Greenhill School - July 1, 2018 - Carney Sandoe

Greenhill School - July 1, 2018 - Carney Sandoe
Greenhill School
  Addison, Texas
  Head of School
   July 1, 2018
Greenhill School - July 1, 2018 - Carney Sandoe
Mission Statement

                                                                  Greenhill School is a diverse community
                                                                  of learners that strives for excellence;
                                                                  values individuality; fosters a passion
                                                                  for learning; promotes the balanced
                                                                  development of mind, body, and
                                                                  character; encourages service; and
                                                                  instills a respect for others.

    The Position
    Greenhill School, an independent, non-sectarian coeducational school for students in grades PreK-
    12, seeks a dynamic, innovative, and forward-thinking Head of School beginning July 1, 2018. An
    inclusive and welcoming community since its founding, Greenhill is a school where each student is
    genuinely supported by a faculty of the finest educators. With a balance of attention committed to
    academics, arts, and athletics, Greenhill is a well-rounded and vibrant learning environment where
    opportunities abound. The school seeks a leader who will reflect and champion the school’s deeply-
    held values of excellence, individuality, balance, service and respect for all.

    Greenhill’s next Head of School will partner with the Board, the faculty, and the administration to
    continue to lead the school on its path of distinction. This position represents an extraordinary
    opportunity to lead one of the finest independent schools in Texas, and in the country. The new Head
    will benefit from the legacy of current Head Scott Griggs whose lengthy tenure has been marked by
    expanded academic opportunities, significant capital advancements, major facility improvements,
    and an exceptionally talented and collegial faculty. Greenhill has received two stellar re-accreditation
    reports both in 2006 and 2016. The new Head will need to be a strong and visible presence within
    the tight-knit community while leading the school with empathy, strength, and purpose.

    The School
    Founded in 1950 by educator Bernard Fulton, Greenhill was the region’s first co-educational
    independent school. Fulton served as Head of School for 26 years, providing a vision and creating
    the unique culture which remains today.

    Today, Greenhill School is the leading independent, non-sectarian coeducational day school in the
    greater Dallas area, with 1,292 students in Prekindergarten through 12th grade. With an operating
    budget of over $34 million and a 75-acre campus in Addison, Texas, just 12 miles north of downtown
    Dallas, Greenhill provides a rigorous college-preparatory experience in an enriching and positive
    environment. Greenhill’s 169 faculty members bring passion, energy, and experience to their
    work with students; 61% of faculty hold advanced degrees. The school is accredited through the
    Independent School Association of the Southwest (ISAS), as certified by the National Association
    of Independent Schools (NAIS). Greenhill is also a part of numerous local and regional school

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Greenhill School - July 1, 2018 - Carney Sandoe
Fast Facts
                                                                  •   Total Students: 1,292
                                                                  •   Average Class Size: 15 in
                                                                      Preschool, 16 in Lower, 16-18 in
                                                                      Middle, and 16-18 in Upper School
                                                                  •   % of Students of Color: 44%
                                                                  •   Total Faculty: 169 full-time
                                                                  •   % of Faculty of Color: 26%
                                                                  •   Endowment: $32.8 million (as of
                                                                      6/16 with an anticipated total of
                                                                      $50M by 2020 as a result of the
                                                                      most recent Building Community
                                                                  •   Greenhill Fund: $1.667 million,
                                                                      with over 90% parent participation
                                                                      and 23% alumni giving.
                                                                  •   Tuition: $24,800-30,750
                                                                      (Prekindergarten-grade 12)
                                                                  •   Campus Size: 75 acres
                                                                  •   Students Receiving Financial
                                                                      Aid: 16%

   Greenhill students are “inspired to learn” through immersion in a balanced program of academics,
   arts, athletics, and character development. The school’s core principles of honor, respect, and
   compassion guide all members of the community in their daily interactions, and equity and inclusion
   are central to the mission of the school, with 44% of students identifying as students of color and 16%
   of students receiving financial aid. A quarter of Greenhill faculty members are people of color, and the
   Office of Equity and Inclusion leads programming efforts, offers resources, and provides a forum for
   conversations around issues of equity, inclusion, and social justice.

   Greenhill’s rigorous academic program inspires students to become lifelong learners who seek out
   opportunities to explore and grow. The school is divided into four divisions, and at each stage in
   their educational journey, students are met with developmentally-appropriate challenges. Students
   are encouraged to take risks and reach new academic heights while supported along the way with
   a robust advisory program in Middle and Upper School. School counselors are in all divisions and
   a learning assistance program for students is available for those needing educational support. With
   an average class size of 16 students, students at Greenhill benefit from personalized attention and
   close bonds with faculty members. At every level, students excel: Greenhill students “learn to ask
   questions, make mistakes, voice opinions, and explore interests” in order to prepare themselves for
   an ever-changing world.

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Greenhill School - July 1, 2018 - Carney Sandoe
   In Prekindergarten and Kindergarten, students take their first steps toward developing an enduring
   love of learning through a thoughtfully designed and creative curriculum that combines play with
   exploration and discovery with social and academic skill building. Leveraging the energy and
   enthusiasm of this age group, teachers create dynamic environments in which students practice
   self-expression, critical thinking, and problem solving, and explore subject areas including reading,
   writing, math, and science within project integration and direct instruction. The Preschool curriculum
   is further enhanced by art, movement, science and engineering, and Spanish language. Throughout
   Preschool, students practice mindfulness, compassion, and collaboration as they prepare for life in
   Lower School.

   Lower School
   The Lower School at Greenhill encompasses Primer (K-1st transition year) through 4th grade,
   a period of immense development and growth during which students benefit from a balanced
   curriculum of academics, arts, physical education, and character education. Classroom lessons take
   the shape of active, project-based learning activities: second graders dissect owl pellets, and fourth
   graders play the Stock Market in math class. During their time in the Lower School, students explore
   Chinese and Spanish, performing and visual arts, service learning, and the basics of computer
   coding in addition to developing mathematical, scientific, and literacy skills. Greenhill’s Lower School
   curriculum nurtures the whole child, instilling the social and academic skills that ensure a smooth and
   successful transition to Middle School.

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Greenhill School - July 1, 2018 - Carney Sandoe
College Matriculation
                                                                   The following is a partial list of schools
                                                                   to which members of the Classes of
                                                                   2013-16 have matriculated, under
                                                                   the guidance of three full-time college

                                                                   •   American University
                                                                   •   Austin College
                                                                   •   Bates College
                                                                   •   Beloit College
                                                                   •   Boston University
                                                                   •   Brown University
                                                                   •   Carnegie Mellon University
                                                                   •   Case Western Reserve University
                                                                   •   Dartmouth College
                                                                   •   Duke University
                                                                   •   Elon University
                                                                   •   Emory University
                                                                   •   Georgetown University
                                                                   •   Harvard University
                                                                   •   Hendrix College
                                                                   •   Johns Hopkins University
   Middle School                                                   •   Lafayette College
                                                                   •   Middlebury College
   In Greenhill’s Middle School, students in 5th through 8th       •   Millsaps College
   grade continue to hone their skills in an environment that      •   New York University
   both encourages risk and offers support: students practice      •   Northwestern University
   self-advocacy and resilience as they face new academic          •   Occidental College
   and social challenges with the help of a dedicated and          •   Pomona College
   compassionate faculty.                                          •   Princeton University
                                                                   •   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
   Middle School at Greenhill is more than just a stepping         •   Rice University
   stone; although students leave 8th grade fully prepared for     •   Southern Methodist University
   the transition to Upper School, faculty is also committed       •   Stanford University
   to ensuring that students’ learning and experiences feel        •   Swarthmore College
   relevant and vital to their present and to their place in the   •   Trinity University
   community—not just their future. Middle School students         •   Tufts University
   relish the opportunity to begin making choices about their      •   United States Military Academy
   learning, opting to study Chinese, Latin, or Spanish and        •   University of Alabama
   selecting from various arts and athletic options. Middle        •   University of Chicago
   School students look forward to special events and              •   University of Colorado at Boulder
   projects, such as participating in the Greek Play, launching    •   University of Notre Dame
   businesses for the Holiday Bazaar, building solar chargers      •   University of Pennsylvania
   in Exploratory Design Class, and traveling as an eighth         •   University of Southern California
   grade class to Washington, D.C.                                 •   University of Texas at Austin
                                                                   •   Washington University at St. Louis
                                                                   •   Wesleyan University
                                                                   •   Yale University

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Greenhill School - July 1, 2018 - Carney Sandoe
Upper School
   As students move into the Upper School, they experience the enhanced challenges and freedoms
   of Greenhill’s college-preparatory curriculum. While a series of core courses are set in 9th and 10th
   grade, students take responsibility for designing their own schedules, choosing from myriad electives
   such as Biotechnology, Advanced Video Production, and Persuasion & Debate. Language offerings
   continue to include Chinese, Latin, and Spanish, and independent studies allow students to further
   personalize their learning experience, delving into the topics about which they are most passionate.
   Greenhill’s involvement in the Global Online Academy, a worldwide consortium of independent
   schools, provides students with 40 additional class options: interested students may opt to take one
   online class per semester during their 11th and 12th grade years. Upper Schoolers learn to balance
   independence and guidance through a robust advisory program, in which faculty members serve as
   sources of support, structure, and inspiration throughout the high school experience.

   The arts are both nurtured and celebrated at Greenhill, as evidenced by more than 65 arts courses,
   abundant extracurricular activities, talented faculty members, and state-of-the-art facilities where
   students are encouraged to discover and refine their artistic abilities. At a young age, students at
   Greenhill are introduced to basic principles of dance, music, visual arts, and drama, setting the stage
   early for appreciation of and interest in the arts. In Preschool and Lower School, art is offered on
   a weekly rotation. Arts lessons are often integrated into classroom projects, building connections
   between the arts and other subject areas. By the time students enter Middle School, they are excited
   to choose their own arts electives and delve deeper into their artistic interests. Whether they choose
   to explore several disciplines, or to focus on one or two, students in Middle School are presented
   with ample opportunities to express themselves artistically. Courses in Upper School allow students
   to specialize and award-winning teachers are there to guide each student’s creative journey.

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Greenhill School - July 1, 2018 - Carney Sandoe
The Performing Arts program, comprised of band, choir, dance, strings, and theatre, holds a variety
   of performances throughout the year in the Marshall Family Performing Arts Center. Greenhill’s
   musicals are a community favorite, and include students representing each of the performing arts,
   as well as a technical crew and other student volunteers. The Visual Arts program is home to two
   prominent traditions at Greenhill, film and photography. The Film and Video Production program, a
   nationally-acclaimed program, has had the most films accepted to the annual South By Southwest
   Festival (SXSW) of any school in America for the past nine years, while photography students have
   won awards at YoungArts, the core program of the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts.

   Knowing the importance of fostering confidence, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle, Greenhill
   includes sports and fitness in each school day. A team of committed teachers and coaches equips
   students with the skills and knowledge to lead healthy, active lives and to enjoy athletics in college
   and beyond. Beginning in Prekindergarten, physical education classes feature age-appropriate
   movement exercises that focus on motor development, self-expression, and social interaction. As
   students progress through the grades, units offer more challenging movement experiences while
   promoting positive self-image.

   The Middle and Upper School Physical Education program teaches students what it means to be
   physically fit and how to make healthy choices. In addition to physical education courses, students may
   also participate on an interscholastic athletics team beginning in 7th grade. Offerings include football,
   field hockey, cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming, lacrosse, baseball, softball, golf,
   track and field, and tennis. Students are encouraged to play multiple sports in a given school year.
   Greenhill is a member of the Southwestern Preparatory Conference, a 16 team conference of like-
   minded schools in Texas and Oklahoma.

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Greenhill School - July 1, 2018 - Carney Sandoe
School Life
   School life at Greenhill embodies the school’s ethic of balance, offering a wide variety of extracurricular
   and service opportunities to both complement the rigors of the academic program and foster a sense
   of community. The whole school looks forward to traditions like Heart of the Hill, Homecoming, Friday
   on the Hill, the Halloween Parade, Greenhill Goes Global, and the Founders’ Day celebration which
   kicks off the school year. Sustainability is another school-wide project, with the Green Team educating
   the community about eco-friendly living. All of these activities and events are supported by a strong
   Parents’ Association core of volunteers who are integral to the daily life on campus.

   In keeping with Greenhill’s core principles of honor, respect, and compassion, students of every
   age participate in service learning, with Prekindergarteners collecting pennies for donation, and 8th
   graders teaming up with Kindergarteners to assist with the local distribution of Meals on Wheels.
   Upper School students complete 48 hours of service as part of Greenhill’s graduation requirements,
   developing practical skills, personal responsibility, and empathy through short- and long-term projects.

   From Prekindergarten onward, Greenhill offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations in which
   students may discover new interests and deepen their passions. One example is Greenhill’s nationally
   recognized debate program, which provides the opportunity for Middle and Upper Schoolers to hone
   critical thinking and public speaking skills while competing in tournaments near and far. Upper School
   students may also work on the newspaper, literary arts magazine, or the yearbook, or get involved
   with myriad other clubs, all sponsored by faculty. For younger students, after-school options include
   a vibrant Extend & Explore program, with offerings such as yoga, art, drama, and martial arts.

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Greenhill School - July 1, 2018 - Carney Sandoe
Physical Campus
   Greenhill’s 75-acre campus consists of 15 buildings, including the Phillips Family Athletic Center and
   adjoining complex, the Montgomery Library, the Agnich Science Building for grades 7-12, the new
   Marshall Family Performing Arts Center, and the refurbished Crossman Hall for all-school dining. While
   the Preschool, Lower, Middle, and Upper School divisions are housed in separate buildings, they are
   connected by a series of quadrangles that allow for cross-divisional collaboration. Classrooms have
   natural light and are intentionally designed to provide an intimate academic experience, with open
   and accessible teacher workspaces to foster close teacher-student interaction.

   A space designed for the remarkably talented students at Greenhill, the Marshall Family Performing
   Arts Center opened in February 2016. This 54,000-square-foot space features Rose Hall, a 600-seat
   proscenium theatre; the Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger Family Studio Theatre, a 150-
   seat studio theatre; a dance and choral hall; a video production and digital media lab; the Potter Rose
   Production Studio; two fine art galleries; dressing rooms; an expansive grand lobby; and ancillary
   teaching and performance spaces.

   The Phillips Family Athletic Center features two gymnasiums, a swimming pool, and a state-of-the-
   art fitness center. Greenhill’s athletic complex also contains ten lighted tennis courts; football, soccer,
   lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, and softball fields; and an eight-lane track. Two fields that were
   relocated to make room for the Marshall Family Performing Arts Center were reopened in 2014.

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Greenhill School - July 1, 2018 - Carney Sandoe
Dallas, Texas
   Located in the adjacent town of Addison, Greenhill’s campus is just 12 miles north of downtown
   Dallas. Dallas, Texas is a globally conscious city with a booming economy, vibrant culture, and
   passionate sports and entertainment scene. Founded in 1841, the city quickly rose to prominence as
   a hub for the oil and cotton industries. Easily connected to other cities by rail and interstate highways,
   Dallas continued to grow in importance throughout the 20th century. Today, Dallas is connected to
   the world through the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, one of the busiest airports in America,
   and home to American Airlines.

   Home to the global headquarters of 12 Fortune 500 Companies, Dallas boasts the third-largest
   concentration of such companies in the nation and enjoys a booming economy based primarily
   on banking, commerce, telecommunications, computer technology, energy, healthcare, and
   transportation. Dallas is also one of 12 Federal Reserve Bank Districts and hosts one of four regional
   United States Patent and Trademark Offices in the country.

   A vibrant educational and intellectual city, Dallas is home to many institutions of learning such as
   Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, The University
   of Texas at Dallas, The Center for Brain Health, and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.
   Greenhill is also fortunate to be a part of a city with a large and collegial independent school network
   and an active non-profit and philanthropic community.

   Dallas is a booming cultural hub, featuring cuisine and arts that represent a range of ethnicities
   and international cultures. Dallas’ Arts District features elegant venues that promote the visual and
   performing arts, including the Dallas Museum of Art, the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, the
   Winspear Opera House, the Wyly Theater, and the Nasher Sculpture Center, among others. The

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Dallas Symphony Orchestra, which began in 1900, continues to grow in numbers and stature, and
   theater opportunities abound, not only at the Wyly but also at the Music Hall at Fair Park, the Dallas
   Theater Center and Undermain Theater, to name just a few. Live music can be found throughout the
   Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, from classical to country and everything in between.

   Fans cheer for many professional sports teams, including the Cowboys (NFL), Mavericks (NBA),
   Rangers (MLB), FC Dalllas (MLS), and Stars (NHL).

   Dallas enjoys mild winters, crisp and beautiful springs and autumns, and warm summers. The
   cityscape is punctuated by multiple skyscrapers and handsome architecture. Among the iconic
   buildings in Dallas are the Reunion Tower, the JFK Memorial, and Dallas City Hall, designed by
   famed architect I.M. Pei.

   Opportunities and Challenges
   As the leading coed PreK-12 independent school in North Texas, this position represents an
   extraordinary opportunity for the right candidate. For almost 70 years, Greenhill has been a leader in
   the region for progressive, child-centered education. It has always prioritized diversity and inclusion
   within its students, faculty, and staff, and its commitment to excellence, individuality, balance, service
   and respect for all continue to represent the core of its identity and its purpose.

   Additional strengths and assets include:

   •   A nationally recognized college preparatory academic program;
   •   It is a “mission-true” school – the mission is discussed, promoted, and embodied at every turn;
   •   An exceptionally supportive and talented faculty;
   •   An authentic openness to change and a focus on self-reflection and improvement;
   •   An emphasis on promoting individuality and self-direction;
   •   Students feel listened to and respected by their teachers;
   •   Academics, athletics, and the arts are all championed at an equal level;
   •   Financially, the school is in excellent condition;
   •   The campus and physical plant are outstanding.

   The next Head will encounter the following challenges:

   •   A continued effort to vertically and horizontally align across disciplines and the different divisions
       of the school (PK, Lower, Middle, Upper);
   •   A pace that is both exhilarating and demanding for students and faculty;
   •   A faculty professional growth process that can be more consistently integrated and well-defined;
   •   The desire for the Head to be highly visible and involved while also closely attending to the
       school’s business and advancement affairs;
   •   A strong desire to increase affordability, with an eye toward expanding the number of middle
       income families;
   •   The need to enhance the use of technology within the school’s curricula and pedagogical

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Desired Qualities of the Next Head of School
   The next Head of School should possess the following personal and professional qualities and qualifications:

   •   A leadership style characterized by collaboration and teamwork.
   •   An authentic commitment to equity and inclusion work.
   •   Unwavering integrity and character.
   •   Previous leadership experience in an educational setting.
   •   A demonstrated history of motivating others while encouraging strategic risk-taking.
   •   A balanced understanding of the dual values of progress and tradition.
   •   Fundraising experience and success.
   •   A desire to connect with the Greenhill community.
   •   Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
   •   Strong academic credentials.

   To Apply
   Interested and qualified candidates should submit electronically in one email and as separate
   documents (preferably PDFs) the following materials (all inquiries are confidential):

   •   A cover letter stating interest and qualifications for this position
   •   A résumé detailing work experience and education
   •   A statement of educational leadership practice
   •   A list of five (5) professional references with name, phone number, and email address of each to:

   Sherry Coleman, Ed.D
   Senior Search Consultant

   Devereaux McClatchey

   Jessica Wright
   Associate Director of School Services, Executive Assistant to the President

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