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                        COURSE CATALOG
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                             “Enriching Life’s Journey.”
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                               everything we do. Located on picturesque
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                               away from golf courses, restaurants,
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“I love
 the warm,

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Osher Institute at W&M Contact Information
5300 Discovery Park Blvd.
Williamsburg, VA 23188
Mail to: PO Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795


SPRING 2020                                               6    From the Osher Board and Staff
 Courses, Activities,                                     8    Administrative Policies
& One-Time Lectures
                                                          9    Scholarships & Volunteers
                                                          10   How to Register
                                                          11   American History
                                                          13   Art & Music
                                                          17   Computer Technology
                                                          19   Finance & Economics
                                                          21   General Studies
                                                          26   Government & Law
                                                          27   Literature & Writing
                                                          28   Photography
                                                          29   Religion & Philosophy
                                                          30   Science & Health
                                                          34   World History
                                                          37   Activities (Including Town & Gown)
                              Event dates, times, and
                                                          42   One-Time Lectures
                              locations are subject to    52   Course Index By Date
                              change or cancellation.
                                                          58   Parking and Transportation
                              This catalog is available   59   Campus Map
                              at www.wm.edu/osher
                              which incorporates a        61   Registration Form
                              larger font size with the
                              use of the zoom feature.
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OUR BOARD                                                                    OF     DIRECTORS
                                    Welcome to the 2020 Spring Semester!

                                    I extend a hearty and sincere welcome to all who are first-time or continuing
                                    members of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at William & Mary. We
                                    join Osher to learn and to learn together. This Spring, there will be plenty of
                                    opportunities to do so. We have more than 170 courses, one-time lectures, and
                                    activities (including a series of Town & Gown Noon lectures) lined-up for your
                                    participation. We think you will find more than one course, lecture, or activity
                                    that will “tickle your fancy,” intellectually and socially. If not, please let me or a
                                    Board member know (see names below).

                                    I look forward to meeting those of you who will become members for the first
                                    time or who are rejoining us after an absence. Enjoy your pursuit of knowledge
                                    and friendship among fellow Osher learners.

                                    John Anderson

Scott Langhorst            Jim O’Reardon                    Mark Smith                       Ed McMahon
Vice President             Treasurer                        College Relations                Technology Integration
Harry Haynsworth           John McLaughlin                  Clive VanOrden                   JoAnn Gora
Immediate Past President   Program Chair                    Program Analysis and             Town & Gown Chair
                                                            Evaluation Chair
Jim Rettig                 Catherine Flanagan
Secretary                  Hospitality Chair

Welcome one and all to the Osher
                                   JOURNEY supported audio/visual upgrades               Affiliation with the Osher Foundation
Lifelong Learning Institute at William     to the Wightman Cup Room, the                 has also provided us access to The
& Mary (Osher Institute at William &       purchase of portable presentation             National Resource Center which
Mary)! We were founded in 1991 as          equipment for offsite classroom use,          provides an excellent network with
the Christopher Wren Association by        increased Town and Gown lecture               other Institutes to seek collaboration,
the late Wayne and Ruth Kernodle.          series programming and the creation           ideas and much more.
Our program was designed to allow          of a one-day “Weekend Sampler
continued intellectual stimulation and     University”. We were also able to             In the past 29 years, the Osher
fellowship for persons specifically, but   establish the Christopher Wren                Institute at William & Mary has grown
not exclusively, over the age of 50.       Association/Kernodle Scholarship              from a small organization offering
                                           so that more of the Williamsburg              16 courses with 109 members
Our programming works well for the         community can enjoy our class                 to a thriving institute offering 170
active senior who seeks intellectual       offerings. Two conditions of the grant        courses with about 1300 registrants
stimulation in the form of short term      were that the program become an               each semester. We have always
courses, social interactions and           official entity of William & Mary and         been, and remain a volunteer run
opportunities to engage with the           the organizational name change to             organization. Your membership fee
community. Spring courses include          reflect the alignment with the Osher          covers all costs of doing business,
opportunities to study Art and             Foundation.                                   which includes payroll for a small staff
Music, Computers and Technology,                                                         but the program could not function
Government and Law, Literature,            The Osher Foundation is dedicated to          without our volunteers. If you are
and Yoga, or to join various foreign       supporting various education and arts         interested in getting involved beyond
language small groups during the           programs and has funded 123 other             taking courses, contact me about the
lunch hour and more. There is              Osher Institutes nationally. In 2020 the      ways you can assist us to ensure our
something for everyone.                    program will be evaluated on its use          continued success.
                                           of the initial funding and will be eligible
In 2018, our lifelong learning program     for an additional $1 million endowment        My staff and I look forward to seeing
was invited to become a part of the        from the Osher Foundation. This               our returning friends and welcoming
Bernard Osher Foundation network.          subsequent investment will ensure             our newcomers to the Osher family.
The affiliation was accompanied by         stability for Osher Lifelong Learning at      Enjoy your semester.
an initial $100,000 grant which has        William & Mary for years to come.

                                                                                         Scherry Barra

                                                                                         Phoebe Williams
                                                                                         Administrative Coordinator
                                                                                         Carrie Lehman
                                                                                         Administrative Coordinator
                                                                                         Ann Covington
                                                                                         Administrative Coordinator

     You must be a Regular Member in order to register for courses, one-time lectures and activities
     (including Town & Gown Noon Lectures), or an Associate Member in order to register for the Town and
     Gown Noon Lecture Series or special events. Please select your courses and lectures with the intention
     of attending every session. Absences result in underused classroom space and prevent attendance by
     members who are on wait lists.

     If you need to drop a course before it begins, please notify the Osher Institute at William & Mary office
     at (757) 221-1506 so they may contact the first person on the wait list to fill the available seat.

     Osher Institute at William & Mary courses, one-time lectures, and activities (including Town and Gown
     Noon Lecture Series) are intended for Osher members. A member’s guest may attend a course or an
     activity once, only if the course is not fully subscribed. Local guests must be considering joining the
     Osher Institute at William & Mary. The office must be informed prior to any guest attending.

     The Osher Institute at William & Mary will cancel courses/activities/events/training for weather
     if “William & Mary University Events and Activities” are canceled. A notice will be on the Osher
     Institute at William & Mary office voice mail (757-221-1506). Please note, you will not be personally

     Registrants will receive their name tag by e-mail approximately two weeks before the semester
     begins. Plastic name tag holders will be available on the first day of your course. Please wear your
     name tag to all Osher Institute at William & Mary events.

     Please note that the Osher Institute at William & Mary fees are membership fees. They are used
     to cover overall expenses of operating our lifelong learning program in a given semester and are
     not directly related to the number of courses you may take (i.e., there are no “per course” fees, and
     therefore, no “per course” refunds). Members are free to register for open courses (up to 8 course
     max) at any time, even after a semester begins.

     The deadline for a refund of the membership fee is the first day of the semester. For Spring
     2020, the refund deadline date is January 27, 2020. Please submit a refund request in writing to
     osher@wm.edu. An explanation as to why you are canceling is appreciated.
AVAILABLE                                                                              BERNARD OSHER

                                        Want to attend courses offered by the Osher
                                        Lifelong Learning Institute at William & Mary?
                                        Don’t have $135 on hand? Apply for a 100% scholarship.

                                        Several Kernodle-Christopher Wren Scholarships sponsored by
                                        the Institute will be awarded this year to individuals age 50 or older
                                        who have an annual combined household adjusted gross income of
                                        $50,000 or less.

                                        The scholarships (funded by a grant from the Bernard Osher
                                        Foundation) pay the full cost of a Regular Membership in the Institute
                                        and registration and parking for up to eight semester courses.

                                        Applications are available from the Osher Institute at W&M office at
                                        (757) 221-1506 or osher@wm.edu. Return by mail or email.

                                        The scholarship program is named after the late Wayne and Ruth
                                        Kernodle, founders of the Christopher Wren Association’s lifelong
                                        learning program in 1991.


Osher operates best when its members participate.
Talk to a board member or our Osher staff about these great volunteer opportunities.

 1 Help with Technology Integration            8 Serve as a Classroom Host
 2 Serve on the Board                          9 Help Organize Events and Receptions
 3 Write Articles for Newsletters             10 Shape Curriculum and Recruit Instructors
 4 Registration Assistance                    11 Help Instructors Create Power Point Presentations
 5 Take Photographs                           12 Teach a Course
 6 Help in Our Office                         13 Provide Technical Assistance in the Classrooms
 7 Serve as a Class Assistant


Benefits to Registering Online
                                                                              STEP      Review the Catalog
Our online system is a quick and convenient way to register
for regular and associate membership, sign up for courses,                     1        Go to wm.edu/osher to see the
                                                                                        catalog online.
add activities, access wait lists, and access your schedule.

                                                                              STEP      Review Instructions Online
Spring Registration Session Dates
Registration request period begins: December 6, 2019                           2        Follow the step-by-step registration
                                                                                        instructions on the website.
Registration request period ends: December 13, 2019*
Course confirmation emails sent out: December 14, 2019                        STEP      Register and Pay

*You can still register for courses after the initial request period ends.     3        Select your membership type and pay
                                                                                        with a credit card.

U.S. Mail Registration
                                                                              STEP      Submit Course Requests
Paper registration is an alternative for those that don’t have                          Choose the courses and activities you
access to a computer. While we encourage all registrations                              would like to attend.
to be submitted online, we want to accommodate everyone.
A mail-in form is available in this catalog. Complete and mail
hard- copy registrations and payment to: Osher Lifelong                       STEP      Receive Automatic Notifications
Learning Institute, William & Mary, P.O. Box 8795,
Williamsburg, VA 23187 by December 6, 2019.
                                                                               5        Notifications will be sent to confirm
                                                                                        enrollment, waitlists, and course details
                                                                                        before classes begin.
                                     MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS

                                                          REGULAR                  Register for up to eight courses each semester

                                                          MEMBERSHIP               Register for an unlimited number of activities
                                                                                   (including Town & Gown Noon Lecture Series),
                                                          $135 Per Semester        and one-time lectures

                                                                                   Register and pay for special event trips

                                                                                   Enjoy free borrowing privileges at The Earl
                                                                                   Gregg Swem Library at William & Mary*
                                                                                   *Restrictions apply

                                                          ASSOCIATE                Attend Town & Gown Noon Lecture Series
                                                                                   (which consists of six lectures)
                                                                                   Register and pay for special events
                                                          $50 Per Semester

American History                           This course will explore definitions of
                                           American citizenship forged during
                                                                                     Marilyn Younger retired from the
                                                                                     Social Security Administration where
                                           the cataclysm of Civil War and            she served as director of the Data
America in Transition:                     Reconstruction. It will conclude by       Exchange Program. She has a B.A.
Post Industrialism                         examining how the current discourse       and M.A. in history and is a certified
and the Scientific and                     on the meaning of the Civil War           instructor for various leadership
Telecommunication                          and Reconstruction is informing the       classes. She works part time as an
                                           contemporary discourse on citizenship.    interpreter for Colonial Williamsburg
Revolution                                                                           and is a Certified Interpretative
Lynda Dunnigan                             Reading: Suggested: Reconstruction:       Guide of the National Association for
Wed 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 6 session(s)        America’s Unfinished Revolution by        Interpretation.
1/29/2020 - 3/4/2020                       Eric Foner. After Slavery: Race, Labor
School of Education, Room 2066             and Citizenship in the Reconstruction     City of Washington:The
34 seats available                         South by Bruce E. Baker and Brian
                                           Kelly, editors.
                                                                                     Origin and History of the
We’ve come a long way, baby! But                                                     Federal City Please note: this is a OTL,
                                                                                                      not American History.
how far can or should we go? Has           Donna Dodenhoff has a Ph.D. in            Christopher Collins
modern technology freed or enslaved        American studies from William &           Mon 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 1 session(s)
us? Explore the impact of rapid            Mary and is currently employed by the     2/24/2020 - 2/24/2020
technological advances on the social/      Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation. As         W&M Kaplan Arena,
cultural fiber of American society, post   a public historian, she has extensive     Wightman Cup Room
WWII to the present. Topics include        experience interpreting American          130 seats available
jets, space, drones, nuclear energy and    social and cultural history to general
weapons, the Human Genome Project,         public and student audiences.             Washington, DC has grown greatly
Dolly the sheep, the internet, WWW.                                                  since the original plan for the Federal
com, post-modern art and pixels, cell/     Between the Wars: From                    City was drawn by Pierre L’Enfant in
smart phones,TV, CDs, DVDs, PCs,           Ain’t We Got Fun to Brother               1791. This course will review the origin
hybrid and electric cars, GMOs and         Can You Spare a Dime?                     of the Federal City and the significant
moral and philosophical dilemmas                                                     events, buildings and features that
created by rapid technological             Marilyn Younger                           have shaped the city as we know it
advances.                                  Mon 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 3 session(s)       today.
                                           1/27/2020 - 2/10/2020
Reading: Suggested: Technopoly:            School of Education, Room 1056            Christopher Collins was a land use
The Surrender of Culture to                40 seats available                        lawyer in Washington, DC for 40 years,
Technology by Neil Postman                                                           concentrating in zoning, real estate
                                           The period between the wars was a         development and historic preservation
Lynda K. Dunnigan has degrees              time of great change. What was it like    matters. During his career, he lectured
from James Madison University and          for our parents, grandparents, and        at land use conferences, and taught
Syracuse University and has 34             great-grandparents living through it?     seminars at the high school and
years of teaching experience. With         While considering the major events        college level.
backgrounds in the social sciences         of the period, our focus will be on the
and humanities, she has designed           social and cultural aspects and how       Development of Distilled
and taught humanities courses at           the people who lived through this short
                                           20-year period experienced it. This
                                                                                     Spirits in North America
the secondary level, and is a former
member of the Virginia Museum of           period presages our own time in many      William Dodson
Fine Arts Teacher Advisory Committee.      ways. We will consider the speed of       Mon 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)
                                           change including technology, fashion,     4/6/2020 - 4/20/2020
America’s Long, Long                       entertainment, and cataclysmic            W&M Kaplan Arena, Wightman Cup
                                           weather to gain a better understanding    Room
Reconstruction Era and Its
                                           of what life was like for those who       130 seats available
Relevance to the Current                   embraced and endured it.
Discourse on Citizenship                                                             This course will look at the history of
                                           Reading: Suggested: Bernice Bobs          distilled spirits in North America from
Donna Dodenhoff                                                                      1608. We will examine the bumbling
                                           Her Hair by F. Scott Fitzgerald (free
Mon 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)
                                           online). Only Yesterday, An Informal      history of accidental discoveries
4/6/2020 - 4/20/2020
                                           History of the 1920’s by Frederick        through its westward expansion and
Morton Hall, Room 102
                                           Lewis Allen.                              popularization. The basic science of
40 seats available
                                                                                     distillation, sugar sources, and some


popular applications are included.        Wightman Cup Room                         Rockefeller Center and the
An exercise in the recognition of the     60 seats available
                                                                                    Men Who Built It
basic flavors imparted to spirits, post
distillation, may be required.            This course will discuss the U.S.         James Morford
                                          foreign policy issues/interests since     Tue 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)
Mr. Dodson has a D.M.D. in dentistry,     the end of World War II. Focus will be    3/17/2020 - 3/31/2020
B.S. in aerospace engineering, and        on the domestic politics that shaped      Discovery, 5300 Discovery Park Blvd.,
B.A. in mathematics and psychology,       those policies.                           Room 136
and has completed a certificate in                                                  40 seats available
general distilling. He is a master        Bernie Fitzgerald is retired from the
distiller at Eight Shires Coloniale       federal government (state, defense,       This course will reveal the epic story
Distillery and serves as historian for    and Army). He has taught a number of      of the building of what, at the time,
American Distillation, Inc.               Osher Institute courses.                  was the world’s grandest privately
                                                                                    funded construction project, and
Freedom, Capitalism, and                  How the 1840 Presidential                 the eclectic cast of characters
the Enigma of Slavery Prior               Campaign of Tippecanoe                    who made it happen. It is a story
                                                                                    based on Rockefeller money and of
to the Civil War                          and Tyler Too Changed
                                                                                    personalities that include, among
James Belcher                             Presidential Elections                    others, the redoubtable Nicholas
Wed 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM, 3 session(s)       Forever                                   Murray Butler, the genius of John R.
1/29/2020 - 2/12/2020                     Ron Shafer                                Todd, the architectural expertise of
Discovery, 5300 Discovery Park Blvd.,     Wed 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)      Raymond Hood, the chutzpah of S. L.
Room 136                                  3/18/2020 - 4/1/2020                      “Roxy” Rothafel, the PR skills of Ivy
40 seats available                        Williamsburg Regional Library,            Lee, the scheming of David Sarnoff,
                                          Theatre                                   the controversial art of Diego Rivera,
Were the founders hypocritical, or did                                              and Nelson’s ambition. The course
                                          250 seats available
they simply accept the practices of                                                 includes photos and information not
the time, believing subjugation and       The pivotal 1840 presidential             previously available.
religious beliefs were consistent?        campaign of William Henry ‘’Old
What responsibility did capitalism        Tippecanoe’’ Harrison and John Tyler      Reading: Suggested: Great Fortune:
have in promoting such practices?         marked a series of firsts that changed    The Epic of Rockefeller Center by
This course will encourage thoughtful     presidential politicking forever, right   Daniel Okrent.
consideration and dialogue on this        up to the 2016 election. This was the
timely subject.                                                                     Jim Morford is a former public school
                                          first campaign as mass entertainment,
                                                                                    social studies teacher and part-time
                                          the first ‘’image’’ campaign, the first
Reading: Required: The Half                                                         Rutgers University instructor. For
                                          campaign involving women and
has Never Been Told, Slavery                                                        over 30 years he was a registered
                                          the first to include big-time money
and the Making of American                                                          government relations agent in New
                                          donations. It also created the most
Capitalism by Edward Baptist,                                                       Jersey, where he worked with state
                                          famous campaign slogan in history
ISBN:9780465049660. Reading:                                                        government officials and the New
                                          about two candidates who were born
Suggested: My Bondage and My                                                        Jersey congressional delegation.
                                          in nearby Charles City County.
Freedom by Frederick Douglas.                                                       Presently retired, he remains a partner
                                          Reading: Suggested: The Carnival          in a consulting firm based in Trenton,
James has a B.A. in economics from                                                  New Jersey.
                                          Campaign: How the Rolicking 1840
Southern Methodist University and
                                          Campaign of Tippecanoe and Tyler
an undergraduate certificate in higher
                                          Too Changed Presidential Elections        Three More Nifty
education from Oxford University
                                          Forever by Ronald G. Shafer. John         Presidential-ish Stories
(philosophy). He is a certified public
                                          Tyler, The Accidental President by        Feather Foster
accountant and global chartered
                                          Edward Crapol.                            Tue 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)
                                                                                    3/17/2020 - 3/31/2020
                                          Ron Shafer was a reporter and
Hot War, Cold War,                        editor for 38 years at The Wall Street
                                                                                    W&M Kaplan Arena,
                                                                                    Wightman Cup Room
Holy War                                  Journal, including Washington political
                                                                                    130 seats available
Bernie Fitzgerald                         features editor. He is the author
Mon 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)      of The Carnival Campaign, How             Session I: Robert and Mary Lincoln:
3/16/2020 - 3/30/2020                     The Rollicking 1840 Campaign of           The Insanity Trial. What led to it?
W&M Kaplan Arena,                         “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” Changed        What motivated it? Why the kangaroo
                                          Presidential Elections Forever.


court? The quick cure and the             Art and Anecdote: An                      Sandra Stephan earned her B.A. from
aftermath. Session II: The Unlikely                                                 Old Dominioin University and her
                                          Overview of Art During
Garfield Story. The nomination and                                                  M.A. and Ph.D. in English from Tulane
election of James A. Garfield, his        the First Part of the 20th                University. She is professor emerita,
brief migraine of a presidency, his       Century: Part 3 Surrealism                Youngstown State University and has
assassination, and lingering death.       Donnah Joyce                              taught 18th century British literature
Session III: The Davises. An unbiased     Tue 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)      for three decades, as well as courses
look at a tragedy from beginning to       1/28/2020 - 2/11/2020                     in medicine, literature and writing.
end. Decent people, products of their     Discovery, 5300 Discovery Park Blvd.,
times and society.                                                                  Patricia Rublein and Georgianna
                                          Room 136
                                                                                    Avioli have, at a minimum, bachelor’s
                                          40 seats available
Feather Foster spent more than 35                                                   degrees, and have taught in public
years in advertising before starting a    “All you wanted to know about modern      and private schools, colleges,
retirement career that has centered       art but were afraid to ask” or “What      universities, adult education programs,
on First Ladies of the United States      the heck does painting have to do         and prison programs.
history, specifically the old gals. She   with Freud and a Rolls Royce full of
has written four books on the subject.    cauliflower?” This course will build      Beginning Guitar
The latest is Mary Lincoln’s Flannel      on concepts from earlier ‘’Art and        Kim Hosman
Pajamas and Other Stories from the        Anecdote’’ courses and includes           Tue 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 6 session(s)
First Ladies’ Closet.                     aesthetics, analysis, and anecdote.       1/28/2020 - 3/3/2020
                                          Students will practice simultaneous       W&M Kaplan Arena,
Art and Music                             viewing and will discover ways in         Person Room
                                          which artists translate their world.      20 seats available
Adoor: India’s Most
                                          Donnah Joyce has been an artist and       It’s never too late to learn guitar.
Celebrated Filmmaker Is
                                          art teacher for over 40 years. She has    This course provides techniques that
Coming to Williamsburg!                   instructed students from pre-K through    enable you to begin playing songs
Michael Lorence                           adulthood, in both school settings        immediately, starting with simple
Tue 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 3 session(s)       and recreational programs, and has        chords and melodic lines. The basics
3/17/2020 - 3/31/2020                     served as the artist-in-residence at      of reading chord charts, notes, and
W&M Kaplan Arena, Wightman Cup            the School of the Arts in York County.    tablature are covered. Sessions are
Room                                      Currently, Donnah lectures on art         customized to support the interests of
130 seats available                       history topics and maintains a home       the individuals in the group, but you
                                          studio.                                   also receive a solid foundation for
Adoor Gopalakrishnan is among the                                                   playing in any style and at any level.
world’s greatest living filmmakers. He    Art and Music Unfurl in                   Students will need to bring a guitar
is India’s most celebrated cinematic
                                          History                                   and portable music stand to this
artist, and among its most honored                                                  class; the instructor can help secure
citizens. Adoor will be visiting          Sandra Stephan, Georgianna                guitars if necessary (more information
Williamsburg this spring as the guest     Avioli, Patricia Rublein                  on this will be sent to registrants
of William & Mary. In preparation for     Wed 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)
                                                                                    closer to the start of the course).
this special event, we will be showing    2/19/2020 - 3/4/2020
two of Adoor’s films, representing his    Discovery, 5300 Discovery Park Blvd.,     Kim Hosman is a classically trained
mature work over 20 years of time.        Room 136                                  guitarist with extensive experience
The pleasure of your company is           40 seats available                        teaching classes for adult education
requested at this rare opportunity to                                               programs and tutoring privately. She
                                          Back by popular demand, this course
screen two rare masterworks and to                                                  has performed solo and with bands
                                          presents images of works of art
meet the great artist himself.                                                      and ensembles doing a range of
                                          from the permanent collection of the
                                                                                    styles from old-timey Americana
Michael Lorence is president of           Muscarelle Museum of Art. They will
                                                                                    and bluegrass to rock and classical.
the Innermost House Foundation,           be combined with audio of music from
                                                                                    Currently, she teaches at Authentic
a cultural nonprofit dedicated to         the same time frame and both will be
                                                                                    Guitars in New Town.
renewing the transcendental roots of      discussed in their historical contexts.
                                          The political, social, religious, and
American life. He is a director of the                                              Celebrate Black History
Thoreau Society in Massachusetts,         financial occurrences in a country
and has for 30 years provided cultural    have great influence on the artists who   Month with Dance
guidance to leaders in the worlds of      contribute to the cultural lives of the   Carol Sherman
industry and state.                       world community.                          Thu 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, 3 session(s)


2/20/2020 - 3/5/2020                             School of the Arts, Interlochen Arts            Please bring payment to the first
Discovery, 5300 Discovery Park Blvd.,            Academy and the 92nd Street Y in                meeting.
Room 136                                         New York City, where she performed
40 seats available                               professionally for several seasons.             Judith Leasure has a B.A. in music
                                                 She has taught classes for the Osher            education and an M.A. in business
In the mid-20th century Alvin Ailey              Institute since 2002.                           management. She has extensive
and his American Dance Theatre                                                                   private studies with Signature
brought the level of concert dance               Exploring Painting with                         Members of the Pastel Society of
to a dazzling new height. His                                                                    America (PSA) and she is a Juried
performances have continued to
                                                 Soft Pastels                                    Associate Member of PSA. She has
delight and inspire audiences for                Judith Leasure                                  had works exhibited in numerous
over 50 years. Come and enjoy some               Tue 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 6 session(s)             national-level shows and has
of the finest dancing the world has              3/17/2020 - 4/21/2020                           extensive teaching experience.
known. Our film viewing will be framed           Williamsburg Landing, Doig Health
by two different performances of                 Club - Art Studio                               Eye and the Camera
Ailey’s signature work, Revelations,             16 seats available
                                                                                                 Sheila Conrad
and will also include a recent                                                                   Mon 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 6 session(s)
documentary on his company as well               In this hands-on course, we will work
                                                 from photos to examine the principles           1/27/2020 - 3/2/2020
as works by several other significant                                                            Williamsburg Regional Library,
African American choreographers.                 of art used to produce realistic still
                                                 life paintings. This course is for all          Theatre
Class inquiry and discussion will be                                                             250 seats available
encouraged.                                      skill levels, but is especially geared
                                                 toward the beginner and those with
                                                                                                 During our six sessions, we will
Carol Sherman is professor emerita of            some previous experience. Drawing
                                                                                                 explore domestic and foreign
dance at William & Mary. Her 42-year             skills are not required. During the
                                                                                                 documentary films from decades
career also included faculty positions           course, we will complete two or
                                                                                                 past and of more recent vintage.
at Indiana University, San Diego                 three paintings. All materials will
                                                                                                 These films will be discussed in their
State University, the North Carolina             be provided for a $30 supply fee.
                                                                                                 historic, sociological/political, and

                                   Help us promote music
                                   across all generations.
                                                    The Virginia Symphony Society (VSS) has a simple mission
                                                     - promoting music across all generations. Members of the VSS are proud
                                                    supporters of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, one of Virginia’s top cultural
                                                    institutions and the only fully professional orchestra in southeastern Virginia.

                                                                 We’d love to have you join us!
                                                           For only $30/individual or $50/family per year,
                                                                        our members enjoy:
Photo credit: David Polston 2019                                      15% discount on all VSO concert tickets
                                                                       Exclusive VSO musician performances
                                                                        Pre-concert receptions and dinners
                                                                            Our renowned Annual Gala
                                                                                   ...and more!

                                                                                     To join, please visit vasymphonysociety.com
                                                                                     and click on “memberships”. New members
                                                                                     who sign up before 12/31/2019 will receive a
                                                                                     complimentary CD of a VSO performance!


artistic contexts. The films cover a       Wed 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 6 session(s)          Let’s Sing Opera!
range of subject matter including          3/18/2020 - 4/22/2020
biography, politics, history, science,     W&M Kaplan Arena,
                                                                                        Nancy Burstein, Rosanne
sports, nature, social and cultural        Wightman Cup Room
                                                                                        Wed 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 6 session(s)
phenomena, travel and adventure.           130 seats available
                                                                                        1/29/2020 - 3/4/2020
Sheila Conrad received a B.A. from         More and more musicals today are             W&M Ewell Hall, Band Room 207
the Film Institute at City College of      getting their start as popular movies.       10 seats available
New York and worked as a film editor       Come take a look at how Broadway
                                                                                        If you enjoy opera and can sing solo,
in both New York and Los Angeles.          is becoming home to these musical
                                                                                        this course is for you. Participants
She has been teaching film courses         movie adaptations. The course will
                                                                                        will be assigned roles in small
at Osher Institute since 2005 and T’ai     use both footage from the films as well
                                                                                        ensembles based on their vocal
Chi Ch’uan for more than 20 years.         as music and footage from the shows,
                                                                                        ranges, their willingness to sing in
                                           as available.
                                                                                        French, German, Italian or English,
Film Noir/Neo-Noir: Three
                                           Melissa Puttre is a graduate of the          and their ability to hold a part. The
Heist Movies!                              National Conservatory of Dramatic            course will consist of rehearsals
Thomas Thompson                            Arts. She has worked as an actress           culminating in a performance with
Mon 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 3 session(s)        and director all along the East Coast.       piano accompaniment and simple
1/27/2020 - 2/10/2020                      Past shows include Romeo and Juliet,         costumes and blocking. Scenes will
W&M Kaplan Arena,                          Laura Dennis, Lysistrata, Les Liaisons       be selected from such operas as Le
Wightman Cup Room                          Dangereuse, Little Women, Grease, A          Nozze di Figaro, Il Trovatore, and Die
130 seats available                        Midsummer Night’s Dream, Kiss Me             Fledermaus. Participants must attend
                                           Kate, and Children of Eden.                  all six sessions.
Is your favorite movie heroine
someone you’d bring home to mom                                                         Nancy Burstein served as producer
                                           Introduction to the Basics
and dad? Is your favorite movie hero                                                    and rehearsal pianist for “Living
someone who stands for “truth, justice     of Drawing                                   Room Opera” in Massachusetts.
and the American way”? If so, this is      Richard Corwin                               She has degrees in economics
not the class for you! You’d never think   Mon 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 6 session(s)          from Massachusetts Institute of
of bringing our female leads home to       3/16/2020 - 4/20/2020                        Technology, London School of
meet the family and our male leads         School of Education, Room 2056               Economics and Political Science, and
tend to say things like, “I am the last    12 seats available                           Yale University. She taught economics
guy you want to (expletive deleted)                                                     at Purdue University and worked as a
with!” If this is your idea of a fun       This course is designed to help              policy analyst for over 30 years.
couple of hours, see you for our next      students develop the fundamentals
Neo-Noir.                                  of sketching: one- and two-point             Accompanist Rosanne Reddin is a
                                           perspectives, composition techniques,        past president of Williamsburg Music
Reading: Suggested: Film Noir: The         and basic anatomy. This course will          Club (WMC), and holds degrees in
Dark Side of the Screen by Foster          include assignments to be submitted          Music Education and Education.
Hirsch. Detours and Lost Highways: A       for individual critique by the instructor.
Map of Neo-Noir by Foster Hirsch.          At course-end it is hoped each               Portraits of Life: Drawing
                                           participant will have confidence in their    the Human Head
Thomas Thompson has a B.A.                 finished works. Required materials:
and M.A. in religious knowledge.           9x10 or 9x12 sketch pad, 2B pencils
                                                                                        Steve Prince
He worked for a medical testing                                                         Tue 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 3 session(s)
                                           and pencil sharpener.
laboratory, serving clients in the New                                                  1/28/2020 - 2/11/2020
York area, and became the employee         Richard Corwin has a B.A. in                 Muscarelle @ Merchants Square
ombudsman for the company’s                American history and taught at a             15 seats available
managers nationwide. Once retired,         private school. He has been exploring
                                                                                        In this hands-on course participants,
the American Association of Retired        Inca and Maya ruins since 1982 and
                                                                                        will be exposed to the process of
Persons invited him to become a            is a member of the Institute of Maya
                                                                                        creating a realistic portrait of a human
trainer, running workshops across the      Studies in Miami-Dade College. He
                                                                                        head from life and from a photograph.
country.                                   has presented an Ancient Maya library
                                                                                        This course is appropriate for all
                                           lecture series and written three books
                                                                                        skill levels. We will cover proportion,
From Tinseltown to Great                   of short stories
                                                                                        dynamic shading, hair rendering, and
White Way                                                                               clothing creation. All materials will
Melissa Puttre                                                                          be provided for a $30 supply fee.

Please bring payment to the first        combined Jump Blues, Gospel, and          Reading: Suggested: American
session.                                 Country music to create the uniquely      Popular Song: The Great Innovators,
                                         American musical expression called        1900-1950 by Alec Wilder.
Reading: Suggested: Drawing on           Rock and Roll. Through an in-depth
the Right Side of the Brain by Betty     slide presentation, informal lecture,     Susan James has a bachelor’s in
Edwards.                                 curated music clips, and engaging         music from Manhattanville College
                                         class discussions, you will explore       and completed post-graduate
Steve has a B.A. in fine arts from                                                 coursework in Camera and Film
                                         the cataclysmic cosmic convergence
Xavier University of Louisiana and an                                              Production from University of
                                         of time and place that changed the
M.F.A. in printmaking and sculpture                                                Southern California. She understudied
                                         musical face of this country and went
from Michigan State University. He                                                 on Broadway, produced and directed
                                         on to conquer the world, and thereby
has over 25 years of art teaching                                                  musical revues for the American
                                         gain a better understanding of this
experience.                                                                        Theater Wing, and is founder of Artists
                                         genre’s genesis and appreciation of
                                         the music.                                in Partnership, a non-profit cultural
The B Westerns                                                                     arts organization.
Bill Krantz, Leland Williams             William van Elburg attended the
Tue 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)     University of Florida and Christopher     The Great American
2/18/2020 - 3/3/2020                     Newport University. He taught in local    Songbook: Inside the
W&M Kaplan Arena,                        adult education and vocational training
                                         academies for a number of years
                                                                                   Cabaret World, Part II
Wightman Cup Room
130 seats available                      and also enjoyed a highly dynamic         Susan James
                                         entrepreneurial career in Florida and     Wed 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)
The B Westerns course follows the        locally in business development,          2/19/2020 - 3/4/2020
development of the B Western genre       retiring in 2014 as a community           Williamsburg Regional Library,
from the silent film era through the     association manager. For the past         Theatre
depression, the WW II years, and the     several years, he has been the on-air     250 seats available
post-war, ending in the early 1950s      and social media personality known
due to the influence of television.      as “Big Dog” on the online radio          This course is an inside look at the
The B Western was a low-budget,          station The Blues Alley.                  current scene in the cabaret world.
quickly-made adventure targeting the                                               Video clips will be shown of artists
youngsters of the saturday afternoon     The Great American                        discussing the genre and performing
matinee crowd. These films helped                                                  their shows. We will review some
                                         Songbook: Inside the                      composers who have a wealth of
save the movie industry during the
depression, paving the way for the       Cabaret World                             material but are not the top names
larger-budget films of the day. Saddle   Susan James                               usually mentioned, as well as explore
up! Roy, Gene and Hoppy are waiting!     Wed 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)      the expansion of the Great American
                                         1/29/2020 - 2/12/2020                     Songbook portfolio with contemporary
Bill Krantz is a retired U.S. Army       Williamsburg Regional Library,            composers’ works. We will also look
dentist with an interest in Westerns.    Theatre                                   at the cabaret business, the design
                                         250 seats available                       of a cabaret show, along with the
Leland Williams is a retired printing                                              selection of material, and promotion
paper sales manager who has been         A presentation of the cabaret genre       and marketing.
interested in B Westerns since he was    as expressed in the music of artists
eight years old and had his picture      such as Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin,       Susan James has a bachelor’s in
taken with Lash LaRue.                   George and Ira Gershwin, Cole             music from Manhattanville College
                                         Porter, Rodgers and Hart, Rodgers         and completed post-graduate
The Birth of Rock and Roll               and Hammerstein, and Harold Arlen.        coursework in Camera and Film
William van Elburg                       The singers, the songwriters, and the     Production from University of
Thu 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM, 3 session(s)      songs will be explored along with         Southern California. She understudied
4/9/2020 - 4/23/2020                     more contemporary artists’ work.          on Broadway, produced and directed
Discovery, 5300 Discovery Park Blvd.,    Videos will be shown highlighting         musical revues for the American
Room 136                                 the historical importance of the art      Theater Wing, and is founder of Artists
40 seats available                       and the theatrical conversation that      in Partnership, a non-profit cultural
                                         arises in performance as the vocalists    arts organization.
Discover how the hip young cats          personally interpret the rich musical
and kittens of the post-war era          contribution that is purely American.


The New Art of Zentangle                   performing experience as a pianist and     learn how to browse and select media,
                                           operatic baritone.                         make Hollywood style trailers, create
Diane Kane                                                                            beautiful movies, play them back on
Tue 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 3 session(s)
4/28/2020 - 5/12/2020                      Computer and                               your Apple devices and Apple TV, and
School of Education, Room 2030             Technology                                 learn how to share them with friends
                                                                                      and family. The course will focus on
30 seats available
                                                                                      using the iPad, although an iPhone
                                           Emerging Technology and                    can be used. It is not appropriate for
This course opens up the opportunity
for anyone to become an artist whether     the Future of American                     Apple Mac computers.
one can draw or not. This new form of      Education                                  Reading: Suggested: iMovie Help for
art is both fun and meditative. Since      Eugene Roche                               iPad (FREE) by Apple. iPhone and/or
its creation, it has exploded worldwide.   Wed 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)       iPad User Guide (FREE).
If you have looked at an adult coloring    2/19/2020 - 3/4/2020
book you are seeing tangle. Note:          Morton Hall, Room 102                      Rick Chase is a retired, seasoned
Required supplies include, blank           40 seats available                         executive whose last assignment was
paper, #3 pencil and sharp pointed,                                                   vice president, customer service and
fine pen (Sharpies are great).             The course provides an updated look        support for Dell. Early in his career
                                           at how the rapid change in technology      with General Electric, he ran their
Diane Kane has a bachelor’s in             in key areas of automation, machine        field engineering development center
environmental journalism from Virginia     learning, and robotics will shape the      and taught electrical and electronic
Commonwealth University (VCU)              future of work globally and in the         engineering courses to engineers.
and a master’s in environmental            United States. Some experts suggest
communications/science from Antioch        that as many as 40% of jobs will be        iPhone/iPad: The Basics
Graduate School, New Hampshire.            eliminated or dramatically restructured
She was a visiting instructor at VCU                                                  and Beyond
                                           by advances in artificial intelligence
teaching environmental studies and         and related fields. H.G. Wells warned      Rick Chase
has designed curriculum for high           that “civilization is in a race between    Wed, Fri 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 6
schools in journalism.                     education and catastrophe” – a             session(s)
                                           warning that seems even more urgent        4/8/2020 - 4/24/2020
Understanding Opera,                       today than it was a century ago. How       School of Education, Room 2010
Part II                                    will citizens help shape the education     32 seats available
Glenn Winters                              to respond to changes of this
                                                                                      In this course you will learn how to use
Thu 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)       magnitude?
                                                                                      the most common apps and functions
1/30/2020 - 2/13/2020                                                                 on these amazing devices. Topics
                                           Eugene Roche has a doctorate in adult
W&M Kaplan Arena,                                                                     covered include but are not limited to:
                                           education, with 30 years’ experience
Wightman Cup Room                                                                     iPhone features, mail, iCloud, Web
                                           in college teaching and administration.
130 seats available                                                                   browsing using Safari, keyboard,
                                           His primary interests are faculty
                                           development, emerging technologies,        iMessage, FaceTime, camera, photos,
This course completes a survey of
                                           and e-learning. At William & Mary,         contacts, calendar, notes, apps &
Virginia Opera’s 2019-2020 season
                                           Eugene was director of academic            app store, music & entertainment,
with Rossini’s madcap comedy
                                           computing and is now a member of           iBooks, setting up WiFi & Bluetooth,
Cinderella and Verdi’s monumental
                                           the full-time faculty at the School of     accessories, and troubleshooting.
tragedy Aida. Discussions provide
                                           Education.                                 This course is very hands on and
comprehensive musical and dramatic
analysis, illustrated with audio and
video excerpts. Recommended for            iMovie for IOS (iPad and/or                Reading: Suggested: Apple iPhone
beginners and aficionados alike.           iPhone)                                    or Apple iPad User Guide (Free).
Glenn Winters, community outreach
                                           Rick Chase
                                           Tue 1:15 PM - 3:45 PM, 3 session(s)        Rick Chase is a retired, seasoned
musical director for Virginia Opera,                                                  executive whose last assignment was
                                           2/18/2020 - 3/3/2020
has a D.Mus. from Northwestern                                                        vice president, customer service and
                                           School of Education, Room 1056
University. He also has a B.M. and                                                    support for Dell. Early in his career
                                           24 seats available
M.M. in piano performance from                                                        with General Electric, he ran their
Indiana University. His most recent        iMovie (IOS version) is a video creation   field engineering development center
successful commissioned operas             application enabling you to make your      and taught electrical and electronic
include History Alive! and Tales from      own blockbusters using video and           engineering courses to engineers.
the Brothers Grimm. He has extensive       photos on your Apple device. You will

Making the iPad Work                    classroom assistant with the Osher        Reading: Suggested: Apple iPhone
                                        Institute often. She has programmed       and/or Apple iPad User Guide (Free).
for You
                                        extensively in BASIC, tutored privately
Margaret Fowler                         with computers and iPads, and is go       Rick Chase is a retired, seasoned
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 1:30 PM - 3:30       to person on computer issues.             executive whose last assignment was
PM, 4 session(s)                                                                  vice president, customer service and
3/9/2020, 3/10/2020, 3/11/2020,         Mastering Your iPhone/                    support for Dell. Early in his career
3/12/2020                                                                         with General Electric, he ran their
                                        iPad Camera and Photo                     field engineering development center
School of Education, Room 1056
25 seats available                      Applications                              and taught electrical and electronic
                                        Rick Chase                                engineering courses to engineers.
This consecutive four-day course        Mon 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)
is an immersive dive into unlocking     3/16/2020 - 3/30/2020                     Searching the Internet for
the enormously practical potential of   School of Education, Room 2060            Genealogical and Family
your iPad/iPhone. There is far more     32 seats available
to know than email. Since these                                                   History Records
devices aren’t going away, come         This course will help you master the      Joseph Sell
learn how they can help you! From       camera and photo applications on          Tue 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 6 session(s)
boarding passes to movie tickets        your iPhone and/or iPad. You will         3/17/2020 - 4/21/2020
to birding or doctor appointments,      learn the camera’s functions and          School of Education, Room 2030
find out how to make your life easier   capabilities, still photography, plus     30 seats available
using the capabilities of your Apple    cover the video capabilities. The
device. Remember, this class is four    Photos application will be explored,      This course is an intermediate
consecutive days. It is intended for    including navigation in the app, photo    genealogy course where a multitude
current owners of these devices who     editing (crop, trim, rotation, etc.),     of internet sites wll be explored to
know their Apple IDs and passwords      smart adjustments, enhancing less-        locate and save documentation on
and have their own email addresses,     than-perfect shots, and filters. You’ll   your ancestors. The student should
preferably, not a shared one.           learn how to organize your photo          be well versed in the use of their
                                        and video media; make and use             computer browser. Opportunities
Margaret Fowler has a B.B.A. and        albums; navigate and find media in        in class will be made to practice
B.A. in economics from Roanoke          your collection. We’ll also explore the   searching some of the sites. Students
College. She had a career in            creation and sharing of albums, how       can bring a laptop computer, i-Pad,
investments and has been a member       to create slideshows with music; and      tablet or smartphone to practice
of Chartered Financial Analyst since    using iCloud.                             internet searches.
1983. She served as computer
                                                                                  Joseph Sell has a B.E. in chemical
                                                                                  engineering from Villanova University;
                                                                                  an M.S. and Ph.D. in chemical
                           I’ve been teaching                                     engineering from the University of
                                                                                  Pennsylvania, and an M.B.A. from
                           technology courses at                                  Rutgers University. He worked
                     Osher @ W&M (formerly                                        professionally in the chemical industry,
                                                                                  and, upon retirement, undertook the
                     Christopher Wren) for eight                                  search for his family history.
                     years. My goal is to help                                    Windows 10: Make it Work
                     our members become more                                      for You
 confident and proficient in the use of technology                                Tom Lamb
                                                                                  Wed 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)
 in their daily lives. For example in the iPhone/                                 3/18/2020 - 4/1/2020
                                                                                  School of Education, Room 1056
 iPad class, they often learn and master features                                 40 seats available
 even their grandchildren don’t know about!                                       Windows 10 users have many options
 I consider it a privilege to instruct at Osher!                                  with this newer operating system
                                                                                  (OS.) This course will focus on how
                                – Rick Chase, Osher at W&M Instructor             you can make this OS work better for
                                                                                  you rather than just use the Microsoft


factory defaults. Participants are          Beating Wall Street at Its                  years of experience in senior living
encouraged to bring their personal                                                      and has assisted aging parents in this
                                            Own Game
laptops to all sessions, so they can try                                                process.
some options on their own computer.         Keith Reagan
We will also discuss some of the            Fri 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)        Behavioral Finance: How
                                            3/20/2020 - 4/3/2020
privacy issues with the default settings,                                               Common Biases Lead to
as well as security issues.                 School of Education, Room 1056
                                            40 seats available                          Bad Investment Decisions
Tom Lamb, B.S., industrial distribution,                                                Mark Monroe
Clarkson University; M.B.A., business       This course will share behind-the-          Wed 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 3 session(s)
management, Fairleigh Dickinson             scenes and little-known truths about        4/8/2020 - 4/22/2020
University. He has taught computer          the financial services industry from an     Thomas Nelson Community College,
classes since 1996 for SeniorNet, at        expert with more than 25 years in the       Room 328
two libraries including the Williamsburg    business.                                   25 seats available
Regional Library, and numerous
                                            Keith Reagan, Sr., has been a                  Many investors are well versed in the
classes for the Osher Institute.
                                            registered investment consultant for           traditional strategies and theories
Finance and                                 over 25 years. A graduate of William &
                                            Mary, his post-graduate work includes
                                                                                           that govern the financial markets.
                                                                                           Yet, too often, those same investors
Economics                                   executive education of The Wharton             struggle to consistently apply that
                                            School of Business. He has been                knowledge to their own portfolio.
Baby Boomer Retirement:                     recognized as a Five Star Wealth               Why? This course will compare and
                                            Manager for three years in a row. His
The Rules Have Changed                                                                     contrast how traditional finance theory
                                            firm, Reagan Holloway, offers fiduciary        (what investors should do) differs
Mark Shelby                                 portfolio management on the Fidelity           from behavioral finance theory (what
Thu 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, 3 session(s)         and Wells Fargo platforms.                     investors actually do). Participants
4/9/2020 - 4/23/2020
                                                                                           will learn how faulty reasoning and
School of Education, Room 1056              Becoming A Better                              common biases plague even the
40 seats available
                                            Consumer in Senior Living                      most intelligent investors, resulting
Recent academic research details a          Lisa Bates, Greg Storer                        in irrational investment decisions.
shift in retirement planning. This is       Thu 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, 1 session(s)            Participants will also learn strategies
a comprehensive personal finance            2/20/2020 - 2/20/2020                          to modify or adapt to behavior, leading
course for those in the early stages        Williamsburg Landing, Auditorium               to improved application of traditional
of retirement or those about to retire.     60 seats available  Please note: this is a OTL,finance concepts.
It addresses retirement decisions                               not Finance & Economics
                                            Leading experts in senior living will          Mark Monroe is Managing Director of
such as asset allocation, income
                                            discuss how to navigate through                Monroe Capital Partners, LLC, and
planning, and social security, as well
                                            the channels of independent living,            Capes Capital Management, Inc. He
as pitfalls to avoid. This course will
                                            assisted living, rehabilitation and            graduated from North Carolina State
help you better understand risk, taxes,
                                            nursing. You will learn the differences        University with a B.S. in economics
budgeting, and estate planning. You
                                            between the higher levels of care              and statistics. Mark has been an
will also learn optimal asset allocation;
                                            and what to look for when choosing a           investment advisor for over 28 years,
how to develop an income plan; the
                                            community.                                     including serving Chesapeake
sequence of returns risk; questions to
                                                                                           Investment Group as president and
ask a potential advisor; social security
                                            Reading: Suggested: Being Mortal               Fidelity Investments’ Trust and Asset
maximization; and six reasons retirees
                                            by Atul Gawande.                               Management Division.
run out of money.

Mark Shelby is the president of
                                            Lisa has been the senior director of        Do Only The Rich Have
                                            marketing and sales at Williamsburg
Vertical Investments. He is an                                                          Trusts? Key Strategies
                                            Landing for over for 8 years. She is a
experienced investment advisor,
                                            member of Leading Age, the national         Using Trusts in Your Estate
financial educator, public speaker,
and radio host. He graduated from the
                                            senior living industry trade association.   Plan
                                            Lisa has her Certified Leader in            John Burton
University of Wisconsin in 1993, where
                                            Aging Services, Certified Marketing         Thu 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, 3 session(s)
he served as an academic tutor for
                                            Professional, and Certified Dementia        4/30/2020 - 5/14/2020
finance and economics.
                                            Practitioner designations.                  Discovery, 5300 Discovery Park Blvd.,
                                                                                        Room 136
                                            Greg Storer, President and CEO,
                                                                                        40 seats available
                                            Williamsburg Landing, has over ten
Trusts are not just for the wealthy.      We will discuss financial education for   Top Brokers” and “Top Advisors
Trusts can handle any estate size         retirees and how to plan your income      under 40” lists and was distinguished
more efficiently than relying on a will   for life. Post-retirement planning is     by Inside Business magazine as
alone. What is the difference between     often more difficult than planning        one of the “Top Forty Under Forty”
revocable and irrevocable trusts?         for retirement. You are managing          in Hampton Roads. A Senior Vice
Can trusts protect an estate against      your entire nest egg, not collecting      President-Investments, Sean
probate, taxes, creditor claims and       paychecks anymore, and have less          manages Allburn Financial Consulting
lawsuits? Do trusts protect your assets   time to recover from your potential       from the Williamsburg office of
if you go into a nursing home? This       mistakes. In this course, you’ll learn    Davenport and Company LLC.
course surveys the uses and vast          time-tested strategies for planning
new planning opportunities trusts can     your retirement income that are           Preserving and
serve in your own estate plan.            designed to make your money last.         Transferring Wealth in the
John Burton is an experienced estate      James Bales, registered principal,        Commonwealth of Virginia
planning and elder-law attorney who       James Bales Financial, LLC.               Wake Buxton
has taught clients, lawyers, and          Securities offered through Centaurus      Fri 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 3 session(s)
the public on the subjects of estate      Financial, Inc. Member of FINRA and       2/21/2020 - 3/6/2020
planning, asset protection, elder law,    SIPC.                                     Discovery, 5300 Discovery Park Blvd.,
and business law. He is a graduate of                                               Room 136
Virginia Wesleyan College, has a J.D.     Jacob Bales joined James Bales            40 seats available
from Regent University School of Law,     Financial in 2013. Jacob is a fully
and is a Certified Estate Planner.        licensed Registered Representative        This course will focus on properly
                                          with Series 7 and Series 66               preserving and transferring wealth in
Estate Planning for Modern                certifications. He is a co-advisor at     Virginia. We will discuss wills, trusts,
                                          James Bales Financial, focusing on        and estates, as well as Virginia’s new
Times                                     planning, research, and advising,         laws pertaining to powers of attorney
Rhiannon Hartman                          including Social Security.                and medical directives. Particular
Wed 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 3 session(s)                                                 emphasis will be given to protecting
3/18/2020 - 4/1/2020                      Modern Wealth                             family assets from the Deadly Ds:
School of Education, Room 1056            Management                                divorce, death taxes, disability, and
40 seats available                                                                  debts.
                                          Sean Allburn
This course will explore a variety        Tue 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, 3 session(s)       Wake Buxton is an attorney and
of estate planning topics, with a         4/28/2020 - 5/12/2020                     resident of Williamsburg. He holds
particular focus on issues that are       Thomas Nelson Community College,          a LL.M. in estate planning from the
unique to modern times, such as           Room 328                                  University of Miami and an M.B.A from
planning for blended families, and        30 seats available                        William & Mary. Mr. Buxton taught
digital assets. Additional topics                                                   estate planning at the University of
will include the difference between       A comprehensive wealth management
                                                                                    Charleston and was director of its
wills and revocable living trusts, the    plan incorporates over a dozen
                                                                                    Graduate Financial Planning Program.
consequences of failure to plan, and      diverse yet related issues. Sean will
                                          share proven strategies to help you
the impact of changes to federal
                                          achieve your financial goals. Do you
                                                                                    Social Security and Taxes
estate tax law on estate planning
documents.                                need a plan to triple your income         in Retirement
                                          during retirement? Is your financial      Jacob Bales
Rhiannon Hartman is an experienced        plan telling you what you need to         Thu 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, 3 session(s)
elder-law and estate planning attorney    know? Other highlights: Practical         3/19/2020 - 4/2/2020
in Williamsburg. She graduated            methods to find higher dividends and      Edgeworth Park at New Town,
cum laude from the University of          interest when interest rates are low.     Community Room
Richmond School of Law and has an         Is there a way to minimize investment     50 seats available
undergraduate degree from William &       risk without sacrificing returns? We
Mary.                                     will discuss strategies to navigate a     In this course, we will review the
                                          volatile market, and consider whether     basics of taxes in retirement and how
Lifetime Income Strategies                alternative investments should be a       they may not be what you expect, as
                                          part of your portfolio.                   well as focusing on how the changes
Jim Bales, Jacob Bales
                                                                                    from the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Tue 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3 session(s)      Sean Allburn, B.S., Duke University;      can affect you. We will also have a
1/28/2020 - 2/11/2020                     M.B.A., William & Mary. He has been       discussion on Social Security claiming
Williamsburg Landing, Auditorium          named to On Wall Street magazine’s        strategies, in addition to management
60 seats available
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