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1 KNIGHTWATCH November 15, 2019 FROM THE PRINCIPAL . Adam Kirsch Love God with all your Mind by ... studying His Word “The longest journey you will ever make is from your head to your heart.” I am pretty sure I have heard this statement in the past, but for some reason when I heard it earlier this fall it really stuck in my head. It is easy for there to be a disconnect between our head and our heart. Our head often refers to our intellect while our heart describes our emotion. Those two can sometimes conflict with each other. Yet, God in our theme verse clearly points out that our head – our thoughts, our intellect, our wisdom – are also to be connected in love to Him.

This is certainly a challenge for me in my personal faith walk, and sometimes in working with our students. Too often, I read Scripture more like a textbook – thinking that I can soak up the knowledge by reading the words. But my challenge is to truly study His Word – for it to go beyond an exercise in literature to a transformation message that reforms my heart. I need God’s Word to both convict my sinful heart but also to be a grace-filled reassurance of my Savior.

This requires a great deal of trust in the words of Scripture and is at the core of the tension between head and heart. Can our head convince us of the truth so we can believe with our hearts? This is not simply a new problem. The earliest Christians navigated the same question: They received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures to see if these things were so. (Acts 17:11) As we read God’s Word, His promise is to continue to speak to us in a way that moves us in our relationship with Him and that bridges the gap between our head and our heart. It is in that connection that we can Love God with all our Mind.

May our study of Scripture be the tool that helps us develop that love toward God as He speaks to us through His Word.

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2 ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES . REPORTING A STUDENT ABSENT OR LATE Absences must be reported to the Attendance Office by email OR (414) 461-6062 by 9 AM on the day of the absence. EARLY RELEASE If you need to have your student released early, please Email or call the attendance office (414) 461-6062 AT LEAST ONE HOUR IN ADVANCE. Last minute calls may result in a delayed dismissal. GETTING A MESSAGE TO A STUDENT If you need to get a message to a student please email OR call (414) 461-6062 and a message will be sent to the student through student mail.

Please note that due to the large volume of calls and activity in the attendance office you may have to leave a message. Messages are checked often and the call will be handled accordingly.*** Thank you for your assistance in this matter! ACADEMIC ADVISING . STUDENT/COUNSELOR ASSIGNMENTS: CUCINELLO: Freshmen E. JANOUSKY: Sophomores OECHSNER: Juniors & Seniors - Career STEINKE: Juniors & Seniors - College L. KOEBERT: Transition UPCOMING EVENTS . 11/27-29 Thanksgiving Break 12/5 Early Release, 12:30 pm 12/7 Choir Concert 12/14 Band Concert 12/18-20 Final Exams Joel Bahr Assistant Principal

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3 OFFICE of SCHOOL CULTURE/Dean of Students Neil Boettcher Dean of Culture Marcus Jackson Dean of Students Joe Kalkopf Dean of Students Chip Wylie Counselor LIVING STONES “You yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 2:5 Stones, rocks, pebbles, boulders, and gravel are all stones of different sizes and shapes.

We don’t think of them as living, but rather just as stones. Stones we can pile up; stones we can skip across the water; stones that fill in potholes; stones that build; or stones that cause injury or even death in the right person’s slingshot. I have a small collection of rocks which includes some fossils. Fossils are all classified as “living” stones. I have a chunk of coal—ferns, leaves, and grass; there is cochina—tiny marine creatures and their shells; there is Salurian limestone—mud, crinoids, and cockle shells; and the one on my desk is petrified wood—tree trunks turned to stone. Do you suppose that these are the kinds of stones St.

Peter compares Christians to? As we look around us here in Milwaukee, we see schools and churches that were built of steel, bricks, wood, mortar, and plaster, and stones. When the New Testament writers speak of the church, they are not referring to buildings, but rather, they are talking about people. The earliest known Christian church building was not even constructed until approximately 250 AD. In Peter’s description of the church he describes people--Christians, as living stones “who are built up as a spiritual house”. From Peter’s perspective the church is not a physical building, but rather an institution of people, whom God is developing and bringing together in Jesus.

What’s important for us as building stones is to envision that we fit together only because the Cornerstone is set first on a firm foundation and all other stones fit into place around it. But wait, there’s more! Not only are we the building blocks, we are also the priests in this spiritual house called the church. We offer continual sacrifices of prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. These are acceptable to God because of His great sacrifice; His Son Jesus Christ, the cornerstone upon who we build up the house of the Lord. How we view ourselves as mere stones, greatly influences how we approach our ministry here at MLHS.

Our goal is not to have a larger soccer field, or an auditorium, or a new theater building.(Those would be nice however.) Rather is it to develop people—specifically teenagers—into “living stones” that love and follow Jesus right along with us. Try to think of it like this for the new year, we’re not a team; we’re a pile of rocks—set firmly upon the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ, and by God’s grace—called here to build up more stone walls as we build the Lord’s house. May He give us the willingness and the key to reach and open every student’s heart. Become the “stone” you are called to be!

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4 ADMISSIONS... Rachel Janousky Director of Admissions Important Upcoming Dates for the Class of 2024: Online Applications Open for the Class of 2024: October 1, 2019

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6 STUDENT ACTIVITIES . ATHLETICS . Jerad Luedtke Athletic Director Milwaukee Lutheran Athletics Week of November 18th to November 23rd : Please refer to our website for Athletic events: DRESS DOWN DAY: Our next dress down day will be on Friday, November 22nd ! Students may purchase $3 dress down stickers next week during 3rd lunch or before and after school.

No stickers will be sold on Friday! You must purchase your sticker prior to coming to school on Friday morning! Dress down stickers will allow you to wear sweatpants, athletic pants, and shirts/sweatshirts. Ripped jeans and legging are still not allowed!

DECK THE HALLS: After school on Tuesday, November 26th, we will be decorating the halls for Christmas! If you would like to participate, let Miss Vonderheide know! We are also looking for decoration donations to help make our school look festive! If you have any old decorations you don’t need, please consider donating! You may email Miss Vonderheide at FOOD DRIVE: Starting December 2nd, Student Council will be hosting a food drive to help local families in need. More information will be announced as the date approaches, but please consider donating a few cans of food to help feed our community! Rachel Vonderheide Student Activities Director

8 CURRENT NEWS . WANT TO BUY AN AD IN THE YEARBOOK FOR YOUR SENIOR OR BUSINESS? Do you want to shout out your senior son or daughter in the yearbook for them to remember for years to come? Or advertise your company/business for future prospects in high schoolers? You can purchase a full page, half, quarter, or even an eighth of a page, in full color. Contact Mrs. Tennies @ for more information and the form to fill out. Yearbook ad deadline is January 11th , 2020. CONCESSION STAND HELP NEEDED: The concession stand is looking for new parent volunteers! If this is an area you are looking to serve MLHS, please send your information to Stephanie Bahr at:

Shifts are 2 hours and are open for upcoming Varsity football and volleyball matches.

DO YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AT MLHS? Come and join us, a group of Moms of ML students, as we pray for staff and students. In John 14:13-14 we read, “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in My name, and I will do it.” Please feel free, Moms, Dads, and anyone who wants to pray, to join us. We meet from 8:00-8:45 am in Room 210 every Friday that school is in session. Stay as long as you are able. For questions or more information, please call or text Julie Goodman at (414) 731-7890 or Trish Kirkendoll at (414) 406-2275.

PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE: Milwaukee Lutheran is humbled and proud to be able to "serve and set up for success" students and families from literally across the globe! Planning for the future is another powerful way for us to serve! We are pleased to connect MLHS families, alumni, and friends with free will preparation services with a certified professional. Click here to learn more about this free planning service, now available! Student Yearbooks ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS The price for student yearbooks this year is $55 until November 1st. After November 1st, the price will go up to $65.

You must order your yearbook online and follow the below instructions: 1. Go to this website: 2. Choose/type in Milwaukee Lutheran as your school. 3. Once you have Milwaukee Lutheran chosen, go to the tab labeled, “2020 Yearbooks.” 4. There are several options listed. Please choose the “Yearbook- $55” option. There is also another option to add the “Signature Package”. This is an extra cost but it includes: personalization, color autograph section, and colored markers for signing.

5. Add either option to your cart and follow the prompts to complete your order and proceed to checkout. You can add personalization & ICONS as well. Discounted price ends September 13th and includes 4 free icons if you choose to add personalization. 6. You can choose to spread out your payments for the yearbook. You will be able to make 3 equal payments over 3 months to help make the book more affordable if you choose to do so. If you have any questions, please let me know!!! Mrs. Tennies

9 PARKING LOT SAFETY: For the safety of all our students and parents, please find below a few reminders about dropping off/picking up your student(s) in the morning and after school.

1. When picking up after school, please DO NOT park between the orange cones. This area is designated for the buses. 2. When dropping off in the morning, you may pull up next to the canopy or next to the parking lot. Please DO NOT stop in the middle of the driveway – this causes congestion. 3. Please drive slowly at all times and watch for pedestrians crossing. 4. Please use extra caution between 7:40am to 7:50am. WEEKLY LUNCH MENU MONDAY, Nov. 18 – Chicken Patty, Hash Brown TUESDAY, Nov. 19 – BBQ Ribs, Mac & Cheese WEDNESDAY, Nov. 20 – Salisbury Steak, Noodles THURSDAY, Nov. 21– Mostaccioli, Bosco Sticks FRIDAY, Nov.

22 – Beefy Nachos MONDAY, Nov. 25 – Cheeseburger, Hash Brown TUESDAY, Nov. 26 – Chicken Quesadilla WEDNESDAY, Nov. 27 – Thanksgiving Break -No School THURSDAY, Nov. 28– Thanksgiving Break -No School FRIDAY, Nov. 29 – Thanksgiving Break -No School

11 Milwaukee Lutheran High School 2018/2019 2nd Semester - Academic Recognition High Honor Roll - Class of 2019 (G.P.A.: 3.50-4.00) 4.0 Students Indicated in Bold Honor Roll – Class of 2019 (G.P.A.: 3.0-3.499) High Honor Roll – Class of 2020 (G.P.A.: 3.50-4.00) 4.0 Students Indicated in Bold Anyiah E. Anthony Lily G. Bansemar James L. Bouy Jaime L. Butler Asia S. Carson Kennedy M. Cole Josephine L. Cronce Luke D. Czaplewski Jalaya D. Ellis Emily R. Ewert Hoang-Long T. Ho Melvin L. Hood LeAnn V. Huynh Clayan D. Johnson Dylan Johnson Erin M. Knight Jacob T.

Kohlmeier Noulown Kue Donavan A. Malone Morgan P. Mayborne Prae Meh Raven S. Mendoza Davieana K. Miller Kurt J. Pahule Mary Jo E. Pergande Hanna E. Radewahn Matthew J. Sowinski Myah N. Stamps Timothy J. Steinke Matthew M. Stoltenberg Rebekah J. Tait Nellie K. Thao Gwyneth E. Vang Joseph D. Vavruska Tasia M. Xiong Rayanna A. Stamps Faith Stanley Pearla L. Volkman Samoria L. Williams Jaren K. Windham Adedoyin T. Aderele Steven C. Anas Ronesha M. Bailey Jasmine Bell Toryuna Brown My’Kale Christian LaNiya D. Clark Brittinie M. Colbert Joseph Dekker Genevieve K. Dillie Desriana Gilbert Peyton R.

Gitzlaff LaNaya R. Greer Arielle Hamilton Kalan D. Harris Jennifer Hernandez Daezha D. Hill Oanh H. Ho Kaliah K. Hobbs Marshay M. Jackson Jonathon D. Janke James G. Jurss Shimea Kirkendoll Njame W. Kroupa Elijah Lock Evan D. Moody Savannah C. Moore Cervantes Mosby Niyla Phillips Aaliyah A. Purefoy Deondre Reid Carlos A. Sanchez Abigail Scharlau Benjamin D. Schlie Janiya A. Seelow Makala M. Smith Timara Steadman Ilsa J. Strelow Sarah Vinton Shao Fei S. Xiong Briana C. Bynum Cachea M. Cooper Sycere Covington Clifton J. Crump Kenneth L. Daniel Jr Kristopher L. Daniel Stacy A. Davis Jr Raekell G.

Ferguson A'Raeya N. Gatson Gavin I. Grayson Jailyn James Donshay L. Lee Chester Levels Jr Jacob S. Price Tiana M. Riley-Perkins

12 Honor Roll – Class of 2020 (G.P.A.: 3.0-3.499) High Honor Roll – Class of 2021 (G.P.A.: 3.50-4.00) 4.0 Students Indicated in Bold Honor Roll – Class of 2021 (G.P.A.: 3.0-3.499) Savannah A. Anderson Elliona J. Austin Kaela Branch Demetrius Brown Omari D. Brown Damareon M. Carter Ciera Collins Joy Collins Brandon G. Davenport Edwin E. Gonzalez De Alba Treyvon J. Hamberlin Vincent Z. Harris Aija T. Jacobs Arianna M. King Reese A. Knapp Olurotimi O. Ladeinde Ramon Maxfield Jr Pia Moore Dontraia D. Moye Daniel J. Perdzock Kenyon T. Proby Don L. Taylor Jordan M. Watson Devin Scott Alyssa J. Steeger Angela A.

Voravong Demetrius K. Williams Alexander C. Willis Aaron I. Everett Karon Gray Kevin T. Huynh Tyesha M. James KaiJanae D. Jiles Carlito N. Johnson Demia King Kathleen A. Knight Ryuji F. Lee Rakayla J. Maxfield Taylor L. McKibbins Antoine I. McNeail-Grace Elysa J. Neal Phuong Uyen D. Nguyen Deavion L. Nicholas-Long Jasmine R. Pula Alilia J. Baker Isaiah Barley Joie N. Bouy Myah A. Brown Jada M. Bryant Cinamon C. CarsonWilliams Quinnay C. Richardson Lori E. Sanchez Jayla P. Semons Amanda M. Steinke Eriana K. Stubbs Armonie T. White Faith B. Yang Lydia Baas Tianna N. Barnes Jamera Bean Naomi E.

Bell Jaden T. Brown Kaleb L. Daniel Zara R. Dixon A’Shawna M. Egerson Hosanna Conway Saniya M. Davis Sania L. Gray Jailah C. Heard Alexis N. Johnson Amarae S. Johnson Caleb J. Jones Sa’Nya Landingham Samone P. Lewis Tey H. Nguyen Indya M. Owens Leo A. Panos

13 High Honor Roll – Class of 2022 (G.P.A.: 3.50-4.00) 4.0 Students Indicated in Bold Honor Roll – Class of 2022 (G.P.A.: 3.0-3.499) Victoria K. Adam Adetofunmi M. Aderele Amalia K. Bansemar Eniyah S. Bell AlAsha Brookshire-Walker Katera J. Chambers Breanna S. Clay Claire Cronce Raymond Curtiss ZaNiyah S. Davis Jaedah S. Dixon Toriola O. George Caitlin E. Gildart Jakhia N. Griffin JaNeya Harper Taniera Haynes Isaiah J. Hill Khya D. Honeycutt Hannah M. Hunter Katelynn M. James Rafeal Johnson Jr Taylor M. Lane Tiarra S. Mason Mason M. Mayborne Derek F. McDaniel Sydney Moore Britney C. Nwanosike Asiah S.

Patterson Montrell J. Peavy Deanna S. Reed Jaiden J. RhodesWinfrey Christasia L. Robinson Naomi Sampton Tonyae M. Shell Essence J. Steen Terriana A. Taylor Mekhi S. Thadison Joshua I. Thiemer Anaiyah N. Tucker Kamaria Wilburn Terrence L. Williams II Rahul Granston Isaiah Griffin Tiara S. Griffin JaNeya Harper Nicole Hernandez Miranda Ashanti S. Jackson Mariah M. Kato Julia Khoelisho Jaylen A. Lewis Dylan E. Lucas Soe Meh II Malikai J. Mitchell Poni J. Morben Anyah J. Muhammad My’Kia D. Patterson Jade K. Prado Lee Reh Camryn M. Rossa Chloe Rossa Breia S. Rush Isaac P. Schmidt Sophia J. Seymour Clara G.

Strelow Abigail C. Thiemer Stephanie T. Townsell Emily J. Weber Dwayne K. Webster Angela L. Wilder Saniah M. Williams Ping Ger I. Yang Genesis Armstead Ja’niyah D. Ballard Aaliyah F. Carson-Grant Denzel Clayton Avian Davis Curawn E. Davis Stembridge Solomon N. Demby Aryana A. Dunn Shayla Evans-Gray Nautia Gardner

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