JANUARY - MARCH 2020 - City of Onkaparinga

JANUARY - MARCH 2020 - City of Onkaparinga
JANUARY - MARCH 2020 - City of Onkaparinga
                             I am pleased to present this issue of The   The Quarter, together with our
                             Quarter, the City of Onkaparinga’s key      community satisfaction survey, annual
                             performance report for our communities.     report and annual business plan, all
                                                                         provide detailed and easily accessible
                             The Quarter summarises our                  information on the operations, direction
                             performance and activities over the past    and performance of council.
                             three months and reports on our
                             progress towards achieving our              I trust that you will find its content
                             communities’ goals as outlined in the       valuable and informative.
                             Community Plan 2035.

                             It provides an extensive and thorough
                             review of our projects, services and
                             programs, and service reviews. It also
                             details significant events and other
                             related matters that have occurred          Scott Ashby
                             during the period.                          Chief Executive Officer

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JANUARY - MARCH 2020 - City of Onkaparinga
                             SERVICES (ACTING)
                             Matthew Lawrence, Manager Development Services (acting)

                             Adam Mrotek, Manager Economic Growth and Investment
                             Desma Morris, Manager Governance
                             Jordan Littlefair, Manager Human Resources
                             Nicole Selth, Manager Culture and Effectiveness
                             Vacant, Manager Information Communication Technology

TO THE COMMUNITY AND                Development Policy
SERVICES TO THE                     Planning
SUPPORT SERVICES TO THE             Building
                                    Development, Compliance & Support
DEVELOPMENT MEETS                   Business Growth and Innovation
BY ASSESSMENT OF                    Investment Attraction and Tourism
OUR CITY.                           Civic Governance

                                    Corporate Governance

                                    Information Governance

                                   HUMAN RESOURCES
                                    Human Resources

                                    Learning and Development

                                    Work Health and Safety

                                   CULTURE AND EFFECTIVENESS
                                    Business Performance Improvement

                                    Organisational Development

                                   INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY
                                    Business Systems

                                    Technology Support

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                      CORPORATE AND CITY SERVICES

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JANUARY - MARCH 2020 - City of Onkaparinga
The following table and chart reflect the
number of full time equivalent
employees including externally funded
positions. The budgeted FTE for
2018-2019 is 690.75 FTE. This figure is
inclusive of staff on leave, however
does not include agency staff, trainees
or apprentices.

                                                           WORKFORCE - FULL TIME EQUIVALENT

                                                                   2019           2019        2019        2019        2020
                                                                 Jan - Mar      Apr - Jun   Jul - Sep   Oct - Dec   Jan - Mar
                                              FTE                         693      694.11      695.11      696.29      700.74

The following table and chart reflect the
employee turnover results by quarter
with a further breakdown by employee
initiated and organisational initiated
categories. This figure is not inclusive of
agency staff or trainees and

                                                                EMPLOYEE - STAFF TURNOVER

                                                                   2019           2019        2019        2019        2020
                                                                 Jan - Mar      Apr - Jun   Jul - Sep   Oct - Dec   Jan - Mar
                                              Turnover                  2.22%       3.27%       2.62%       1.69%       2.31%

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                                       RECRUITMENT

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JANUARY - MARCH 2020 - City of Onkaparinga
We aim to provide and promote a healthy and safe work environment that minimises the risk of injury or illness arising from work

This data is provided from the Local Government Association Workers Compensation Scheme (the Scheme). This data is used by
the Scheme to calculate the percentage of our salaries and wages payable as workers compensation insurance premium.

The statistics are updated on a monthly basis but the currency/accuracy of data is dependent upon the status of a claim and the
injured employee’s return to work. If an employee is away from work for an extended period of time, their claim information is not
provided until they have returned to work. If a claim is pending, it may be many months before wages are claimed from the
Scheme. This reporting approach is uniform across local government areas in South Australia and in no way has any adverse
effect on our Health & Safety or Injury Management responsibilities or outcomes.

The following table and chart reflect the
number of lost time injuries incurred
(one complete shift or more of lost time).
The target for 2018-2019 is to ensure
the number of lost time injuries is below

                                                                             LOST TIME INJURIES

                                                                        2019           2019            2019            2019            2020
                                                                      Jan - Mar      Apr - Jun       Jul - Sep       Oct - Dec       Jan - Mar
                                             Lost Time Injuries                  5               1               5               2               2

The following table and chart reflect the
number of new workers compensation
claims. The target for 2018-2019 is to
reduce the number of workers
compensation claims compared to the
previous year with the 2017-2018 result
being 25.

                                                 INJURY MANAGEMENT – NEW WORKERS COMPENSATION CLAIMS

                                                                        2019           2019            2019            2019            2020
                                                                     Jan - Mar       Apr - Jun       Jul - Sep       Oct - Dec       Jan - Mar
                                             Claims                            9              9                  6            3               5

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                                           WORK HEALTH & SAFETY

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JANUARY - MARCH 2020 - City of Onkaparinga
The table and graph represents the
number of volunteers who support the
delivery of council services and
programs to our community.

                                          VOLUNTEER INVOLVEMENT - NUMBER OF COUNCIL VOLUNTEERS

                                                                2019            2019        2019        2019         2020
                                                              Jan - Mar       Apr - Jun   Jul - Sep   Oct - Dec    Jan - Mar
                                        City of
                                        (number)                       486          489         617         571          570
                                        TOTALS                         486          489         617         571          570

The table and graph represents the
number of hours contributed by our
volunteers to support the delivery of
council services and programs to our

                                                 VOLUNTEER INVOLVEMENT - HOURS CONTRIBUTED

                                                                2019            2019        2019        2019         2020
                                                              Jan - Mar       Apr - Jun   Jul - Sep   Oct - Dec    Jan - Mar
                                        City of
                                        (hours)                      19,004      21,294      26,280      22,484       19,624
                                        TOTALS                       19,004      21,294      26,280      22,484       19,624

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                                        VOLUNTEERS

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JANUARY - MARCH 2020 - City of Onkaparinga

All development, as defined by the
Development Act 1993, requires the
lodgement of a development application
to seek development approval.

                                                  PLANNING - DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS LODGED

                                                                  2019         2019         2019        2019        2020
                                                                Jan - Mar    Apr - Jun    Jul - Sep   Oct - Dec   Jan - Mar
                                         Lodged                        887         852          922         840         807

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                               DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS LODGED

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JANUARY - MARCH 2020 - City of Onkaparinga
The Development Act sets out different
assessment path types for development
applications, including Building Rules
consent only (Development Plan
consent not required), complying,
Residential Development Code
complying, merit and non-complying. In
these reported statistics, we’ve
combined Building Rules consent only
and complying together, and we’ve also
separated land division applications
(which are almost all merit) from
building/land use applications.

                                                       PLANNING - DEVELOPMENT DECISIONS BY TYPE

                                                                     2019           2019          2019            2019          2020
                                                                   Jan - Mar      Apr - Jun     Jul - Sep       Oct - Dec     Jan - Mar
                                           Complying                      209           178           230             223           197
                                           Land Division                    51             45            55              33            54
                                           Merit                          470           432           431             361           387
                                           Non-Complying                    4              3                3            5             4
                                           Residential Code                 18             24            20              29            43
                                           TOTALS                         752           682           739             651           685

All development applications are subject
to prescribed assessment timeframes,
the length of which depends on the
required assessment path and whether
the application seeks Development Plan
consent, Building Rules consent, Land
Division consent and/or development
approval. These timeframe averages do
not include requests for further
information or referrals to state
government agencies.
                                                   PLANNING - DEVELOPMENT DECISION TURNAROUND TIMES
                                                                     2019           2019          2019            2019          2020
                                                                   Jan - Mar Apr - Jun Jul - Sep Oct - Dec Jan - Mar
                                           Complying                       13         9         8         7         9
                                           Land Division                   51        38        42        23        34
                                           Merit                           34        34        25        21        25
                                           Non-Complying                   61        95        62        74        90
                                           Residential Code                17        12        12         8        11

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                       DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS TURNAROUND TIMES

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JANUARY - MARCH 2020 - City of Onkaparinga
The following table and chart reflect the
number of development compliance
related investigations undertaken as a
result of customer enquiries for the

In many instances the investigation of
enquiries and complaints may require a
number of inspections, letters, possibly
enforcement notices issued and court
appearances made by staff; however,
this is not reflected in the provided

                                                               COMPLIANCE - CUSTOMER REQUESTS

                                                                      2019          2019          2019            2019          2020
                                                                    Jan - Mar     Apr - Jun     Jul - Sep       Oct - Dec     Jan - Mar
                                            Advertising /
                                            Signage                          17            17            15              6             15
                                            Breach of
                                            Approval                         42            41            42              35            46
                                            Change of Use                    1             3                                           1
                                            Control of Dust                  16            10               7            5             3
                                            General/Misc                     38            35            26              26            32
                                            Election Signage                 1             12               1                          1
                                            Fencing /
                                            Retaining                        6             3                5            5             7
                                            Home Activities                  10            8                2            5             11
                                            Other                            37            31            45              48            48
                                            Proactive /
                                            Internal                         70            89            15              19            1
                                            Significant Tree
                                            Removal                          5             6                5            3             6
                                            Flooding                         9             32            21              6             17
                                            Development                      24            34            38              16            25
                                            Premises                         13            9                9            25            9
                                            TOTALS                         289          330           231             199           222

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                                      COMPLIANCE REQUESTS

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The Building Team has carried out
inspections of building work, new pool
inspections and building compliance
inspections over the quarter.
Inspections by the Building Team are
reflected within the following table and
bar chart.

In many instances the inspection of
building work or a swimming pool will
reveal non-compliance with the Building
Rules and as a result require further                      BUILDING AND COMPLIANCE - INSPECTIONS
inspections and follow up with builders
and/or owners, and in some cases the                                 2019          2019          2019            2019          2020
issuing of enforcement notices.
However, this activity is not reflected in                         Jan - Mar     Apr - Jun     Jul - Sep       Oct - Dec     Jan - Mar
these figures.                               Building
                                             Inspections                  185          362           311             275           235
                                             Inspections                    5             5                3            1             6
                                             Swimming Pool
                                             Inspections                    21            67            76              58            44
                                             TOTALS                       211          434           390             334           285

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                   BUILDING & COMPLIANCE INSPECTIONS

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REQUESTS                                               GOVERNANCE - ELECTED MEMBER REQUESTS
The following chart and table reflects
the number of requests received per                               2019          2019        2019        2019        2020
quarter from elected members via our                            Jan - Mar     Apr - Jun   Jul - Sep   Oct - Dec   Jan - Mar
elected member request process.
                                         Completed                      270         256         232         157         233
                                         In Progress                      2           1           2           2           1
                                         TOTALS                         272         257         234         159         234

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                      ELECTED MEMBER REQUESTS

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The following table represents Visitor
Servicing statistics at the McLaren Vale
& Fleurieu Visitor Information Centre
over the past 15 months. Please see
links below for more information about
our services.
- McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Visitor
Information Centre
- McLaren Vale Hills Valleys and
Beaches Visitor Guide

                                                       TOURISM - MCLAREN VALE VISITORS CENTRE

                                                                   2019            2019          2019          2019          2020
                                                                 Jan - Mar       Apr - Jun     Jul - Sep     Oct - Dec     Jan - Mar
                                           & Ticket Bookings
                                           $ Value                       3,532       5,984         5,571         7,912         2,790
                                           Bookings                         16          12             4            18            22
                                           Counter Enquiries             6,427       4,567         5,016         6,692         5,592
                                           Number of
                                           & Ticket bookings               13             15            15            25             9
                                           Theatre Bookings                27             33            39            41            15
                                           Visitor Guides
                                           Distributed                   1,800       1,380         1,328         2,640         2,070
                                           Vistors                      24,250      25,976        17,692        23,919        21,984
                                           Volunteer Hours               2,552       2,643         2,330         3,059         3,021

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                                                  TOURISM

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                                                                                Est Completion        Percent                      On
                                                                                                                   On Time
ALDINGA STRUCTURE PLAN BY RENEWAL SA                                                  Date           Complete                     Budget
                                                                                    30/06/20           50%             Y            Y
Renewal SA has commenced investigations to prepare a structure plan to inform potential rezoning of an approximately 94
hectare site at Aldinga. It is proposed to accommodate a range of residential and other uses, including the development of a
new birth to year 12 school.
Status Update
Council administration continues to work with Renewal SA and the Education Department and their consultant teams to
influence the structure plan and southern school outcomes. This work is broadly informed by the Aldinga Framework Plan
(AFP) which was approved by Council in February 2019. Renewal SA sought community feedback on two draft structure plans
to inform the future rezoning of the affected area. Council administration undertook an analysis of the two options and
presented a report on the draft Structure Plan options to council’s Strategic Direction Committee (the Committee) at its
meeting of 2 July 2019. The Committee endorsed the report and letter (submission) to Renewal SA raising a number of
matters including the green triangle, interface, density, traffic and connectivity. Renewal SA are considered feedback and
resolving infrastructure matters. Once the structure plan has been finalised by Renewal SA, this will then inform the future
rezoning of the subject land. Implementation of the Structure Plan will be affected by the commencement of the Planning and
Design Code in September and will warrant a Code Amendment under the new system as no further DPAs will be accepted
by DPTI. We will advocate to ensure Council’s work on the AFP and inputs into the structure plan will be used to inform the

                                                                                Est Completion        Percent                      On
                                                                                                                   On Time
CLARENDON PLANNING POLICY REVIEW                                                      Date           Complete                     Budget
                                                                                    30/06/20           90%             Y            Y
To undertake an analysis of the current and historic zones, policy areas, precincts and overlays relevant to Clarendon to
consider whether their evolution into current format and to consider in particular the best zone fit for Precinct 23 Landscape
Status Update
On 28 February 2020 Council made a detailed submission to the State Planning Commission on the draft Planning and
Design Code. Our submission contained comments of support and areas where we considered improvements could be made.
With regard to Clarendon in particular we reiterated the need and communities desire for the application of the Significant
Landscape Protection Overlay to replicate the (former) Landscape Environs Precinct and for further improvements for the
Heritage Area Statements.
Together, the CCA and Council’s submissions clearly outlined how these matters are consistent with existing policy and how
they can be achieved under the Code. At this time, we have not received a response to the submission however we’ll continue
to advocate on behalf of our community to achieve their views.

                                                                                Est Completion        Percent                      On
DEVELOPMENT OF ECONOMIC GROWTH AND INVESTMENT                                                                      On Time
                                                                                      Date           Complete                     Budget
                                                                                    28/02/20           80%             X            Y
Prepare an Economic Growth and Investment Strategy to outline priority areas to support delivery of the economic aspirations
contained in Onkaparinga 2035.
Status Update
Consultation on the draft Strategy was completed in mid-February and the engagement summary report is being prepared.
The draft strategy will also be reviewed in the context of COVID-19 and it is anticipated a final strategy will be presented to
Council in August.

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                      CORPORATE AND CITY SERVICES - PROJECT REPORTING

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                                                                             Est Completion       Percent                      On
                                                                                                               On Time
FACILITATION OF CIVIC EVENTS AND AWARDS                                            Date          Complete                     Budget
                                                                                 31/03/21          80%             Y            Y
Plan, schedule and host civic and corporate events and forums on behalf of the Mayor and the City including development of
protocols, official and civic guest lists.
Status Update
Australia Day breakfasts were held across the city in 4 locations (Noarlunga, Aberfoyle Park, Willunga and Aldinga Beach)
with almost 3,000 people attending and enjoying a free BBQ breakfast. Elected Members attended each location to conduct
flag raising ceremonies. Mayor Thompson attended the Willunga breakfast. A Citizenship Ceremony was held on Australia
Day at the South Adelaide Football Club at 5pm. 50 conferees from 14 different countries received citizenship. Entertainment
was provided by the City of Onkaparinga Concert Band. Chris Lemar and Carlee Lynch from Adopt-a-Spot were dual
recipients of the Australia Day Citizen of the Year. Callum Barrott-Walsh was presented the Young Citizen of the Year award.
Ruby Carpenter was the the Little Hero of the Year, Cooper Bristow was our inaugural Sportsperson of the Year and Fleurieu
Folk Festival was the recipient of the Community Event of the Year. A citizenship ceremony was also held on Monday 2 March
2020 at 7pm at the Hopgood Theatre. 156 conferees from 33 different countries receiving Australian Citizenship. Special
guests were Cooper Bristow, Sportsperson of the Year Australia Day Award recipient and Emily Rose performed at the

                                                                             Est Completion       Percent                      On
                                                                                                               On Time
HERITAGE WORKSHOP AND AWARDS                                                       Date          Complete                     Budget
                                                                                 31/12/20          80%             Y            Y
History month is run in May each year as an initiative to promote South Australian history and builds understanding through
community events, tours and information sessions and is organized by the History Trust of South Australia. Heritage awards
are run every two years along with the heritage workshop.
Status Update
This year heritage event and awards are proposed to be held on 12 September 2020 instead of May 2020. A report will be
presented to Strategic Directions Committee on 5 May 2020 seeking approval for the heritage event and awards. The format
of both the event and the awards will be determined by the COVID 19 restrictions set by the Australian Government.

                                                                             Est Completion       Percent                      On
                                                                                                               On Time
LOCAL HERITAGE INITIATIVES                                                         Date          Complete                     Budget
                                                                                 30/06/20          70%             Y            Y
The Local Heritage Incentive Scheme comprises the Local Heritage Fund and the Heritage Advisory Service, both of which
assist the community in heritage conservation. The Local Heritage Fund distributes grants annually to owners of local heritage
places to assist with practical conservation works.
Status Update
In this quarter, a heritage grant for works at 4-8 Sunset Parade, Aldinga Beach was approved and a grant for works at 10
Kellys Road, Onkaparinga Hills was received and is currently being assessed.

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                   CORPORATE AND CITY SERVICES - PROJECT REPORTING

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                                                                               Est Completion        Percent                     On
MCLAREN VALE AND FLEURIEU VISITOR INFORMATION                                                                     On Time
                                                                                    Date            Complete                    Budget
                                                                                   1/07/21            60%             Y           Y
Reporting on the operations of the McLaren Vale ad Fleurieu Visitor Information Centre.
Each year our centre welcomes more that 100,000 visitors. Supported by a cohort of staff and volunteers, the centre offers a
mix of visitor servicing, quality retail, café, art gallery and meetings and events spaces.
Status Update
The Visitor Centre (VIC) had a busy first part of the quarter with just over 15,600 visitors through January and February
however due to Covid-19 impacts and restrictions, visitation declined significantly with just over 6,300 visitors in March.
Prior to Covid-19, VIC volunteers undertook two familiarisation programs visiting Aldinga Bi-Planes, The Star B&B, BoHo
Cottage B&B, The Temperance Precinct Aldinga, Gemtree Wines, Gemtree Wetlands Eco Trail, Hugo Wines, Amanda’s
Cottage 1899 and The McLaren Eye; the VIC hosted six after hours events including weddings utilising local caterers and
local wines, a 21st birthday and ticketed live music events; the Stump Hill Gallery hosted two art exhibitions resulting in just
over $2,700 in art sales to local artists.
Vale Cru cellar door sales remained strong for the quarter however with Covid-19 legislated restrictions, the cellar door closed
temporarily from 23 March. The VIC then closed to the public after trading on Sunday 4 April, with VIC staff refocused on
supporting our local tourism industry and continuing to manage centre inquiries (phone and email) and social media.

                                                                               Est Completion        Percent                     On
                                                                                                                  On Time
MOUNT LOFTY RANGES WORLD HERITAGE BID                                                Date           Complete                    Budget
                                                                                   30/06/20           40%             Y           Y
We are pursuing world heritage listing of the Mount Lofty Ranges in partnership with 9 other Councils and collaborating with
Regional Development Australia Barossa and Global Food Studies at the University of Adelaide. The bid seeks to encourage
the identification, protection, preservation and promotion of cultural and natural heritage around the world that is considered to
be of outstanding value to humanity. It is anticipated that World Heritage listing will lead to significant economic benefits
through increased tourism, global branding and export opportunities.

Status Update
An abstract for presentation at the International Committee of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) General Assembly, to be held
in Sydney in October 2020, was submitted in January 2020. Project Group is still exploring possibility of collaboration with City
of Adelaide’s World Heritage Bid. More information on the project is available on project’s website –

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                      CORPORATE AND CITY SERVICES - PROJECT REPORTING

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                                                                              Est Completion        Percent                    On
                                                                                                                On Time
ON BUSINESS PARTNER PROGRAM                                                         Date           Complete                   Budget
                                                                                  30/06/20           70%            Y           Y
The ON Business Partner Program is an initiative that supports local businesses within the City of Onkaparinga, to thrive and
grow through partnership and collaboration. The Program has been developed to support business across multiple stages of
the business life cycle. A key objective of the Program focus on build capability and capacity, and creating opportunities for
new and emerging industry. The program provides access to a panel of experts offering independent business mentoring and
advisory services, education discovery sessions, business grants (Start-up, Business Growth and Marketing streams), online
portal, business directory listing and Show and Share networking opportunities. The recent introduction, Ambassador initiative
brings together industry and business leaders across the region to facilitate growth and collaborative opportunities. Mid-2020
welcomes, Premium Education; business planning, presenting/ pitching workshops, retail & merchandising masterclass.

Status Update
Businesses registered on the ON Business directory reached 915, with 1755 on the mailing list. Round 1 of the ON Small
Business Grants program is currently open and closes 9 April. This round sees the addition of online grant writing platform
SmartyGrants which will streamline the grants process considerably. A grant writing workshop was held with 38 businesses in
attendance who participated in an interactive workshop, where they created accounts and started working on their online
applications with guidance from our team. Our team has met with around 60 businesses to discuss their intent to apply for a
grant. Besides the Grant Writing Workshop, only one Discovery Session was delivered in February, which was a tutorial on
Economy.ID. After this the COVID-19 restrictions prompted us to cancel our other sessions with a move to facilitating
webinars to deliver the content remotely. The Southern Business Mentoring Program (SBMP) completed its first full quarter
with 60 bookings taking place for City of Onkaparinga businesses. The SBMP has pivoted its services to respond to
immediate needs around COVID-19, and additional advisors are being added to the program in both Wellbeing and Retail
streams. The array of summer activations were successfully wound up in March with an evaluation report going to council in
May. A review of the ON Program is underway in light of recent changes, with the delivery of a Buy Local campaign being
expedited to respond. A dedicated webpage, a suite of resources and regular e-news briefings have been created to assist
businesses to source funding and support during the crisis. Other initiatives, including a recovery grants package are being

                                                                              Est Completion        Percent                    On
ONKAPARINGA LOCAL AREA PLAN - METROPOLITAN                                                                      On Time
                                                                                    Date           Complete                   Budget
                                                                                  31/07/20           30%            Y           Y
The State Planning Commission and the City of Onkaparinga are jointly undertaking the Onkaparinga Local Area Plan –
Metropolitan Growth Management - Southern Pilot which will provide an outline of where, how and when we plan for different
types of urban development to occur over the next 10 plus 10 year and what strategic infrastructure and services will be
required to facilitate this development.
Status Update
The planning consultancy Jensen Plus prepared a draft Issues and Opportunities paper which was presented to Elected
Members and the State Planning Commission in February 2020. The paper was informed through a number of specialist
consultants with skills in strategic planning, infrastructure, population & employment trends analysis, and real market & trends
A key component of the OLAP is stakeholder engagement. A community leaders forum was scheduled for 27 March however
due to COVID-19 and based on advice provided by the Australian Government regarding restrictions and guidelines for public
gatherings, in the interest of public health and safety this event was cancelled.
However, to ensure active participation of key community leaders in our Local Area Planning process we took the opportunity
to provide an online scene-setting presentation and facilitated discussion via council’s YourSay platform. We sent out an email
invitation to stakeholders to join us and other community leaders in the Community Leaders Online Discussion Forum, where
participants where encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on the future growth of our city.
The feedback received from community leaders will be taken into consideration in the preparation of the draft Local Area Plan.
We are scheduled to commence general community engagement on the draft LAP in mid-May 2020.

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                    CORPORATE AND CITY SERVICES - PROJECT REPORTING

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                                                                               Est Completion         Percent                    On
                                                                                                                   On Time
PROGRAM - TOURISM PLAN IMPLEMENTATION 2019-23                                        Date            Complete                   Budget
                                                                                   30/06/23            10%             Y          Y
The City of Onkaparinga will facilitate a vibrant, prosperous and economically sustainable local tourism sector, further
supporting and leveraging the Fleurieu Peninsula region, which is a first choice Australian destination for great food, wine, art,
coastal, native and water based experiences.
Status Update
Tourism website www.mclarenvaleandfleurieucoast.com.au - Launched in January (phase one - phase two to be rolled out
later this year). In addition, a tourism promotional video was developed and released on YouTube, receiving over 6,000 likes
in just three weeks. The video continues to inspire people about McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Coast, driving significant traffic to
our website.
McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Coast Visitor Guide - Newslist themes finalised and sales commenced, with continued industry
support received through advertising. Given COVID-19, the visitor guide is currently on hold, noting it will become an
important promotional tool once restrictions are lifted.
McLaren Vale Visioning Project (tourism focus) – Visitor surveys completed. The project is currently being revised due to
impacts of COVID-19 on local businesses and the inability to engage and consult with community and visitors.
Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism Review – Draft review findings report received with feedback provided. To further enable a final
report to be completed a leadership summit was determined necessary, to gain consensus amongst the funding stakeholders
(to be held in April). In preparation of the leadership summit, an online workshop was completed and followed up with a
discussion with the consultant.
COVID-19 has significantly impacted the tourism industry, with travel bans, border closures and legislated business closures.
Our key focus now, working with our peak tourism bodies Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism, South Australian Tourism Commission
and Tourism Industry Council South Australia, is to support our tourism industry to mitigate, recover and reimagine.

                                                                               Est Completion         Percent                    On
SERVICE - CIVIC - COUNCIL, COMMITTEES AND EM                                                                       On Time
                                                                                     Date            Complete                   Budget
                                                                                   31/12/18            100%            Y          Y
To facilitate and manage the logistics of Council and Committee meetings
Status Update
The Civic Governance section supported Council, its Committees and Elected Member sessions during the January to March
2020 quarter through the production of agendas and minutes for three Council meetings, four Special Council meetings and
six Committee meetings. Meetings of the Strategic Directions Committee, Audit Risk Value and Efficiency Committee, ICT
Reform Project Steering Committee and Council Assessment Panel were held. Eight Elected Member sessions were held with
topics including the Old Reynella former winery site, CWMS, Oyster Reef, Budget, Dog and Cat Detention and Cat
Management, Community Plan Review and Levels of Service for Sport Assets (Buildings) and Onkaparinga Local Area Plan.

                                                                               Est Completion         Percent                    On
SOUTH AUSTRALIAN PLANNING REFORMS + SYSTEM                                                                         On Time
                                                                                    Date             Complete                   Budget
                                                                                   1/09/20             70%             Y          Y
Council maintains a strong commitment to reviewing and responding to proposed changes to the South Australian planning
system by government and other industry sectors. Doing so ensures we remain engaged in these deliberations and protect
the interests of our community but also ensures that we flag any significant implications to our council should the ideas be
implemented by government.
Status Update
The Planning and Design Code - Phase 3 - Greater Metropolitan Area (the Code) was placed on public consultation from
October 1 2019 until February 28 2020. Council staff in Development Services calling on input from other parts of council
reviewed the code and collated and extensive response to the Code. This response was considered and endorsed by Council
at its meeting on 18 February 2020 with a response dated 24 February 2020 submitted to the Commission. Council staff
continue to attend or livestream LGA / DPTI sessions, DPTI information sessions and workshops which provide various
updates on the progress of Planning Reforms, ePlanning Update, Regulations, Transition Plans and proposed consultation
and Engagement Plan for the Code - Phase 3 (Greater Metropolitan Area). Council staff continue to provide feedback on an
ongoing basis. A review of the People and Neighbourhoods Discussion Paper was presented and endorsed by the Council
Meeting on 18 February. Council staff also met our DPTI Transition Manager for an update of how our submission on the
Code will be considered.

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                      CORPORATE AND CITY SERVICES - PROJECT REPORTING

Final version - 06/05/2020                                     Page 16 of 56
                                                                             Est Completion        Percent                    On
SOUTHERN ADELAIDE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BOARD                                                                   On Time
                                                                                   Date           Complete                   Budget
                                                                                 30/06/19           50%            Y           Y
The SAEDB provides the strategic framework for the development of the Southern Adelaide region economy. Directly related
to our community plan Onkaparinga 2035 for people, place and prosperity, the Economic Growth and Investment team will
work closely with the peak body SAEDB across Cities of Marion and Onkaparinga to support our regional initiatives. The
SAEDB was relaunched in 2017.
Status Update
The Board met on the 6 March and welcomed two new board members being Jock Harvey, Chalk Hill Wines and Julianne
Parkinson, CEO Global Centre for Modern Ageing. The Board has continued it advocacy on projects such as the Shellfish
Reef, McLaren Vale Regional Centre, Material Recovery Facility and an Education-Industry Partnership. In relation to the
Education-Industry proposal a funding application to the National Careers Institute Partnership Grants is being prepared on
behalf of the Council's. The Board provided letters of support for the Witton Bluff base trail and Shellfish Reef projects. A
meeting was facilitated between Prof. Stephen Muecke, Flinders University, who is applying for funding to establish a research
project into the feasibility of creating an Indigenous Tourism ‘walking trail’ along the Tjilbruke Dreaming Tracks with Council
representatives and the Kaurna Yerta Aboriginal Corporation (KYAC) and Kaurna Nation Cultural Heritage Association
(KNCHA). The Board also discussed opportunities relating to Hemp production and and artificial Intelligence opportunities in
the Health industry.

                                                                             Est Completion        Percent                    On
                                                                                                               On Time
WILLUNGA PLANNING POLICY REVIEW                                                   Date            Complete                   Budget
                                                                                 1/07/20            90%            Y           Y
The purpose of the project is to review the current planning policies in Willunga in preparation for transitioning the
Onkaparinga Development Plan to a state-wide Planning and Design Code under the Planning, Development and
Infrastructure Act 2016. This project will also ensure that the recommend appropriate zoning is aligned to the Character
Preservation (McLaren Vale) Act 2012 and associated Addendum to the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.
Status Update
A report on the engagement outcomes and policy recommendations was presented to the Strategic Directions Committee on
3 December 2019 who resolved to approve the report. The policy recommendations from this project have informed Council's
submission on the draft Planning and Design Code, which was considered and approved by Council at its February 28 2020
meeting.The Willunga report including policy recommendations was included in Council's response forwarded to the
Commission on 24 February 2020.

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                    CORPORATE AND CITY SERVICES - PROJECT REPORTING

Final version - 06/05/2020                                   Page 17 of 56

                             Morgan Ellingham, Manager Assets and Technical Services

                             Matt Buckell, Manager Construction and Projects

                             Daryl Sowerby, Manager Parks and Facility Operations

                             Jessica Tucker, Manager Fleet, Civil and Waste Operations

INTRODUCE, IMPROVE AND                   Community Assets
AND COMMUNITY ASSETS                     Infrastructure Asset Management
THROUGH THE DELIVERY OF THE              Spatial Information Services
COMMUNITY.                               Technical Services

                                         PARKS AND FACILITY OPERATIONS
                                         Facility Operations

                                         Parks and Natural Resources

                                         FLEET, CIVIL AND WASTE OPERATIONS
                                         Business Support

                                         Fleet and Stores

                                         Waste & Recycling

                                         Civil Maintenance

                                         CONSTRUCTION AND PROJECTS

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                               CITY OPERATIONS

Final version - 06/05/2020                                   Page 18 of 56
This graph and table represent the
number of customer requests received
in relation to civil maintenance. They are
related to general maintenance on
sealed and unsealed roads, kerbing
and/or drainage matters.

                                                                  CIVIL MAINTENANCE - CUSTOMER REQUESTS
                                                                             2019              2019           2019              2019           2020
                                                                          Jan - Mar          Apr - Jun      Jul - Sep         Oct - Dec      Jan - Mar
                                                 Civil Priority                   123              144            112                  85             99
                                                 Dead Animals                       78                88             78                72             61
                                                 Drainage                           80             210            107                  45             95
                                                 Footpath & Verge                 301              322            307               194            154
                                                 Sealed Roads                     203              170            292               144            189
                                                 Unsealed Roads                     24                22             23                 9              7
                                                 TOTALS                           809              956            919               549            605

This graph and table represent the
number of customer requests
received and recorded proactive
tasks in relation to our facility
management and asset protection.
These relate to graffiti removal,
building and/or general
maintenance, security and/or
vandalism issues, signage or
sports grounds.

                                                             FACILITY OPERATIONS - CUSTOMER REQUESTS
                                                                              2019              2019           2019              2019           2020
                                                                           Jan - Mar          Apr - Jun      Jul - Sep         Oct - Dec      Jan - Mar
                                             Building Maintenance                   528               653            670               489            537
                                             Grafitti                               392               298            353               432            524
                                             Maintenance                            152               139            137               118            162
                                             Security                                15                17               16              13             14
                                             Signs                                  332               315            310               312            280
                                             Sports Grounds                          19                18               17              11             23
                                             Syringe                                     8             12                 9             19             11
                                             Vandalism                               16                18               17              17             19
                                             TOTALS                               1,462            1,470          1,529             1,411          1,570


Final version - 06/05/2020                                        Page 19 of 56
This graph and table represent the
number of customer requests received
and recorded proactive tasks in relation
to our Parks and Natural Resources
services. These relate to trees, parks
and gardens maintenance, ovals,
irrigation works, nature conservation
and biodiversity activities and weed

                                               PARKS AND NATURAL RESOURCES - OPERATIONAL REQUESTS
                                                               AND PROACTIVE TASKS
                                                                       2019           2019          2019            2019          2020
                                                                    Jan - Mar       Apr - Jun     Jul - Sep       Oct - Dec     Jan - Mar
                                           Bio-Diversity                      25             22            23              23            34
                                           Irrigation                         35             18               8            29            37
                                           Landscapes                         13             9             16              8             7
                                           Mowing                             40             28         105             196              61
                                           Parks Priority                    236          122           107             119           195
                                           Trees                            1,610       1,268         1,256           1,401         1,975
                                           Weed Control                       58             48         237             328           103
                                           TOTALS                           2,017       1,515         1,752           2,104         2,412

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                         PARKS AND NATURAL RESOURCES

Final version - 06/05/2020                                  Page 20 of 56
This graph and table represent
the number of customer
requests received and
recorded proactive tasks in
relation to our Waste and
Recycling services.

                                                   WASTE AND RECYCLING - CUSTOMER REQUESTS

                                                                    2019          2019        2019        2019        2020
                                                                 Jan - Mar   Apr - Jun      Jul - Sep   Oct - Dec   Jan - Mar
                                    Green Organics Passes              1,639       2,977          3,450       1,951       1,265
                                    Hard Waste Collections             5,474       1,837          2,151       2,773       3,382
                                    Illegally Dumped Rubbish             710         581            523         573         713
                                    Kerbside Green Organics            1,448       1,188          1,548       1,562       2,489
                                    Kerbside Recycling                 1,379       1,219          1,424       1,238       1,568
                                    Kerbside Waste                     2,295       2,124          2,427       2,248       2,800
                                    Other                                135         120            374          92         143
                                    Road/Street Sweeping                 175          82             44          37         132
                                    TOTALS                               13,255    10,128      11,941       10,474      12,492

STAGE (PROJECT AND CAPITAL                                         WORKS )
                                           Not Commenced                                                                  33
                                           In Progress                                                                    44
                                           Completed                                                                     210
This table represents the Project and
Capital Works projects delivered by the    On Hold                                                                         2
City Operations Construction team.         TOTALS                                                                        289
Project stages are represented as either
'Not commenced' meaning the start date
for the project has not yet commenced,
'In Progress' meaning the project start
date has commenced, 'Completed'
meaning the project is complete and 'On
Hold' meaning the project is currently
awaiting additional information or

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                           WASTE AND RECYCLING & CONSTRUCTION

Final version - 06/05/2020                               Page 21 of 56

                                                                              Est Completion       Percent                     On
3 YEAR ROLLING CAPITAL WORKS PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT                                                                On Time
                                                                                    Date          Complete                    Budget
(2019-20 - 2021-22)
                                                                                  30/06/20          60%             Y           Y
Ensure alignment of works spanning multiple categories and engage internal stakeholders at a program level and well in
advance of budgeting to ensure PCW bids are both accurate and achievable from a delivery perspective.
2019/20 Construction of PCW program.
2020/21 Complete preliminary designs by March 2020 for budget allocations. Complete all designs by end of June 2020.
2021/22 Project scope PM2s completed by end of June 2020 to inform the 2020/21 design program.
Status Update
Construction for the 2019-20 Infrastructure Asset Management Project & Capital Works (PCW) program is progressing on-
time and on-budget.
The allocated 2020-21 designs were highly progressed to inform the 2020-21 budget allocation and on schedule to be
completed prior to the start of the 2020-21 financial year.
PCW allocations for 2020-21 have been completed by the category drivers.
Scoping for the 2021-22 financial year has commenced, scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2020.
A substantial effort has been made to streamline the processes and ensure all aspects of the business are kept informed and
involved, which has resulted in efficient delivery of the program and high quality projects.

                                                                              Est Completion       Percent                     On
                                                                                                                On Time
ALDINGA SOUTHERN SCHOOL - SHARED USE NEGOTIATIONS                                  Date           Complete                    Budget
                                                                                Completed           100%            Y           Y
The state government is progressing planning for a Birth-12 school in Aldinga, with capacity for up to approximately 1,700
students. The school is scheduled for opening in readiness for the 2022 school year. Council has been negotiating the State
Government and project proponents to secure shared use of identified school facilities for community use.
Status Update
Staff have been working with the state government and the successful proponent team (TESA Education) (contracted by the
state to build and operate the new school) to progress opportunities for shared use of the school facilities. A final Shared-Use
Agreement (known as the Council Enhancements Deed) was endorsed by Council in March 2020 and executed by the CEO in
accordance with Council’s delegated authority. This agreement secures Council’s interests in key sports facilities including the
senior oval, 2 soccer pitches and the indoor multi-purpose court facility, for a period of 30 years. The school project
development application (lodged in December 2019) was the subject of a State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP)
hearing in March 2020. The Minister for Education has now granted approval for the project, subject to a number of conditions.
Council staff continue to work with the Project Team and state government to ensure that these conditions are met, and
particularly, that infrastructure associated with the school (stormwater, road access and car parking) is being planned and
designed to integrate with existing and future networks. The project builder, Sarah Constructions, commenced works on site in
mid-April 2020.

                                                                              Est Completion       Percent                     On
CHRISTIE DOWNS RENEWAL - MORTON ROAD RESERVE                                                                    On Time
                                                                                    Date          Complete                    Budget
                                                                                  30/11/20          10%             Y           Y
The Council approved Christie Downs 20 Year Strategic Management Plan (SMP) was developed in partnership with Renewal
SA to guide future public and private investment in the suburb. The upgrade of Morton Road Reserve into a central park is
identified as a key action in the SMP under the objective 'create a vibrant heart of Christie Downs'.
Status Update
The City of Onkaparinga has received $1.5M state government grant funding through the Open Space Places for People
Program for the Morton Road reserve upgrade, Christie Downs. This grant funding will enable delivery of a $3M upgrade of
this reserve. This will focus on priority open space facilities including a skate park and adventure play space. The Roger
Rasheed Sport Foundation (RRSF) has pledged a further $100,000 towards the project which will expand the scope of the
project to include a multi-use tennis court. The final scope will be refined dependent on the final design and associated
costing. There are ongoing discussions with the RRSF about the possibility of further additional external support to allow
expansion of this scope to include more tennis courts, a community oval and running track, in line with the greater vision for
this reserve. The design of the reserve upgrade and skate park is progressing and a contractor has been engaged to construct
the skate park. Opportunities for the community to input into the design process will be shared on council’s Your Say website.

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                   CITY OPERATIONS - PROJECT REPORTING

Final version - 06/05/2020                                   Page 22 of 56
                                                                                Est Completion       Percent                       On
                                                                                                                 On Time
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - ASSET MANAGEMENT                                             Date          Complete                      Budget
                                                                                    30/06/20          90%            Y              Y
Efficiency gains identified by the Infrastructure Assets team
Status Update
During the January to March period we have enriched the data being transferred to the Technology One System by simplifying
some of the asset categorisations so that it will be easier for users to find assets without having to have detailed knowledge of
the organisational structure. Also the data presentation has been abridged to only show fields that are actually used so that
the user sees a succinct overview of the asset without having to move from window to window.
The simplification approach will also enable an easier and more comprehensive use of the Strategic Asset Management
(SAM) tools and also improve the ease of revaluing assets for financial reporting.

                                                                                Est Completion       Percent                       On
                                                                                                                 On Time
FLAGSTAFF HILL COMMUNITY CENTRE REDEVELOPMENT                                         Date          Complete                      Budget
                                                                                    30/06/20          50%            X              Y
Development of new building facilities at the Flagstaff Hill Community Centre
Status Update
Flagstaff Hill Sports and Community Centre (FHSCC) redevelopment has a total budget of $1.14M, of which the FHSCC
secured $900k in external funding and Council contributed $240k in accord with a 20 March 2018 resolution. The project has
two components: 1) the change room module and 2) clubroom refurbishment.

We are currently finalising the location of change rooms based on the outcomes of our community engagement. In conjunction
with the above, a concept plan associated with the relocation and renewal of the playground was also tested as part of our
community engagement process. We will now work with Ward Members and the FHSCC to determine next steps.

                                                                                Est Completion       Percent                       On
                                                                                                                 On Time
FORMER PORT WILLUNGA CARAVAN CONCEPT PLAN                                             Date          Complete                      Budget
                                                                                    30/06/20          80%            Y              Y
The planning and design for the rejuvenation of Former Port Willunga Caravan Park, which forms part of the Port Willunga
North Coast Park segment.
Status Update
The preliminary concept plan is well progressed and has been informed by targeted stakeholder engagement, cultural and
vegetation investigations. A draft concept plan will be presented to Council in the coming months seeking approval to
commence broader community engagement. The former Port Willunga Caravan Park forms part of the broader Port Willunga
North Coast Park segment.

                                                                                Est Completion       Percent                       On
                                                                                                                 On Time
HACKHAM SOUTH EAST INFRASTRUCTURE UPGRADES                                            Date          Complete                      Budget
                                                                                    30/06/22          30%            Y              Y
As part of the rezoning of an area of land in Hackham and Onkaparinga Hills in 2015, landowners that wish to develop are
required to enter into an infrastructure agreement with council to contribute to the upgrade of roads, stormwater and lighting.
This project encompasses the infrastructure works that council is required to construct under these agreements.
Status Update
Development activity continues in the Hackham South East project area with significant residential development underway.
These developments necessitate council carrying out work under the Infrastructure Contribution Agreements. Where possible
streetscape designs are being coordinated with the design of the adjacent private developments. The Penneys Rise Stage 1
road reconstruction is near completion with only minor verge works to be completed. Stormwater works have been undertaken
along Gates Road, with the Gates and Hepenstal road reconstruction works placed on hold to align with the adjacent
residential development. The Sturt Lane road reconstruction design is complete and timing of the adjacent private residential
development is being confirmed.

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                    CITY OPERATIONS - PROJECT REPORTING

Final version - 06/05/2020                                      Page 23 of 56
                                                                                Est Completion        Percent                     On
LARGE SOLAR PV: NOARLUNGA OFFICE, FOC, WOODCROFT                                                                   On Time
                                                                                      Date           Complete                    Budget
                                                                                    28/02/20           90%             Y           Y
The installation of solar photovoltaic cells on three of council’s highest energy-consuming sites will significantly reduce energy
costs and carbon footprint.
Sites include: Noarlunga Office, Field Operations Centre, Woodcroft Community Centre
Status Update
Installation works have been completed at all sites and the final connection process with SAPN is currently being completed. It
is expected that all sites will be generating solar energy by April/May – resulting in reduced electricity bills and carbon
emissions from that point onwards.

                                                                                Est Completion        Percent                     On
                                                                                                                   On Time
MCLAREN FLAT TENNIS/NETBALL - COURT REHABILITATION                                    Date           Complete                    Budget
                                                                                    30/06/20           60%             Y           Y
The three multi use courts within the McLaren Flat Recreation ground are cracking due to moisture content and poor drainage.
The cracking has left the courts in poor condition and in need of reconstruction. We are currently undertaking construction of
three new multi use courts which include new surrounding fencing and new drainage to help protect new courts against future
Status Update
Project went out for Tender in January 2020 and was successfully appointed to a contractor in February 2020. Works are
continuing through the current environment (COVID-19) and is being delivered on time and on budget - due to be completed
by June 2020.

                                                                                Est Completion        Percent                     On
MEYER ROAD BRIDGE - AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT BRIDGE                                                                   On Time
                                                                                      Date           Complete                    Budget
                                                                                    30/06/20           30%             Y           Y
In September 2017, we were notified that our submission to renew the Meyer Road bridge in Lonsdale was successful with an
Offer of Funding being approved by Council on 17 October 2017. A further funding deed was presented to Council to formalise
the funding arrangements with DPTI 21 August 2018, who will administer the payments. This funding deed has been signed
and approved. Since then, further negotiations with DPTI were progressed, whereby a final agreement has been established
for them to deliver the bridge project; given the complexity, and risk presented from constructing in an electrified rail corridor.
Status Update
Works on the Meyer Road Bridge commenced the week 10 February 2020, and will be completed mid-2020, weather
permitting. The works include, demolishing the majority of the existing bridge structure, building and installing a new bridge
structure, installation of anti-throw screens and bridge barriers. Meyer Road will be closed to traffic from Sigma Road
roundabout to the Christie Road junction for the duration of the works and traffic detours and speed restrictions will be in

                                                                                Est Completion        Percent                     On
ODOUR MANAGEMENT - CHRISTIES CREEK/ EMU CREEK                                                                      On Time
                                                                                      Date           Complete                    Budget
                                                                                    31/07/22           20%             Y           Y
Investigations and administrative actions associated with ongoing management of odour from the Emu Creek twin drainage
pipe system outlet near Marston Drive at Christie Creek.
This project involves liaising with SA Water/Allwater and maintenance staff to identify the source of unpleasant odour from the
drain, and then determine the most appropriate form of long term management of the issue
Status Update
The maintenance team is continuing to monitor and clean the outlet in the interim and have noticed an improvement in water
quality with less smell. Further rectification works will be considered once as we have investigated alternatives for a long-term
solution to the issue.

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                      CITY OPERATIONS - PROJECT REPORTING

Final version - 06/05/2020                                     Page 24 of 56
                                                                               Est Completion        Percent                    On
O'SULLIVAN BEACH COAST PARK - DESIGN AND                                                                          On Time
                                                                                     Date           Complete                   Budget
                                                                                   31/07/20           30%             Y          Y
The O'Sullivan Beach Coast Park encompasses a 700m section of foreshore spanning from the O'Sullivan Beach boat ramp
to Mentone Parade. This initiative is part funded through the Department for Planning, Transport & Infrastructure's Open
Space and Places for People grant program.
Status Update
The City of Onkaparinga has received $380,000 (50%) in state government funding towards construction of this $760,000
stage of the broader Coast Park development with council’s matching funding allocated in the 2019-20 budget. Community
consultation was undertaken in late 2019, with the project and design being well received. The detailed design has been
finalised and a contractor engaged to undertake construction. Construction works are scheduled to commence in mid May

                                                                               Est Completion        Percent                    On
PORT NOARLUNGA WEARING STREET AQUATICS AND ARTS                                                                   On Time
                                                                                     Date           Complete                   Budget
                                                                                   31/01/21           40%             Y          Y
Development of a detailed plan for rejuvenation and redevelopment of the Wearing Street Aquatics and Arts precinct
comprising the Onkaparinga riverfront and surrounds of the historic Sauerbier Homestead.
Status Update
On 10 December 2019 Council approved the revised concept plan to guide enhancement of this precinct. In accordance with
Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation (AAR) advice, our request for authorisation under Section 23 of the
Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 to conduct excavation works within a culturally significant area continues to progress. The AAR
led consultation process has been completed and a decision from the Premier is anticipated mid 2020. In line with Council's
direction, detailed design remains on hold pending the outcome of this process. In the interim some targeted engagement with
aquatic user groups has continued and specific technical investigations, relating to the riverfront, are underway to inform the
detailed design process. An application seeking joint funding as part of the state government Open Space Grant Funding
Program has been submitted for public realm works (excluding aquatic facilities). Construction of the project is subject to
external funding, transfer of state government owned land (at no cost to council) and statutory approvals.

                                                                               Est Completion        Percent                    On
PORT WILLUNGA NORTH COAST PARK - PLANNING AND                                                                     On Time
                                                                                     Date           Complete                   Budget
                                                                                   30/06/20           30%             Y          Y
Investigations and planning for the Maslin Beach unclad car park to the Former Caravan Park segment of the Port Willunga
North Coast Park.
Status Update
Planning for this segment of Coast Park has progressed with investigations focused on potential shared path alignment and
feasibility (structural and financial) of options to navigate Chinaman's Gully. Cultural and vegetation investigations have been
Some preliminary, targeted stakeholder engagement has also been undertaken to inform the path alignment options. A draft
concept plan will be presented to Council in the coming months seeking approval to commence broader community

                                                                               Est Completion        Percent                    On
                                                                                                                  On Time
PROJECT - JUSTS ROAD, SELLICKS BEACH                                                 Date           Complete                   Budget
                                                                                   15/07/20           50%             Y          Y
Reconstruct Justs Road, Sellicks Beach from Sellicks Beach Road (excludes intersection) north to Button Road.
Status Update
Justs Rd Stage 2 works commenced in early January 2020 and are scheduled for completion July 2020 (depending on
weather). Stage 2 is a continuation of the Stage 1 works completed late December 2019. Works are from Button Road to
Sellicks Beach Road, excluding the intersection. Works include road reconstruction, drainage, swales, service relocation, kerb
and gutter and street lighting upgrade in the residential area.

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                     CITY OPERATIONS - PROJECT REPORTING

Final version - 06/05/2020                                    Page 25 of 56
                                                                               Est Completion        Percent                       On
PROJECT - PORT NOARLUNGA JETTY - DIVERS ACCESS                                                                    On Time
                                                                                     Date           Complete                      Budget
                                                                                   27/03/20           100%            X             Y
Project is to replace the water access stairs located at the western end of the Port Noarlunga jetty. The current stairs are at
the end of there useful life and will be replaced according to our lease agreement the DPTI.
Status Update
The stairs were installed on 18 March 2020 and opened 19 March 2020. Final completion was achieved on 24 March 2020.

                                                                               Est Completion        Percent                       On
                                                                                                                  On Time
STRATEGIC ASSET MANAGEMENT PLAN 2020 (SAMP)                                          Date           Complete                      Budget
                                                                                   30/11/20           40%             Y             Y
The purpose of this project is to review and update the current Corporate Asset Management Plan.
Status Update
The planning stage for the project has been completed and the document development has begun. Following the development
of the Draft SAMP, elected member engagement will be held in May 2020 with the view to holding community engagement in
July 2020.
The final Strategic Asset Management Plan will be delivered in November 2020.

                                                                               Est Completion        Percent                       On
STURT RIVER LINEAR PARK STAGE THREE (DESIGN AND                                                                   On Time
                                                                                     Date           Complete                      Budget
                                                                                   31/12/20           30%             Y             Y
The Sturt River Linear Park is a key component of Adelaide’s Metropolitan Open Space System (MOSS) providing a strategic
link in the open space network from the Adelaide Hills to the coast. This project involves the concept and detailed design of
stage three of the Sturt River Linear Park, from the Institute Building on Main Road to Horner’s Bridge in Coromandel Valley.
The project has both landscape and civil works. Landscape works include removal of woody weeds and revegetation with
local native and ornamental plants to improve amenity and water quality.

The civil works include a sealed shared use trail for pedestrians and cyclists, balustrade and fencing for user safety,
replacement of an existing bridge and installation of new pedestrian bridges.
Status Update
Civil construction works commenced at Sturt River Linear Park Stage 3 at the end of January 2020. The majority of the tree
clearing works are now complete and construction of the shared used path and culvert extension at Chambers Creek crossing
are well progressed. Landscape works are scheduled to commence in the coming months with herbicide spraying of future
riparian areas commencing mid-April 2020. Bridge construction and installation is scheduled for later in the year, noting
supply from outside of South Australia that may be affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

                                                                               Est Completion        Percent                       On
WILFRED TAYLOR RESERVE REGIONAL NATURE PLAYSPACE                                                                  On Time
                                                                                     Date           Complete                      Budget
                                                                                   30/06/20           80%             Y             Y
Council has received $1.3M state government funding to develop a regional nature playspace at Wilfred Taylor Reserve. The
playspace offers distinct play areas to encourage people of all ages and abilities to explore, roam and enjoy this wonderful
natural environment.
To support the nature playspace Council is investing up to $900,000 on supporting infrastructure such as additional car
parking, a new access road, pathways, lighting, park furniture and irrigated open space.
Status Update
Construction progressed significantly during the three months to the end of March 2020 and the project remains on schedule
to be completed by mid-2020. The first stages of work included the car park and access roads undertaken by council's
Construction Team which are now open to the public. The stage was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. The
second stage of work includes the construction of the playspace and open space area and commenced in January 2020. Staff
are investigating options for an official opening for the public to occur later in 2020.

THE QUARTER JAN - MAR 2020                                                                     CITY OPERATIONS - PROJECT REPORTING

Final version - 06/05/2020                                     Page 26 of 56
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