Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 1 Downwind Chase View from The Board  David Wakefield, President IN THIS ISSUE: View from the Board - David Wakefield, President 1-2 Meetings Schedule 1 Thank You from Junior Balloonist 2 Taiwan Int’l Balloon Event/Mirrored Balloon? 3-4 Special Occasion—Congratulations Alan & Terry 5 Women’s Nationals—Brookfield MO 5 July Board of Directors Minutes 6 Upcoming Events 7 50 Years in Indianola!! 8 For Sale: Three Aircraft 9-11 Article Writing Template 12 Pilot Resources 13 Club and Membership Information 14 –15 BFA Balloon Camps 2019 For 2019 our community has been blessed with three BFA Junior Balloonist Camps.

I’ve been posting links to their sites on the PCA Facebook page and will provide links for all of them here as well. The first camp of the summer, the High Sierra Balloon Camp, started on June 23rd – June 28th at Donner Ski Ranch – Ski Inn Lodge. In addition to classroom activities at the lodge, attending campers participated in flight operations at Truckee-Tahoe Airport, Prosser Reservoir and with Lake Tahoe Balloons in South Lake Tahoe. Lots of pictures from the camp can be found on their Facebook page at: (see one picture herein on page 2).

The second camp, Keystone State Balloon Camp, opened on July 6th in Scranton, PA. Campers participated in real-time flight planning, with varying weather conditions for their flight operations, fire safety training and they traveled to Binghamton, NY for weather at the Binghamton NWS and a tour of the Binghamton Airport tower. Pictures and video can be found on the Keystone All are welcome via FREE Conference Call. Watch your email for the phone number and code. All meetings are at 7:00pm Pacific Time. The Official Newsletter for the Pacific Coast Aeronauts


Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 2 Downwind Chase Camp Facebook page at: y2dd96lp.

The final balloon camp for the 2019 summer, Rio Grande Balloon Camp, opened on July 13 in Albuquerque, NM. They have an extremely busy schedule which includes flights from Fiesta Park, lots of classroom time at the Balloon Museum, field trips to learn Fire Safety, Propane Safety and Refueling, and much more. You can see the adventures these 20 campers had by following their FB page too: I hope you take some time to enjoy the respective Facebook pages of each of these camps, and encouraging interested youth to attend. And ... if possible for next year’s camps, please consider volunteering your time as a pilot, instructor, donating new and gently used balloon wearables, tools, pins, and the like, donating towards scholarships, organizing materials, food preparation, and more.

The future of ballooning can be nurtured and ensured by your generosity. ~ David Wakefield, President View from the Board, continued from page 1 Youth and instructors attend one of many activities at the High Sierra Balloon Camp, held June 23-28, 2019 at Donner Ski Ranch-Ski Inn Lodge. from Joaquin Lozano


Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 3 Downwind Chase This is “Burnie the Little Devil” balloon at the Taiwan International Balloon Festival. Shared by David Wakefield, written permission obtained to display it herein. Do We Ever Have Fun! Giant, Mirrored Hot Air Balloon Coming to Massachusetts this Summer April 29, 2019 (Updated May 02, 2019) e-trustees This summer, public art will take to the sky in the form of a mirrored hot air balloon.

The project, called "New Horizon," is presented by conservation nonprofit The Trustees of Reservations and is the brainchild of Doug Aitken, an American artist and filmmaker known for his large-scale outdoor installations. "New Horizon" unfurls over the course of two weeks in July as the balloon lifts off at scenic locales across the state. A shiny marble suspended in the sky, this visual spectacle can be viewed from the safety of the ground or A rendering of Doug Aitken's mirrored balloon. (Courtesy of the artist)


Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 4 Downwind Chase Mirrored Balloon, continued experienced as a (ticketed) ride into the clouds.

This is the fourth iteration of the Trustees’ Art & the Landscape initiative. At a news conference announcing "New Horizon" on Monday, Trustees president and CEO Barbara Erickson described it as “one of the most ambitious projects ever mounted by our organization.” Beginning July 12, the balloon is scheduled to make 14 appearances at eight Massachusetts locations: the Long Point Wildlife Refuge and the FARM Institute on Martha’s Vineyard, the Holmes Reservation in Plymouth, the deCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln, the Crane Estate in Ipswich, Field Farm in Williamstown and Naumkeag in Stockbridge.

All but two of the locations are properties of the Trustees of Reservations. A ninth Boston location may also be announced.

Aitken wanted to create a mobile artwork that would allow him to explore the diverse environments across the Trustees’ properties. He designed the balloon to reflect the landscape surrounding it. “It's a mirage. It's something which changes continuously,” Aitken said. “We could be sitting on a sand dune at dusk right now, and above us is this enormous curved reflection of the sun setting . And then [we] see that change, and change again.” Aitken also wanted the piece to be participatory — not a passive experience, like so many art exhibits. To that end, each stop on the balloon’s journey will give rise to what Aitken calls a "happening," often involving music or a guest speaker, organized by Boston-based independent curator Pedro Alonzo.

The happenings are meant to spark discussions about the future, with talks by the artist Sarah Morris, the financial analyst Spencer Glendon and the ecologist Chris Neill, among others. “This is a moment where a lot of us — almost everybody — is apprehensive about the future,” Alonzo said. “I see this balloon functioning as a beacon that brings people together to have conversations about the future — and then some fun listening to music.” In the evening, the balloon will transform into a light sculpture, serving as the backdrop to performances by musicians like the Canadian lo-fi slacker rocker Mac DeMarco.

Dan Bejar of the indie rock band Destroyer will improvise a set inspired by the landscape. Terry Riley, Kelsey Lu, Jónsi, Julie Byrne, Helado Negro and the poet Aja Monet are also slated to perform.

New Horizon" will also host free and low-cost family events and a few surprise balloon appearances. Aitken sees the project as an opportunity to experience art outside the museum setting. “I had never expected to be working here in Mass., doing this project with a conservation group that has all these parcels of untouched land,” he said. “Yet, in doing this, we’re able to do something that we could probably never do at the Guggenheim or the Whitney.” Click on the following link to see the "New Horizon" event dates: schedule


Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 5 Downwind Chase The PCA would like to send “Congratulations!” to Alan Sanderson and Terrie Dean on their recent wedding.

The wedding was located in Albany, Oregon, on June 15 and the PCA was represented by Claire Lucas, Linda and Alan Brandt, Steve and Ingrid Martel, Linda Walton and Tom Rossi. We were first introduced to Terrie during annual inspections at the home of Linda and Don Heisig, then later, on the launch field at numerous events.

Please join us in wishing the newlyweds a long and happy marriage. s-Kreative-Wedding-Gift-Card-3D-Pop-Up/32628105213.html Balloon Federation of America PO Box 400 Indianola, Iowa 50125 Women’s US National Hot Air Balloon Championship August 29 - September 2, 2019 Attention women members of the BFA! An exciting opportunity awaits you — participation in the 2019 US Women’s National Hot Air Balloon Championship! Brookfield, Missouri and the Great Pershing Balloon Derby is this year’s host for the event scheduled for August 29-September 2.

The event is limited to 15 competitors so be sure to send in your entry soon! The latest news: a donor has contributed a total of $5,000 for prize monies. Brookfield has a great ballooning history spanning over 40 years. Flights will be flown over the beautiful Missouri countryside and Brookfield is known for its warm Midwestern hospitality. Jason Jones is heading up the event and has gathered a solid, eager staff. They have put together flight tasks that will be fun and challenging, with seven flight opportunities, a night glow, and a parade that is attended by the entire town. It’s sure to be an enjoyable event!

Interested pilots can obtain a registration packet at the BFA website at For questions and further information, contact Jason at or call (913) 338-2628.


Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 6 Downwind Chase PCA BOARD of DIRECTOR’S MEETING ‐ Minutes July 16, 2019 (7:00 p.m. PST) by Pat Moore Board Members: ☐ Jeff Downs (JD) ☒ Dave Wakefield (DW) – Pres (late 1945 hrs.) ☒ Pat Moore (PM) ☐ Alta Fernandes (AF) ☒ Suzanne Seiler (SS) ☒ Linda Walton (LW) ☐ Bob Locklin (BL) Secretary: ☐ Suzanne Seiler V Pres: ☒ Tom Sharpee (TS) No quorum at start of meeting.

Meeting was recorded for reference Guests: Jeanne Anson Meeting called to order: 1903 hours by Pat Moore 1. Last BoD Meeting Minutes ‐ discussion / changes / approved Pending updating by Suzanne. Action Item: Suzanne to update the April minutes and send out to the Board for approval. If approved they will go into the next newsletter.

2. Treasurer’s Report ‐ discussion / budget review or changes (if applicable) A. Treasure’s report: Balance ‐ $ 9,783.43 No outstanding payments. Linda sent out January ‐June 2019 financial statement. B. Roster – No one recalls seeing or receiving one. Action Item: Alta to generate roster from Member Planet (MP) before the end of July. Action Item: Linda to input any updated information into MP prior to the roster being generated. Action Item: Jeff H. won’t use MP, so we’ll gladly take his dues and do manual entry. Linda or Alta to contact Jeff H. if applicable. 3. Old Business – A. Review/status of year’s action items – Comment – we really have been addressing most of the action items we came up with since the begin ning of the year.

I reviewed the action items since January and found most were discussed, dispositioned, or completed. Action Item: Pat to review all minutes including last BoD Meeting seeking any open action items.

4. New Business ‐ A. By‐Laws Action Item: Review the most recent mark‐up of the By‐Laws as distributed to the BoD by Tom Sharpee. Only a very few minor errors. Great Job Tom, thank you for completing the update to this point. Pat volunteered to fix the minor things found and will also reformat the entire document. Tom has already emailed the electronic document to Pat for final formatting. 1. If approved discuss release to Membership for approval using same process as voting for BoD. Action Item: Once the final reformat is completed, send to BoD for final R&C and approval.

2. Discuss percentage of membership that needs to approve for passage.

20% based on the current member of record at the time of the document being send for membership approval. B. Member Planet – AF 1. Status of program. As far as we know it’s functioning properly. 2. Next steps? Action Item: Pat to complete walk through with Alta assistance. C. Posting of Safety seminar materials? Linda logged in for the Board. Some Safety Seminar materials have been posted for member access, but Dave’s ppt is not there. Action Item: Dave to post his ppt.

D. Membership status? As of 2035 hours this evening. – 50 members 5. Committee Reports: Committee members listed A. Newsletter – JA/SS/LW/DW/AF (graphic design) Per Suzanne it’ll be a July/Aug edition. Dave did the cover article for this news letter. B. Jr. Balloonist (Youth Committee) – JH/JA/TS Jeanne believes they all have been very successful. The Sierra and Penn ones might have had 1‐2 vacancies. ALBQ – mostly girls. C. Web Site – DW (website) / TS (POC for web servers) All has been payed, and the servers are set up and secure. Materials are encrypted. D Awards – RL/JD Nothing heard E.

WHAMOBASS 55 – Committee/ PM as chair Happening Oct 18‐20, 2019. Deke and Kathy will be absent due to conflicting honor presentation for Deke in Perris CA. No other dates possible and still stay out of bad weather.

F. Christmas Party – AF/LW (Scorch to host for 2019) Action Item: Linda to verify still at Scorch’s home. 6. For the good of the order: A AF – Not present B. DW – Galt ready to go. Media day on Aug 9th. Main event on Aug 10‐11th. Linda, Pat, Larry and Suzanne will be out to help. Action Item: Dave to send the Board info/particulars on the event. C. JD – Not present D. LW – Thank you E. PM – Pam Perdue may not be able to teach at next year’s safety seminar. PG&E in significant trouble at management level. F. SS – Nothing G. RL – Not present H. TS/JA – in Wisconsin on vacation visiting family.

Weather good but not for flying. 7. Motion to close: A. Moved – TS/SS B. Seconded – DS Closed at: 2001 hours


Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 7 Downwind Chase Moffatt County Balloon Festival August 2-4, 2019 Loudy Simpson Park, Craig, CO Randy Looper (970) 826-4444 Galt Balloon Festival August 10-11, 2019 McFarland Living History Ranch, Galt, CA David Wakefield Northwest Art & Air Fest August 23-25, 2019 Timber Linn Park, Albany, OR Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic August 28-September 1, 2019 Ann Morrison Park, Boise, ID Great Reno Balloon Race September 6-8, 2019 Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno, NV Alturas Balloon Fest September 13-15, 2019 Alturas, CA Contact: Jeff Haliczer Balloon Fiesta Albuquerque,New Mexico October 5-13, 2019 Albuquerque Int’l Walla Walla Balloon Stampede October 16-20, 2019 For more information: https:// WHAMOBASS 50 Oct 19-20, 2019 Coalinga, CA Patrick Moore: Event information in this newsletter is compiled from several resources, and is not to be considered as an endorsement by the PCA, its respective officers or members.

There may be additional events not included here and dates may be subject to change. Check available links and respective websites for the most current information.

Please advise us at if you have new or different information than is posted below. Chad Choppos had this perfect shot of my balloon lined up, then I changed altitude. He did what any great photographer would do. Photoshopped me back where I belonged! Jeanne


Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 8 Downwind Chase PASHpost Recognizes 50 Years of Competitive Hot Air Ballooning in Indianola, IA Source: Ron Gavillet LOS ANGELES, July 25, 2019 - In recognition of the National Balloon Classic’s annual hot air balloon competition in Indianola, Iowa, special interest Enthusiast network PASHpost is launching its Enthusiast Badge Program with a special Open Digital Badge issued specifically for Hot Air Ballooning Enthusiasts.

Hot Air Ballooning originated in Paris in 1783, making its way to America in 1793 when Frenchman Jean-Pierre Blanchard, the first pilot to cross the English Channel, piloted a hydrogen gas balloon 5,800 feet into the sky from a prison yard in Philadelphia. The National Balloon Museum in Indianola reports (soon-to-be first U.S. President) George Washington observed the flight, which came at a fee of approximately $5.00 per viewer, or $115.00 by today’s standards.

More than 100 hot air balloons will compete in the visually spectacular National Balloon Classic beginning Friday, July 26, running daily through Saturday, August 3. In honor of this great American family tradition hosted annually in the heart of the Midwest, PASHpost is issuing its first digital Open Badge for Hot Air Balloon Enthusiasts, who can share the badge across social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The city of Indianola is located 18 miles south of Des Moines, Iowa – just a train, plane or automobile away from wherever you are. To learn more, please visit: National Balloon Classic and PASHpost’s 2018 coverage.

Receive a Hot Air Ballooning Badge here. About PASHpost: PASHpost is an LA-based special interest Enthusiast network, connecting members with free, unlimited access to Enthusiast news, events and communities in a unified digital environment. The platform’s integrated features include: personalized Member dashboards and special interest-specific news, marketplace, video, groups, magazine and discussion feeds tailored to Members' interests. PASHpost launched Summer 2018.

Media Contacts For PASHpost: For official press release, please click here. CONGRATULATIONS TO 2019 GRADUATES !!


Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 9 Downwind Chase From Owner, Jeff Haliczer, Pilot/Owner of Empty Pockets Balloon Team —Reno: ‘High Top Flier’ is for sale as I am not utilizing it enough to warrant keeping it and need to move on to other projects in my life. The Shoe has been at very few events and I have only done one ‘free flight’ due to the fact of transporting the crew, but it does fly well and is fun to see in the air! About the Balloon: “High Top Flier” (of course you can change the name).

2001 Cameron ‘Shoe 90’, with US Standard Type Airworthiness Certification (NOT experimental) built in Bristol, England, and accepted anywhere in the world. It has less than 150 hours (4 previous Cameron ‘Shoe’ balloons went 500+ hours.

  • Annual is current until May 2019.
  • Clean Title and Registration (NO issues with the ‘N’ number).
  • 40,000 Cu. Ft. with the lift of a 90,000.
  • Custom Cart (Shoe Box) built on a 1200# garden cart, with solid tires (from Tractor Supply), easy to load wooden box which is steerable with the attached handle. Envelope bag included if you wanted to ‘bag’ it. Envelope and cart weigh about 1000 pounds. The Trailer: 2000 Wells Cargo 6X10 Trailer TW-101 (rear cargo doors) with 30” side door.
  • 8-foot Aluma shield awning on the side, rolls up so the awning is protected by aluminum slats.
  • New tires, bearings recently replaced (preventative).
  • Set up to haul this system, with a detachable ramp to move the ‘Shoe Box’ inside. The Basket: Older (refurbished) Raven/Aerostar Classic basket with all new HDPE Skids, new reinforced corner brackets and new rope handles.
  • Dual HPII burners; 2 lay-down 20-gallon tanks recently certified; new hoses in 2017; miscellaneous other stuff that goes with the bottom end; drop line; instrument bracket, etc.
  • Have the FMS (Flight Manual Supplement) from Cameron to approve the Aerostar under the Cameron ‘Shoe 90.’ In Addition: ‘High Top Flier’ web domain through Go Daddy, paid until 2020. I never did anything with the web site. It goes to the new owner; I assume it is transferable. Costs: Complete system including all of the above: $35,000. Envelope only: $30,000. Trailer: $3,000. Basket: $2,000.
  • Only serious offers will be entertained.
  • E-mail at:
  • Or call me at (775) 853-4109 home number/land line (please don't text; the machine is always on).

Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 10 Downwind Chase We are actively looking for a buyer for our thermal airship system! It is a GEFA FLUG AS105 GD-4. The primary envelope has less than 20 hours on it and the entire system has just 2:40 hours on it since last annual inspection. It is clean (we always use tarps, even on green grass) as you can see in the included images, taken September 2017. It is ready to fly on delivery. The airship comes with all accessory equipment necessary to inflate and fly including the tarps and trailer. A second envelope is included; it needs some work but is serviceable or a resource for parts.

Included are three 15-gallon Titanium fuel tanks and one 15-gallon Stainless Steel fuel tank. It also comes with 10 airship main banners (used) in their own bags and two unused nose banners. The fuel hose panel seen in the pictures is mounted in the trailer.

The pictured truck is NOT included but can transport the trailer and equipment to a buyer anywhere in the contiguous USA if desired. Added bonus: I can teach a new pilot or be available for hire as a pilot. Please share this with anyone you think may have interest or contact me any time for more information. Also, more info at: Thanks, David Wakefield Primary envelope (approx. 20 hours) Secondary envelope Trailer 8.5 feet by 20 feet Gondola (Car) Banners & Fuel Adapter Panel $120,000 Offers Considered

Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 11 Downwind Chase Custom Built Triangular Basket with Woven Rainbow Accent ENVELOPE: 1993 Balloon Works Firefly 7-15 with 395 Hours  Basket: Triangular with Woven Rainbow Accent  Burner: Mirage Custom-Built Enclosed Wells Cargo Trailer & Contents:  5 hp Inflator Fan: Mach Zero  Utility & Tool Box  Rug & Blankets  Blankets protect grass on basket and grass under burner from being damaged  Rug under fan keeps rocks, rocks and other debris out of envelope.

Spare Tire  Tether Ropes: 3@ 100 ft.  Tether Harness  Tie-off Ropes: 1 @ 15' & 1 @ 24'  E-Z Squeeze  Helium Tank  Tanks(4) - with Fuel  Large Parachute Tarp: Lightweight, Custom Made, Bagged  1 Aircraft Radio: I-Com IC-A6 Transceiver  3 Hand Held Radios $8,000 Orval Choate / 714-343-9317 / Balloon with Trailer

Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 12 Downwind Chase These prompts are just suggestions; use as many or few as you like. And go ahead — add some new prompts (let us know what you’ve added). Here’s just a little of what folks like to read about:  Name, dates and location of the event.  If it was a “first time” experience, what led up to it, what was unexpected, how did you feel, and where did you go from there?  How many balloons attended the rally?  Did crew travel with you or were you able to be assigned some local crew?  Did the weather cooperate for all the flights?

What were your flight tracks like?  Which flight did you enjoy the most? Did you see some interesting sights or land formations that were especially striking from the air?  Special passengers or landowners?  Did you Glow?  Were there any special shape balloons?  Did you tailgate after flying or did you all head to breakfast?  Were there other adventures after flying? Hiking, rafting, sightseeing, historic sights?  How were your accommodations?  Any other special aspects or thoughts about your trip?  Please share some photos as well.

Send your article to the club’s email at The newsletter editors will happily answer any questions you might have about submitting your article and “tidy up” any spelling or glaring grammatical issues. Most importantly? Sharing your experiences will brighten up the day for our readers. Who knows? You might give someone new to ballooning a spark for our fascinating sport! Thank You! ~ Your Newsletter Committee We continue to include this helpful tool so that it’s available to our members and friends should you become inspired to share your ballooning experiences. Whether it’s about a first-ever flight or crewing experience or attending/participating in a balloon rally, the prompts below serve to help you organize and express your anything ballooning! experience.

Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 13 Downwind Chase Pilot and Crew Resources If you’re interested in acquiring these resources, or have some favorite ones to share, please contact Linda Walton at or “Crew Safety Quick Reference,” also by Schwontkowski & Murray, available for $3.50 each including postage. (Contact the PCA for quantity discounts) “Crewing Essentials” Excellent, well-organized book with great details about all aspects of crewing, authored by Gordon Schwontkowski and Alyson Murray. Copyright 2008, paperback. $18 each or 2 for $35.

Source: Sunrise Chart for Tracy, Ca. (Morgan Hill will be approximately 1 minute later) SIX MONTH SUNRISE CALENDAR Jul 2019 7 5:51 Aug 2019 4 6:12 Sept 2019 1 6:36 14 5:55 12 6:18 8 6:42 21 6:00 19 6:24 15 6:48 28 6:06 25 6:30 22 6:53 29 6:59 Oct 2019 6 7:06 Nov 2019 3 6:33 Dec 2019 1 7:02 13 7:12 10 6:40 8 7:08 20 7:19 17 6:48 15 7:14 27 7:26 24 6:55 22 7:18 29 7:20

Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 14 Downwind Chase PCA Award Categories and Criteria Awards are to be advertised throughout the year and awarded at the Safety Seminar in the Spring of each year.

Not every award will be issued every year unless there are nominations. Pilot Award a) Purpose of this award is to acknowledge outstanding accomplishments or extraordinary contribution to the sport of ballooning by a pilot. b) Award Type: Trophy award. c) Criteria: Outstanding personal or national best, such as a long flight or high altitude, etc. Help with organization or bringing in new crew or enthusiasts to the sport. Sharing the love of the sport with the community.

Crew of the Year Award a) Purpose: To acknowledge a crew member who is not a current member and has been an outstanding crew for area pilots and to expose them to a broader world of ballooning. b) Award: PCA Membership and BFA membership. c) Criteria: Person is selected by each pilot submitting a name of a crew person that has shown to be outstanding crew for them at rallies and flying in their home area. d) Name is drawn from a hat at the Safety Seminar. PCA Membership Award a) Purpose: Awarded to someone (crew or pilot or balloon enthusiast) to introduce them to the PCA.

b) Award: 1-year PCA membership.

c) Criteria: Each PCA member can submit the name of someone who deserves this award. d) Name is drawn from a hat. Life Time Award a) Purpose: Acknowledge a longtime contributor to the sport of Ballooning and the PCA. b) Award: Lifetime membership to the PCA and a trophy award. c) Criteria: Given to a member who has supported the sport of ballooning by spreading the word about ballooning by promoting an event, organizing an event and contributing to the sport of ballooning.

Above and Beyond Award a) Purpose: Acknowledge someone who has given outstanding effort to promote ballooning or the PCA in the last year. b) Award: Trophy Award. c) Criteria: To be given to a member of the PCA who has contributed to the growth of the PCA and/or has contributed to the sport of ballooning. Something to Think About: As you go about your typical ballooning activities, are there aeronauts who deserve your nomination for any award(s)?

Pacific Coast Aeronauts — July-August 2019 Page 15 Downwind Chase Please print clearly. You may use this form to update your contact information as well _ _ Pilot _ _ Crew Name (s _ _ Address _ _ (Number) (Street) (Apt) (City) (State) (Zip) Phone — please check preferred: ❑ (Home ( Mobile _ _ Email _ _ Disclaimer Information contained within this issue of the Downwind Chase is the most up-to-date and correct information available at the time of publication.

The PCA, its Officers and Directors are not responsible for the accuracy of the material enclosed herein. Opinions expressed in the Downwind Chase are solely those of the individual authors and should not be perceived to be those of the PCA, the Editor, Publisher, or its leadership.

Membership & Merchandise: Cost:
  • Pilot or Crew: $20.00
  • Family Membership: $30.00
  • For Postal Delivery of the Newsletter: $5.00
  • PCA Pins: 1 for $3.00 or 2 for $5.00
  • WHAMOBASS #50 Pins: $10.00
  • Shipping for Pins: $1.00 TOTAL ENCLOSED _ _ Please make checks payable to: Pacific Coast Aeronauts Mail to: Linda Walton—Treasurer Pacific Coast Aeronauts 14938 Camden Ave., Suite 76 San Jose, CA 95124 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION / RENEWAL Pilot Briefing: Tools to Plan Your Flight Tracy AWOS 209-831-4335 San Martin AWOS 408-918-7724 Flight Service 800-992-7433 If you have a favorite flight planning resource, send us a note at and we’ll publish it here.

Name Board Position Year BoD Term Ends Club Position Patrick Moore Chairperson, Secretary 2020 David Wakefield President 2019 President, Co-Secretary Tom Sharpee Vice President Linda Walton Treasurer 2020 Treasurer Suzanne Seiler Board Member, Co-Secretary 2019 Co-Secretary Alta Fernandes Board Member 2020 Robert (Bob) Locklin Board Member 2020 Jeff Downs Board Member 2019 2019 PCA Board of Directors and Club Officers

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