FPEA Program 2020 web - fpea.com

FPEA Program 2020 web - fpea.com

                           L FREe

MAY 21-23, 2020
FPEA Program 2020 web - fpea.com

Watch them shape
the world instead of
conforming to it.
Today’s culture doesn’t exactly teach our kids
to value the things that God says are important.
So it’s nice to know you’re preparing them to live
with character, courage, and integrity as they
seek to have a positive influence on the world.
FPEA Program 2020 web - fpea.com

                                                                        FOR CONVENTION UPDATES

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                                                                        FOR CONVENTION UPDATES

                           n behalf of the Florida Parent-Educators Association, I want to invite you
                           to attend the 2020 Annual FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention. We are
                           celebrating this year with the theme, Wild Florida         US#noregrets.
                                                                              – Live Free! AT
                     Our freedom to explore is intricately aligned with our freedom to homeschool —
                                                                        FOR CONVENTION UPDATES
                     and to do both in a way that best suits our family. The Convention is scheduled
                     for May 21-23 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Convention Center in
                     Orlando, a venue that truly embraces Florida’s wild heritage and vintage charm.
   Suzanne Nunn,
     Chairman            We are the biggest and the best Convention for homeschooling families
                     in the country. There is something for everyone — education, entertainment,
    Suzanne Nunn
                     encouragement and great shopping! This year we are excited to bring you two
                     incredible keynote speakers. Rick Green will be greeting us Friday morning
FPEA BOARD MEMBERS   with a message of inspiration and encouragement to jumpstart the weekend.
                     Saturday morning, Zan Tyler will join us with a fantastic session that will remind
                     you just how precious this season of homeschooling really is.
                         These are only two from the exciting slate of speakers we have in store for
                     you. You’ll see some familiar faces, but some, like Tricia Goyer and Linda Lacour
                     Hobar, are making their first appearance at our convention. All of our speakers
                     and each of their sessions have been carefully selected to help us celebrate our
      Larry Wang,    freedom to homeschool as we see fit.
                         Take your time to peruse these offerings as well as the many exciting events
                     for the entire family. Then, log onto www.fpea.com and REGISTER!
                         Looking forward to seeing you there!

                     Loving Florida - Living Free,
                     Suzanne Nunn, Chairman
      Tracy Pons,

                                                                                           www.F P EA. com   1
FPEA Program 2020 web - fpea.com
Table of
     1     Welcome to the Convention              12   Convention Planner

    4      Don’t Miss This!                       14   Brush Drawing

    5      Parking / Mentoring Moms               15   Exhibit Hall Hours/Audio Recordings

    6      How to Register                        16   Authors Spotlight

    6      Volunteers / Badges                    18   Truth or Dare: Get Real!

    7      Family Game Tourney / Convention App   19   Leaders Forum

    8      Teen Program                           22   Rosen Shingle Creek

    9      Children’s Program                     23   Speakers

    11     Youth Leaders Forum                    31   Workshop Descriptions

FPEA Program 2020 web - fpea.com
                                                  DIRECTOR OF EVENTS
                                                  Suzanne Nunn
                                                  GRAPHIC DESIGN
                                                  Perry Albrigo
                        VISIT US AT               ADVERTISING M ANAGER

                         FOR CONVENTION UPDATES
                                                  Joanne Mastronicola
                                                  MEMBER SERVICES DIRECTOR
                                                  Sharon Rice
                                                  Dave Fiore

34   Entertainment                                PHOTOGRAPHS
                                                  Moorman Photographics

54   Workshop Schedule
                        VISIT US AT               CONTACT INFO
     FPEA Statewide Graduation Ceremony
     Convention Map      FOR CONVENTION UPDATES
                                                  TOLL FREE TELEPHONE:

62   Checklist of Essentials                      877.ASK.FPEA (275.3732)
                                                  LOCAL PHONE:

64   Frequently Asked Questions                   321.872.6600
                                                  FA X :

66                    VISIT
     Deadlines to Remember          US AT         321.872.6620

                         FOR CONVENTION UPDATES
                                                  PUBLISHED BY
                                                  Florida Parent-
                                                  Educators Association, Inc.
                                                  255 East Drive, Suite E
                                                  Melbourne, FL 32904

                        VISIT US AT
                         FOR CONVENTION UPDATES

                                                                  www.F P EA. com   3
FPEA Program 2020 web - fpea.com
    Cutting Edge Leadership:
    Youth Leaders Forum
    Thursday, 9 a.m.
       Join Heidi St. John, Dennis DiNoia, Jeremiah
    Lorrig, Connie Albers and Matthew Angel for an
    exciting opportunity for youth who have a passion
    to impact their culture. This program is designed to             Young entrepreneurs will feature their
    motivate and encourage the next                                handmade items with a focus on fresh design
    generation of leaders.                                         and exceptional workmanship. Youth can
                                                                   use this opportunity to learn and practice
    More on Page 11.
                                                                   entrepreneurial skills that will empower
                                                                   them for their future, while encouraging
                                                                   our community in supporting the creative
                                                                   endeavors of the next generation.

                                              $20.00 per person

                                                                  THURSDAY, MAY 21, 8 p.m.

                                              7 p.m. Saturday     SEBASTIAN K

                                                                             ru e:
                                              Wekiwa 3/4
    Brush Drawing:
    A Living Art                                                     T    D a r
    Do you want to add life to your nature journal but don’t
    know where to begin? Brush drawing is a watercolor
                                                                       o Get ReaL!
    technique that captures the gesture and essence of
    flowers and plants with simple yet eloquent strokes.
    People of all ages and skill levels can cultivate an
    artist’s hand and eye with this friendly and
    effective technique. In this expanded,                         Are you wondering what homeschool REALLY
    hands-on session, you will learn                               looks like? Do you ever find yourself thinking
    beginning brush-drawing                                        that you must be the only one who doesn’t
    strokes and how to                                             have it all together?
    combine them into
    a finished                                                     Join Todd Wilson, Heidi St. John, Andrew
    drawing of a
                                                                   Pudewa and Tricia Goyer for a Q&A where we
    nature object.
                                                                   aren’t afraid to BE REAL!

FPEA Program 2020 web - fpea.com

                                                           Little Learners
                                                                                                                   M AY

                                                           Busy Bags
       ONSITE                                              Friday | 10:30 a.m. | Wekiwa 1-2
Parking for all Convention attendees will                  Registration Add-On Option (Cost: $10)
be onsite at Rosen Shingle Creek. The cost                                       Looking for something to keep your lit-
to park is $9 (plus tax) per vehicle for self                                    tle ones engaged and curious while on
parking for hotel guests. If you are not                                         the road, waiting for an appointment
                                                                                 or even at a homeschooling conven-
staying at the hotel but driving in for the
                                                                                 tion? Join Cheryl Bastian as she walks
day, self parking is $18 per day, and $26                                        parents through the process of making
for valet (plus tax).                                                            ready-to-use busy bags!

 Our Mentoring Moms (and                          Visit the Mentoring Moms FPEA Booth in the exhibit hall.
                                                You will be greeted by veteran homeschoolers who have
 Dads) are great resources for
                                                volunteered their time to encourage and inform. Have a
 your homeschool journey.                       question about transcripts or dual enrollment? Or perhaps
 This is the place to have                      you want to discuss unit studies with someone who has
 your homeschool questions                      years of experience. Are you homeschooling an only child or
 answered by those who                          homeschooling multiple ages at once? Do you just need some
 have, “Been there, done                        encouragement?
                                                  Whatever your specific need, stop by the Mentoring Moms
                                                booth for some practical help.

                                                                                                   www.F P EA. com     5
FPEA Program 2020 web - fpea.com
HOW TO                     R e g i s t e r
Registration is now easier than ever!
   Pre-registration is online at www.fpea.com. Click on the Convention banner and find the “Register Online” button
on the right side of your screen. You can also add your special event tickets to your order, as well as Get ’n’ Go Meals.
Special Event tickets and Get ‘n’ Go Meals must be purchased in advance. Registering early ensures the best savings.
The deadline for online Convention registration is May 1, otherwise you’ll need to register onsite. For a listing of regis-
tration deadlines for Convention-related events, please see the back cover.

                                                         We Need You
                                                              THERE ARE MANY
        ONSITE                                                   VOLUNTEER
                                                            OPPORTUNITIES AT THE
       All Convention badges may be                       FPEA CONVENTION AND THE
    picked up onsite at the badge pick-                    BENEFITS ARE FANTASTIC!
    up area in the Panzacola registra-
                                                             Volunteers are needed for Thursday-Saturday. Areas
    tion area. Look for the sign noting                   of service include attendee assistance, directions, badge
    the first letter of your last name.                   pickup, the Mentoring Moms (and Dads) Booth and
       You must wear your badge to                        many more. Volunteers must be FPEA members.
    receive access to all Convention ac-                     When you work a four-hour block at the Convention,
                                                          you will be mailed a $45 check after you serve. Only one
    tivities, especially lectures, exhibi-
                                                          $45 check will be issued per member family, though.
    tor workshops and the exhibit hall                    (Shifts cannot be broken up — it must be a four-hour
    (badges will be checked). Badges                      block, no exceptions.) Working less than four hours
    may not be transferred from one                       has benefits too — you will have free access to a digital
    person to another. Lost badges                        download of a Convention workshop recording for every
                                                          hour you work (up to three).
    may be replaced for a $10 fee at
                                                             Volunteer signup is easy and can be found at
    the main registration booth in the                     www.fpea.com by clicking on the events tab. Simply
    Panzacola registration area.                          complete the form, choosing your desired time and area
                                                          of service. The deadline to sign up is April 1.

FPEA Program 2020 web - fpea.com
Family Game Tourney
Saturday, 7 p.m.
                                                                                             COACH RICK

    Join us Saturday evening for a fun Family
tournament on the Rosen Shingle Creek’s sand
volleyball courts. The always-popular Coach Rick
Andreassen of Saints International and his team
will have a wide array of “picnic-style” games for a
friendly Family competition.
    Teams will compete in tug-o-war, sack races,
hula hoop, Frisbee challenge, parachute relays
and much more. This will be a safe, structured and
organized station rotation format with fun for the
whole Family.
    You can bring all or part of your family, but we
ask that children NOT come unaccompanied. If
only a couple of family members can participate,
we will pair you up with another Family, so don’t
let that keep you away.                                Come and hav
                                                                   e some fun un
                                                                                der        the Florida su

                                        Current Events!
                                         2020 CONVENTION MOBILE APP
                                             Want all the details of the 2020 Florida Homeschool

       Live Free                         Convention in the palm of your hand? FPEA’s mobile app will
                                         allow you to see workshop schedules and plan your trip through
                                         our expanded exhibit hall. There will be real-time updates for
                                         those on a cellular data plan. Be sure to allow notifications to
                                         receive important notifications about updates or changes.

                                                                                                    www.F P EA. com   7
FPEA Program 2020 web - fpea.com
                                                   Friday and Saturday | 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
                                                   $50 per student ages 13-18
                                                   REGISTER BY MAY 1
                                                   Check-in: Wekiwa 3

                 WESTMINSTER PROGRAM
                                                    iAdvocate Westminster features interac-
                                                tive activities that simulate what a Member of
                                                Parliament encounters when he or she tries to
                                                draft and advocate for legislation. Participants
                                                will have to choose between competing pri-
                                                orities such as personal legislative goals, the
                                                goals of his or her party, and the professional
                                                agreements he or she has made with other
                                                    Participants will start with creating a party
                                                platform and building a government. They will
                                                also draft legislation and see if they can get
                                                their bills through all the stages of the legis-
                                                lative process. And, of course, Her Majesty’s
                                                Loyal Opposition will strive to keep the gov-
                                                ernment accountable throughout the program
                                                by critiquing government bills and asking hard
                                                questions during Question Time.
                                                    To round out the program, Generation
                                                Joshua staff will provide lectures focusing on
                                                Christian worldview and civic involvement and
                                                how it relates to law and public policy.
                                                    iAdvocate Westminster provides a safe
                                                atmosphere for students to learn how they
                                                respond to political pressures and gain a bet-
                                                ter understanding of how leaders make tough
                                                decisions. Ultimately, the goal of the track is
                                                to train students to be an unfailing testimony
    iAdvocate Westminster provides a safe       as an advocate for Christian principles as they
                                                serve their country.
    atmosphere for students to learn how they
    respond to political pressures and gain a
    better understanding of how leaders make
    tough decisions.

BY May

                                                                            CHECK IN: ST. JOHNS 28
                                                                            AGES 6-12

  This year’s FPEA Homeschool Convention
Children’s Program offers fun and exciting
                                                    FRIDAY, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
experiences with Mad Science! We will explore
                                                    8-9:30 a.m.        Check In; Welcome Activities
STEAM through awesome hands-on activities.
                                                    9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.   Activities
Blast away with us!                                 5:00-6 p.m.        Wrap Up; Pickup
  This program is a two-day add-on option for            You must pick up by 6 p.m. on Friday or
children ages 6-12. The cost is $85 per child               you WILL be charged a late fee.
for both days and includes lunch on both days.      Saturday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Register by May 1.                                  8-9:30 a.m.        Check In; Welcome Activities
  Be sure to read through all the information and   9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Activities
requirements before registering your children for   4-5 p.m.           Wrap Up; Pickup
this program. For more details and requirements,       You must pick up by 5 p.m. on Saturday or
please check the website at http://www.fpea.                you WILL be charged a late fee.
                                                                                         www.F P EA. com   9
Explore homeschool options with FLVS!
                                  Our courses are available online 24/7 and offered FREE to Florida
                                  students in Kindergarten–12th grade. Enroll in one or multiple
                                  courses to create or complement your child’s educational

                                  Why homeschool families choose FLVS:
                                  • A variety of flexible and full-time options
                                  • One-on-one instruction from certified teachers
                                  • Elementary, middle, and high school subjects offered through
                                    more than 190 courses, including Advanced Placement®*
                                    and NCAA-approved core
                                  • Professional school counselors
                                  • Ability to connect with other students through online
                                    and in-person clubs, activities, and events

                                  Learn more at flvs.net/fpea

                                  *AP and Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of and does not
                                  endorse this product.
                                  Copyright © by Florida Virtual School. All rights reserved. Florida Virtual School and FLVS are registered trademarks of Florida Virtual School, a public
                                  school district of the State of Florida. 191209

e Leadership
                      Cutting Ed

     Youth Leaders
$10 PER
                                    9:00 a.m.                    1:00– 1:55 p.m.
                                    Check in                     SMART SOCIAL MEDIA FOR TEENS
This is an exciting opportunity                                  Connie Albers
for youth who have a passion        9:30 – 10:25 a.m.
to impact their culture. It is      KEYNOTE: “INFLUENCING YOUR   2:00 – 2:55 p.m.
designed to motivate and            CULTURE”                     PURSUING FINANCIAL FREEDOM
encourage this generation           Heidi St. John               Matthew Angell
of young people to make a
difference in the lives of others   10:30 – 11:25 a.m.           3:00– 3:55 p.m.
and become effective leaders        MAKE WAY FOR YOUR DREAMS:    CHANGING THE WORLD: HOW
                                    GOAL SETTING                 YOU CAN AFFECT HISTORY FROM
who will make a difference
                                    Dennis DiNoia                WHERE YOU ARE
in the future of our nation.
                                                                 Jeremiah Lorrig
Register online today!
                                    11:30 -12:45 p.m.
                                    Lunch on your own
Check in:
Panzacola Registration

                                                                              www.F PEA . com   11
Use this basic schedule of events to plan your day. As you choose your workshops,
fill them in under the “session time” slots in the schedule below.

7 a.m.             Sacred Music Festival Check-In
7:45 a.m.          Leaders Forum Check-In
8 a.m.             Leaders Forum Breakfast Kick-Off
3-5 p.m.           Hotel Check-In
3 p.m.             Badge Pick-up in Panzacola Lobby
5-9 p.m.           Exhibit Hall Open
5-7 p.m.           Pick up Get ‘n’ Go Meals
5-8 p.m.           Food Court Open
8 p.m.             Truth or Dare: Get Real!

7:30 a.m.          On-Site Registration Opens
8-9:30 a.m.        Children’s Program Check-In
8:30-10 a.m.       Keynote Session in Sebastian Ballroom
9 a.m.-5 p.m.      Teen Program
10 a.m.            Exhibit Hall Open
10:30 a.m.         Session 1:
11 a.m.-2 p.m.     Food Court Open
11:30 a.m.         Session 2:
12:30 p.m.         Session 3:
1:30 p.m.          Session 4:
2:30 p.m.          Session 5:
3:30 p.m.          Session 6:
4:30 p.m.          Session 7:
5-7 p.m.           Pick Up Get ‘n’ Go Meals
5-8 p.m.           Food Court Open
5:30-8 p.m.        Dedicated Exhibit Hall Time

                                                                                     FOR CONVENTION UPDATES
                                                                           Wild Florida    - Live Free

                                                                                               VISIT US AT
                                                                                                 FOR CONVENTION UPDATES

7:30 a.m.         On-Site Registration Opens
8-9:30 a.m.       Children’s Program Check-In
                                                                                               VISIT US AT
8:30-10 a.m.      Keynote Session in Sebastian Ballroom                                  www.fpea.com
                                                                                                 FOR CONVENTION UPDATES
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.   Teen Program
10 a.m.           Exhibit Hall Open
10:30 a.m.        Session 1:
11 a.m.-2 p.m.    Food Court Open
                                                                                               VISIT US AT
11:30 a.m.
12:30 p.m.
                  Session 2:
                  Session 3:
                                                                                                 FOR CONVENTION UPDATES
1:30 p.m.         Session 4:
2:30 p.m.         Session 5:
3:30 p.m.         Session 6:
4:30-7 p.m.       Dedicated Exhibit Hall Hours
5 p.m.            Purchase Audio Recordings
5-7 p.m.          Pick Up Get ‘n’ Go Meals
5-8 p.m.          Food Court Open
7 p.m.            Family Game Tourney on Sand Volleyball Courts
7 p.m.            Brush Drawing
8 p.m.            Graduation Dinner
10 p.m.           Graduation Dance

11 a.m.           Hotel Check Out (If attending graduation, please check out BEFORE the ceremony.)
11 a.m.           FPEA Statewide Graduation Class of 2020
1:30 p.m.         Graduation Luncheon

                                                                                                                www.F P EA. com   13
$20.00 per person
                                                                     7 p.m. Saturday
                                                                     Wekiwa 3/4

Brush Drawing:
A Living Art
Do you want to add life to your nature journal but don’t know where to begin?
Brush drawing is a watercolor technique that captures the gesture and essence
of flowers and plants with simple yet eloquent strokes. People of all ages and
skill levels can cultivate an artist’s hand and eye with this friendly and
effective technique. In this expanded, hands-on session, you will
learn beginning brush-drawing strokes and how to combine
them into a finished drawing of a nature object.
Register by May 1.

Learn more at

                                                           THURSDAY 5 - 9 P.M.
                                                          FRIDAY 10 A.M. - 8 P.M.
                                                         SATURDAY 10 A.M. - 7 P.M.

                                                     Visit Our

                                       Exhibit Hall!       VISIT US AT
                                           Make plans to visit our exhibit hall while at Convention. If
                                        you’ve never attended the Florida Homeschool Convention, you
                                        might be overwhelmed  FORwhen
                                                                        you firstUPDATES
                                                                                  enter the exhibit hall.
                                        Remember to take your time, break up your visits and engage
                                        with our vendors. It’s like that old adage, “How do you eat an
                                        elephant? One bite at a time.”
                                           Our exhibit booths include curriculum, products, services and
                                        activities that will enhance your homeschool. You will also find
                                                           VISIT US AT
                                        the FPEA booth in the center of the hall staffed with FPEA repre-
                                        sentatives and Mentoring Moms waiting to answer your homes-
                                        chooling questions. FOR
                                                              You can find a list UPDATES
                                                                  CONVENTION      of our exhibitors online at
                                        the FPEA website. We add new vendors every week. Please check
                                        back regularly at www.fpea.com.

                                                           VISIT US AT
                                                             FOR CONVENTION UPDATES

                                                           VISIT US AT

                                          www.fpea.com       FOR CONVENTION UPDATES

     Recordings of all workshops will be available for purchase.
     Audio recordings are available as MP3 instant downloads.
     Attending all the workshops that interest you may be impossible, but you can still benefit
     from the lecturer’s expertise by placing an order for the session recording. We offer a full
     Convention recording package. Convention weekend specials can be found at the audio
     sales booth, on the FPEA Mobile App, or online at http://www. Fpea.com/store.

                                                                                       www.F P EA. com   15

                                                                                                             VISIT US AT
                                                                                                               FOR CONVENTION UPDATES

      This year at the 2020                               Are you and your family
                                                                              VISITreading?US AT
      Florida Homeschool Con-             Are you looking for new books and authors to explore as a family?
      vention, we are spotlight-
      ing six of our speakers
                                                 Do you have a young writer whoFORneeds  inspiration?
                                                                                    CONVENTION UPDATES
      who are also published
      authors. Each of these ac-
      complished writers will be
      interacting with attendees
      at a special spotlight table                                                                           VISIT US AT
      in the Gatlin Foyer at the
      times scheduled below.
                                                                                    FOR CONVENTION UPDATES
      You can browse their                  CHUCK                    JENNY COTE REBECCA   P. S.D. SMITH
      books and purchase copies
      at their booths, and have
                                            BLACK                                 MINOR
                                                                    › The Amazing Tales of Max
                                                                      and Liz Series
                                                                                                                                   › The Green Ember Series
                                                                                                                                   › Tale of Old Natalia 1 Series
                                     › Kingdom Series               › Epic Order of               ›   The Windrider Saga
      them signed.                   › Knights of Arrethtrae          the Seven Series            ›   The Risen Age Archive
                                       Series                                                     ›          VISIT US AT
                                                                                                      Wish Wary

                                                                                                  ›   Beyond Price

                                                                                                               FOR CONVENTION UPDATES

      12 p.m. Jenny Cote
      1 p.m. Catherine Jones Payne
      2 p.m. Chuck Black
                                                               TRICIA                  BRYAN DAVIS CATHERINE
      4 p.m. Tricia Goyer                                      GOYER                                 JONES
                                                                                      › Children of the Bard Series

                                                        › The London Chronicles
                                                                                      › Tales of Starlight Series
                                                                                      › Dragons of Starlight
      Saturday                                          › Pinecraft Pie Shop Series
                                                                                        Series                        ›   Breakwater
                                                                                      › Echoes from the Edge          ›   Crosscurrent
      11 a.m. Bryan Davis                               › World War ll Liberator        Series
                                                          Series                                                      ›   Maelstrom
      12 p.m. Rebecca P. Miner                                                        › Oracles of Fire Series        ›   Fire Dancer
                                                        › The Grumble-Free Year       › Dragons in Our Midst
      1 p.m. S.D. Smith                                                                                               ›   Fire Mage
                                                                                      › Spit and Polish for





          Automated Grading & Reporting          Lesson Planning & Activity Planner
          Flexible Grade Levels                  Student-Paced Learning
          Stop, Start, Pause Anytime             Award-Winning Curriculum
          24/7 Support                           Affordable Monthly Pricing

                   To learn more about homeschooling in Florida, visit:
                                                                          www.F P EA. com   17

         r                                    u t
       T       Da                                                     r e :
            o Get ReaL!
                                              Are you wondering what homeschool REALLY
                                              looks like? Do you ever find yourself thinking
                                              that you must be the only one who doesn’t have
                                              it all together?
                                              And then there’s this: Am I ruining my kids?
        Todd Wilson          Heidi St. John
                                              Well, here’s your chance to GET REAL!!
                                              We dare you to ask the hard questions.
                                              Join Todd Wilson, Heidi St. John, Andrew
                                              Pudewa and Tricia Goyer for a Q&A where we
                                              aren’t afraid to BE REAL!
       Andew Pudewa           Tricia Goyer

                 Leaders work selflessly for something they believe in. FPEA leaders
                   are investing in the future, sharing with others why we believe
                    homeschooling is so important. Loving Florida – Living Free!

  This special day of training and encouragement is for those in leadership or those considering taking on a leadership role.

                              The day will begin                                 Attendees will be        And, of course, all
   During this special
                               with a welcome                                 treated to a wonderful        Leaders Forum
   convention add-on
                             breakfast with your       There are many         luncheon and keynote       attendees will have
  option, our speakers
                            fellow leaders. Then,       speakers and             address by Todd          early access to the
  are ready to instruct
                           following the welcome,     workshops planned       Wilson before heading      exhibit hall. Imagine
 and inspire you so that
                                attendees can            just for you.          back to additional        a quiet exhibit hall
 you can continue to get
                            choose from multiple                                workshops for the       shopping time just for
         it done.
                                 workshops.                                         afternoon.                    you.

Any adult in a leadership role within a
homeschooling community can benefit            7:45 a.m.         Badge Pick-Up (no on-site registrations)
from attending the Leaders Forum.              8 a.m.            Welcome Breakfast
Registration for the event is an add-on        9:35 a.m.         Sessions Begin
option with Convention registration.           11:45 a.m.        Leadership Luncheon
The price is $45 per person and
includes breakfast and lunch.
                                               2 p.m.            Sessions Resume
                                               4 p.m.            Special Early Entrance to the FPEA Exhibit Hall
Register by May 1.
                                                                                                              www.F P EA. com    19
   8-9:30 a.m.
                          BREAKFAST KEYNOTE                                        SPEAKER: DENNIS DINOIA
                                                                                   PANZACOLA G1

                              PANZACOLA 1                   PANZACOLA 2                       PANZACOLA 3                     PANZACOLA 4

                       L1. T. CORLEW/               L2 I. WAYNE:                     L3. L. WANG:                    L4. Z. TYLER:
                       W. HILTON:                   Where Have We Been and           Incorporating Your Group and    Is It Really Worth It?
   9:35-10:30 a.m.
                       Building Community           Where Are We Headed?             501 (c)(3)                      Leaders Edition

                       L5. S.SELIGSON:              L6. T.J. SCHMIDT:                L7. J. GREWE:                   L8. S. NUNN:
                       Leader Servants: Not an      Update on Your Freedoms in       Leadership 401: The Art of      Adjusting with Your Group
   10:35-11:30 a.m.
                       Oxymoron                     Florida                          Bringing of People Along with

   11:45 a.m.-
   1:15 p.m.           LUNCH KEYNOTE: Todd Wilson
                                                                                                                     B. DICKINSON:
   1:30-2 p.m.
                                                                                                                     Legislative Update

                       L9. D. DINOIA:               L10. K. SORGIUS:                 L11. COACH RICK:                L12. H. ST. JOHN:
   2-2:50 p.m.         Time Management: Making      Effectively Promote Your         Encouraging the Heart of a      Unafraid: Leading With God’s
                       it an Occasion               Group Online                     Leader                          Heart

                       L13. S. SELIGSON:            L14. C. ALBERS:                  L15. Z. TYLER:                  L16. S. NUNN/E. NUNN:
   3-3:50 p.m.         Balancing Service and        Picture the Possibilites         Leaders Top 10                  Inspired to Lead

   3:50 p.m.           ASSEMBLE FOR EXHIBITS

                                                                                                                     shock and fear that riveted her
               S FORUM SESSIONS L3. INCORPORATING YOUR                                                               and the imminent threat of being
                                GROUP AND 501(C)(3)
                                LARRY WANG                                                                           jailed forced her to count the
                                                                               PANZACOLA 3                           costs of homeschooling and de-
  L1. BUILDING COMMUNITY               like this and how you can do the                                              cide if it was really worth it. Zan
                                                                                  Attorney and FPEA Treasurer
  TRISH CORLEW AND                     same!                                                                         learned some powerful lessons
                                                                               Larry Wang will underscore the
  WENDY HILTON                                                                                                       about fighting for freedom, family
                                                                               benefits of incorporating your
  PANZACOLA 1                          L2. WHERE HAVE WE BEEN AND                                                    and faith that remain pertinent
                                                                               homeschool group and guide
      Are you looking for ways to
  connect with your audience?
                                       WHERE ARE WE HEADED?                    you through the process. He will      today. Our nation is once again at
                                       ISRAEL WAYNE                            also talk about the benefits of       a crossroads where the liberties
  Whether you’re a blogger, local      PANZACOLA 2                                                                   we often take for granted are at
                                                                               registering as a 501c3and if it’s
  homeschool support group lead-          Israel Wayne’s family began                                                stake. We must all continue to
                                                                               appropriate for your group.
  er, or a writer for a homeschool     homeschooling more than 40                                                    work to preserve life, liberty and
  publication, building community      years ago. In this workshop, Israel                                           the pursuit of happiness, while
  is important! It’s a great way to    describes a brief history of the
                                                                               L4. IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?
                                                                                                                     intentionally raising up a new
  get to know the needs of those       modern homeschooling move-              LEADERS EDITION                       generation of freedom fighters.
  who look to you for support and                                              ZAN TYLER
                                       ment, and shares insights on                                                  But how do we do that? Come to
  information. It’s also a great                                               PANZACOLA 4
                                       how homeschooling is trending                                                 this session to be encouraged and
  way for them to get to know and                                                  In 1984, the state superinten-
                                       nationwide.                                                                   equipped with powerful princi-
  trust you, your opinions, and the                                            dent of education told Zan Tyler
                                                                               that he could have her put in jail    ples to share with your children
  information you share with them.                                                                                   and teens.
  Today we’d like to share with you                                            for homeschooling her son. Zan
  how we created a community                                                   knew this was no idle threat. The

Wild Florida - Live Free

L5. LEADER SERVANTS: NOT AN            change can sometimes come with         an amazing way of communi-               important position. Think about
                                       great challenges. Join Suzanne as      cating from the heart of God,            it, if you’re feeling guilty now and
SHERRI SELIGSON                        she offers insight to group leaders    to the heart of a parent, about          don’t make changes, imagine how
PANZACOLA 1                            who are facing constant change.        the heart of a child. His passion and    you might feel in 10 years? Let’s
    When you think about someone       You‘ll walk away from this work-       enthusiasm to encourage homes-           talk about it!
who influenced you in the past, of-    shop feeling encouraged at the         chool parents will make this one
ten it is a person who took the time   prospect of the many opportuni-        workshop you don’t want to miss.         L14. PICTURE THE POSSIBILITIES
to get to know you and to listen.      ties that change can afford for you                                             CONNIE ALBERS
Perhaps it was someone who was a       and your group.                        L12. UNAFRAID: LEADING WITH              PANZACOLA 2
chapter or two ahead of you in life                                           GOD'’S HEART                                 Does your leadership team
and who could be a sounding board      L9. TIME MANAGEMENT: MAKING            HEIDI ST. JOHN                           share the same vision for your
when you had questions. One of         IT AN OCCASION                         PANZACOLA 4                              group? Being clear about who
the best characteristics of a leader   DENNIS DINOIA                              In an era where fear drives          your group is and what it offers
is one who is a fellow struggler,      PANZACOLA 1                            many of our decisions as Christian       is critical to serving the families
one who has gone through or is             This hands-on workshop will        leaders, God calls us to be different.   in the homeschool community. In
going through challenges just like     give readers the strategies to have    No one thinks they are a fear-based      this presentation, Connie Albers
others are. Let’s explore those        time management be a breeze. Mr.       leader, and yet, as we look around,      will walk you through the process
ideas by understanding how to          D is going to take you through an      we see many Christian leaders            of creating a vision that keeps your
communicate a “coming alongside”       amazing exercise to see if you can     succumbing to it. In this session,       organization and its members on
servant attitude.                      or can’t find that extra 10 hours      we’ll look at four ways fear can         track.
                                       in your week. This is something        derail your leadership and look at
L6. UPDATE ON YOUR                     to do with the entire family. Time     leaders whose character and faith        L.15. LEADERS TOP TEN
                                       management is one of those things      in God carried them (and those they      ZAN TYLER
HOMESCHOOL FREEDOMS IN                                                                                                 PANZACOLA 3
                                       that every homeschooling family        were leading!) to victory through
FLORIDA                                will confront along their journey.     difficult circumstances. Listen as           As a homeschooling parent,
                                       Students and parents often ask,        Heidi offers encouragement to            your plate is already full. Some-
                                       “Mr. D, how do you get everything      seasoned leaders and instruction         times, homeschool leadership
    TJ Schmidt from the Home
                                       done?” There is actually a really      to new ones: your convictions will       can be the straw that breaks the
School Legal Defense Association
                                       great answer for that, and now it is   be challenged from every angle.          camel’s back. But it doesn’t have
will discuss recent challenges by
                                       available for everyone during this     The solution? Lead from a place of       to be that way! In this session, Zan
Florida county governments to
                                       workshop. Join Mr. D as he guides      conviction that’s based on the au-       Tyler identifies three questions
homeschooling families. He will
                                       you through an amazing strategy        thority of Scripture and then, stand     every leader should be able to
review the basics of our Florida
                                       for having time management be          firm. If God has called you to the       answer and ten principles every
law along with any recent changes,
                                       something that is easy to manage.      role of leadership, He has already       homeschool leader should know.
revisions or protections.
                                                                              equipped you for the task ahead.         These questions and principles
                                       L10. EFFECTIVELY PROMOTE                                                        are designed to make your life as a
L7. LEADERSHIP 401: THE ART                                                                                            leader more manageable, effective
                                                                                                                       and even enjoyable!
WITH YOU                               KIM SORGIUS                            FAMILY: HOW FULL IS YOUR
                                       PANZACOLA 2
JOEL GREWE                                                                    PITCHER?
                                          Do you feel overwhelmed by          SHERRI SELIGSON                          L16. INSPIRED TO LEAD
                                       social media and email newslet-        PANZACOLA 1                              SUZANNE NUNN AND
   Join Joe Grewe as he dis-                                                                                           ETHAN NUNN
                                       ters? Do you want to better engage         As leaders, we each face unique
cusses the fine art of leadership                                                                                      PANZACOLA 4
                                       homeschoolers as they become a         challenges while serving the needs
and communication and how to                                                                                               One of our most important
                                       part of your group? Join popular       of others. How do you balance the
incorporate these skills into your                                                                                     jobs as leaders is to raise up and
                                       blogger Kim Sorgius as she teaches     time spent helping families with
leadership.                                                                                                            train the next leadership team, the
                                       you simple ways to use email and       the needs of your own family? We
                                                                                                                       team that will replace us. What
                                       social media strategies to serve       do not want to build our groups
L8. ADJUSTING                          your group and increase your           and support others at the expense
                                                                                                                       does that team look like? What
WITH YOUR GROUP                        membership.                            of our children and spouse. You
                                                                                                                       will inspire them? Join Suzanne
SUZANNE NUNN                                                                                                           and Ethan as they break down the
PANZACOLA 4                                                                   only have so much to pour out, and
                                                                                                                       things you can do to inspire others
   Change is inevitable. How do        L11. ENCOURAGING THE HEART OF          if you spend it all on your leader-
                                                                                                                       to step up. Never underestimate
you make it work for you? Suzanne      A LEADER                               ship role, you will leave your family
                                                                                                                       the importance of building toward
Nunn has served in local, state and    COACH RICK ANDREASSEN                  dry. Sherri will take you through
                                                                                                                       the future.
                                       PANZACOLA 3                            specific, intentional strategies to
national homeschool leadership
                                           Take advantage of this time        prevent this and help you to avoid
and found that, in every area,
                                       of encouragement. Coach Rick has       the guilt that can come with this
                                                                                                                                     www.F P EA. com     21
Rosen Shingle Creek
                                                    The host hotel for the FPEA Florida Ho-
                                                 meschool Convention is the Rosen Shingle
                                                 Creek. You are going to love this resort that
                                                 embraces the natural beauty of central
                                                    In the heart of Orlando, on 255 acres
                                                 along Shingle Creek, the headwaters of the
                                                 Everglades, rises Rosen Shingle Creek. This
                                                 luxury hotel breaks above the horizon at the
                                                 southern end of Universal Boulevard. All
                                                 of Orlando’s best attractions, restaurants,
                                                 shopping and entertainment venues are
                                                 within a short distance of this ideal loca-
                                                    Venture outside to any of the four pools
                                                 amidst tropical settings for an incredibly
                                                 relaxing experience. Wherever you find
                                                 yourself in Rosen Shingle Creek, the staff
                                                 will tend to your every need. Rosen Shingle
                                                 Creek also includes more than a dozen din-
   AAA Four Diamond Property                     ing options, including the heralded A Land
                                                 Remembered and Cala Bella.
                                                    The room block is now open — watch the
                                                 FPEA website for details! Our discounted
                                                 room rate for the FPEA Convention is $141
                                                 single/double (additionally, the hotel will
                                                 honor their family plan for our group, which
                                                 means no additional charge for children
                                                 under age 17 using existing bedding.)

ROSEN SHINGLE CREEK   9939 Universal Blvd. | Orlando, FL 32819 | www.rosenshinglecreek.com
SPEAKERS                                            Wild Florida - Live Free

Keynote Speakers
FRIDAY | 8:30 - 10 A.M.
                                                       ZAN TYLER
                                                       SATURDAY | 8:30 - 10 A.M.
                                                      SEBASTIAN BALLROOM
                      Rick Green is a                      Zan Tyler was threatened with
                   former Texas state                 jail when she began homeschooling
                   representative,                   in 1984. For the next eight years she
                   national speaker,                fought for homeschool freedom and
                   author and radio                good legislation in South Carolina.
                   host. Rick and his             In 1990, she founded the South Caro-
                   family travel the nation     lina Association of Independent Home
                   speaking on America’s for-   Schools and served as its president for 10
                   gotten history and heroes,   years. Her fight for homeschool free-
                   with an emphasis on our      dom has led her to serve as the National
moral, religious and constitutional heritage.   Grassroots Director for ParentalRights.org, to advocate for
Rick and David Barton co-host the national      homeschooling in the media (appearing on NBC’s Today
daily radio program, WallBuilders Live!         Show) and at the nation’s Capitol.
   Rick is the author and executive produc-        Zan is the author of “7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s
er of Constitution Alive. Rick and his wife,    Potential” and speaks across the country and around the
Kara, founded Patriot Academy, an elite         globe. She worked in Christian publishing and curriculum
leadership training program specializing        development for 16 years and now works for BJU Press,
in applied civics with a Biblical, historical   Homeworks by Precept and the Home School Legal De-
and Constitutional foundation. Through          fense Association on special assignments.
their Constitution Coach program, they are         Zan was awarded the Order of the Palmetto, the highest
training and empowering adults across the       civilian honor given by the governor of South Carolina, and,
nation to educate their communities about       in 2014, she was the recipient of the Dr. Robert Dreyfus
the Constitution.                               Courageous Christian Leadership Award. In 2015, HSLDA
   Rick and Kara have 4 older kids and two      presented Zan with the Chris Klicka Award for her lifelong
grandchildren. They have homeschooled for       dedication and commitment to home education worldwide.
18 years.                                       Zan considers the 21 years she and her husband Joe spent
www.patriotacademy.com                          homeschooling their own three children from kindergarten
                                                through high school to be one of the greatest privileges of
                                                her life. Zan enjoys traveling, reading, watching her adult
                                                children embark on the homeschooling journey, playing
                                                with her grandkids, and laughing hysterically with Joe
                                                wherever they go. www.ZanTyler.com
                                                                                          www.F P EA. com   23
FeatureD Speakers
COACH RICK ANDREASSEN                           director of first impressions for Social Media
                                                Marketing World. Connie’s mission is to equip
                                                                                                     brought learning home. Twenty-four years
                                                                                                     of homeschooling eight children — ages 28
                    Inspirational speaker       moms to live their life with confidence and          to toddler — allow Cheryl and her husband
                Coach Rick Andreassen is the    joy knowing God is always leading.                   Mike to journey alongside families at many
                founder of Saints Interna-          Connie and her husband, Tom, have been           stages of parenting and learning, from
                tional, a world-wide sports     married for 35 years and have homeschooled           toddling to adulting. As a magazine colum-
                ministry for homeschool         their five children, all of whom continued           nist, blogger, and speaker, Cheryl shares her
                students in the U.S. and also   their studies and graduated from the Uni-            experiences, stories and challenges as she
with programs for orphaned children running     versity of Central Florida. She is a speaker,        enthusiastically encourages parents to be
in Zambia, Guatemala, Kenya and Haiti. For      a spokeswoman, an author and owner                   intentional, real and relational as they raise
more than 27 years, Coach Rick has been         of ConnieAlbers.com. Her latest venture is           lifelong learners. Her resources are available
a motivational speaker, children’s pastor       fulfilling her desire to equip women in their        at Celebrate Simple www.cherylbastian.
and missionary. Coach Rick has a major in       calling through her Equipped To Be ministry.         com.
child psychology with an emphasis on early      The Albers family lives in Winter Garden,
childhood development. His greatest desire      Florida.
is to encourage parents and then encourage                                                           SUE BECKER
them some more.                                                                                                           Sue Becker is a gifted
                                                RICHELE BABURINA                                                      speaker and teacher, with a

CONNIE ALBERS                                                        Richele Baburina pas-
                                                                 sionately shares how simple
                                                                                                                      passion to share principles of
                                                                                                                      healthy living in an encourag-
                     Connie Albers is an                         methods rest on profound                             ing way. She is the co-owner
                 author, speaker, podcaster                      principles throughout a                              of The Bread Beckers and
                 and spokeswoman who has                         Charlotte Mason education.          founder of the ministry Real Bread Outreach,
                 spent much of her adult life                    A regular contributor to Wild       all dedicated to promoting whole-grain nu-
                 as a homeschool mom to         + Free, her articles on a wide variety of topics     trition. Sue has a degree in food science from
                 five and mompreneur with       appear in a number of home-educating pub-            the University of Georgia and is the author
a passion to strengthen parents through         lications. She shares life with her husband          of “The Essential Home Ground Flour Book.”
her speaking and various leadership roles.      and two teenaged sons in the Berkshires of           Sue is a veteran home-schooling mom with
More recently, Connie entered the publishing    western Massachusetts and is the author              nine children and 13 grandchildren. She and
world with her No. 1-ranked Amazon Hot          of “Brush Drawing: A Basic Course,” “The             her husband, Brad, live in Canton, Georgia.
New Release book, Parenting beyond the          Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic                Through her teaching, countless families
Rules: Raising Teens with Confidence and        Series” and more.                                    have found improved health.
Joy, which outlines positive approaches to
parenting today’s teenagers.
    Balancing her roles as a wife, speaker,     CHERYL BASTIAN                                       CHUCK BLACK
consultant, homeschooler and active volun-                           Cheryl Bastian can’t                                 Chuck Black is the author
teer, she has learned to discover resilience                      remember a time when she                            of 17 novels, including the
and joy within the stop-and-go of life. She                       wasn’t teaching. What start-                        Kingdom Series, the Knights
is a respected leader, social media enthusi-                      ed with making her brothers                         of Arrethtrae series, the
ast and trusted mom who understands the                           play school evolved to job                          Wars of the Realm series, The
challenges of balancing the demands of life,                      shadowing and tutoring in                           Starlore Legacy series and
work, motherhood and homeschool.                high school. Through experiential learning,          “Call to Arms: The Guts and Glory of Coura-
    She is featured on Focus on the Family,     Cheryl’s passion for education grew. She             geous Fatherhood.” He has written columns
100 Huntley Street, The Busy Mom podcast,       completed post-secondary coursework and              for the Teach Them Diligently Convention
The Good Life TV45 with Barbara Beck,           internships at Illinois State University, first as   and the North Dakota State Homeschool
Salem Communications, and is a columnist        a special education major and then continu-          Association. Chuck and his wife, Andrea have
for Homeschooling Today magazine. Her           ing in early childhood education. Concerned          six children and multiple grandchildren. They
enthusiasm for helping others navigate          she would miss once-in-a-lifetime milestones         homeschooled for 24 years.
social media led to her taking a post as the    in her children, Cheryl left the classroom and

Wild Florida - Live Free

                   Jean is the creator of
               the revolutionary and
               award-winning College Prep
               Genius curriculum, which
               has helped thousands of high
               school students prepare for
the SAT and PSAT/NMSQT and raise their
scores as much as 600 points. Her expertise
has been featured on Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC,
WE, Forbes Living, UshopTV and The Home-
school Channel. Tens of thousands of public,
private and homeschooled students have
gone through her program. www.college-

                     Thomas Clark is a lifelong
                 teacher of mathematics
                 and science with more
                 than 49 years of classroom
                 and tutoring experience          trying to learn something new, modeling that       A Virginia native, Jenny now lives with her
                 at all levels, from elemen-      learning is indeed a life-long endeavor!           family in Roswell, Georgia.
tary through adult. He founded VideoText
Interactive 17 years ago. It’s a company that
specializes in bringing the textbook to life
                                                  JENNY L. COTE                                      MARTIN COTHRAN
through technology. He then began directing                             Jenny L. Cote is an                                Martin Cothran is a writer
his attention toward helping homeschooling                          award-winning author and                           and teacher who lives in Dan-
parents become more effective instructors,                          speaker who developed an                           ville, Kentucky, with his wife
especially in mathematics.                                          early passion for God, history                     of 32 years and near their
                                                                    and young people. She beau-                        four children, two daughters-
                                                                    tifully blends these three                         in-law and two grandchil-
TRISH CORLEW                                      passions in her two fantasy fiction series,        dren. He is the director of the Classical Latin
                     Trish Corlew is one of the   “The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz” and “Epic       School Association and editor of the Classical
                 owners of Hip Homeschool         Order of the Seven.” Likened to C. S. Lewis by     Teacher magazine for parents and profes-
                 Moms. She has been married       readers and book reviewers alike, she speaks       sional educators. He is the author of several
                 to her best friend, David, for   on creative writing to schools, universities       textbooks, including “Traditional Logic,
                 21 years and they have three     and conferences around the world. Jenny            Books I and II,” “Material Logic: A Course on
                 sons (18, 17 and 14). Trish is   has a passion for making history fun for           How to Think,” “Classical Rhetoric: A Study
from the coast of North Carolina, but they        kids of all ages, instilling in them a desire to   of Aristotle’s Principles of Persuasion,” and
now live in rural west Tennessee on a 40-         discover their part in HIStory. She partnered      “Lingua Biblica: Old Testament Stories in
plus acre farm. She has been homeschooling        with the National Park Service to produce          Latin.” Martin has written on public policy is-
since 2009 and her style leans towards a          Epic Patriot Camp, a summer writing camp           sues in Kentucky for the Cincinnati Enquirer,
Montessori/gameschooling approach with a          at Revolutionary parks to excite kids about        the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Lexington
heavy emphasis on hands-on learning. In her       history, research and writing. Jenny holds         Herald-Leader and other newspapers and
spare time, Trish loves to write, work in their   two marketing degrees from the University          served on several state commissions on
garden, travel and can regularly be found         of Georgia and Georgia State University.           education policy. He is a former Latin, logic
                                                                                                     and rhetoric instructor at Highlands Latin

                                                                                                                              www.F P EA. com      25

School in Louisville, Kentucky, and holds a            Jeannie received her bachelor’s degree         Today, he travels across the U.S. training
bachelor’s in philosophy and economics from        from the University of Texas at Austin, her        and mentoring young leaders. He draws on
the University of California at Santa Barbara      master’s of fine arts in creative writing from     more than 20 years of ministry and political
and a master’s in Christian apologetics from       Fairfield University, and her Christian Life       experience to inspire a generation that, in
the Simon Greenleaf School, now part of            Coach certification from Life University. A        his opinion, will change the world. Joel lives
Trinity University.                                veteran homeschool mom of four, Jeannie            in the Washington, D.C., area with his wife,
                                                   has watched her children graduate, blossom,        Christie, and their three children.
                                                   pursue their passions and become incredibly
BRYAN DAVIS                                        successful men and women of God.
                     Bryan Davis is a best-sell-       Whether through her science series,            WENDY HILTON
                 ing author of several series      soon-to-be-released high school college and                            Wendy Hilton is one of
                 for youth, including Dragons      career manual My Road Map to College and                            the owners of Hip Homes-
                 in Our Midst. His books have      Career, Charlotte Mason tools and teaching,                         chool Moms. She married
                 sold more than a million cop-     or her videos and blogs, Jeannie is dedicated                       her high school sweetheart,
                 ies worldwide. As a homes-        to helping parents become the best homes-                           Scott, over 27 years ago, and
chooling father of seven children, he writes       chool educators they can be.                                        they live in the South with
action/adventure stories that are appropriate                                                         their three children. Hannah, age 23, has au-
for all ages and that honor the Christian faith.                                                      tism and was the first homeschool graduate
                                                   TRICIA GOYER                                       in the family. Noah, age 21, was the second
                                                                         Tricia Goyer is author       homeschool graduate. Mary Grace, age 15, is
DENNIS DINOIA                                                         of more than 70 books,          the remaining homeschool student. Wendy
                    Dennis DiNoia has been                            she writes both fiction         loves working out and teaching Training
                 immersed in education for                            and nonfiction related to       for Warriors classes at her local gym. She
                 over 25 years. He holds a                            family and parenting. This      also enjoys learning along with her family,
                 master’s in education from                           best-selling author has also    educational travel, reading, and writing, and
                 the University of South           won a two Carol Awards and a Retailer’s Best       she attempts to grow an herb garden every
                 Florida and has been a            Award. She was also an ECPA Gold-Medallion         summer with limited success.
Florida State Certified Secondary Mathemat-        Nominee and a Christy Award Nominee and
ics Teacher since 1988. He is affectionately       won Writer of the Year from the Mt. Hermon
known to all of his students as Mr. D. Dennis      Christian Writers Conference.                      CARISA HINSON
has designed a curriculum for students                 Tricia is a beloved author of Amish fiction,                        Carisa Hinson, a former
taking pre-algebra to pre-calculus. This math      including the Big Sky and Seven Brides for                          public school kindergarten
program infuses problem solving and treating       Seven Bachelors series. She has spoken at                           teacher, never thought she
math as a language as the basis for its deliv-     events such as MomCon, Raising Genera-                              would ever homeschool her
ery and offers the equivalent of a personal        tions, and Teach Them Diligently conferences                        children. Homeschooling be-
teacher in one’s home or co-op.                    and is host of the Walk it Out podcast. A                           gan when her oldest son was
                                                   homeschooling mom of ten, including seven          in pre-K, although she did not fully embrace
                                                   by adoption, Tricia is also a grandmother of       it until about midway through kindergarten,
JEANNIE FULBRIGHT                                  four and wife to John.                             which is about when she began her blog,
                    Jeannie Fulbright, CCFC,                                                          1+1+1=1. Slowly, God’s plan for their family
                 MFA, is the author of the                                                            became their passion also. They absolutely
                 best-selling, award-winning       JOEL GREWE                                         LOVE homeschooling now and although
                 Exploring Creation elemen-                             Joel Grewe started his life   they follow the “one year at a time, one kid
                 tary science series published                      of advocacy in sixth grade,       at a time” plan, they hope to homeschool all
                 by Apologia. She has been                          when he convinced his moth-       three of their children through graduation.
speaking and writing to encourage and build                         er to homeschool him. He          Carisa and her husband have three children, a
up the homeschool community for 20 years.                           went on to work on Capitol        daughter, 10; a son, 13; and another son, 17.
Her passion is to empower parents to home-                          Hill for Rep. J.C. Watts, then
school with excellence and to trust God with       worked in demographic research and now
every aspect of their children’s education.        serves as the director of Generation Joshua.

Wild Florida - Live Free

LINDA LACOUR HOBAR                                 nate the power struggles, yelling and arguing
                                                   with even the most strong-willed children.
                                                                                                       periencing legal difficulties. He and his wife,
                                                                                                       Susan, have seven children: Josiah, Suzanna,
                      Linda Lacour Hobar,                                                              Ella, Makenna, Jonah, Annika and Ezra. They
                  author of “The Mystery of                                                            look forward to teaching all of their children
                  History,” is a passionate        JOANNE MASTRONICOLA                                 at home.
                  follower of Jesus Christ, a                           Joanne Mastronicola is
                  genuine people-person, and                        an author, teacher, guidance
                  a fan of comfortable high-                        counselor, homeschool              SONYA SHAFER
heels. Through homeschooling her children                           mom and blogger. Her three                             Sonya Shafer is a popular
and service as a missionary, she discovered                         children each followed a dif-                       homeschool speaker and
a deep love for world history and a clear                           ferent college track to their                       writer, specializing in the
call to write for her children, grandchildren      chosen career and took advantage of several                          Charlotte Mason method.
and generations to come that they might            scholarships along the way. During this time,                        She has been on an adven-
know “the mystery of God.” (Col 2:3) In its        Joanne also worked with a nontraditional                             ture for more than 20 years
20th year of worldwide circulation, “The           private school as their administrator and high      studying, researching, practicing and teach-
Mystery of History” has been well received         school guidance counselor. She authored the         ing Charlotte’s gentle and effective methods
by all ages and won numerous awards. While         original Piecing Together the High School           of education. Her passion for homeschooling
fact-filled and historically accurate, Linda’s     Puzzle in 2004 and began offering guidance          her own four daughters grew into helping
writing style remains warm, personable and         counseling to homeschoolers statewide.              others and then into Simply Charlotte Mason,
thought-provoking. A native-born Texan,                                                                which publishes her many books and pro-
Linda holds a bachelor’s degree from Baylor                                                            vides a place of practical encouragement to
University, where she first fell in love with      ANDREW PUDEWA                                       homeschoolers at simplycharlottemason.
world history. She resides in Tennessee                                  Andrew is the director of     com.
where she continues to research, write, teach                        the Institute for Excellence in
online classes and obsess over matters big                           Writing. He addresses issues
and small.                                                           related to teaching, writing,     SHERRI SELIGSON
                                                                     thinking, spelling and music.                         Sherri Seligson and her
VICKI LEIST                                                          His seminars for parents,
                                                   students and teachers have helped transform
                                                                                                                        husband David homes-
                                                                                                                        chooled their four children
                      Vicki Leist is a former      many a reluctant writer and have equipped                            through high school. Before
                  FPEA district director, sec-     educators with powerful tools to dramati-                            being promoted to moth-
                  retary and alumni director.      cally improve students’ skills. Andrew holds                         erhood, Sherri worked as
                  She is the chair of the FPEA     a certificate of child brain development from       a marine biologist at Walt Disney World’s
                  Scholarship Foundation.          the Institutes for the Achievement of Human         Living Seas, publishing shark behavior
                  Vicki and her husband Gary       Potential in Philadelphia. www.iew.com              research. With an M.Ed. in curriculum design
home educated their two children for 14                                                                and science instruction, she has authored
years. Vicki is also a Florida certified teacher                                                       “Exploring Creation with General Science,”
and she continues to work with homeschool-         T.J. SCHMIDT                                        “Marine Biology” and “Internships for High
ers in her district.                                                     T.J. Schmidt was first        School Credit” instructional video courses for
                                                                     taught at home in the             Apologia’s science curricula, and companion

KIRK MARTIN                                                          second grade by his parents
                                                                     in northern Vermont and
                                                                                                       curricula for feature films including “Dolphin
                                                                                                       Tale” and “War Horse.” Sherri is an interna-
                   Kirk Martin has been                              then nearly every year until      tional conference and retreat speaker. Using
               called laugh-out loud funny,                          he graduated. For much of         transparency, truth and humor, she teaches
               practical and life-chang-           that time, his family lived in foreign mission      families and students the importance of
               ing by more than 750,000            fields. T.J. earned his juris doctorate from        studying God’s creation and encourages
               parents. He is the founder          Oak Brook College of Law while serving as           moms on their homeschool journey.
               of CelebrateCalm.com and a          a legal assistant at the Home School Legal
homeschooling father. Based on work with           Defense Association. Now, as an HSLDA staff
1,500 of the most challenging children right       attorney, T.J. answers general legal questions
in his own home, Kirk’s strategies will elimi-     and assists members across the country ex-

                                                                                                                                www.F P EA. com     27

S.D. SMITH                                         become who God has created them to be will
                                                   encourage you. Heidi has been married to          ISRAEL AND BROOK WAYNE
                     S. D. Smith is the author     her college sweetheart since 1989, and their                          Israel Wayne is an author,
                 of The Green Ember series,        family now includes seven children and two                        conference speaker and
                 a bestselling middle-grade        grandsons. Jay and Heidi reside just outside                      director of Family Renewal.
                 adventure saga. The Green         of beautiful Vancouver, Washington, where                         He and his wife, Brook, are
                 Ember has reached hundreds        they have homeschooled some of their kids                         raising their 10 children in
                 of thousands of readers and       all the way through high school and are still                     Michigan. Brook Wayne is an
spent time as the No. 1 bestselling audiobook      finishing up with a few at home. Heidi is                         author, conference speaker
in the world on Audible. Smith’s stories are       the author of seven books. Her most recent                        and co-founder of Family
captivating readers across the globe who           book, “Bible Promises for Moms,” was re-                          Renewal. She is co-author
are hungry for new stories with an old soul.       leased in March 2019 and is the latest in the                     of the book “Pitchin’ a Fit!
When he’s not writing adventurous tales            MomStrong collection. She has also recently                       Overcoming Angry and
of RabbitsWithSwords in his writing shed,          released “Prayers for the Battlefield: Staying                    Stressed Out Parenting,”
dubbed The Forge, Smith loves to speak to          MomStrong in the Fight for Your Family and        She has contributed chapters to “Full-Time
audiences about storytelling, imagination          Your Faith” and “Becoming MomStrong: How          Parenting: A Guide to Family-Based Disciple-
and seeing yourself as a character in the          to Fight With All That’s In You For Your Family   ship” and “Answers for Homeschooling: Top
Story. S. D. Smith lives in West Virginia with     and Your Faith,” which focuses on helping         25 Questions Critics Ask.”
his wife and four kids.                            mothers build a solid biblical foundation for
                                                   their families. Join Heidi at MomStrong Inter-
                                                   national, an online ministry where thousands      JIM WEISS
KIM SORGIUS                                        of women come together for weekly Bible                               Jim Weiss has been an
                     Kim Sorgius is passion-       studies, scripture writing, online and in-real-                    author, lecturer, storyteller
                 ate about helping families        life fellowship.                                                   and presenter for more than
                 grow in faith so they are                                                                            30 years. In June, 1989, he
                 not consumed by life. Her                                                                            and his wife, Randy formed
                 practical, transparent and        MARIANNE SUNDERLAND                                                their production company,
                 heartfelt sessions will inspire                        Marianne Sunderland is       Greathall Productions and have thus far
and equip you to homeschool without feeling                         a homeschooling mother of        produced more than 75 recordings featur-
overwhelmed by circumstances. Kim has                               eight lively children ages 7     ing storytelling from classical literature
served as a public school teacher, homes-                           to 26, including adventurous     and history. Jim’s masterful and thoughtful
chool evaluator, and curriculum consultant.                         and homeschooled sailors,        presentations present a dynamic model of
However, teaching her own children while                            Zac and Abby Sunderland,         oral language that will entertain and inspire
walking alongside other moms on this               known for their record-setting around the         all members of the family. He is the recipi-
journey is her absolute favorite thing to do.      world sailing campaigns. Because seven of         ent of more than 100 national awards from
Bestselling author of “My Brother’s Keeper”        her eight children are dyslexic, Marianne is a    prestigious home eductaion sources. Jim’s
and “Because I Said So,” Kim loves combining       passionate dyslexia advocate with a passion       newest reccordings include “A Cornucopia
her teaching experience with her M.Ed. in          to educate and encourage families, not only       of Best-Loved Poems” in two volumes, and
curriculum development. She creates engag-         to understand dyslexia, but also to discover      “Courage and a Clear Mind: True Adventures
ing Bible studies and homeschool curriculum        and nurture their children’s God-given gifts      of the Ancient Greeks,” “Bible Stories: Great
to help families live #NotConsumed every           and talents, in and outside of the classroom.     Men and Women from Noah through Sol-
day.                                               Marianne’s web site, Homeschooling With           omon,” “Swordsmen, Saints, and Scholars:
                                                   Dyslexia, provides weekly articles on home-       Great Men and Women of the Middle Ages”
                                                   schooling kids with ADD, ADHD and dyslexia        and more.
HEIDI ST. JOHN                                     that will bless and encourage you.
                    Heidi St. John has been
                speaking on marriage,
                family and cultural issues
                for more than 15 years. Her
                passion to encourage moms
                and set them free to boldly

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