HEMP FAIR VIENNA 26.-28 - Hanfexpo

HEMP FAIR VIENNA 26.-28 - Hanfexpo
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   www. h a n f e x p o . c o m
HEMP FAIR VIENNA 26.-28 - Hanfexpo
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26.–28.   The first hemp fair to come to Vienna will take place on the
          26th-28th April 2019 in the MARX HALLE. More than 140

          exhibitors from Austria and abroad will present the latest
          trends on the hemp market, all in a 13,000 m² venue. Various
          products for cultivation, care, fertilisation and protection of

          plants will be on display.

          There will be a particular focus on the field of medicine, and
          numerous lectures rounding off the variety of programming.
          Cosmetics, clothing, food and literature are among the
          countless novelties and sensations of the hemp plant that
          await you.

          Outside, a further 6,000 m² will be available for a variety
          of uses. Deck chairs to relax, a chill-out lounge with street
          food, music and entertainment – with extended hours on
          Friday and Saturday until 10 pm.

          15,000 visitors are expected to come for comprehensive
          information in three days at a new hotspot for expos in a
          unique, historical part of central Vienna.
HEMP FAIR VIENNA 26.-28 - Hanfexpo
            Friday, April 26 | 11:00 - 19:00
            Saturday, April 27 | 11:00 – 20:00
            Sunday, April 28 | 11:00 – 18:00

            TICKET PRICES
            1-day ticket in advance EUR 15.–
            purchased day of EUR 20.–
            3-day ticket in advance EUR 30.–
            purchased day of EUR 40.–

            MARX HALLE, Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030 Vienna
            Public transport: underground line U3
            Tram lines 71 and 18, bus 74A and 80A
            By car: BOE Garage multi-storey car park Neu Marx

            13,000 m² exhibition area
            140 - 160 exhibitors planned
            15,000 visitors are expected

HEMP FAIR   CHILL-OUT-AREA                                 GREEN
            6,000 m² outdoor area
            with street food and chill-out lounge          Event
HEMP FAIR VIENNA 26.-28 - Hanfexpo
                                                                            Lectures and discussions on hemp. Austrian and internationally renowned experts from the
                                                                            area of medicine, research, science, economy and politics will inform attendees about current
                                                                            topics surrounding the hemp plant.

TOPICS                                                                                           - Cannabis: side-effect free, cure-all, or dangerous drug?
                                                                                                 - Cannabis in Medicine
                                                                                                 - Legality status in Austria and other countries
                                                                                                 - Hemp as food source
                                                                                                 - Advice on the cultivation of hemp plants
                                                                                                 - Light is everything!
                                                                                                 - Make your own cosmetics from hemp
                                                                                                 - Cooking with hemp

Grow – Everything to do with the cultivation and breeding of hemp plants
Accessories – Vaporizers, bongs, long papers, pipes, tobacco and lighters
Natural Products – Cosmetics, clothing and food
Building Materials – Usage as a building material
Media – Books and Magazines
Medicine – Healing effect of hemp and approval as a drug
Institutions – Clubs, associations and platforms introduce themselves
HEMP FAIR VIENNA 26.-28 - Hanfexpo
Venue PLAN
A total of 13,000 m² of hall space and 6,000 m² of open space are available. Your presence at the
HANFEXPO is the only thing required for gaining access to customers and important decision-makers in
the industry. An attractive exhibit space as a result of good trade fair design makes your work easier.

                                                                 Info POINT

                                                                 Info POINT

                                                                              Studio 3

  VIP VIP VIP VIP VIP VIP VIP VIP                      Tickets


                  Mediamagzins                         Tickets

                                                                 Info POINT

                                                                              Studio 1
                                                                 Info POINT

                                                                                                          9,000 m² Studio 3
                                                                                                          4,000 m² Studio 1
                                                    Exterior area                                         6,000 m² Exterior area
HEMP FAIR VIENNA 26.-28 - Hanfexpo
Types of BOOTHS
What type of booth do you need for your business? Which space is right for your booth?
Depending on the type of booth you book, you determine the exhibit concept and design.

The HANFEXPO is designed to be open. Please note that we value a consistent and professional
impression of our trade fair. Please ensure that every booth is fitted with a floor covering, side,
and back walls.

                                                                                                  In-Line Booth                Head Booth

                                                  Exhibition booth with three closed sides and one open side                   Exhibition booth with three open sides
                                                                  The in-line booth is the most common exhibition booth.       A head booth presents more opportunities to engage with the general public.
                                                                               Neighbouring booths will be on both sides.      The back wall is available as advertising space.

                                                                                                      Corner Booth             Island Booth

                                                          Exhibition booth with two open and two closed sides                  Stand with four open sides
                                                              The two walls of the corner booth mean two sides are open,       All sides remain open. This gives you access to four corridors where
                                                        offering more space to present yourself to visitors in the corridor.   visitors can pass through the exhibition booth and see you.
HEMP FAIR VIENNA 26.-28 - Hanfexpo
Package BASIC

              Package PREMIUM
                                                  — Rear and side panels, white, Height 2.5 m
— Rear and side panels, white, Height 2.5m        — Fitted carpet covering entire allocated booth surface:

— Fitted carpet covering entire allocated booth     grey or black
                                                  — with description on open panel
  surface: grey
— with description on open panel
— 1 Table, 100 x 100cm, white                                 Package PLUS
— 4 Stools, dark grey
— 1 white storage cabinet with shelf
— Locker 2 x 1 m, lockable with door
— Power socket

                                                  — Rear and side panels, white, Height 2.5 m
                                                  — Fitted carpet covering entire allocated booth surface:
                                                    grey or black
                                                  — with description on open panel
                                                  — Table, 80 x 80cm, white
                                                  — 2 Stools, dark grey
                                                  — 1 white storage cabinet with shelf
                                                  — Lighting


                                                  — Presentation area by the entrance*
                                                  — Rear and side panels, white, Height 2.5 m
                                                  — Fitted carpet covering entire allocated booth surface:
                                                    grey or black
                                                  — 1 white storage cabinet with shelf
                                                  * limited available, on request
HEMP FAIR VIENNA 26.-28 - Hanfexpo

For more
solidarity &                                                                                            Package INFO POINT COMPLETE

commitment                                                                                              — Booth 4 m x 4 m, incl. stand space
                                                                                                        — Presentation wall with integrated Locker, lockable door
                                                                                                        — Flex fabric incl. material, H 2.5 m x W 3 m
                                                                                                        — Fitted carpet covering entire allocated booth surface: grey or black
                                                                                                        — 2 Barstools
We as hemp fair organisers support national and international hemp associations, clubs, institutions,
                                                                                                        — 1 white storage cabinet with shelf
non-profit organisations, doctors and social institutions, who can present themselves at the
HANFEXPO in a private, prominent space with a professional booth, in which they can display
information. The complete InfoPoint booth will be assigned after evaluation and in exchange for
contribution towards expenses.
HEMP FAIR VIENNA 26.-28 - Hanfexpo
E      X     P    O

Hemp fair in
           Vienna is one of the most popular trade      This cosmopolitan city, Vienna, is an important location for companies from Austria and abroad.
                                                        Around 1.8 million people live here, but the greater Vienna area has about 2.7 million inhabitants.
           fair cities in the world and has a very
           high quality of life. The charm of this      MARX HALLE is near the Vienna Schwechat International Airport. Getting to the exhibition site takes about
           city is simply irresistible, and it offers   15 – 30 minutes, depending on the method of transit. Public transit provides the best and fastest way to
           a wide variety of cultural and leisure       get to places of interest, shopping streets, hotels and restaurants in the city. Hundreds of shops, restaurants,
                                                        bars and hotels attract visitors to the city centre.
HEMP FAIR VIENNA 26.-28 - Hanfexpo
                   The industrial monument from the 19th century in the
                   heart of Vienna, it will inspire all with it‘s industrial
                   charm and enormous dimensions. The spectacu-
                   lar atmosphere of the hall is characterised by the
                   unique interplay of columns and beams.

                   In the middle of the up-and-coming district of New
                   Marx in Vienna, the MARX HALLE can be found as

Location ARRIVAL
                   a link between old and new, between tradition and
                   modernity. The connection is ideal because it can
                   be reached both by car and by public transport.
                   Hotels and restaurants are located in the immediate
                   vicinity. Our hotel room service will help you quickly
                   find the right accommodation for your visit to the
                   trade fair.

                   PUBLIC TRAVEL
                   The MARX HALLE has a very good connection to the
                   public transport network.
                   Subway: U3 station Erdberg, barrier-free with lift
                   Fast-Train: 5 minutes from the station St. Marx
                   Tram: Line 71 or Line 18
                   Bus: 80A from Praterstern or U3 Schlachthausgasse
E   X   P   O

 - Extensive outdoor advertising
 - Transport advertising (tram and subway)
 - Advertisements in daily and trade media
 - Radio advertising
 - E-marketing measures
 - Social Media Marketing
 - Comprehensive PR work
 - Inforportal www.hanfexpo.com
Public Relations
 The hemp fair is advertised throughout Austria, with more concentration on Vienna
 and surrounding areas, using a broad media mix of advertising channels such as
 print media (posters, flyers, etc.), radio, and social media such as Facebook,
 Instagram, Twitter, etc.

 Press releases will be made before, during, and after the HANFEXPO. Media
 representatives are also directly invited to the trade fair. All information
 material will be made available to advertising lists, all sponsors and partners.

 The weekly newsletter provides visitors and interested parties with
 the most important and current information on the hemp scene. From
 October onwards throughout the year. This is how we all stay in contact
 with target audiences!

 At www.hanfexpo.com we present our exhibitors and their
 products and services. High-quality photos and video content
 ensure a versatile online presence. In this way, visitors can
 find out about the respective exhibitors before the
 hemp fair, and stay informed about current trends and
 innovations 365 days a year as well.
E   X   P   O

Advertising opportunities
for exhibitors and sponsors
 - HANFEXPO magazine, A5 format, 15,000 copies
 - Campaigns, sponsoring (logo placement on posters and in transit ads)
 - Distribution of advertising materials and product samples in visitor bags
 - Banner areas in the convention hall and outdoors
 - Ticket branding
 - Facebook posting and advertising on www.hanfexpo.com

 Contact us and choose from various advertising packages.
E   X   P   O

                                                                                                                                        Brand IT ALL
                                                                                     Printed Media

    E       X   P   O
                                                    The sponsor‘s logo will appear on all printed materials
                                                               for the event. These include flyers, posters,
                                                                 tickets, invitations, voucher booklet, etc.

                                                                                     Staff Uniforms            Banners
                                                                                                                                                                                        E   X   P   O
        E   X   P   O

                                                            For advertising purposes, we will apply custom     Overhead mounted banners guarantee that your
                                                                 branding on the uniforms these Ladies and     advertising is optimally staged.
                                                                                Gentlemen will be wearing.

                                                                                             Fair Flags        Video Wall
E   X       P       O

                                                The MARX HALL will be marked with flags during the event.      In the entrance area next to the ticket offices we present
                                        This advertising measure covers the entire area in front of and next   general information about the fair and offer broadcasting
                                                     to the MARX HALL, as well as the outdoor exhibit area.    time for advertising. Reach your target audience without
                                              Company/Brand/Logo presence on the flags is granted special      scattering light loss.
                                                           exclusivity, which is reserved for main sponsors.
Business Lounge
 The hemp industry is considered to be one of the fastest growing industries
 worldwide. HANFEXPO is dedicated exclusively to the hemp and CBD industry
 and serves as a meeting place for producers, traders and consumers.

 Products and services from growers, seed suppliers, distributors, farmers,
 textile companies as well as hemp accessories, hemp food and utensils will
 be presented.

 We see our task in creating the largest hemp fair in
 Austria, which takes place in a professional,
 business environment at one of the best
 exhibition locations in Europe.

 Our exhibitors can expect an extensive
 network of suppliers and dealers, to
 whom we offer the opportunity to get
 to know and initiate business in an
 exclusive business lounge.
                                 Come Together
                   As a community, we offer competence and strength in a
                   demanding market and would like to celebrate this together
                   by inviting all exhibitors, presenters, employees and sponsors

                   to the After-Show-Party on Saturday, April 27th.

S a t u            Refreshments and snacks are provided. The celebration

      8pm          will be held in the evening in a relaxed atmosphere with

           e n d   live music. Come by for a nice chat with other exhibitors,

  o  p e n         customers, and sponsors.
                     PHONE +43 1 89 08 771

Organizer . etiral gmbh . Märzstraße 49/20 . 1150 Wien . Austria
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