GOOD NEWS! - COMMUNITY NEWS - Community Foundation Serving ...

GOOD NEWS! - COMMUNITY NEWS - Community Foundation Serving ...
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     C R E AT I N G L E G A C I E S . G R O W I N G C O M M U N I T I E S .


                  Formerly Foundation for Roanoke Valley and Martinsville Area Community Foundation.
GOOD NEWS! - COMMUNITY NEWS - Community Foundation Serving ...

   Alan E. Ronk                     Carly C. Oliver                   April M. Haynes                          Beth Kelley
  President/CEO                 Chief Operating Officer           Regional Vice President,                 Director, Finance &
                                                                 Martinsville Regional Office                 Investments

Michelle M. Eberly              Kaitlyn H. Van Buskirk                   Kara J. Gilley                   Kathy E. Mattox
 Director, Grants &               Grants Associate                   Program Associate,                Administrative Assistant
Donor Engagement                                                  Martinsville Regional Office

                                  Report of Activities for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2020

                    ROANOKE                                                               MARTINSVILLE
                CORPORATE OFFICE                                                          REGIONAL OFFICE
                   Mailing Address:                                                          Mailing Address:
         P.O. Box 1159 | Roanoke, VA 24006                                        P.O. Box 1124 | Martinsville, VA 24114
                       Location:                                                               Location:
    611 S. Jefferson Street, Suite 8 | Second Floor                                 300 Franklin Street | Suite 230
                  Roanoke, VA 24011                                                      Martinsville, VA 24112
      Phone: 540.985.0204 | Fax: 540.982.8175                                   Phone: 276.656.6223 | Fax: 276.632.3614

                                              GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA
           We are honored to work with individuals and families on their charitable estate plans throughout much of
                                            western and southwestern Virginia.

           Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia is registered with The Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs,
      is a member of both Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce and Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce,
                                  and is a member of Southeastern Council of Foundations..
GOOD NEWS! - COMMUNITY NEWS - Community Foundation Serving ...
         “There’s a silver lining.”
         “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”
         “Rainbows follow a bad storm.”
         While our lexicon has always been replete with such phrases of optimism and hope amidst trying circumstances, lately it seems our
         conversations have instead been filled with a slew of gloomy adjectives. I, quite frankly, hope I never have to hear those descriptors again
         (think “unprecedented”, et al.), and you won’t see those words reflected here.

         Why? It’s not because we are being the proverbial ostrich with our head in the sand (which by the way is a myth), simply ignoring the world
         around us. It’s because your community foundation is, and always has been, a refuge — an oasis if you will — of positive actions and
         results. We are blessed to be able to spend our time, talent and resources on finding ways to make all of the communities we serve more
         vibrant and successful, to truly change lives for the better, to offer opportunities where none existed before, and to make long-held dreams
         and aspirations come true.

         Perhaps, most importantly, we are honored and privileged to perpetuate over the generations the amazing and wonderful generosity of our
         many donors. Yes, you are the fountainhead for everything the community foundation accomplishes, as reflected in this annual report. You
         are our Good News, and we are deeply grateful for that!

         All the very best,

         Alan E. Ronk
         President and CEO

About Us .............................................................................................4   Women in Philanthropy.....................................................................25
Who We Serve....................................................................................4         Roanoke Valley Gives........................................................................26
What We Do........................................................................................5       Grants.................................................................................................27
Community Foundation Leadership.....................................................6                         Disaster Relief Program...............................................................30
Unrestricted Funds..............................................................................8             Takeout Hunger............................................................................32
Field-of-Interest Funds.........................................................................9         Public Support
Scholarship Funds.............................................................................. 11            Founding Donors..........................................................................34
Designated Funds.............................................................................. 17             The Society of Founders..............................................................34
Advised Funds....................................................................................19           Legacy Society Members............................................................35
    H. Clay Gravely IV Memorial Fund...............................................19                         Friends of the Foundation............................................................36
    My Hometown Fund....................................................................21                    Donors..........................................................................................37
Grantee Endowment Funds...............................................................23                  Financial Snapshot.............................................................................43
Roanoke Women’s Foundation..........................................................24

                                                                                                                                                                                          ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 3

                                                           A BOU T U S
                                                       Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia has been providing customized
             CREATING                                  services to donors for decades, connecting their generosity with a broad spectrum
                                                       of important needs and opportunities within our communities. We exist to help

             LEGACIES.                                 people, with or without great wealth, give in ways that have joy and meaning for
                                                       them. When you come to the Community Foundation with a dream, we offer a

             GROWING                                   variety of flexible charitable solutions to make it come to life and go on forever.

           COMMUNITIES.                                Comprised of more than 350 permanent endowment funds (and growing), the
                                                       Community Foundation has awarded more than $52 million in grants to community
                                                       institutions since our beginning. Each of these grants helps make our nonprofits
                                                       stronger, touches the lives of many people in very real ways and brings about
                                                       transformative change that makes our region an even better place to live for all.

                                     Service Area

                                                     W HO W E S ERV E
            We are privileged to work with individuals, families, corporations, private foundations, nonprofits and others who reside in, or are
            located in, much of western and southwestern Virginia. Please see the map for additional specifics. With respect to grant making,
            we can award grants anywhere in the country as recommended by donor advisors.


                                                    W HAT W E DO
                          GIVING                                                  TYPES OF FUNDS
 Our mission is to enable people who love their community to easily      Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia is comprised of
 give back. We always want to help folks feel good about their           many different funds dedicated to purposes our donors define. Here
 charitable giving. Whether their passion is arts and culture, the       are the primary options:
 environment or helping students reach their educational goals,
 they have a professional partner and steward in the Community           UNRESTRICTED FUNDS provide the greatest flexibility, allowing
 Foundation standing ready to help put that passion into action.         the Community Foundation to respond to the community’s pressing
                                                                         needs through changing time and circumstances.
 It is simple and easy to establish a Fund with the Community
 Foundation, whether you want to create an endowment for a               FIELD-OF-INTEREST FUNDS allow donors to pinpoint support
 favorite nonprofit or provide unrestricted support to meet the needs    to broad areas of concern, such as education, the arts, the
 of the community. A Fund is created with a minimum contribution         environment, youth services or geographic areas they choose.
 of $10,000 ($50,000 for scholarships and $25,000 for agency
 endowments). There is no cost to set up a Fund. Thereafter a Fund       DESIGNATED FUNDS ensure regular, endowed support is
 is assessed an annual administrative fee ranging from 1% to 1.75%.      provided to specific charitable organizations in the donors names.
 Donors may elect to start a fund with contributions of cash,
 publicly traded or closely held securities, real estate, personal       DONOR-ADVISED FUNDS allow donors to make
 property or by the use of planned giving vehicles such as charitable    recommendations about the distribution of grants.
 remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, life insurance policies and
 bequests. Contributions of any size are also welcome to existing        SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS help further the education of students
 Funds at any time.                                                      who are selected by volunteer committees based on criteria donors
                                                                         outline, whether a student is from a particular geographic area,
                                                                         attending a certain school or planning a career in a specific field.
               GRANTMAKING                                               MEMORIAL FUNDS ensure a special person is remembered through
 The Community Foundation works tirelessly to carry out the wishes       a Fund that reflects his or her legacy.
 of donors and to provide expertise in local philanthropy. We
 constantly stay attuned to the latest developments in the nonprofit     AGENCY ENDOWMENT FUNDS are created by nonprofits as a
 community. If donors want information on an organization, we will       means of building charitable dollars for the future of their mission
 promptly do research and share the results of that due diligence.       and work.
 We also monitor the results of grants, all with the goal of ensuring
 that they are effective, efficient and productive.                      We can be remarkably flexible in crafting a charitable solution for
                                                                         you. Setting up a Fund is simple and can be done in a matter of
 In addition to monetary grants, the Community Foundation provides       minutes. For more information visit
 many hours of technical expertise and strategic leadership to
 nonprofit organizations.

                                                                                                                              ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 5
GOOD NEWS! - COMMUNITY NEWS - Community Foundation Serving ...
       The Foundation’s Board of Governors is comprised of dedicated volunteer leaders who are selected for their knowledge of, and active
            participation in, the life of the community. The full Board meets quarterly, and the Executive Committee meets as needed.

         CHAIR                     VICE CHAIR                  TREASURER             EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE            EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE         EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
 Mimi Rainero Coles          Richard Bailey, D.V.M.        Lauren Ellerman             Susan Lancaster               Stephen W. Lemon            James W. McAden
   VP of Marketing &           Botetourt Veterinary      Frith, Ellerman & Davis      Community Volunteer            Martin, Hopkins, and              President
 Business Development           Hospital (retired)            Law Firm, P.C.                                             Lemon, P.C.              Balzer & Associates
  Permatile Concrete
      Products Co.

                   John P. Budd, Jr.           Frank G. Carter           Elaine Milan Cronk          Margie Beazley              Tammy M. Finley
                     President &                  President              Community Volunteer           Eason, M.D.              Senior Vice President
                   Managing Director          Member One Federal                                    Psychiatrist (retired)       Advance Auto Parts
                    Budd CPA, PLC                Credit Union

                   James B. Frith Jr.           George Levicki           Colleen M. Marston      Deborah Oehlschlaeger         Randall R. Rhea, M.D.
                         Chairman                  President                    Realtor          Plunkett & Oehlschlaeger,      Carilion Clinic Family
                    Frith Construction       Strategic Management          Long and Foster                  PLC                        Practice
                         Company                    Services                  Real Estate

                                      Cleo Sims            Philip Trompeter            Leonard Wheeler             Florence V. Williams
                                Retired TAP Head Start   Judge, Roanoke County             President                Sustainability Coach
                                       Director            Juvenile Domestic            Mel Wheeler, Inc.         Continuous Improvement
                                                         Relations Court (retired)                                    Allstate Personal
                                                                                                                    Property — Liability

GOOD NEWS! - COMMUNITY NEWS - Community Foundation Serving ...
REGIONAL ADVISORY                                                                   GOVERNORS AND ADVISORY
         BOARD                                                                              BOARD EMERITI
                                                                                     Nancy Howell Agee            Eugene C. Madonia
                                                                                       Robert A. Archer         Olin R. Melchionna, Jr.
 The Foundation’s Regional Advisory Board is comprised of dedicated                    Mary K. Bickford*      Julien H. Meyer, Jr., M.D.*
    volunteer leaders who are selected for their knowledge of, and                   Rita D. Bishop, Ed.D.       Barton W. Morris, Jr.*
                                                                                        R. Steve Blanks        Stephen A. Musselwhite
 active participation in, the life of the Greater Martinsville community.             Abney S. Boxley, III          William A. Nash
                  The advisory board meets quarterly.                              Robert L. Bradshaw, Jr.    Kathryn Krisch Oelschlager
                                                                                     J. Smith Chaney, Jr.          J. Lee E. Osborne
                                                                                       Dorothy S. Clifton          Peter A. Ostaseski
                                                                                        Nan L. Coleman             John C. Parrott, II
                                                                                       Sallye T. Coleman        Douglas E. Pierce, M.D.
                                                                                   Sally Fishburn Crockett*    Bittle W. Porterfield, III*
                                                                                    Walter M. Dixon, Jr.*       Charlotte K. Porterfield
                                                                                     Nancy V. Dye, M.D.             Harry S. Rhodes
                                                                                         Lucy R. Ellett           Frank W. Rogers, III
                                                                                        William D. Elliot            Eliza H. Severt
                                                                                       Edwin R. Feinour            Cynthia M. Shelor
                                                                                         Joy D. Frantz            Elizabeth R. Sibbick
        CHAIR                         VICE CHAIR               SECRETARY                 Jan B. Garrett            Donald G. Smith*
 Kimberly Kiser Snyder           James B. Frith Jr.      Courtney A. Wenkstern      Maryellen F. Goodlatte        Gwen Hermes Smith
  Community Volunteer                  Chairman                  Attorney
                                                                                     Mason Haynesworth          James G. Snead, M.D.*
                                  Frith Construction      Armstrong & Armstrong
                                       Company               Attorneys At Law          James N. Hinson                Susan K. Still
                                                                                    Franklin Dewitt House       Kenneth D. Tuck, M.D.
                                                                                      Talfourd H. Kemper          Michael E. Warner*
                                                                                    Robert C. Lawson, Jr.         A. Damon Williams
                                                                                         James B. Lee           John B. Williamson, III
                                                                                      Barbara B. Lemon*

                                                                                   PAST GOVERNORS AND ADVISORY
                                                                                          BOARD MEMBERS
                                                                                        Page B. Beeler           Jerry Higginbotham*
Deepak D. Banerjee, M.D.         Margie Beazley               Mike Grogan
        Cardiologist               Eason, M.D.           President, Southeastern
                                                                                       Joseph W. Beury          James H. Johnson Jr.*
Stateline Heart and Vascular    Psychiatrist (retired)       Wood Products               N.L. Bishop                Jesse E. Kent*
                                                                                       Robert E. Bryant             Heidi F. Krisch
                                                                                      Carter L. Burgess*         Cynthia D. Lawrence
                                                                                    Melinda T. Chitwood          Angelica Lloyd Light
                                                                                    Beverley L. Coleman            Robert P. Martin
                                                                                   Sigmund E. Davidson*           Colin C. Murchison
                                                                                      William R. Davis*           Jess Newbern, III
                                                                                        Russell H. Ellis            Shawn N. Pace
                                                                                      Norman D. Fintel*          W.D. Prince, III M.D.*
                                                                                    Carolyn Alley Fleming        Frank W. Rogers Jr.*
                                                                                        Robert P. Fralin        D. Thomas Royster Jr.
                                                                                      John R. Francis Jr.       Alexander I. Saunders
   William L. Pannill              Tracy E. Tate            Paul B. Toms Jr.         Clydenne R. Glenn*             Brian W. Smith
        President              Regional Vice President    CEO, Hooker Furniture         David R. Goode             Garnett E. Smith
      Tacoma, Inc.                   Ameristaff                Corporation             Lucian Y. Grove*           Kathryn A. Smith*
                                                                                       W. William Gust           Glenn O. Thornhill Jr.
                                                                                   Virginia Walker Hamlet         William D. Vickers
                                                                                     Leigh B. Hanes, Jr.*            Jim L. Wade
                                                                                     James W. Harkness              Bill F. Williams
                        COMMUNITY LEADERS                                             James W. Haskins            Jack F. Wright Jr.*

                        GIVING BACK                                                      *Deceased

                                                                                                                           ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 7
GOOD NEWS! - COMMUNITY NEWS - Community Foundation Serving ...

   ANONYMOUS FUND                                            DORIS AND WELDON LAWRENCE FAMILY FUND
                                                             Established by the late Doris and Weldon Lawrence.
   Established through the estate of Dorothy S. Anderson.    LAWRENCE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, INC. FUND
                                                             Established by the Lawrence family.
   Established by Chett Bason.                               BABE AND SIDNEY LOUIS FUND
                                                             Established through the estate of Sidney Louis.
   Established by Sam Bickford.                              MARTINSVILLE AREA UNRESTRICTED FUND
                                                             Established by the citizens of the Martinsville community.
   Established by Edith and the late Frank Bova.             JIM AND ANNE TAYLOR NIMMO FUND
                                                             Established by the late Walter M. Dixon, Jr.
   Established by the late Sadie M. R. Boyle.                JOHN AND SARAH BELLE PARROTT FUND
                                                             Established by John and Sarah Belle Parrott.
   Established through the estate of Margot Lange Brown.     THE PATSEL FUND
                                                             Established by the late Martin "Jake" Patsel, Jr.
   Established through the estate of Frances Huff Carr.      THE RICHARD AND JEAN RAKES FOUNDATION FUND
                                                             Established through the transfer of The Richard and Jean Rakes
   COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT FUND                                 Foundation.
   Established by a member of the Board of Governors.
                                                             TRINA B. RAMZINSKY FUND
   J. W. "BILL" AND ALICE G. DAVIS FUND                      Established through the estate of Trina B. Ramzinsky.
   Established by the late Bill Davis.
                                                             RICHARD AND ALVA SCAMMON FUND
   J. B. AND GRACE FISHBURN MEMORIAL FUND                    Established by the late Alva R. Scammon.
   Established by the late Louise F. Kegley.
                                                             KATHRYN ASCOUGH SMITH MEMORIAL FUND
   AL AND OLIVIA GRAHAM FUND                                 Established by Nelson Franklin Smith.
   Established by Olivia G. Graham.
                                                             IVEY C. STONE FUND
   ROBERT S. AND MARY M. HUTCHESON FUND                      Established by the late Ivey C. Stone.
   Established through the estate of Mary M. Hutcheson.
                                                             ROBERT H. AND DORIS G. TETER FUND
   GENE A. HYLTON MEMORIAL FUND                              Established through charitable gift annuities by Robert and Doris Teter.
   Established through the estate of Gene A. Hylton.
                                                             THE VINYARD-WOOD FUND
   DONALD M. KINZER FUND                                     Established by the late Claiborne Vinyard.
   Established through the estate of Donald M. Kinzer.
                                                             JANET C. WHITAKER FUND*
   MARY ANNE AND ROBERT A. KULP FUND                         Established by the estate of Janet C. Whitaker.
   Established by the late Mary Anne Kulp.
                                                             WOMEN IN PHILANTHROPY FUND
   THE SARAH SNYDER LAUGHON CHARITABLE FUND                  Established by numerous members of the Women in Philanthropy
   Established through the estate of Sarah Snyder Laughon.   initiative.

 8 | COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SERVING WESTERN VIRGINIA                                                                              *New Fund

                        FIELD-OF-INTEREST FUNDS
      POLLY AND BILL ARMISTEAD FUND                   MONTE COHEN FUND                                  LYNN WOODY FITZGIBBONS FUND
      Established by the late Polly and Bill          Established through transfer of the Monte         Established by Thomas P. Fitzgibbons and
      Armistead, this fund benefits the needs of      Cohen Fund from Goodwill Industries of the        family and friends, this fund supports
      the medically indigent.                         Valleys, Inc., this fund, initially established   educational opportunities within the Henry
                                                      by the late Sigmund and Harriet Davidson,         County Public School system, with an
      HENRY AND ETHEL BAZAK CHILDREN’S BOOK FUND      provides assistance to persons with               emphasis on student academic and career
      Established by Benjamin and Suzanne Bazak,
                                                      disabilities.                                     growth, with preference given to projects
      this fund provides age-appropriate books
                                                                                                        and programs at the Center for Community
      to economically-disadvantaged children up       ANNE E. CRAGHEAD CHARITABLE FUND                  Learning.
      through the age of two.                         FOR THE NEEDY
                                                      Established through the estate of Anne            DR. JOHN D. FRENCH LEGACY FUND
      C. MEAD BOXLEY MEMORIAL FUND                    Elizabeth Craghead, this fund supports a          Established by Linda M. French, this fund
      Established by the Boxley Family, this fund
                                                      local church and organizations that serve         supports organizations serving children and
      addresses the needs of young children under
                                                      the needy.                                        families.
      the age of six (75%) and also focuses on
      the research and treatment of spinal-cord       THE DOBYNS FUND                                   LLOYD AND PEGGY GOCHENOUR ENDOWMENT FUND
      injuries (25%).                                 Established by Robyn N. Dobyns, this fund         Established from the Peggy and Lloyd
                                                      helps veterans’ recovery by using Music           Gochenour Charitable Remainder Annuity
      RAYMOND AND MARY BRODIE MEMORIAL FUND FOR       and/or Pet Therapy.                               Trust, this fund supports needy individuals
      THE EDUCATION OF CHILDREN                                                                         residing in Roanoke County, Roanoke City,
      Established through the estate of Mary          THE EARL D. AND CARRIE LEIGH DORAN FUND           City of Salem, Botetourt County and Craig
      Brodie, this fund provides educational          Established through the estate of Earl
      opportunities for children under age 18.        D. Doran, this fund supports nonprofit
                                                      agencies that were of interest to Earl, helps     THE BETTIE NICHOLS GUTHRIE SOCIAL SERVICE
      HELEN CADD ELDERLY PROTECTION FUND              agencies that serve individuals and families      FUND
      Established by the grandchildren of Helen
                                                      confronting catastrophic, life-altering           Established by the late Audrey Guthrie,
      Cadd, this fund enables elderly citizens to
                                                      circumstances, and supports agencies that         this fund provides emergency or temporary
      feel more secure and safe in their residence.
                                                      provide shelter, care and assistance to           relief to needy persons in the Greater
      MARION S. AND WILLIE Z. CAMP FUND               battered women.                                   Roanoke Metropolitan Area.
      FOR ELDERCARE                                   DONNA FEW MEMORIAL FUND*                          HERMES FAMILY FUND
      Established by the late Willie Z. Camp, this
                                                      Established by Stacy Few Peters and Jaime         Provides and promotes breast health
      fund addresses the needs of the elderly in
                                                      Few Whitlow, this fund supports math              services and encourages development
      the Roanoke Valley.
                                                      programs in the middle and high schools           of diagnostic and treatment options for
      CANCER CENTER FUND                              within the Henry County Public School             residents of the Martinsville community
      Provides and promotes health services           system.                                           and supports other charitable activities and
      and educational, diagnostic and treatment                                                         projects that improve the quality of life in
                                                      FISHWICK FUND*                                    the Martinsville community.
      resources to victims of cancer and related
                                                      Established through the estate of Palmer
      conditions in the Martinsville community.
                                                      Fishwick Posvar, this fund supports the           THE HOPE FUND
      JERRY SMITH CHANEY MEMORIAL FUND                elderly and needy individuals in the              Established by anonymous donors, this
      Provides assistance to needy cancer             Roanoke Valley.                                   fund’s primary purpose is to support
      patients who are residents of the                                                                 organizations that serve individuals and
      Martinsville community.

*New Fund                                                                                                                                ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 9

      families in need of food, shelter or medical    research programs and generally provides        SCHOOL VIOLENCE ASSISTANCE FUND
      assistance, as well as battered women           for the medical care of the Martinsville        Established by numerous donors to assist
      and children; also to support organizations     community.                                      the victims and families of victims of the
      that serve our Wounded Warriors that have                                                       April 16, 2007 tragedy at Virginia Tech.
      been injured as a direct result of a military
                                                      MARY LOUISE HOME FUND                           Unused funds will be available to address
                                                      Established with assets from the Mary           other school violence issues.
      deployment, along with other non-profit
                                                      Louise Home of the King’s Daughters, this
      organizations of interest to the donors.
                                                      fund supports and cares for elderly indigent    DR. CHARLES L. SHEDD ENDOWMENT FUND
      HOSPICE FUND                                    residents of the Roanoke Valley.                Established by the Shedd School
      Provides assistance and services to                                                             Foundation, this fund honors and
      any needy resident of the Martinsville
                                                      MEDICAL EDUCATION FUND                          commemorates the life of Charles
                                                      Supports continuing medical education for       Livingston Shedd, Ph.D. and supports
      community with end-of-life medical needs
                                                      students in the Martinsville community and      educational needs.
      and expenses.
                                                      healthcare professionals who practice in
      MELVA P. JONES FUND FOR MUSIC AND ART           the Martinsville community.                     JACQUELINE S. (JACKIE) AND
      Established through the estate of Melva P.                                                      SHELBORN L. (S.L.) SPANGLER FUND
      Jones, this fund supports music and arts
                                                      THOMAS P. AND LEWISE S. PARSLEY FUND            Established by the late Shelborn L.
                                                      Established by the late Lewise Parsley, this    Spangler, this fund supports a wide
      programs, preferenced for the Town of
                                                      fund places a premium on the preservation       variety of important community needs and
                                                      of dignity, hope and personal independence      opportunities in the communities of
      PHALIA M. AND GUY M. KINDER FUND                for the elderly and needy. The fund             Poages Mill Bent Mountain, Copper Hill
      Established through the estate of Phalia        addresses three specific community              and Check, Virginia.
      Miles Kinder and Guy Millard Kinder, this       concerns: to help the elderly and needy
      fund supports agencies and organizations        afford prescription medications; to fight       ROBERT HARRISON SMITH MEMORIAL FUND
      which are effective and efficient in            substance abuse; and to help elderly and        Established by N. Frank Smith, this
      preventing cruelty to animals; research and     needy obtain home health services when          fund supports organizations that assist
      medical advancement for the cure of the         they cannot manage alone.                       handicapped or disabled persons.
      diseases in animals; professional education
                                                      MARION K. RAMSEY FUND                           DR. ROBERT MANTON WILSON MEMORIAL FUND
      of animal caretakers; and programs which
                                                      Established by Dr. and Mrs. Douglas E.          TO ERADICATE LEPROSY
      promote the positive relationship between
                                                      Pierce, the fund supports elderly citizens in   Established by the late Samuel B. McGhee,
      humans and animals.
                                                      the community.                                  this fund supports worldwide efforts to
      EMIL AND EMMA LANG FUND FOR THE                                                                 eradicate the scourge of leprosy.
      VISUALLY IMPAIRED*                              RAVENEL ONCOLOGY CENTER FUND
                                                      Established by Dr. Nigel Goodchild,             LARRY WOODROW VEST FUND
      Established by the late Emil and Emma
                                                      this fund provides a broad range of support     Established through the estate of Larry
      Lang, this fund provides support to
                                                      and care to needy patients who have been        Woodrow Vest, this fund supports a wide
      programs and agencies that address the
                                                      treated at the Ravenel Oncology Center.         range of community needs with particular
      needs of the visually impaired in Roanoke
                                                                                                      consideration being given to charitable
      City, City of Salem, Botetourt County,          ROANOKE VALLEY CHILDREN’S FUND                  organizations providing services to Floyd
      Craig County, and Roanoke County.               Established by the B. Wilson Porterfield,       County, Virginia residents.
                                                      Jr. Foundation, this fund addresses the
                                                      broad needs of children in the Valley from      PAMELA M. WRIGHT FUND*
      Established through the estate of Camille
                                                      prenatal care until their sixth birthday.       Established by Joseph B. Wright, this fund
      Lownds, this fund supports the needs of
                                                                                                      supports local and national organizations
      children with cancer or cancer research.        ANN AND BILL SCHEER FUND                        devoted to the welfare of animals.
                                                      Established by the late Ann and Bill Scheer,
                                                      this fund provides broad support for the
      Provides health services to needy residents
                                                      elderly citizens of the Roanoke Valley.
      of the Martinsville community, supports
      health-related teaching, educational and

 10 | COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SERVING WESTERN VIRGINIA                                                                                             *New Fund

                                     SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS
  THE ALPHIN FAMILY                      college scholarships to Roanoke      HELEN F. DICKSON SCHOLARSHIP FUND       provides educational scholarship
  SCHOLARSHIP FUND                       Valley high school seniors, with     Established through the estate of       assistance to needy, deserving
  Established by the late Samuel B.      an emphasis on volunteerism and      Helen F. Dickson, this fund provides    students attending Franklin County
  McGhee and nieces and nephews in       leadership.                          higher education scholarship            Public Schools.
  memory of Elizabeth Alphin Brown                                            assistance to Alleghany High
  and Louise Alphin McGhee, this         CITY SCHOOL FOUNDATION               School and Covington High School        GILBERT-THOMPSON MEMORIAL
  fund provides undergraduate higher     SCHOLARSHIP FUND                     students.                               AWARD FUND
  education scholarships to deserving    Established through Roanoke                                                  Established by Dr. and Mrs.
  Rockbridge County High School          City Public Schools with royalties   LENNA E. ETZLER SCHOLARSHIP FUND        James I. Gilbert, III and Mr. and
  graduates.                             from Empty Chairs, this fund will    Established through the estate of       Mrs. Arthur L. Thompson, this
                                         perpetuate the legacy of CITY        Lenna E. Etzler, this fund provides     fund provides higher education
  HOMER O. AMOS MEMORIAL                 School by providing educational      higher education scholarship            scholarship assistance to Alleghany
  SCHOLARSHIP FUND                       scholarship assistance to young      assistance to Lord Botetourt High       County High School students.
  Established through an estate gift     men and women attending Patrick      School students.
  to Roanoke City Public Schools,                                                                                     JOSEPH WASKEY GILBERT
                                         Henry High School and William        CAROLYN AND BILL FRANCK                 MEMORIAL FUND AWARD
  this scholarship provides education
                                         Fleming High School.                 SCHOLARSHIP FUND                        Established by the Falling Springs
  assistance to needy, deserving
  students from Roanoke City Public                                           Established by Martha Franck            Presbyterian Church, Covington,
                                         KELSEY NICOLE COOPER
  High Schools.                                                               Rollins, this fund provides             Virginia, this fund provides higher
                                         SCHOLARSHIP FUND
                                                                              scholarships to young men and           education scholarships to students
                                         Established in memory of Kelsey
  BASSETT KIWANIS CLUB                                                        women pursuing post high school         involved with the church.
                                         Nicole Cooper, this fund awards
  SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                                            education in technical, vocational,
                                         scholarships to deserving students                                           CLARENCE M. GILLIS MEMORIAL
  Established by the Bassett Kiwanis                                          academic or professional fields.
  Scholarship Education Foundation,      in Henry County or Martinsville.                                             SCHOLARSHIP FUND
  this fund provides college                                                  JOYCELYN “FUDGIE” LEE FARRELLY          Established by Thelma
                                         SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR CRAIG COUNTY    MUSIC EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP FUND        Haynesworth and family members
  scholarships to graduating seniors     HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS
  or past graduates of Bassett High                                           Established by former students and      in memory of Clarence M. Gillis,
                                         This fund provides college           friends of Fudgie Farrelly, this fund   this fund provides higher education
  School in Bassett, Virginia.           scholarships to Craig County High    provides scholarship assistance to      scholarship assistance to Roanoke
  SUE BLACKWELL SCHOLARSHIP FUND         School graduates.                    students who intend to pursue a         City high school students.
  Established by the Roanoke Valley      CHRISTI CRUTCHFIELD MEMORIAL         degree in music or music education.
  Aquatic Association, an anonymous                                                                                   NANCY AND BUD GOEHRING
                                         SCHOLARSHIP FUND                     DAVIS B. AND BARBARA J. FRANCIS         SCHOLARSHIP FUND
  donor and many friends, this fund
                                         Established by Roanoke Valley        SCHOLARSHIP FUND*                       Established by the late Nancy and
  provides college scholarships
                                         Wine Company, this fund provides     Established by Davis B. and Barbara     Bud Goehring, this fund provides
  to high school seniors who are
                                         educational scholarship assistance   J. Francis, this fund provides          scholarship assistance to Franklin
  members of RVAA.
                                         to young men and women attending     scholarship assistance to Roanoke       County High School students who
  N. R. BURROUGHS EDUCATIONAL FUND       Northside High School or Lord        Valley high school students             are pursuing an Associates Degree
  Provides scholarships to further       Botetourt High School.               pursuing a degree and/or career         through a Virginia community
  the education of deserving and                                              in technical theatre or performing      college or advanced studies at
  qualified men and women who            BERKELEY AND ZELMA CUNDIFF           arts, including television or other     an accredited career or technical
  live within a 200 mile radius of the   SCHOLARSHIP FUND                     types of media productions.             school, college or university.
  Henry County Circuit Court.            Established by Sheila D. Barnhart,
                                         this fund provides scholarship       FRANKLIN COUNTY ED-U-K8OR               BEVERLY W. AND MABEL TUDOR GROGAN
  CAVE SPRING LIONS CLUB                 support to needy, deserving          SCHOLARSHIP FUND                        SCHOLARSHIP FUND
  SCHOLARSHIP FUND                       students from Franklin County        Established by Walter K. and            Established by the Beverly W.
  Established by the late Lion Frank     High School.                         Kimberley A. Young, this fund           Grogan and Mabel Tudor Grogan
  W. Martin, this fund provides

*New Fund                                                                                                                            ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 11

 Educational Fund, this fund provides      HOOKER EDUCATIONAL                     VICTOR A. AND LOUISE R. LESTER          RONALD L. MAYFIELD, JR.
 educational scholarship assistance        SCHOLARSHIP FUND                       EDUCATIONAL FUND                        SCHOLARSHIP FUND
 to students who are graduates of          Established by Hooker Furniture        Established by the Victor A. and        Established by friends and
 Patrick County High School.               Corporation and the Hooker             Louise R. Lester Trust, this fund       colleagues of Ron Mayfield, this
                                           Educational Foundation, this           provides educational scholarship        fund provides college scholarships
 MICHAEL DEAN GUILLIAMS MEMORIAL           fund provides higher education         assistance to deserving students,       to Patrick Henry High School or
 SCHOLARSHIP FUND                          scholarships to deserving high         with preference given to students       William Fleming High School
 Established by Penny Guilliams and        school seniors and undergraduate       from Martinsville and Henry County      seniors enrolled in the English
 her family and friends, this fund         students in Henry County or the        who plan to attend a Baptist or         Language Learners Program.
 provides scholarship assistance           City of Martinsville, Virginia and     other church-related college in
 to students who are pursuing              to students who are children           Virginia.                               THE LOUISE AND SAM MCGHEE
 studies to enhance their career in a      or spouses of Hooker Furniture                                                 SCHOLARSHIP FUND
 vocational or technical field.                                                   LESTER EDUCATIONAL FUND                 Established by the late Samuel B.
                                           Corporation (HFC) employees.           Provides educational scholarships       McGhee and nieces and nephews,
 THE BETTIE NICHOLS GUTHRIE                MARGARET JONES IRVIN                   to help students obtain an              this fund provides undergraduate
 SCHOLARSHIP FUND                          SCHOLARSHIP FUND                       education in a profession or            higher education scholarships to
 Established by the late Audrey            Established by the late Reid Jones,    vocation, with preference given         deserving James River High School
 Guthrie, this fund provides                                                      to students from Martinsville,
                                           Jr., this fund provides college                                                graduates.
 educational opportunities that                                                   Henry County and Franklin County,
                                           scholarships to students pursuing
 support and encourage students in                                                Virginia.                               CAROL LEE MCGUIRE-BISHOP
                                           an undergraduate, graduate or
 the pursuit of careers that enhance       doctoral degree.                                                               SCHOLARSHIP FUND
                                                                                  GRACE LOVEGROVE MEMORIAL
 the quality of life for themselves                                                                                       Established by Norris C. Bishop, Jr.,
                                                                                  SCHOLARSHIP FUND
 and their communities.                    JEFFERSON COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES                                           this fund provides college
                                                                                  Established by Patrick Henry High
                                           SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                                               scholarships to graduating seniors
 JOEL C. HALL AND ELIZABETH L. HALL                                               School and many donors, this
                                           Established by Jefferson College       fund provides higher educational        at Alleghany High School who
 EDUCATIONAL FUND                          of Health Sciences Education                                                   are pursuing a degree at Virginia
 Established by Joel and Elizabeth                                                scholarship assistance to graduating
                                           Foundation, this fund provides         high school seniors attending Patrick   Polytechnic Institute and State
 Hall, this fund provides higher           educational scholarship assistance                                             University.
 education scholarships with                                                      Henry High School.
                                           to deserving young men and
 preference to students studying           women who intend to pursue a           MARION SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL               MEMBER ONE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION —
 to become a Methodist minister            career in the health sciences at       MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR           HENRY LEE MEMORIAL
 and from the City of Martinsville,        Radford University Carilion in         MUSIC, ART, THE PERFORMING ARTS,        SCHOLARSHIP FUND
 and the counties of Henry, Patrick,       Roanoke, VA.                           AND EDUCATION                           Established by Member One Federal
 Franklin and Pittsylvania.                                                       Established by several donors in        Credit Union, this fund provides
                                           MELVA P. JONES SCHOLARSHIP FUND        memory of deceased members              higher education scholarships
 MIMI HART MEMORIAL POLICE                 Established through the estate of                                              to graduating seniors who are
                                                                                  of the Class of 1970 and for all
 SCHOLARSHIP FUND                          Melva P. Jones, this fund provides     classes of the school who wish to       members of Member One Federal
 Established by an anonymous               educational scholarship assistance     memorialize classmates and loved        Credit Union and attending a
 donor, this fund provides                 to young men and women attending       ones.                                   Virginia college or university.
 educational scholarship assistance        William Byrd High School who
 to students who are the children          desire to further their education      MARTINSVILLE KIWANIS CLUB —             MEMBER ONE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION —
 or grandchildren of employees             after secondary school.                J. LAWSON DYER KEY CLUB                 RICHARD L. “DICK” WILLIAMS
 of the Martinsville City Police                                                  SCHOLARSHIP FUND                        MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND
 Department.                               LAPRADE EDUCATIONAL FUND               Established by the Martinsville         Established by Member One Federal
                                           Provides educational scholarships      Kiwanis Club, this fund provides        Credit Union, this fund provides
 ETHEL SNIDOW HOLLAND MEMORIAL             to further the education of young      educational scholarships to             higher education scholarships to
 SCHOLARSHIP FUND                          men and women who appear to            Martinsville High School seniors.       graduating seniors who participate
 Established through the estate            be able, deserving and in real                                                 in varsity sports and are members
 of Ethel S. Holland, this fund                                                   EDWIN K. MATTERN, JR. MEMORIAL
                                           need of financial assistance with                                              of Member One Federal Credit
 provides scholarships to high school                                             SCHOLARSHIP FUND
                                           preference given to students from                                              Union and attending a Virginia
 graduates who wish to continue                                                   Established by Deborah N. Mattern
                                           the City of Martinsville, Henry        and Summers Mattern Henderson,          College or university.
 their education in college or             County, Franklin County and
 vocational school.                                                               this fund provides college
                                           Pittsylvania County.                   scholarships to Roanoke Valley
                                                                                  high school seniors.

 12 | COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SERVING WESTERN VIRGINIA                                                                                                    *New Fund

  DOROTHY AND JULIEN MEYER, SR., M.D.     THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY —            scholarships to deserving young        PHILLIP CHARLES “FLIP” REID
  SCHOLARSHIP FUND                        FELTON PENDLETON MEMORIAL               men and women who are residents        SCHOLARSHIP FUND
  Established by the late Julien H.       SCHOLARSHIP FUND                        of Henry County, Virginia.             Established by the late Charles
  Meyer, Sr., this fund provides higher   Established by Edmund Pendleton,                                               Preston Reid, this fund provides
  education scholarships to Roanoke       this fund provides undergraduate        JEAN L. PRICE SCHOLARSHIP FUND         scholarships to Alleghany High
  Valley high school graduating seniors   higher education scholarships to        Established by the late Jean           School baseball players.
  to pursue premedical studies.           deserving George Wythe High             L. Price, this scholarship fund
                                          School graduates.                       provides financial scholarships to     THE E. PRICE RIPLEY
  MFP SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                                            underprivileged students living in     MEMORIAL FOUNDATION FUND
  Established by anonymous donors,        WALTER M. OTEY, III SCHOLARSHIP FUND    the Roanoke Valley.                    Established through the transfer
  this fund provides educational          Established by Walter M. Otey, III,                                            of the E. Price Ripley Memorial
  scholarship assistance to students      this fund provides undergraduate        DR. ROBERT A. PRUNER MEMORIAL          Foundation to the community
  pursuing an undergraduate degree        educational scholarship assistance      SCHOLARSHIP FUND                       foundation, this fund provides higher
  or certificate in health, business or   to deserving students pursuing          Established by Carol Pruner, this      education scholarships to Roanoke
  religion.                               degrees from Virginia Polytechnic       fund provides college scholarships     Valley high school graduates.
                                          Institute and State University’s        to Patrick Henry High School
  CLARISSA EDWARDS NOLAND MEMORIAL        College of Agriculture and Life         graduates.                             FRANK W. (BO) ROGERS
  SCHOLARSHIP FUND                        Sciences, Roanoke College, and                                                 SCHOLARSHIP FUND
  Established in memory of Clarissa                                               RANGELEY EDUCATIONAL FUND              Established by the family of Frank
                                          Virginia Western Community              Provides educational scholarships
  Edwards Noland, this fund provides      College’s Nursing Program.                                                     W. Rogers, Jr. and Woods Rogers,
  scholarships to deserving students                                              for students pursuing study in         PLC, this fund provides scholarship
  intending to pursue a career in         ASHBY C. AND JOHN T. PINKARD            technical, vocational, academic or     support to local students, with an
  teaching or creative writing.           SCHOLARSHIP FUND                        professional fields, with preference   emphasis on volunteerism.
                                          Established by Ashby and John           given to students from Martinsville
                                          Pinkard, this fund provides financial   and Henry County.

                                                   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE

                   Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia hosted a “Drive-Thru” Scholarship Awards Ceremony in
                     the New College Institute parking lot. Students were handed their certificate as they drove through.

*New Fund                                                                                                                                ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 13

                      ROA NOK E VA L L E Y S CHOL A R S HIP R ECIP IE N T S :
                   There were 56 recipients who received more than $175,000 in scholarships to support their higher education goals.

 Harrison Bui                              Maya Ingram                       Kelsey McPherson                     Mikayla Stiltner
 Noah Campbell                             Kylie Jackson                     Alyssa Meadows                       Ayana Stone
 Hannah Charles                            Courtney Johnson                  Macie Miller                         Dylan Tran
 Gregory Davidson                          Cailin Johnson                    Emily Nicely                         Mary Troise
 Spenser Duval                             Asha Johnson                      Deaquan Nichols                      Marisa Turpin
 Case Eshelman                             Aleah Johnston                    Emily Overbay                        Stephanie Unur
 Caroline Faulkner                         Nirajan Kadariya                  Laurel Pollock                       Cartlie Vincent
 Holland Foutz                             Kendall Kelly                     Marjorie Price                       Kameron Washington-Brown
 Madeleine Glover                          George Langhammer                 Hannah Pritt                         Ethan Webster
 Bethany Graham                            Hatangimana Lea                   David Scott                          Angela Wenk
 Toni Greco                                Natalie Love                      Shawn Shiflett                       Grace Whitehead
 Liam Heaslip                              Destynie Lowry                    Kiersten Smith                       Kaden Whitenack
 Gabriele Herscher                         Raegan Mauck                      Briahna Stacey                       Nyave’ Willis-Rodriguez
 Bryant Humphries                          Mikayla McCray                    Clayton Stanford                     Tyshaun Zeigler

                 M A R T IN S V IL L E A R E A S CHOL A R S HIP R ECIP IE N T S :
                  There were 106 recipients who received more than $310,000 in scholarships to support their higher education goals.

 Jennifer Alvarez                 Trevor Eggleston             Kylie Jackson               Jessica Miller                Clayton Stanford
 Matthew Amos                     Marcus Esdaile               Michael Jordan              Hannah Mitchell               Lauren Thornton
 Melissa Anderson                 Rebecca Farley               Brandy Jordan               Micah Montgomery              Brooke Tilley
 Jocelyn Aparicio Garcia          Mohammad Farooq              Hailey Kancherla            Erin Nelson                   Nathan Underwood
 Samantha Ashworth                Lacey Flanagan               Erin Keith                  Carly Nelson                  Kendall Varner
 Madeline Bishop                  Stormie Foley                Taylor Keith                Anna Osenkowsky               McKinley Verlik
 Elijah Boyd                      Hunter Foley                 Sydney Kirk                 William Paredes               Colby Vernon
 Emily Bray                       James Franklin               Casey Kirks                 Jarrett Pearson               Austin Vernon
 Tyler Bray                       Alyson Gammons               Colton Kitzmiller           Joshua Penn                   Leah Warner
 Kaitlin Brown                    Burke Gonzalez               Hayden Kitzmiller           Rebecka Perez                 Alexis Watts
 Sydnee Burnette                  Dorian Green                 Charlie Koger               Kristen Price                 Breanna Weaver
 Jarrod Burnette                  Reagan Griffith              Richard Law                 Katherine Priddy              Kennedy Wilkins
 Allison Burnette                 Emelia Guebert               India Manning               Victoria Pritchett            Alayna Williams
 T’Coma Clanton                   Rya Hall                     Olivia Manns                Cole Pruitt                   Blake Wilson
 Jordan Collier                   Benjamin Hancock             Taylor Manns                Amber Roland                  Emily Wood
 Sydney Compton                   Daniel Hancock               Logan Martin                Hudson Rowe                   Andrew Workman
 Kendall Cope                     Dejionna Harris              Tiffany Martin              McCray Sawyers                Faith Young
 Aaliyah Craig                    Hunter Haskins               Jacob Martin                Zariah Scales                 Tyshaun Zeigler
 Helen Dawson                     Liam Heaslip                 Madison Martin              Parker Scott
 Hannah DeHart                    Kathryne Hruza               Mason McGrady               Celia Shively
 Mindy Diaz Monay                 Evan Hudson                  Emily McGuire               Caillie Smith
 Latisha Dillard                  Janika Hunt                  Kelsey McPherson            Robert Stallard

GOOD NEWS! - COMMUNITY NEWS - Community Foundation Serving ...
TOTAL SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS                                                 First, I would like to
AWARDED TO 157 STUDENTS                                                say thank you for the
                                                                         scholarships. I was

                                                                    awarded the Samuel “Bo”
                                                                      Terry Scholarship Fund
                                                                     and the Grace Lovegrove
                                                                       Memorial Scholarship
                                                                     Fund. It was an honor to
                                                                       be a recipient of both
                  WHERE THEY ARE HEADED                                 scholarships. These
                                                                    scholarships will allow me
                                                                        to pay for college so
                                                                          I can further my
                                                                     education at LSU. Grace
 VIRGINIA            OUT-OF-           PUBLIC             PRIVATE     Lovegrove and I shared
 COLLEGES             STATE          UNIVERSITY           COLLEGE      a common passion for
 87%                 13%                 67%              33%           track and field, and I
                                                                      am beyond grateful for
                                                                      receiving this award. I
                  TOP-ATTENDED SCHOOLS                              will continue my volunteer
                                                                         work in both Grace
       [22] UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA [11] VIRGINIA TECH                 Lovegrove and Samuel
                                                                         “Bo” Terry’s honor.

                                     n   Health & Medicine — 40%
                                     n   Engineering — 5%
                               40%   n   Business — 10%
    5%                               n   Science — 10%
       6%                            n   Arts — 2%
                                     n   Education — 6%             NYAVÉ WILLIS-RODRIGUEZ
            10%                      n   Undecided — 5%
  2%                     5%
                   10%               n   Other — 22%

                                                                             ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 15

 SCHOLARSHIP FUND                          SCHOLARSHIP FUND                      SCHOLARSHIP FUND
 Established by David Roller’s family      Established by the family of Denise   Established through the estate
 and friends, this fund provides           L. Sprinkle, this fund provides       of Kenneth Twitchell, this fund         Thank you for selecting
 college scholarships to at least one      educational scholarship assistance    provides scholarships to students          me as a recipient for
 student each from Patrick Henry           to needy and deserving students       who are the children of employees
 High School and William Fleming           from Lord Botetourt High School       of Branch & Associates, Inc.
                                                                                                                           these scholarships. It
 High School who plan to study art         and James River High School.                                                  is truly an honor. To me,
                                                                                 H.B. AND E.B. WHARTON
 at the college level.
                                           BENNY SUMMERLIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND      SCHOLARSHIP FUND                       these scholarships mean
 FRANCES PARKER RUPERT                     Established by friends and family,    Established through the estate of        hope and promise. The
 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR             this funds provides educational       E. B. Wharton, this fund provides
 MUSIC AND THE PERFORMING ARTS             scholarship assistance to students    higher education scholarships
                                                                                                                            committees see the
 Established by the late Burdette          pursuing a career in public service   to Roanoke City or Roanoke               promise in my abilities,
 A. Rupert, Sr. and B.A. Rupert, Jr.,      and/or public safety.                 County students, preferably of            which fuels my fire to
 this fund provides music and art                                                the Christian Scientist faith and
 scholarships for student artists in       SAMUEL “BO” TERRY SCHOLARSHIP FUND    preferably to attend Virginia         keep progressing forward
 the Alleghany Highlands region.           Established by an anonymous donor,    Polytechnic Institute & State         not just for myself, but for
                                           this fund honors and memorializes     University. The fund will also
 MICHAEL DAVID SCOTT MEMORIAL              Samuel “Bo” Terry’s life and          support the First Church of Christ
                                                                                                                         everyone who supports
 SCHOLARSHIP FUND IN HONOR OF THE          commitment to the community           Scientist of Roanoke.                   me. These scholarships
 JAMES RIVER HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2000     through educational scholarships
 Established by Michael’s father,          for deserving young men and           DIANNE E. H. WILCOX                   will assist me in covering
 Billy; mother, Holly; brother, Kyle and   women.                                SCHOLARSHIP FUND                         the cost of attendance
 family and friends, this fund provides                                          Established by the late Reid Jones,         of James Madison
 higher education scholarships to          BRYAN WILLIAM THOMAS                  Jr., this fund provides college
 James River High School seniors,          SCHOLARSHIP FUND                      scholarships to students pursuing         University in the Fall.
 with preference given to student          Established by Jean and Jay           an undergraduate, graduate or
 with learning disabilities.               Thomas, family and friends, this      doctoral degree.
                                           fund provides college scholarships
 FRANK D. “BO” SHRADER MEMORIAL            to Glenvar High School senior         THE JOHN W. WILKS, M.D.
 SCHOLARSHIP FUND                          athletes.                             EXCELLENCE IN SCIENCE
 Established by Sarah W. Davis                                                   MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND
 and family and friends, this fund         JOHN AND SUE TRIMBLE FAMILY           Established by the family of the
 provides scholarship assistance to        SCHOLARSHIP FUND                      late John W. Wilks, M.D., this fund
 Bath County High School seniors to        Established by the late John and      provides educational scholarship
 pursue vocational arts studies.           Sue Trimble, this fund provides       assistance to support needy
                                           scholarship support to Bath County    and deserving students with the
 EDDIE SIMPSON SCHOLARSHIP FUND            High School seniors.                  intention of pursuing a career in
 Established by the late W.B.
 Overstreet, this fund honors              TROUTVILLE VOLUNTEER FIRE             the medical field.                       DEAQUAN NICHOLS
 and memorializes Captain Eddie            DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND*          MELVA DULANEY WRIGHT
                                           Established by the Troutville
                                                                                                                        Deaquan Nichols received
 Simpson by helping worthy                                                       MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND                a scholarship from the
 students attain their higher              Volunteer Fire Department, this       Established by Ernie Wright in
                                           fund provides higher education                                               Homer O. Amos Memorial
 education goals through scholarship                                             memory of his mother, the fund        Scholarship Fund, the Bettie
 support.                                  scholarships to high school seniors   provides financial assistance to
                                           living in Botetourt County who                                              Nichols Guthrie Scholarship
                                                                                 a graduating senior from Cave           Fund, the John W. Wilks,
 JOYCE AND SHAD SOLOMON FAMILY             plan to pursue a career as a First    Spring High School or graduating
 SCHOLARSHIP FUND                          Responder or other related fields.                                          M.D. Excellence in Science
                                                                                 senior who is either an employee
 Established through the estate                                                                                        Memorial Scholarship Fund
                                                                                 or child of an employee of
 of Joyce H. Solomon, this fund                                                                                         and the Samuel “Bo” Terry
                                                                                 Integrated Textile Solutions.
 provides higher education                                                                                                  Scholarship Fund.
 scholarships to Bath County High
 School students.

 16 | COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SERVING WESTERN VIRGINIA                                                                                         *New Fund

                                       DESIGNATED FUNDS
   Supported by numerous donors, this fund         Established by Margaret I. Camplejohn, this       Established by Edward A. and Susan R.
   helps support the daily administrative needs    fund will support The Rescue Mission of           O’Neal, this fund benefits Garth Newel
   of the Foundation.                              Roanoke, Inc.                                     Music Center.
   CONTINUING EDUCATION                            Established by Mrs. Hugh H. Chatham and           Established by an anonymous donor, this fund
   Established by the Mary Josephine H. Allen      family members, this fund provides assistance     benefits the Glenvar football programs.
   Charitable Trust, this fund supports Bethany    and services to needy residents of the
   Hall, a program of ARCH Roanoke.                Martinsville community with end-of-life           THE ZELDA AND JULIUS HALPERN FUND
                                                   medical needs and expenses.                       Established through the estates of Zelda and
   JAMES R. ALVIS JR. CHILDREN’S HOSPICE FUND                                                        Julius Halpern, this fund supports six nonprofit
   Established by the late Roger Hodnett, Dr.      EARL L. AND ETHEL Y. CHILDERS FUND*               organizations.
   William Baker, the late Al Tignor, family and   Established by the estate of Earl L. Childers,
   friends, this fund supports Good Samaritan      this fund supports nonporfit organizations of     THE HELP, INC. FUND
   Hospice.                                        interest to the donor and his family.             Established by W. Stebbins Hubard, Jr., this
                                                                                                     fund supports Bethany Hall, a program of
   CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY                         Established by Nancy Drew, this fund will
   Established through a charitable gift annuity   support the Warm Hearth Foundation.               THE SAMUEL CHARLES AND NEVA CAROL BAKER HILL
   by Elizabeth and Richard Anderson, this                                                           CHARITABLE FUND
   fund will support two Rockbridge County         FRANCIS AND HELEN EWALD FAMILY                    Established through the estate of Samuel C.
   organizations.                                  CHARITABLE FUND                                   Hill, this fund benefits the Bradley Free Clinic
                                                   Established by the Ewald family, this             and The Salvation Army.
   ANONYMOUS FUND                                  fund supports selected arts and cultural
   Established by an anonymous donor, this fund    organizations and other charitable interests of   RITA KNOX HUTTS MEMORIAL FUND
   supports Grace Network of MHC.                  the family.                                       Established through the estate of Rita Knox
                                                                                                     Hutts, this fund supports many of her favorite
   THE ANNE ARMISTEAD FUND                         REBA K. AND SIDNEY FALKENSTEIN FUND               charities and organizations helping those
   Established by the late Anne Armistead, this    Established by Joan F. Brenner and David          in need.
   fund focuses on selected social service and     S. Falkenstein, this fund supports Temple
   cultural organizations.                         Emanuel.                                          GENE A. HYLTON ADMINISTRATIVE ENDOWMENT FUND
                                                                                                     Established through the estate of Gene A.
   DOROTHY BACK AND NATHANIEL BACK                 HOWARD FEIERTAG CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY           Hylton, this fund supports the Foundation’s
   CHARITABLE FUND                                 Established by Howard Feiertag, this fund will    work in the community.
   Established by Nathaniel and the late Dorothy   support the Warm Hearth Foundation Fund.
   Back, this fund is designated to support a                                                        JOHN A. JAMISON FUND
   local agency.                                   FUND FOR EDUCATING MINISTERS                      Established by the Jamison family and by Blue
                                                   AND MISSIONARIES                                  Ridge Community Services, this fund helps
   CARROLL E. AND VELLA H. BOWYER                  Established by the late Samuel B. McGhee,         selected clients of Blue Ridge Behavioral
   CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY                         this fund provides higher education               Healthcare pursue educational opportunities.
   Established by Carroll and Vella Bowyer, this   scholarship assistance to students at Union
   fund will support The Rescue Mission of         Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School
   Roanoke, Inc.                                   of Christian Education to pursue a career as
                                                   an ordained minister or as a missionary.

*New Fund                                                                                                                          ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 17

    ANNUITY TRUSTS                                     Established by the late Julien H. Meyer, Sr.,      Established by the late Ann and Bill Scheer,
    Established by Sara W. Johnston, these funds       this fund supports capital improvements for        this fund supports St. Jude Children’s Research
    will support organizations of interest to Sara.    Temple Emanuel, Roanoke, Virginia.                 Hospital and Salesian Missions.
    Established by Elizabeth (Ibby) Greer, this fund   Established by the late Julien H. Meyer, Sr.,      Established by Melvin Spencer, these funds
    supports the Super Hero Kids Program of Total      this fund supports the Roanoke Symphony            will support The Rescue Mission of Roanoke,
    Action for Progress.                               Orchestra.                                         Inc.
    Established by the late Bill and Irene Kennedy,    ENDOWMENT FUND                                     Established by the late Terry Steer, this fund
    this fund supports nonprofit organizations of      Established by the late Margaret and Barton        supports Christ Episcopal Church and the
    interest to the donors and their family.           Morris and supported by numerous donors,           Episcopal Diocese in Southwest Virginia.
                                                       this fund helps support the daily administrative
    SANDY MAC CAMPERSHIP FUND                          needs of the Foundation and provides an            MELVA RUTH WISE STOVALL CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY
    Established in honor of W. Alexander               annual challenge to the Foundation’s Board of      Established by Melva Ruth Wise Stovall,
    McEachern, this fund provides camp                 Governors.                                         this fund will support The Rescue Mission of
    experiences for youth at UUC youth camps.                                                             Roanoke, Inc.
                                                       THE DOROTHY S. AND WALTER MUIR MEMORIAL FUND
    THE CONRAD AND CLARA AVRIL MAIER FUND              Established through the estate of Walter Muir,     MARTHA AND NELSON TEAGUE FUND
    Established by the late Mary C. Maier, this        this fund supports the Roanoke Valley Chess        Established by Martha and Nelson Teague, this
    fund benefits the scholarship program of           Club, the Fintel Library at Roanoke College and    fund supports the needs of the Child Health
    Hollins University and may also benefit The        the Western Virginia Foundation for the Arts       Investment Partnership.
    Nature Conservancy, Christendom College,           and Sciences.
    and a hospice in the Roanoke Valley.                                                                  WINGS SCHOLARSHIP FUND
                                                       BETTY GRUBB AND C.E. NORRIS FUND                   Established by anonymous donors, this fund
    DR. NORMAN G. AND DORIS M. MARRIOTT                Established by the late Betty Grubb Norris,        provides scholarship assistance to Southwest
    CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES                          this fund supports Pikeville High School,          Virginia Higher Education Center.
    Established by Norman and Doris Marriott,          Pikeville, KY for the school’s C.E. Norris
    these funds will support The Rescue Mission        Scholarship and Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline    CHARLES WHITESCARVER, JR. CHARITABLE
    of Roanoke, Inc. and Warm Hearth Foundation.       Council, Roanoke, VA for The Betty Grubb           GIFT ANNUITIES
                                                       Norris Scholarship Fund.                           Established by Charles Whitescarver, Jr.,
    CONNIE STEPHENS MAY SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                                                  these funds will support the Warm Hearth
    Established by Teresa M. Stowasser, this           HOWARD PICARD CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY              Foundation.
    fund honors and memorializes her mother’s          Established by Howard Picard, this fund will
    long interest in education by helping worthy       support the Warm Hearth Foundation.                HENRY L. WOODWARD FUND FOR LEGAL AID SOCIETY
    students who are resuming or beginning their                                                          Established by J. Granger MacFarlane, II and
    higher education after a lapse of years to         LOUIS AND AGNES POPP FUND                          Anne B. MacFarlane, this fund supports Legal
    attain their higher education goals.               Established through the estate of Louis F.         Aid Society of Roanoke Valley.
                                                       Popp, this fund benefits seven charitable
    IRIS AND ED MCCALLUM FUND                          organizations.
    Established by the late Edward L. McCallum,
    this fund supports HopeTree Family Services.       GEORGE A. AND PAULINE PRUNER ENDOWMENT FUND
                                                       Established by Pruner Family members, this
    DEBRA C. MEADE FUND FOR                            fund supports Lebanon Memorial United
    UNITED WAY OF ROANOKE VALLEY                       Methodist Church of Lebanon, Virginia.
    Established by Debra C. Meade, this fund
    supports United Way of Roanoke Valley.             PULTZ-YOUNG MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT FUND
                                                       Established by the late James M. Young and
                                                       Barbara P. Young to honor their parents, this
                                                       fund supports Presbyterian Community Center.

 18 | COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SERVING WESTERN VIRGINIA                                                                                                     *New Fund

                                              ADVISED FUNDS
  Established and advised by Mark       Established and advised by Balzer     Established and advised by Audrey    Established and advised by Gael
  Aldridge.                             and Associates, Inc.                  Boggs.                               and Smith Chaney.
  Established by an anonymous           CHARITABLE FUND                       FUND                                 Established by the late Dan A.
  donor, this fund focuses on           Established and advised by Roger      Established and advised by John P.   Chrisman, this fund supports the
  education.                            and Sherry Beasley.                   and Matilda H. Bradshaw, Jr.         History Museum, the Historical
                                                                                                                   Society of Western Virginia, and
  ANONYMOUS FUND                        JAMES B. AND JUNE S. BLACKSTOCK       BUNDY FAMILY FUND                    the Raleigh Court United Methodist
  Established by an anonymous           FAMILY FUND                           Established and advised by           Church, and is advised by his son, D.
  donor.                                Established and advised by James      Patricia and William Bundy.          Kent Chrisman.
                                        B. and June S. Blackstock.
  ANONYMOUS FUND                                                              BENNETT S. CHANEY FUND               THE WILLIAM M. CLAYTOR FAMILY
  Established by an anonymous           THE BLUE MOUNTAIN FUND                Established and advised by           MEMORIAL FUND
  donor.                                Established and advised by Tom and    Bennett Chaney.                      Established through the estate of
                                        Mary Evelyn Tielking.                                                      William M. Claytor and advised by
                                                                                                                   family members.

      T H E H . C L A Y G R A V E LY I V M E M O R I A L F U N D
     “Devoted husband, father, son, brother and         Attorney for the City of Martinsville from
     friend.” This is how many of Clay Gravely’s        2014 to 2017.
     family and friends describe him. In December
                                                        Clay met his wife, Jennifer Beeler Gravely in
     2017, he died at the age of 40 from colon
                                                        March 2012. They married in June 2013 and
     cancer. Because of his commitment to the
                                                        had their first son, Quinn, in 2016. “Although
     community and to keep his memory alive,
                                                        Clay was a public figure as the city’s lead
     a group of his closest friends and family
                                                        prosecutor, he was first and foremost a
     established the H. Clay Gravely IV Memorial
                                                        family man,” Jennifer said. “He was the best
     Fund at Community Foundation Serving
                                                        husband, the best friend, the best supporter
     Western Virginia.
                                                        I could have ever imagined. And although he
     A native of Martinsville, Clay attended Carlisle   was a father for only a short time, he was the
     School before moving to Michigan with his          best father I could have hoped for.”
     family. He graduated from the University of
                                                        Before he died, Jennifer showed him the first
     Virginia and the T.C. Williams School of Law at
                                                        ultrasound pictures and video of their son,
     the University of Richmond.
                                                        Brooks, who was born in August 2018.
     He moved back to Martinsville because he
                                                        The H. Clay Gravely IV Memorial Fund is
     loved his hometown and wanted to make
                                                        perpetual and will help support organizations
     a difference. He served as an Assistant
                                                        and programs that he was passionate about
     Commonwealth’s Attorney before opening
                                                        such as his favorite activity, fly fishing, as
     his private law practice, which he managed
                                                        well as outdoor recreation and education,
     until his election as Commonwealth’s Attorney
                                                        preservation of water, lands and natural
     in 2014. He served as the Commonwealth's
                                                        resources and live music and entertainment.

*New Fund                                                                                                                         ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 19

 THE CLIFTON FAMILY FUND                   KATHERINE NELSON FISHBURN              H. CLAY GRAVELY IV MEMORIAL FUND       community needs with a special
 Established by Dorothy S. and the         FOUNDATION FUND                        Established by family and friends      emphasis on cultural activities,
 late Orrin W. Clifton and advised         Established through transfer of        of the late H. Clay Gravely IV and     conservation and preservation,
 by Dotsy.                                 the K. N. Fishburn Foundation,         advised by an advisory committee.      social services and education as
                                           a private foundation, to the                                                  advised by Bill Lemon.
 JOHN D. AND MARY S. COPENHAVER            community foundation, this fund        THE GRIFFIN FAMILY FUND
 CHARITABLE FUND                           provides grants primarily to social    Established and advised by             CAP’N TIL LESTER FUND
 Established and advised by Mary S.        service, educational and cultural      Catherine Griffin.                     (IN MEMORY OF G.T. “CAP’N TIL” AND
 Copenhaver.                               organizations and is advised by                                               LOTTIE SHELTON LESTER)
                                                                                  LUCIAN Y. AND JUNE B. GROVE FUND       Established and advised by George
 DENNIS R. AND ELAINE MILAN CRONK          family members.                        Established by the late Lu and         W. Lester II.
 FUND                                      FLEISHER FOUNDATION FUND               June Grove and advised by family
 Established and advised by Dennis         Established and advised by Sonny       members.                               MR. AND MRS. SAMUEL B. LONG FUND
 and Elaine Cronk.                         Fleisher.                                                                     Established and advised by Sam
                                                                                  HOMETOWN BANK COMMUNITY FUND           and Sylvia Long.
 HARRIET DAVIDSON MEMORIAL FUND            THE FLIPPIN FUND                       Established and advised by
 Established by the late Sigmund           Established and advised by G.          HomeTown Bank or its corporate         THE MCCLAIN FAMILY CHARITABLE FUND
 E. Davidson and advised by family         Franklin Flippin and Sarah M.          successors.                            Established and advised by Mark
 members.                                  Copenhaver.                                                                   McClain.
                                                                                  A. ANSON AND THERESA G. JAMISON FUND
 EVA AND CALVERT DE COLIGNY FUND           J. SPENCER AND JOY FRANTZ DONOR        Established through the estate of      THE MCCLUNG FAMILY FUND
 Established by the late Eva and           ADVISED FUND                           Theresa G. Jamison.                    Established and advised by Cathy Z.
 Calvert G. de Coligny and advised         Established and advised by James                                              Ford and James T. McClung, Jr.
 by Cal.                                                                          PEGGY JOHNSON HOPE FOR
                                           Frantz, Jr. and Robert Frantz.         CHILDREN FUND                          SARA L. AND SAMUEL H. MCGHEE, III FUND
 THE DEVERTER CHARITABLE FUND              SPENCER AND JOY FRANTZ FUND            Established by Rudolph and             Established by Sara L. and the late
 Established and advised by John S.        Established and advised by J.          Maureen Johnson and advised            Samuel H. McGhee, III, and advised
 and Ruth H. DeVerter.                     Spencer and Joy D. Frantz.             by Rudolph, Maureen and family         by Sara.
 FRANK T. AND LUCY RUSSELL ELLETT          WILLIAM L. FREELAND SR.                                                       DEBRA C. MEADE FAMILY FUND
 FUND                                      MEMORIAL FUND*                         DAN AND NANCY KARNES FUND              Established and advised by Debra
 Established and advised by Frank          Established by the William L.          Established and advised by Daniel      C. Meade.
 and Lucy Ellett, this fund supports a     Freeland Estate and other members      E. and Nancy W. Karnes.
 wide range of important community                                                                                       THE LYNN AND JULIEN MEYER FUND
                                           of the community and advised by        JENNIFER KIRBY MEMORIAL FUND           Established by the late Julien and
 needs with a special emphasis on          Tyler Freeland.
 environmental and educational                                                    Established and advised by             Lynn Meyer and advised by Lynn.
 issues.                                   F. FULTON GALER FUND                   The Kroger Company, this fund
                                                                                  perpetuates the charitable interests   BARTON W. AND MARGARET J. MORRIS
                                           Established and advised by Fulton                                             FUND
 BILL AND DIANE ELLIOT FUND                Galer.                                 of The Kroger Company and its late
 Established and advised by William                                               employee, Jennifer Kirby, through      Established by the late Margaret
 D. and Diane W. Elliot.                   RAND AND JAN GARRETT FUND              annual grants to the community.        and Barton Morris and advised by
                                           Established and advised by Rand                                               B. Wistar Morris, III and Anna J.
 KATHERINE ELLIOTT FAMILY FUND             and Jan, this fund supports            PHILIP C. KISTLER MEMORIAL FUND        Morris.
 Established and advised by                programs and agencies which            Established by the late Mary Kistler
 Katherine Elliott.                                                               Bickford and advised her children      MARSHALL AND MONIKA MUNDY FUND
                                           address issues relating to infants                                            Established and advised by
                                           and young children, generally but      Ashley Kistler, Gene Kistler, Elly
 DR. BOB AND KAY FINCH FUND                                                       Cote and Kathy Craft.                  Marshall and Monika.
 Established and advised by                not exclusively from prenatal care
 Dr. Robert D. and Kay B. Finch.           through age two.                       THE STAN AND ELISE LANFORD FAMILY      MUSIC EDUCATION FUND*
                                                                                  FUND                                   Established by Willy Pierre
 ALVIN B. FINK MEMORIAL FUND               ROBERT E. AND CLYDENNE R. GLENN FUND                                          Jacoebee and Richard C.
                                           Established by the late Robert E.      Established and advised by Stan
 Established and advised by Marc                                                  and Elise.                             Henderson, this advised fund
 and Suzy Fink, this fund is used          and Clydenne R. Glenn and advised                                             supports programs that bring
 to attract and underwrite Jazz            by their children.                     WILLIAM JACOB AND BARBARA INEZ         the joy of music to needy children
 performances at The Jefferson             JEAN GLONTZ FOUNDATION FUND            BOYLE LEMON FUND                       in the community.
 Center, Roanoke, Virginia.                Established and advised by Gary E.     Established by William J. and
                                                                                  Barbara B. Lemon, this fund            MY HOMETOWN FUND
                                           Glontz.                                                                       Established and advised by The
                                                                                  supports a wide range of important
                                                                                                                         Ramsey Foundation.

 20 | COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SERVING WESTERN VIRGINIA                                                                                                    *New Fund

  FUND                                  FOUNDATION FUND                     Established by Peter and the late     Established by the late Thomas M.
  Established and advised by Fritz      Established by the late Bittle W.   Elfleda Ring and advised by Peter.    Robertson, Sr. and advised by his
  and Deborah Oehlschlaeger.            Porterfield, III and Charlotte K.                                         children.
                                        Porterfield through the transfer    ROANOKE GREEK FESTIVAL FUND
  PHYLLIS AND JIM OLIN FUND             of the B. Wilson Porterfield        Established and advised by the        THE MARTY AND SHERRY ROBISON
  Established by Phyllis and the late   Foundation, a private foundation,   Roanoke Greek Festival Committee.     FAMILY FUND
  Jim Olin and advised by Phyllis.      to the Community Foundation, this                                         Established by Martin L. and the
                                                                            THE ROANOKE VALLEY GREENWAYS FUND     late Sherry R. Robison and advised
  S. KIME PATSEL FUND                   fund supports a wide range of       Established by Pathfinders for
                                        community needs as advised by                                             by Marty.
  Established and advised by S. Kime                                        Greenways, Inc. and advised by a
  Patsel.                               Charlotte K. Porterfield.           local Advisory Committee, this fund   FRANK W. (BO) ROGERS, JR. FUND
                                        THE PRUNER FUND                     supports local greenways efforts.     Established and advised by the
  NANCY AND BALLARD PINKARD FUND                                                                                  family of Frank W. Rogers, Jr. and
  Established and advised by Nancy      Established by Carol W. and the     ROANOKE WOMEN’S FOUNDATION
                                        late Robert A. Pruner and advised                                         Woods Rogers, PLC, this fund
  B. and Ballard F. Pinkard.                                                FOUNDERS FUND                         supports a wide range of important
                                        by Carol.                           Established by RWF to honor, and
  DORIS AND ROY R. POLLARD, JR. FUND                                                                              community and educational needs.
                                        ANN CECIL RENICK FUND               continue the involvement of, its
  Established by Doris and the late                                         founding women.                       ALAN E. RONK EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S
  Roy Pollard, this fund supports a     Established and advised by Ann
                                        Cecil Renick.                                                             DISCRETIONARY FUND
  wide range of important community                                         WILLIAM AND MARGARET ROBERTSON        Established by the Community
  needs with a special emphasis on      JAMES AND NANCY REVERCOMB FUND      FUND                                  Foundation Board of Governors
  underprivileged children as advised   Established by Nancy and the late   Established by the late William and   and other community members and
  by Doris and her grandson Cameron     Jim Revercomb and advised by        Margaret Robertson, and advised       advised by Alan E. Ronk.
  Roberts.                              Nancy Revercomb.                    by Margaret and family.

     EXTR A!
     EXTR A!
   For the ninth year in a row, the Town of Buchanan welcomed multi-award winning Old Dominion’s lead singer Matthew Ramsey and his fellow
   singer/songwriter friends for an evening filled with music, laughter, and perhaps most importantly, a spirit of giving.
   “Nashville Night in Buchanan” is an annual benefit concert to raise money for community needs in the Town. With its growing success year
   after year, it became apparent to Matthew and his wife Sara, both natives of Botetourt County, that they wanted to find ways to have an even
   greater impact. In 2019, they established the Ramsey Foundation. Soon thereafter they set up “My Hometown Fund” within the community
   foundation to support important local community needs in Botetourt.
   This year, the first grant from My Hometown Fund was awarded to James River High School, the host site for Nashville Night and Matthew’s
   high school. The $50,000 grant will help purchase band equipment, improve the school’s recording studio, and other important arts projects.

*New Fund                                                                                                                         ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 21

 MEMORIAL FUND FOR MUSIC AND THE           Established and advised by
 PERFORMING ARTS                           anonymous donors, this fund
 Established by the late Burdette          addresses a wide variety of
 A. Rupert, Sr. and B.A. Rupert, Jr.,      important needs and opportunities
 this fund supports music and arts         through grants to eligible charitable
 organizations in the Alleghany            agencies and missions working
 Highlands region and advised by           to serve the peaceable, physical
 Tammy Scruggs-Duncan.                     and spiritual needs of Sudanese
 Established and advised by Jim and        NELSON AND CHRISTINA TEAGUE FUND
 Eliza Severt.                             Established and advised by Nelson
                                           and Christina Teague.
 PREVENT SUBSTANCE ABUSE                   Established and advised by Ken and

 Established and advised by Barry L.       Sara Tuck.
 and Cynthia M. Shelor in memory
 of Christopher Shoup, this fund           LEE AND MARY LYNN TUCKER FUND
 promotes positive mental health           Established and advised by Lee and
                                                                                      An initiative of Community Foundation
 and the alleviation, treatment, and       Mary Lynn Tucker.                                  Serving Western Virginia
 prevention of alcohol and substance       RALPH JOSEPH WALTERS MEMORIAL FUND
 abuse in the community.                   Established and advised by Joe and

                                                                                   GIVE WHERE
 THE SPETZLER FUND                         Susan Walters, this fund supports a
 Established by Bert and the               wide range of important community
 late Clarine Spetzler, this fund          needs with a special emphasis on
                                           young children.

                                                                                    YOU LIVE
 supports a wide range of important
 community needs with an emphasis          MARY AND DOUGLAS WATERS FUND
 on education and social opportunity       Established and advised by Mary
 as advised by Bert.                       and Doug Waters.
 STAVOLA FUND                              THE BARTON J. AND JACQUELINE B.
 Established and advised by Tony           WILNER FAMILY FUND                         Roanoke Valley Gives is an initiative
 and Diane Stavola.                        Established by Dorothy A. Wilner            of Community Foundation Serving
                                           and advised by Barton J. and               Western Virginia. The goal is to raise
                                           Jacqueline B. Wilner.                       significant funding for participating
                                                                                    Roanoke Valley nonprofits in a 24-hour

             NON - E NDOW E D F UND S                                                period while bringing attention to the
                                                                                     work and worth of each participating
                                                                                          organization. All donations to
     The Foundation also administers numerous non-permanent
     advised Funds. Advised funds enable donors to periodically                      the participating organizations on this
     make recommendations for grants to qualified charitable                               website are tax-deductible.
     organizations and are structured to make
     full or significant distributions of principal.                             
     Donor advised funds are a great way
     for parents to involve their children in
     giving back to the community. By including
                                                                                   It’s as easy as POINT-CLICK-GIVE,
     sons and daughters as fund advisors, they
     develop a pattern of charitable giving and
                                                                                           for as little as $10.
     lifelong philanthropy.                                                              Only on March 10, 2021.

 22 | COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SERVING WESTERN VIRGINIA                                                                            *New Fund

                             GRANTEE ENDOWMENT FUNDS
    APPLE RIDGE FARM ENDOWMENT FUND                                             PARTNERS FOR SUCCESS FUND
                                                                                Established by Roanoke City Schools.
    Established through the generosity of Bud and Brenda Hilton to
                                                                                PLANNED PARENTHOOD HEALTH SYSTEMS, INC. FUND
    encourage others to protect and preserve the Blue Ridge Parkway.
                                                                                PRESBYTERIAN COMMUNITY CENTER FUND
    Established by TAP through the support of nearly 200 individuals,           SUZANNE R. RANSON ENDOWMENT FOR HOSPICE EXCELLENCE
    corporations, foundations and organizations in honor of Cabell Brand's      Established through the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. George K. Bowers
    long service to the community.                                              and two anonymous donors.

                                                                                The following funds were established as Charitable Gift Annuities to
    CHIP OF ROANOKE VALLEY FUND                                                 benefit The Rescue Mission Fund:
                                                                                Stella M. and Grover C. Agee Fund
                                                                                Thomas L. Ayers Fund
    HISTORIC FINCASTLE, INC. ENDOWMENT FUND                                     Lillien S. Brown Fund
                                                                                Burt C. Horne, Jr. Fund
    DAVID H. BURROWS ENDOWMENT FUND                                             Mary H. Milan Fund
    Established by the Museum through the generosity of David Burrows to        Betty D. and Jimmy T. Moore Fund
    support the Crystal Spring Pumping Station.                                 Mabel R. Naff Fund
                                                                                Nancy B. Robertson Fund
    Established by the Museum through the generosity of the Kegley family
    to support the Kegley Publication Fund.                                     ROANOKE AREA MINISTRIES FUND
    Established by the Museum through the generosity of W. Darnall Vinyard
    to inspire others to provide endowment resources for the long-term
                                                                                ROANOKE VALLEY S.P.C.A. ENDOWMENT FUND
    benefit of the agency.


                                                                                The following funds were established as Charitable Gift Annuities to
    MARTINSVILLE HENRY COUNTY FAMILY YMCA ENDOWMENT FUND                        benefit Warm Hearth:
                                                                                Lee B. Brown Fund
    MILL MOUNTAIN THEATRE FUND                                                  Kenneth L. Murdock


*New Fund                                                                                                                             ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 23

                         ROA NOK E WOMEN’S F OUNDAT ION
   The Roanoke Women’s Foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. Co-founded in 2004 by Ginny Jarrett and Katherine Elliott, RWF helps
   women become philanthropic leaders. This year’s roster included 180 women who agreed to the group’s annual commitment of $2,100 ($2,000
   of which is tax-deductible and goes towards grantmaking). The RWF focuses on giving grants to support critical needs, new ventures, capital
   campaigns, operating expenses and innovative approaches to solving problems. For more information or to become a RWF member visit
   To date, the RWF has awarded $3,811,500 to benefit the community.
   Nancy Agee                       Pat H. Davidson           Ann McGee Green               Carol Marand                  Melissa Robinson
   Brenda W. Anderson               Sherry Davidson           Catherine Greenberg           Patricia Marlowe              Diane Rosenberg
   Sandra Andrew                    Mary Robertson Delaney    Karli Spetzler Griffeth       Ann H. Martyn                 Sally Rugaber
   Victoria Armentrout              Nancy Dixon               Bee Grundlehner               Gwendolyn W. Mason            Molly Rutherfoord
   Ginger Ashton                    Ruth Alden Doan           Maureen Guelzow               Rosemary Maxwell              Penny Schwarz
   Robin E. Bagby, DDS              Hoye Duckworth            Ann Hackworth                 Mary McBurney                 Janet Scott
   Katherine R. Baker               Julia Dudley              Mary Harshfield               Debra McClure                 Linda Shiner
   Azziza Bankole                   Kay Dunkley               Cheri Hartman                 Brenda McDaniel               Brandie Skibinski
   Cynthia Barnhart                 Kimberly Dunsmore         Carolyn H’Doubler             Deborah McDonald              Judie Snipes
   Donna Batzel                     Heather H. Ellett         Betsy Head                    Sheryl McNally                Donna Speas
   Margaret Beazley                 Lucy Ellett               Doris Higginbotham            Suzan Merten                  Joanne Spetzler
   Gretchen Beedle                  Diane Elliot              Hetty T. Hoyt                 Kathleen Milward              Lee Stanley
   Vickie Bibee                     Katherine Elliott         Carol Huffman                 Donna L. Mitchell             Vicki Stauffer
   Katie Bower                      Kelly Ellis               Ginny Jarrett                 Monica Monday                 Kathy Graves Stockburger
   Joan Boyd                        Dawn Erdman               Robyn Johnsen                 Ann Muir Moomaw               Audrey Stone
   Jenny Bradley                    Dana Esworthy             Bonnie G. Johnson             Ellen Morgan                  Cathy Jo W. Swanson
   Trudy V. Brailsford              Lucy Farrell              Pat Johnson                   Betty Carr Muse               Joanne B. Thornhill
   Betty M. Branch                  Sibyl Fishburn            Katie Jones                   Clara J. Nash                 Suzanne Thorniley
   Karen Crush Branch               Doreen Fishwick           Charlotte McNulty Kagey       Carolyn G. Nolan              Isabel Thornton
   Ginny Brobeck                    Helen Fitzpatrick         Rosalee Kaplan                Shelley Nolan                 Stuart Trinkle
   Mary Lou Bruce                   Luann Fitzpatrick         Renate Kemp                   Mary North                    Kim Turner
   Terri H. Bryant                  Louise Forsyth            Kathy Kerkering               Mary Nottingham               Jennie Vogel
   Alice Burlinson                  Connor Fralin             Jacqueline Kinder             Sue Nussbaum                  Rachel Vogeley
   Martha M. Call                   Cynthia Fralin            C. Shireen Kirk               Yvonne S. Olson               Debbie Watts
   Brooke Carnevali                 Katherine Fralin          Susan Koch                    Kate Parker                   Owen Weaver
   Meg Carter                       Janet Frantz              Pamela D. Kreger              Anne Perrin                   Jean Whitaker
   Elizabeth Chilton                Joy D. Frantz             Kathleen Kronau               Debbie Petrine                Betsy Whitney
   Diana Christopulos               Sherry Frantz             Karen N. Kuehl                Karen Pillis                  Terra Wiley
   Rebecca Clark                    Susan P. Frantz           Elise Lanford                 Charlotte Porterfield         Marilyn Johnson Williams
   Vickie Clarke                    Sandra Friedlander        Judy Largen                   Douglas Powell                Nikki Williams
   Katharine Claytor                Linda D. Frith            Susan Leivy, MD               Julia Prickett                Mary Ann Wine
   Dotsy Clifton                    Jan Garrett               MaryJean R. Levin             Carol Pruner                  Libba Wolfe
   Karen Cole                       Ann Hauser Garst          Angie Link                    Melanie Prusakowski           Ann Marie Wood
   Sarah Copenhaver                 Teresa K. George          Sharon Litz                   Gail Quinn                    Tina Wood
   Elaine M. Cronk                  Sally Godsey              Dawn Long                     Carolyn Rakes                 Lee Woody
   Barbara Dalhouse                 Katrina A. Goode          Deena Lugar                   Ann Richardson


                                    WOMEN IN PHIL A N T HROPY
    The Women In Philanthropy (WIP) giving group celebrated its 11th anniversary this year. For fiscal year 2020, the group consisted of 94 women who
    agreed to the $500 annual commitment. To date, WIP has awarded $373,000 and holds an endowment totaling over $70,000.

    Caren Tobin Aaron               Nancy B. Davis                  Judith S. Garland                Katherine W. Long        Eliza H. Severt
    Nancy Baker                     Nicole DeShon-Nelson            Jo Grayson                       Lanie Loos               Elizabeth R. Sibbick
    Carolyn E. Baptist              Jill G. Dickens                 Tracie Heavner                   Merlow D. Luttrell       Irma H. Smart
    Theresa Bechtel                 Mary Kate Dillon                Vickie S. Helmstutler            Anne V. Madonia          Kimberly Kiser Snyder
    Clarke S. Beckner               Imogene H. Draper               Peggy W. Hollander               Cathy Martin             Catherine R. Stone
    Page B. Beeler                  Margie B. Eason                 Elizabeth M. Holsinger           Charlotte W. McClain     Tracy E. Tate
    Jennifer Bowles                 Cindy King Edgerton             Lori Hornsby                     Tonie S. McMillan        Lorrie Teegen
    Ann Harper Cardwell             Sarah C. Fain                   Linda W. Isley                   Phyllis H. Mitchell      Julie Hairfield Thomas
    Pamela D. Caudill               Martha B. Farrell               Cecelia R. Johnson               Janet D. Mohr            Ellen Thomason
    Gael Marshall Chaney            Ann Favero                      Joanna N. Jones                  Linda B. Moore           Deborah Toms
    Ruth Groves Chaney*             Bonnie Favero                   Mallory C. Joyce                 Susan W. Pannill         Elizabeth M. Walker
    Beverley Coleman                Elaine D. Ferrill               Deborah F. Kaufman               Nancy Philpott           Stuart Webster
    Sandra L. Coleman               Helen H. Flythe                 Carole G. Kiser                  Betty Barnes Pigg        Phyllia Wenkstern
    Martha S. Cooper                Sandra T. Ford                  Lynn H. Korff                    Christine B. Poirier     Patricia S. Wilson
    Rebecca Williams Crabtree       Karen L. Franklin               Amy Pace Lampe                   Lauren S. Prince         Roslyn H. Wingett
    Susan Critz                     Marsha Elaine Frith             Elizabeth W. Lester              Carol A. Stone Rebman*   Julia A. Work
    Ruth R. Dandridge               Paige D. Frith                  J.D. Lester                      Lewis S. Riddle
    Judith N. Dashoff               Linda H. Gale                   Margaret E. Lester               Ann Reaser
    Lucy H. Davis                   Marty J. Gardner                Susan Lester                     Jennifer A. Reis

    • Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation received $10,000 for its Community Dental Clinic
      in Martinsville. The clinic offers quality dental care to the uninsured and low income
      population in our community.
    • United Way of MHC received $10,000 to sponsor over 370 children in the Dolly Parton
      Imagination Library. The Library provides a monthly book for children from birth to 5 years old.
    • Grace Network received $12,000 for its Crisis Intervention program which provides financial
      assistance to needy, at-risk families.
    • MHC Family YMCA received $12,000 to purchase a new bus to transport YMCA child
      care participants.

*Deceased                                                                                                                              ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 25
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