Egypt - Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre

Egypt - Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre

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Egypt - Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre

GREECE AND MEDITERRANEAN TRAVEL CENTRE EGYPT 2018 2 Table Of Contents What Sets Us Apart . 3 Egypt General Information . . 4 Unique Features of our Programs . 5 Cairo Map . . 6 Cairo Recommended Hotels . . 7-9 Egypt Excursions . . 10-13 Egypt Programs . . 14-34 Nile Cruise Vessels . 16-17 Taste of Egypt . 18 Egyptian Prelude . 18 Magnificent Egypt . 19 Nile Explorer . 20 Egyptian Treasures . 21 Egyptian Discovery .

22 Ancient Egypt . 23 Cleopatra Trail . 24 Egypt in Style . 25 Jewels of the Nile . 26 Glories of Egypt . 27 Egyptian Endeavour . 28 Nile Voyager . 29 Egyptian Odyssey . 30 Egyptain Family Adventure . 31 Dahabeya Experience . 32 From Pharoahs to Prophets . 33 Best of Egypt & Israel . 34 Booking Conditions . 35 I have been travelling to Egypt throughout the last 20 years. Although in recent years the country has experienced disruptions, fortunately tourists are returning.. Many of our clients have returned with nothing but wonderful things to say of their experiences. Don't just take my word for it, come see it for yourself.

Certainly you will want to see the Great Pyramids of Giza, you will want to wonder through amazing Khan El Khalili Bazaar, but if you want more local experiences just let us know. Would you like to visit a coffee shop that has been open since 1752? This is your opportunity to sit and converse with Egyptian locals while enjoying an authentic cup of Egyptian coffee. In my opinion, our Egyptian guides are among the friendliest and most knowledgeable people that you will come across. Plus they take immense pride and pleasure in showing their country to you. What I particularly love about Egypt is that it is friendly destination that caters extremely well for singles, couples and families with children of all ages.

My children have very fond memories of their travels with me in Egypt as it made history that they learn at school come alive for them - as well as for me!

Let Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre arrange your holiday to Egypt, destination on everyone's bucket list. Halina Kubica, Managing Director special airfares Book your trip with us and save on your international airfare*. You may not be aware that many airlines offer to fly you into one city and depart from another which can be a great way of saving money. For example you can fly into Cairo and out of Athens or London. To ensure that you get to our destinations in the fastest and most economical way speak to us about selecting one of our airfare deals. We work with premium airlines such as Qatar, Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Etihad to name just a few and are able to offer you competitive prices for the flights that are most convenient for you.

*To be eligible for these special airfares a minimum land content of $500 per person is required. Fares may vary due to currency fluctuations, seasonal surcharges and block out dates may apply. For all terms and conditions please review at the time of booking.

A global network of more than 150 places from one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines DOHA Ankara Copenhagen Vienna Budapest Brussels Athens Mashad Beirut Peshawar Ahmedab Alexandria Stockholm Helsinki Oslo Cape Town Buenos Aires São Paulo Maldives Rome Frankfurt Venice Zagreb Sarajevo Skopje Algiers Moscow Tehran Sulaymaniyah Shiraz Basra Luxor Kozhikode Kochi Casablanca Larnaca Islamabad Madrid Barcelona Nice Hyder Lagos Paris Berlin Warsaw Bucharest Belgrade Goa Amrits London Birmingham Edinburgh Benga Amman Cairo Khartoum Sanaa Tunis Istanbul Sabiha Sofia Entebbe Addis Ababa Djibouti Asmara Baku Tbilisi Mumbai Nag Karachi Lahore Delhi Faisalabad Multan Chen Trivan Colomb Munich Milan Pisa Kigali Kilimanjaro Dar es Salaam Nairobi Baghdad Najaf Erbil Maputo Durban Johannesburg Windhoek New York Boston Montreal Washington, DC Atlanta Houston Los Angeles Chicago Philadelphia Miami Dallas/Fort Worth Amsterdam Seychelles Zanzibar Manchester Geneva Zurich Sialkot INTRA-GULF NETWORK Salalah Riyadh Hofuf Gassim Madinah Dammam Kuwait Jeddah Taif Bahrain Muscat Abu Dhabi Dubai Sharjah Ras Al Khaimah Al Maktoum Intl Apt Abha DOHA Lusaka Marrakech Douala Libreville Yerevan Qatar Airways flies to all these cities and more… hence fly into one city and depart from another

Egypt - Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre

GREECE AND MEDITERRANEAN TRAVEL CENTRE EGYPT 2018 3 WHAT SETS US APART "Don't think what's the cheapest way to do it or what's the fastest way to do it... think 'what's the most amazing way to do it.' " – Richard Branson Let Greece & Mediterranean Travel Centre show you the most amazing way to see Egypt. We offer quality that you can afford, service you expect, inclusions you want and memories that last forever. We are passionate about providing our guests with the very best of, regardless of their budget. • We are an Australian based, owned and operated company. We been operating in Australia for more than 14 years.

• We source our product from the best suppliers, hotels, coach operators, cruise operators etc. • We are a destination specialist and we know Egypt extremely well. • Our staff travels regularly and extensively throughout Egypt and the region. • We have knowledge and product that is unique and not easy to find elsewhere, including online. • We offer private tours as well as customised itineraries for any budget to suit individual needs. • We provide great service as we rely on repeat business and want you to recommend us again. LOCAL KNOWLEDGE Unlike websites we are ready to answer any question you may have based on your individual requirements.

Would you like someone to tell you when is the best time to go, how long to stay, sites to visit, must do's, how to get there? What option of travel will best suite you: a private tour, Nile cruise, independent stay, or combination of all? We know the destination, flight schedules, hotels location, distances and can answer all the above. We can compare the cruise vessels, hotels and even the room categories based on our personal experiences.

DISCOUNTED & FLEXIBLE PACKAGE DEALS Our customers do not have to communicate and coordinate with multiply companies. Save money and take advantage of our package prices that include combination of services such as hotels, air or train tickets , tours, transfers etc. Unlike many websites we are able to combine services into the time and cost effective itinerary. We can also arrange special interest tours such as archaeological tours, food tours, walking tours etc. We offer our customers flexibility of purchasing individual services, the whole itinerary, and a combination of services. Due to space limitation in this brochure we present only limited selection of packages, we offer additional programs as well as customised itineraries.

EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK Our clients have exclusive access to local assistant in Egypt 24 hours, 7 days a week. This assistance only applies for services booked through Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre. We will not be able to assist if any issues arise effecting services made with other suppliers or hotels directly. CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS WITHOUT SURCHARGE We accept VISA and MasterCard without any surcharge. Take advantage of rewards programs that your card might offer you while paying in an easy and convenient way for your travel.

"By using the services of a Travel Agent you are supporting the local economy, saving countless hours surfing the net and most importantly of all, travelling with the peace of mind that you have someone to call should any unforeseen problems arise."

Egypt - Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre

GREECE AND MEDITERRANEAN TRAVEL CENTRE EGYPT 2018 4 Introduction Wherever you turn in Egypt, you will be amazed by the history, the culture and the friendliness of the locals. This cradle of civilisation is a living museum which attributes its mysteries to its ancient and current culture. Walk through history, past the Pyramids and numerous temples throughout the country including Abu Simbel, the location of Ramses II, four colossal statues. Population Egypt’s population is estimated to be approx. 79 million in 2010.

Time Zone The time zone of Egypt is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, and therefore, is approx.

7 hours behind AEST in summer, and 9 hours behind during winter. Official Language Arabic is the country’s official language, however English is understood in most hotels, restaurants and tourist areas. Visas A Visa is required when travelling to Egypt and can be obtained through the Embassy or Consulate in Australia or upon arrival at Cairo Airport at the cost is approx A$45 for a single entry. Climate Egypt has general two seasons, a mild winter from November to April and hot summer from May to October. During the summer months of July and August, temperatures can reach over 40 degrees especially in the south, but generally stay around 35 degrees.

Average Monthly Temperatures (Degrees celcius): Tipping Salaries are low and as such tipping, or baksheesh, is expected for almost every service provided. Recommended tips start from A$1 for porters, $3-5 for escorts, $5 for drivers and average $10 per day for guide or crew during cruises. Currency The Egyptian Pound is the official currency; however USD and Euro are widely accepted. Most credit cards are accepted and ATMs are available. Food Egyptian cuisine is excellent combining aspects of many different cultures which have inhabited Egypt at one time or another. Some of the national specialties include Foul (beans), stuffed vine leaves, grilled aubergines (eggplant) and kebabs, Fesieekh (salted and dried fish), aish baladi (a pita-like bread), and kofta (a spicy, minced lamb).

Accommodation The main cities all have hotels ranging from basic to deluxe international standard. Please be aware that the level of quality is different to that offered in Western countries. In general, Egyptian accommodation is of a lower standard, therefore to ensure peace of mind and a comfortable stay, please choose a higher category of accommodation to avoid disappointment. Electricity 220 volts, 50hz, as in Aust. A 2 pronged cylindrical plug adapter is required. Getting There By Air: Major gateways include Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria. Qatar, Emirates & Etihad have flights from Australia daily.

Most major airlines have connections via European cities.

By Sea: The main ports are Port Said or Alexandria however currently there are no cruises going there disembarkation is usually not permitted. There are no ferries linking Egypt and Greece or Italy. Getting Around Getting around independently, in particular Cairo, is generally difficult. Road: Cairo is a large city with a huge Population. Local transport, although existing, is not recommended, due to insufficient traveller information and poor standards. Similar situations exist in most other major cities. While there are taxis available, the quality is usually low, the cars are not air-conditioned and the prices need to be negotiated prior to entering the vehicle.

Car rental is not recommended and while you can walk around the city, it can be difficult. Rail: There are several daily services between Alexandria and Cairo & line continues to Luxor and onto Aswan with an overnight train service offering 2 bedded sleeper compartments. This overnight train offer a simple style of accommodation. Trains are delayed often. National Holidays 2018 7 Jan – Coptic Christmas Day 25 Jan – Revolution Day 8 Apr - Coptic Easter Sunday 9 Apr - Sham el-Nassim 25 Apr - Sinai Liberation Day 1 May – Labour Day 15-17 Jun 2018 – End of Ramadan 23 Jul – National/Revolution Day 23-24 Aug 2018 – Eid al Adha 11 Sep - El Hijra (Islamic New Year) 6 Oct - Armed Forces Day 20 Nov - Moulid El Nabi Ramadan: For approx.

30 days during Ramadan Muslim's abstain from eating & drinking during daytime. Tourists travelling during this time are generally not affected except some historical sites close earlier, approx 3pm.

Weekends: As Friday is the holiday for Muslims, some businesses and shops are closed on that day, while others operated by Christians may be closed on Sundays instead. Things To Do Cairo: Visit the Sphinx and the Pyramids at Giza, gaze upon the treasures in the Egyptian Museum and wander through the Khan El Khalili Bazaar. Wonder at some of the many mosques and temples that litter the city and citadel. Luxor: Located on the banks of the Nile approx. 720km south of Cairo, commonly known as the world's greatest outdoor museum, filled with monuments and temples. See Luxor and Karnak Temples, the largest religious site in the world.

Gaze upon Queen Hatshepsut's temple and the Valley of Kings and Queens on the West Bank. Alexandria: This vibrant city is located on the Mediterranean Sea. Set your sights upon the Roman Amphitheatre, Pompey's Pillar, the Catacombs and the new Alexandria Library.

Aswan: The country's sunniest southern city with its High Dam and Philae Temple. Enjoy the Nubian Museum, Botanical and Elephantine Islands. The best place to watch the famous feluccas sailing boats. Oasis: There are several spectacular oases in Egypt worth a visit. Break your trip at Siwa, considered to be the most fascinating oasis on the edge of the Great Sandy Sea. Discover Fayoum, the pyramid of Hawara, also known as the Labyrinth. Other oases include Bahreya, El Dakhla, Farafara & El Kharga. Red Sea: Popular for its spectacular diving locations, this region boasts magnificent beaches and vistas of coastline and deserts.

Most popular cities are Sharm El Sheikh & Hurghada. Red Sea JERUSALEM Dead Sea Alamein Alexandria Siwa Oasis Bahariya Oasis Fayoum Oasis Farafra Oasis El Dakhla Oasis Kharga Oasis Port Said CAIRO Ismailia Suez Nuweiba St Catherine Monastery Sharm el Sheikh Hurghada Safaga Qena Luxor Esna Edfu Kom Ombo Aswan Lake Nasser Abu Simbel Taba Border Eilat Aqaba Wadi Rum Petra Karak Mt Nebo Madaba Masada Average Temps Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Cairo Low 9 10 12 15 18 21 22 22 21 18 14 11 High 18 20 23 28 32 35 34 33 32 30 25 19 Distances in Egypt CAIRO-ALEXANDRIA – 220 km CAIRO-LUXOR – 700 km CAIRO-ASWAN – 900 km CAIRO-SHARM EL SHEIKH –550 km CAIRO-HURGHADA – 480 km ALEXANDRIA-SIWA – 600 km ASWAN-ABU SIMBEL – 280 km

Egypt - Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre

GREECE AND MEDITERRANEAN TRAVEL CENTRE EGYPT 2018 5 Private Tours Booking your tour with us gives you the comfort of travelling on your own private tour without the hassles of a group. Transfers are provided in an air-conditioned modern minivans with driver and English speaking escort. All sightseeing tours (except the ones which are part of the cruise) are conducted on a private basis with both a driver and English speaking guide also in the luxurious minivans. Regardless of how many transfers or tours are booked for the same day each party gets their own transport. During Nile cruises, tours are organised by the cruise company and all Israel components of the packages are conducted on a group tour basis unless supplement paid for private tour.

Professional Guides We take extreme pride in working with only the best guides available. All of our guides are qualified English speaking University graduates (Egyptologists) with more than five years' experience. Guaranteed Departures As all our programs are private, all departures are guaranteed even with only one person. Once your tour has been booked and confirmed it will not be cancelled due to lack of numbers. We do not combine clients into groups (except while on Nile cruise where you travel with other passengers) . In case of any Cruise vessel not operating or due to last minute changes beyond our control we will rebook you at the cruise vessel of similar or higher standard at no extra cost.

Frequent & Flexible Departures Most of our itineraries operate daily (although the sequence of the itinerary may vary depending on arrival day). Programmes departing on selected days due to cruise vessels departures may also operate daily if the order of the itinerary is changed or an alternative cruise is used. English Only All of our tours are conducted in English only. Should your party wish to have a guide speaking another language please contact us at time of booking so that we can arrange this as well. Free Water During tours and transfers we will provide a free bottle of water per passenger.

(Water is not included during meals at restaurants or on Nile cruises and shore excursions as they are arranged by cruise companies). Night Arrivals or Departures Our transfer services are available 24 hours a day with no surcharge for night transfers. In the event that you book additional accommodation with us either prior to or after your package which already includes your transfer/s, then these will still be provided to you at no additional cost. Unique Features Of Our Programs Your Personal Concierge in Egypt Our personal concierge service gives you the insider access you need to make your stay in Egypt unforgettable.

Our concierge, is a Cairo local who can recommend those little- known places that turn a holiday from great to amazing - The Papyrus museum, a camel market, a bakery where you can sample real Egyptian pastries or an artist's studio for a unique souvenir - and provide you with the best up-to- date knowledge for events, tours and performances. You can even call on him if you need help overcoming a language barrier! There's no request too big or too small. If your next trip coincides with a special occasion, contact the concierge to organise a celebratory dinner, a night out at the theatre or a unique experience.

Excellence in service is the cornerstone of our business and we've listened to your requests to personalise your holiday in Egypt. We're introducing this dedicated service to all of our clients, regardless of the hotel category you book, giving you access to a five-star benefit usually reserved for a select few.

Egypt - Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre Egypt - Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre Egypt - Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre Egypt - Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre Egypt - Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre