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                                                             information booklet 2020/21
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    Contents                                                                       contribution to the life of the School
    1  Newton Prep Mission Statement
       An Overview
                                                                                   entrance examinations
    2 Provision for Children of High Ability                                       equips the children for life in the future.
       Special Educational Needs
       Pastoral Care
       Child Protection                                                         An Overview
       Pupil Well-being                                                         Newton Prep is a preparatory school for boys and girls
       Extra-Curricular Activities                                              between the ages of 3 and 13, which comfortably and securely
       Special Events
       Educational Visits and Residential Expeditions                           accommodates over 600 pupils from Nursery to Year 8. The
       Parental Involvement                                                     school prepares children for entry to senior schools at the ages
       School Partnerships                                                      of 11 and 13. Newtonians, when they leave, go to a wide variety
    3 Governance & Management                                                   of distinguished senior schools, both day and boarding.
       Open Days & Parent Tours                                                 The school has no religious affiliation. Entry to Newton Prep
       Admissions Information                                                   is selective but, where possible, Newton Prep is committed to
       Admission to the Nursery                                                 offering places to younger siblings. Two nursery classes lead
       Admission to Reception                                                   onto four classes in the Reception and in each year up to Year
       Admission into Years 3-7
    4 Honorary Scholarships and Means-Tested Top-up Bursaries                   6. Class sizes only ever exceed 20 in the most exceptional
       Senior School Entry                                                      circumstances. The school operates two classes in each of
       Leavers’ Scholarships and Awards                                         Years 7 and 8.
    5 Destination Schools
    6 School Council
       Contacting the School                                                    Facilities
    7 Policies & Provision of Information                                       First-time visitors to the school are invariably impressed by the
       School Staff                                                             scale and range of our facilities and by the wide open outdoor
    9 School Day Information
       Newton Prep Term Dates                                                   spaces enjoyed by the children.
       Tuition Fees and Extras                                                  Newton Prep occupies an early 20th-century elementary school
       Extra Curricular Activities and Tuition                                  building, which has been extensively remodelled internally, and
    10 Terms and Conditions
                                                                                behind which stands a modern extension containing classrooms,
    This booklet gives an introductory and necessarily brief outline of         the dining hall and kitchen, three gymnasiums and a 300-seat
    the nature and scope of the education offered at Newton Prep.
    The school’s website,, provides                  large general-purpose space as well as two art studios. Newton
    more detailed information.                                                  Prep has two large outdoor spaces for PE/Games and free play:
                                                                                behind the school, an all-weather pitch with an area alongside

    Newton Prep Mission Statement                                               marked out for table tennis tables and four-square and, in front,
                                                                                a large playground. The school also has a large garden, which is
    ‘If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the               used as an outdoor learning space.
    shoulders of giants.’ Sir Isaac Newton                                      We have three ICT suites, three collegiate-style science
    ‘My powers are ordinary. Only my application brings me                      laboratories and a library that is the envy of the many visiting
    success’. Sir Isaac Newton                                                  authors we invite to the school. We have an extensive Music
    Established in 1991, Newton Prep is a thriving school for boys              School with music classrooms and practice rooms, a recording
    and girls, aged 3-13. The School is unashamedly ambitious for its           studio and music technology suite, a 120-seat recital hall, a large
    pupils who have access to outstanding facilities. We want them              rehearsal studio and two dance studios. There is Wifi throughout
    to achieve their academic potential whilst also engaging in sport,          the school and mobile learning, embedded into the curriculum.
    art, music and drama. We want them to involve themselves in
    the total life of the School, which includes after school clubs and         Curriculum
    activities and a wide range of trips. We celebrate the diversity
                                                                                Across the full age range at Newton Prep, emphasis is placed
    of our pupils; we want our children to develop a strong sense of
                                                                                on providing a broad and ambitious curriculum.
    community, learning how to make a positive contribution to the
    community of Newton Prep and the world around them. The                     In Nursery and Reception (ages 3+ and 4+) pupils explore the
    ethos and philosophy is one that is based on mutual respect and             seven areas of learning laid down in the Early Years Foundation
    kindness shown to others. Fundamentally, we want Newton Prep                Stage. In Years 1 and 2 (Key Stage 1, ages 5+ and 6+) and
    children to enjoy their precious childhood years.                           Years 3-6 the curriculum taught at Newton Prep is subject-
                                                                                based and comprises an enhanced and extended version of the
    Our key aims are:
                                                                                National Curriculum. French is taught from an early age and
                                                                                pupils begin Latin in Year 6. Children who stay on for Years 7
        and develop in all areas of school life
                                                                                and 8 (ages 11+ and 12+) follow our own bespoke ‘Newton
                                                                                Diploma’, which provides enriched opportunities for them, in
                                                                                tandem with the Common Entrance and Scholarship syllabuses,
                                                                                leading to transfer to senior schools at 13+.
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information booklet 2020/21                                                                                                                        2

                                                                            In addition, we have a Mental Health Lead who supports pupils’
Provision for Children of High Ability                                      emotional and social needs.
                                                                            Parents and form teachers work together to establish whether
Newton Prep has always sought and continues to meet the
                                                                            some sessions for their children would be beneficial. There are also
needs of children of high ability.
                                                                            lunchtime drop-in sessions, when children can pop in for a quick
The academic needs of the most able pupils are met through                  chat. There is no charge to parents for these well-being sessions.
the combination of setting and differentiation, and through
a broad and challenging curriculum. The style of teaching at
Newton Prep encourages pupils to develop their higher order                 Extra-Curricular Activities
thinking skills. Over the years, Newton Prep pupils have won an             As children grow older and move up the school, an increasingly
impressive number of scholarships to some of the best senior                wide programme of extra-curricular activities – both paid
schools in the country.                                                     activities and free staff-run clubs – becomes available to them
                                                                            at Newton Prep. The extra-curricular programme is designed
                                                                            to extend the children’s experience of the world, to give them
Special Educational Needs                                                   opportunities to work and play together and to give them skills
                                                                            and interests, some of which may last them their whole lives.
During the preparatory phase of a child’s education, it is not
unusual for even the brightest to experience some form of
learning difficulty at some stage.                                          Special Events
The Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-Ordinator                   The school year is added to by a number of special events,
(SENDCo) works closely with teaching staff to help them support             which are much enjoyed by pupils and parents alike. These
all pupils in their lessons, and advises on mild specific learning          include: the PTA Christmas Fair and Summer Splash party;
difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia. Some support is                Upper and Lower School Sports Days; Book Week with visits
offered to children for whom English is not their first language.           from leading children’s authors; major drama productions;
                                                                            concerts and workshops with visiting musical professionals;
                                                                            the Newton Forum lectures and the Festival of Carols.
Pastoral Care
Throughout a child’s time at Newton Prep, his or her pastoral               Educational Visits and
care is the special responsibility of the Form Teacher.
                                                                            Residential Expeditions
The Headmistress has overall responsibility for pastoral
care as well as discipline, but on a day-to-day basis these                 Education at Newton Prep extends far beyond the school gates.
responsibilities are delegated to the Deputy Head – Upper                   In all years, Newton Pupils are taken on day trips to places of
School and the Deputy Head – Lower School. The school has a                 interest in and around London. When they are older, pupils are
well-developed system of Core Values, rewards and sanctions                 taken on residential trips in this country and abroad, some of
and a clearly understood anti-bullying policy. The school’s                 which are voluntary, such as the Ski Trip and biennial Classics
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy conforms to legal                    Trip, and some of which are an integral part of the curriculum,
requirements.                                                               such as the French/Spanish and Geography/Science Field Trips
                                                                            in Years 7 and 8.

Child Protection                                                            Parental Involvement
Newton Prep is committed to protecting its pupils from harm.
                                                                            Newton Prep believes that close co-operation between school
Staff and volunteers at Newton Prep accept and recognise their
                                                                            and home helps children to find success in all aspects of their
responsibilities to develop an awareness of the causes of harm
to children and of their legal duty to refer when concerns are
raised.                                                                     Newton Prep benefits from the work of the Parent-Teacher
                                                                            Association (PTA) which does a great deal to support the school
Any aspect of child protection may be discussed with the
                                                                            community. Through its well-established fundraising and social
school’s two designated safeguarding leads, the Deputy Head –               events the PTA makes a significant contribution to the Newton
Upper School, or the Deputy Head – Lower School, or with the                Bursary Fund and other charities. The school encourages the
Headmistress.                                                               close involvement of parents in their children’s education. For
                                                                            example, parents may come in to help younger pupils with their
                                                                            reading, in the Lower School, or can accompany school trips.
Pupil Well-being
Newton Prep takes the well-being of each pupil seriously. Our               School Partnerships
pastoral system includes discussions and group work with Form
                                                                            Newton Prep is committed to building real and lasting
Teachers and a well-planned programme of PSHE lessons                       partnerships with other local schools, most notably with St
(Personal, Social and Health Education). The Heads of Year                  George’s Church of England Primary in the nearby Patmore
also play a significant role in monitoring and addressing issues            Estate, co-hosting events and nurturing a growing series of two-
to do with pupils’ emotional well-being.                                    way initiatives.
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                                                                                We recognise that families may come to London at different
    Governance and Management                                                   times of year so we will accept late registrations, provided we
    Since its foundation, Newton Prep has benefited from the vision             have vacancies in that particular year group.
    of its founder and from regular and significant investment in its
    buildings and resources.
    Like many preparatory schools in London, Newton Prep is privately           Admission to Nursery
    owned. Unusually, for a privately owned school, the Proprietor is           We offer places for 48 children to join Nursery, which is an integral
    advised by a School Council, a body of about twenty individuals, all        part of our school and not a ‘stand-alone’ setting. Children must
    of whom have some connection with the School or with the world              have had their third birthday before 1st September in their year of
    of education. The day-to-day running of the school is overseen by           entry and should register by the end of September in the year before
    the Headmistress, who is assisted by the Deputy Heads of Upper              their year of entry. For entry into Nursery, children are usually
    and Lower Schools, the Deputy Head – Academic, the Deputy                   invited to a Nursery ‘playdate’ in the November before the year of
    Head – Senior School Transfer and the Bursar.                               entry, so that we can assess whether we believe the child will
                                                                                flourish in our Nursery. Offers for places in Nursery in September
    Inspection                                                                  will be made by the end of the previous December. Offers are only
                                                                                rarely made to families who have not visited the school or to
    Newton Prep was last inspected by the Independent Schools                   children who have not attended one of the usual Nursery playdates.
    Inspectorate (ISI) in October 2017. This was a regulatory
                                                                                Our intention, when awarding places, is to ensure an even balance
    compliance inspection and the school met all its regulatory
                                                                                of boys and girls and an even spread of autumn, spring and
                                                                                summer birthdays. The school will operate a waiting list and those
    ISI inspects independent schools on behalf of Ofsted.                       who do not gain places in Nursery are welcome to move their
                                                                                Registration to Reception the following year. A child admitted to
    Open Days and Parent Tours                                                  Nursery is expected to transfer directly into Reception, unless it
                                                                                becomes clear that such a course is not in the child’s best interests.
    Prospective parents are warmly encouraged to visit Newton
    Prep. The Headmistress runs small group tours for prospective
    parents on most Fridays throughout the year. The tours start
    at 9am and last for about an hour. To book a place on a Friday              Admission to Reception
    morning tour, please contact the Headmistress’s PA on 020                   We increase the year group size to 80 at Reception, with four
    7720 4091 ext 1203, sign up online at www.newtonprepschool.                 classes of 20. Parents should register their child by the end of
                                                                                September before their year of entry. In the September and October                                                      of the year before entry, children being considered for Reception
    There is an annual Open Morning for prospective parents and                 places will be invited to attend an assessment that aims to identify
    their children, details of which can be found on our website                their academic potential. This assessment is conducted by
    under ‘Book a Visit’.                                                       experienced staff who will engage with the children to see how they
                                                                                relate to adults, their peers and the world around them. Offers will
                                                                                be made after the October half term following the assessments.
    Admissions Information                                                      The school will operate a waiting list. Children who do not gain
    Newton Prep is a co-educational school that is academically                 places in Reception are welcome to reapply for places in later
    selective from Reception. It is a school which suits and meets              years according to availability. A child admitted to Reception is
    the needs of bright, enthusiastic and inquisitive children. The             expected to transfer to the next stage unless it becomes clear that
    School’s admissions policy and procedures are designed to                   such a course is not in the child’s best interests.
    help parents decide if Newton is the right school for their child
    as well as assisting the School in identifying children whom we
    believe will benefit from the style of education we offer.                  Admission into Years 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
    At all points of entry, we welcome applications from all sections           Admission to Years 3,4,5,6 & 7 is by competitive testing. Any child
    of society and do not discriminate on grounds of disability, race,          applying for entry will be considered for a full fee-paying place or
    religion, social or cultural background. We seek to operate a fair          a place backed up by a means-tested, top-up bursary awarded to
    approach to admissions. Our school is non-denominational and                bright children by the Newton Bursary Fund.
    we welcome applications from children of all faiths and none.
                                                                                Tests are conducted at the end of January before the September
    In line with the Equality Act 2010 we also seek to ensure that
                                                                                of entry. Candidates undertake tests in Mathematics, English
    those with special educational needs and disabilities are not
                                                                                and other diagnostic, objective tests which are age-appropriate.
    disadvantaged through our admissions process.
                                                                                Successful candidates may be asked back to meet the
    Siblings will be given priority when applying for places in the             Headmistress for an interview.
    Nursery only. For admissions to the Lower and Upper Schools,
    sympathetic consideration will be given to brothers and sisters,            All assessment dates can be seen on our website under
    but the specific needs of the child being tested for admission              ‘Registration Process’.
    will still be considered. Siblings will not receive automatic               There is always the possibility of assessments taking place outside
    priority over other children applying.                                      of the January assessment days if we have occasional places in a
    We recognise that families may come to London at different times            particular year group.
    of year so we will accept late registrations, provided we have
    vacancies in that particular year group.
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information booklet 2020/21                                                                                           4

Honorary Scholarships                                                       2020 Scholarships and Awards
Honorary scholarships may be offered to children in the                     2020
Upper School (Years 3-8) who show exceptional academic
talent and to children entering Year 7 who show exceptional
                                                                            Academic Scholarships
academic potential or who show outstanding talent in art,                   Benenden School
music, drama or sport.                                                      Colfe’s School
                                                                            Durham School
                                                                            Emanuel School x 2
Means-Tested Top-up Bursaries                                               Francis Holland School x 4
                                                                            James Allen’s Girls School x 3
We also offer means-tested bursaries to families who have                   Kensington Park School
bright children but may not otherwise be able to afford the fees.           Putney High School
The Trustees of the Newton Bursary Fund, a registered charity               Queen’s College, London
independent of the school, consider the applications and decide             Wimbledon High School
the degree of financial support, up to 100%. The bursary                    Art Scholarships
award will be reviewed each year in case a family’s financial               Emanuel School
circumstances change.                                                       Francis Holland School
                                                                            James Allen's Girls' School
                                                                            Drama Scholarships
                                                                            Sport Scholarships
If you have any questions on admissions, please do not hesitate to
                                                                            Francis Holland School
contact our Registrar, Susan Symes on 020 7720 4091 ext 1207.
                                                                            James Allen's Girls' School
If you would like to pursue an application for a place at Newton            Kingsdale School
Prep, please fill in the registration form, or go to the Admissions
section on our website. Our Admissions Policy is also available             13+
there to download in PDF format.                                            Academic Scholarships
                                                                            Benenden School
                                                                            Drama Scholarships
                                                                            Bede's School x 2
Senior School Entry                                                         Benenden School
Newton Prep prides itself on the quality of the guidance it offers
parents when it comes to choosing the right senior school for               2019
their child.                                                                11+
Advice to parents focuses on transfer at the end of Year 6 or               Academic Scholarships
Year 8. The Deputy Head – Senior School Transfer organises                  Alleyn’s School x 2
individual meetings with each family as the age of transfer draws           Dulwich College x 2
near. There are senior school transfer evenings for parents of              Eagle House
                                                                            Emanuel School x 2
children in Years 5 and 7 and talks with parents in the years
                                                                            Francis Holland School
before that. In addition, every two years Newton Prep organises
                                                                            Latymer Upper School
a Senior Schools Fair attended by up to 90 schools.                         Putney High School
Newton Prep is a through prep school to 11+ and 13+, with more              James Allen’s Girls’ School x 3
children than ever staying to the end of Year 8. We are therefore           St Dunstan’s School
open to applications from incoming boys and girls who would                 Streatham & Clapham High School
benefit from having two more years at preparatory school in Years           Art Scholarships
7&8 before transferring to senior school at 13+. We do not                  Chestnut Grove Academy
encourage or prepare our children for 7+, 8+, 9+ or 10+ entry to            Francis Holland School, Sloane Square
other schools.                                                              Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park
                                                                            James Allen’s Girls’ School
                                                                            Sport Scholarships
                                                                            Alleyn’s School (Sports Exhibition x 2)
                                                                            Kingsdale Foundation School
                                                                            St Mary’s Calne

                                                                            Academic Scholarships
                                                                            Dulwich College x 2
                                                                            Hampton School
                                                                            Trinity School
                                                                            Whitgift School x 2
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    Art Scholarships                                                            2017
    Brighton College
    Whitgift School (DT Scholarship
                                                                                Academic Scholarships
    Drama Scholarships                                                          Cheltenham Ladies’ College
    Bede’s School                                                               Emanuel School x2
    Lancing College                                                             Stephen Perse Foundation
    Music Scholarships                                                          South Hampstead High School
    Bede’s School (Percussion Exhibition)                                       Streatham & Clapham High School
    Royal Russell School                                                        Wycombe Abbey
    Whitgift School (Cello Award)                                               Art Scholarships
    Sport Scholarships                                                          Old Palace School
    Dulwich College                                                             Sport Scholarships
    Whitgift School                                                             Alleyn’s School x 2
                                                                                Sydenham High School
    2018                                                                        Walthamstow Hall
                                                                                Woldingham School
    Academic Scholarships                                                       13+
    Alleyn’s School x 2                                                         Academic Scholarships
    City of London                                                              Academic Scholarships
    James Allen’s Girls’ School x 2                                             Alleyn’s School
    Dulwich College x 4                                                         Charterhouse School
    Emanuel School x 4
                                                                                Music Scholarships
    Francis Holland Regent’s Park
                                                                                Bede’s School
    Putney High School
                                                                                Dulwich College
    Queen’s College London
                                                                                Gordonstoun School
    Woldingham School x 2
                                                                                Oundle School
    Art Scholarships                                                            Whitgift School
    Chestnut Grove Academy                                                      Sport Scholarships
    Holland Park School x 2
                                                                                Alleyn’s School
    City of London School for Girls
                                                                                Dulwich College
    Drama Scholarships                                                          Ibstock Place School
    Frensham Heights
    Queen’s Gate School
    Streatham & Clapham High School
    Music Scholarships
    Sevenoaks School                                                            Destination Schools
    Sport Scholarships                                                          Recommended, Recent and Popular Destination
    Alleyn’s School x 3                                                         Schools for 11+ / 13+ Leavers
    13+                                                                         Co-educational Schools
    Academic Scholarships
                                                                                Alleyn’s School
    Alleyn’s School
    Charterhouse School                                                         Ardingly College
    Dulwich College                                                             Bedales School
    Emanuel School x 2                                                          Bede’s School
    Trinity School                                                              Bradfield College
    Whitgift School x 3                                                         Brighton College
    Art Scholarships                                                            Bryanston School
    Bede’s School x 2                                                           Canford School
    Drama Scholarships                                                          Caterham School
    Frensham Heights School                                                     Charterhouse
    Whitgift School                                                             Emanuel School
    Music Scholarships                                                          Epsom College
    Bede’s School x 2                                                           Frensham Heights
    Sport Scholarships                                                          The Harrodian
    Wellington College                                                          Lancing College
                                                                                Marlborough College
                                                                                Sevenoaks School
                                                                                Stowe School
                                                                                Wellington College
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information booklet 2020/21                                                                                                                6

Girls’ Schools
Benenden School                                                     School Council
Cheltenham Ladies’ College                                          Dr Farouk Walji                Chairman, Founder
City of London School for Girls                                     Mrs Alison Fleming             Headmistress
Francis Holland School                                              Mr Zac Barratt                 Chair, Newton Bursary Fund. Past
Godolphin and Latymer School                                                                       Parent
James Allen’s Girls’ School                                         Mrs Deborah Bicknell           Former Deputy Head and now part-
Putney High School                                                                                 time Biology Teacher at James Allen’s
Rodean School                                                                                      Girls School
St Paul’s Girls’ School                                             Dr Nick Black                  Head of Middle School, Dulwich
St Swithun’s School                                                                                College
Streatham and Clapham High School                                   Mrs Tori Chisholm              PTA Co-Chair. Parent.
Wimbledon High School                                               Mr Jeremy Edwards              Educational Consultant and Mentor to
Woldingham School                                                                                  newly-appointed IAPS Heads. Former
Wycombe Abbey                                                                                      Headmaster of Eaton House the
Boys’ Schools                                                                                      Manor prep school and Westminster
                                                                                                   Under school.
City of London School for Boys
                                                                    Mr Adrian Flook                Strategic Communications Consultant;
Dulwich College                                                                                    Past Parent
Eton College                                                        Mrs Bex O’Donnell              PTA Co-Chair. Parent
Hampton School                                                      Mr Ralph Mainard               Retired Deputy Master, Dulwich
Harrow School                                                                                      College
King’s College School, Wimbledon                                    Ms Patsy Preece                Retired Deputy Head, Wimbledon
Radley College                                                                                     High School
                                                                    Mr Nicholas Talbot-Smith       Insurance Broker. Past Parent
Rugby School
                                                                    Mr Farhaan Walji               Solicitor. Former Pupil.
St Paul’s School                                                    Ms Naheema Walji               Solicitor. Newton Prep Compliance
Tonbridge School                                                                                   Officer.
Trinity School                                                      Mr Peter Farrelly MBE          Bursar & Clerk to the Council
Westminster School
Whitgift School
Winchester School
                                                                    Contacting the School
                                                                    The Headmistress
                                                                    Mrs Alison Fleming
                                                                    Newton Preparatory School
                                                                    149 Battersea Park Road
                                                                    SW8 4BX
                                                                    Telephone 020 7720 4091
                                                                    The Proprietor
                                                                    Newton Prep Ltd
                                                                    Dr Farouk Walji
                                                                    213 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6BD
                                                                    Telephone 020 7937 6304

                                                                    Policies & Provision of Information

                                                                    policies listed below are those that we are asked to make publicly
                                                                    available for download from our website. Parents also have log-in
                                                                    access to our SchoolPORTAL where further policies are also available
                                                                    for download. If you would like to receive, free of charge, a school
                                                                    policy that is not listed here, please contact the Bursar by email:
ai160624302871_STI07577852810_NEPR_BK_A4_16pp_Info2021.pdf   8   11/24/20   6:37 PM


         •   Accessibility Plan                                                 Ned Craddock                   Gap Assistant - Games
         •   Admissions Policy                                                                                 (Autumn/Spring 2020)
         •   Anti-Bullying Policy                                               Tania Cuirot-Smith MFL;        (7CS) Head of Modern Foreign
         •   Behaviour Policy including Rewards & Sanctions                      PGCE, LFLE (Fr)               Languages; French
         •   Complaints Procedure                                               Elizabeth Davis BMus(Hons);    (5ED) Music; PSHE; Trips & Visits
         •   Curriculum Policy                                                   DipABRSM; PGCE                Co-ordinator; Head of Crispin
         •   Equal Opportunities Policy                                         Owen Dobbing BLL; PGCE;        (5OD) Head of Computing;
         •   Expulsion, Removal & Review Policy                                  QTS                           KS2&3 Teacher
         •   Fire Risk Assessment & Procedures Policy                           Alex Douglas                   US Playground Supervisor
         •   First Aid Policy                                                                                  (Mat Cover)
         •   Health & Safety Policy                                             Natalie Dubeck BA; PGCE        Part-time MFL Teacher; French;
         •   Recruitment, Selection & Disclosure Policy                                                        Spanish
         •   Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy                             Lucy Eggertsen BSc; PGCE       Head of Science; Head of Year 6
         •   Supervision & Missing, Lost & Uncollected Children                 Alison Fleming MA Ed; BA;      Headmistress
    School Staff                                                                Heather Francis BSc
                                                                                Maria Goncalves BA
                                                                                                             Temporary Girls' Games Coach
                                                                                                             Teaching Assistant (Year 4)
    HEADMISTRESS                                                                Frances Gowlland BEd; Dip    (3FG) Year 3 Teacher; General
    Alison Fleming (Mrs) MA Ed; BA; PGCE                                         Prof Studies; Prof Dip ISLM Subjects
    Julie Alger                    Headmistress's PA                            Aimee Gray MA; BA, QTS       (6AG) English Teacher; Head of
    SENIOR LEADERSHIP TEAM                                                                                   Nonsuch
    Mike Bryant MA(Ed); BA Jt Hons Deputy Head - Academic                       Caroline Gregory BA; PGCE    Part-time Learning Support Teacher
    Peter Farrelly MBE             Bursar                                                                    (Mat Leave)
    Sarah Hales BA Ed; QTS         Deputy Head –                                Paula Haasbroek, Higher      (3PH) Year 3 Teacher; General
                                   Senior School Transfer                        Dip Ed                      Subjects
    Wendy Smith BA Hons; QTS       Deputy Head – Lower School                   Sarah Hales BA Ed; QTS       Deputy Head - Senior School Transfer;
    Tom Quilter BA; ITS            Deputy Head – Upper School                                                English
                                                                                Marcus Hall BA Hons; QTS     (8MH) Head of Humanities
                                                                                Lucy Harrison BA Hons; PGCE (4LH) Year 4 Teacher; General
                                                                                                             Subjects; Sustainability Officer
    Tom Quilter BA; ITS
                                                                                Ben Hudson BSc Hons; PGCE Head of Boys' Games
    Assistant Head - Upper School
                                                                                Esther King BA; QTS          Head of Girls’ Games (Mat Leave)
    Charlie Blair BA; PGCE
                                                                                Elly Lacey BA Hons; PGCE     Head of English
    Sophie Apps BA; QTS            (3SA) Year 3 Teacher;
                                                                                Campbell Laurie MA; BA;      (7CL) Head of Geography; PE
                                   General Subjects
                                                                                 Dip of Teaching
    Jane Aspeling BA; PGCE         Part-Time Art Teacher; School
                                                                                Charlotte Levy BA;PGCE       (6CL) Head of Drama; English
                                   Magazine Teaching Staff Editor
                                                                                Alex Lloyd BSc (Hons); PGCE; (8AL) Science
    Peter Archdale BSc Hons;       (3PA) Head of Year 3;
                                                                                 Gcert (ScEd)
     PGCE                          General Subjects; Head of Spartan
                                                                                William Lockwood BA; PGCE    (4WL) Year 4 Teacher; General
    Christopher Archer BA          ICT / Computing Facilitator
    Jane Aspeling BA; PGCE         Part-Time Art Teacher; School
                                                                                Cristina Losito BSc (Hons);  Head of Learning Support (SENCO)
                                   Magazine Teaching Staff Editor
                                                                                 Dip Speech & Language
    Charlie Blair BA; PGCE         Assistant Head, Upper School;
                                   Director of Sport
                                                                                Candice Mather MSc; BA       Teaching Assistant (Year 3)
    Anna Bodenham BA Hons;         Head of Mathematics;
                                                                                Stéphanie Perche Maundrell   (6SM) French
     PGCE                          Head of Year 5; Maths
                                                                                 BA; MA; PGCE
    Sarah Booth MEd; BSc           (4SD)Head of Year 4; year 4
                                                                                Cheryl McDonald-Tuckwell     Mental Health Lead
                                   Teacher; General Subjects;
                                                                                 BSc; BA (Counselling)
                                   Head of Religious Studies
                                                                                 HLTA Dip Ed & Training
    Josh Boulton BEd               Temporary PE Teacher
                                                                                Lorna Menzie BA (Hons);      Part time EAL Teacher
    Louise Bowen-Thomas BA;        Head of Art
                                                                                 Hornsby Dip; ESOL (CELTA)
                                                                                Jennifer O’Loughlin-Redwood (5JO) Maths
    Mike Bryant MA(Ed);            Deputy Head - Academic; English
                                                                                 BSc; QTS
     BA Jt Hons
                                                                                Melissa Peachey BA; PGCE;    Part-time Learning Support Teacher;
    Sally Butcher BA Hons;         Part-time; Head of Latin
                                                                                 QCF L5 Dip
     PGCE; QTS
                                                                                Tom Quilter BA; ITS          Deputy Head - Upper School,
    Max Butler                     Gap Assistant
                                                                                                             Y5 Maths Teacher
                                   (Autumn/Spring 2020)
                                                                                Kate Ravenscroft             Learning Support Assistant
    Neil Campbell BSc; PGCE, QTS (6NC); KS2/3 Teacher; Maths
                                                                                Cristiana Ricciuti BA; PGCE  Teaching Assistant (Maths)
    Tom Chappell BA Hons; PGCE (8TC) Head of History; PE
                                                                                Michelle Rowe BA Hons        PE Teacher; Acting Head of Girls'
    Georgina Cook BA; GDE          (6GC) KS2 Teacher; English;
                                                                                                             Games (Mat Cover)
                                   Head of Winston
ai160624302871_STI07577852810_NEPR_BK_A4_16pp_Info2021.pdf   9   11/24/20   6:37 PM

information booklet 2020/21                                                                                                                  8

Karolina Slavíková Mgr;            Teaching Assistant (Science)             YEAR TWO
 Bc (Cz)                                                                    Hannah Gulland MSc; PGCE;      (1HG) Year 1 Teacher
Poppy Shingles BA Hons             (4PS) Year 4 Teacher; General             BSc Hons
 (Ed); PGCE                        Subjects                                 Sophie Martin BA; PGCE         (1SM) Year 1 Teacher
Pippa Sidney-Woollett BSc          Teaching Assistant (Art)                 Flora Russell BSc; PGCE; QTS   (1FR) Year 1 Teacher
Katie Wighton                      US Playground Supervisor                 Ameleah Vermeulen BA;          (1AV) Year 1 Teacher
                                   (Mat Leave)                               PGCE;
Christopher Woodward BMus          Director of Music; Head of Years         Sarah Hughes Mmus;             Teaching Assistant (1FR)
 Hons; LRAM; PGCE; ARCO            7&8                                       BA Hons
                                                                            Joanna Maciaszek BA; QTS       Teaching Assistant (1SM)
HEAD OF PSHE — UPPER SCHOOL                                                 Gemma Revell BA                Teaching Assistant (1AV)
Jodi Hogan MA Ed; BSc; PGCE; Dip RS                                         Sonia Sedda                    Teaching Assistant (1HG)
Jodi Hogan MA Ed; BSc; PGCE; Dip RS
                                                                            Charlotte Allan BA Hons        (RCA) Reception Teacher
LOWERSCHOOL                                                                 Chloe Poelman (née Gardner)    (RCP) Head of EYFS; EYFS SEND
DEPUTY HEAD — LOWER SCHOOL                                                   BSc; PGCE                     Co-Ordinator
Wendy Smith BA Hons; QTS                                                    Emma Rafferty BA Hons; QTS     (RER) Reception Teacher
                                                                            Holly Swannack BA Hons;        (RHS) Reception Teacher; LS
                                                                             PGCE                          House Co-ordinator
Belinda Clothier BA Ed
                                                                            Natalie Armstrong              Teaching Assistant (RER)
HEAD OF YEAR 2 (Mat Cover)                                                  Loriana Bellia, Cache 3 Dip    Teaching Assistant (RHS)
Jodi Hogan MA Ed; BSc; PGCE; Dip RS                                         Donna Munoz BA                 Teaching Assistant (RCA)
                                                                            Nicola Johnson Btec HND        Teaching Assistant (RCP)
HEAD OF YEAR 1 (Mat Cover)
Rachel Bowen BSc Hons; PGCE QTS                                             NURSERY
                                                                            Charlotte Banfield BA; PGCE    (NCJ) Part time Nursery Teacher
                                                                            Stephan Bundi BA Hons;         (NSB) Nursery Teacher
Claire Cairns BA; PGCE
HEAD OF EYFS / EYFS SEND CO-ORDINATOR                                       Julie Gascoine BA; QTS         (NCJ) Part time Nursery Teacher
Chloe Poelman (née Gardner) BSc; PGCE                                       Suzanne Hampton, NNEB          (NCJ) Part time Nursery Nurse
                                                                            Maria Mota NVQ3                (NCJ) Nursery Nurse
Rachel Bowen BSc Hons;             Temporary Head of Year 1
                                                                            Samantha Mathurin BA           (NSB) Part-time Nursery Nurse
 PGCE QTS                          (Mat Cover); LS Teacher
                                                                             Foundation SEN
Claire Cairns BA; PGCE             Part-time Learning Support
                                                                            Antoniette Willis BA; NVQ3     (NSB) Nursery Nurse
                                   Teacher (Mat Cover); KS1 SEND
                                   Co-ordinator                             PLAYGROUND
Carolina Grierson                  Temp p/t Learning Support                Isabel Barata Dos Reis       Senior Playground Supervisor;
                                   Teacher/Part-time Assistant                                           Medical Room Assistant
                                   Librarian (LS)                           Tania Pais Rodrigues Marques Part-time Lunchtime Playground
Christina Hindmarsh BMus           Part time EYFS/KS1 Music                                              Supervisor
 Hons; BEd                         Teacher                                  Rabab Yassin                 Part-time Lunchtime Playground
Jodi Hogan MA Ed; BSc;             (2JH) Acting Head of Year 2                                           Supervisor
 PGCE; Dip RS                      (Mat Cover); Head of PSHE                LIBRARY
Riaz Hossenbux BA; PGCE            Part-time Lower School PE                Alison Muirhead BA DipLIS    Librarian
                                   Co-ordinator                             Carolina Grierson            Part-time Assistant Librarian/Temp,
Vicky O'Connell BA; NVQ3           Teaching Assistant (Mat Leave)                                        Part-time Learning Support Teacher
James Roberts BA; PGCE             EYFS Teacher (Mat Cover)                 ADMINISTRATION
Natalia Ruiz NVQ3                  Teaching Assistant (Mat Leave)           John Adams                   School Keeper
                                                                            Sophie Alabaster BMus        Music & Drama Administrator
                                                                            Julie Alger                  Headmistress's PA
Genevieve Abram BA Hons;           (2GA) Year 2 Teacher; Lower
                                                                            Katrina Campbell BA          Part-time Office Assistant
 PGCE                              School Sustainability Officer
                                                                            Liesl Chaudhury (ASSOC)CIPD, HR Manager
Nicola Goscomb MA; PGCE;           (2NG) Year 2 Teacher
                                                                             MA, BA Hons, PGD
 BA Hons
                                                                            Darnell Davis                Assistant ICT Technician
Jodi Hogan MA Ed; BSc;             (2JH) Acting Head of Year 2
                                                                            Susan Douglas                Part-time HR Assistant
 PGCE; Dip RS                      (Mat Cover); Head of PSHE
                                                                            Peter Farrelly MBE           Bursar
Rosalind Wood BSc; PGCE;           (2RW) Year 2 Teacher
                                                                            Susannah Frieze MA Hons      Director of External Affairs, School
                                                                            (Oxon)                       Magazine Co-Editor
Susannah Brown BA Hons;            Teaching Assistant (2RW)
                                                                            Paula Goddard-Demosthenous Bursary Accounts Assistant
 Dip HEPrim
                                                                            PG Dip HND
Maria C Larrea BLaw                Teaching Assistant (2GA)
                                                                            Darron Grey                  Data Manager
Annelise Torres NVQ3               Teaching Assistant (2NG)
                                                                            Gerald Hearn                 Facilities Manager
Tanya Wilson MA; BA Hons           Teaching Assistant( 2JH)
ai160624302871_STI07577852810_NEPR_BK_A4_16pp_Info2021.pdf   10   11/24/20    6:37 PM


    Andrew Hoang PGCE, BSc             Part-time Head of Digital Learning        Afternoon Open
    Sera Jiménez                       Secretary to the Deputy Head —            Havelock Terrace                              3.30 pm – 4.25 pm
                                       Academic (Mat Leave)                      Lockington Road                               3.30 pm – 4.30 pm
    Martin Kay                         Security Officer/Premises Assistant       School Reception Closed                                   6.00 pm
    Anna Kipling BA Hons               Upper School Secretary/

    Pauline Nieszwiec
                                       School Receptionist
                                                                                 Newton Prep Term Dates
    Valerie Pitcairn                   Bursary Office Manager                    AUTUMN TERM 2020
    Robert Powell                      Part-time School Keeper                   Term Begins      Thursday 3 September
    Joanne Rose                        Part-time Payroll and Fees                Half-Term        Monday 19 October — Friday 30 October
                                       Administrator                             Term Ends        Friday 18 December 12/12.15pm
    Jack McInroy                       Part-time School Uniform Shop             Spring Term 2021
                                       Manager                                   Term Begins             Thursday 7 January
    Lee Shu Fai                        ICT Technician                            Half-Term               Monday 15 — Friday 19 February
    Kerra Söker                        Lower School Secretary                    Term Ends               Friday 26 March 12/12.15pm
    Susan Symes                        Registrar
    Bianca De Azevedo Tubino           Secretary to the Deputy Head —            Summer Term 2021
                                       Academic (Mat Cover)                      Term Begins             Tuesday 20 April
    Naheema Walji MEd; MBA;            Part-time Compliance Officer              Half-Term               Monday 31 — Friday 4 June
     LLB; LCM                                                                    Term Ends               Thursday 8 July 12/12.15pm

    Helen Valentine RGN; RSCN          School Nurse
                                                                                 Tuition Fees & Extras (PER TERM) 2020-21
    Isabel Barata Dos Reis             Medical Room Assistant                    Apple Nursery (mornings only including snack           £3,200
    Dr Shahenaz Walji                  School Medical Adviser                    and non-residential trips)
                                                                                 Lower School (including lunch, snack and               £5,920
                                                                                 non-residential trips)
    Christopher Woodward BMus          Director of Music
     Hons; LRAM; PGCE; ARCO                                                      Upper School (including lunch, snack and               £6,780
    Elizabeth Davis BMus Hons;         Music Teacher; Head of Crispin;           non-residential trips)
     DipABRSM; PCGE                    Trips/Visits Co-ordinator                 Apple Nursery (one afternoon with lunch)     £250 per half term
    Christina Hindmarsh BMus           Part time EYFS/KS1 Music Teacher          Early Morning Room                           £1.90 per session
     Hons; BEd                                                                   Late Room                                   £8.00 per half-hour
    Sophie Alabaster BMus              Music & Drama Administrator               Acceptance Deposit                                     £1,500
    CATERING                                                                     Pre-payment for entry to Nursery                       £1,500
    Linda Thompson                     Catering Manager                          Pre-payment for entry to Reception to Year 6           £2,500
    Claire Keegan                      Deputy Catering Manager                   Pre-payment for entry to Years 7 or 8                  £1,000
     To email any member of the teaching staff please use the first              Registration fee                                          £100
    letter of their first name and the whole of their second name i.e.           Alongside our competitive school fees, there are a range of
              Fred Smith would be                        reasonable charges for after-school Activities (after-school
                                                                                 Clubs are all free) and Residential Trips (our range of day trips
    School Day Information                                                       is included within the fees), all of which can be viewed on our
    Early Morning Club / Playground                 8.00 am – 8.20 am
    Doors Open and Registration                               8.20 am            Extra Curricular Activities and Tuition
    LUNCH                                                                        Art Extension (by invitation only)                           £214
    Lower School                                           from 11.45 am         Ballet/Tap/Modern Dance                                      £156
    Upper School                                           from 12.15 pm         Chess                                                        £135
                                                                                 Drama                                                        £137
    PICK UP                                                                      Fencing (Upper School / Year 2)                        £106 / £90
    Nursery morning only                                         12 noon         Greek                                                        £120
    Nursery all day and Reception                                3.30 pm         Gymnastics                                                   £137
    Lower School (Years 1 and 2)                                 3.30 pm         Italian (Upper School / Lower School)                 £150 / £130
    Upper School (Years 3 – 8)                                   4.00 pm         Judo                                                          £99
    Supervised Prep (Half) Years 3-8                       Until 4.45 pm         Music Technology                                             £165
    Late Room for Reception, Years 1-2                     Until 5.25 pm         Speech & Drama (Individual / Small group)             £220 / £160
    Late Room for Years 3-8                                Until 5.45 pm         Tennis                                                       £126
                                                                                 Yoga                                                         £104
                                                                                 Self-employed visiting teachers, tutors and coaches provide
    Morning Open                                                                 extra-curricular tuition in music, activities and clubs under
    Lockington Road                                 8.00 am – 8.40 am            separate agreements with parents, for which parents are
    Lockington Road Pedestrian (Late)               8.40 am – 8.50 am            invoiced separately by the peripatetic teacher.
    Havelock Terrace                                8.00 am – 8.40 am
ai160624302871_STI07577852810_NEPR_BK_A4_16pp_Info2021.pdf            11    11/24/20      6:37 PM

      information booklet 2020/21                                                                                                                                                   10

                                                             2.8   Interpretation: Unless the context of these terms              comply with its duties as a Tier 4 sponsor,
Terms & Conditions                                                 and conditions otherwise requires words denoting
                                                                   the singular include the plural and vice versa.
                                                                                                                                  including the passport, visa, vignette and/or
                                                                                                                                  biometric resident permit of the child and, where
                                                                                                                                  necessary, the Parents. It shall be the Parents’
1 Introduction                                               3 Admission and Entry                                                responsibility at all times to ensure that their child
                                                                                                                                  has the appropriate immigration permission to
1.1    These terms and conditions reflect the custom
       and practice of independent schools for many
                                                               to the School                                                      reside in the United Kingdom and to study at this
                                                                                                                                  School. Please also see clause 8.15.
       generations and together with the letter of offer,    3.1   Registration and Admission: Applicants will be
       the Conditions of Award (if applicable), the
       Acceptance Form and the Fees List they form the
                                                                   considered as candidates for admission and
                                                                   entry to the School when the Registration Form           4 Pastoral Care
       basis of a legally binding contract for educational         has been completed and returned to Us and the            4.1   Meaning: Pastoral care is a thread that runs
       services between the Parents and Newton Prep                non-returnable Registration Fee paid. Admission                throughout all aspects of life at this School and is
       Ltd (“Newton Prep” or the “School”) provide                 will be subject to the availability of a place and the         directed towards the happiness, success, safety
       to the Child (the “Parent Contract”). These                 admission requirements at the time being satisfied             and welfare of each pupil and the integrity of the
       terms and conditions are intended to promote                by the applicant.                                              School community.
       the education and welfare of each pupil and the             3.1.1 “Admission” occurs when Parents have
                                                                                                                            4.2   Our Commitment: We will do all that is reasonable
       stability, forward-planning, proper resourcing and                 accepted the offer of a place and paid the
                                                                                                                                  to safeguard and promote the Child’s welfare and
       development of Newton Prep.                                        Acceptance Deposit as set out in the Fees
                                                                                                                                  to provide pastoral care to at least the standard
                                                                          List for the relevant year..
1.2    Variations: These terms and conditions are                                                                                 required by law in the particular circumstances
       subject to change from time to time to reflect              3.1.2 “Entry” is the date when the Child attends               and often to a much higher standard. We will
       changes in the law or in custom and practice at                    the School for the first time under the                 respect the Child’s human rights and freedoms
       the School. Please refer to Section 11 for further                 Parent Contract.                                        which must, however, be balanced with the lawful
       information about change management at the            3.2   Equality: The School is a mainstream, preparatory              needs and rules of our School community and the
       School.                                                     day school for boys and girls aged from 3 - 13                 rights and freedoms of others.
1.3    Important information: The rules concerning                 years. The School welcomes staff and children            4.3   Complaints: Any question, concern or complaint
       notice and fees are of particular importance and            from all different ethnic groups, backgrounds                  about the pastoral care or safety of a pupil must
       are set out at Sections 8 and 9 below.                      and creeds. Human rights and freedoms are                      be notified immediately to the Form teacher,
       Please also see Section 11 for details of the               respected. At present, our physical facilities for             Head of Year, depending on the year the Child is
       changes that may be made to Newton Prep while               the disabled are limited but We will do all that is            in the Deputy Head – Upper School or Deputy
       your child is a pupil here and the consultation             reasonable to ensure that the School’s culture,                Head – Lower School, or in the case of a grave
       and notice procedures that will apply. If you have          policies and procedures are made accessible to                 concern must be notified in writing (which, for
       any queries regarding these terms and conditions            children who have disabilities and to comply with              these purposes, may include by e-mail) to the
       please contact the Bursar before accepting the              our legal responsibilities under equality legislation          Head and/or by telephone and fax in a case of
       place.                                                      in order to accommodate the needs of applicants                emergency. In such cases, the School and its
                                                                   and pupils who have disabilities for which, after              staff will endeavour to investigate the issue and
1.4    Documents referred to: Before accepting the offer           reasonable adjustments, We can cater adequately.               to respond to the Parents in accordance with the
       of a place, parents and pupils receive a copy of
                                                             3.3   Offer of a Place and Deposit: A deposit                        timescales set out in the School’s Complaints
       the School Behaviour Policy and the Fees List.
                                                                   (“Acceptance Deposit”) as shown on the Fees List               Policy. The School expects the Parents to respond
       Parents also have an opportunity, on request,
                                                                   for the relevant year will be payable by all Parents           promptly by return and/or attend any meetings
       to see any of the other documents referred to in
                                                                   when they accept the offer of a place. Please also             that might be arranged by the School to address
       these terms and conditions. Please now refer to
                                                                   see clause 8.8.                                                the issue. Every reasonable complaint shall receive
       Clause 11.7 below.
                                                                                                                                  fair and proper consideration and response. A
                                                             3.4   Pre-payment on admissions: In addition to the                  copy of the School’s Complaints Procedure is
2 Terminology                                                      payment of the Acceptance Deposit, unless the
                                                                   Child has siblings presently at the School, the
                                                                                                                                  available on the School’s website or on request
                                                                                                                                  from the Head’s PA or Bursar.
2.1    “The School”/“We” / “Us” means Newton Prep                  Parents shall pay a pre-payment on Admission:
       Limited acting by its Board of Directors as now             3.4.1 where the Child is registered to enter the         4.4   Child’s Rights: If in the professional opinion of
       or in the future constituted (and any successor).                 School in the nursery, of £1500;                         the Head, the Child is of sufficient maturity and
       The School is incorporated as a limited company                                                                            understanding s /he has certain legal rights
                                                                   3.4.2 where the Child is registered to enter the
       and the Board of Directors are responsible for the                                                                         which the School must observe. These include
                                                                         School in Reception to Year 6, of £2500;
       governance of the School.                                                                                                  the right to give or withhold consent in a variety of
                                                                   3.4.3 where the Child is registered to enter the               circumstances and certain rights of confidentiality
2.2    “The School Council” means the advisory body                      School in Year 7 or 8, of £1000.                         and, usually, the right to have contact with
       appointed by the Board of Directors of Newton                    In all cases any balance of the pre-payment               both natural or adoptive parents. If a conflict of
       Prep Limited to provide advice to the School from                 will be credited to the Child’s first Term’s             interests arises between a Parent and a Child, the
       time to time when considered appropriate.                         Fees. Please also see clause 8.8.                        rights of, and duties owed to, the Child will in most
2.3    “The Head” (or the “Headmaster” or                    3.5   Repayment of Deposit: The Acceptance Deposit                   cases take precedence over the rights of, and
       “Headmistress) is the person with overall                   will be retained in the general funds of the School            duties owed to, the Parent.
       responsibility for the day-to-day running of the            until the Child leaves and will be repaid without        4.5   Head’s Authority: The Parents authorise the Head
       School and that expression includes those to                interest less any extras or other sums due to the              to take and/or authorise in good faith all decisions
       whom any duties of the Head or of the Board of              School on leaving unless stated otherwise in                   which the Head considers on proper grounds
       Directors have been delegated and includes the              these terms and conditions or unless the Parents               will safeguard and promote the Child’s welfare.
       School Medical Officer whenever appropriate.                wish to donate the Acceptance Deposit to the                   Although the School is fee paying, the Parents
2.4    “School Medical Officer” means the appropriately            Newton Bursary Fund (Registered Charity No.                    accept that the Head’s authority within the School
       qualified person appointed by the School to act as          1013843). The School reserves the right to set                 community, exercised reasonably, is paramount.
       School’s medical officer.                                   off any amount owed to the School. This does not               Should the Head find it necessary to correspond
                                                                   alter the School’s right to recover any sums owed              formally with and/or meet the Parents, we expect
2.5    “The Parents”/“You” means any person who has                to it. If the child leaves at the end of the Autumn            both a prompt response and the meeting to take
       signed the Acceptance Form and/or who has                   Term, the Acceptance Deposit will be repaid by 31              place within a reasonable timescale.
       accepted responsibility for a child’s attendance            January. If the child leaves at the end of the Spring
       at this School. Parents are legally responsible,            Term the Acceptance Deposit will be repaid by 31         4.6   Conduct of Parents: The Parents undertake on
       individually and jointly, for complying with their          May. If the Child leaves at the end of the Summer              their own behalf, and on behalf of any third parties
       obligations under the Parent Contract.                                                                                     authorised to act or attend the School on their
                                                                   Term the Acceptance Deposit will be repaid by 31
                                                                                                                                  behalf, to behave reasonably in all dealings with
2.6    Parental Responsibility: Those who have Parental            August. Please also see clause 8.8.
                                                                                                                                  the School, to treat staff and other members of the
       Responsibility (i.e. legal responsibility for the     3.6   Immigration: The School currently holds a licence              School community with dignity and respect,and to
       child) are entitled to receive certain information          to sponsor international applicants under Tier 4 of            comply with the School’s Rules currently in force,
       concerning the child whether or not they are
                                                                   the points based system of immigration. Parents                including (but not limited to) those in relation
       a party to this contract unless a court order has
                                                                   must inform the Head when returning a completed                to access to the buildings and the use of mobile
       been made to the contrary, or there are other
                                                                   Registration form or at any other time if their child          telephones and cameras on School grounds and
       reasons which justify withholding information, at
                                                                   requires sponsorship from the School in order
       the discretion of the School, to safeguard the best
                                                                   to obtain a visa to study at the School. Where a               Keep Clear’ road markings in Lockington Road.
       interests and welfare of the child.
                                                                   child is sponsored by the School for immigration               Parents or any third parties attending or acting on
2.7    “The Child” is the child named on the Acceptance            purposes the Parents shall permit the School                   their behalf in any dealings with the School may
       Form. The age of the Child will be calculated in            to take and retain copies of all documentation                 be prevented from entering the School premises if
       accordance with UK custom.                                  required to be kept by the School in order to                  the Head,acting in a proper manner,considers
ai160624302871_STI07577852810_NEPR_BK_A4_16pp_Info2021.pdf                12    11/24/20     6:37 PM


that individual or group of individuals has/have behaved               absent from the Child’s home overnight or for               the School.
       unreasonably and considers the measure to be                    a twenty-four hour period or longer during the
                                                                                                                             4.21 Insurance: Parents are responsible for insurance
       in the best interests either of the Child or of the             School week, the School must be told in writing
                                                                                                                                  of the Child’s personal property whilst at School
       School Please see also clause 7.13.The Head may                 the name, address and telephone number for
                                                                                                                                  or on the way to and from School or any School-
       in his/her absolute discretion require the Parents              twenty-four hour contact with the adult who will
                                                                                                                                  sponsored activity away from School premises.
       to remove the Child if the behaviour of the Parents             have the care of the Child.
       is, in the opinion of the Head, unreasonable and/                                                                          The School may, via its insurance brokers,
                                                                 4.15 Communication with Parents: With the exception              provide general information about insurance
       or affects or is likely to affect adversely the Child’s
                                                                      of communication regarding Cancellation of the              which may be available, but the School does not
       or other Child’s progress at the School.
                                                                      place or the Withdrawal of the Child from the               accept a contractual duty to do so and makes no
4.7    Ethos: The ethos of this School must be such as                School, the School will (unless otherwise notified          representation as to the suitability or otherwise of
       to foster good relationships between members                   in accordance with other arrangements made)                 any insurance available.
       of the staff, the Childs themselves and between                treat any communication from any person with
       members of the staff and Childs. Bullying,                     Parental Responsibility as having been given on        4.22 Liability: Unless negligent or guilty of some
       harassment, victimisation and discrimination will              behalf of the Parents, and any communication                other wrongdoing causing injury, loss or damage,
       not be tolerated. The School and its staff will act            from the School to any such person as having                the School does not accept responsibility for
       fairly in relation to the pupils and parents and We            been made to each of them. Where the Parents                accidental injury or other loss caused to the Child
       expect the same of pupils and parents in relation              live at different addresses, correspondence and             or Parents or for loss or damage to property.
       to the School.                                                 other information will usually be sent only to the
4.8    Physical Contact: Parents consent to such                      Parent with whom the Child resides (the Resident
                                                                      Parent) as specified on the Acceptance Form.
                                                                                                                             5 Health and Medical Matters
       physical contact with the Child as may accord with
       good practice; as may be appropriate and proper                The Resident Parent agrees to provide copies of        5.1   Medical Declaration: Parents will be asked
       for teaching and instruction; for providing comfort            relevant information to the other Parent or to any           to complete a form of medical declaration
       to a pupil in distress; to maintain safety and good            person with Parental Responsibility who has a                concerning the Child’s health and must inform the
       order; or in connection with the Child’s health                right to receive it.                                         Head in writing if the Child develops any known
       and welfare. Parents also consent to the Child                                                                              medical condition, health problem or allergy, or
                                                                 4.16 Education Guardians: The Parents if resident                 will be unable to take part in games or sporting
       participating in contact and non-contact sports                outside the United Kingdom must before Entry
       and other activities as part of the normal School                                                                           activities, or has been in contact with anyone with
                                                                      appoint an education guardian for the Child in
       and extra-curricular programme and acknowledge                                                                              an infectious or contagious disease.
                                                                      the United Kingdom who has been given legal
       that while the School will provide appropriate                 authority to act on behalf of the Parents in all       5.2   Child’s Health: The Head may at any time require
       supervision the risk of injury cannot be eliminated.           respects and to whom the School can apply for                a medical opinion or certificate as to the Child’s
4.9    Disclosures: Parents must at the first opportunity,            authorities where necessary. The School can                  general health where the Head considers that
       disclose to the School in confidence any known                 accept no responsibility for the Child when he/              necessary as a matter of professional judgement
       medical condition, health problem or allergy                   she is in the care of the Parents or the education           in the interests of the Child and/or the School. The
       affecting the Child; any history of a learning                 guardian. The Parents or the education guardian              Child, if of sufficient age and maturity, is entitled
       difficulty on the part of the Child or any member              must make holiday arrangements, including                    to insist on confidentiality which can nonetheless
       of his/her immediate family; any disability, special           travel to and from the School, in advance.                   be overridden in the Child’s own interests or where
       educational need or any behavioural, emotional                 The responsibility for choosing an appropriate               necessary for the protection of other members of
       difficulty and/or social difficulty on his/her part;           education guardian rests solely with the Parents.            the School community.
       any matters or family circumstances or court                   The Parents are responsible in each case for
       order which might affect the Child’s welfare or                                                                       5.3   Medical Information: Throughout a Child’s time
                                                                      satisfying themselves as to the suitability of an
       happiness; any concerns about the Child’s safety;              education guardian. The Parents shall immediately            as a member of the School, the School Medical
       any significant change in the Parents’ financial               on appointment provide the School with up to                 Officer shall have the right to disclose confidential
       circumstances; or if it is intended that the Child is          date contact details for the appointed education             information about the Child if considered to be
       to be cared for and accommodated by someone                    guardian and shall immediately notify the School             in the Child’s best interests or necessary for
       who is not a close relative for a period of 28 days            of any changes to those details.                             the protection of other members of the School
       or more.                                                                                                                    community. Such information will be given and
                                                                 4.17 Photographs or images (including video                       received on a confidential, “need-to-know” basis.
4.10 Special Precautions: The Head needs to be aware                  recordings): The School may obtain and
     of any matters that are relevant to the Child’s                  use photographs or images (including video             5.4   Medical Care: The Parents must comply with the
     safety and security. The Head must be notified                   recordings) of the Child for:                                School Medical Officer’s recommendations which
     in writing immediately of any court orders or                                                                                 may include a reasonable decision to release the
                                                                      4.17.1 use in the School’s promotional material
     situations of risk in relation to the Child for whom                                                                          Child home or to his/her education guardian when
                                                                             such as the prospectus, the website or
     any special safety precautions may be needed.                                                                                 he/she is unwell.
                                                                             social media;
     Parents may be excluded from School premises
                                                                      4.17.2 press and media purposes;                       5.5   Emergency Medical Treatment: The Parents
     if the Head, acting in a proper manner, considers
                                                                      4.17.3 educational purposes as part of the                   authorise the Head to consent on their behalf to
     such exclusion to be in the best interests of the
     Child or of the School.                                                 curriculum or extra-curricular activities.            the Child receiving emergency medical treatment
                                                                           The School may seek specific consent from               under the National Health Service or at a private
4.11 Confidentiality: The Parents authorise the Head to                                                                            hospital where certified by an appropriately
                                                                             the Parents before using a photograph or
     override their own and (so far as they are entitled                                                                           qualified person to be necessary for the Child’s
                                                                             video recording where the School at its sole
     to do so) the Child’s rights of confidentiality, and                                                                          welfare and if the Parents cannot be contacted in
     to impart confidential information on a “need-                          discretion considers that the use is more
                                                                             privacy intrusive. We would not disclose              time.
     to-know” basis where necessary to safeguard or
     promote the Child’s welfare or to avert a perceived                     the home address of the Child without the       5.6   Routine Medical treatment: On the written
     risk of serious harm to the Child or to another                         Parents’ consent.                                     authority of a person with Parental Responsibility
     person at the School. In some cases, teachers               4.18 Request for Confidentiality: The Parents may                 for the Child who has signed the Acceptance Form
     and other employees of the School may need to                    ask Us to keep information about the Child                   the School will administer prescribed medication
     be informed of any particular vulnerability the                  confidential. For example, You may ask Us not                in accordance with either the prescribing doctor’s
     Child may have. The School reserves the right to                 to use photographs of the Child in promotional               instructions or, in the case of medication to be left
     monitor the Child’s use of email communications,                 material or ask Us to keep the fact that the Child           in the School for a length of time (e.g. Epipens,
     the internet and any mobile electronic devices.                  is on the School roll confidential. If the Parents           emergency inhalers, etc), a recently dated medical
                                                                      would like information about the Child to be kept            practitioner’s instructions. Parents who wish their
4.12 Leaving School Premises: We will do all that is
                                                                      confidential, they must make sure the Child knows            children to receive any non-prescribed medication
     reasonable to ensure that your child remains in
                                                                      this and must inform the Head immediately in                 must provide specific written permission to the
     the care of the School during School hours but
                                                                      writing requesting an acknowledgement of their               School Medical Officer. Prior written permission
     we cannot accept responsibility for a pupil who
     leaves School premises in breach of School Rules.                letter.                                                      from the Parents is required for each and every
     Parents shall be responsible for ensuring that the                                                                            medicine before any medicine is given. Usually
                                                                 4.19 Transport: The Parents consent to the Child                  only prescribed medicines are given at the
     Child knows and abides by the School Rules about                 travelling by any form of public transport and/or in
     leaving School premises during the day.                                                                                       School. Written records are kept of all medicines
                                                                      a motor vehicle driven by a responsible adult who            (prescribed and non-prescribed) administered..
4.13 Residence During Term Time: Pupils are required                  is duly licensed and insured to drive a vehicle of
     during term time and at weekends, and half term,                 that type.
     to live with a Parent or legal guardian or with an
                                                                 4.20 Child’s Personal Property: The Child is
                                                                                                                             6 Educational Matters
     education guardian acceptable to the School. The                                                                        6.1   Our Commitment: Within the published range of
                                                                      responsible for the security and safe use of all
     Head must be notified in writing immediately if the
                                                                      his/her personal property including money,                   the School’s provision from time to time, we will
     Child will be residing during term time under the
                                                                      mobile electronic devices, locker keys, watches,             do all that is reasonable to provide an educational
     care of someone other than a Parent or guardian.
                                                                      computers, calculators, musical instruments and              environment and teaching of a range, standard
4.14 Absence of Parents: When both Parents will be                    sports equipment, and for property lent to them by           and quality which is suitable for each Child and
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