Hall Specifications

Hall Specifications

Hall Specifications

The Queen’s Hall Edinburgh 85–89 Clerk Street Edinburgh EH8 9JG 0131 668 3456 www.thequeenshall.net Hall Specifications 360⁰ views can be seen at http://www.thequeenshall.net/tour/

Hall Specifications

- 1 - Contents Updated Aug 2018 Contents Main Contacts 2 Hall capacities and stage set-up 3 Facilities 8 Stage 10 Power 11 Sound 12 Lighting 14 Projection 14 Rigging 15 Parking 16 Food and drink 20 Marketing Support 24

Hall Specifications

- 2 - Contents Updated Aug 2018 Main Contacts Operations Manager Iain McQueen iainmcq@queenshalledinburgh.org +44 (0)131 622 7388 Box Office Manager Gordon Strachan gordons@queenshalledinburgh.org +44 (0)131 668 2019 Technical Manager Tarquin Penman stage@queenshalledinburgh.org +44 (0)131 668 4327 Marketing Manager Emma Mortimore emmam@queenshalledinburgh.org +44 (0)131 622 7381 Duty Manager Jackie Caldwell duty@queenshalledinburgh.org

Hall Specifications

- 3 - Contents Updated Aug 2018 Hall Capacities and stage set-ups Once we know your exact set-up we can give you precise numbers. The following is a general guide to The Queen’s Hall’s overall capacity. 900 Standing 801 seated (inc 107 ltd/non view + 60 standing when seats sold) 773 cabaret seating (inc 107 ltd/non view + 60 standing when sold out) Seating in centre stalls are either rows or tables (cabaret). NB Larger stage floors require the removal of centre stall seats, counted as part of the 107 ltd/non view.

Hall Specifications

- 4 - Contents Updated Aug 2018

Hall Specifications

- 5 - Contents Updated Aug 2018 View of Seats off sale for B stage with FOH mixer position and side stalls out.

Hall Specifications

- 6 - Contents Updated Aug 2018 Limited view gallery seating. Please note that due to the design of the building, stage set ups that require the main artist(s) to be off center position on stage will cause sightline issues for the balcony seats. This mostly affects the seating highlighted in blue above. Additionally please advise as soon as possible if the use of and ground stacked PA is to be used as this causes sightline issues for downstairs seating of the following seats: P23-25 and 60-63, Q20-23 and 62-65, R17-20 and 65-68, S13-14 and 69-72, T13-16 and 69-72 (side sections between red highlighted and the hand rails.

Hall Specifications

- 7 - Contents Updated Aug 2018 Stage B set-up: Seated rows with FOH mixer position at table. Stage C set-up: Standing.

Hall Specifications

- 8 - Contents Updated Aug 2018 Facilities Dressing Rooms 3 en suite rooms (toilets and showers); capacity 8 people max Green Room 1 large room behind stage with sofas, tables and chairs, fridge and tea/coffee making facilities Production office 1 large office with telephone access and internet port. Outgoing phone calls will not be charged for if kept within reason - if in doubt, please ask a member of staff before making the call. Production line number 0131 668 4327 WiFi Backstage: Domain: THEQUEENSHALL; Password: queenshall Public WiFi also available throughout the building.

Towels Max 25 on site.

Catering Buy outs only. NO COOKING BACKSTAGE as per instruction of Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade Fridge and tea/coffee making facilities available in the green room.

Hall Specifications

- 9 - Contents Updated Aug 2018 Merchandising Available in café bar only at non-negotiable 15% fee + VAT if venue staff sell for you; 10% + VAT if you provide your own staff. Merchandise must be displayed using Blu-tak only; tape and pins are not permitted on the walls or display boards provided. Crew Professional Crew available from Edinburgh Showtec – please ask for a quotation. Must be booked in advance.

Security None on site – MINIMUM 2 MUST BE BOOKED (G4S) Barrier 3 bike rack barriers on site, for FOH position only. Stage Barrier - must be hired in Fire Curtain No Stage Risers Selection available, to be discussed in advance. No extra cost. Show times Provided as a guide only: Doors – 19:00 Support 1 – 20:00 Changeover/Interval – 20:30 Main act – 21:00 End – 22:45 CURFEW – 23:00 due to residential district Delivery address Box Office The Queens Hall 85-89 Clerk Street Edinburgh EH8 9JG Music Shops Scayles is within a 3 minute walk of the venue, and Varsity Music within a 10 minute walk.

For electricals, Euronics is within a 5 minute walk. All are found by turning left out of the front of the building.

10 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Stage Load-in access: Through narrow centre door at Clerk Street. Approx. 2m high by 1.5m wide. Ramp from street level available. Stage details: 9.75m wide 5m deep 0.6m high Clearance approx. 8m to nominal flying of truss Platform stage, no proscenium Depth can be extended by Sico extensions at increments of 1.2m up to 3.6m No PA wings and stage wings are not able to be boxed off Black back drop available (8m in height) Stage risers LiteDeck Toplock, must be arranged in advance 6x 8’x4’ 4x 4’x4’ 4x 2’x4’ Riser legs available at 1’ (0.3m) or 2’ (0.6m), must be agreed in advance 6x wooden box risers 1.8m x 1m x 0.3m 2x wooden box risers 77cm x 52cm x 20cm Mixer and lighting positions - rear of centre stalls in front of pews.

Cable runs stage to FOH along the balcony. No more than 40m. DMX in ports located at FOH position and just off stage left (no more than 8m) for patching. One DMX 512 universe in house with channels 1-36 and 105-229 used for in house fixtures. In house analogue XLR multicore available when using house PA Stage left available for monitors set up (Space off stage right is also available, though a path must be kept clear as this is a fire escape access).

Limited storage space available along corridor off stage right. Access route, highlighted by yellow markings, MUST be kept clear as this is a fire escape. 4x Comms boxes. Positions at FOH Control position, Upstage Left, Backstage Left, and Centre Gallery. 3x headsets units, one held earpiece and mic unit 5x wooden treads 1x hand railed steps Please be All positions MUST be agreed in advance of going on sale. It is our policy that once tickets have been sold we do not re-seat customers from the best seats in the house to accommodate configuration changes.

11 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Power Power 2x 63amp 3phase ceeform, Or 1x 63a 3phase and 3x 63a single phase ceeform, Located 8m cable length off stage left Backline power 2x 13amp sockets on rear stage wall FOH house power 1x 16a socket trails from balcony Cabling and extensions: Selection of 16a power extensions of varying lengths.

7x Power stage boxes with 16a through and 4x 13a sockets Selection of varying length 13a plug/socket extension cables Tour bus and shore power: No overnight shore power. We can offer 13amp power upon arrival run from the front of the building.

Access to the front is only available 09:30-16.00 and 18:30- 07.00. Outwith these times you will NOT be allowed to stop. This includes for shore power. Please note that dispensation will be needed per vehicle stopping. This is £10 per vehicle, charged back at settlement. Details required a minimum of 48hours before the show. See here for more details.

12 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Sound Mixing Desk Yamaha LS9-32 Multicore 24 channel analogue xlr inputs + 8 xlr returns Stage box upstage Left wired to FOH position PA Downstairs: 2 pairs Nexo Geo S1230 main - flown 1 pair Nexo PS8 outfill - flown 1 pair Nexo S2 Subs - ground Gallery: 1 pair Nexo Geo S1230 main - flown upstairs 1 pair Nexo PS8 outfill - flown upstairs Monitors/front fills: 6x Nexo PS15 4x Nexo PS10 Nexo NX242 digital System controller Camco Vortex 6 amplifier - main Camco Vortex 6 amplifier - subs Camco Vortex 4 amplifier - monitors Nexo PS15TD Controllers Nexo PS10TD controller Nexo PS8TD controller QSC 4 channel - outfills QSC 4 channel - monitors (4 mixes) AudioTechnica UHF Antenna distribution system with 4 receivers 840 – 865MHz range.

2x Audio Technica 3000 series, handheld mic 2x Audio Technica 3000 series, lapel mic 7x SM58 6x SM57 6x AKG C451 1x Shure B52 2x DPA 4099P Piano mics 7x BSS DI boxes 16x Tall mic stands 8x Short mic stands 1x Bass drum mic stand 8x Silver fold up music stands 2x Black fold up music stands 20x Black solid music stands Approx. 34x wooden music stands Piano Steinway D Full size Grand Piano 2001 Steinway D Full size Grand Piano 2014 (only used for classical) 3x Piano stools

13 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Misc CD player 50 x black armless chairs 20 x black music stands 1x wooden, soft seated bar stool 1x wooden, hard seated bar stool Conductor’s podium – 1.3m x 0.68m x 0.23m (with back rail) Drum carpet 8’ x 5’ 3x square wooden top table 68cm2 x 74cm high Black cloth varying sizes 3x bike rack barriers for FOH position for standing shows

14 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Lighting Control Chamsys MQ40N Fat Frog Zero88 2x Wireless control box for house lights 1 DMX 512 universe in house with channels 1-36 and 105-229 used for in house fixtures. DMX in, at FOH position and DMX in and out, off stage right with approx. 8m cable run to stage. Dimmer rack 36 channel ADB Eurorack 50 Fixtures 34 - ParNels 4 - 14deg Source 4 Profile 4 - 19deg Source 4 Profile 1 - 25deg to 50deg Source 4 Zoom 4 - ETC Source 4 Revolutions (31 channel mode) Located on the FOH bar Gels available in a range of colours Please be advised we have no designated follow spot positions available.

If follow spots are required please discuss this with us before going on sale. We do not recommend the use of follow spots due to disruption/proximity to the audience and resultant loss of capacity and the loss of approx. 20 best seats in the house.

No in house hazer. Circuits 24 channels spread across overhead/stage truss 6 channels on balcony side bars, paired across 4 channels for house light control Note: No access to grid for focusing when at dead height. Fixtures to be pre-focused before flying grid out. Source 4 Revolutions used for accurate spot focus from front. Projection Please indicate if projection is to be used prior to tickets going on sale, to allow us to advise any sight line issues. We do not have any in house projection, or cabling. All screens, projectors and data cables must be hired in.

Please note that rear projection is not suitable in this venue and will take out most, if not all of the performance area on the stage.

If a larger stage is selected at the time of booking to compensate for this, please note that we do not have any means of masking off the sides of the stage between the rear of the screen and the projector. The area for the projector is also not recessed.

15 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Rigging Master grid truss over hangs stage and audience area held by 6x 0.5t motors 2x 14m mini beam truss 48.4mm tube diameter, 1 SL, 1SR. Box attached to; 1x 8m mini beam truss 48.4mm tube diameter, Up stage. 5x 9m of Lite beam 48mm tube diameter truss, clamp attached at intervals: - Up stage - Mid stage - Down stage - Front of audience - FOH position 8m (IWB) either side of stage on balcony front. Truss SWL 1.9tonne UDL (2.5tonne with house fittings removed from truss). If house fitting are wished to be removed, this must be discussed in advance. Hanging of backdrop/projection/screen is also possible.

Max height for a backdrop is 8m.

View of truss in raised position. View of truss in lowered position.

16 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Parking Access for load ins to the hall are heavily restricted due to the main front access being on a main, busy, arterial route with a bus lane, and the rear being on a main access road which is also heavily policed by the parking authorities employed by Edinburgh City Council. Access to the front - Clerk Street The main load in is through the middle black doors. There is a two-step lift, over which a ramp can be acquired from the house. Then a small ramp into the foyer, followed by a push of approx 5 metres into the main auditorium floor.

The stage is c. 20 metres from the foyer. Access to the rear - Hope Park Crescent This access is narrow (9.5ft / 290cm at narrowest point), steep and allows for max 4 (short) car lengths. The access must be kept clear at all times as it is the main fire escape from the rear of the building. From here there is a steep uphill push of c.8 metres to rear cafe doors then through cafe into backstage and stage right is another c.10 metres.

17 Contents Updated Aug 2018 This access is discreet and well-hidden but can be found either by, if coming from the south, just after the traffic light junction look for a blue plaque on the buildings to the right Or if coming from the north, a small well-hidden gap on the left, immediately after the traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing and before the bus shelter

18 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Café entrance / fire exit 9.5ft (290cm) at narrowest

19 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Bus Lane Restrictions Access to the front main load in is only available 09:30-16.00 and 18:30-07.00.

Outwith these times you will NOT be allowed to stop. We advise against overnight arrival and parking up outside the venue, as the bus lane timings will inevitably require early removal, and we cannot provide shore power overnight without compromising the security of The Queen’s Hall. Load off dispensation Dispensation can ONLY be booked for max 2 hours for load off. After this time, you will need to source alternative arrangements for daytime parking (see options below). Each dispensation application is £10.00 per vehicle. This must be done at least 24 hours in advance of the date of arrival through the local authorities.

Parking authority contacts for further info / enquiries: +44 (0)131 557 6941 | edinburghdispensation@nslservices.co.uk Alternatively, we can apply for this on your behalf, subject to an admin fee. Contact Iain McQueen iainmcq@queenshalledinburgh.org To do this we require the following: 1) Notice at least 5 days prior to arrival 2) Vehicle make(s) and type(s) including details of any trailers. 3) Correct vehicle registration number(s) NB arrival times and registrations are NON-transferable on the day. Daytime Parking Possibilities There are two other venues in the city that may have daytime access, depending on their schedule, but these must be agreed well in advance of your event date.

The Festival Theatre: 0131 662 1112 The Corn Exchange: 0131 477 3500 Commercial lorry / bus parks Pringles Coach Park Leith Mills, 70-74 Bangor Road, Edinburgh EH6 5JU | www.pringlescoachpark.com Contact - Jim Ballantyne: +44 (0)7770 991916 | jim@pringlescoachpark.com Secure coach parking. Buses, rigid trucks up to 18 tons, vans, motorhomes. The Britannia Coach & Truck Park 200 Sir Harry Lauder Road, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 2QA Contact - Brenda Sutherland: +44 (0)131 669 1911 | brenda@securecoachpark.co.uk

20 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Food & drink: supermarkets, cafés and coffee shops For riders: Sainsbury’s Local Daily 07:00-23:00 33-39 South Clerk Street EH8 9NZ Exit the front of The Queen’s Hall, turn right and walk to crossroads (1 min). Shop located on opposite corner. Sainsbury’s Supermarket Mon-Sat 07:30-22:30; Sun 08:00-20:00 Cameron Toll Shopping Centre, 6 Lady Road EH16 5PB Approx 1.5 miles south-east. There are various other shops at Cameron Toll including Aldi, Boots and McDonald’s. Tesco Metro Daily 06:00-01:00 94 Nicolson Street EH8 9EW Exit the front of The Queen’s Hall and turn left.

Tesco is a 5 min walk away on the opposite side of the street. Note: Scottish licensing laws mean you can’t buy alcohol from any shop after 22:00. Millers Sandwich Bar Daily 08:00-17:00 18 Hope Park Terrace EH8 9LY | +44 (0)131 668 2955 Exit the front of The Queen’s Hall and turn right. The sandwich shop/café is on the other side of the first junction (green exterior). Offers block order of a selection of sandwiches to pick up.

For buyouts: Greggs Mon-Fri 07:00-17:00, Sat 08:00-17:00 9 South Clerk Street EH8 9JD Directly opposite front of building. Snax Café, all day breakfasts, sandwiches, hot meals. Mon-Fri 07:00-17:00, Sat 07:00-18:00; Sun 07:30-17:00 118 Buccleuch Street EH8 9NQ http://www.snaxcafe.com/menu/ Exit the rear of the building, turn right and Snax is approx. 1 min walk away. Breakfast Club Breakfast and lunch. Mon-Sat 07:00-15:00, Sun 08:00-15:00 117-119 Buccleuch Street EH8 9NQ Same location and menu as Snax above. Cult Espresso Coffee shop Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-17:00 104 Buccleuch Street EH8 9NG http://www.cult-espresso.com/ Next door to Snax.

21 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Bonnington’s Eaterie Coffee, sandwiches, soup, panini Daily 08:00-16:00 75 Clerk Street EH8 9JG Next door but one as you turn left out of the front of the building Wee Boulangerie French bakery Mon-Sat 09:00-18:00, Sun 09:00-15:00 67 Clerk Street EH8 9JG http://theweeboulangerie.co.uk/wp/ Turn left out of front of building, just past Bonnington’s. 10 to 10 Delhi Afro Indian food Daily 10:00-22:00 67 Nicolson Street EH8 9BZ https://deliveroo.co.uk/menu/edinburgh/university-of- edinburgh/10-to-10-in-delhi Turn left out of front of building, just past Wee Boulangerie.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Takeaway and sit in available Indaba Deli Spanish and South African food Mon-Fri 09:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-19:00, Sun 10:30-17:00 17 Causewayside EH9 1QF www.indabadeli.com Turn left out of back of building and cross two junctions (past Summerhall). Approx 3 min walk. Sit in or takeaway, stews, sandwiches and tapas.

Food & drink: restaurants and takeaways Rigatoni’s Italian lunch, dinner and takeaway Mon-Thu 17:00-23:00, Fr/Sat 11:00-23:00, Sun 12:00-22:00 27 South Clerk Street EH8 9JD http://rigatonisqueens.co.uk/menu.html To book a table please call 0131 662 0756 Opposite and slightly to the right as you leave the front of the building. Noodles and Dumplings Noodle bar, sit in and takeaway Tue-Fri 12:00-21:00, Sat/Sun 12:00-22:00 23 South Clerk Street EH8 9JD Opposite and slightly to the right as you leave the front of the building.

Blonde Modern Scottish and European restaurant Lunch Tue-Sun 12:00-14:30* Dinner Tue-Sat 18:00-22:00*, Sun/Mon 18:00-21:00* *Last Orders 75 St Leonard’s Street EH8 9QR http://blonderestaurant.co.uk/ To book a table please call 0131 668 2917 Turn left out of front of building, cross road, go down Montague St then turn left at end.

Approx 3min walk

22 Contents Updated Aug 2018 O Canto Do Passarinho Traditional Portuguese restaurant Tue-Thu 13:00-22:30, Fri-Sun 13:00-23:00 Friday – Sunday 1pm – 11pm 93 St Leonard’s Street EH8 9QY http://www.ocantodopassarinho.co.uk/menu.html To book a table please call 0131 667 0217 or email reservations@ocantodopassarinho.co.uk Turn left out of front of building, cross road, go down Montague St then turn right at end. Approx 3min walk Kalpna Traditional vegetarian and vegan Indian restaurant Lunch (Buffet) Daily 12:00-14:00 Dinner Daily 17:00-22:00 2-3 St Patrick Square EH8 9EZ http://www.kalpnarestaurant.com/menus.html To book please call 0131 667 9890 or visit the website www.kalpnarestaurant.com/reservations.php Turn left out of front of building and cross road.

Located approx. 3min walk away just past Edinburgh Bargain Stores. Sodaeng Traditional Korean restaurant Lunch Mon-Sat 12:00-15:00 Dinner Mon-Sat 17:00-21:00 94 Buccleuch Street EH8 9NH To book please call 0131 629 1190 Turn right out of rear of building and cross road. Approx 1min walk away just past Snax café.

Southpour Vegetarian friendly bistro Sun-Thu 10:00-23:00, Fri/Sat 10:00-01:00 1-5 Newington Road EH9 1QR http://www.southpour.co.uk/food/ To book a table please call 0131 650 1100 or visit the website www.southpour.co.uk/contact/ Turn right out of front of building, cross road and first junction. Southpour is on corner of next junction approx. 5min walk away. Papa John’s Pizza Pizza takeaway Sun-Thu 11:30-23:00, Fri/Sat 11:30-01:00 12 South Clerk Street EH8 9PR http://www.papajohns.co.uk/ Turn right out the front of the building, Papa John’s is on the corner of the next junction.

Illegal Jack’s Award-winning Tex Mex Daily 12:00-22:00 44-45 St Patrick Square EH8 9ET www.illegaljacks.co.uk Turn left out of front of building and walk until you come to small grassed square, turn left at far end.

Approx 3 min walk. Sit-in and takeaway.

23 Contents Updated Aug 2018 The Southern Bar Burgers, ribs, salads, small plates and breakfasts Daily 10:00-00:00 (late Fri/Sat) 22-26 South Clerk Street EH8 9PR http://www.thesouthern.co.uk/ Turn right out of front of building. The Southern is just past the next junction approx. 2 min walk away. Summerhall Kitchen Chinese takeaway Daily 17:00-23:00 9 Summerhall Place EH9 1QE www.summerhallkitchen.co.uk Turn left out of rear of building, straight over first set of lights past Summerhall. Takeaway located just after Summerhall Square approx. 3min walk away.

24 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Marketing Support (updated April 2018) We are delighted that you are (thinking of) bringing your show to The Queen's Hall and want to help you sell as many tickets as possible.

To support you in doing this we offer the following services included as standard in your hire. Print  Inclusion in our quarterly brochure (subject to print deadlines) – 10k distribution  Poster (A3) and flyer (A5) display within the venue Online/social media  Listing on our website  Inclusion in our e-newsletter x 2: 1 when tickets go on sale; 1 in the month prior to your event  Facebook posts x 2 and Instagram posts x 2: 1 (each) when tickets go on sale; 1 (each) closer to your event  On average 2 tweets per month  Where practical within our marketing schedule, sharing and/or retweeting of your social media posts which tag The Queen’s Hall’s accounts as above.

What we need from you to do this Please check this even if you’ve done an event with us before as we have different requirements for our new website. As soon as your event is confirmed, please send us the following:  100 words of copy  50 words of copy  A minimum of 2 hi-res images, copyright cleared to use in print and online (min size 1440 x 965 pixels). One must be landscape and all images must be supplied as a jpeg (not pdf) and not be overwritten with text  A3 posters x 12 maximum  A5 flyers x 500 maximum  Links to relevant social media accounts  Any other relevant promotional links and material i.e.

video, press releases, reviews etc.

Please ensure that in all print our name is written as The Queen’s Hall. Logos available to download here: http://bit.ly/2Gnxbsb Contact us Emma Mortimore, Marketing Manager emmam@queenshalledinburgh.org | +44 (0)131 622 7381 Jacquie Ewens, Marketing Officer jacquiee@queenshalledinburgh.org | +44 (0)131 622 7381

25 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Useful local marketing contacts For the best results, we recommend that you also undertake your own marketing campaign; the following are all Edinburgh businesses we use on a regular basis. Please note that these are suggestions only and we cannot take responsibility for the quality of work, or outcome resulting from, use of third party providers.

Print and distribution Out of Hand Scotland Flyer/poster print and distribution www.outofhandscotland.co.uk; Paul Renwick: +44 (0)131 661 8122; paul.renwick@outofhandscotland.co.uk Hanging Rock A3 poster distribution www.hanging-rock.co.uk Bobby Agent: +44 (0)131 558 3146 bobby@hanging-rock.co.uk Take One Media Scotland Flyer/poster distribution http://takeonemedia.co.uk/contact-us/take-one-scotland/ Bob Burns, Business Development Manager +44 (0)131 440 9444; bob.burns@takeonemedia.co.uk Events Armoury Flyer/poster design and print; www.eventsarmoury.com +44 (0)131 667 8888; sales@eventsarmoury.com City Centre Posters 60x40 outdoor poster display, lamppost wraps www.citycentreposters.co.uk; Steve Gent, Scotland Account Manager: +44 (0)131 553 5135 | steve@jack-arts.co.uk Press and Advertising The Scotsman Martin MacNamee +44 (0)131 311 7252 Evening News martin.macnamee@jpress.co.uk www.jpress.co.uk The Herald/Sunday Herald http://advertising.heraldandtimeslabs.com/contact/ Evening Times www.heraldscotland.com/author/journalists Daily Record Scott Fraser +44 (0)1506 529554 Sunday Mail scott.fraser@trinitymirror.com www.mediascotlandsolutions.co.uk (NB We don’t get The Mail on Sunday in Scotland) The List Jakob Van den Berg +44 (0)131 550 3099 jakob.vandenberg@list.co.uk | www.list.co.uk The Skinny Sandy Park +44 (0)131 467 4630 | sandy@theskinny.co.uk www.theskinny.co.uk Forth Radio Oona McGinnis +44 (0)131 475 1321 oona.mcginnis@forthradio.com

26 Contents Updated Aug 2018 Supplementary Marketing Print Brochure advertising Subject to print deadlines and pagination, full and half-page adverts are available in our full- colour A5 listings brochure (10k copies distributed to 120 venues across Edinburgh).  Half page: £250 + VAT (dimensions: w: 148mm x h: 105mm)  Full page: £400 + VAT (dimensions: w: 148mm x h: 210mm) Please supply artwork as a hi-res pdf. Alternatively we can design your advert for you for an additional £50 + VAT. Advert costs will be invoiced at time of booking.

Solus emails We currently have an email database of just over 15k.

We do not share data, but can send email marketing on your behalf. We value our customers and prefer to tailor emails to past bookers of similar shows, rather than blanket emailing the whole database.  Email previous bookers of similar shows: £0.10 + VAT per email  Banner advert in monthly ‘What’s On’ email: £100 + VAT; w: 353 px x h: 135 px  Inline advert in monthly ‘What’s On’ email: £120 + VAT; max. 50 words + image/logo We allow a maximum of two adverts per ‘What’s On’ email. Flyering  Inclusion of your flyer with ticket mailouts for other shows: £0.10 + VAT per flyer  Exit flyering at suitable shows: £20 + VAT flat rate per show 60 x 40 poster display Subject to space we can display a 60x40 vinyl wall panel in our bar in the weeks leading up to your event.

You can send a poster (see below) or send artwork (hi-res pdf h: 60 inches w: 40 inches, to include a 6 inch space at top for fold for hanging) for us to print locally.  Print: £85 + VAT  Display: £20/week + VAT Please do not send a poster without confirming with us first, as we may not have room to display it.

To discuss further, please contact: Emma Mortimore, Marketing Manager: emmam@queenshalledinburgh.org | +44 (0)131 622 7381 Jacquie Ewens, Marketing Officer: jacquiee@queenshalledinburgh.org | +44 (0)131 622 7386 Once agreed, all costs (except advertising) will be deducted from your final settlement figure.