EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland

EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland

EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland

CONTENTS A word from our Vice President, Sales & Marketing Page 2 EMBA Comfort Page 3 Service Contract Page 4 New training facilities Page 5 Fantastic results at Visy Board Page 6 A busy exhibition year Page 7 A new installation at Midwest Page 8 New sales offices Page 8 First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland One of Ireland’s largest sheet conversion plants has purchased an EMBA. Diamond Corrugated based in Derry within the North West of Ireland recently took delivery of an EMBA 245 QS. Paul Diamond, Managing Director, said that the purchase of the EMBA was part of a £3m investment in plant and equipment.

Mr Diamond stated that they had looked closely at a number of flexo folder gluers before deciding to purchase the EMBA 245 QS, and said; “We regard our EMBA as good value for money in terms of its capability and superb engineering etc. We have increased our capacity significantly with the introduction of the EMBA and it will play a significant role in making Diamond Corrugated a world class facility for the increasing demands of the Irish market.” The first EMBA 170 QS in South Africa The last few months have been very exciting with the introduction of a new philosophy in corrugated “casemaking” to the South African market.

This has been a groundbreaking breakthrough for EMBA with the first EMBA 170 QS installed at Mondi Packaging South Africa (Pty) Ltd. in Pinetown. EMBA expands in new markets To be continued on next page Left to Right: Gary Heaney, Kieran McCauley (Plant Engineer), Ronan Devine, John Rawson (EMBA), Esa Koski (EMBA), Manus Deery, John Kelly, Paul Diamond (Managing Director), Ciaran Deehan (Team Leader), Maureen McLaughlin (Operations Director), Tony Francis (Production Manager). ___ 2
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EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland

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Legally responsible for the publication of this newsletter: Esa Koski, EMBA Machinery AB P.O. Box 2067, S-700 02 Örebro, Sweden Tel +46 19300500, Fax +46 19311374 Produced by EMBA and NPP Advertising Agency. Printed by TETAB. Printed on CyklusOffset, environmentally friendly, recycled paper Esa Koski The EMBA 170 Quick Set (QS) has set a new standard in the world of corrugated machinery and is the fastest and most efficient machine of its kind in the world. EMBA is very pleased that Mondi Packaging SA, has shown the same faith in the product that many other Mondi Plants have shown.

The decision has been consistent with the Mondi policy of being committed to achieving continuous improvement in the performance of existing operations, through highly effective business excellence initiatives. Although Mondi has been on the acquisition trial both locally and worldwide it is of equal importance to also upgrade local facilities. Bottom line growth is synonymous with efficiency and waste reduction. From the outset the spec received from Mondi outlined the EMBA philosophy of quick setup time, reliability and speed. The EMBA’s fixed architecture, vacuum transfer belt and top printer with sufficient space between each print unit all equates to kiss touch printability.

The slotting and creasing is perfected through a sturdy and robust design with auto setting of bosses during order changes.

The top die cutter allows for die change whilst the machine is in production, increasing the speed of new order set up time, resulting in less down time. On the folding section the machine is equipped with a vacuum transfer down folder incorporating a glue flap tab remover. The folding rails are extended to increase folding accuracy for easy case erection. The machine is also capable of handling unfolded sheets. The EMBA 170 QS is equipped with a down stacker as an option thus giving the capabilities of producing more complex die cut box The owner of EMBA Machinery – Berg Group – has recently launched a new webpage on the address www.berggroup.se.

The layout is the same as all the companies in the group. You are most welcome to visit it. New website for Berg Group From previous page shapes. The stacker has the ability to handle 20 bundles per minute.

At the heart of the machine is the MMI (Man Machine Interface). All machines functions are controlled via user friendly and easy to use software that allows the operator to select repeat orders that have been saved from previous production runs. The software also allows the operator to change settings on the move, as well as creating new job specific requirements whilst the machine is running. Neil Waterer, General Manager at Mondi Packaging in Pinetown, believes that regardless of the speed at which the machine can run and the fact that the machine boasts the quickest order changes in the world, his main criteria for the selection of the EMBA 170 QS was the excellent printing quality and folding accuracy that is achievable with the EMBA.

We will under no circumstances jeopardize quality for speed. The presentation of our customer's product is our first priority” says Neil. The training and installation crews from EMBA demonstrated what this machine is capable of and the efficiency of the installation by the EMBA staff “blew our socks off” says the Technical Manager, Willem van Genderen. EMBA is also offering local back up and have all the relevant spares that the EMBA requires in stock at their premises in Pinetown. Set-up times are extremely short, reliability is outstanding, high productivity is guaranteed because of the speed of the machine and the “first box sellable” principle fits in well with the Mondi Strategy.

The predictable return on investment ensures excellent profitability for decades to come. As I write this November has already arrived. It strikes me how difficult it is to make a weather forecast in this part of our globe during this time of the year. We can expect everything from enjoying beautiful late autumn sunshine to experiencing a cold wind blowing from the north. The debate among my colleagues is if it is time to change to winter tires or not, and the opinions seem to be equally divided for and against.

Decision making in machine investment requires forward thinking and a clear vision where you want your company to be in the future. There are numerous variables to consider and therefore our task as a machine supplier is to help in that process, because the horizon is far away. EMBA is contributing to that process by providing machines engineered with the latest technology and with your demand in focus. Our latest contribution to that was introduced at the FEFCO Technical seminar in Nice where we introduced our non-crush-converting concept. Equally important is the ownership of the machine, and in this respect the EMBA Comfort support programme has been proven to be a highly valued contribution to the decision making process.

The various components in the EMBA Comfort programme support efficient utilisation of the machine and make the machine investment a profitable decision for its entire life cycle. Our way forward is also to develop our organisation. We have expanded our sales and service structure further to be the strong partner to support your efforts to become even more profitable. We understand our vital role in the supply chain and therefore our commitment to you is that the way forward will become easier with EMBA.

The way forward

EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland

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Since the release of EMBA Comfort we have experienced a very exciting and comprehensive dialog with customers regarding opportunities for the aftermarket, both in terms of products and services. Our motive is to assist our customers ongoing improvement of productivity and quality through EMBA Comfort product portfolio. Our success is based on our customer’s success. EMBA Comfort Newsletter – Be the first to get the news EMBA Comfort Through our EMBA Comfort Newsletter we provide information concerning upgrades and services that will help you, as our customer, to improve the function of your machine.

Upgrades are the result of years of development at EMBA Machinery AB and developing new upgrades is a never ending process for us. We believe that our upgrades will give you many benefits, resulting in improved productivity and quality.

Give us the chance to tell you what we can do for your specific machine - join our EMBA Comfort Newsletter list at www. emba.com and you will receive information about all our latest upgrades and EMBA Comfort products. EMBA Professional Service We have signed a number of service contracts with customers who have realised the true benefit of preventive maintenance procedures, supported with the knowledge of EMBA Technicians. We believe that the tailor-made service contract is an important tool to optimise the utilisation of your EMBA machine. EMBA Upgrade Programme We have installed a number of innovative upgrades at different locations, which has resulted in improved productivity and quality.

These upgrades have been well received and we have therefore decided to further prioritise the development of upgrades in order for you to benefit from the latest technology available.

EMBA Original Parts We have selected and prioritised a list of key and wear components for our main machines. We believe that this constructive decision will be an important step in order to further improve our availability of spare parts. EMBA Academy A new training room for the EMBA Training School has been inaugurated to focus on operator training. The EMBA Training School has also been developed to include practical handling of an EMBA machine through a Machine Interface in the training room. The operators will be able to use the Interface simulation to solve working tasks that appear during production.

The impact will be an improved utilisation of the machine capabilities and productivity increase.

Subscribers of EMBA Comfort Newsletter have received 16 editions since the start. The last Newsletter presented the “Mini Down-Stacker” for EMBA 160/170 machines. This communication channel has proved the advantage of receiving the latest information available for the aftermarket. Be the first to get the news; register for EMBA Comfort Newsletter at www.emba.com

EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland

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In 2004 EMBA Machinery AB started to provide EMBA Service Contract. The purpose of the servicecontract is to improve the customer’s machine productivity and quality. With continuous visits by an EMBA Service Technician the customer has an accurate assessment of the machine condition and status.

These continuous planned visits are highly significant for the creation of the basis for high performance. With an EMBA Service Contract the customer has the opportunity to choose the same technician for all visits, to create confidence between the customer and the technician. Having a personal EMBA technician is of great importance for the understanding of the customer’s machine and his specific needs. The recommendations that the EMBA Service Technician suggest are of great value for the customer, not only for improved productivity and quality, but also for preventive maintenance purposes.

With an EMBA Service Contract the customer Service Contract has the opportunity to discuss upgrades, which will improve the production of their machine, with a technician that is familiar with the machine.

With a service contract the customer is emphasised. All visits are planned for the appropriate time and giving high priority to the customer’s requirements. For the customer it is more cost-effective to have a service contract with corrective measures being carried out frequently, instead of, for instance, lengthy interventions/ overhauls being necessary every fourth year. A standard EMBA Service Contract follows a three-stage procedure, to achieve the best possible result. The EMBA service contract is designed to suit the customer’s requirements, giving emphasis to the condition of the machine, the production, the number of machines and the number of shifts.

As a first stage in the standard contract an EMBA technician carries out an EMBA Condition Test, which is the basis for future needs. The status of the machine will be reported and discussed with the customer. At stage two the customer and EMBA agree what repair work is to be completed and when this will be done. Stage three follows up with adjustments/fine-tuning and training of operators/maintenance crew. The aim is to utilize the EMBA machine to its full The initial step when SCA Packaging, Tampere signed for their first Service Contract was the performance of an EMBA Condition Test to be able to determine the condition of the machine.

At this point SCA received a report of the status of the machine and also a quotation for spare parts and Upgrades recommended to improve the production of the machine. With help from EMBA SCA then decided which parts to SCA Packaging, Tampere – Successful results with a Service Contract Since EMBA began to provide the EMBA Service Contract in 2004 several customers have taken advantage of using this service to optimise their production. The first company to adopt the service was SCA Packaging, Tampere, Finland on their EMBA machine and they are now on their third contract. Since they began with the EMBA Service Contract the production and productivity of the machine has increased strikingly.

give priority to as a first purchase based on the Condition Test. During EMBA´s following visit the parts were installed and also adjustments and training were performed at this time.

The condition of the machine after this overhaul got a lot better, which gave rise to an EMBA Training School. The purpose of this training was to find out how the operators worked and what they could do to optimise the flow and way of working, all this to raise the production even more. capacity and also to reduce maintenance cost. During all the three stages the customer will have the technician available for troubleshooting and problem solving. SCA´s following contracts have been equivalent with the first one, first an EMBA Condition Test has been performed which has been followed by renovations, adjustments and training.

All visits have resulted in a report of what has been done including recommended spare parts for the coming visit. A dialog is held between EMBA and SCA to make the necessary priorities. At the moment Tampere EMBA machine is one of the most productivity FFG lines in SCA Packaging.

Our Service Technician Anders Roswall in action. Left to right: Marko Rajala, Raine Pirnes, Miika Myllykorpi. One of the team members, Vesa Kokko, is not represented in the picture.

EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland

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Helpdesk As a part of EMBA´s work to give our customers quick and correct replies to technical problems, EMBA´s Service department introduced the service Helpdesk in 2006. The purpose is for the customer/agent to be directly connected to someone that can answer their questions. This service is provided during EMBA´s office hours, Monday to Friday 08.00 - 17.00 hours.

Helpdesk aims to help the customer/agent solve technical problems and identify correct spare parts for their machine. Helpdesk can also recommend Upgrades that will optimise the performance of the machine.

If the machine needs any settings or adjustments changing for improved quality, Helpdesk will give the necessary instructions. The customer can also get advice on the correct fitting of spare parts. It is also possible to carry out fault detection and some program adjustments to customers’ machines by connecting their machines to Helpdesk via a modem. EMBA’s new training facilities have been opened! The new modernised dedicated training facility is fully equippedwiththenecessaryequipment vital for good education and training, for example, printing samples, material examples and components.

This even includes a PLC unit, making it possible to simulator train machine settings as in a “real machine”. Every participant will get the opportunity of “hands-on” training. This will increase the quality of the education and training.

The EMBA Training School is a course for machine operators, maintenance and production personnel. The aim is to give a comprehensive knowledge of the principles and methods for good operation of an EMBA Flexo-Folder-Gluer and also a good understanding of paper, inks etc. The school will motivate all personnel to achieve optimum utilisation of the conversion equipment and reach high quality and productivity by practising real teamwork. The EMBA Training School has previously mostly been conducted by customers that have just purchased a new EMBA FFG. However, EMBA has noticed an increased number of customers wanting refresher skills training for existing operators, or training courses for personnel who have not worked EMBA opens new training facilities! on EMBA machines before. Peter Mildner has been in charge of EMBA Training School for over 15 years, and has continually improved and updated the content of the training education. Peter started his career in EMBA as a service technician and is now travelling world wide with the Training School in order to keep up the level of customer’s machine knowledge. EMBA Academy also offers P.O.P. (Production Optimizing Programme) training. The P.O.P. training consists of:
  • Pre – analysis of customer production
  • Identification of production bottlenecks.

Recommendations for future improvements. An action plan will be drawn up in cooperation with the customer covering immediate and future steps that are necessary for the improvement process. When a P.O.P. Peter Mildner, Manager of EMBA Training School. training has been conducted the customer will receive a detailed document pointing out the weaknesses and strengths of their operation. The ROI (Return On Investment) on this training is extremely short! The new training area for EMBA Training School. Mats Kåregren our Service Technician at Help Desk. EMBA Machinery Helpdesk in full run New telephone number and e-mail adress to EMBA Service departement: Phone: 0046-19-300551 e-mail: helpdesk.service@emba.com EMBA Machinery Helpdesk in full run New telephone number and e-mail adress to EMBA Service departement: Phone: 0046-19-300551 e-mail: helpdesk.service@emba.com EMBA Machinery Helpdesk in full run New telephone number and e-mail adress to EMBA Service departement: Phone: 0046-19-300551 e-mail: helpdesk.service@emba.com

EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland

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Shortest stop time wins Mannkraft Corporation Tullytown PA, USA The first shift at Mannkraft Corporation Tullytown are achieving excellent levels of production on their EMBA 170. They have set two records both qualifying them to become a member of the EMBA Century Club. The first record was set on 7th of September, when during a 9.45-hour shift they produced 611.823 square feet of corrugated board. The second record was set on the 12th of September, when 539.788 square feet of corrugated board was produced during an 8-hour shift. Congratulations to the first shift crew and their fantastic production numbers!

We can once again proudly present a new member of the EMBA Century Club. The company achieving membership criteria is Mannkraft Corporation Tullytown PA, United States. The crew: Tom Ashford, Justin Velez and Jenuel Rivera. Also in the picture Tom Woodruff, Supervisor. The EMBA 170 at Visy board Warwick Farm began production in September 2005, replacing two existing Flexo machines. The original expectation was to man the machine with three employees and achieve 8.650 sheets per open hour. The expectations changed after realizing the potential the EMBA 170 was capable of. The production figures on machine have been fantastic in the last year and a half, and during September the operator crews on the machine have managed to achieve extraordinary production.

The average production for the machine during the whole month was 16.513 boxes/open hour and the average set-up time was 1.96 minutes. Robert DÁlessandro – Factory Manger states the key to this success has been: crew training before commissioning of machine, scheduling of work mix, maintenance and housekeeping on the machine, commitment from crews and factory supervisors and raising the target/expectations. Warwick Farms current target is to achieve 5.5 changes/shift and 17.500 sheets/open hour. The crew: John Borg – Shift Manager, Djuro Vrankovic – Flexo Supervisor, Hoang Hai Truong – Operator, Minh Quang Ly, Gia Chung Tran, Cong Le, Keam Houy Tir, Doan Lap Nguyen, Viet Phuong Bui – Operator and Van Thanh Nguyen Visy Board Warwick Farm, Sydney, Australia Fantastic results at Visy Board plants The production results at several of the Visy Board plants are constantly high.

In September 2007 the figures was especially good on the EMBA 170 at Visy Board Warwick Farm and on the EMBA 245 at Visy Board Dandenong. These fantastic results are well worth highlighting, together with the crews who achieved them. Visy Board Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia The EMBA 245 at the Dandenong factory continues to set the performance benchmark for Visy Board’s nationwide 245 machines. For the past 10 months it has led the group in performance ratings and looks set to achieve one year at the top. The performance is even more rewarding in that the machine has been running more intricately designed die-cut work and centre panel glue product.

Just as their colleagues at Warwick Farm, the operator crews on the EMBA 245 at Dandenong have achieved a fantastic performance in September. They have managed to push the machine, during the whole month, to an average production of 9.306 boxes/open hour with an average set-up time of 3.23 minutes. Ken Moore, Factory manager, is delighted with the progress. “Both day and afternoon shift crews are passionate about the machine´s performance and capabilities and actively seek for improvement initiatives on a daily basis. Full credit to them as they strive towards the 9.000 sheets/open hour target”.

The crew: Bill Lasanc, Milan Krmpotic, Frank Manning – Supervisor Crew 2, Kris Frew, Marcus Ragusa, Frank Spinelli, Nathan Dall, Angelo Morello – Supervisor Crew 1.

EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland

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For the second time EMBA Machinery GmbH of Lübeck, Germany has participated at the Fachpack exhibition in Nürnberg. Situated right amongst the most important players in the German Corrugated Industry, EMBA’s booth was again the meeting point for many of our European customers as well as for business partners within our industry to discuss the latest news and developments. A busy exhibition year EMBA participated successfully in SINOCorrugated 2007 in Shanghai, China, also in March, featuring a large stand that attracted many interested visitors.

EMBA Machinery has been highly active on the fair and exhibition circuit this year.

In April, Vice President Sales & Marketing Mr. Esa Koski conducted a stimulating seminar on Non-Crush Converting at the FEFCO Technical Seminar in Nice, France. In collaboration with Paul Moeller & Co. (Cape) (Pty) Ltd, the company’s agent in South Africa, EMBA Machinery participated in the Propak Africa Exhibition in Johannesburg in March 2007. Recently completed or forthcoming exhibitions: PackCarton Moscow, Russia: October 17 - 20, 2007 2007 TAPPI CorrExpo Indianapolis, USA: October 30th and 31st VDW Hannover, Germany: November 18 - 20, 2007

EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland

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EMBA Machinery AB appoints new agent in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus EMBA Machinery AB, Sweden, has appointed VD-Com Ltd. as new agent in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The prime contact person at VD-COM will be Mr. Dmitry I. Koudryashov, who is the General Director of VD-Com Ltd. in Moscow. The EMBA agent can be reached at the following address: VD-Com Ltd. Boulevard G. Karbysheva, 8, const. 3 Moscow, 123 154, Russia Tel./fax: +7 (095) 946-80-12; 946-80-02 Mobil Phone: +7 (095) 741-71-06 E-mail: dimitri@mtu-net.ru EMBA Machinery S.r.l. expands sales organisation in Italy Effective from September 1st, 2007, Marco Ghelardi has been appointed Regional Sales Representative for EMBA Machinery S.r.l in Southern Italy.

Marco will in his role support our Regional Manager, Giuseppe Davanzo, who will cover the regions north of Umbria. For inquiries, please call the following number: Marco Ghelardi: +39 347 9481901. The most recent owner of a new McKinley Rotary Die Cutter is Midwest Fibre Products Inc. in Viola, Illinois, USA. The 66” x 130” two color die cutter is equipped with the new EMBA ServoFeed lead edge feeder and vacuum transfer units from EMBA Machinery GmbH. Installed in August 2007, this marks the third McKinley installed at Midwest Fibre Products.

  • A new installation at Midwest Head office – EMBA Machinery AB
  • P.O. Box 2067, SE-700 02 Örebro, Sweden
  • Tel +46 19 300500
  • Fax +46 19 311374 Austria – EMBA Machinery
  • Rennweg 77, AT-2345 Brunn am Gebirge bei Wien
  • Tel +43 2236 36544
  • Fax +43 2236 36546 China – EMBA Machinery
  • A29, Room B337, No. 14, Chaoyangmen Nandajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020
  • Tel +86 10 60240167
  • Fax +86 10 60240163 Germany – EMBA Machinery GmbH
  • Postfach 160228, DE - 23519 Lubeck
  • Tel +49 451 619920
  • Fax +49 451 692080 Great Britain – EMBA Machinery
  • Goodyear Business Park, New Street, Mawdesley, Lancashire L40 2PQ
  • Tel +44 1704 822311
  • Fax +44 1704 822611 Italy – EMBA Machinery S.r.l.
  • Via Padova 282, IT-20132 Milano
  • Tel +39 02 26306408
  • Fax +39 02 27208679 USA – EMBA Machinery, Inc.
  • McKinley Machinery, Inc.
  • 1265 Lear Industrial Parkway, Avon, OH 44011
  • Tel +1 440-937-6300
  • Fax +1 440-937-3105 Vietnam – EMBA Machinery
  • Swedish Trade Council
  • 8A/11 D1 Thai Van Lung Street, District 1, HCM City.
  • Tel: +84 8 824 3634
  • Fax: +84 8 824 3633 www.emba.com
EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland EMBA expands in new markets - First EMBA 245 QS in Ireland
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