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Educating Communities

Educating Communities

MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL Welcome Back Welcome to Term 3! As always we are at the beginning of another busy term. Key events to watch out for include Education Week and Fathers’ Day activities, Great Aussie Bush Camp for Year 5, an author visit for Book Week, various sporting events, and please remember ‘Beanies for Brain Cancer’ day tomorrow! Education Week We will be celebrating Education Week next Friday,9 August 2019 with our Love of Learning Awards Assembly and Art Show. The assembly, which will also feature our Performance Group and prizewinning public speakers will begin at 10:00am.

Following the assembly, you are invited to view the amazing artistic talents of our students at our Art Show. This year’s works were created following an artist study and are based on some renowned works, in styles that you may recognise.

P&C ‘Toilet Project’ For want of a more inspiring title, the P&C have been working over the break and during Week 1 on a ‘Toilet Project’ designed to make the school toilets a more ‘welcoming’ environment. To support this idea, as well as our PDHPE curriculum and student wellbeing initiatives, the cubicle doors have been painted and colourful inspirational decals have been attached. . William Street, East Maitland 2323 Phone: 4933 7524 Fax: 4934 5012 Email: Respect, Responsibility, Learning, Co-operation and Participation 31 July 2019 No. 11 (Week 2 Term 3) Educating Communities Education Week is a state-wide, annual event to celebrate NSW public education.

The week communicates the achievements of public schools, their students and the value of public education.

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Educating Communities

Notices have also been posted on the back of the doors providing links and information from the Kids Helpline. We are extremely grateful to the families and students who spent one of their holiday weekends and two afternoons last week in the school toilets working on this project. You are much appreciated and your work and commitment is in itself an inspiration. Thank you! Education Week Raffle During Education Week we will also be holding a school fundraising raffle. This beautiful hand-made patchwork quilt has been donated by Mrs Lesley Dudgeon (Yes, she is my mum!).

J Tickets can be purchased at the school office throughout the week and on Friday, in the library, where the quilt will be displayed with the students’ art works.

Tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. The raffle will be drawn after lunch time on Friday, with the winner to be announced in the following newsletter. Funds raised will be used for a project that will also be advised. Holiday Leave Form You will find a notice later in the newsletter advising of the need to complete and have approved a leave form, should you be wanting to take your children out of school for the purposes of travel for a period exceeding 10 school days. Please make sure that you read this important notice. Parent/Teacher Interviews Thank you to everyone who joined us for parent/teachers interviews this week.

The opportunity to discuss your child and their learning journey is one that we much value and is so very important. We appreciate the opportunity not solely just to speak about your child, but to build and maintain that important home/school relationship.

Teacher Professional Learning Our professional learning last week took place on staff development day. Topics covered include working with decodable readers, best practice relating to students who have undergone trauma, and developing effective student writing strategies. This afternoon was dedicated to parent/teacher interviews. Afternoon Pick-up Whilst I understand that afternoon pick-up will always be challenging, I thank those of you very much who are being mindful of previous requests regards safety and procedures.

If you are still unsure of expectations, please refer to Skoolbag Ap or previous newsletters.

Changed your details??? Just a reminder that if you have had a change in personal details such as address or contact numbers; work, mobile or home, please ensure that you notify our office ASAP. Please note that any change of address details will require proof of address. (Documents such as a rates notice or home-related bills, such as telephone, gas or electricity, including name and address). Kim Dudgeon

Educating Communities
By Michael Grose Developing leadership skills in your child Your child has the potential to be a leader given the right circumstances and environment. The following five leadership skills have been observed in student leaders in Australian primary schools and can be promoted by parents at home. Responsibility Being a leader means that your child is willing to take responsibility and be accountable for their actions. Personal responsibility is shown when your child is accountable for their behaviour, for their belongings and for others. Practical ways to develop responsibility include:
  • Giving them responsibility for part of their day
  • Encouraging them to restore relationships with others when they mess up
  • Taking responsibility for household chores Communication While most leadership positions require your child to speak publicly their communication skills can be developed through regular one-on-one or small group experiences at home and at school. Practical ways to develop your child’s communication skills include:
  • One-on-one conversations with adults
  • Regular discussions at the meal table
  • Encourage your child to participate fully in speaking activities at school Organisation Personal organisational skills and the ability to organise others are important for effective leadership. Practical ways to develop organisational skills include encouraging your child to:
  • Keep their personal space tidy and organised
  • Use a diary to help manage their time
  • Organise a weekly chores roster including all members of the family Teamwork Cooperating, encouraging and accepting others are essential qualities of an effective leader. Practical ways to develop a sense of teamwork include:
  • Play team games where children work together
  • Encourage siblings to cook and do other chores together
  • Focusing on your child’s contribution to a team or group rather than individual achievement Emotional intelligence An underestimated quality shared by most admired leaders is their ability to remain calm when things don’t go well. This emotional intelligence skill requires self-awareness, an ability to recognise their emotions and respond appropriately to the emotions of others. You can nurture these skills in the following way:
  • Help your child recognise their emotions
  • Help your child recognise emotions in others
  • Teach your child to shift their mood Leaders are needed in all walks of life – at work, in school, in families, in sport and in the wider community. The skills of leadership are sewn in the first group that they belong to – their family. By encouraging your child to be a contributing member of their family you are also helping to develop leadership skills they can practise outside their family.
Educating Communities

K-2 Assembly Roster Term 3 2019 Week Date / time Staff / Class PBL FOCUS 3 Monday, 5 August 2019 2pm in the Hall MC Yellow, MC Red and MC Blue Negative Emotions and Calming Strategies 5 Monday, 19 August 2019 2pm in the Hall 20 Respecting Others 7 Monday, 2 September 2019 2pm in the Hall 2L Resilience and Friendships 9 Monday, 16 September 2019 2pm in the Hall 2G Accepting Responsibility for Actions

Educating Communities

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Educating Communities

P&C NEWS P&C Federation is committed to a free public education system which is open to all! EMPS P&C Association fundraise to make our school the best place it can be for our children and is run by a group of volunteers. EMPS P&C runs both the canteen and the uniform shop. MEMBERSHIP Have you thought of becoming a P&C member? Signing up for membership does not mean you have to volunteer! Many EMPS P&C members show that we as parents & citizens of East Maitland care and support our local school. Currently we only have a few.

JOINING IS EASY! Membership fee is only $2 for the year! Print the membership form from the school’s website or get one from the school office, fill out the form, sticky tape $2 onto it before handing it in at the school office.

Please consider joining us today. We use Facebook as an informal way of reaching families with important P&C information, eg. sales at the uniform shop. Apply to join us: East Maitland Public School P&C Next EMPS P&C Meeting When: Wed 14th August 2019 @5:30pm Where: School staff room Uniform shop opening hours Tuesday 2:15pm - 2:45pm Friday 8:30am - 9:00am CASH ONLY – no eftpos ONLINE UNIFORMSHOP through Flexischools (app; same login as canteen or In the app - press order now, your child’s name and then uniforms to start ordering.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Are you able to help in the uniform shop? It would be much appreciated, please email us if you can spare 40 min on a Tuesday or Friday. You can volunteer as many or as few times as you like. Please keep in mind that without our wonderful volunteers we are unable to keep the uniform shop open. Term 3—Uniform Shop Roster Week Tuesday 2:15-2:45pm Friday 8:30-9:00am 2 30/7/19 Suze H & Narelle 02/8/19 Kellie & Carmel 3 06/8/19 Kylee & Suz M 09/8/19 Kellie & Carmel 4 13/8/19 Suze H & 16/8/19 Tara & Leighsa 5 20/8/19 Kylee & Amber 23/8/19 LJ & Jennifer 6 27/8/19 Suze H & Jennifer 30/8/19 Bente & 7 03/9/19 Kylee & Narelle 06/9/19 Kellie & Carmel 8 10/9/19 Suze H & Amber 13/9/19 LJ & Jennifer 9 17/9/19 Kylee & Suz M 20/9/19 Tara & Leighsa 10 24/9/19 Suze H & 27/9/19 Kellie & Carmel

Educating Communities

CANTEEN NEEDS HELP!!! If you are free and could donate some valuable time to help, please contact Jacki Cassidy at or leave your contact details at the office and we will contact you. You can volunteer as many or as few times as you like. Canteen Roster Week commencing Monday, 5 August 2019 5/08 Kathryn Coote Help needed 6/08 Julie Wood Gail Leckie 7/08 Sandra Baxter Grisel MilfordChilvers 8/08 Tara Petersen Rhianna Ebrill 9/08 Janee Binnie Denyse Potts Kim Wakeman Week commencing Monday, 12 August 2019 12/08 Georgia Fletcher Nikki Ross 13/08 Help needed 14/08 Shelly Sinkovic Jordan Croker 15/08 Glennis Holwell Margaret Mossner 16/08 Lara-Jane Cash Sarah Campbell Narelle Tindell If you are unable to come on your day please phone or msg Jacki -

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Educating Communities Educating Communities Educating Communities