Ernesford Grange Community School Easter 2012

Ernesford Grange Community School Easter 2012
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Ernesford Grange Community School Easter 2012
Contents                                                               Message from the Head
3.    Message from the Head
4.    Build-A-Plane                                                              As you will see from the               counting, we still achieved over
6.    Year 9 Football Success                                                articles that follow, a lot has been       30% 5 A* to C with English and
                                                                             happening in Ernesford and on              Maths. We are also very proud of
7.    Pioneer Trip                                                           trips out of the school. There have        the fact that 100% of pupils who
8.    World Book Day                                                         been numerous exciting links with          were high attainders’ when they
9.    Astronomy Show                                                         our local primary schools and our          joined us from primary achieved
                                                                             international work has continued           5 A* to C including English and
10.   Cubby Corner                                                           to broaden pupils’ knowledge and           Maths. We are one of only a few
12.   Maths Achievers                                                        awareness of the wider world.              schools in Coventry where this is
13.   The Wedding Singer         Wedding Singer Photos - pages 13-15                                                    the case.
16.   Indian “Kite” Letters                                                     The prospect of new buildings
                                                                             seems to have rumbled on for                   To help your planning for the
17.   Teachers’ Visit To India         My hero is my friend                  years now and we are still waiting         summer, please note that the last
19.   Primary Soil Project             What could I do without her?          for the Government to make                 day of the Summer Term for pupils
20.   Russian Toys                     She drives me round the bend,         an    announcement       regarding         will be Friday 20th July and their
                                       But makes my cry with laughter.       the Priority Schools Building              first day in the Autumn Term will
21.   Cambridge G&T Trip                                                     Programme. Ernesford is one of two         be Tuesday 4th September.
22.   Sixth Form Awards                She’s happy, she’s different,         secondary schools in Coventry’s
                                       She’s not like all the rest,          bid and the latest information we                             J Chartres (Mr)
24.   Wates Interviews                 She’s funny, she’s vibrant            have is that an announcement will                                Headteacher
25.   ELC                              And I think she’s the best.
                                                                             be made in the summer.                                            April 2012
26.   Maths Primary Day
                                       She’s loud, she’s bright,
27.   Sports Centre Flyer              And she’s also really clever,            Looking to the
                                       She’s cool, she’s a light             future, you may know
                                       And we’ll stay friends forever.       that the Government
                                                                             has     made       some
                                       She listens to what you say,          radical changes to
                                       And help’s you find your way,         qualifications.       At
                                       That’s because she is my friend       Ernesford, we have
                                       And that’s how it will always stay.   continued to maintain a
                                                                             high quality curriculum
                                                        By Rizyar Sirwan
                                                                   Year ?
                                                                             and will need to make
                                                                             few changes as a result.
                                                                             In our 2011 results with
                                                                             all the ‘equivalent’
                                        Year 9 Football                      grades taken out and
                                        Success - page 6                     only GCSE courses
                                 2                                                                                  3
Ernesford Grange Community School Easter 2012
We’re Building                                                warms up a bit.

                               A Plane!                                                      We’re also building
                                                                                          a simulator!
                                                                                             As well as building
   The Build a Plane Challenge has             Golding Airfield. We also had a stand      a plane we have started
really started to come together. With          at our Christmas Fayre which helped        preparing to build a
news of the plane kit expected to arrive       promote the project to parents, carers,    simulator. We have found
during Easter, it certainly means we           students and the community.                an old fuselage from a
have plenty of things to do.                                                              PA28 aircraft which will
                                                        The first of two volunteers is    be perfect for a simulator
                                                     Mr Hodierne, a retired teacher       cockpit. We have a good
                                                     who has a PPL (Private Pilot’s       specification computer built
                                                     Licence). He read the article        with dual screen 22inch
                                                     in the MAA newsletter and            monitors and Saitek X52
                                                     contacted the school. The other      Pro flight system. This
                                                     is Mr Glover who has over            computer has been partly                     They will talk to pupils about career
                                                     forty years experience in aero-      sponsored by our local supplier and          paths and opportunities within the
                                                     engineering and is the ground        will be built into the fuselage. This        engineering sector.
                                                     controller at Stoke Golding          will be made available for pupils to
                                                     Airfield.                            experience simulated flying, even                The Build Team have had several
                                                                                          those not involved with the main             trips this term. They spent an evening
                                                         On the 21st January 2012 the                                                  in Banbury at the Norbar Engineering
                                                     Staff Build Team visited Stoke       build. Indestructible Paint Ltd, who
                                                                                          produce industrial grade aerospace           open evening. The team also visited
                                                     Golding Airfield where we met                                                     the Midlands Air Museum with Mr
                                                     Simon Wakeling who owns a            paints, have offered to supply paints
   The last few months have seen                                                          for our simulator.                           Harvey, Mr Lane and Mrs Toman,
us make headway with some of our               Rans S6 Coyote. The staff got to see,                                                   where they got to sit in the cockpit of
sponsors, go on several trips, and             touch and feel the plane which will            We have had an offer from Norbar         the Vulcan, Leopard and the Argosy.
learn many cool things about aviation          help with the build later on. Simon has    to sponsor two torque wrenches and           On the same day three students
from some of the guest speakers and            also offered to help with the project      a torque screwdriver. They are going         accompanied Mr Kobrin to London to
volunteers. Here’s a small recap of            and will meet with the pupils once         to do workshops with the build team          the Youth Air League event where they
the things we have done since the New          our build has started. They have also      on how to calibrate and use the tools.       met members of Parliament and one of
Year.                                          invited us to the Stoke Golding “fly-                                                                the MPs for Coventry, Jim
                                               in” in August 2012 and he has made                                                                   Cunningham.
   An article Ms Noble wrote for the           the offer for us to bring the build team
MAA (Midlands Aerospace Alliance)              to see the plane when the weather                                                                      One pupil said “We
newsletter      resulted                                                                                                                          joined the Build a Plane
in great publicity for                                                                                                                            project because it’s a
the project. We have                                                                                                                              great once in a lifetime
had two sponsorship                                                                                                                               opportunity. It is nothing
offers, have found two                                                                                                                            like we have done before.
experienced volunteers                                                                                                                            It will also help us know
with     great     aero-                                                                                                                          whether we would want
engineering experience                                                                                                                            to further a career in
to help with the build                                                                                                                            engineering.”
and have made a contact                                                                                                                                     Bethany Hartopp
with the owner of a                                                                                                                                         Hannah Trudgill
Rans S6 Coyote at Stoke                                                                                                                                             Year 11
                                           4                                                                                       5
Ernesford Grange Community School Easter 2012
Road To The Final                                                                                Pioneer Trip

                                                                                       On a sunny morning in February,            appalling living conditions. His job
                                                                                   forty-seven Year 7s and five members           sounded fascinating and hopefully
                                                                                   of staff set off for the 1½ hour journey       inspired some of the audience to
   This year the Ernesford Grange Year 9 boys football team has achieved           to Pioneer Activity Centre in Cleobury         follow in his footsteps.
                                                                                   Mortimer, Shropshire. We then spent
great success by becoming the first Ernesford Grange team, and one of the only     three days participating in activities             We returned to school on Friday
schools in Coventry, to get to the final of the West Midlands Football Cup.        including high ropes, archery, fencing         afternoon with forty-seven extremely
We have played four games to get to this stage and we have showed great co-        and indoor caving. Many of us                  tired children and five equally tired
ordination and determination throughout the campaign.                              overcame our fears of heights and              members of staff!
                                                                                   enclosed spaces and really challenged                             Mrs Chamberlain
    In the first round we beat Aldridge 5-1 in an easy win to sail through to      ourselves to do something out of our
second round. In the next stage we defeated Alexandra High in a dominant win,      comfort zone.
winning 9-0. In the next round, we beat Coseley in the quarter final 2-1, which
brought us through to the semi-final against Tudor Grange. It was a tight game         One of the sessions was falconry,
                                                                                   led by Chris, who owns and breeds
which resulted in it going through to extra time, which ended 1-1. The match       birds of prey. He was a very interesting
then went to penalties, and it was still even after five penalties, where it was   man to listen to and told us lots about
3-3. Then it was sudden death and Tudor Grange missed the ninth penalty to         how the birds hunt, what they eat and
put us through to the final which will, hopefully, be held at Villa Park. We are   how he trains them. Another aspect of
all ready and raring to go!                                                        his work involves animal conservation.
                                                                                   He works as an undercover cameraman
   The Team are; Stephen Alberto, Reiss Chatland, Claybourne Harrison, Kyle        and some of his work has been filming
Jaynes, Micheal Koomson, Jean-Luc Kouao, Lewis Ludford, Quade Madden,              poachers hunting tigers. The evidence
Dagry Mantsounga, Dylan Mukenge, Gregory Osagie, Jacob Sealey, Mason               he collected was used to prosecute
Waller, Kye Wilson, and Callum Wilson.                                             those who took part in this dreadful
                                                                                   act. Chris has also filmed animals in a
                                                  Greg Osagie and Kyle Jaynes      circus. The film highlighted how the
                                                                       Year 9      animals were mistreated and kept in

                                       6                                                                                      7
Ernesford Grange Community School Easter 2012
World Book Day                                                            A Season Of

   It was great to see so many children from
our local primary schools with our own Year 7s and 8s taking part in the event in
the library. It was great fun because the primary children and their staff were all
dressed up as characters from books. My guests read a wide range of stories and          Our Astronomer in residence,                 Although the weather was not kind
                                                                                      Dr Johanna Jarvis (Dr Jo from BBC            to us for observing at the Astronomy
poems which contributed to the event’s success. Mrs Falk very kindly started          CWR), has coordinated a fabulous             show, people attending earlier events
our day by reading the fantastic poem by Alfred Noyes ‘The Highwayman’ to             series of astronomical evenings this         were able to marvel at a meteor
us all. A huge thanks to all for making the event so enjoyable.                       Winter, on Saturday 17th March we            shower and the Galilean moons of
                                                                  Mrs Burroughs       had the grand finale with the 2nd            Jupiter through a range of telescopes.
                                                                           Library    Coventry Astronomy show.                     The best attended event took place
                                                                                                                                   during the week of ‘Stargazing Live’
                                                                                                                                   when our Year 10 Physics class took
                                                                                                                                   part in a live broadcast on BBC CWR
                                                                                                                                   and recreated a spiral galaxy at a
                                                                                                                                   master class led by Dr Jo in the school

                                                                                                                                      There will be more Astronomy
                                                                                                                                   events next year when the darker
                                                                                                                                   evenings are upon us again. Look out
                                                                                         Visitors came from all over the           for them on the school website or on
                                                                                      Midlands to hear expert speakers,  
                                                                                      enjoy workshops and marvel at the
                                                                                      digital planetarium.      There were
                                                                                      activities for all the family with
                                                                                      younger visitors particularly enjoying
                                                                                      the rocket building workshop run by
                                                                                      Miss Gohil. Speakers came from all
                                                                                      over the country to present talks on,
                                                                                      amongst other things; ‘The secrets
                                                                                      of the sun’, ‘Women Astronomers’,
                                                                                      and the highlight of the evening
                                                                                      ‘Recreating the Big Bang’.
                                        8                                                                                      9
Ernesford Grange Community School Easter 2012
Cubby Corner
   Well yet again it has been a really         have a talent that you want to share
busy time of year with loads of things         why not pop by The Cubby and see
happening. Since the last edition we           Tammy and the rest of the team.
have been on six trips out including
                                                   Bodylicious is a new group that
Go Karting, Waterworld and The
                                               runs on a Monday night 7 - 8.45pm.
Belgrade. Some of the trips were to
                                               It is a great session that provides
reward young people’s behaviour and
                                               fun exercise such as Zumba and Just
involvement in projects at The Cubby.
                                               Dance. We then spend some time
    One of the projects has been about         learning pampering activities like
gangs and looking at why people join           hand massage and manicures while
them and some of the dangers of using          relaxing at the end. It is like a mind ,
weapons. We watched a film about               body and soul session suited to young
young people who had died because              women, it is a great, friendly and
of stab wounds. It was really hard             supportive session that makes you feel
hitting but as a result we all know            good!
what to do if we know someone who
                                                   Give volunteering update: Wow
carries a weapon.
                                               the volunteers have been really busy!
    February half term was really              They have been involved in two focus
busy, we had another Right Trax bike           groups on advice, information and
project running. Young people were             guidance services for young people.
able to learn about being safe and how         They have also been involved in
to care for and maintain motorbikes            developing a young people friendly
while receiving qualifications at the          youth charter for the area. Not only
same time. There was also a heart start        this but they have been helping at the
first aid course that the fire service ran.    Four Closes by doing litter picking
Not only did we learn first aid, but we        and playing sports with the young
also had a go in the fire engine. The          members of the community. If you
young people who regularly attend              are interested in volunteering then feel
youth club then got the chance to go           free to come along on a Wednesday
on two fantastic trips to Waterworld           after school in The Cubby.
and the Snowdome.
                                                  At The Cubby we have been
   Then we had the Coventry City               working on projects about Cyber
Youth Service Youth Arts Event at              Safety and Fair Trade. There have
the Belgrade. Young people across              been competitions and prizes and
the city performed as part of this             young people are able to speak to their
event and around thirty people from            Youth Worker about a range of issues
Ernesford went to watch on the Friday          while socialising with their friends. If
and battled the snow on the Saturday.          you would like to know more about
We are now on the lookout for young            the sessions then please find Tammy
people to perform next year. So if you         (contact details on the right!).

                                              10                                          11
Ernesford Grange Community School Easter 2012
The Wedding Singer

                                                                                       On the 31st January to the 5th             year, ‘The Wedding Singer’ was to be our
                                                                                   February, the annual school production         last performance at Ernesford. Speaking
                                                                                   took place. This year was the turn of ‘The     as somebody who has performed in six
                                                                                   Wedding Singer’, and in the space of five      School Productions throughout my time
76 students in Year 11 already have a grade C and above in Mathematics             short days a cast of seventy pupils from all   here, I eagerly encourage you to take part
           ‘BUT we are not happy with that!’                                       year groups performed seven shows!
                                                                                       ‘The Wedding Singer’ tells the story of
                                                                                                                                  next year while you still have the chance.
                                                                                                                                  Although the show is a big commitment
                                                                                   Robbie Hart (played by Adam Boraston)          and rehearsals can often become tiresome,
     We are going for grade A*, grade A or grade B by the end of Year 11.                                                         show week is undoubtedly the best week
                                                                                   who sings at weddings with his band
                                                                                                                                  of the year. You get to perform in front of
     The class of 2012 WILL get the best results ever!                             mates Sammy (Joshua Bird) and George
                                                                                   (Tom Davies). Julia (Georgia Dowsing)          hundreds of people alongside your friends,
                                                                                   and Holly (Amy Thomas) are waitresses          and I’ve had some of my best experiences
                                                                                   where Robbie performs. Julia is set to         at this school because of the shows!
                                                                                   marry sleaze-ball Glen (Jack Scarr), and           So, even if you don’t decide to take
                                                                                   Robbie is engaged to Linda (Georgio            part, make sure you go and see next year’s
                                                                                   Quinn), but it soon becomes clear they’ve      performance. The shows at Ernesford get
                                                                                   chosen the wrong partners. With the            better and better each year and I am sure
                                                                                   help of his doting Grandma Rosie (Grace        that next year’s show will be no different.
                                                                                   Thomas), Robbie does his best to get his       I wish you all the best of luck!
                                                                                   girl. The course of true love never runs                                     Amy Thomas
                                                                                   smoothly, and ‘The Wedding Singer’ is                                             Year 13
                                                                                   a comic yet touching story
                                                                                   of two people destined to be
                                                                                       As always, the run up
                                                                                   to the show was tiring and
                                                                                   a lot of hard work. Cast
                                                                                   members were in rehearsals
                                                                                   twice a week from October
                                                                                   onwards, and luckily we had
                                                                                   a very committed group this
                                                                                   year. By the time show week
                                                                                   came we were all absolutely
                                                                                       For a number of us this
Grace Suszek, Year 13                             A-Level Photography coursework
                                     12                                                                                       13
Ernesford Grange Community School Easter 2012
14   15
Ernesford Grange Community School Easter 2012
Ernesford Grange Primary and Aldermoor Farm
have been exchanging letters as part of the international
project. The pupils from New Era school in India                                     Teachers Exchange
wrote about their country, city and festivals. The
reason for choosing kites is ‘ultran’ - the
festival of kite flying is celebrated on 14th
January every year. This year our
teachers from the UK visited just after
January, so pupils there decided to
share their experiences with us via

                                                                Mrs Chamberlain and I visited our           children's books.
                                                            partner school New Era in India as part of
                                                                                                                The children have high respects to
                                                            our reciprocal visit from the 15th - 24th of
                                                                                                            their adult role models within the school
                                                            February. This was a fantastic opportunity
                                                                                                            and visitors. The curriculum was based
                                                            for me personally to be involved with the
                                                                                                            around our visit and the children made
                                                            partnership with the two schools. With
                                                                                                            many links between the UK and Gujurat.
                                                            regards to my cultural background and
                                                                                                            The children were very excited to share
                                                            roots with India, it was a very exciting
                                                                                                            their knowledge of the English cultures.
                                                            experience for me in order for me to be
                                                            a part of this affiliation between our two          The       teachers     seemed      very
                                                            great schools.                                  knowledgeable about their subject
                                                                                                            specialisms and seemed to challenge
                                                                I was welcomed with open arms by the
                                                                                                            the children academically. They were
                                                            staff and children.
                                                                                                            very enthusiastic when teaching the
                                                               The school has a high standard of            children, thus enabling the pupils to have
                                                            expectations from the outcomes of work          aspirations. I learnt that the pupils use
                                                            which was clearly visible by seeing the         the western influences i.e.: Oxford and
                                                                                                                    Cambridge University as a goal to
                                                                                                                    reach. It made me feel honoured to
                                                                                                                    have a British Education. I didn't
                                                                                                                    realise the impact England has on
                                                                                                                    children in overseas countries. I
                                                                                                                    felt very proud to be British.
                                                                                                                       It was amazing for me to be
                                                                                                                   able to compare the handwriting of
                                                                                                                   children in India with the children's
                                                                                                                   at my school.
                                                                                                                       I particularly enjoyed their
                                                                                                                   morning assembly where the
                                                                                                                   children formed outside in their

                                              16                                                           17
Ernesford Grange Community School Easter 2012
classes. The children led the assemblies,
which I found very impressive. Their
                                                    The parental involvement in their
                                                children's education is hugely monitored
                                                                                                   Primary Science Links
confidence was very high and they               by the parents/carers. I was particularly         We have been strengthening our links with ‘Anand Vidhya Vihar’
enjoyed displaying their skills and sharing     impressed with the way the school
them with the rest of the school.               select the children for the school (intake     our primary link school in the town of Baroda in India. As part of the
                                                process). The children and their families      project we have been
    My favourite part of the morning                                                           working on finding out
                                                are interviewed and the parents are given
was the teaching of the basic skills of
the Military Army. The children are
                                                the responsibility for supporting their        about different types of
                                                child in order for them to make accelerated    soils and how that affects
taught the drill, basic map reading skills
                                                progress in every aspect of their education.
alongside other geographical skills and
                                                Basically, parental agreements are in
                                                                                               the crops that are grown
how to be self disciplined. The children
                                                place before children are accepted to join     in each country.
dressed immaculately in the military style
                                                the school.                                       The     first   activity
uniform of the Indian Army. It was hugely
impressive to me and very personal as I            The children took pride in their            was called ‘Munsell
am apart of the British police force myself.    appearance and were very smartly dressed.      Soil Testing’ where we
It was nice to be able to compare the drill                                                    looked at soil samples
                                                    It was also impressive to see the
procedure with my country, UK.
                                                respect the pupils have for each other         and matched the colours
    The schedule was very productively          through self-discipline and manners.           with charts and tested
drawn up by the school. We were actively                                                       their pH to find what crop
                                                    The safety and safe guarding of the
involved in lessons and activities with the
children for the full five days we were
                                                children was evident via the security          can be grown in that soil.
                                                guards around the school and the teachers      Now we are working on
there. I felt as though we were a part of
                                                being vigilant at all times.                   finding out the miles that
the school. The schedule was impressive
and structured well in order for us to gain        It was lovely to see everyone working       food travels to get to our plates. We will keep you updated on how we
a range of experiences in the school.           together in harmony.                           get on in next issue.
   The gains have been the following:               We will be expecting two teachers
                                                from New Era from the 14-18th May
                                                                                                                                            Ernesford Primary pupils
    I have an up to date understanding of
                                                visiting Ernesford and Aldermoor Farm.                                                                       Year 5
today's culture in India. I have an insight
into what's being taught in India today. I                                Kulbir Bansal
understand the structure of the curriculum.                       Aldermoor Farm School
I have been able to
compare the assessment
of the children. I looked
at how the different
departments work from
Foundation to KS3.
     I    have       also
experienced           the
attitudes        towards
wanting to learn from
the children, they are so
enthusiastic and seem
to have goals they are
determined to reach.

                                                                                               Molly Chinn, Year 10                                    BTEC coursework
                                           18                                                                                   19

    These toys - sent from our partner school in Russia - didn’t quite get to us
in time to make it into the Christmas newsletter, but were too good to leave out                                         around their student union,
of this issue.                                                                                                           library and accommodation. I
                                                                                                                         found the experience to be useful
                                                                                                                         as I am now starting to consider
                                                                                                                         which universities I would like to
                                                                                                                         apply to.
                                                                                                                                             Molly Chinn
                                                                                                                                                 Year 10
                                                                                      On Tuesday 21st February
                                                                                   2012, a group of Gifted &
                                                                                   Talented students in Years 10, 11
                                                                                   and 12 had the opportunity to visit
                                                                                   Cambridge University.
                                                                                      During the day we explored
                                                                                   the numerous campuses and
                                                                                   experienced life as a university
                                                                                   student. We met some current
                                                                                   students who kindly guided us
                                      20                                                                                                              21
Sixth Form Awards
                              Joe Redhead
                            A2 Maths Award,
                           A2 Physics Award,
                           Sixth Form Special
                           Award, Hay Sharma                                        Andrew Daley
                            Award for Maths           Adam Boraston             A2 Media Studies Award
                                                  AS Performing Arts Award                                                                         Caris O’Toole
                                                                                                                    Charlotte Atkins             A2 Sociology Award
                                                                                                               AS English Literature Award

                                       Cory Tierney
                                       AS Art Award          David Ellis
                                                         A2 Chemistry Award
    Michael Price
      AS Media                                                                       Clare Gissane
    StudiesAward                                                                A2 Performing Arts Award                                         Fiona Mbofana
                                                                                                                  Rebecca Cleaver              AS Chemistry Award
                                                                                                                A2 Psychology Award

                                                                                                                           Scott Walsh
                                                                                                                       AS Mathematics Award
                                                              Rebecca Dolman
                                                              AS/A2 Sociology                                                Luke Cutts
                     Owen Barry                                   Award                      Jordan McGowan                  A2 English
                 A2 Photography Award                                                       AS Geography Award               Literature

                                                                                            Thomas Adams
                                                                                           A2 Student of the
                                   Leanna Rowland                                          Year, A2 Biology
                                   BTEC Health &                                                                                Urfan Hoshmund
                                                                                                 Award                        AS Student of the Year,
Nasra Ali & Jessica Chan          Social Care Award          Jack Pidduck
     A2 Art Award                                        AS Photography Award                                                  AS Physics Award,
                                     22                                                                                 23     AS Biology Award
Getting Ready For The World Of Work                                                          and describe. This display took a week to complete.
                                                      year’s Year 11 and suggested that          The second great display that the group worked on and completed was our NASA
                                                      it happen a bit earlier in the year.   display that Mr Hargreaves helped us with. This display included information and
                                                                                             pictures of the great Apollo missions as well as the greatest NASA inventions. We
                                                          Some quotes from pupils            created a profile about Neil Armstrong, as he was the first man on the moon. We also
                                                      about the interviews; “I was           did a little bit on the moon rover.
                                                      nervous before but at the end I
                                                      was ok and more confident for              We were set a task to create “Our Dream Island”. We had to draw our dream island
                                                      another interview”, “I think that it   that we would love to live on. We had to label it along with all the things we would like
                                                      boosted my confidence a bit and it     on our dream island, such as shops, theme parks or jet skis. We coloured these and then
                                                      is very useful”, “I thought that the   wrote a page each describing the reasons for the decisions we had made. The theme of
                                                      interview was very helpful and         this display was to include as many bright colours and designs as possible, creating a
                                                      when I have a real interview I will    fantasy island feel.
                                                      be a lot more confident”, “It was          By making displays and putting our work around the ELC we are showing new
                                                      very handy, she was a very nice        students exactly how hard we work and how well we can behave.
                                                      lady, helped me out a lot, I had no        We are all very proud of our work and happy with our fantastic displays.
    During March our Business Partners                confidence in my interview but              Ryan Wallace, Keanan Walker, Sharley Hubbard, Sade Pollard-Mersom, Courtney
at Wates Construction have been busy          now I do”.                                                                                                  Brennan & Crystal Tubman
interviewing Year 11 students so that they        We are very grateful to Wates for
know what to expect from a real interview     spending so much time on this project                                            Key Stage 4:
and are better prepared to make a good        and providing such positive help to our            The Key Stage 4 provision is for Years 10 and 11 but is also used for isolations and
job of selling themselves. Almost all of      students.                                      internal exclusions. For the more permanent 'residents', they will complete work in the
the pupils interviewed found the                                                             centre but will also access lessons such as BTEC, Maths and English. These students
experience helpful and the Wates                                                             can be very challenging and require firm boundaries. Raising levels of attendance and
staff very professional but friendly.                                                        attainment are of course important factors of the work done in the centre. Melissa Hall,
Pupils also felt that they were given                                                        for example, was a non-attender but since May last year has returned to school and has
lots of good advice and useful                                                               attained a Grade C for Science examinations she took earlier in the year. It has been
feedback which they will use to                                                              a long hard journey but we are almost there with her. There are other examples, but I
improve their interview technique                                                            feel Melissa is the most striking. For some students in the ELC it is the "last port of
in the future. They also received                                                            call". Some of these students would otherwise have been at the Chace at great cost to
useful feedback on their CVs which                                                           the school.
will help them to ensure that they
get to the interview stage. Pupils                                                               All Key Stage 4 students have one session of Behaviour Support per week but in
felt that we should definitely repeat                                                        addition to this there is an ethos in the centre which lends itself to self-discipline, self-
the exercise with pupils in next                                                             assessment, respect and politeness.
                                                                                                 A lot of time is spent with these students as they are also with us over break and

                                                                                             lunchtime - we feel we know them very well! We try to encourage them to do the very
                                                                                             best they can and have many discussions with them about the importance of achieving
                                                                                             as many qualifications as they can.
                                                                                                 Preparation for interviews at College is also undertaken in the centre. Kayleigh
                                                                                             Driscoll, Alicia Pollard-Mersom and Melissa have recently had interviews at local
                                  Key Stage 3:                                               colleges. Melissa has been offered a place at Henley College on their Catering
    In the ELC, when we complete our work to a great standard, we create a display to        course. It is hoped that Kayleigh and Alicia will be offered places at City College on a
put up on the walls so our good work can be seen by everyone.                                Hairdressing course.
    The first display we had started and completed was a map of Great Britain with all           Ernesford Grange has a reputation for "going the extra mile" - we say that the ELC
the cities and countries. We also drew our own maps of Great Britain and named all the       "goess the extra mile and a bit more"!
cities and countries with border lines. We picked two great historical cities to explain                                                                        Carol Carroll, Manager

                                             24                                                                                          25
Maths Primary Day
                                            cracking codes to access top secret
                                            information, and even dressing up
                                            as crazy Mathematicians! Both staff
                                            and pupils thoroughly enjoyed these
                                            afternoons and we look forward to
                                            seeing them again for our ‘Mathlete
                                            Challenge’ in the summer.
                                                                    Julia Haigh

   Some of the most gifted
mathematicians from primary
schools across the area have joined
us in fun filled afternoons of
Mathematics. Pupils from Years 5
and 6 have enjoyed afternoons full
of enrichment activities to build
their curiosity and get their brains
working! The activities included
solving      murder      mysteries,

                                       26                                         27
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