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1 Film and the Holocaust Sharon Pucker Rivo NEJS 181B / Film Studies & NEJS Exec Director: National Center for Jewish Film & NEJS faculty Spring 2020 Brandeis University, Lown 102 Tues 2:00–4:50 -- Location TBA 781.736.8658 This course examines the wide range of film materials relevant to the Holocaust, including primary film documents, rare archival films, propaganda produced by the Third Reich, films created by the Allied governments and private sources, as well as a variety of documentary, narrative fiction, experimental, and other representations produced from 1933 to today.

Special guest filmmakers have been invited to share their works. The course explores the use of film in shaping, justifying, documenting, interpreting, and imagining the Holocaust, and how film—as a medium—works to (re)present historical events. Class Format: Each week, class will begin with one or more film screenings followed by discussion. Reading assignments are to be completed prior to the class for which they are assigned. On several occasions throughout the semester, films will be assigned for viewing outside and prior to regular class time. Copies of the articles and films are available at the reserve desk at the Library and on LATTE for download.

No computers or iphones or ipads will be allowed in class.

Requirements: Attendance at all class and screening sessions Three film critiques (2 pages each) Mid-term 3-page writing assignment and/or in class critical essay Final term paper and/or final exam Preparation time: Success in this 4-credit hour course is based on the expectation that students will spend a minimum of 9 hours of study time per week in preparation for class (readings, papers, discussion sections, preparation for exams, etc.). Session 1 Tues Jan 14 Introduction – The World Destroyed In Class: Jewish Life in Vilna (Goskind, Poland, 1939, 10 min) Image Before My Eyes (Waletzky, USA, 1980, 91 min) Assigned reading: Des Pres, “The Dreaming Back” & Bordwell Glossary Assigned viewing: Genocide (Thames Television, England, 1975, 52 min) Session 2 Tues Jan 21 Introduction II – Personal films by second generation Jew and a German In Class: In Memory (Ravett, USA, 1993, 13 min) Mutters Courage - My Mother’s Courage, (Verhoeven, Germany, 1996, 90 min.

Eng version)

2 Assigned reading: Assigned reading: Bauer, A History of the Holocaust, chapter 6 Assigned viewing: Yiddle with His Fiddle - Yidl Mitn Fidl, (Green, Poland, 1936, 91 min) January 27 Special event – Screening of SHOAH to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Liberation of Auschwitz and Holocaust Remembrance Day at Wasserman Cinematheque 11 to 10 pm Assigned reading: Hoberman, “Shoah: The Being of Nothingness” Kael, “Shoah,” The New Yorker Magazine, December 30, 1985 Session 3 Tues Jan 28 Nazi Propaganda In Class: Jud Suss – The Jew Suss, (Germany, Harlan, 1940, 98 min.) Clips from Triumph des Willens -Triumph of the Will), (Riefenstahl, Germany, 1935), & Olympia (Riefenstahl, Germany, 1938) View short film and write one page critique (JDC-St.

Louis - due Friday Jan 31 Assigned reading: Bauer, A History of the Holocaust, Chapters 4 & 5 Leiser, Chapters 1, 2 & Appendix I Sontag, “Fascinating Fascism,” pp 73-105 Assigned viewing: Selections from The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl (Müller, Germany, 1994, 188 min.) Session 4 Tues Feb 4 Nazi Propaganda Continued In Class: Der ewige Jude - The Eternal Jew (Hippler, Germany, 1940, 71 min.) The Führer Gives a City to the Jews (Der Führer schenkt den Juden eine Stadt) Germany, 1944, 23 minutes (incomplete), B&W, Produced by the Ministry of Propaganda of the Third Reich Assigned reading: Leiser, Chapter 6 Assigned viewing: God Doesn’t Love Us Anymore (Corti, Austria, 1982, 110 mins.) Session 5 Tues Feb 11 Genocide In Class: Death Mills (US Dept of War Information, 1945, 22 min.) Midterm Exam: View short film and write short critique – due Tues Feb 25th .

Einsatzgruppen Part 1 (Prazan, France, 2009, 90 min) Assigned reading: Bauer, Chapters 9 & 10 Assigned viewing: A People Uncounted: The Untold Story of The Roma (Aaron, Canada, 2004, 99 min.)

3 Tues Feb 18 Vacation WeekFeb 17 to 21 Session 6 Tues Feb 25 Post World War II-- special guest Ron Blau In Class: Our Time in the Garden, (Blau, USA, 1981, 15 min) Lang ist der Veg - Long is the Road), (Becker, U.S.-Occupied Germany, 1948, 77 min.) Assigned reading: Bauer, Chapter 11 Session 7 Tues March 3 America and the Holocaust In Class: Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust, (Dan Anker, USA, 2004, 92 min.) Assigned reading: Rosenfeld, “The Americanization of the Holocaust” Assigned Viewing: Bent (Methias, USA, MGM, 2006, 143 min.) Session 8 Tues March 10 America and the Holocaust --- Special Guest Martin Ostrow In Class: America & the Holocaust, (Ostrow, USA, 1994, 81 min.) Session 9 Tues March 17 America and the Holocaust continued In Class: The Pawnbroker, (Lumet, USA, 1965, 116 min) Discussion to include Schindler’s List Assigned viewing: Schindler’s List (Spielberg, USA, 1994) Select final paper topics and submit abstracts for approval Session 10 Tue March 24 European Cinema In Class: Shop on Main Street, (Kadar & Klos, Czech, 1965, 128 min.) Night and Fog, (Alain Resnais, France, 1955, 31 min.) Assigned reading: Baron, Chapter 2 & Avisar, Chapter 3 Sylvie Lindeperg in Cinema & the Shoah “Night and Fog: Inventing a Perspective”.

Session 11 Tues March 31 Humor and the Holocaust In Class: Jakob, der Lügner - Jacob the Liar, (Beyer, East Germany, 1975, 95 min.) Discussion includes clips from The Producers (Brooks, USA, 1967), Genghis Cohn (Moshinsky, England, 1995)

4 Assigned reading: Dawidowicz, “Visualizing the Warsaw Ghetto” & Baron, Chapter 5 Jacob the Liar Assigned viewing: The Great Dictator, (Chaplin, USA 1940, 125 min.) Tues April 7 Brandeis Thursday. No class Tues April 14 Vacation – Passover holiday Session 12 Tues April 21 Documentary Films In Class: Holocaust Tourist (Benstock, UK, 2005, 10 min) Ha'taalumah Ba'meholah Ha'yerukah - Green Dumpster Mystery, (Yoffe, 2010, Israel, 50 mins) Session 13 Tues April 21 Personal Films by Son of a Nzai and Granddaughter of a Women Victim In Class: 2 oder 3 Dinge, die ich von ihm weiß (Two or Three Things I Know About Him) (Luden, Germany, 2005, 85 min) Yizkor aka Remembranc (Fertig, USA, 2020.

24 min.) Assigned reading: Wiesel, Elie, The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, Day, Hill and Wang, 2008 ISBN 9-780809- 073641 Session 14 Tues April 28 TBA (A new contemporary film) Fri May 21 All Final Papers Due - - Academic Honesty: You must complete all assignments alone. In your writing, you must follow rules of attribution, meaning that you must cite all sources consulted in preparing your papers. As stated in the Student Handbook, “Every member of the University community is expected to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty. A student shall not receive credit for work that is not the product of the student’s own effort.” Examples of penalties for a student found responsible for an infringement of academic honesty are no credit for the work in question, failure in the course, and the traditional range of conduct sanctions from disciplinary warning through permanent dismissal from the University.

Students with documented disabilities: Students with disabilities certified by the Coordinator of Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities in the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and First Year Services will be given reasonable accommodations to complete required assignments. Disabilities that are not documented and approved by the Office of Academic Affairs will not be given accommodations.

5 Required Reading A course reader is on reserve at the reserve desk of the library and On Line through LATTE service at the Library. (Password is Shoah) The readings includes: Des Pres, Terrence, “The Dreaming Back”, Centerpoint, Fall 1980, pp 73-105. Susan Sontag. “Fascinating Fascism,” Under the Sign of Saturn, pp. 73-105 (Farrar, Straus & Giroux; New York, 1980) Call # NY 456 .S58 1980 Erwin Leiser, Nazi Cinema (Collier Books; NY. 1974) chapters 1, 2, 6 & appendix I Sylvie Lindeperg in Cinema & the Shoah “Night and Fog: Inventing a Perspective”. Lucy Dawidowicz, “Visualizing the Warsaw Ghetto,” (Yeshiva Univ, 1978) reprint Alvin H.

Rosenfeld, “The Americanization of the Holocaust,” Commentary June 1995. Reprint J. Hoberman, “Shoah: The Being of Nothingness,” Vulgar Modernism, (Temple University Press, 1991), pp. 218-226 call # PN 1994 .H58 1991 Pauline Kael, “Shoah,” The New Yorker Magazine, December 30, 1985 Required readings – selected chapters - Book on Reserve and at Bookstore: Bauer, Yehuda,, A History of the Holocaust (revised edition 2002), Franklin Watts, NY pp 435, ISBN 0 531 15576 5 (9780531155769) Becker, Jurek, Jacob The Liar, Penguin Group - A Plume Book, 1999, ISBN 0-452-28170-9 Wiesel, Elie, The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, Day, Hill and Wang, 2008 ISBN 9-780809-073641 Additional readings: Books and articles are on reserve at Library Avisar, Ilan, Screening the Holocaust: Cinema’s Images of the Unimaginable, (Indiana University Press, 1988) - selected chapters ISBN 0-253-30376-1 Call # PN1995.9 .H53 A95 1988 Baron, Laurance Projecting The Holocaust: The Changing Focus of Contemporary Holocaust Cinema, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc, Landam, MD, 2006ISBN0-7425-4333-1 Bartov, Omer (Editor); Grossmann, Atina (Editor); Nolan, Mary (Editor) The "Jew" in Cinema: From the Golem to Don't Touch My Holocaust Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana, 2005 ISBN: 0253217458

6 Bordwell & Thompson. Film Art: An Introduction, Glossary, pp. 480 (McGraw Hill, 7th edition 2003, ISBN 0072878800 Fink, Ida, A Scrap of Time, Schocken Books, NY ISBN 0-8052-0869-0 Frodon, Jean-Michael, Cinema & the Shoah: An Art Confronts the Tragedy of the Twentieth Century, SUNY Press, ISBN 978-1-4384-3026-3 Insdorf, Annette, Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust, selected chapters. Third Edition - (2003) Cambridge Univ Press, ISBN 0-521-81563-0 Anton Kaes, From Hitler to Heimat, chap 1, 6, and 7. (Harvard Univ. Press, 1989) ISBN 0-674-32456-0; Call # PN 1993.5 63 K2913 1989 Levi, Primo, Survival in Auschwitz, Touchtone Books, NY 1996, ISBN 0-684-82680-1 Loshitzky, Yosefa, Spielberg’s Holocaust: Critical Perspectives on Schindler’s List, (Indiana University Press, 1997) ISBN 0-253-21098-4 Rosenfeld, Alvin H., “The Americanization of the Holocaust,” (Jean and Samuel Frankel Center for Judaic Studies, Univ.

of Michigan, 1995) 44 pages. Call # D804.3 R6627 1995 Rosenstone, Robert A., Visions of the Past: The Challenge of film to our Idea of History, Intro Chap 1 & 3. (Harvard Univ. Press, Cambridge MA, 1995) ISBN 0-674-74098-9; Call # PN 1995.2 R67 1995 Yahil, Leni, The Holocaust: The Fate of European Jewry, (Oxford University Press, 1991), ISBN 0-19-504523-8

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