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  1.   Foreword ................................................................................................................................
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  2.   Purpose of Tipperary County Council Festivals and Events Strategy..........................................
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  3.   Methodology................................................................................................
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  4.   Definitions ................................................................................................................................
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  5.   Vision ................................................................................................................................
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  6.   Categories of Festivals & Events held in County Tipperary ......................................................
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  7.   Key Challenges Facing Festivals and Events ................................................................
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  8.   New Model for Supporting Festivals and Events Sector
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  9.   Objectives and Recommended Actions ................................................................
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Appendix 1: Supports Available to Festivals & Events

Appendix 2: Publically Funded Festivals and Events,2015

Appendix 3:Festivals/Events Represented at Consultation Workshop

Appendix 4: Tipperary County Council Staff and SPC Sub Committee Consulted

Appendix 5: Other Public Bodies Policies Researched/Consulted

Appendix 6: Feedback from Consultation Workshops

Appendix 7: Funding under the Regional Programme of Festivals and Events
                                                                  Even Initiative,
            Fáilte Ireland in 2016

Appendix 8: Funding
               ding by the Arts Council in 2016

Appendix 9: Community Tourism Diaspora Initiative Funding 2016

Appendix 10:Festivals and Events Funded under the 2007-2013
           Rural Development Programme

                     (a) North Tipperary Leader Partnership
                     (b) South Tipperary Development Company

1. Foreword

            “Festivals and events complement the beauty of our landscape and the
            friendliness of our people with a rich variety of spectacle and experiences.
            These events will provide the backbone to the tourism calendar in
            communities throughout the country and add to our ability to grow overseas
            visitors and revenue”. Shaun Quinn, CEO, Fáilte Ireland

In making festivals, festival committees fulfil objectives of place making and community
building. They have a vision for their event, one which is usually ambitious and relevant to
their own place and time. Festivals challenge perceptions and norms, creatively responding
                        rtunities and encourage us to look at our own place with fresh eyes.1
to local needs and opportunities

August 2015 saw a group of young people from Clonmel perform their show “Forever
Young” which premiered at the Clonmel Junction Festival, 2015 at the International
Edinburgh Festival to international audiences2. Also, the Terryglass Arts Festival were
presented with two Community & Voluntary Association awards in 2015; the Arts, Culture &
Tourism Award 2015 and the CAVA Overall Achievement Award.

The festivals and events sector in Tipperary
                                   Tippera is predominantly run by local people on a
voluntary basis and Tipperary
                          ary County Council acknowledges the commitment and vision of
volunteers the length and breadth of the County
                                         C     ty who contribute so much to the County
through community leadership and action.

In a recent survey commissioned by the Arts Council entitled “The Arts in Irish Life 2014”,
                                                                                     2014” it
was found that 71% of adultsults agree that the arts play an important and valuable role in a
modern society such as Ireland3. In addition, 86% of those surveyed agreed that Arts activity
helps bring visitors and tourists to Ireland and 60% of those surveyed agreed that “even in
the current economic circumstances Local Authorities and Central Government should
maintain their level of funding to the Arts”.

 CREATE:News 16 May 2014 – Festivals and Collaborative Practices. Roise Goan, former Director of the Dublin
Fringe Festival

Remarks made by Thomas McCarthy,4(Poetry Competition judge at the 2015 Dromineer Literary
Festival) further underline the case for support for festival development in economic as well as
cultural terms:

        “This festival has become one of the key festivals in the calendar of Irish
        Literary festivals. You can see from the entries to the competitions that the
        name of Dromineer has spread to England, North America and even as far
        away as Australia. Just as one hundred and fifty years ago on this quayside at
        Dromineer the goods of North Tipperary were trans-shipped
                                                        trans shipped and exported to
        markets in Dublin, Liverpool and beyond, so now we see this Festival at
        Dromineer making the same great connections around the world. We see the
        power of cultural traffic, as once we saw the power of canal traffic out of the
        River Shannon.”

          he presence of a Festival like Dromineer gives North Tipperary a cultural
        edge, a cultural negotiating tool, in the long commercial discussions about
        Inward Investment in the future.........Supporting this Festival into the future is
        not only a cultural act, but an act of commercial self-confidence.
                                                          self confidence. It is because
        our poets look outward that investment flows inward”.

This strategy aims to find the most suitable methods for supporting,
                                                         supporting, sustaining and growing
the festival sector in County Tipperary into the future and to enable   en      the further
development of the ideas, creativity and vision embodied by these events in the County.

In particular,
            r, this Strategy also seeks to raise the cultural profile of the County so that
Tipperary becomes synonymous with a strong creative cultural offering. This can only be
achieved through focussed and targeted interventions and support. It is within this
     ework that this Strategy is drawn.

Poet, Aosdána Member, formerly Assistant Director of European Capital of Culture 2005

2. Purpose of Tipperary County Council Festivals and Events Strategy
The Action Programme for Effective Local Government - Putting People First5 envisages the
local government system performing a strategic role in relation to economic development at
the local level in partnership with the relevant government departments and agencies.
Public spending is increasingly under pressure and resources must       must be targeted to key
priorities. Indicative public expenditure in the form of direct grants to festivals in the region
of €375,000 was invested in the hosting of festivals and events in County Tipperary during
2015. This amount is not truly reflective of the  the overall level of support to festivals; if one
was to include staff costs for services such as advice and guidance from key local authority
staff (e.g. Arts Officer, Heritage Officer, Tourism Officer, etc.) and benefit in kind activity
carried out by Council
                     ncil staff such as street cleaning, erection of barriers, road closures, etc.,
the figure would be much larger.

Festivals and events are crucial to the fabric of life in County Tipperary and they deliver a
range of economic, social and cultural benefits.
                                              benefit . They entertain, they celebrate our
communities and they showcase our villages and towns and are often an expression of
identity and place.. They represent business, cultural, heritage and sporting assets
                                                                              a      and make
a positive contribution in influencing the perception of County Tipperary; they help to
stimulate local economic activity and enhance our social and cultural wellbeing.
                                                                               well       This
document will provide a policy framework to enable County Tipperary to successfully
  evelop, grow and diversify our offering of festivals and events over the coming years.

    Vision of Tipperary County
                         ounty Council’s
                                      ’s Community & Economic Development Department

         “Too lead and deliver on sustaining, promoting and improving the social,
           ity, cultural and economic wellbeing
                                       wellbeing of all citizens in the county of Tipperary
          through a positive proactive partnership approach to service delivery”

Tipperary County Council aims to promote and support local festivals throughout the
County that are not solely commercially focused, to support and      d assist those events that
have a tourism/cultural/artistic or community focus and which contribute significantly to
quality of life. Details of supports currently available to festivals and events are set out in
Appendix 1. This Festivals and Events Strategy
                                         Strat    has been considered and accommodated in
the development of the Arts Strategy,
                               Strategy, Tourism Strategy and other strategies for the County.


3. Methodology
This Strategy has been developed by the Community and Economic Development
Department of Tipperary County Council. A desktop study of festivals and events running
                                                                                  runnin in
the County in 2015 was conducted. This identified the  the level of expenditure and support
provided by the public bodies,
                           dies, whether by means of direct financial contribution/grant aid
from internal local authority resources or via the awarding of grants from national bodies
such as Thehe Arts Council and Heritage Council during 2015. Appendix 2 sets out a list of
publicly funded
          unded festivals and events held during 2015.

A working group was set up to scope out the development of this Strategy. The working
group comprised three elected representatives nominated from the Housing, Community &
Culture Strategic Policy Committee and two officials from the Council. A consultation
      hop was held in May 2015 to which two festival representatives from each of the five
Municipal Districts, across a variety and scale of events, were invited to attend. The purpose
of the workshop was to guide the development of the Strategy and to get input from key
stakeholders; namelyy festival and event organisers.
                                           organisers. The workshop was very well attended
and well received. (See Appendix 3 for list of festivals/events represented at workshop).
Relevant staff employed by the Council and other public bodies who offer support to
festivals and events have also been consulted with (Appendices 4 and 5 refer).

Following consultation with key festival and event organisers from across the County, staff
internal to the Council and stakeholders from other funding agencies, the need was
identified for a single Strategy that sets out:

    1. A tiered vision for events which supports tourism,
                                                    tourism, cultural, artistic and economic
       development in County Tipperary;
    2. A calendar of events happening in the County throughout the year;
    3. Where funding from TCC is available, that there is a clear funding process through
       which all eligible festivals and events can be fairly and objectively assessed within
       the framework of the tiered approach.

    3.1 Relevant
           evant Local Level Plans and Strategies

     unding and other supports offered to festivals and events in the County will be based
    on the objectives set out in the County Tourism Strategy, Sports Strategy, Heritage
    Strategy, Local Economic and Community Plan, Arts  Arts Strategy, Local Development
    Strategy and other such Strategies that may be developed by the Council. Existing
    examples include:-

3.1.1 Tipperary County Council’s Corporate Plan 2015-2019

The Corporate Plan provides a framework for the delivery of services by Tipperary County
Council. It seeks to build on Tipperary’s reputation as one county, one council and one team
working in collaboration with all stakeholders to generate shared solutions. The Plan sets
out the ambition for Tipperary to continue to be a desirable place to live, with accessible,
lively and attractive towns and picturesque and vibrant villages, surrounded by beautiful

3.1.2 Local Economic and Community Plan

The Local Economic and Community Plan for Tipperary has been recently     cently adopted.
                                                                                 adopted The
purpose of the plan is to set out the objectives and actions needed to promote and support
the economic development and local and community development       ent in the County. The Plan
provides a framework for all organisations to link their strategies
                                                          strategies and plans and to work in
partnership to achieve common agreed objectives.

3.1.3 Service Delivery Plan 2016

Tipperary County Council publishes an Annual Service Delivery Plan as required by the Local
Government Reform Act, 2014. The Plan identifies the services that TCC proposes to deliver
to the public in that year. The purpose of the Plan is to provide a corporate
document that highlights the services that will be provided by Tipperary County Council
across all directorates.. The 2016 Plan stipulatess that an All County Festival Strategy be

3.2     Linking Festivals and Events with Tourism

The Government recently launched
                             lau       a tourism policy entitled ‘People, Place and Policy –
Growing Tourism to 2025’ . The new Policy Statement sets out a range of objectives and
aims to grow tourism over the next decade. The plan sets out ambitious targets for growth
from overseas visits and associated revenues, and increased tourism employment. The
Policy also sets out thehe role of local communities in developing and delivering quality
tourism experiences. Local Authorities will have a key role in leading and supporting
communities in tourism that is now recognised at policy level. The strengths of local
authorities in developing
                   eloping tourism within their overall economic development role are also
reaffirmed in the new policy document. The statement includes a policy objective in relation
to the role in tourism for festivals and events. Support for events will be weighted towards
(a) those that offset the seasonal nature of tourism and (b) those with greatest overseas


tourism potential. The appropriate use of themed years (such as “The Gathering”) is also
being pursued at national level. The Festivals and Events Strategy for Tipperary will seek to
align its methodology for assessment and support based on these objectives for tourism in
addition to Arts Development objectives where relevant for Arts related festivals and

3.2.1 Tipperary Tourism Destination Development
                                    Developmen Plan

Tipperary County Council in conjunction with Tipperary Tourism Company adopted a
'Strategic Tourism Marketing, Experience & Destination Development Plan 2016 - 2021' for
County Tipperary in 2016. This is the first time in the history of Tipperary that a single
tourism plan has been developed for the County. The plan recognises the tourism benefits
from festivals and events and includes an objective under ‘Product Development’ to support
and grow a select number of festivals that have the capacity and and potential to attract
significant visitors to the county. Festivals, events and live experiences which embody the
Tipperary offering can significantly enhance the visitors experience and provide a stronger
offering for domestic and international visitors to the county.

Tipperary Tourism Company currently promotes festivals and events taking place
throughout the county on the county tourism website www.tipperary.com

   4. Definitions
During the focus group workshop held as part of the consultation process,
                                                                 process the definition of
festivals/events was discussed. The following definitions were agreed for the purposes of
the Strategy:

    An event is defined as a celebration, activity, exhibition or staged performance
    that is open to the general public for a limited time (not necessarily free of

    A festival is defined as a coming together of a collection of similar events that
    celebrate a single or general theme and are promoted as one within
                                                                   within this theme,
    and occur within a defined timeframe.

5. Vision
This Strategy covers a broad range of festivals and events of varying scales and types and
across various sectors and therefore a wide consultation process was required. Tipperary
County Council aims to realise the best means of coordinating the development of the
festival and event sector in the County and to develop new ways for the management of
festival and event funding.


   Tipperary County Council will support and facilitate the delivery of a mix of vibrant and
   sustainable festivals and events across the County that engage the community in a
   variety of ways and have a tourism, cultural, sporting, musical or artistic focus andan which
   contribute significantly to quality of life. In particular, TCC will seek to ensure that this
   Strategy supports the objective of the Council to raise the profile of Tipperary as providing
   a strong national cultural offering.

6. Categories
              ies of Festivals & Events held in County Tipperary

County Tipperary has a diverse annual events calendar, primarily dominated by local events.
Events of all sizes and types are important for a variety of reasons. These festivals and
events were (and continue  nue to be) initiated for many purposes, e.g. arts development
objectives, for a specific fundraising purpose, community development needs, for
commemorative or celebratory purposes, to promote sectoral interests (e.g. sporting,
heritage, artistic, food etc.), and to celebrate an annual event/time of year (e.g. Halloween,
St. Patricks Day etc.).

In the context of ensuring that appropriate support is targeted in the most effective
manner, it is necessary to classify festivals and events into the following categories:

Community – A festival or event which is centred around a community.
                                                                community. It may be an annual
or once off event. It is generally short in duration, a one or two day event and is usually free
or may be a local fundraiser and is most likely organised by volunteers. These events are
important to the social fabric of the locality and County and generate civic and community

Municipal – A festival or event that is staged for local people as a celebration
                                                                     celebration of an occasion,
but which is significant and attractive to the wider community bordering the host
community and is held over at least two days. Municipal events generate civic pride and a
sense of community and add to the vibrancy of an area. While these events may be initially
aimed at residents, they encourage visitors to an area to stay longer, add to a culturally rich
location and are often specialised in their programming. It is envisaged that each Municipal
District would support a minimum of one one such event to develop its potential over a 3 year
period as a MD in Development event(MDD).

Premier – A festival or event that attracts a large
                                              large audience and participation, and is usually
held over at least three days. These events usually have a positive
                                                                positive regional and perhaps
national profile, achieving widespread media coverage regularly and are often professionally
or semi-professionally
          professionally run. They are often specialised events with high elements of
originality which encourages people to travel to attend these events. They are usually of a
significant scale and/or ambition and contribute significantly to the local economy. It is likely
that this Council would initially support a maximum of two such events in the County per

This Strategy also encompasses the following:

Occasional Events-Events that happen on a one-off
                                                one off basis and meet the objectives of
Tipperary County Council plans and strategies – e.g. the 1916 Centenary Celebrations or The
Gatheringg Event which was hosted in 2013.

Nascent/Emerging Events - Events which are new or emerging and show signs of future
potential to develop and can demonstrate that they link in with the objectives of the County
Council. It is important that these events are supported as they will promote and encourage
innovation and creativity and may have the potential to scale up over time to become
premier events.

    7. Key Challenges Facing Festivals and Events

7.1 Challenges identified during Consultation Sessions & Recommended Actions

A public consultation workshop
                           rkshop was held during
                                                d       2015 to which two festival/event
representatives from each Municipal District were invited to attend. They represented a
variety of types and scale of festivals and
                                        a events.. Consultation with staff from the Local
Authority and other relevant
                     elevant public bodies also took place (Appendix 4 &5 refer).

It was established at both consultation forums that festivals and events help promote a
sense of community and identity and enhance the public profile of a town/village as well as
accruing economicic benefits to the area.
                                    area Feedback from the consultation workshops held as
part of the development of this Strategy was instrumental in developing strategic objectives
and recommended actions.

Some of the key issues raised at these workshops included:

   •   Challenges around energising and sustaining volunteers
   •   Spreading the benefits of festivals and events throughout the year
   •   Providing supporting information and advice to festival organisers and examples of
       best practice
   •   Assisting in promoting festivals and events
   •   Sustaining funding – particularly for the larger more ambitious festivals which have
       the potential to have a significant impact
   •   Raising awareness of funding opportunities
   •   Reducing the level of duplication
   •   Operational issues such as health and safety;
                                               safety; car parking arrangements; insurance;
       road closures; traffic management etc.

•   Cross selling the benefits of festivals to local communities (businesses; tourism,etc)
       so as to maximise their value to the community.

A more detailed summary of key challenges, recommendations and proposed actions are
outlined in Appendix 6.

    8. New Model for Supporting Festivals and Events Sector

A number of measures and supports can be provided through both the Council and other
agencies and it is important that they are delivered in a coordinated and structured manner.
These are outlined in more detail in Section 9.

It is also important to ensure that such supports are aligned to the categories of festivals
and events outlined on page 10 -11.  11. This is particularly important as one of the key issues
that arises relates to how limited resources can be targeted at the defined levels/categories
of festival or event.
                  nt. This is a difficult challenge to overcome. There is also a challenge for
the festivals who are ambitious to scale up due to the year on year funding system.

However, there are some areas where the Council can effect some positive supportive
direction which will assist it to achieve its aims in relation to growing and developing the
festival and events sector.

Table 1: New Funding Model

Category                   Supports
Premier Festival           A 3 year multi annual support programme to be offered to a
                           maximum of two events of potential national significance which
                           will include:
                               • Stronger proportion of funds from the MD and centre of
                                    TCC to the two selected events
                               • Events selected must meet criteria of premier category
                                    and be willing to demonstrate same
                               • Selected event must   ust be willing to capture and meet the
                                    required KPIs as set out by the Council
                               • Hands on support from the MD office but will be led and
                                    directed by the festival organisers
                               • Hands on support and advice from the relevant in-house in
                                    specialist (Arts; Heritage; Tourism,
                                                                   urism, etc.) in the context of
                                    working closely with the Premier festival to identify
                                    strategic direction and funding lines
                               • Benefits of being designated a “Premier” when seeking

funding from other sources and support from relevant
                               in-house specialist when seeking
                                                         eeking such funds
                           •   LEO support in the context of specific mentoring,
                               business planning, PR, etc.

Category                Supports
Municipal District      A 3 year multi annual support programme to be offered to a
Development (MDD)       minimum of one(and no more than 2)festival/eventevent in each
Festival/Event          District which will include:
                            • Lesser proportion (compared to Premier) of funds from
                                the MD to the selected event
                            • Events selected must meet the criteria of the MD
                                category and be willing to demonstrate same
                            • Selected event must be willing to capture the KPIs
                                relevant to an MD event
                            • Hands on support from the MD but will be led and
                                directed by the festival/event organisers
                            • Advice as required from specialist in the centre
                            • Benefits of being designated an MDD category when
                                seeking additional funding
                            • LEO support in the context of mentoring; PR; PR etc.
Other MD                An annual call made and annual funding allocation offered in
festivals/events and    the context of funds available. Support will also include:
Community;                  • Funding amount to be less than the Premier or MDD
Nascent;                        categories
Council Driven Themed       • Funding to meet less stringent criteria and less stringent
Festivals                       KPIs
                            • Advice provided by MD but will be wholly community
                            • Supports on festival operations and management will be
                                provided through workshops/seminars
                            • Alsolso have the opportunity to access funds through other
                                sources (diaspora etc).

8.1    Constraints on Funding Model

There is currently no evidence of coordination of the funding of festivals and events by
funding agencies throughout County Tipperary. It appears that support is offered on a
somewhat uncoordinated basis where best impact and value for money may not be
optimised. Currently there are different streams, different timelines and different
application processes forr funding. There are no key performance indicators to indicate the
success or otherwise of events in the context of the priorities of this strategy.

Festival funding in the past from TCC comes either through the Municipal Districts or the
Centre. Central funding
                   unding for festivals which comes directly through the Councils own revenue
is limited and is generally category restrictive (i.e. arts or tourism based). The funding
streams from the Municipal Districts are more flexible. However, irrespective of which
     nnel is used, the resources of TCC are not sufficient to address all of the financial needs
of festivals and events. Hence events must look to other sources, some of which are
contracted out to the Council to operate (Fáilte Ireland grants; Diaspora grants,
                                                                             grants etc). These
other “funding sources” have their own criteria which must be met (i.e. if Arts based, there
must be an artistic element; if community based, there must be a community element,element etc).
This does not mean that the various categories cannot access access these grant streams but it
does mean that they must meet the criteria requirement. However their role in the festival
hierarchy will assist in determining the amount as appropriate to the criterion of that

In order to assist in managing the process
                                   process and to maximise the value for the festival/event
organisers, the following actions will be undertaken by the Council which in turn will
support better decision making:-

8.2    Development of a Funding Database

In order to streamline and target resources in the most appropriate manner the
development of an all County
                        ounty festival grants database would be of value. If developed and
used appropriately, it can act as a tool to check/calibrate applications against when
allocating funds/making decisions. This should
                                         should ensure a more informed and transparent
process and should allow appropriate targeting of supports to meet the objectives as set out
in this Strategy. Where duplication of funds occur, there will be a clear rationale as to why
and areas where funding support
                         supp is weak will also be clearly identifiable.

8.3    Festivals and Event Schemes

As part of a new approach to festival development Tipperary   Tipperary County Council plans to
establish a “Tipperary County Council Festivals and Events Scheme”. This scheme would only
relate to the funding streams that are fully within the authority of TCC to allocate. It is
proposed that this would be advertised in September/October of each year for the following
year. In year 1, TCC will contact all existing clients
                                               clients well in advance and notify them about the
new scheme before it is advertised. The new “TCC Festivals and Events Scheme” will bring
most existing funding streams into one open call. The scheme will fund Premier, Municipal
District in Development (MDD),
                          (MDD) Municipal District and Community festivals/events that have
a tourism/cultural/artistic or community focus and which contribute significantly to the
quality of life and to the key objectives of this Strategy.

All groups/organisations seeking funding for festivals or events will be required to make an
application which will be assessed against pre-published
                                               pre published criteria in accordance with
available funding. Groups/Organisations will apply under one of the three categories,
namely Premier, Municipal District or Community and within the Municipal District Category
will have an option to apply for consideration as a “Development event” with more
stringent requirements.

Table 2: Application Process

Process                      Responsible Officers                       Comment
Step 1 – Advance notice      Heritage Officer; Arts Officer; Tourism    To be coordinated by an
to existing festival/event   Officer; Sports Co-ordinator;
                                             Co             All MD      appointed individual in
grantees of Scheme           Officers                                   C&E office
Step 2 - Central call        C&E office
Step 3 - Applications        C&E office
submitted centrally and
Step 4 - Applications        Arts; Tourism; Sport; Heritage & MD        Chaired
                                                                         haired by Arts Officer
assessed as per category     AOs                                        (Purpose
                                                                         Purpose is to agree on
by designated team                                                      categories and which MD
                                                                        application falls into)

Table 3: Assessment Process

Category                       Process                              Outcome
A - Premier Category           Selected by Assessment Group         3 year multi annual funding -
(2 in the County)              P
                               Proposed  to MD members              Annual Report and request for
                               MD members approve                   continued funding to be
                                                                    submitted in year 2 and 3
B – MD in Development          SSelected by Assessment Group        3 year multi annual funding -
Category (MDD)                  P
                                Proposed  to MD members             Annual Report and request for
(at least 1 but not more        MD members approve
                                              approv                continued funding to be
than 2 in each MD)                                                  submitted in year 2 and 3
C – MD Other                   SSelected by Assessment Group        Annual application for funding
All other MD type events        P
                                Proposed   to MD members
                                MD members approve
D – Occasional Category         Selected by Assessment group        Once off funding
                                Proposed   to MD members
                                (dependent on Category the
                                event falls into)
                                MD members approve
E- Community Category           MD AO makes assessment              Annual application for funding
                                Proposed to MD Members
                                MD Members approve
Note: Nascent/Emerging Events could fall into any category except (D)

There will also be sector specific calls from non LA controlled festival funding sources (e.g.
Diaspora etc.)) and groups/organisations may apply to both if  if relevant (within published

The following will also be developed and responsibility for actions assigned to relevant TCC
staff to provide more consistency and ease of application for festival organisers and staff:

Table 4: New Procedures

Standardised application form
Standardised letters of offer – relevant to category
Standardised criteria for drawdown - relevant to category
Standardised post event report requirements – relevant to category
Funding criteria
Key performance indicators – relevant to category
Dedicated page on TCC website where festivals and events can find details of funding schemes under
which they are eligible to apply across sections (a one stop shop page for festival funding)
Centralised internal databasee (GIS compliant) of grants awarded by TCC (linked with grants awarded
by the LDCs)

Figure 1: Timeframe: Festivals & Events Scheme

              Notice to festival/event organisers of new system
 Mar/April   •Lead in time - 6 months

             •Central Call -closing
                            closing date for 2018 applications
 Sept/Oct    •Applications
              Applications received and acknowledged centrally by C&E

              Applications assessed by designated team
 Nov/Dec     •Assigned
              Assigned a Category and MD

              Applicants notified of decision and grant amount

             •Drawdown of Grant
  During      Post event reporting (in line with KPIs and dependent on timing of event)

 Sept/Oct    •Closing
              Closing Date for 2019 Festivals & Events Scheme

8.4         What this means for District Funds

      •     All current funds for the festival/events
                                        festival      grants for each BD/MD
                                                                         MD to be combined for
            that area and proportioned out to meet the categories in an appropriate tiered
            manner for that MD/BD.
                               MD/BD If additional funds are required, the BD/MD
                                                                           BD/     can consider
            choices around accessing funds from other categories of its own BD/MD
                                                                            BD/     funds if it so
            desires – this will be a decision for members.

               o Where it is decided that a Premier event lies in a MD which does not have
                 adequate funds to operate such (for historic reasons), need to look at
                 reallocation within the County or support from another
                                                                     anoth source (to be

               o If the Premier event in the first 3 years does not make it to the next 3 year
                 phase, the Premier monies provided by that MD in that year move to the new
                 premier event irrespective of location of same (i.e. if the premier is in
                 Clonmel BD for first 3 years but is deemed not to make the grade for the next

3, and the event is moved to Tipperary District, then the monies from the
                 Clonmel BD used to support that event is moved to Tipperary and so on).

      •   GMA to be used to meet shortfall,
                                       short     particularly in the MD other and community
          category. It is envisaged that the community category will include Sporting Festivals
          and event grants; St Patrick’s Day grants; Pattern Day grants etc).

8.5       What this means for Central Funds

      •   Where there aree central festival funds available, their first port of call will
                                                                                      wi be to the
          agreed Premier events and then the MD events. Central funds will not deal with
          community festivals but they may have a role in specialist nascent events which are
          deemed to meet a particular objective.

      •   Where currently some arts related festivals are funded under The Arts Act Grant
          Scheme (30% of the current budget) it is proposed to align timeframes so that all
          Festivals & Events apply to this new “TCC Festivals & Events Scheme” for clarity for
          the sector. It is proposed to allocate 30% of the Arts Act Grants funds under this
          scheme with the approval of members as part of the planned review of the Arts Act
          Grant Scheme due to commence in 2017.

      •   Sectoral criteria will apply under the new ”TCC Festivals & Events Scheme” where
          funds are coming from specific sectoral funding lines (e.g. Arts, Heritage, Sports,
          Tourism etc.)

9. Objectives and Recommended Actions

In addition to the above financial and structural actions, the following objectives will be
progressed during the lifetime of this Strategy to support creative and innovative festivals
and events.

                        se that festivals and events held in County Tipperary help to
Objective 1: To recognise
support and stimulate the local economy.

Identifying and providing financial support to new festivals and events is integral to this
Strategy. To recognise, value and advance emerging festivals and support existing events
with the potential to grow is also an objective of the Strategy.

Objective 1: To recognise the value of festivals and events run in County Tipperary in supporting
and stimulating the local economy
Recommended Actions                                                      Lead Local
1.1 To encourage diversity in the range of festival types and events     TCC (MDs LEO & C&E) ,
       in the County across all sectors in a manner consistent with the  LDCs
       objectives of this Strategy through ensuring:
           • A good geographic spread of festivals throughout the
           • Provision of advice, support and mentoring to new or
               emerging festivals and events
           • Offer
                 ffer of training and hosting of networking events for
               event organisers where appropriate.
1.2 Carry out evaluations to demonstrate the economic value of TCC (C&E)/LDCs
       festivals in the County to further drive local investment and
       sponsorship for festivals and events.
1.3 Ensure this Strategy feeds into the development and TCC
       implementation of other relevant local strategies, including the
       implementation of other relevant strategies (e.g. the LDS).

Objective 2: To develop strong
                           ong collaboration across the public agencies with festival/event
organisers and to support and assist in the scaling up of festivals/events.

A partnership approach between all key stakeholders is essential to foster the conditions to
develop and grow the festivals
                          tivals and events sector in County Tipperary. This Strategy
                                                                             S        sets out
a refreshed approach to a strong partnership in operation reflecting Tipperary County
Council’s interaction with the festival and event organisers in our County.

The coordinated developmentment of the festival sector is important.
                                                          importan Too this end a process to
coordinate funding, provide effective evaluation in awarding funding and facilitate effective
communication across the festival and event sector to enable development,
                                                                  developm       growth and
          ation will be developed.

Objective 2: Too develop strong collaboration across the public agencies with festival/event
organisers and to support and assist in the scaling up(in terms of size,ambition or profile) of
Recommended Actions                                                   Lead Local
2.1 Contact all existing festivals and events that receive Council TCC (C&E/MDs)
      funding and advise them of the new categorisation process.

2.2 Assist festivals and events which demonstrate potential to            TCC (LEO, C&E, MD),
    become more financially viable and self-sustaining through the        LDCs
    development of appropriate business training/funding initiatives.
2.3 Provide other soft supports and capacity building and mentoring       LDCs
    to enable Committees to support community led events.
2.4 Produce a list of funding sources at Local and National level and     TCC (C&E)
    make available on TCC website under a specific Festival and
    Events page.
2.5 Streamline, coordinate and track funding by TCC to festivals and      TCC (C&E& IT)& LDC
    events through the development
                         developm      of an all County database & map
    through GIS where possible.
2.7 Establish a Joint Working Group to address broadening and             TCC (C&E)
    strengthening the relationship between agencies providing
    support for festivals and events. Group to meet at least
                                                        l    once
    during the period of the Strategy to review the operation of same
    and to include representatives from TCC, LDC, Selected Voluntary
    Community Festival members from the 5 municipal districts,
    Strategic Policy Committee, Local Community Development
    Committee, Tourism Company.

Objective 3: Too develop support mechanisms for festivals and events to ensure the sector
reaches its full potential.

This Strategy aims to successfully develop, grow and diversify the County’s offering of
festivals and events.

Objective 3: To  o develop support mechanisms for festivals and events to ensure the sector reaches
its full potential.
Recommended Actions                                                                     Lead Local
3.1       Work with appropriate agencies and festival/event committees with the         TVC
          aim of:
              • attracting more volunteers to participate in event development
                  and delivery
              • Increasing the involvement of young people through volunteering
              • Encouraging acknowledgement of the contribution of volunteers.
3.2       Develop and maintain an online festival and event county wide      wid clash TCC (C&E)
          calendar; cross reference with national calendar and link to each
          festival/event website.
3.3       Assist in marketing of events through joint marketing initiatives both on a TCC/LEO/C&E
          county and inter county basis.                                                /MD/LDCs
3.4       Build evaluation into early stage planning and carry out a professional TCC (C&E)
          evaluation of at least one funded festival every year.
3.5       Develop a ‘how to’ toolkit
                               toolkit to assist voluntary festival/event organisers to TCC (MD)& LDC
          include information such as:
              - Tips and advice on matters to consider when organising an
                  event/festival (such as Insurance, Health & Safety, Licensing.Etc.)
              - Guidance
                    uidance on how the Council can support events in areas such as
                  waste management, road signage, barriers,
                                                        b         etc.
              - Templates
                    emplates to facilitate tasks such as risk assessments and event
              - Useful contact information
              - Reporting and accountability for spending public money.
3.6       Offer soft supports and capacity building/mentoring to new and emerging LDC, TCC (LEO)
          events in areas such as PR and marketing; the use of social media; online
          ticket sales.
3.7       To designate a point of contact in each MD to offer festival and event        (TCC, MDs)
          support and advice.
3.8       To support festival and event committees
                                           committees to liaise with National Agencies TCC (C&E, MDs)
          where appropriate.
3.9       To develop a consistent countywide policy on the use of temporary             TCC (MDs)
          signage for festivals and events

Objective 4: To encourage cross sector collaboration locally where appropriate and
mutually beneficial.

This Strategy aims to encourage festival and event organisers to work more closely together
across sectors. The promotion of local and artisan services and products is an integral part
of event experiences. All festival
                             stival and event types could maximise the potential for local
distinctiveness through collaboration.

Objective 4: To encourage festivals in the county to support and promote high quality locally
generated work and or produce.
Recommended Actions                                                     Lead Local
4.1     Festivals, where feasible and practical to promote
                                                      p        quality, All relevant
                                                                            releva Agencies and
        high end local and artisan food and drink as well as local arts Festival/event organisers
        and craft and provide visitors with quality, high end locally
        sourced products at events.
4.2     Work with local arts festivals to provide information on TCC (Arts Office)
        opportunities for promotion of locally developed
                                                 develop artistic and
              ral work and ideas.
4.3     Provide linkages and information to festival committees TCC (Arts Office)
        including programming opportunities advised to the Arts
        Office from time to time.
4.4     Encourage festival promoters to link with the tourism Festival Organisers/Tourism
        accommodation providers, appropriate tourism product officer/MD Office
        providers and retailers/food
                        retailers/    outlets in order to maximise the
        value of the festival to the surrounding economic
        environment and also to improve the experience of the
        festival attendee.

Appendix 1:

Supports Currently Available to Festivals and Events

Arts Act Grant Scheme
This Scheme is operated by Tipperary County Council and is for the purpose of providing
financial assistance to organisations engaged in the promotion of Arts Activities or Events
at local or County level. While this scheme
                                     s        covers a range of types of artistic activity,
                                                                                  activity it also
includes Festivals which have a strong artistic programme and can demonstrate high
standards of artistic excellence, which, in the opinion of Tipperary County Council will
stimulate public interest in the arts, promote the knowledge, appreciation and practice of
the arts, or assist in improving standard in the arts. Under this Scheme, consideration is
given to the potential artistic benefits to the community.

Tipperary County Council Own Resources

A number of key festivals/events are funded annually through the arts programme of
Tipperary County Council. These festivals were either instigated initially directly by the Arts
Office for arts development reasons in in a specific area or are funded directly to support
specific artistic development in an area. The Municipal Districts also have a budget for
general allocation which they use to support and assist festivals and events in their
municipality. Staff provide support,
                             upport, facilitation, advice and assistance to festival and event
committees as well as practical assistance in terms of road closures, licences, street
cleaning etc.

Fáilte Ireland

Fáilte Ireland allocated funding under the Regional Programme of Festivals
                                                                         Festiva and Events
Initiative in the sum of €693,500 to a variety of 207 local events
                                                             vents across Ireland during 2016.
The Regional Programme is aimed at supporting events which drive domestic tourism and
to enable local communities to broaden their appeal to overseas
                                                              overseas visitors to experience
rural life. Grants are available towards the cost of marketing the event beyond the local
area and in certain cases towards programming and production costs. Six events received
funding in Tipperary from Fáilte Ireland in the sum of €12,500 in 2016.

Fáilte Ireland also offer soft support and training via the following link:

The Arts Council – Festival & Events Scheme

The Arts Council recognises the distinctive role arts festivals play in sustaining a vibrant and
sustainable arts profile at a local level.
                                     level Their Festival and Events Scheme is specifically
designed to offer support to local/voluntary organisations to develop arts festivals
                                                                                   f         and
events - across all art forms and arts practices - where the arts infrastructure is considered
to be underdeveloped. There are two strands of funding; Strand 1 is for grants up to
€10,000 and strand 2 is for grants between €10,001 and €20,000. €20,000 Festivals and Events
hosted in County Tipperary received grant aid in the sum of €123,417 during 2016 from the
Arts Council through both the Festival & Events Scheme and Annual Funding streams from
 he Arts Council. (Appendix 8).

Heritage Council

The towns of Clonmel, Fethard and Cashel have received funding of between €5,000 and
€10,000 per annum under the Irish Walled Town Network (IWTN) from 2007 to 2014 for
hosting walled town medieval days. Activities funded include excavation workshops, tales
from a town wall, guided historical tours, archery, traditional arts and crafts, birds of prey
and medieval busking.

Clonmel Medieval Walled Town Festival was awarded funding in the sum of €7,500 from
the Heritage Council towardsards its festival in August 2016.
                                                        20 . Clonmel celebrates its cultural
heritage with a family day, workshops, demonstrations exhibitions, re-enactments,
busking, craft village, local artisan food and much more. Funding for walled town events
has seen a decline in recent years.

Community Tourism
           ourism Diaspora Initiative

Irish Public Bodies (IPB) partnered with Fáilte Ireland and the 31 Local Authorities
                                                                            A            to
support the third year of the Community Tourism
                                        Tourism Diaspora Initiative in 2016.
                                                                       2016 The initiative,
launched in 2014, builds on the community involvement legacy of The Gathering 2013 and
provides an annual fund of €1m to support local community-basedbased events and festivals
each year. Events run in County Tipperary received a total allocation
                                                                  ion of €32,200 in 2016.
Appendix 9 sets out a summary of allocated funds under the Community Tourism Diaspora
      tive to County Tipperary in 2016.

Rural Development Programme (LEADER)

The LEADER approach is associated with local empowerment through local strategy development
and resource allocation. The LEADER element of the Rural Development Programme 2014-  2014
2020 focuses on improving all aspects of social and economic life in rural areas e.g.
community, enterprise, heritage, culture, tourism, food, energy, environment etc.
North Tipperary LEADER Partnership and South Tipperary Development CLG, on behalf of
Tipperary Local Community Development
                             D             Committee, are currently seeking Expressions of
Interest from individuals, businesses, farm families, not for profit groups, and any other
interested parties under the following project categories –

   •   Rural Tourism
   •   Farm Diversification
   •   Social Enterprise
   •   Enterprise (subjectt to specific criteria)
   •   Renewable Energy
   •   Research and Technical Assistance
   •   It is anticipated that a targeted call for applications under the Rural Tourism strand
       will issue towards the end of 2016 under which festivals and events may seek
       support within thee guidelines.

A list of festivals and events funded under the 2007-2013
                                                2007 2013 Rural Development Programme
can be seen in Appendix 10.

AOIFE - Association of Irish Festival Events

AOIFE – the Association of Irish Festival Events - is an all-island
                                                                 island voluntary network
organisation that brings together organisers of festivals and events in Ireland, suppliers to
the festival and event sector and policy-makers
                                  policy        and funders:

   •   To act as a forum forr the sharing of ideas
   •   To resolve common areas of concern and seeks to influence government policies in
       relation to the sector
   •   To provide training and mentoring.

AOIFE members pay an annual subscription fee of approx. €200 and are offered discounted
insurance policies; it provides selected attractions on a commercial basis to festivals and
events; operates a help desk; issues a fortnightly newsletter; organises an annual
conference on a variety of topics including funding, marketing, insurance, health and safety
and sponsorship. AOIFE does not provide any funding assistance towards any aspect of
organising a festival.

Green Your Festival

‘Green Your Festival’ is an initiative of participating local authorities in Ireland’s Local
Authority Prevention Network (LAPN).The aim of ‘Green Your Festival’ is to reduce the
environmental impact of festivals and events. The website www.greenyourfestival.ie
provides support materials and guidance to help festivals and events go green. It also
includes a “Green your Festival, An Event Manager’s Resources Pack – 4 Steps for a Cleaner,
Greener, Event”.

In 2016 the Environment section
                           secti invested in fifteen triple
                                                      riple loop bins which are made
available to festival organisers to encourage waste segregation at events.

Other soft supports

Development Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations in County
Tipperary are well positioned
                         oned to assist festivals and events by offering advice, assistance
with marketing and other such soft supports for community events and have potential for
development and growth.

Local Enterprise Office

The Local Enterprise Office offers advice
                                    advi and mentoringing to festival and event organisers
and assist in the marketing of events where possible.

Appendix 2:: Publically Funded Festivals and Events 2015

Cashel Arts Festival                         Dualla Show
St Patrick's Day Cashel                      Clonmel Busking Festival
Rock of Cashel                               Clonmel Junction Festival
Dromineer Literary Festival                  Bulmers Comedy Festival, Clonmel
EigseEatharlai                               Tipperary St. Patrick's Day
Terryglass Arts Festival                     Archaelogical Dig - Cashel
Templemore St. Patrick's Day Parade          Fethard Medieval Fest
Thurles St. Patrick's Day Parade             St. Patrick's Day, Newport
Thurles Halloween Arts Festival              St. Patrick's Day, Ballina
International Festival of Sport, Thurles     Thomas McDonagh Commemoration
Peoples’ Picnic Nenagh                       Fleadh naMumhan, Aonach Urmhumhan
Visit Nenagh Classic (Cycling)               Borrisokane Threshing & Vintage Festival
St Patrick's Day Parade, Nenagh              Killaloe Water Festival, Ballina
Spleodar– Nenagh’s Community Arts Festival   Nenagh Ladies Basketball Club
Festival Cluain Meala                        New Institute Snooker Club
Clancy Festival, Carrick-on-Suir
                            Suir             Nenagh Classic Car Club
St Patrick's Day Carrick-on-Suir
                            Suir             Kildangan GAA Club
Glen of Aherlow Walking Festival             Tipperary Relay for Life
Feile Brian Boru,, Ballina/Killaloe          Lough Derg Yacht Club, Dromineer
Tipperary Dance Platform                     Sustainable Projects Ireland, Cloughjordan
FeileEile, Ballina                           Dergside Agricultural Show
Thomas McDonagh Festival,, Cloughjordan      Cannonball Ireland
Cloughtoberfest, Cloughjordan                International Highland Game
Kincora Trad Weekend,, Ballina               The Mining Museum Project
Borrisoleigh Festival                        Killoscully Development Association
Kilcommon Home Coming Fest                   Irish National
                                                    ational BBQ Competition
Portroe Gathering                            Centenary Cycling Challenge (Puckane)
Muckoff, Puckane                             Home Towns Exhibition
Suir Valley Cycling Fest                     The Galtees Are Calling
A Taste of Roscrea                           Design Fest, Clonmel
Fleadh Cheoil Thiobraid Arann (Golden)

Appendix 3:: Festivals/Events Represented at Consultation Workshop

This Strategy has been developed in collaboration and consultation
with representatives from:

Cashel Arts Festival
Busking Festival, Clonmel
Junction Festival, Clonmel
Fair of Cahir
St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Cahir
Dromineer Literary Festival
Terryglass Arts Festival
Fleadh na Mumhann, Nenagh
A Taste of Roscrea
Killea Music Festival and Walking Festival
Clancy Brothers Festival, Carrick-on-Suir
It’s a long way to Tipperary Festival
Medieval Walled Town Festival & Book Fair, Fethard

Appendix 4:: Tipperary County Council Staff and SPC Working Group Consulted with:

This Strategy has been developed in collaboration and
consultation with representatives from:

 Tipperary County Council Staff
 Arts Officer
 Tourism Development Officer
 Heritage Officer
 Economic Development Officer
 County Museum Staff
 Sports Partnership Co-ordinator
 Clonmel Borough District
        Tipperary Municipal District
            Suir Municipal District
 Nenagh Municipal District
            Thurles Municipal District
 Local Enterprise Office
 TCC Management Team
 SPC Working Group: Cllr. Pat English, Cllr. Mary
 Hanna Hourigan, Cllr. Jim Ryan

Appendix 5:: Other Public Bodies Policies Researched/Consulted

 Other Public Bodies
 Fáilte Ireland
 The Arts Council
 The Heritage Council
 Irish Public Bodies
 Association of Irish Festival Events
 South Tipperary Development Company
 North Tipperary Leader Partnership
 Cahir Development Association

Appendix 6: Feedback from Consultation Workshops

Challenge             Recommendations as agreed during             Proposed Actions by TCC and other Agencies
Festival/event        Ensure that the Festival Committee has a     Offer mentoring and advice
                                                                                            e to festival/event organisers
inertia amongst       ‘Mission Statement’ and the Committee
volunteers/           believes in it                               Co-ordinate
                                                                      ordinate networking between Tipperary’s festival and event organisers and
organising                                                         those of long-running, well
                                                                                           ell established festivals in other Counties
Committees            Invite and encourage new people to sit
                      on the organising Committee                  Offer capacity building to Committees to enable them transition to community
                                                                   owned festivals/events
                      Constantly develop
                                    evelop festival/event – keep
                      it vibrant/fresh                             Encourage a diverse range of festival and event types in the County

                      Take a break                                 Organise annual workshops/networking events aimed at festival/event
                                                                   organisers. Include themes such as; funding; marketing; health & safety etc. Invite
                      Attend networking events                     a respected speaker from the sector to present/attend

                      Strengthen and clarify relationships         Promote emerging talent
                      within and between
                                  etween festivals and
Ensure an even        Develop a Calendar of Festivals and          Develop and maintain an online County Wide Festival and Event Calendar
spread of festivals   Events
and events                                                         Cross reference with National Calendar
                                                                                                   lendar for Festivals and Events
throughout the year                                                Advise any new events/festivals to avoid splitting of audiences in an area

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