Parents Introductory Guide


Dear parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our parents back to the new school year
at Uptown. I would like to extend an especially warm welcome to our new parents. Starting
at a new school can be an anxious time for both children and parents and, while we are
confident that you will be impressed with the education provided at Uptown, we are also
confident that you will find our community warm and inclusive.

We see the education of your sons and daughters as a partnership, between the school and
you at home, and at the heart of that partnership lies effective communication.

Communication in any community requires constant vigilance by all members. We all need
to work unerringly to provide the constant flow of information that will make your son or
daughter’s time at school enjoyable and rewarding. We welcome, moreover, we encourage,
parental involvement in the life of the school, so please feel free to contact us whenever
you need to ask a question or discuss issues of concern.

However, all successful schools are pro-active in sharing information with parents. To this
end, we have created a series of Parent Handbooks, designed to give as much information
as possible, for you to digest at your leisure. You will find more detailed handbooks for each
section of the school on the Uptown website. However, we hope this guide can provide easy
access to the general information needed to prepare for, and enjoy, the first few weeks at
the school.

Hopefully, this guide will help parents and children feel confident and informed about the
start of the new year. However, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school if you
have any questions remaining.

Yours faithfully

Chris Bromham
Uptown School Principal

Parents Introductory Guide


Page 4       Before Starting: Student Registration
Page 5       Medical Information
Page 5       Orientation Day and
Page 6       School Timings
Page 6       Finding your class on the first day of school
Page 7       Drop Off & Pick Up
Page 7       Parent Identifications Badges
Page 8       Uniform Information
Page 9       Compulsory Uniform List
Page 10      Stationary Requirements, BYOD and Student Lockers
Page 11      Communications at Uptown School
Page 12      Frequently Used Contact Details
Page 12      Attendance & Punctuality
Page 13      Extra Curricular Activities
Page 14      Special Educational Needs
Page 14      Counsellor
Page 14      Snack & Lunch Breaks
Page 15      Photo Release
Page 15      Bus Information
Page 16      Feedback Policy
Page 17      Parent Organisation –Uptown Parents
Page 17      Used Uniform Shop
Page 17      Parents Handbooks
Page 18      Uptown Calendar 2015/16
Page 19      Location Map

Parents Introductory Guide


The KHDA registration system is now open for 2017-18. This is a necessary process for
students to attend any school in Dubai.

Step 1 - verification of Emirates IDs (EID)
This involves scanning the chip of the physical EID of both the child and one parent, and will
take 10mins. Please visit the school with the child’s EID and your own, along with your
mobile phone.

In addition to the EID, we will also need the following:
For students coming from outside Dubai (including other Emirates)
1. Transfer certificate (TC) in English or Arabic. (if not, this should be translated and
authenticated by your Embassy or Consulate). The Transfer Certificate must
confirm the grade or year completed and exit date from the current school (for
a midyear transfer, please also include their current grade/year) Please note
that the Transfer Certificate may need to be attested –check with Admissions for details.
2. An end of academic year school report.
*Please note that we need the physical Emirates ID cards, in order for them to be registered with the KHDA. This will be
returned on the spot, as soon as we have collected the electronic data held in the chip. If you have not yet received your
Emirates ID then we will need a copy of the EID application.

For students coming from within Dubai (including other Emirates)
The transfer will be completed online, between the schools; please note that this transfer
process can only be done after your child has finished the school year at his/her old school.
Once the online transfer has been completed, we will require you to come in with your and
your child’s EID for the verification process. This will be sometime after 1st July.

Step 2 - signing the KHDA Parent School Contract
This step can be completed by either using the free downloadable KHDA app, or by visiting
the school and signing using our electronic signature pad. We will inform you when the
contract is ready for signing.
Instructions for signing are to be found in on the School communicator, under
Resources/KHDA/KHDA Parent School Contract - how to sign using the App.

Existing students who have already been verified in the KHDA system will not need to be re-
verified. However, all students, whether new or existing must have a signed KHDA parent
School Contract for the new Academic Year 2017/2018. We will inform you when the
contract is ready for signing in July. Please sign the contact either using the KHDA app or by
visiting the school and signing using our electronic signature pad.

Parents Introductory Guide


All parents are required to provide the school with complete and accurate medical
documents giving us an up to date history of each child. The Medical Information Form can
be found online at

To support your child’s well-being we have three full-time nurses at school, one on each of
the Early Years, PYP and MYP campuses.

If you would like to discuss any element of your child’s medical care please do not hesitate
to contact the relevant nurse.


Thursday, 7th September
Early Years
KG1 - 8-8:45am
Pre-K& KG2 - 9-9:45am
Venue: Meet in individual KG classes

Primary (Grades 1 to 5)
Time: 10-10:45am
Venue: Meet in Primary Library (followed by individual classes)

Secondary (Grades 6 to12)
Time: 11am-12:30pm
Venue: Meet in Secondary Gym

(The used uniform shop will be open from 9-11:30am on this day)

Parents Introductory Guide

At the beginning of the school year we understand that there may be an adjustment to
starting school for younger children. We seek to support them and their parents make the
transition by using adjusted timings that increase each week.

Sunday 10th September to Thursday 14th September          7:45am to 10:00am
Sunday 17th September to Thursday 21st September          7:45am to 12noon
Sunday 24th September onwards                             Option 1: 7:45am to 12:30pm*
                                                          Option 2: 7:45am to 2:00pm
(*please note that parents will need to make their own arrangements for pick up as there is
no bus at 12:30pm)

Sunday 10th September to Thursday 14th September                              7:45am to 12noon
Sunday 17th September to Thursday 21st September                              7:45am to 1:00pm
Sunday 24th September onwards                                                 7:45am to 2:00pm
Sunday 10th September to Thursday 14th September                              7:45am to 1:00pm
Sunday 17th September onwards                                                 7:45am to 2:30pm
First Day for all MYP and DP students Sunday 10 September                               7.45am to 3pm
Regular School Timings – Sunday through Thursday                                        7.45am to 3pm
First Day for all Primary students Sunday 10 September 7.45am to 2.30pm
Regular School Timings – Sunday through Thursday                              7.45am to 2.30pm

Noticeboards with class lists, teacher locations and general campus directions will be placed
outside all key entry points to all buildings (Early Years, Primary and Secondary) to guide you
to your classroom and other locations around the campus. The Primary Canteen (1st Floor in
the Primary Gym) will be open, selling coffee, tea and snacks for the convenience of waiting

Parents Introductory Guide

Early Years/Kindy parents are requested to use the car park directly adjacent to the Early
Years campus (off of Algeria Street/D56).

Parents of students in Grades 1 -12 are asked to use the car park in front of the main
administration building (off of Tripoli Street D83)

Parents of Early Years or PYP students can accompany their child to the classroom, corridor
or drop them in designated zones in the relevant car parks. It is not necessary for parents of
MYP or DP students to accompany them to their classroom.

At the end of day students will be released to their parents as follows:

Early Years    Pre-K – for the first few weeks, initially from classrooms.
               KG1 and KG2 – Students will wait inside and parents can collect directly from
               the gate.

Grades 1 – 5 Parents may park their cars and physically collect children from the waiting
             rea outside the library or they can drive through and use the pick up point in
             the car park.

Grade 6 – 12 Students will make their own way to their cars. If they are delayed, they will
wait in the secondary Library.

Parents entering the school premises are required to wear their parent ID badges at all
times. If need to enter the campus after 8am or before 2pm, we ask wear your ID badges
and that you sign in with security at the relevant entrance.

All families will be issued with two parent ID badges. Extra or replacements badges can be
ordered at the Accounts office for the sum of AED50.

We ask that you wear your ID badge is visibly whilst moving around the school and that you
dress with modesty and respect in line with local customs and expectations in public places.

Parents Introductory Guide

The aim of our uniform is for students to present a neat, work like appearance at all times
and to take pride in being members of Uptown School.

Personal presentation is very important and a high standard of personal appearance is
expected of all students at all times. The students are our ambassadors when they are out in
the community and what they do and say, and how they look reflects on all of us.

The uniform is compulsory throughout the school and may be purchased from Zaks.
Uniform can be ordered online from or can be brought directly from
the store at Uptown Mirdif.

House Shirts are required for all students’ Grades 1-12 and can also be purchased directly from Zaks. Students will be
placed in houses during their first few weeks at UTS, and will not be changed throughout the period of enrolment.
There is no guarantee that siblings will be placed in the same house.

All students grade 1 – 12 will also need a house shirt. Houses for new students will be allocated
during the first few weeks of school.

Please ensure all uniform items are clearly labeled with the child’s name and class. Name
tapes are excellent or alternatively a waterproof marker pen.

Students in Grades 3-12 must wear regular school uniform on PE/Swim days and change
into their sports kit for their lessons. Grade 1 & 2 students may wear PE kit on both PE and
Swim days.


  Uptown Mirdif Mall • Ground Level (behind Starbucks)
  Corner of 47 & Algeria St
  Tel: 04 284 7384
  Timing: 9:30am to 7:30pm Saturday to Thursday

Parents Introductory Guide

Early Years
White or blue polo shirt with Uptown logo
Navy blue shorts
White Velcro Trainers and white socks.
Navy Uptown swimsuit/swim shorts, Uptown swim cap

White formal shirt
GIRLS - Tartan skort (optional long tartan skirt)
BOYS - Navy Bermuda shorts (optional full-length navy trousers)
Plain black school shoes (black sports shoes or canvas shoes are not acceptable)
Plain white socks.
Blue Uptown cap with or without flaps (No hat, no play)

White polo shirt with Uptown logo and navy blue shorts
Training shoes with non-marking soles
Navy blue swimsuit/swim shorts and Uptown swim cap

Blue formal blouse with side slit (long sleeve available as "made to order")
Navy skirt or trousers with pin stripe
Blazer (available as "made to measure") Blazers are an optional item
Plain black school shoes - black sports shoes or canvas shoes are not suitable
Plain white or gray socks
Blue Uptown cap

Blue formal shirt straight cut
Navy trousers with pin stripe
Blazer (available as "made to measure") Blazers are an optional item
Plain black school shoes - black sports shoes or canvas shoes are not suitable
Plain white or gray socks
Blue Uptown cap

White polo shirt with Uptown logo and navy blue shorts
Training shoes with non-marking soles and a change of socks
Navy blue swimsuit/swim shorts and Uptown swim cap

In the cooler months: Uptown jumpers and fleeces available which can be worn. non uniform jumpers or
jackets may not be worn.

Parents Introductory Guide

At the start of the school year students will need to equip themselves with the following items

Primary Students will need a pencil case containing the following:
2HB lead pencils             Set of coloured pencils
Ruler (30cm)                 Pair of round-ended scissors for cutting paper
Good quality eraser          Black and/or blue pens (Grade 4 & 5 only)
Pencil sharpener             USB Flash Drive (Grade 4 & 5 only)

Secondary Students will need the following:
Black and/or blue pens         Pencils               Pencil Sharpener
Eraser                         Highlighters          Coloured Pencils
30cms ruler                    USB Flash Drive       Protractor
Scientific Calculator (Casio Fx82 or Fx100 is recommended)
All of the above should be able to fit into a reasonable size pencil case.

Students in Early Years will be provided with everything that they need.

Grade 5 and upwards students will benefit from carrying a digital device to enhance their
learning. This may be a smart phone, Tablet or Laptop computer. All must follow the BYOD policy.
From Grade 9 upwards, students must have a laptop in order to augment their courses with
software and resources that facilitates the needs of our digitally agile students.

All Early Years and PYP students will be provided with a cubbyhole for storing their lunch and
belongings. These are located outside of their classrooms. Large “wheelie” bags are not suitable,
as they do not fit into the cubby spaces.

Secondary students will have a locker, which will be in the corridors close to their homeroom.
Secondary students will be required to place a combination lock on the locker to secure it.
Students should ensure their combination is given to their homeroom teacher in case they forget
the number.

Parents Introductory Guide

There are several ways in which Uptown will communicate with parents:
School Communicator
The D6 Schools Communicator, our school app, is the main communication tool for school-
wide notifications from the school to parents. All parents are strongly encouraged to
download this (called the D6 for short). It is available for mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
Just go to, select Uptown school from the schools list, click on the device
you are using and download.

NB: on your phone, please simply visit the App Store/Play Store and search for
‘D6 Communicator.’ It has a blue logo:

    1.  Download the App to your device and register following the online instructions
    2.  Select Country - UAE
    3.  Select Schools –Uptown School
    4.  Personalise with your child’s class(es) class and select the channels in which you are
        interested – sports, music, ECAs, external events, etc.
Class teachers will also send emails to parents when communicating class-specific

You can communicate directly with any member staff within the school via email. All UTS
emails follow the format where F is the first letter of the
staff members forename, followed by the surname.
(see contact list on the next page for more information)

ManageBac is an online learning platform used at Uptown School. You can use ManageBac to
oversee aspects of your child’s education including contact details and attendance, teacher emails,
portfolios, curriculum overviews and reports.
For Secondary parents, your son/daughter will also use Managebac account in order to access their
We will send out information on setting up a Managebac account early next year.Should you have
concerns or questions regarding Managebac, please feel free to get in touch.

Student Diaries/Planners
Primary and Secondary students carry Planners/ Diaries for their day to day notices. Please check
your child’s diary on a daily or weekly basis and sign it off as required.

Social Media
We also have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. These are used to celebrate school life,
whether extraordinary achievements or simply to document day to day events.

Parents Introductory Guide

                       Main School Number 04 251 5001
Contact                          Extension number   Email address
Main Reception                   0                  
Early Years Section              204                
Primary Section                  219                
Secondary Section                400                

Early Years Nurse- ext. 202
Primary Nurse- ext. 212
Secondary Nurse - ext. 407

PE Departments
Early Years Gym – ext. 306
Primary PE Office – ext. 226
Secondary PE Office – ext.4ise

School Canteens
Primary ext. 236
Secondary ext. 410

Accounts – ext. 228

Admissions Manager- ext. 201
Registrar - ext.203

If your child is unwell or has an unforeseen absence from school please email or call the
relevant Section Secretary before 8am. Absences for sickness that last for 3 days or longer
will require medical certification.

We believe that good attendance and punctuality are vital in enabling students to make the
most of their learning opportunities at Uptown. By attending every day, research indicates:
*      Learning is made easier
*      Students who develop good patterns of attendance and punctuality early on at
       school tend to continue in this pattern throughout their school life and beyond.
*      With good attendance and punctuality students will achieve better results, have
       greater confidence, have increased self esteem and develop useful skills for the

Parents Introductory Guide

Please note that attendance and lateness are judged by the criteria set by KHDA and are as

         •   Outstanding 100%
         •   Excellent >99%
         •   Very Good >98%
         •   Good >96%
         •   Satisfactory >94%
         •   Unsatisfactory
Parents Introductory Guide

Uptown School prides itself on its inclusive approach to education. We do not discriminate
on the grounds of race, nationality, disability or cultural background. We see the diversity of
our student and staff population as one of our greatest assets, and we make every attempt
to give each and every student full access to our IB learning programmes.

Teachers are assisted by specialist staff, such as our Head of Student Support and Specialist
Teachers and assistants, in the identification of and provision for an individual student’s
specific or exceptional learning needs.

If a student should need additional learning support beyond that available at the school,
then the school reserves the right to pass on to parents part or all of the additional cost

Our determination to cultivate and maintain an inclusive ethos of the highest quality is
fundamental to the way in which our school is developing. We define, implement and
review all of our policies to promote inclusion, and have developed policies to tackle
abusive behaviour such as racism and bullying if it emerges.

We also ensure that at Uptown students themselves have a prominent voice in all matters
that affect them, and we act fairly and decisively in dealing with any behaviour that is
contrary to our inclusive ethos. At all times we seek to provide exemplary leadership as role
models ourselves.


We have two full time counselors at Uptown – for Early Years, Primary and Secondary.

They promote the development of personal, emotional and social skills relevant to specific
age groups. They also conduct individual and group counseling sessions on topics such as
friendship, anxiety, parental divorce, anger and behaviour management.

Here at Uptown we encourage our students to develop healthy eating habits from an early
age. Students are encouraged to socialise and practice their table manners as they eat.

The school canteens operate in the Primary and Secondary schools. Students may purchase
snacks and/or lunch. Monthly menus and the monthly purchase program are outlined on
the Communicator, in the Resources/Canteen-Slices/ and are listed in the canteens on a
daily basis. Options include healthy choices where students can choose from a variety of hot
foods, salads, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, wholegrain snacks and healthy beverages.

Parents Introductory Guide

Students in Early Years are not able to visit the school canteens, but parents may pre-order
lunches that will be delivered to the classrooms.

We ask that parents support our healthy eating policy by ensuring they send their children
to school with suitable and healthy packed lunches.

We request packed lunches do not contain sweets, crisps, cookies, fizzy drinks or caffeine
fueled energy drinks. It is incredibly difficult for children to focus and get the most out of
their time in school if they are overloaded with sugar and poor food choices.

Several members of the Uptown community have severe nut allergies and as such Uptown is
a nut free school. No nut products are permitted in school – this includes all nut products,
Nutella chocolate spread and peanut butter. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in
ensuring the safety and well being of our whole school community.

We also ask parents make their children aware that we do not share food to ensure we are
respectful of all the other religious beliefs concerning food products.

Uptown School has an ‘opt out’ policy regarding photos taken at the school during the school
day and at school events such as sports, performances and classroom activities. Photos will be
used for display around the school, in our School Yearbook, the Uptowner, and for promotion of
the school and taken for school year pictures. If you do not want your child included in
photographs at Uptown School please contact the following: for Grades 6-12 for grades Pre-k, K1 & KG 2 for Grades 1-5.

Note: The opt out policy includes the annual school class photos (as these are published online).

The bus provider for Uptown School is Arab Falcon Bus Rental LLC. Parents please contact Arab
Falcon directly to sign up and discuss your transportation requirements.
By RTA rules a bus helper/nanny will travel with each vehicle. For all bus-related information
please contact:
Ms Farah, Transport Manager, +971 (0)50 110 7063 or
Arab Falcon Main Office Number: +971 (0)4 397 6490 or 04 397 6492

Parents Introductory Guide

At Uptown, we believe that students and parents are entitled to expect courteous and
prompt, careful attention to their needs and wishes. The School takes very seriously any
complaints and concerns that may arise which involves either your own child or the School
as a whole. We also welcome suggestions and feedback on how to improve the School.

In the event that a parent wishes to make a formal complaint, the following is shortened
version of our complaints procedure. (The full version can be obtained from Gloria
Celeridad, the Principal’s PA)

Stage 1: It is advisable that any parent who has a concern about any aspect related to:
their child, class teacher or the class, shares his/her concerns in the first instance with, his/
her class teacher. The parent should request an appointment with the teacher preferably by
email. Should the matter remain unresolved then the parent may take it up with the Grade
Level Leader, Leader of Learning (if in Secondary), or other appropriate member of the
Leadership team.

Stage 2: Referral to Principal/Head of Section (HOS). If the individual is dissatisfied with the
response they have been given and would like to take their complaint further, the
Principal/HOS will meet with the individual and discuss their concerns and wishes. It may
still be appropriate and satisfactory to reach an informal resolution at this point.

If not, and if the parent wishes to proceed to a formal complaint then he or she should
submit a written complaint to the student’s class teacher or form tutor preferably by email,
which will be forwarded to the Principal/HOS. The Principal/HOS should formally
acknowledge the complaint within 24 hours of receiving it and begin an investigation. When
the investigation into the complaint is completed, the Principal/HOS/School Complaints
Committee will meet with the parents to discuss the outcome within 10 working days of the

Stage 3: In the event that the complainant remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the
School’s investigation, the matter may be referred to the School Executive Board.

Stage 4: In the unlikely event that the School is unable to address an individual’s concerns to
their satisfaction, the individual may wish to approach the regulator, Knowledge and Human
Development Authority (KHDA).

Parents Introductory Guide

Uptown Parents (UP), the parent organisation meets once a month to support the activities of
the school in general. UP supports school-wide events such as International Day, Eid Dinner,
UAE Day, Family Fun Day, the Used Uniform Shop, Staff Appreciation and other community
events at school.

Uptown School welcomes parents into the school and we actively encourage parents who
have the time to join the Uptown Parents (UP), act as Link Parents, or help out on special

Early Years and Primary classes each have a volunteer class parent called the Link Parent.
These volunteers act as liaison between the classroom teacher and parents in her/his class.

Please join us on Tuesday 3rd October, 8-9am, in Meeting Room A, Admin Building,1st floor
to find out how you can become part of the Parent Organisation, or volunteer to be a Link
Parent. Contact UP with questions at


The shop is located in the main admin building, near reception. Hours are Mondays, 1.45-
2.45pm. If you would like to donate uniforms please see the Admissions office.

Parents donate outgrown uniforms for sale in the Used Uniform Shop. In addition, uniform
items are collected from lost and found monthly. Any labeled but unclaimed uniform items
are returned to classes for students. Any unlabeled uniform items in good condition are
washed and sold in the used uniform shop.


There are Parent & Student Handbooks for each of the Early Years, PYP, MYP and DP
sections of Uptown. These are designed to be helpful to you and your family, as you become
a member of the Uptown School community.

The handbooks will be available to download from our Uptown School website and also
made available on the D6 Communicator. Please use them as a reference when necessary,
and feel free to contact the school should you require further clarification. We have an
open-door policy and welcome your feedback

Should you have any further questions about any aspect of life at Uptown, please do not
hesitate to contact our Parent Relations Officer via email at

Parents Introductory Guide

       UPTOWN CALENDAR 2017-2018

Sunday 20 August               First day for new teachers

Sunday 27 August               All faculty and teaching assistants return to school

Thursday 7 September           Orientation Day for NEW students

Sunday 10 September            First day for ALL students

Friday 22 September*           Islamic New Year public holiday*

Sunday 22 October              No school for students - Professional development for faculty & staff

Sunday 29 October –            Mid-term break for students and teaching staff
Saturday 4 November
                               First day back after break
5 November
30 November*                   Prophet Mohammed’s birthday* & Commemoration (Martyr’s) Day
2-3 December                   UAE National Day holiday

Sunday 17 December-            Winter Break (extended to three weeks)
Saturday 6 January
                               First day back after winter break
7 January
Sunday 11 February             No school for students -Professional development for faculty & staff

Monday 12 - Thursday 15        Mid-term break for students and teaching staff
                               Spring break for students and teaching staff
Sunday 25 March -
Saturday 7 April
                               Students return from spring break
Sunday 8 April
Friday 13 April*               Al Isra W'al Miraj*

Sunday 13 May                  No school for students - Professional development for faculty & staff

Thursday 14 June*              Eid Al Fitr*

Thursday 5 July                Last Day for students and teaching staff

Tuesday 31 July                First semester fees due for year 2018-19

          * Islamic Public Holidays are based on lunar observations may vary by one or two days.
                The Administration and Admission offices are open 8am-4pm every weekday.

Parents Introductory Guide


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