Leamington Spa Creative Quarter - Draft v.4 Masterplan November 2018

Leamington Spa Creative Quarter - Draft v.4 Masterplan November 2018
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter
November 2018

Draft v.4
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter - Draft v.4 Masterplan November 2018

    1. Executive Summary

    2. Setting the scene

    3. The Vision

    4. Key development opportunities

    5. Analysis

    6. Proposals

2   LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter - Draft v.4 Masterplan November 2018
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter
A destination for Digital and Traditional Creatives
Executive Summary                                  consultation process. It is not intended to         There are now over 1,500 creative
                                                   determine at this stage the use of any of           businesses in Leamington employing
Leamington Spa has a history of creative           the key buildings within the area but does          over 7,000 people. Software and digital
individuals and companies. In 2016 a               seek to inform and support investment               companies account for half of this.
report by NESTA and Creative England               decision making within the area in terms of
identified the town as the only creative           regeneration and use.                               The town is part of the third largest digital
cluster in the West Midlands. The town is                                                              games cluster in the UK. The games
the third largest digital gaming cluster in                                                            development industry is worth £1.7bn
the UK by number employed. The games               Setting the Scene                                   to the UK economy and the town has a
development industry is worth £1.7bn                                                                   range of studios from the AAA to the indie
to the UK economy and the town has                 Creativity is part of Leamington Spa’s              start-up, earning its name of Silicon Spa.
a range of games developers, from the              DNA. It has a proven track record in design         The games cluster employs over 2500
internationally acclaimed to the innovative        innovation across a range of sectors.               highly skilled people, equating to over 10%
start-up earning its name of Silicon Spa.          From automotive design to camouflage                of the UK total in games development.
                                                   during World War II to digital revolutions,         There are over 50 studios operating from
This Master Plan sets out how the Creative         Leamington Spa’s creativity has a global            the Silicon Spa area and over 80 across
Quarter could become a dynamic and                 impact.                                             the Coventry & Warwickshire area.
distinct destination and attraction for
the district. We will fuse together historic       Leamington Spa experienced massive                  Increasing Tourism to Leamington Spa
architecture with current requirements and         growth during the 19th Century as people            is a vital driver to this project. Tourism is
uses. The Master Plan will create new work         and businesses were attracted to the spa            a vital sector within the British economy
spaces, active and exciting public spaces,         waters. The town was granted its Royal              accounting for 3.1 million jobs, 9.6% of all
public art and a cluster of                        charter in 1838 by Queen Victoria. Much             employment, £126.9bn and 9% of GDP.
diverse creative activity. It is a catalyst for    of this growth was focused on the north             Utilising the 2016 data for specifically
change to support development partners             of the town and as it grew the Old Town             Warwick District, the value of tourism to
and stakeholders to work collectively to           began to decline.                                   the local economy is £271,709,000.
deliver an ambitious range of projects.
There will be a collaboration between              However, the town continued to create,              While Warwick and Kenilworth have a
Warwick District Council (WDC), Complex            innovate and diversify. During World War            clear draw for the leisure tourism market
Development Projects (CDP), creatives,             II Leamington Spa was home to the main              through their respective castles, business
local communities, developers and land             base of the Directorate of Camouflage,              tourism is the area of greater significance
owners. This collaboration of stakeholders         which brought together 250 artists,                 for Leamington. Accordingly, it’s also
will be essential in the realisation of the        technicians and designers. Leading                  the area where there is greater growth
project.                                           abstract artist Sir Terry Frost was born            potential and, as such, enhanced creative
                                                   and brought up in the town. It was home             facilities become all the more important.
The Master Plan is aspirational - delivering       to Malcolm Sayer, designer of the E-Type
a vibrant environment that will support the        Jaguar. And in the early 1980s a home
creative sectors in the broadest terms. It         computer games industry was born close
targets specific requirements that have            to the town – an industry that continues to
been identified as part of a significant           thrive to this day.

Existing Workspace in Leamington Spa
(Left) Large format office space in the Town Centre for Playground Games. (Middle) Pure Office, out of town serviced office space, home to a handful of
creative industries. (Right) Arch Creatives, office space for Lockwood Leamington.

DRAFT                                                                                                                         LSCQ Masterplan          3
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter - Draft v.4 Masterplan November 2018
4   LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter - Draft v.4 Masterplan November 2018
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter
CDP has been appointed to work in                 from the business parks of the 90’s to the      but would support the existing creative
partnership with WDC to create                    inner urban fringe. Creative people spark       industries in the town.
a ‘masterplan’ for Leamington Spa’s               creative thought in others, whether it is
‘Creative Quarter’.                               through street art or a chat in the local bar   Where?
This masterplan aims to:                          or café. The sector is often driven by
                                                  the young and the talented, but is backed       Leamington Spa is centrally located in
• Identify the elements and features that         by local residents and businesses who           England. It is at the heart of a motorway
make the creative economy in Leamington           buy into change and the benefits that           and railway network which can take you to:
Spa vibrant and distinctive.                      regeneration brings to all aspects of the
• Identify the key development needs              community. The aspirations are to be            • Central London in 1 hour and 20 minutes
for the creative sector. What key places,         somewhere different, authentic and              • Birmingham in 30 minutes
spaces and infrastructure would best              diverse.                                        • Manchester in 2 hours and 10 minutes
support the further development of                                                                • Cardiff in 2 hours and 41 minutes.
Leamington Spa’s Creative Quarter?                Leamington Spa’s current reputation is          • Glasgow in 5 hours and 3 minutes
• Identify key buildings and areas that           currently one of a beautiful, predominately
could be regenerated and developed to             middle-class Spa Town. Its outstanding          Furthermore, it is in a region that is about
support these aims and key development            parks and gardens, regency parades and          to get very noisy. Coventry City of Culture
projects that could be brought forward to         proximity to the Warwickshire countryside       will take place in 2021, providing
do this.                                          are just a few of the reasons why               opportunities for cross programming and
• Identify what else needs to be done in          Leamington was voted the happiest place         showcasing local creative talent. The 2022
a broader sense to support our creative           in England in 2017. It is within this setting   Commonwealth Games will take place in
economy.                                          that one of the UKs most significant digital    Birmingham with Leamington Spa as a
• To establish the viability and deliverability   clusters has developed. However,                host location – bringing the action to the
of regeneration projects to be brought            as the cluster has evolved so has its           edge of the Creative Quarter.
forward in a coherent manner.                     requirements. Questions are now being
                                                  asked as to whether the Georgian heritage       The Master Plan area has been defined
                                                  of Leamington can provide the old, urban        by WDC and CDP as shown in the map
This masterplan will identify a series            industrial buildings that are now so desired    overleaf. The ‘core’ lies to the south of river
of areas within which regeneration                in the creative community.                      and north of the Grand Union Canal and
activities will be focused. It will also make                                                     includes Leamington Spa Station, Court
recommendations beyond these specific             However, in Old Town the buildings are          Street and the Althorpe Street industrial
locations for measures which would                less uniform. There are the remains of          area. The area has been extended north of
support these key development                     former industrial uses and an old railway       the river to include the Town Hall and Royal
opportunities. Overall the ambition of the        viaduct which create a much more urban          Pump Rooms and Club lands. It includes
masterplan across the Creative Quarter            feel. It is more ‘raw’, a ‘hidden’ Leamington   a number of properties and areas of land
is to:                                            and an ideal place to create a cluster with     that are owned by WDC, predominantly
                                                  lower property prices and easy access to        car parks and light industrial or vacant
• Regenerate and breathe new life into the        the station for links to Birmingham, London     buildings, and land that may become
Old Town of Leamington Spa.                       and beyond.                                     available or be developed by other
• Build upon and reinforce the importance                                                         landowners.
of the Creative and Digital Industries in         There is already of core of creatives in and
Leamington Spa.                                   around Old Town with a heavy emphasis
• Create a vibrant, unique and desirable          on dance and theatre at Spencer Yard.
destination for residents, employers and          Larger corporate gamers such as Sega
visitors alike.                                   Hardlight and Ubisoft Leamington are just
                                                  to the north of the River Leam and smaller
                                                  companies occupy premises in Old Town.
Why Old Town, Why Now?                            Yet the change in the area is slow. There
                                                  is not yet a critical mass of activity, and
The Creative Industries sector adds over          much of this activity is not very apparent.
£80bn to the UK economy and is growing            The place simply does not feel very
at twice the national average, yet unlike         creative. Furthermore, the creative sector
other sectors it is incredibly diverse            would benefit from greater diversity. It is
covering a spectrum of activities with one        heavily reliant on the gaming industry. The
key defining element – its people and their       advantage of a diverse creative cluster in
ability to think ‘outside the box’. Creative      a dynamic environment is that different
industries are continually trying to keep the     parts of the spectrum have the ability
creative juices flowing in their staff, and are   and freedom to inspire each other and
now introducing ideas ranging from office         generate new ideas and approaches for
‘play space’ to relocation                        the future. Greater diversity would not only
                                                  bring in new types of creative industry,

DRAFT                                                                                                                  LSCQ Masterplan         5
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter - Draft v.4 Masterplan November 2018

6   LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter - Draft v.4 Masterplan November 2018
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter
Engagement                                     needed, but it is important that these            Existing Assets
Introduction - To start shaping and            spaces have the right look and feel and are       Leamington Spa must celebrate, advertise
developing the masterplan, CDP                 reflective of the businesses they house.          and build upon existing assets, including
have consulted with a range of local           New workspaces must be appropriate for            its history and heritage and its excellence
stakeholders including consultation the        creative industries in size, location and         in digital and creative technologies.
local digital and creative communities,        aesthetic.                                        Leamington Spa was also recently voted
District Ward Councillors, Town                                                                  the ‘happiest place to live in the UK’; what
Councillors, WDC Planning Department,          Public Art                                        an asset for the Creative Quarter to utilise
local business owners and members              Thought provoking and innovative public           and enhance!
of the public. The initial stages of this      art should be installed to help define the
consultation were mainly undertaken in         unique characteristics of each area of the        These discussions have helped identify
group discussion sessions, but also 1 -1       town. Artist trails, colourful street furniture   a shared vision for the Creative Quarter,
as required. Ongoing consultation on this      and signage should reflect the creative,          along with four priorities and some key
masterplan will be via public events and       digital, gaming sector, bringing to life the      development opportunities for Old Town
display boards and presentations.              existing urban fabric while respecting the        which are presented in this document.
                                               local design tradition.
A summary of the key points that emerged
from the consultation is listed below. The     Wayfinding
full document is available on request along    A wayfinding strategy needs implementing
with details of who participated in the        to reinforce and develop new pedestrian
consultation.                                  links to the train station, canal, river, parks
                                               and other key attractions. These key
What is a Creative Quarter?                    destinations should be better signposted
A Creative Quarter needs to reflect            and the station should be more welcoming.
and represent the creative community
as a whole, including artists, makers,         Community Space & Public Squares
digital creatives, innovators, artisan         A multi-purpose, flexible community
food producers and more. It should be          space(s) and a new central square/meeting
a diverse, vibrant place and welcoming         place for events, arts, and markets could
place, supporting community ownership          form a focus for the new quarter.
and social activism and creativity.
                                               New Workers and Younger People
Workspace                                      Leamington must compete with London
New ‘grow on’ space for businesses that        and Birmingham (amongst many other
are expanding is in short supply; this         cities) for new workers. The Creative
space is key for retaining existing business   Quarter should provide attractive
and attracting new ones. Start-up office,      workspace but also improve the cultural,
studio and co-working space for small          culinary, recreation and night-time offers in
businesses, artists and creatives is also      Leamington Spa.

DRAFT                                                                                                                LSCQ Masterplan         7
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter - Draft v.4 Masterplan November 2018
8   LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter - Draft v.4 Masterplan November 2018
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter
The Vision                                      4 Priorities for Leamington Spa’s Creative      • Create and manage new spaces for
                                                Quarter                                         an exciting arts, cultural and community
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter will            • Celebrate the meeting of Leamington           events programme.
be an authentic, dynamic and diverse            Spa’s history and heritage with its current     • Improve the public realm, introducing
place; a series of spaces that will inspire     cutting edge creative technologies;             better wayfinding around the town and
all who live, work or pass through them.        respect the area’s heritage whilst giving it    injecting colour and life.
The Creative Quarter will be a first-           a new lease of life.
choice location for creative individuals        • Provide the right opportunities for
to collaborate and will provide an              grown-on space for gaming and digital
environment that allows the creative            businesses; nurture creative talent and
economy to thrive.                              support new and existing pathways into
                                                creative careers.

 Priority                                       How it will be delivered                       Who will deliver it

 Celebrate the meeting of Leamington            Potential Regeneration of historical           CDP to lead on identification, design
 Spa’s history and heritage and its current     buildings no longer                            and build programme, in line with agreed
 cutting edge creative technologies;            in use to create effective work and social     master plan.
 respect the area’s heritage whilst giving it   spaces
 a new lease of life                            e.g. former Stoneleigh Arms pub and URC        WDC and partners to provide support.
                                                church on Spencer Street
                                                Respecting the towns heritage and              All projects subject to WDC approval in
                                                bringing aspects to life e.g. Camouflage       addition to the planning process.

 Provide the right opportunities for            Ensure that development provides space         CDP to ensure development proposals are
 grown-on space for gaming and digital          of at least 1000 sq. m (as appropriate         in line with creative business’s needs.
 businesses; nurture creative talent and        to locality) that is flexible to support the
 support new and existing pathways into         needs of the business.                         WDC to support business engagement.
 creative careers
                                                Ensure that spaces reflect the creative
                                                diversity of Leamington Spa

 Create and manage new spaces for an            Create new spaces throughout                   CDP and WDC to agree opportunities and
 exciting and arts,                             the Creative Quarter area through              uses of cross subsidy of projects from
 cultural and community events programme        improvements in the public realm and           more commercial to less commercial.
                                                defined areas of development.
                                                                                               Maintenance of space to be approved for
                                                Create a programme hub based around            each development project.
                                                Spencer Yard and Court St

 Improve the public realm, introducing          Improve signage throughout the area.           Masterplan to identify where
 better wayfinding around the town and                                                         improvements in public realm should be
 injecting colour and life                      Use of street art and colour to clearly        focussed.
                                                define routes?
                                                                                               WDC and CDP (and other partners) to
                                                Use of street art to improve the public        explore how individual development
                                                realm around Bath St/Clemens St/ High          projects and wider enhancement
                                                St.                                            programmes could help deliver this.

Key Development Opportunities                   within the Creative Quarter and set out         Town Hall
                                                proposals for how these could come              Court Street
Taking this shared vision and these             forward.                                        Bath Street and Bath Place Car Park
four priorities, WDC, CDP, Metropolitan         These sites are as follows:                     Althorpe Street Area
Workshop and Bryant Priest Newman               Spencer Yard                                    Old Post Office
Architects to identify those key sites that     United Reform Church                            Adelaide Bridge/Riverside (Club Lands)
could offer development opportunities           The Royal Pump Rooms

DRAFT                                                                                                                LSCQ Masterplan       9
Leamington Spa Creative Quarter - Draft v.4 Masterplan November 2018
Key Development Opportunities
Leamington Spa benefits greatly from                                                                 majority of the buildings are occupied by
its proximity to a number of universities,        • Lack of a presence on the river frontage;        light industrial uses, however there are a
particularly Warwick which maintains                                                                 small number of creative users beginning
a presence in the form of a learning centre       • Lack of active frontage onto the Yard            to occupy space in the area. The change is
in the Town Hall, and is a national centre        itself;                                            particularly noticeable on Clemens Street
for the video game development industry,                                                             where new cafes and restaurants appear
with Ubisoft, Sega, Playground Games              • Poor condition of some of the                    to be recent additions.
and other leading firms based locally. As         buildings facing onto the Yard;
such, the provision of Creative Workspace,                                                           WDC has fitted out a number of railway
such as that successfully developed at Far        • Suitability of some of the existing              arches off Court Street which are currently
Gosford Street, Coventry by CDP, and that         building uses.                                     occupied by creative industries, these
is emerging at Spencer Yard is seen as                                                               appear to be exclusively office use and it
central to the rejuvenation of Leamington         The Royal Pump Rooms                               is unclear how high the occupation rates
Spa Old Town.                                     The Royal Pump Rooms sit directly to               are. The large council owned car park
                                                  the north of Spencer Yard, across the              facing these arches has been identified
Spencer Yard                                      river. It is a key focal point for Leamington      as key site for this study, and one with the
Spencer Yard is located north of                  and signifies the start of the Georgian            potential to accommodate a new building
Leamington Spa Railway Station, on                Spa Town. The Grade II Listed building             whilst maintaining existing connections to
the south bank of the River Leam, and             currently has various uses – the public            Clemens Street and the Canal. There
directly south (across the river) of the          library, art gallery, and associated               is additionally a large derelict old school
Royal Pump Rooms. It consists of a newly          administrative spaces occupy the rear of           building under council ownership
created external events space (the yard)          the floor plan facing the river, with function     bordering the car park which has been
bordered by a number of buildings of              rooms and a café facing onto The Parade.           identified as a potential development
various ages: The Loft Theatre, a popular         The interior of the building suffers from          opportunity.
community based theatre company                   contemporary finishes from its use as a
housed in an post war brick building              swimming pool and leisure centre which             In order to promote the creation of a
facing the river; two former industrial brick     are now dated and unsuitable for its               Creative Quarter, it will be important
buildings which have been refurbished to          current use. Poor circulation, including           to avoid creating a surplus of student
create workspace for various industries           a vast underused foyer and lack of                 residential, and ensuring that new
including Purple Monster, a business              permeability which has been exacerbated            buildings provide some workspace to
consultancy, and Motionhouse Dance                by ill-conceived additions which form the          ensure that the existing character of the
Company; and to the south west corner,            current entrance.                                  area is not lost.
a derelict, deconsecrated church which is
under council ownership but is currently          Further consideration needs to be given to:        Bath Street is the main retail street
unoccupied.                                                                                          running north to the New Town, However
                                                  • The current uses accommodated in the             at its southern end many of the shops
Access to the yard is either via a side           building specifically their suitability for this   have a dilapidated feel and require new
passage to the church from Spencer                space and this location;                           investment. The rail bridge at the junction
Street, or through the rear service                                                                  of Bath Street and Clemens Street has
yard of a number of restaurants facing            • The building’s engagement with its               been identified as a possible location for
Victoria Terrace. As such, wayfinding is          surroundings, notably the park, the                public realm and wayfinding improvements
poor and Spencer Yard enjoys very little          Parade, and the river.                             due to its position at a key junction in the
street presence meaning the yard itself                                                              pedestrian route from the station to the
is underutilised. The high proportion of          Court Street                                       town centre. Further interventions could be
council owned buildings in the immediate          To the south, the industrial area around           put forward along Bath Street which is the
vicinity of the yard, its position close to the   Court Street, bordered by the Railway              primary route between Spencer Yard and
more gentrified Georgian New Town to the          to the north and east, the canal to the            the Court Street industrial area.
north of the river, and its existing creative     South, and Clemens Street to the West, is
tenants make it a key site in the potential       characterised by light industrial shed type
development of the Old Town. However              structures, railway arches, and council
this is reliant on resolving a number of key      owned surface parking.
issues with the site at present:
                                                  Small pockets of residential exist and
• Lack of street presence and navigability;       more recently, new purpose built student
                                                  residential buildings are beginning to
• Poorly lit and signposted entrances;            change the character of the area. The

                                                     “ Royal Leamington Spa is a beautiful and successful Regency spa town in Warwickshire. It is home to a high
                                                     number of acclaimed creative, cultural and artistic based businesses and over 6,000 students.”

10        LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
This Masterplan will analyse the study               Once identified, possible development            account the aspirations of stakeholders
area outlined by CDP and its immediate               sites have been categorised as short,            and local people.
context, considering the urban                       medium, or long term interventions.
environment in the following terms;
                                                     An exploratory study has been put
• Building Use;                                      forward for each of the sites identified
                                                     which is intended to illustrate, in a very
• Ownership;                                         broad sense, one possible approach to
                                                     developing the site. The objective is to
• Key Routes.                                        offer a coherent approach to regenerating
                                                     the Old Town, and tying together the
It will then seek to establish opportunities         disparate buildings and fragments of land
for the development of buildings for the             that can be established as the first pieces
creative industries within the designated            of a new creative quarter with the intention
site boundary and put forward action                 to fulfil the following objectives:
areas where potential development could
take place.                                          • Stimulate interest and engagement with
                                                     Stakeholders in the area and act as a
Analysis has been based on visual                    catalyst for future development;
inspection and a walking tour with
members of the Leamington Spa Local                  • Generate a business case for further
History Group and local councillors,                 exploration and investment
consultation with members of WDC’s
planning and development teams,                      • Identify enterprise, place-making and
review of Leamington Spa Conservation                other potential opportunities and actions;
Area Report, 2011 -2019 Local Plan,
and relevant Supplementary Planning                  • Articulate a narrative for the area in
Documents.                                           terms of its future development taking into

FarGo Village, Coventry                                                      Meeting House Square, Dublin

FarGo is an artistically repurposed industrial space in Coventry City        An indoor and outdoor space of endless possibility in Temple Bar,
Centre, designed exclusively for creative, independent businesses.           Dublin’s Cultural Quarter. Used for festivals, performances, and cinema
                                                                             screenings, business & conference events, Markets & Tourism events.

DRAFT                                                                                                                      LSCQ Masterplan             11
     Pump Room                                                            Gardens

                                                                                                   ea m
                                                                                            er L
                                                                                    R iv

                                    e r St r
                         S p e nc
                                                              B at h
                      L owe r

                                                                St re

                                                     H igh St reet
                                                                                                          C ou

                                                                                                           r t St

                                                                                                            re et
                                                                                    s St re e t

          A1/2               C1/2/3/4

          A3/A4/A5           D1/2                                                                            Gra nd Un ion Ca
                                                                                                                                na l

          B1                 Sui Generis

          B2 /8

12       LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
The core study area contains a diverse mix of uses. A
                                                              corridor of retail along Bath Street links the commercial
Building Uses                                                 and light industrial uses along the railway and to the
                                                              southeast to Leamington Spa’s tourist centre north of the
                                                              River Leam.

The drawing on the facing page illustrates             as would expected of a town centre,                Town. Ground floor building uses are
ground floor building uses within the                  high street, location including a high             predominantly retail or food and drink,
core study area sub-divided loosely into               percentage of restaurants and cafes.               with some residential further south. To the
planning use classes:                                  Dwellings are typically set back from the          east is a triangle of land bordered by the
                                                       primary routes of Bath Street and Clemens          railway to the north and the Grand Union
A1/2 : retail and professional services,               Street, however there is some residential          Canal to the south where uses are more
including estate agents, banks, buildings              use on upper floor levels.                         industrial, presumably due to the canals
societies, shops, hairdressers, dry                                                                       former function as a major goods transport
cleaners etc.;                                         There is a collection of institutional             route. Significant freeholders include
                                                       buildings in the northern half of the study        Rangemaster who occupy a large group
A3/4/5: Restaurants, cafes, pubs, take-                area, predominantly grouped around                 of buildings to the south of the canal,
always, including all premises licensed for            The Pump Room and Jephson Gardens                  immediately outside the study area.
the consumption of food and drink;                     including the Pump Rooms themselves,
                                                       the town hall, justice centre, former public       Some railway arches facing Court Street
B1: business, including offices, research              baths and assembly hall on Spencer                 car park have been converted by WDC to
and development of products and                        Street, the United Reform Church (URC),            business use and are occupied by start-up
processes;                                             and All Saints’ Church which lends the             firms in mostly digital industries.
                                                       area a municipal quality and acts as a             The car park is bounded by a number of
B2/8: industrial use and storage (for the              gateway into the more formal Regency and           rudimentary industrial shed-type buildings
purpose of clarity we have included ‘light             Georgian Architecture of Leamington Spa            of varying construction with predominantly
industrial’ uses in this category);                    New Town.                                          light industrial use. One large masonry
                                                                                                          building is currently unoccupied and in a
C1/2/3/4: Residential use including                    Spencer Yard sits immediately to the south         state of dilapidation.
dwellings, hotel, guesthouses, HMOs,                   of the River Leam and consists of two
(excludes student residential);                        former industrial masonry buildings, now           There are a number of dwellings around
                                                       home to a number of creative businesses,           the industrial buildings along with
D1/2 : Non-residential institutions,                   the Post-War Loft Theatre which faces              Waterside Medical Centre, and more
assembly and leisure including schools,                onto the river, the URC. It is bounded to          recently there has been an influx of student
art galleries, museums, libraries, halls,              the east and south by the backs of the             residential buildings, with one large hall
places of worship, church halls, law court.            commercial units along Bath Street.                of residence completed along the canal,
                                                                                                          another infill site under construction, and
Sui Generis: Student Residential                       South of the railway Clemens Street is             third large site on Wise Street recently
                                                       the primary north-south route in the Old           granted on appeal.
The predominant use is Class A1-5

A range retail, professional services and restaurants line Bath Street.        Light industrial uses to the south of the railway line

DRAFT                                                                                                                           LSCQ Masterplan    13
     Pump Room                                                                                    Gardens

                                                                                                                           ea m
                                                                                                                    er L
                                                                                                            R iv

                                                            e r St r
                                                 S p e nc
                                                                                      B at h
                                           L owe r

                                                                                        St re

                                                                             H igh St reet
                                                                                                                                  C ou

                                                                                                                                   r t St

                                                                                                                                    re et
                                                                                                            s St re e t

           Buildings in the ownership
           or tenancy of WDC

           Land in the ownership or                                                                                                  Gra nd Un ion Ca
           tenancy of WDC                                                                                                                               na l

           Target development sites not within
           the ownership or tenancy of WDC

           Not within the ownership or
           tenancy of WDC

14       LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
Most of the core study area is not within WDC ownership
                                                          but key sites that are in Council ownership such as Spencer
Ownerships                                                Yard and Court St car park do have the potential to
                                                          become significant destinations within the new Creative

The study area includes a number of                 the theatre itself moving into the URC         Street style refurbishment for creative
buildings in the ownership of WDC which             which was to be converted into a suitable      business use if WDC could acquire an
have been identified as potentially suitable        performance space, however the consent         interest in them.
for redevelopment or an alternative use             was never implemented.
which will facilitate the creation of a                                                            Court Street car park is an open site
creative quarter.                                   The Royal Pump Rooms is under the              adjacent to a row of WDC leased arches
                                                    ownership of WDC and currently fulfils         that could be developed - possibly through
The primary focus will be Spencer Yard              a variety of functions: Leamington Spa         building on more temporary use to form
and its relationship with the Pump                  Library; Museum; a function venue; and         a hub in the centre of the Old Town. The
Rooms across the River Leam. The yard               a cafe, housed in various parts of the         car park’s proximity to the new student
is bounded by two buildings already in              building around a vast entrance foyer. The     community along the canal has the
council ownership - The URC, and a two              building has a prime street frontage with a    potential to engage significant numbers of
storey brick building referred to as the            neoclassical colonnade facing Bath Street,     people and turn the area into a destination
‘old dole office’. Additionally it is in close      and significant opportunities to rework the    within Leamington Spa.
proximity to the former post office to the          interior to greatly improve its relationship
east of Bath Street and bordered to the             with the Pump Room Gardens and the             The Riverside area next Adelaide Bridge is
north east by the Grade II Listed Victoria          river (with Spencer Yard beyond).              in a prime location fronting the river and is
Colonnade and the former Robins’ Well                                                              currently occupied by a number of clubs
public house which is currently for sale.           Across Bath Street, the former post office     and other organisations. Any proposals
The pub occupies an important corner site           has great potential for redevelopment          for this site will need to consider how the
which is highly visible from the north and          given its location on the bank of the Leam.    requirements of these organisations can
could provide the primary entrance into             The arrangement of the building - a period     be included in any development proposals
Spencer Yard, increasing the pedestrian             half with a more cellular post-war addition    and/or whether relocation elsewhere in the
flow and enlivening the currently under             - could provide various options for reuse.     town can be facilitated.
occupied riverside.
                                                    To the south of Spencer Yard, the Bath
Furthermore, the Loft Theatre at the centre         Street Car Park has been identified as a
of the Yard whilst privately owned by the           site with significant development potential,
Loft Theatre Trust has been engaged in              located, as it is, on what is currently a
a positive dialogue with WDC about their            secondary route from the Railway Station
ambitions to establish a creative quarter. A        to Spencer yard and the New Town
planning application was approved in 2009           beyond. The car park is flanked by the
for the demolition and redevelopment of             railway with a number of Network Rail
the Loft Theatre site as office space with          arches could lend themselves to Court

Council leased arches accessed or Court Street Car park                     Council owned Spencer Yard

DRAFT                                                                                                                 LSCQ Masterplan         15

                                                                                                                                rr   ace
                                                                                                                        ol d

   D or m
            er Plac

       Pump Room                                                                           Gardens

                                                                                                                    ea m
                                                                                                             er L
                                                                                                     R iv

                                                                                                                                              L ea m Te


                                                     e r St r
                                          S p e nc
                                                                               B at h
                                       L owe r

                                                                                 St re


A425                                                                  H igh St reet
                                                                                                                                C ou

                                                                                                                                     r t St

                                                                                                                                      re et
                                                                                                     s St re e t


                  Primary Links                         OLD

                  Secondary Links                                                                                                      Gra nd Un ion Ca
                                                                                                                                                          na l

                  Tertiary Links

                  Pedestrian Routes

  16            LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
The study area is dominated by key vehicles routes, Bath
                                                            Street and Parade running north-south and A425 (High
Routes                                                      Street) running east-west. These routes can be utilised
                                                            to drive footfall and increase awareness of the Creative

The plan of the study area on the facing              Spencer Street borders Spencer Yard to           Tertiary Links
page has been annotated to highlight both            the south. It forms part of a busy vehicular      The main tertiary routes of interest are
pedestrian and vehicular routes with the             route from the Railway Station to the New         around the Court Street Car Park. As a
latter illustrated as primary, secondary, or         Town, but also an important pedestrian            predominantly industrial areas enclosed by
tertiary links.                                      route from the station to Spencer Yard.           the canal and railway these are relatively
                                                     The high levels of traffic and lack of a safe     quiet with little passing traffic. The roads
Primary Links                                        crossing have a negative impact on the            are generous and open with larger
Bath Street is the primary route running             accessibility of Spencer Yard.                    warehouse buildings set back from the
north-south and joins Clemens Street                                                                   pavement and little active frontage.
south of the railway. It links the Old Town          Secondary Links
with the New Town beyond the Pump                    Lower Avenue is the critical secondary            Pedestrian Routes
Room Gardens and is one of the retail                route connecting the station with the New         There is a pre-existing underpass from the
centres of Old Town. Both streets are                Town. Its importance is increased by its          railway station which, once construction is
within the Leamington Spa Conservation               proximity to Spencer Yard meaning that            complete on the site directly to the north,
Area and are specifically referenced                 any improvements that can be made to              will provide the shortest pedestrian route
in the Conservation Area Statement                   Lower Avenue will help to boost footfall          to Spencer Street and the New Town, this
as containing many good examples                     around the URC and the SW entrance to             further underlines the need to improve the
of traditional shopfronts with further               the Yard.                                         public realm of Lower Avenue.
restoration to be encouraged, street clutter
is identified as a problem,                          At present the route is uninviting - with
and in both cases the railway bridge has a           pavements narrowed by construction
dominating effect on the streetscape.                hoarding, no active frontage, poorly lit, and
                                                     congested - meaning many pedestrians
The High Street runs east-west through               will take the longer journey to the New
the Old Town. It is the primary route to the         Town via Bath street. The plot to the south
Pump Room Gardens and the New Town,                  of the railway, on the prominent corner
and as such a key piece of infrastructure.           with the High Street is occupied by a car
It is a busy road which varies between two           dealership and car wash with hoarding
and four lanes of traffic whilst the public          up to the edge of the pavement and no
realm has been marginalised with narrow              interaction with the street. This site would
pavements and street clutter. There is a             be ideal for regeneration to enliven the
lack of active frontage and shopfronts               junction and create an inviting entrance to
that do address the street appear poorly             Lower Avenue.

Bath Street is a primary vehicle route from the north of the town.            Lower Ave links Spencer Yard to High street, forming part of the
                                                                              pedestrian route between the town centre and railway station.
DRAFT                                                                                                                       LSCQ Masterplan      17
The Royal Pump Rooms, Spencer      Railside, including Court Street
          Yard, and the former Post Office   and the Stoneleigh Arms

          Bath Place Car Park and Lower      Bath Street and Clemens Street

18   LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
Each opportunity area has distinct characteristics which,
                                                    when built upon, will enable the creation of unique hubs
Opportunities                                       aimed at developing specific creative industries.

Three key opportunity areas have been         surrounding gardens. The building itself       side of the town.
outlined, informed primarily by ownership,    is an uncomfortable conglomeration of
but also positioned on key routes where       extensions from various periods fulfilling     Court Street Car Park lacks the advantage
there is significant scope for improvement    differing functions which over time has left   of being located on a primary pedestrian
which would benefit Leamington Spa            the circulation confused. This study will      route and therefore will need to be
on a larger scale - improving pedestrian      put forward both a short term option for       established as a destination in its own right
connections across the town - these are:      improving the building’s relationship with     in order to attract large numbers of users.
                                              the public realm, and a longer term option     It does benefit from being a large open site
The Royal Pump Rooms, Spencer Yard,           for making the most of the internal spaces     flanked by a relatively established creative
and the former Post Office:                   and rationalising the convoluted entrance      community in the arches to the north, a
The concentration of WDC owned                sequence.                                      number of retailers on Clemens Street, and
buildings and potential sites for purchase                                                   a growing student population to the south
in addition to its position on the border     Bath Place Car Park and Lower Avenue:          along the canal.
between the New Town and the Old,             As has been established, the WDC owned
makes Spencer Yard and the Pump Rooms         car park is located on a stretch of Lower      The derelict Stoneleigh Arms provides
critical for the wider regeneration of the    Avenue where street improvements and           the opportunity to refurbish an important
Old Town.                                     regeneration could provide a significant       local building and quickly establish a first
                                              uplift in the pedestrian footfall between      piece of regeneration to act as a marker
The Yard has been identified in the past      the station and Spencer Yard. The car          for the rest of the site with a prominent
as a potential centre of Leamington Spa’s     park wraps around a supported living           street presence on Clemens Street. A
creative industries, and work has been        scheme – All Saints House. The car park        second derelict industrial building on the
done to renovate some of the former           could be developed in the future along         southern edge of the car park could also
industrial buildings for tenants including    with the short term potential of fitting       be repurposed for a complementary use
Purple Monster and Motionhouse.               out the vacant railway arches and the          creating a significant hub of buildings
Previous work, including a consented 2009     intermediate yard that flanks the car park     around an open space with considerable
scheme for the redevelopment of the Loft      to the south, and, subject to agreement        opportunities for development.
Theatre                                       from the freeholder, works to the corner
site and the relocation of the theatre to     plot on the High Street. Uses could include    Bath St/Clemens St is the original high
the URC, has looked at improving the          creative workspace, and pop up venues,         street of Leamington and the main
connections across the river and opening      particularly the opportunity to occupy the     thoroughfare.
up Spencer Yard.                              raised garden above the arches.                The upgrading of elevations and
                                                                                             introduction of more creative uses would
The Pump Rooms is one of the most             Althorpe Street, Court Street Car Park         greatly benefit the area’s image.
important historic buildings in Leamington    and the Stoneleigh Arms:                       There is a major opportunity for
Spa in a key strategic position. It is a      Althorpe Street is already occupied by a       coordinated action from existing owners
building that can be approached from          handful of creative industries and has the     supported by a grant scheme such as
three                                         potential for frontage onto the Grand Union    Townscape Heritage.
sides and yet at present has minimal          Canal. The repurposing of existing building
active frontage and a poor relationship       combined with new build intervention
with the river, the street, and the           could create a new hub for the southern

The Royal Pump Rooms, Spencer Yard, and the   Bath Place Car Park and Lower Avenue            Althorpe Street, Court Street Car Park and the
former Post Office                                                                            Stoneleigh Arms:
DRAFT                                                                                                            LSCQ Masterplan          19

The preceding site analysis has helped to       be based in an indoor market. Featuring          building elements that form the currently
identify a number of possible development       communal dining area, events programme           convoluted entrance sequence to improve
interventions of varying scales, some of        and hireable spaces. Food, drink and             accessibility and remove architecturally
which are outlined in the following pages.      events will create a vibe and a draw to this     unsightly recent additions.
The proposals vary from short term              area, and could be a catalyst for igniting
options: quick wins which are designed to       change in Old Town.                              Town Hall
draw attention to potential regeneration                                                         Medium Term
opportunities without significant upheaval      Loosely based on the redevelopment of            Refurbishment and repurposing of the
or complex construction work; to more on        Altrincham Market, the URC could be an           existing town hall once services have
going redevelopment: projects that require      indoor marketplace, housing a number of          been consolidated in WDC’s new building.
ownership issues to be resolved, occupier       independent food and drink traders. Some         Outline proposals are being developed by
relocation, or large scale building. The        with catering kitchens to provide hot meals      BPN.
focus is on the three opportunity areas         to eat in or take away and others with stalls
described on the previous page, and the         to sell their artisanal produce (e.g. bread,     Court Street Car Park
area of public realm along Bath Street          honey, cheese).                                  Short Term
which links them.                                                                                Light touch refurbishment of the
                                                The space would feature communal                 Stoneleigh Arms and a more wholesale
Spencer Yard and United Reform Church           seating, perhaps even retaining the original     refurbishment the other available industrial
Medium Term                                     tiered structures on the first floor / balcony   buildings around the car park to provide
Renovation, public realm improvement            area, and would be fully licensed for            larger scale craft and maker’s workspace,
works and street art to increase the            events such as themed indoor markets             and fabrication (eg Fab lab) taking
permeability and wayfinding around              and private hires such as weddings.              advantage of the complimentary types of
Spencer Yard. Proposals for reuse of                                                             surrounding business, good accessibility
the URC are a high priority due to its          If the church were accessible from               and generous proportions of the existing
Vacant and Listed status. Uses could            both sides, Spencer Yard would                   buildings.
include business space, other creative          become a fantastic overflow space for
industry uses or an indoor food market.         complimentary events, e.g open air               Utilise the car park on a temporary
Robins’ Well and the colonnade to be            cinemas, or for additional seating space.        or semi-permanent basis for outdoor
refurbished as a digital media showroom         Temporarily covered and heated for               markets, temporary buildings for
with associated workspace, with the             the winter, filled with deck chairs in the       exhibitions etc.
potential for a significant new building        summer.
within the yard. Longer term possibilities of                                                    Long Term
redeveloping the Loft Theatre.                  The redevelopment of Altrincham Market           Build multi storey car-park / workspace
                                                has had a significant impact on the area as      structure on existing car park site to
Leamington Spa already has a reputation         a whole, with retail vacancy rates at their      increase town centre parking provision
as an independent food and drink hot spot       lowest for years: It has also put the place      whilst also providing raw and industrial
in the West Midlands, with a booming cafe       on the map for weekend guides and day-           workspace for the creative sector within a
culture and coffee shops which are used         out reviews:                                     portion of the car park structure.
as work spaces for the creative community
in the town.                                    The Royal Pump Rooms                             Bath Street
                                                Short Term                                       Short Term
But the indie food scene is more heavily        Public realm improvement works and               Light touch public realm improvement,
focussed on day time activity, leaving a        light touch refurbishment to improve             decluttering of street furniture, traffic
gap in the night-time economy for the           permeability and create more active              calming and wayfinding. Potential for
young professionals who work and live in        frontage along the river and facing              street art and some planting at the junction
and around Leamington Spa.                      Jephson and the Pump Rooms Gardens.              with the High Street/Clemens Street.
                                                Potential to extend the existing boardwalk
And whilst there are a few independent          and create a new temporary building within       Bath Place Car Park
coffee shops and restaurants who are            the Pump Rooms Service.                          Short Term
leading the way in Old Town, such as                                                             Repurposing of vacant railway arches for
Temperance, Momenti and Procaffinate,           Long Term                                        workspace and potential to create a new
the vast majority are based north of the        Redefining the south west section of the         link to the upper level of the arches to for
river, which may prove problematic when         building (currently library administration)      additional temporary buildings
trying to drive new footfall to the southern    and the entrance foyer to provide an             or recreational spaces. Establish a
part of town.                                   improved cafe location with a direct             community of workspace users around the
                                                relationship to the river and Spencer Yard.      yard space between the railway arches.
                                                Investigate the possibility of consolidating
URC                                             the building uses and providing an               Medium Term
Short term                                      improved museum gallery if suitable              Develop a new building flanking the Bath
Creation or provision of small pop-up style     alternative accommodation for other users        Place car park which provides active
units for food and drink businesses to          could be found. Demolition of the modern         frontage onto Lower Avenue.

20        LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
Long Term                                              space for established creative industries                               location within the Creative Quarter. This
Acquire and redevelop the corner plot                  on infill and vacant sites                                              masterplan is not seeking to extinguish
of the High Street and Lower Avenue to                 The Old Post Office                                                     these existing uses. It is important that
better address the streets and make the                Medium Term                                                             proposals are developed with the existing
most of this prominent site.                           Refurbishment and repurposing of                                        organisations and confirmed soon so
                                                       the post office building for hotel use                                  that they can plan for the future and be
Bath Street / Clemens Street                           retaining the historic rooms and forming                                offered support if they are to relocate.
Medium term                                            accommodation in the more cellular 20th                                 Any new proposals for this area will
The establishment of a comprehensive                   Century section.                                                        therefore be developed over the next
scheme to upgrade building frontages and                                                                                       6 – 9 months. These new proposals will
introduce new creative uses working with               Adelaide Bridge/Riverside                                               either incorporate existing buildings,
existing building owners to revitalise the             Medium Term                                                             provide replacement facilities or facilitate
‘High Street’                                          Existing facilities on the site provide                                 relocation, recognising that the site
                                                       a valued social resource, with several                                  has been identified as the most likely
Althorpe Street                                        well-established organisations and                                      opportunity to generate a surplus that
Medium Term                                            community groups based here. A creative                                 could be used to cross finance creative
Re-purpose existing warehouse and                      quarter will not thrive or flourish without                             uses in the core area.
establish clear public links to the canal              such community groups, and so it is
                                                       vitally important that these groups are
Long Term                                              either retained on the site or provided
Build higher density modern ‘grow-on’                  for elsewhere – probably in another

          Pump Room                                                                    Gardens

                                                                                                            ea m
                                                                                                     er L
                                                                                              R iv

                                                           e r St r
                                                S p e nc
                                                                             B at h
                                             L owe r

                                                                               St re

                                                                      H igh St reet
                                                                                                                   C ou

                                                                                                                    r t St
                                                                                                                     re et
                                                                                             s St re e t

                                                                                                                      Gra nd Un ion Ca
                                                                                                                                         na l

DRAFT                                                                                                                                             LSCQ Masterplan         21
1. Victoria Colonnade, Spencer Yard & United Reform Church
A Hub for the Tech & Digital Industry

Where is it?                                                                    Key Proposals:
At a prominent junction between the Regency town centre and                     a. Medium Term: Refurbish Victoria Colonnade into a digital
new Creative Quarter, Victoria Colonnade sits on the south bank                 showcase and ‘grown-on’ space, utilising the shop frontage
of the River Leam. Spencer Yard sits to the south and is accessed               along the river bank to promote the creative quarter and digital
off Spencer Street and bordered to the east by Victoria Terrace.                businesses. Since the building sits on a prominent corner it will
                                                                                act as a gateway building connecting the main road with an
Who owns it?                                                                    enlivened Spencer Yard.
WDC owns a handful of buildings around Spencer Yard. Victoria
Colonnade is currently in private ownership.                                    b. Short Term: Establish more specialised events, i.e. food
                                                                                markets, exhibits and outdoor cinema to better utilise the
How big is it?                                                                  existing square and increase footfall and interest in the area. Add
Site area circa. 5300m2                                                         temporary street art installations to walls and floors to create
                                                                                visual interest and aid wayfinding from the existing streets.
What could it be?
Redevelop Spencer Yard and Victoria Colonnade as a creative                     b. Medium Term: Extend public realm improvements into the
hub and destination focused on growing and exhibiting the new                   rest of the yard include graphic more permanent signposting to
and existing digital creative business within Leamington Spa.                   link yard to existing pedestrian routes along Spencer Street and
                                                                                Victoria Terrace.

                                                                                c. Medium Term: Re-purpose the United Reform Church into a
                                                                                contemporary film production and studio complex in the heart of
                                                                                Leamington Spa or an indoor food market/event space

                                                                                d. Long Term: Space for a new building within the yard, adding
                                                                                significant floor area to an already established and refurbished
                                                                                Victoria Colonnade. The new extension creates a more generous
                                                                                opening into Spencer Yard, the ground floor opening up into
                                                                                the yard and hosting exhibitions and events. A top floor viewing
                                                                                gallery or bar could enliven this part of Leamington and help
                                                                                reimagine Spencer Yard as a destination.

Impact Hub, Birmingham (left) Altrincham Market, Manchester (Middle)                                Creative hub A/D/O, Brooklyn

The Impact Hub is a 6000 sq. ft collaborative work and event space. The Impact Hub provides         Creative workspace, restaurant and design store in a
working space along with a global community for the residents to collaborate, network and           converted warehouse designed by nArchitects
partner. The Birmingham site has links to Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Singapore and San
Francisco, offering possibly one of the largest collections of start-ups and SMEs for networking.

22         LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
All Saints C Of E Church
                        Post Office

                                                     Victoria Terrace



R i ve
  r Le


                                      Loft Theatre

                                                                Spencer Yard

                                                                                                                     United Reform


    DRAFT                                                                                          LSCQ Masterplan       23
1. Victoria Colonnade, Spencer Yard & United Reform Church
  A Hub for the Tech & Digital Industry

  Ground Floor Sketch Plan                                                                   Typical Upper Floor Sketch Plan

  Rear ‘ballroom’ is retained and refurbished as double height showroom                      The existing building, Victoria Colonnade, is refurbished and
  space with new links formed into the Spencer Yard extension.                               opened up to form more flexible workspace, with significant
                                                                                             additional floor area created in Spencer Yard and communal
                                                                                             amenity/break out space on the roof of the link building.

  Spectrecom Studios, London

  Spectrecom Studios is a combined film production company and studio complex which offers technical support, equipment and space for hire. This type
  of facility can be used by both the gaming, theatre and digital media industries. Currently the nearest facility like this is in Oxford. Spectrecom Studios
  has a similar building area to the United Reform Church. It largest studio is 5 meter tall which could be accommodated with the main church hall.

             STUDIO 2

             STUDIO 1

                      Drive-in       STUDIO 3


                                                Main Kitchen
  24         LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT
                                                Talent/Green Room
                                                Green Room
                                                Make-up Room
                                                Production Office
Changing street art                         Events such as Bristol street     Evening events could benefit            Additional opportunities for
installations on the flank wall             art festival could raise the      from the proximity of the               temporary street art on the
of the theatre could act as a               profile of Spencer Yard as a      Loft Theatre and create a buzz          blank facing walls of the Yard
visual signpost into the Yard               destination.                      around the workspace.


                                                                                    Victoria Terrace                                                   Bath
    River Leam

                                                                                                        Existing Vehicular Access

                                                                                                                                                       Spencer Street
                             Loft Theatre                   Spencer Yard

                                                                                United Reform
                 Heartbreak                                                     Church
                 Productions                                                                                                                           Lower
                                                                                                                                                       Ave /
                                                                                                   Existing Pedestrian Access


                                     Food stalls and weekly          The Yard could host outdoor       The Church could be refurbished into a film
                                     markets would increase          cinema following the              production and studio complex providing
                                     footfall.                       example of Meeting House          technical support, equipment and studio
                                                                     Square, Dublin                    space for hire to nearby creative industries
                                                                                                       or indoor food market

DRAFT                                                                                                                            LSCQ Masterplan                        25
2. The Royal Pump Rooms
A Civic & Cultural Destination

Where is it?                                                                   Key Proposals:
Within Pump Room Gardens accessed off the Parade. The Royal                    a. Short Term: Public realm improvements, including extension of
Pumps rooms is a predominant gateway site situated on the bank                 boardwalk along southern facade and reorganisation of service
of the River Leam and will form the link between the Georgian                  strategy below the annex, to provide a more visible and enjoyable
Town Spa and new Creative Quarter development sites in the Old                 walking route along the river which opens up opportunities for
Town.                                                                          active frontage from both the annex and ancillary space to the
Who owns it?
Warwick District Council                                                       b. Medium Term: Create new bar & restaurant along southern
                                                                               elevation with views to the river and theatre, utilising new
How big is it?                                                                 improved boardwalk to provide southern facing external seating
Site area circa. 5100m2                                                        area.

What could it be?                                                              c. Medium Term: Readdress frontage onto street, remove paint
A civic and cultural destination in Leamington Spa. A focal point              and restore stone facade. Increase visible activities i.e. creative
for the creative community and it’s interaction with tourist and               markets with the potential to spill out into the historic colonnade,
locals. A multi-purpose building with a creative programme of                  taking advantage of passing pedestrian traffic and improving the
event, workshops, networking, classes and exhibitions.                         visible presence of the Pump Rooms.

                                                                               d. Long Term: Redesign entrance, foyer and cafe omitting recent
                                                                               additions and improving permeability from the gardens. Move
                                                                               existing food offer into the function room and replace with a
                                                                               commercial coffee / food chain into function space. Relocate
                                                                               gallery entrance to primary frontage along the Parade.
                                                                               Relocate library, expand and modernise gallery improving its
                                                                               presence as a top destination within Leamington Spa. Incorporate
                                                                               modern food market into vacant library space with new open
                                                                               frontage onto the gardens.

The Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool

A Creative Community comprised of three core groups: creative industries, independent creative
retailers and artists all within a single complex. The historic Grade 1 listed Bluecoat Chambers
was carefully restored and a new performing arts wing added housing a new performance space,
galleries, retail and courtyard garden

                                                                                                   Service Road obstructs route to boardwalk and river

26         LSCQ Masterplan											DRAFT

        Pump Room                                      Jephson
        Gardens                                        Gardens

                                                                            Cafe terrace is in need
                                                                            of modernisation and is

                                                                            north facing.

                                                                            Foyer oversized and
                                                                            modern addition detracts
                                                                            from historic building
                      d                                                     fabric

                      b                                                     Service road obstructs
                                                                            prime river frontage
                                                                            Views over the river
                                                                            to theatre and Victoria
                                        ea m                                Colonnade from
                             R iver L

                          Loft Theatre

                                                                 Bath Str

                                        Spencer yard

DRAFT                                                                              LSCQ Masterplan     27
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