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                                   SOUTH AFRICA

Foreword by MEC
Message from the CEO
01. South Africa as an Investment Destination
02. Introducing the Province of KwaZulu-Natal
03. Economic Overview
04. KwaZulu-Natal Investment Opportunities
      1.    Blythedale Coastal Estate
      2.    Cato Ridge Logistics Hub
      3.    Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone
      4.    Durban Eye/Wheel
      5.    Durban Film City
      6.    Durban Point Waterfront
      7.    Eldorado Estate
      8.    Ethala Biofuels
      9.    Finningley Eco Estate Development
      10.   Microsul Engineering
      11    Mkhuze Regional Airport
      12.   Nonoti Beach Resort Development
      13.   Ntshongweni Urban Development
      14.   ProStar Export Paint
      15.   Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone
      16.   Richards Bay Leather and Accessories
      17.   Tipper Wagons Manufacturing
      18.   Sibaya Coastal Precinct
      19.   The Woods Estate
      20.   Thukela Lifestyle Resort
      21.   Tinley Town Integrated Development
      22.   Ugesi Wire and Cable
      23.   Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre - Oval Sites
      24.   Virocare
      25.   Wewe Driefontein
      26.   Zululami Coastal Estate

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Document update: October 2018


                                                    next five years. These opportunities are
                                                    across all priority sectors of this province
                            Mr Sihle Zikalala,      inclusive of manufacturing, tourism and
                            MPL                     property development, agro-processing,
                            MEC for Economic        renewable energy and health care.
                            Tourism &               As government, we will continue working
                            Environmental Affairs   tirelessly in creating a conducive
                                                    environment for these investment
                                                    opportunities to be realised. It is worth
    It gives me pleasure                            noting that our province has gradually
    to launch the KwaZulu-Natal Investment          moved to being a tertiary-sector
    Opportunities Booklet for the 2018/2019         economy, with the services sector
    financial year which is the product of a        accounting for more than 60% of the
    collaborative effort between the private        province’s economy.
    sector, individual project promoters and
    government.                                     There is however, a strong move to re-
                                                    industrialise the economy to create
    The booklet contains approximately $19.1        much needed employment that would
    billion worth of investment opportunities       help curb the triple challenge of poverty,
    that have a potential of creating in excess     unemployment and inequality.
    of 800 000 construction jobs and 415 000        We are indeed delighted to note a growth
    permanent job opportunities over the            trajectory with respect to investments

flowing into the province to ensure that     Special Economic Zones (SEZs) at Dube
we continue contributing to South Africa’s   Trade Port (incorporating King Shaka
socio-economic transformation through        International Airport) and the Richards
various sectors such as manufacturing;       Bay Industrial Development Zone which
petro-chemicals; clothing and textiles;      both continue to be flagship instruments
pulp and paper products); finance and        that attract a wide range of investments.
real estate; wholesale and retail trade;     They also promote and enhance the
hotels; transport and communications         competitiveness of the province’s
and as well as agriculture and forestry.     manufacturing sector and provide
                                             opportunities for exporters located
Our efforts to position the province as an   throughout the province to get to the
ideal location for investment is inspired    global markets.
by the advent of two of Africa’s busiest
ports in Durban and Richards Bay,            As the Provincial Government we have
supported by world-class road and rail       every reason to be confident about a
infrastructure.                              brighter future for people as we continue
                                             preparing the province for both domestic
KwaZulu-Natal therefore enjoys an            and foreign investment essential to grow
exciting strategic and competitive           the economy to unleash more business
advantage of being a global gateway for      and employment opportunities. Together,
trade into Southern Africa region and the    let us make KwaZulu-Natal a winning
rest of the world.                           province.

Moreover,   the   province   boasts   two


                                                  throughout the province of KwaZulu-
                                                  Natal with concise project descriptions,
                                                  information on locations, current status,
                            Mr Neville Matjie,
                                                  ownership, return on investment and
                                                  important project requirement.
                            Trade & Investment
                            KwaZulu-Natal         KwaZulu-Natal is home to South Africa’s
                                                  second largest economy, with Trade
                                                  & Investment KwaZulu-Natal geared
                                                  to promote the Province’s competitive
    Trade & Investment                            advantages as a world-class business
    KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN) is a South African      investment destination and to encourage
    trade and inward investment promotion         trade by assisting local companies to
    agency,     established to    specifically    identify new markets for the export of their
    promote the province of KwaZulu-Natal         products.
    as a premier investment destination and
    to facilitate trade by assisting locally-     The organisation is dedicated to creating
    based business enterprises to access          an environment in the province that is
    international markets.                        conducive to business development and
                                                  attractive to both local and international
    The investment opportunities booklet is       investors.
    one of the tools that has been developed
    in line with the strategy of showcasing the   We trust that this intent is supported by
    province to potential investors.              this concise listing and impacts on our
                                                  organisation’s efforts towards the socio-
    The document has been created as an easy      economic advancement of KwaZulu-Natal
    reference in identifying packaged projects    and its people.

Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal            needs of the KwaZulu-Natal community.
identifies,  develops    and     packages   Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal
investment opportunities in KwaZulu-        reaffirms its commitment to promote the
Natal; provides a professional investment   investment opportunities which exist in this
promotion services to all clientele;        province and we seize every opportunity to
brands and markets KwaZulu-Natal as         market the KwaZulu-Natal province as the
an investment destination; retains and      investment destination going forward.
expands trade and export activities and
links opportunities to the developmental

01                   SOUTH AFRICA AS AN
                         INVESTMENT DESTINATION

    South Africa is one of the world’s most      strongly supported by well-developed
    sophisticated emerging markets. The          infrastructure, is equipped with every
    unique combination of a highly developed     convenience and delivers the high levels
    first world economic infrastructure and      of service expected by the business world.
    a huge emergent market economy has
    given rise to a strong entrepreneurial and   The country is rated 61 among the top
    dynamic investment environment. South        ranked globally competitive economies.
    Africa has achieved a level of macro-        It is also ranked 47th in business
    economic stability not seen in the country   sophistication, which translates to an
    for 40 years.                                enviable 44th position in financial markets
                                                 development in 2018.
    These advances create opportunities for
    real increases in expenditure and social     The country is ranked 10th in investor
    services and reduce the cost and risk of     protection. The Johannesburg Stock
    doing business, thus laying the foundation   Exchange is one of the best regulated
    for increased investment and economic        stock exchanges world-wide and is ranked
    growth.                                      the 17th largest stock exchange in the
                                                 world at 1,1 trillion by market capitalisation
    South Africa is one of the world’s           and the largest in Africa.
    top business destinations and is

                                WORLD MAP                                                    AFRICA
02                      INTRODUCING THE PROVINCE
                        OF KWAZULU-NATAL

KwaZulu-Natal, as the second largest               African continent, provide evidence of the
contributor to the country’s GDP, is South         province’s world-class infrastructure.
Africa’s second largest economy.
                                                   KwaZulu-Natal is a major role-player in
KwaZulu-Natal has much to offer both local         the manufacturing, agricultural, transport
and international investors. One of South          and logistics sectors in South Africa. The
Africa’s nine provinces, KwaZulu-Natal             economic structure in this province is based
has natural and man-made infrastructure,           on a large manufacturing sector, in which
making it a very convenient destination to         growth is driven by the paper products
deliver the high levels of service expected by     industry, ferro-alloys (such as aluminium)
the business world.                                and other chemicals. Further significant
                                                   sub-sectors include motor vehicle and
The province is strategically located and          component manufacture, printing and
boasts two of South Africa’s busiest and           publishing, food and beverage production,
largest ports, Durban and Richards Bay. It         non-electrical items, iron and steel, wood
also boasts the highest export propensity          furniture, textiles and clothing. It is also a
and the highest level of industrialisation in      premier domestic and international tourist
the country. It is home to Africa’s first green-   destination, attracting in excess of two
field aerotropolis (with Dube TradePort            million domestic tourists every year, the
at its heart), world-class road, rail and air      highest in the country.
infrastructure, fast-growing air connectivity
(with new regional and international flights       Public and private investment in KwaZulu-
launched annually).                                Natal continues to play a major contributing
                                                   role to South Africa’s growing economy
Dube TradePort, which is home to King              and its favourable business environment
Shaka International Airport, the Inkosi            has seen this province emerge as a sound
Albert Luthuli International Convention            investment destination for investors from
Centre and two of the largest ports on the         around the world.

SOUTH AFRICA                                       KWAZULU-NATAL
03                   ECONOMIC

                            South Africa                 KwaZulu-Natal

     Official Name          Republic of South Africa     Province of KwaZulu-Natal

     Head of State          President Cyril Ramaphosa

     Provincial Premier                                  Premier Mr TW Mchunu
                            Cape Town (Legislative);
     Capital Cities         Pretoria (Administrative);   Pietermaritzburg
                            Bloemfontein (Judicial)
     Population             57 million (2018)            11,4 million (2018)

     Area                   1 220 813km2                 94 361km2

     Total GDP              R4,3 trillion (2018)         R692 billion

     GDP Growth             1,3% (2017)                  1,7% (2017)

     GDP Per Capita         R92, 410                     R57, 048

     Inflation (EOP)        5,1% (July 2018)             5,1% (July 2018)

     Exports Value          R1,3 trillion                R139,7 billion

     Imports Value          R1,2 trillion                R120,2 billion

     Main Trading Partners USA, Japan, China, Germany    USA, United Kingdom, China


1                     BLYTHEDALE COASTAL

     PROJECT LOCATION                                 estate opportunities that the African
                                                      continent has to offer. https://www.elan.

                                                    PROJECT SECTOR
                                                    • Property Development

                                                    INVESTMENT VALUE
                                 KwaDukuza          • The rand value of the project is
                                                      R15 billion ($1 billion). Both debt and
                                                      equity investment partners and funders
                                                      are sought.

                                                    JOBS CREATION
     COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                    • 110 000 construction jobs and 15 000
     eLan Property Group, Blythedale                  permanent jobs are created through
     Coastal Estate                                   the Blythedale Coastal Estate
     • The eLan Group has become a leader             Development.
       in real estate development, marketing &
       sales of hospitality investment projects     PROJECT DESCRIPTION
       and more recently, diversified into other    • Blythedale Coastal Estate is a
       investment opportunities;                      comprehensive, integrated resort estate
     • eLan has facilitated developments in           offering seven nodes of development,
       excess of R10 billion ($6.7 million),          over 1 100 hectares, 3.2km of coastline,
       including one of the fastest selling           2.9km of river frontage and 320 hectares
       residential estates in the country,            of pristine indigenous forest, including
       Simbithi Eco Estate in Ballito. The            5 000 homes, in excess of 30 000 m2 of
       Group is now focused on developing the         retail, and extensive resort opportunities.
       Blythedale Coastal Estate on the North
       Coast of KwaZulu-Natal; and                  FINANCED BY
     • eLan Property Group wish to partner          • To date in excess of R500 million
       with those who share a passion for             of private investor funds have been
       investing in the vast hospitality and real     invested into the creation of this

development.                                      • Interest from several hotel and resort
                                                      groups for the hospitality opportunities
PROJECT STATUS                                        has been expressed.
• All technical processes have been
  approved        (Environmental     Impact         PARTNERSHIPS
  Assessment, Geotechnical studies, traffic         • Partnerships bringing equity, funding and
  impact assessment, zoning and concept               resort management are of key interest;
  designs);                                         • National and provincial government;
• Zoning has been approved and the                  • Private sector;
  process is complete;                              • Local government; and
• The first 23 sites have been serviced;            • Economic development agencies.
• Housing plans are in the approval stage
  and development is due to commence;

Mr Mark Taylor                   DETAILS
Chief Executive Officer          Mr Innocent Hlongwana
eLan Property Group              General Manager: Investment Promotion
  +27 83 655 7777                Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal                   +27 31 368 9600

If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

2                   CATO RIDGE
                         LOGISTICS HUB

     PROJECT LOCATION                            PROJECT SECTOR
                                                 • Logistics services and Infrastructure.

                                                 INVESTMENT VALUE
                                                 • Project value is estimated at R17 billion
                                                   ( $1.13 billion).

                                                 NO. OF JOBS TO BE CREATED
                                                 • At full development, the project will yield
                                                   an estimated 5 000 construction jobs
                                                   and over 6 000 permanent jobs.

                                                 DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT
                                                 • Project involves development of a
     COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                   logistics hub consisting of an intermodal
     Cato Ridge Logistics Hub Consortium           facility, a truck stop, a logistics park and
     • The project is focusing on the proposed     fuel tank farm. The project will also assist
       establishment of the Cato Ridge             in the decongestion of the Durban Port
       Intermodal Facility and the Logistics       by railing the cargo from the port to Cato
       Hub;                                        Ridge, thus relieving the Durban Port
     • Cato Ridge is located 50 kilometres         area and the CBD and N3 out of Durban.
       on the western corridor from the Port
       of Durban. Transnet wishes to reduce      FINANCED BY
       congestion in the City of Durban and      • Approximately R100 million ($6.6 million)
       streamline transportation of cargo          shareholders funds has been used to
       through establishing an Intermodal          date and currently concluding Joint
       Facility at Cato Ridge;                     Development Agreements with key
     • The project is aimed at using rail from     development banks.
       the Port of Durban up to Cato Ridge,
       where trucks can pick up containers       PROJECT STATUS
       earmarked for inland destinations; and    • The pre-feasibility study outlining
     • This is a private sector and AmaXimba       business opportunity is complete;
       community driven development.             • Project basic Environmental Impact

Assessment is complete;                           PARTNERSHIPS
• Preliminary infrastructure design plan is         • A multi stakeholder Steering Committee
  complete;                                           including community representatives,
• Layout plan included in the Local Area              private sector and key government
  Plan;                                               departments has been formed.
• Preliminary infrastructure design plan
• Full   development       Traffic  Impact
  Assessment complete and submitted to
  SANRAL, Ethekwini and KwaZulu-Natal
  Department of Transport.

Mr Sibusiso Mazibuko                           DETAILS
Executive Chairperson: Cato Ridge              Mr Innocent Hlongwana
Logistics Hub Consortium                       General Manager: Investment Promotion
  +27 31 782 0053                              Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal                                 +27 31 368 9600

 If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

3                    DUBE TRADEPORT
                          SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE

     PROJECT LOCATION                               agricultural opportunities

                                                  TARGETED SECTORS
                                                  • Medical and pharmaceutical production
                                                    and distribution;
                                                  • Electronics manufacturing and
                                                  • Aerospace and aviation-linked
                                                    manufacturing and related services;
                                                  • Agriculture and agro-processing;
                             eThekwini Metro
                                                  • Clothing and textiles; and
                                                  • Automotive manufacturing and

                                                  Supplementary sectors include:
     COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                  • Freight-forwarding and aviation services;
     Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone         • Warehousing and storage;
     • One of South Africa’s top 10 investment    • Logistics and distribution;
       opportunities;                             • Light manufacturing and assembly;
     • A designated Special Economic Zone         • High-tech and automotive industries;
       (SEZ);                                     • General manufacturing;
     • 50-year master plan developed for over     • Renewable industry; and
       3 000 hectares site;                       • Cold storage.
     • It is ideally positioned 30 minutes from
       Africa’s busiest cargo port, Durban        INVESTMENT VALUE
       Harbour, and 90 minutes from Richards      • R2.7 Billion ($180 million) of secured
       Bay Harbour;                                 private sector Investment composed
     • Greenfield development, purpose-built        of operational investors and investors
       to facilitate airport-related business;      signed lease agreement but not yet
     • Home to King Shaka International             operational. These projects are in
       Airport; and                                 sectors such as logistics, manufacturing,
     • This is the only facility in Africa          pharmaceutical,      automotive      and
       combining an international airport,          electronics; and
       dedicated cargo terminal, together with    • Targeting R18 billion ($1.2billion) of
       warehousing, office, retail, hotel and       investment over the next 5 years.

NUMBER OF JOBS TO BE CREATED                    available to private sector through lease
• Projected permanent jobs over 5 years:        agreements.
  4 792;
• Projected temporary Jobs over 5 years:      PROJECT STATUS
  10 401; and                                 • 35 hectares of serviced land available
• As at July 2018, there were 3 112             for potential investors;
  permanent jobs created by operational       • Customised solutions for investors
  investors in the zone.                        (e.g. serviced sites and fit-for-purpose
Development consists of:                      The project (through the SEZ) offers:
• Dube Cargo Terminal: A state-of-the-art     • Preferential 15% Corporate Tax for
  cargo facility;                               qualifying entities;
• Dube TradeZone: 77 hectares of              • Building Allowance: 10% per annum for
  serviced land within a SEZ;                   qualifying buildings and fixed structures;
• Dube City: 12 hectares of premium           • Employment Incentives for low salary
  office, retail and hospitality space; and     workers;
• Dube AgriZone: world-class facilities       • Customs Controlled Area: Import duty
  and technical support for propagating,        rebates for production-related and
  growing, packing and distributing high-       exported products, and VAT exemptions
  value perishables.                            under specific conditions for supplies
                                                procured in South Africa;
FINANCED BY                                   • Enhanced 12i Tax Incentive: designed to
• Government as the owner of the                support greenfield investments, as well
  property is responsible for bulk              as brownfield investments; and
  infrastructure installation through the     • High-end Infrastructure: funded through
  Special Economic Zone Fund and the            the provincial government and SEZ
  KwaZulu-Natal provincial government           Fund;
  budget funding. Serviced land is made

     • National and provincial government;
     • Private sector;
     • Local government; and
     • Economic Development Agencies.




                                                   DUBE                                                                                                                                       DUBE TRADEZONE 3 USHUKELA
                                                   TRADEZONE 5

                                                                                                                                                DUBE TRADEZONE 2
                                                                                                    DUBE AGRIZONE 1                                                             DTP AIRSIDE                                                 Planned roads
            VERULAM                                                                                                     DUBE AGRIZONE 2
                                                                                                                                                             DUBE TRADEZONE 1
                                                                      SUPPORT ZONE 3
                                                                                                                                              DUBE CARGO                                                                                    Existing roads
                                                                                                                      KING SHAKA
                                                                                                                      INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     R102   Provincial roads
                              TRADEZONE 4
                                                                       SUPPORT ZONE 1B
                                                                                               DUBE CITY 1A

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     N2     National roads

                                                                 MORELAND                                             SUPPORT ZONE 2

                      15 MIN TO UMHLANGA
                                                                                                                                                                                                           20 MIN TO BALLITO
                      20 MIN TO DURBAN CBD
                                                                                                                                                             LA MERCY                         95 MIN TO RICHARDS BAY HARBOUR
                      45 MIN TO DURBAN HARBOUR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     DTPC 50 YEAR MASTER PLAN
                      KZN AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY PARK                                         UMDLOTI                                                                                                                                     VERSION 4.1
                       68KM SOUTH
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     DATE: JUNE 2018

     PROJECT PROMOTER                                                                                                                  RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTION AND CONTACT
     Ms Dumisile Mbatha                                                                                                                DETAILS
     Investment Promotion Manager                                                                                                      Mr Innocent Hlongwana
     Dube TradePort SEZ                                                                                                                General Manager: Investment Promotion
        +27 32 814 0000                                                                                                                Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal                                                                                                        +27 31 368 9600

     If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
     responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

4                     DURBAN

PROJECT LOCATION                                 cabins which holds 16 passengers
                                                 each and will take passengers 78metres
                                                 above the ground on a 15 to 20 minute
                                                 4-revolution ride. The wheel will also
                                                 offer two wheelchair friendly, VIP cabins
                                                 and cocktail- accessible cabins.

                                               PROJECT SECTOR
                                               • Tourism
                                               INVESTMENT VALUE
                                               • R 375 million ($25 million)

                                               JOBS CREATION
                                               • 42 direct, and
COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                    • 100 construction jobs.
• BjP High Site Acquisition & Projects
  (Pty) Ltd (referred to as BjP) is a Black    DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT
  owned and managed business entity.           • The project entails development of a
  The company identified an opportunity          Durban Eye/ Wheel along the beachfront,
  to erect a giant observation wheel along       Durban.
  the Durban beachfront to be known as
  The Durban Eye; and                          FINANCED BY
• The Durban Eye is a R375 million             • Currently seeking funding for the project
  ($25 million) project for a giant
  observation Ferris wheel that offers a       PROJECT STATUS
  spectacular 360 degree panoramic view        • Feasibility study and business plan
  of Durban city from the iconic and vibrant     for the Durban Eye/ Wheel project has
  beach front. The Durban Eye will consist       been completed
  of 27 fully enclosed air conditioned         • Investors and funders are needed.

     • Partnerships bringing equity, debt
       funding and operations are of key
     • Provincial government;
     • Private sector;
     • Local government; and
     • Economic Development Agencies.

     Mr Tumi Mokgatle                                 DETAILS
     Project Owner                                    Mr Abie Wentzel
       +27 83 292 1193                                Project Manager: Tourism Development                  Tourism KwaZulu-Natal
                                                        +27 31 366 7500

     If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
     responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

5                     DURBAN
                      FILM CITY

PROJECT LOCATION                                  African content and talent.
                                               PROJECT SECTOR
                                               Film, media and entertainment

                                               INVESTMENT VALUE
                                               R7.5 billion ($500 million)

                                               JOBS CREATION
                                               • 17 000 construction jobs over project
                                                 periods of five years;
                                               • 4 300 permanent operational jobs;
                                               • Job opportunities for unskilled and
                                                 semi-skilled labour; and
                                               • 300 opportunities for SMME’s, women-
                                                 owned businesses, youth, the disabled,
COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                      broad-based empowerment entities and
Videovision Entertainment                        entrepreneurs.
• Headed by renowned film producer,
  Anant Singh, the company has produced        DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT
  more than 80 films among which are           • Durban (eThekwini) Film City is a
  ‘Sarafina!’, ‘Cry, the Beloved Country’,       landmark project, the likes of which has
  ‘Red Dust’, ‘Shepherds and Butchers’           never been attempted in South Africa.
  and the Academy Award nominated                Located on the Natal Command site on
  films ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Mandela: Long           the Durban beachfront, the development
  Walk To Freedom’;                              comprises of a number of components
• Videovision Entertainment is also a            that work together and individually
  leading independent film distributor,          to ensure economic viability, while
  having acquired in excess of 3 500             changing the face of Durban, its tourism
  international films for distribution in        offering and local lifestyles to world
  South Africa; and                              class standards, integrating film studios
• Videovision Entertainment is committed         with tourism, lifestyle and entertainment
  to the ideals of independent filmmaking        elements, thereby creating a must-see-
  and to creating a global profile for South     must-do attraction for Durban.

The key elements of the development are:            PROJECT STATUS
       • Durban (eThekwini) Film Studios; The            • Feasibility and business plan completed;
         Film Industry Precinct- “Freedom                • Land transfer in progress; and
         Square”; Film Festival Park; Art                • Developer working with eThekwini’s
         Studios & Galleries; Markets of the               Catalytic Projects team and relevant
         World - Inspired by the films of South            departments on planning matters.
         Africa and the World; Beachfront
         Precinct- “Ocean Drive”.                        PARTNERSHIPS
                                                         • A variety of partners would be
     FINANCED BY                                           required to facilitate the investment,
     • Privately funded and project seeks                  including national, provincial and local
       private investors.                                  government.

     Nilesh Singh                            DETAILS
     Video Entertainment                     Mr Innocent Hlongwana
        +27 31 204 6000                      General Manager: Investment Promotion             Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal
                                                +27 31 368 9600

     If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
     responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

6                    DURBAN POINT

PROJECT LOCATION                              the proposed Development Plan will
                                              yield a range of measurable positive
                                              impacts, in the immediate area of the
                                              development, in the CBD, in respect of
                                              job creation, rates revenue, national tax
                                              revenue, as a contribution to the overall
                                              quality of the City of Durban. The local
                                              existing property values are likely to
                                              increase by 10% and Central Durban
                                              property values are likely to increase by

                  Metro                     PROJECT SECTOR
                                            • Tourism and Property development

                                            INVESTMENT VALUE
COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                 • Approximately R35 billion ($2.3 billion)
  UEM Sunrise
• This is a R35 billion ($2.3 billion)      JOB CREATION
  development to take place over a period   • Approximately 11 000 construction
  of 15 years;                                jobs will be created and 6 750 more
• The development is funded by a              permanent jobs will be created upon
  Malaysian company which owns 81%,           completion of the development.
  whilst 19% is owned by a local Black
  company, Rockpoint. The project will      PROJECT DESCRIPTION
  create about 5 000 job opportunities;     • Featuring      world-class     beachfront
• The development is anticipated to           ambience, the project will include mixed-
  become a key attraction area, injecting     use developments, residential units,
  about R200 million ($13.3 million)          retail outlets and restaurants, 5-star &
  annually into the city’s rates base and     6-star hotels, A-grade & B-grade office
  anticipated GDP / GVA contribution of       blocks, and a beachfront promenade
  more than R700 million ($46.7million)       with public amenities.
  upon completion; and
• A socio-economic assessment of the        FINANCED BY
  development proposals concluded that      • Government incentive & shareholders

funding; and                                      • Beachfront    Promenade      is under
     • Approximately R550 million ($36.7                   construction (approximately 750meters
       million) has been invested in the project           in length & 35meters in width).
       to date mainly for bulk infrastructure
       development.                                      PARTNERSHIPS
                                                         • Identify potential partnerships with
     PROJECT STATUS                                        South African B-BBEEs & funding,
     • Overall development period will be 15             • Identifying investors with good market
       years and development will be done in               brand & experience which will also add
       3 phases;                                           value to the development;
     • The project has received all development          • National and provincial government;
       approvals;                                        • Private sector;
     • Phase 1 Infrastructure (Bulk Water &              • Local government; and
       Sewer) completed in October 2017; and             • Economic development agencies.

     PROJECT PROMOTER                                          RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTION AND
     Mr G. Bevarah Soban Baabu                                 CONTACT DETAILS
     Head of Operations                                        Mr Innocent Hlongwana
     UEM Sunrise                                               General Manager: Investment Promotion
       +27 31 337 3460                                         Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal
       +27 60 693 6340                                            +27 31 368 9600              

     If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
     responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

7                    ELDORADO

                                              INVESTMENT VALUE
                                              • The overall project investment will be
                                                R700 million ($47 million).

                                              JOBS CREATION
                                              • 1 800 construction jobs and 650
                                                permanent jobs will be created through
                                                the development of Eldorado Estate.

                                              PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                                              • Eldorado Estate will comprise of 750
                                                residential opportunities;
                                              • The Estate will be a residential mixed-
COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                     land use offering freehold, sectional-
Rowles Property Group, Watercrest Mall          title and retirement accommodation
• Founded in 1997 and headed by CEO             opportunities; and
  David Rowles, the Rowles Group has          • The 16 hectare site overlooks the Durban
  focused on real estate development            Metropolitan Open Space conservation
  in the Outer West region of eThekwini         node and fronts onto the Nkutu river.
  Municipality. It has been involved
  in retail, residential and industrial       FINANCED BY
  investment projects; and                    • The project is currently seeking private
• The Outer West region of KwaZulu-Natal        investor and debt funding.
  has experienced strong growth over
  the last 20 years and the Rowles Group      PROJECT STATUS
  have been at the forefront of real estate   • The proposed land uses are being
  development in the region.                    researched and the site development
                                                plan is being completed.
• Property Development

     • No joint venture partnerships have been
       signed on this project;
     • Local government; and
     • The project is seeking private investor
       and debt funding.

     Mr. David Rowles                    DETAILS
     Chairman: Rowles Group              Mr Innocent Hlongwana
       +27 83 654 1114                   General Manager: Investment Promotion                Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal
                                            +27 31 368 9600

     If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
     responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

8                      eTHALA

PROJECT LOCATION                                 raw material;
                                               • Whilst the bioethanol policy is in
                                                 discussion, the project promoter has
                                                 prioritised production of biodegradable
                                                 lubricants from sweet sorghum. This
                                                 initiative is supported by a technological
                                                 partner from USA, Novvi. The project
                                                 promoter has approached IDC and
                                                 African Development Bank for funding;
                                               • The energy that will be generated from
                   Municipality                  biomass (waste from Imfe) will generate
                                                 30 MW of electricity which can supply
                                                 30 000 households. Job opportunities
                                                 will largely benefit Black communities
COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                      from the plantation phase through to
eThala Biofuels                                  processing phase.
• eThala BioFuels is a South African
   BEE Level 1, 100% Black-owned and           PROJECT SECTOR
   Black female-led company, with locals       • Agro-processing
   having a reserved stake through their
   land contribution. The project entails      INVESTMENT VALUE
   biorefinery of sweet sorghum (iMfe)         • R5 billion ($333 million) at full completion.
   syrup to biodegradable, renewable
   biomaterials (Bagasse; Bioethanol;          JOBS CREATION
   Farnasene; Biogas) that can be              • Estimated permanent jobs is 200; and
   processed to bioelectricity, heat and       • Construction jobs estimated at 5 000.
   power, biofuels, bio-base oils, renewable
   jet fuel, renewable diesel, with CO2 and    DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT
   biofertiliser as sellable by-products.      • The project entails biorefinery of sweet
  35 000 hectares of land has been secured       sorghum (iMfe) syrup to biodegradable,
   from the communities for plantation of        renewable    biomaterials      (Bagasse;

BioEthanol; Farnasene; BioGas) that can              costings have been completed; and
       be processed to bioelectricity, heat and          • Feasibility and preliminary designs are in
       power, biofuels, bio-base oils, renewable            progress
       jet fuel, renewable diesel, with CO2 and
       biofertiliser as sellable by-products.            PARTNERSHIPS
                                                         • National and provincial government;
     FINANCED BY                                         • Private sector;
     • Project seeks private investors                   • Local government;
                                                         • Economic development agencies; and
     PROJECT STATUS                                      • African Development Bank.
     • Project pre-feasibility, business plan and

     Mr Pita Jabulani L Mbatha            DETAILS
     eThala Group COO                     Mr Innocent Hlongwana
       +27 83 760 2900                    General Manager: Investment Promotion                  Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal
                                             +27 31 368 9600

     If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
     responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

9                      FINNINGLEY
                       ECO ESTATE

PROJECT LOCATION                                  JOBS CREATION
                                                  • At full development, the project will yield
                                                    an estimated 95 000 construction jobs
                                                    and over 277 000 operational jobs.

                                                  DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT
                                                  • The      project     entails    integrated
                                                    transformation of 3 000ha of agricultural
                                                    land for the development of the resort,
                                                    school, research facilities, racetrack, an
                         Umdoni                     airport, residential area, agricultural and
                         Municipality               industrial development.

Finningley Eco Estate                             • Bulk Infrastructure to       be installed
• The project entails transformation of             by government and             international
   around 3 000 hectares of agricultural            organisations; and
   land for the development of the resort,        • Private investors
   school, research facilities, racetrack, an
   airport, residential area, agricultural and    PROJECT STATUS
   industrial development; and                    • Feasibility study has been completed;
 • The project is located 50km south of           • Environmental Impact Assessment
   the city of Durban. The nearest towns to         approval granted subject to conversion
   Finningley are Umkomaas, located 5km             of land through Act 70 of 1970;
   to the north and Scottburgh located 3m         • Specialist studies such as socio-
   to the South.                                    economic and agricultural studies have
                                                    been completed;
PROJECT SECTOR                                    • Other potential private investors
• Mixed-use development (Eco Estate                 sourced; and
  development)                                    • Land use conversion outstanding.

INVESTMENT VALUE                                  PARTNERSHIPS
• The Investment value of the project is          • National and provincial government;
  estimated at R50 billion (+/- $3.5 billion)..   • Private sector; and

• Local government and economic
       development agencies.

     Mr Vaughan Coetzee                       DETAILS
     Development Director                     Mr Innocent Hlongwana
     Finnningley Eco Estate                   General Manager: Investment Promotion
        +27 74 281 7073                       Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal                    +27 31 368 9600

     If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
     responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

10                    MICROSUL
                      ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD

PROJECT LOCATION                              JOBS CREATION
                                              • The project will create 70 permanent
                                                jobs and 30 construction jobs.

                                              PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                                              Sulphur micronising
                                              • There are two products produced in the
                                                micronising plant - micronised elemental
                                                sulphur and micronised sulphur ash.
                                                Micronised elemental sulphur is further
                                                beneficiated by other companies
                                                - for applications in the industrial
                                                sector including the manufacturing of
                                                fertilisers, fungicides, soil nutrients,
COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                     tyres, cosmetics etc. Micronised sulphur
Microsul Engineering (Pty) Ltd                  ash, as recovered from Foskor, is a
                                                waste recycled product. It has special
• JDW Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a majority       applications in the manufacturing
   Black-owned, South African registered        of specialised ureas and phosphate
   Company (Reg. No. 2016/433113/07).           fertilisers, which are unique to South
   The company is headed by a South             Africa. The sulphur ash, is a waste to
   African Engineer/Director, Mr Tony           Foskor, micronising of the ash provides
   Wood, and the current company                value addition and removes the high
   shareholding comprises of Blessed            costs and disposal issues faced by
   Santo (Pty) Ltd (51%) and Anthony G.         Foskor;
   Wood (49%).                                • The finished elemental sulphur and ash
                                                are sealed in 20kg bags and stacked
PROJECT SECTOR                                  on pallets in the dispatch store. (Sealed
• Manufacturing                                 concrete floor in an enclosed steel frame
                                                building); and
INVESTMENT VALUE                              • JDW Engineering (Pty) Ltd will be using
• R35 million ($2.3 million)                    technology from Germany and the

United States. The technology is an               PROJECT STATUS
       enabler of the production of sulphur              • Feasibility studies completed; and.
       coated and infused fertilisers, which will        • Site secured at the Richards Bay
       be a first in South Africa.                         Industrial Development Zone.

     FINANCED BY                                         PARTNERSHIPS
     • Currently seeking a B-BBEE equity                 • Richards Bay Industrial Development
       partner with R15 million ($1 million)               Zone.

     Mr Tony Wood                                      DETAILS
     Director: Microsul Engineering (Pty) Ltd          Mr Sibusiso Ndlovu
        +27 82 413 8495                                Manager: Investment Promotions                         Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone
                                                         +27 35 797 2600

     If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
     responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

                     MKHUZE AIRPORT
                     CITY DEVELOPMENT

PROJECT LOCATION                            • Residential sector.

                                            PROJECT SECTOR
                                            • Mkhuze Airport City Development –
                                              Mixed Use Development

                                            INVESTMENT VALUE
                                            • The project value is estimated to be
                             District         R2.8 billion ($186.7 million)
                                            JOBS CREATION
                                            • Estimated number of jobs to be created
                                              over 2018/19 and 2019/20 fiscal period:
                                              - Temporary Jobs – 300
COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                   - Permanent Jobs – 500
uMhlosinga Development Agency
                                            PROJECT DESCRIPTION
• The uMhlosinga Development Agency         Mkhuze Airport City Development Project:
  is a municipal entity dedicated to the    • The uMhlosinga Development Agency
  planning and implementation of a            (UMDA), acting on behalf of the
  programme of sustainable economic           uMkhanyakude District Municipality, has
  growth and development in the district      identified the potential of a new regional
  of    uMkhanyakude,      North-Eastern      airport at Mkuze town to act as a catalyst
  KwaZulu-Natal                               to stimulate economic development
                                              in the region by attracting scheduled
Targeted Priority Sectors:                    and non-scheduled flights to service
• Hospitality and conference;                 both the tourist industry and the air
• Aerospace and aviation-linked               transportation needs of the agricultural
  manufacturing and related services;         and general business sectors.
• Cultural and heritage;
• Agriculture and agro-processing;          • Learning from the current trends of
• Retail and leisure;                         aerotropolis around the world, this
• Office parks; and                           project aims at developing a precinct

around the airport that provides non-
       aviation services, to make the project    PROJECT STATUS
       sustainable and profitable, hence the     • Environmental authorisation for the
       project is named Mkhuze Airport City        project has been secured;
       Development and the objective is to       • Feasibility and electrical studies were
       develop both aviation and non-aviation      completed in 2009;
       land uses.                                • Aviation precinct has been fenced and
                                                   runway rehabilitated;
     • The Mkhuze Airport City Development is    • Terminal building engineers have been
       managed by uMhlosinga Development           appointed, drawings and plans approved
       Agency on behalf of the land owner,         by Project Steering Committee.
       uMkhanyakude District Municipality.       • Currently engaging with potential private
       uMhlosinga Development Agency has           sector investors for Public Private
       a dedicated team for the development        Partnership.
       of this project and sources specialist
       technical professionals to advice on      PARTNERSHIPS
       best practice for the development of      • National and Provincial Government;
       the Mkhuze Airport City and subsequent    • Private sector;
       catalytic stimulation of economic         • Local Government; and
       development within Umkhanyakude           • Economic Development Agencies.
       District Municipality.

     • Government as the owner of the
       property is responsible for bulk
       infrastructure installation through the
       Special Economic Zone Fund and the
       KwaZulu-Natal provincial government
       budget funding. Serviced land is made
       available to the private sector through
       lease agreements.

Mr S’thembiso Mbatha              DETAILS
Airport Manager                   Mr Innocent Hlongwana
   +27 35 550 3080                General Manager: Investment Promotion               Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal
                                     +27 31 368 9600

If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

12                    NONOTI BEACH

     PROJECT LOCATION                               JOB CREATION
                                                    • 1 000 direct jobs; and permanent
                                                    • Approximately 2 000 construction jobs
                                                      will be created.

                                                    DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT
                                                    BEACH RESORT
                                                    • Proposed community-owned beach
                                                      resort, located in KwaDukuza
                                                      Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal. A 3-4 star
                                                      hotel to accommodate a total of 822
                                                      beds with sea views, swimming pools
                                                      and walkways that lead to the beach,
                                                      restaurant facilities and conference
     Inqaba Community Trust
     • Inqaba Community Trust represents
                                                    FINANCED BY
       200 families who own about 450ha
                                                    • Project seeks funding from private
       of land through the land restitution
       and redistribution programme. The
       land is earmarked for residential and
                                                    PROJECT STATUS
       commercial developments; and
                                                    • Feasibility studies and business plan
     • Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal,
       Tourism KwaZulu-Natal, Ilembe District
                                                    • Environmental Impact Assessment
       Municipality, Enterprise Ilembe and
       Industrial Development Cooperation
                                                    • Specialist studies including
       supports the project development.
                                                      geotechnical assessment and traffic
                                                      impact assessment have been
     PROJECT SECTOR                                   concluded; and
     • Tourism and Property Development             • Zoning approval is still outstanding.

     INVESTMENT VALUE                               PARTNERSHIPS
     • R2.5 billion ($167 million)                  • The project requires an investment

partner and an operator with beach                • Private sector;
  resort experience;                                • Local government; and
• National and provincial government;               • Economic development agencies.

Mr Hilton Morris                                  DETAILS
Chairperson: Inqaba Community Trust               Mr Innocent Hlongwana
  +27 71 063 1364                                 General Manager: Investment Promotion                              Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal
                                                     +27 31 368 9600

If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

13                     NTSHONGWENI URBAN

     PROJECT LOCATION                                  building phases; and
                                                     • 35 000 permanent jobs are projected
                                                       to result from the development upon

                                                     DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT
                                                     • Ntshongweni       Urban     Development
                                                       is a 2 000 hectare integrated human
                                                       settlement development strategically
                                                       located on the SIP2 corridor. The
                                                       development is envisaged to be a key
                                                       economic hub for the currently under-
                               Metro                   serviced Outer West region within the
                                                       eThekwini Municipality;
                                                     • The development will be anchored by
     COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                       a regional shopping centre, mixed-use,
     Tongaat Hulett                                    residential, industrial and commercial/
     • According to a feasibility study, Tongaat       business assets;
       Hulett is the developer of this project and   • Retail and urban core: will be anchored
       has a track record in projects such as          by a regional shopping centre which
       uMhlanga Ridge Town Centre, Cornubia,           will act to catalyse the mixed-use
       Bridge City, Riverhorse Valley, Zimbali         commercial, residential and business
       Coastal Resort, Mount Edgecombe and             sites in the surrounding precinct. Of a
       Sibaya Coastal Precinct.                        total 78 hectares for the first precinct,
                                                       the regional shopping centre will initially
     PROJECT SECTOR                                    compromise of 85 000 square metres
     • Property Development                            on 14 hectares. The balance of the
                                                       precinct’s developable land is allocated
     INVESTMENT VALUE                                  to mixed use, catering to residential
     • R28 billion ($1.7 million)                      apartments, offices, business and the
                                                       like, together with open space parks and
     JOBS CREATION                                     squares;
     • 400 000 short-term construction jobs
       will be created over time and over the        • Logistics and business park: warehousing

and light industrial business park             • The development will begin with the
  development along the transport                  mixed-use retail and urban core precinct
  corridor with a mixture of office and civic      with the regional shopping centre as the
  uses;                                            central anchor;
• Residential:       various      residential    • Design reviews have been initiated for
  components with a potential 20 000               the regional shopping centre
  homes on completion, including the             • This first precinct has received
  Assagay Valley residential precinct and          Environmental Impact Assessement
  related uses such as retirement, a lifestyle     approval and the SPLUMA/ zoning
  residential component and an integrated          approval has been decided; and
  residential expansion of between 5 000 –       • The overall development is projected to
  10 000 homes as planned in partnership           take around 15 to 20 years to complete.
  with the eThekwini Municipality and the
  Provincial Government including the             PARTNERSHIPS
  Housing Agencies; and                          • The development has been declared
• The natural beauty of the area will be           a catalytic project by the eThekwini
  honoured with provision for an extensive         Municipality ensuring it aligns with the
  open space network, for active and               broader development goals for the city
  passive recreational use, along with             and province.
  accessibility to adventure nodes such as
  Shongweni Dam and Giba Gorge.

• The project is looking for private
   investors and debt funding.

• The first land transaction is for the
  development of an 85 000 square metre
  regional shopping centre that is planned
  to commence in 2021;

     Mr Andile Mnguni                            DETAILS
     Tongaat Hulett Development                  Mr Innocent Hlongwana
       +27 83 451 4716                           General Manager: Investment Promotion                 Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal
                                                    +27 31 368 9600

     If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
     responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

14                   PROSTAR
                     EXPORT PAINT (PTY) LTD

PROJECT LOCATION                                 corporate organisations, both regionally
                                                 and     nationally.   Consistency     and
                                                 innovation drive the company to provide
                                                 excellent core products as well as
                                                 promote new specialised goods;
                                               • The company is backed by local
                                                 technical support and all research
                                                 and development is undertaken by
                                uMhlatuze        independent laboratories and raw
                                                 material suppliers, which ensures that
                                                 they are at the very edge of technological
                                                 advances within the industry. The
                                                 company prides itself on compliance
                                                 with all known regulations concerning
COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                      safety, labelling and environmental laws;
ProStar Export Paint (Pty) Ltd                   and
• The business is registered as ProStar        • The plant in Durban will be retained and
  Export Paint Pty (Ltd), (Reg No.               the Richards Bay operation is considered
  2014/274317/07) and is an expansion            as an expansion programme to respond
  operation of ProStar Paints, currently         to export markets and demands.
  located in Durban. This BEE Company
  was originally set up as a distributor of    PROJECT SECTOR
  paint and accessories and today, the         • Manufacturing
  company has grown into a manufacturer
  of paints;                                   INVESTMENT VALUE
• Company shareholding - the company           • R75 million ($5 million)
  is 100% Black-owned and currently in
  the process of extending its partnership     JOBS CREATION
  with other local BEE individuals with the    • The project will create 50 permanent
  aim of achieving a Level 2 BEE status;         jobs and 50 construction jobs.
• Its customer base includes distributors,
  contractors, developers and various          PROJECT DESCRIPTION

Paint manufacturing company                   expansion as a medium-term expansion
     • Key markets to be serviced by ProStar       strategy. The ProStar Paints operation
       Export Paint are:                           in Durban currently exports 40% of its
                                                   products to SADC countries and has
     Decorative Market                             two other factories based in Tzaneen
     • Low VOC decorative paint for general        and Gweru in Zimbabwe. It is envisaged
       public -interior and exterior;              that these markets will be serviced by
     • Temperature reducing roof paint;            the export operation to be based in
     • Decorative paint with anti-bacterial        RBIDZ.
       shield for bacterial control; and
     • Water-based systems to replace solvent    FINANCED BY
       borne enamels and varnishes.              • Seeking equity partners/investors with
     Industrial Market
     • Water-based anti-corrosion paint for      PROJECT STATUS
       metal protection;                         • Approved building plans in place; and
     • Water-based photo-luminiscent road-       • Site secured at the RBIDZ.
       marking paint; and
     • Solvent-free epoxy screeds for areas      PARTNERSHIPS
       where high levels of hygiene protection   • Seeking equity partners/investors; and
       is needed.                                • Richards Bay Industrial Development
     Export market
     • ProStar Export Paint has identified
       the continent of Africa as its primary
       market. SADC countries are targeted for

Mr Vergan Kumar                           DETAILS
Managing Director                         Mr Sibusiso Ndlovu
ProStar Export Paints (Pty) Ltd           Manager: Investment Promotions
  +27 84 798 6923                         RBIDZ                  +27 35 797 2600

If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

15                  RICHARDS BAY INDUSTRIAL
                         DEVELOPMENT ZONE

     PROJECT LOCATION                              identified over 1 000 hectare site for
                                                   future development;
                                                 • Enjoys the Special Economic Zone
                                                 • Greenfield development, purpose-built
                                                   to facilitate beneficiation of mineral
                                                   resources-related business; and
                                                 • Licensed as Customs Controlled Area.
                                                 PROJECT SECTORS
                                                 Targeted sectors include:
                                                 • Metals beneficiation
                                                   (Aluminium, titanium and iron ore);
                                                 • Agro-processing (pulp, horticulture
                                                   and meat production);
     COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                 • Port Optimisation (ship building and
     Richards Bay Industrial                       repair, containerisation, oil and gas);
     Development Zone                            • Renewable and clean energy (solar,
     • The project is located in Richards Bay,     fuel cells and biomass); and
       approximately 160km north-east of         • ICT (techno parks and innovation hubs).
     • Immediately adjacent the Richards Bay     INVESTMENT VALUE
       Harbour, which is regarded as South       • R12.420 billion ($826 million) for all signed
       Africa’s premier bulk port;                  investors including the two operational
     • 50-year master plan, the project             investors; and

• R12 billion ($800 million) estimated         • Preferential 15% corporate tax for
  investment value for the next 3 years.         qualifying entities;
                                               • Building allowance: Ten year write off
JOBS CREATION                                    period for qualifying buildings and fixed
• Currently there are 2 operational              structures;
  investors that have created 102 direct       • Employment incentives for low salary
  jobs and 561 indirect jobs; and                workers;
• The MTEF target for job creation are:        • Customs controlled area: Import duty
  Permanent: 1 925                               rebates for production-related and
  Construction: 3 300                            exported products, and VAT exemptions
                                                 under specific conditions for supplies
PROJECT DESCRIPTION                              procured in South Africa;
Development consists of:                       • Enhanced 12i tax Incentive: designed to
• Phase 1A – 62 hectares developed land          support greenfield investments, as well
  for low impact general industry adjacent       as brownfield investments; and
  to the Port of Richards Bay; and             • High-end infrastructure: funded through
• Phase 1F – 185 hectares earmarked for          high-end the provincial government and
   general industrial development located        SEZ Fund.
   6 kilometres from the Port of Richards
   Bay.                                        PARTNERSHIPS
                                               • National and provincial government;
FINANCED BY                                    • Private sector;
• Government, as the owner of the land         • Local government; and
  is responsible for internal infrastructure   • Economic development agencies.
  installation and development, paving
  the way for the lease of the land to
  prospective investors.

• 172 hectares serviced land available for
The project offers:

     Mr Pumi Motsoahae                             DETAILS
     CEO: Richards Bay Industrial                   Mr Innocent Hlongwana
     Development Zone                              General Manager: Investment Promotion
       +27 35 797 2600                             Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal                   +27 31 368 9600

     If there is interest in this project please contact both the Project promoter at the
     responsible institution and the project manager to ensure that your query is addressed promptly

16                   RICHARDS BAY LEATHER AND
                     ACCESSORIES (PTY) LTD

PROJECT LOCATION                               for leather processing especially
                                               in KwaZulu-Natal as most of the
                                               companies producing footwear and
                                               automotive leather seats in South Africa
                                               import finished leather from abroad; and
                                             • The establishment of a leather
                                               processing business in the Richards Bay
                                               Industrial Development Zone is likely to
                             uMhlatuze         encourage other businesses to invest
                                               in leather-related fields and therefore to
                                               further boost the economy of Richards
                                               Bay and neighbouring environment.

                                             PROJECT SECTOR
COMPANY NAME AND BACKGROUND                  • Agro-processing
Richards Bay Leather and Accessories
(Pty) Ltd                                    INVESTMENT VALUE
                                             • R 100 million ($6.6 million)
• Richards Bay Leather & Accessories
  (Pty) Ltd was established to develop and   JOBS CREATION
  operate a leather processing plant;        • The project will create 50 permanent
• Richards Bay Leather & Accessories           jobs and 20 construction jobs.
  (Pty) Ltd intends to purchase chrome-
  tanned leather (known as wet blue) from    PROJECT DESCRIPTION
  both the local market and other African    • The project entails establishment of the
  countries. This will then be processed        plant manufacture leather and, related
  and finished for both the local and           acceosories. Richards Bay Leather &
  export markets;                               Accessories (Pty) Ltd’s research had
• Richards Bay Leather & Accessories            showed that there are only two small
  (Pty) Ltd has conducted comprehensive         tanneries in KwaZulu-Natal which is
  research into the leather industry            unable to meet its demand. Chrome-
  and identified potential opportunities        tanned leather will therefore be imported

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