Driving Sustainability - Sustainability Report 2016 - Keppel Land

Driving Sustainability - Sustainability Report 2016 - Keppel Land
      Sustainability Report 2016
Driving Sustainability - Sustainability Report 2016 - Keppel Land
OVERVIEW                               SUSTAINING GROWTH                             OTHER INFORMATION
                                  02                                            14                                          57
02   About this Report                 14   Environment                              57   GRI Standards Content Index for
03   Corporate Profile                 34   Innovation and Product Excellence             ‘In Accordance’ – Comprehensive
04   Letter to Stakeholders                                                          63   Independent Assurance Statement
07   Delivering Value                  EMPOWERING LIVES                              67   International Network
08   Sustainability Framework                                                   38
                                       38   Health and Safety
09   Commitment to Stakeholders
                                       44   People Matter
10   Managing Sustainability

                                       NURTURING COMMUNITIES
                                       52   Community and Society
Driving Sustainability - Sustainability Report 2016 - Keppel Land
Keppel is a multi-business company committed to
providing robust solutions for sustainable urbanisation.
At Keppel Land, we are driving sustainable growth by
meeting needs for quality urban living and seizing
opportunities to seek higher returns, while placing
sustainability at the heart of our strategy and operations.

                                                      A leading real estate company, shaping the
                                                      best for future generations.

                                        Guided by our operating principles and core values,
                                        we will create value for all stakeholders through
                                        innovative real estate solutions.

                          Keppel Group's Operating Principles
                          1   Best value propositions to customers.
                          2   Tapping and developing best talents from our global workforce.
                          3   Cultivating a spirit of innovation and enterprise.
                          4   Executing our projects well.
                          5   Being financially disciplined to earn best risk-adjusted returns.
                          6   Clarity of focus and operating within our core competence.
                          7   Being prepared for the future.

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Driving Sustainability - Sustainability Report 2016 - Keppel Land

About this Report*

Keppel Land reaffirms its                              This Sustainability Report
commitment towards sustainability                      demonstrates Keppel Land’s
with the publication of this                           commitment to keep its stakeholders,
Sustainability Report 2016.                            including employees, customers,
                                                       investors, business partners, partner
Global Reporting Initiative                            agencies and community members
The Keppel Land Sustainability Report                  abreast of the Company’s efforts
2016 is prepared in accordance with                    and developments in CSR.
the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI)
Sustainability Reporting Standards                     This Report supplements
(SRS): Comprehensive option.                           Keppel Land’s Annual Report 2016.
                                                       Limited copies of this Report have
This Report focuses on topics that                     been printed to minimise the impact
have been identified as material                       on the environment. Both reports
to Keppel Land’s business and                          can be accessed and downloaded
its key stakeholders, which are                        at Keppel Land’s corporate website,
detailed in the section on Managing                    www.keppelland.com.
                                                       Independent Assurance
This Report has also successfully                      An independent CSR consulting
completed the GRI Materiality                          company, Ere-S Pte Ltd, was appointed
Disclosures Service which verifies that                to provide external assurance on this
the General Disclosures GRI 102-40                     Report. The content of this Report
to GRI 102-49 were correctly located                   was reviewed and the accuracy and
in both the GRI Content Index and in                   reliability of all statements validated.
the text of this Report.
                                                       The assurance standard includes
This Report has been reviewed                          the evaluation of the Company’s
and approved by Keppel Land’s                          sustainability behaviour and
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)                  performance, based on the
Committee, which ensures that all                      AA1000 Assurance Standard.
material issues are addressed.                         All underlying systems and
                                                       processes that support the Company’s
Reporting Period and Scope                             sustainability framework were
This is Keppel Land’s ninth                            reviewed in adherence to the
Sustainability Report since 2008.                      AA1000 AccountAbility Principles
It details the Company’s approach                      of inclusivity, materiality and
and initiatives taken in integrating                   responsiveness.
sustainability into its policies,
structure and daily operations.                        The independent assurance
It provides an account of Keppel                       statement provides a summary
Land’s sustainability performance as                   of the audit report findings.
well as its strategies and practices,
while highlighting the economic,                       Feedback
environmental and social impacts                       Your feedback is valued to help us
of the Company’s activities and                        improve on our future reporting.
developments across its properties                     Please send us your feedback and
in Singapore and overseas.                             comments at csr@keppelland.com.

The Report is based on Keppel Land’s
fiscal year from 1 January to
31 December 2016. Where possible,
the Report provides up to three years
of historical information so that there
is sufficient basis for comparison.                    * GRI 102-45, GRI 102-46, GRI 102-48, GRI 102-49

02    Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2016
Driving Sustainability - Sustainability Report 2016 - Keppel Land
Corporate Profile

Keppel Land is the property division of               Responsible Design Values                              Sustainable Development Goals
Keppel Corporation, one of Singapore’s                To encapsulate Keppel Land’s conscious                 At the United Nations Sustainable
largest multinational companies with                  effort to deliver the best standards in                Development Summit 2015, world leaders
key businesses in offshore and marine,                liveability, quality, aesthetics and                   adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable
property, infrastructure and investments.             sustainability, a set of “Responsible                  Development. This comprises a set of
                                                      Design Values” was developed in 2016.                  17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Keppel Land is recognised for its sterling                                                                   Keppel Land has focused on six goals
portfolio of award-winning residential                These guidelines are based on four key                 which are most relevant to the Company’s
developments and investment-grade                     principles which include innovative                    business activities.
commercial properties as well as high                 designs to differentiate Keppel Land’s
standards of corporate governance and                 properties, integration of values, cost                They are Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being,
transparency.                                         effectiveness and the marketability of                 Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and
                                                      the development projects.                              Infrastructure, Goal 11: Sustainable Cities
The Company is geographically diversified                                                                    and Communities, Goal 12: Responsible
in Asia, with Singapore and China as its              Keppel Land will adopt these design                    Consumption and Production,
core markets as well as Vietnam and                   values for all new developments in                     Goal 13: Climate Action and
Indonesia as its growth markets.                      Singapore and overseas:                                Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

Keppel Land is Asia’s premier home                    1. Liveability                                         As a leading sustainable developer,
developer, with a pipeline of about                      • Health and Well-being                             Keppel Land operates in an economically,
66,000 homes in Singapore and overseas.                  • Inclusiveness                                     socially and environmentally responsible
The Company is also a leading prime office               • Safety and Security                               manner to achieve positive outcomes for
developer in Singapore, contributing to                                                                      its businesses, the environment and
enhancing the city’s skyline with landmark            2. Quality                                             the community at large.
developments such as Marina Bay                          • Fit for Purpose
Financial Centre, Ocean Financial Centre                 • Maintainability
and One Raffles Quay.
                                                      3. Aesthetics
Keppel Land is committed to grow its
commercial portfolio in key Asian cities              4. Sustainability
such as Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin                    • Design for climate responsiveness,
in China, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam,                     resource efficiency and ecological
Jakarta in Indonesia, Yangon in Myanmar                    conservation
and Manila in the Philippines.                           • Productivity

As one of Asia’s leading property companies, Keppel Land has contributed to enhancing Singapore’s skyline with landmark developments such as
Marina Bay Financial Centre and Ocean Financial Centre.

Driving Sustainability - Sustainability Report 2016 - Keppel Land

Letter to Stakeholders

We believe that sustainability is key to               Dear Stakeholders,

future-proofing our business. We will continue         I am pleased to present Keppel Land’s
to align ourselves with international best             Sustainability Report for 2016.

practices and benchmarks, as well as actively          Advances in Sustainability
                                                       Sustainability efforts gained greater
engage our stakeholders to shape a more                momentum in 2016, with the Paris
sustainable future.                                    Agreement on climate change,
                                                       reached at the United Nations’ (UN) 21st
                                                       Conference of the Parties (COP21),
                                                       formally entering into force in November.
                                                       The Agreement has been ratified by
                                                       more than 140 countries and reflects firm
                                                       international resolve to strengthen the
                                                       global response to the threat of climate
                                                       change. In Singapore, the government
                                                       has outlined a Sustainable Singapore
                                                       Blueprint to reduce resource
                                                       consumption, carbon emissions and
                                                       waste generated by industries and
                                                       more recently, announced impending
                                                       legislation which will give businesses
                                                       new impetus to be more energy and
                                                       water efficient.

                                                       At the UN Sustainable Development
                                                       Summit 2015, world leaders adopted
                                                       the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable
                                                       Development. This comprises a set of
                                                       17 Sustainable Development Goals,
                                                       of which Keppel Land is focusing
                                                       on six which are most aligned with
                                                       our business. They are Goal 3: Good
                                                       Health and Well-Being, Goal 9: Industry,
                                                       Innovation and Infrastructure,
                                                       Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and
                                                       Communities, Goal 12: Responsible
                                                       Consumption and Production,
                                                       Goal 13: Climate Action and
                                                       Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.
                                                       We are setting targets in line with these
                                                       adopted Sustainable Development Goals
                                                       to further guide us on our sustainability
                                                       journey over the next few years.

                                                       In 2016, we extended the scope of
                                                       Keppel Land’s Integrated Management
                                                       System (IMS) to cover our operations in
                                                       Vietnam. This follows the implementation
                                                       of the IMS for our Singapore and China
                                                       operations in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

                                                       The IMS, which forms the backbone of
                                                       our project management and property
                                                       management systems, combines the
                                                       ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
                                                       standards on quality, environmental
                                                       management as well as occupational
                                                       health and safety management respectively
                                                       into a single framework. As part of our
                                                       continuous commitment to provide quality
                                                       products and services to our customers,
     Ang Wee Gee                                       the IMS has since been revised to comply
     Chief Executive Officer                           with the latest ISO 9001:2015 and
                                                       ISO 14001:2015 standards.

04    Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2016
Driving Sustainability - Sustainability Report 2016 - Keppel Land
Keppel Land also developed a set of          To-date, Keppel Land has a total of           roll-out of the Laureate concierge service
Responsible Design Values for all our        65 BCA Green Mark Awards in its portfolio,    and Asia’s first fully-integrated smart
new projects in Singapore and overseas.      of which ten are Platinum. Total energy       home management system, Habitap,
These guidelines are based on the            savings from these properties amount to       at Corals at Keppel Bay. Harnessing
four key principles of innovative designs,   over 142 million kWh or $27 million per       technology to improve the home living
integration of values, cost effectiveness    annum, in addition to annual water savings    experience of residents, Habitap is a
and marketability of projects, and           exceeding 1.7 million m3, and annual          mobile application which seamlessly
encapsulate the Company’s conscious          carbon reduction at over 60,000 tonnes.       integrates smart home features,
effort to deliver the best standards                                                       management of condominium facility
in liveability, quality, aesthetics          Under Keppel Land’s Carbon Management         bookings as well as lifestyle services.
and sustainability.                          Plan, the Company aims to reduce its
                                             carbon emission intensity by 16%              To capitalise on the rising demand
In addition, the Keppel Supplier Code        below 2010’s emission levels by 2020.         of shared workspace globally, we
of Conduct was introduced to integrate       In 2016, Keppel Land achieved this            launched a new generation of serviced
the Keppel Group’s sustainability            target with a 16.5% carbon emissions          co-offices which leverage technology
principles across our supply chain, and      intensity reduction compared to 2010’s        and cater to users looking for flexible
positively influence the environmental,      emission levels. Our strong commitment        space solutions. Following the successful
social and governance performance            and continuous improvement in                 pilot at Keppel Towers, the concept has
of its suppliers. Keppel Land will include   environmental performance garnered us         been expanded to Keppel Bay Tower
the acknowledgment and signing of            the BCA Quality Champion (Gold) Award         in Singapore and will be introduced
this Supplier Code as part of its supplier   in 2016 and 2017.                             to Park Avenue Central in Shanghai,
selection procedure.                                                                       China, Saigon Centre Phase 2 in
                                             Harnessing Innovation                         Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam, and
Environmental Stewardship                    As new technologies and business models       Junction City Tower in Yangon, Myanmar.
Leveraging synergies within the              continue to disrupt many traditional
Keppel Group, Keppel Land has                businesses, Keppel Land continually           Managing Safety
begun to purchase renewable energy           seeks innovative solutions for its products   Recognising the importance of fostering
from Keppel Electric to power our            and services. This reflects the Company’s     a culture of safety in our supply chain,
corporate office at Bugis Junction Towers.   brand philosophy of Thinking Unboxed          we set up our third Safety Awareness
Harvested from photovoltaic panels           and our unwavering approach to think          Centre (SAC) in Jakarta, Indonesia,
installed in premises operated by            and see things from a different angle.        in 2016. This follows the success of
Keppel Electric, the energy is then                                                        our first two SACs in Johor, Malaysia,
transferred to Keppel Land. This is the      In 2016, the Project Thinking Unboxed         and HCMC, Vietnam. The SACs were
first time a Building and Construction       initiative was introduced to encourage        set up to increase safety awareness
Authority of Singapore (BCA) Green           staff to explore innovative and               among contractors’ employees, as well
Mark-certified office is using renewable     value-adding ideas for the Company.           as to provide mandatory training
energy generated offsite to fully power      As a result of the recommendations            before they are allowed to work onsite.
its operations. Through this innovative      of multi-disciplinary teams, several          To-date, we have trained a total of
offsite solar power purchase scheme,         initiatives were implemented,                 over 46,000 workers. Two more SACs
we expect to offset about 150,000 kg         including virtual reality show suites at      in Tianjin and Wuxi, China, will be
of carbon emissions annually.                Highline Residences, as well as the           launched in 2017.

                                                                                           The smart home
                                                                                           system, Habitap,
                                                                                           was introduced
                                                                                           at the Company’s
                                                                                           luxury waterfront
                                                                                           development, Corals at
                                                                                           Keppel Bay (pictured),
                                                                                           in 2016.

Driving Sustainability - Sustainability Report 2016 - Keppel Land

Letter to Stakeholders

Keppel Land has also been recognised                   in consistently high staff engagement         As a company recognised for corporate
as one of only nine companies in Singapore             levels. In the 2016 Employee Engagement       excellence, quality and sustainability,
to be named bizSAFE Mentor by the                      Survey, Keppel Land attained an overall       Keppel Land continued to garner
Workplace Safety and Health (WSH)                      score of 85%, up from 82% in 2015.            international accolades in 2016.
Council to lead contractors in developing
and implementing safety initiatives at                 We will continue to sharpen our focus         At the Global Real Estate Sustainability
worksites, as well as to provide stewardship           on people development through job             Benchmark 2016, we ranked first in
and support with regards to meeting the                rotation and job enlargement, localisation,   the Residential (Global), China and
safety standards set by the WSH Council.               performance management as well as             East Asia sectors, as well as third
                                                       manpower planning to groom a new              among developers globally. We were
In recognition of our commitment                       generation of innovative and collaborative    also named Best Overall Developer in
to upholding high safety standards,                    staff. Promising employees are                Singapore, Vietnam and Myanmar at the
Keppel Land emerged Winner at the                      encouraged to take on overseas postings.      Euromoney Real Estate Awards 2016.
International Safety Awards 2016 by                    At the same time, localisation efforts        Overseas, we continued to excel
the British Safety Council. In addition,               are being accelerated to develop our          in the markets where we operate.
two of our projects in Singapore, Corals               staff and strengthen our operating            Keppel Land China was conferred
at Keppel Bay and Highline Residences,                 platforms overseas.                           the Top 10 ASEAN Companies in China
received the Safety and Health Award                                                                 award for the fourth consecutive year
Recognition for Projects at the WSH                    Community Outreach                            by the China-ASEAN Business Council,
Awards 2016 in recognition of their                    We believe in doing good as we do well.       while Sedona Hotel Yangon’s Inya Wing
good safety performance as well as                     In 2016, Keppel Land achieved a total         and Junction City Tower received
robust workplace safety and health                     of about 5,600 hours of community             accolades at the Myanmar Property
management systems.                                    service in Singapore and overseas.            Awards 2016.

Engaging Employees                                     In Singapore, we championed the arts          The journey towards sustainability
We recognise that having the right                     through a weekly volunteer programme          is a continuous one. We look forward
culture and people in place is crucial                 at the Keppel Centre for Art Education,       to your continued support as we strive
to our business. Building on our open,                 an immersive art education facility           to shape a sustainable future for
collaborative, innovative and                          at the National Gallery Singapore.            generations to come.
entrepreneurial culture, we continued                  We also collaborated with charitable
to step up on staff communication                      organisations in our bid to enrich
and employee engagement through                        the lives of the less-privileged.
various initiatives in 2016. These include
the Annual Staff Communication session,                Overseas, a total of five volunteer trips
annual staff conferences in Singapore,                 were conducted for the Words on Wheels        Ang Wee Gee
China and Vietnam, as well as quarterly                mobile library programme in HCMC              Chief Executive Officer
townhall meetings. This has resulted                   and Water for Life in Yangon.                 1 June 2017

                                                                                                     Keppel Land strives to
                                                                                                     create positive social
                                                                                                     impact in the communities
                                                                                                     where it operates. In August
                                                                                                     2016, CEO of Keppel Land,
                                                                                                     Mr Ang Wee Gee (far left),
                                                                                                     led volunteers from
                                                                                                     Keppel Land on an
                                                                                                     excursion with beneficiaries
                                                                                                     of the North West
                                                                                                     Community Development
                                                                                                     Council to the Keppel Centre
                                                                                                     for Art Education at the
                                                                                                     National Gallery Singapore.

06    Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2016
Driving Sustainability - Sustainability Report 2016 - Keppel Land
Delivering Value

                                                                                                                       Return-on-equity is one of the
                                   Revenue rose by 16%                                                                 highest among Asia’s leading
                                   year-on-year to                                                                     property developers at

                                  $1.9b                                                                               19%                1

                                                                                                                       per annum over 10 years, from
                                                                                                                       2007 to 2016.

                                   Development Goals (SDGs)                           Volunteerism Hours
                                   Keppel Land is focusing on                          Increased employee participation with

                                  6 SDGs
                                   that are most aligned to
                                                                                      of community outreach activities
                                   its business.                                      in Singapore and overseas.

                                   Safety Training Hours                                                                    Employee Satisfaction
                                   Trained                                                                                  Employee engagement

                                                                                                                            score of

                                  workers                                                                                  85%
                                                                                                                            in 2016, up from 82% in 2015.
                                   to-date at Keppel Land’s
                                   Safety Awareness Centres
                                   in Vietnam, Malaysia and

Total energy savings of                                                                    Carbon Emissions Intensity

                                                                                           Total carbon emissions
                                                                                           reduction of

or 142m kWh per annum from                                                                60,000
65 BCA Green Mark-certified
developments.                                                                             tonnes
                                                                                           per annum

    Return for 2016 includes $563 million gain from the divestment of Keppel Land’s fund management business to Keppel Capital.

Driving Sustainability - Sustainability Report 2016 - Keppel Land

Sustainability Framework

Keppel Land is committed to delivering
value to all our stakeholders through
Sustaining Growth in our businesses,
Empowering Lives of our people
and Nurturing Communities
wherever we operate.

Sustaining Growth                                        Empowering Lives                         Nurturing Communities
Our commitment to business excellence                    People are the cornerstone               As a responsible corporate citizen,
is underpinned by an unwavering focus                    of our businesses.                       we believe that as communities
on strong corporate governance and                                                                thrive, we thrive.
prudent financial management.                            As an employer of choice, we are
                                                         committed to growing and nurturing       We give back to communities
Resource efficiency is not only our                      our talent pool through continuous       wherever we operate through our
responsibility, but also makes good                      training and development to help         multi-faceted approach towards
business sense.                                          our people reach their full potential.   corporate social responsibility.

We will continue to distinguish our                      We instil a culture of safety so         We cultivate a green mindset among
properties with strong value offerings                   that everyone who comes to work          our stakeholders to spur them towards
and hallmark quality for greater                         goes home safely every day.              adopting a sustainable lifestyle.
competitive edge.

     For more information, go to:                           For more information, go to:             For more information, go to:
     pages 14–37                                            pages 38–51                              page 52–56

08      Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2016
Commitment to Stakeholders*

As a leading real estate company, shaping the best for future
generations, we are guided by our operating principles and
core values to create positive impact and shared value for all
our stakeholders through innovative real estate solutions.

We believe that driving meaningful dialogue and regular
engagement with our stakeholders is crucial to our success
as a company. The following six key stakeholder groups have
been identified:

                                                                           Our Partner
                                        Our Business                        Agencies
                                          Partners                         To work closely
                                  To integrate our strong                with regulatory and
                                   regional network and              non-governmental agencies
                                    knowledge with the                  to further the cause
                                      strengths of our                   of achieving higher
                                  partners to capitalise               environmental, health
                                     on opportunities.                 and safety standards.

                  Our Customers
                 To develop quality                                                              Our Community
                homes and products                            Value for                          To be a committed
                                                                                             and responsible corporate
               with good investment
               value and build on our                          all our                         citizen, contributing to
              brand equity to enhance
               our competitive edge.                        Stakeholders                      communities wherever
                                                                                                     we operate.

                                                                              Our Employees
                                   Our Investors                           To help employees realise
                                   To build on strong                        their full potential and
                                fundamentals to deliver                    cultivate employees who
                                  consistent earnings                          are motivated and
                                 growth and maximise                           dedicated, as well
                                        returns.                               as maintain good
                                                                               work-life balance.

  * GRI 102-40, GRI 102-42


Managing Sustainability

                                                       As a leading sustainable developer         The CSR Committee reports to the Board
                                                       and responsible corporate citizen,         of Directors, which has oversight of
                                                       Keppel Land believes in doing well         sustainability matters.
                                                       and doing good. It adopts a proactive
                                                       and holistic approach to sustainability.   Benchmarks of Excellence
                                                       While operating in an economically,        Keppel Land aligns itself with
                                                       socially and environmentally responsible   internationally-recognised standards,
                                                       manner, the Company aims to achieve        including the International Organisation
                                                       positive and sustainable outcomes          for Standardisation (ISO) standards such
                                                       for its businesses, the environment        as ISO 9001 on quality management,
                                                       and the community at large.                ISO 14001 on environmental management
                                                                                                  and OHSAS 18001 on occupational
                                                       Keppel Land is committed to sound          health and safety management.
                                                       corporate governance practices as well
                                                       as robust enterprise risk management       In terms of sustainability reporting,
                                                       processes. It also actively builds a       Keppel Land has adopted and aligned
                                                       strong safety culture to achieve a         its Sustainability Report 2016 with the
                                                       zero-harm workplace.                       new Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
                                                                                                  Sustainability Reporting Standards:
                                                       The Company strives to be an employer      Comprehensive option. It is also externally
                                                       of choice, nurturing a competent,          assured in accordance with the AA1000
                                                       skilled and engaged workforce to           Assurance Standard.
                                                       drive sustainable growth.
                                                                                                  Defining Report Content*
                                                       Sustainability Management                  Materiality Assessment and
                                                       Driving Keppel Land’s sustainability       Stakeholder Engagement
                                                       efforts is the Corporate Social            Keppel Land’s CSR Committee members
                                                       Responsibility (CSR) Committee.            and senior management from its different
                                                       Comprising representatives from            business units have identified and
                                                       different business units, the              prioritised issues that are most relevant
                                                       committee is responsible for               and significant to the Company and its
                                                       formulating the Company’s CSR              stakeholders. The table on page 11 shows
                                                       framework, implementing initiatives        how the key material issues are linked to
                                                       and monitoring its sustainability          the Company’s overall strategy and risk
                                                       performance.                               management approach.

                                                                                                  * GRI 102-46
CSR Committee Structure

           Board of Directors

            CSR Committee

                                                                          Singapore                                Property Management

            CSR Champions
                                                                                                                  Project Management and
                                                                      Keppel Land China
                                                                                                                     Sustainable Design

                                                                           Vietnam                                   Risk Management

                                                                                                                Corporate Services and
                                                                                                            Corporate Social Responsibility

                                                                     Regional Investments                        Finance and Administration

                                                                  Workplace Safety and Health                        Human Resources

                                                                                                                    Group Internal Audit

10    Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2016
Keppel Land’s Material Issues**
 Material Topics                      Topic Boundary and Impact

 Level 1:
 Key Material Issues

 Economic Performance and             Sustainable financial performance, occupational and customer health and safety,
 Health and Safety Compliance         as well as compliance with national or international standards in areas including
                                      corporate governance, environment, safety, product responsibility and society,
                                      are material to both internal (employees) and external (customers, investors,
                                      business partners, partner agencies and community) stakeholders. This applies
                                      to Keppel Land’s operations in Singapore and overseas.

 Level 2:
 Highly Critical Issues

 Environmental Impact                 Environmental aspects, including the use of environmentally-friendly materials,
 • Materials use                      energy and water conservation, reduction in carbon emissions, efficient effluents
 • Energy efficiency                  and waste management as well as sustainable performance of products and
 • Water management                   services, are important elements in addressing climate change. These aspects
 • Carbon emissions reduction         are relevant to the Company’s internal and external stakeholders. Environmental
 • Effluents and waste management     guidelines relating to these areas apply in all geographical locations where
 • Sustainable products and service   the Company operates.

 Labour Practices                     Positive employment practices are critical in attracting, retaining and developing
 • Employment                         its talent pool as the Company strives to be an employer of choice. They impact
 • Training and education             employees in Keppel Land’s offices in Singapore and overseas.
 • Labour-management relations

 Social Responsibility                The Company is committed to be a responsible corporate citizen, contributing and
 • Local communities                  enriching the lives of local communities wherever it operates. Community engagement
 • Business ethics                    as well as business ethics are material to all internal and external stakeholders,
                                      and apply to Keppel Land’s operations in Singapore and overseas.

 Level 3:
 Emerging or Moderately
 Material Issues

 Market presence                      As Keppel Land seeks to integrate sustainable policies, strategies and practices
 Marketing communications             into its business operations, its market presence, as well as adherence to standards
 Anti-child labour                    relating to marketing communications, prohibition of child labour and policy of
 Non-discrimination                   non-discrimination are important and relevant to all its operations. These aspects
                                      have an impact on all six of the Company’s stakeholder groups.

** GRI 102-47, GRI 102-49


Managing Sustainability

                                                        Adopting a matrix-based approach,           For staff from the Project Management
                                                        materiality was assessed based on           and Sustainable Design unit, as well as
                                                        two criteria, namely, the importance of     project managers across the Company,
                                                        an issue to both internal and external      between 5% and 30% of their individual
                                                        stakeholders. The most material issues      performance appraisal is linked to
                                                        were then placed on a 5x5 matrix with       environmental targets covering multiple
                                                        clearly defined threshold criteria.         aspects such as improving energy
                                                                                                    efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.
                                                        These criteria are based on AA1000
                                                        Standard’s five-part Materiality Test       All employees have 2% of their KPIs
                                                        comprising:                                 linked to corporate sustainability.
                                                        1. Issues that have direct short-term       For project managers, safety accounts
                                                           financial impact;                        for an additional 10–20% of their KPIs.
                                                        2. Issues where the Company has policy      Of this, safety performance, including
                                                           statements of strategic nature;          accident frequency rate and accident
                                                        3. Issues that comparable organisations     severity rate, as well as fatal accidents,
                                                           consider material;                       accounts for 50%. Any fatality at the end
                                                        4. Issues important to stakeholders; and    of the supply chain will also affect the
                                                        5. Issues that are considered to be         bonuses of key staff.
                                                           social norms.
                                                                                                    Innovation and change, collaboration and
                                                        This allows Keppel Land to review the       teamwork, as well as risk management,
                                                        significance of such issues periodically,   form part of executives’ competency
                                                        based on changing stakeholder               assessment in the staff appraisal and
                                                        expectations.                               performance management framework,
                                                                                                    and carry a 30% weightage.

                                                        Sustainability-Related                      Sustainability Data Management
                                                        Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)           Keppel Land, together with other business
                                                        Keppel Land has in place systems to link    units within the Keppel Group, has a
                                                        the remuneration of senior executives and   data management system in place to
                                                        relevant employees to the achievement       streamline the management and reporting
                                                        of pertinent sustainability-related goals   of sustainability metrics across its
                                                        and performance.                            Singapore and overseas operations.

Keppel Land adopts
an integrated
approach in the
design, construction
and development of
sustainable properties,
such as The Glades
(pictured) in Singapore.

12     Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2016
This system has been implemented for the       Keppel Land is also a Gold member of
Company’s projects in Singapore, China,        the Global Compact Network Singapore,
Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar.                the national focal point for the UNGC and
                                               platform for promoting CSR in Singapore.
Environmental as well as workplace health      A member since its formation in 2005,
and safety-related data are collected          Keppel Land supports its belief in the
monthly. Streamlining of data collection,      importance of integrating social values and
analysis and reporting processes reduce        mission with business decision-making to
manpower costs as well as improve              achieve positive and sustainable outcomes.
business intelligence. Regular measuring
and monitoring also enable Keppel Land         Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
to better manage its sustainability            At the UN Sustainable Development
performance.                                   Summit in 2015, the UN released a set
                                               of 17 SDGs and specific targets that
United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)           aim to tackle the world’s biggest
Since 2011, Keppel Land has been a             sustainable development challenges
signatory to the UNGC, a United Nations (UN)   by 2030. The SDGs call for worldwide
initiative to encourage businesses             collaboration amongst governments,
worldwide to adopt sustainable and             businesses and the community to mobilise
socially responsible policies, as well as      their efforts to achieve a common set
report on their implementation.                of goals. Keppel Land is committed to
                                               contribute to advancing sustainable
Sharing the same conviction that business      development through aligning its
practices which are rooted in universal        activities with selected goals.
principles help the global marketplace to
be more socially and economically inclusive,   The CSR Committee has reviewed and
Keppel Land has pledged its commitment         identified six goals most relevant to
to the UNGC’s 10 universal principles          Keppel Land’s business operations and
in the areas of human rights, labour           material issues. Targets are being set to
standards, environmental protection            focus the Company’s efforts and align
and anti-corruption. The Company reports       its existing strategies with these SDGs,
on its progress in implementing these          which were identified based on
principles in its communication on             the Company’s potential impact on
progress to the UNGC annually.                 and contribution to these goals.

     Supporting Six Relevant Sustainable Development Goals

Sustaining Growth


                                                         As a responsible green developer, Keppel Land
                                                         is committed to the highest standards of
                                                         environmental protection. The Company also
                                                         strives to continually improve its environmental

                                                         As one of Asia’s leading property                    Environmental Vision,
Total Carbon Emissions Reduction
                                                         companies, Keppel Land strives to create             Policy and Eco-Principles

In 2016, Keppel Land achieved its
                                                         sustainable and optimal live-work-play
                                                         environments of enduring value for
                                                         the community.
                                                                                                              Keppel Land’s approach towards
                                                                                                              environmental management is
                                                                                                              guided by its vision, the Quality,
                                                                                                              Environmental, Health and Safety
emissions intensity reduction target of
                                                         The Company adopts a holistic and                    Policy, as well as its four key
16% below 2010’s levels by 2020 as set
                                                         proactive approach towards environmental             eco-principles.
out in its Carbon Management Plan.
                                                         management and is focused on creating
                                                         properties that harmonise with and                   Endorsed by top management,
BCA Green Mark Awards                                    enhance the environment. It undertakes               these are communicated to all
                                                         rigorous measures to ensure that both                staff through various platforms

To-date, Keppel Land has garnered a
                                                         new and existing developments comply
                                                         with regulatory requirements and are
                                                         aligned with internationally-recognised
                                                                                                              such as Keppel Land’s intranet
                                                                                                              and newsletters.

total of 65 BCA Green Mark Awards for its                environmental guidelines.
properties in Singapore, China, Vietnam,
Indonesia, Myanmar and India, including
ten Platinum Awards.

The vertical garden at Ocean Financial Centre is one of the many innovative green features of the eco-icon.

14     Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2016
Environmental Sustainability Strategy        The EMS identifies aspects of the
Environmental Vision                               Recognising key environmental challenges     Company’s activities that may have
                                                   and risks, Keppel Land has adopted an        significant impact on the environment.
                                                   environmental sustainability strategy        Targets are then established, with
A premier developer                                which focuses on five main areas.            procedures and processes in place
committed to designing,                            This includes the formulation of corporate   to achieve these objectives.
building and operating                             policies and programmes, development of
properties that harmonise                          new projects, management of completed        ISO 14001 Certification
                                                   buildings, implementation of management      The Company achieved the ISO 14001
with the environment, as                           systems, as well as organisation of          certification for its property development
well as enhancing the quality                      outreach initiatives.                        and property management operations
of life of communities                                                                          in Singapore in 2008 and 2009
where we operate.                                  The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)    respectively. The scope of certification
                                                   Committee oversees Keppel Land’s CSR         was extended to its property development
                                                   efforts which include environmental          operations in China and Vietnam
Key Eco-Principles                                 management and protection.                   in 2009, which obtained independent
                                                                                                certifications in 2011 and 2013
ECOllaboration                                     Comprising representatives from              respectively.
                                                   the different business units, the
Work with stakeholders                             Committee formulates Keppel Land’s           In 2013, the scope was further
as well as policy- and                             eco-policy, principles, targets and          extended to include Keppel Land’s
decision-makers to build                           framework for action, implements green       property development operations
a sustainable future.                              initiatives, as well as sets performance     in Indonesia. The Company renewed
                                                   benchmarks for continuous improvement.       its certification for its operations
                                                                                                in Singapore, China, Vietnam and
ECOnomy                                            The Committee also leads Keppel Land’s       Indonesia in 2014.
                                                   implementation of the ISO 14001
Balance commercial                                 Environmental Management System              To further enhance its management
viability with environmental
                                                   (EMS) as well as the Eco-Office and          performance, Keppel Land has
                                                   Go Green with Keppel Land outreach           implemented an Integrated Management
                                                   programmes.                                  System (IMS) which combines the
                                                                                                ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001
ECOmmitment                                        Environmental Management System              standards on environmental
                                                   Keppel Land has implemented an EMS           management, quality management
Promote environmental
awareness and support
                                                   in accordance with the internationally-      and occupational health and safety
green initiatives.                                 recognised ISO 14001 standard for            management respectively into a single
                                                   managing and controlling corporate           framework for its Singapore operations
                                                   activities to achieve continuous             in 2014. The IMS was subsequently
ECOmmunity                                         improvement in environmental
                                                                                                rolled out to China in 2015 and Vietnam
                                                                                                in 2016.
Create a sustainable future
for generations to come.

                      Keppel Land’s
                      corporate office at
                      Bugis Junction Towers
                      (pictured) is the first
                      Green Mark-certified
                      office to be fully powered
                      by renewable energy
                      generated offsite.

Sustaining Growth


 Environmental Objectives

 Objectives                              Develop environmentally-           Adopt an integrated approach      Meet national or international
                                         friendly properties that           in the design, construction and   standards on environmental
                                         minimise pollution and             development of sustainable        protection.
                                         other adverse impact on            developments.
                                         the environment.

 Targets                                 Achieve at least the Green Mark    Reduce carbon footprint           Expand the scope of the
                                         GoldPLUS Award by the Building     and implement sustainable         ISO 14001 EMS certification
                                         and Construction Authority         practices when developing         to include the Company’s
                                         of Singapore (BCA) for its new     new buildings and managing        overseas business operations.
                                         projects in Singapore, and the     existing properties.
                                         BCA Green Mark Gold Award
                                         or its equivalent for new
                                         projects overseas.

 Performances in 2016                    • Clinched the BCA Quality         • Implemented the Keppel          • Extended the scope of
 and 2017                                  Champion (Gold) Award for          Supplier Code of Conduct          Keppel Land’s IMS beyond
                                           developers.                        to influence and encourage        Singapore and China to cover
                                         • Attained a total of 65 BCA         its suppliers to operate          operations in Vietnam.
                                           Green Mark Awards in               responsibly, improve their      • Achieved ISO 9001 certification
                                           Singapore and overseas             energy efficiency and reduce      for property development
                                           to-date, including ten             overall emissions.                and project management
                                           Platinum, nine GoldPLUS and      • Established a set of              services in Singapore.
                                           40 Gold Awards in Singapore,       Sustainable Design Standards    • Achieved ISO 14001
                                           China, Vietnam, Indonesia,         for new developments.             recertification in Singapore,
                                           Myanmar and India.               • Conducted annual reviews          China and Indonesia.
                                         • Keppel Land’s corporate            to track the progress of
                                           office became the first Green      Environmental Operations
                                           Mark-certified office to be        and Carbon Management Plans
                                           fully powered by renewable         to ensure the sustainability
                                           energy generated offsite. The      of environmental benefits.
                                           renewable energy is harvested
                                           from photovoltaic panels
                                           installed in premises operated
                                           by Keppel Infrastructure.

 Plans Ahead                             • To attain at least the BCA       • To implement guidelines         • To roll out the IMS to cover all
                                           Green Mark GoldPLUS Award for      comprising stretched targets      overseas operations.
                                           all new projects in Singapore.     in the areas of environmental
                                         • To attain at least the BCA         certification, energy, water,
                                           Green Mark Gold Award              landscaping and materials
                                           or its equivalent for new          use in new developments in
                                           developments overseas.             Singapore and overseas.

16    Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2016
Raise environmental                  Underscore importance of             Develop green capabilities,         Preserve biodiversity in
awareness among                      environmental ownership              knowledge and skills to             local environments.
stakeholders.                        among stakeholders.                  enhance building

Engage staff, tenants and            Promote green practices              Build a core team of in-house       Preserve biodiversity and
the wider public through             through the Eco-Office               green building specialists          maintain high standards of
environmental initiatives with       programme in Keppel Land’s           through courses on sustainability   environmental protection
the Go Green with Keppel Land        offices.                             and green building technology.      in native environments to
outreach programme.                                                                                           ensure a balanced and intact

• Sponsored the Singapore            • Successfully assisted four         • To-date, about 30% of             • Transplanted corals at
  leg of the National Geographic       office tenants at Ocean              the Company’s project               King’s Dock at Keppel Bay
  Earth Day Run 2017.                  Financial Centre to achieve          and property managers in            to encourage coral growth
• Attained recertification of the      the BCA Green Mark for Office        Singapore and overseas have         and enhance the existing
  Eco-Office Programme by              Interior Award in 2016 through       been trained and equipped           marine habitat.
  the Singapore Environment            the adoption of green office         with green certifications.        • Implemented green
  Council (SEC) for Keppel Land’s      operational standards.                                                   initiatives such as enhancing
  corporate office for 2017-2020.    • Cultivated urban farms in its                                            water quality, as well as
• Sponsored the Green Corridor         office and residential buildings                                         increasing plant density
  Run 2016.                            in Singapore to encourage                                                and natural habitat areas at
• Collaborated with Ricoh on Eco       sustainable farming among                                                the Eco-City International
  Action Day in 2016 and 2017          staff, tenants and residents.                                            Country Club in Tianjin, China.
  as Strategic Partner.              • Launched a three-year public
• Supported the CSR and Social         outreach campaign with the
  Innovation Forum 2016 to             BCA to encourage partnerships
  promote exchange on social           between the corporate sector
  innovation and sustainability.       and educational institutions
• Engaged suppliers and                to collaborate on projects
  contractors through a sharing        to promote environmental
  session on sustainability issues     sustainability in the built
  and greening the supply chain.       environment.
• Gold Sponsor of the
  International Green Building
  Conference 2016.

• To continue to contribute          • To achieve optimal levels          • To have all project managers      • To partake in good stewardship
  to the green scene through           of energy, paper and toner           trained as Green Mark               of the natural environment
  partnerships with related            usage at the corporate office.       Managers within two years           and adopt best practices
  agencies and bodies in             • To encourage more tenants            of joining the Company, so as       and policies that support
  Singapore and overseas.              to renovate their premises           to develop a pool of in-house       healthy ecosystems, promote
• To continually engage and            in accordance with                   professionals with expertise in     biodiversity and sustain
  inculcate a green mindset            the BCA Green Mark for               sustainable design processes,       natural resources.
  among various stakeholder            Office Interior requirements.        encourage integrated designs
  groups through sharing best                                               and enhance building
  practices at environmental                                                performances.
  conferences, organising
  outreach programmes and
  supporting eco-related events.

Sustaining Growth


                                                                                                                  assessment based on activities at
       Key Challenges                                       Strategies and Actions                                the project site prior to construction.
                                                                                                                  The assessment covers potential negative
     Climate change and global warming                   • Legal compliance                                       environmental impacts, including depletion
     More stringent regulatory                           • Carbon Management Plan                                 of resources, biodiversity disturbance,
     requirements to address                             • Minimum Green Mark standards for                       as well as air, water and noise pollution.
     carbon emissions are expected.                        new developments                                       Contractors are required to establish and
                                                         • Sustainability Design Standards
                                                                                                                  implement appropriate measures to
                                                                                                                  mitigate and/or prevent significant
     Limited natural resources                           • Legal compliance                                       environmental impacts identified.
     Cost of energy is expected to                       • Minimum BCA Green Mark standards
     rise in the long run, leading to                      for completed buildings                                In alignment with the Keppel Group,
     higher expectations to source for                   • Environmental Operations Plans
                                                                                                                  in 2016, the Company implemented the
     materials responsibly.                              • Green procurement policy
                                                         • Supply chain management
                                                                                                                  Keppel Supplier Code of Conduct.
                                                                                                                  The Code aims to integrate Keppel’s
                                                                                                                  sustainability principles across its supply
     Ecological conservation                             • Legal compliance
                                                                                                                  chain, as well as positively influence
     Greater emphasis is placed on                       • ISO 14001 Environmental
                                                                                                                  the environmental, social and
     the protection of ecosystems and                      Management System
     well-being of the community.                        • CSR outreach programmes                                governance performance of its suppliers.
                                                         • Stakeholder engagement programmes                      Suppliers of Keppel Group companies are
                                                         • Public communications plan                             expected to abide by the Code, which
                                                                                                                  covers areas pertaining to business
                                                                                                                  conduct, labour practices, safety and
                                                                                                                  health, and environmental management.

                                                                                                                  Through such efforts, Keppel Land aims
Supply Chain                                             In selecting its main contractors for                    to influence and encourage its suppliers
As a sustainable property developer,                     Keppel Land’s new projects in Singapore,                 to operate responsibly, improve energy
Keppel Land is committed to managing                     contractors are assessed under stringent                 efficiency and reduce overall emissions.
its supply chain across the whole life cycle             criteria. These include track record,
of the project, from its initiation and design           financial strength as well as commitment                 Compliance
development stages to subsequent                         towards high quality, environmental                      In 2016, three main contractors
construction and operation stages. This                  and safety standards. Contractors with                   appointed by the Company for its
allows the Company to effectively manage                 ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001                      residential projects in Singapore were
its consultants, main contractors and                    certifications are preferred.                            fined a total of $72,400 for incidences
subcontractors, as well as diverse services,                                                                      of mosquito breeding and noise pollution
materials and equipment required to                      For all project sites covered under the                  at the construction sites. Mitigating
deliver large-scale developments in a                    scope of Keppel Land’s EMS, contractors                  actions have since been taken to
complex supply chain environment.                        are required to conduct an impact                        prevent recurrence.

Supply Chain Management

            Project Initiation          Design Development                    Tender                       Construction                   Operation

                                   Concept &
     Sustainable                   Schematic                     Tender
     Design Brief                  Design Review                 Documentation                    Construction                 Procurement
     Set minimum BCA Green         Appoint consultants to        Select contractors based on      Ensure Environmental         State ISO 14001
     Mark target for new           conduct environmental         their track record, financial    Aspects Impact Assessment    specifications in the
     developments.                 impact assessment.            strength, commitment             is conducted to identify     contracts for procurement
                                                                 towards high quality, as well    and mitigate environmental   of services.
                                                                 as environmental and             issues.
     Issue Sustainable Design                                    safety standards.
     Standards to design team
     and consultants.                                                                             Encourage contractors
                                                                 Preference for                   to source green-labelled
                                                                 ISO 9001-, ISO 14001-            materials responsibly
                                                                 and OHSAS 18001-                 and regionally.
                                                                 certified contractors.
                                                                                                  Monitor contractors’
                                                                 Set out standards of conduct     energy, water
                                                                 for contractors, including in    and construction
                                                                 the areas of legal compliance,   materials usage.
                                                                 health and safety, as well as
                                                                 environmental management.

                                                                 State environmental and
                                                                 ISO 14001 specifications
                                                                 in tender documents.

18      Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2016
Benchmarks of Excellence                    Green Mark Platinum                         International Financial Centre Jakarta
Keppel Land adopts a proactive              Keppel Land has garnered ten Green Mark     Tower 2 was also the first office
approach towards environmental              Platinum awards for its properties          building in Indonesia to achieve the
protection through harnessing human         to-date. These include Bugis Junction       BCA Green Mark Platinum Award in 2012.
capital, technology and innovation.         Towers, Marina Financial Centre Towers      Expected annual energy savings is
                                            1,2 and 3, Ocean Financial Centre,          about 31% or 3.4 million kWh.
It has set the benchmark for all new        Keppel Bay Tower and Keppel Datahub 2       The development boasts state-of-the
projects in Singapore to achieve at least   in Singapore, as well as International      art eco-friendly features, including a
the Building and Construction Authority     Financial Centre Jakarta Tower 2            highly-efficient chiller plant system,
of Singapore’s (BCA) Green Mark GoldPLUS    in Indonesia.                               regenerative elevators and naturally-
rating, as well as the minimum                                                          ventilated sky gardens.
BCA Green Mark Gold certification           Committed to sustainability,
or its equivalent, such as the United       Keppel Land’s corporate office at           Energy and Cost Savings
States’ (US) Leadership in Energy and       Bugis Junction Towers became the first      When fully completed, the total reduction
Environmental Design (LEED), for all its    Green Mark-certified office to use          in energy consumption from all of
new projects overseas.                      renewable energy generated offsite to       Keppel Land’s BCA Green Mark-certified
                                            fully power its operations. The renewable   projects will be over 142 million kWh
BCA Green Mark                              energy is harvested from photovoltaic       per annum, which is the equivalent of
To-date, Keppel Land has garnered a         panels installed in premises operated       energy required to power more than
total of 65 BCA Green Mark Awards           by Keppel Infrastructure. Through this      25,000 homes in Singapore for one yeari.
for its properties in Singapore, China,     innovative offsite solar power purchase     This also translates to cost savings of
Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and India.      scheme, Keppel Land is expected to offset   about $27 million annuallyii. This is in
They include ten Platinum, nine GoldPLUS,   about 150,000 kg of carbon emissions        addition to total annual water savings
40 Gold and six Certified Awards.           every year – an amount which would          exceeding 1.7 million m3 and annual
                                            otherwise require about 750 trees           carbon emissions reduction of over
Launched in 2005, the BCA Green Mark        to absorb over their entire lifetime.       60,000 tonnesiii.
scheme drives Singapore’s construction      Bugis Junction Towers was conferred
industry towards achieving a sustainable    the BCA Green Mark for Office Interior
built environment by incorporating          Platinum Award for its improved
best practices in environmental             environmental performance in 2016.
design and construction, as well as
encouraging the adoption of green           Ocean Financial Centre, the first office
building technologies. It provides a        development in Singapore’s central
                                            business district to attain the
                                                                                              Average consumption of a Housing Development
comprehensive framework for assessing
                                                                                              Board five-room flat is 471 kWh/month
the overall environmental performance       BCA Green Mark Platinum Award                     (Source: SP Services)
of new and existing buildings in terms      in 2008, was successfully recertified             Energy cost: 1kWh = $0.1913
of energy and water efficiency, indoor      in 2016. Expected annual energy                   (Source: SP Services, 4Q 2016)
                                                                                              Energy conversion ratio: 1kWh electricity =
air quality, as well as other green and     savings for the development is about              0.4313 kg CO2 (Source: Energy Market Authority,
innovative features.                        35% or $9 million.                                Energy Statistics, 2016)

                                                                                                                      Keppel Land garnered
                                                                                                                      multiple awards at
                                                                                                                      the BCA Green Mark
                                                                                                                      Awards 2016, including
                                                                                                                      the BCA Quality
                                                                                                                      Champion (Gold) Award
                                                                                                                      for developers.

Sustaining Growth


 BCA Green Mark Awards (Singapore)

 Project                                               Location    Category           Year


 Nassim Woods1                                         Singapore   Gold               2015
 Highline Residences                                   Singapore   GoldPLUS           2014
 The Glades                                            Singapore   GoldPLUS           2013
 Corals at Keppel Bay                                  Singapore   GoldPLUS           2013
 The Luxurie                                           Singapore   Gold               2013
 The Lakefront Residences                              Singapore   Gold               2012
 Marina Bay Suites                                     Singapore   Gold               2009
 Sixth Avenue Residences                               Singapore   Gold               2009
 The Promont                                           Singapore   Gold               2009
 Madison Residences                                    Singapore   Gold               2008
 Reflections at Keppel Bay                             Singapore   Gold               2008
 Marina Bay Residences                                 Singapore   Gold               2007
 The Tresor                                            Singapore   Gold               2006

 Marina Bay Financial Centre (Towers 1 and 2)3         Singapore   Platinum           2017
 Marina Bay Financial Centre (Tower 3) 3               Singapore   Platinum           2016
 Ocean Financial Centre2,3                             Singapore   Platinum           2016
 One Raffles Quay1,3                                   Singapore   Platinum           2016
 Keppel Datahub                                        Singapore   GoldPLUS           2015
 Keppel Bay Tower1,3                                   Singapore   Platinum           2014
 Keppel Datahub 2                                      Singapore   Platinum           2014
 Keppel Datahub 2                                      Singapore   BCA-IDA Platinum   2014
 Bugis Junction Towers1,3                              Singapore   Platinum           2014
 Prudential Tower1,3,6                                 Singapore   GoldPLUS           2013
 Keppel Digihub                                        Singapore   Certified          2013
 Marina at Keppel Bay1                                 Singapore   Gold               2011
 Equity Plaza1,6                                       Singapore   Gold               2010
 Keppel Towers and Keppel Towers 27                    Singapore   Gold               2010

 Office Interior
 Keppel Bay Tower Management Office                    Singapore   GoldPLUS           2017
 Keppel Land’s Corporate Office                        Singapore   Platinum           2016
 Ocean Financial Centre Management Office              Singapore   GoldPLUS           2016
 Bugis Junction Towers Management Office               Singapore   GoldPLUS           2016

20    Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2016
BCA Green Mark Awards (Overseas)

    Project                                                                              Location                      Category                       Year


    The Springdale (Plot 4-1)                                                            Shanghai                      Gold                           2016
    Seasons Residences                                                                   Shanghai                      Gold                           2015
    Central Park City (Plot C2)8                                                         Wuxi                          Gold                           2015
    Waterfront Residences                                                                Nantong                       Gold                           2015
    Waterfront Residences4                                                               Tianjin                       Gold                           2015
    Stamford City (Plot A)                                                               Jiangyin                      Gold                           2015
    8 Park Avenue                                                                        Shanghai                      Certified                      2015
    Serenity Villas4                                                                     Chengdu                       Gold                           2014
    The Seasons                                                                          Shenyang                      Certified                      2014
    Stamford City (Block 5)                                                              Jiangyin                      Gold                           2014
    Stamford City (Blocks 1,2,3-1,3-2)                                                   Jiangyin                      Certified                      2014
    Hill Crest Villas                                                                    Chengdu                       Gold                           2013
    The Springdale (Plot 2)                                                              Shanghai                      Gold                           2012
    Park Avenue Heights                                                                  Chengdu                       Gold                           2012
    Hill Crest Residences                                                                Kunming                       Gold                           2012
    Seasons Park4                                                                        Tianjin                       Gold                           2012
    Serenity Cove                                                                        Tianjin                       Gold                           2012
    Central Park City (Plot C1)8                                                         Wuxi                          Gold                           2011
    The Arcadia                                                                          Tianjin                       Gold                           2009
    Spring City Golf & Lake Resort (La Quinta villas)                                    Kunming                       Gold                           2009
    The Springdale (Plot 1)                                                              Shanghai                      Gold                           2009
    The Springdale (Plot 3)4                                                             Shanghai                      Gold                           2009
    Villa Riviera                                                                        Shanghai                      Certified                      2009

    Office Interior
    Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City’s Corporate Office                                   Tianjin                       Gold                           2016

    Saigon Centre (Retail Podium)4                                                       Ho Chi Minh City              Gold                           2012
    Saigon Centre (Office Tower)4                                                        Ho Chi Minh City              Gold                           2012
    Riviera Point4                                                                       Ho Chi Minh City              Gold                           2012
    Riviera Cove                                                                         Ho Chi Minh City              Gold                           2009
    The Estella                                                                          Ho Chi Minh City              Gold                           2008

    International Financial Centre Jakarta Tower 2                                       Jakarta                       Platinum                       2012
    Jakarta Garden City (Phase 1)5                                                       Jakarta                       Gold                           2011

    Elita Garden Vista5                                                                  Kolkata                       Certified                      2012

    Sedona Hotel Yangon (Inya Wing)                                                      Yangon                        GoldPLUS                       2016
    Sedona Hotel Yangon1 (Garden Wing)                                                   Yangon                        Gold                           2014
    Projects awarded BCA Green Mark certifications under the existing building category.
    Ocean Financial Centre also received the Platinum level LEED-CS (core and shell) precertification in 2009, which was subsequently converted to certification
    in 2012.
    Recertification award.
    Provisional awards – the final certificates will only be issued upon verification of the green features at the project completion stage.
    Keppel Land divested its stakes in the residential developments in Jakarta Garden City and Elita Garden Vista in 2013 and 2014 respectively.
    Keppel Land divested its stakes in Prudential Tower and Equity Plaza in 2014.
    Formerly known as Keppel Towers and GE Tower.
    Keppel Land announced the divestment of its stake in Central Park City in 2016.

Sustaining Growth


Stakeholder Engagement*
Recognising the importance of stakeholder engagement to inculcate a green mindset, Keppel Land continues to reach out to its
stakeholders in Singapore and overseas with its Go Green with Keppel Land environmental education and outreach programme.
The table below details the Company’s outreach efforts to its various stakeholder groups in 2016.

 Employees                                             Tenants and                                    Public

 Inculcate Green Mindsets                              Commemorate Key Environmental Dates            Promote Environmental Awareness
 Sponsored the Green Corridor Run 2016,                35 of Keppel Land’s commercial,                Adopted Tiong Bahru as a “Bright Spot”
 which included the Keppel Land Water                  residential and hospitality developments       under the Public Hygiene Council’s
 Challenge event, held in conjunction with             in Singapore and overseas participated         Keep Singapore Clean Movement.
 World Water Day.                                      in Earth Hour.
                                                                                                      Renewed adoption of Jurong Lake
 Pledged to conserve energy at Ricoh’s                 Held eco-awareness drives at                   under PUB’s Friends of Water programme
 Eco Action Day 2016, where Keppel Land                Keppel Land’s office buildings during          from 2015 – 2017.
 was Strategic Partner.                                Ricoh’s Eco Action Day campaign in
                                                       2016 and 2017.                                 Taman Sutera, Keppel Land’s integrated
 Organised a panel discussion comprising                                                              township in Johor Bahru, Malaysia,
 industry leaders on “Why Sustainability                                                              organised regular educational
 Matters” to local and overseas colleagues.                                                           events at its township to promote
                                                                                                      environmental awareness.

 Commemorate Key Environmental Dates                   Encourage Greening of Properties               Share Best Practices
 Pledged eco-friendly actions to                       Produced and distributed Green Guides          Participated as a panelist at the ASEAN
 commemorate Earth Hour, World Water                   for tenants, residents and hotel guests        CSR Network and NUS Sustainability
 Day and Earth Day.                                    to promote environmentally-friendly            Project forum to share sustainability
                                                       practices and procedures.                      reporting best practices.
 Organised a panel discussion on
 promoting environmental sustainability                Formed Green Tenants Committee with            Gold Sponsor of the International Green
 through a sharing economy to                          tenants of its office buildings in Singapore   Building Conference 2016.
 commemorate World Car-Free Day.                       to share green initiatives.
                                                                                                      Supported the CSR and Social Innovation
 Keppel Land China celebrated National                 Provided complimentary environmental           Forum 2016 to promote exchange on
 Tree Planting Day.                                    gap analysis services and encouraged           social innovation and sustainability.
                                                       tenants to pledge to reduce energy and
                                                       water consumption.                             Engaged suppliers and contractors on
                                                                                                      greening the supply chain through a
                                                       Successfully assisted four office tenants      sharing session on sustainability issues.
                                                       at Ocean Financial Centre to achieve
                                                       the BCA Green Mark for Office Interior         Founding member of the World Green
                                                       Award in 2016 through the adoption of          Building Council Corporate Advisory
                                                       environmentally-friendly office policies.      Board.

                                                       Cultivated urban farms in its office and       Board member of the Singapore Green
                                                       residential buildings in Singapore to          Building Council.
                                                       encourage sustainable farming among
                                                       staff, tenants and residents.

 Cultivate Green Habits                                Learn from Industry Experts                    Nurture the Young in Green Education
 Implemented Eco-Office practices in                   Held group sharing sessions and                Launched a three-year public outreach
 Singapore, China and Vietnam.                         fostered knowledge exchange on                 campaign with the BCA to encourage
                                                       sustainability matters.                        partnerships between the corporate
 Obtained recertification as Green Office                                                             sector and educational institutions
 under the SEC Eco-Office programme                                                                   to collaborate on projects to promote
 for Keppel Land’s corporate office from                                                              environmental sustainability in the
 2017-2020.                                                                                           built environment.

                                                                                                      Hosted tertiary study groups to a tour of
                                                                                                      Keppel Land’s Singapore office buildings,
                                                                                                      with a focus on sustainability.

                                                                                                                           * GRI 102-43, GRI 102-44
22    Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2016
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