INSIDE - North Coast Co-op

INSIDE - North Coast Co-op
WINTER 2020 • ISSUE 111


                                                Annual Membership
                                                Meeting Recap p. 5
                                        2020 Shopper Survey p. 17
INSIDE - North Coast Co-op

  ISSUE 111 | WINTER 2020
                                             Letter from Editor
                                             by Alex Villagrana, Marketing and Membership Manager                Welcome to another issue of         zations would be recipients of      he brings to the Co-op. Learn
                                             Co-op News—it’s been a while!       our Seeds for Change register       more about Sean in his Gen-
              EDITOR                         There have been a few chang-        round-up program, which has         eral Manager statement on the
           Alex Villagrana                   es around these parts, so it’s      since launched in January.          page 3.
Marketing and Membership Manager             taken some time to roll out                                                 Lastly, in this issue you will
      (707) 443-6027 ext. 435                our winter edition. A lot has            “ There have been              find the return of our shopper
alex villagrana@nor             happened since our Fall 2019 is-                                        survey. Part of serving the com-
                                                                                   a few changes around
                                             sue, so you’ll find plenty of up-                                       munity is knowing the changing
  GRAPHICS & COORDINATION                                                         these parts, so it’s taken
                                             dates herein.                                                           wants and needs of our com-
           Amy Waldrip                                                            some time to roll out our          munity members. After first
      Marketing and Graphic                  Some notable mentions:                   winter edition. A lot          conducting this survey in 2015,
        Design Specialist                                                         has happened since our
                                             Our Annual Membership Meet-                                             we are once again asking the
     (707) 443-6027 ext. 432
                                             ing was held in October and was      Fall 2019 issue, so you’ll         community for feedback to bet-
                                             well attended, despite coming          find plenty of updates           ter help us understand where
                                             at the heels of the first Public               herein.”                 we should focus our efforts
                                             Safety Power Shutoff. October                                           and which direction we should
          811 I St., Arcata                  also saw not one, but two elec-        November saw the arrival         move going forward. Compar-
                                             tions within our doors. The         of our new General Manager,         ing the answers to those from
                                             first was our general election      Sean Nolan. Sean comes to us        five years ago should prove in-
           Sean Nolan
                                             where our membership voted          from another co-op in Wash-         teresting, so please keep an eye
     (707) 822-5947 ext. 220
                                             for three open Board of Direc-      ington. I would like to welcome     for the results in a future issue.
                                             tor seats. Members also voted       Sean, and I look forward to see-
  MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR                     to choose which local organi-       ing the new and exciting ideas      Cheers! ■
       Margaret Sataua
    (707) 443-6027 ext. 434

       Colin Fiske, James Kloor,                   2    Letter from the Editor                              15	
                                                                                                               French-Style Leek
       Kirsten Lindquist, Roger,                                                                               & Onion Soup
                                                   3    From the General Manager
             Leah Stamper,
                                                                                                            16      Meyer Lemon Focaccia
       Cheri Strong, Laura Wright                  4    Member Survey Responses                                                                         17 - 21       2020 Shopper Survey
                                                   5    Annual Membership Meeting
                                                                                                      22 - 23       Local Producer Feature
                                               6 -7     Board Meeting Recaps
 All articles, columns and letters are the                                                             24-25        Know Your Neighbors
  expressed opinion of the author and              7    Meet the New Board Members
         not of North Coast Co-op.                                                                          26      From the Archive
                                                   8    Member Feature
                                                                                                            27	Preparedness
  LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                            9    Local Produce Guide
                                                                                                                & Wellness
   Letters must include your name,
                                             10 -11     Seeds for Change
address, member #, and telephone #.                                                                         28      Financials
 Letters should be kept to a max-                12     New Necessity Tax
 imum of 250 words and may be                                                                               29      Co-op Kids
edited. We regret that we may not                12     Co-op Bike Kit
                                                                                                            30      Meet the Co-op Team
 be able to publish all letters due
to limited space. Email your letters             13     Sustainability Snapshot		                           31      Co-op Calendar
or send them to: Co-op News, 811 I               14     Featured Produce                                    31      Member Survey
      Street, Arcata, CA 95521.

                                                  Cover Photo by Zev Smith-Danford
   2        CO-OP NEWS • WINTER 2020
INSIDE - North Coast Co-op

Meet Our New General Manager
by Sean Nolan, General Manager

                                   how a co-op is run. I have worked     amazing ability to bring people     cial outlet for this type of interac-
                                   in many different roles with-         together and serve as a catalyst    tion with food. Personally, I have
                                   in food co-ops, from cashier to                                           always enjoyed cooking (and
                                   grocery clerk to buyer, and most                                          eating!) and sharing food with
                                   recently as a sales manager at          “ A friend of mine, who           friends and family, and shopping
                                   Central Co-op in Seattle, Wash-       has lived his whole life in         at the co-op has always been an
                                   ington.                                                                   important part of that.
                                        I love food co-ops. I love the   Humboldt, refers to North               I haven’t been at North Coast
                                   concept that an otherwise unre-         Coast Co-op simply as             Co-op for very long, but I have
                                   markable business model — a gro-                                          so far been extremely impressed
                                                                          'Co-op' (as in, 'I’m going
                                   cery store — can be re-envisioned                                         with what a fantastic co-op this
                                   as template for how any business          to Co-op'), like he is          is, and what an important role
                                   can operate with considerations         speaking of a dear old            it plays in this amazing commu-
                                   beyond profitability. A food co-op                                        nity. A friend of mine, who has
                                   is more than just a place to buy      friend. I always found this         lived his whole life in Humboldt,
                                   groceries; co-ops build commu-          hilarious and charming,           refers to North Coast Co-op sim-
                                   nity, bolster local economies, and                                        ply as “Co-op” (as in, “I’m going
                                   promote sustainable food systems.           but I get it now. ”           to Co-op”), like he is speaking of
I am honored and thrilled to be    I like to imagine that by modeling                                        a dear old friend. I always found
joining the North Coast Co-op      a grocery store in this way, we are                                       this hilarious and charming, but
team as General Manager. I have    saying to other businesses: “if we    for social connections. The idea    I get it now. That is what this Co-
been working in food co-ops for    can do it, so can you!”               of paring food with community       op is for Humboldt — a dear old
nearly 10 years and have enjoyed        For me, co-ops are also about    is at the core of the human expe-   friend — and I’m just excited to
getting to know every aspect of    the love of food. Food has an         rience, and co-ops provide a cru-   be a part of it. ■

       It's a                                                                                                            We want
                                                          - 2020 -                                                        to hear
                                                                                                                         from you
                               SHOPPER SURVEY
                            Have an opinion? We're listening.
                               Take our confidential Shopper Survey on
  Go                          p. 17 of this publication or on our website at
 Co-op!           You'll help guide your Co-op
                            into a bright future and you have the option of
                            entering into a drawing to win a $100 gift card!

                 Take the Survey on p. 17                       - or -      online

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                     Member Survey Responses
    In our last newsletter we asked: Have you changed                              “Is packaging an ingredient? I’ve      “I have. I’m vegan due to the irre-
                                                                                   definitely changed my habits to        versible social and environmen-
    your food shopping habits based on the social or                               eliminate packaging – yay bulk!”       tal impacts that meat and dairy
    environmental impacts of the food's ingredients?                                                     — Lauraine       farming cause.”
                                                                                                                                                     — Anna
    If so, which ingredients? Over 50 members
                                                                                   “Yes – no plastic, all organic, bulk
    responded with profound and conscious decisions.                               where available, local where           “Always looking for bio—soaps
    Here is a snapshot of what your fellow members                                 available, plant based (mostly),       that don’t encroach on Goril-
                                                                                   organic/wild caught poultry and        la habitat – Does “cruelty free”
    had to say:                                                                    fish.”                                 mean it’s not from palm oil plan-
                                                                                                             — Barbara    tations?!”
                                                                                                                                                   — Maisy
    “Not so much ingredients as           “I’ve tried to eat more local food       “Yes – paying closer attention to       “No.”
    packaging – working on making         because of the costs of importing        growing and manufacturer place                                   — Mike
    yogurt and I have mesh bags for       food, especially produce.”               of origin.”
    produce. I buy more organic than                            — Jacquelyn                                  — Kelly      “Yes, I try to buy mostly local
    I used to and coffee that is shade                                                                                    produce.”
    grown.”                               “My habits have changed to               “Yes, I only buy bulk when pos-                                 — Zoe
                            — Andrea      mainly focus on locally sourced          sible. I don’t buy anything over
                                          ingredients and produce (honey,          packaged and only buy organic.         “I don’t buy Eden Foods. I always
    “I bring a container to buy tofu      local jams, local breads, dairy, lo-     I also grow my own greens plus         buy local produce/meat. Only or-
    from the deli in Arcata. It feels     cal beer and wine.) They are also        some vegetables. I always have         ganic. I don’t buy Co-op soups
    like I am getting more for my         based on what I can get from bulk        my own bag for groceries and           with sugar in the ingredients. We
    money and no plastic! I buy bev-      bins, allowing me to re-use con-         take a box rather than a bag.”         reuse all plastic bags.”
    erages in glass or cans only. Once    tainers including non-food items                                   — Alyssa                                  — G.
    again, no plastic! Yay!”              such as shampoo.”
                             — Honoree                                — Lara       “Yes – avoiding palm oil and corn      Disclaimer: The views and opinions
                                                                                   syrup…”                                expressed in these published survey re-
    “Buy fewer things and make                                                                               — Mark
                                          “Yes. I avoid palm oil and sugar.”                                              sponses are those of individual mem-
    more at home, buy fair trade,
                                                                  — Dominic                                               ber-owners and do not necessarily re-
    look for low/minimal packaging,
                                                                                                                          flect the official policy or position of the
    buy bulk if available, do not buy                                              “Yes – No GMO’s! Careful to read       North Coast Co-op. The publishing of
    cleaners/hygiene products unless      “I stopped buying dole, del mon-         all labels :)”                         these responses is not meant to malign
    nontoxic (check EWG website),         te, and Chiquita bananas due to                                 — Bonnie        anyone or anything, but rather to give
    buy only organic, buy few pro-        unfair working treatments in                                                    voice to our diverse membership. ■
    cessed foods. Avoid palm oil, car-    Ecuador. I also stopped buying
    rageenan, non-organic and GMO         cocoa that is not fair trade due to
    foods. Coffee is shade grown and      child labor and palm oil contain-
    eggs that are organic and free        ing products due to deforestation
    range. Check the Cornucopia
    score cards!”
                                          in the Amazon.”
                                                                     — Alexis
                                                                                         We want to hear from you!
                             — Robert                                                     All members who responded were en-
                                          “Yes, one of the ingredients I try
                                                                                        tered into a drawing for a $35 gift card. If
    “Yes, I avoid buying food with palm
    oil as an ingredient. Although I am   to avoid is palm oil. I try to get lo-         you would like to participate in the next
    aware that some palm oil is sus-      cal options whenever possible as              member survey question and be entered
    tainably harvested, most is not!”     well as shop seasonally.”                            into a drawing see page 31.
                               — Olivia                                — Jenna

4       CO-OP NEWS • WINTER 2020
INSIDE - North Coast Co-op

Annual Membership
Meeting a Success
by Margaret Sataua, Membership Coordinator

I would like to thank all Co-op members who
attended our 2019 Annual Membership Meet-
ing held in October. It was a pleasant afternoon
where we enjoyed tasty refreshments in the
company of fellow member-owners. It was also
an unusual weekend, as our community was
unwinding from the electricity deficiency that
occurred only days earlier. To our relief, the
lights were on and the coffee was hot at the Bay-
side Community Hall. Ninety-seven people were
in attendance, representing 74 memberships.

Some topics of conversation included:
• Initiatives to boost employee morale and where
   the employee experience may be lacking
• The complexity of sustainable energy sources
   and how they can be utilized at the Co-op
• Ways members can collaborate to stay pre-
  pared and connected in times of emergency
• Gratitude for the work and positive contribu-
   tions of Co-op employees, especially during
   the power outage

 here were a lot of great ideas shared and it
was uplifting to hear messages of support for
my co-workers.
    Membership events don’t begin and end
with the Annual Membership Meeting. For
those of you who are interested in starting emer-
gency preparedness networks within the Co-op
community, I invite you to attend our Member
Action Committee meetings, where you can
share your ideas with other members, mo-
bilize and initiate positive change in your
community. You can find the monthly Mem-
ber Action Committee meeting dates on page
6 of this issue or on our website calendar.

     Top: Representatives of the 2020 Seeds for Change
     recipient organizations. Center: Members enjoy an
    organic and fair trade buffet. Bottom: Board President
     & Treasurer James Kloor addresses the Membership.
                Photos by Zev Smith-Danford

INSIDE - North Coast Co-op

    Third Quarter Board Meeting Recaps
                                                                                                          BOARD OF DIRECTORS
    October, November, December board meetings                                                               & COMMITTEE
    by James Kloor, Board President and Treasurer                                                              MEETINGS

    The last three months on the North Coast          ing staff who worked around the clock to not        February
    have been pretty wild, to say the least. We’ve    only save product, but to serve our communi-        Board of Directors Meeting
    had numerous power outages, transition            ty in a time of need.                               February 6 • 6pm, Arcata Community
                                                                                                          Center (321 M.L.K Jr. Parkway Blvd)
    among leadership (both board & staff), and
    through it all the Co-op has continued to be a    NEW GENERAL MANAGER                                 Member Action Committee
                                                                                                          February 12 • 5:30pm, upstairs in the
    beacon of community resilience and cooper-        The Board of Directors hired Sean Nolan as
                                                                                                          Arcata Store (811 I Street)
    ative principals.                                 our new General Manager. He comes to us
                                                                                                          Earth Action Committee
                                                      from Central Co-op in Washington and start-
                                                                                                          February 12• 6:45pm, upstairs in the
    ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING                         ed the second week of November. Melanie
                                                                                                          Arcata Store (811 I Street)
    In October we hosted our Annual Member-           Bettenhausen saw the Co-op through some
                                                                                                          Finance Committee
    ship Meeting, filling up the Bayside Grange.      trying times, I’m grateful for her time with        February 27 • 2pm, Eureka Chamber
    I love the Annual Membership Meeting as it’s      the Co-op. I am curious to see how we grow          of Commerce Headquarters (612 G
    one of the few times we, the board, really get    / change / evolve under Sean’s leadership.          Street, #101)
    to interact with a lot of members, at one time.   Sean’s quickly grabbing hold of the reins —
    We had a robust member comment period,            attended his first Board Meeting in Decem-          March
    with lots of great feedback. The issue that was   ber and has been attending lots of commit-          Board of Directors Meeting
    first and foremost on everyone’s minds were       tee meetings. Welcome aboard Sean — we’re           March 5 • 6pm, Jefferson
    the very recent Public Safety Power Shut-         lucky to have you!                                  Community Center (1000 B Street,
    off (PSPS) events that swept through Hum-                                                             Eureka)
    boldt County. Next year I look forward to         Q2 FINANCIALS                                       Member Action Committee
    shaking up what we do at the Annual Mem-          Quarter 2 Financials were presented at the          March 11 • 5:30pm, upstairs in the
    bership meeting — stay posted and come pre-       November Finance Committee Meeting, and             Arcata Store (811 I Street)
    pared to learn new things about our Co-op         at the December Board meeting. For folks            Earth Action Committee
    and discover new ways to flex your member-        who haven’t had a chance to review them — Q2        March 11 • 6:45pm, upstairs in the
                                                                                                          Arcata Store (811 I Street)
    ship muscles.                                     showed a slight loss of $9,222. That’s follow-
                                                      ing positive incomes in the prior 3 quarters.       Policy and Procedures Committee
                                                                                                          March 18 • 6pm, upstairs in the
    PUBLIC SAFETY POWER                               Year to date we are still showing a positive
                                                                                                          Arcata Store (811 I Street)
    SHUTOFF EVENTS                                    net income right around $55,000. Cash has
                                                                                                          Nominating Committee Meeting
    In October and November, the Co-op faced          held steady, even with the large C share re-
                                                                                                          March 26 • 6pm, upstairs in the
    two planned power shutoff events. The first       purchases that we have been carrying out            Arcata Store (811 I Street)
    was incredibly difficult to plan for, with less   since last fall. Staff is doing an impressive job
    than 48 hours’ notice — we lost a lot of prod-    maintaining / spending down inventory, as
    uct. Staff had to throw out food that farmers     well as keeping expenses within our means.          April
    and producers poured their hearts and souls       I look forward to seeing how the stores             Board of Directors Meeting
                                                                                                          April 2 • 6pm, Arcata Community
    into, and while not a devastating event fi-       did over the holidays as Q3 is usually our
                                                                                                          Center (321 M.L.K Jr. Parkway Blvd)
    nancially (our insurance covered the bulk of      strongest quarter.
                                                                                                          Member Action Committee
    product loss), it hurt in other ways. The Co-
                                                                                                          April 8 • 5:30pm, upstairs in the
    op strives to be a triple bottom line business,   NEW BOARD MEMBERS & OFFICERS                        Arcata Store (811 I Street)
    not just focused on profits, but the people       Our new Board members are Roger and
                                                                                                          Earth Action Committee Meeting
    and planet as well. Events like the PSPS forced   Laura Wright serving as General Member              April 8 • 6:45pm, upstairs in the
    grocery stores across Northern California to      Directors, and Kirsten Lindquist serving as         Arcata Store (811 I Street)
    lose atrocious amounts of products — due to       an Employee Director. Roger shared that he
    lack of refrigeration and proper storage con-     wants to continue prioritizing the removal of
    ditions. With the second set of planned pow-      plastics from our stores, he would like to see
    er outages staff made it a goal to not lose any   more worker participation, and help the Co-
    product. They pulled it off and managed to        op find its footing in these uncertain times
    save nearly everything. Hats off to an amaz-      of power shut offs. Laura has a strong back-

6       CO-OP NEWS • WINTER 2020
INSIDE - North Coast Co-op

[Continued from page 6]

ground in sales and is passionate about good         cer slate a bit. The current officers are as follows:   UPCOMING MEETINGS
food, cares deeply about the ethics of food          James Kloor — President & Treasurer                     Check out the calendar section of the Co-op
sourcing and in finding ways to support our                                                                  News [p. 31] to discover how you can get in-
                                                     Colin Fiske — Vice President
local community. Kirsten has been deeply                                                                     volved. We have Member Action Committee,
involved in our Co-op, attending most (if not        Laura Wright — Secretary                                Earth Action Committee, Nominating Com-
all) of the board meetings over the past year.       Kirsten Lindquist —Nominating Committee                mittee, and Policies & Procedures meetings
Kirsten has worked with many other Co-ops                                Chair                               that may pique your interest in the next
and brings with her a level of care and re-                                                                  few months.
                                                     Roger — Earth Action Committee Chair
sponsibility that will help guide this board to                                                                 Thank you for your commitment to our
make decisions best for the members.                 Cheri Strong — Earth Action                            Co-op, and for being a part of our North
    And finally – the Board did shake up the Offi-                  Committee Chair                          Coast community. ■

            Meet the Newly Elected Board of Directors

        Kirsten Lindquist                                               Roger                                           Laura Wright
             Employee Director                                    General Director                                        General Director
           Term: 11/2019 - 11/2022                             Term: 11/2019 - 11/2022                                 Term: 11/2019 - 11/2022

I am an East Coast transplant who has                I am an old-comer to the Arcata Co-op,                  Having grown up in a small, remote town out-
slept in 44 states and have only been in Cal-        having been involved since around 1977.                 side of Antwerp, Belgium I was no foreigner to
ifornia for eleven years, the last six in Hum-       Probably the most useful thing I can share              the do-it-yourself / local concept. At the age of
boldt, where I hope to stay for good. I love         is I am very available to promote your ideas            13, we moved to the central valley of CA – culture
co-ops, and this is the seventh co-op I have         and desires to sustain our Co-op. My phone              shock maximus. Midway through high school,
been a member of and the third that I have           number is 444-9901 and I'm in the Arcata                my mother commented that I belong in Hum-
worked at. Working at co-ops is my fourth            Co-op most every day, on my evening transi-             boldt — not knowing what a “Humboldt” was we
and hopefully final career path, having dab-         tion from work to home. I encourage you to              took a road trip. I fell in love. In 2007 I moved to
bled in academe, national and state politics,        reach out to board members, store workers               Humboldt County where I attended HSU and
as well as being a food entrepreneur. In my          and your fellow members to keep us going                was lucky enough to find my now-husband. Sup-
free time I can be found running my dog              well. ■                                                 porting local businesses and agriculture is some-
at the beach and in the forest, or watching                                                                  thing I hold near and dear to my heart. The sense
great films. Cooking for others and enjoying                                                                 of community in this county is amazing and I’m
with friends is one of my greatest joys. I look                                                              thankful to be a part of it. I look forward to shar-
forward to serving the co-op community as a                                                                  ing this passion of supporting local community
member of the board. ■                                                                                       by serving on the board of the North Coast Co-op.
                                                                                                             Thank you for the opportunity. ■

INSIDE - North Coast Co-op

                                                     WE ASKED OUR MEMBERS:
        What's Your Favorite Rainy Day Activity?

              “Reading, preferably in                   “Staying home cooking and               “Make home-made soup with
               front of a fireplace.”                            reading.”                      yummy stuff from the Co-op!”
           nerissa, kneeland | member for 7 years.      Sheila, Eureka | Member for 5 years.     Cindy, Eureka | Member for 2 years.

          “Baking with my daughter and                “Binge watch ‘The Last Kingdom’          “Agate hunting. Jumping in mud-
            getting cozy by the fire.”                        for the n th time.”                       dy puddles.”
            Kala, Eureka | Member for 9 years.                                                    Laura with daughter Emily, Arcata
                                                        Robert, Arcata | Member for 4 years.
                                                                                                        Member for 29 years.

                                                                                  WIN A GIFT CARD!
                                                                         The first six members to answer our
                                                                featured question in our stores and let us take their
       “Snuggling while smelling homemade
                                                                picture receive a $10 gift card. Look for our tables in
         soup and bread in the oven (made                            Arcata and Eureka this spring — you could
         with Co-op ingredients) to share.”
                                                                                    be featured next!
           Moriah, Eureka | Member for 3 years.

8      CO-OP NEWS • WINTER 2020
INSIDE - North Coast Co-op

             Local Produce Guide January | February | March | April
Fruit            Jan		   Feb    Mar    April         Farm                                                           Jan Feb Mar Apr                 Farm
                                                                                                 Root Veggies
Kiwifruit                                      Pierce Family Farm         M   ushro             Beet Varieties                                   Wild Rose Farm
                                                                       er          o


                                                                                                                                               Willow Creek Farms

                                                                                                Daikon Radish

                                                                                                Leeks                                          Pierce Family Farm /
                                                                                                                                                  Rain Frog Farm
Greens           Jan		   Feb    Mar    April         Farm
                                                                                                Parsnips                                       Willow Creek Farms
 Assorted                                        Earthly Edibles
                                                                                                Rutabaga                                       Willow Creek Farms


 Spinach                                         Wild Rose Farm

                                                                           Le e                                     Jan Feb Mar Apr                 Farm
                 Jan		   Feb    Mar    April         Farm                                        ... and more

                                                                                                Artichokes                                        Earthly Edibles
Cilantro                                         Wild Rose Farm
                                                                                                Asparagus                                           Henry Rose

                                                                                                Cabbage Varieties                               Willow Creek Farms
Mushrooms Jan		          Feb    Mar    April         Farm
                                                                                                Wheatgrass                                     Flying Blue Dog Farm
Lions Mane                                     Mycality Mushrooms          A r ti ch
Oyster                                         Mycality Mushrooms

Shiitake                                       Mycality Mushrooms                                                    * Weather may affect produce availability

             What it Means to be Certified Organic
             North Coast Co-op was the first food co-op
             on the west coast to be certified organic.
             We’ve maintained that certification since 2006.
             Organic certification means that our staff are
trained to maintain the integrity of the organic product
they are handling. We ensure organic and conventional
products never touch or “co-mingle” on a retail display
or in back stock storage. When we sanitize a surface that
touches food—like cutting boards, sinks, and knives—we
are required to completely remove any sanitizer residue
and to document when we do so. A third-party certifies
that we maintain compliance with organic regulations. They
audit our procedures, operations and inspect our stores                                         Flying Blue Dog
every year before renewing our certification.                                                   Farm & Nursery
                                                                                                  Willow Creek
Simply put, we are the only store in the region that
guarantees the integrity of your organic apples,
broccoli, avocados, and everything else in our Produce                                          Organic Matters
departments from the truck to your basket. ■                                                        Ranch

                                                                                                  Henry Rose

INSIDE - North Coast Co-op

     Seeds for Change Round Up —
     A New Way to Give
     by Emily Walter, Administrative Assistant

     Longtime North Coast Co-op round up your purchase each waste generated in the first place. ities. These programs benefit
     members remember a time when time you shop. All funds donated In 2020, Zero Waste Humboldt youth and other members of the
     there was a long list of non-profit at the register are given directly is initiating an ongoing Zero community by providing free
     organizations at each register to to the recipient organization at Waste training clinic and certi- opportunities to get outside and
     choose to donate an additional the end of each month. The inau- fication program for businesses, learn about the natural world

     1% of your purchase to.                                                              schools and large we share.
     The Register Donation              Local non-profits applied to                      outdoor      events.    The    Co-op’s     Coopera-
     program was an easy way                                                              Funds raised at the tive Community Fund (CCF)
     for shoppers to donate to participate in August, and mem- register in Febru- isn’t going away, we are simply
     the organization of their                                                            ary will help with growing our opportunities to
     choice. That giving pro-         bers owners voted in October,                       waste training and give. We will continue increasing
     gram was replaced with a        choosing nine recipients for the reducing the pro- our CCF fund through paper bag
     program where you could                                                              liferation of sin- sales and direct donations. The
     round up your purchase          2020 Seeds for Change Round gle-use products Co-op will continue a granting

     for the Co-op’s Cooper-                                                              and packaging — program to local nonprofits from
     ative Community Fund,
                                                   Up program.                            especially plastics. our CCF fund in addition to the
     from which the Co-op                                                                     Rounding out Seeds for Change program.
     grant funds to local organiza- gural Seeds for Change Round- the first three months of the                   I hope you will join me in
     tions. If you’re like me, perhaps up recipient during the month Seeds for Change program is supporting the Seeds for Change
     you miss getting to choose who of January was Hospice of Hum- Friends of the Dunes during the recipient organizations and their
     you are donating to, which is why boldt. Hospice of Humboldt has month of March. Friends of the efforts to improve our commu-
     we recently let members have been providing heartfelt end of Dunes is dedicated to conserving nities by rounding up each time
     a say in our new donation life care and grief support ser- the natural diversity of coast- you are at the register. Simply ask

     round-up program called Seeds vices to all who need them in our
     for Change.                         community for 40 years. Hospice                    I hope you will join me in
         Local non-profits applied to envisions a community in which
     participate in August, and mem- no one dies alone or afraid, and        supporting the Seeds for Change recipient
     bers-owners voted in October, all who grieve are comforted.
     choosing nine recipients for the When you round up at the reg-                  organizations and their efforts to
     2020 Seeds for Change Round-up ister during January, you are             improve our communities by rounding up

     program. Members chose Hos- helping support the free services
     pice of Humboldt, Zero Waste and programs Hospice provides                      each time you are at the register.
     Humboldt, Friends of the Dunes, to their patients, their families,
     Northcoast Environmental Cen- and the community. All Hospice
     ter, Area 1 Agency on Aging, grief support groups are offered al environments in Humboldt your cashier to “round up” when
     Community Alliance with Family at no cost and are open to the County through community you’re checking out. For exam-
     Farmers, Arcata House Partner- entire community.                       supported education and stew- ple, if a purchase is $10.75 and
     ship, North Coast Regional Land         Zero Waste Humboldt is the ardship programs. Funds raised you rounded up to $11.00, the re-
     Trust and Redwood Coast Village. February round-up recipient. from Seeds for Change will be maining $0.25 would be donated
     Additionally, three months will Their mission is to reduce waste, used to support free environ- to that month’s organization. It’s
     be dedicated to the Co-op Pump- including material reuse, re- mental education and steward- that easy and yet quite powerful
     kin Patch, Co-op Month Twin cycling and composting. Their ship programs, including guided when all those small donations of
     Pines Fund and Food for People.     top priority is proactive waste walks, field trips for school kids change are added up at the end
         Starting January 1, you can prevention strategies to reduce and coastal restoration activ- of the month. ■

10       CO-OP NEWS • WINTER 2020

            Plant the seeds for a better community!
                  Round up your purchase to the nearest dollar at the
                  register to benefit a valued community organization.
                    Organizations rotate monthly. Upcoming featured
                                  organizations include:

                    JANUARY                                                    MARCH

                          Provides heartfelt end                                  Helps protect and
                          of life care and grief support                          manage rare coastal dune
                          services to all who need                                habitat, and supports and
                          them; including support                                 encourages community
                          groups for youth and the                                involvement in environmental
                          entire community.                                       conservation efforts.

                 FEBRURARY                                                      APRIL

                         Funds raised will go to                                Promotes the understanding
                         support the reduction of sin-                          of the relations between
                         gle-use products and pack-                             people and the biosphere
                         aging – especially plastic.                            and to conserve, protect and
                   ARCATA LOCATION                                    EUREKA LOCATION
                         Promotes waste prevention,                             celebrate terrestrial, aquatic
                     811 I St., Arcata                                  25 4th St., Eureka
                         reusable materials, compost-                           and marine ecosystems
                             and recycling.                              (707) 443-6027
                                                                                of northern California and
                 Open daily: 6am to 9pm                              Open Daily:southern
                                                                                 6am toOregon.

                                         THE COOPERATIVE PRINCIPLES:
Voluntary &visit  us online
           Open Membership,            to Member
                               Democratic  see the        full
                                                   Control,    list
                                                            Member    of 2020
                                                                   Economic          recipients:
                                                                            Participation, Autonomy & Independence,
             Education, Training & Information, Cooperation Among Cooperatives, Concern for Community
| NEWS |

                                                    Introducing Our
            Necessity Tax
            by Kiya Villarreal,
            Sustainability Officer
                                                      New Bike Kit
                               Your shopping
                               trips may be
                                                  We’re happy to introduce our new bike kit!
                               positively af-     Our bike kit provides tools and locks on loan. Free to all mem-
                               fected by the      bers, the bike kit is intended to encourage and support mem-
                               new necessity
                               tax-exemp-         bers who choose bicycling as their means of transportation to
                               tions     taking   our stores.
                               effect in 2020.
                               The     exemp-     How does it work?
                               tions now cover
                               all menstrual      The bike kit includes a lock, pump, tire levers and patch kit.
                               products and       Any Co-op member can use the bike kit for up to an hour while
            child diapers. There current-         shopping at the Arcata store. Members can check out the bike
            ly is not a universal tax-related
            definition of what is considered      kit at customer service after filling out the bike kit form and
            a necessity good, thus necessi-       liability waver.
            ty tax exemptions vary by state.
            We would like to acknowledge
            California for creating a more
            realistic definition of the word                                             BIKE LOCK &
            “necessity” that includes diapers,
            which are needed by all children                                             PUMP RENTAL
            for years, and menstrual prod-                                               A MEMBER BENEFIT
            ucts including tampons, pads,                                    The Co-op is pleased to offer a bike lock and pump loan
                                                                      as a benefit to our members who bicycle to our location as a means
            menstrual sponges and men-                                 of transportation.The North Coast Co-op is not responsible for any
            strual cups, also regularly need-                                           damaged, lost or stolen property.
            ed for a considerable portion                                               RENTAL AGREEMENT:
                                                                         I agree to return the bike lock within 1 hour of checkout in the
            of a menstruating persons’ life.                           condition in which I received it. I understand that the North Coast
            You may be surprised to learn 34                        Co-op is not responsible for the safety of my belongings and is not liable
                                                                                         for any lost or stolen property.
            states still tax menstrual prod-
            ucts as a luxury good.                              Signed:                               Member #:                   Date:
                We should note that these
            California tax exemptions are
            currently only valid for a 2-year
            period. The new tax exemp-            All bike supplies are purchased from our valued business part-
            tions are in effect as of Janu-       ner Adventure’s Edge. Business partners are local businesses
            ary 1. To learn more about the
                                                  around town that offer discounts to Co-op Members. Learn more
            campaigns to permanently
            stop menstrual products be-           about them on the Membership Benefits page of our website.
            ing taxed as a luxury good, visit     The bike kit is currently only available for loan at the Arcata store,
                                                  but is coming soon to the Eureka store.
                For lengthier reads, check
            out this book list provid-                Share your feedback! We will use member feedback to help
            ed by the independent edi-            inform our selection of future bike equipment for the Eureka lo-
            torial site Book Riot https://
                cation. We’re currently exploring options for a public access in-
            books-about-periods/ ■                stalled Air Pump too! ■

12         CO-OP NEWS • WINTER 2020

Sustainability Snapshot
by Kiya Villarreal, Sustainability Officer

    Community connections are         support “products which are en-        ry for the planet and our future             less waste by showing real-life
vital, and a strong community         vironmentally sound and socially       on it, the humblest solution is              examples already used in our
network is a reliable and sup-        responsible, which support our         action. I may not be cured, but              stores—and many of our homes!
portive one. The Co-op makes          local community and economy,           I feel restored when I take part                 During the last two weeks
daily donations to local food         and which meet the needs of our        in building a stronger more re-              of August, we hosted our Third
pantries and meal delivery pro-       members.” This is the Co-op, our       silient community. Dr. Sarah                 Annual Strawless Summer give-
grams. These donations are pos-       member-owners and community            Jaquette Ray has described this              away to encourage and thank our
sible because of the reliable pick    striving to be better, more resil-     as “collective efficacy” and “ef-            shoppers for choosing durables.
up drivers from Arcata House          ient and tread more lightly.           fective resilience”. So yes, partic-             In September, we hosted an-
Partnership and Food For People.          I first heard of Eco-grief from    ipate in your community, attend              other annual beach cleanup site
We all work together to ensure        HSU professor Dr. Sarah Jaquette       a beach cleanup, plant a tree, but           for the now-international Coast-
food gets into the hands of those     Ray, who credits the original          also advocate for local. Advocate            al Clean Up Day. We rounded the
in need as quickly as possible to     framework to Heidi Hutner. I           for real sustainable organic foods.          year out attending multiple parts
ensure people get fed and mini-                                                                                           of the Zero Waste Conference at
mal food is wasted.                                                                                                       HSU, and then hosting our own
    Whatever we can’t donate to                                                                                           Third Annual Zero Waste Day
our local food banks gets trans-                                                                                          event in partnership with the
ferred to become the next best                                                                                            City of Arcata, Zero Waste Hum-
use, such as compost or animal                                                                                            boldt, North Coast Environmen-
feed to ensure food waste doesn’t                                                                                         tal Center and W.R.R.A.P.’s Bi-
end up in a landfill. For the year                                                                                        cycle Learning Center. We had
of 2019, we had a monthly aver-                                                                                           plenty of awesome Co-op em-
age of 7,122 pounds of inedible or-                                                                                       ployees and shoppers stopping
ganics (eggshells, coffee grounds                                                                                         by our tent to discuss and learn
etc.) and compostable materials                 Items from our                                                            about what Zero Waste truly can
                                             Strawless Summer
sent to become compost. This is                                                                                           mean for us and our community.
an incredibly effective way the                                                                                               Finally, we started 2020 off
Co-op takes charge of minimiz-                                                                                            by attending the Climate Action
ing landfill waste. We will contin-                                                                                       Plan public workshop hosted
ue to explore more ways that re-                                                                                          by the County of Humboldt in
sources can be spared and waste                                                                                           partnership with the City of
reduced—from all aspects of our       encourage anyone interested in         Advocate for responsible production          Eureka. It was an interactive
operations. This of course ex-        learning more about the topic to       methods. Demand proper disposal              and insightful presentation of
tends to our members, shoppers        start with these experts. I have       practices. Demand fair-wages. And            what we as a small community
and community.                        learned from these lectures and        remember to go easy on yourself—             can do to reduce GHG (Green-
    In the summer issue of the        writings, but have also experi-        this isn’t a quick fix, but it is a worthy   house Gas). The City of Eureka
Co-op News, I told you to expect      enced this condition firsthand.        lifelong effort to do what we can with       and Humboldt County will
to learn more about the concept       “Eco-grief” and the similar angst      what we have (and what we know).             compile our input to come to
of “eco-grief” and what we can        of ‘climate-anxiety’ are the stress-        August was a big month for              an agreed GHG emissions redu
all do to avoid feeling stunned       ful results of worrying deeply for     our sustainability efforts. In early         ction target. The strategies pre-
by it. This is near and dear to my    the future of our natural world,       August, the City of Eureka launched          sented would not only reduce
heart, but also completely in line    which can include distress over        a Zero Waste Planning Process                GHG but would simultaneously
with what cooperatives stand          extreme weather conditions of          with a kick-off event that was well          increase the quality of life for
for—as they inherently challenge      heatwaves to hurricanes, but also      attended by our community. The               many Eureka residents. We will
notions of traditional, exploit-      deep feelings of loss for heirloom     Co-op was honored to participate             keep updating you on any prog-
ative capitalism. As written in the   foods, native plants and species.      with an educational table where              ress regarding the Climate Ac-
Co-op’s Mission and Values, we        To avoid feeling stunned by wor-       we shared ways to shop with                  tion Plan. ■


                                        Featured Produce

                     Winter is the time of the hardy vegetable, and leeks stand tall in the crowd.
                  Whether you’re slicing some up for soup or serving with your favorite seafoods, leeks
                                 can add a delicious, mild flavor to your winter dishes.

                                                              Fresh Facts
            •	Leeks were first cultivated in Egypt before being            •	The stalk of a fresh leek is straight but begins to round
               brought over to Europe by the Romans.                           and become more bulb-like as leeks mature. The more
            •	As a member of the Allium genus, leeks are closely              round the bulb, the more mature the leek.
               related to onions, shallots, scallions, chives and garlic.   •	Leeks can be stored in a refrigerator for about a week,
            •	Leeks can often substitute onions in a recipe due to            depending on how fresh they are upon purchasing.
               their similar, yet milder and sweeter taste. Substitut-         Freezing will cause leeks to break down and increase in
               ing onions for leeks, however, can leave you with too           bitterness. Once cooked, leeks have a shelf-life of about
               strong of a flavor for your recipe.                             two days.
                                                                            •	The main edible portion of a leek is the lower, white
            •	There are two categories of leeks: Short-season
                                                                               area of the stock, which is a result of blanching. Blanch-
               leeks planted in spring for late summer harvest that tend
                                                                               ing is the process of preventing sunlight from reaching
               to be smaller with a milder flavor, and overwintering
                                                                               specific parts of a growing plant using various meth-
               leeks grown for much longer that are hardier and
                                                                               ods, such as hilling up soil around stems or growing
               stronger in flavor.
                                                                               plants in trenches and filling with soil.

French -Style
                      Leek & Onion Soup
 •   1 lb leeks
 •   1 lb yellow or sweet onions
 •   ¼ C sherry vinegar
 •   2 garlic cloves, minced
 • 1 T fresh thyme, chopped
 • 4 T unsalted butter
 • ½ tsp sea salt
 • ¼ tsp black pepper
 • 4 C beef, chicken or
     vegetable stock                                      Instructions
 • 1 small baguette
 • 1 C grated Gruyere cheese
 • Fresh thyme to finish

1. Cut off the root ends, dark green ends, and remove the tough          leeks and onions will soften completely and deepen in color.
    outer layer of the leeks. Cut in half lengthwise, rinse with cold     If they start to caramelize too quickly, lower the heat. Remove
    water, and roughly chop into ½-inch pieces.                           the lid and cook more to let some of the moisture cook off,
                                                                          about 10 minutes.
2. Cut off the root and stem end of the onions, peel, and slice in
    half lengthwise. Cut onions into thin strips by slicing with the    5. Add broth and bring to a simmer. Cook for an additional 15-20
    grain of the onion.                                                     minutes. Add additional salt and pepper to taste.

3. Melt the butter in a Dutch oven or heavy-bottomed saucepan          6. W
                                                                            hile the soup simmers, slice the baguette into rounds at
    over medium heat. Add leeks and onions, stirring occasionally          least ½ inch thick, and toast until golden and crispy.
    until golden brown, about 15 minutes. Add vinegar, and cook         7. Ladle the soup into oven-safe bowls and top with toasted
    until almost evaporated, about 1 minute. Add garlic, sea salt,          bread. Top with a healthy handful of Gruyere and put under
    black pepper, and thyme. Stir to combine and cover halfway              the broiler until the cheese is melted and bubbling. Watch as
    with a lid so steam can escape.                                         it broils to make sure the toast doesn’t burn.
4. Cook, stirring occasionally, for about 45 – 60 minutes. The         8. Garnish with fresh thyme and serve immediately. ■


     Meyer Lemon

     Ingredients                        Instructions
     • 1 C warm water                   1. Add water and yeast to a medium bowl, then                 on the sheet pan and gently pat into a rectan-
                                            let sit for 1 minute to bloom the yeast. Next,             gle. Cover the dough and let it relax for about
     • 1 tsp active dry yeast
                                            add flour, granulated sugar, salt, and 2 table-            10 minutes, then use lightly oiled fingertips to
     • 1 tsp sea salt                      spoons olive oil to the bowl. Mix with a large              press the dough out to cover the pan as best
                                           spoon just to blend, then cover and let rest for            you can. If the dough is resistant, simply cov-
        granulated sugar
                                           5 minutes so the dough can hydrate.                         er and let rest for another 5-10 minutes, then
     • ¼ C plus 2 T extra virgin        2. Mix for another minute or two until the dough              come back to try again.
     olive oil, divided, plus more          comes together and feels smooth. Rub a
     for greasing                                                                                    6. Once the dough is stretched out, gently dim-
                                            large bowl with olive oil, then transfer the                 ple the top with your fingertips to create little
     • 2 ¼ C all-purpose flour              dough to the oiled bowl. Cover and rest for                  crevices. Cover and let rise for about 30 min-
                                            10 minutes.                                                  utes to an hour, depending on the tempera-
     1 large Meyer lemon (or two
        smaller ones), thinly sliced    3. Lightly oil your hands, then grab one end of                 ture of your dough and kitchen.
                                            the dough and gently pull to stretch it out, then fold
     2 tsp fresh rosemary                   the dough in half. Repeat the other three sides,         7. In the meantime, preheat your oven to 500°
                                            then flip the dough over. Let rest 10 minutes, then          F. When the dough has puffed up, scatter
     2 t sp flaky or coarse sea salt                                                                    the lemon slices and rosemary over the top,
                                            repeat this same process 3 more times, allowing
                                            10 minutes rest between each time.                           then drizzle with the remaining ¼ cup olive
                                                                                                         oil and sprinkle with 2 teaspoons flaky or
                                        4. After the last fold, cover the bowl and let rise             coarse sea salt.
                                            until doubled in size, about 1 – 1 ½ hours. Alter-
                                           nately, you can refrigerate for up to 2 days. If          8. Bake for 10 minutes, then reduce the heat to
             Visit us online at            refrigerating the dough, be sure to take it out               450° F and cook for another 10 minutes or un-                about 2 hours before you want to bake it. Let it             til the focaccia is golden brown. Some parts
                                           come to room temperature for about an hour                   might look charred while other parts look a
             for more recipes
                                           before proceeding to the next step.                          bit underdone – this is exactly what you want.

                                        5. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper, then              9. Let cool for about 5 minutes, then cut into
                                            rub generously with olive oil. Place the dough               pieces and serve while still warm. ■
16        CO-OP NEWS • WINTER 2020

The input of our member-owners and               this year. Thank you for your time and
shoppers has always been a critical com-
ponent of our Co-op’s operations. The fol-
                                                 thoughtful responses. If you have ques-
                                                 tions regarding the use of the survey data
                                                                                                           RAFFLE ENTRY FORM
lowing survey is a follow-up to our previous     or the survey process, please email us at             We're giving away $100 gift cards to five survey respon-
shopper survey conducted in 2015. We’re                                 dents! Entry is optional and any personal information
asking for your feedback so we can better                                                              will only be used for your raffle entry. This section will
                                                 INSTRUCTIONS                                          be detached before your survey answers are submitted
understand the needs and wants of our
                                                 Please fill out the entire survey on the pag-         for analysis. All survey answers will remain anonymous.
community. The findings of this survey will
                                                                                                       Deadline to enter our survey raffle is April 1, 2020.
help guide decisions by our management           es below to enter to win a $100 gift card,
team and Board of Directors. Submitting          complete the entry form and include it
your survey answers will also enter you          with your survey. Personal information will           Name:
into a raffle for one of five $100 gift cards.   only be used for your raffle entry. Survey
Please return your completed survey by           boxes will be available at both our Arca-
                                                                                                       Member #:
April 1, 2020.                                   ta and Eureka locations at the Customer
    All responses to this survey are com-        Service desk. Please fold your survey into
                                                                                                       Address:                           City		        ZIP
pletely confidential, and any identifying        quarters before placing it in the box. Sur-
information will only be used as contact         veys can also be folded and mailed to Attn:
                                                                                                       Email Address:
information for the $100 gift card raffle.       Membership Coordinator, 811 I St., Arcata
The results of this survey will be pub-          CA 95521. Thank you for participating in
                                                 our 2020 Shopper Survey.                              Phone #:
lished in an issue of Co-op News later

                       Survey Starts Here                                               3. Where do you regularly purchase the following types
                                                                                            of products?
                                                                                        a.       Grocery items (cereal, juice, canned goods, etc)
                                                                                                 O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		 O Buy mostly elsewhere
Keeping in mind the location you visit most, please answer the following
survey questions to the best of your ability. If there is more than one adult           b.       Dairy (milk, eggs, yogurt, soy, etc)
in your household, please have the adult who is the primary food shopper                         O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		 O Buy mostly elsewhere
complete this survey. Thank you! This survey is also available online at
                                                                                        c.       Fresh fruits & veggies
                                                                                                 O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		 O Buy mostly elsewhere
1. How much does your household spend in an average week                               d.       Frozen foods
    on groceries? (select one)                                                                   O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		 O Buy mostly elsewhere
Under $50           $50-$75            $76-$100
     O                 O                  O                                             e.       Meat, poultry, fish & seafood
                                                                                                 O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		 O Buy mostly elsewhere
$101-$125           $126-$150          $151+    Don’t Know
     O                 O                  O         O                                   f.       Deli/ready-to-eat foods
                                                                                                 O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		 O Buy mostly elsewhere
2. W
    here do you spend most of your                                                     g.       Beer/wine
   grocery dollars? (select one)
                                                                                                 O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		 O Buy mostly elsewhere
O   a.   North Coast Co-op                   O f. Safeway
                                                                                        h.	Coffee/tea
O   b.   Eureka Natural Foods                O g. Costco
                                                                                             O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		 O Buy mostly elsewhere
O   c.   Wildberries Marketplace             O h. Other
O   d.   Farmers’ Markets                                                               i.       Bread & bakery
O   e.   Murphy’s Markets                    __________________                                  O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		 O Buy mostly elsewhere


     [ Question 3 continued from previous page ]                                   4. From the list below, please choose the top five factors you
                                                                                       consider when choosing where to shop for groceries:

     j.      Bulk products                                                         O a. Product selection/variety           O i. Knowledgeable staff
             O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		O Buy mostly elsewhere
                                                                                   O b. Quality/freshness of products       O j. Friendly/courteous staff
        General merchandise & home products                                        O c. Prices                               O k. Availability of brands I/my
        O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		O Buy mostly elsewhere                                                                  family likes
                                                                                   O d. Location of
     l. 	Supplements & personal care                                                   store/convenience                   O l. Availability of natural/organic
           O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		O Buy mostly elsewher                                                                foods
                                                                                   O e. Hours of operation
     m. 	Specialty cheeses & olive bar                                                                                     O m. Cooperative ownership
                                                                                   O f. Atmosphere/ambiance
           O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		O Buy mostly elsewhere                     of store                            O n. Other (please specify):
     n.	Other (please specify): ______________________________                   O g. Availability of local foods              ___________________
          O Don't Buy O Buy mostly at Co-op		O Buy mostly elsewhere
                                                                                   O h. Cleanliness of store

     5. H
         ow much of your grocery dollars does your household spend                6. On average, how often do you shop at the
        at North Coast Co-op in an average week?                                       North Coast Co-op?

     O       A little (0-25%)               O    Almost all (76-100%)              O    More than 1/week                         O    Once/Month
     O       Some (26-50%)                  O    Don't know                        O    Once/week                                O     Less than 1/Month
     O       More than half (51-75%)                                               O    Twice/Month

     7. Please rate North Coast Co-op in terms of how well it is meeting your needs with respect to the following store characteristics:

                                                                                             Somewhat             Somewhat             Very                No
                                                           Very Well        Well               Well                 Poorly            Poorly             Opinion
     a.      Product selection/variety                        O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     b.      Quality/freshness of products                    O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     c.      Prices                                           O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     d.      Location of store/convenience                    O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     e.      Hours of operation                               O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     f.      Atmosphere/ambiance of store                     O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     g.      Cleanliness of store                             O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     h.      Knowledgeable staff                              O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     i.      Friendly/courteous staff                         O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     j.      Availability of brands I/my family likes         O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     k.      Availability of natural/organic foods            O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     l.      Availability of local foods                      O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     m.      Responsiveness to customer feedback              O              O                    O                    O                O                  O
     n.      Other (please specify): ___________________      O              O                    O                    O                O                  O

     8. How well does the store meet your needs overall?
          Very Well             Well             Somewhat Well          Somewhat Poorly                  Poorly                 Very Poorly          No Opinion
             O                   O                   O                       O                             O                        O                    O

18           CO-OP NEWS • WINTER 2020
9. Please rate North Coast Co-op in terms of how well it is meeting your needs in the following product categories:
a. G
    rocery items (cereal, juice, canned goods, etc.) f. D
                                                          eli/ready to eat foods                                  k. G
                                                                                                                       eneral merchandise & home products
O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly                        O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly
O Very Poorly O No Opinion                            O Very Poorly O No Opinion                                   O Very Poorly O No Opinion
b. D airy (milk, eggs, yogurt, soy, etc)           g. Beer/wine                                                l. S upplements & personal care
O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly                        O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly
O Very Poorly O No Opinion		                          O Very Poorly O No Opinion                                   O Very Poorly O No Opinion
c. Fresh fruits & veggies                             h. Coffee/tea                                               m. Specialty cheese & olive bar
O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly                        O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly
O Very Poorly O No Opinion		                          O Very Poorly O No Opinion                                   O Very Poorly O No Opinion
d. Frozen foods                                           i. Bread & bakery                                       n. Other (please specify):
O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly             O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly
O Very Poorly O No Opinion                                O Very Poorly O No Opinion                               ________________________________
e. Meat, poultry, fish & seafood                         j. Bulk products                                         O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly
O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly             O Very Well O Somewhat Well O Somewhat Poorly            O Very Poorly O No Opinion
O Very Poorly O No Opinion                                O Very Poorly O No Opinion

10. Are you a North Coast Co-op member-owner?

11. If you are a North Coast Co-op member-owner, how important are these features for shopping at North Coast Co-op?
     (If you are not a member-owner, please skip to Question #12.)

a.	Member-ownership of the business                      c.	Patronage refund                                      e.	Other (please specify):
   Very Important    Important       Somewhat Important      Very Important    Important      Somewhat Important       _____________________________
   Not Important     No Opinion                              Not Important     No Opinion                              Very Important    Important      Somewhat Important
                                                          d.	Ability to vote for board of directors                   Not Important     No Opinion
b.	Member-owner specials/coupons/discounts
   Very Important    Important       Somewhat Important      Very Important    Important      Somewhat Important
   Not Important     No Opinion                              Not Important     No Opinion

12. Please indicate the extent to which you agree that North Coast Co-op:
                                                                                                         Somewhat            Somewhat                         Strongly
                                                                    Strongly Agree          Agree          Agree              Disagree          Disagree      Disagree
a.. Works to create a sense of community
b..Promotes environmental stewardship
c. .Can be trusted to make ethical business decisions
d..Has a positive influence on my community
e. I.s meaningful in my life
f..Has helped me become a better environmental steward

13. Please mark up to three social issues that you think North Coast Co-op should champion:
     a.   . Promote recycling                                                                g.   Providing education on food safety issues
     b.     Support developing of other small businesses                                     h.   Supporting efforts to protect/improve environment
     c.     Providing nutrition education                                                    i.   Making charitable donation to community orgs.
     d.     Supporting other co-ops                                                          j.   Other (please specify):___________________
     e.     Supporting local, sustainable agriculture                                        k.   North Coast Co-op should not champion social or
     f.     Addressing local hunger problems                                                      environmental issues


     14. How likely is it that you would recommend                                      15. H
                                                                                               ow would you rate your overall satisfaction with North Coast Co-op?
         North Coast Co-op to a friend or colleague?                                             Extremely Satisfied     Satisfied           Slightly Satisfied
           Very Likely             Likely          Somewhat Likely                              Slightly Satisfied            Slightly Disatisfied
           Somewhat Unlikely             Unlikely           Very Unlikely
                                                                                                Extrememly disatisfied

     16. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:
                                                                                                Agree        Somewhat Agree         Somewhat Disagree          Disagree
     I exercise on a regular basis.
     Nutritional value is more important to me than price when buying food.
     Organic foods are very important to me and my family.
     I am proactive about my health. I buy local foods when available.
     I shop in places where I feel a sense of community.
     As much as possible, I shop at locally owned retailers.
     I am
          willing to pay a little more for products that are produced
         more sustainably/with less environmental impact.
     I engage in activities that address political/social issues

     17. What is your gender?                                                             18. What is your age range?
         Male          Female               Other
                                                                                             18 - 24            25 - 30           31 - 34            35 - 39         40 - 44
                                                                                             45 - 49            50 - 54           55 - 64            65+

     19. How long have you been shopping at the Co-op?
        Less than 1 year               1-3 years                   3.1-5 years             5.1-10 years                      10.1-20 years                     20+ years

     20. How long have you been a member-owner of North Coast Co-op?
        Not a member              Less than 1 year                 1-3 years          3.1-5 years            5.1-10 years           10.1- 20 years               20+ years

     21. I ncluding you, how many of the following live                                  22. How far do you travel (one way) to shop at the North Coast Co-op?
          in your household?
                                                                                             Less than 1 mile                     1-5 miles                    5.1-10 miles
                              None 1                    2            3+
     Adults ( 18+ years old )		                                                              10.1-25 miles                        25+ miles

     23. What is your highest level of education?
        a. Less than high school diploma                           c. Some college/tech/trade school                        e. 4 - year college degree
        b. High school diploma                                     d. 2-year college/tech/trade school degree               f. Graduate/professional degree

     24. What is your approximate annual household income?

        a. Less than $15,000                                       d. $35,000 - $49,999                                     g. $100,000 - $149,999
        b. $15,000 - $24,999                                       e. $50,000 - $74,999                                     h. $150,000 or more
        c. $25,000 - $34,999                                       f. $75,000 - $99,999

20        CO-OP NEWS • WINTER 2020

25. Please tell us your ethnicity
  a. Asian American                                  d. Other                                           g. Two or more/multiple race
  b. Black or African American                       e. Hispanic or Latino(a)
  c. White or Caucasian                              f. Native American/Alaskan Native

26. What are you/your family's dietary preferences (choose all that apply)
  a. None                                f. Raw                                 k. Local                             p. No Sulfate/Sulfites
  b. Omnivore                            g. Gluten Free                         l. Organic                           q. No Seafood/Shellfish
  c. Vegetarian                          h. GMO Free                            m. Dairy Free                        r. Other (please specify)
  d. Vegan                               i. Low Sodium                          n. Nut Free                       __________________________
  e. Paleo                               j. Whole Foods                         o. Soy Free

27. How important are the following criteria when considering products for you and/or your family?
                                    Very Important          Important            Somewhat Important        Not Important          No Opinion
Locally grown/produced
Certified Organic
Independently owned/produced
Sustainably grown/produced
Natural ingredients
Fair Trade
Non-GMO Project verified
Humanely raised (meat/poultry)
Grassfed/Pastured (meat/poultry)
Wild/Line caught (fish)
Other (please specify) _________________

28. Which North Coast Co-op location do you shop at most? Choose one:                         Arcata               Eureka                 Equal

What is your favorite thing about the North Coast Co-op? (If your               What would you most like to see changed at the North Coast Co-op?
response is specific to only one location, please indicate Arcata               (If your response is specific to only one location, please indicate
or Eureka.)                                                                     Arcata or Eureka.)



  Ewe So Dirty

                                                                          Left: Jaime and Ben Cohoon visit with a few of their favorite creatures.

     There’s something about knowing            first the soap, which I use lamb fat                   What kind of animals do you have
     where the products you buy come            from our processing of meat. I also                    on your farm?
     from. In every issue of the Co-op          can’t use lotions or shampoos, so                      We raise sheep. We have Romney,
     News, we spotlight one of our local        everything I make is what I use for my-                Dorset, Cormo, CVM (that’s a fun one).
     producers and learn about how their        self. I figured if it works for me, hopefully          I raise some Down sheep that are a
     products get from their farm to our        it would work for someone else. That                   thicker wool, and then I raise some
     shelves. We met with Jamie Cohoon of       was my goal, to just be helpful to                     finer wool sheep where the wool feels
     Ewe So Dirty to talk sheep, soap and       my community.                                          nicer against your skin. I love Romney,
     her other wellness products.                                                                      it’s my favorite thing in the whole world
                                                What types of products do you sell?                    to spin, as opposed to the fine wools
     How did Ewe So Dirty get started?          I make soaps, lotions, salves and tinc-                that are spider webby. But it makes a
     I have a skin condition, so I can’t use    tures. I also make pain products, beard                super wonderful yarn. Our sheep are
     regular over-the-counter products —        conditioners, oils, and I sell lamb, beef              very spoiled, and we don’t use dogs.
     it makes my skin blister. From that came   and mustard. And of course, wool.                      We use treats to manage our animals.

22       CO-OP NEWS • WINTER 2020
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