and the owner’s manual. Sure enough, I had purchased the car on April 15.” They called Hagerty Classic Insurance, experts on collector cars, and learned a paper trail was essential. “We had everything,” Gail Wise said. “We didn’t know it was anything special. But we kept the new car invoice, the registered owners manual. Tom’s a saver.” So now, as Ford celebrates production of the 10 millionth Mustang, Gail Wise is back in the spotlight.

She was at company headquarters last week and, from Thursday through Saturday this week, her Mustang will be on public display in Royal Oak, Michigan.

“It’s like being a movie star at 76,” she said with a tiny laugh. “I felt like a movie star at 22 when I bought the car. I mean, that was 54 years ago and we’re still talking about it.” Her story, she notes, is filled with luck and mystery. ‘That convertible was for me’ The new third-grade teacher was living at home with her parents on the northwest side of Chicago and sharing her father’s red and black 1957 Ford. But she had accepted a job in the suburbs. So Helen and Cleadis Brown agreed to lend their daughter money for a new car, and they headed to Johnson Ford on Cicero Avenue.

“I told the salesman I wanted a convertible, and he said, ‘I have none on the floor.

Come into the back room, I have something special to show you,’ ” Gail said. “There were two Mustangs, one was a hard top. And he didn’t even bother to show me that one. He lifted the tarp, and I knew that convertible was for me.” Back then, new cars always came out at the end of September, and Ford wanted to shock the world with an April reveal. The company had distributed Mustangs to dealerships around the country so salespeople would have something to show when Lee Iacocca unveiled the car at the World’s Fair in New York on April 17, 1964.

“This was two days before, and it was all top secret,” Wise said. “But he sold it to me. I drove out of that showroom with everyone waving at me and asking me to slow down. TV ran a lot of advertisements for Mustang, but they never showed the car. They just showed the logo and said, ‘It’s coming.’ For this to be out in April was a really, really big thing. People were so happy, giving me The Wise family shot a Christmas card picture in July 1979 with the Ford Mustang. Shortly after, Tom pushed the car into the garage, where it remained for 27 years. (Photo: Gail Wise) Ford CEO and President James Hackett, left, talks with Tom and Gail Wise of Park Ridge, Ill., on Aug 8.

2018, about their 1964 Ford Mustang convertible at Ford world headquarters in Dearborn, Mich. Ford is celebrating the building of its 10 millionth Mustang. (Photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell, Detroit Free Press)