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HardwareMan - LEAGUE NEWS

Page 1 Volume 35. No. 1 Round 1 20th-21st April 2018 The first Illawarra Rugby League trophy for 2018 went to Western Suburbs – with a narrow 13-12 VB Pre-Season Challenge Cup final victory over Collegians. The hard-fought final was played in heavy rain, at Corrimal; and it was only in the final seconds that the Red Devils broke a 12-all score-line with a field goal by ZAC GREENE, who also contributed four goals. Both finalists declined the invitation to advance to the NSW Rugby League’s Challenge Cup. Dapto became Illawarra’s only representative; before being eliminated by Guildford 36-34 in the first round.

WESTS WIN THE 2018 VB CHALLENGE CUP Bendigo Bank Mental Health Round HardwareMan The LEAGUE NEWS Cnr Station St & Bong Bong Rd, Dapto  Ph 02 4261 1333 daptoleagues.com.au /daptoleagues HUGE SPORTS VIEWING WALL Watcheverygameonour JOIN US FOR THE 2018 NRL SEASON FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN STATE OF ORIGIN AND NRL GRAND FINAL TICKETS www.illawarrarugbyleague.leaguenet.com.au - Official website of the Illawarra Rugby League www.steelers.com.au - Steelers Club proudly supporting Illawarra Rugby League Illawarra Division Rugby League @IllawarraDivisionRugbyLeague

HardwareMan - LEAGUE NEWS

Page 2 First Grade - 8.00 pm Ziems Park - Friday 20th April 40 mins.

each way - time off for stoppages Second Grade - 6.30 pm 35 mins. each way - time off for stoppges last 10 min. Referee: CODY SIMMONS Touch Judges: MITCHELL BONNIE, WILLIAM D'AMATO Referee: TYRON JORDAN Touch Judges: CODY SIMMONS, WILLIAM D'AMATO Collegians Sports - Under 18’s - 6.30 pm 35 mins. each way - time off for stoppages last 10 min. Referee: GREG PFEIFFER Touch Judges: COOPER WINKELBAUER, MICHAEL INNES BERKELEY Coach: Aaron McDonald 1--Jake HARRIGAN (c) 2--Inia LIUFAU 3--Matt BOSS 4--Jake ECCLESTON 5--Matt WAUGH 6--Ben WHITE 7--Ali ALLOUCHE 8--Tim MOORE 9--Lochlan RUSSELL 10--Joel TUBBS 11--David FAUONUKU 12--Josh HONAN 13--Josh BROWN 14--Matt ROBERTS 15--Ray SIMMONS BERKELEY Coach: Jason Lennard 1--Corey DALEY 2--Matthew WILSON 3--Nicholas BARTHEL 4--Chris DELLOSA 5--Tyran HARRISON 6--Paul MORRIS (c) 7--Cheyne PIKE 8--Mitchell STOKES 9--Brent JONES 10--Mitch SYLVESTER 11--Luke WESTMAN 12--Kurt MILLARD 13--Jon KOOT CORRIMAL Coach: Sean Maloney 1--Jarryd SMITH (c) 2--Ashley DUNLOP 3--Bill ROBB 4--Thomas GARRIDO 5--Liam COREY 6--Blake HIGGINS 7--Thomas MALONEY 8--Billy WHITE 9--Ryan POWER 10--Jamie MARINOVIC 11--Sebastian BLACKETT 12--Tonga TONGOTONGO 13--Nathan DOCHERTY 14--James HORVAT 15--Nathan MATEER CORRIMAL Coach: James McClory 1--Josh HAYLES 2--Wirrinum FOSTER 3--Sam HEFFER 4--Chris HALLAM 5--Luke SIMON 6--Matt GUY (c) 7--Jackson RADMILL 8--Patrick LITTLE 9--Nick DEZELVAN 10--Kane JONES 11--Moa TONGOTONGO 12--Cal COREY 13--Josh COREY COLLEGIANS RED Coach: Craig Worthington 1--Harison FOSTER 2--Riley KING 3--Baxter WINDSOR 4--John PAPAKOSMAS 5--Blake STOJNY 6--Jackson KEMP 7--Max DEVLIN 8--Manu MAU 9--Salem NOLAN 10--Jesse COLQUHOUN 11--Bailey SIMMONS 12--Drew BRYANT 13--Mitchell STOJANOVSKI [c] New Season ...

New Hopes for Clubs After a successful “new format” of the VB Pre-Season Challenge, all seven clubs are now ready to commence The HardwareMan 2018 First Grade premiership. While the “top three” clubs of recent seasons – premiers Collegians, Dapto and Wests – will again field strong line-ups; the other four competing clubs appear to have added depth to their First Grade squads.

The Corrimal-Berkeley match will launch the season in our Anzac Tribute, at Ziems Park, on Friday evening. Both of these clubs are confident of improvement in 2018. Thirroul will host Wests for the Bendigo Bank Mental Health Cup, in a Saturday match at Gibson Park. Any team taking on the Butchers at home are always in for a torrid afternoon; and they always seem to add a little extra “welcome” when playing the Devils! This match also marks the return of forward GLENN STEWART to his former club – after many seasons with Manly and Souths, where he gained NSW and Australian rep. honours.

Collegians have certainly strengthened their squad, with the return of 2013 premiership players – RORY O’BRIEN, JARROD THOMPSON and CHARLIE FIAANGA.

The ‘Burgh have appointed a new coach in GAVIN LENNON to a “new look” First Grade squad. He will still be relying on “stalwarts” STEVE McCALLUM, GRANT SMITH and AZAN TUROA. Dapto has the opening round Bye and will have to wait another week to show what the Canaries have to offer this season. WESTS BLUE Coach: Mark Yates 1--Thomas LEWIS 2--Jake NELSON 3--Muhammed SULTAN 4--Liam NAUMOVSKI 5--James PEGLER 6--Callum BURKE 7--James HOBSON © 8--Reilly BRANCATO 9--Cooper REID 10--Rogan BEAS 11--Max BARNES 12--Jack MCKEOWEN 13--Sam DAVID Proudly supporting local rugby league through our shorts sponsorship of the referees.

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HardwareMan - LEAGUE NEWS

Page 3 First Grade - 3.00 pm Collegians Sports - Saturday 21st April 40 mins. each way - time off for stoppages Second Grade - 1.30 pm 35 mins. each way - time off for stoppages last 10 min. Referee: MATTHEW REEVES Touch Judges: JEREMY FRAMKE, DARREN LOVE Referee: DALE WHITEMAN Touch Judges: MATTHEW REEVES, DARREN LOVE First Grade - 3.00 pm Gibson Park - Saturday 21st April 40 mins. each way - time off for stoppages Second Grade - 1.30 pm 35 mins. each way - time off for stoppges last 10 min. Referee: RYAN SWEENEY Touch Judges: MITCHELL BONNIE, HUSSEIN MATAR Referee: MICHAEL FORD Touch Judges: MITCHELL BONNIE, RYAN SWEENEY Under 18’s- 12.00 noon 35 mins.

each way - time off for stoppages last 10 min. Referee: HUSSEIN MATAR Touch Judges: WILLIAM CAMBOURN, MICHAEL FORD 35 mins. each way - time off for stoppages last 10 min. Referee: JEREMY FRAMKE Touch Judges: RYAN CASTLES, DALE WHITEMAN Under 18’s - 12 noon HELENSBURGH Coach: Gavin Lennon 1--Jordan CHONG SUN 2--Joel KINGHAM 3--Lachlan PEACHEY 4--Mutu STANLEY 5--James DINE 6--Stewart MILLS 7--Grant SMITH 8--Chris COLEMAN 9--Hayden WARREN 10--Tim DAVIS (c) 11--Dan ARAHU 12--Kyal GREENE 13--Steve MCCALLUM 14--Azan TUROA 15--Corey WILLIS HELENSBURGH Coach: Glenn Nelson 1--Jarrad NEWEY (c) 2--Lachlan CARROLL 3--Jesse COBB (c) 4--Sam AISLING 5--Josh MCCLELLAND 6--Liam CHRISTIANSEN 7--Harry MCKEON 8--Josh WRIGHT 9--Jye SCOTT 10--Soakimi TUITAVUKI 11--Pearce THOMSEN 12--Hayden AYRES 13--Ethan WHITTINGTON HELENSBURGH Coach: Craig Scutts 1--Dylan PARKES 2--Ethan SNOWSILL 3--Matthew ANGER 4--Hamilton REILLY 5--Brent MANNING 6--Tully MACKAY 7--Cameron FETTEL 8--Bailey GILL 9--Liam GAFFNEY 10--Lockleigh THOMPSON 11--Dane BURGMANN 12--Drew WALSH 13--Kane HINES WESTS Coach: Peter McLeod 1--Mitch PORTER (c) 2--Luke TOWERS 3--Kurt FIELD 4--Hayden CARPENTER 5--Colby PELLOW 6--Zac GREENE 7--Justin RODRIGUES 8--Keiran RANKMORE 9--Josh DALEY 10--Dylan LAURI 11--Jimmy GREHAN 12--Kyle LODGE 13--Nathan LEATIAGAGA 14--Zac BLAY 15--Marty CRAMP COLLEGIANS Coach: Nathan Fein 1--Cameron SCOTT 2--Donte EFARAIMO 3--Saxon ONUR 4--Kayne BRENNAN 5--Brad MANTON 6--Jarrod BOYLE 7--Ben JONES 8--Luke CHALKER 9--Ryan O’CONNOR 10--Rod COATES 11--Liam CASSIDY 12--Blake PHILLIPS (c) 13--Jarrod THOMPSON 14--Charlie FIANGAA 15--Rory O’BRIEN THIRROUL Coach: Jarrod Costello 1--Leigh HIGGINS 2--Hayden CROSLAND 3--Tom SIMPSON 4--Callum TUTAUHA 5--Nathan HORE 6--Jack EAGER 7--Jake WALSH 8--Aaron BEATH 9--Joel JOHNSON (C) 10--Riley LORD 11--Luke GALLAGHER 12--Luke DODGE 13--Michael MORRIS 14--Luke SHIELS 15--Joel RUSKIN WESTS Coach: Josh Dean 1--Mitch PHILLIPS 2--Ben BEECHE 3--Kyle HARDIE 4--Lachlan HURST 5--Luke McBRIARTY 6--Tony PELLOW 7--Brad SPEECHLEY 8--Jason GREEN 9--Rydge SMITH 10--Trent McLAUGHLIN (c) 11--Edan HANNINGTON 12--Adam HADAYA 13--Wade STANFORD COLLEGIANS Coach: Adam Doyle 1--Dante LUSIO 2--Rohan MADJWICK 3--Braeden STEWART 4--Andrew BRAY [c] 5--Josh CONSTABLE 6--Paul ROBERTS 7--Mitch ROSSER 8--Jake BELL 9--Joel HOLDSWORTH 10--Jared NICHOLSON 11--Jake FITZGERALD 12--Jack KELLY 13--Daniel BURKE THIRROUL Coach: Danny Ostwald 1--Cooper NIZZA 2--Braiden BYRNE 3--Jacob DEVINE (C) 4--Jaymon TIATA 5--Harrison DEMEIO 6--Jared PROSSER 7--Will FARRAR 8--Cameron NICHOLSON 9--Jarrad WHITTY 10--Ethan GEORGE 11--Jackson BRIDGE 12--Aaron GRIFFITHS 13--Mitch LACKERSTEEN THIRROUL Coach: Brent Grose, Phil Ostwald 1--Josh MARTIN 2--Narran PING 3--Tyler RULLIS 4--Max LEES 5--Zac ISSA 6--Nelson SHARP 7--Connor MUHLEISEN 8--Caden COLLIS 9--Nicholas SLATER-RAPTIS 10--Akima OPETA 11--Alex FISHER 12--Ben FULTON 13--Riley GRAHAM (c) WESTS RED Brendan Reeves, Russell Lewis 1--Matt FEAGAI 2--Pattison HOFFMAN 3--Max FEAGAI 4--Tyrone HARDING 5--Christian SRBINOVSKI 6--Jayden SULLIVAN 7--Liam McPHERSON 8--Mathew HOBBS 9--Blake BARBUTO 10--Aden PERRY 11--Bailey ANTROBUS 12--Joseph DICKSON 13--Jalal BAZZAZ (c) COLLEGIANS BLACK Coach: Peter Hooper 1--Thomas RODWELL 2--Jay WATLING 3--Jackson ADDO 4--Josh PORTER 5--Ayzak BOWMAN 6--James ANDRAOS 7--James SARA 8--Duane WILLEMSEN 9--Kane WATLING 10--Sean PAYNE 11--Carlin DEANE 12--Hudson SPICER 13--Jeremy MUA

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Page 4 CLUB CONTACT DETAILS Avondale Kylie Smith 0413 209 015 Berkeley Chris Hogan 0402 390 155 Collegians Craig Worthington 0447 311 317 Corrimal Cindie Elliott 0400 132 060 Dapto David Jones 0414 752 469 Helensburgh Johann Cobb 0415 409 097 Mt Kembla Dale Lund 0431 252 234 Norths Justin Sams 0421 514 759 Thirroul Sharne Ferraro 0408 247 108 Wests Leann Andrews 0412 727 682 Windang Paul Anderson 0431 612188 Windang Women Barry Jones 0418 962 142 SEAN MALONEY - Corrimal Although he is in his initial season as First Grade coach, SEAN MALONEY has been associated with Corrimal Cougars in many roles since coming to Australia back in 1995.

From the northern England town of Leigh, Sean grew up on Rugby League and had a strong association with neighbouring “giants” Wigan. He has been involved with the Cougars as a player, assistant coach at both Senior and Junior grades; and the club’s Women’s teams’ coach for the past six years – taking out three premierships! His overall contribution to Rugby League in Illawarra was recognised last week when he was one of three recipients of a Service Award at the League’s Season Launch.

As the club’s new head coach,Sean is intent on changing the “culture” in 2018; and make sure that his team is “competitive” in every game.

Sean believes there are many Corrimal and Illawarra Juniors that, given opportunities and adopting the right attitude; they can match some of the “imports” that are being brought into the competition. Introducing our new 2018 First Grade coaches . SEAN MALONEY Martin Rowney, Solicitor Matthew Forshaw, Solicitor WHEN IT DOESN’T JUST MATTER ON THE FIELD It matters to us that your compensation claim is settled fairly and quickly.

Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers can win you compensation and secure your future. 02 4258 8300 www.codea.com.au 72 Church Street Wollongong, NSW, 2500 When it matters Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. NO WIN. NO FEE. NO OBLIGATION. Hanaan Indari, Partner Matthew Forshaw, Solicitor JOIN US AFTER THE GAME AT OUR FAMILY FRIENDLY CLUB! LUNCH & DINNER SPECIALS | MON – FRI Indoor & outdoor play areas, alfresco dining, cocktails, wines, rotating craft tap beers & ciders. OPEN 11AM - 11PM DAILY| LOCATED AT COLLEGIANS SPORTS CENTRE, 147 THE AVENUE, FIGTREE PH: (02) 42291947 | REDDOGONTHEGREEN.COM.AU FACEBOOK.COM/REDDOGONTHEGREEN INSTAGRAM.COM/REDDOGONTHEGREEN

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Page 5 Referee: MICHAEL INNES Touch Judges: CALLUM BLIGHT, JACKSON KELLY Referee: GREG PFEIFFER Touch Judges: VICTORIA BARHAM, JACKSON KELLY WINDANG Coach: Jamie Skeates 1--Rhonda HICKEY 2--Meagan KIRKNESS 3--Skye MACDONALD 4--Johanne Richardson 5--Bobby-Jo BATTESE 6--Briearn SKEATES 7--Naomi ELLIOTT 8--Aemelia BOLLARD 9--Erica WINKELBAUER 10--Jaymee ATKINSON 11--Chelsea SHIEL 12--Jessica DUNN 13--Hayley WAINE 14-- 15-- 16-- 17-- BOMADERRY Coach: Melissa Williams 1--Emily FLETCHER 2--Rhiannon BROWN 3--Lisa BRADDICK 4--Skye HELY) 5--Kyra GREEN 6--Leanna BOYES (c) 7--Belinda LITTLE 8--Yeena CONNOLLY 9--Melissa WILLIAMS 10--Leah ARDLER 11--Annie REID 12--Talesha THOMAS 13--Leanne HOPKINS 14--Samantha DAVIS 15--Talia ATFIELD 16--Amy BRADDICK 17--Libby RANDALL 3.00 pm Berkeley Sports - Saturday 21st April Berkeley Sports - Saturday 21st April 2.00 pm 25 mins.

each way - time off for stoppages last 10 min. 25 mins. each way - time off for stoppages last 10 min. Referee: MICHAEL INNES Touch Judges: CALLUM BLIGHT, VICTORIA BARHAM 1.00 pm Berkeley Sports - Saturday 21st April 25 mins. each way - time off for stoppages last 10 min. BERKELEY Coach: Alysha Janssen 1--Caitlin CARDWELL 2--Tahlia SIMPSON 3--Jessica MAXWELL 4--Kellie BARTY 5--Tuworu OPO 6--Alyshaa JANSSEN 7--Courtney CRAWFORD 8--Ainsley LANGSTON 9--Vienna TINAO 10--Te Marama KAPITA 11--Shae MUHLEISEN 12--Leah SCHWEICKLE 13--Jewelle JACK 14-- 15-- 16-- 17-- AVONDALE Coach: Mick Roberts 1--Kathleen BROWN 2--Alicia MORRIS 3--Veronica HOLTEN 4--Tyeisha TIGHE 5--Jenni-Leigh GATT 6--Shakiah TUNGAI 7--Tykea TUNGAI 8--Shandel KELLY 9--Abbey HATTENFELS 10--Sarah EBBS 11--Carrie HALSEY 12--Kiri ANDERSON 13--Priscilla ARCHIBALD 14--Marie MACDONALD 15--Kylie RUSSELL 16--Janaya STANLEY 17--Patricia CONNOLLY CORRIMAL GREEN Coach: Sean Maloney 1--Ana RADUVA 2--Jannaya CLARKE 3--Janine JAMIESON 4--Paris HALSEY 5--Karina BELL 6--Jacoda LINKS 7--Ashley SWAN-HAYLES 8--Abby BANFIELD 9--Melissa SPERO 10--Jennifer LATU 11--Courtenay SKINNER 12--Tanya KNICK 13--Mary LATU 14--Paris RAWAQA 15--Jessica HORWOOD 16--Alicia HAWKE EXPANSION OF WOMEN’S RUGBY LEAGUE IN ILLAWARRA Illawarra Division was a pioneer ofWomen’s Rugby League and will continue to provide opportunities for those who wish to play the “tackle” game.

Seven teams will participate in the 2018 Inspirations Paint open women’s competition. Corrimal has entered two teams – the other competing teams are from Berkeley, Avondale, Windang, Bomaderry and Helensburgh. The new Under 18’s competition has attracted four clubs – Port Kembla, Milton-Ulladulla, Berkeley and Helensburgh. In addition, a League Tag competition will be conducted on Friday evenings.

The recent granting of the St. George Illawarra franchise to participate in the new NRL women’s competition completes the pathways opportunities for women from our region. CORRIMAL RED Coach: Sean Maloney 1--Rikeya HORNE 2--Paige WALLACE 3--Maddi ALDERDICE 4--Josie STRONG 5--Danielle PESA 6--Jamie-Ann WRIGHT 7--Mikayla MALAKI 8-- Rhiannon FINDLAY 9--Tammy FLETCHER 10--Jemima HENRY 11--Anamalia MATAELE 12--Olivia BARRY 13--Jade ETHERDEN 14--Angela HALTA InspirationsPaint.com.au Warilla 26 Veronica St Ph: 4295 3666 Nowra 84 Worrigee St Ph: 4421 7177 illawarra women’s league

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Page 6 NEXT WEEK’S GAMES The Hardware Man Illawarra Cup - Round 2 Saturday 28th April Rex Jackson Oval Helensburgh v Corrimal 1st grd, 2nd grd Helensburgh v Thirroul Under 18 Dapto Showgrnd Dapto v Thirroul 1st grd, 2nd grd Parrish Park Wests v Collegians 1st grd, 2nd grd Wests Blue v Collies Black Under 18 Wests Red v Collies Red Under 18 Bye Berkeley 1st grd, 2nd grd The Hardware Man Illawarra Shield - Round 2 Saturday 28th April Parrish Park Wests v Mt Kembla 12.00 noon Dandaloo Sports Avondale v Norths 3.00 pm Bye Windang Inspirations Paint Illawarra Women’s Opens - Round 2 Saturday 28th April Dandaloo Sports Avondale v Corrimal Red 2.00 pm Berkeley Park Berkeley v Bomaderry 1.00 pm Rex Jackson Oval Helensburgh v Corrimal Green 4.30 pm Bye Windang SIX TEAMS IN UNDER 18 COMPETITION Only four clubs were able to nominate teams for this year’s Under 18’s competition.

However, both Western Suburbs and Collegians were in a position to enter two teams each; with the other two clubs – Helensburgh and Thirroul – making up the six-team competition.

Clubs from Cronulla Junior League that played in Illawarra during the past two seasons, will not be returning in 2018. This situation is being addressed in conjunction with our neighbouring Group Six. A mid-season four week (plus finals) Greater Souther Region Challenge Series is being planned for the May/June period – to give clubs increased opposition – prior to completing their respective competitions. Illawarra Rugby League Division acknowledges the following sponsors of our great game and suggests support whenever possible: SUPPORT THE SPONSORS OF RUGBY LEAGUE Illawarra Women’s Rugby League Inspirations Paint CRL Juniors Bendigo Bank Referees Cleary Bros All of Game: Illawarra Steelers St George Illawarra Dragons Senior Competitions: The Hardware Man Carlton & United Breweries Print Media UOW College Junior Competitions: Bendigo Bank Dapto Swish and Swash Contemporary Smiles Hello Harry Burger Bar Junior Representatives (Harold Matthews & SG Ball): Coastwide Engineering Baimed Physio RULES COVERING FIRST GRADE INTERCHANGE BENCH Under Country Rugby League rules, all affiliated First Grade competitions must adhere to the requirements as outlined in Schedule 2 , as below: RULE 1.33.3 – “Each team must list four (4) players as Interchange Players on the Official Team List prior to the commencement of the First Grade match.” In order to make this process easier to manage on match day scorers, ground managers and interchange officials; each club has been provided with four (4) green vests, which interchange players will be required to wear whilst they remain off-field.

The vest is removed when the player takes the field and the player that they interchange with is then to don the vest whilst on the bench.

This will result in Ground Managers having an easier task in identifying only persons with a team role – coach, manager, trainers (and the four interchange players, wearing the green vests) – being permitted on the interchange bench.

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Page 7 3.00 pm Jim Allen Oval - Saturday 21st April Boronia Park - Saturday 21st April 3.00 pm 35 mins. each way - time off for stoppages last 10 min. 35 mins. each way - time off for stoppages last 10 min. Referee: CODY SIMMONS Touch Judges: BILLY PAREMORE, WILLIAM D'AMATO Referee: ANDREW RIOLO Touch Judges: ANTHONY ELLEM, ADAM BARHAM WINDANG Chs: Scott Buckley, Ryan Hodgson 1--Christian CULLIMORE 2--Zac COSTA 3--Daniel BRILSKY 4--Joel HANSON 5--Nathan MacKINNON 6--Dean HODGSON 7--Nathan GALLASTEGUI (vc) 8--Matt JONES 9--Dane CORRAN 10--Jordan FRANCES-ELLIS 11--Matt SHERACK 12--Bevan HODGSON 13--Phil BUCKLEY (c) 14--Daniel TOUGH 17--Hayden GEE NORTHS Coach: Mick Myerscough 1--Nathan SAMS 2--Alex HART 3--Ben FIELD 4--Ethan BLENCOWE 5--Trent QUIRK 6--Rod BROAD 7--Jack CROMAN (c) 8--Tristan CLARK 9--Ryan POWELL 10--Kyle MYERSCOUGH 11--Simon GRANT 12--Eric BOYD 13--Logan JENKINS WESTS Coach: Shane Donoghue 1--Cody BUCKMAN 2--Luke GREEN 3--Zac RODRIGUES 4--Luke HYLAND 5--Sam OYSTON 6--Chris BOURNEMAN 7--Darren BARTLEY © 8--Brodie McGHIE 9--Jackson WALSH 10--Jay FANCOURT 11--Brenton NOBBS 12--Jarryd OLIVEIRA 13--Tim ZOHAR 14-- 15-- FOLLOW ALL THE ILLAWARRA RUGBY LEAGUE NEWS All of the news in relation to The Hardware Man Illawarra Rugby League is available through: Illawarra Division Rugby League @IllawarraDivisionRugbyLeague MT KEMBLA Coach: Michael Flynn 1--Ben De La Fosse 2--Jayke Wilson 3--Joel Spicer 4--Cameron Bridge 5--Joel Wellins 6--Peter Hodges 7--James Weir 8--Daniel Sansone 9--Codie Bartlett 10--Jim Kennaugh 11--Joe Adams 12--Corey Honan 13--Jason Sullivan WINDANG READY TO DEFEND SHIELD TITLE The Hardware Man Shield competition will again be contested by the same five clubs as in 2017.

The invitation extended to Illawarra club Port Kembla to return via the Shield competition was declined. In the opening round, 2017 premiers Windang will host Wests, at Boronia Park; while Norths will have Mt. Kembla as their first round opponent up at Jim Allen Oval. Last season’s runners-up, Avondale have the Bye. ANZACS TO BE HONOURED AT CORRIMAL – BERKELEY MATCH The annual Illawarra Rugby League Anzac Commemoration match will be the Corrimal- Berkeley fixture, at Ziems Park, on Friday evening. In addition to the traditional ceremony at Corrimal, a collection will be taken up at all three First Grade matches to raise funds for Defence Community Dogs.

This worthy campaign is being assisted by Shane Bryant, proprietor of Hellow Harry Burger Joint – a new Illawarra Rugby League sponsor 2018. Thirroul and Wests will contest our annual Mental Health Cup match as a highlight of the Bendigo Bank Mental Health Round.

2018 ILLAWARRA SHIELD HardwareMan The Saturday 21st April 2018

HardwareMan - LEAGUE NEWS HardwareMan - LEAGUE NEWS