HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish

HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish

HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish

1 MARCH 17, 2019 SECOND SUNDAY of LENT Lord Jesus, you embraced your cross to redeem the world. Help me to embrace the crosses in my life-the hardships, struggles, disappointments, pain. Only by recognizing my own weakness, can I discover my strength. MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2019 Luke 6:36-38 St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop & Doctor of the Church 8:30am Sr. Marie Murphy, O. P. Pacita De La Torre 12:10pm Vita & Charles Buttaro TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2019 Luke 2:41-51a St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary 8:30am George & Florence Showers St. Joseph 12:10pm No Intention WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2019 Matthew 20:17-28 8:30am No Intention 12:10pm Susan Whalen Diosmeri Velasquez THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 2019 Luke 16:19-31 8:30am No Intention 12:10pm No Intention FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2019 Matthew 21:33-43 8:30am Eileen Knightly Helen Belcher (For Good Health) SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 2019 Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 St.

Turibius of Mogrovejo, Bishop 8:30am Anna & Michael Apollo Marie Spinelli 5:00pm Gene Mazzei SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2019 Luke 13:1-9 7:45am Parishioners of Holy Name of Mary 9:00am No Intention 10:30am Rosemarie Bakich Rose Scali 12:00pm Sr. Elizabeth Marie Lynch Angela Carbone 1:15pm Victor Duran (9th Anniversary) Mercedes Sanchez Fierro If you or someone you know attends Mass regularly at Holy Name of Mary and is not a registered parishioner, please come into the Parish Office and fill out a short registration form. This will be helpful if you should need recommendation letters, certificates and especially sponsor certificates for Baptism or Confirmation.

Registration is mandatory for these requests. All registered parishioners: your donations are recorded by your church envelope that you receive in the mail. Loose checks will not be recorded.

Donations are recorded by the envelope only. Join in the Spirit at Holy Name of Mary School, an AdvancEd Accredited School. To register your child for Nursery (full day, age 3), Pre-K (full day, age 4), Kindergarten (full day, age 5) or Grade 1 through 8, contact our School Office for an appointment at 516-825-4009. Before and after school care available for all registered students. There are available dates to remember a loved one with the Msgr. Mulligan Memorial of Bread & Wine, Candles, or Flowers. These intentions begin on a Sunday and end on the following Saturday. Your loved one will be remembered at every Mass throughout the week.

Please stop in at the Parish Office for more details.

Weekly offering budgeted to meet parish expenses Weekly offering of March 10, 2019 Faith Direct (average of weekly donation) TOTAL of weekly offering & Faith Direct Deficit Total offering of March 3, 3019 $12,109 $10,148 $ 1,366 $11,514 $ 595 $13,397 What is the best way to ensure our parish receives the support needed for our operating expenses and ministries? eGiving through Faith Direct! Please enroll today by visiting and use our Church code NY78. HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish School Registration Financial Information Faith Direct Mass Intentions

HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish

2 MARCH 17, 2019 SECOND SUNDAY of LENT Arlene Buitenkant Alicia Caballes Nick Danisi Erma Diaz Deborah Hayter Felicia Lotti Names will be listed for four weeks only. If you would like to have the name listed again, please notify the Parish Office. Lent is a call not just to “give up something” but more important to “give something to the poor”. Wherever you live in the parish, there are poor families within walking distance of your home. When in need they ring the rectory bell. They are, in effect, ringing your doorbell. Is there a family you know who needs assistance? Please call SVdP so that together we can help the suffering and poor.

Pantry Needs: paper towel, toilet tissue, cereal, rice, beans, pancake mix/syrup, oatmeal, coffee, tea, condiments, muffin/cake mix Thank you for your generous contributions to the poor boxes each week. These generous offerings help SVdP to assist families in need in our own parish. Sunday, March 24, 2019 Third Sunday of Lent 1st Reading } Exodus 3:1-8a, 13-15 Moses sees a remarkable fire and learns the name of God. 2nd Reading } 1 Corinthians 10:1-6, 10-12 Miracles carried the Israelites through the desert and prefigured the Christ. Gospel } Luke 13:1-9 Jesus reveals the ways of God and interprets the times.

FOCUS: Jesus calls us to repent so that we might bear good fruit. ATTENTION ALL VOLUNTEERS We have been notified by the Diocese of Rockville Centre, that ALL VOLUNTEERS & MEMBERS of every Ministry and Organization at HNM, must update their compliance with VIRTUS: Protecting God’s Children. A MINISTRY INCLUDES Catechists, Coaches, Scout Leaders, Lunch moms, Chaperones, Liturgical Ministers, and all HNM parish organization leaders and members. Every volunteer must provide: (1) updated Code of Conduct, (2) updated Background Check, and (3) a copy of VIRTUS training certificate Kevin Lynch Jayden Manzi Russell Mattes James Musumeci Diana Owens In your hands, O Lord, we humbly entrust our brothers and sisters.

Deliver them now, from every evil, and bid them eternal rest. Peter Y. Lo John “Jack” Mahoney Albert “Skip” Sterger Come visit Me before the Blessed Sacrament Adoration & Benediction every Thursday following the 12:10pm Mass at Holy Name of Mary Church Interested in becoming an Altar Server? Contact the Parish Office at 516-825-1450 or email at, so we can set up a convenient time for training! Saturday, March 23, 2019 5:00pm HOST } P. Zolzer, B. We, F. Uy, L. Uy Sunday, March 24, 2019 7:45am HOST } J. Danisi, L. Radice, J. Peralta, G. Filippi 9:00am HOST } M. Walsh, V.

Yerou, P. Jung, A. Paul 10:30am HOST } J. Kernizan, J. Eugene, T. Barry, J. Barry 12:00pm HOST } M. Moscola, J. Moscola, C. Romano, J. Davide Kerry Fleming Emily Giganti Gabriel Lampiello Pray for the Sick Pray for the Deceased Blessed Sacrament Exposed St Vincent de Paul Message Next Sunday’s Readings Eucharistic Minister Schedule Altar Servers

HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish

3 MARCH 17, 2019 SECOND SUNDAY of LENT 10:30am-2pm Couples For Christ Gymnasium 11am-1pm Spanish RCIA School Room #5 2pm-8pm Knights of Columbus Convent Room 1 3pm-9pm Religious Education School Room #3/5/110/Café 7pm-9pm Boy Scouts Gymnasium 7pm-10pm Charismatic Prayer Group Convent Room 5 10am-12pm Women For Sobriety Outreach 2 3pm-5pm HNM Cheerleading Gymnasium 3pm-9pm Religious Education School Room #3/5/110/Café 7pm-9pm Charismatic Gr. Convent Room 1 7pm-10pm Spirit Prayer Group Convent Chapel 7pm-10pm Knights of Columbus Convent Room 5 9pm-10pm Men’s Basketball Gymnasium 3pm-5pm Religious Education School Room #3/110/Café/Gym 6pm-8pm HNM School Gym 6pm-10pm A.

A. Convent Room 5 7pm-10pm RCIA Outreach 2 7:30-9:30pm Divine Mercy-Spanish Convent Chapel 3pm-5pm HNM Cheerleading Gym 6pm-9pm Rosary Convent Chapel 6pm-10pm Cantor/Choir Church 7pm-10pm Spanish Formation Cafeteria 7:30-9:30pm Spanish Emaus Gr. Convent Room 1/2 5pm-7pm Girl Scouts School Room #5 7pm-9pm Cub Scouts Cafeteria 7pm-10pm Knights of Columbus Convent Room 1 8pm-10pm A. A. Convent Room 5 8pm-10pm Spanish Choir School Room #5 9am-11pm HNM School Gym Sunday, March 17, 2019 Jesus is beloved Son and fulfillment of God’s promises.

Monday, March 18, 2019 God’s mercy compels us to forgive as we are forgiven. Tuesday, March 19, 2019 Saint Joseph models a life of faith and obedience. Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Let us have a servant’s heart toward God and others. Thursday, March 21, 2019 Those who have been blessed with riches and abundance are called by Jesus to take care of those in need. Friday, March 22, 2019 We are tenants in the vineyard of the Lord; let us work in the world and offer the fruits of our labor to God. Saturday, March 23, 2019 God’s divine mercy is given to all who seek it. Our HNM 8th Grade Religious Education students, in conjunction with Sr.

Diane at Molloy College, will be collecting (new) Men’s White Athletic Socks for the homeless. Collection bins can be found at the entrances of the Church.

Deadline for donations is March 17, 2019. Socks will be distributed to the homeless by Sr. Diane during her midnight runs. Please contact Renee Socci @ 516-426-2946 for further details or questions. Thank you for your continual generosity in helping the less fortunate! This Week at Holy Name of Mary Parish

HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish


HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish

5 MARCH 17, 2019 SECOND SUNDAY of LENT JOURNEY TO THE FOOT OF THE CROSS - 10 THINGS TO REMEMBER FOR LENT Bishop David L. Ricken of Green Bay, Wisconsin, former chairman of the Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis, offers “10Things to Remember for Lent”: 1.

Remember the formula. The Church does a good job capturing certain truths with lists and formulas that are easy to remember: Ten Commandments, Seven sacraments, Three persons in the Trinity. For Lent, the Church gives us almost a slogan—Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving—as the three things we need to work on during the season.

2. It’s a time of prayer. Lent is essentially an act of prayer spread out over 40 days. As we pray, we go on a journey, one that hopefully brings us closer to Christ and leaves us changed by the encounter with him. 3. It’s a time to fast. With the fasts of Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, meatless Fridays, and our personal disciplines interspersed, Lent is the only time many Catholics these days actually fast. And maybe that’s why it gets all the attention. “What are you giving up for Lent? Hotdogs? Beer? Jelly beans?” It’s almost a game for some of us, but fasting is actually a form of penance, which helps us turn away from sin and toward Christ.

4. It’s a time to work on discipline. The 40 days of Lent are also a good, set time to work on personal discipline in general. Instead of giving something up, it can be doing something positive. “I’m going to exercise more. I’m going to pray more. I’m going to be nicer to my family, friends and coworkers.” 5. It’s about dying to yourself. The more serious side of Lenten discipline is that it’s about more than self-control – it’s about finding aspects of yourself that are less than Christ-like and letting them die. The suffering and death of Christ are foremost on our minds during Lent, and we join in these mysteries by suffering, dying with Christ and being resurrected in a purified form.

6. Don’t do too much. It’s tempting to make Lent some ambitious period of personal reinvention, but it’s best to keep it simple and focused. There’s a reason the Church works on these mysteries year after year. We spend our entire lives growing closer to God. Don’t try to cram it all in one Lent. 7. Lent reminds us of our weakness. Of course, even when we set simple goals for ourselves during Lent, we still have trouble keeping them. When we fast, we realize we’re all just one meal away from hunger. In both cases, Lent shows us our weakness. This can be painful, but recognizing how helpless we are makes us seek God’s help with renewed urgency and sincerity.

8. Be patient with yourself. When we’re confronted with our own weakness during Lent, the temptation is to get angry and frustrated. “What a bad person I am!” But that’s the wrong lesson. God is calling us to be patient and to see ourselves as he does, with unconditional love.

9. Reach out in charity. As we experience weakness and suffering during Lent, we should be renewed in our compassion for those who are hungry, suffering or otherwise in need. The third part of the Lenten formula is almsgiving. It’s about more than throwing a few extra dollars in the collection plate; it’s about reaching out to others and helping them without question as a way of sharing the experience of God’s unconditional love. 10. Learn to love like Christ. Giving of ourselves in the midst of our suffering and self-denial brings us closer to loving like Christ, who suffered and poured himself out unconditionally on the cross for all of us.

Lent is a journey through the desert to the foot of the cross on Good Friday, as we seek him out, ask his help, join in his suffering, and learn to love like him.

HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish

6 MARCH 17, 2019 SECOND SUNDAY of LENT In the words of Pope Francis Fast from hurting words and use kind words. Fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude. Fast from anger and be filled with patience. Fast from pessimism and be filled with hope. Fast from worries and have trust in God. Fast from complaints and contemplate simplicity. Fast from pressures and be prayerful. Fast from bitterness and fill your heart with joy. Fast from selfishness and be compassionate to others. Fast from grudges and be reconciled. Fast from words and be silent so you can listen.

Fasting is an ancient practice of the Church; at its best, it is an authentic exercise in trust and a quiet form of deep devotion.

It joins us to Christ and to one another. Fasting—in whatever form it takes—is nothing less than a participation in the transforming cross of Jesus Christ, which is the goal of every worthwhile Lenten journey. The SECOND reason is this: Fasting is a traditional sign of sorrow. In Word and Deed by Mary DeTurris Poust Meditation: There’s nothing wrong with seeking signs and symbols to remind us of God’s presence. For some it might be the beauty of a sunrise over the ocean, for another, the sound of a baby crying, for others, the sight of a rainbow arching overhead. Anything that calls us back to our spiritual core, the divine amid daily life, is a good thing, but often it takes more than that, a crises or a loss, to wake us up to the faith that sustains us.

We want dazzling lights and parting clouds, but sometimes our “aha” moments come to us through tears, through pain, through failure.

Prayer: God of all creation, you make all things new. You are at once transfigured and transfiguring. Open our eyes to your presence in our lives. Wake us from the spiritual slumber that keeps you hidden from us. Make us new. We live in a time of instant communication and gratification. If we buy something we can have it shipped to us the next day. If we need an answer to something, we simply Google it or ask Alexa. Because of that, we don’t know how to wait patiently anymore. During the time when Padre Pio was under investigation by the Vatican and unable to say Mass, hear confessions, or communicate with his spiritual director, he spent his days patiently waiting-and praying.

Eventually his prayers were answered and he returned to his ministry of helping others become closer to Christ. Perhaps we should follow his example & seek out some time to stop and talk with God. Praying with Padre Pio. St. Pio, remind us that we don’t have to constantly be doing something and that it’s okay to wait for things. Inspire us to slow down and learn to be more patient.

Weekly Reflections with Padre Pio by Susan Hines-Brigger Lent is a season of repentance, and fasting helps us express that. Instead of a self-inflicted punishment, it is a willing offering, a purposeful act of humility. Rather than merely acknowledging our sin in thoughts or words, fasting lets us put our whole selves into the experience of repentance. The Old Testament is full of references to the people of God fasting as a sign of their sorrow for sin. Often this was accompanied by other physical signs-wailing, wearing sackcloth, sprinkling ashes or dirt on the head, the tearing of clothing or lying flat on the ground.

(Neh 9:1; Est 4:3; 1 Mc 3:47). We not only tell God we are sorry; we must show him.

HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish

7 MARCH 17, 2019 SECOND SUNDAY of LENT SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT 9 Adopt a member of a religious order in our diocese and pray for them every day of Lent. 8 It is our Catholic responsibility to abstain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent as a form of penance. 7 MARCH Support Lenten collections, Operation Rice Bowl or mission collections. 6 Ash Wed. In addition to fasting, attend Mass and wear the cross of ashes for the whole day. 12 Call Catholic Relief Services (877-HELPCRS) to see how you can help those in need. 11 Start a journal for your prayer intentions. Wait and see how God , who always answers prayer, answers yours.

13 Today, and every day, refrain from gossiping.

10 Stay a few minutes after Mass and ask God to bless this Lent and help you grow in holiness. 17 St. Patrick St. Patrick evangelized Ireland. In his honor, explore ways to support the parish Religious Ed program. 24 Take 1 idea from today’s Gospel or homily to put into practice this coming week. 14 Go on a “water fast” just for today and drink only water. Pray for those who cannot afford coffee, tea, juice. 15 Attend Stations of the Cross at HNM tonight. 7:00pm in English and 7:30pm in Spanish. 16 Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, given to the world by St. Faustina to help repair the hurt caused by sin.

( 18 Choose a virtue and practice it all week: prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, faith, hope or charity.

19 St. Joseph St. Joseph served God faithfully. What God said, he did. Resolve today to fulfill your responsibilities without complaining! 20 Be determined to go the entire day without judging or criticizing anyone. 21 Lent is a demanding time for parish priests. Remember them in your prayers today. 22 Turn off the TV, computer or other electronics for 30 minutes today. Offer this time to God in prayer or reading Scripture. 23 Jesus, truly present in the Eucharist, waits for us in the tabernacle of every Catholic church. Make time to visit with Him, if only for a little while. 25 Annunciation We celebrate Mary’s “yes” to God, in agreeing to be the Mother of Jesus.

Pray for the courage to respond faithfully to whatever God asks.

26 Ask God for a new grace today that will help you experience His personal love for you. 27 Make a fresh start on your Lenten journey today. Renew your Lenten observances. 28 Go through today only saying kind words. No snarky remarks or sarcasm allowed! 29 Browse a Catholic book shop and find a good book to read during the remaining of Lent. 30 Show Jesus you are willing to carry your cross by tackling something difficult you’ve been putting off. 31 Laetare Sun. Make Sunday special. Invite friends or neighbors over for a potluck meal after Mass. 1 APRIL Make a good examination of conscience with the Ten Commandments as a guide.

2 Find 30 minutes to read today’s Gospel: John 5:1 -16. Write down 2 thoughts it inspired and keep them with you the whole day. 3 Reach out to someone you know who is having a difficult time. Send a card with an encouraging message and perhaps enclose a gift card.

4 Find an unfamiliar term in the glossary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and read it. Try to explain it to someone else. 5 Attend Stations of the Cross at HNM tonight. 7:00pm in English and 7:30pm in Spanish. 6 Go to Confession and experience the joy of God’s forgiveness. 7 After Mass today, go out for coffee or breakfast with other parishioners from your parish. 8 Every day this week, get up 15 minutes earlier to pray. 9 Spread joy! Smile at everyone you meet, today. 10 Deny yourself something you would like to buy. Put the money you saved in the poor box.

11 Drink only water today.

Pray for those who can’t afford lattes or cappuccinos from Starbucks. 12 Consider making today a day of fasting. When you feel hungry, remind yourself of those for whom hunger is not a choice. Copyright 2019 Success Publ. & Media, LLC 13 Pope St. Martin Pope St. Martin was martyred for his beliefs. In his honor, pray for Christians persecuted around the world. 14 Palm Sunday Place yourself in a scene from the Gospel & walk through Holy Week with our Lord. 15 Pray for Catechumens. 16 Take a walk and look for signs of new life.

HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish

8 MARCH 17, 2019 SECOND SUNDAY of LENT Lent Lent is a solemn time when, as Christians, we prepare ourselves for Easter. We do this in many ways; self-denial, fasting, penance, reading Scripture passages or prayer, all to draw ourselves closer to God. Why not consider praying the Rosary with fellow parishioners? The Rosary will be prayed on all Thursday evenings of Lent, starting March 7, 2019 at 7:00pm in the Convent Chapel 94 S. Grove Street “Journey with Jesus with Heart” Return completed form to the Parish Office by March 17, 2019. Join us for a Lenten Morning of Reflection Saturday, March 30, 2019 following the 8:30am Mass until approximately 12 noon Holy Name of Mary Convent/Reservation deadline is March 17th! $10.00 per person/includes a continental breakfast Name _ Phone _ _ # Attending _ x $10.00ea Total Enclosed _ _ Presented by Sr.

Ave Clark, O. P. Founder of Heart to Heart Ministry YOU are invited to pray the Stations of the Cross, as we walk with Jesus, Every Friday evening during Lent beginning March 8, 2019 7:00pm (English) 7:30pm (Spanish)

HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish

9 MARCH 17, 2019 SECOND SUNDAY of LENT Jesus gave him life (Luke 7:11-17). God’s love for us is bigger than we can imagine and moves him to shower us with miracles. Invited to attend a wedding, he elevated the marriage to a Sacrament (John 2:1-12). At his Mother’s request, Jesus blessed a new marriage by replenishing their empty wine stocks with better refreshment than they could have imagined. When we ask for her help, she makes sure her Son gives us what we need and more than we can imagine. Luke 15:1-3, 11-32. Jesus promises we can always return home.

In this Gospel reading, Jesus told the story of the Prodigal (or reckless) Son.

It goes like this. One day, the younger son demanded his father to give him his share of the estate. He left to squander it far from home. When his money was gone, his situation grew desperate and he returned to his father, humbled and asking for mercy. The father was overjoyed to have his son back and threw a huge party. The older son, however, resented his brother’s welcome and complained to his father that he didn’t get half the amount of celebrating for his work—and he was the “good one!” Jesus promised that when we approach God with a truly repentant heart, we can always come home. It’s not that God wants us to feel bad, but, like any parent, he wants us to understand we did something wrong and be willing to change.

Through this parable, Jesus shows us that God is a loving, generous Father whose deepest nature is a merciful, forgiving love. We are reminded that we can always come home. What is saintly advice for Confession? It can be tempting to approach Confession like it’s just another (unpleasant) obligation. In fact, Confession is more than “checking items off the list.” It’s an encounter with God’s mercy. Try these timely tips from the saints to make the most of Confession: St. John Bosco – Be regular and consistent: “Go to confession once a month, and not oftener than once a week, unless your confessor advises it.” Also, “Once we have chosen a confessor, we must go to him steadily [or else] he cannot advise us.” St.

Francis de Sales – Be intentional: “However small the sins you confess may be, always have sincere sorrow for them together with a firm resolution to correct them in the future.” Also, “Don’t be satisfied with confessing [only] your venial sins...accuse yourself of the motive that led you to commit them.” St. Faustina Kowalska – Don’t limit God’s mercy: “Each one can become a great saint, so great is the power of God’s grace. It remains only for us not to oppose God’s action.” Q & A FEASTS & CELEBRATIONS March 9 - St. Frances of Rome (1440). Although she preferred a life of service, Frances’ wealthy parents required that she marry.

With her sister-in-law, Vannozza, Frances formed a group of women dedicated to serving the poor. Frances honored her husband, cared for her children until their deaths, and served the poor and sick. She even converted her house into a hospital.

March 25 – The Annunciation of the Lord (1st century). The angel Gabriel visited the Blessed Virgin Mary with the extraordinary news of her role as the mother of God. Even at her young age, she had complete confidence in God’s grace and trusted in his wisdom. During his time on Earth, Jesus exceeded people’s expectations. He always gave more than was asked – but exactly what was needed. A paralyzed man sought a cure for his body but Jesus cured his soul (Mark 2:1-12). A man’s friends brought him to Jesus to heal his body, but Jesus forgave his sins. As God, Jesus has the power to heal. As man, he identifies with our deepest needs and gives us what is required to overcome them.

A widow needed strength to bury her son but

HNM Parish Registration Msgr. Robert Mulligan Memorial Parish

10 MARCH 17, 2019 SECOND SUNDAY of LENT March 17 Pilgrimage to Germany, Switzerland & Austria August 12 - 22, 2020 Important Information Meeting Saturday, April 6, 2019 - 9:30 am Parish Outreach Building, 1st Floor For info, call Sr. Margie...516-825-0177 or Deacon Clyde & Arlene...516-791-9509 OBERAMMERGAU PASSION PLAY 2020 ANOINTING of the SICK Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 3:30pm Who may receive this sacrament? Adults and children living with physical illness or diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s, heart condition, Alzheimer’s, or any disability.

People recuperating from surgery or illness, people living with mental illness, people experiencing difficulties because of sickness, old age, or if you will undergo surgery. This sacrament provides a special grace and strength to all those who receive it. One does not need to be in danger of death to be anointed. Family and friends are welcome as well as caregivers, who are so very important in the lives of the aging, sick and disabled. All caregivers will be remembered at the Mass and will receive a special blessing for strength and courage in their ministry. Feast Day: March 17 May the Strength of God pilot us.

May the Power of God preserve us. May the Wisdom of God instruct us. May the Hand of God protect us. May the Way of God direct us. May the Shield of God defend us. May the Host of God guard us. Against the snares of the evil ones. Against temptations of the world. May Christ be with us! May Christ be before us! May Christ be in us, Christ be over all! May Thy Salvation, Lord, Always be ours, This day, O Lord, and evermore. Amen. Feast Day: March 19 Blessed Joseph, husband of Mary, be with us this day. You protected and cherished the Virgin; loving the Child Jesus as your Son, you rescued Him from the danger of death.

Defend the Church, the household of God, purchased by the Blood of Christ. Guardian of the Holy Family, be with us in our trials. May your prayers obtain for us the strength to flee from error and wrestle with the powers of corruption so that in life we may grow in holiness and in death rejoice in the crown of victory. Amen.

11 MARCH 17, 2019 SECOND SUNDAY of LENT Holy Name of Mary DINNER DANCE FUNDRAISER Donation $50.00 Includes Hot Buffet, unlimited soda. Adults only! Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Parish Office. No tickets will be sold at the door. All proceeds will benefit Holy Name of Mary Church. School Cafeteria 90 S. Grove St. Valley Stream Saturday April 27, 2019 7:00 pm BEREAVEMENT PROGRAM - Sign up NOW ! An 8 week bereavement program for adults who have experienced the death of a spouse, child, parent, sibling, relative or friend. Tuesdays at 7:30 PM beginning in mid March. This program, run by a professional social worker and experienced leaders, offers support, information and an opportunity to understand the grieving process.

There is no fee for this program, but registration is necessary Parish Outreach Office at 825-0177 to register. EMPTY BOWL SOUP SUPPER Please join South High School for their annual Empty Bowl Soup Supper on Monday, April 8, 2019 at 7pm at South High School. All proceeds will go to HNM Parish Outreach Program. Tickets are $7.00. Come and enjoy a bowl of delicious home-made soup, bread, beverage, desserts and entertainment. It is always a fun night! Your presence is a support to the students as well as to our Outreach and St. Vincent de Paul Programs. Third Time Rita Limitone (Holy Name of Mary) & Brian Plaia (Blessed Sacrament) Our parish has many exciting Ministry Opportunities and we are confident that once you pick up a brochure from this box, and see what is offered, you will want to be involved in, at least, one Ministry! Take a brochure, consider your interests & place it back in this box.

You will be contacted by one of our parish leaders regarding your choices. Banns of Marriage Ministry Opportunities Box Want to learn more about the Catholic faith? Why not stop by the Lighthouse Catholic Media kiosk in the back of the Church and take home one of the many inspiring CD titles? We ask for a donation of only $3.00 per CD to help us continue with this program! Lighthouse Catholic Media I. T. EXPERIENCE We are looking for someone with I.T. experience. Your help is needed! If you are interested, please contact Deacon Scott at the Parish Office, 516-825-1450.

12 MARCH 17, 2019 SECOND SUNDAY of LENT Ministerio Hispano Fr. Fernando Echeverri las tribulaciones y tristezas que la vida nos da, pero con la esperanza de que “todo lo puedo en Aquel que me fortalece” (Fil. 4,13). CUARESMA, TIEMPO DE CONVERSION Es un tiempo de 40 días de preparación a la Pascua, es decir, a recordar y vivir de una manera diferente la pasión, muerte y Resurrección de Jesús. Que este año no entre tú también en la mediocridad de este tiempo sagrado, reflexiona con sinceridad las palabras del Evangelio, “fuimos creados por El y para El”. Prácticas cuaresmales: Obligación de guardar Ayuno y abstinencia, miércoles de ceniza y viernes santo, la abstinencia también todos los viernes de cuaresma.

Ayuno: Consiste en hacer una sola comida fuerte al día, aunque no se prohíbe tomar algo ligero por la mañana y por la noche. Es obligatorio par los mayores de edad hasta los 59 años. La abstinencia: consiste en no comer carne, obliga a todas las personas mayores de 14 años. Otras recomendaciones de la Iglesia: oración, lectura de la Sagrada Escritura, limosna, obras de caridad y mortificaciones corporales. Una misa de 7pm en español se agregó el sábado 13 de abril, la víspera del Domingo de Ramos. Esto satisfará su obligación para el Domingo de Ramos. BAUTISMOS: abril 13, mayo 18, junio 8, a las 12pm REGISTRACIONES: Si vienes a la misa todos los domingos, pero no estás registrado en la Iglesia, te invitamos a que lo hagas, ya que es muy importante el sentido de pertenencia a esta comunidad, pero además cuando necesites alguna carta de recomendación para inmigración, para trabajar, etc., tendrás la oportunidad de adquirirla.

Te invitamos para que vayas a la rectoría y te inscribas. VIACRUCIS: Todos los Viernes a las 7.30 pm BENDICIONES: Si necesitas bendecir tu casa o tu negocio, te puedes comunicar con el padre Fernando. GRUPO DE ORACION: Todos los lunes a las 7.30 pm, en el convento.

MATRIMONIO: Si quieres ser bendecido a través del sacramento del matrimonio, después de tanto tiempo viviendo juntos, llama al padre Fernando UN DESTELLO DE GLORIA EN LA MONTAÑA: La transfiguración: (Mc 9, 2-10). San Pablo nos brinda hoy una clave que puede ayudarnos a penetrar en el sentido más profundo del relato de la transfiguración: “Si Dios está con nosotros, quién estará contra nosotros?” (Rm. 8,31). Dice a los cristianos de Roma, que no deben tener miedo ni a la tribulación ni a la persecución, ni a la angustia, ni a ninguna otra amenaza. La razón última es que Dios, que entregó a su Hijo por los hombres, está siempre con ellos y a favor de ellos.

El pasaje evangélico de hoy es un oasis de luz y de esperanza en el arduo camino de la cuaresma. La ocasión histórica del acontecimiento fue el estado de abatimiento, temor y frustración de los discípulos en aquel momento. Jesús les dijo que tenía que sufrir y morir y que sus seguidores tenían que tomar la cruz y renunciar a cualquier gloria humana. No entendían este lenguaje. En cierta manera se sentían tristes y decepcionados. Jesús se dio cuenta que sus amigos necesitaban un impacto extraordinario para poder salir de aquella situación de crisis y desconcierto. La escena de la transfiguración hay que entenderla en el horizonte de la cruz y del abatimiento que su sombra había provocado en los discípulos.

Aunque es imposible determinar que sucedió en la montaña, debemos creer que es una experiencia inefable de oración y profundización religiosa.

Al igual que los discípulos cualquiera de nosotros puede verse sumido en el abismo del desánimo y desaliento en su vida de fe, sobre todo en estos tiempos tan difíciles de secularización e infertilidad espiritual. Dios está con nosotros y, en consecuencia, no debemos acobardarnos, ni hundirnos en el pesimismo. Es preciso subir a la montaña al encuentro luminoso con Dios, para luego bajar a la tierra y reemprender con nuevo ánimo la tarea que nos ha sido asignada. Este tiempo de cuaresma es propicio para caminar en medio de


VINCENT de PAUL VEHICLE DONATION If you have a vehicle that is no longer useful to you, consider donating it to St. Vincent de Paul. By donating your car, truck, motorcycle, trailer or boat, you are offering hope to a person, a family or a community. Making a donation is easy: *Call 1-800-322-8284 and speak to a live operator *We will tow your vehicle at no cost to you *Get a tax deductible receipt Your generosity is greatly appreciated! EVANGELIZATION THROUGH MEDIA Would you like to learn more about your Catholic faith? Relevant Radio bridges the gap between faith and everyday life, 1430 AM radio, Relevant Radio app (free download) and on Alexa.

Pray the Memorare. Join Relevant Radio’s campaign to end abortion in the United States (goal 200 million).

DIOCESE of ROCKVILLE CENTRE-HEALING AFTER ABORTION A Day of Prayer and Healing for Women is an opportunity to experience the loving mercy of God in a safe and sacred space. The day is directed by specially trained compassionate caregivers, including counselors and clergy, who have a sensitivity and a heart for those who suffer. Saturday, April 6, 2019. To register and for more information please visit or contact Project Rachel at 1(888) 456-HOPE (4673) or 1(516) 766-2538 or ST. THOMAS the APOSTLE, WEST HEMPSTEAD Bishop Gerald Kicanas, bishop emeritus of Tucson, will conduct a Mission on March 24-26, 2019.

Sunday, March 24 at 6pm, Monday, March 25 at 7:30pm, and Tuesday, March 26 at 7:30pm. All are invited! CATHOLIC CHARITIES Catholic Charities’ Oceanside Senior Center, located at St. Anthony’s Church, needs drivers with passenger endorsed commercial licenses, 2 days a week, $16.41 per hour. Call Barbara @ 516-764-9792.

OZANAM HALL of QUEENS NURSING HOME Served by the Carmelite Sisters. Volunteers needed. Call 718-971-2020 for more information. BISHOP ANDRZEJ ZGLEJSZEWSKI Join Bishop Andrzej for “Liturgical Catechesis”, a workshop series explaining various parts of the Mass. (Tuesday) March 26, April 30, and May 28, at 7:30pm at Curé of Ars Auditorium, 2323 Merrick Ave, Merrick. Call or email to register: Suzanne Lynn 516-744-6850/ L I SOCIETY OF ITALIAN AMERICANS (LISIA) St. Joseph’s Dinner Dance, Sunday, March 24, 2019, at the Coral House (70 Milburn Ave., Baldwin). 1pm-5pm. $85.00 per person.

Reservations required. Please contact Diane Langella at 516-398-3484. Villa Roma trip, Catskills, NY from April 7-11, 2019. $582 per person, includes bus (roundtrip), meals, room, entertainment, taxes & tips. For more info, contact Diane Langella at 516-398-3484 or Annette Spoto at 516-398-3484.

AMERICAN LEGION MALVERNE POST 44 Atlantic City Bus Trip to Caesar’s Casino on Thursday, March 21, 2019. Tickets $45.00, includes $30 casino play. Reserve and pay by March 18, 2019. Call Bob @ 516-483-5631 or John @ 516-887-7473. Arrive at 8:15am, bus departs promptly at 9am. Coffee, bagels and donuts will be available. SEMINARY of the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION “A Lenten Listening with Mary at the Cross”-Deepen your Lenten devotion on Sunday, March 24, 2019. Fr. Patrick Griffin will present a day of prayer and reflection from 9:30am-3:30pm. Opportunity for confession, lunch and Mass. Donation is $30.

Reservations required. Call 631-423-0483, x102 or MOLLOY COLLEGE Spring Open House for prospective students and their guests, on Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 1:00pm. SACRED HEART PARISH-MERRICK Sponsoring a guided tour of Christian art (Marian Art) at the Met Museum (NYC) on April 6, 2019. Coach bus and tour is $55, leaves at 9am, returns approx. 4pm. Seating is limited. For registration information, please call Sacred Heart Parish Center at 516-379-1356. Diocesan & Community Information

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