Creating our future

Creating our future

The IMI Newsletter Issue 11 August 2019 Creating our future

Creating our future

IMI is a great company and I am very much looking forward to leading the business in the next phase of its development. I am also very excited about the significant opportunity we have to put the customer at the centre of our decision making, create sustainable value and make a difference. August 2019 IMI will create tremendous value by in attractive markets and employing We have some tremendous strengths. First and foremost we employ great people. Our operational platform includes some of the best factories and processes in our sector and we are renowned for our world-class engineering expertise.

Throughout the last 150 years our Company has used this engineering expertise to solve some of the most complex challenges. By way of example, within IMI Precision, Norgren invented the lubricator which extended the life of industrial automation systems; IMI CCI, which is part of our Critical Engineering division, dramatically improved the reliability of electricity production; and TA and Heimeier, two of IMI Hydronic’s market-leading businesses, improved building heating efficiencies by over 20 per cent. And in doing so IMI has created significant value for customers, employees and shareholders.

Today, as our world continues to change rapidly and the demand for cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient processes continues to grow, customers need our expertise more than ever. We must capitalise on this market opportunity and deploy our considerable strengths to solve our customers’ problems in a way that accelerates value creation for all our stakeholders.

Creating our future

ww Roy Twite CEO IMI plc IMI delivered results largely in line with expectations in the first half of 2019, reflecting all the good work being done across the Group to harness the full potential of our business.

In Precision Engineering, sales were slightly down, as growth with Commercial Vehicle and Life Science customers could not offset the effects of a global slowing within its largest vertical, Industrial Automation. Focus for the division in the second half will be to drive performance to deliver good margins despite the market headwinds, while continuing to advance its strategic agenda.

Critical Engineering delivered an expected drop in its revenue, but was able to hold margins broadly flat versus 2018 through continued execution of efficiency initiatives and further leveraging of high margin aftermarket sales. Importantly, the division saw growth in its backlog orderbook and the first bookings in what is expected to be a recovery in LNG orders, where IMI’s technological leadership is well established. Strong bookings from the division’s IMI Truflo Marine business also supported the result in the first half; we see its market as an excellent growth opportunity for Critical Engineering for years to come.

Regarding Hydronic Engineering, having successfully “reset” the focus of the division in 2018, results were excellent in the first six months of 2019, with sales, profits, and margins all showing good growth. Our core brands of TA, Heimeier, and Pneumatex continue to underpin our technology-leading offering into our markets, and the division boasts some of the company’s most lean operations which enable both great customer service and cost efficiency. Cash delivery was also solid in the first half, with the divisions improving cash flow and working capital management. This will be a critical focus area for the Group going forward as our ability to deliver free cash flow will enable us to pursue those investments - both organic and inorganic - that will help to take IMI to the next level.

My thanks to all for their hard work in supporting the delivery of our first half commitments. Daniel Shook Finance Director Full details of the 2019 interim results, including the webcast of the presentation to the City, are available at solving key industry problems the best Precision Critical Hydronic To best harness this opportunity we need a winning and pragmatic strategy. In other words, we need to determine where we are going to compete and how we are going to win in our chosen markets. As our existing five-year plan moves through its final phase, work on developing our future strategic direction is well underway and I will provide an update early next year.

Our people and our culture are and will continue to be key to our success. I am committed to building a diverse and inclusive meritocracy, which appoints and promotes the best people who are commercially astute, excellent at execution and have a growth mind set. Our core values of integrity, excellence, innovation and collaboration will continue to be embedded in everything we do. And recognising that our ability to create value is entirely dependent on our customers, we have added a new core value - customer focus.

Now is the time to capitalise on our many strengths, drive our business forward and make a difference.

Working together, I am confident that we will effectively harness the significant opportunity we have to create sustainable value for our customers, our shareholders, our people, and society. Roy Twite Chief Executive 3

Creating our future

The IMI Newsletter Issue 11 August 2019 4 The IMI Newsletter Issue 11 WRITTEN BY Mike Semens-Flanagan Chief Technology Officer IMI Critical Engineering IMI’s ambitious Growth Accelerator programme, first launched by IMI Critical, now adopted by IMI Precision and IMI Hydronic A new approach A Growth Accelerator approach has already been implemented with proven success by major global organisations such as Nike, Google and eBay. The programme builds on IMI Critical’s knowledge and will accelerate business growth, following the reduction in fossil and nuclear power demand. In a world where, in the last 48 hours, more data has passed around the world than had been created since the start of history up to the year 2010, the potential for disruption is obvious.

It is vital that IMI Critical is able to react more quickly than everyone else. IMI Critical aims to develop products faster to directly solve customer or industry problems. This will stimulate business growth and create more opportunities for our talented colleagues. The programme has the full involvement of the entire IMI Critical Executive team.

An initial cohort of seven ‘sprint’ teams were assembled in September 2018, drawing from employees across all sites and functions of the division. With support from their sponsors and external experts, the teams spent the first few weeks on the programme working to identify various industry problems in preparation for the official kick-off event which took place in London in October 2018. The launch event was a great success with 73 attendees from across the division. Over two days the teams brought a lot of energy as they underwent a series of exercises, from assumption busting to experimentation, customer mapping and much more.

These sessions aimed to disrupt conventional thinking and challenge assumptions about the status quo. One participant explained: “We thought about what questions our competitors would hate us to answer, an idea we would all certainly like to make a reality!” With every great idea must come a business case and the teams were given a simple model to help draw out all the key insights necessary to build one. The last sessions of the event included customer mapping and development of a minimal viable product (MVP), by turning problems into opportunities to generate a new set of ideas. Using a voting system to select the most promising idea, the teams started to build their first MVP – the smallest experiment they could run to prove or disprove their hypothesis.

This exercise took them into the sprint cycles, during which industry problem statements were refined based on customer feedback, before building and testing the MVP. The test and learn process in the sprint cycle encouraged the teams to validate and refine their ideas to ensure the solution they came up with at the end is one that customers value and will pay for. The teams reached out to industry experts, start-ups and universities to utilise August 2019 Last August, IMI Critical Engineering was the first IMI division to launch a brand-new initiative, the Growth Accelerator programme, to build a sustainable growth engine for the future.

The programme is designed to fast-track growth by putting talented employees in diverse teams to solve industry problems. 4

Creating our future

Precision Critical Hydronic 5 Joining our friends in the other IMI divisions, we have kicked off the first Growth Accelerator programe with a two-day executive meeting in France. √√The outcome of this meeting resulted in four growth themes, that the Hydronic executive team are confident will give the best opportunities: l How can we use data to solve customer problems? l What channels to market best serve customers solving their problems? l What can we do to solve customer problems in the aftermarket/ retrofit and preventative maintenance in the Americas? l How can we exploit disruptive technologies in building design and operation to solve customer problems? Four sprint teams of 7 have been identified and invited to join the Growth Accelerator.

The key aspect of the teams is diversity of thought, pulling members from all functions and six graduates are also included as part of the programme. The teams are spending the summer identifying industry-wide customer problems related to the four growth themes. The formal sprint kick-off will take place in September and a final pitch in December.

In parallel we are developing our overarching purpose encompassing our themes for growth. Work has started to bring this purpose to life through conversations across the division on the following areas: l What: energy efficiency, smart connected products/world, simpler and easy to install, innovation, the Hydronic College l Why: peace of mind, safety, comfort, easy to purchase, easy to install, confidence, noise control l Who: everyone, employees and future employees, diverse and inclusive, at home and at work, the elderly, suppliers, future generations, customers and their customers We are confident the Growth Accelerator programme will bring an empowered mind-set change and a customer-centric vision enabling our business to fulfil its growth ambition.

The new initiative has been tailored to Precision’s specific requirements and is designed to help: l Build a customer engagement mindset l Find new sources of growth l Build innovation capability across the organisation l Achieve greater customer engagement l Increase collaboration across the regions Five teams of 6-7 people have been assembled from across the world to work on five key project areas that have been identified as areas that could unlock significant potential for the business. Since the launch in June, these five cross-functional teams have taken part in a two-day diagnostics workshop either in person or via video conferencing.

Before the workshop, each team had been tasked with creating a problem statement and during the workshop they looked at the market opportunity, validated customer needs, understood potential blockers and identified potential resources against their statements. Using various diagnostic tools, the groups worked through their problem statements and validated their assumptions by calling customers. During this process multiple groups found that they needed to go back to rework their problem statement in order to really get to the heart of the customer problem. Following the workshop, the teams have been asked to regroup and decide on next steps and further engage with customers to validate the problem statement and any key assumptions.

The problem statements will then be shared before starting to work towards a video pitch of ideas to the Executive Team at the end of July. Following the pitch, the Executive Team will decide which teams will move forward to the second and full phase of Growth Accelerator in September 2019. their experience and knowledge of key technologies to help build solutions and value propositions.

June Stephens, part of the Americas team, sharing her insights on their journey on the programme said: “As a member of the team, this has been an eye opening and exciting journey. Normally we would have jumped straight to solution mode, but innovation coaches taught us to truly identify problems, instead of assuming what the problems are; since poorly identified problems lead to lacklustre solutions. We went through an iterative journey of identifying and pressure testing the problem – doing interviews with actual customers so that the problem we identified aligns to daily pain points they would pay to have resolved.

After only two iterations, we became so much more customer centric compared to the start and vastly more confident in our proposals. Overall, our team is very excited and motivated to see this process through. We dream of positively affecting the customer in a tangible way and hope to leave a lasting legacy for IMI.” In February all the teams pitched their proposals to the IMI Critical Executive, as well as Dan Shook (IMI’s Group Finance Director) and Phil Clifton, IMI Hydronic Engineering’s Divisional Managing Director. Members of the first cohort of the Growth Accelerator are now helping coach the second wave of Growth Accelerator teams.

The Growth Accelerator programme is being rolled out to the whole of the IMI Group with the explicit aim of building a culture of customer-focus and innovation that creates sustainable and profitable growth.

WRITTEN BY Duncan McBurnie Business Development Director IMI Precision Engineering WRITTEN BY Kieran Griffin Growth Accelerator Programme Manager IMI Hydronic Engineering Two-phase IMI Precision Growth Accelerator IMI Hydronic presses the Accelerator Precision Critical Hydronic Following a successful launch of Growth Accelerator in IMI’s Critical Engineering division, the Precision process gets underway.

Creating our future
  • 6 A powerful and engaging start to the next chapter of IMI plc The IMI Newsletter Issue 11 August 2019 For the third year, nearly 300 Group and divisional colleagues gathered in April for the annual conferences at the Celtic Manor Resort. UK. The theme of the conference was Creating our Future – chosen to align with the announcement of Roy Twite as Chief Executive following the retirement of Mark Selway. Mark Selway opened the conference and outlined its objectives were to welcome new leadership, celebrate success and set the foundations for the future. During his remarks, Mark talked about his time as Chief Executive of IMI and outlined what he is most proud of: l
  • Achieving operational excellence and world-class facilities l
  • Development of market-leading products that are building competitive advantage l
  • Investment in digital capabilities and infrastructure l
  • Establishment of core processes and best practice sharing Roy then took to the stage and gave his thoughts, first of all by thanking Mark for his service to the Company and then continuing to talk about his pride in the heritage of IMI. He emphasised that IMI has a strong operational platform to build upon that consists of great people, fantastic engineering expertise and great factories. With the world around us changing fast, Roy outlined how we need to focus on delivering profitable growth by creating more value for customers and generating better returns for IMI. We will do this by ensuring our new products are truly differentiated and margin accretive; and over time we must move into more attractive markets where we can lead. Roy ended with his vision: “IMI will create tremendous value by solving key industry problems in attractive markets and employing the best.” As has become traditional, the Chairman, Lord Smith of Kelvin and Mark Selway presented Group and divisional awards at the gala dinner for Most Improved Plant, Innovation and Commercial Excellence. Mark was also presented with an award for his services to Engineering GREAT.

WRITTEN BY Geoff Tranfield Group HR Director, IMI plc In March, Jackie Hu succeeded Roy Twite as Divisional Managing Director of IMI Critical Engineering. Jackie has been with IMI for more than ten years, working in our Nuclear Sales business before several promotions. His last role was President, IMI Critical Engineering APAC. He has been a core part of the profitable growth and success of Asia Pacific and has pushed the collaborative approach of local sales support with our technical experts, maximising the sales of IMI products in the region.

With his new role, Jackie has outlined how the division will work together to create our own future, one that works towards our purpose – breakthrough engineering to improve quality of life! From humble beginnings, Jackie personally appreciates the hard work required to be the best you can be.

He is a big supporter of investment in people to build a great culture and a winning team. “If we leverage our expertise, focus on attractive markets and ensure we are solving real industry problems, we will create value for our customers and for IMI.” With Jackie joining the IMI Executive team, we will benefit from his drive and passion and he will bring more diversity to create a better future for IMI. IMI Critical’s new chief sees a bright future WRITTEN BY Mike Semens-Flanagan Chief Technology Officer IMI Critical Engineering

Creating our future

7 Precision Critical Hydronic Across the globe the requirement for sustainable homes and buildings, together with increasing legislation aimed at reducing carbon emissions, is driving demand for cost effective energy efficient heating and cooling systems. In response IMI Hydronic Engineering’s offering includes an extensive range of products and technologies that ensure HVAC systems operate in the most energy and cost-efficient way. To ensure optimal performance, correct system sizing and set-up are essential. Included in IMI Hydronic’s latest hydronic knowledge and tool offering is HyTools 3.0, a unique digital hydronic calculator available in app format for iOS and Android.

Packed with expert hydronic data, this user-friendly technology simplifies complex calculations relating to flow, differential pressure, power and valve settings, product and pipe sizing and unit conversion. For customers who need to perform engineering verifications quickly and easily, while on site or during meetings, HyTools is a very useful resource. In response to customers’ needs this latest version of HyTools, which was launched in March this year, includes a pressurisation section which customers can use to size the division’s IMI Pneumatex Statico, Compresso, Transfero and Vento pressurisation and degassing devices.

The HyTools app is available in 21 languages and can be downloaded from either Google Play or the Apple App Store. Since its launch it has been very well received and now has over 14,000 active users. On the app stores it has a rating of 4.6 stars out of five and reflecting this rating one review remarked: “Really good, every HVAC engineer must have!” Energy efficiency that’s user-friendly WRITTEN BY Jean-Christophe Carette Head of Technology IMI Hydronic Engineering A new, online tool is making life easier for customers buying advanced products from IMI Precision Engineering. Launched earlier this year in conjunction with new IMI Norgren ELION electric actuator, the configuration tool allows customers to specify their required actuator quickly and easily.

Manual specification of an electric actuator to meet specific needs can be a complex and time-consuming process involving many steps. For instance, customers would need to calculate a number of functional requirements including force, speed and torque of the motor.

Our software simplifies the whole process. Online customers input application attributes such as distance, load and time, and the configuration tool specifies the actuator to meet those needs, along with the price. Customers can also configure using product attributes such as size, communication protocols and mountings. Potential customers got their first chance to see the software in action alongside the advanced IMI Norgren ELION electric actuator which was unveiled at the Hannover Messe industrial fair in April.

Simon Gass, Global Product Marketing Manager – Actuators, was at the fair.

He said: “Our new IMI Norgren ELION rod-style electric actuator is an industry-leading product and was received very well by customers visiting our stand. There was also very good feedback to the configuration software tool which was developed to support customers buying this new product. The software represents another step up in our customer service levels. It does not replace the personal support and advice available to customers from our technical team but it certainly makes the initial product specification process easier and faster.” Members of IMI Precision’s engineering and marketing teams worked together for around six months to get the software ready for online use.

The software was adapted for specific use with the new rod-style actuator and to meet other business needs. In addition to helping customers, the software is also proving an invaluable tool for our sales team.

More work is being carried out on the software to enable online specification of the new rodless electric actuator which is due to be launched in late 2019. Plans are also in place to extend the use of this tool to encompass other IMI Precision Engineering products. New online ‘application configurator’ invaluable to customers and sales teams WRITTEN BY Jez Ashton Global Online Marketing Manager IMI Precision Engineering L to R: Didier Delforge, iOS app developer and Benjamin Baudoux, Android app developer 7

Creating our future

8 Left to right: Neil Mao, Operations Manager, IMI China, Miguel Angel Perez Olvera, Vinfast Presshop Process Lead Engineer, Terence Tan, Sales Manager Export IMI Singapore, Louis Hou, Project Manager, IMI China Collaboration makes automotive history in Vietnam WRITTEN BY Terence Tan Export Sales Manager IMI Precision Engineering, Singapore IMI Precision sites in Asia and the USA collaborated to design and produce the tooling which includes saddles, sensors and tooling arms used to move panels through the manufacturing press process.

Following a successful proposal to VinFast from Precision’s Norgren Automation Solutions (NAS) business in Detroit, USA, the Detroit team worked with colleagues in China to design the tooling solution. The China team, including Louis Hou and Zhang Hai Sheng, has led delivery of the project which includes manufacture and assembly of the tooling at IMI Precision Engineering China. Local service and customer support has been led by Samir Manglani at Precision’s Singapore office. Ron Slone, Director of Sales at IMI Precision’s Norgren Automation Solutions, led the USA team which included Jim Kalb, Leslie Brunet and Dave Schoenherr.

Excellent collaboration across two continents has resulted in IMI Precision Engineering working with an important new customer, VinFast, to make automotive history. VinFast is about to become the first volume automotive manufacturer in Vietnam. The company is using IMI Precision tooling to produce body panels for its first and state-ofthe-art cars which are due to be launched in the second half of 2019. Ron said: “We offered VinFast our expertise and guidance on a solution that they could trust and we’re very proud and delighted that they’ve chosen us to support them in the launch of Vietnam’s first home-manufactured car.” César Iván Torres Ballesteros, Press Shop Technical Manager at VinFast, said: “Collaboration with IMI Precision Engineering has worked very well.

They have shared their expertise and knowledge to provide us with a world-class solution that is helping us to deliver state-of-the-art cars.” Based at Cat Hai Island near the Vietnamese city of Hai Phong, VinFast unveiled the prototypes of its first two car models, a sedan and SUV, at the Paris Motor Show last October – only one year after the company was founded by VinGroup. IMI Precision delivered its tooling solution to VinFast in June this year in readiness for the start of volume production. The sizeable order marks the first time that tooling from IMI Precision has been adopted by an automotive plant in Vietnam.

August 2019 8 The IMI Newsletter Issue 11

Creating our future

In recent years demand for intelligent heating and cooling systems has grown rapidly. Today, customers require energy efficient systems that can be installed and operated easily and controlled and monitored in a variety of ways, including remotely. In response to this increasing trend, IMI Hydronic is to evolving and expanding its product portfolio. In the last 12 months, the division has continued to enhance its connected offering, with the launch of new innovative products which enable communication and connection with other devices and systems to deliver optimal performance and energy efficiency.

The new BrainCube connect technology allows customers to monitor and control the pressurisation equipment within their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system at any time, from any place, via a smartphone, laptop or building management system. As accurate pressurisation is the key driver of optimal HVAC system performance the remote access and visibility BrainCube provides is invaluable. In addition, if a system fault is detected, an alert is sent directly to the customer’s smartphone and, using the remote access, system settings Customer solutions in connected technologies WRITTEN BY Marcella Colombino Marketing Content Specialist IMI Hydronic Engineering can be checked immediately and adjustments made and, if service is required, this can be arranged before any problems worsen.

BrainCube connect technology is now integrated as standard across a range of IMI Pneumatex solutions including Simply Compresso, Compresso Connect and Transfero Connect, three pressure maintenance products which are suitable for small, medium and large applications up to 160Mw of power. The division’s new connected product range includes nine new versions of the TA-Slider digital actuator. These new digital actuators are compatible with all control systems, with or without BUS communication, and can be digitally configured via any building management system or via IMI Hydronic’s HyTune smartphone App.

Using the HyTune app, from the palm of their hand, the customer can choose from over 200 configurations to fine tune the installed actuator and monitor operating parameters. AuraConnect a new thermostatic control solution for smart homes also forms part of IMI Hydronic’s new product offering. This IMI Heimeier product solution, which is compatible with radiators and underfloor heating or a combination of both, gathers key data including information about BrainCube connect technology in action: adjusting settings on Simply Compresso pressurisation device using a smartphone Configuring AuraConnect using smartphone app temperature and humidity and can be controlled via a smartphone and integrated functions within the home such as motion and window-open sensors.

Graeme Waugh, Head of the IMI Hydronic Engineering College said: “Our extensive range of connected products and technologies deliver a number of significant customer benefits including better system control, easy remote access and last, but by no means least, peace of mind. By continuing to develop innovative solutions we will further enhance our market position and grow our business.” Customers at ISH looking at the AuraConnect demo wall Configuring a TA-Slider using the HyTune app Precision Critical Hydronic 9

Creating our future

10 The IMI Newsletter Issue 11 GM specifies carbon fibre tooling solution August 2019 IMI Truflo Marine targets export opportunities as part of Sub Club WRITTEN BY Amy Payne Marketing Manager, IMI Truflo Marine, IMI Critical Engineering 10 General Motors (GM) has specified carbon fibre technology from IMI Precision Engineering on vital tooling for its manufacturing plants.

The move is a major breakthrough for IMI Precision in the Industrial Automation vertical and follows months of close collaboration with GM in Detroit, Michigan.

Norgren Automation Solutions (NAS) in Michigan, part of IMI Precision Engineering, has more than 20 years’ experience in carbon fibre design, manufacture and repair. Its bespoke carbon fibre solution for GM’s servo-crossbars – used to support tooling in the automotive panel pressing process – represents a pioneering application of our technology on a very large scale. with our international portfolio, was especially attractive. Collaboration between industry and defence is crucial to support future international programmes and our relationship with the UK Sub Club will play a key part in the success of our business”.

Commander Stephen Walker, senior military advisor – Submarine Capability Lead at DSO, added: “I am extremely proud of the work our members are undertaking within the Sub Club - our presence at UDT is a realistic picture of the UK in a dynamic export market. Although the UK does not export submarines, we do build the vital components such as engines, valves, batteries and combat systems. Therefore, the Sub Club exposes this to export supply chains, leading to a prosperous manufacturing future for our UK supply chain”.

WRITTEN BY Jad Khattab WRITTEN BY Jad Khattab Senior Product Specialist IMI Precision Engineering, Detroit Marcus Farnham, Neelima Kommaraju, Kim Elmer, Prabath Arachige, Rich Hamann with the new carbon fibre servo-crossbars Prabath Arachchige, Mechanical Engineer at NAS, has been responsible for leading the project and integrating the carbon fibre technology at GM. He said: “This technology offers multiple benefits when compared with conventional steel servo-crossbars of the type traditionally used at GM. Most importantly, it reduces system weight by around 50%. Lighter structures allow an increased number of strokes per minute – meaning that customers can benefit from higher productivity.

Its unique carbon fibre structure also offers high strength and stiffness for improved precision of part placement.” Great collaboration with GM and excellent cross-functional teamwork at NAS have been key factors in the success of this project. Key Account Manager responsible for the GM account, Kim Elmer, said: “The input from GM’s engineering team has been absolutely invaluable. They deserve enormous recognition for their contribution and their commitment to working with us to bring this solution to fruition. After months of dedicated work, it’s wonderful to see this innovative solution now being implemented and we’re looking forward to continuing our strengthening relationship with General Motors.” Work on the GM project dates back to 2016 but it was late last year when the project really took off.

Deliveries of the new carbon fibre servo-crossbars to the GM main plant in Michigan are being made throughout this year. A technical team from NAS is also supporting GM in installation and commissioning of the new tooling. IMI Truflo Marine’s valves have been showcased at a major defence and security conference, as part of a UK government trade initiative. The company was invited to exhibit at the Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) 2019 event, in May in Sweden, which was organised by the UK’s Defence and Security Organisation (DSO) in a bid to increase export opportunities for British companies.

IMI are one of 43 companies who are members of the DSO’s ‘Sub Club’, an initiative that industry, without infringing on commercially sensitive matters, allows participants to share knowledge and collaborate on new product development and prospective opportunities.

IMI Truflo Marine presented to a number of naval programmes across Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Christian Thomason, Key Account Manager at IMI Truflo Marine, said: “UDT was a great success, our already proven contribution to current and future UK naval programmes, paired

11 IMI Hydronic Engineering has won the contract to design the heating and HVAC system for the Amur Gas processing plant, Russia’s largest, and the world’s second largest, natural gas processing facility. Located near Svobodny, a town in Eastern Russia, when completed, the facility will have an annual capacity of 42 billion cubic metres and natural gas from the plant will be transported to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline, the largest gas transmission system in Eastern Russia.

Renowned for its long track record of delivering successful projects across a wide range of residential and commercial developments, this project is IMI Hydronic’s first in the complex industrial processing sector and the Russia-based project team are delighted to have secured this significant contract win. Led by Vladimir Lizyakin, Kirill Martynov, Technical Director and Alexander Syomin, Product Manager for balancing and control, the team worked in partnership with consultants and project managers from ARMO Group to design a world-leading heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with a total capacity of 5 MW.

Key factors that helped secure this important contract included the team’s ability to design a complete system solution and provide all supporting technical documentation within the customer’s very short timescale. The system solution incorporated a number of IMI Hydronic market-leading products including the new digital actuators, TA-Slider 160 Plus and TA-Slider 500 Plus, which provide value-adding control and monitoring capabilities.

Following the contract’s award Vladimir Lizyakin, Business Development Director said “This is a significant strategic development. We have established a foothold in a new and attractive sector which has great growth potential. Winning this contract is a testament to the skill, expertise and hard work of our Russian project team. The Amur Gas Processing Plant is part of a bigger development across the Amur region. In addition, a new residential neighbourhood is being constructed to house the employees who will work in the plant and we are well positioned to provide our market leading solutions to this domestic project.” Breaking into a new industrial sector WRITTEN BY Dmitry Syomin Regional Director Russia & CIS, IMI Hydronic Engineering Precision Critical Hydronic Over 80 of IMI’s global Finance leaders attended the 2019 Finance Conference in June.

Held at the Belfry, Birmingham, UK the conference saw delegates from Site, Divisional and Group Finance come together, hear internal and external updates, and help set the priorities for the function for the next few years. The theme was “Finance of the future” and Daniel Shook, Group Finance Director, opened the conference by reflecting on the progress made in “building the foundations” over the past five years and encouraged the team to now focus on “delivering our potential”. Roy Twite, IMI Chief Executive, addressed the conference by sharing his strategic objectives for the Group and outlined how he sees Finance playing a key role in the next phase of IMI’s development.

Roy also thanked the delegates for their continued efforts in maintaining strong financial controls, accurate information and insightful reporting. The conference included presentations on divisional strategies. We were also reminded of the impact finance both already has on the perceptions of investors, and could increasingly have on the quality of decision-making within our business. External perspectives on the UK regulatory landscape and Finance automation were provided by EY and Deloitte. In addition, attendees had an opportunity to visit a number of best practice “pods” to see some of the great work already happening around the company in areas like reporting simplification and business partnering.

The event included a dinner attended by Isobel Sharp, Chair of IMI’s Audit Committee, and the IMI Executive. Seven finance individuals were recognised for their achievement over the past year, including two Group Finance Director’s Awards and an award recognising the excellent work performed on the integration of Bimba into IMI Precision Engineering. As is now tradition, all winners took home the mini baseball bat trophy for their achievement!

Dan Shook commented “This was a fantastic opportunity to get the global finance leadership together to help shape the next chapter in our function’s evolution. I was particularly pleased with the level of energy and engagement shown throughout the conference. We were able to capture a range of perspectives and there was a great deal of collaboration amongst the delegates. We will now consolidate all these insights to build our roadmap for the future. My thanks to everyone for their input.” ‘Delivering our potential’ Finance Conference 2019 WRITTEN BY David Robinson Head of Finance Projects IMI plc The Amur Gas Processing Plant is the largest natural gas processing facility in Russia

12 The IMI Newsletter Issue 11 August 2019 Variable Orifice Valve technology transforms US market Engineers at IMI Remosa have triggered wide-spread interest across the US in Variable Orifice Valve (VOV) technology after solving a major customer problem. WRITTEN BY Daniele Cecchelli Business Development Americas, Petrochemical IMI Critical Engineering 12 When a US refinery found it was operating a slide valve outside its normal control range, causing premature erosion of the unit, it turned to IMI Remosa for help. The IMI Remosa team carried out a full analysis of the actual operating conditions the double disc slide valve was having to withstand, so that they could better understand the flexibility and reliability required of the valve.

The team found that as well as premature erosion, operating the valve outside its normal range had also caused damage to the orifice chamber.

The analysis allowed the team to recommend a different solution for the operating requirements, rather than a straight replacement valve. Its proposed solution was to replace the orifice chamber with a stack of three VOVs, which would provide better reliability and more flexibility in a range of different process scenarios. As this was the first application of this kind in the USA, and the largest in the world – a 120 inch valve standing 65 feet high – the team had to work hard to convince the customer to accept their recommendation. However, it turned out to be a breakthrough project, which has been a catalyst for VOV technology adoption in the US.

The customer wrote an enthusiastic letter of thanks for the recommendation and the quality of the product, and has requested another VOV for a second plant.

Several other licensors and end users have also requested quotes for the technology.

13 Precision Critical Hydronic Shorter-cycle product development will accelerate growth WRITTEN BY David Powell-Wiffin Growth Accelerator Programme Lead IMI Critical Engineering IMI Critical taps into LNG growth in Japan WRITTEN BY Amer Refai Sales Director, IMI Critical MEA IMI Critical Engineering A collaborative effort between IMI CCI China and IMI Bopp & Reuther helped secure an order for proportional acting safety valves for the expanding facility in Guangdong Province.

The valves will be used to create a second ethylene cracker at the giant petrochemical complex, in Huizhou, China. Redesigned from a nuclear power safety valve, it is used in large petrochemical units to resolve issues they were experiencing with the process in a run-away reaction.

The customer concluded that IMI Critical’s valves were ‘the only existing solution for this special process’. This close collaboration with the client enabled IMI to secure the order, and also provide technical services for commissioning of the valves. Internal collaboration creates ‘sole-solution’ for China oil project Valve Doctors® 20th anniversary WRITTEN BY Stefano Malacrida Director, Business Development, EMEA Power IMI Critical Engineering WRITTEN BY Chris Peterson, Valve Doctor® Programme Chairman IMI Critical Engineering IMI Critical is ramping up its abilities to quickly validate which new products will make a real difference in the market.

A new product development (NPD) programme, called NPD Ignite, has been launched across the division to help make quick decisions on new products before material investment has been committed. It is building on the Growth Accelerator programme’s tools and approaches to rapidly validate proposed new product development.

The NPD Ignite pilot launched with five teams, all investigating a different product development opportunity. Business leaders submitted project proposals for consideration, some of which were based on ideas that had not been implemented in the past due to insufficient focus or resource. NPD Ignite allows IMI Critical to qualify these in an intense six-week period, focusing predominantly on potential solutions to real customer problems. IMI Critical’s acclaimed Valve Doctor® programme celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019. Originally conceived as a way to connect IMI Critical’s top technical experts to customers with demanding engineering challenges, the programme is now an established mentoring and development scheme, helping IMI Critical attract and retain some of the very best engineers.

With a buoyant liquefied natural gas (LNG) market in Japan, a number of IMI Critical businesses have been showcasing the division’s broad portfolio of cryogenic flow control solutions.

Representatives from IMI CCI and IMI Orton, including two Valve Doctors® , met a range of key players in Japan, including engineering procurement companies (EPCs) and end users. IMI CCI is also updating its test facility in our new Japanese factory. This will allow major Japanese EPC’s and the end-user’s Project Management teams to experience the outstanding performance of IMI CCI valves and the IMI STI new generation actuation and positioners during witness testing. During a visit in February, the team also took part in a two-day workshop with Japanese colleagues to develop a strategy for capitalising on the growing opportunities for IMI Critical in the Japanese LNG market.

The programme takes on average seven years to complete and covers valve design, plant operation, system layout and control system integration delivered through a combination of traditional classroom-style training, interactive training sessions, on-line training modules, “hands on” laboratory sessions, and one-to-one interview sessions with a Valve Doctor or Senior Valve Doctor. Once qualified, Valve Doctors® are IMI Critical’s top technical experts, operating on site wherever they are needed to solve process flow problems, and optimise plant performance, in power, nuclear, oil & gas and petrochemical plants around the world.

The Valve Doctor® training programme is widely acknowledged as the highest level of application engineering in the severe service industry.” said Mike Semens-Flanagan CTO and programme sponsor.

Over 100 engineers have achieved coveted Valve Doctor® status in the last two decades and some even continue to work for IMI in retirement.

Commenting on the EPFL event Thomas Hudson said “As a graduate I know from my own personal experience how important these events are. Students can explore the opportunities potential future employers provide and companies like ours are able to connect with highly skilled and talented people and identify potential future employees at a very early stage.” Similarly, in March employees from both IMI Critical Engineering and IMI Precision Engineering attended a ‘Women in STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) event in the UK, specifically aimed at female students interested in a career in engineering.

These events are a crucial part of our attraction strategy for the IMI Graduate Programme and getting employees involved is a great way for us to talk to students about what it’s really like to work at IMI. If you are interested in getting involved in future events, please talk to your local HR department. August 2019 The IMI Graduate Programme is a strategic pipeline of talent for the whole business, and in fact our Chief Executive, Roy Twite, started his career at IMI as a graduate himself! One of the key ways we attract a diverse range of high-quality graduates is by engaging with leading education institutions across the world.

Each division has teams engaging with universities in the different countries where we recruit our graduate talent and the last six months has seen teams attending a number of great events.

In March members of the IMI Hydronic Engineering team, including colleagues from marketing, procurement, business development and HR, represented the Group at a contact-day which took place at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, one of Europe’s most famous science and technology institutions. The event focused on female students and graduates in applied science subjects, including mathematics, science and technical studies. Graduate recruitment initiatives are key to IMI’s future WRITTEN BY Pauline Mathon, IMI Interim HR Manager, IMI Hydronic Engineering International and Claire Kennady, Graduate and Emerging Talent Manager, IMI Precision Engineering Did you know that it takes hundreds of years for computer components to break-down in a landfill site, a process that is often costly and environmentally unfriendly? As an alternative it is worth considering that whilst a redundant computer might not be of much use to your business, it may remain serviceable and of great use to others for several years to come.

In response to this IMI has recently entered into a partnership with the Turing Trust, a UK-based charity founded by the family of mathematician Alan Turing who is widely acknowledged as a pioneer of modern computing and founder of the data science and artificial intelligence disciplines. The Trust will re-purpose and distribute redundant and end of life computers to schools in sub-Saharan Africa where they are used to educate and train teachers and their pupils in the use of ICT. IMI Group IT and Security are currently working with the Trust in preparing the first batch of laptops that will be shipped to Supporting education in Africa by reusing computers WRITTEN BY Martin Carroll, Group IT Security Director, IMI plc Africa later this year.

As part of their preparation for re-use, all computers will be securely wiped of company information and electrically tested by the Trust.

An SOP on the secure erasure and disposal of company devices has been published on the Group Intranet. If you have any computers at your site that might be donated through the Trust, please contact IMI Group IT Security by emailing for more information. EPFL event members of the IMI Hydronic team based in Eysins L-R: Thomas Hudson, Graduate, currently in his fourth placement, Marcella Colombino, Marketing Specialist and Ola Mathisrud, former Graduate and currently Market Research Analyst Representatives from IMI Critical and IMI Precision talk to students at a Women in STEM event held in Birmingham UK 14 The IMI Newsletter Issue 11

15 Precision Critical Hydronic Konrad Kargul, Technical Adviser and member of the Hydronic College, hosting a recent webinar on cyclonic technology IMI Precision Engineering China has won a prestigious quality award from an important new customer in the Commercial Vehicles (CV) vertical. Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co Ltd (DFLZ) presented the 2018 ‘Quality Contribution Award’ to the IMI Precision team at Shanghai, China, which supplies valves used in the production of DFLZ’s heavy trucks. DFLZ has more than 1,000 suppliers and operates a strict quality control and tracking system. IMI Precision is one of only three suppliers to receive the award.

The valves are used in pneumatic and coolant control systems and are operated by heavy-duty vehicle electrical systems which traditionally have high failure rates. In comparison, our products have achieved a zero failure rate – helping truck operators to keep their fleets moving and reduce maintenance costs. The award from DFLZ reflects the high reliability of IMI Precision products and our comprehensive capabilities in research and development, production, quality management, project management and customer service. Steve Green, Sector Head, Commercial Vehicles, Asia Pacific, said: “Winning this award after being a supplier for only a short time to DFLZ is recognition of the processes and procedures put in place in the IMI Precision facility in Shanghai and the hard work of the whole team to deliver our promise to our customer.” Shuguang Niu, CV Sales Manager, China, said: “Being recognised in this way by one of our leading customers will certainly open up further opportunities for us to work together with DFLZ and we value the support they have given us.” Tim Chambers, IMI Precision Engineering’s Quality Lead in Asia Pacific, said: “This award from DFLZ recognises our commitment to achieving quality that customers can always rely on.

We’ll keep on working hard to continuously improve our product quality and service to create a service to create a competitive advantage for more customers.” Quality award for China team to open opportunities WRITTEN BY Brian Xu Operations Director IMI Precision Engineering, China Following the success of webinar programmes in its Dutch and Swedish businesses, IMI Hydronic has recently launched a new web-based customer training programme in Poland. This initiative, which facilitates knowledgesharing in a very time and cost efficient way, provides customers with access to market-leading technical knowhow whenever they need it.

The programme also raises awareness of IMI Hydronic’s brands and expertise and enables the division to engage very effectively with a large number of customers.

The 2019 Polish webinar programme, which aims to increase awareness of the importance of water quality in HVAC systems, focuses on the division’s project business and its IMI Pneumatex brand. Using a creative engaging format to facilitate customers’ understanding, the webinars showcase a series of experiments that demonstrate how the division’s technology works. It includes nine webinars which focus on a range of topics related to the division’s Pneumatex product offering including, cyclonic technology, air and dirt separation and vacuum degassing. Prepared and presented by Konrad Kargul, one of the Hydronic College’s HVAC experts, each session covers a short introduction on the relevant product, a detailed technical review and a demonstration of how to install and operate the product.

Each session ends with a live Q&A session during which customers can raise questions and also share their own experiences. Response to the programme has been very positive with over 200 people participating in the first three webinars, which were held during the first quarter of this year. Feedback from customers highlights the many benefits of providing training in this format, including the ability to participate in sessions at any time in any location, which avoids costly time and travel arrangements, and the advantages of being able to go back and rewatch sessions. The webinars, which are easy to organise and host, also enable IMI Hydronic Engineering to reach a much larger customer base in a very effective and efficient way.

Anna Bajek is a designer at Abeko, a building design studio based in Kraków, Poland. She regularly participates in IMI Hydronic Engineering’s webinar programme and remarked “These sessions are great timesavers . I no longer need to spend lots of time travelling to training facilities. Sitting at my desk I can now participate in industry-leading, knowledge-sharing sessions. I can watch the webinar wherever I want and I find the Q&A particularly valuable”.

Web-based customer training gives customers market-leading support WRITTEN BY Maciej Bomba Marketing Coordinator IMI Hydronic Engineering

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