issue 4—Winter 2020

                                          THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2021

                                             2021 Economic recovery
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                                             change resilient
                                             hope for construction
                                             in the new year
Patios are
    now open...
                                                                          One Company
                                                                          Powerful Solutio
                                                                          Residential and Commercial Hea
                                                                          Cooling and Domestic Hot Water

                                                                                                    SIMPLY S

                                                                                          Heat Pu

                                                                                                    s s s s s
                                      Extend  your
                                              your     patio
                                                       patio        season
                                                                 season        withwith
                                                                                with    thethe
                                   DSCD   Series
                                        Series    PatioHeater
                                          SeriesPatio   Heater
                                     DSCD        Patio Heater                             Panel R
                                               Our two-stage,
                                                   two-stage,  gas-fired
                                                           gas-fired      patio
                                                              gas-fired patio    heater
                                                                              heater      Smart C
                                                designed    forfor
                                                                 comfort,      reliability  andand
                                                                             reliability   and   control.
                                                Reduce   your your
                                                               your energy
                                                                energy       consumption
                                                                          consumption         withwith
                                                                                             with  the the
                                                ability     to
                                                        to adjustadjust between
                                                                     between       lowlow
                                                                                 low     andand
                                                                                       and    highhigh
                                                                                             high  fire fire
                                                      accordingly, with just the right amount
                                                 accordingly,     withwith
                                                                              the the
                                                                                    rightright  amount
                                                        of heat. With black-coated aluminized or
                                                   of heat. heat.
                                                               WithWith   black-coated
                                                                     stainless               aluminized
                                                                                steel housing          or or
                                                            the DSCDstainless
                                                      brushed     stainless   steelsteel
                                                                        patio heater       housing
                                                                                        is the         options
                                                        the the
                                                             DSCD    patio
                                                                  DSCD       heater
                                                                         patio         is
                                                                                  heater  the
                                                                                            is perfect
                                                              addition to any patio design, helping perfect
                                                              you     to any
                                                                   bring  the  patio
                                                                           to any       design,
                                                                               comfort            helping
                                                                                          of design,   helping
                                                                                             the indoors,
                                                               you     the
                                                                     bring   comfort
                                                                         to the
                                                                                   patio.of the
                                                                                              of indoors,
                                                                                                 the indoors,
                                                               outdoorsto your   patio.
                                                                            to your    patio.

                           BAH Series
                           Electric Heaters
                      BAH  Series
                         BAH  Series
                      Electric Heaters
                         Electric Heaters
       DST Series
       Gas-Fired Heaters
DST Series
  DST  Series
Gas-Fired Heaters
  Gas-Fired Heaters                                         Saskatoon 306-934-0141
                                                               Regina 306-525-8521

                Saskatoon • Regina • Calgary www.nu-trend-ind.com
In this issue of
                                                              P.O. Box 1123
   6     President’s Message                                  Regina, SK S4P 3B4
                                                              P: 306-525-0171
   8     SKCA Board of Directors                              E: sca@scaonline.ca
                                                              W: www.scaonline.ca
 10	Member Services Update:
                                                              2020 SKCA Board of Directors
         Work completed and upcoming
                                                              Miles Dyck, Chair

  14     2021 economic recovery opportunities and obstacles   shaun cripps, vice-chair
                                                              cory richter, Past Chair

  16     Change resilient organizations and workforces        brad barber
                                                              jon boutin

  18     Adaptation and innovation: looking forward to 2021   brent cherwinski
                                                              duane galloway

 20      Building a strong Saskatchewan                       jeff hagerty
                                                              justin hoyes

 22	Pivoting business operations to                          curtiS kincaid
                                                              colin olfert
         come out on top in 2021
                                                              carey tait

 24	Tax strategies critical to returns in                    President & CEO—Mark Cooper
         real estate and construction
                                                              Director of Research and Policy—Amanda Thick

 26      Is 2021 the year we stick it to COVID-19?            Manager of Marketing
                                                              and Communications—Megan Jane

 28      Local dollars matter                                 SKCA Editor—lyndon mclean

 30      Hope for construction after the 2020 election
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president’s MESSAGE
                                          Mark Cooper, President & CEO,
                                          Saskatchewan Construction Association

Hope.                                                 believe 2021 will be a better year       joy and hope for many. It can also
                                                      for us in Saskatchewan, in Canada,       be a challenging time for others. As
Hope is light, and light resists the
                                                      and across the world. We have every      we remain in the throes of the virus,
                                                      reason to believe that by the end of     most of us will be forced to alter our
As 2020, a year that can safely be                    2021 we will all have access to an       traditional holiday plans. We may
described as a waking nightmare,                      effective COVID-19 vaccine and will be   have to spend this time apart from our
draws to a close, we must stoke the                   beginning to move into a post COVID      family and friends. While we might be
fire of hope within our hearts. In                    world. I hesitate to say, “returning     by ourselves, we are not alone. Across
this issue of We Build, I have asked                  to normal”, because I believe that       the world our fellow humans are all
our contributors to share with you,                   the virus has inalterably shifted our    sharing in this same global experience.
our loyal readers, their view of the                  future. It will be up to us – in our     This shared experience is something
many things we can hope for and look                  attitudes and decisions – to determine   that binds us together, and, if we open
forward to in 2021.                                   whether this shift moves us into a       ourselves to it, also strengthens us.
                                                      brighter or dimmer future.
Read the pages of this issue and                                                               On Monday, December 21st, we will
know that there is every reason to                    The holidays are generally a time of     reach a key point – the Winter solstice.

Hope is light,
On that day, just four days before
Christmas, we will experience the
longest night of the year. Every day
thereafter, the days get longer. As
I was prepping for this issue of We             and light resists the darkness.
Build, and thinking about the solstice,
I was reminded of the quote from
philosopher Bernard Williams who
wrote that, “There was never a night                                                                                                      zŽƵƌƋƵŝƉŵĞŶƚ͕WĂƌƚƐ
or a problem that could defeat sunrise
                                                                                                                                          Θ^ĞƌǀŝĐĞ džƉĞƌƚƐ
or hope.”

On December 22nd, we will begin to             • ,ƵŐĞƉĂƌƚƐ/ŶǀĞŶƚŽƌLJ                                 &ƵůůLJ
                                               • ϯϱzĞĂƌƐŝŶĚƵƐƚƌLJĞdžƉĞƌŝĞŶĐĞ
leave 2020 behind us. The days will                                                                  dƌƵĐŬƐ
                                               • džƚĞŶƐŝǀĞƉƌŽĚƵĐƚŬŶŽǁůĞĚŐĞ
get longer and brighter. The nights                                                 ϰ͕ϱϬϬƐƋ Ĩƚ                  YƵĂůŝƚLJ
                                               • &ĂĐƚŽƌLJƚƌĂŝŶĞĚ ƚĞĐŚŶŝĐŝĂŶƐ           WĂƌƚƐ                   'ƵĂƌĂŶƚĞĞĚ
shorter. As Charles Lindbergh once                                                    &ĂĐŝůŝƚLJ                     ZĞƉĂŝƌƐ
                                               • ŵĞƌŐĞŶĐLJƐĞƌǀŝĐĞ
said, “Time is no longer endless or the
horizon destitute of hope.” I know I’m      Call: 1-833-601-6787 or 780-460-2220
not alone in my belief that 2021 will be    PDQ Parts Available For:
filled with reasons for hope, optimism,     ĞĚĂƌĂƉŝĚƐΠů:ĂLJ                       ĂŐůĞΠtĞĂƌͬZĞƉĂŝƌWĂƌƚƐ
and joy.                                    dDtĞĂƌͬZĞƉĂŝƌ WĂƌƚƐ͘                  WŽǁĞƌƐĐƌĞĞŶdƌĂĐŬͲDŽƵŶƚĞĚ WĂƌƚƐ͘

For now, as 2020 draws to a close, I        ŽŶĞ>ŝŶĞƌƐ͕:ĂǁƐ͕ůŽǁĂƌƐΘ       ŽŶǀĞLJŽƌŽŵƉŽŶĞŶƚƌLJ
                                            ĐĐĞƐƐŽƌŝĞƐ;ĂůůŵĂŬĞƐΘŵŽĚĞůƐͿ͘       ŶŐŝŶĞĞƌĞĚΘƵƐƚŽŵ ^ŽůƵƚŝŽŶƐ͘
leave you with this simple prayer: may
your hearts and lives be filled with joy,                    Chieftain Equipment                                                ůďĞƌƚĂͬEŽƌƚŚĞƌŶ dĞƌƌŝƚŽƌŝĞƐͬ^ĂƐŬĂƚĐŚĞǁĂŶ
peace, and hope.                                       ●��������� �������������� ���������������
                                                       ●������������� �������
                                                                                                                                Call Toll Free:1-833-601-6787
                                                       ●��������������������� �����������                                                  www.chieftainequipment.com
See you in 2021!

                                                                                                                  3320 Idylwyld Drive N., Saskatoon, SK
                                                                     LIMITED                                T: 306.931.9229 E: Chad@preconltd.ca

                                                                                                      Based in Saskatoon, SK, Canada,
                                                                                                      PRE-CON takes great pride in
                                                                                                      manufacturing both wet and
                                                                                                      dry cast industrial concrete
                                                                                                      products. The largest segment of
                                                                                                      our product line and service is
                                                                                                      residential and commercial septic
                                                                                                      and holding tanks, precast steps,
                                                                                                      the mining industry, cable and
                                                                                                      electric vault, arena bleachers,
                                                                                                      sound attenuation walls, sanitary
                                                                                                      manholes, precast grade beams,
                                                                                                      residential fence walls, bridge
                                                                                                      abutments and more.
                             since 1988

                                                                                                                                                     We Build – winter 2020 – hope 7

                            SHAUN CRIPPS                        MILES DYCK                     CORY RICHTER
                              Vice-Chair                           Chair                        Past Chair

                              BRAD BARBER                                                       JON BOUTIN

                           BRENT CHERWINSKI                    DUANE GALLOWAY                  JEFF HAGERTY

                    JUSTIN HOYES              CURTIS KINCAID                    COLIN OLFERT            CAREY TAIT

A prescription safety eyewear
                                                                 program available to
                                                                 businesses and industries
                                                                 Clients save up to 40% on
                                                                 prescription safety eyewear
                                                                 purchased from an
                                                                 optometrist's office
                                                                 There is no cost to enroll

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• Cable Concrete is a fully engineered system
• Cable Concrete is flexible, versatile and stable
                                                      Providing Erosion Control Solutions Since 1984
• Cable Concrete is a proven cost effective
  alternate to loose rock rip rap
• IECS – The leaders in articulated
  concrete blocks

                      800-821-7462 • www.iecs.com
                            Locally produced in Humboldt, Saskatchewan

                                                                                       We Build – winter 2020 – hope 9
member services update
Work completed for YOU this quarter,
and what’s around the corner
Merry Christmas, members! This year          I’d like to take a moment to show you      found here: https://www.scaonline.ca/
I’d like to give you the gift of member      what value we brought to you since         news html?id=472.
value.                                       our last issue, and what you can expect
                                                                                        Our messages were broadcast loud and
In all our calls with you over the                                                      clear across television, online news
spring and summer to check in,               2020 Election Campaign:                    editorials, We Build magazine, industry
learn about your challenges and              SKCA brought your messages                 newsletters, social platforms, personal
opportunities in this pandemic, one          front and centre                           emails, and more. We experienced
thing was abundantly clear; we need                                                     some great successes:
                                             SKCA made a lot of noise in this
to get better at telling our story. That’s   provincial election campaign, getting in   • SKCA held a virtual press conference
why this issue is themed “Hope”,             front of members, political figures, and    highlighting our industry issues,
highlighting all the things that we          the public. The messages we pushed          cementing our position early in the
have to look forward to in the coming        were based on member priorities:
year, including member successes and         no exemptions for prompt payment,
opportunities, and reminding you             supporting local, growing the economy,     •	SKCA obtained and published party
of what our advocacy efforts do to           and improving public procurement             responses to our questions on policy
enhance your success.                        practices. More details on each can be       issues pertinent to members;

    Certify your
    Certify your

    Learn more about the
    trade qualifier pathway
    to certification.
    Find out if your tradespeople
    qualify to challenge their
    journeyperson exam today!


10SCA  We Build
    SASKATCHEWAN    - Winter
  December 15
  1/4 Vertical Page Full Colour
  3.375”W x 4.625”H
•	SKCA sent members weekly               What’s are the next steps for            SKCA has been encouraging
  elections updates and explainer vlogs   Prompt Payment to come into force?       Saskatchewan to stay open
  on our policy messages and how
                                          We’ll be developing a dedicated online   for business
  they could be involved;
                                          portal where people can go and find      SKCA is part the Saskatchewan
•	SKCA provided members with door-       out what their rights are and what       Business Council (SBC), a strong
  knock flyers and sharable statistics    steps they need to take to launch        voice of over 30 business groups
  for use when interacting with           an adjudication. This will include       and chambers across the province.
  candidates;                             educational videos, fee structure, and   The group has publicly announced
                                          a contract position to manage the        its support for the Government of
•	Members sent letters to their local    administration of the Authority.         Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 restrictions
  candidates using our automated
  letter-writing tool; and

•	Our social media campaign reached
  over 320,000 Saskatchewan
  residents, gaining over 470,000
  impressions, and 500 clicks.

Now that the campaign is over,
what’s next?
We’ve sent the congratulatory letters
and requests for meetings with each
of the MLAs. We’ll be watching out for
this new government’s priorities and
what the cabinet shuffle will mean for
members. Our priority focus will be on
the latest creation of a new ministry,
a combination of SaskBuilds, Priority
Saskatchewan, and Central Services.
This is a huge step toward efficiently
coordinating procurement policies
across government.

Prompt Payment:
SKCA has begun setting up
the adjudication authority
As part of our election campaign, we
pressured the government to commit
to an enforcement date of no later
than April 1, 2021, and to remove any
                                                         Aggregate Productions - Asphalt Paving
exemptions to the new law. Over the
                                                 Concrete    HighwayProductions
                                                         Aggregate       Construction   - MajorPaving
                                                                                    - Asphalt    Exavations
course of the fall, we’ve been building
up our list of industry-experienced            Site
                                                             Highway   Productions
                                                                      - Underground - Asphalt
                                                                         Construction Utilities Paving
                                                                                        - Major Exavations
experts to serve as adjudicators in              Concrete
                                               Site          Highway
                                                    Development          Construction Utilities
                                                                      - Underground     - Major Exavations
the “Authority”, which is the process                 200 Cory
                                               Site Development  Road
                                                        Aggregate -Productions
                                                                        Underground  1880  Winnipeg
                                                                                   - Asphalt
that will determine the outcome of                Saskatoon,Highway
                                                 Concrete     SK S0K 0A2              Regina,
                                                                                       - Major SKExavations
                                                                                                   S4P 3C2
                                                      200 Cory Rd.                         Winnipeg  St.
any prompt payment disputes. The                       306-653-2711
                                                Martensville, SK S0K 0A2                  306-949-0399
                                                                                    Regina,  SK S4P 3C2
                                               Site Development
                                                      200 Cory Rd. - Underground1880  Utilities  Installation
                                                                                           Winnipeg  St.
response has been excellent so far.                   306-653-2711                      306-949-0399
                                                      200 Cory SKRd.
                                                                  S0K 0A2             Regina, SK S4P 3C2
                                                                                      1880 Winnipeg   St.
                                                 Martensville, SK S0K 0A2               306-949-0399
                                                                                      Regina,        We Build – winter 2020 – hope 11
                                                                                              SK S4P 3C2
                                                      306-653-2711                      306-949-0399
                                                      200 Cory Rd.                    1880 Winnipeg St.
In all our calls with                                 and urged the public to consider the
                                                        irrevocable consequences of what
                                                                                                 continuously striving to better engage
                                                                                                 with architects and engineers to

  you over the spring                                   a total lockdown would mean for          bridge the gap between designers
                                                                                                 and builders and offer avenues for
                                                        our economy, in a time where such
  and summer to                                         extreme measures are not necessary.      two-way communication and genuine
                                                                                                 collaboration. Similarly, it is our
  check in, learn about                                 What’s next for Saskatchewan             purpose to lead industry engagement
                                                        businesses during the pandemic?          with public and private sector owners
  your challenges and                                   If the government and our medical
                                                                                                 on the procurement file, ensuring

  opportunities in this
                                                                                                 member companies have the best
                                                        professionals determine a lockdown is
                                                                                                 possible advantage when it comes to
                                                        necessary, we will oblige. Until such
  pandemic, one thing                                   time, we will lobby for businesses and
                                                                                                 finding and winning local work.

                                                        construction sites to stay open for as   Finally, expect to see a lot more from
  was abundantly clear;                                 long as they can accommodate the         SKCA in terms of sharing industry
                                                                                                 statistics, developing an economic
  we need to get better                                 restrictions in place: mask up, follow
                                                        hygiene protocols, socially distance,    dashboard, reports on the conditions

  at telling our story.                                 and stay home if you’re sick.            necessary to improve private-sector
                                                                                                 investment in Saskatchewan, and
                                                        In 2021, SKCA will be working to         opportunities and challenges faced
                                                        ensure you have more opportunities to    by Saskatchewan’s key industries and
                                                        build relationships and find the work
                                                         GRAVEL               ROCK
                                                                                                 the role that construction can play in
                                                        you need to be successful.
                                                                 supporting their growth.

                       As well as the items above, we’re SAND    Together,TOP
                                                                          We BuildSOIL

                                                   SCREENING & CRUSHING           GRAVEL ROCK
  Cara Dawn Transport (2019) Ltd.               GPS      MATERIAL           PLACEMENT
                                                                                 SAND TOP SOIL
                                               GravelGRAVEL • ROCK
                                                              rock • Sand            • Top Soil             SCREENING & CRUSHING
                                                                                     SAND    TOP SOIL
                                                                                        ScreeninGPRICES  & GPS
                                                                                   SCREENING & CRUSHING
                                                                                                               MATERIAL PLACEMENT
                                                                                      GpS MaTerial
                                                                                     MATERIAL              placeMenT
                                                                                                             GREAT PRICES
                                                                                                                GREAT SERVICE
      • Winch Trucks • Trombones • Lowbed Combinations up to 48 Wheeler
                          • Stepdeck, Hiboys, Double Drops

                                                                                     GREAT PRICES
                 • Canada/US Bonded Carrier including Alaska/NWT
            • 25 Acres Yard Storage, Fence & Cameras • Full Load/LTL
        • Forklifts • Large Loading Dock/Hiboys, Stepdecks and Beavertail            GREAT SERVICE
                            • Pilot Car & Hot Shot Service

   306-721-8888 • Toll Free: 1-800-723-3342 • Fax :1-866-840-5118
      www.caradawntransport.ca • main@caradawntransport.ca

 Full Showroom with Products Samples at 310 - 6th Avenue East

                                 • Commercial     • Carpet Binding
                                 • Industrial     • Hardwood Installation
                                 • Residential    • Concrete Restoration
                                 • Installation   • Concrete Grinding
                                 • Repair         • Floor Preparation
                                 • Restoration    • Flooring Removal

          310 6th Avenue East, Regina, SK S4N 5A4
  P: 306-781-7770 | F: 306-781-3091 | E: caltec@sasktel.net

CSBP14 HalfPgAdvantageSteelAd1.3_Layout 1 14-05-14 10:20 AM Page 1

            SAND BLASTING
             & PAINTING

                                                             Specializing in Industrial Coatings and Linings
                                                             We’re ready to meet any of your protective coating and lining needs.
                                                             We can work on your site or in our facilities, with large shops
                                                             (60,000 sq ft), 40 acres of yard space, and cranes and forklifts on site.
                                          Western            • Protective Coatings                  • Shotcrete
                                                             • Protective
                                                             •             Coatings
                                                                Plant Maintenance                   • •Spray
                                                                                                        Spray Polyurethane
                                                                                                               Polyurethane Foam Insulation
                                          Canada             • Plant Maintenance                      •Foam   Insulation
                                                                                                        Fire Proof Coatings
                                                             • Shop and Field Service
                                          since 1968         • Shop                                 • •Fire
                                                                                                        NACEProof  Coatings
                                                                                                               Certified Inspectors on Staff
                                                             • Tank and    Field Service
                                                             • Tank
                                                             •       Lining
                                                                Environmental      Containment      • •NACE   Certified
                                                                                                        Industrial Standard Quality Program
                                                                                                       Inspectors on Staff
                                                             • Environmental
                                                             •                  Containment
                                                                Industrial Fiberglass                 • IS Networld & COR
           Saskatoon, Saskatchewan                                                                  • Industrial Standard
                                                             • Industrial
                                                             •  ConcreteFiberglass
                                                                                                       Quality Program
   306.931.2820                 office@csbp.ca               • Concrete
                                                                             Steel                  • IS Networld & COR
           www.csbp.ca                                       • Structural
                                                               Abrasion Steel
                                                             • Abrasion
                                                                            and Tile
                                                                Lining Systems
                                                                          and Tile Lining Systems
                                                             • Shotcrete

   It’s best to test.
   Asbestos exposure is the number
   one cause of work-related deaths in
   Asbestos can be found in over 3,000 different
   products manufactured up to the mid-1990s,
   such as vinyl flooring, plaster and loose-filled
   vermiculite insulation. When tiny asbestos fibres
   get airborne, they can get into the lungs and cause
   severe damage over many years.
   If you think there is a risk of asbestos, test for    Learn more at:
   it to protect yourself and your co-workers.           worksafesask.ca/asbestos

                                                                                                                        We Build – winter 2020 – hope 13

2021 Economic Recovery
Opportunities and
By Darla Lindbjerg, MBA, CCE, C.Dir | Senior Strategy Advisor, Prairie Sky Strategy

Many people in Saskatchewan have            In every situation, there’s an             results in the cost of borrowing being
experienced one of two extremes in          opportunity. Many of the opportunities     cheap in the near future.
2020. On one side, there is a large         coming out of 2020 depend on
                                                                                       On the negative side, the more dollars
swath of our population that have lost      decisions made by our elected officials.
                                                                                       that are created, the more our currency
their jobs, closed their business doors,    First, we know that the Bank of
                                                                                       is devalued, and therefore, the daily
and are struggling day-to-day. On the       Canada, like all central banks around
                                                                                       goods and services we rely on will
extreme other side, a narrower swath        the world, is currently printing money
                                                                                       increase in price. Negative interest
of individuals and businesses have          to infinity and beyond. Our federal
                                                                                       rates may sound appealing, and if you
seen the best year they’ve ever had.        government has allowed this to happen
                                                                                       are living on debt, they are. However
The challenge is that not many fall in      through fiscal policy. The Bank of
                                                                                       negative rates haven’t been successful
the middle.                                 Canada has used monetary policy to
                                                                                       in stimulating economic activity in
                                            lower interest rates to historic levels    Japan and Europe. Denmark and
A shocking reality is hitting many as
                                            and are on the verge of taking these       Sweden have now begun pulling
our economy has been shut down for
                                            rates negative, following others like      this monetary policy back. If central
a second time, mortgage forbearance
                                            Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark,        banks continue moving toward the
has come to an end, and mass currency
                                            Sweden. There is a positive and a          creation of digital currencies and
creation is taking place, which is
                                            negative side to this unlimited money      negative interest rates are in place, it
affecting our purchasing power. What        printing and the current stagflation       will create a challenging environment
you don’t hear much about is the            we are experiencing: a combination         for savers, as negative interest rates
possibilities for our economy.              of stagnant economic growth, high          will effectively siphon money out of
We are a resource-based economy             unemployment, and increasing               consumer savings accounts and act as
and, therefore, we have many things         inflation.                                 an additional tax on the general public.
going for us, including a new wave          On the positive side, it means that
of investment that will begin flowing
                                                                                       Additional opportunities in
                                            you’ll see significant dollars being
                                                                                       2021 to watch for
into the resource sector, low fuel costs,   moved into infrastructure spending
and investment of public dollars into                                                  1.	Liquidation of assets into the market
                                            by governments and debt creation in
infrastructure spending. I would argue                                                   will create a buying opportunity for
                                            the form of loans to consumers. Why
that Saskatchewan people are some                                                        those who have cash set aside or by
                                            would loans be positive? Because we
of the strongest, most resilient, and                                                    using cheap debt to purchase them.
                                            operate in a Keynesian economy − debt
hardest working in the world. This is       is what drives our economic growth,        2.	If things get worse before things get
not the first or the last economic crisis   and currency creation drives inflation.     better in 2021, food will become a key
that our economy will face. Often, we       The combination of low interest rates       challenge. As an agricultural centre,
can’t control what comes at us, but we      with the value of our debt being            Saskatchewan stands poised and
can control how we respond to it.           reduced through currency devaluation        ready to respond to this challenge.


The people of Saskatchewan must move forward, together. It is important that we do not do this rashly,
but with accurate information/data, prudence, and wisdom.

3.	The precious metals sector is moving   The people of Saskatchewan must           will emerge from this period in history
  in an upward trajectory due to           move forward, together. It is important   with an enhanced degree of patience,
  lower input costs and high demand        that we do not do this rashly, but with   a depth of valuable experiences, and
  as industrial metals, a form of          accurate information/data, prudence,      renewed sense of strength.
  money and an increasing popular          and wisdom. If we do this right, we
  store of value. Saskatchewan has
  opportunities to leverage our mining
  sector and build prosperity for our
                                               SERVING REGINA & AREA SINCE 1956
Important considerations for yours
and your children’s future                           • LUMBER • PLYWOOD • BUILDING SUPPLIES
1.	Elect the right people into office                 • BUILDERS HARDWARE • ROOF TRUSSES
 at all levels of government −
                                                             • INTERIOR DOORS & MOULDINGS
 individuals who understand how
 the global market works and how              • DOOR HARDWARE • METAL ROOFING & SHEATHING
 we as communities, provinces, and                  • SHINGLES • WINDOWS & DOORS • FENCING
 a country can leverage it, not be
 leveraged by it.
                                                 • DECKING • INSULATION • LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

2.	Ensure we have the right policies in
  place to attract investment into our                                                     With a variety of
  province and make Saskatchewan
                                                                                          trucks to meet all
  the best place to build and expand a
  business.                                                                              your delivery needs!
3.	Get educated, be aware, and hold                                                     1737 Dewdney Avenue, Regina
  your policy makers to account. With
                                                                                       197 Victoria Avenue, Fort Qu’appelle
  all the money printing and stimulus

                                                                                     FREE ESTIMATES
  packages being created around the
  world, someone must pay for it.

  There are two ways to pay for this
  debt: direct taxation by governments

                                                                                     WE DELIVER!
  or indirect taxation through
  significant inflation on the products
  and services we purchase. To date,
  governments have chosen inflation
  through money printing, which

                                            Just F TL it
  makes their debt cheaper. Both
  methods will be painful − combining
  these methods and employing
  both at the same time would be
                                                                                                         We Build – winter 2020 – hope 15

2021: Change-Resilient
Organizations and Workforces
By Collin Pullar, President,
Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association

As 2020 draws to a close and we begin to turn the calendar to                                  will help inspire business and consumer confidence while
2021, I believe there are several things to look forward to.                                   encouraging investment in capital projects and new homes.
                                                                                               Our construction businesses rely heavily on the ability to
Naturally, like most people, I am hoping for an effective
                                                                                               physically work together. We’ve been fortunate to be able to
therapy, and ultimately a vaccine, to the coronavirus, and I am
                                                                                               continue this work, and I’m optimistic that our industry will
encouraged by recent positive news in that area. I’m looking
                                                                                               be the major catalyst to pull our economy forward after the
forward to an eventual safe return to live gatherings such as
                                                                                               pandemic eases.
sporting events, conferences, and meetings.
                                                                                               I also hope we continue to see more women gaining strength
While we’ve certainly learned that we can get many                                             on our worksites and in our boardrooms, and that some of
things done through collaboration tools like Zoom, there                                       the issues that have been exposed around systemic racism
is always a higher level of connection when we have a                                          during the pandemic are translated into long-term and
chance to meet in person. While online meetings are likely                                     positive change. I hope more and more leaders recognize
to be a part of business for years to come, it will be nice                                    that being different and unique can drive change and
when we can collaborate with the benefit of seeing facial                                      the innovation that our builders have been known for. A
expressions more clearly, sharing meals, and having side                                       thoughtful and practical cultural shift toward diversity and
conversations. Work can be a serious place, and I’m looking                                    inclusion can drive bottom-line profit by sparking innovation,
forward to a few moments of play in those relationships. It                                    increasing productivity, reducing turnover, improving
will be great to do business like that again, and I think that                                 safety, increasing market share and customer base, and

                             FNPA and its Board of Directors would like to welcome Mr. Guy
                             Lonechild to the position of Chief Executive Officer.

                             Mr. Lonechild brings a wealth of experience, leadership capacity
                             and network which will greatly benefit our General and Industry
                             Members seeking renewable energy projects.
                                       FNPA and its Board of Directors would like to welcome Mr. Guy
                        The Renewable Energy sector will redefine Canada’s energy landscape - representing a significant economic
  FNPA is a 100% opportunity
                    Indigenous-led    advisor
                                to Canada’s
                                 Lonechild      and
                                             Indigenous          representing
                                                        people. New
                                                      the    position           both Indigenous
                                                                     green infrastructure
                                                                          of Chief                   and businesses,
                                                                                          will drive new
                                                                                         Executive        Officer.investments, jobs
                    and training for all Canadians and hold the potential to redefine the economic landscape for many Indigenous
  industry leaders in the development of environmentally preferred power generation projects.
                        communities. These communities will be impacted by renewable energy developments throughout their Reserve,
  With over 1,300 MW
                            projects   underterritories;
                                traditional   development      nationally,
                                                         proactive         FNPAis and
                                                                   engagement          its membership
                                                                                   essential to supporting necessary approvals and
                                Mr. Lonechild
                   maximizing economic    outcomes—forgingbrings     a wealth
                                                              our pathway          ofopportunities.
                                                                           to powerful
  provide extensive power development expertise with a mandate to promote, develop, and
                                                                                        experience, leadership             capacity
                                                                                                                       Colin     Penner, Vice President
                                and     network
  implement capacity for Indigenous business interests   which     will  greatly
                                                                in theofenergy
                                                         In the spirit
                                                                         partnership  with FNPA,
                                                                                                  our   General      and   Industry
                               Membersdiscoverseeking     renewable
                                                    the possibilities        energy
                                                                      and become       projects.
                                                                                 a Member   today!          Mladen Kisin, Sales Development
            To help power the pathway  to acontact ourfuture,
                                             greener   Membership
                                                              become  Manager to discuss
                                                                         a Member        your project needs
                                                                                     today!                 mladen@penntruss.com
                           our Membership
                                Renewable     Manager   at ragecoutay@fnpa.ca.
                                                   Energy       sector will redefine Canada’s energy landscape - representing                                   a s
                          FNPA Team:                                                                     Contact us:
  FNPA Team:                      opportunity to Canada’s Indigenous people. New green Box
                          Guy Lonechild - Chief Executive Officer                                          Contact
                                                                                                         Phone:     infrastructure
                                                                                                                    us: 418; Saltcoats,will
                                                                                                                                       Sk drive  new businesse
                          Rebecca    Agecoutay - Membership  Manager – Membership Manager      Phone: 1-855-359-3672ph:  1-306-744-2403
  Guy Lonechild – Chief Executive
                                  and training for all Canadians and hold the potential to redefine the economic landscape fo
                                  Officer           Rebecca Agecoutay
                          Jenna Gall - Community Energy Project Manager
                                                                                                         Email: info@fnpa.ca
                                                                                                  Email: info@fnpa.ca
  Jenna Englot – Community Energy Project Manager Darren Huculak – Business Manager, Alberta
                          Darren Huculak - Business Manager, Alberta                                     www.fnpa.cafax: 1-888-432-1891
  Christina Swan – FinanceJai     communities.
                           & Operations
                              Roberts - Coordinator          These
                                                    Tanya Project
                                        Renewable Energy  Grondin         communities
                                                                  – Administrative
                                                                  Manager          Coordinator will be impacted by renewable
                                                                                                                                 energy developments throug
                                                                                                                    web: www.penntruss.com
                                Treaty and traditional territories; proactive engagement is essential to supporting necess
                        Christina Swan - Finance & Operations Coordinator

16 SASKATCHEWAN CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION   economic outcomes—forging our pathway to powerful opportunities.

                                                                                                   In the spirit of partnership with FNPA,

enhancing reputation. Anyone involved in Canada’s                 like today? Many of us have exhibited grit, mental toughness,
construction industry – from the jobsite to the boardroom         and flexibility over the last few months, developing personal
and everywhere in between – can benefit from a broader            and professional resilience, which will help us to “bounce
understanding of the impact diversity and inclusion has on        back” more easily.
the industry, and the important role they play.
                                                                  Change and setbacks had become a way of life in 2020.
Further, I look at the way we’ve been interacting with            While I hate to state that hard times make for better people,
computers over the last several years, and I believe that these   future employees and employers will deal with stress with a
information sets are making us better and smarter. One            different set of strategies and skills to approach change in the
can look at a normal business tool like a chart or electronic     future.
dashboard and retrieve amazing insights that weren’t always
readily accessible.                                               In some ways, 2020 was an awesome opportunity. I know
                                                                  many of our members used changes to their workforce mix
Today more people know how to access valuable training            as an opportunity to be more hands-on in some areas of their
opportunities from an internet-connected device without
                                                                  operations, finding efficiencies and cost savings along the way.
having to leave their homes or offices. From that perspective,
it has never been easier for leaders to construct a safe, high-   When it comes to thinking about 2021 and looking to the
quality work environment. I believe that making targeted          future, I will quote Winston Churchill: “I am an optimist. It
improvements to a business and working with a better trained      does not seem too much use being anything else.”
workforce can make every business safer and more profitable.
                                                                  While acknowledging several organizations experienced a
Business leaders often talk about the need to build “change-      huge shock in 2020, I believe several trends and events set
resilient” organizations and workforces. Has any living person    in motion in 2020 will make businesses better and stronger.
experienced a time of worldwide change and transformation         Grow strong and keep safe.

    Building a
    Cansel is your #1 choice in
    lasers, locating equipment
    & field supplies.

    Architecture | Construction | Engineering | Geospatial | Natural Resources | Utilities
    Easier to use, easier to buy. Shop our new online store.                                   www.cansel.ca | 1.888.222.6735

                                                                                                              We Build – winter 2020 – hope 17

Adaptation and Innovation:
Looking Forward to 2021
Dr. Larry Rosia, President and CEO,
Saskatchewan Polytechnic

It is likely that the COVID-19 pandemic will go down as one of   point to a number of positives, which are based on the lessons
the most disruptive events in human history. No one wants a      learned during the pandemic. They include:
repeat of 2020. Yet, it was a year where we saw the amazing
adaptability and innovation of people and organizations. This    Improved organizational readiness and agility
was certainly the case at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, which        Despite the negatives of the pandemic, we saw that people
transitioned to a remote learning and work environment           and organizations, particularly businesses, can demonstrate
within a matter of days when the lockdown took effect in late    agility and resiliency to meet challenges − and do so quickly.
March.                                                           The result is that organizations are in a much better position
                                                                 to face future disruptions (including pandemics). This will
Given recent developments on the vaccine front, there is
                                                                 serve us well in 2021 and beyond.
reason to believe that the year 2021 is one that Saskatchewan
can look forward to with anticipation. Already, the signs        Think about how your own organization pivoted to meet

                                           S A S K AT C H E WA N | M A N I T O B A

        BOXX Modular                       PH:   306-569-0055

        Mobile Construction Site Solutions
        A BETTER WAY
        With our large fleet of Office Skids, Lavatories and Complexes,
        tailored to your specifications, we are well equipped to make your job
        site comfortable and productive. Ask us about furnishings and other
        ancillary job site services so that you can focus on the task at hand!

        Learn more at www.boxxmodular.com

        Contact us for a customized solution for your next project.

       2501 Gottselig Road, Regina, Saskatchewan S4X 4C6 306–569–0164
         Ernest Ledi: eledi@boxxmodular.com www.boxxmodular.com

I believe we can all agree that things will be forever different once the pandemic is over. This
means that while there’s no going back to things the way there were, the prospect of charting a
new course brings hope for a ramp-up in economic activity.

the needs of clients and stakeholders. I suspect there was                                                 around the world suffer from depression. Additionally, more
increased collaboration among your teams to find innovative                                                than 260 million are living with anxiety disorders. Many
solutions to challenges. Even though we couldn’t be together,                                              people live with both. The pandemic only exacerbated these
we realized that we truly are all in this together.                                                        for many. However − and this is the positive we can take
                                                                                                           into the new year − the pandemic reminds us how important
Increased tech literacy and awareness                                                                      nutrition, exercise and sleep are to both mental and physical
Because many organizations were forced to work from                                                        heath. While each of us handles stress differently, even
home, technology took on even greater importance. Video                                                    simple things such as taking a quick walk between Zoom
technology is a prime example, with an explosion in the use                                                meetings can have a positive impact on one’s day − and
of services like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams.                                                         therefore health.

The pandemic has shown how critical digital technology                                                     Economic recovery
and digital skills have become to our operations. As
                                                                                                           I believe we can all agree that things will be forever different
individuals and employers think about reskilling and
                                                                                                           once the pandemic is over. This means that while there’s
upskilling, tech literacy and awareness will continue to be
                                                                                                           no going back to things the way there were, the prospect of
priority areas in 2021.
                                                                                                           charting a new course brings hope for a ramp-up in economic
At the same time, the pandemic also probably exposed where                                                 activity.
tech weaknesses exist within organizations and where                                                       While many economists predict it will be late 2021 before
future technology investments must be made. If you have not                                                we see it in full, economic activity is likely to increase
already made these investments, what better time than 2021?                                                throughout the year. Travel and leisure activities will pick up
                                                                                                           and so will spending as pent-up demand to visit our favourite
Heightened awareness of the importance of good mental health                                               stores, restaurants and entertainment venues is released.
Let’s face it: 2020 was a stressful year. Not only did we                                                  As a result, we’ll see more people working and a lower
experience fear and anxiety about the new coronavirus                                                      unemployment rate. These are all positives for our province,
itself, the lack of answers to questions and the uncertainty                                               particularly for the construction sector.
surrounding the pandemic was stressful as well. In short, the
                                                                                                           Throughout human history, we have seen great periods of
pandemic served to remind everyone of the important link
                                                                                                           advancement following huge disruptive events. It’s my hope
between one’s mental health and one’s overall health.
                                                                                                           that we are on the cusp of another period of advancement
Even before COVID-19 surfaced, the World Health                                                            that begins in 2021 and that everyone reading this is ready to
Organization reported that more than 300 million people                                                    seize the exciting opportunities that await.

   Architectural Hardware                                    Hollow Metal/Wood Doors & Frames
   Automatic Door Operators                                  Lockers & Miscellaneous Specialties
   Access Control Systems                                    Toilet Partitions & Washroom Accessories
   Operable Walls                                            Consulting & Specifications
   Wall Protection                                           Installation & Service

  REGINA: 306-522-1675 • SASKATOON: 306-931-0122                                                                                               PROUD PARTNER


                                                                                                                                                               We Build – winter 2020 – hope 19

Building a Strong Saskatchewan:
Our Record-Breaking Infrastructure Plan
By Michael Harrison, Special Advisor Communications,
Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement

The Government of Saskatchewan has           Record setting investment drives           To achieve this, the Ministry of
launched one of the most ambitious           economic growth in Saskatchewan            SaskBuilds and Procurement’s
infrastructure investment programs                                                      infrastructure procurement program
                                             Infrastructure investment of this
in Saskatchewan’s history: a two-                                                       now features community benefits as
                                             magnitude will not only ensure
year, $7.5 billion capital plan to build a                                              an important scored element in the
                                             vital projects are being funded
strong Saskatchewan and stimulate the                                                   procurement process. With community
                                             across Saskatchewan, but it will also
                                                                                        benefits, points are awarded to vendors
province’s economy. This investment          help boost and sustain economic
                                                                                        who commit to hiring local labour and
includes a $2 billion “booster shot” in      recovery over many years and
economic stimulus funding designed           benefit multiple sectors. A 2019
to get Saskatchewan workers and              PricewaterhouseCoopers study noted
                                                                                        Fast-tracking the benefits
companies back to work as quickly as         that $1 spent locally generates $1.51 in
                                             total economic output for the province     As part of the stimulus package, a
                                             compared to $0.39 generated by out-of-     $2 billion booster shot is being fast-
The infrastructure program includes          province suppliers.                        tracked for quick investment to drive
several major projects such as the Lake                                                 economic recovery. To date, $1.34
                                             To further bolster the economic            billion has been ear-marked for large
Diefenbaker Irrigation Expansion,
                                             benefits of this significant program       infrastructure projects, and another
the Prince Albert Victoria Hospital,
                                             for Saskatchewan people, earlier           $395 million will be allocated in the
the Weyburn Hospital, the Ministry
                                             this year the Government of                near future.
of Corrections and Policing Remand
                                             Saskatchewan committed to ensuring
Centre in Saskatoon, as well as dozens
                                             that public sector procurement benefits    Investing in communities and
of smaller maintenance and renewal           Saskatchewan’s local economy to the        leveraging investment
projects in communities around the           greatest extent possible.
                                                                                        Other infrastructure stimulus funding
                                                                                        dollars are also being rapidly injected
                                                                                        into local economies. The $150 million
                                                                                        Municipal Economic Enhancement
                                                                                        Program is supporting an impressive
                                                                                        1,361 projects in 736 Saskatchewan
                                                                                        municipalities, coordinated by the
                                                                                        Ministry of Government Relations.
                                                                                        The Ministry of Highways and
                                                                                        Infrastructure has dedicated $300.5
                                                                                        million in infrastructure stimulus
                                                                                        funding to projects that include:

                                                                                        • Upgrades to 325 kilometres of thin-
                                                                                         membrane surface highways;

                                                                                        • 24 to 26 new sets of highway passing


• Rehabilitation of at least 100 RM roads   will be announced to oversee this work.       • Boost personal incomes by $23.5
 when combined with our existing                                                            billion by 2040.
                                             Phase One of the project is estimated
 municipal roads program; and
                                             to cost $500 million, including the           The Government of Saskatchewan
• Improvements to community airports.        rehabilitation and expansion of the           will work with the Prime Consultant
                                             existing Westside canal system. Phase         to ensure due diligence on the
Saskatchewan has also asked for
                                             Two will add 260,00 acres of irrigation
additional support under other federal                                                     environmental impact and pursue
                                             near Macrorie, Milden, Zealandia, and
infrastructure programs, including the                                                     comprehensive consultations with
                                             farther north to Delisle and Asquith.
Canada Infrastructure Bank and the                                                         First Nations, and other affected
Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation           Phase Three will see the buildout of the      communities.
Fund.                                        Qu’Appelle South Water Conveyance
                                             Project, adding another 120,00 acres          Investing today in Saskatchewan’s future
Making history through                       close to the communities of Tugaske,
                                                                                           Overall, the Government of
expanded irrigation                          Eyebrow, Marquis, and into Buffalo
                                                                                           Saskatchewan’s $7.5 billion stimulus
One of the most exciting projects is the     Pound Lake. The Moose Jaw-Regina
                                                                                           program provides a historic chance for
Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Expansion        corridor and southern Saskatchewan
                                                                                           the province’s construction companies
announced by the premier in July             will have a secure source of water for
                                                                                           to participate in an unprecedented level
of 2020. This is the single largest          the next century and act as a catalyst
                                             for industrial expansion.                     of capital spending and investment. It
infrastructure project in Saskatchewan’s
                                                                                           represents an opportunity for a made-
history worth an estimated $4 billion        The economic benefits of the expansion
over 10 years. Once complete, the                                                          in-Saskatchewan plan overseen by the
                                             project are impressive. According
expansion will irrigate up to 500,000                                                      expertise of Saskatchewan people for
                                             to a report by Western Economic
acres of land – more than doubling the                                                     the benefit of Saskatchewan people.
                                             Diversification Canada, it’s estimated
current irrigable land in Saskatchewan,      that this one project alone will:             We look forward to working with our
supporting crop diversity and food
                                             • I ncrease Saskatchewan’s GDP up to         construction industry partners over
security while building a more
                                              $83 billion over the next 50 years;          the next decade as we build a stronger
climate-resilient economy for future
                                             • I ncrease tax revenues up to $20 billion   Saskatchewan together.
                                              to support public services;
Construction is expected to take place                                                     For more information on these
                                               reate 22,700 years of employment           infrastructure projects contact
over the next decade in three main
                                              per year over 10 years;                      Sheldon Brandt, Director,
phases. An immediate $22.5 million will
be invested in preliminary engineering       •C
                                               reate 27,800 person years of               Integrated Capital Planning, at
and construction. A Prime Consultant          employment; and                              sheldon.brandt@gov.sk.ca.

                                                                                                                We Build – winter 2020 – hope 21

Pivoting Business Operations
to Come Out on Top in 2021:
A Member Success Story
By David Robinson, Director,
Acara Glass & Aluminum Ltd.

To say 2020 has been a rollercoaster would be an                   Generally speaking, the amount of construction work has
understatement, and we’re not at the end yet. But there have       slowed down. If you look at building permits year-over-year,
been a few silver linings despite everything going on. For         commercial permits have dropped significantly − almost half
starters, while we feel for those who have been mandated           − while residential permits have been steady. The reason?
to close, we here at Acara Glass & Aluminum have been              Over the summer, everyone went crazy with backyard
fortunate to be allowed to stay open for business, and we’ve       renovations and landscaping. Stores were sold out of many
taken every opportunity we can to stay that way.                   items such as outdoor fireplaces, and patio furniture was
                                                                   selling like hot cakes.
When COVID-19 first struck, as a full-service glass and
aluminum company, we quickly realized partitions to                As winter sets in, I predict that people will be spending more
separate people in businesses would be in high demand. We          time indoors and not going on vacations. I believe we will see
rapidly started coming up with different solutions, such as        a transfer of spending move from the backyard to the inside
rolling partitions to put in-between tables at restaurants,        of their homes − not just renovations for the sake of updating
pre-assembled desk partitions, and permanent applications          space, but also to create a second workspace, a home gym, a
where we use hardware to fasten them onto the counter.             daycare, and so on. With the number of offices switching to
Every situation was unique, and we had to be flexible enough       virtual, this posed a golden opportunity for Acara, and we’ve
to accommodate the need, and nimble enough to get the              decided to launch a separate company to focus on residential
job done quickly. The customer responses to these designs          work.
have been positive, but the innovation doesn’t stop there; we
                                                                   Sometimes in business, it pays off to take a risk and strike
continue to build on the design, find ways of making them
                                                                   while the iron is hot; 2021 will be a year of change, after all.
sturdier and more aesthetically pleasing. We have the right
team in place, as well as a balance of creative geniuses and       Our new company, Moda Glass Works, will be focused on
organizers who keep us in line and on track.                       custom glass shower and tub enclosures, glass railings,

                                                                                                                            • Concrete
                                                                                                                             • Cladding
                                                                                                                              • Framing
                                                                                                                               • Drywall
                                                                                                                              • Millwork
 Head Office: (306) 651-1272
 F (306) 651-6013                                                                                                    • Custom Homes
 E: sales@prairiecrane.com                 cranes up to 500 tons                                                           • Additions
                                                                                                                        • Renovations
 with offices in regina,                                                                                           • Windows & Doors
 saskatoon, edmonton                                                                                                   INSTITUTIONAL
                                                                                                                    • Site Containment
 38 Capital Circle,                                                                                                  • Infection Control
 Saskatoon, SK                                                                                                           • 24 hr Service
                                                                                                                  • Large Renovations
 S7R 0H4| Canada                                                                                                     • Small Patchwork
                                                                        PH: 306-934-5588 • WWW.CANDORBUILD.CA

When COVID-19 first struck, as a full-service glass and aluminum company, we quickly realized
partitions to separate people in businesses would be in high demand.

custom mirrors, and glass wall partitions for home gyms or      had to take a step back and really look at Acara’s company
offices. The operations, communication, and expectations        structure to move it forward in the next three to six
are different than commercial customers, so we’re putting a     months. Acara follows a business management system
lot of time and effort in developing the strategy into how to   called the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS),
best serve this market.                                         which teaches a tool called the Accountability Chart. The
                                                                Accountability Chart ensures that you have the right people
“Moda” means trendy, style, and vogue, and it should be
launching in December 2020. Acara has been in business          in the right seats, meaning they share your core values

for 32 years and is known as a commercial glazier, so this is   and have the skill, talent, and knowledge to do their jobs

a big change for us. But we’re ready for the challenge: our     well. With the changes to our business, we need to ensure

team has the skill set to do residential work, and we have      everyone fits the new criteria. Aside from the structure,
done it for customers if they’ve requested it. Now we’re        we’re also looking at a few other areas EOS focuses on, such
ready to take it to the next level. Having this new company     as processes and our financial numbers, to make sure we’re
will cause less confusion for customers and give us more        still standing once this chaos is over!
reason to focus on this operation.
                                                                Have the right team in place, look for the opportunities, and
Lastly, in conjunction with the slowdown in work, we’ve         − most importantly − don’t be afraid to take them.

                                                                                                          We Build – winter 2020 – hope 23

Tax Strategies Critical to Returns
in Real Estate and Construction
Provided by MNP

Today’s challenging market conditions      strategic component that can influence      • Additional taxes on foreign
have had a direct impact on the real       how you evaluate an opportunity              investments and vacant residential
estate and construction industry.          and how you structure your evolving          units
Market trends are changing as baby         investment.
                                                                                       Specialized tax knowledge and
boomers retire and millennials
                                                                                       experience can help you navigate the
continue to rent for longer than           The Tax Maze
                                                                                       tax maze and improve your real estate
previous generations. The cost of land     Whether you build, own, or operate          and construction ROI.
has skyrocketed, and the economic          real estate, various taxes come into play
growth outlook has become uncertain.       and have an impact on each project.         Top Three Tax Practices
Greater tax complexity has also            Although tax should not drive business      To ensure your results are optimized,
become the new normal, shifting how        decisions, its function has a significant   consider these three key steps to
we view investments in real estate and     role in determining your return on          managing taxes:
construction. Companies operating          investment (ROI). These taxes include:
                                                                                       Make Tax a Priority from the Start
in this industry are faced with the
                                           • New capital gains taxes                   — Whether you have an in-house
challenge of having to adopt new
                                             axes on profits from sale of             tax department, rely on external tax
approaches to generate the desired rate
                                            constructed properties                     advisors, or employ a mix of both,
of return.
                                                                                       include your tax advisors early on
Making the most of your investment         •G
                                             oods and Services Tax (GST)/             in your process. They understand
includes planning for tax at every          Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and             your goals and can provide guidance
stage. Tax has become a significant         property taxes                             in structuring your investments to
                                                                                       mitigate risks and minimize taxes. It is
                                                                                       always more efficient to consider tax as
                                                                                       part of the overall plan, rather than at
                                                                                       the final stages.

                                                                                       Employ the Right Set of Skills — Tax
                                                                                       complexity has been a growing trend
                                                                                       in Canada, along with rising tax
                                                                                       burdens. Consider your needs from
                                                                                       every angle — planning, structuring,
                                                                                       obtaining financing, paying your taxes,
                                                                                       and reporting. Ensure the professionals
                                                                                       you hire have the capability to work
                                                                                       collaboratively as a team to achieve
                                                                                       your goals.

                                                                                       Think of it in the same way you think
                                                                                       of a construction project: various
                                                                                       experts, such as engineers, architects,


Whether you build, own, or operate real estate, various taxes come into play and have an impact on
each project. Although tax should not drive business decisions, its function has a significant role in
determining your return on investment (ROI).
environmental experts, and others,            payout, the right tax strategy can         component in getting the returns for
working together to build a final             help you create a structure for your       your business and achieving the goals
product. The right set of advisors take       business and for specific investments      you want. There is no one-size-fits-all
a holistic approach and customize your        that will work for you in the long term.   tax solution, and having the right set
solution to add value to your bottom                                                     of advisors who help you plan from
line.                                         Conclusion                                 the start will help you optimize your

Embed Tax into Your Strategic Plan            Tax planning can be a critical             opportunities.

— Whether you are planning the long-
term growth of your business, your               For more information please contact
retirement, or an intergenerational
transfer of your business or estate, tax
is a critical component. The long-term
value of your business or wealth can
be significantly impacted by the tax
planning you include in your overall
strategic plan.

Transition Planning
Another issue private company
or family business owners should
consider is estate planning. You may
assume the next generation will                     Josh Shankowsky, CPA, CA                      Jaymon Hill, CPA, CA
succeed you in operations; however,                     Tax Services, Regina                     Tax Services, Saskatoon
this may not be part of their long-                         306.790.7931                              306.664.8371
term plans. If multiple children are                 Josh.shankowsky@mnp.ca                        Jaymon.hill@mnp.ca
involved, how they work together
can be addressed in advance and any
potential conflicts can be avoided.
Strategic planning in this area is critical
                                                 Custom Metal Fabrication
and should be done well in advance               For Commercial, Industrial, and Residential
from both a family harmony and tax
                                                 Whether you need a prototype
perspective. Waiting until retirement            or a full production run of a
or a potential sale is too late.                 custom product, ECCO’s highly
                                                 skilled craftsmen, using the latest
Transition of a business can also bring          technology, can provide you with
further tax complications that may               exactly what you need.
significantly reduce the value of your           Please contact us for estimates
business assets. A solid tax strategy            or more information.
can structure your organization
and investments in a manner that
                                                                            311 70th Street East, Saskatoon, SK S7P 0E1
will more efficiently achieve your
                                                                            Ph: 306-651-0711 • Fax: 306-931-6833
succession goals. If, alternatively, you
want to sell your business in the future                                    www.eccosupply.ca
or ensure it can give you an adequate

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