IBurst Webfone Manual

IBurst Webfone Manual

IBurst Webfone Manual

- 1 - iBurst Webfone Manual

IBurst Webfone Manual

- 2 - iBurst Phone Side View External antenna connector MMCX (Female) Antenna in operating position Antenna in shipping position iBurst Phone Rear View Telephone handset cable input DC Input LAN connector

IBurst Webfone Manual

- 3 - Steps to complete your installation • Plug in Handset • Plug in power adapter • Plug network cable into you phone and then computers network port • Click on START • Click on SETTINGS • Click on LOCAL AREA CONNECTION and the STATUS will be displayed • Click on PROPERTIES • Under THIS CONNECTION USES THE FOLLOWING ITEMS and select INTERNET PROTOCOL (TCP/IP) • Click on PROPERTIES

IBurst Webfone Manual

- 4 - • Select USE THE FOLLOWING IP ADDRESS • In the IP ADDRESS field enter the following • Press TAB and the SUBNET MASK field is filled in for you with • Click on ADVANCED • Under DEFAULT GATEWAYS click on ADD

IBurst Webfone Manual

- 5 - Enter the following which is the IP of the phone and click on ADD • Click on OK till you are back to the LOCAL AREA CONNECTION PROPERTIES screen then click on CLOSE • At this stage your phone will be in communication with your computer • Start INTERNET EXPLORER • In the ADDRESS field type in and press ENTER Should you get a certificate warning, please accept and Continue to the website

IBurst Webfone Manual

- 6 - The default username is admin and the password is iburst001 iNote After typing in the User name and Password click on the OK icon. iNote Please note username: admin password: iburst001 The iBurst Phone Home screen will be displayed. Click on Network Setting.

IBurst Webfone Manual

- 7 - Setting Up The WAN Connectivity Once Network Setting has opened click on WAN Setting. In Network Mode select PPPoE. Give you phone a name. Enter your iBurst subscriber User name and Password. Click on Apply. iNote

IBurst Webfone Manual

- 8 - Setting Up The VOIP Section of The Phone Now click on VOIP Setting and then Primary Register.

Now enter your Display name, Register Server Address, Username, Password, Authentication User Name and Domain Realm Other settings can be duplicated as on the left. After completion click on Apply. iNote Our SIP address is sip.iburst.co.za Please duplicate all settings as they are on the left. Click on Apply once done. Next click on Audio Setting.

IBurst Webfone Manual

- 9 - Now to Save all your Settings To save your work click on My Configuration. Now click on Save wait for the save and then Reboot. Your Phone is now ready to be used Congratulations

IBurst Webfone Manual

- 10 - A simpler method of installation using a Phone.CFG file Login to the router as you did before using the I.P. iNote After typing in the User name and Password click on the OK icon. The default username is admin and the password is iburst001 Click on My Configuration and then Browse. Click on Save. Click on Reboot. After the reboot your phone will be ready for use.

Select the Phone.CFG file from it’s location by clicking on Browse.

- 11 - Settings which need changing in a Phone.CFG file. The file can be edited with Wordpad or any text editor. Only text in Blue need changing. When completed, save on your desktop for easy location when using the prior method. [WAN_Config] ITEM=17 CurrentIP= CurrentGateway= CurrentNetMask= #0:DHCP, 1:Static, 2:PPPoE NetworkMode=2 rem * PLEASE ENTER THE NAME YOU WISH TO GIVE YOUR PHONE BELOW * * DeviceName=iBurst Phone rem * * DomainName= PrimaryDNS= SecondrayDNS= StaticIP= SubnetMask= DefaultGateway= rem * PLEASE ENTER YOUR IBURST USERNAME AND PASSWORD BELOW * * UserAccount=username@iburst.co.za Password=password rem * * LcpEchoInterval=180 ISPName= [LAN_Config] ITEM=7 BridgeMode=1 IPAddress= SubnetMask= DHCPServer=1 ForwardDNS=1 StartIP=2 EndIP=19 [DDNS_Config] ITEM=5 EnableDDNS=1 #0: user define; 1:members.dyndns.org; 2:www.dtdns.com; 3:ddns.com.cn ServerProvider=1 DDNSAccount= Username= Password= [Port_Forwarding] ITEM=11 MEMBER=5 OTHERS=1 PortForward=1 #ForwardTable 0 Item1 Enable=1 Item1 Protocol=tcp Item1 ExternalPort=5000 Item1 InternalPort=6000 Item1 InternalIP=

- 12 - #ForwardTable 1 Item2 Enable=1 Item2 Protocol=udp Item2 ExternalPort=5001 Item2 InternalPort=6002 Item2 InternalIP= [Primary_Register] ITEM=21 #0:Unregistered; 1:registered Registered=1 Enable=1 DisplayName=Shaun Green ServerAddress=sip.iburst.co.za ServerPort=5060 rem * PLEASE ENTER YOUR SIP USERNAME AND PASSWORD BELOW * * UserName1=SIPUSER Password1=SIPPASSWORD AuthUserName=SIPUSER rem * * DomainRealm=sip.iburst.co.za SameServer=1 EnableProxy=1 ProxyAddress= ProxyPort= UserName2= Password2= Version=RFC 3261 #0:RFC 2833; 1:Inband; 2:SIP Info DTMFMode=2 UserAgent=Voip Phone 2.0 DetectInterval=60 RegisterExpire=300 LocalSIPPort=5060 LocalRTPPort=12345 [Secondary_Register] ITEM=21 #0:Unregistered; 1:registered Registered=0 Enable=0 DisplayName=server2 ServerAddress= ServerPort=5060 UserName1= Password1= AuthUserName= DomainRealm= SameServer=1 EnableProxy=1 ProxyAddress= ProxyPort=5060 UserName2= Password2= Version=RFC 3261 #0:RFC 2833; 1:Inband; 2:SIP Info DTMFMode=0 UserAgent= DetectInterval=120 RegisterExpire=120 LocalSIPPort=5060 LocalRTPPort=12345

- 13 - [Audio_Config] ITEM=15 HandsetIn= HandsetOut=6 Speaker=5 RingTone=4 #0:default Ringer=Default AudioFrame=4 #0:G.729; 1:G.723.1; 2:G.711u; 3:G.711a Codec#1=0 Codec#2=1 Codec#3=2 Codec#4=3 Codec#5= HighRate= VAD=1 AGC=1 AEC=1 #0:China,1:Belgium;2:Germany;3:Israel;4:Japan;5:Netherlands;6:Norway; #7:South Korea;8:Sweden;9:Switzerland;10:Taiwan;11:United States SignalStandard=9 [Call_Feature] ITEM=11 HotlineMode= HotlineNumber= CallWaiting= CallTransfer= #0:Off; 1:Busy; 2:No Answer; 3:Always CallForward=0 ForwardtoNumber= #0:Primary Register;1:Secondary Register ForwardServer=0 NoAnswerTimeout=20 NoDisturb= BanOutgoing= AutoAnswer= AcceptAnyCall=0 ThreeWayCalling= [Block_List] ITEM=0 OTHERS=0 MEMBER=3 [Restricted_List] ITEM=0 OTHERS=0 MEMBER=3 [Dial_Rule] ITEM=0 MEMBER=9 OTHERS=0 [Digital_Map] ITEM=4 MEMBER=3 OTHERS=4 #0: End with #, 1:Fixed Length; 2: User define

- 14 - GeneralRule=0 FixedLength=11 Timeout=5 EnableTimeout=1 #User define rules [Advanced_Config] ITEM=7 EnableStun=0 #0: STUN TraversalType=0 NATAddress= ServerPort= CheckInterval= DNSSRV=0 QoS=0 [My_Phonebook] ITEM=0 MEMBER=3 OTHERS=0 [My_Config] ITEM=5 #0:ftp; 1:tftp ServerType=0 ServerAddress= UserName= Password= FileName=phone.cfg [Syslog_Server] ITEM=3 Enable=0 ServerAddress= ServerPort=514 [Firmware_Update] ITEM=7 AutoUpdate=0 #unit: day Frequency=1 #0:ftp; 1:tftp ServerType=0 ServerAddress= UserName= Password= FileName=firmware.bin [Security] ITEM=1 #only accept number KeypadPassword= Y4[{ Kb [Time_Config] ITEM=5 Timezone=32 ServerAddress=pool.ntp.org ServerPort=123 PollingInterval=300 #0: 0:00; 1: -0:30; 2: -1:00; 3: +0:30; 4: +1:00 DaylightSaving=0

- 15 - Basic Dashboard Installation Before plugging in the iBurst Webfone, install the contents of the included CD and follow the prompts as indicated. The Dashboard is the preferable way of loading a connection for the Webfone. If this does not work for your system please continue to Creating a Broadband Connection. The CD once inserted will install the iBurst Dashboard software. Once the installation process has begun, the above message will appear to indicate the Installation Wizard is initiating itself. You will then be presented will the following Getting Started Click ‘Next’ to continue.

The End User License Agreement will be displayed for your attention. Please go through the agreement carefully and check the appropriate box to proceed. Please click ‘Next’ to Proceed.

- 16 - The screen above provides valuable information with regards to the dashboard. It is imperative that this is read before continuing. Once completed, please click ‘Next’ to continue You will now be required to enter information regarding yourself i.e. Name and Organisation details. You can also choose if you wish allow all users who utilise your PC access to the iBurst service or restrict it to your profile only. Please note that your details are not compulsory and you may choose to leave them out.

- 17 - You now have the option to choose the installation directory.

It is recommended that the default installation destination as stipulated above be utilised. Please confirm all of the above by clicking ‘Next’. The iBurst Dashboard will allow you to logon to the iBurst Network without initiating a connection from your operating system. The following screen will prompt you for your iBurst username (e.g. username@iburst.co.za ) and password. Please enter these in the appropriate fields Please ensure that you UNCHECK the Install Modem Drivers check box. The Webfone does not operate using drivers.

If the Next icon is greyed out click twice on Install Modem Drivers to activate it.

- 18 - You will need to give a final confirmation of the installation by clicking on Next. The progress bar above indicates that the Dashboard installation process has begun.

- 19 - Now that the installation is complete you have to click on Finish where after the computer will be rebooted for the Dashboard to become active. . iNote

- 20 - Creating a Broadband connection using a Webfone via an Ethernet cable (Windows XP).

Click – START SETTINGS NETWORK CONNECTIONS NEW CONNECTION WIZARD At which point the following screen will be displayed Click on Next to proceed. Click on Connect to the Internet and then click on Next to proceed.

- 21 - Click on Set up my connection manually and then click on Next to proceed. Click on Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password then click on Next to proceed. iNote

- 22 - Please enter your User Name and Password. You need to confirm the password as well. You can also use this connection for everyone who logs onto your computer. Now you can decide if this is to be your default (main) internet connection or not. Click Next to continue. Type in the name you wish to give to this new connection, example iBurst connection or Your name connection, and click Next.

- 23 - Normally it is advisable to create a shortcut on your desktop for ease of accessing this connection. Click on Finish to complete the broadband setup. Your connection is now ready for use and a Windows Dial up Networking windows will appear, requesting you to connect. Should you have further queries/suggestions please contact Shaun Green, 084-978-0790. Have a Wonderful Day………