Page 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 DISTRICT NEWSLETTER LIONS DISTRICT 201N1 July – August 2018 Volume 45- Issue 1 District Governor David Emanuel Kootingal & District Lions Club inc “Embracing new ideas and growth in the spirit of harmony and friendship” www.201n1.lions.org.au www.facebook.com/lionsdistrict201n1


Page 2 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 DIRECTORY 1st Cabinet Meeting Maclean 10th to 12th August 2018 2nd Cabinet Meeting South West Rocks Con- vention 19th to 21st October 2018 3rd Cabinet Meeting Nundle 8th to 10th February 2018 4th Cabinet Meeting Narrabri 31st May to 2nd June DISTRICT GOVERNOR David EMANUEL (Jill) PO Box 3124 West Tamworth 2340 02 6760 5369 0408 297 287 david.emanuel @lionsdistrict201n1.org.au CABINET SECRETARY Mick McGrath (Robyn) 8 Colliton Parade FORSTER 2428 02 6557 5842 0427 225 479 mick.mcgrath @lionsdistrict201n1.org.au CABINET TREASURER Peter WILLIS-JONES (Pam) PO Box 4031 CRESCENT HEAD 2440 02 6566 0876 0438 660 876 peter.willisjones @lionsdistrict201n1.org.au DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Brian BOURKE (Helga) PO Box 7474 CHATHAM 2430 02 6552 1189 0428 521 251 newsletter @lionsdistrict201n1.org.au CABINET MEETINGS 2018 – 2019 CABINET STRUCTURE Executive District Governor: David Emanuel 1st Vice District Governor: Bill Shepherd 2nd Vice District Governor: Kevin Thornton Immediate Past District Governor: IPDG John Davis Cabinet Secretary: PDG Mick McGrath Cabinet Treasurer: PDG Peter Willis-Jones Assistant Cabinet Secretary: Lorraine Hemsworth CBL Chairman: Chris Elford Assistant CBL: PDG Phil Bower District Global Membership Team Leader: Robin Parker District Global Leadership Team Leader: Kevin Thornton


Page 3 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 DISTRICT GOVERNORS NOTES….. DG David Emanuel Continued on page 4 What a long day June 22nd was, we left home at 4.30am for Tamworth airport to Sydney then onto Las Vegas via Dallas arriv- ing at 6.30pm on the 22nd someday, 35hours without a bed. We have really enjoyed the opportunity given to us to be your District Governor team this year. David has spent many hours in training with other District Governors of the Constitutional Area 7 whilst Jill has had in- structions with International President Gud- run Husband Dr Jon Bjarni.

We are now on the ground running as we returned home on the 8th July at 9.30pm another story of the joys of long distant trav- els.

We have been inspired with great mes- sages from our International President Gud- run who is the first International President from Iceland and her presentations were focused around her family life and the chal- lenges from the harsh environment of her homeland. The delivery of her messages were about unchartered waters and sailing using her time to tell about the need for change. For without plans and objectives we will go nowhere. We all can set sail each day as the Skipper of our desires to handle the ups and downs of life but to remember we cannot adjust the wind only the sails to maintain our direction.

Remember we are just a team as strong as our weakest link.

We have a great history now entering our 101 years of service with new life styles and gadgets of a new era that we must harness to give our younger generations the ability TO SERVE their way. Not all communities can afford a new Club but lots of places are possi- bilities with Tertiary Education campuses for Leos Omega Clubs 18- 30yrs. Then Club Branches for special needs and activities. The whole structure is now very focused on the Club, your Club, my Club so with Membership, Leadership, & Service we will now see more help with ideas and information to increase our service in many variety of ways.

We Lions will give personal development activities to those who wish to take up these offers. The big plan is we will need To Serve 200 Million people a year by 2020 as Lions see the future needs of the world ahead, remember where there is a need there is a LION. Lion Jill and DG David are looking forward to visiting your club and we will be supporting Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation as our selected Lions Project. I have released an appeal for draft funding to help put food on the family tables and give some pamper products to those of our farm- ing and rural families within district 201n1 who are finding life very difficult under the The official Induction of DG David Emanuel and Lion Jill at Las Vegas


Page 4 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 From the DG’s Desk Continues from page 3 19th to 21st October 2018 SOUTHWEST ROCKS 2018 - 201N1 District Convention current weather conditions and I ask your support to this project. Time never stands still and as this Newsletter reaches you then you will also be receiving the registration forms for your Dis- trict Convention to be held 19th -21st October 2018 at beautiful South West Rocks. The theme is the future starts here as we enter the next 100 years we will need to change and be prepared for the unknown of the future. We are sure every day we will have an oppor- tunity to paint a new canvas as we sail the uncharted waters of tomorrow.

We have a strong past that cannot be changed but only appreciated as we work forward with our plans for the future for today is now and that is our time to paint for tomorrow is not yet here and yesterday is filled away unchangea- ble. We will have a lot of fun at convention by the sea and hope you come and go away with a new energy recharged from being with friends and the Lions family. In closing my first Newsletter I draw your attention to the Drought Relief Appeals that are there for your support. The first is the National Appeal by Australian Lions Founda- tion for donations to help the current situa- tion in our country Australia wide due to lack of rain.

The other is a District Appeal called by myself to build a bank of money for District to use in our district to assist with putting Food on the tables helping with medical as needed through the help of Salvation Army, Depart- ment of Primary Industry and other respected organisations. Once we know our District funds received we will be able to get assis- tance from ALF and then have some clubs assist in many ways in the future. Make sure you’re having FUN in your clubs while serving the communities in which you live.

Kind Regards District Governor David & Lion Jill. DG David Emanuel and Lion Jill at Las Vegas with International President Gudrun Yngvadottir and PID Jon Thorsteinsson


Page 5 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 DISTRICT PIN CHAIRMAN’S REPORT The 2018 – 2019 District Pin has now ar- rived, and Lions will see from the above pic- ture that it is a new design. The District Cabinet voted on a new series of pins to be based on old bridges in our Dis- trict, and to celebrate Lion David Emanuel’s introduction as our new District Governor, the Bendemeer Bridge which is situated in his territory was chosen as the first pin in the series.

District Governor David will have a supply of these pins when he visits each Club in our District and will have them available for Lions to purchase.

A question has been asked as to why we have Lions Pins and there are several answers to this. One reason for a District Pin is to identify what District a Lion comes from when they visit such events as the Lions MD Convention however the main reason for Lions Pins is ‘Fellowship and Friendship’. I am a member of the Australian Lions Pin Trading Club (ALPTC) and I joined this club many years ago as a Lion from another District asked me if I was able to provide him with a District 201N1 Pin each year and he would trade me with one from his District. I accepted this offer and it steadily grew with other Lions throughout Australia until I was purchasing at least 10 pins each year from past Pin Chair- man Lion Bernie Keitlinghaus.

As my collection grew, I discovered the ALPTC which I joined and now I have Lions in every State of Australia and right across the World. My collection of Lions pins is around 30,000 and I now have a Lions Pin Gallery at my residence. So, if you are looking for a wider friendship and fellowship in our fabulous Lions Organisa- tion, why not look at purchasing two or three District Pins when you get the chance and look at trading them with Lions from other Districts. If you do not know any Lions in other Dis- trict and would like to start doing a trade, I can assist you with names to contact who I am sure would arrange a Lion for you to trade with.

Just text me on 0427664442 or give me a call if you are interested in Lions Club Pins and also if you would like to trade our pin with other Lions throughout Australia. Yours in Lionism and Lions Pin Trading, Lion Bill Sutton. 2019 MD201 CONVENTION 4 - 6 May 2019


Page 6 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 Young Leaders in Service Awards District 201 N1 Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards Chairperson Lion Maureen Shepherd – Valla Lions Club Welcome to the new Lions year. I am looking forward to working with DG David and Lion Jill in what is going to be an exciting year.

The Lions Young Lead- ers in Service Awards program has experienced a number of significant changes over the past 18 months. The LCI web- site allows for Clubs to print down an award certificate and a proforma letter. These certifi- cates and the letter were not seen as suitable by the previous District N1 Cabinet. Therefore Dis- trict N1 has undertaken to produce gold and silver certificates and to produce a congratulato- ry letter that will be signed by the District Gov- ernor.

Your Club will soon receive a copy of the amended District 201N1 Lions Young Leaders in Service Club Chair Guide and the amended bro- chure. The most important thing that Club Chairs should note in the guide is that they are to send all application for awards to me your District Chairperson. I will then print the applicable award certifi- cate and the congratulatory letter for the Dis- trict Governor to sign and forward to your Club for presentation. Remember that I am here to assist you to implement this program. There are significant benefits to be gained by Clubs for very little effort and at the same time you are providing recognition and encouragement to local youth.

Should you require any additional information please feel free to contact me at maureen.shepherd@lionsdistrict201n1.org.au I’m sure many clubs met the require- ments for the Club Excellence Award last year.

However, some clubs may not realise that the Club Secretary has to apply for this award and have it signed by last year’s District Governor, IPDG John Davis. The application form needs to be down- loaded from the LCI website. Simply go to MEMBERS CENTER, scroll down to awards, and click on Club Excellence Award for directions. Applications can be completed online. Sadly, some of our members and part- ners passed away during the year. A re- minder that, for inclusion in the District Convention Remembrance Ceremony in October, a photo with some brief details should be forwarded to District Necrology Chairperson, Stewart Payne.

Please note that District Governor Da- vid Emanuel’s itinerary has been placed on the District website. www.201n1.lions.org.au/dg Cabinet Secretary Mick McGrath FROM THE CABINET SECRETARY’S DESK http://members.lionsclubs.org/EN/lions/awards/ excellence-awards/club-excellence.php


Page 7 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 Lionsonoz in Action The ladies of Australian Lionsonoz are becoming expert knitters. While their hus- bands drive their caravans and motor homes, visiting all parts of Australia, the Lions Ladies spend their time in the passenger seat enjoy- ing the scenery and knitting for various pro- jects.

Australian Lionsonoz have donated dozens of knitted garments and shawls to various hospitals all over the country, mainly for the new babies in the Premature Babies ward of the hospitals. They have also knitted dozens of “Trauma Teddies” to be used to sooth up- set children in cases of accident, fire, family tragedies, Illness, operations and any condition where children are in stress. Lions Lady Sherril Matheson has become involved in the Sarah De Jonge project of knitting 1000 hearts while she travels with Lion John on their travels visiting towns and Lions Clubs anywhere in Australia. This project commenced in 2016 with the aim of each participant knitting up to 1000 cottonwool filled hearts which are distributed free to people who need some comfort and a little love.

The child or adult simply put the heart in their pocket and handle it when they need reassurance that somebody cares and sends their love. There are many people hurting or afraid in our community and this project does its bit to give them comfort. The hearts are distributed free through the Facebook page “The 1000 Hearts Project” to people, both adult or children who need them. People all over the world are forming 1000 hearts groups sewing or knitting hearts and giving them away in simple acts of kind- ness. Their aim is to change the world, one heart at a time.

Lions Lady Sherril has knitted 47 hearts so far and looks forward to as many as she can before the end of the year, maybe even the magical1000. For more information, Lions Lady Sherril can be contacted on 0734 891 431 PDG Lion Warren White Australian Lionsonoz Some of Lions Lady Sherril’s 47 knitted “hearts” of her own design


Page 8 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 Lions District 201N1 Convention 2018 South West Rocks Convention 19-21 October 2018 Continues from page 10 CONVENTION PROGRAM SOUTH WEST ROCKS……... Arrangements are well under way for this year’s Con- vention at South West Rocks.

Located on beautiful Trial Bay it boasts some of the most picturesque scenery on the east coast of Australia and has a mild sub tropical cli- mate to match! The Convention kicks off on Friday 19th October with a choice of recreational activities. Choose from Golf or Bowls. All of them are conveniently located next to the Country Club which is also the venue for most of the Con- vention’s programme. There is an Informal Meet and Greet at the South West Rocks Surf Club on Friday evening. The Surf Club is near the centre of town and enjoys magnificent views of the Bay.

Registration will be open from noon on Friday at the SWR Country Club which will also be the venue for all the Convention programme starting at 9am on Saturday morn- ing. The partner’s excursion on Saturday afternoon will visit Historic Trial Bay Gaol, fol- lowed by afternoon tea at Smoky Cape Retreat. The DG’s Banquet will also be held at the Country Club on Saturday night. The theme this year is “Relax at the Beach” The Convention will continue on Sunday, commencing with the Key Member’s Breakfast at the Country Club at 7:30am. The Convention will wrap up with a BBQ lunch hosted by Macksville Lions Club at the Country Club at 12:20 Lion Iris McKelligott Convention Chairperson FRIDAY, 19TH OCTOBER 2018 10:30 am…..Bowls.

$10 South West Rocks Country Club 10:30 am…..Golf. $25 for 9 holes. South West Rocks Golf Club 12:00pm-5:00pm …..Registrations at South West Rocks Country Club SOUTH WEST ROCKS SURF CLUB 6:00 pm …Informal Meet and Greet $16. Finger food at a fabulous location on beautiful Trial Bay


Page 9 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 Continues from page 94 SATURDAY, 20th OCTOBER 2018 7.30am - 8.45am…..Registrations, Display & Information booths 9.00am…..Opening Session Introductions and Welcome to Country Official Opening Luke Hartsuyker MP Invocation and Purposes Introduction of DG David Emanuel Welcome to Past District Governors & First Conventioneers International Flag Ceremony HMAS Culgoa Cadets Welcome to Lions Necrology & Remembrance Ceremony Keynote Speaker 10.30am…..Morning Tea $5 11.00am Session 2 Guest Speaker Lions Children Cancer Research Foundation GAT Panel DG David, Robin Parker, Kevin Thornton, Colin Gadd 12:30pm…..Lunch $18 Boxed lunch at Country Club 1:30pm …..

Afternoon Social Function $20. Excursion to Trial Bay Gaol followed by afternoon tea at Tasty Treats 1:30pm…..LEOS National Leo of the Year Matthew Boggon 2:00pm-3:30pm…..Afternoon Business Session Credentials Report & Establish Quorum. Adoption of Rules of Debate & Adoption of Printed Cabinet Reports. Notices of Motion Nominations for District Governor, 1st and 2nd Vice District Governors Nomination of Lions Club to host 2020 District Convention Voting 6.30pm for 7.00pm …..District Governor’s Banquet, $40 Country Club “Relax at The Beach” Dress for a relaxing casual night of fun ….. Raffles and Best Dressed Music and Relaxing … … Craig Stewart SUNDAY 21st OCTOBER 2018 7.00am - 8.30am…..Key Members Breakfast and Presentation $20 Guest Speaker, Andrew Mercado…..

Presentation to Key Members 9:00am…..Morning Business Session Invocation and Ethics Declaration of Polls Acceptance Speeches: 9:30am …..Guest Speaker: NSW/ACT Save Sight and Public Health Foundation 10:00am …..LCIF Presentation PCC Lou Onley and Mal Peters 10:20am…..Morning Tea $5 10:50am…..Guest Speaker “The Changing Times Are You Ready” 11:45am…..Presentation - 2019 District Convention. Lions Club of Urunga Presentations by DG Lion David Emmanuel 12:00…..Closing Flag Ceremony 12:30pm …..Farewell Lunch downstairs Sports BBQ Area Hosted by Macksville Lions Club $20


Page 10 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 Lions International Stamp Club THE Australian Chapter of Lions International Stamp Club (LISC) is always looking for postage stamps for their major fund raising used stamp project. No matter how big or how small, they are seeking used and unused postage stamps, unwanted collections, first day covers, old postage labels, post office packs - in fact any- thing connected with philately. Everything that is donated to them is sold and every cent is passed on to the Australian Lions Childrens' Mobility Foundation to be used to purchase walking frames for children born with cerebral palsy.

Stamps should be clipped from the envelope leaving an edge of no more than ¼” and no less than 1/8” around the stamps; clipped rather than torn, as torn stamps take away some value from the clipped stamps in boxes. This makes it so much easier as the buyers are now refusing to buy unclipped stamps, and anything unclipped has to be cleaned up before it can go into the auction. They buy them by the kilo and will not bid if they see unclipped or closely clipped paper around the stamps. Similarly they do not want to purchase stamps that have been torn or scribbled through with a biro or texta, these stamps are also discarded when preparing boxes for sale The stamps are sorted into 10 kilo boxes and then sold at the NSW Philatelic Associa- tion auctions held in Sydney every 4 months and from these small envelope corners, when all put together, we can turn them into an excellent fundraiser.

"In fact", he said. "We turned them into $25,500 in the past 12 months and a cheque for this amount was handed over to the Australian Lions Childrens Mobility Foundation at the Australian Lions Convention held in Townsville in May". Since the project commenced 14 years ago over $93,000 has been raised.

It was a record effort on the part of the 20 Australian members of LISC and one they are keen to break again this year. In the past year some changes have been made to the way stamps are prepared for the auctions and these changes have assisted greatly in increasing the sale prices. As an example, at an auction a total 27.5 kilos of the 50c and over and received $3750 for these. 1 box of 8 kilos sold for $1600 alone. Also please have stamps facing up, and group as follows: 1. Australia stamps ON paper 50c AND OVER. 2. Australia stamps ON paper UNDER 50c. This includes the concession stamps.

3. Pre decimal stamps ON paper 4. Pre decimal stamps OFF paper 5. Australia stamps OFF paper (except pre decimal) 6. Foreign stamps ON paper 7. Foreign stamps OFF paper First day covers, post packs, empty albums, mint pre stamps envelopes and mint (unused) stamps.

In fact anything else to do with philately. Sydney address for donations of stamps: Ted Henebery President LISC Chapter 10 P.O. BOX 3240 ASQUITH NSW 2077 Mobile 0414 806 840 Email ted@henebery.com.au

Page 11 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 hello! It is time for your Club to commence thinking about participating in the Lions Youth Final for 2019. Packages for Clubs that have participated or would like to participate will be handed out to Region and Zone Chairs or any relevant Club representatives at the next Cabinet meeting to be held in Maclean in 11/12 August 2018.

Dates, Costings etc will be advised as time goes on. In 2019 N1 will require Clubs to host Clubs, Region, District and the State Final. www.lionsclubs.org.au/yoty • www.facebook.com/ youthoftheyearaustralia/ Thank you Brian Hemsworth District Lions Youth of the Year Chair 15 Myall Street NAMBUCCA HEADS NSW 2448 0407 130 393 DISTRICT VANNERS LIASON OCTOBER CONVENTION There has been several sites booked at Ingenia Holiday Park at South West Rocks for the District Convention to be held 19th to 21st October 2018.

Eight Vans have booked in so far so only 4 sites are left in this area. They have got other sites available throughout the park BUT there are 2 other organisations booking in for that weekend. My suggestion is you are best to book now. Phone 02 6566 6264. Mention that you are with the Lions Club. MACLEAN CABINET MEETING Camping at the Maclean Showground for the August Cabinet Meeting. To make a booking at the showground you must contact Brian Ferry the Caretaker at the showground. You can contact him on 0487 101 151 and mention to him that you are from the Lions Club, for the Cabinet Meeting.

He may give you a discount if you are nice to him. The Meeting will be held on 10th, 11th and 12th August and I do believe the theme is ‘A Touch of Tartan’. ***** Any Enquiries contact John Hook 0407 005 339 john.hook@lionsdistrict201n1.org.au

Page 12 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 BELLINGEN LIONS Well it’s that time of the year when the Lions Club of Bellingen had to say farewell to our 2017 board members and welcome in our 2018 leaders. After 2 years in the big chair, 2016 & 2017 President Lion John Molloy stepped out of the top position, handing the reigns over to Presi- dent Lion Grahame Maddeford who takes the job after a couple of years break. Lion Alex Waugh returns as the club’s Secre- tary, a role he relishes and excels in. A change in Treasurer this year, with Lion Bruce Tait handing over to Lion Eddie Siladi.

Thank you Bruce for doing a wonderful job. A number of other board positions were filled for this year, a new director, Paul Glover along with Wally Tyson and Bruce Tait taking up director positions.

Thank you to the wonderful team that has lead us through a challenging 2017. Your guidance and grace in leadership has been tremendous. Welcome to the 2018 board! Along with us on the night was our District Governor Lion John Davis and Rosalie Davis who returned to celebrate with us. Congratu- lations to, now Lion, Rosalie, who after 20 years as a Lioness, officially joined her club as a fully-fledged Lion. Good on you, Lion Rosa- lie!!! There was another reason for DG Lion John’s visit. This was a very special and very important reason… The Lions Club of Bellingen pride them- selves on the devotion to duty from its mem- bers and last Tuesday night the club present- ed not one but two Melvin Jones awards.

This is the highest award any Lion member could achieve and we were incredibly fortunate to present Lion Wally Tyson and Lion Bruce Tait each with this prestigious award. Both Wally and Bruce share an incredible 86 years of ser- vice between them, 44years and 42years re- spectively. This now brings the total number of recipients for the Bellingen Club to 3. We are very proud that our members were considered and then honoured with this achievement. The Lions Club of Bellingen is a very special and amazing team.


Page 13 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 BELLINGEN LIONS On Sunday 24th June, the Lions Club of Bellingen had the pleasure of hosting our an- nual Seniors Lunch at the Bellingen Show- grounds. This year’s lunch was attended by almost 30 Bellingen Seniors who were served the culinary delights from the talented Lions family. As well on the day the Seniors were serenaded by the dulcet tones of Lion Eddie Siladi and his rugged band, with some classics that got toes tapping and hands clapping. Their delightful presence set a wonderful cele- bratory mood for the lunch bringing our smiles and laughter.

The Lions Club of Bellingen are focused on contributing to all of our community and it was with excitement that the Club was able to support another Bellingen community mem- ber. Our youngest attendee at the lunch was 9yr old Mr Ethan Page who is a member of the Bellingen Scouts. Ethan had approached the club to ask for support in achieving his Community Services Badge and we were only too happy to give this young man an opportunity to become involved in helping with the Seniors Lunch and learning how to engage and support all members in the community.

Ethan was orientated to his roles of the day by President Grahame Maddeford and easily took to his responsibilities.

Soft drinks were served, meals delivered and plates cleared. After two hours of ensuring his Seniors were doted on, Ethan was cheered as he left and I do believe received a sneaky kiss on the cheek by one enamoured Nanny. Ethan was a pleas- ure to have to represent our club and a great example of what our tiny town is doing to grow our youth. The Lions Club of Bellingen have hosted the lunch for over 15yrs and each year the Seniors of Bellingen come from all over to share the day with us. We look forward to seeing every- one again next year.

Page 14 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 MANNING RIVER LIONS Dear Lions, Lioness and Leos’ The Lions Biggest BBQ is a great way to promote Lions Australia and to raise awareness in your community. This annual event gives Clubs across the country the opportunity to support their own AUSTRALIAN LION CHILDHOOD CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION’S vision of 100% survival for kids with cancer because Lions believe that every child deserves a chance at a healthy life. I am asking you to please consider having a BBQ for us this year, there are no restrictions on when to hold this event now, just whenever it suits your Club.

Make it a fun day, invite family and friends run raffles and kid’s races etc. etc.

So come on Members, let’s do what all Lions are good at doing “LIGHT UP THE BARBIE - AND LIGHT UP THE LIFE OF A CHILD SUFFERING FROM CANCER” Lion Yvie Kearns email: kelandyve@hotmail.com ALCCRF PHONE: 0427497660 At the Manning River Lions changeover on the 24th June Council Chairman Malcolm Peters presented Life Membership of Lions International to two long term members of Manning River Lions. Peter Baker and Les Saxby with a combined membership of 60 years in Lions know all to well what is involved in being a Lions member.

Manning River Lions members are proud to award this honour .

Peter Baker, Council Chairman Malcolm Peters and Les Saxby at the Award Presentation of Life Memberships.

Page 15 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 YAMBA LIONS received such a prestigious honour by receiv- ing this Award. PDG Lion Deyann McDonnell was responsible for Peter receiving such an honour. He received a standing ovation from his peers and it was a well deserved acclama- tion to a fellow lion. Yamba Lions is very proud of what Peter has achieved during his many years as a lion and serving his community. At the changeover outgoing president Deyann McDonnell Made several worthy presentations to many of the busy Yamba Lions members.

Back row: l to r: Lions Ian Lauder (Keith Small Gold Honour Award), Tom Kelso (J.D.

Richard- son Award), Paul Fox (Harry Hession Bronze Award), incoming President Judy Mills also received the same Award but not in photo, Norm Anderson & Neil Franey (Outstanding Service Award along), Peter Ross (J.D. Richard- son Award). Front row: l to r: Lions Joy Lauder (Keith Small Gold Honour Award), Stella Jackson (J.D. Rich- ardson Award), Peter Bennett (Melvin Jones Fellowship Award), Dee Anderson and Marilyn Franey (Outstanding Service Award). Norm Greenup received JD. Richardson Award along with Peter Hudson, who received the Ernie Muller Award for the new kid on the block. Neither of these Lions were present.

The Club was very proud of these Award recipients.

"Yamba Lions Club would like to congratulate Lion Peter Bennett when he was presented with the Melvin John Fellowship Award recently at our Changeover. This presentation was made by PDG Alan Cunning- ham. It is not very often that Peter is lost for words but he was absolutely stoked that he Lion Peter Bennett and PDG Alan Cunningham. President Judy exchanges banners with DG David

Page 16 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018

Page 17 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018

Page 18 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 DISTRICT GOVERNORS PROJECT 2017-18 Winners for the Raffle – District Governor’s Project for the 2017-2018 Year IPDG John and Lion Rosalie Davis want to thank all the Clubs for the support shown dur- ing John’s term as governor.

Thank you to all. We both enjoyed our visitations and hospitali- ty of all the clubs within our district. It was an honour to have served this wonderful district and taking part in club celebrations and events. Mufusa, our mascot from Chicago, did us proud and raised $9,299.65 from raffle tickets, donations, fines and goodwill. There were no expenses taken, every cent raised went to the foundation.

The raffle was drawn at Armidale Cabinet Changeover during the District Governor’s ban- quet by District Gover- nor Anne Jones from N4 District The First Prize, Water- colour (Julia Hardman) ticket number 4174, Lion Peter Brotherton, Urunga Lions Club The Second Prize, Oil (John Shields) Ticket Number 3456, Lion David Leonard, Nundle Lions Club. Mufusa was auctioned, after the raffle was drawn, the winning bidder Zone Chair Lion John Hook $210. The winning bidder for the Chicago Convention Banner was Region Chair, Lion Tex Wright $150 We thank all the clubs and members for their support for the Lions District 201N3 Dia- betes Foundation.

The principal activity of the foundation is funding research into the causes and treatment of diabetes. For further infor- mation on this foundation go to: https://sites.google.com/site/lions201n3/ activities/diabetesfoundation/ WAUCHOPE LEOS Laurieton Lions recently put out an SOS for some assistance. On short notice Laurieton Lions were to assist with the Local Junior Rugby League Gala Day and with low membership were unable to do the job alone.

3 members from the Wauchope Leo’s club answered the call and worked constantly all day in the Canteen or monitoring the jumping Castle. They were a credit to their club and to Leos and it was a privilege to work with them Thank you President Laura and your fellow Leos. Wauchope Leos in the Canteen at the Camden Haven Gala Day

Page 19 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 LIONS INTERNATIONAL YOUTH EXCHANGE - JULY 2018 It is wonderful to experience the pleasure of participating in the Lions International Youth Exchange Program this July. 143 youth have come to Australia this Winter from 31 different countries.

Our District N1 are hosting 29 of these youth from 15 countries. Host Lions Clubs are Maclean, Urunga, Macks- ville, Old Bar, Hallidays Point, Tamworth and Narrabri. A big thank you go to the Host families, Lions Clubs and all the supporters from the Lions Clubs to show these youth a cultural experience here in homes and our beautiful District. The youth have had the opportunity to attend Lions Changeovers, Lions Meetings and do presentations from their home countries, participate in NAIDOC week and visit many of the local attractions, learn to surf, seeing the sunrise, gaze at the stars sitting around a fire, walk in the forests and have many swims in the ocean.

Some even made a visit to Light- ening Ridge. It was great when a good num- ber of the youth could meet up in one get together.

Surf lesson at the beautiful Scotts Head beach with Trent Munro (Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain) Lightning Ridge (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, USA) Enjoying the Australian Billabong Zoo (Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway) Koala Hospital, Port Macquarie

Page 20 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 PEACE POSTERS NSW - ACT SAVE SIGHT AND PUBLIC HEALTH CARE FOUNDATIONS Welcome to the start of the new Lion’s Year. At our August meeting we will welcome new “N” District D.G’s as Directors, D.G.E’s for training, Community Challenge District chairs for train- ing and any new directors.

They will participate in a tour of the Lions NSW Eye bank and the Save Sight Institute on Saturday, morning, training and committee meetings on Saturday afternoon, the 2017-18 Community Challenge on Saturday night. Sunday will be the Director’s meeting followed by the Foundation’s AGM which any “N” Club is welcome to attend. This is an informative and “full on” week- end that will hopefully benefit new people and the “N” Districts as well. All Directors will now have a Power Point Presentation on, the Foundations, Thanks to John & Rosemary Sheather, the Lions, Eye, tissue and bone bank and Community Challenge to provide information and entertainment to Clubs, Zones, Public events etc.

We are looking forward to an increase in Community Challenge Candidates for 2018/19, DG, David Emanuel has a novel idea, he has made all Region Chairs, Community Challenge Chairmen for N1 with Region Chair Peter Brotherton as the “N1” Chairman. We are still needing an N2 Chairman for a full complement. This has been a reasonably busy time with both the Foundations and my business, I have done a couple of Club change overs and had the opportunity of promoting our Foundations, this Tuesday, I am attending the Investment Committee Meetings for Sydney Eye Hospital Trust during the day and the Directors meeting in the evening.

I also have to get new glasses and hearing aids as both were wrecked when I rolled my truck. Please make an effort either to be a Community Challenge Candidate or support one, any Director will be pleased to expound further….just ask.

PDG Brian McWhirter has the new car raffle “ready to go”, as I say “Be Proud, BE Generous, Support your Foundations, They will support you”. Very best Wishes, Phil Bower PDG Chairman.

Page 21 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 ARMIDALE-DUVAL LIONS NAMBUCCA HEADS LIONS Armidale Duval Lions Club member, Justin Hardman, who is blind and has a guide dog, needed to go to John Hunter Hospital New- castle for some tests in advance of a later sur- gical procedure. At the time, Justin’s parents were unable to accompany him. A call went out to the Newcastle Lions Club and a prompt response was received from the club secre- tary Geoff Boyton.

Geoff had contacted all the members of his club but also contacted PDG David Heggart of the Lions Club of May- field/Waratah Blind & Vision Impaired Inc, thinking that Justin’s visit would fall within that club’s area of focus.

PDG David Heggart and his wife PDG Noe- lene Heggart offered to billet Justin during his two day visit to Newcastle and to get him to and from his medical appointments. In addi- tion, they were happy for Justin to bring his guide dog Kelsey with him. Justin was escort- ed to the train in Armidale by one of his club members and David met him at the other end. During the trip to Newcastle, Justin and Kelsey were well cared for by the staff on board the train. David reported that he and Justin spent all day at the hospital and were sent from one end of the hospital to the other before all the tests and assessments had been completed.

It would have been very difficult for Justin to navigate the hospital without David’s assis- tance. Justin and Kelsey had a wonderful visit with David and Noelene before David saw them safely onto the train to return to Armi- dale. Justin was full of praise for the hospitali- ty that he received. See the photo of Justin with David and Noelene.

As if this wasn’t enough, when Justin re- turned to John Hunter Hospital for his surgery in June, David and Noelene very kindly billet- ed and cared for Kelsey. Past District Governors David and Noelene are wonderful caring people who exemplify all that is great about our Lions organisation. Julie Roberts Secretary Armidale Duval Lions Club Nambucca Heads Lions do a great job in providing clean BBQ facilities for the community.

Page 22 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 International Presidents Vision International President Gudrun Yngvadottir has a vision for her Presidential year As the first female International President of Lions Clubs International, Gudrun Yngvadottir has chosen to champion the unique contribu- tions of women to our organisation.

She will raise her voice so those without a voice can be heard, and strive to close the gap between men and women in leadership roles. The New Voices Initiative offers Lions the chance to celebrate the contribution toward increasing gender parity within LCI. As we work toward increased gender parity each year, LCI wishes to honour the work done to champion women’s voices.

Are you a New Voice in Membership, Leadership, Service, or Marketing? We want to hear your story. SERVICE Lions serve. They are ready whenever and however communities need them. New Voic- es in Service are women in Lions clubs who participate regularly in service projects and the men who help make women more visible in service. MEMBERSHIP Lions make up the largest service club organi- sation on earth – and they are always looking for more caring people who want to make a difference with them. New Voices in Mem- bership work hard to recruit and retain new female members, welcoming everyone into the Lions.

LEADERSHIP Lions are global leaders in community and humanitarian service. New Voices in Leader- ship are influential female leaders and men who support women in leadership roles. MARKETING Lions bring unprecedented reach and com- passion to their service. New Voices in Mar- keting are the women and men who amplify women’s stories. The web page link https://weserve.org/ newvoices/ To assist with some of the initiatives above Women’s Symposiums can be held, where you can invite members of the public to attend, showcasing Lions and activities in your com- munity. Internal Club Health Forums are an activity where conversation can be centred on club health and member satisfaction This year it would be wonderful if Districts could celebrate World Service Day on or near October 8th.

I am sure there are lots of ideas clubs/Districts can seek from members the celebration is only limited by our imagination If you have any queries please don’t hesi- tate to call me anytime PDG Pat Mills MD 201 New Voices Speaker 0408 753 266 pam_tom1@bigpond.com MANNING RIVER LIONS Sponsor Lion Greg Green, DGE Kevin Thornton and Manning River Lions first female member Anne Cross inducted by DGE Kevin Thornton at the 2018 Changeover.

Page 23 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 PORT MACQUARIE TACKING POINT LIONS Articles from their Club Bulletin

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Page 26 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 60 Years of SERVICE: 1st September 1958 Philip Mitchell Manning River 50 Years of SERVICE: 1st January 1968 John Gibbs Taree 1st March 1968 Gordon Toms Wauchope 1st July 1968 Robert Thomson Walcha 1st August 1968 PDG Peter Mercer Port Macquarie Tacking Point.

40 Years of SERVICE: 1st January 1978 Vic Porter Werris Creek 1st February 1978 Terry Hill Tamworth Peel Valley 1st March 1978 John Atkins Moree 1st March 1978 Kevin Roden Wee Waa 1st April 1978 Ron Lowder Wee Waa 1st June 1978 Peter Panhurst Bingara 1st June 1978 Don O’Keefe Barraba 1st July 1978 Margaret Whatham Laurieton 1st July 1978 Roy Cousins South West Rocks 1st August 1978 PDG Robert Holloway OAM Armidale Dumaresq 1st September 1978 Authur Sykes Tamworth Peel Valley 1st September 1978 Harold Williams Guyra Within our Lions organisation we have achieved a lot over the last 101 years and it’s because we have a built relationship with other Lions of similar ideas and aims.

We have some members who have been at the serving wheel for many years flying the LIONS Flag “WE SERVE”. Celebrating during my term 2018-2019 Lions Year.

Well Done and congratulations on these Mile Stone achieved.


Page 28 201n1 District Newsletter July – August 2018 It’s as easy as 1 Why don’t you let everyone know What YOUR CLUB is doing? Take a photo or two of your activity Write a bit about the activity Share your story! 1 2 3 Write an email, attach your story and photos and email it to newsletter@lionsdistrict201n1.org.au The 201N1 District Newsletter is produced 6 times each Lions year and is distributed to all Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs in our District. There is a great audience out there who will be interested in what you are doing in your Club and how you are going.

2 3 Deadline for next edition September - Ocober 2018 15th September 2018 Send items anytime PLEASE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS DISTRICT GOVERNORS ITINERARY For an update on the District Governors travel and visitation itinerary refer to www.201n1.lions.org.au/dg

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