Aspire. 2018 STAR at UC - Distance courses for secondary school students - University of Canterbury

Aspire. 2018 STAR at UC - Distance courses for secondary school students - University of Canterbury
2018 STAR at UC
Distance courses for secondary school students


                                 STA R           Distan c e c o u r se            s
Aspire. 2018 STAR at UC - Distance courses for secondary school students - University of Canterbury
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Gerard Chesterman completed the STAR course
(MATH 199) AIMS — Advancing in Mathematical
Sciences, by distance in 2016, while he was a
student at Lindisfarne College. Gerard is now
studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with
Honours in Mechanical Engineering at UC.
Aspire. 2018 STAR at UC - Distance courses for secondary school students - University of Canterbury
STAR at UC for secondary
school students

The University of                                   • the chance to make a headstart on their          What are the entry criteria?
Canterbury’s STAR
                                                      tertiary studies
                                                                                                       It is up to schools to identify and approve
Programme is an
                                                    • confidence they have what it takes to succeed    suitable students, primarily in Years 12
                                                      at university.
extension and transition
                                                                                                       and 13. It is expected that all STAR students
                                                                                                       will have met the literacy and numeracy
programme for keen                                  Who can enrol?                                     requirements of University Entrance. Some
and capable secondary                               Secondary school students in New Zealand,          courses have further prerequisites or guidelines,

school students.                                    including international and adult students,        see the course information on the STAR
                                                    from:                                              Programme website:

                                                    • state schools
What is the STAR programme?                                                                            How to enrol
                                                    • independent or integrated schools
At the University of Canterbury | Te Whare                                                             Enrolment forms are available on the
Wānanga o Waitaha (UC), secondary school            • home schools.                                    STAR Programme website:
students from anywhere in Aotearoa New                                                       
Zealand can become STAR students and enrol in       What does a STAR                                   For 2018, the application closing dates are:
first-year degree-level courses while they are in   course involve?                                    • for Semester 1 or Whole Year courses —
Year 12 or 13.
                                                    Most of the UC courses that are open to STAR         8 February 2018
Once the student achieves University Entrance       students are 15-point courses run over one         • for Semester 2 courses — 28 June 2018.
they can credit courses they have successfully      semester. Most students would have a workload
completed towards a relevant degree at UC, and      of around eight hours a week on average, which
usually at other universities too.                  can include reading the online course materials,     Contact us
In 2017 there were 99 secondary schools that        working on assignments, and preparing for and
                                                                                                         UC STAR Coordinator — Franka Menzies
took advantage of the programme at UC.              sitting an exam/test.
                                                                                                         T: +64 3 369 4987
                                                    ECON 199 and ECON 105 are 15-point courses           E:
Why be a part of STAR at UC?                        run over the whole year and have a workload of
                                                    around four hours a week on average.       
The STAR programme offers high-achieving
secondary school students:
• a stimulating challenge while they are
  studying towards University Entrance

Aspire. 2018 STAR at UC - Distance courses for secondary school students - University of Canterbury
2018 distance courses

Detailed course information can be found on the STAR programme website:
The course information is correct as at October 2017 but is subject to change.

 Subject                            Course Code      Course Title                              Points      Semester        Start         Finish         Fees
 Antarctic Studies                  ANTA 101         Antarctica                                15          SU2             20/11/17      24/12/17       $550
                                                                                                           (Nov 17)
 Art History and Theory             ARTH 103         ‘Picasso who?’ Introducing                15          SU2             20/11/17      24/12/17       $550
                                                     Modern Art                                            (Nov 17)
 Classics                           CLAS 104         Greek Mythologies                         15          S1              19/2/18       24/6/18        $550
                                    CLAS 144         Beginners’ Latin A                        15          S1              19/2/18       24/6/18        $550
                                    CLAS 145         Beginners’ Latin B                        15          S2              16/7/18       18/11/18       $550
 Communication                      CMDS 161         Anatomy and Physiology of the                         SU2             20/11/17      11/2/18        $550
 Disorders                                           Speech, Hearing and                                   (Nov 17)
                                                     Swallowing Mechanism
 Economics                          ECON 105         Introduction to Macroeconomics            15          X               19/2/18       25/11/18       $550
                                    ECON 199         Introduction to Microeconomics            15          X               19/2/18       25/11/18       $550
 Education                          EDUC 101         Learning: People, Politics                15          SU1             1/1/18        11/2/18        $550
                                                     and Processes                                         (Jan 18)
                                                                                                           S1              19/2/18       24/6/18
                                    EDUC 102         Child and Adolescent                      15          S1              19/2/18       24/6/18        $550
                                    EDUC 103         Education, Culture and Society            15          S2              16/7/18       18/11/18       $550

 European and                       EURA 101         Global EUrope                             15          S1              19/2/18       24/6/18        $550
 European Union
 Health Sciences                    HLTH 101         Introduction to Health Studies            15          S1              19/2/18       24/6/18        $550
 History                            HIST 127         American History                          15          S2              16/7/18       18/11/18       $550
 Human Services                     HSRV 103         Violence in Society                       15          S2              16/7/18       18/11/18       $550
 Linguistics                        LING 102         Language and Society in                   15          S2              16/7/18       18/11/18       $550
                                                     New Zealand and Beyond
 Māori and                          MAOR 107         Aotearoa: Introduction to                 15          S1              19/2/18       24/6/18        $550
 Indigenous Studies                                  Traditional Māori Society
                                    MAOR 108         Aotearoa: Introduction to                 15          S2              16/7/18       18/11/18       $550
                                                     New Zealand Treaty Society
 Mathematics                        MATH 199         AIMS — Advancing in                       30          W               19/2/18       18/11/18       $0
                                                     Mathematical Sciences                                                                              (no fee)

 Media and                          COMS 102         Introduction to News                      15          S2              16/7/18       18/11/18       $550
 Communication                                       and Journalism
 Philosophy                         PHIL 110         Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus             15          S1              19/2/18       24/6/18        $550
                                    PHIL 139         Ethics, Politics and Justice              15          S2              16/7/18       18/11/18       $550
                                    PHIL 229         Philosophy of Religion:                   15          S1              19/2/18       24/6/18        $550
                                                     Rationality, Science, and the
                                                     God Hypothesis

S1 = Semester One; S2 = Semester Two; W = Whole Year; SU2 (Nov 17) = Summer (November 2017 start); SU1 (Jan 18) = Summer (January 2018 start); X = Non-calendar based

4          2018 STAR at UC: Distance courses
Aspire. 2018 STAR at UC - Distance courses for secondary school students - University of Canterbury
Subject                         Course Code   Course Title                     Points   Semester   Start      Finish       Fees
 Political Science and           POLS 102      Politics: An Introduction        15       S1         19/2/18    24/6/18      $550
 International Relations

 Russian                         RUSS 130      Elementary Russian Language A    15       S1         19/2/18    24/6/18      $550

                                 RUSS 131      Elementary Russian Language B    15       S2         16/7/18    18/11/18     $550

 Sport Coaching                  SPCO 101      Introduction to Sport Coaching   15       S1         19/2/18    24/6/18      $550

                                 SPCO 102      Theoretical Foundations of       15       S2         16/7/18    18/11/18     $550
                                               Coaching and Teaching
                                 SPCO 103      Sport Psychology 1               15       S2         16/7/18    18/11/18     $550
                                 SPCO 104      Anatomy and Physiology           15       S2         16/7/18    18/11/18     $550
                                 SPCO 105      Social History of Sport and      15       S1         19/2/18    24/6/18      $550
                                               Physical Education
                                 SPCO 107      Sport Nutrition                  15       S1         19/2/18    24/6/18      $550

‘I definitely recommend STAR as it is hugely motivational.
There is the bonus benefit of possible scholarships, for top
achievers in MATH 199 coming to UC. There is also the
possibility of direct entry into second year Engineering Maths
— it seems a no-brainer to me. My students have told me that
they have no regrets in studying this course, and that it has
helped prepare them better for university study.’

Heather Watt
Year 12 Dean
Distance Education Coordinator
Mt Aspiring College, Wanaka

Course examples

Delivery of distance courses                        This course follows closely the NCEA Level          PHIL 110
                                                    3 microeconomics curriculum through                 Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus
Have the opportunity to experience what             lectures that are more in depth, increasing
university is like at UC from the comfort of your   understanding. It is taught by distance over the    This Philosophy course is a critical thinker’s
own home town, without the need to come             whole year, so has a lighter weekly workload        toolkit. It will teach students 20 principles they
to the UC campus for courses. Each distance         than other STAR courses.                            can use to tell science from pseudo-science,
course has a dedicated course site on Learn,        There will be periodic online assessments by        truth from falsehood, logic from rhetoric, sound
UC’s online learning management system, with        way of quizzes to keep students on track,           reasoning from wishful thinking, effective
comprehensive resources, usually structured on      as well as a supervised term test and final exam.   medicine from quackery, and good evidence
a week-by-week basis.                                                                                   from lies, fraud and fakery. Videos of all lectures
Christchurch-based students who are enrolled        MATH 199                                            are available online. All assessment is submitted
in a distance course can complete the course                                                            online and consists of weekly assessment tasks
                                                    AIMS — Advancing in                                 and two essays.
online (although they will need to sit any final
                                                    Mathematical Sciences
exams or formal tests on the UC campus).
                                                    This is a two-semester programme covering
Alternative exam/test arrangements will
                                                    calculus and linear algebra, for secondary            Come and take a look
be made for students outside the Ōtautahi
                                                    school students who excel in mathematics.
Christchurch area, at a location close to home.
                                                    It is aligned with our first-year courses             UC Open Day — 12 July 2018
                                                    MATH 102 in Semester 1 and MATH 103 in                If you are considering studying at UC
Examples of STAR                                    Semester 2.                                           in 2019 (or beyond), nothing can replace
distance courses                                    MATH 199 is a kick-start into qualification           actually setting foot on campus and
These are some examples of how courses              subjects such as Mathematics and Statistics,          getting a feel for the learning, social, and
are delivered:                                      Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, and           living environment in Canterbury.
                                                    Financial Engineering. Lectures will be recorded      Find out more at:
ECON 199                                            along with short video clips of key ideas.  
Introduction to Microeconomics                      Although the primary source for content is
                                                    online, weekly tutorial classes will be held          Campus tours
This STAR course focuses on preparing students
                                                    using Adobe Connect.
for Economics NZQA Scholarship Exam while still                                                           An individual or group can easily book
                                                    There will be regular small-stakes assessments
earning credit for UC first-year Microeconomics                                                           online for a campus tour at any time.
                                                    to provide feedback and keep you motivated,
course (one of the required first-year courses                                                            Find out more at:
                                                    as well as big-stakes tests. Students are
at UC).                                                                                         
                                                    encouraged to attend a two-day mid-year
                                                    workshop at the UC Ilam Campus, which is              campus-tours-and-future-student-events
                                                    followed by UC Open Day.

                                                    ‘I saw that I had the most established
                                                    New Zealand university at my back door.
                                                    I highly recommend STAR to anyone wanting
                                                    to sample university education and further their
                                                    knowledge. It gave me a great insight into what
                                                    my life would be like after school.’

                                                    Tanisha Haumu
                                                    Started as a STAR student (TREO 111 and TREO 112)
                                                    Certificate in Arts in Te Reo Māori
                                                    Bachelor of Commerce in Operations and
                                                    Supply Chain Management, Strategy and
                                                    Entrepreneurship and Management
                                                    Graduate Logistics, Mainfreight Ltd

6        2018 STAR at UC: Distance courses
Useful dates for
future UC students
Useful 2018 dates — for 2019 study at UC
May           2019 UC Undergraduate Prospectus and other publications available
May – June    UC Information Evenings by region
12 July       UC Open Day
July          Applications for teaching open
15 August     Some UC scholarship applications due
September     2019 UC Guide to Enrolment available
October       Applications for accommodation due
              Special applications close for some Music programmes
              Applications to Enrol open
November      Special applications close for Fine Arts and some Music programmes
10 December   Applications to Enrol due for first-year domestic students

                                                                                   ‘The STAR Programme is
                                                                                   an excellent way to get an
                                                                                   early idea of what to expect
                                                                                   from university. Not only
                                                                                   does it extend you in a
                                                                                   certain subject, but allows
                                                                                   you to get familiar with the
                                                                                   workload you can expect
                                                                                   for your future courses.
                                                                                   As if that wasn’t enough,
                                                                                   many of the courses offer
                                                                                   multiple scholarships to
                                                                                   high achievers.’
                                                                                   Tobias de Ridder
                                                                                   Started as a STAR student (MATH 199
                                                                                   AIMS — Advancing in Mathematical Sciences)
                                                                                   Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with
                                                                                   Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
                                                                                   at UC

                                                                                     Published October 2017 by the University of
                                                                                     Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch
                                                                                     8140, New Zealand. Information is correct at
                                                                                     time of publication but is subject to change.
                                                                                     Please check online for the latest course

UC STAR Coordinator:
Franka Menzies
T: +64 3 369 4987

University of Canterbury
Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

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