Kind Respectful Safe - Our Values Woodroffe Primary School Parent Handbook - Webflow

Kind Respectful Safe - Our Values Woodroffe Primary School Parent Handbook - Webflow
Woodroffe Primary
             Parent Handbook
Our Values
We Are


We are


We are

                   Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 1
Kind Respectful Safe - Our Values Woodroffe Primary School Parent Handbook - Webflow
Contact Information
Address    | 55 Woodroffe Avenue
            WOODROFFE NT 0830
Telephone | (08) 8983 7600
Pre-school | (08) 8983 7611
E-mail     |
E-mail     |
Facebook | Woodroffe Primary School
Web        |
                                               This handbook is designed to provide you with
                                               some important information about our school, our
Communication App - School Star                policies and our procedures. If you have any further
Absence Notification - Text to 0418 125 029    questions please contact the Front Office.

                                                                   Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 2
Kind Respectful Safe - Our Values Woodroffe Primary School Parent Handbook - Webflow
...our School Philosophy
Vision Statement
Woodroffe is a collaborative learning school that
takes PRIDE in education to allow every child to reach
their full potential.

Woodroffe School Philosophy
A collaborative learning environment that takes pride
in education and allows every child to reach their full

We have high expectations, a strong performance
agenda and we work with integrity and
accountability. We believe that respect is an essential
foundation for collaboration and this drives all our
We admire diversity and create inclusive learning
environments where different cultures, experiences,
skills and knowledge are valued.
We are innovative and inquisitive and seek out new
technologies, methods and approaches to achieve

We focus on creating success together and our goal is
to foster lifelong learning.

Our Values
We are Kind
We are Respectful
We are Safe

                                                          Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 3
Kind Respectful Safe - Our Values Woodroffe Primary School Parent Handbook - Webflow
Our School                                                 Upper Primary – Banksia and Melaleuca Blocks

Woodroffe Primary School provides education to             8.00am First bell
children from Preschool to Year 6 who reside in the        8.05am Classes begin
suburb of Woodroffe. If you do not reside in
                                                           10.20am - 10.50am Recess, includes 10 min eating in
Woodroffe exceptions may be made for those who
                                                           classrooms before play
have siblings that already attend the school or for
children who attend the Preeti Kunj Child Care             12.50pm - 1.30pm Lunch, includes 15 min eating in
Centre. For all other enquiries in relation to             classrooms before play
enrolment, please contact the office to
                                                           2.20pm School end bell
discuss your families requirements.
                                                           Preschool Hours (Monday to Friday)
Our School Motto
                                                           Preschool Morning Session:          8 am - 11:00 am
Woodroffe       Primary       School’s    motto      is
“Together we learn”. This shared ideal is the              Preschool Afternoon Session: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm
foundation of all that our school does and seeks to do.    Transition - Year 6:                8 am - 2:20 pm

Department of Education and Training -
Policy on Age of Entry to School
The Department of Education and Training require
Government schools to enrol students inline with the
following policies;
Preschool - Students may commence preschool at the
beginning of the school year if they turn 4 years of age
by 30 June of that year.
Primary School - Students may commence Primary
School at the beginning of the school year if they turn
5 years of age by 30 June of that year.

These policies have been designed so that each child
will receive a minimum time of 6 years in Primary

School hours
                                                           2020 School Term Dates
Woodroffe Primary School’s teaching and learning
                                                           Term 1       -         28 January - 9 April
times are from 8.00am to 2.20pm Monday to Friday.
                                                           Term 2       -         20 April - 26 June
Teaching and Learning Periods
                                                           Term 3       -         20 July - 25 September
Early childhood – Acacia and Grevillea Blocks
                                                           Term 4       -         12 October - 17 December
8.00am First bell
8.05am Classes begin
                                                           2021 School Term Dates
                                                           Term 1       -         1 February - 9 April
9.55am - 10.25am Recess, includes 10 min eating in
classrooms before play                                     Term 2       -         19 April - 25 June
12.20pm - 1.00pm Lunch, includes 15 min eating in          Term 3       -         20 July - 24 September
classrooms before play
                                                           Term 4       -         11 October - 16 December
2.20pm School end bell

                                                                                  Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 4
Kind Respectful Safe - Our Values Woodroffe Primary School Parent Handbook - Webflow
Correspondence                                         of the absence and requesting the reason for the
                                                       absence. Student absences can be notified by text
At Woodroffe Primary School we are committed to
                                                       to 0418 125 029. Please note this number is a
developing positive relationships between our
                                                       computer program, not a phone and can only send
staff, students and their families. We believe that
                                                       and receive texts.
strong communication is a key element in
nurturing these relationships. We utilise the          We request that any families who are considering
following methods to relay correspondence to the       holidays or being away during school time discuss
home;                                                  this as early as possible with the Principal or
     Written notes and letters (keep an eye out       Assistant Principal so a program of work can be
      for these in your child’s bag)                   negotiated. If this does not happened according to
     School Star App (download our School Star        departmental guidelines the absences are then
      App on your Smartphone)                          recorded as an unacceptable absence in the
     Our weekly newsletter (via email or available    student administration system.
      on our website, School Star app or Facebook      Arriving at School Late
                                                       If a student arrives after 8:15am they are classed as
     Our school website or Facebook page
                                                       being late, students must report to the front office
Of course, correspondence is a two way street and
                                                       to obtain a late note.
we encourage families to contact the school if they
have any queries or concerns. Our office is open on    Please try your best to limit absences and late
weeks days from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm and our staff        arrivals as your child will miss valuable learning
will be happy to assist with your enquiries. You       time.
may also contact staff and teachers via email and      Sick Students
appointments can be scheduled should you wish to
discuss specific matters with specific persons.        Students who are sick the previous night or are
                                                       feeling unwell before school should be kept at
                                                       home. When students become ill during the day,
                                                       they are sent by the class teacher to the front
                                                       office. A first aid officer will assess the symptoms
                                                       and decide if the student should rest in the
                                                       sickroom, return to class, or to make contact with

                                                       Smoke Free Zone
                                                       Under the Tobacco Control Act, 1st January 2003,
Absences                                               Woodroffe Primary School is a Smoke Free Zone.
At Woodroffe Primary School, attendance is a           Smoking is prohibited in the buildings and on the
school priority. We promote the importance of          school grounds.
attendance and being on time for school as being
                                                       Infectious Diseases
vitally important for a child’s success at school.
                                                       Current guidelines set by the Public Health
Parents / carers are encouraged to notify the
                                                       Committee has recommended minimum periods of
school if your child is unwell either by telephoning
                                                       exclusion from school and preschool of infectious
the office, emailing or via our School Star app.
                                                       diseases, cases as listed below. The only exception
If a student is absent from school un-notified an      to this rule is that children with certain skin
SMS message will be sent to the first contact on       diseases may return once appropriate treatment
our School Administrative System notifying families    has commenced.

                                                                        Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 5
Kind Respectful Safe - Our Values Woodroffe Primary School Parent Handbook - Webflow
Guidelines for Exclusions
CONDITION          CASES                                               CONTACTS
Chicken Pox        Exclude till fully recovered or at least 4 days     Any child with an immune deficiency (eg
                   after the eruption first appears. Note: some        Leukaemia or receiving chemotherapy)
                   remaining scabs are not an indication for           should be excluded for their own
                   continued exclusion                                 protection. Otherwise not excluded.
Conjunctivitis     Exclude until discharge from eyes has               Not excluded
Diarrhoea          Exclude until diarrhoea has ceased                  Not excluded
Diphtheria         Exclude until medical certificate of recovery       Exclude, family, household contacts until
                   following at least 2 negative throat swabs, not     cleared to return by an appropriate health
                   less than 24 hours after cessation of antibiotic    authority
                   treatment & 48 hours later

Glandular          Exclusion is not necessary                          Not excluded
Hepatitis A        Exclude until receipt of a medical                  Not excluded
                   certificate but not before 7 days after the
                   onset of jaundice
Hepatitis B        Exclusion not necessary                             Not excluded
Hepatitis C        Exclusion not necessary                             Not excluded
HIV                Exclusion is not necessary unless                   Not excluded
                   person has secondary infection requiring
                   exclusion in its own right
Impetigo (School   Exclude until appropriate treatment has             Not excluded
Sores)             commenced and sores on exposed
                   surfaces are covered with a dressing
Leprosy            Exclude until approval to return has been           Not excluded
                   given by an appropriate health
Measles            Excluded for at least 4 days from the               Immunised contacts not excluded. Non
                   appearance of rash                                  immunised contact should be excluded
                                                                       until 14 days after the 1st day rash appears
                                                                       in the last case. If non immunised contacts
                                                                       are vaccinated within 72 hours of their 1st
                                                                       contact they
                                                                       may return to school
Meningitis         Exclude until well                                  Not excluded
Meningitis         Exclude until well                                  Not excluded
Meningococcal      Exclude until well                                  Not excluded
Mumps              Exclude for at least 9 days after onset             Not excluded
                   of symptoms
Poliomyelitis      Exclude for at least 14 days from onset. Re-        Not excluded
                   admit on a medical certificate of
Ringworm,          Exclude until the day after treatment               Not excluded
Lice, Scabies,     has commenced
Rubella            Exclude until fully recovered or 4 days after the   Not excluded
(German            onset of rash

                                                                                 Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 6
Kind Respectful Safe - Our Values Woodroffe Primary School Parent Handbook - Webflow
Streptococcal        Exclude until the person has received          Not excluded
infection            antibiotic treatment for at least 24 hours
including            and feels well
Scarlet Fever
Tuberculosis         Exclude until production of medical            Not excluded
                     certificate from appropriate health
Typhoid              Exclude until production of medical            Not excluded
Whooping             Exclude for 5 days after starting              Exclude unimmunised antibiotic household
Cough                treatment                                      contacts less than 7 years for
                                                                    14 days after the last exposure
Headlice                                                          Ambulance Subscription
Head lice are more a social nuisance than a                       Our School Council funds subscriptions to the
disease. Detection and treatment is the                           St John Ambulance Service for all of our students.
responsibility of the home. The movement of lice                  In the event of a medical emergency every effort is
on the head causes itchiness and people affected                  made to contact parents however, we will utilise
by head lice can sometimes suffer infections of the               the St John Ambulance Service as required. This
scalp from scratching. Infestation is identifiable.               subscription means that parents will not incur a
The nits look like whitish specks stuck to the hair.              charge for this service should it be utilised by the
The Head Louse (Pediculous Humanus Capitis)
       The human head louse lives only on the
        scalp where there is food and a suitable
       The eggs or nits are laid close to the scalp
        and hatch 7-10 days.
       The young louse requires two weeks to
        become mature and lay eggs.
       Head lice are transmitted by the movement
        of the louse from one head to another. This
        happens under conditions of close physical
        contact, mostly at home or at school.
                                                                  Emergency Contact Details
       Head lice infestation is not a health risk.
                                                                  Parents are asked to advise the school
       Lice do not jump from one head to another.
                                                                  IMMEDIATELY if there is a change of address,
       The human head louse does not breed on                    telephone number or workplace. Emergency
        animals, furniture, carpets, bedding etc.                 contacts are required in the case of illness or
       Lice are no respecters of social class.                   accidents. Each semester a form will be sent home
                                                                  to remind families of any changes that may have
       Clean people get head lice.
       Children are not the only ones who become
        infested. If one family member is affected,
        others in the family are likely to be infested.

                                                                                   Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 7
Kind Respectful Safe - Our Values Woodroffe Primary School Parent Handbook - Webflow
Canteen                                                classroom) each morning. These containers are
                                                       collected and stored in our walk in cool room
Moulden Supermarket will be providing our
                                                       throughout the day. The containers are then
Canteen lunch orders on Mondays Tuesdays,
                                                       returned to each classroom at lunch time.
Thursdays and Fridays. Parents/Carers are asked to
place canteen lunch orders, with name and class        Recess snacks are not able to be stored in a fridge
marked on a paper bag (or similar) with money          or the cool room and are kept in the air
enclosed, to the class teacher by 9:00am each day.     conditioned classrooms.
Any change from orders will be returned to the
                                                       Cyclone Procedures
students with their lunch order.
                                                       Term 1 and 4 are within the cyclone season. It is
Moulden Supermarket will accept lunch orders
                                                       important that each parent understand the school
direct at Moulden Supermarket and will deliver
                                                       procedures and expectations. Often if a cyclone is
with other canteen lunch orders (this may be
                                                       predicted for the Darwin region the Education
subject to a cut off time and the order must be
                                                       Department formally closes schools for the day.
from the school canteen lunch menu). This will
                                                       Announcements are made via radio and TV. The
allow you to pay via Basics Card/EFTPOS if
                                                       new time alternative action is as follows.
                                                       Cyclone Warning Stage 2 is issued by the Bureau of
Orders can also be placed via QuikCliq for Moulden
                                                       Meteorology. It is expected that parents will
Supermarket lunches and “Kids in the Kitchen”.
                                                       monitor the radio announcements provided by the
Woodroffe Primary students will continue to cook
                                                       Education Department for information about when
lunch orders for “Kids in the Kitchen” on
                                                       children should be collected from school. Children
Wednesdays, with the menu changing weekly.
                                                       should be collected as soon as possible after the
Moulden Supermarket will not be providing lunch        Radio/TV announcement.
orders on Wednesdays.
                                                       Children should be kept in their parent’s care until
                                                       the all clear is issued, by the Bureau of
                                                       Meteorology and notification is issued by the
                                                       Department of Education, for children to return to
                                                       When children are collected from the classroom
                                                       the teacher will record the departure time and
                                                       name of collecting adult. After a reasonable time,
                                                       children not collected will be taken to the
                                                       administration area for collection. At the time
Limited food sales are available from the school       when the school is evacuated, remaining children
canteen for recess only.                               will be taken to the PALMERSTON COLLEGE 10-12
Lunch Orders                                           CAMPUS SHELTER and left with the Shelter Co-
                                                       ordinator for collection by parents.
A canteen price list will be distributed to all
families at the start of the year. This will also be   Lists of children taken to the shelter will be
made available on the school website and on the        displayed on the window at the front of the
School Star App.                                       Administration area of the school along with
                                                       names of students already collected.
Lunch Storage
                                                       Parents are also advised that children will not be
Student lunch and recess should be packed              permitted to leave the school on their own.
separately in clearly named containers. Students
are to place their lunch in a container (in their

                                                                        Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 8
Kind Respectful Safe - Our Values Woodroffe Primary School Parent Handbook - Webflow
Wet Weather Procedures                                     home for each individual excursion and must be
                                                           returned by the due date to be able to participate.
In case of a passing severe electrical storm or if it is
                                                           Parental involvement, is always, most welcome.
raining too heavily when students are being
                                                           There may be a charge for bus hire.
dismissed from school at 2.20pm, the following
procedures will be actioned:                               Food Allergy Awareness Policy
Students will remain in class until;                       Woodroffe Primary School aims to provide a safe
                                                           and supportive environment for all students. Food
     the electrical storm has passed over or the
                                                           allergies can be life threatening. The risk of
      heavy rain has eased or;
                                                           accidental ingestion of foods can be reduced in the
     they are collected from the classroom by a           school setting if schools work with students,
      parent, guardian or after school carer or;           parents and doctors to minimise risks and provide
     the Principal or Principal’s delegate has            a safe educational environment for food-allergic
      deemed it safe for students to make their            students. Our aim is to develop policies and
      way home.                                            practices which keep students who have food
                                                           allergies safe without unnecessarily isolating or
Students attending Territory Children OSHC will
                                                           excluding them from school activities or creating
remain in class until the electrical storm has passed
                                                           an unnecessarily restrictive school environment. A
or the rain has eased. They will then be dismissed
                                                           key component of this Food Allergy Awareness
to make their way to the OSHC area. In extreme
                                                           Policy is to ensure optimal education of school staff
cases when the rain/storm continues for more
                                                           about recognising and responding to a child having
than 30 minutes, the students will be collected by
                                                           an allergic reaction.
OSHC staff and supervised in the assembly area
until it is safe to move across to the OSHC area.          Families are responsible for the following:

Students relying on bus transport will not be                   Notify the school of the child’s allergies.
dismissed until the storm has passed or rains ease.             Provide up to date emergency contact
They will have to catch a later bus.                             information.
Students being collected by off premises OSHC                   Provide written medical documentation,
centres will remain in class until they are called to            instructions and medications as directed by a
the front office to be collected.                                physician (qualified allergist or other doctor
Parents may come and collect students earlier                    with specialist knowledge in food allergy),
from the classroom if there is an impending storm.               using the appropriate Australian Society of
Teachers will only dismiss students when parents/                Clinical Immunology Allergy Food Allergy
carers arrive at the classroom.                                  Action Plans. Include a coloured photo of the
                                                                 child on written form.
                                                                Work with the school to implement a Health
                                                                 Care     Plan,    EpiPen/Anapen    Student
                                                                 Information Form and Student Risk
                                                                 Minimisation Plan that accommodates the
                                                                 child’s needs throughout the school day as
                                                                 well as during school excursions.
                                                                Provide properly labelled medications and
                                                                 replace medications after use or before
Educational Excursions
These are organised by class teachers to enhance
the school’s curriculum. Permission forms are sent

                                                                            Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 9
Kind Respectful Safe - Our Values Woodroffe Primary School Parent Handbook - Webflow
     Educate the child in the self –management         Safety on our Roads
      of their food allergy including: - safe and
                                                        A reminder to all of our community that speed
      unsafe foods - strategies for avoiding
                                                        restrictions do exist on roads that surround our
      ingestion of unsafe foods - symptoms of
                                                        school. Please keep in mind that school zones have
      allergic reactions - how and when to tell an
                                                        a speed restriction of 40 km/h between 7 am — 5
      adult they may be having an allergy related
                                                        pm on school days.
      problem - how to read food labels (age
     Review the Health Care Plan, EpiPen/Anapen
      Student Information Form and Student Risk
      Minimisation Plan with the school staff after
      a reaction has occurred.

Collecting Students
If you wish to collect your child from school before
2:20 pm you will need to sign in at the front office
and collect them from their class room unless prior
arrangements have been made.
                                                        Bike Security and Safety
Upon leaving the school grounds you will need to
sign yourself and your child out at the front office.   Many of our children enjoy riding their bikes to
                                                        school and those who do so must supply and use a
Upon collecting your child at the end of a school
                                                        bike lock to secure them to our bike racks. Whilst
day please wait outside their class room until they
                                                        every effort is made to ensure the security of bikes,
have been dismissed.
                                                        they are parked in the school grounds at your own
Parking at School                                       risk and responsibility cannot be taken for bikes
                                                        and scooters brought to school.
Parking at Woodroffe Primary School is limited.
Please take note of ‘No Stopping’ zones which are       Parents are also asked to remind their children to
clearly marked with a solid yellow line. Palmerston     be sensible when riding and to consider all risks
City Council regularly patrol our school zone.          (cars reversing out of drive ways, traffic on roads,
                                                        pedestrians etc.). Children must wear an
If parked on the opposite side of Woodroffe
                                                        appropriate helmet whenever riding their bike.
Avenue to the school, please use our crossing.
                                                        Children must walk their bikes and scooters in all
Additional parking is available at the Cazaly’s
                                                        areas around the school buildings.
Cricket Ground adjacent to Woodroffe Primary
school.                                                 Reminder: It is compulsory for all students riding
                                                        bicycles to wear bicycle helmets.
Drop and Go Zone
The school has created a Drop and Go Zone
between the hours of 7am to 9am and 2pm to
4pm. During these areas the parking area on
Woodroffe Avenue at the front of the school is
strictly No Parking and to be used for drop off and
pick up only.

                                                                        Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 10
Book Packs                                                 play, they are still required to wear clothing which
                                                           provides substantial coverage.
At the beginning of each school year it is expected
that families will purchase a book pack for each of        Students that do not meet our Sun Smart
their children. These book packs are designed by your      requirements may be excluded from certain
child’s teachers and includes materials and resources      activities.
that they will require throughout the school year.         “Yes hat; Yes play”
Book packs are $80 each. For families joining us later
throughout the school year, the cost of these packs
may be reduced. This is at the discretion of our           We live in a warm climate and as such hydration is
Business Manager and should be discussed with our          important. Students are encouraged to bring a clearly
staff in the front office.                                 labelled water bottle so that they can stay hydrated
                                                           whilst in class. Students without water bottles will not
Voluntary Parent Contributions                             be permitted to leave class to use bubblers unless it is
Our School Council has set the level of voluntary          deemed an emergency. Bubblers are accessible to all
parent contributions at $50 per student per year.          students during recess and lunch for refilling of water
Your contributions will be utilised to assist the school
to operate it’s learning programs and to provide a
wide range of educational services. Contributions are
utilised by the school as follows;
     Stationary/Consumable Texts
     Resources
     Printing/Copying
     Library Resources
     Arts                                                 Visitors to our School
     Curriculum Extension                                 All visitors to our school must report to the front
$150 Back to School vouchers                               office prior to accessing school grounds. Visitors must
                                                           sign in and collect a ‘visitors’ badge (to be displayed
The Government provides each child with a Back to          at all times). Upon departure, visitors must again
School voucher for essential supplies such as book         report to the front office to sign themselves out and
packs, uniforms and excursions. The voucher can only       return the badge.
be redeemed at the school and must be used by the
end of the first term.                                     Lost Property

Sun Smart                                                  The school accumulates a large amount of lost
                                                           property. Students and parents are encouraged to
At Woodroffe Primary School students are required          check this on a regular basis for any items which may
to wear either a bucket or broad rimmed hat when           have been misplaced. The lost property is kept at the
partaking in outdoor activities. If a student does not     front office.
have a hat they will be required to stay in designated
areas.                                                     Parents are asked to clearly label ALL belongings
                                                           before they are brought to school.
Students may bring their own sunscreen from home
and apply it themselves.                                   Any unclaimed and unnamed items still in lost
                                                           property at the end of each semester will be disposed
If students are partaking in outdoor activities where      of or donated to a local charity.
school uniform is not required, such as wet water

                                                                              Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 11
Intensive English Program                                     What is required to enrol?
Intensive English language classes prepare students               Contact International Services on 8999 5895 who
newly arrived in Australia to attend mainstream                    coordinate the enrolment.
schooling. The Intensive English school assists
                                                                  Please contact the school to make an
students to:
                                                                   appointment with the Principal or Assistant
     Develop their standard Australian English skills             Principal.
      and knowledge
                                                                  Please bring your child’s visa and passport to be
     Learn about schooling and life in Australia                  photocopied by the school.
     Increase their knowledge of the local community             Please provide your child’s immunisation record,
      and wider Australia                                          translated if possible.
It is recommended by the Department of Education                  Completed enrolment form.
that students attend an Intensive English school in
                                                                   Any past reports from your child’s prior
their first year of living in Australia as the classes are
well resourced for Beginning and Emerging English
phase learners.                                               Our Aim
                                                                   To provide students with the opportunity to
The classes are also much smaller in size with
                                                                   access age-appropriate curriculum whilst learning
approximately 13 children per class. Each class has a
                                                                   Standard Australian English.
qualified teacher and a bi-lingual officer who works
with the students to support their learning.                       For teachers to deliver differentiated explicit
                                                                   instruction through effective ESL pedagogy to meet
Woodroffe Primary school                                           the language learning and educational needs of all
Woodroffe Primary School provides a collaborative                  non-English speaking students.
learning environment that takes pride in education and
                                                                   To set learning goals based on the students age,
allows every child to reach their full potential.
                                                                   stage of schooling       and    English   language
Woodroffe Primary School celebrates that there are a
diverse range of students from different cultures,
experiences and skills, knowledge and capabilities.                To provide a supportive, caring and inclusive
                                                                   environment to help all children develop and
Melaleuca Refugee Centre provides support,
                                                                   achieve academically, socially and emotionally.
counselling and training for staff members to assist
with dealing with trauma and loss and to ensure each               To support each student to successfully integrate
family’s introduction to life and schooling in Australia is        into mainstream schooling.
as positive as possible.

                                                                                 Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 12
Adult Migrant Education Program (AMEP)                       Pandanus Special Education Unit
Upcoming Events                                              The Pandanus Unit was opened in 1998 to cater for
As an adult where can I go to learn English?                 students with high support needs. At the time, staff in
                                                             Pandanus consisted of one teacher, one Special
The Adult Migrant Education Program (AMEP) provides
                                                             Education Support Officer and three students. Since
English language tuition to eligible new migrants and
                                                             then the population has expanded and staff numbers
humanitarian entrants. The AMEP aims to assist you to
                                                             have grown to meet the requirements of our students.
learn English so you can successfully settle and
participate in social and work situations in Australia. In   Pandanus caters for students from preschool to year 6
the Northern Territory courses are offered at the            who meet specific entry criterion determined by the
following CDU campuses: Darwin and Palmerston.               Department of Education in line with the Disabilities
                                                             Policy (2012).
 Distance learning is also available if you are unable to
attend classes. When you study in AMEP you have              The program delivered in Pandanus follows the
access to the University library and computer labs. At       Australian Curriculum and is delivered by a Teacher and
Casuarina campus you can access the after hours study        Special Education Officer. Classes are small and the
facilities.                                                  programs has a strong focus on providing the optimum
                                                             safe environment both socially and academically for
Learn practical English to help you access services,
                                                             students and fosters positive social relations between
work, study, and enjoy your life in Australia.
                                                             their peers and the adults they interact with.
     Up to 510 hours of free English lessons
     Study English for living, working and studying in
     Find out about government and community
     Get support to help you learn
     Make new friends while you study
     Plan your future in Australia
     Eligibility criteria apply*
The adult education program is funded by the Federal
Government and The Department of Education. and              Our Pandanus Classes have a general philosophy of:
provided by STEPS.
                                                             Every child is entitled to an educational setting which
Call us today for information on starting your FREE          provides a warm, secure emotional environment and
English lessons with STEPS                                   social climate where students can develop a sense of
Phone: Casuarina & Palmerston - 1300 585 868                 individual and group identity, a sense of achievement
                                                             and self esteem.

                                                             Every child is entitled to equal opportunities for self
                                                             development to the fullest extent of their individual
                                                             physical, intellectual and emotional capacities.
                                                             Every child is entitled to an individual educational
                                                             program specifically designed for their needs and

                                                                                Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 13
Early Achievement Centre                               Transition
Woodroffe Primary School’s Early Achievement           Students who are turning 5 by 30 June will
Centre is an initiative which was established in       commence Transition at the beginning of that year.
response to requests from our school community
                                                       Transition students attend full school days and is a
that our youngest learners be provided with a
                                                       period in which the child progresses at his or her
stimulating learning environment where they can
                                                       own level and is prepared for Year 1 class work.
work collaboratively and cohesively on one site.
                                                       Year 1 - Year 6
The Early Achievement Centre will inspire our
Transition and Preschool students to progress          Students in Years 1—6 follow a Primary School
through the early stages of schooling. We aim to       Curriculum Framework which is determined by the
nurture our children so this transition is seamless,   Northern Board of Studies. The following areas of
successful and encouraging.                            study are included in the Framework;
                                                            English
                                                            Mathematics
                                                            Social Education

                                                            Science
                                                            Health
                                                            Physical Education
                                                            The Arts
                                                            Technology
Preschool                                              Parent Help within Our School
Our Preschool provides a stimulating and               Woodroffe Primary School is always excited to
supportive educational environment as a basis for      welcome parents into our class rooms on a volun-
later learning. This will increase each child’s        teer basis. There are many ways that parents can
opportunity to develop the appropriate language,       help within our school such as; reading in the class
thinking, social and movement skills, knowledge        room, covering books for our Library, chaperoning
and attitude. The program is planned to cater for      excursions or preparing teaching aids.
the learning and needs of individual children.
                                                       If you are able to volunteer some of your time
Preschool is not compulsory; however, it is the        please contact your child’s teacher directly.
preferred first stage of Primary School.

The Preschool program provides a balance
between free play and teacher planned activities
both for individual children and groups. It allows
children to develop the ability to move easily
between home and school and helps them to
develop a pattern of continuity.
Woodroffe Preschool operates a morning and an
afternoon session. Children may attend a morning
session, Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 11:00
or an afternoon session, Monday to Friday, from
11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

                                                                        Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 14
Homework                                                Students from Preschool - Year 6 participate in
                                                        weekly Library lessons where they familiarise
All students at Woodroffe Primary School are
                                                        themselves with types of literature and are taught
expected to accept responsibility for their own
                                                        how to access resources relevant to their
learning outside of school hours in the form of
                                                        classroom programs. During these lessons students
                                                        are also provided with an opportunity to browse
Outside of school hours learning activities form an     and borrow books.
integral part of our school’s approach to the
                                                        The library is also open at lunchtime for borrowing
personal and academic development of our
                                                        & returning books. Please look after our Library
students. Such activities are given to;
                                                        books and be sure to return them so that all of our
     Provide structured situations in which            students can enjoy our wonderful range.
      students may develop habits of self
                                                        Transition and Year 1, students are permitted to
      discipline, responsibility and independent
                                                        borrow one (1) book at a time with no limit on
     Provide our students with opportunities for
                                                        Years 2, 3 & 4 students are permitted to borrow up
      practice, extension and research as
                                                        to two (2) books at any one time.
      appropriate to their stages of development.
                                                        Years 5 & 6 students are permitted to borrow up to
     Enable parents, as co-educators of children,
                                                        three (3) books at any one time.
      to observe, assist and encourage the
      development of their children, and the            The maximum loan period is two (2) week. All
      endeavours of the school.                         books in our school library are catalogued on the
                                                        computer and borrowing of books is through our
As our students move through their Primary School
                                                        computer system. Students are expected to take
years, their responsibility in terms of outside of
                                                        care of borrowed books and are responsible for
school hours learning will be increased as will the
                                                        books recorded under their name. Students should
difficulty of such activities.
                                                        not loan borrowed books to another student – this
If you have any concerns about homework which           can result in your child being responsible for
has been set for your child or if you would like        another child’s carelessness. Students will be
some information about how best to assist them          charged for any books lost that is recorded under
please contact their classroom teacher directly.        their name.
Recommended Time Allocations if homework is
Early Childhood - Set work should be limited to a
maximum of 15 minutes per night, Monday to
Thursday. Reading to parents is a major activity at
this age.
Middle and Upper Primary - Up to 1 hour per night:
Monday to Thursday.

Our School Library provides students with access to
a comprehensive range of academic resources and
books for recreational reading. The Library
promotes active interest and curiosity in literature.

                                                                       Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 15
Assessment and Recording                               times per year. Parents receive a written report at
                                                       the end of Terms 2 and 4. In Terms 1 and 3 we
The development of each of our students is closely
                                                       report to parents through a Student Conference.
monitored by their classroom teachers throughout
the school year. The school utilises techniques such   Should a parent/carer feel the need to discuss their
as observation, portfolios, student self evaluation,   child’s learning or any other concerns / queries
formal assessments and standardised testing to         that they may have, a parent/teacher interview
monitor development.                                   can be organised at any time by contacting the
                                                       office or the teacher via email where a suitable
The school also participates in the annual NAPLAN
                                                       time can be arranged.
testing. Students in Year 3 and Year 5 take place in
this Territory-wide assessment. The school receives    Other communications between school and home
information about each student’s individual            may include:
performance as well as a report about the school’s          Formal and informal discussion
overall performance.
                                                            Information sessions
If you have any concerns about your child’s
                                                            Newsletter
development, please contact their classroom
teacher directly.                                           Assemblies

Student Interviews                                          Special events and displays e.g. Education
Student Interviews are conducted at the end of
term 1 and term 3. These interviews are designed            School Council reports
so that students can show parents their school              Woodroffe Primary Facebook
environment, work that is either in progress or that
                                                       Classroom communication tools:
has been completed and to demonstrate new skills
that they have been developing.                             Class Dojos

These interviews are also a great opportunity to            Sea Saw
get to know your child’s classroom teacher a little
better and to ask any questions that you may have.
Of course, parents are encouraged to contact the
school at anytime throughout the school year.

Formal detailed written assessments will be
provided to parents and carers at the end of term 2
and term 4.
If required, families may receive more than one
copy of their child’s report. To discuss individual
needs please contact our Front Office.

Upon receipt of your child’s report, if you have any
concerns or questions, families are again
encouraged to contact the school to arrange a
suitable time to discuss these matters with a
classroom teacher and/or a senior staff member.
In line with the Northern Territory Department of
Education we are required to report to parents 4

                                                                       Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 16
Woodroffe Primary School Council
Our School Council is responsible for the overall
governance of the school. The Council is a statutory
body incorporated under the Education Act and
consists of parent members elected by the school
community, staff members elected by the school’s
staff and appointed members such as a local
Member of the Legislative Assembly in an electorate
of Palmerston.
The Council meets on the third Tuesday of each
month. All members of our school community are
welcome to attend and raise matters as required.

Details of meeting times appear in our regular school
                                                         The SRC will be responsible for mentoring peers and
newsletters and through our School Star App. Please
                                                         younger students, implementing social activities for
feel welcome to attend Council meetings.
                                                         students, greeting and chaperoning visitors to our
The Annual General Meeting and election of officers      school, organising and leading assemblies. There are
is held in February / March of each year on a date set   many more duties required of members and it is
by the current Executive, and circulated by              wonderful that so many of our students are willing to
newsletter, giving at least 21 days clear notice.        put themselves forward and accept this
A copy of the Council’s Constitution is available upon
request from the school.                                 House Captains
Student Representative Council (SRC)                     Woodroffe Primary School has three houses -
                                                         Leichhardt, Goyder and Gregory. On enrolment,
The Student Representative Council is elected at the
                                                         students and staff are allocated in family groups to
beginning of each school year by our Upper Primary
                                                         one of the three sports houses.
                                                         Captains and Vice-Captains are elected at the
Six members are elected from years 5 and 6 to
                                                         beginning of each year and are responsible for
represent the student body. These students are
                                                         leading their houses during friendly house
recognised as leaders amongst their peers and are
expected to demonstrate appropriate behaviour
when undertaking all curricular activities. Members      These students are also role models within our school
of the SRC are pillars within our school and are         and are expected to demonstrate the same high level
expected to set a positive example for all students      of behaviour as the SRC.
from Preschool to Year 6.

                                                                           Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 17
School Uniform                                            the level of Sunsafe awareness, knowledge and
                                                          responsibility among students, parents and staff.
Woodroffe Primary School is a Northern Territory
government school and as such it is compulsory that       To encourage the greater acceptance and use of
all students from Transition to Year 9 wear a school      Sunsafe alternatives:-
uniform whilst attending school or official school             The use of bucket hats/sunscreen is mandatory
activities both during and after school hours.                  for all outside activities.
By implementing a school uniform School Council                Teachers will model Sunsafe practices.
aims to promote equality amongst all students, to
                                                               Students not adequately protected will not be
further develop a sense of pride in and identification
                                                                able to participate in activities in the sun.
with our school, to provide durable, practical and cost
effective clothing and to maintain and enhance the             A sun safe education program will be used as a
positive image of the school within our community.              regular part of the Health curriculum of the
Boys are required to wear our school polo shirt with
Navy Blue Shorts.                                              The school will sell headwear, which offers
                                                                adequate protection – specifically Woodroffe
Girls are required to wear our school polo shirt with
                                                                bucket hats.
either a navy blue skirt, skort or shorts.
                                                               Students have access to safe places to play out
Parents are asked to consider the length of skirts,
                                                                of the sun should they not have a hat
skorts, shorts and dresses and whether they would be
an appropriate reflection of our school values.                We encourage families to support the school
                                                                with ensuring students have a bucket hat at
Extreme hair colours and cosmetics are not
                                                          The school policy is Yes Hat; Yes play.
Uniform Price List (subject to change)
Polo Shirt                  $26
Shorts                      $20
Skorts                      $21
Bucket Hat                  $9
Broad Brimmed Hat           $13
Sports House Hat            $12.50
Socks                       $7
                                                          Nude Food
Preschool Shirt (old)       $5
                                                          We encourage families to embrace the ‘Nude Food’
(limited stock available)                                 policy. What is Nude Food? Nude Food is simply food
Preschool Shirt (new)       $26                           that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or commercial
                                                          packaging. The best type of nude food consists mainly
Library Bag                 $12
                                                          of fresh food, so that it is healthy and nutritious PLUS
Footwear                                                  environmentally friendly eg fresh fruit, vegetable
                                                          sticks and dip or home-baked slices. Promoting Nude
Shoes, sneakers and roman sandals are accepted.
                                                          Food empowers students to make conscious choices
                                                          about what they eat, and encourages them to think
accepted for safety reasons.
                                                          about their impact on the environment and their
Hats                                                      health.
The School has a Sunsafe policy that aims to increase

                                                                             Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 18
Mobile Phones                                               Related Technology
In general, students should not bring valuable items        The procedures applying to the inappropriate use and
to school, as they can be easily lost or stolen, which is   security of mobile phones, apply equally to the
often distressful for a primary age child.                  inappropriate use of portable computer games, ipods
Students remain responsible for all of their personal       and similar devices      areas around the school
effects whilst at school. When students enter the           buildings.
school grounds the school takes no responsibility for
mobile phones. Mobile phones are brought to school
entirely at the owner’s risk. The school accepts no
responsibility for replacing lost, stolen or damaged
mobile phones.
There are no reasons why a student needs to have in
their possession or use a mobile phone during the
school day.
Parents are reminded that in cases of emergency the
school office remains a vital and appropriate point of
contact and can ensure your child is reached quickly
and assisted in an appropriate way.
Students are advised that if they bring a mobile
phone onto the school grounds during the school day,
they must hand the phone in at the office before            Toys, Money and Valuables
school or to their classroom teacher and collect it at
the end of the school day. The phones will be secured       Parents and students are asked to refrain from
in the office or classroom and students can retrieve        bringing toys and valuables to school. All too often
their phone at the conclusion of the day.                   such items are misplaced or broken which results in
If students do bring their mobile phone to school it        much disappointment. Woodroffe Primary School
should be clearly marked with their name.                   accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of
                                                            such items if they are brought to school.
Inappropriate Use
                                                            Students should only be bringing money to school in
Generally, a mobile          phone     will   be    used    small amounts and for specific purposes such as for
inappropriately if it:
                                                            purchasing consumables from the Canteen, limited to
     Disrupts or is likely to disrupt the learning         a maximum of $10 a day per student. If a
      environment or interfere with the operations          student appears to be in possession of an excessive
      of the school; or                                     amount of money, families will be contacted to
     Threatens or is likely to threaten the safety or      confirm that the student has been permitted to bring
      wellbeing of any person; or                           this money to school. Children should not leave
     Is in breach of any law                               money unattended in their school bags or in their
                                                            desks, but hand it to the Class Teacher for safe
Inappropriate use of mobile phones will include             keeping.
students using them to bully, intimidate or otherwise
harass other people through any SMS or text
message, photographic, video or other data transfer
system available on the phone. This type of misuse
will be dealt with under the Student Wellbeing and
Behaviour Policy.
It should be noted that it is a criminal offence to use
a mobile phone to menace, harass or offend another
person. The school may consider it appropriate to
involve the police.

                                                                             Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 19
...our Behaviour Management Policy
School Wide Positive Behaviour                              Children have the responsibility to:
                                                                      adhere to school rules and safety
Woodroffe Primary School provides educational                          guidelines
opportunities for students from a diverse range of                    endeavour to do their best
cultural and linguistic backgrounds and employs staff                 treat others with respect and
who endeavour to make learning possible for every                      courtesy
child.                                                                take responsibility for their behaviour and
                                                                      accept the consequences
We understand that a number of children in our
school community have experienced difficulty or           All staff have the right to be:
traumatic life circumstances which influence their                    treated with courtesy by colleagues,
attitudes, confidence, self-esteem and behaviours at                   families and students
school. We use differentiation strategies to not only                 recognised as a professional
cater for the academic needs of students, but to apply                supported by the school community
behaviour management strategies according to              All staff have the responsibility to:
particular situations, context and individual                         teach effectively; establish effective
circumstances.                                                         school behaviour that assists to provide a
                                                                       safe environment
We believe strong, positive partnerships with parents/
carers, students and school staff and a common                        treat others with respect and courtesy
understanding of our whole-school behaviour                           act professionally and promote positive
expectations and values is essential for developing and                self-esteem and attitudes towards
maintaining the wellbeing and academic achievement                     learning and each other
of students in our care.                                              develop helpful communication links with
                                                                       the school community, as families are the
Our school provides access to education for all
                                                                       major influence in the child’s life
students including those with Special Needs in our
                                                          Families have a right to be:
Special Education Unit, and English as a Second
                                                                      recognised as the major influence in their
Language as part of our Intensive English Program.
                                                                       child’s life
At Woodroffe School Community everyone has the
                                                                      a partner in their child’s education
right to expect:
                                                                      informed about issues affecting their child
       to be treated with respect and dignity;
                                                                      treated with courtesy by          teachers,
       the opportunity to learn; and
                                                                       students and other families
       a safe learning environment .
                                                          Families have the responsibility to:
In the Woodroffe School Community our responsibility
                                                                      recognise and support the school’s
to others is to:
                                                                       behavioural expectations
       create a safe learning environment;
                                                                      treat others with respect and courtesy
       to respect and care; and
                                                                      develop helpful communication links with
       to share our time, skills and experience
                                                                       Woodroffe staff as partners in your child’s
                                                                      provide information that may impact on
Children have a right to:
                                                                       your child’s learning.
               be safe at school
               learn without interference
               be treated with courtesy by teachers
                families and students

                                                                            Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 20
Classroom Expectations                                   opportunity for our classes to show their peers what
                                                         they have been working on during class time and for
Acceptable behaviour in the classroom is an
                                                         our Principal to address matters within our school
expectation and negotiated between the classroom
                                                         and our community.
teacher and students at the commencement of each
year. The classroom expectations are clearly             Whole school assemblies are held every second
displayed in the classroom as well as the negotiated     Friday at 8:30 am.
consequences for both appropriate and inappropriate
                                                         After School Care
behaviour. All teachers conduct discussions with their
classes on a regular basis to familiarise them with,     Outside School Care NT is a Territory owned and
and reinforce these rules.                               operated provider of after school, before school and
                                                         vacation care programs. Their focus is on providing
Students Before & After School Hours                     high quality care programs to Schools and parents in
Staff are on duty from 7:30am each morning. There is     the Darwin and Palmerston area. Their teams deliver
no supervision before this time, unless a school         fun and stimulating activities in safe environments
activity has been planned and parents have been          that meet or exceed National Quality Framework
notified.                                                (NQF) standards.

Children are expected to go straight home after          They also provide a daily school bus pick up service
school, except in the case of sports practice or an      from all Palmerston area primary schools.
after school activity. In most cases students should     To enrol your child in Outside School Care NT:
have left the school premises by 2:30pm.
                                                              Pick up an enrolment form from Woodroffe
Parents are forewarned of any after school activities.         Primary School Front Office,
If your child is late home, please check your                 Download an enrolment form from their
neighbourhood first, and then contact the school as            website
soon as possible.
School Assemblies
                                                              Contact Outside School Care NT Woodroffe
Our school assemblies are held in the School Hall and          Centre Site Director on 0406 058 528, Main
are an opportunity to recognise merit and                      Office 0499 994 158
achievement amongst our students. This is also an

                                                                           Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 21
Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 22
2021 School Term Calendar                        2022 School Term Calendar
Semester one                                     Semester one
Term 1     Urban schools                         Term 1     Urban schools
Monday 1 February to Friday 9 April (teachers    Monday 31 January to Friday 8 April (teachers
resume Friday 29 January)                        resume Friday 28 January)

Remote schools (excluding Gunbalanya School)     Remote schools (excluding Gunbalanya School)
Tuesday 2 February to Friday 9 April (teachers   Tuesday 1 February to Friday 8 April (teachers
resume Monday 1 February)                        resume Monday 31 January)
Term break       Monday 12 April to Friday 16    Term break       Monday 11 April to Thursday 14
April                                            April
Term 2     Monday 19 April to Friday 25 June     Term 2     Tuesday 19 April to Friday 24 June
Semester break Monday 28 June to Friday 16 July Semester break Monday 27 June to Friday 15 July

Semester two                                     Semester two

Term 3 Tuesday 20 July to Friday 24 September    Term 3Tuesday 19 July to Friday 23 September
(teachers resume Monday 19 July)                 (teachers resume Monday 18 July)

Term break       Monday 27 September to Friday   Term break Monday 26 September to Friday 7
8 October                                        October

Term 4   Urban schools                           Term 4Urban schools
Monday 11 October to Thursday 16 December        Monday 10 October to Thursday 15 December

Remote schools                                   Remote schools
Monday 11 October to Friday 17 December          Monday 10 October to Friday 16 December

Semester break Monday 20 December 2021 to        Semester break Monday 19 December 2022 to
Friday 28 January 2022                           Friday 27 January 2023

                                                                    Woodroffe Primary School | 2020 | 23
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