Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

Huey’s Hideaway CHILDREN’S MUSEUM Annual Report

Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

Who benefits from Huey’s Hideaway Children’s Museum? families on scholarship membership thanks to Lakeside Financial Consultants, Inc. Family Member Scholarships 5754 764 178 217 86 16 daily admission as of November 12, 2019. guests participated on our field trip events. total membership accounts over the past three years Campers conducted events and special programming *** Free Admission and Community Events not accounted for in totals.

Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

Director’s Update Since taking on the role of Executive Director in May of 2018, Huey’s Hideaway Children’s Museum striven for sustainability while meeting the needs of our community in alignment with our mission—to inspire children, connect families and build community through exploration, creativity, lifelong learning and play.

As we move into the future, enhancements in automation and self-service will enable the Museum to continue to serve local children and families while remaining viable for many years to come.

With fun, educational, family-oriented and affordable-to-all programming, due in part, to a scholarship program made possible by Lakeside Financial Consultants with the Flora Family, Huey’s Hideaway is dedicated to serving the families and residents of north-central Wisconsin. Located in downtown Medford, the Museum’s interactive exhibits let visitors explore new ideas and expand their imagination. Huey's Hideaway opened its doors on June 8, 2017, through various successful campaigns and fundraisers that helped turn an old apartment and commercial space into a wonderland of discovery for nearly 6,500 learners and counting.

Since first coming together, the Museum’s Board of Directors, with area volunteers, has raised nearly $468,000 as of October 24, 2019; with the largest donation of $100,000 being granted by the Memorial Member Association. We are also thrilled to report our progress in developing Huey’s Hideaway’s new, expanded outdoor learning environment. In 2019, Taylor County generously gave $20,000 to jump-start the project. The Taylor County Forestry Department also donated trees and labor. Their in-kind donation of nearly $2,000 included white spruce, sugar maples, red maples, red oak, white oak and white birch to be planted in the outdoor space.

We are so incredibly thankful to be part of a County that supports projects like ours.

Our outdoor expansion and natural playground officially broke ground this October with plans to add Huey’s Clubhouse, sponsored by Time Federal Savings Bank; Huey’s Pergola, sponsored by Abby Bank; and our Outdoor Amphitheatre, sponsored by Marathon Cheese, in Spring 2020. With the help of Peoples Choice Credit Union, we added a new character and friend for Huey. This partnership will enable our team to publish a children’s book in early 2020 with a second book to follow with an additional character, Clicky, sponsored by TDS.

Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

We estimate that the entire expansion project will cost $156,550 over the next several years.

To date, the Museum has secured $103,800 in committed funds, with $71,300 paid and $60,500 in remaining pledges pending the next five years. Our overall five-year goal is to raise $268,000, which should effectively leave the Museum without a mortgage moving forward. The Museum’s expansion will address the growing prevalence of “nature deficit disorder” among children in our area—a troubling lack of engagement with nature, especially for kids living in city spaces. The results of numerous studies confirm the dramatic and worrying consequences of the current situation: children today spend half the time their parents did playing outside, and the average American child spends five to eight hours a day in front of a digital screen.

These behavioral changes have resulted in physical health problems including obesity, mental health issues and children’s growing inability to assess risks to themselves and others. But, there’s a solution. Outdoor classrooms are proven to enhance cognitive abilities, improve eyesight and nutrition, support creativity and problem solving, reduce stress, minimize symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and improve academic scores. These positive outcomes of nature therapy address several Taylor County priorities for a healthier community; including better behavioral health, obesity prevention, and the development of healthy and safe environments.

Huey’s Hideaway’s expanded outdoor exhibit will be the only children’s museum green space of its kind in the entire State of Wisconsin—offering the rare opportunity in this digital age for students to return to nature. Outdoor programming will be influenced by the Museum’s seven indoor exhibits that explore areas such as conservation, agriculture, STEAM fields, and everyday social skills, and will expand upon these foundational subjects.

Educational topics will also be delivered through a variety of programs including lectures, workshops, classes, and camps with themes such as “Green Handed Gardeners” and “Nature Rangers.” By offering off-campus programming—which includes events at traveling trunks, expos and local fairs—Huey’s Hideaway brings these opportunities into the community where families can be engaged in novel and diverse ways. The new outdoor space will expose children to the science all around us—from the plants in our greenhouse and gardens to the butterfly life cycle and various tree species that are planted within the space.

Outdoor exhibits will help children develop skills related to technology, problem solving, creativity, self-expression, drama, and art, as well as mathematical and spatial reasoning.

Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

Programming is intended to inspire children to explore—not just at Huey’s, but also in their own backyards—as they develop a lasting, positive relationship with nature and their own curiosity. Further, the outdoor space will address a critical, growing problem throughout Wisconsin: food insecurity. The expansion will offer extra room to explore, play and learn while also providing locally-grown produce which can be used to educate and fuel our learners. With this space comes the potential for food pantry donations, camps related to food production and urban farming, and revenue from the sale of produce and goods grown in the proposed future greenhouse and gardens within the city lot adjacent to the Museum in downtown Medford.

While our area boasts opportunities to explore nature in forests, parks and community gardens where children can interact with their surroundings and others, very few children have the opportunity to learn freely within a safe environment that has been specifically created for their enjoyment and development. Some daycares and educational institutions allow for similar experiences, but many do not happen organically or alongside caretakers or parents. At Huey’s Hideaway, we want parents to not only enjoy watching their children play, but also to engage with them and help expose young people to the power of play, healthy eating and nature.

Overall, our strategic goals for the outdoor learning environment are to increase traffic, revenue and programming opportunities to further our mission of building community. Maintaining long-term financial sustainability is a primary operational objective of Huey’s Hideaway, as we strive to develop revenue-generating ventures to enhance access to this valuable resource for years to come. The Museum hopes to maintain a variety of summer programs to meet the needs of children and families in Taylor County. Huey’s Hideaway also hopes to serve visitors from surrounding communities to contribute to the local economy and function as a valuable educational asset for areas that lack these critical learning opportunities.

Sincerely, James G. Stokes Executive Director Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

Membership Information Overview Income Overview Expenses Overview 10.7% 89.3% 20.3% 76.6% 4.4% 10.1% 12% 3.8% 68.4% 32.61% 32.30% 17.59% 5.75% 5.44% 25.96% 19.04% 12.19% 8.66% 6.67% 6.63% 5.42% Accounts w/ membership Accounts w/o memberhsip Current paying members Accounts on lifetime/one-time billing Accounts on free membership Accounts with no renewal date Accounts past due Birthday Party Membership Family Basic Membership Family Plus Membership Summer Family Plus Membership Grand Invididual Lifetime 158 19 32 1 4 121 1 108 6 7 19 16 16 Business Donations Fundraising Events Income Grants/Foundations Daily Admissions Income Membership Group & Individual Donations Other Income 37,073.70 36,716.00 20,000.00 6,541.56 6,187.45 1,759.80 1,439.81 Gift Shop Camp Income Field Trip Birthday Parties Rentals (Room, Bounce House, etc) Commission Amazon Smile Income 1,245.76 1,014.48 934.72 573.99 96.80 66.73 21.44 Coordinator/Director Wages Outdoor Space Temp Wages Fundraising Events Expenses Repairs & Maintenance Interest Paid 8,736.82 6,730.97 6,687.47 Special Events & Programming Indoor Exhibit Expenses Advertising & Marketing Insurance Depreciation 3,078.13 2,871.49 2,631.97 2,025.90 1,350.00 Utilities 5,468.46 Annual Recurring Revenue (current paying members) $3,880

Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

Our Donors Gifts received 2016-2019 $100,000 $10,000-24,999 $5,000-9,999 Memorial Member's Association of Aspirus Medford Central WI Plumbing, Heating & Electrical, Jim Jakel Nestle Pizza Division Nicolet National Bank Taylor County Sportsman's Club Sierra Pacific Industries Medford Cooperative Fourmen's Farm Home Stacy Retterath Taylor County (Powerline Money) Bob and Tammy Koontz Family of K2 Electric Brian and Steph Nicks of RATT's Drywall and Construction AbbyBank Story Grant Friends of the Downtown Kiwanis Club of Medford People’s Choice Credit Union Weather Shield Community Benefits Lisa & Justin Olson and Brost Farms City of Medford Hotel Dean & Sue Emmerich Family Delta Dental Jake and Katie Emmerich Family Medford Area Chamber of Commerce and Medford Area Development Foundation Nicole & Jesse Lukewich Family Paul and Sandy Lukewich Royal Credit Union The Star News Time Federal Savings Bank $1,000-4,999 CoBank Dave’s Showcase James Peterson Construction E&M Dittrich Mink Ranch AnnMarie Foundation Brian & Elaine Hallgren Brandner Dairy Dic-Wisco Farms JTP Farms MAES Student Rope Hop 2016 Mcdonalds of Medford Rand’s Trucking TDS WADAL Plastics WKEB/WIGM Coop Transport, LLC SuperValu Borealis Wellness Clinic Brian Brenda Hedlund Dave Kenyon Kemps Leonhardt Family MASH Building Construction Students Spring 2017 Nicks Truck Repair Pro Designs - Mike and Beth Baker Family Reflections, Jensen & Son's Asphalt and 8th Street Restaurant & Saloon Susan Emmerich Taylor Electric Walmart Professional Dairy Producers Foundation Wanke Builders Adler Clark Electric Land O'Lakes Mid-Wisconsin Foundation Fund Pleasant Valley Properties Town and Country Breakfast Committee Handel Motors Donna & Dave Klinner Dixon Greiner Realty Personal Donations - Emmerich Family Memorial Mrs.

Keefe's 6th Grade Activity Period 2015-2017 CHS Seeds for Stewardship Deloris Larson Enerquip Forward Financial Bank Gelhaus Dental Taylor County Tourism United FCS MAES Student Change Drive 2016 UNK Borders; Marsha Nice Boarders Inn Bob Lange Brian and Julie Rodman Broadway Theatre Clint & Lisa Carbaugh Family of Anita Dittrich First Impressions Gary and Yvonne Budimlija J & J Landscaping Joel Langdon of JJ's Woodcraft John & Kay Marshall Judy Kuse & Melva Keefe Lee Noland M & G Leasing Medford Area for Tomorrow, Inc. Medford Police Department and Taylor County Sheriff's Department Melvins Mike Beebe $50-999 Graff Law Taylor County Association of Co-Ops Gowey Abstract & Title Company, INC Lakeside Financial Consul.

Inc Laurie Peterson, LJP Insurance Agency Medford Area Public School District T&C Water Systems Len Hamman (Adult Night) Star News Tracy Jo Ziehlke Forest Springs Megan Bruggink Little Black Mutual Insurnace Earl & Chris Finkler

Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

Current Outdoor Design Projects - 2020 Clubhouse Playground

Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

Current Outdoor Design Projects - 2020 Nest Houses Learning Center

Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum

About Us Volunteering Huey's Hideaway will be located in downtown Medford. Here are all the things Huey's Hideaway aspires to be: fun (at the core, a children's museum should be fun, that is how children learn best) educational (the museum will work with local educators to be sure exhibits and programming are aligned with current education standards) family-oriented (we want this to be a place where families can go to make wonderful memories) affordable (we offer a variety of payment options & scholarships to make a membership obtainable for all) Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that opened its doors on June 8, 2017 through various successful campaigns and fundraisers.

Further fundraising and drives have collected funds, donations, and volunteers to help turn an old apartment and commercial space into a wonderland of learning.

  • Volunteer Requirements
  • Friendly, reliable, flexible and energetic
  • Age 16 or older (if under 18, applicant must have guardian's consent)
  • Consent to a background check Volunteer Opportunities
  • Special Events
  • Educational Program
  • Visitor Services
  • Other If you're interested in volunteering please print & complete both volunteer forms below. Drop it off at Huey's, 317 S. Main Street, or mail, PO Box 63 Medford, WI 54451. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at or call 715.748.4839.
  • Donate your time and talents to help make a difference for families who visit Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum each year. Job Opportunities Cleaning Can you help Huey’s make a great first impression? Huey’s Hideaway Children’s Museum is in need of a cleaning every week for approximately 2-3 hours. As needed cleaning for the following:
  • Windows
  • Vacuum
  • Mop/Sweep
  • Trash Removal
  • Furniture, Mirrors, Pictures
  • Light Fixtures
  • Window Sills
  • Organizing & Exhibit Straightening
  • Dusting
  • Bathrooms To apply, please contact POWER KLEAN via their contact page: or call 715.748.5576
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