Denodo Standard 8.0 Datasheet - Microsoft

Denodo Standard 8.0 Datasheet - Microsoft

 Denodo Standard 8.0

The accelerating adoption of cloud platforms, cloud-based data stores, and software-as-a-service (SaaS)
applications introduces new complexities and challenges for organizations that need to integrate their cloud data
with on-premises databases and applications so that all systems can work together seamlessly. The accelerating
complexity of data in today’s hybrid, multi-cloud world means that organizations need a way to connect everything
together in a way that is flexible and agile. However, it can be challenging and resource intensive to integrate and
make all of the data available in real time for analytics or data services. Traditional approaches, which use extract,
transform, and load (ETL) processes to copy all of the data into a new repository for analysis, are time consuming
and expensive, and they can result in data that is fragmented and not up-to-date.

Through data virtualization, Denodo offers a better solution that integrates data in real time, directly from the data
sources, without having to move the data to a new, consolidated location. Denodo’s no-code/low-code, modern
data virtualization solution provides a data abstraction layer that accelerates access to data, while providing
security and governance. The Denodo Platform can be used to speed analytics by enabling the creation of a logical
data warehouse, which can seamlessly combine data from cloud and on-premises warehouses, in real time. The
data from all of the connected sources can also be made available as data services, through the Denodo Platform’s
no-code data API creation capabilities. Denodo integrates and delivers data in as little as ⅙ the time with as much as
80% cost savings compared with other approaches.

Denodo Standard 8.0 brings the power of Denodo’s modern data virtualization to project-specific uses by providing
an easier and more cost effective starting point. Available pay-as-you-go in leading cloud marketplaces with
automated setup and configuration, it lowers the cost and accelerates data access for analytics and data services
scenarios. This makes it a great fit for organizations of any size that are looking for ROI without making a large
financial commitment.

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Key Features of Denodo Standard 8.0

Denodo Standard 8.0 is built on the same proven high-performance Denodo data virtualization technology used in
Denodo Platform 8.0 to quickly connect to data and make it available for analysts, data scientists, and consuming
applications. Denodo Standard 8.0 comes with an easy-to-use unified Web interface and automated cloud
infrastructure setup and management to make it fast and efficient for small teams to quickly get into production.

Denodo Standard 8.0 offers all the capabilities necessary to get data integration projects into production with
minimal effort and resources, within the budgets of small teams or initial projects. With out-of-the-box connectivity to
more than 150 data source types, a visual design studio to combine, integrate and normalize data and smart query
acceleration, Denodo Standard 8.0 enables you to connect, combine and consume data quickly and efficiently.

Developers benefit from the productivity offered by the new Web-based Design Studio tool, which makes it
possible to quickly develop views and data services without writing any code. The new Denodo Design Studio
enhances Denodo Standard’s ease-of-use and supports SSO to make it securely available to your team members,
wherever they may be. The Design Studio enables more of your team to contribute through the creation of data
views using no-code data modeling. It supports single sign-on (SSO) using Kerberos, SAML, OpenID and OAuth,
enabling seamless connectivity to all Denodo tools.

Denodo Standard 8.0 offers advanced support for data services with flexible delivery options (REST, SOAP,
OData and OpenAPI), the ability to expose data in multiple formats (XML, JSON, HTML, RSS) and unified
support for the latest security protocols (OAuth, JSON Web Tokens, SAML, Kerberos, HTTPS, HTTP Basic Digest
Authentication, or WS-Security). Denodo 8.0 also adds support for the popular GraphQL, to simplify the queries
of multiple REST endpoints.

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Denodo Standard 8.0 benefits from Denodo’s performance leadership by utilizing powerful capabilities including
distributed query optimization, advanced query pushdown, and sophisticated caching capabilities.

Denodo Standard 8.0 includes automated cloud infrastructure management to accelerate all of the tasks related
to installing, configuring, deploying, and upgrading Denodo Platform clusters.

Denodo Standard 8.0 includes the Apache Zeppelin-based Denodo Notebook for data scientists, leveraging
security and SSO. This enables data scientists to more quickly find the right data and put it to work in Machine
Learning and predictive analytics models.

                                BI Tools                                      Data Science Tools
                                                                                                                                 DATA AS A SERVICE
                                                                                                                                   RESTful / OData
                                                         SQL                                                                     GraphQL / GeoJSON


                                                                                                                                                                         LOGICAL DATA FABRIC
                                                                               DATA VIRTUALIZATION

                  Hybrid/                                                                                                                      AI/ML
                  Multi-Cloud                  CONNECT                           COMBINE                     CONSUME                           Recommendations
                                              to disparate data             related data into views          using BI & data
                                           in any location, format          with universal semantic           sciencetools,
                                                  or latency                         model                      and APIs
              Governance                                                                                                                       Security

                                                                                                                                        SaaS              150+
    Traditional            Cloud              Hadoop                 OLAP             Files           Apps           Streaming         SaaS
     DB & DW               Stores             & NoSQL

                                                         Fig. 1 Denodo Standard 8.0 Architecture

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         Unified, Web-based interface to all                           Automated infrastructure management
         Denodo Standard tools, with SSO support.                      for the cloud: Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)
                                                                       support including cluster configuration
         150+ out-of-the-box connectors to quickly                     (TLS, load-balancing, etc.), start/stop
         connect sources and targets in real time.                     controls, the automatic installation of
                                                                       updates, and integrated monitoring.
         Web-based Design Studio for
         developer ease-of-use in creating                             Advanced Data Services: Zero-code,
         data views by combining data and                              automated creation of data APIs, including
         developing data services. Provides                            the ability to use GraphQL for efficient
         visual data lineage to understand data                        data services.
         sources and transformations.
                                                                       Apache Zeppelin-based Denodo
         High-performance query acceleration                           Notebook: Integrated with Denodo SSO
         of virtualized data views to speed                            to better enable data scientists with data
         responsiveness while minimizing the loads                     from connected systems.
         on source systems and network traffic.

Business Benefits

FAST                                   FLEXIBLE, PAY-AS-YOU-GO                 BUSINESS-FRIENDLY
Get started in minutes by              PRICING                                 Denodo Standard is an easy-
leveraging automated cloud             Get started with a minimal              to-use solution that abstracts
infrastructure setup and a highly      monetary commitment that only           the complexity of modern
productive no-code/low-code tool       requires payment when you use           data ecosystems (distributed,
with easy connectivity to over 150     Denodo Standard.                        heterogeneous, diverse data
data sources.                                                                  sources) from business users by
                                                                               making all the connected data
                                                                               appear to be a single database.

                                       FASTER PATH TO VALUE
EFFICIENT, REAL-TIME DATA              The low initial investment on
ACCESS                                 on-going charges delivers rapid
Efficient, real-time data access:      ROI by delivering data faster
Integrate cloud and on-premises        and more cost effectively. This
data in a fraction of the time and     makes Denodo Standard a great
cost of traditional data integration   fit for small and medium sized
approaches such as ETL                 businesses just starting out with
processes.                             data virtualization.

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High Level Features of Denodo Standard

                  ✓    Denodo data virtualization engine

                  ✓    Hourly and annual pricing available via cloud marketplace

                       ✓     Production instance comprises of Denodo’s single server

                       ✓     Solution manager is included with the subscription

                       ✓     Single development instance is included in the pricing
                             while a UAT instance is priced separately.

                  ✓    Support for upto 5 data sources

                  ✓    Comprehensive security support (authentication, authorization,
                       user and role based policy, masking, encryption and more)

                  ✓    Denodo notebook, data lineage capabilities are included in the

                  ✓    Core performance capabilities such as standard query
                       optimizations are all included.

                       Users looking for broader data management capabilities beyond data
                       virtualization can leverage the Denodo Platform to gain access to features
                       such as unlimited data sources, data catalog, smart query acceleration
                       (performance summaries), advanced diagnostics, and version control.

© 2021 Denodo Technologies                                                                          5
Denodo Standard 8.0 Capabilities

  DATA SOURCES                              Big Data                                  Cloud, SaaS, Web Sources with
                                            • Apache Hive (JDBC): 0.12,               Simplified OAuth Security
  Relational Databases                         1.1.0, 1.1.0 for Cloudera, 1.2.1 for   • Amazon
  • Generic (JDBC)                             Hortonworks, 2.0.0                     • Google
  • IBM DB2 (JDBC): 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 for    • Impala (JDBC): 2.3                      • Google Sheets
     LUW, 9,10 for z/OS, AS400              • Spark SQL (JDBC): 1.5, 1.6              • Facebook
  • Multi Layered Denodo                    • Presto (JDBC)                           • LinkedIn
     deployments (JDBC): 5.5, 6.0, 7.0,     • Databricks 2.x                          • MS Azure Data Lake
     8.0                                                                              • MS SharePoint (by using the
  • Apache Derby (JDBC): 10                 NoSQL                                        OData connector)
  • Informix (JDBC): 7, 12                  • MongoDB                                 • MS Dynamics 365 Business
  • MS SQL Server (JDBC, ODBC):             • Cassandra                                  Central / Customer Engagement
     2000, 2005, 2008, 2008R2,                                                        • Marketo
     2012, 2014, 2016, 2017                 Multi-Dimensional Sources                 • ServiceNow
  • MySQL (JDBC): 4, 5                      • SAP BW (BAPI/XMLA): 3.x                 • Salesforce (SOQL)
  • Oracle (JDBC): 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c,   • SAP BI 7.x (BAPI): 7.x                  • Twitter via APIs with simplified
     18c, 19c                               • Mondrian (XMLA): 3.x                       OAuth integration (1.0, 1.0a and
  • Oracle E-Business Suite (JDBC):         • IBM Cognos TM1                             2.0)
     12                                     • MS SQL Server Analysis Services         • Workday
  • PostgreSQL (JDBC): 8, 9, 10, 11           200x
                                            • Essbase (XMLA): 9, 11                   Active Directory as source or
  Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise                                                   leveraging security
  (JDBC): 12, 15                            Data Lake Storage                         • LDAP v3
  • MS Access (ODBC) In-Memory              • S3                                      • Microsoft Active Directory 2003,
     Databases                              • Azure Data Lake Storage                    2008
  • SAP HANA (JDBC): 1                      • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2
  • Oracle TimesTen (JDBC): 11g             • Azure Blob Storage                      MS Queues as data source and
  • Oracle 12c                              • Google Cloud Storage                    Delivery
                                            • Parquet (Distributed File System        • MQSeries
  In-Memory Parallel databases and             Connector)                             • SonicMQ
  appliances                                • Avro                                    • ActiveMQ
  • Greenplum (JDBC): 4.2                                                             • Tibco EMS
  • HP Vertica (JDBC): 7, 8                 Web Services
  • Oracle Exadata (JDBC): X5-2             • SOAP                                    Semantic Repositories
  • ParAccel 8.0.2 (by using ParAccel       • REST (XML, RSS, ATOM, JSON)             • Semantic repositories in Triple JDBC3g with SSL driver)                                                    Stores / RDF accessed through
  • Netezza (JDBC): 4.6, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0      Flat and Binary Files                       SPARQL endpoints.
  • SybaseIQ (JDBC) 12.x, 15.x              • CSV, pipe-delimited, Regular
  • Teradata (JDBC): 12, 13, 14, 15            expression-parsed                      Packaged Applications
  • Yellowbrick                             • MS Excel xls 97-2003                    • SAP ERP/ECC (BAPIS and tables)
                                            • MS Excel xlsx 2007 or later             • Oracle E-Business Suite 12
  Cloud Data Warehouse / RDBMS              • MS Access                               • Siebel
  • Amazon Redshift (JDBC)                  • XML                                     • SAS (SAS JDBC Driver): 7 and
  • Amazon Athena (JDBC)                    • JSON                                       higher
  • Amazon Aurora (JDBC)                    • SAS Files (SAS7BDAT)
  • Amazon DynamoDB                         • All files can be locally accessible     Denodo SDK for Custom
  • Amazon RDS                                 or in remote filesystems, through      Connectors
  • Azure Cosmos DB                            FTP/ SFTP/FTPS, and in clear,          • CouchDB
  • Azure SQL Database                         zipped and/or encrypted format.        • Lotus Domino
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Delta Lake                              Indexes and unstructured content          Mainframe
  • Google Cloud SQL                        • CMS, file systems, pdf, MS Word,        • IMS
  • Google BigQuery (JDBC)                     text, email servers, knowledge           • IBM IMS native drivers: 8, 9
  • MongoDB Atlas                              bases, indexes                           • IMS Universal Drivers: 11
  • Snowflake (JDBC)                        • Elastic Search 6.4, 6.7

© 2021 Denodo Technologies                                                                                                  6
Hierarchical databases                    CACHE AND DATA MOVEMENT                      Data at Rest - secure storage
  • Adabas(SOA Gateway and                  OPTIONS                                      • Cache: third party database.
     Denodo’s SOAP connector): 5, 6                                                         Can leverage its own encryption
                                            •   Amazon Athena                               mechanism
  Aditional data sources:                   •   Azure SQL                                • Swapping to disk: Serialized
  • Apache Solr                             •   Azure SQL Data Warehouse                    temporarily stored in a
  • Kafka Messages                          •   Azure Synapse Analytics                     configurable folder that can be
  • Hadoop HBase                            •   Amazon Redshift                             encrypted by the OS
  • Hadoop HCatalog                         •   Databricks 2.x
  • Hadoop HDFS                             •   Delta Lake                               Encryption/Decryption
  • IBM BigInsights                         •   IBM DB2 ( 8, 9, 10, 11 for LUW, 9,       • Support for custom decryption for
  • Pivotal HAWQ                                10, 11 for z/OS)                            files and web services
                                            •   Hive 2.0.0                               • Transparent integration with
  PUBLISHING OPTIONS                        •   Impala                                      RDBMs encryption
                                            •   MS SQL Server (2000, 2005,               • Encrypted metadata import/export
  •   SQL Based access via JDBC,                2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014, 2016,
      ODBC and ADO.NET                          2017)                                    User and Role Based including
  •   Web Services                          •   MySQL (4 and 5)                          integration with AD/LDAP
      • SOAP                                •   Netezza (6 and 7)                        • Row and Column level
      • REST                                •   Oracle (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, 12c in-      authorization
      • OData                                   memory, 18c, 19c)                        • Masking
      • Open API (a.k.a Swagger)            •   Oracle TimesTen 11g                      • Custom policies for specific
      • GraphQL                             •   PostgreSQL (9 and 10)                       security constraints and
  •   OAuth, OAuth 2.0 (JWT)                •   Presto                                      integration with external policy
  •   SAML                                  •   SAP HANA                                    servers
  •   SSL                                   •   Snowflake
  •   WS-Security                           •   Spark (1.5,1.6 and 2.x)                  Authentication
  •   JMS listeners for message queues      •   Teradata (12, 13, 14, 15, and 16)        • Native and LDAP/Active Directory
  •   Denodo Scheduler for batch            •   Vertica (7 and 9)                           based Support for Kerberos and
      process and lite ETL                  •   Yellowbrick                                 Windows SSO
                                            •   Configurable “generic” adapter           • Base64
  PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATIONS                     for other databases with JDBC            • Kerberos
                                                drivers                                  • NTLM
  •   Dynamic Query Optimization for                                                     • OAuth, OAuth 2.0 (JWT)
      Analytics                             DATA PIPELINES                               • SAML
  •   Full and partial aggregation and                                                   • Two-factor authentication
      join pushdown, even in federated      •   Remote Tables (created through              (through supported identity
      views                                     UI or stored procedure)                     providers: Okta, Duo, etc.)
  •   Support for alternative data          •   Denodo Scheduler                         • SSL
      sources                                                                            • WS-Security
  •   On-the-fly data movement for          DATA GOVERNANCE                              • Pass-through session
      optimization                                                                          credentials
  •   Cost-based optimization (data         •   Data source refresh, change              • Leverage existing source
      statistics, data source indexes,          impact analysis, dependency tree,           privileges
      data source execution model and           full data lineage
      parameters, network transfer rates)   •   Denodo Governance Bridge:                DATA MODELING
  •   Pushdown of selections/                   integration with IBM Information
      projections/ joins/groupby                Governance Catalog                       • Design Studio: Web-based
      operations also on federated          •   API to publish metadata including          development studio for data
      views                                     lineage information to data                modeling (desktop version still
  •   Multiple join strategies                  governance tools                           available)
  •   Simplifying partitioned unions                                                     • Bottom-up and top-down (through
      (Partition pruning)                   SECURITY                                       interface views)
  •   Multi-mode caching: full, partial,                                                 • Denodo Model Bridge:
      incremental or total refresh, event   Data in Motion – Secure Channels               Integration with third-party
      based or scheduled, configured        • Using SSL/TLS                                modeling tool
      at the view level, incremental        • Client-to-Denodo and Denodo-to-              • ER/Studio Data Architect
      queries for SaaS sources                 source                                      • ERwin Data Modeler
                                            • Available for all protocols (JDBC,           • IBM InfoSphere Data Architect
                                               ODBC, ADO.NET and WS)                       • SAP PowerDesigner

© 2021 Denodo Technologies                                                                                                     7
DATA QUALITY                                    •   Centralized management of             •   Change resource priority
                                                     license keys                          •   Enforce limited timeouts or
 •   Library of transformation, filter and       • Defining promotion revisions                limits on number of rows
     matching functions and quality                  and their dependencies and
     rules for validating, cleansing,                deploy them to a production           •   Add daily quotas per minute/
     enriching, standardizing, matching              cluster with zero downtime                day/month: e.g. only 50 queries
     and merging data                            • Centralized management of                   per day
 •   Extensible through custom                       data source properties and
     functions                                       logs                              USER INTERFACES
 •   Integration with external DQ tools          • REST API for automation of
                                                     tasks from DevOps tools (e.g.     •   Central Web Console: integrated
 MONITORING                                          jenkins)                              access to all Denodo UIs with
                                             •   Integrated Infrastructure                 SSO (Kerberos, SAML, OpenID
 •   Denodo Query Monitor, Denodo                Management for Cloud (AWS)                and OAuth)
     Monitor Reports: all monitoring             • Creation and management of          •   Solution Manager Web-based UI:
     information is delivered via                    clusters: define type of EC2          Centralized UI for administrators
     Denodo tools for real-time and                  instances, number of EC2              to manage deployments
     historical analysis. Historical                 instances, etc.                       and promotions, including
     dashboards can be created using             • Creation of load balancers and          automatic management of cloud
     the monitor information                         auto scaling groups.                  infrastructure (AWS)
 •   Monitoring is also available                • Installation and launch of the      •   Design Studio: Web-based
     via SNMP and JMX standards.                     Denodo servers.                       development studio, drag-and-
     Therefore interoperable with most           • Installation of Denodo updates          drop and low-code developer
     leading systems management                      on clusters with several              studio geared to data-oriented
     packages (e.g., HP OpenView,                    servers, without downtime.            developers such as data
     Nagios, Zenoss, Osmius, IBM                 • Enable SSL in the Denodo                engineers, power users, and
     Tivoli, and Microsoft WinRM)                    servers.                              citizen integrators; publish data
                                             •   Subversion                                services with a few clicks.
 OPERATIONS                                  •   Microsoft TFS                         •   Desktop Dev. Studio (VDP Admin
                                             •   Git                                       tool)
                                             •   Resource Manager to limit and
 •   Solutions Manager to automate
                                                 allocate resources to each
     operations and promotions tasks
                                                 session, role or user in a way that
     • Centralized management and
                                                 optimizes resource utilization for
        distribution of updates to clients
                                                 each application

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