Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

AISC       HANDBOOK 2019 - 2020
American International School Chennai                                            1
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

2                                            American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

CALENDAR                                                                        6
SCHOOL MISSION                                                                  8
BELIEFS		                                                                       9
VISION FOR AN AISC LEARNER                                                      10
INTERNATIONALISM AT AISC                                                        11
ABOUT THE SCHOOL                                                                12
GOVERNANCE                                                                      13
SECTION 1: GENERAL INFORMATION                                                   14
    School Hours                                                                14
    Morning Procedures                                                          14
    Arrival and Pick Up of Students                                             14
    Late Arrivals                                                               15
    Morning Snack and Recess                                                    15
    Dismissal Procedures                                                        15
    Lunch Program                                                               15
    School Supplies                                                             16
    Attendance Guidelines                                                       16
    Leaving Campus                                                              16
    Hot Temperature policy                                                      17
    Telephone                                                                   17
    Pets on Campus                                                              17
    ID Badges                                                                   17
    Class Placement Guidelines                                                  17
    Visiting Students                                                           17
    Supporting Classes While School is in Session                               18
    Visitor Attendance at Assemblies and Learning Celebrations                  18
    Parents and Visitors on Campus – Guidelines for Emergencies                 19
    Tutoring                                                                    19
SECTION 2: PARENT/HOME COMMUNICATION                                            20
    Communication Between Home and School                                       20
    Report Cards                                                                22
    Other forms of Elementary Information                                       22
    Resolving Problems or Concerns                                              23

American International School Chennai                                                              3
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

SECTION 3: FACILITIES                                                      24
    Use of Campus Facilities                                               24
SECTION 4: ACADEMICS                                                       26
    Curricular Framework                                                   26
    Early Years                                                            26
    Kindergarten through Grade 5 Core Curriculum                           27
    SEVAI: Service Learning                                                27
    Teaming                                                                28
    Elementary World Language Program Organization                         28
    World Language Selection Process for Grade 4 and 5                     28
    English as a World Language                                            29
    Physical Education Policy                                              30
    Standardized Testing                                                   31
    Elementary Home Learning                                               31
SECTION 5: STUDENT SERVICES                                                34
    Elementary Library (CIC)                                               34
    Counseling Program                                                     36
    Learning Support Services                                              36
    Lost and Found                                                         36
    Safety and Security                                                    37
    Student Health                                                         37
    Health Facilities                                                      37
    Immunizations                                                          39
    When Parents Travel / Temporary Guardianship                           40
    Student Protection                                                     40
    Non-Discrimination Policy                                              40
    Student Wellbeing Philosophy                                           40
SECTION 6: STUDENT ACTIVITIES                                              42
    Participation in School Activities                                     42
    Cultural Celebrations                                                  42
    Elementary Classroom Without Walls Program (CWW)                       43
    Field Trips                                                            43
    Learning Celebrations                                                  43
    Arts, Sports & Activities (ASA)                                        44
    Lunchtime Clubs                                                        44
    Birthday Parties                                                       44
    Yearbook                                                               44

4                                                    American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

SECTION 7: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                                              45
    Information Technology                                                    45
    Google Apps for Education                                                 45
    AISC Elementary School Technology Responsible Use Policy                  45
    Computer Access at Each Grade Level                                       47
    iPads		                                                                   47
    Grade 3-5 Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)                                47
    Coaching and Integration Support                                          47
    Internet Access                                                           47
SECTION 8: STUDENT BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS                                    48
    AISC Student Rights                                                       48
    AISC Student Responsibilities                                             49
    Public Behavior                                                           49
    Cooperation with School Employees                                         50
    Dress and Appearance                                                      50
    Honesty Guidelines                                                        50
    Vandalism or Theft of Property                                            50
    Cafeteria Rules                                                           50
    Playground Rules                                                          51
    Bus Rules                                                                 51
    Social Meanness, Bullying, and Harassment                                 51
    Discipline procedures                                                     52
    CONTACT INFORMATION                                                       54
    SIGNATURE PAGE                                                            57

American International School Chennai                                                            5
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

                                          Calendar 2019 - 2020
                   2019 - SEMESTER I                                   2020 - SEMESTER II
                         July                                               January
      Su     M      Tu    W      Th        F     S       Su      M      Tu     W     Th       F    S
              1     2      3      4        5     6                             1      2       3    4
       7      8     9     10     11       12    13        5       6      7     8      9      10   11
      14     15    16     17     18       19    20       12      13     14    15     16      17   18
      21     22    23     24     25       26    27       19      20     21    22     23      24   25
      28     29    30     31                             26      27     28    29     30      31

                          August                                             February
      Su     M      Tu      W        Th    F     S       Su      M      Tu      W     Th     F     S
                                      1    2     3                                                 1
       4      5      6       7        8    9    10        2       3      4        5      6    7    8
      11     12     13      14       15   16    17        9      10     11       12     13   14   15
      18     19     20      21       22   23    24       16      17     18       19     20   21   22
      25     26     27      28       29   30    31       23      24     25       26     27   28   29

                         September                                              March
      Su     M      Tu       W       Th    F     S       Su      M      Tu       W      Th    F    S
       1      2      3        4       5    6     7        1       2      3        4      5    6    7
       8      9     10       11      12   13    14        8       9     10       11     12   13   14
      15     16     17       18      19   20    21       15      16     17       18     19   20   21
      22     23     24       25      26   27    28       22      23     24       25     26   27   28
      29     30                                          29      30     31

                          October                                               April
      Su     M      Tu      W        Th    F     S       Su      M      Tu       W      Th    F    S
                     1       2        3    4     5                                1      2    3    4
       6      7      8       9       10   11    12        5       6      7        8      9   10   11
      13     14     15      16       17   18    19       12      13     14       15     16   17   18
      20     21     22      23       24   25    26       19      20     21       22     23   24   25
      27     28     29      30       31                  26      27     28       29     30

                         November                                               May
      Su     M      Tu      W     Th       F     S       Su      M      Tu       W      Th    F    S
                                           1     2                                            1    2
       3      4      5       6        7    8     9        3       4      5        6      7    8    9
      10     11     12      13       14   15    16       10      11     12       13     14   15   16
      17     18     19      20       21   22    23       17      18     19       20     21   22   23
      24     25     26      27       28   29    30       24      25     26       27     28   29   30

                         December                                               June
      Su     M      Tu      W        Th    F     S       Su      M      Tu       W      Th    F    S
       1      2      3       4        5    6     7                1      2        3      4    5    6
       8      9     10      11       12   13    14        7       8      9       10     11   12   13
      15     16     17      18       19   20    21       14      15     16       17     18   19   20
      22     23     24      25       26   27    28       21      22     23       24     25   26   27
      29     30     31                                   28      29     30

            Shaded boxes are days when the school will be closed for students
            Framed boxes are faculty work days
    February 14 and May 4 may be used as make-up days in case of school closure.

6                                                          American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

                                          HIGHLIGHTS AND HOLIDAYS

                    1-31     Summer Holidays

       July        24-30     New Faculty Orientation

                     31      All Faculty Orientation

                    1-7      All Faculty Orientation

                     7       New Student Orientation
                     8       First Day of School

                     15      Indian Independence Day

    September      28-30     Fall Break

                    1-6      Fall Break
                     25      Diwali Holiday

     November      28-29     Thanksgiving Holiday

                     20      End of Semester 1
                   21-31     Winter Break

                    1-12     Winter Break
                     15      Pongal Holiday

     February        14      February Long Weekend

                   14-23     Spring Break
                     23      Staff Professional Day

       April         10      April Long Weekend/Good Friday

       May          1-4      May Long Weekend/Indian Labor Day

                     3       End of Semester 2/Last Day of School
                     4       Staff Professional Day/Summer Holidays Begin

    School may be closed for up to 3 additional days for other public, religious or unforeseen events.
    In case of additional days of closure, the Head of School will announce make-up days at his discretion.
    *Total Student Contact Days - 180       *Total Teacher Contract Days - 188

American International School Chennai                                                                         7
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

AISC Mission
    we inspire
    a love of learning,
    empowering all
    students with the
        creativity and
    to make their unique
    contribution in a
    diverse and
    dynamic world.

8                                                                              AISC
                                               American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

  — Each person has equal intrinsic value, worthy of dignity and respect.
  — We are responsible for our choices and their effect on ourselves, others
       and the environment.

  — Being open to new ideas and challenging experiences enriches our lives.
  — Mutual respect, trust and caring foster healthy interpersonal relationships.
  — Embracing our diversity makes us a stronger community.
  — In an interconnected world, our positive contributions to the community and
      the environment are essential.

  — Individuals thrive in a nurturing environment that provides for their physical
       and emotional safety.


American International School Chennai                                                       9
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

10                                            American International School Chennai
Internationalism at AISC
                                                           Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

At AISC, we define international-mindedness as:
Possessing a strong sense of one’s own cultural identity; Respecting and valuing the differences of
others; Learning about local, national, and global issues; Showing empathy for others and care for the
world around us.

                     Therefore, as an international school, we are committed to:
             Incorporating other perspectives; Seeking common learning experiences with all peoples;
 Finding enriching connections between cultures; Using exposure to language, history, and the arts to
                         access diverse cultures; Working well with all; Contributing through service;
                                                          Reflecting about our thoughts and actions.
American International School Chennai                                                            11
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

ABOUT THE SCHOOL                                       of approximately 900 students, independently
                                                       operates under the auspices of the U.S. Consulate
The American International School Chennai is a
                                                       in Chennai. Our well-trained and committed
private, nonprofit institution located in thecapital
                                                       professional staff is determined to provide the best
city of Tamil Nadu, India. In April 1995, AISC
                                                       education possible for its children and to make the
opened its doors for the first time to eightstudents
                                                       American International School Chennai a quality
at the Russian Cultural Center with the support
of parents, the Office of Overseas Schools,
and the U. S. Consul General. By August 1995,          In February 2004, AISC received formal accreditation
enrollment had increased to eighteen students in       from the European Council of International Schools
Kindergarten through eighth grade. In January 1996     (ECIS) and Middle States Association (MSA). This
the preschool was added. In July 1997, a second        accreditation was renewed in 2013 for a period
campus was acquired on Murray’s Gate Road and          of 10 years. In 2006 the school was authorized to
the educational program was expanded to include        offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
high school. In July of 2003, the school left its      Program. The AISC high school diploma has been
campuses in Alwarpet and moved to its current          approved by the Association of Indian Universities.
purpose-built 13-acre campus in Taramani. In 2006      We prize the diversity of cultures represented in
the school was authorized by the International         our student body. AISC provides an American-
Baccalaureate Organization to offer the IB Diploma     style education for students representing over 30
Program.                                               different countries, with American and Korean
                                                       students forming the two largest national groups.
Today, the American International School Chennai
                                                       Many of our school families come from the
offers an educational program based on an American
                                                       international business communities. At this time
curriculum that emphasizes the development of the
                                                       about 20% of our student body comes from the
whole child. The school, with a current enrollment
                                                       United States.

12                                                         American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

English is the mother tongue for about one quarter         AISC is a member of the European Council for
of our students. The rest speak English as a second,       International Schools (ECIS) and the Near East
third, or fourth language, and their English proficiency   South Asia (NESA) Council of Overseas Schools.
varies widely. Students may enter without previous
knowledge of English through the middle school, and        GOVERNANCE
our EAL program provides support for them. At
                                                           AISC is a nonprofit organization that is governed
the high school level, proficiency in English is more
                                                           and maintained by a Board of Directors. The Board
closely linked to admissions decisions and students
                                                           of Directors consists of representatives of the US
must demonstrate at least an intermediate level of
skill in reading, writing, speaking and listening.         Ambassador to India and members elected by the
                                                           AISC Association. All parents or legal guardians
There are many opportunities for students to               of students attending AISC automatically become
participate in co-curricular activities. A wide            Association members and are encouraged to
variety of competitive sports are offered, including
                                                           participate actively in all school activities.
basketball, soccer, swimming, track and field,
badminton, tennis and volleyball. There are also           The Board meets monthly to discuss the governance
opportunities for students to join clubs and               of AISC. In addition, the Board has several standing
activities, and to participate in dramatic and musical     and ad hoc committees that meet on a regular
performances. The location of the school in the            basis. The Board appoints the Head of School who
capital of Tamil Nadu offers many advantages,              is responsible for the administration and day-to-day
including guest speakers from the local business,          running of the school. The Elementary, Middle and
artistic and diplomatic communities, the cultural          High School Principals supervise the faculty and the
benefits of an important capital city, and the             educational program.
opportunity to visit India and nearby countries.

American International School Chennai                                                                      13
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020


School Hours                                             After school, parents must pick up their children
                                                         from the designated location on the ground level.
8:30 am to 3:30 pm (supervision begins at 8:00 am)
                                                         Should parents wish to stay after school and make
The school day at AISC is from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.       use of the playground or other facilities, they must
Children are expected to be on campus at 8:25 am         directly supervise their children if they are not
and class starts promptly at 8:30 am. Please ensure      enrolled in an after-school activity.
that you arrive to school on time and prepared for
the school day.                                          Arrival and Pick Up of Students
Morning Procedures                                       In order to ensure the safety of students arriving
                                                         to and departing from the campus, the procedures
On arrival between 8:00 am and 8:25 am, students
                                                         outlined below are to be followed by students,
will be supervised on the playground.
                                                         parents, and drivers.
At 8:25 am, the morning bell will ring and all
                                                            • To help us to identify cars for security
children will line up to meet their teacher in a
                                                              reasons, we ask you to display a school-issued
designated location. Each class begins walking to
                                                              decal on the front windshield of your vehicle.
their homeroom after the bell at 8:25 am, with the
first lesson beginning promptly at 8:30 am.                 • If a car has no decal, it will not be permitted
                                                              to enter the campus and children will be
No supervision is provided before 8:00 am or after
                                                              dropped off at the pedestrian gate in front of
3:30 pm except when children are enrolled in an
                                                              the School.
official school activity, such as an ASA (Arts, Sports
and Activities). Students may arrive no earlier than        • No parking is permitted on campus for driver-
8:00 am unless directly supervised by a parent.               driven vehicles.

14                                                           American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

   • Parent-driven vehicles are permitted to park        Dismissal Procedures
     inside the campus, allowing parents to drop
                                                         The school day ends at 3:30 pm, except on
     off their children.
                                                         Wednesday Early Release days which finish at
   • For safety reasons, all cars can be subject to      2:00 pm. All Early Release Days are recorded
     inspection.                                         on the community calendar. Teachers will bring
   • Children must be dropped on the passenger           students to a designated parent pick-up point on
     side along the curb of the drop-off zone.           the ground floor. Children are expected to leave
                                                         campus promptly after dismissal. Any children who
Late Arrivals                                            remain after 3:30 pm must be directly supervised
                                                         by a parent, or older middle school or high school
Elementary classes start promptly at 8:30 am. It         sibling. Nannies and drivers cannot perform this
generally takes 3–4 minutes for a child to walk from     role as they are invited to be on campus only when
the gate to the classroom. Therefore, we begin           accompanied by a parent. Parents are asked to be
marking students who arrive to school after 8:29         within close range of their child.
am as late, as this means that the child will be late
to their first class.                                    To clarify, this means that you must not only be
                                                         able to see your child play, but also be able to hear
Students are issued with a late pass at the reception    your child as well. Sitting in the cafeteria while
gate that they then give to their teacher.               your child is on the playground is not considered
Late arrivals are recorded on report cards, and          supervision. We have numerous benches and tables
also tracked in PowerSchool. If a child is late on       in the playground area for parents during this non-
more than five occasions, a letter will be sent          supervised time.
home by the principal. If the pattern of late arrivals   Any child remaining at school with a parent after
continues, then a meeting with the family will be        school must follow the same playground rules they
held to discuss alternate morning schedules. Late        adhere to during the school day. This includes being
arrivals are very disruptive to learning, both for the   with a parent at all times, wearing shoes at all times,
individual child and their classmates. Please ensure     walking in corridors, remaining in Elementary areas
your morning routine is organised in a manner to         of the School, and being in the corridors only to
arrive at school before 8:25 am.                         go to the bathroom. Should a passing staff member
                                                         reinforce any rule with your child, please support
Morning Snack and Recess                                 the teacher who is acting in the interest of your
During the morning break time, it is suggested           child’s safety.
that students have a light, healthy snack sent from
home each day. Suggestions for this include cut          Lunch Program
fruit, vegetable crudites, popcorn, sushi, seaweed, a    Younger Elementary children eat in the Elementary
granola bar, a homemade treat, or another portable       Cafeteria, and our older students eat in the FAC
snack. During break time, and after they have eaten      Cafeteria. Students can choose to bring lunch from
a snack, students have an opportunity to socialize       home or buy one in the cafeteria. Taj Madras Flight
and play with students from a variety of classes.        Kitchen (TMFK) is our food vendor on campus. In
Please note that candy will be sent back for children    striving to meet the AISC Nutritional Guidelines at
to enjoy at home.                                        lunch, students are served a balanced meal complete

American International School Chennai                                                                       15
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

with fruit, vegetables, and dairy. A monthly menu is    Attendance Guidelines
published so that parents and students are aware of
                                                        Maintaining good attendance in school is extremely
the daily offerings. The menu and the online order
                                                        important for students’ academic success. Students
links are published through the Principal’s Blog.
                                                        are expected to attend school every day, unless
Early Years to Grade 3 students may order online        they are unwell. Missing significant days of school
in advance. Grade 4 and 5 students who are eating       has a serious and negative impact on learning, so
in the FAC Cafeteria do not preorder online and         a parent conference may be held if a pattern of
can use their ID cards to purchase lunch. They will     absences exist.
have the full range of options as do MS/HS students,
                                                        While it is not advisable to take your child out
including the daily special, Indian thali meal, soup,
                                                        of school during school time, we understand
salad bar, sandwiches, and daily live counter. They
                                                        that for some extenuating circumstances, this is
will also be able to purchase snacks and drinks
                                                        unavoidable. For such an event, an absence form,
at recess.
                                                        obtained from the Elementary Reception or the
Those students who choose not to buy the                Elementary School Principal’s Office, should be
cafeteria lunch are to bring their own. On the rare     completed by the parent and student prior to the
occasion that a child has forgotten his/her lunch,      absence and signed by the teacher.
the cafeteria will provide a lunch for which you will
                                                        For non-emergent situations, such as a vacation,
be billed. Please note that this is only to be done
                                                        the same form must be completed. This kind of
in special situations and should not be relied upon
                                                        absence is not considered unavoidable. Therefore,
by parents.
                                                        when making decisions where we have limited
                                                        numbers such as Vision Projects (Grades 3–5) or
School Supplies
                                                        Missoula Children’s Theater, preference will be
The School provides basic day-to-day learning           given to children without such absences.
materials such as paper, pencils, markers, scissors,
                                                        Please note that in Powerschool, all absences are
glue, specific notebooks/journals as determined by
                                                        not judged to be excused or unexcused. Therefore,
teachers etc.
                                                        any day or half-day that a child is absent will be
Students need to bring to school all items that are     reflected on the child’s report card.
listed below.
     • Backpack                                         Leaving Campus
     • Water bottle                                     Students leaving school early (e.g., for a doctor or
                                                        dentist appointment) are to give their homeroom
     • Snack and lunch (see section on Lunch            teachers written notice from their parents.
       Program for further information)                 Accompanied by their parent, students are also
     • Own device (see BYOT section) for Grades         expected to sign out at the Elementary Principal’s
       3–5                                              Office when leaving early from school.

     • Headphones                                       Students who are injured or become ill during
                                                        school hours will be directed to the Health Center.
All items should be clearly labeled with the child’s
                                                        If it is necessary for a student to go home, the nurse
name and class.

16                                                          American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

will phone the parent or legal guardian to inform        campus. We ask that Elementary students tie their
them and arrange for transportation. The school          badges to the outside of their backpacks so the ID
nurse will provide a security pass for the student       is easily located each day. Only Grade 4 and Grade
to leave campus.                                         5 students purchasing school lunch need to carry
                                                         their ID cards. Adults must display ID badges at all
When a student is being picked up from campus
                                                         times while on campus.
by anyone other than the parent/guardian, the
Principal’s Office must be notified by phone and/
or email.
                                                         Class Placement Guidelines
                                                         Placement of students into a class is done at the
Hot Temperature policy                                   end of the academic year for the following year.
                                                         Students are placed in a manner that creates equity
During the hottest months of the year (generally
                                                         of class size, gender balance, class dynamics, and
mid-April, May, June), students will remain inside for
                                                         for other educational reasons. All teachers make
recess when the temperature meets or exceeds 40
                                                         recommendations for student placement and
C (104 F). Teachers will remind students regularly
                                                         together with counselors, also consider languages
to take water breaks, especially before and after
                                                         spoken, learning needs, nationality, and friendship
recess periods. All classrooms have drinking water
                                                         groupings. Parent input for special considerations
for students to refill water bottles.
                                                         is sought, and final student placement is at the sole
                                                         discretion of the principal.
The school telephone number is +91-044-2254              Visiting Students
9000 and the fax number is +91-044-2254 9001.
                                                         AISC welcomes student visitors to our school.
Parents may contact their child in an emergency
                                                         Returning alumni and former students are welcome
by calling the school number above. Only in
                                                         to visit the campus after classes to meet with
emergencies will students be permitted to use the
                                                         friends, teachers, staff and administrators.
school office telephone. All student mobile phones
must be switched off during instructional hours.         Visiting friends or similar age family members of
                                                         our older Elementary students (Grade 2 and above)
Pets on Campus                                           may join AISC students during the school day, when
                                                         the process below is followed.
For health and safety reasons, pets may not be
brought on campus without the permission of a            1. A written request is made to the ES Principal
teacher and the principal. Permission is granted only       more than four school days before the
when temporarily having a pet at school supports            requested visit.
the curriculum.
                                                         2. The visiting student’s full name and the host
                                                            student’s name need to be included in the
ID Badges                                                   request.
Please remember that to enter the campus, one
                                                         3. From Grade 2 onwards, visiting students
must have an AISC picture ID or go through the
                                                            are permitted to visit AISC with their buddy
security sign-in procedure at the main entrance
                                                            for half or one full school day. Due to safety
gate. It is mandatory to carry your ID card while on

American International School Chennai                                                                     17
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

     reasons, visitors may not attend school when        Visitor Attendance at Assemblies
     an event such as a field trip is planned.           and Learning Celebrations
4. Parents must review the school rules with the         Parents are welcome to attend any assembly or
   visitors prior to attending school for the day.       learning celebration marked on the Community
The principal will respond to the request individually   Calendar. We encourage parents to attend these
based on an understanding of the schedule and            events to provide the children with an audience,
individuals involved in the request.                     and to allow parents to see some of the learning
                                                         and special projects in which the children have
Expectations:                                            been engaged. In order to ensure a pleasurable
                                                         experience, please note:
     • The visiting student is matched with a current
       AISC student—a buddy for the entire length           • Parents and family members should sit in the
       of the visit. The visiting student is expected         area(s) designated for them. Please do not sit
       to stay with his or her buddy; the hosting             with the students, as space limitations will not
       student is expected to be a great host in and          allow for this arrangement.
       out of the classroom.                                • It is very important during the performance
     • The visiting student is expected to follow             that all students and parents have a clear
       the host’s schedule and adhere to school and           view of the stage. Please be mindful of other
       classroom rules.                                       members of the audience and remain seated
                                                              so you do not block their view if taking
     • Arrangements for snacks, lunch, or lunch               pictures.
       money are the responsibility of families of
       the host student and visiting student to             • The Elementary students are learning about
       coordinate.                                            performing in front of an audience. With this
                                                              in mind, please remember to turn off your
     • The visiting student will check in with the            mobile phones and remain quiet during the
       Security Office and the Elementary School              performances. We are trying to teach our
       Office upon arriving; he or she will also check        students to be a respectful and attentive
       out with the Elementary School Office and              audience and we ask parents to do the same.
       Security Office upon departure.
                                                            •    Babies and toddlers must stay with their
Supporting Classes While School                                 parents at all times. If they need a break,
is in Session                                                   please take them out of the room that is being
                                                                used for the performance.
Parents who are interested in supporting or visiting
classes during the school day are asked to obtain         *For safety reasons, strollers or prams are
prior permission from the teacher to determine           not allowed in the FAC Theater and need to
an appropriate day and time. The principal will be       be left outside.
informed by the teacher of such visits. Unless prior      We look forward to performing for you during the
permission has been sought and arranged, parents         school year and hope to see you all there!
are asked to refrain from classroom visits while
instruction is going on.

18                                                          American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

Parents and Visitors on Campus –                           • Parents should take immediate cover under
Guidelines for Emergencies                                   any available resource in the area.

General Guidelines                                         • If no cover is available, they should move close
                                                             to an interior wall, stay low to the ground,
   • Parents (and their visitors) are responsible for        and cover their head with their arms.
     obeying the instructions from security staff or
     school administration during an emergency             • Once the shaking has stopped, parents should
     situation.                                              evacuate the building and proceed to the
                                                             soccer field or other destination as directed
   • Parents should allow the evacuation process             by security staff.
     of our students to proceed undisturbed.
                                                        If there is a lockdown situation (unsafe to be outside
   • The soccer field is the safe assembly area         of the buildings)
     which is commonly designated during fire
     evacuation.                                           • Upon hearing of a lockdown, parents should
                                                             secure themselves inside the nearest available
   • The soccer field has a specific area earmarked          room and lock the doors.
     with a signboard for parent/visitors to
     assemble near the northwest corner of the             • Parents should stay in the same position until
     field.                                                  further instructions are communicated by the
                                                             security staff.
   • In some situations, the school gym is the
     evacuation area. When this is the case,            Tutoring
     parents will be instructed to proceed there
     and where to gather once they arrive.              In some cases, a teacher, through the principal,
                                                        may recommend to parents that a student received
   • Parents/visitors will not be permitted to move     academic tutorial help outside of school hours.
     off campus while an emergency situation is in      These recommendations will be based on academic
     progress.                                          need through observations and assessments carried
   • In an emergency situation, parents should not      out by teachers.
     use the elevators, and should remain quiet         All organization, permission and payment for
     throughout the event so we can all move            tutoring is the responsibility of the parents,
     quickly and quietly to designated areas.           although when requested, the School may be able
If there is a duck and cover situation (earthquake)     to suggest possible tutors. The tutor may not be a
                                                        direct teacher of the student.

American International School Chennai                                                                     19
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020


Communication Between Home                              Throughout the school year, we have established
and School                                              a number of channels of formal face-to-face
                                                        communication to continue to share the children’s
We believe in the value of partnering with parents.
                                                        academic      progress,     including   conferences.
We welcome parents to participate in the education
                                                        Conferences are part of our reporting procedures
of their child and understand that such relationships
                                                        in which the student is actively involved in the
require collaboration.
                                                        learning, goal setting, and reporting process. It is a
At the classroom level, teachers may invite             fundamental shift from the one-way transference of
families to celebrate work and growth at the end        information from teacher to parents. Conferences
of a unit, share in culminating learning events like    take place three times per year and have a different
project work or service opportunities, help create      purpose and focus.
classroom instructional materials, and even host
classroom events. Each classroom has a “PCA             Beginning of Year Snapshot Conference
Room Parent” who helps coordinate all of this.
                                                           • The snapshot conference is 10 minutes long,
Teachers establish regular communication routines            with one family in the room at a time.
with parents in a variety of ways, including
                                                           • Children do not attend this conference, it is
emails, phone calls, and personal communication.
                                                             between teachers and parents.
Communication between the home and school
is essential. Parents are encouraged to directly           • The purpose is for teachers to hear from
contact their child’s teacher if they have questions         parents about their child. We value the input
or concerns about their child, the academic                  of parents, and rely on you to tell us anything
program, or the School. This can be done via direct          important for us to know to educate and
email or by scheduling a face-to-face meeting.               care for your child: likes, needs, hopes, fears,
                                                             friends, and anything else important to you
                                                             and your family.
20                                                          American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

Back to School Sessions                                      classroom.

   • Time will be set aside during the first month         • Students will have a learning and data
     of the school year for parents to meet their            portfolio including early samples of work
     child’s class teachers and learn more about             and assessments. This portfolio is primarily
     the grade level programs.                               shared by the teacher and presents a baseline
                                                             for growth throughout the year.
   • Teachers explain the curriculum, showcase
     classroom resources, and discuss expectations,        • The child, together with the teacher, will
     individual classroom expectations, home                 also share learning goals they have developed
     learning, routines and any particular events            together.
     special to each grade level.                          • Parents will ask questions about the portfolio
                                                             and goals, and teachers can provide parents
Fall Early Years to Grade 2 - Student/                       with ideas of how they can support their
Parent/Teacher Growth Conference                             child’s goals.
   • In the Early Years through Grade 2, the teacher       • It will be an opportunity for parents to see the
     will lead this conference and will ensure that          relationship between the teacher and student,
     parents have multiple opportunities to give             and to establish the partnership between all
     input.                                                  three: student, teacher and parents.
   • Students and teachers will have compiled
     a portfolio including early samples of work        Spring Student-Led Conference
     and assessments. This portfolio is primarily       These conferences are led by the child, right from
     shared by the teacher and presents a baseline      Early Years through to Grade 5. This Student-Led
     for growth throughout the year.                    Conference provides opportunities for your child
   • The teacher will also share learning goals for     to take the lead and show you all they know about
     the child that have been developed together        their own learning. It is time for your child to share
     with the child.                                    their learning growth and future goals directly with
   • Parents will ask questions about the portfolio
     and goals, and teachers can provide parents        Please expect teachers to be present as a facilitator
     with ideas of how they can support their child’s   (if needed) and not directly involved in the
     learning. This is also viewed as an opportunity    discussions; on this day, the main focus is between
     for parents to establish partnership with the      you and your child.
     teacher.                                           There will be multiple children and their families
                                                        sharing their learning at the same time in each
Fall Grades 3 to 5 - Student/Parent/                    classroom.
Teacher Growth Conference
                                                           • The conference will take approximately
   • The child will co-lead the fall conference              40–45 minutes in the classroom and 40–45
     (depending on comfort level) with the                   minutes in specialist areas: Music, Art, PE,
     teacher by presenting their student learning            Indian Studies and World Language.
     and data portfolio and goals, and perhaps by
     demonstrating some activities around the              • Your child will have a passport to lead you

American International School Chennai                                                                     21
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

       through each area and will know whether to        progress in all learning areas: Math, Language
       begin in the homeroom or in the specialist        Arts, Science, Social Studies, PE, Music, Art,
       areas.                                            Indian Studies and World Language. A narrative
                                                         comment focusing on social & emotional growth
     • Students are responsible for leading the
                                                         and behaviors around the AISC Vision of a Learner
       conference and also take responsibility for
                                                         attributes is also included. These Report Cards will
       their learning by sharing the process with
                                                         be sent home at the end of each semester.
       their parents.
     • Supervision for siblings will be arranged.        Progress Report Cards
       Please note that this is only for enrolled AISC
                                                         During the conferences in the fall and spring, a
       students. You will need to make your own
                                                         Progress Report will be given to parents. The
       separate arrangements for younger children
                                                         Progress Report includes a narrative comment of
       and babies.
                                                         personal, social, and emotional growth and assesses
     • If your home language is other than English,      this growth through the lens of learning habits:
       your children are welcome to conduct the          accepting responsibility for learning, developing
       Student-Led Conference in your mother             positive relationships with others, organizing self
       tongue.                                           and belongings, using time effectively, and displaying
     • During the conference, we ask that you turn       appropriate behavior.
       off your mobile device and not to engage in
       conversations with other adults in the room.      Other forms of Elementary
Report Cards
                                                         Weekly Updates – Head of School and
Report Cards are issued four times during the
                                                         Principal’s Blogs
school year. Twice per year, parents will receive
a Full Academic Report Card outlining growth in          School news is published weekly and sent
all subjects, and twice per year they will receive a     electronically each Friday to all members of the
Progress Report Card. The purpose of these Report        AISC community. It is very important that you
Cards is to share the progress, growth and goals of      read these as you will find important information
each student. A Report Card is a communication           regarding school-related activities and upcoming
tool to provide feedback to students and parents,        events.
and to reinforce further learning for students. All
Report Cards will be printed and given to parents        Elementary School Coffees
at dates marked on the community calendar.               Throughout the year, the Elementary School
Parents can also view, download and print their          administration will host information sessions on
child’s Report Card by logging into PowerSchool.         various topics related to the Elementary School
                                                         program as well as the Early Years program. These
Full Academic Report Cards                               sessions take place in the morning from 8:45 am to
Full Academic Report Cards display growth and            9:45 am and are generally on Tuesdays.

22                                                           American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

Family Mornings                                        publications: AISConnect and Raptor Resource. At
                                                       the end of each year, parents are always asked to
Annually, we have at least one Family Math Morning
                                                       run for the following year’s Executive Team. This
and one Family Literacy Morning for each grade
                                                       team leads the PCA effort for a year. Any funds
level. Families come in to learn more about our
                                                       raised by the PCA throughout the year go towards
pedagogical approaches to teaching mathematics
                                                       the PCA Distinguished Visitor Fund, which brings
and teaching literacy. Parents begin the first part
                                                       in experts and artists from around the world to
of this morning with our math or literacy coaches,
                                                       inspire our students.
learning about the curriculum and the aims of the
current lesson. Parents are then invited into the
classrooms, joining their children in the homeroom
                                                       Resolving Problems or Concerns
to see the lesson in progress and participate in       Resolving problems or concerns at school is always
learning activities. Finally, parents are invited to   most effectively done when they are brought to
debrief their learning experiences with the teachers   the immediate attention of the appropriate faculty
in a discussion format.                                member or administrator. We can help as soon as
                                                       we are aware of what the concern may be.
Parent Community Association (PCA)                     At AISC, we ask students and parents to use
The PCA provides valued support and services to        the following procedure to resolve difficulties or
the School. Through fundraising, the PCA provides      concerns.
activities and helps support school-sponsored          1. Discuss the matter first with the classroom
events. Parents are encouraged to become active           teacher, especially if it relates to grades,
PCA members and PCA meetings are held monthly.            curriculum, homework, class behavior, or
Parents are automatically members of the PCA              friendships.
and can get involved in a variety of ways. Parents     2. If the matter cannot be resolved with the
are welcome to attend monthly PCA meetings                teacher, then please make an appointment
where the PCA executive team shares updates,              to discuss it with the counselor or Associate
gathers feedback, and shares relevant information.        Principal.
Parents can also become country coordinators or
Elementary School classroom parents.                   3. Should this matter still require attention, please
                                                          then reach out to the Principal.
The PCA organizes several events throughout
the year: International Day, The Diwali Mela, The      4. If the matter cannot be resolved with the
PCA Ball, and the Faculty and Staff Appreciation,         Principal, then discuss it with the Head of
to name a few. The PCA also plans several parent          School.
outings during the year. The PCA also creates two

American International School Chennai                                                                   23
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020


                                                             according to this tiered list of priorities:

                                                             1. Academic instruction
Use of Campus Facilities
                                                             2. Co-curricular activities (athletics, after-school
The physical facilities are an integral part of the School      activities, student council, clubs, etc.)
and were constructed and are maintained to further
                                                             3. Student recreation
the educational mission of the School. Regarding all
aspects of our programs—and specifically the use             4. Community member use (parents, alumni,
of facilities—the safety, security, and learning of our         faculty and staff)
students is paramount at all times. All AISC families
                                                             5. Community group use
who intend to use the facilities during off-hours must
agree to guidelines and have a signed form on file in        All AISC facilities (including outdoor fields, fitness
the Athletics and Activities Director’s office. AISC         center, climbing wall, locker rooms and pool
community members may use facilities during off-             changing areas) are reserved for instructional
hours and when they are not otherwise being used by          purposes from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday
students. This applies to all facilities including outdoor   through Friday. Community members may not
fields. Use of all learning spaces is determined             use facilities for recreational purposes during

24                                                               American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

the instructional day. Many of the co-curricular         not interfere with the activities, practices, games,
activities meet before school between 6:00 am and        rehearsals or meetings. Community groups may
8:00 am, after school between 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm        also use the facilities; contact the AAD office for
or on Saturdays. We ask that community members           information and requirements. General times for
respect the needs of these student groups and            community use of facilities is below.

 Pool                                                   Varies by season.
                                                        6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
                                                        Monday – Friday
                                                        4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
 Fitness Center
                                                        Monday – Friday
                                                        5:00 pm-9:00 pm
 Tennis Courts
                                                        Monday – Friday
                                                        6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
 Outdoor Fields
                                                        Monday – Friday
                                                        6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
 Climbing Wall
                                                        Monday – Friday

For all facilities: Weekends by prior booking only. Tournaments, games and practices are given preference
on weekends. Listed times are subject to regular change based on events and student needs.
The facility schedule is posted on the Athletics and Activities web page - https://sites.google.com/aischennai.
For information contact:
   • Pool inquiries - Aquatics Director, Mr. Giovanni Bello at bgiovanni@aischennai.org
   • All other - Athletics and Activities Director, Mr. Ryan McFarland mryan@aischennai.org and
   • Administrative Assistant to AAD, Ms. Monicka Davi (dmonicka@aischennai.org)

American International School Chennai                                                                      25
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020


Curricular Framework                                  identify and communicate their feelings, engage in
                                                      problem solving, share materials, and play alongside
The Elementary Curricular Framework uses both
                                                      or cooperatively with their peers.
the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and a
variety of research-based resources to meet the       Our play-based curriculum allows children to
learning needs of AISC’s youngest students. Further   explore and create as they pursue their own
information regarding the curricular programs used    interests. Teachers are intentional in how they
within the Elementary School can be found in the ES   prepare the classroom environment and provide
Curriculum Handbook. Regular curricular updates       opportunities to promote children’s development
will be shared with families digitally.               while meeting the unique needs of every learner.
                                                      Through careful observation, documentation and
Early Years                                           planning, teachers nurture and foster children’s
                                                      growth in early literacy, early numeracy, language,
The Early Years program is comprised of four
                                                      social/emotional, and physical development.
multi-age classrooms with children aged from three
to five years old. Through inquiry and reflective     Adjacent to the Early Years classrooms is a purpose-
play, children form theories and ideas about life     built Outdoor Learning Center. This learning center
and the world around them. Children also learn to     is part of the classroom for our youngest students

26                                                        American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

and contains a number of open-ended materials          Language Use
or loose parts both large and small—similar to
                                                       AISC values its cultural and linguistic diversity.
the classroom spaces. Loose parts play is a type
                                                       English is our official language of communication,
of play that supports invention, divergent thinking,
                                                       and is the language of instruction in all subjects
problem solving, and offers a sense of wonder to
                                                       except in our Grade 3–5 French and Spanish
children. There are materials that can be moved,
                                                       classes. Students and teachers communicate in
carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken
                                                       English throughout their day and across subjects
apart and put back together in multiple ways.
                                                       and areas, and in addition, all After School Activities
Please view the Curriculum Guide for more              are hosted in English.
                                                       As research shows, children who may speak English
                                                       as an additional language require time and space to
Kindergarten through Grade 5                           process their thinking in their mother tongue or
Core Curriculum                                        home language. There may be times when a student
The core curriculum for Elementary grades includes     finds it beneficial to converse briefly in their home
Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,        language about a concept or idea to process this so
Indian Studies, Physical Education, Music, Art,        they can then translanguage this back to English. In
Library, and a World Language (French or Spanish       addition, in social conversation settings at recess or
for students in Grades 3–5, or World Language          other breaks, home language can be used as long
English for students new to English).                  as nobody present is left out because they don’t
                                                       understand or speak the same language.
Our literacy framework follows the Columbia
Teachers College Reading and Writing workshop          AISC faculty are encouraged to find opportunities
program, and includes other elements of balanced       to publicly value students’ other languages, support
literacy such as word study, read aloud, and guided    their knowledge of them, and recognize their
reading and writing.                                   importance in today’s world. Where possible,
                                                       teachers model the value of learning languages for
We use Bridges in Mathematics, which is aligned to
                                                       academic development and world understanding,
the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics,
                                                       and make connections among languages. When
as a primary resource to support conceptual
                                                       English is not a student’s home language, it is
understanding and computational fluency.
                                                       important that together with their parents, they
Next Generation Science Standards guide our            acknowledge their responsibility to maintain these
science program, and the College, Career and           additional language skills—while simultaneously
Civic LIfe (C3) framework guides our social studies    developing their English language skills.
program. Inquiry-based units are developed in
each of these subjects which have enduring and         SEVAI: Service Learning
conceptual understandings for the children to
explore.                                               The word SEVAI stands for service in Tamil, thus
                                                       AISC has adopted the word SEVAI to represent
Please view the Curriculum Guide for more              our overall service learning programming. In our
information.                                           mission-driven school, students are provided the
                                                       opportunity to use their knowledge and skills

American International School Chennai                                                                     27
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

in service to others in Chennai and beyond by          differentiate to meet each classroom’s and each
participating in a variety of clubs, extensions of     student’s needs.
classroom activities, and events.
In the Elementary School, students engage in SEVAI
                                                       Elementary World Language
by participating in service learning projects that
                                                       Program Organization
are tightly connected to their curriculum. Students    Starting in Grade 3, students begin to study World
have the opportunity to connect their classroom        Languages as a special class. There are three classes
learning to the real world by engaging in community    for World Language: French, Spanish and English
service activities with the guidance of teachers and   (for students new to AISC). Students begin to
community members.                                     develop skills to communicate in a foreign language
                                                       through a thematic-based program. Students
Teaming                                                learn the language through literature, art, games,
                                                       role-play, interactive activities, use of technology,
The Elementary School is made up of teams of
                                                       presentations and projects. The curriculum and
teachers who teach the same grade level, and are
                                                       projects are designed to accommodate students
comprised of homeroom, EAL teachers, specialist
                                                       at various levels. While each unit introduces
subject teachers and teacher assistants. Teams
                                                       new vocabulary, grammar and sentence patterns,
meet during weekly scheduled planning time and
                                                       there are also many opportunities for students
at other times to develop lesson and unit plans,
                                                       to use previously learned languages. Students are
talk about learning activities, discuss procedures
                                                       introduced to the history, traditions and customs
and new ideas, share methodologies and teaching
                                                       of Francophone, Hispanic, and English-speaking
strategies, and analyze student performance data.
                                                       countries and begin to identify similarities and
Teaming allows for more positive and productive
                                                       differences between those cultures and their own.
learning and higher levels of student achievement.
                                                       Grade 3 is an exploration year for World Language,
In the Elementary School, we value differentiated
                                                       with most students (except those new to English)
instruction which focuses on whom we teach,
                                                       engaging in a trimester each of Spanish, French, and
where we teach, and how we teach. Therefore,
                                                       Indian Studies.
you can expect, within each grade level, that
students may be engaged in learning activities that    In Grades 4 and 5, students will be selected or be
are different than those in other classes within the   assigned to a language that they will focus on for
grade level. All students are working towards the      the entire year. By the end of Grade 5, students are
same standard and overall enduring understandings      prepared for Level 1A or 1B in French or Spanish
and big ideas.                                         as they move into the Middle School.
Furthermore, although every student in a grade
level will be learning towards the same goals,
                                                       World Language Selection
parents should expect to see teachers teaching
                                                       Process for Grades 4 and 5
and students learning using different approaches.
We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach,     In the spring, we will begin the World Language
and we value diversity in teaching styles but          selection process for students who will be entering
most importantly, we use student data to help          Grade 4 the following year. Parents will receive

28                                                         American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

an email from the ES Administration regarding the         Native Grade 4 and Grade 5 Spanish and French
process.                                                  speakers will be automatically assigned to the
                                                          opposite language because we do not offer a native
Students’ parents will be sent a Google form on a
                                                          speaker’s option.
predetermined date and time that allows them to
select the language of their choice. An email with a
form will be distributed to all parents and remain
                                                          English as a World Language
open for two weeks. The process of assigning              To ensure all our students have equal opportunity
languages will be on a first come, first served basis.    to participate in homeroom-related activities when
The Google form will contain a time and date stamp        our language of instruction is English, students
for verification.                                         newer to English will not be expected to learn an
                                                          additional world language. Children who are very
When a language fills to capacity, students will
                                                          new to English will instead receive extra English
automatically be assigned to the open language,
                                                          language support in small, intentional language
even if it was not their first choice. Students will be
                                                          instruction groups.
allowed to change languages only at the start of the
following school year.

American International School Chennai                                                                    29
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

Being assigned to an English as a World Language              running or tennis shoes. No sandals, flip flops,
(EWL) class is based on the student’s English language        or crocs for these classes.
proficiency level at the time of admission. AISC uses
                                                            • Athletic clothing - All students should wear
the WIDA MODEL (Measure of Developing English
                                                              loose-fitting clothes that are easy to move in.
Language) English proficiency test which provides
                                                              No dresses, skirts, or long jeans.
data around a new student’s English language-level
in speaking, listening, writing, and reading. These         • Hair ties - Students with long hair should
levels help us determine whether a child would                bring something to tie their hair back for PE
benefit from intensive English language support. A            lessons.
child will exit from this class once they have gained       • Water bottle - All students should bring a
confidence and proficiency in English, and will then          reusable water bottle to class every day.
be invited to join either French or Spanish classes.
                                                         Dance and Gymnastics Units:
Physical Education Policy
                                                            • Athletic clothing - All students should wear
                                                              loose-fitting clothes that are easy to move in.
Preparedness and Clothing
                                                              No dresses, skirts, or long jeans.
Each unit in Physical Education (PE) requires
                                                            • Hair ties - Students with long hair should
that the students bring sport-specific gear and
                                                              bring something to tie their hair back for
wear appropriate clothing in order to be safe
                                                              Gymnastics lessons.
and successful during learning activities. In the
lists below, you will find the requirements of              • Water bottle - All students should bring a
preparedness for each unit.                                   reusable water bottle to class every day.

Initiative & Collaborative Challenges,                   Aquatics Units:
Games & Sports, and Lifestyle &
                                                         Swimming suit - Female students need a full-piece
Recreational Activity Units:
                                                         swimming suit and male students need a swimming
     • Athletic shoes - All students should wear         suit that ties around the waist.

30                                                          American International School Chennai
Elementary School Handbook 2019 - 2020

   • Goggles - All students need to bring an                the student’s instructional comfort zone and, in the
     adjusted pair of goggles to class.                     process, identify the student’s present instructional
                                                            level. Teachers use MAP results as one data point,
   • Swim cap - Students with long hair need to
                                                            in concert with classroom assessments and ongoing
     bring a swim cap to class.
                                                            observation, to help identify students’ strengths
   • Swimming footwear - All students should                and areas for growth. At the end of the year, MAP
     wear sandals or crocs for these units.                 results are used by teachers and administrators
                                                            to consider individual, classroom, and grade-level
Participation in Physical Education                         growth.
All students are expected to participate in all units
of Physical Education. If a student is well enough to       Elementary Home Learning
be present at school, then they are considered well         In the past, homework in an elementary setting has
enough to participate in PE classes. However, if a          traditionally been associated with “worksheets” or
student is unfit to participate in Physical Education       “workbooks” to complete. All children received
class for more than one class period, a note from           the same task and the same amount of time to
a parent, doctor, classroom teacher, the school             complete this. Current research on homework
nurse, or an administrator must be presented                has proven that this is not only ineffective but can
prior to the second consecutive day of missed               also have detrimental effects on young children and
activity. Viable reasons for non-participation could        their learning.
include, but are not exclusive to: injury and non-
                                                            Therefore, AISC Elementary has reconsidered
communicable illness. This will be dealt with on a
                                                            “homework” and instead emphasizes “home
case-by-case basis.
                                                            learning,” which is differentiated to meet student
                                                            needs as well as consider the overall development
Standardized Testing
                                                            of the whole child, as they explore options of
                                                            sports, arts, culture, language, and play outside of
Measures of Academic Progress (Students
                                                            the school day.
in Grades 2–5)
Like many other international schools, AISC                 Choice and Voice
uses the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress
                                                            The Elementary School believes that home learning
(MAP) as our standardized assessment of student
                                                            should not cause family stress nor jeopardize the
understanding, knowledge and skill. This computer-
                                                            right of children to enjoy a balanced lifestyle. We
based assessment is administered two times
                                                            support a “no tears” home learning policy, believing
during the year: fall and spring. The purpose of
                                                            that an excessive time spent on home learning
this assessment is to document students’ level of
                                                            “tasks” does not promote intellectual curiosity or
understanding related to key academic standards
                                                            academic growth.
over time. MAP is an adaptive computerized
assessment that responds to how a child answers             We also encourage our students to be involved
questions. As a child answers questions correctly,          in sports, cultural, and home language schools
the test will pose more difficult questions, attempting     or other clubs outside of regular classes. Due to
to identify a level of difficulty that rests just outside   these other commitments, Elementary teachers

American International School Chennai                                                                        31
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