January 2021 Issue - Northern Hills Community Association

January 2021 Issue - Northern Hills Community Association
                                                                         2021 Issue

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January 2021 Issue - Northern Hills Community Association
Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 2
January 2021 Issue - Northern Hills Community Association
President’s Message January 2021

                                  I am writing this on New Years Eve, and it is with great pleasure for most of us that we
                                  are leaving 2020 and entering a new year characterized so far by cautious optimism.

                                  The NHCA had a lot of plans at the beginning of 2020, plans that were put awry by a
                                  global pandemic. Although 2021 will likely still have it is share of lockdowns, as more
                                  and more people get vaccinated, we should see fewer and fewer restrictions as the year
                                  goes on. There is light at the end of an exceptionally long tunnel.

                                  Nonetheless, the NHCA did accomplish a great deal this past year, and although it was
           Ian McAnerin           not according to the original plan, it was important work indeed. We fed the hungry,
     President - Northern Hills
      Community Association       comforted the lonely, entertained the young, and fought hard for our community and
                                  the people in it.

      In 2021, we shall face new challenges – loss of revenue chief among them. We will need to suspend programs
      that do not support themselves either through fees or grants and will likely need a few fundraisers to keep
      providing for our community. It will be challenging but I believe doable.

      Every year, I do something I call a “Descartes”, after the French philosopher who famously decided to doubt
      everything, even his own existence. I do it for both myself personally and my company. When I do a
      Descartes, I challenge everything – why does this organization exist? Should we do the things we have always
      done? What opportunities and trends are we missing out on? What is the purpose of this? Is there a better
      way? Why am I friends with this person? What do I want out of life? Is spending so much time on social
      media such a good idea?
      Doing a Descartes can be exhausting, which is why I only do it formally once a year, but it is a good way to
      identify bad habits, toxic relationships, and new opportunities. I find it is a lot more useful than just making
      some (often quickly broken) New Years resolutions. I will be doing a Descartes on the NHCA as well –
      questioning everything.

      2021 is going to be focused on reflection, recovery, and resilience. I look forward to going on this journey
      along with all of you and hope you have a Happy New Year!

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January 2021 Issue - Northern Hills Community Association
Crossword by Myles Mellor

                                          In This Issue
                       Northern Hills Neddie...………………..……………………………………………...12
                      Rhubarb Square ……………....……..……………… ……………………………...13
                      Elected Reps ……..………………..………….……………………………………….17-21
                      Celebrate Aging ……....……..……...…………………………………………………24
                      Photography Corner.……..……...……………………………………….……………28
                                                  and so much more!

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January 2021 Issue - Northern Hills Community Association
Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 5
January 2021 Issue - Northern Hills Community Association
Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 6
January 2021 Issue - Northern Hills Community Association
                                             STAFF & CONTRACTORS                  BOARD MEMBERS
   OFFICE:                            Executive Director: Yana Soldatenko         President: Ian McAnerin
   NHCA at Vivo                       Bookkeeper: Surina Gupta                    1st Vice President: Tamara Keller
   11950 Country Village Link NE      Newsletter Editor: Heather Hubert           2nd Vice President: Leah Argao
   Calgary, AB, T3K 6E3               Ad Sales: Heather Hubert                    Secretary: Amanda Mauch
   Tel: 403-226-6422                  Office & Newsletter                         Treasurer: Azim Riaz
   Fax: 403-226-6421                  Administrator Assistant: Jiyoung Lee        DIRECTORS: Chris Abdalla, Manveer Dhadda,
   E: info@nhca.ca                                                                David Hartwick, Winnie Huang, Lindsay Lantela,
   Public Hours:                      VOLUNTEERS                                  Tara Melhus, Tavis Settles
   Mon-Friday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm      The NHCA is a self-funding, non-profit      COMMITTEES:
   Remote assistance, check the       organization. All our board members and     Accessibility: Chris Abdalla
   website for more information about committee members are volunteers.           Advocacy: Tamara Keller
   in-person appointments.                                                        Arts & Crafts: Lindsay Lantela
   Closed on weekends and                                                         At Home in the Hills: Winnie Huang & Samana Zehra
   statutory holidays                                                             Beautification & Gardens: Tara Melhus,
                                                                                  Coventry Garden, and Harvest Garden
                                                                                  Building Safer Communities (Blockwatch): Tavis Settles
                                                                                  Business Development: Ian McAnerin
                                                                                  Communications: David Hartwick
                                                                                  Creating Coventry: Asim Riaz & Moraig McCabe
                                                                                  Government Relations / Advocacy: David Hartwick
                                                                                  Harvest Hills Hub: Tamara Keller & Victoria Henry
                                          EDITOR’S NOTE:                          Membership: Manveer Dhadda
                                          All articles submitted by the general   Planning & Development: David Hartwick
                                          public are the author’s opinion and     Sports & Rinks: Leah Argao and Daniel Sennhauser
                                          not necessarily reflective of the       Seniors: Leah Argao
                                          opinion of NHCA.                        SPRY in the Hills: Jay L Emond
                                                                                  Volunteer Relations: Tamara Keller

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January 2021 Issue - Northern Hills Community Association
Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 8
January 2021 Issue - Northern Hills Community Association

Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 9
January 2021 Issue - Northern Hills Community Association
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Northern Hills News                                January · 2021   Page 10
Happy New Year
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Northern Hills News                January · 2021                    Page 11
Northern Hills Neddie                    100%

                      Dear Northern Hills Neddie,

                      I am in love with my new neighbor who moved in a couple
                      weeks ago. I watch him from my window as he comes and
                      goes from work, when he shovels the snow or works on his
                      garden. I dream of us having a wedding and raising our chil-
                      dren. Only there is one problem-we have never met. What
                      can I do Neddie-I am in love!!

         Happy               Drowning in my dreams

           2                     Dear Drowning in my Dreams,

                                 First-sorry girl I do not think you are in love. How can you be
                                 in love-you don’t even know him. Is he nice or kind? Does he
                                 have a special person already? Do you share the same morals
                                 and values and interests? I believe you have created a fantasy
                                 world for yourself through a window-you need to get out of
                                 this NOW before it turns into stalker behavior!! Start with a
                                 kind neighborly gesture and bring him a pie. Start a friendship

                                 and see where it goes. Swim above the waves and float out of
                                 drowning dreams to reality!!!

           1                     If you would like to send in any of your problems or questions
                                 to ask Neddie advice-please send to editor@nhca.ca and we
                                 will pass it along to Neddie for the next issue!

  New Year
Northern Hills News           January · 2021                                          Page 12
                                                                     RHUBARB SQUARE
                                                     Winner: Colleen Winhold

                  Bottom Base:
                  1 cup margarine
                  2 cups flour
                  *Mix and pat in pan

                  5 cups rhubarb (cubed and pour boiling water over rhubarb and drain well)
                  1 ½ cups sugar
                  2 eggs
                  ½ cup margarine
                  ½ cup flour
                  *Mix and spread on bottom base

                  Top Layer:
                  1 cup coconut
                  ¼ cup flour
                  1 cup sugar
                  2 tbsp. margarine
                  1 egg
                  *Mix together and put on top (I double the top layer recipe as I love

                  Bake at 350 for 45 minutes until top is golden

Northern Hills News                          January · 2021                                   Page 13

Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 14
Answer keys

Northern Hills News   January · 2021                 Page 15
Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 16
Your Government Representatives

                         Muhammad Yassen
                         Calgary-North MLA

      Recently, the Alberta Government announced bold measures to protect the lives and livelihoods of
      Albertans. This pandemic poses the greatest challenge our province has faced in more than a generation.
      Albertans must act together to protect the vulnerable and help stop the spike in COVID cases. By acting now,
      we can bend the curve and ensure our health care system has the capacity to protect Albertans. My office
      staff have received many enquiries regarding exemptions to covid restrictions. To request an exemption,
      please send your request to BizConnect@gov.ab.ca.

      Supports for Alberta’s Small Businesses:
      Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of Alberta’s economy. The Alberta Government has
      been supporting job creators that have suffered the unfortunate impacts of COVID-19. In light of additional
      health measures, I am pleased to let you know that affected small and medium-sized businesses will receive
      additional support through the opportunity to apply for a second payment from the Small and Medium
      Enterprise Relaunch Grant. For more information, please visit www.alberta.ca/sme-relaunch-grant.aspx.

      Fiscal Update:
      The global health crisis, economic recession and low oil prices have significantly affected Alberta’s finances.
      Our mid-year update shows improvement under responsible fiscal management in the face of the pandemic.
      Alberta’s government is projecting a $21.3-billion deficit for 2020-21, $2.8 billion less than the last quarter,
      largely due to improving revenue and government efforts to hold the line on spending. While there is a long
      road ahead to full recovery, Alberta’s economy is gradually emerging from the depths of the downturn.
      Alberta has also seen a significant rebound in employment already this year, recovering more than 258,000
      of the 360,900 jobs lost between February and April.

      Connecting Families, Removing Barriers to Adoption:
      Bill 48, Red Tape Reduction Act 2020 (2) was introduced in the Legislature and if passed it will make it easier
      to access adoption information for adult adoptees, birth parents and siblings.

      Muhammad Yassen
      Calagry North MLA
          calgary.north@assembly.ab.ca 403.274.1931 104, 200 Country Hills Landing NW Calgary AB T3K 5P3

Northern Hills News                                January · 2021                                            Page 17
Your Government Representatives

                        Jyoti Gondek
                        City of Calgary –Ward 3 Councillor
      Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you found some time to relax and reconnect with family and friends via
      phone calls, video chats or physically distanced outside visits. I have hope for the upcoming year that our
      lives will slowly return to greater interactions with each other, something we’re all missing. That being said,
      it is crucial that we keep up to date with the latest advice from our health officials. We must remain vigilant
      until COVID-19 can truly become a part of the past.

      In a very unexpected past year, Calgarians like you made a difference in our city. Through your exceptional
      achievements and contributions, you made life better for all of us. After witnessing Calgarians’ outpouring
      of generosity this past year, I have again volunteered to be a Council Champion for The Calgary Awards.

      The Calgary Awards is a time to celebrate our city-builders and acknowledge the hard work they put in to
      making Calgary a better place to live. If you know of a neighbour, colleague, family member, local
      organization or business who is deserving of recognition for their contributions to our city, please consider
      nominating them for one of the 13 award categories.

      This is your opportunity to thank the individuals, businesses & organizations who have improved the
      everyday experience in our community. The official nomination period will launch on Wednesday, January
      6, 2021 and end on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at midnight. For more information on each award
      category, eligibility criteria, how to nominate someone, and previous award recipients, please visit
      Jyoti Gondek
      City of Calgary – Ward 3 Councillor
                                Community Contact: Ally Bates Telephone: 403-268-4854

Northern Hills News                               January · 2021                                            Page 18
Your Government Representatives

                        Jag Sahota
                        Calgary - Skyview
      January 2021

      Hello friends and neighbors! I hope everyone in our community was able to have wonderful end of year
      celebrations with loved ones either virtually or in person. The advent of the new year marks a time of renewal,
      and whether with our neighbors or in matters national we need to continue to stand together and help each
      other as the end of the COVID-19 pandemic looms in the course of this year. Calgarians, Albertans, and Canadians
      have resolutely risen to the challenges we have faced, and I have absolute confidence that all of us will do our
      part to keep Canada strong, safe, and healthy.

      In Ottawa, my colleagues and I marked the 50th Anniversary of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women,
      which began the long and ongoing process of achieving equality for women in Canada. In celebrating milestones
      old and new on the path to a fair shake for all Canadians irrespective of gender, Conservatives, from our first
      female Prime Minister to our diverse and incredibly capable team of women MPs, have a tradition of and are at
      the forefront of continued efforts to ensure that the rights of women in this country and abroad. I am proud to
      serve as Shadow Minister for Women and Gender Equality, and look forward to another year of building
      constructive policy in opposition and holding the government to account for its shortcomings for women and
      girls, be it in the ongoing pandemic response or cutting funding to organizations that combat human trafficking
      and provide support for women and girls fleeing their abusers.

      I am honoured to have the opportunity to serve as your MP, and as always if you have issues that you are
      passionate about in our community, or if you simply need help navigating federal programs I would absolutely
      encourage you to make your voice heard and reach out. I look forward to hearing from you!

      Jag Sahota
      MP for Calgary Skyview | Shadow Minister for Women and Gender Equality

      Jag.Sahota@parl.gc.ca 403-291-0018 101-2635 37th Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta, T1Y 5Z6 www.mpjagsahota.ca

Northern Hills News                              January · 2021                                          Page 19
Your Government Representatives

                                                Rajan Sawhney
                                                MLA for Calgary-North East, Minister of
                                                Community and Social Services
                                                LEGISLATURE REPORT
    Dear friends and neighbours,
    I would like to wish my constituents a Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with joy
    and the love of family and friends. I would also like to wish our friends in the Chinese community a Happy New Year
    filled with luck and good fortune, as the Year of the Ox begins on February 12, and the Ukrainian community a very
    blessed Christmas, which they will celebrate on January 7.
    Preparing for COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Alberta
    Alberta’s government is fully prepared to receive and distribute COVID-19 vaccines and up to 435,000 Albertans will
    be offered vaccine in the first quarter 2021. Alberta’s government has appointed a new COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force,
    which will be chaired by Municipal Affairs Deputy Minister, Lt. General (retired) Paul Wynnyk. This new Task Force will
    build off the extensive work that health officials have done to ensure Albertans get immunized as quickly as possible.
    For more information please visit Government of Alberta | Alberta.ca
    Tougher and swifter penalties for impaired drivers
    Impaired driving has serious consequences for everyone on the road. One out of 10 drivers involved in a fatal crash in
    Alberta was impaired at the time of the collision. Put simply: impaired driving is a crime and it is avoidable. The
    Provincial Administrative Penalties Act empowers police to get impaired drivers off the streets immediately alongside
    the new SafeRoads Alberta branch. Please see the below link for more information: SafeRoads Alberta | Alberta.ca
    Harnessing the power of civil society
    Our government is keeping our commitment to expand civil society capacity and help reduce social issues in Alberta
    by launching the new Civil Society Fund. This is a $20 million, three-year fund that will help leverage the existing
    strengths of civil society organizations and help them deal with the significant impact the pandemic has had on
    organizations and communities. $7 million has been allocated for fiscal 2020/21 and applications are now being
    accepted at Alberta.ca/civil-society-fund.aspx. Civil society organizations such as charities, not-for-profits and
    volunteer groups as well as First Nations and Metis Settlements can submit funding projects that have a positive
    impact on the civil society sector. Applications are due by January 20, 2021. Please see the following link for more
    information Civil Society Fund | Alberta.ca
    I want to thank my constituents who have reached out to me. As always, it is my great honour to serve as your MLA.
    I wish all of you the best in 2021.
    Rajan Sawhney

    MLA for Calgary – North East
    Minister of Community and Social Services
    Proudly Serving the Communities of Livingston, Harvest Hills, Coventry Hills, Skyview Ranch, Redstone,
    Cornerstone and Cityscape

            Calgary.NorthEast@assembly.ab.ca 587-318-2946 #1080, 11124 – 36th Street NE Calgary AB T3N 0T1

Northern Hills News                                 January · 2021                                             Page 20
Your Government Representatives

                        Honourable Michelle Rempel Garner, M.P.
                        Calgary - Nose Hill

      Happy New Year!

      This past year I have been working hard to address the imminent health crisis our country has been facing. I
      have been fighting to ensure our community has access to rapid testing and an effective vaccine to better
      allow Canadians to return to work quickly, and safely. While I have been in Calgary and Ottawa fighting for
      policies to address this pandemic, our community has been right beside me the entire time.

      This past year has been challenging to say the least, however, even through the hardest times of the global
      health crisis our community came together to support one another. From all the residents of Calgary Nose
      Hill that volunteered to support the most vulnerable in our community to the thousands of front-line and
      essential workers that have served over the last year, I sincerely thank you.

      This pandemic has had a profound impact on the lives of all Albertans. We have seen family owned busi-
      nesses have to close their doors, students transition to at-home learning, seniors face extremely isolating
      conditions, and workers stay home to protect the health and safety of all.

      Reflecting on this past year, I see the compassion and integrity that our community has shown. I have also
      heard frustration at the lack of planning and the impact that the continued jobs crisis is having.

      As we enter into the New Year, I remain focused on advocating for the needs of all Albertans.

      I am eager to return to Ottawa as Alberta’s strongest voice and continue fighting for our community.

      As always, if there is anything my office can assist you with or if you have policy concerns you would like to
      share with me please reach out to my office at michelle.rempel@parl.gc.ca or 403-216-7777.

      The Hon. Michelle Rempel Garner
      Calgary Nose Hill
                 Michelle.Rempel@parl.gc.ca 403-216-7777 115 – 70 Country Hills Landing N.W. T3K2L2

Northern Hills News                                January · 2021                                            Page 21
Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 22
Youth Artist of the Month

      Artists of the week.

      Hello! My name is Wudasay Belayneh. I am a 16 year old, and I have been
      making art for as long as I can remember. I started when I was about three
      or four by experimenting with crayons and paints. Making art was one of
      my favourite things to do, and the range of mediums grew as I got older. By
      five and six I did a lot of collages, and by seven and eight years old, I knew I
      had an interest in drawing and sketching. My parents noticed my love for
      art and sent me to summer camps and art classes to help me refine my
      skills. I tried sculpting, mixed media, and oil pastels, but I still found that
      drawing was my favorite way to create art. As I entered middle school, I
      entered art contests and took electives at school, but I was still learning at
      that time to learn and develop my own personal art style. It wasn’t until I
      entered high school and took Art 10 that I discovered my drawing potential
      and created a signature drawing style for myself. Today, I sketch and draw
      animated characters in my free time. I am learning more about realism and
      hope to be able to draw realistic portraits as I expand my art skills.

                                                   Name : Eshaal Manzoor
                                                   Age: 6 years old
                                                   Grade :1
                                                   Started painting in Kindergarten. Seeing her sister paint got her
                                                   inspired to paint too. Her mom is also a self-taught painter. She
                                                   just learned on her own and hasn’t taken any painting lessons.
                                                   She sometimes searches the internet for inspiration. She loves
                                                   coloring, painting canvas and painting rocks. She was a very
                                                   confident presenter and did not hesitate to show off her artwork
                                                   and rocks and bird house that she had painted.

                                                   Evie (Evangelina) is 13 years
      old, and in grade 8. She started learning on her own when she was about
      8 years old. She has taken art through art school previously for 2 years,
      but learns a lot on her own from YouTube and in the Internet. Evie likes
      different mediums, such as watercolor, gouache, pencil crayons, and
      pencil. Evie loves to see what other artists are capable of, and this
      inspires her to continue learning. Evie has created her own style, and
      has created her own Original Characters.
      Evie works on artwork about 3-4 times per week.

Northern Hills News                                 January · 2021                                         Page 23
Volunteer Opportunities
      Do you love your community?
      Are you looking for ways to become more involved?
      There are many ways you can volunteer for your community with the NHCA, from helping out at a community
      event, working with a team to deliver programs or community initiatives, to taking a leadership role by joining
      the Board of Directors.
      How would you like to help?
      Please select the options below for more information.
        Casual Volunteer
                                 Do you:
                                 • See fun stuff happening and want to help out?
                                 • Have a few hours now and then available?
                                 • Like helping ensure an event or program happens successfully?
                                 • See an upcoming event that you’d like to help out with?
                                 Current Opportunities:
                                       Northern Hills News Journalists
                                       Coventry Hills Ice Rink Helper
                                                                        Project, Events, Programs (PEP) Volunteer

      Do you:
      • Enjoy working with a team to bring project, programs,
        events to life?
      • Love organization and making things happen?
      • Have time available on a regular basis?
      • Possess a specific skill that you want to share with your
      • See an existing or potential project, programs, events
        that you’d like to work with the NHCA to deliver?
      Current Opportunities:
            Communications Helpers
            Grant Writer
            Seniors Committee

         Leadership Volunteer
                                      Do you:
                                      • Have a passion for community involvement?
                                      • See yourself as a community leader?
                                      • Desire to bring your skills to a non-profit board?
                                      • See a position on the NHCA Board that is a strong fit for you?
                                      Current Opportunities:
                                           Community Relations
                                           Planning & Development
                                           Volunteer Relations
                                               Learn more on our Volunteer page: http://nhca.ca/volunteer/

Northern Hills News                                January · 2021                                         Page 24
Celebrate Aging with an Active Lifestyle

      By MPC Foundation

      Celebrate Aging with an Active
      Lifestyle by MPC Foundation
      The benefits of exercise for all age
      groups are well-documented. This
      is particularly so for older adults
      where research has identified
      exercise as the single most
      important factor for optimal aging,
      both physically and mentally. The
      key to sticking to exercise is to find
      something you enjoy doing. Here’s
      a reminder of some of the amazing
      benefits of adopting an active

      Exercise means more independence.
      Research has shown that older adults who exercise regularly are less likely to depend on others. In fact, exercise
      is the single best way for older adults to maintain independence in daily living.

      Exercise improves balance
      For older adults, falling down can have long-term consequences such as emergency room visits, or worse,
      death. According to the National Council of Aging, exercise reduces the likelihood of falling by as much as 25%.

      Exercise increases energy levels
      Exercise triggers the release of endorphins which are linked to pain & stress mitigation, increase a sense of well-
      being, promotes better sleep and feeling energetic and lively.

      Exercise helps to prevent and reduce severity of diseases
      Older adults who adopt a healthy lifestyle stands a much better chance of preventing or reducing the unpleas-
      ant symptoms of common aging ailments such as osteoporosis, depression and diabetes.

      Exercise improves brain function
      A healthy body translates into a healthy mind. Studies have shown that older adults who exercise regularly have
      better cognitive health and reduced risk of developing dementia.

      The Seniors Council of Canada recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. These exercises should
      include 2 core components, that is, aerobics (walk, dance, swim, cycle etc.) and muscle strengthening. Incorpo-
      rating exercise in your daily routines can be as simple as adopting an active lifestyle attitude. Take a dance class,
      walk everywhere where possible, choose standing over sitting and take the stairs instead of the elevator (where
      possible). By weaving physical activity into your daily routines, exercise is no longer one more ‘chore’ you need
      to do.

      MPC Foundation is a registered non-profit serving seniors in Alberta. Visit mpcfdn.ca

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Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 26
Waste and Recycling

Northern Hills News         January · 2021   Page 27
News from the Calgary Public Library

      Discover Your Library at Home

      We’re all finding new ways to have fun and stay busy this year,
      and the Library wants to help make your time at home as
      enriching as possible. Visit the updated Library at Home page
      to explore free activities, learning tools, and materials the
      whole family can enjoy. Find craft tutorials, job search support,
      health and wellness resources, virtual programs for every inter-
      est, movies and music, and much more.
      Visit calgarylibrary.ca/library-at-home to start exploring.
      Stream Library Events On-Demand

      Missed a virtual Library event you wanted to attend, or wish you could re-watch one you enjoyed? Many of
      our virtual talks and events are recorded and available to stream on-demand. Watch engaging talks by local
      and international experts on a variety of topics for free, anytime. Right now we’re streaming events like our
      Exploring Religion series, Anxiety in a Time of Crisis, and much more.

      Visit calgarylibrary.ca/events to start watching.

      Have a question or looking for more information? Visit calgarylibrary.ca or call the Library Hotline at

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Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 29
Calling all local photographers!
 Please send in your photos so we can feature them in our issues!! Please email in to editor@nhca.ca.

Northern Hills News                              January · 2021                                         Page 30
Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 31
Northern Hills News   January · 2021   Page 32
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