International Student Course Guide 2019 - UNLIMITED - Western Sydney University

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International Student Course Guide 2019 - UNLIMITED - Western Sydney University

Student Course Guide
International Student Course Guide 2019 - UNLIMITED - Western Sydney University

 We believe in a world of unlimited opportunity,
 where the potential for success is unlimited for
     those with talent, drive and ambition.
            Success starts here.
International Student Course Guide 2019 - UNLIMITED - Western Sydney University

 WELCOME                4    STUDENT SUPPORT         20    PATHWAYS TO WESTERN
                                                           SYDNEY UNIVERSITY             68
                                                           ACADEMIC PATHWAYS
 WHY STUDY AT WESTERN        ACCOMMODATION           24    PROGRAM                       70
 SYDNEY                  7
                             LIVING COSTS            26    ENGLISH LANGUAGE
 STUDY IN SYDNEY        8                                  PROGRAMS                       77
                             SCHOLARSHIPS            28
 CAREERS AND INDUSTRY                                      APPLICATION PROCESS            81
 EXPERIENCE             10   STUDY OPTIONS           30
                             UNDERGRADUATE COURSES 46      THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW 82
 EXPLOSION              12   POSTGRADUATE COURSES     55   ENTRY REQUIREMENTS            85
 OUR CAMPUSES           16   RESEARCH COURSES        66    IMPORTANT DATES                87
 LIFE ON CAMPUS         18

                                                                         Parramatta (South) campus
International Student Course Guide 2019 - UNLIMITED - Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University is a world-class university with
international reach and a reputation for academic excellence and
impact-driven research.

Emboldened by a belief in remaining agile to best serve its
community, the University is located in the heart of Western
Sydney, the fastest growing and most dynamic area in the
country. It is ideally placed to give students global perspective and

In 2018, Western Sydney University was ranked in the top two per
cent of universities worldwide by the prestigious Times Higher
Education World University Rankings. We continue to strengthen
our international profile and research standing, building on the
innovative work we have already undertaken in technology-
enhanced learning and teaching.

Western Sydney University is pioneering a model of co-created
learning that treats students as partners.

Working closely with its community, Western Sydney University
is committed to unlocking the potential of its students as future
change-makers and leaders in the community.

As we become an even more integral part of Western Sydney and
the global community, we continue to focus on changing lives
through excellence in research, teaching and scholarship.

We invest heavily in providing new study options, pathway
programs and support services to ensure our students have access
to a broad range of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate

Your choice of university is an important decision. We believe
that success is fuelled by a strong desire and ambition. If you have
the drive and determination to succeed, then Western Sydney
University offers you an unlimited world of potential.

I look forward to celebrating your future success as a graduate of
Western Sydney University.

Professor Barney Glover

4                                                                       Western Sydney University
International Student Course Guide 2019 - UNLIMITED - Western Sydney University

                                TOP 2%
                          OF UNIVERSITIES WORLDWIDE*
                                                                                           #1 UNI
                                                                                     IN SYDNEY FOR EMPLOYER

                              5 STARS
                         FOR FACILITIES, INCLUSIVENESS,                                   YOUNG UNIVERSITIES IN
                          INNOVATION AND TEACHING^                                            THE WORLD*

                                     270+                                                 45000

                                  CLUBS & SOCIETIES

                                                                                    INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS


                                           10                                               400+
                                                                                    INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE
                                         SCHOOLS                                         DESTINATIONS

                       * Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2018
                       ** Employer Satisfaction Survey 2018 (85.6% satisfaction rating)
                       ^ QS Top Universities: QS Stars University Ratings 2018                                                                                                    5
International Student Course Guide 2019 - UNLIMITED - Western Sydney University

6                                         Western Sydney University
International Student Course Guide 2019 - UNLIMITED - Western Sydney University

                       ≥	LEADERSHIP IN ONE OF                          ≥	OUR STUDENTS SIT
                         AUSTRALIA’S FASTEST                              AT THE HEART OF
                         GROWING REGIONS                                  EVERYTHING WE DO
                         estern Sydney is Australia’s third largest
                        W                                                   ur student-centred approach offers you
                        and fastest growing economy. It is one of the      the choice of on-campus and flexible study
                        fastest growing population and employment          options combined with work-integrated
                        centres. It is an increasingly important,          learning. Through work experience
                        dynamic and culturally diverse hub of              placements, internships and volunteering
                        business, industry and innovation. With            opportunities, you’ll get the real-life
                        a large multicultural population of more           experience, practical skills and knowledge
                        than two million people from 170 nations,          that you need for your future career.
                        Western Sydney’s global links are creating
                        unlimited opportunities for international
                        business, investment, education and             ≥	OUR STUDENTS ARE
                        cultural exchange.                                PARTNERS IN LEARNING
                                                                            nlike the traditional lecturer-down approach,
                       ≥	REPUTATION FOR                                   our pioneering model of co-created learning
                                                                           treats our students as partners in their
                         EXCELLENCE                                        education. We empower students to share
                         e’re ranked among the top two per cent
                        W                                                  ideas and develop their creativity through a
                        of universities in the world, with a growing       range of degrees.
                        international reputation for research-led,
                        student-centred learning.
                                                                        ≥	OUR CURRICULUM PREPARES
                                                                          YOU FOR TODAY’S WORLD
                                                                            e work with our community, business
                                                                           partners and industry leaders to develop
                                                                           course content that meets the needs of

                                                                           employers and the jobs of the future, and
                                                                           which responds to the challenges of a global

                                                                        ≥	WE EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY-

                                                                          ENRICHED LEARNING
                                                                            rom our innovative social learning spaces,
                                                                           online learning environments and use of
                                                                           digital technologies to enhance the study
                                                                           experience our on-campus computer

                                                                           laboratories and state-of-the-art library,
                                                                           research and clinical facilities, we adopt new
                                                                           and emerging technologies to provide a
                                                                           richer educational experience.

                                                                        ≥	OUR RESEARCH HAS

                                                                          GLOBAL IMPACT
                                                                         We see learning and research as connected
                                                                         aspects of the student experience, putting
                                                                         you close to world-leading research that is
                                                                         changing lives in the communities we serve.

                                                                          E ARE GLOBALLY FOCUSED
                                                                         AND CONNECTED
                                                                         With our growing international reach and
                                                                         reputation, we offer the opportunity to travel,
                                                                         learn and work in more than 400 destinations
                                                                         around the world through our Global Mobility,
                                                                         internship and work placement programs.

                                                                          DVANCED OPPORTUNITY.
                                                                         UNLIMITED SUCCESS
                                                                            rom advanced degrees and The Academy to
                                                                           pathway programs, scholarships, internships
                                                                           and student exchange opportunities, we
                                                                           provide multiple pathways for entry and
                                                                           academic success.                                                                                                         7
International Student Course Guide 2019 - UNLIMITED - Western Sydney University

A thriving metropolis of almost five million people with a
third of its population born overseas, Sydney is one of the
most multicultural cities in the world.

Image credit: Tourism NSW                           Western Sydney University
International Student Course Guide 2019 - UNLIMITED - Western Sydney University

 Sydney is also the                             FOOD
                                                The people of Sydney, known as
                                                                                               Sydney’s climate is comfortable and
 destination of choice                          ‘Sydneysiders’, trace their collective         temperate year round; summer is from

 for international                              heritage back to more than 170 countries.
                                                The city offers a taste of global cuisine
                                                                                               December to February, while autumn is
                                                                                               March to May, winter June to August, and
 corporations, business                         through thousands of cafes and                 spring September to November. Generally,
                                                restaurants. Fresh, reasonably-priced,         January and February are warm, while
 leaders, tourists and                          locally-grown produce, meat and seafood is     winters are mild.
 students.                                      also available year round from grocers and
                                                markets.                                       Average temperature (low-high):

 BUSINESS                                                                                              SUMMER: December – February
 As Australia’s business capital, Sydney is                                                            18–29 degrees Celsius
                                                If you love shopping, you’ll find Australian
 where you’ll find the head offices of more
                                                designers and global fashion brands in
 multinational companies and banks than
                                                boutiques, large shopping malls or at street           AUTUMN: March – May
 anywhere else in the country, and as a
                                                markets across the city. You also won’t want           11–24 degrees Celsius
 modern, metropolitan city, it’s the gateway
                                                to miss the year-round art, music, food,
 to the Asia Pacific and an ideal place to do
                                                theatre, film and design festivals that put            WINTER: June – August
 business. Studying in Australia’s commercial
                                                Sydney on the world cultural map.                      9–17 degrees Celsius
 capital provides students with more job
 opportunities. It is one of the busiest
 commercial hubs in the Asia-Pacific region.                                                           SPRING: September – November
 With a huge variety of attractions, you can                                                           11–24 degrees Celsius
 explore its many historic sites, museums,
 parks, retail outlets, restaurants and bars.                                                                                                                      9
International Student Course Guide 2019 - UNLIMITED - Western Sydney University

Parramatta City campus

10                                        Western Sydney University

                       CAREERS AND
                       If you need help at any stage of your career planning, whether it is to
                       find a part-time job or help plan what you want to do after university,
                       the Careers Service at Western Sydney University can provide you
                       with a range of resources to help.

                       CAREERS SERVICES                                  opportunities outside of the University. With
                                                                         the support of our Careers Service, students
                       As a Western Sydney University student you
                                                                         can access paid roles in various areas such
                       have access to Careers Services which can
                                                                         as website design, marketing, chemical
                       help you plan your career, provide feedback
                                                                         testing, stormwater management, database
                       on your resume, help with your job hunt and
                                                                         development and social research. We can
                       prepare for interviews. We offer:
                                                                         also assist students to find unpaid work
                       ≥≥ career and resume advice – face-to-face,       experience relevant to their discipline.
                          over the phone and online consultations
                       ≥≥ resources – a repository of self-paced,
                                                                         TARGETED PROGRAMS
                          self-help material that suits your busy life
                       ≥≥ jobs – on and off-campus jobs and              Our Career-Connect Mentoring and Women
                          volunteer opportunities                        in Science and Engineering (WiSE) programs
                       ≥≥ workshops – build your practical               offer online exercises, workshops, visits to
                          job-seeking skills                             employers and mentoring to help students
                       ≥≥ career expos and events – meet your            prepare for employment. WiSE is specifically
                          future employers and industry peers            targeted at women studying science,
                       ≥≥ tailored information for our international     technology, engineering or mathematics,
                          students.                                      whereas Career-Connect is available to all
                                                                         students across a range of disciplines.
                                                                         CAREER LAUNCH
                       JOBS ON CAMPUS
                                                                         Our new Career-Launch project combines a
                       Over two-thirds of Western Sydney                 range of guidance and information available
                       University students combine study with            online with a tailored program of activities to
                       work. The Western Sydney Careers                  step students through their career-planning
                       team aims to coordinate and expand on-            requirements. By joining Career-Launch,
                       campus employment opportunities for all           students learn how to plan, seek and gain
                       students. Our program assists students            part-time or graduate employment. The
                       to apply for paid professional experience         program is accessible to students anytime
                       on campus which may help improve your             on their digital devices. Resources include
                       employability skills.                             videos, practice tests, news and information
                                                                         to help students navigate the world of
                       INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE                               graduate careers and build the skills needed
                                                                         to get their dream job.
                       Industry experience is a great way to
                       gain practical knowledge and improve
                       employability skills. Here at Western Sydney
                       University, we actively seek relationships
                       with local employers specifically designed
                       to link students with degree-relevant                                                                                                                        11

     Experience the transformation of Western Sydney – Western
     Sydney University’s home. Study and work in a global city, and
     take your knowledge and skills worldwide.

12                                                             Western Sydney University

     Cities all over the world are changing,    WESTERN SYDNEY IS AT THE EPICENTRE              Over 30 per cent of Australia’s top
     becoming bigger, smarter, more connected   OF THE INFRASTRUCTURE AND                       100 businesses now have an office in
     and more liveable than ever before.        JOBS BOOM                                       Western Sydney. They are in engineering
     Massive investment in Western Sydney’s                                                     consulting, public amenities, healthcare,
                                                As a Western Sydney University graduate
     economy and infrastructure is supporting                                                   manufacturing, finance, scientific, retails
                                                you will reap the benefits of a population
     unprecedented growth.                                                                      and public administration. For example,
                                                boom and jobs explosion fuelling
                                                                                                PwC has located 200 staff in the Western
                                                unprecedented investment in business,
                                                                                                Sydney University Parramatta City campus.
                                                transport, health, culture, property and
                                                education in Western Sydney.
                                                                                                Western Sydney University is uniquely
                                                                                                placed to help students gain the real-life
                                                                                                experience, practical skills and knowledge
                                                                                                you need for your future careers in the
                                                                                                new world of work. We equip you to lead,
                                                                                                influence, build, support and service the
                                                                                                new-age future cities.

          3RD-LARGEST ECONOMY                          ONE IN 10 AUSTRALIANS                                   $12 BILLION
              IN AUSTRALIA                           ------------------------------                  ------------------------------
                                                        LIVE IN WESTERN SYDNEY.                           ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME
        ------------------------------                                                                INFRASTRUCTURE EXPANSION.

      $139 BILLION^ GROSS REGIONAL                   2.5% POPULATION GROWTH                             GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE
              PRODUCT (GRP)                                RATE PER YEAR                                  SECTOR INVESTMENT.
           -------------------------                   --------------------------
         RISE TO 4.6% IN FIVE YEARS.
                                                             170 COUNTRIES
                                                    RESIDENTS SPEAK MORE THAN 100
                                                   DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. 60% OF NEW
                                                 IMMIGRANTS SETTLE IN WESTERN SYDNEY.

                                                WORK OPPORTUNITIES IN AUSTRALIA                 WESTERN SYDNEY UNIVERSITY
                                                (POST-STUDY WORK ARRANGEMENTS)                  GRADUATE OUTCOMES*
                                                After you graduate as an international          ------------------------------
                                                student, you can apply for a Temporary          83.4% UNDERGRADUATES
                                                                                                91.5% POSTGRADUATES
                                                Graduate visa (subclass 485) in the Post-
                                                                                                EMPLOYED WITHIN FOUR
                                                Study Work stream which offers you              MONTHS OF GRADUATION
                                                options to work in Australia using skills and
                                                qualifications that are in demand in the
                                                                                                AUD$55,000 UNDERGRADUATE
                                                Australian labour market.                       MEDIAN SALARY
                                                                                                AUD$70,000 POSTGRADUATE
                                                                                                MEDIAN SALARY

     ^Parramatta City Council Economy Profile
     *QILT – Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching as at August 2018                                                                                                                         13

Tourism Western Sydney

                                                                            w    RICHMOND CITY
                                                                       Ha                                                WIND
40% increase                  Doubled
-------------------           --------------------                     HAWKESBURY
In the past                   Hotel bed & serviced
five years                    apartment
                              numbers in                Wollemi
                              Parramatta                National

Australia’s biggest
road infrastructure project

Sydney Science Park                                                                       PENRITH
12,000                        1st                                                         CAMPUS
---------                     ---------                Blue        PENRITH
‘Smart’                       STEM-                  Mountains                            KINGSWOOD
jobs                          focused                  Park         PENRITH
                              school in                               CITY

Western Sydney Airport
                       50 KM

13,000                        60,000                               30 KM

                                                                                                              20 KM
-------------                 -------------
New jobs                      Jobs when
during                        completed

New rail
Will link the new Western
Sydney Airport

Badgerys Creek
Commercial & industrial hub

          Western Sydney University is in an
          extraordinary position to equip students for
          urban transformation happening all over the
          world. Whether students are in architecture,
          business, engineering, construction, IT,
          project management, property, education
          or health courses, their experience of living,
          studying and working at the centre of an
          infrastructure and jobs boom will give                                            CAMPBELLTOWN
          them a real head start in their careers.                                              CITY


                                                                                             Western Sydney University

                                                                                                      Health Precinct
                                                                                                      Jobs over
                                                                                                      50 years

                                       Greater                                   HORNSBY
          QUAKERS HILL                 Western                                                        Museum of Arts
                                        Sydney                                                        & Applied
                      CAMPUS                                                                          ---------------
                                                                       PENNANT                        Commercial &
                                                                       HILLS                          industrial hub


                                                                                 THE                CHATSWOOD                              MANLY   M
                                                           PARRAMATTA            COLLEGE
                                                           CAMPUS                SYDNEY
          10 K M

                   PARRAMATTA                                                    OLYMPIC
                   CITY CAMPUS                                                   PARK
                                          PARRAMATTA CITY

                                                                        SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK

                         LIVERPOOL                                                            CITY
                         CAMPUS                                                               CAMPUS
                                                                           STRATHFIELD                                   SYDNEY CITY
                                                                            ASHFIELD                                   STATION

                                                    BANKSTOWN                                                                     BONDI    Bondi
                                                                                                                                  JUNCTION Beach
                               LIVERPOOL               CITY
                                  CITY                         BANKSTOWN
                                                                   CAMPUS                                     Sydney
                      LIVERPOOL                      Airport


                              Greater                                                              Botany Bay
                               Sydney                                                                          ROAD

                                                                                                               TRAIN LINE

                                                                                                               TRAIN STATION

                                                                                              0                             10
                                                                                   CRONULLA00      Cronulla                 10
                          0                          10                                            BeachKilometres
                                      Kilometres                      Royal
                                                                      Park                                                                                                           15

 BANKSTOWN                                                                                            CAMPBELLTOWN
 Located in Milperra, the Bankstown                                                                   The Campbelltown campus, located in
 campus provides a warm, friendly,                                                                    the historic Macarthur region of south-
 multicultural environment with modern,                                                               west Sydney, offers a unique balance
 spacious buildings and landscaped                                                                    between city and rural lifestyles.
                                                                                                      Top facilities:
 The campus is also home to The College,                                                              ≥≥ Purpose-built School of Medicine
 offering Foundation and Diploma                                                                      ≥≥ National Institute for Complementary
 programs.                                                                                                Medicine (NICM)
                                                                                                      ≥≥ The UniClinic, a state-of-the-art clinical
 Top facilities:
                                                                                                          training facility for health science
 ≥≥ Early Childhood Centre
 ≥≥ The MARCS Institute for Brain,
                                                                                                      ≥≥ Anatomy laboratories
     Behaviour and Development
                                                                                                      ≥≥ Nursing clinical practice unit
 ≥≥ Centre for Educational Research (CER)
 ≥≥ Psychology laboratories

                                                   Situated in Richmond in the Hawkesbury River
                                                   Valley, north-west of Sydney, this stunning
                                                   location at the foot of the Blue Mountains is an
                                                   ideal place to study.
                                                   Top facilities:
                                                   ≥≥ Food Processing Pilot Plant
                                                   ≥≥ Dedicated Crime Scene House
                                                   ≥≥ Nursing clinical practice unit
                                                   ≥≥ Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment
                                                   ≥≥ Animal Science facilities – including the
                                                       reptile house and small marsupial house

 LIVERPOOL CITY                                                                                       NIRIMBA
 Located in Macquarie Street in the heart of the                                                      Located in the Nirimba Education Precinct
 Liverpool CBD, this purpose-built facility will                                                      at Quakers Hill (Blacktown LGA), this leafy
 service the needs of more than 1,000 students.                                                       green campus is a learning hub with a
                                                                                                      host of local and international students
 Top facilities:
                                                                                                      ranging from high school to mature-
 ≥≥ 3,000sqm campus
                                                                                                      age. The campus is also home to The
 ≥≥ High-quality, modern, technology-rich and
                                                                                                      College offering Foundation and Diploma
     highly-flexible space
 ≥≥ Whole floor library facility
 ≥≥ Home to Launch Pad smart business                                                                Top facilities:
     centre, which brings together government,                                                        ≥≥ Early Childhood Centre
     corporate and University expertise and                                                           ≥≥ Tiered and flat-floored lecture theatres
     provides mentorship to start-ups and early                                                       ≥≥ Well-resourced library
     stage businesses                                                                                 ≥≥ Outstanding recreation facilities

16                                                                                                                            Western Sydney University

 PARRAMATTA                                                                                               PARRAMATTA CITY
 This campus offers a combination of heritage                                                             State-of-the-art campus located in the
 and contemporary buildings. The campus spans                                                             heart of the Parramatta CBD at 169
 two sites in Rydalmere.                                                                                  Macquarie Street.
 Top facilities:                                                                                          Top facilities:
 ≥≥ Institute for Culture and Society                                                                    ≥≥ Sydney Graduate School of Management
 ≥≥ Nursing clinical practice unit                                                                      ≥≥ Four interactive, technology-enabled
 ≥≥ Moot court                                                                                               learning studios per level
 ≥≥ Computing laboratories                                                                               ≥≥ More than 120 student PCs available
 ≥≥ New Science and Psychology building                                                                   ≥≥ Collaborative and quiet study spaces
 ≥≥ New purpose-built production studio, design                                                          ≥≥ Library hub
     and creative arts facility                                                                           ≥≥ Group study rooms with screen sharing
 ≥≥ New Engineering precinct                                                                                 and video conferencing
 ≥≥ Advanced Materials Fabrication and                                                                   ≥≥ Free shuttle bus to Parramatta South
     Characterisation facilities                                                                          ≥≥ Launch Pad – technology business
 ≥≥ New Industrial Design Centre                                                                             incubator
                                                                                                          The Parramatta City campus at 100
                                                                                                          George Street is home to international
                                                   PENRITH                                                students of the Western Sydney University
                                                   Located over three sites in Kingswood and              International College offering Foundation
                                                   Werrington, the Penrith campus is renowned for         and Diploma programs.
                                                   its state-of-the-art facilities and scenic grounds.
                                                   Top facilities:
                                                   ≥≥ Centre for Infrastructure Engineering
                                                   ≥≥ Mechatronics and Robotics facility
                                                   ≥≥ World-class music facilities
                                                   ≥≥ Home of the Solar Car and Formula SAE
                                                       Racing Car projects
                                                   ≥≥ Advanced Manufacturing and 3D Print Hub
                                                   ≥≥ New state-of-the-art Library with world-
                                                       class facilities
 SYDNEY CITY                                       ≥≥ Psychology clinics
                                                   ≥≥ Launch Pad – technology business incubator
 Located in the heart of the Sydney CBD,
 this new campus is close to transport,
 shops, cafes, bars, gyms and more.                                                                      SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK
 The courses offered at Western Sydney                                                                   The Sydney Olympic Park campus is situated
 University Sydney City Campus are                                                                       at Level 4, 8 Australia Avenue, Sydney
 delivered on behalf of Western Sydney                                                                   Olympic Park. Home to The College’s English
 University by SIBT (CRICOS: 01576G).                                                                    Language programs, the Sydney Olympic Park
                                                                                                         campus is located just 20 minutes from the
 Top facilities:
                                                                                                         Sydney CBD and conveniently located next to
 ≥≥ Brand new, purpose-built high-tech
                                                                                                         Sydney Olympic Park train station.
 ≥≥ Small classes and a more personalised                                                               Top facilities:
     learning experience                                                                                 ≥≥ English Language program
 ≥≥ Flexible session dates                                                                              ≥≥ English Test Centre (IELTS and Pearson
 ≥≥ Fast-track your degree                                                                                   testing)
 ≥≥ Access to services and facilities at any                                                            ≥≥ Collaborative learning spaces
     Western Sydney University campus                                                                                                                                  17

One of the best things about life on campus is there’s always something happening. From table tennis
comps, outdoor chess, sports and Unigames, to one of many social events organised by the University or
student clubs, you’re bound to find something that’s right for you.

All of our Campus Life Officers (CLOs) work     UNIVERSITY SPORT                                       OUT & ABOUT
tirelessly to ensure there’s always something   Western Sydney University is actively                  Western Sydney University has developed a
going on at your campus. The CLOs are           involved in providing opportunities for                program of activities and adventures open to
behind most things that happen on campus        students in all forms of sport. From social            all students. The Out & About trip list includes
including pop-ups, social events and free       lunchtime Quidditch or dodgeball, to                   one bushwalk each month, overnight camps
breakfasts.                                     supporting our elite athletes to succeed both          and regular adrenalin experiences.
                                                on and off the field.
                                                                                                       Being run and coordinated wholly by Campus
                                                Western Sydney University is the best place            Life staff means that Out & About trips and
Stay informed, get involved. Be a part of the
                                                to get involved in sport clubs, Elite Athlete          adventures are catered directly to the needs
online OrgSync Community, find exciting
                                                programs, representative sport such as                 and wants of our students. All trip leaders
events and take ownership of your student
                                                University Games, Inter-varsity tournaments            hold a current Senior First Aid certificate, work
                                                and social sport.                                      in pairs and follow strict safety guidelines
Discover exciting Campus Life events, clubs,                                                           and detailed risk assessments to make your
sports, student representation opportunities    LIBRARY                                                experience memorable for the right reasons.
and much more. You can even check out           The Library is for you – on campus and on the go.
where free brekkies are on campus, browse       We offer students access to six libraries across       FOOD
clubs you’d like to join or even see the        campuses which include 24-hour study hall              Western Sydney University boasts a
calendar of events and plan your week ahead.    access with quiet, silent and group study spaces,      number of food outlets on each campus
                                                as well as bookable study rooms. You can also          including Subway, Oliver Brown, Jamaica
                                                enjoy access to over seventy million digital           Blue and Piccolo Me. For a full list of food
                                                resources anytime and anywhere with access             outlet trading hours and locations, visit
                                                to material for both study and recreation. We
                                                have close to a million items you can borrow and
                                                over 700,000 e-books to download instantly.
                                                Online and face-to-face study assistance is
                                                also available. From computers, free digital
                                                newspapers and magazines, printing services
                                                and device charging stations, to laptops for loan
                                                and sleep pods, you will find it all at the Library.

18                                                                                                                              Western Sydney University

STUDENT REPRESENTATION AND                        GYMS AND FITNESS                                TRAVEL OPTIONS
PARTICIPATION                                     Western Sydney University offers gyms           ≥≥ Public transport – visit for
Western Sydney University student                 and fitness facilities on most campuses.           up-to-date travel information.
representation aims to invigorate the             Facilities include large, bright and spacious   ≥≥ Shuttle buses run regularly between train
student body at the University. Student           air-conditioned premises. Approachable             stations and campuses and the next arrival
representatives are from a diverse range of       experienced staff deliver exceptional              can be easily tracked on the Western Sydney
backgrounds, cultures and areas of study.         personal training programs, conduct                App or the Shuttle Tracker web page.
Support offered includes strategic advice,        health tests, offer nutritional guidance and
                                                                                                  ≥≥ Bike – on-campus bike parking is
financial oversight and facilitation of the       give you appropriate support throughout
                                                                                                     available. See
student voice. From food prices and parking,      your fitness and lifestyle journey. Visit
to academic teaching quality and student for more
services, to clubs, societies and campus life,    information.
                                                                                                     for locations.
the student reps on your campus will be able
to listen and help you experience a better                                                        ≥≥ Drive or car pool – for parking permit fees,
life at university. For more information, visit                                                      see                                                                                                                                19

At Western Sydney University,                      STUDENT CENTRAL                                  ENGLISH CONVERSATION GROUPS
we provide a wide range of                         Student Central is your first point of contact   Improve your English speaking skills and build
services to help you achieve                       for information, advice, forms and referral      your confidence by participating in English
academic success. These include                    to other services. The Student Central team      conversation groups. These groups are run
                                                   can help you with most of your enquiries         by trained volunteers and will provide an
advice on careers, employment,                     and they can put you in touch with the right     opportunity for participants to practice and
learning skills, counselling,                      services or area to resolve your issues. You     improve their spoken English in a friendly and
religious support and support                      can also access a dedicated Student Enquiry      social environment.
for students with disabilities.                    and Information Services International Liaison
                                                   Officer to assist you with issues related to                      student visas, overseas student health cover,
                                                   enrolment and admission issues.                  PEER ASSISTED STUDY SESSIONS (PASS)
AIRPORT PICK-UP                                        Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is a
                                                                                                    free and voluntary student-centred learning
The complimentary airport pick-up
                                                                                                    program offered face to face and online.
service is available to all new international      STUDENT WELFARE
                                                                                                    One-hour sessions run weekly throughout
students commencing at the University in
                                                   The Student Welfare Service provides             the teaching session. In PASS, you will meet
undergraduate, postgraduate or research
                                                   welfare support to all international students,   and work collaboratively with other students
programs. Students can arrange to be
                                                   including advice on financial assistance,        from your unit to understand the unit content
collected from Sydney airport on arrival
                                                   accommodation, health related issues             and develop study strategies to help improve
and taken to their home campus. Students
                                                   and student advocacy needs. This service         your academic performance. Sessions are
studying a pathway program (English,
                                                   has professionally trained staff to help         facilitated by senior students who have
Diploma or Foundation Studies) at The
                                                   you work through unexpected problems             successfully completed the unit before. They
College, Western Sydney University will be
                                                   and is available at all campuses.                guide students through the course material
able to access this service for a fee.
                                                                                                    and facilitate students’ learning through                 Welfare officers can provide information         planned activities and discussion.
                                                   and advice about your study options,
                                                   such as reduced study load or leave of           Through actively working together with
                                                   absence on compassionate grounds, and            other students, you will find that you are
The International Orientation program              can help find the right services to talk to.     more engaged and will develop a deeper
is specifically designed for international                                                          understanding of the unit content. PASS is an
students to help you prepare for your studies      The Student Welfare Service also regularly       informal and welcoming environment to study,
at Western Sydney University. It takes place       organises information sessions and               where you can gain a deeper understanding
10 days before classes commence and all            workshops for international students.            of unit content and meet other students from
international students are required to attend                                                       your course.
(check your offer letter for dates). Please make
sure you arrive in Australia at least one or       internationalstudentsupport                      PASS sessions run for a large range of units
two days before the commencement of the                and on multiple campuses.
Orientation program.
                                                                                                          STUDY SUPPORT
orientation                                        The teaching styles you will encounter at        MATES
                                                   Western Sydney University and the study skills
                                                                                                    MATES is a peer-mentoring program for
                                                   required might be very different from what
                                                                                                    students just starting their university study,
                                                   you have been used to in your home country.
                                                                                                    or returning to study after some time. New
                                                   Western Sydney University offers a range
                                                                                                    students are matched with students in
                                                   of support programs including Academic
                                                                                                    later years of study. This helps you make
                                                   Literacy Workshops and other services to
                                                                                                    friends, network with other students and
                                                   help you succeed.
                                                                                                    gain knowledge and skills to settle into life at

20                                                                                                                           Western Sydney University
INTERNATIONAL STUDENT COURSE GUIDE 2019                                        21

The Greater Western Sydney region is Western Sydney University’s home. The region encompasses the
area northwest, southwest and west of Sydney and is Australia’s third-largest regional economy. With
a population of more than two million people from 170 countries, it is a thriving centre of opportunity,
diversity and innovation that welcomes international students.

BUSINESS                                           HISTORY                                             THE OUTDOORS
Many multinational corporations have               The Greater Western Sydney region was               With nature close at hand, including national
operations in Western Sydney, including            originally inhabited by several Indigenous          parks, abundant parklands, the Parramatta,
BHP Billiton, Coca-Cola Amatil, Sony,              nations including the Bediagal and Darug            Nepean and Hawkesbury Rivers, Western
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, and Canon,       people. Radiocarbon dating shows human              Sydney is ideal for outdoor and sports
making it a hub of business development.           activity in the area 30,000 years ago. It is also   enthusiasts. It’s easy to find a place to jog,
Because of the University’s strong ties to local   steeped in colonial history – European settlers     walk, cycle, row, kayak or swim or enjoy a
business, industry and community leadership,       arrived here just ten months after landing at       peaceful picnic, barbecue or a friendly game
our students can access many study,                what is now the Rocks in the heart of Sydney        of cricket, soccer or Frisbee with friends.
internship, work and volunteer opportunities       in 1788.
here. Read more on page 10.                                                                            The region is also close to the World Heritage-
                                                   Old Government House in Parramatta was              listed Blue Mountains, where you can go
                                                   the ‘country’ home of ten NSW governors in          bushwalking, canyoning, camping, rock
                                                   the first half-century of European settlement       climbing and horse riding against the dramatic
                                                   in Australia. The World Heritage listed site in     backdrop of rainforests, mountains, valleys
                                                   Parramatta Park, built between 1799 and 1816,       and waterfalls.
                                                   contains furniture and treasures from the 19th
                                                   century and is open to the public.

22                                                                                                                             Western Sydney University

SPORT, SHOPPING AND FOOD                         CULTURE                                              WORKING IN AUSTRALIA
Western Sydney also boasts some successful       Living in Western Sydney, you’ll also have           As an international student, you may work up
football, rugby league, cricket and Australian   the opportunity to take part in festivals, such      to 40 hours per fortnight during each study
Football League teams if you want to watch       as Lunar New Year celebrations and other             session (semester) and unlimited hours when
a game or join a community sporting team         cultural events, including the annual Sydney         your course is not in session.
yourself.                                        Festival Parramatta which has a packed
                                                 program stretching over ten days.                    Permission to work will automatically be
The nearby Sydney Olympic Park at                                                                     included in your student visa. Although
Homebush, site of the 2000 Olympics, offers                                                           you are able to work in Australia, you cannot
                                                 SAFETY IN AUSTRALIA
Aquatic and Archery Centres and cycle                                                                 rely on that income to fund your tuition fees
tracks open to the public. The Park’s ANZ        Australia is a very safe country compared            or living costs for the duration of your stay
stadium and other venues host national and       with other parts of the world. When you              in Australia.
international football, hockey, basketball and   arrive in Australia you will find the majority of
tennis tournaments and athletics events, as      people open and friendly with a tell-it-like-it-is   Many international students choose to
well as major contemporary music concerts.       approach to life.                                    work part-time during their studies, but
                                                                                                      it is unrealistic to expect that you will find
Across Western Sydney, if you are keen on              part-time work as soon as you begin looking
shopping, you’ll discover a wide selection       australia/health-and-safety                          for it. You will first need to become familiar
of department stores, cinemas, restaurants,                                                           with the city and the areas where part-time
cafes, local markets and specialty stores. You                                                        employment is available. It is also important to
can explore major retail centres, including                                                           understand your study obligations before you
Westfield Parramatta, one of Australia’s                                                              commit yourself to part-time work.
largest shopping centres. And with the
region’s rich multicultural population, you’ll                                              
find the flavours, foods and spices you’re                                                            australia/working
accustomed to at home – or why not be
adventurous and sample some new cuisines?                                                             The Fair Work Ombudsman provides
                                                                                                      important information about your
                                                                                                      employment rights and conditions in Australia.


Living on campus offers great opportunities to make new friends and experience all that university
life has to offer.

ON-CAMPUS ACCOMMODATION                        TYPES OF ROOMS                                    UNDER 18 – ACCOMMODATION
Western Sydney University offers high-         There are plenty of options to choose from.       All students under 18 years of age are
quality, fully furnished accommodation         Looking to meet new people? Choose a              required to live:
options for international students on          shared townhouse or villa! Room types vary        a)	with a relative or a legal custodian over
all campuses. Living on campus offers          on each campus, but chances are we’ll have           21 years who will be approved by the
great opportunities to make friends and        something for you whether you’re looking to          Australian Government Department of
experience student life to the fullest.        live in style or work to a budget.                   Home Affairs, or
                                                                                                 b)	under an accommodation and welfare
Western Sydney University Village offers       You can choose from a studio, apartment, villa       arrangement approved by the University.
students excellent value for money. Staying    or townhouse. Accommodation options vary
on campus means you will save money on         between campuses. The cost of on-campus           Where a student chooses option b) above,
transport and have access to free shuttle      accommodation depends on the location and         i.e. a University approved accommodation
bus services, or you can simply walk to your   the type of room you choose.                      and welfare arrangement, the University will
campus.                                                                                          be responsible for issuing a Confirmation of
                                               Have questions? Give the Village a call on        Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare
                                               +61 2 8760 0012 or visit                          (CAAW).
Most Western Sydney Villages include:                                                            Further information about welfare
≥≥ student lounge with communal kitchen        If you are a Sydney City Campus student,          arrangements for under 18s is available
≥≥ TV lounge                                   find out more information about your              at
≥≥ computer and study rooms                    accommodation options at:                         welfare-arrangements-under18
≥≥ BBQ area                          
≥≥ laundry                                     accommodation                                     Accommodation arrangements
≥≥ free internet for university students                                                         approved by the University
≥≥ access to exclusive ResLife program.        SECURITY AND SUPPORT                              To enable the University to issue a
                                                                                                 Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation
                                               Western Sydney University Village                 and Welfare (CAAW), the student must
                                               provides 24-hour support for residents,           reside with a homestay family arranged by
                                               with a dedicated team of Resident                 one of Western Sydney University’s approved
                                               Assistants, an evening duty manager               Homestay Providers:
                                               and nightly security patrols.                     ≥≥ Global Experience
                                                                                                 ≥≥ Homestay Network
                                               Rooms and common areas are only accessible
                                               by electronic swipe card and all individual       The parent/guardian must provide evidence
                                               bedrooms are lockable.                            to the University that they have entered
                                                                                                 into an accommodation agreement with
                                               LIVING OFF CAMPUS                                 the homestay provider which sets out the
                                                                                                 specific accommodation arrangements to be
                                               The Western Sydney region has a vast range
                                                                                                 provided to the student for the duration of
                                               of affordable apartments and share housing
                                                                                                 the agreement, before a CAAW will be issued.
                                               options. A homestay with an Australian
                                                                                                 The accommodation agreement must begin
                                               family could also be a suitable option. You
                                                                                                 no later than the commencement date shown
                                               get to experience Australian culture and it
                                                                                                 on the student’s Confirmation of Enrolment,
                                               can help you settle in quickly, providing the
                                                                                                 and remain in place for the duration of the
                                               opportunity to participate in the daily routine
                                                                                                 student’s enrolment plus seven days, or until
                                               of an Australian family and to practice your
                                                                                                 the student turns 18 years of age, whichever
                                               English language skills.
                                                                                                 occurs sooner.

24                                                                                                                       Western Sydney University

                       Indicative six bedroom
                       apartment floor plan
                       Western Sydney University Village.                                         25

As a student visa holder, you will be required to have approximately AUD$20,290 per person            LIVING EXPENSES PER YEAR
per year for living expenses, as advised by the Australian Government. However, the actual cost
depends on your individual lifestyle and you should budget for approximately $26,000 per year         Applicant $20,290-$26,000
per adult. Although it is difficult to predict your exact expenses, the cost of living guide below    Partner $6,515
gives you some expected costs plus useful information about general living costs.                     First child $3,720
Costs indicated are a guide only, the actual cost depends on your individual lifestyle.               Second child $2,790
Further information on financial requirements can be found at:

SETTLING IN EXPENSES                                                        WEEKLY ONGOING EXPENSES

              Airport Transfer $80-$150
              Based on transport costs from the airport.
              $0 If you are arriving in Australia for the first time,
              you can be met at the airport as part of the free
                                                                                          Accommodation $130-$450
                                                                                           Cost depends on your style of accommodation on or
                                                                                           On-campus accommodation costs can be found at:
              airport shuttle service arranged by Western Sydney                 
              International. The service provides a drop off to your                       Off-campus accommodation: a two-bedroom apartment
              Western Sydney University campus.                                            in Parramatta costs about $350-$450 per week to rent.

             Groceries and household items, transport and
              associated expenses $300-$500
              To help you set up your home.
                                                                                           If you are a Sydney City campus student, find out more
                                                                                           information about your accommodation options at:

              Security deposit, rent advance or rental bond

                                                                                           Electricity, gas, water $35-$140
              $300-$900+                                                                   For on-campus accommodation, costs are included.
              On-campus accommodation requires a security deposit                          Costs vary for off-campus accommodation depending on
              (refundable on departure subject to conditions). Rent                        share arrangements.
              for your accommodation in advance or a rental bond (a
                                                                                           Phone calls and internet $20-$200
              minimum of four weeks rent) is required if you are renting
                                                                                           There are many mobile phone providers and payment
              off-campus accommodation.
                                                                                           options (including prepaid and post-paid plans) available

             Bedding, utensils and furnishings $145-$800
              Varies depending on whether it is provided for you in
              your accommodation. On-campus accommodation at
              Western Sydney University is fully furnished, however
                                                                                           to choose from.
                                                                                           International calling cards (phone cards) to call home are
                                                                                           available and are generally a cheaper way to call home.

              you will need to purchase your own linen and kitchen
              utensils. Rental accommodation is mostly unfurnished,
              you probably need to provide your own bedding. Visit
                                                                                          Groceries $80-$150
                                                                                           Based on home cooked food.

     for details.                                    Public transport fares $25-$50+
                                                                                           Depends on how far you live from a Western campus

             Warm clothing $50-$150
                                                                                           and how often you use public transport. Free shuttle bus
              Especially in winter (June to August) if you are coming
                                                                                           service is available to and from campuses to the nearest
              from a tropical climate.
                                                                                           train station.
              Textbooks $600+

             You can save money by buying second hand
              books. Check out campus noticeboards or go to
              Free textbooks (up to $800 worth of value) are available
                                                                                          Stationery/photocopying $15
                                                                                           The library has many books and journals available online
                                                                                           so this may reduce photocopying costs. You can also
                                                                                           purchase stationary at discount department stores.

              to all students enrolling in first-year undergraduate and                    Personal items, entertainment etc. $80+
              Diploma subjects in 2018.                                                    Eating out with friends.

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars

26                                                                                                                            Western Sydney University

                       Anh Kim Phan
                       MASTER OF APPLIED SCIENCE
                       (FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY), 2001


                       Founder and scientist at AKP Organic Skincare Labs, Anh
                       Kim Phan travelled from Vietnam to complete a Master of
                       Applied Science in Food Science and Technology at Western
                       Sydney University. ‘It was an eye-opener for me to realise
                       that you don’t simply accept textbooks are absolutely true
                       and don’t need to be afraid to express your independent
                       ideas.’ Anh says.
                       Anh’s instinct for scientific innovation has been awakened.
                       For her thesis she developed a simple technique to measure
                       the oxygen permeability of packaging material – a risk to a
                       product’s shelf life. This triggered an idea to put sensor cells
                       on expensive pharmaceutical and skincare packages which
                       are sensitive to light and heat, helping to ensure they are
                       stored properly. Now patented, Anh was invited to present
                       her ideas at the 11th World Conference of Food Science &
                       Technology in Seoul, South Korea.
                       When she landed a research and development role with
                       consumer goods giant Unilever Australasia, Anh realised her
                       newfound passion for free thinking sat uncomfortably within
                       the confines of a large corporation. In the meantime, she had
                       been through a lot in her personal life.
                       During this time, Anh moved to Los Angeles with her
                       husband and became a qualified cosmetologist with a
                       practice in downtown LA. All the while she drew upon her
                       science education and researched natural remedies for her
                       From this, AKP Protocol Organic Skincare and Health Food
                       Company was born. Following USDA organic certification
                       requirements, AKP produces natural products free from
                       preservatives, paraben and petrochemicals.
                       ‘It is like food for the skin,’ Anh says. ‘It nourishes skin’s
                       microbiota.’ Along with supplements and a change in diet,
                       Anh credits her rejection of harsh chemicals for a complete
                       turnaround in her health. Through sharing her story via
                       social media and word-of-mouth, Anh has established a
                       dedicated following of customers. She plans to start selling
                       her products to the broader market this year. ‘My main
                       goal is to educate people on how to lead a natural, healthy
                       lifestyle,’ she says.                                                                27

     Western Sydney University offers a range of
     scholarships to support our international students.

28                                                  Western Sydney University

                        UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS                         BURSARIES
                        Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence              Western Sydney International Bursary -
                        Undergraduate Scholarships                         Undergraduate and Postgraduate
                        This scholarship will cover 50% of the annual
                                                                           Eligible students will receive a one-off
                        course tuition fee for up to three years of
                                                                           contribution of $3,000 towards tuition fees
                        any undergraduate degree (except Doctor
                                                                           in the first session of study in a range of
                        of Medicine).
                                                                           undergraduate or postgraduate coursework
                                                                           degrees. Conditions apply.
                        Western Sydney International Scholarships –
                        Eligible students will be offered a one-off
                                                                           APPLICATION INFORMATION
                        contribution of $10,000 or $5,000 towards
                        tuition fees for any undergraduate degree          No application is necessary. You will be
                        (except B Nursing, B Nursing (Advanced) and        automatically considered for a scholarship
                        Doctor of Medicine).                               when you apply to study at Western Sydney
                        POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS                          Check the website for eligibility criteria,
                        Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence              terms and conditions, and other scholarships
                        Postgraduate Scholarships                          available including English language and
                        This scholarship will cover 50% or 25% of          research scholarships.
                        the annual course tuition fee for up to two au/
                        years of any one, one-and-a-half or two-year       internationalscholarships
                        postgraduate coursework degree.
                                                                           The above scholarships are available at
                        Western Sydney International                       Bankstown, Campbelltown, Hawkesbury,
                        Scholarships – Postgraduate                        Parramatta, Parramatta City, and Penrith
                        Eligible students will be offered a one-off
                        contribution of $7,500 or $5,000 towards           For more information about
                        tuition fees in the first year of a postgraduate   scholarships offered at Sydney
                        coursework degree.                                 City Campus, please visit
                        Western Sydney University China Scholarship
                        Eligible students will receive a one-off
                        contribution of $10,000 towards tuition fees
                        in the first year of study in a select range of
                        postgraduate coursework programs.                                                                                                     29

30                                        Western Sydney University

                                                                                                     ARTS AND
    RANKINGS                                      ARCHITECTURE                                       HUMANITIES
  ARTS AND HUMANITIES                             Capitalise on the change                           An Arts and Humanities degree
     IN THE WORLD                                 and growth taking place in                         has the potential to open career
                                                  the Greater Wester Sydney                          doors to the world. Your degree will
      TOP 250                                     region by undertaking our
                                                  new and innovative Bachelor
                                                                                                     be supported by academics that are
                                                                                                     internationally recognised.
    Arts and Humanities *
                                                  of Architectural Design,
                                                                                                     You will find yourself immersed in Cultural
                                                  commencing in Spring 2018 as                       and Social Analysis, Creative Writing, Digital
      TOP 200                                     Australia’s newest architecture
                                                  degree program.
                                                                                                     Cultures, International Relations and Asian
                                                                                                     Studies, Languages or Psychological Studies to
       Communication **
                                                                                                     name just a few major areas of study. Combine
                                                  This degree directly relates architectural         your studies to broaden your horizons with
                                                  design problems to urban transformation of
       TOP 350
                                                                                                     Business, Information Technology, Law, Science
                                                  contemporary cities, preparing architects          or Teaching.
                                                  for global employment by giving them the
   Arts and Humanities ***                        technological and intellectual skills to create    Career opportunities
                                                  sustainable, resilient and well-designed           Study in the humanities is designed to develop
                                                  environments. The Bachelor of Architectural        communication and personal skills, creativity

 EMPLOYMENT                                       Design focuses on a studio-based education         and capacity for independent thought,
                                                  that fosters creative thinking, hands-on making,   adaptability to new situations, and problem-
                                                  collaboration and interdisciplinary integration.   solving skills. As a graduate, you may find
    ARCHITECTURE AND                                                                                 employment as an arts administrator, a teacher
                                                  You will be provided with a combination of the     (with further study), writer, author, journalist,
        BUILDING                                  skills and knowledge required by contemporary      politician, diplomat, community planner,

                                                  architects. This includes studies in spatial       librarian, historian, publisher or a researcher.
                                                  design, graphic communication, history
                                                  and theory of architecture, digital design         Career opportunities also exist in non-
     Employed 4 months                                                                               government organisations, community-based
                                                  and fabrication, construction technology,
      after graduation^                           and professional studies to meet all the           industries, overseas organisations and in
                                                  accreditation pathway requirements of the          social policy development. The wide range of
                                                  Architects Accreditation Council of Australia,     double degrees on offer provides scope for
                                                  and in conjunction with the proposed Master of     further career opportunities.
                                                  Architecture (Urban Transformation) program.       Find out more
                                                                                                     Contact the Course Information
                                                                                                     Centre on +61 2 9852 5499 or
                                                  Career opportunities                     
                                                  As a graduate of architectural design, you can
                                                  look forward to career opportunities in:           ≥ PAGE 46, 55

                                                  ≥≥ Architecture
                                                  ≥≥ Urban Design
                                                  ≥≥ Urban Planning
                                                  ≥≥ Interior Architecture

                                                  Find out more
                                                  Contact the Course Information Centre on
                                                  +61 2 9852 5499 or internationalstudy@
                                                  ≥ PAGE 47
*	Times Higher Education (THE)
    World University Rankings
**	2018 Academic Ranking of World
    Universities (ARWU) subject rankings
*** QS World University Rankings by subject
^	Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching
    (QILT)                                                                                                                                31

                                          Chum Samang

                                          MASTER OF APPLIED FINANCE

                                          ‘I had the option to choose from
                                           many universities in Australia,
                                           however, I choose to study at
                                           Western Sydney University. I am
                                           glad that I made the right choice,
                                           Western Sydney University is a
                                           modern and progressive University
                                           and is also one ranked in the top 2%
                                           in the world. In addition to offering
                                           high-tech facilities, the University
                                           provides its students with great
                                           career opportunities.
                                          Currently, I am working as a
                                          casual Financial Analyst at
                                          PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC),
                                          which I gained through the School
                                          of Business. I work mostly on
                                          superannuation and pension
                                          funds. I will be able to transfer this
                                          knowledge and experience from PwC
                                          to my home country and to develop
                                          Cambodia’s financial system.’

32                                                            Western Sydney University

    RANKINGS                                  BUSINESS                                            COMPUTING
          BUSINESS                            With today’s fast pace of change,                   Become an in-demand computing
        IN THE WORLD                          you need a business degree that’s                   professional. Our real-world
                                              going to keep up.                                   experience will give you the edge.
      TOP 200                                 It’s why we’ve revamped our Bachelor of             If you want to develop advanced
    Hospitality & Tourism**                   Business to be more tailor made to the              programming skills or a thorough technical
                                              challenges and demands of changes in                understanding of modern networked
                                              industry, technology and careers. With a            computer systems, or sound skills in the

      TOP 400                                 course structure unique to Western, you build
                                              your degree as you go to best suit your area
                                                                                                  discipline of information systems security,
                                                                                                  then our Computing degrees are tailor-made
  Business Administration**                   of specialisation. We’ve opened the degree to       for you.
                                              majors right across the University. This means,
                                              unlike traditional degrees, you can now choose      With our professionally recognised degrees in

      TOP 400                                 majors outside the business stream to give you
                                              a more diverse set of skills and knowledge.
                                                                                                  Computing, Information and Communications
                                                                                                  Technology and Information Systems, you will
         Management**                                                                             be able to pursue exciting opportunities in
                                              Depending on the majors and electives you           diverse areas of technology development and
                                              choose, the Bachelor of Business can also           application to address the global goals and

      TOP 500                                 see you graduate with industry specific
                                              accreditation from Australia’s leading
                                                                                                  challenges set by humanity.

           Economics**                        institutions. The mix of theory and participation
                                                                                                  And if you are a budding entrepreneur in
                                                                                                  the field of computing, our new Bachelor
                                              in real-world industry projects doesn’t just get
                                                                                                  of Entrepreneurship (Games Design and
                                              you work ready, it has you ready to thrive.
                                                                                                  Simulation) will help you develop the mindset,
                                              Our acclaimed Sydney Graduate School of             risk tolerance, creativity, passion, big thinking,
         COMPUTING                                                                                team formation and leadership capabilities,
                                              Management (SGSM) offers a diverse range
        IN THE WORLD                          of postgraduate courses that provide a mix of
                                                                                                  needed by high-impact entrepreneurs who
                                                                                                  want to be game-changers and pursue their
                                              theory and hands-on practice ensuring your
      TOP 400                                 studies are relevant and immediately applicable
                                              to your workplace. Get access to the most
                                                                                                  ideas all the way to a technology start-up.

                                                                                                  Career opportunities
   Computer Science and                       experienced and qualified academics as well         As a graduate, you may find employment in
   Information Systems***                     as guest lecturers from industry leaders across     computer security, systems programming,
                                              business, the professions, and government.          network development, support and
                                                                                                  management, real-time programming,
                                              Career opportunities
                                                                                                  systems engineering, games and mobile
                                              As a graduate, you may seek a management
                                                                                                  applications development, information
                                              traineeship, become involved in a management        systems management, health information
                                              consultancy or find a career associated             management, database and system
                                              with the discipline in which you complete           administration or as a web developer.
                                              a major. Examples include employment in
                                              public practice, taxation consulting, merchant      Find out more
                                              banking, financial services management,             Contact the Course Information
                                              economic advising, roles in service-oriented        Centre on +61 2 9852 5499 or
                                              businesses, employment relations, human   
                                              resources, industrial relations, marketing
                                              firms, operations or logistics organisations,       ≥ PAGE 48-49, 58-59
                                              international property, property development
                                              and valuation firms.

                                              Find out more
                                              Contact the Course Information
                                              Centre on +61 2 9852 5499 or
**	2018 Academic Ranking of World  
    Universities (ARWU) subject rankings
*** QS World University Rankings by subject   ≥ PAGE 46, 55-57                                                                                                                              33
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