Design the future of tourism - HTSI

Design the future of tourism - HTSI
the future
of tourism

     Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality
     Management + Bachelor in Innovation
     and Experience Design

      Spain’s 3rd-best university for tourism
      (QS Ranking)

      Best bachelor’s degree in tourism in Catalonia
      (El Mundo Ranking) /             +34 696 571 568

     HTSI is affiliated to the ESADE Foundation
Design the future of tourism - HTSI
commitment to excellence
    and training in values

    HTSI is part of Ramon Llull University,
                                                     HTSI is an institution created by the Society of Jesus. It’s
    one of the most innovative and pioneering
                                                     part of UNIJES-Jesuit Universities of Spain, together with
    universities in Spain. Its success lies in
                                                     Deusto, Comillas, IQS, ESADE, Loyola Andalucía, INEA, SAFA,
    providing a quality education designed to
                                                     the School of Technology of Granada and ITF. UNIJES
    meet society’s current needs.
                                                     member schools seek to train men and women as competent
                                                     professionals and responsible citizens who use their
                                                     knowledge and skills to serve others:
                                                           Individuals who are competent and capable of facing
                                                            present and future professional challenges.
                                                           Individuals who are conscious of themselves and the
                                                           world around them.
                                                           Individuals who are committed to creating a fairer
                                                           Individuals who are compassionate, and who feel
                                                           called to address situations that take place around

    HTSI is promoted by the ESADE Foundation,
    due to an agreement for training, research
    and institutional collaboration.

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    the rankings

                     3                           2                    2                        2

         3rd best university             2nd best               2nd best                 2nd best
        in Spain for tourism            university             university           private university
           and hospitality             in teaching              in Spain                 in Spain
            Ranking QS                  U-Ranking            U-Multirank                El Mundo
Design the future of tourism - HTSI
the future
of tourism
Are you prepared for the future?
Do you want to become the
innovative leader that businesses
and organizations in the tourism
sector need?
At the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Sant Ignasi (Ramon Llull University) we work towards your goals:
you will be the one designing the future of tourism.

Two options:
      Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management
       achelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management +
      Bachelor in Innovation and Experience Design

Get up-to-date with changes happening in the sector, learn using the most
innovative methods, and develop the skills to become a better professional
and drive change in 21st-century tourism.

Once you graduate:
       ou will design tourism, hospitality and recreational
      experiences with added value.
      You will organize leading events.
      You will transform tourism and hospitality businesses
      using innovative management.
      You will plan tourism that is responsible with its
      surroundings, the environment and individuals.
      You will help businesses, organizations and clients to                Spain’s 3rd-best university
      get digital.                                                           for tourism (QS Ranking)
      You will use data analysis, artificial intelligence and
      robotics to change the future of tourism.
                                                                             Best bachelor’s degree
      You will join teams capable of changing reality and                   in tourism in Catalonia
      generating new ways of facing challenges.                              (El Mundo Ranking)
      You will know how to drive your own projects.

Design the future of tourism - HTSI
Complete the Bachelor in
    Tourism and Hospitality                       we train you
                                                  for the future
    Management, or the
    double degree: Bachelor
    in Tourism and Hospitality
    Management + Bachelor
    in Innovation and
    Experience Design
                                              Tourism is a global phenomenon,
    or 100% in English                        a revolution that plays a key role
                                             in economic growth and that is
    6 specializations
                                             becoming increasingly important.
    Internships and
    programs                            According to the World Tourism Organization, international
                                       tourism grew by 6% in 2018, breaking the existing record of
                                       1,300 international tourist arrivals. This is the highest rise
                                      in eight years.

                                      The impact of new technology on the global job market and
                                     on the tourism sector in particular makes it essential to invest
                                    in a university education that prepares students for the future.
                                   Students need the skills to address current and future needs,
                                  and the capacity to take advantage of the challenges and
                                  opportunities the sector will soon offer.

                                   At HTSI, you can choose between the Bachelor in Tourism
                                  and Hospitality Mangement (240 ECTS) and the double degree
                                 combining the Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Mangement
                                and the new Bachelor in Innovation and Experience Design
                               (240 ECTS + 180 ECTS), which will give you the skills to face
                              an imminent, changing future.

                             We’re the only school that offers 6 specializations so students
                            can focus on the area that best fits their profile and international

                           Studying at HTSI is an exciting, committed experience. It means
                          passion for countries and cultures, travel and business, technology,
                          human relations and languages. It means commitment to service
                         and responsible business management.

Design the future of tourism - HTSI
two options for the future

                                 IT OFFERS THREE MAIN ADVANTAGES:

HTSI’s Bachelor in
Tourism and Hospitality
is a four-year (240 ECTS)             You will acquire              You will become a top                You will develop
university degree adapted             the skills you need           expert in the tourism                all the necessary
                                      to manage and                 sector on an international           service and
to meet the European
                                      lead businesses               level. You will have an              comprehension
Higher Education Area. It             using innovative              in-depth understanding of            abilities of the
provides the best training            methods and the               the industry and the wide            client’s needs in
                                      latest trends in              range of possibilities it            order to become
for managing tourism,
                                      international                 offers, and an international         an hospitality
hospitality and                       management.                   vision of a constantly-              leader.
recreational businesses.                                            growing industry.

      New!                        BTHM +ID.Exp
A double degree for a 360º education
HTSI provides you with the oportunity to study a double degree that includes both the Bachelor’s Degree
in Tourism and Hospitality Management and the new Bachelor in Innovation and Experience Design.

This is a 180 ECTS bachelor’s program that is exclusive to HTSI. It intensifies the study of management
so you can help organizations manage processes of change, innovation and digital transformation.
In addition, you will develop the skills to design experiences based on the creation of new products
and services that meet customers’ needs. This double degree provides training based on excellence
to get you up-to-date with the needs of the companies of the future.


      Anticipating changes                 Planning strategies to develop                 Coming up with change
      and identifying the                  memorable experiences through                  and leading innovation and
      present and future needs             products and services with added               digital transformation in
      of organizations.                    value.                                         organizations.

Design the future of tourism - HTSI
on the cutting edge
         of educational innovation
         Both the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management
         and the new double degree including the Bachelor’s Degree in
         Innovation and Experience Design offer you training on the
         cutting edge of educational innovation.

         At HTSI, we understand university education from a perspective that puts you at the centre of the
         learning process to help you become an excellent professional. In addition to skills specific to the
         tourism and management sector, we help you work on skills essential to 21st-century tourism
                                               ESSENTIAL SKILLS FOR CHANGE

                         CROSS-CUTTING                                       INSTRUMENTAL
                            SKILLS                                               SKILLS

                                                                               digital skills
                                                              Workface                                    Information
                                                                  Tech                                    hierarchy

    Communication                           Critical


                                                                                                         Use of
                                                                                                         platforms and
                                                             Working in                                  applications in
                                                         virtual settings                                the tourism

         It is also fundamental that you dominate a wide range of working methods, and be familiar with
         the digital setting used in the profession.


                      Design Thinking
                  Project management                                                         DIGITAL
                 Problem-based learning                                                   ENVIRONMENT
                Challenge-based learning
                                                                                        Work in digital settings
                      Service learning
                                                                                          Lean Management
                  Sociological fieldwork                                                        Data Analysis
                  Cooperative learning                                                     Mobile Marketing
                      Job-Shadowing                                                             Agile methods
              Customer centricity methods

Design the future of tourism - HTSI
how can I do it?
You have two options:
You can study the Bachelor in Tourism                                                                            You can study the new double degree
and Hospitality Management in a                                                                                  that combines the Bachelor in Tourism
four-year program with bilingual or 100%                                                                         and Hospitality Management with our
English options. During the first two                                                                            new Bachelor in Innovation and
years, you will acquire general skills                                                                           Experience Design. You will become an
and enjoy HTSI’s exclusive guidance.                                                                             augmented professional capable of
This will put you on track to choose a                                                                           dealing with the technological changes
specialization that fits your skills and                                                                         faced by companies and of designing
professional future starting in your third                                                                       memorable experiences with added-
year. You will complete specialized                                                                              value products and services. During your
internships in companies that stand out                                                                          first four years, you will take courses
in each of the specializations to get                                                                            in tourism and hospitality
first-hand experience of the challenges                                                                          management together with two
and trends of your new professional                                                                              courses from the new degree. Then,
future.                                                                                                          during your 5th year, you will complete
                                                                                                                 the courses you need for your double

                                          Bachelor in Innovation
                                          and Experience Design

                   MANAGEMENT IN                                                                                          INTERNATIONAL
                     TOURISM AND                                                                                          HOSPITALITY
                      HOSPITALITY                                                                                         MANAGEMENT

                                                           a   ges                        m&
                                                    n   gu                                          t


         HOSPITALITY                                           Training                                                                 EVENTS
       CONSULTANCY                                             in values
                                                                                                            M an age

                                                                                                                                        AND PROTOCOL
                                      a lity
                                       s pit



                                                                     T e c h n ol o g y

                       RESPONSIBLE                                                                                     INNOVATION
                   TOURISM IN URBAN                                                                                    AND DIGITAL
                      DESTINATIONS                                                                                     TRANSFORMATION
                                                                                                                       IN TOURISM

Design the future of tourism - HTSI
                  in Tourism and
                 Hospitality Management
                 specialize for success
            The Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management
           is a four-year university degree (240 ECTS) adapted to
          the European Higher Education
          Area. It trains you as a future leader of the tourism
         industry capable of managing hospitality businesses,
         events and recreation.

          You can either complete your studies 100% in English or in a
         bilingual Spanish/English format. In order to meet the demands of a
        constantly-changing sector and ensure a brilliant future as a young
       professional, this degree offers you 6 different specializations so you can find
      the one that best fits you. The program combines the skills needed to manage
     businesses with the hospitality-related skills needed to provide customers with
    excellent service.

    Why this bachelor?
        This is the only bachelor that offers six specializations so you can
        choose the one that best fits you.

        You can choose between a bilingual or 100% English degree.

        The Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management focuses on
        business management, with more than 50% of credits dedicated to
        this subject.

        Our international dimension provides you with professional and
        academic experience abroad.

        You are in contact with the real world of employment from day one.
        We have a close relationship with the tourism and hotel management
        sector thanks to over 20 years of collaboration.

        We prioritize your employability. 90% of our graduates find their
        first job in less than 6 months.

        We provide advice and assistance. Our exclusive academic and
        professional guidance program accompanies you throughout the
        university training process.

Design the future of tourism - HTSI
the only bachelor with
6 specializations!

Specialize,                                    HOTEL MANAGEMENT
be different,                         You will gain detailed knowledge of the international world of hotels (strategies,
                                      organization and the business culture of the leading chains) and you will
stand out,                             develop the skills required by international hotels to ensure a successful
                                        professional career.
become a leader!

                                                    EVENT ORGANIZATION
The Bachelor in Tourism                            AND PROTOCOL
                                          You will become a specialist in strategic event management and the
and Hospitality Management
                                          rules of protocol needed to design and produce all types of events
is the only bachelor’s                     (corporate, social, institutional, and others).
degree that offers 6 new
specializations so you can
                                                       DIGITAL INNOVATION AND
dominate the area that best
                                                        TRANSFORMATION IN TOURISM
fits you and your employment
                                               You will drive the digitalization of tourism and hotel companies
plans.                                          and you will generate ecosystems for innovation and
                                                entrepreneurship. you will get an in-depth look at trends and
In an extremely competitive,                     technologies for transforming tourism and hospitality through
constantly growing sector,                        innovative skills and methods.
specialization can help you
stand out as a young professional.                              RESPONSIBLE TOURISM
It will help you become a leader in                              IN URBAN DESTINATIONS
tourism, hospitality, event                         You will be capable of maximizing the positive impacts and
planning and recreation on                           minimizing the negative economic, social and environmental
                                                     effects of tourism. Methods for sustainable planning and
an international level.
                                                      management of tourism activities help you to avoid phenomena
                                                      like tourismophobia or damage to the appeal
                                                       of a destination.

                                                                   TOURISM AND HOTEL
                                                          You will learn how to conduct market perspectives in the
                                                           sector, design plans for marketing or product development,
                                                           and direct relevant projects. You will learn consultancy
                                                            methods and acquire key skills for this professional role.

                                                                           DESIGNING EXPERIENCES
                                                                             IN TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY
                                                               You will be able to design tourism and hospitality
                                                               products that generate satisfying, memorable
                                                                experiences for customers. You will get an in-depth
                                                                 look at their needs and aspirations, and you will be
                                                                  able to apply design and management methods to
                                                                  create new, innovative and attractive tourism and
                                                                   hotel products.

Design the future of tourism - HTSI
BTHM + ID.Exp double degree
     become a better professional!

      Soft skills have always been part of the tourism industry, where the
      central pillar is service. 24% of tourism professionals would feel
       better prepared for the world of employment if they could improve
       their soft skills, which involve communication, language, personal
        habits and attitudes. Many of the positions that previously
         required greater human involvement no longer exist, with
          computers playing an increasingly significant role. Soft skills are
           now more important than ever for providing added value to
            service, personalizing it and making customer experiences

             The goal of the Bachelor in Innovation and Experience Design in Tourism
             and Hospitality (180 ECTS) is to train professionals capable of
              anticipating changes, identifying needs and planning strategies. This
              is to help them create memorable experiences through added value
               tourism products and services that surpass customers’ expectations
                using foresight, innovation and technology.

The Bachelor in
                                                    Tourism and Hospitality
                                                      Management and the
                                                     Bachelor in Innovation
                                                     and Experience Design
                                                             prepare you for:

                                                                Generating a
                                                            product based on

With HTSI’s double degree, you will become
                                                           opportunities and
a professional familiar with innovation                     turning them into
processes and digital and technological                       business plans.
environments, and you will be capable of:

                                                              Knowing how
                                                                    to make
    Analysing the context and the most relevant               new business
    changes in society and the sector from an                models a viable
    interdisciplinary, disruptive and innovative

    Identifying and anticipating customers’
    needs and behaviour to develop new business
    opportunities in the world of experiences,
    products and services.

    Designing and directing processes
    of digital change, innovation and
    transformation in organization based on set

    Applying the methods and tools for
    designing and co-creating products and
    services together with the customer.

    Creating and leading entrepreneurial products
    that respond to new challenges presented by
    customers, organizations and society.

       1      Curso/ course                                 2      Curso/ course

     1r                      1st                          3r                       3rd
     Semestre                Semester                     Semestre                 Semester
     PROGRAMA                ENGLISH                      PROGRAMA                 ENGLISH
                                                   ECTS                                                      ECTS
     BILINGÜE                Steam                        BILINGÜE                 Steam

     Economía                Business                     Fundamentos de           Marketing
                                                    6                                                         6
     de la empresa           Economics                    marketing                Foundamentals

                                                          Análisis de datos en     Data Analysis in
     Mercados Turísticos     Tourism Markets        4                                                         3
                                                          turismo y hotelería      Tourism and Hospitality
     Geografía               Geography              6
                                                          Sectores turísticos      Tourism Sectors            4
     Filosofía Social        Social Philosophy      3     Dirección de recursos    Human Resources
                                                          humanos                  Management
     Habilidades de          Communication
     Comunicación            Skills                       Estadística              Statistics                 6

     Inglés                  English                3     Inglés                   English                    3

     Francés o Alemán        French or German       3     Francés o Alemán         French or German           3

                                                           Social Research Methods for Innovation II:
      Devices, Technology and Mobile Environment    5                                                         5

     2º                      2nd                          4º                       4th
     Semestre                Semester                     Semestre                 Semester
                             ENGLISH                                               ENGLISH
     PROGRAMA BILINGÜE                             ECTS   PROGRAMA BILINGÜE                                  ECTS
                             Steam                                                 Steam

     Economía                Economics              6     Comunicación             Persuasive
                                                          persuasiva               Communication
     Tipologías turísticas   Tourism Typologies     6
                                                          Distribución electr.     Electr. Distribution       3
     Estrategia de           Internet Content
     contenidos              Strategy               4     Antropología y           Tourism
     en Internet                                          sociología del           Anthropology and           4
                                                          turismo                  Sociology
     Prestación de           Service Encounters
     servicios en turismo    in Tourism and         4     Derecho turístico        Tourism Law                6
     y hotelería             Hospitality
                                                          Contabilidad             Accounting                 6
     Habilidades para        Data Management
                                                    3     Habilidades personales   Personal and
     la gestión de datos     Skils                                                                            4
                                                          y profesionales          Professional Skills
     Inglés                  English                3     Inglés                   English                    3

     Francés o Alemán        French or German       3     Francés o Alemán         French or German           3

      Social Research Methods for Innovation I:
                                                    5      Social Innovation Methods                          5

Bilingual PROGRAM

                                                                                                      Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism
                                                                                                      and Hospitality Management
                                                                                                      english Steam

                                                                                                      Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism
                                                                                                      and Hospitality Management

                                                                                                      Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and
                                                                                                      Hospitality Management + Bachelor’s
                                                                                                      Degree in Designing Tourism and
                                                                                                      Hospitality Experiences

  3     Curso/ course                        4     Curso/ course                                   5     Curso/ course

5º                       5th               7º                        7th                         9º
Semestre                 Semester          Semestre                  Semester                    Semestre
PROGRAMA                 ENGLISH           PROGRAMA                  ENGLISH
                                    ECTS                                                  ECTS   PROGRAMA BILINGÜE                         ECTS
BILINGÜE                 Steam             BILINGÜE                  Steam

Hotel and Restaurant Management      6     Mandatory Internship                           30     Experience Creation and Design            15
                                                                                                   • Experience Creation in Tourism
                                                                                                   • Customer Centricity and co-creation
Cross Cultural Communication         6                                                             • Service and Product Design

Financial Management in T&H          6

Operational Marketing in T&H         6                                                           Strategic Foresight and Planning          15
                                                                                                   • Strategic Foresight and scenario
                                                                                                      and future anticipation
French or German
                                                                                                   • Transformation of Tourism Careers
                                                                                                   • Strategy and Planning

 Business Intelligence               5

6º                       2nd               8º                        8th                         10º
Semestre                 Semester          Semestre                  Semester                    Semestre
                         ENGLISH                                     ENGLISH
PROGRAMA BILINGÜE                   ECTS   PROGRAMA BILINGÜE                              ECTS   PROGRAMA BILINGÜE                         ECTS
                         Steam                                       Steam

Two options                                                                                      Leading Innovation and Change             15
                                           Business Ethics                                 2
                                                                                                 in Organizations
Electives                           30
                                                                                                   • Management and Development
                                           Business Strategies & CSR in T&H                6
                                                                                                      of Innovation Systems
                                                                                                   • Managing Business Innovation
                                           Managing Prof. Development                      6          Projects
                                                                                                   • Change Planning and
                                           Innovation & Entrepreneurship                   6
Optional Internship                 30

                                           Destination Management                          4
                                                                                                 Creating and Leading Projects             15
                                                                                                   • Leading Business Organizacions
                                           Degree Thesis                                  10       • Entrepreneurship and Corporate
                                                                                                      Entrepreneurship: Degree Thesis

                                            Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and other
                                            emerging technologies in tourism

we guide you
                                      HTSI offers you exclusive personalized guidance,
     From day one,                    both academically and professionally. We help
     we guide you                     you develop your potential from all angles with
     on your journey.                 a single goal: becoming the best professional
                                      you can be.


     Academic                        Professional                         Personalized
     guidance                        development                           guidance

          Academic       Student          Curriculum       Study           Academic
          guidance       management       adaptation       Trips           exchange

          Professional                    Recruiting       Professional     Job
          development                     activities       Trips            insertion

    The academic area provides exhaustive guidance during your time at HTSI so you can
    take full advantage of the learning process..

   Academic guidance. We welcome you,
1	address                                             4	Study Trips. Training is combined with
           any doubts you may have, and guide             a number of themed travel opportunities
   you through the learning process.                      that let you apply what you learn in the

2	Lecturers. Get access to the best lecturers:           classroom and interact with other
                                                          students from around the world. You
   academics with experience in research and
                                                          travel to learn.
   teaching, and active professionals that put
   you in touch with the sector’s latest trends.       5	Academic exchanges. You can
3	An adapted curriculum for those with                   complete a semester in one of the
                                                          universities from our network of
   special needs.
                                                          international partners to ensure an
                                                          education without borders.

              guidance                                                      Identifying
                                                                             talent and
    HTSI has a team of professional development                           We use a number of
    advisors committed to maximizing your                                psychological tools to
                                                                       evaluate your most useful
    employability. We help you ensure your                               talents for the sector,
                                                                         your values and what
    employment objectives. As a result, you will                             motivates you.

    become more capable of designing your own
    education in order to achieve success in a
    professional setting.                                                           Self-knowledge
                                                                                You’ll participate in mentoring
                                                                                sessions designed to get more
     e will maximize the match between your profile
    W                                                                             detailed information about
                                                                                you and to better guide you in
    and the employment opportunities offered by                                 your professional development
                                                                                 process. These sessions help
    companies in the world of tourism, hospitality                                 you find a company that
    management.                                                                   matches your professional
                                                                                  objectives, your values and
                                                                                          your talent.
    You will improve your social skills.
    You will receive guidance throughout the hiring
     process, both for your internship and your job
     insertion.                                                          evaluation and
 	HTSI’s unique and exclusive learning process helps                    After your internship
                                                                         experience in the real
   you stand out from the competition.                                  world, we evaluate your
                                                                        match with the company
     ou will be able to expand your network of
    Y                                                                    and the opportunities
                                                                              for learning.
    professional contacts.

     Promoting job insertion is fundamental to HTSI. As a result, one of our strategic pillars is a
     close collaboration with tourism, hospitality and event planning companies.
     These alliances take the shape of internships and job offers, and joint talent, recruiting and
     educational activities.


                                                  Events - W Barcelona (Barcelona)
                                                  Conference & Catering - Hotel Arts (Barcelona)
                                                  Management - Mandarin Oriental (Barcelona)
                                                  Sports events - Oxigen Events (Barcelona)

Internships                                       Guest Services - Intercruises Shoreside & Port
                                                  Services (Barcelona)
                                                  Guest Services - The St. Regis Mardavall (Palma de Mallorca)
                                                  Finance - Hotel The Serras (Barcelona)
                                                  Human Resources - Majestic Hotel & Spa (Barcelona)
In a highly competitive market,                   Assistant Director - Barceló Torre de Madrid (Madrid)
graduates need to be ready to take full           Events - Hotel Sofía (Barcelona)
                                                  Market Associate - Expedia (Barcelona)
advantage of their opportunities for
                                                  Revenue - Xotels (Barcelona)
developing a successful professional
                                                  Marketing - Ritz Carlton Abama (Tenerife)
career. Strengthening your
                                                  Finance - Barcelona Edition (Barcelona)
employability is a priority for HTSI, so          Consultancy - E&Y (Barcelona)
you will complete 4-6 months of
mandatory internships in national and            INTERNATIONAL
international companies. These                    Front Desk Housekeeping & Reservations - Room Mate
                                                  Grace Hotel New York (USA)
internships take place in companies
                                                  Rotation - Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa (Jamaica)
that match your chosen specialization,            Front Office - Hotel Banke (Paris)
and they give you a chance to apply               Assistant Director of Learning - Armani Hotel
what you’ve learned in a real-life                Dubai (Arab Emirates)

setting. In addition, you can complete            Housekeeping - Marriott Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
                                                  Events - World Wide Events (M&I Forum) (london)
optional internships to complete your
                                                  Rooms - Ritz Carlton Kyoto (Kyoto)
professional experience.
                                                  Events - MCI Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
                                                  Finance - Ritz Carlton Dubai (Arab Emirates)
Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the
                                                  Manager in training - Soho Beach House Miami (USA)
sector and guidance from our professional
                                                  Management - Hotel Iberostar Club Palmeraie
development advisors, HTSI manages your           Marrakech (Marrakech)
internships. We offer you personalized            Finance & Marketing - Gran Hyatt Santiago (Chile)
guidance that matches your academic               Housekeeping - Lungarno Collection Florencia (Italy)
trajectory, your preferences in the sector and    Cross training - Sports Hotels Resort & Spa Andorra (Andorra)
your professional aspirations.                    Cross training - Babuino 181 Luxury Suites Roma (italy)

we give you
     the key to promoting your
     At HTSI, we work with you on key elements for promoting your employability
     (your capacity to continuously attract the interest of businesses, organizations
     and institutions from the world of tourism), as well as your capacity to create
     your own enterprise.

     HTSI works closely with      Together, we predict     We work with you on your
     businesses that are          what the tourism         learnability, or your capacity to
     leading the sector and       sector will be like in   continue learning throughout your
     designing its future, as     10 years, and we         professional career. This is a key
     well as with their           prepare you for          skill that provides professional
     recruitment professionals.   quality, long-term       growth within your business, in
     We place them at your        employment based         different businesses from the
     disposal in the              on a lasting capacity    tourism sector, or even in other
     professional                 to add value to          sectors that value the skills of
     development and job          businesses and           tourism professionals.
     insertion process.           organizations.

your success is our success
Our main objective is to ensure the best possible job insertion and professional development
opportunities for our graduates. Our job insertion surveys demonstrate our alumni’s success.

   current status of alumni                                                                       adequacy rate
                                                                                               of university studies with
                                                                                                  current employment

                               ADDITIONAL STUDIES
   employment sectors                                                                     areas or departments
                                                                                          of current professional development
                                        Events            Restaurants
      Intermediation                                                                                     Customer Support
                                        13.48%                                                  7.80%

                                                                                                         Revenue Management
                                                               (Cruises, Finances,
                                                                Education,, I+D...)

         39.72%                                                 30.50%
                                                                                                         Human Resources

                                                  2.83%                                         3.55%
                                                                                                         Marketing Online

                                              Transportation                                    2.13%


       71.53%                           54%     of             68.29% of alumni find work                   57%                    90.51%
      of alumni were                   alumni are in           within 3 months of graduation,             of alumni                of students

  hired by the company                 intermediate                                                      earn €20,000             recommend
   where they interned.               management or            and          find work within             and €40,000.                studying
                                       management                 6 months of graduation.                                            at HTSI.


        Universities of                              2

     1 	School of Hotel and Tourism

        Management of The Hong Kong
        Polytechnic University
        Hong Kong

     2 	Taylor’s University
        Selangor, Malaysia

     3 	Udayana University
        Bali, Indonesia

        Universities of

        America                                  3

     2 	 Johnson & Wales University
        Providence Rhode Island, USA

     3 	 Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya
        Lima, Peru

     4 	 University of San Francisco
        San Francisco, USA

     5 	 Universidad Argentina de la Empresa
        Buenos Aires, Argentina

     6 	 Universidad Católica del Uruguay                      2
        Montevideo, Uruguay



                                 One of HTSI’s goals is to strengthen your internationalization and to
                               promote the development of your academic and professional skills in
                             international and intercultural contexts. This is reflected in our network
                          of collaborating universities, the use of English as a language of teaching,
                                      and in numerous collaborations with international companies.

    Universities of                          12 	Università della Calabria

                                                    Rende, italy

                                             13 	 University College Birmingham
                                                    Birmingham, UK

                                             14 	University of Stavanger
 1 	Technological University of Dublin            Stavanger, Norway
    Dublin, Ireland
                                                University of West London
    Hotel Management School                        Londres, UK
    Maastricht Zuyd University of
    Applied Sciences
    Maastricht, Netherlands

 3 	Institut Paul Bocuse
    Ecully, france                                                                                                  5

 4 	 International University of Applied                                                    14
    Sciences Bad-Honnef
    Bonn, germany

 5 	Jyväskylä University of Applied
    Jyvaskyla, Finland                                       13
 6 	Kodolany Janos University                1                                             2
    of Applied Sciences
    Budapest, Hungary                                                           15       10
 7 	La Rochelle Tourism & Hospitality                                                            4
    School (Excelia Group)
    La Rochelle, France
8 	Leeds Beckett University                                                                                   6
    Leeds, UK
 9 	 Modul University Vienna
    Viena, Austria

10 	 Breda University of Applied
    Sciences                                                                                               12
    Breda, Netherlands

11 	Oxford School of Hospitality
    Management -Oxford Brookes
    Oxford, UK

     Students at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
     Sant Ignasi are talented, eager to learn, eager to do business,
     and eager to play an active role in one the most important
     sectors of the global economy.

     HTSI has its own rigorous admissions process, which is
     independent from the public university system and which
     obtains an all-round assessment of candidates based on both
     their academic records and personal skills and abilities.

     The admissions process is continuous, taking place while
     candidates are completing their previous studies. Places
     are offered on condition that the candidates have
     obtained the required grades on admission.

     Applications are processed on a monthly
     basis from December. Candidates are
     therefore advised to enter the process
     as early as possible.

     in you!                                                    ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS
                                                                Successful completion of high school studies.
                                                                Candidates from education systems outside Spain
                                                                must comply with the requirements for admission
                                                                to the Spanish university system. For detailed information,
                                                                please check our website or contact us.

                                                                STEPS TO FOLLOW
                                                                Complete an application form (
                                                                Complete our admissions test, which consists of:
                                                            – An evaluation of the candidate’s academic record
                                                            –An English placement test
                                                            –A written motivational test

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   +34 696 571 568



C/ Marqués de Mulhacén 40-42
(Campus ESADE Pedralbes, Edifici 2)
08034 Barcelona (Spain)

+34 93 252 28 91
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ESADE Foundation
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