Chatbots explained    Messaging and chatbots   The five chatbot families
64%                                 $1.25B                                                       5
                            round-the-clock                           The worldwide                                        of the 20
                          availability is the key                     chatbot market                                  most popular apps
                          advantage of chatbots                          by 2025.                                on the Apple Store in Q1 2018
                       for 64% of people surveyed.                                                               were instant messaging apps.

                                   27B                                    64%                                                 61%
                            customer service hours               of people would choose                               of baby boomers like
                             will be saved thanks to             instant messaging over                                 chatbots’ ability to
                               chatbots by 2023.                 email or the telephone.                             answer simple questions

        Sources : State of the chatbots, 2018 ; Grand View Research, Inc, 2017 ; The Top Mobile Apps, Games, and Publishers of Q1 2018: Sensor Tower’s Data
        Digest, 2018 ; Juniper Research, 2017 ; “Facebook Messaging Survey” by Nielsen, Mars 2016 ; State of the chatbots, 2018.

                                      Page 3                          Chatbots two years on: let’s go even further,
                                                                      by Laurent Uberti

                                                              1|      DECODING
                                      Page 4                1.1 |     Chatbots: back to basics

                                                            1.2 |     Chatbots, a maturing market to be handled with care

                                                              2|      EXPERT ANALYSIS
                                      Page 10               2.1 |     How to design and enhance your chatbot, by Josselin Moreau
                                                            2.2 |     Focus on chatbot roll-out, by Geoffrey Boulakia

                                                              3|      DISCOVERING

                                      Page 16               3.1 |
                                                            3.2 |
                                                                      Revisiting chatbot families
                                                                      Other chatbots we like

                                      Page 30                         From chatbots to voicebots,
                                                                      by Geoffrey Boulakia


                                                                LAURENT UBERTI

                          CHATBOTS TWO YEARS ON:
                           LET’S GO EVEN FURTHER
             Excitement around chatbots is intensifying. At the            Likewise, for TSC, the Sitel Group digital CX agency; chat-
             ­moment it feels like every day is one where ano-             bots have become part of our day-to-day experience.
              ther brand is launching another AI-enhanced                  Having delivered dozens of chatbots for ­customers in
              conversational app. This intensity we’re experien-           very different sectors throughout ­Europe and beyond,
              cing started building in 2016. That’s when Facebook          we have acquired leading-edge ­            expertise and
              integrated chatbots into its Messenger platform and          ­refined the methodical approach necessary to de-
              in doing so, helped to create a proper ecosystem for         liver for the most demanding of brands.
              users, brands and developers. By April 2017, 30,000
              chatbots called Messenger home. Now that number              But crucially, this best-practice approach has been
              stands at over 300,000. And while Facebook was the           honed in collaboration. Our capabilities have been
              first to enable brands to offer customers a ­cross-device,   enhanced and reinforced by reaching out to the right
              cross-channel chatbot experience, the other major
              ­                                                            partners and by being challenged by the growing
              platforms, from WeChat and Viber to T     ­elegram, are      ­expectations of our growing client base.
              catching up.
                                                                           Together we have become evangelists for chatbots
             When we published our first White Paper focusing              when they enhance the customer experience. We have
             on these smart conversational agents in 2016, it was          spread the word by participating in conferences and
             because we recognised their potential - even though           workshops, highlighting their usefulness and features
             chatbots as a channel were still in their early develop-      and underlining what they can realistically achieve.
             ment stage. Thanks to our experience and our ability
             to map innovation to the reality of delivering customer       And this is why, two years on, it is time to revisit the
             relations, it was clear to see how this technology was        subject with a new White Paper with new objectives.
             set to simplify consumers’ daily digital lives.               It aims to go further into the chatbot universe; to help
                                                                           you understand their capabilities via a closer look at
             The time since that publication has been an especially        solutions TSC has delivered for major brands; but
             rewarding one for customer relations. It has seen the         above all it aims to help you grasp the reality of their
             introduction of chatbots across a number of different         potential impact on your business.
             channels, exponential market growth and genuine
             technological progress.                                       Technology may be changing, but customer expecta-
                                                                           tions - speed, reliability, and seamlessness of service
             Far from being a fad, chatbots have asserted themsel-         - remain constant. No matter how innovative, if a brand
             ves as a fully fledged customer service ­phenomenon.          can’t meet a customer need or takes too long to deliver
             They are now demonstrating the power we                       a response; that customer engagement will stop. It’s
             ­predicted to not just simplify, but to enhance the           why our clients are becoming more demanding, and
              customer experience - be it for insurance, retail, utili-    it’s why the most ambitious CX aims of yesterday are
              ties, or media and entertainment. Brands are realising       already today’s must haves.
              that the conversational messaging app is the channel
              of choice for consumers who want to communicate. On
              Messenger alone, Businesses and customers currently
              exchange 8 billion messages a month.

1 DE-


                1.1 CHATBOTS: BACK TO BASICS

               On its own, a chatbot, or bot, is no big deal. It’s a com-    Rather than being used as marketing gimmicks, chat-
               puter program designed to simulate a written (think           bots are being used in an increasingly prominent role
               Messenger) or oral (think Amazon Alexa) conversation          within customer relations and in delivering customer
               with a person; and to automate certain processes wit-         satisfaction. However, this deployment only works
               hout human intervention.                                      when the bot is a clear extension of a specific brand
                                                                             and its values, and when its use really does enhance
               A chatbot is a perfect blend of artificial intelligence and   rather than hinder the customer journey.
               language processing and is part of the third big family
               of digital interfaces after websites and apps.


               It should be clear. A channel that’s open all hours and        The most advanced AI-guided bots can take this ­further
               that can provide an instant answer while ­demanding            and can deliver responses tailored to the ­individual.
               nothing from the user other than to first pose a ques-         But first and foremost, a chatbot is a digital exten-
               tion, ­presents a number of advantages.                        sion of its brand. Its tone, vocabulary and turn of
                                                                              phrase must be in tune with the organisation’s
               A chatbot can hold multiple conversations with multi-         ­corporate identity.
               ple users simultaneously. It saves precious time for
               increasingly impatient, increasingly demanding                If built around the brand and executed correctly, a bot
               consumers. It makes browsing through page after               will bring your customers closer to your business. Once
               page of a website in search of an answer a thing of           it’s been configured and trained, a chatbot becomes
               the past. A chatbot brings your FAQs to life by guiding       a smart conversational agent. It can automate simple
               users through a series of questions to gather the infor­      customer service or deliver tailored support and res-
               mation needed to understand what they want and                ponses such as making product recommendations or
               serve up the appropriate content.                             highlighting specific services in line with an individual’s
                                                                             wants or tastes.

               WHAT ARE THEY FOR?

               Chatbots exist to simplify the conversation between           c­ lassifies as: commercial; customer service; experien-
               brands and consumers. At present they fall into                tial; entertainment; and human resources.
               five broad categories in terms of use case that TSC

                                                                                                          Happy customers
                                                                                                          Better experience.

               WHERE DO WE FIND THEM?

               Increasingly, the chatbot’s natural habitat is the mes-       It also means that once open, the channel stays open.
               saging app, where direct integration is now the norm.         While a user is busy chatting to a friend on Messenger,
               This is a huge boon for businesses. These platforms           they can also interact with a chatbot on the same plat-
               are quick becoming the communication interface of             form to book an Uber or order pizza. The experience
               choice for consumers – WeChat, Facebook ­Messenger            is seamless and natural, no switching between apps or
               and WhatsApp have a combined 4.6 billion active               screens required.
               users. This means that consumers don’t have to down-
               load yet another app to access a chatbot, or complete
               a registration form and create yet another account and
               password to get started.

               WHEN DID THEY APPEAR?

               Chatbots   predate the PC. Work by MIT on the first,          in, giving us Facebook’s Messenger chatbot integration
               christened Eliza, started in 1964 but it is in this century   in 2016, plus genuine progress in the field of artificial
               that the wave a technological progress washed the first       intelligence. This has enabled chatbots to do more
               virtual agents ashore. This tide has continued coming         than simply articulate a list of FAQs.

                                    “             Chatbots exist to simplify
                                                  the conversation between brands
                                                  and consumers



               1.2 CHATBOTS,
               A MATURING MARKET
               TO BE HANDLED WITH CARE
               Like everything from PCs to tablets, chatbots have tra-    thanks to an acceptance of past disappointments and
               velled along the adoption curve and passed through         an understanding of their true capabilities. Chatbots
               the hype cycle. They arrived with fanfare in 2016. They    are not a magic wand, but that doesn’t mean that they
               hit their peak of unreasonable expectations in 2017.       can’t have a magical effect on your business.
               Now they’re moving along the curve towards maturity


               There are three chatbot types: Basic; Intelligent; and     Basic chatbots don’t make mistakes because they’re
               Hybrid. “Basic” chatbots are designed around simple        providing specific responses to specific questions.
               decision trees that guide users through a series of        Yet they’re limited in terms of customer experience.
               pre-set questions. “Intelligent” chatbots understand       A basic chatbot means that users have no latitude in
               natural language and are endowed with artificial intel-    the way they ask questions or on the subject of those
               ligence. There are also “Hybrid” chatbots that occupy      questions.
               the space between intelligent and basic and that com-
               bine scripts and AI but require human intervention in      An intelligent chatbot is big on experience because it
               more complex cases.                                        gives users the freedom to ask the types of questions
                                                                          they want, the way they want to ask them. But to deli-
               No category is better than another. A basic chat-          ver that type of customer experience requires not just
               bot is simple to build and needs the least technical       a more complex design and development phase, but
               development. However, each potential question and          also a learning phase where the bot is trained to deli-
               answer combination has to have been anticipated at         ver the expected customer outcomes.
               the pre-development stage.


               The importance of the learning and training phase          launch the publication didn’t make it clear exactly what
               is often underestimated and has resulted in brands         Tibot was there to do. Users presumed they were talk-
               launching chatbots that have not been thoroughly           ing to a journalist and got some interesting answers as
               tested. If a bot cannot understand a request, it cannot    a result.
               provide the appropriate answer.
                                                                          Such experiences highlight the emphasis companies
               For example, French newspaper Nice Matin has been          like TSC place on fully evaluating all parameters, from
               very open about why its intelligent chatbot, Tibot,        the diversity of situation, to vocabulary and brand
               failed to deliver and was taken offline. Its development   identity, before deciding on a basic or intelligent chat-
               team didn’t spend sufficient time analysing how the        bot. “Ultimately, for many clients the solution isn’t one
               publication’s user community communicate – i.e. the        or the other,” explains Josselin Moreau, TSC’s Head of
               type of vocabulary and approach to spelling. So the        Strategic Planning. “In many cases the challenge is to
               bot wasn’t trained for these outcomes. Secondly, upon      deliver a seamless blend of both – a hybrid chatbot.”



               Thanks to the experience that comes with dozens of        Yet, even with a focused approach, it can be easy to get
               successful chatbot implementations, we are in a strong    it wrong. “It is a lot easier to make an appointment by
               position to point out the pitfalls to avoid for brands    selecting a date and a time using a dedicated interface
               serious about building a solution that delivers a va-     than via a series of questions and answers,” explains
               lue-added customer experience.                            Moreau. “If your bot is focused totally on conversatio-
                                                                         nal excellence and doesn’t take into account situations
               The first mistake organisations make is thinking that a   such as multiple choice questions or the interface
               bot can handle every aspect of their existing customer    ­within a chat window, that bot will fail.”
               relationship management.
                                                                         Therefore, don’t build a bot that tries to do too much.
               A chatbot’s real talents lie in smoothing, simplifying    The best chatbot does one thing and it does it
               and enhancing a specific element of customer service;     ­better than any other interface.
               one usually being handled by a different channel. The
               most effective bots are those designed to operate in
               specific situations.

                               “            A chatbot’s real talents lie in
                                            smoothing, simplifying and enhancing
                                            a specific element of customer service


               From optimal use of time, enhanced user service and       bot conversations are logged, the organisation conti-
               customer knowledge, to instant chat, each of a chat-      nues to gain valuable insights into customer beha-
               bot’s strengths can be deployed in customer care          viour and expectations.
               support. Juniper Research estimates that by 2023,
               chatbots will be saving 27 billion customer service       Likewise, a chatbot can prequalify and stream cus-
               hours, annually.                                          tomers. It answers initial questions before connec-
                                                                         ting a customer to a contact centre agent who will
               Bots’ round-the-clock availability eases the burden       already have all the relevant information to answer
               on contact centre agents. They in turn are freed up       a question or solve a problem thanks to the chatbot
               to focus on handling high-value interactions where        conversation logs.
               empathy and emotion are crucial to delivering a
               differentiated customer experience. And as all chat-



               Chatbots’ understanding of complex queries will            Even in an increasingly digital world, it is impossible
               continue to improve in line with advances in Natural       to imagine customer service without human empathy
               Language Processing (NLP) to the point where a bot         and understanding at its heart. It will be down to the
               could one day be capable of conducting a 100% human        market to learn how to best integrate the human touch
               conversation.                                              with automation.

               Today that future reality is still some distance away.     The rush to market in 2016 saw a lot of players and
               NPL does add an extra layer of engagement and cus-         even more experimentation in the field of chatbots.
               tomer experience. However, to deliver, a bot that uses     Two years later this frantic activity has settled, resul-
               NPL needs to operate within a clearly targeted range       ting in a clearer view of the platforms and professionals
               of vocabulary, and where there is a narrow path along      capable of helping deliver the right solution.
               which to guide a user in terms of question range.
                                                                          Nevertheless, the quality of a chatbot is only as good as
               One of TSC’s major convictions is that the chatbot is      the auditing and vetting process in terms of resources
               a step towards the enhanced customer care advisor          and solutions that precedes it.
               who is free to focus on delivering high-value interac-
               tions. A person has the emotional intelligence and         Two years ago, chatbots were unable to live up to the
               the ­understanding of feelings needed to address           hype or to meet brands’ expectations. Today with the
               ­complex issues. A bot has the ability to constantly and   right expertise in place, they are ready to deliver.
                consistently execute simple, repetitive tasks.

                           “             A person has the emotional intelligence
                                         and the understanding of feelings needed to

                                         address complex issues. A bot has the ability
                                         to constantly and consistently execute simple,
                                         repetitive tasks

                                                                                                      Happy customers
                                                                                                      Better branding.
2 EX-


                                                               JOSSELIN MOREAU

               2.1 HOW TO DESIGN AND

              When building a chatbot, never forget that what             understand clearly where conversation and automa-
              users want above all is simple, effective interac-          tion will be situated within it.
              tion. ­
                    Never cut-and-paste content from another
              channel, but always think through all potential             The technology needs to reflect what the business
              ­problems in the pre-design phase.                          is aiming to achieve. How will it integrate into the
                                                                          ­organisation’s existing ecosystem? Does the choice of
              Chatbot design should be based on customer need              ­chatbot type reflect intended goals? For example, if the
              and informed by the type of experience a brand is             ultimate aim is to automate a repetitive task, a chat-
              seeking to deliver. For these reasons, as well as poten-      bot capable of conducting a meaningful conversation
              tial benefits, each potential risk the project presents       could complicate the project unnecessarily.
              needs to be clearly identified and mitigated at the
              ­inception stage – before design begins in earnest.         The next key consideration is the hosting platform.
                                                                          Will the chatbot be delivered via one of the messaging
              A chatbot will not exist in isolation and therefore it      apps already installed on the majority of consumers’
              ­cannot be designed in isolation. That’s why a brand        smartphones; or will it be hosted via a proprietary
               must consider the customer journey as a whole and          ­solution such as the brand’s own app or website?

              CHOICE OF PLATFORM

              Facebook Messenger may be able to boast 300,000             From Messenger and WeChat, to Twitter, Business
              chatbots on its platform, but that doesn’t mean it is ne-   Chat and Slack, there has never been so much
              cessarily adapted to the goals of all brands. For a B2B     choice for a brand looking for a platform to sup-
              or HR chatbot, a messaging app could be a turn off.         port its chatbot.

              Not everyone is comfortable with using the same             Facebook’s latest innovation is a new plugin called
              channel for personal and professional communication,        Customer Chat. It enables an organisation to integrate
              and this could mean getting user buy-in is a challenge.     Messenger into its own website with the same features
                                                                          and conversation threads as the smartphone app. But
              In such cases, it would be better to develop a chatbot      Facebook isn’t the only entity innovating in this space.
              around a website, proprietary app or a B2B messaging        Each of the major players offers tools and features that
              service. But a messaging app doesn’t always tick every      make it easier for any brand serious about building a
              box for B2C use either. There could be interface or se-     chatbot to meet its objectives.
              curity shortfalls depending on the type of experience
              the brand is looking to achieve.



              When conversing with a bot, customers need to feel            Every organisation needs to adapt the tone and
              like they’re talking naturally to your brand. A clear defi-   ­vocabulary to its own brand universe and the image
              nition of the chatbot’s identity – one in phase with the       it w­ ishes to project. A conversation is a direct and
              brand’s values and reflective of customer experience           ­engaging interaction for both business and customer
              across its other channels – should be incorporated at           alike and its impact can be major in terms of brand
              the design phase.                                               perception. It can create further points of contact and
                                                                              foster greater loyalty. And it starts with a feeling.
              How will it sound? Will it use a formal or colloquial
              English? Will it have a sense of humour? Is it going          An exchange needs to generate positive emotions.
              to have a masculine, feminine or robotic persona?             Therefore, a brand should focus carefully on the
              A brand needs to answer each one of these questions,          substance and form of the customer’s experience
              and decide if the bot will have a visual representation,      with the chatbot.
              in order to deliver the desired experience.

                          “             A conversation is a direct and engaging

                                        interaction for both business and customer
                                        alike and its impact can be major in terms of
                                        brand perception


                                            WHAT’S UP
                                         WITH WHATSAPP?
                      With over 1.5 billion active users and counting,    Nor can they use it to continually attempt to
                      plus a daily message count of 65 billion, the       engage customers in conversation. There is
                      business appeal of WhatsApp is clear to see.        a 24-hour window in which businesses can
                                                                          respond to a customer question or maintain
                      After an initial 12-month pilot that saw 3 mil-     an existing conversation thread. Beyond that
                      lion s­mall-to-medium-sized enterprises join        timeframe, an organisation has to pay an
                      the platform via a dedicated app, WhatsApp          ­extra charge to keep talking.
                      has officially launched its communications
                      solution for larger organisations. It’s called
                      ­                                                   “This business model puts a premium on
                      the WhatsApp Business API and it rolled out         ­quality interaction,” explains Josselin Moreau.
                      in August 2018.                                      “It forces brands to be efficient, proactive and
                                                                           to focus squarely on their customer care.”
                      Organisations can use it to send what
                      ­WhatsApp defines as quality interactions –         Whether it’s WhatsApp Business App for
                       notifications, delivery times, payment receipts    smaller firms or Business API for enterprise
                       and information related to purchases. But          use, brands now have the possibility of rea-
                       they can only use it if the customer in question   ching a projected 2 billion consumers by the
                       has already shared his or her phone n  ­ umber.    end of 2018.

                      The idea is that unlike an automated SMS;           WhatsApp is the app for meaningful conver-
                      each of these messages is more than just an         sation with people that mean something to
                      alert. It’s an opportunity for a conversation as    the user. Now by opening the platform to
                      the customer can respond.                           business, it could become the app for mea-
                                                                          ningful conversations with brands that mean
                      However, businesses cannot use this paid-for        something to the user, too.
                      service to push purely promotional content.

                                                                                                       Happy customers
                                                                                                       Better trust.

                                                               GEOFFREY BOULAKIA

              2.2 FOCUS ON
              CHATBOT ROLL-OUT

              In 2018, a chatbot needs to be able to maintain a             These findings will enable you to build the detailed
              conversation with a user and add value to the cus-            ­dialogue and storyboards needed and to do so within
              tomer experience.                                              the context of the overall customer journey.

              To do this a bot has to be solid, reliable, adaptable and     Once the bot and its back office have been developed
              crucially, ‘educated’. To be truly effective a bot needs to   they need to be integrated into the existing IT environ-
              be taught by dedicated ‘bot trainers’.                        ment. Then, if it’s an intelligent chatbot using NLP, it
                                                                            needs to be trained.
              Planning the bot’s conversational architecture
              forces a brand to consider every different scenario           Each phase – architectural design, development,
              it could potentially handle.                                  ­testing and roll-out – must comply with specific pro-
                                                                             duction processes to ensure success.
              From FAQ analysis to web and archival research, it
              means collecting and collating all the data needed to
              construct conversational paths and to understand
              the reasons why a customer contacts your customer

                      “             There can never be enough testing. Even if your
                                    brand is more than familiar with your customers’
                                    mindsets, there will still be surprises, therefore

                                    the aim should be for a chatbot capable of
                                    adapting to these often improbable situations


              A TESTING TIME

              Initial in-house testing is undertaken to ensure the          ­valuating performance thresholds and for setting
              chatbot’s stability and to enhance its linguistic skills.     the next set of benchmarks as well as planning how to
                                                                            achieve them.
              Each conversation scenario is tested, one after the
              other. The bot must understand intentions and                 When it comes to education, bots can be trained by IT
              words that may have different meanings depen-                 developers or project leaders. But the best teachers
              ding on context. And it must be able to leverage              are those people who have the greatest familiarity with
              its own conversational history to prompt or steer             a company’s brand, its customers, their contact drivers
              a user. An additional testing phase with users will then      and their expectations – i.e. customer advisors.
              further refine performance.
                                                                            TSC and Sitel Group are convinced this expertise
              There can never be enough testing. Even if your brand         should be harnessed and industrialised for chatbot
              is more than familiar with your customers’ mindsets,          training and have created a “Bot Trainer” interface. It
              there will still be surprises. Therefore, the aim should      enables advisors to train and calibrate chatbots to bet-
              be for a chatbot capable of adapting to these often im-       ter u
                                                                                ­ nderstand and respond to customer questions.
              probable situations.
                                                                            But no matter how intelligent your chatbot, its per-
              The greater the use of NLP, the greater the scope for         formance should be measured in terms of how useful
              conversation and the greater the need for testing             customers find it. Developing a chatbot is one thing,
              and training. Hence it’s crucial to set performance           training and fine-tuning it so that it meets or surpasses
              ­expectation levels right at the beginning of the pro-        user expectations is another entirely.
               cess. The analysis of initial conversations initiated with
               an NLP-powered bot will serve as the benchmark for

                                                                NEW ROLES

                                          Far from removing humans from customer relations,
                                     chatbots are actually creating new roles in design and training.

              CHATBOT DESIGNER                          CHATBOT COPYWRITER                      BOT TRAINER
              Anticipates conversations in or-          Writes dialogue and gives life          ‘Educates’ the chatbot by ­teaching
              der to design the related cus-            to the chatbot’s conversational         it how to understand customer
              tomer paths and imagine what              identity.                               Q&As formulated in natural lan-
              users might do.                                                                   guage. This training usually conti-
                                                                                                nues beyond the roll-out phase.

3 DIS-


             3.1 REVISITING
             Whether hosted on Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber, or on a brand’s on website, bots can be deployed for a
             huge variety of different reasons, yet they can all be categorised by a small number of use cases.

             At TSC, we have identified five broad families of chatbots based around their primary uses:

             •    the service chatbot which provides the user with a specific service;
             •    the commerce chatbot which performs a commercial transaction;
             •    the experiential chatbot which delivers an experience;
             •    the entertainment chatbot; and
             •    the HR chatbot: The latest thing

             Many companies are beginning to realise the benefits of deploying virtual HR assistants. They are always available
             to answer generic employee questions relating to subjects such as training or holiday entitlement. They also free
             up time for HR managers to focus on business critical activities. HR chatbots reflect a growing trend of perceiving
             and treating employees as internal customers and therefore delivering them a quality customer service. This now
             extends to potential employees with chatbots being used to converse with job applicants and for presenting the
             company to new hires.

                                 SERVICE          COMMERCE         EXPERIENTIAL     ENTERTAINMENT            HR
                                 CHATBOT           CHATBOT           CHATBOT           CHATBOT             CHATBOT


                                  THE EXPERIENTIAL CHATBOT
                                               Fondation Ramsay: helping the nation’s health

             THE CHALLENGE                                               v­ alidated by the members of Ramsay’s Scientific
                                                                          ­Committee, ­lending them the full weight of the brand’s
             In June 2017 with the launch of a dedicated Facebook          authority.
             page, French healthcare specialist Fondation ­Ramsay
             started a long-term public information initiative           The chatbot, which can be accessed on Ramsay’s
             focused on health and prevention. It shared useful
             ­                                                           Health and Prevention Facebook page or its website,
             ­advice aimed at people of all ages on topics such as co-   allows users to freely ask questions. It uses NLP to pro-
              ping with heatwaves, exam stress, cancer treatments        cess the request and propose an appropriate answer.
              and allergies.
                                                                         It also offers three routes – one per subject – to better
             To strengthen its position in the prevention sector fur-    potential health outcomes for users. After answering
             ther, the Foundation decided to follow up with a chat-      a series of questions about their current lifestyle, in-
             bot. It could be proactive in providing help and advice     terests and hobbies, the chatbot provides users with
             on the healthcare subjects about which the French pu-       a path to a goal, assigning them tasks and challenges
             blic were most concerned.                                   along the way and featuring resources including web
                                                                         content, video and expert advice.
             THE SOLUTION
                                                                         For instance, if a user wants to quit smoking for 30
             Encouraged by the effectiveness of an earlier quit          days, the chatbot will send him or her daily advice, and
             smoking chatbot designed by TSC in 2016, the                will also provide weekly feedback to help maintain mo-
             ­Foundation turned again to the agency to launch a          tivation. If the user’s will power is beginning to falter,
              healthcare support companion.                              the chatbot can also sound the alarm and start propo-
                                                                         sing solutions to help turn things around.
              To identify the health and prevention subjects that
              needed to take precedent, TSC developed an inno-           A testimonies section allows people to share their
              vative protocol. It conducted a social listening cam-      experiences in relation to the different themes and
              paign that collected and collated two years’ worth of      to encourage users to stick with it. This is all precious
              data from social networks, plus health and prevention      earned content for the Foundation which it shares on
             ­forums.                                                    its Facebook page.

             The agency then engaged in social listening on the          RESULTS
             three most popular healthcare topics identified to
             properly understand how they preoccupied the pu-              Officially launched on 1st November, the chatbot is
             blic and the types of questions being asked. “The idea      in its initial phase, allowing users to access informa-
             was to analyse the main conversations and subjects by       tion and set goals around the three identified health
             theme,” explains TSC senior digital consultant, Ahmed       ­themes. However, because it has been designed to
             Hadjar. “We managed to identify the major concerns           be scalable from the outset, the chatbot’s capabilities
             around three themes: stress, stopping smoking and a          will soon grow to offer advice and guidance on more
             balanced diet.”                                              ­health-related matters.

             The information gathered was fed into the chat-
             bot while responses to questions were drafted and


                                      THE COMMERCE CHATBOT
                                                 Gemo: giving customer service a new look

             THE CHALLENGE                                              As well as designing the chatbot’s conversational paths,
                                                                        Gemo and TSC worked together to define the identity
             French prêt-à-porter label Gemo was formed in 1991         and personality of Lookbot down to its tone of voice.
             and today boasts 460 outlets across the country.
             It was looking to win new customers – especially           What’s more, Lookbot is complementary to existing
             millennials – and enhance its brand image in their         channels. It allows users to speak directly to a sales
             eyes, by providing a unique and innovative service.        ­adviser with access to all of the exchange history, at
             At the same time it also wanted to create an impac-         any time during the interaction.
             tful omnichannel experience that would drive future
             ­in-store traffic.                                         RESULTS

             THE SOLUTION                                               During the chatbot’s campaign run, 70% of people
                                                                        ­attracted to this new way of shopping were new to the
             In partnership with TSC, Gemo came up with ­Lookbot,        brand.
             a chatbot designed to provide customers with a
             ­personal shopping experience. Based on the answers        With Lookbot, Gemo was presented with a new way of
              to a few questions on the theme of "my holiday suit-      listening to customers and understanding what they
              case", Lookbot gives customers personal style advice      want in terms of styles, tastes, budget, and brand ex-
              and a selection of four or five suitable products avai-   pectation. Furthermore, three-in-four Lookbot users
              lable to order from the website. Consumers can then       declared the experience satisfactory.
              choose to answer more questions to align the selec-
              tions even further with their personal style.

                     “            Lookbot is complementary to existing channels.
                                  It allows users to speak directly to a sales adviser

                                  at any time during the interaction who has access to
                                  all of the exchange history


                                      THE COMMERCE CHATBOT
                                      Lidl: the virtual wine waiter that always serves the right bottle

             THE CHALLENGE                                               Accessible via Lidl’s Facebook page and on Facebook
                                                                         Messenger, Balthus asks users questions on topics
             German supermarket chain Lidl has been hosting wine         such as price, grape variety, region and the type of
             fairs in France for the past 15 years. It was looking to    ­occasion, to make the best wine recommendations.
             enhance its user experience by making it easier for
             customers to familiarise themselves with its range of       If a suggestion hits the spot, the customer just needs
             over 140 products.                                          to click once to find the closest Lidl store that has it in
                                                                         stock, or can choose to order the bottle online instead.
             Therefore, the chatbot’s mission was perfectly clear:
             help customers find that perfect bottle, whatever the       RESULTS
             occasion. For Lidl, this was a way of taking shoppers on
             a voyage of discovery through the entire breadth of its     Balthus has clearly found the right tone with cus-
             wine cellar.                                                tomers. During September 2017 he gave advice to
                                                                         4,800 unique customers and clocked up 40,000 inte-
             THE SOLUTION                                                ractions in the process. The company now intends to
                                                                         roll out its wine waiter chatbot for each of its future
             Lidl turned to TSC to develop Balthus. He is a chatbot      wine fairs and during the Christmas period.
             wine waiter who answers questions in a hearty, frien-
             dly tone reflecting the supermarket’s brand image of
             approachability and inclusiveness.

                           “             The chatbot’s mission was perfectly clear:

                                         help customers find that perfect bottle,
                                         whatever the occasion


                                           THE SERVICE CHATBOT
                                         Agipito: the chatbot that makes complicated things simple

             THE CHALLENGE                                                To make certain of a seamless experience, TSC came
                                                                          up with a graphical style that would reflect Agipi’s
             Agipi is mutual insurance company that offers pen-           strategy, brand image and existing visual assets. Then,
             sions, life, and health insurance solutions to individuals   to drive traffic to the chatbot, the agency also made a
             and businesses.                                              promotional video.

             As part of a campaign to attract new members, Agipi          RESULTS
             wanted a bot that could help people assess their own
             insurance needs and easily understand the company’s          Agipi is using the specially adapted back office to track
             offerings.                                                   the click rate on individual pathways to understand
                                                                          which products and offerings most align with poten-
             THE SOLUTION                                                 tial and existing customers. It is using this information
                                                                          to calibrate promotional activities and to add new
             TSC helped the brand to develop a chatbot accessible         ­features to the chatbot.
             on Facebook Messenger and on the Agipi website by
             using Facebook’s Customer Chat Plugin. It was built
             around a clear decision tree that set out each of the
             company’s offers tailored to prospective and existing

                          “             The chatbot was developed around a

                                        decision tree setting out all of the different
                                        offers tailored to prospects and members

                                                                                                      Happy customers
                                                                                                      Better service.

                                           THE SERVICE CHATBOT
                                          Direct Energie: taking customer experience into account

             THE CHALLENGE                                               i­nformation to users who are then free to respond if
                                                                          they wish.
             Choosing an electricity or gas supplier is one of, if not
             the key moment in the utilities brand-customer rela-        RESULTS
             tionship. Every step of the process can be a source of
             stress for the customer and a strategic opportunity for     This chatbot has more than 10,000 users, over half
             the organisation.                                           of whom completed the questionnaire at the end
                                                                         of the process, giving it a 95% satisfaction rating.
             Direct Energie wanted a solution that would signi-
             ficantly enhance the customer experience during             On the basis of its own satisfaction with TSC, Direct
             these critical moments. It would provide an addi-           Energie is now developing a new chatbot – this time
             tional, personal round-the-clock customer relations         focused on customer care - that will leverage LUIS
             communication channel, optimised for handling large         natural language processing and will launch in 2019.
             numbers of enquiries.                                       This conversational bot will initially help customers
                                                                         deal with their most common queries such as the date
             THE SOLUTION                                                and amount of their next bill, but its scope could be
                                                                         expanded to cover contract amendments and transac-
             Direct Energie initially partnered with TSC to design a     tions, too.
             scripted chatbot that enables customers to follow
             each step to creating an account; from choosing a           Direct Energie wants this to be a “trans-channel” chat-
             password and setting up their online dashboard              bot. It will launch on its mobile app, which already has
             and profile, to knowing exactly when their account          its own conversation channel, before being rolled out
             would go live and they officially become customers.         to the website and to Facebook Messenger.

             By deploying a balanced push/pull strategy, the brand
             can also use the chatbot to send out useful further

                        “            By deploying a balanced push/pull strategy,
                                     the brand can also use the chatbot to send out

                                     useful further information to users who are
                                     then free to respond if they wish


                                              Vinci: Using a chatbot to activate job applicants

             THE CHALLENGE                                               The chatbot uses gamification to prolong interac-
                                                                         tions. It memorises scores, tracks progress within
             In March 2017, Vinci Group, the world’s largest             a challenge and can prompt users to continue on
             construction company based on revenues, launched a          their quest or to undertake another mission. It also
             corporate campaign called ‘You’ll be Glad You Chose         enables participants to email Vinci directly if they have
             Us’. It was aimed at raising its profile as an employer.    questions; or to click through to the company’s recruit-
             The group wanted to attract the brightest and best          ment site to learn more about careers on offer.
             new talent by aligning its values and qualities with
             those of potential employees. The campaign was built        RESULTS
             around five adjectives and five related challenges:
             ­audacious; curious; ambitious; generous; and creative.     The chatbot significantly raised Vinci’s brand awar-
              The idea being that anyone interested in working for       eness and garnered mainstream media atten-
              Vinci could undertake one of the challenges, discove-      tion in the process. But more importantly, it also
              ring more about themselves and about the Vinci brand       ­enabled the brand to make a connection with and
              in the process.                                             ­recruit people with qualities and values in line with
                                                                           the business. It was particularly effective at attracting
             THE SOLUTION                                                  engineers, sales people and those that put a premium
                                                                           on innovation.
             TSC designed a multilingual conversational chat-
             bot accessible on Messenger to embody the cam-              The campaign ran for three weeks during which time
             paign and offer potential employees an immersive            the chatbot conducted 1,000 unique conversations.
             digital brand experience via the challenges.                Over 75% of challenges set were completed, and the
                                                                         company saw a continued increase in the number
             Once a user chooses to undertake a challenge, the           of interactions it has with potential employees via
             bot reveals more about the campaign and then poses          Messenger.
             questions based around one of the five adjectives.
             Getting all of the questions right means being entered
             into a draw with a chance to win a prize.


                                         Atonservix: the first AI-enhanced character in a theme park

             THE CHALLENGE                                                 i­nterviews with personnel to understand exactly what
                                                                            sorts of questions visitors have or potential problems
             Compagnie des Alpes owns 11 of the world’s largest             they encounter.
             ski resorts and 13 theme parks and tourist attractions
             throughout the French-speaking world. They welcome            At the same time, TSC performed an ecosystem ­audit.
             a combined 26 million+ visitors a year and as such, the       This was to understand the theme park’s existing
             company is always looking for ways to make its visitor        systems and to ensure that during benchmarking of
             experience more exciting, immersive and effortless.           available Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines,
                                                                           the solution that best fit the brief and the existing
             As part of reinventing the customer experience at Parc        ­infrastructure was chosen.
             Astérix, the Parisian theme park dedicated to the ­comic
             book character of the same name (whose adventures             “The client wanted to deploy the solution quickly with
             have been translated into 100 languages, sold in excess       the idea of evolving the bot over time and replicating
             of 325 million copies and inspired 13 films), Compagnie       it at other sites,” says Boulakia. “This meant that a
             des Alpes wanted a very specific customer experience          lot of forethought and planning was necessary in the
             solution. It had to deliver uniformity across channels        ­pre-development phase to ensure we built a solution
             so that customers always received the same quality of          in support of those future goals.”
             information; simplicity of use to remove friction or pain
             points; and personalisation in order to build stronger         The client also wanted the chatbot to homogenise, not
             relationships.                                                 replace existing channels. So while Atonservix brings
                                                                            a welcome self-care dimension and is capable of han-
             The company was also clear that it wanted a solution           dling large volumes of enquiries, it can also seamlessly
             that was able to help visitors before, during and after a      hand a user over to an agent at any time during an
             visit; and that could just as easily be used by the theme     ­interaction.
             park’s personnel to aid them in their work.
             THE SOLUTION
                                                                           Within two weeks of its soft launch in June, Atonservix
             Over nine months, TSC worked with Compagnie des               was helping 2,000 users via 35,000 interactions, and
             Alpes to design Atonservix (“at your service” in A
                                                              ­ sterix’s   had answered 6,400 questions. Compagnie des Alpes
             language), an intelligent conversational chatbot to           expects the chatbot to interact with 200,000 visitors
             meet this challenge.                                          in 2019 and to be able to answer a minimum of 220
                                                                           different intentions. Even now it is capable of tailoring
             “This was a unique challenge. It meant imagining              its responses based on the user’s profile and specific
             a real personality, in the brand’s image,” explains           needs – whether visiting alone, with friends or small
             Geoffrey Boulakia. “But also taking an innovative tech-       children for example. It can also leverage ­geo-positional
             nological approach, so users receive an immersive             and sensor data to give live updates on queuing times
             ­experience but above all, a real service.”                   at certain rides or help visitors find the fastest route
                                                                           around the park to their attraction of choice.
             To achieve this, a full analysis of data from the park’s
             contact centre, website and Facebook page was
             ­required. This was supplemented with qualitative


                  MEET ATONSERVIX!

                  The user’s first
                  experience of
                  ATONSERVIX is a
                  welcome message from
                  the helpful and engaging
                  character who wants
                  to be their theme park

                  THE VISIT

                  Before the visit begins,
                  ATONSERVIX gives the
                  park’s opening hours
                  and suggests different
                  itineraries based on
                  different modes of



                  Users receive
                  personalised information
                  so that they make the
                  most of their visit. If
                  they’re coming with
                  children, for example,
                  ATONSERVIX can
                  highlight age-appropriate
                  rides and direct them to
                  shows and restaurants.

                  WAITING TIMES

                  Waiting times are a big
                  factor when choosing
                  rides and ATONSERVIX
                  provides them in real


                  ADAPTED RESPONSES
                  BASED ON NLP

                  He is never short of ideas
                  and can handle a host of
                  queries directly, such as if
                  you can picnic in the park
                  or what you need to know
                  about the Pass Rapidus
                  bus pass.


                  Lost in the park? Don’t
                  panic! ATONSERVIX can
                  also guide users to a ride
                  or a show or simply to the


                  3.2 OTHER CHATBOTS WE LIKE

                       THE FIRST ONLINE DATING
                       There’s nothing more frustrating than         long design and development process
                       ­having to reply to dozens of questions on    that needed a major user testing phase to
                        personality, tastes and passions, when we    ­ensure a minimal failure rate and to boost
                        are looking for a partner.                    the bot’s intelligence.

                       That’s why Meetic is betting on its chatbot   Also, by developing a more human tone,
                       Lara, the first online dating assistant,      and ensuring that Lara responds a litt-
                       to make customers’ lives easier and           le less quickly (so it appears as if she’s
                       convert more prospects into users.            thinking), Meetic boosted the bot’s perfor-
                                                                     mance by 10%.
                       The robot collects simple data about
                       customers through a discussion that
                       ­                                             Lara interacts with 400,000 users a mon-
                       culminates in recommended profiles for        th in 10 different languages. She can
                       potential dates. The user describes their     be a­ccessed via Meetic’s website and
                       ideal person and Lara links the criteria to   Messenger account and interaction with
                       existing profiles in the database through     Lara is 30% more efficient than filling out a
                       selections made using a decision tree.        standard online form.

                       The chatbot uses an open question and         So, instead of a whirlwind romance, Meetic
                       answer dialogue so as not to limit users’     is counting on a long-term relationship.
                       search criteria. This means it required a


                  THE CHATBOT THAT
                  Since 2015, French start-up Jam has been       As a testimony to its success, Jam was
                  deploying one of the country’s busiest         one of three French companies chosen
                  conversational chatbots. Available on          by Facebook to have their bot deployed
                  Facebook Messenger and aimed mostly            on Chat Extensions. This feature allows
                  at Millennials, it provides round-the-clock    the start-up’s conversational agent to be
                  ideas on what to do in the French capital      used directly in user group discussions on
                  from exhibitions to the best bars.             Messenger.

                  It has grown into a lifestyle assistant that   The company has now launched a B2B
                  can now give recipe suggestions, tell jokes,   ­offering based on automated conversa-
                  and even act as a motivational speaker          tional surveys. The chatbot can quiz
                  sending users phrases that reflect the          Millennials and brands can use the
                  brand’s philosophy of “two minutes a day        ­findings to get to know this generation
                  for a sharper view of the world”.              better. With 450,000 users – 100,000 of
                                                                 whom are daily users – Jam sends 2 million
                  Jam was quick to spot the potential of         messages a week.
                  Messenger for growing its business given
                  younger people’s penchant for instant
                  messaging and now intends to make its
                  chatbot its main distribution channel.


                                                             GEOFFREY BOULAKIA

             Chatbots are far from a fad. They’re becoming a ­vital,      Likewise, these platform capabilities are set for enhan-
             omnipresent solution for brands and consumers                cement with the launch of new formats such as Apple
             looking for constantly enhanced experiences. They            Business Chat and Google’s RCS. Both can add fur-
             mark the beginning of the conversational business            ther value to content displayed as text on smartphone
             era, a new chapter in the relationship between               screens, be it interactive maps or visual representa-
             ­humans and machines where the act of conversa-              tions of boarding cards or cinema tickets. Therefore
              tion becomes a value-added business asset.                  they’re yet another opportunity for brands to enrich
                                                                          the customer relationship.
             Since 2016, the chatbot ecosystem has matured qui-
             ckly and in doing so pulled into sharp focus their true      But even without leveraging Google’s latest innova-
             potential and their potential uses. This image is only       tion, brands need to think about how they leverage
             going to get sharper still as the technology develops        conversational business technology. What was once
             further and more global players move into the market.        the pinnacle of customer experience is now the norm.
                                                                          Chatbots represent a crucial technological tool for any
             The future of conversational agents looks bright. There      business serious about keeping customers satisfied
             is a chatbot for any business need or strategy and it        any hour of the day.
             can be adapted to any customer situation or profile.
             They are now delivering on their early promise - g­ iving    Messaging apps are fast becoming the preferred way
             customers the growing levels of responsiveness,              for consumers of all ages to communicate with brands
             ­personalisation and simplicity they increasingly crave.     and research shows that on average, a person is not
              As such chatbots will continue to drive change in the       prepared to wait more than 12 minutes for a response
              customer-brand relationship.                                to a question sent by social channels.

             From being on the periphery to occupying centre              And while chatbots currently have the leading role in
             stage, all of the major obstacles related to platforms       conversational business, they’re not the only actors.
             and channels that may have prevented a chatbot from          The surging popularity of smart speaker systems from
             taking a starring role in your customer relations, have      Amazon Echo and Google Home Assistant to Apple
             now been overcome.                                           HomePod mean that voicebots are now waiting in the
                                                                          wings. And while voicebot design has its own unique
             We can design chatbots for each of the major plat-           features (see the TSC White Paper on Voice for further
             forms – from Messenger, Telegram, or Skype to                information), like chatbots, they use a conversational
             ­Workplace and Slack – as well as for other conversatio-     interface and make life easier for users, which in turn
              nal channels such as a brand’s own website or app. The      creates added value and even more opportunities for
              unifying technology means that regardless of channel        brands to build a closer relationship.
              or platform, it’s now possible to simplify the vetting of
              customer requests while ensuring an improvement in
              customer experience.


             FRAMEWORK                             PRODUCTION                             HELLO, WORLD

              General                              Development                            Creating connections
              conversational                                                              between the channels
              architecture                         Integration
                                                                                          Launch campaigns
              IT Audit                             Education
                                                                                          Ongoing development
              Content                              Testing and revision

              Dialogue and storyboards


     With 75,000 employees – including 25,000 in Europe          A Digital CX agency incubated within the Sitel Group,
     – across 150 sites in 27 countries, Sitel Group contact     TSC specialises in Customer Relations Innovation.
     centres are populated by multilingual teams that strive     From conversational business expertise and chatbots,
     daily for operational excellence. Our global presence,      to social networking and managing communities, our
     combined with our local knowledge and flexibility, plus     team of 50 digital experts, data analysts, designers and
     our 48 working languages, allow us to respond quickly       creative IT experts is dedicated to building trust-based
     to business needs and market changes across industry        customer ecosystems and has the flexibility and daring
     sectors – whenever and wherever they occur.                 needed to turn your projects into real-world solutions .


         LAURENT UBERTI                           GEOFFREY BOULAKIA                           JOSSELIN MOREAU

      President and Founder                 Deputy General Manager EMEA                  Head of Strategic Planning
          of Sitel Group                               of TSC                                      at TSC

A graduate of Skema Business School,       A graduate of EM Lyon business            A graduate of Paris IX Dauphine
Laurent is President and Founder of        school, Geoffrey has been involved        ­University and CELSA, Josselin has over
­Sitel Group, a company formed when        in relational marketing within digital     10 years’ experience working in strate-
 his Acticall Group acquired Sitel in      agencies for over 10 years with a close    gic planning with digital communica-
 2015.                                     focus on creative, social and technical    tion agencies and has also co-founded
                                           innovation.                                an “Innovation Lab”.
Since the acquisition Uberti has suc-
cessfully merged both companies’           With the firm conviction that customer    A pioneer in adapting and applying new
DNA and, with an entrepreneurial           marketing was set to become one of        models of interaction to create cus-
mindset and digital vision, now leads      the pillars of the user experience, he    tomer experiences that add value, he
a 75,000-employee-strong group cur-        joined TSC in 2015 to be part of the      joined TSC in 2017.
rently ranked in the top three in the      agency’s rapid development. A true
world for BPO and customer care.           specialist in digital marketing and in    In his current role, Josselin is instru-
                                           integrating new forms of interaction      mental in assisting brands that have a
Uberti is heavily involved in promo-       within brands’ ecosystems, Geoffrey is    desire to innovate, to foster conversa-
ting the Customer Care sector and          passionate about communicating and        tion with their customers, and to t­ ailor
was President of SP2C (French call         promoting the agency’s team and its       their marketing goals to customer
centre professionals trade associa-        capabilities.                             ­expectations.
tion) for nearly 10 years. He has also
served as Vice-President of AFRC
(French Customer Relations Associa-
tion) and Vice-President of the French
­A ssociation for the promotion and
 ­development of a Social Responsibility

                                                                                                                                  © SITEL GROUP - CONTENT FACTORY - NOVEMBER 2018 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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                                                           53-55 Butts Rd,                    +44 (0) 800 444 221
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