Hutchinson Arlington Lester Prairie Silver Lake

Hutchinson Arlington Lester Prairie Silver Lake

Hutchinson Arlington Lester Prairie Silver Lake

SPRING 2019 In my youth, if my mother needed milk, bread, or some other grocery item she would send my sister and I off to the neighborhood store on our bikes. Since the store was only a few blocks from our house she would send us with a few quarters or maybe a dollar to bring home the needed grocery item. Often times some pals would join up along the way and ride with. The family that owned it either lived above or behind their store and they took turns as cashier taking pride in keeping up their store. If we were lucky there might be a dime or two change left, which meant that we could buy a bottle of pop to share on the trip home.

These were much simpler times, you could ride your bike all day and a parent wouldn’t worry about your safety as long as you were home in time for supper! When the Co-op purchased and re-opened the gas station in Silver Lake we branded it the “Corner Market”. I wanted to convey that same sense of safety, cleanliness, honesty, friendliness, fair values, and family owned, in the name, signage, and appearance of the store. Something that the community residents could also be proud of. Our store manager, Trisha has done a terrific job of choosing employees and training them to exemplify these same core values.

As a result, many of her employees have remained with us for several years. I’ve taken some good natured ribbing when we opened Corner Market, people would joke, “why the name Corner Market? It isn’t on a corner, heck the Corner Market is barely even on a curve!” Why did we choose that name? I must confess the name has kind of worked. The past five years this store has consistently met our sales and performance goals. In July of 2018 a customer accidentally installed a drive through in the East side of our Adams Street convenience store. This store had maintained the current look for over 30 years.

Because of the building’s age we could no longer match up the brick on the face of the store. Although we could have repaired it relatively close it would always look like we applied a patch to a tired building. Because of the tiredness of the building and not being able to match the old brick the board approved an investment into a facelift that would mirror the Corner Market brand that we have started in Silver Lake. Here again, our former manager Lee and current manager Sydney have done a terrific job of exemplifying our safe, clean, wholesome brand in both our image, and in the employees that they have chosen to work for us.

It made total sense to bring that consistent level of service and consistency of our brand to our customers. By the time that this reaches your mailbox our Adams street remodel should be complete. As I write this letter it causes reflection about the quality and trustworthiness of employees throughout our organization. We certainly have a great mixture of veteran leaders and enthusiastic young employees that share the core values of our mission statement and code of conduct.

Our agronomy department has recently had some significant turnover. With several new employees that have joined the team, the talent and enthusiasm is un-mistakable. We fully understand that 2019 will be a year to prove our worth after losing some veteran personnel. The next steps will be to supply this team with quality equipment, and support personnel to deliver on time and meet expectations. Fortunately our team of operators remain relatively intact. Presently we have upgraded a couple of application machines and we have a butt for every seat. Our focus before spring hits is to work with our staff to overcome all the challenges that lie ahead, and we can only hope that Mother Nature decides to cooperate as well.

  • Please plan on attending the Co-op’s annual meeting on April 10th, 2019. It is an opportunity receive management reports which recap the past year plus gain our evolving vision of the future. The meeting begins at 10:30 am and concludes with a luncheon at the VFW. There will also be an election to fill one director seat. I hope to see you there! Mike Hutchinson AGRONOMY, C-STORE, SERVICE STATION ELEVATOR, BUSINESS OFFICE, BULK FUELS Arlington AGRONOMY Lester Prairie AGRONOMY Silver Lake CORNER MARKET Spring 2019 Hutchinson
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  • Volume 13 No. 1 Manager’s Message MIKE CONNER General Manager
Hutchinson Arlington Lester Prairie Silver Lake
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  • SPRING 2019 Under Construction! I know everyone’s been curious and asking a million questions about what’s going on outside the store! Back on July 4th someone ran into the side of the building. Since then there has been a piece of plywood covering a very large hole, which has prompted a lot of questions. Surprise! All because of that accident, we are getting a whole new face lift, say goodbye to our old-school brick and hello to a new modern look! We want to thank Richard Larson Builders, they were out there in below zero weather and snow working away. Come check it out, we are very excited for everyone to see the new look!
  • While you’re here checking out the new look, stop inside and see all the new products! I have still continued to fill the store with new items and merchandise. BANG is the newest and most popular energy drink, its flying off the shelf and we carry all 15 flavors including the coffee flavors! Come try it! I have also improved on our hot breakfast items. We now have donut and pancake sandwiches with sausage and cheese in-between, YUM! On another note, I think we are all sick of winter, it has been never ending this year! If we ever see spring, come in and get your car cleaned up! Get all that salt and dirt off! We offer three different car washes you can choose from:
  • Silver Wash is $7.00, which provides undercarriage spray, presoak and highpressure wash, spot free rinse and dries!
  • Gold wash is $8.00, which includes everything in the silver wash, plus triple shine conditioner and clear coat protectant.

Platinum Wash is $9.00, which includes everything in the gold wash, plus a deluxe wheel scrub and rain shield protectant. SYDNEY SEVERSON C-Store Manager We would first like to start out by saying Thank You to you our patrons of Hutchinson Coop/Corner Market for the support you have given us. This July we will be open for 5 years now. Wow where has the time gone. What a change it has been in those years being able to have a Convenience Store close by for your needs without having to drive miles to go get. Would also like to Thank our great staff we have, without them and the great work they do to serve you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Corner Market now offers New England Fresh Brewed Coffee. We offer 2 different kinds, Breakfast Blend and Dark Roast. Come in and enjoy a nice Fresh Brewed Coffee today. Don’t forget about our selection of bait and tackle from Ken’s Bait we have inside the store and outside in the Bait Vending Machine. The Bait Vending Machine is a 24-hour service that takes cash or credit cards for those late night or early morning fisherman. Thank You TRISHA ZAJICEK Corner Market Store Manager

Hutchinson Arlington Lester Prairie Silver Lake
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  • SPRING 2019 My name is Mandy Dammann and I currently reside in Glencoe on the family farm with my husband Matt and our two girls Jurney, who is 11 and Paizley, who is 4. My brother Bill Gebhardt and I are the third generation on our family farm. We raise corn, soybeans, hay, and some small grains. We also run a small beef cow/calf and feedlot operation. Currently I am a member of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, American Quarter Horse Association, and the North American Draft Horse Association. In the past I have also been a member of the McLeod County Mounted Sheriff’s Posse. My favorite hobby is spending quality time with my family. When I’m not hanging out with the family you can find me horseback riding, gardening, canning and running our small scale farm with our team of draft horses.

I am qualified to be a member of the Hutchinson Co-op board because Growing up on a dairy and crop farm, my parents taught me the values of loyalty and dedication. These values, I believe are important in many aspects of our local business organizations. The management positions I have served in the past included Roadhouse Coffee Shop, Full Throttle Services, and currently our farm have given me valuable skills including, but certainly not limited to, team work, communication, adaptability, understanding, marketing, and leadership. I am honored to be a candidate for the board of directors and I hope to work with all of you in the future.

Voting can be done by getting a ballot from Tina Huebner at the business office located at 1060 5th Ave SE, Hutchinson or she can mail you out a ballot. You can reach her by calling 320-234-0577 or toll free 800-795-1299. In order to vote you must be an agriculture producer who has done $5000 dollars worth of agricultural business in 2018 with the co-op that ties you with the “at risk of farming”.

You will then be given a ballot to vote and your vote will go into a sealed envelope marked “ballot” on the outside with your signature on the envelope. Your ballot will stay sealed until the tellers at the annual meeting open them at election time. My name is Randy Knott and my wonderful wife Jan and I live near New Germany. Currently I am running the family farm which is about 340 acres. On those acres I grow corn, soybeans, and raise beef cattle. On average we feed out about 20-30 Holsteins a year. We have three beautiful children, Jennifer, Heidi, and Andrew. When I’m not farming you can find me fishing, hunting or spending time with our energetic grandchildren.

I am qualified to run for the board of directors because I have owned and operated the family farm for the past 35 years, and do all my business with the Lester Prairie Fertilizer plant. Currently there are no members on the board around the Lester Prairie area so I am hoping to bring some insight from the area on how Hutch Co-Op can better serve their patrons and community.

Candidates Running for the Board Mandy Dammann Randy Knott ABSENTEE VOTING If you are unable to attend the annual meeting you may still cast your vote. YOU MAY VOTE UP UNTIL 5:00PM ON TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 2019 Thank you Lynn Mackedanz for the past 18 years you have served on the board!

Hutchinson Arlington Lester Prairie Silver Lake
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  • SPRING 2019 We have a program for accounts that charge and/ or prepay that allows us to monitor your propane tanks and fill them called Regular Schedule Delivery. With this program we average your usage and fill your tank when our Degree Day Calendar says you are due for a fill. This is only an estimate of when your tank might need to be filled. We need our customers to watch your tanks and let us know when it gets to 30%. There are a lot of variables that can change your usage that we can’t account for like wind, many cloudy days in a row, change of appliances, and change of usage by the customer. This program is designed to only work for homes or businesses that use propane as your only heating source. This will not work for dual source heating. We have no way of knowing when you are heating with propane or your other source. This causes inconsistent propane usage and we cannot tell when you need your next propane fill. That is why we recommend the tank monitor system for dual source heating. If you are on Regular Schedule Delivery you STILL need to monitor your tanks and let us know when you get to 30%. There is an application you need to fill out to get on or off of the RSD program.

If you are selling your home we need to know as soon as possible so we can get the new owners signed up for propane service. Want a more efficient fleet or farm? Put a better diesel fuel in the tank. Now is the perfect time to make the switch to Cenex® Premium Diesel Fuels. They’ve been enhanced to support today’s diesel equipment technologies and ensure consistent performance in all engines, both on and off the road. Newer engines operate under high temperatures and pressures that can literally “cook” typical #2 diesel, resulting in fouled fuel that can damage engine parts.

Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels help prevent these problems. Plus, they’re formulated to optimize performance with a complete, quality, balanced additive package that:
  • Improves fuel economy by as much as 5 percent*
  • Increases power by up to 4.5 percent*
  • Boosts fuel lubricity 10-15 percent*
  • Lowers maintenance costs*
  • Extends life of injectors/injector pumps*
  • Has a typical cetane number of 48 *Versus typical #2 diesel fuel This year has proven to all of us what a real winter in Minnesota can be like. It can be challenging for people on fixed incomes or fixed budgets. Every summer all home heating customers receive a letter explaining the different heating programs. I encourage those who can’t afford to prepay to look at the budget option. It makes it a lot easier for both you and me, we can fill your tank instead of bringing out minimum drops as that what works in your budget. You start paying ahead in the summer so when the get into the heat of the season you don’t have to worry about a big heating bill. We have for the past 10 years offer automatic withdraw from checking accounts, so there is no forgetting to mail in a check. Our policy on home heat is previous delivery needs to be paid in full before next delivery is made. This winter for some that can be two delivery in one month. Please watch for the mailing, if you have any questions and would like to know more about it you can email or call me anytime. Tina Huebner Assistant Manager 234-0577 direct line DIRK SCHUMACHER Energy Division Manager Regular Schedule Delivery Program (RSD) Budget Plan for Heating New Key Drop located at the Service Station!
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  • SPRING 2019 For the following set purposes:
  • To receive the report of the Officers and Association
  • Election of one Director LUNCH
  • DOOR PRIZES Joseph Tauer, Secretary/Treasurer Please RSVP by calling Hutch Co-op 1-800-795-1299 or 320-587-3079 Notice of Annual Meeting To the Stockholders of the Hutchinson Cooperative WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2019 10:30 A.M. at the VFW 247 1st Avenue SE Hutchinson, MN Unleaded 88 now available-- New Blender Dispensers were installed as of December 2018. Four new blender dispensers were installed at our Hwy 7 West location and customers now have several different grades of gasoline/ethanol blends to choose from, they include:
  • 87E -Unleaded
  • 91E -Premium
  • Unleaded -88
  • E-85
  • E-30
  • E-50
Hutchinson Arlington Lester Prairie Silver Lake

Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster premium diesel fuel provides excellent performance for all off road hightech engines, including those that meet the Tier IV EPA emission standards. It contains an industry leading balanced additive package that works to prevent injector fouling and filter plugging which helps to minimize costs and down time. Cenex FieldMaster diesel is computer injected at the terminal to ensure that all quality specifications are met. With the biodiesel mandate this is a great way to insure that you always have fresh fuel for your equipment. Minnesota’s biodiesel mandate percentage changes from 5% during the winter months to a mandatory 20% this spring.

Look for the Green/Black dispenser located on the west side of the station with the Ruby Fieldmaster label. Bulk DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) available 24 hours a day. Hutchinson Co-op Service Station offers Diesel Exhaust Fluid 24 hours a day located by the diesel islands for your convince. The 24-hour Pay at the Pump dispenser eliminates the need to purchase DEF in plastic containers. No pouring, spilling, or lifting of heavy containers. If you are a member of the Hutchinson Co-op and using DEF in your Ag production we have the capability of making up local in-house credit cards that will record and track your purchases for your farm operation.

Stop in or contact Dean if you have any questions. Spring Tire Sale April 22nd - May 11th, 2019 The Hutchinson Co-op Tire department is having its annual Spring Tire Sale with big discounts on passenger and light truck tires. The entire line of Eldorado tires will have reduced prices during this sale along with other automotive and light truck tires. The Cenex Tire personnel are ready to assist you with any of your tire needs to keep you and your family traveling safely. Check out our website,, contact us by phone 320-234-0420, send an email to the tirecenter@hutchcoop. com, or stop by the tire department for any of your vehicle tire needs.

Lawn Care Spring has finally arrived and most of us can’t wait to get out outside and start working on our lawns and gardens. Maintaining a beautiful healthy weed free lawn can be done very easily, and is inexpensive when the correct fertilizers and weed sprays are used and applied at the proper time. Weed control needs vary with the type of weather received, hot dry conditions in May or June normally leads to a larger crabgrass problem, during the hotter days of July and August we tend to see more clovers and weeds starting to show up. Stop by this spring and let the Hutchinson Co-op Station personnel show you what products we carry so that you can enjoy a thick beautiful weed free lawn.

  • Congratulations 2019 Graduating High School Seniors I want to personally thank our High School seniors who are employed with the Hutchinson Co-op Service Station. Your attitude, commitment and willingness to serve our customers, learn our products and services that we provide at the station, are greatly appreciated. Good luck after graduation. Station Manager, Dean Brehmer Service Station News DEAN BREHMER Service Station Manager PAGE 6
  • SPRING 2019 Fast, easy, clean oil change FAST LUBE Hutchinson Co-op 320-234-0416 1110 Hwy. 7 W., Hutchinson Open M-F 8-5, Sat. 8-12 © 2018 CHS Inc. Cenex® is a registered trademark of CHS Inc. MN-Biodiesel B-20 Mandate Important Dates:
  • April 1, 2019 – April 15, 2019 10% bio mandate
  • April 16, 2019 – September 30, 2019 20% bio mandate
  • October 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 5% bio mandate
Hutchinson Arlington Lester Prairie Silver Lake
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  • SPRING 2019 Buy 12 get the 13th for FREE Valid only on 30lb bags. Sale good through 4/13/19. Available at 1110 HWY 7 West, Hutchinson Adult $39.95 Large Breed Adult $41.95 NurtiSource Hutchinson Co-Op Automotive Air Conditioning Special $99.95plus tax with Coupon
  • Inspect Condenser, Compressor & Hoses
  • Check AC Systems for Leaks
  • Recharge System to Labeled Capacity (up to 2lbs Freon)
  • Verify Performance
  • For Automotives and Tractors Only Are you ready for summer? Contact Jordan @ Cenex Co-op 320-234-0414 Not valid with any other offer, if your system requires additional Freon, parts or supplies extra fees will apply. Coupon expires June 30th, 2019. HYDROTHAL GRANULAR IS AVAILABLE AT: Service Station (320) 234-0407 1110 Hwy 7 W Hutchinson Agronomy (320) 587-3229 1420 Adams Street SE Stop Weeds & Algae Enjoy Your Shoreline! HYDROTHAL GRANULAR is a selective, rapid-acting, contact herbicide and algaecide. Controls submersed weeds and algae in lakes, ponds, irrigationon canals and drainage ditches. Before applying,please consult your Lake Association or the DNR Tire Department
  • 320-234-0420 Service Station
  • Hwy 7 W, Hutchinson The full line of Eldorado tires will have prices reduced during the sale along with additional sizes in our Hancock tire line. Our Tire personnel are ready to assist you with any of your tire needs to keep you and your family traveling safely.

Roll on in for our annual SPRING TIRE SALE APRIL 22-MAY 11, 2019 BIG Savings on Passenger and Light Truck Tires NAPA Gold Filter Sale UP TO 50% SAVINGS Sale ends April 6, 2019. See Dean or Jeremy for more information ONLY $19.95

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  • SPRING 2019 Spring is coming and many of you will start the process of calving soon. As we all know, it is important to have proper nutrition for both the cow and calf. Hubbard has a wide range of products to meet the needs of all stages of the cow/calf operation. Hutch Coop and Hubbard Feeds works together to get you feeds to meet your specific needs. CRYSTALYX® BRIGADE® supplement is designed for self-fed feeding calves, growing cattle, and mature beef breeding cattle fed moderate to high protein forages. Brigade® is fortified with electrolytes and high levels of vitamins and trace minerals. This helps overcome nutritional stress associated with shipping, weaning, rapid growth rates, late gestation and early lactation. Self-fed consumption will depend on size of animals fed as well as quality, source and availability of other feeds. As chick season approaches, many of you will be ordering your chicks soon and have them delivered to the Coop. Remember nutrition is important to them as well. If you’re raising poultry, you know diet and health is a number one priority.

Hutch Coop has a great selection of poultry feed including Hubbard® Life Homestead® Poultry feeds. These feeds are made with only natural ingredients. They’re balanced with vitamins and minerals to encourage optimum growth and performance for your backyard chickens. Antibiotic free and animal protein free, Hubbard Life Homestead Poultry feeds are the wholesome way to provide excellent nutrition to your flock. The priority of our feed business is to make and recommend rations to fit the needs of the animals YOU are raising. We offer fine ground corn, coarse ground corn, mixed rations for most species.

We have very capable representation from Hubbard Feeds to assist us in getting a proper ration together for you. Please go to our website and click on the Hubbard and Famo links to see all the products available, product descriptions, and usage recommendations. Special orders for specific products can be made by giving us a call and please allow about 2 weeks for delivery. Please also give us a 48 hour notice on all feed orders, so we can plan out our days and get feed to you in a timely and efficient manor. We also carry a good supply of whole corn, cracked corn and oats to feed all your wildlife.

Come check out what we have to offer!

Neiman wood shavings have been high demand and unfortunately we had run out. We should have them back in our warehouse soon, until then we have Pine Products Please give us a call if we can help with any of your feed needs, call 320-234-0582. Feed Department Elevator Crew: Scott, Jess, and Duane $ 5.00 Off Each 250# Barrel of any CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplement Product This Coupon Only Valid at: Hutchinson Coop 1060 5th Ave SE Hutchinson, MN 55350 Ph: 320-587-4647 Coupon Expires May 31, 2019 Products Purchased: _ _ Name _ _ Address _ _ Signature _ _ Date _ _ Limit One Coupon Per Customer

Hutchinson Arlington Lester Prairie Silver Lake
  • While we increase our goals for producers to reach higher yields using quality seed and care for the crop during pre-plant, pre-emerge, postemerge, maturity, and harvest stages. While corn futures prices along with basis look to be fluctuating minimally, and the cost of inputs for producers having their hands tied. With the dairy industry falling apart in our surrounding areas and all of us hurting from low prices for all of our agricultural commodities, combined with never ending snow and frigid temperatures it can be hard to see the light at times like these. How can Hutchinson Co-op help? By getting you the best bang for your buck. Without our producers, there is no cooperative and with that in mind, I would like to discuss seed corn options. In the aspect of being price conscious, the seed variety you chose is not a place to cut corners. While looking into Enogen corn seed specifically, it does offer incentives whichever way a producer would like to take it. The USDA states about 40% of the United States corn crop goes into ethanol production, Enogen growers are eligible to receive a premium for grain delivered to a participating ethanol plant. There are also varieties that can be used for our homesteaders that have cattle on feed. Enogen hybrid feed corn has shown a 5% increase in feed efficiency in beef cattle and Enogen feed corn silage offering a 3-5% gain in potential income over feed cost. Keep your avenues and minds open to with what you can do to increase your profitability. We would like to help you with anything we can. Call or come in and we can discuss options on what we can offer you. PAGE 9
  • SPRING 2019 Most of us are happy to be finished with the challenges of the crop year of 2018, rain did not allow us to meet the potential of our crops in this area. We had an average crop at best in both corn and soybeans. 2019 has already had some winter challenges and we are only three months in! Most growers could not get to their bins in February, this gave us some good opportunity for some basis improvement and hopefully we can take advantage of this.

We all hope to see the trade dispute with China get resolved but so far that has not happened. This leads to a very bearish market for soybeans, we are looking at almost a 1 billion bushel carryover in soybeans going into next year. The only way that will be reduced is if we plant less acres, a lot less, and I don’t think that is going to happen. Exports are way down compared to other years, just adding to the problem. My point is we need to sell on the rallies as we go forward don’t wait to sell every bushel later hoping it will get better, it may not. Call me and get some sell orders in at the prices you would like to target.

2019 New crop soybeans are at about $8.50 and it is hard for me to encourage you to sell at these levels, when I know you cannot make any money. So let’s get some sell orders in at targets you are comfortable with, I would certainly encourage to at least start pricing at $9.00 cash if we ever get there.

The corn market is going to be hard to figure out, there is a lot of demand nearby for corn because the ethanol industry needs corn now. As I mentioned earlier no one can get to their bins right now, but will be able to reach them soon. As of right now the ethanol margins are very poor, so the demand could go away as well. The river market is weak so most sales are going to be in the Domestic markets. I looked at my bid sheets and we were paying $3.27 on Jan 31 and $3.21 on March 1, so we have been trading in a small range over the past several months. There is still a good carry into the spring and summer so let’s look at getting some priced or at least get the basis fixed on some bushels.

New crop corn seems to be the stronger of the two commodities, I have a lot of sell orders in at $3.50 cash, if we get there you should at least get started and go up from there in increments $3.55, $3.60 etc. We had a good harvest this fall, bushels were down from past years but we did manage to get the elevator full which was our goal. Our drying revenue was down from prior years, which was good for you because that means you were pulling dryer crops off the field. We got our new scale up and running just before harvest started and what a difference that made for getting you in out faster, it was a good investment, thank you for working with us on that.

I would like to welcome Jessica (Jess) Horkey to our grain and feed team, she will be running the elevator, Jess comes to us from Great Plains Renewable Energy, please welcome her to Hutch Coop. Thank You for your continued support. Grain/Elevator News DUANE SCHECHER Grain Divison Manager My name is Jess Horkey and I am from Sherburn, MN. I just recently moved to Hamburg after working at Green Plains Renewable Energy out in Fairmont. Before that I worked for CHS for 13 years in the grain and agronomy departments out in Kindered, North Dakota. I have two children Felicia who is 24 and Mathew who is 23.

I can’t wait to work with you all in the upcoming seasons!

Enogen Seed Corn KAYLA BAUMANN Tower Operator/Sales, Arlington Kayla was initially an intern at our Arlington location in spring of 2018. After Spring, she went back to school to finish her last semester of school. Kayla has an A.A.S Degree in Veterinary Technology and an A.A.S Degree in Agribusiness Service and Management with a livestock emphasis. Since then she is back in our Arlington location in sales and operations. Kayla has been in the industry throughout her whole life. Her favorite part about the job is learning/working with new products and learning how and why they benefit the customer.

In her spare time Kayla likes to spend time on her farm, help her kids with 4-H, along with sorting and barrel racing.

Hutchinson Arlington Lester Prairie Silver Lake

Farmers have been applying fertilizer to their land for many years. If you take a look back at the start, most of the fields were covered with one rate across the entire farm. With the changing soil types across the field and higher yielding areas of the field there may be a need for heavier fertilized areas as well as lighter fertilized areas. When testing a field you can often see these effects of one rate across the field by the higher yielding areas often being lower in fertility and the lower yielding areas having high fertility. In the high yielding areas the plants will remove more nutrients while the low yielding parts of the field will have excess nutrients due to plants not absorbing all the nutrients.

Variable Rate spreading (VRT) can help avoid these problems by applying more fertilizer were it is needed less where it is not. VRT’s advantage starts with the soil sampling. The sampling is done in a grid where every 2.5 sq. acres there is a core taken. The samples allow us to see the soil types, soil PH, soil fertility, and soil organic matter across the entire field. With this information we are then able to make a detailed prescription map to apply the correct amounts of fertilizer across the field for the fertility needs.

Variable rate spreading has shown to safe costs on fertilizer while maintaining field nutrient levels across acres.

By supplying the proper nutrients where it is needed it has shown to maximize yields in high producing areas as well as save costs in problem areas where yields have been low. Hutchinson Co-op has added one more variable rate spreader to our fleet to better serve our customers this coming spring and fall. In years past we have found it to be much more effective to variable rate your phosphorus and potassium in the fall and straight spread urea in the spring. This process makes for less stress in the spring time by doing single passes in fall and spring instead of double pass in the spring.

If you’re interested in implementing Variable Rate Technology on your farm or have some questions stop in and talk to a salesman at one of the locations in Hutchinson, Arlington, or Lester Prairie.

  • Variable Rate Technology PAGE 10
  • SPRING 2019 March has arrived and it’s hard to believe spring is fast approaching. There is fresh snow on the fields after a late February, early March snow fall, and temperatures certainly on the cooler side. Our agronomy operations team has been very busy preparing for spring with their rigorous maintenance program. This work is very critical in reducing down-time and improving efficiency when out in the fields. The sales and office staff have also been very busy helping growers prepare for spring. They provide their expertise with fertilizer recommendations, top quality products, and keep up to date on the constant trait platform changes.

We have added a 4540 VR spreader, 4440 Case IH sprayer, and a semi tender to help with our efficiency and busy spring work load. We have also added some new staff to assist everyone with any questions that may arise as the season gets started. Patrick Bock and Kayla Baumann in Arlington, Collin Olson and Jake Wendland in Hutchinson. I am also the new Agronomy Manager. I started in late November after 12 years in seed management and 16 years in agronomy retail sales, management, and operations. On the seed side of things there are once again some new and exciting traits getting approval. Enlist E3 soybeans represent the most advanced soybean traits on the market, with tolerance to new 2,4-D Choline as well as Glyphosate and Glufosinate.

With tolerance to three types of herbicides, Enlist E3 soybeans can be treated with Enlist One, or Enlist Duo herbicides. Both herbicides feature new 2,4-D Choline with Colex-D technology and provide superior control with very low drift and virtually no volatility. Enlist Duo herbicide is a blend of 2,4-D Choline and Glyphosate, allowing an additional mode of action in the fight against resistant weeds. We will be having some Enlist soybeans this year at a very limited supply. Visiting with some of the seed providers this could possibly be 50% of our beans planted in 2020.

Thank you for all your time and business.

I look forward in meeting everyone soon and helping you with all your needs. I wish everyone a safe and prosperous spring. Agronomy BRIAN DRAEGER Agronomy Manager COLLIN OLSON Sales, Hutchinson Collin is from Langdon, ND and has been working in the industry for about 8 years. He went to North Dakota State College of Science and graduated with a degree in Crop Production and Sales. His favorite part about the job is working with the growers. Collin enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time.

Crop Protection E3 Soybeans (Enlist) Exciting news was just announced at the time of this writing. E3 soybeans were finally approved for trade around the world with the final holdout being the Philippine’s granting permission for import. So, what does this mean for our growers? E3 soybeans are resistant to the Enlist brand of products that offer another tool to combat weeds in soybeans. Enlist brand of products contain a formulation of 2,4-D containing the Colex-D technology, thereby greatly reducing off target vapor drift. In addition to resistance to Enlist, these soybeans are also resistant to Roundup and Liberty.

This helps round out a package with 3 modes of action that may be used to combat the weed resistance issue we are facing in our fields. Another positive about the Enlist technology is that soybeans are naturally more tolerant to 2,4-D. This means that any off-target vapor drift will have nearly no effect on neighboring soybeans that are not E3. Always read and follow the label. Dicamba Soybeans (Xtendi) While this technology has been around the past couple of seasons, much has changed in the application technology. New for 2019 is the lifting of the restrictions due to temperature. This small change will allow a wider application window than what was available in 2018.

Another change to the label is the date of last use. For Minnesota, we are restricted by the date of June 20th. In addition, new federal labels also include a 45 day after planting restriction. This means that if you plant your soybeans on May 1st, your last day of applying your labeled dicamba product would be June 15th. One way that we can more effectively manage dicamba in our soybeans is to consider using these products in a pre-emerge program instead of post-emergence. Dicamba does have great soil residual control, and has been proven to be most effective on Waterhemp when used as a pre-emerge program.

Another item to keep in mind will be in-season label changes to the dicamba label. Do not assume that what you see now on the label, will be what it is at the time of application. You are required to include the latest label as part of your application record keeping, and maintain those records for 2 years. The application record needs to be done as soon as possible and no later than 72 hours after application. In addition, each and every field application must have its own record. A good rule to go by is: “if you fold up the boom on your sprayer”, a field record needs to be generated on that field.

Always read and follow the label.

Roundup and Liberty 2019 will also introduce another technology in soybean weed control. And that is the new traits in soybeans that are resistant to both Roundup and Liberty. (Enlist Soybeans and the upcoming Xtendflex are two examples.) Roundup and Liberty are two very powerful non-selective herbicides that will complement each other for weed control in soybeans. First off, it must be mentioned that, while you can use them together, the benefits of using them separately far outweighs the advantages of the combination.

To best evaluate, consider the strengths of Roundup as compared to the strengths of Liberty.

Roundup needs less water to be most effective, is highly systemic and excellent on grasses. Liberty requires higher water volumes to increase coverage, requires higher temperatures at application and is excellent on broadleaves. The two products complement each other quite well in a twoapplication system, but not when mixed together. Always read and follow the label. Premixes As we continue down the road of offpatent crop protection products, we are continually being bombarded by new crop protection premixes. These combination products can offer unique advantages over their standalone counterparts.

The most obvious is the ease of handling one product. Other advantages include formulation compatibilities and complementary activities. Another advantage is what is called synergistic expression. That is when the individual components of the mix are weak, but together they are very strong. Good advice is to contact your agronomist at the Hutchinson Coop to discuss any premix to determine if it is the right choice for your operation. The Hutchinson Cooperative Agronomy division has been evaluating many of the premix options available to determine how appropriate these premixes are to our area.

We will only recommend those products and premixes that have your best interest in mind.

Commitment We will commit to having our customers best interest in mind, always. When it comes to crop protection products, our local knowledge is put to use whether it is a weed, insect, or disease. With your satisfaction as a goal we will only recommend products or services that meet or exceed your expectations. Our business depends upon your success. Programs and Rebates Again, we at the Hutchinson Cooperative strive to have the best interest in mind when it comes to the different rebates from our suppliers. Where appropriate, we will make sure to inform our customers of any potential rebate that is due to them, for the program available.

We also automatically submit our grower sales to the manufacture representatives so your required action is minimal.

Inventory Fire Sale Over the course of many years we have continually introduced new and improved crop protection products as they became available. Because of this we have accumulated many products over the years that have fallen into disuse. All of these products are still excellent in performance, and perhaps better then current products in certain situations. We are looking at finding good homes for these products and willing to help your costs in the process. Keep in mind however, that supplies are limited and may not be able to cover all of your acres. Wanted Demonstration plots. We have heard from many individuals for the need to have demonstration plots to evaluate new products with existing products.

If you are willing to cooperate with such a plot please let us know.

  • PETE HALLBERG Lester Prairie Location Lead PAGE 11
  • SPRING 2019
  • PAGE 12
  • SPRING 2019 To Layer or not to Layer? That is the Question! We’ve all been there in the past. Come mid-June we get in and clean up our soybean fields with our post emerge spray. A week later we drive by and the field is looking nice and clean. You can hardly tell the sprayer was in there as the beans are flourishing and have filled in where the sprayer turned around on the edges. A couple weeks later you find yourself driving by that same field and you see Waterhemp starting to emerge past the canopy and it makes you cringe. Sometimes this makes us jump to the conclusion that the applicator made skips or the weed control failed to work. This has often led to many a confused and frustrated call to an agronomist or crop consultant. Most of the time what the conversation comes down to is what was used and why did it not work? All too often the answer to resolving this question is one thing, layering pre-emerge chemicals. From long before the day I started as a seasonal driver in the co-op world, agronomists have been selling farmers on the need for a pre-emergence herbicide to be sprayed essentially right behind the soybean planter. This led us to learning new chemicals such as Authority First, Sonic, Zidua Pro, Ledger, Harness and many more. These are all great products and do their job when the rain does its part. I recall farmers coming in and ecstatic at how well the pre kept down the weeds. It had in some cases allowed them to scale back the chemicals they had to use later in the season. Many farmers found themselves able to go back to a nice shot of glyphosate doing the cleanup needed. But, as we have found all too often, the weeds began to mutate again. Giant ragweed and Waterhemp (among others) mutated to be tolerant, and even, resistant to glyphosate and hurt one of our main weapons in this war. Then we brought in “burners” such as Flexstar, Cobra, Cadet and more. This started to beat back the threat and did very well for a time. Now we are seeing ragweed and Waterhemp mutating once again. Giant ragweed is emerging earlier and earlier as the seeds take a liking to the cool and damp soils to emerge from. On the flip side, Waterhemp has taking more of a liking to the warmer soil temps of late June. Far after our first pre-emerge has faded away. This is why we are getting more and more of a Waterhemp problem later in the season in our soybean fields.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost. There is a way to combat this that can be added to that June post emerge application. Whether you plan to use dicamba products (Xtendimax, Engenia, or Fexapan) or you chose to stay with the burners mentioned before, you can add in another pre-emerge at this time to stay ahead of the game. Now in a perfect spring, we can get all our crops in by May 10th and then we get enough rain here and there to activate our pre-emerge (we’ll say Zidua Pro). Then we come back in midJune and hit it with our normal post emerge products. The pre-emerge we put down is going to be wearing off around this time.

If we put another pre-emerge down (we’ll go Warrant here) when we come across in that midJune spraying it should carry us over until the soybeans are fully bloomed and can suffocate anything trying to pop through. We have a number of products on hand and available to add in no matter what program you are on. With that post emerge we can add in herbicides such as Warrant, Dual, Brawl, Everprex and others. This will give us layered preemerges. The first shot of Zidua Pro will control that early season giant ragweed. The post emerge chemical will take out those 2-4” weeds that are starting to sneak in.

That second pre-emerge, Warrant, will target that late season Waterhemp and keep us from having to come in with late rescue sprays that stress the plants. In the days of input costs rising and commodity prices scaring many, we can cut out the risk of needing to spend more money in July rescue sprays.

Unfortunately, our weed problems will continue to get more and more challenging as the weeds mutate new resistances. There is one thing we do know, if we can keep that weed from growing, we can win the battle. Stop in and see what tools we have in our toolboxes to help you win the battle in your field. KORY BENDER Custom Applicator/Sales, Lester Prairie The clean border of the field received pre-emerge applications while the other portion did not. Kory is from Watertown and has been with us for about a year now. He has been working in the industry for 15 years. Kory graduated from the University of Montana and North Dakota, with a degree in History and Secondary Education.

His favorite part about the job is working and building relationships with growers. When he’s not working Kory likes to coach, swing dance, duck hunt, and rodeo.

Happy Spring! With spring, comes a new year, fresh start, new opportunities to improve on your operation, and we want to have a hand in that! As you all may know, we have brought in many young talented and motivated individuals to join our Agronomy team. Becoming familiar with you, as our patrons, both new and old, is very important to not only your success as a grower, but also our success. However, a goal without a plan is just a dream. That is exactly what we have been doing here in Arlington over these winter months, creating a plan to make this dream of ours, a reality. To Become more knowledgeable, more efficient, organized, and to be better prepared to serve you during this upcoming busy season.

With our new staff, there are few things that you can do to help us, help you if you haven’t already done so: 1. First, stop in, get to know our great staff and be familiar with who is servicing you. Communication and developing a relationship are both key components of our success. 2. Schedule a meeting with myself or another member of our fantastic staff to go over your farm plan for the upcoming spring.

3. Lastly, in that same meeting or find another time to go over your Surety field maps (boundaries, hazards, field approaches, ect.) and crop rotation schedule that you have planned for your operation this year. By doing these three things you can help us perform to our optimal level. Which in turn, makes your operation run even smoother at a time when each passing hour is crucial to raising and producing the highest quality crop. We want to make sure this spring the best yet and with your help we can! Without you, as loyal customers, Hutchinson Cooperative does not exist. I want to thank you, on behalf of all three Hutchinson Cooperative divisions to those growers that have stayed supportive throughout these past few months.

It does not go unnoticed. That in itself is very motivating to us as employees to continue to work hard for the people that are counting on us. Have a safe and successful spring! Field Maps and Farm Plans PATRICK BOCK Location Lead/Sales, Arlington The spring will be here before you know it, hopefully sooner than we saw it in 2018. We’re looking forward to a new spring with new opportunities and traits. For the 2019 season the seed lineup consists of NK, Dekalb/ Asgrow, Stine, and the new LG Seeds that has replaced Wensman as of June 1, 2018. We are excited to grow with you on your farm! The two newest traits that we’re looking forward at seeing in the fields are the Enlist soybeans and the LL/GT27 soybeans.

The Enlist soybean received full approval on February 21, 2019. The new technology on these soybeans with the Colex-D technology allow the farmers to spray 2,4-D Choline to help manage some of their worst weeds in the field such as water hemp and ragweed. The chemicals that are being sold with the Enlist soybeans for spray application are Enlist One, which is straight 2,4-D Choline at 4.75 pints per acre rate, and Enlist Duo, which is a blend of 2,4-D Choline and Glyphosate at a 2 pints per acre rate. We have a good supply of Enlist soybeans with multiple varieties and maturities to meet your needs! Please contact us as soon as possible to get your hands on some today.

The LL/GT27 soybeans received approval on July 3, 2018. These soybeans allow the farmer to spray Roundup or Liberty on the same soybean crop in the same season. This new technology is replacing the straight Liberty Link soybeans and shows a 3 to 5 bushel advantage in research plots. This package now gives the ability to farmers to put a Roundup pre down and come back in the hot summer days to smoke out any remaining weeds with Liberty if you so choose. To hear more about these two soybeans and the farm practices needed for them contact your local Hutchinson Co-op sales agronomist.

Are you treating your soybean crop? Two of the top things helping the seed by putting on treatment is plant vigor and emergence. This allows the plant to come through the soil much stronger and more evenly. Several other objectives that can be fought by certain seed treatments are white mold pressure, disease suppression, insect suppression, soybean aphids, cyst nematodes, and many more. The treatments that we put on here at our locations include Fungicide and Insecticide, SoyRhizo Inoculant, Heads up White Mold, and Tripidity ST. Putting these treatments on your soybeans will vary in price, but at the end of the day all it takes is an extra one to two bushels to pay for itself.

Another way to look at soybean treatment is that you’re putting an insurance on your soybean to protect your crop and provide the best yield at the end of the year. You have one shot to maximize your soybean yields so make the decision today to treat your soybeans! To learn more about the seed treatment options and which treatments will best fit your farm operation stop on in to any of our three locations Hutchinson, Arlington, and Lester Prairie.

  • Looking Forward to a New Season with New Traits JAKE WENDLAND Seed/Sales, Hutchinson PAGE 13
  • SPRING 2019 Patrick grew up in New Ulm and is one of our newer employees. He studied Agricultural Science at South Dakota State University. Patrick is looking forward to serving the great community of Hutchinson, Lester Prairie, and Arlington. In his spare time he likes to train hunting dogs, fish, hunt, and cheer on all Minnesota sports teams! Jake was born and raised right here in Hutchinson and is one of our newer employees. He graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in Agricultural Business Management. He has been working in the industry ever since graduation two years ago. His favorite part about the job is working with familiar faces that he’s known since growing up. In his spare time he likes to hunt, fish and enjoy the lake life.
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