Mid-America Garden 2019

Mid-America Garden 2019

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Mid-America Garden 2019
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019                                                                          ACES WILD (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early 30" (76cm)
                                                                                                              A very deep purple to near black plicata band surrounds
                                         Aces Wild                                                            the white ground Standards and Falls. Falls have sporadic
                                                                                                              lemon yellow ground pigment. Beards are an interesting
                                                                                                              rust color. A dramatic deep purple haft and wide dart below
                                                                                                              the beards adds to the interest. An early bloomer with 8
                                                                                                              to 10 buds on nice stems. Quite lovely. Sdlg. TG183ZZ
                                                                                                              Dancing in the Dark pod parent X (Grapetizer x (Crowned
                                                                                                              Heads x Epicenter) x out of the Dark).             $55.00

                                       ALIENS OF THE GALAXY (Paul Black ’19) TB Late-Very
                                       Late 35" (89cm) This bold update of ‘Starship Enterprise’ has
                                       strong growth and excellent show stalks. Dazzling flowers
                                       are ruffled and lightly laced. Pristine white standards have
                                       sharply contrasted mid yellow gold centers that draw the eye
                                       downward to like colored rayed centers on dark red purple
                                       falls. Sdlg. V307B: Starship Enterprise X T249D: (unknown x
                                       Jazz Band).                                           $55.00
                                                                                                          Of The

                                          All The Rage                                                       ALL THE RAGE (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early 34" (86cm)
                                                                                                             A favorite of ours from its maiden bloom. Eggshell white
                                                                                                             Standards with a nice wide gold band and the beginnings of
                                                                                                             violet veining. Falls are wide and ruffled deep violet with a
                                                                                                             white ray spray pattern around brilliant orange beards. Nicely
                                                                                                             ruffled flowers are held on good stems with ample buds.
                                                                                                             Very showy and a garden favorite. Sdlg. TH20A. Reckless
                                                                                                             Abandon X TD24A:(Gypsy Lord x Edge of Heaven).  $65.00

                                       ARABIAN TREASURE (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early 36"
                                       (91cm) Very light buff pink Standards flushed heavily with
                                       medium violet in the center. Falls are deep violet with deeper
                                       veining and a lavender band. Lovely formed flowers and a
                                       strong grower with heavy bloom. Makes a nice show. Sdlg
                                       TH13A. Haunted Heart X Call Me Maybe.                   BONUS   Arabian Treasure

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Mid-America Garden 2019
AUTUMN TEASE (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early 30"

                                                                                                                                       Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019
(76cm) Bright yellow Standards. Falls have a large cin-
namon central spot surrounded by a wide white border and
then a gold band. A very unique creation and proving to be
a great parent for unique patterns. Different!! Sdlg: TH68B.
Seasons in the Sun X Risk Taker.                      $60.00

                                                                                                                Autumn Tease

                                                                       BEAUTICIAN (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason-Late
                                                                       36" (91cm) Pink Standards; Falls have a light pink to white
                                                                       ground with a lavender stitched plicata band. Orange
                                                                       Beards are tipped white. We really like this plicata coming
                                                                       from non-traditional plicata breeding at least on the moth-
                                                                       er’s side. A strong grower and a fun color combination.
      Beautician                                                       Large flowers have nice wide and ruffled form. We have
                                                                       been hybridizing heavily with BEAUTICIAN. Sdlg TH59B
                                                                       Stole the Show X unknown.                            $60.00

BILLOWING ROBES (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Medium 35"
(89cm) When working with bicolors and amoenas, neglec-
tas are so often encountered and usually dismissed as just
another neglecta. This one, however, defies that perception.
It is so captivating when you see it in the garden. The stan-
dards are lavender-lilac and the falls are rich violet with a
well-defined 3/8" edge of lavender. Beards are burnt tanger-
ine. Wide overlapping falls, ruffles showing quite a bit of lace.
Well branched with show stems and it is fertile. Super. Sdlg.
Y54-2 (Thrillionaire x unknown) X Organza                $60.00

                                                                                                            Billowing Robes

                                                                        BLACK HOLE (Paul Black ’19) TB Midseason-Late 37"
                                                                        (94cm) Tall, well-branched sultry purple black bitone with
                                                                        black styles and purple black beards. Strong healthy growth
                                                                        with plenty of increase. Sdlg. X34C: Raven Girl X T96B:
                                                          Black Hole    (Wicked Good x Laughing Clown sib)                   $60.00

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Mid-America Garden 2019
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019                                                                        BLUSHING DOLL (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early-Late
                                                                                                            35"(89cm) BLUSHING DOLL is an unusual blend of pink and
                                                                                                            lavender. The pink is more concentrated at the hafts and
                                                                                                            edges of the petals. A nice frosted blue beard adds to the
                                                                                                            beauty. Nice wide and ruffled form gives BLUSHING DOLL a
                                                                                                            very elegant look. A very pretty iris. Sdlg. TH128A: Hold Me
                                                                                                            Now X unknown.                                        $60.00

                                                                                           Blushing Doll

                                       BLUSHING MOMENT (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late
                                       40" (102cm) Lavender pink standards; extremely light pink
                                       to white falls with deep peach pink hafts on either side of
                                       the beard. Beards are tangerine in the throat then blue at
                                       the end with frosted white hair tips. Tall and well branched
                                       stalks carrying up to 9 buds. A lovely creation. Sdlg TH42A.
                                       Don’t Stop Believing X Note to God.                   $55.00          Blushing

                                                                                                              BREAK IN (Paul Black ’19) TB Midseason-Late 37" (94cm)
                                                                                                              Here’s another impressive broken color iris from ‘Die
                                                                                                              Laughing’. White standards are splashed mid violet. White
                                                                                                              falls are blended to apricot, then splashed and sanded dark
                                                                                                              red violet. Interesting splashed style crests. Amply ruffled
                                                                                                              blooms are carried on strong show stalks. Excellent growth
                                                                                                              and increase. Sdlg. V100A, I Broke It sibling       $60.00

                                                                                                                                                  Buckskin Ruffles

                                                                                            Break In

                                       BUCKSKIN RUFFLES (Paul Black ’19) TB Midseason
                                       Late 37" (94cm) Heavily ruffled old gold flowers have
                                       falls blended mid dusky rose to within a half inch of their
                                       edge. Tan brown veins surround old gold beards. Strong
                                       show stalks are produced by exceptionally vigorous and
                                       disease resistant plants. Sdlg. X10C: Beauty Becomes Her
                                       X Haunted Heart                                    $60.00

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Mid-America Garden 2019
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019
BY MOONLIGHT (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Midseason-Late 35"                                                       By Moonlight
(89cm) The most gorgeous creamy white. What else can
one expect from ‘Magical’. Beards are lemon. Wide ruffled
blooms. Every stem a show stem. About as perfect Iris as
you can see. Good grower. Sdlg No. X128-A (Magical X
Foreign Scandal)                                 $55.00


                                                                    CHAMPAGNE DREAM (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB
                                                                    Midseason 37"(94cm) Light pink Standards deepening to a
                                                                    more salmon pink in the center. Falls are medium mauve
                                                                    with darker texture lines and a narrow light pink edge.
                                                                    Beards are orange with frosted mauve tips. Nice full expan-
                                                                    sive ruffled blooms on nicely branched and budded stems.
                                                                    Very distinctive and pretty with a sweet scent. Sdlg.
                                                                    TG68E. TC339A: ((Hysteria x Blyth O201A): (Lets Romp sib.
                                                                    x Mango Daiquiri sib.)) X Haunted Heart              $60.00

CHLOE WITH CLASS (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Midseason
36"(91cm) A delicate pastel Iris with ruffles and waves.
Standards are cream; falls are soft lavender and beards are
muted orange over white. Lovely balanced flowers on show
stems. Sdlg No. X193-A (V134-1: I’m Posh sib X T32-2:
Cross My Heart Sib)                                 $55.00

                                                                                                                Chloe With
Cookie Crisp

                                                                   COOKIE CRISP (L Miller ’19) TB Midseason-Late 38" (97cm)
                                                                   Large ruffled blossoms with a crinkled edge are creamy buff.
                                                                   Beards are soft coral-orange paling to cream ends with small
                                                                   cream horns. COOKIE CRISP always reminds us of a huge
                                                                   sugar cookie. Sdlg. 2513: Swoosh X Wedding Belle.  $55.00

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Mid-America Garden 2019
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019                                                                             CRYSTAL SYMPHONY (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late
                                                                                                                 40" (102cm) Light lavender violet standards; Icy lavender
                                          Crystal                                                                white falls with small salmon lined hafts. Beards are tanger-
                                         Symphony                                                                ine tipped frosty lavender white. Beautiful full ruffled form
                                                                                                                 with classical domed standards. Super strong show stems
                                                                                                                 with lots of buds and branching. Sdlg. TG225ZZ (Rite of
                                                                                                                 Passage X Note to God) X Don’t Stop Believing.         $55.00

                                       DARKTONIAN (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Midseason-Late 38"
                                       (97cm) Anyone interested in hybridizing for a black plicata, this
                                       could be a great stepping stone. It should also give a wide range
                                       of plicatas in all shades, despite not being a plicata itself. The
                                       standards are dark violet and very ruffled. Falls are mid to dark
                                       violet with a black plush overlay. Beards are muted bronze-gold
                                       and the outer ¼" is lavender. Wide form, super show branch-               Darktonian
                                       ing and so, so fertile. Great grower. Sdlg No. X163-AA (Keppel
                                       09-107B: (02-75C: Spice Lord sdlg x Adoree) x Class Ring) X
                                       Keppel: 09-86A: (Oreo x Hello Darkness) x Reckless Abandon)).
                                                                                                  $60.00     DRESSED TO THE NINES (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB
                                                                                                              Midseason 37" (94cm) Lemon yellow standards over red violet
                                                                                                              falls with lavender band and slight yellow wire rim. Short white
                                                                                                              lines radiate out on either side of the yellow orange beard. With
                                                                                                              its super nice ruffled form, we have used Dressed to the Nines
                                                                                                              heavily in hybridizing and it is an exceptional parent for form
                                                                                                              and banded patterns in lots of different colors. There will be
                                                                                                              many intros from it in the future. Nice stems with good buds
                                                                                                              complete this quality iris. Sdlg. TG425A: Blyth S173-B: (Fine
                                                                                                              Drop x (Q19-6: Electric Candy Sib.)) X Unknown (illegible tag)
                                                                                                              Recommended!                                              $65.00

                                           Dressed To
                                           The Nines

                                       EASY ON THE EYES (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB E-Midseason
                                       36" (91cm) We purposely held this beauty back an extra
                                       year to make sure we had enough stock. A gorgeous cre-
                                       ation with beautiful form and good stems. Standards are
                                       a strange blend of Lavender violet and peach with deeper
                                       violet shadings in the center and peach at the tips. Falls are
                                       light lavender with deeper peachy orange hafts and fall band.
                                       Beautiful!! Sdlg: TG41A. Role Reversal X TB138AA: (Blyth             Easy On The Eyes
                                       P28-1: (Jazz Band x Restless Heart sib.) x Adoree) $65.00

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Mid-America Garden 2019
EDGE OF HAPPINESS (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Early-Late

                                                                                                                                    Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019
36" (91cm) A lovely ruffled and fluted creation with stan-
dards of cream to creamy lemon, deepening slightly at the
midribs. Falls are light magenta with a well-defined ¼” edge
of silvery pinkish-white. The beards are light mustard over
white. Good show Iris and a super garden display, also a
fine parent for us. Sdlg W58-1: T118-1: (Carnival Capers x
Beauty School) X unknown)                             $55.00

                                                                                                         Edge Of Happiness

                                                                     EPIC ROMANCE (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Very, Very Early 34"
                                                                     (86cm) Standards are peach, blended to lemon peach in a
                                                                     smooth transition to the edge. Falls are creamy white with a
                                                                     lavender overlay or wash and a ¼” creamy buff outer edge.
                                                                     Beards are vivid tangerine. Some show stems for an early
                                                                     show. Sdlg No. W51-A ((Novel Idea x Gypsy Lord) X Magical)

                                                  Epic Romance
                                                                                                       Executive Order
EXECUTIVE ORDER (Thomas Johnson ’19) Midseason
36" (91cm) Very light oyster pink standards with slight violet
flush up the midrib. Falls are a rich, smooth and plush
deep velvety purple black with narrow light lavender fall rim.
Beards are a bronze color tipped violet. Wonderful strong
growth with loads of buds on nice stems. Very floriferous
and bold. This sweetly scented garden beauty makes a dra-
matic statement. Very nice!! Sdlg TG66H. All About Me X
Haunted Heart                                        $60.00

                                                                     FAIRYTALE ROMANCE (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late
                                                                     34" (86cm) There is something about Fairytale Romance
                                                                     that is mesmerizing to us. The color is a rich flesh pink
                                                                     with lighter edge on the standards and patch below Frosty
                                                                     orange beards. Beautiful classical form with nice ruffles on
                                                                     smaller flowers produced in abundance. A very elegant iris
   Fairytale                                                         not to be overlooked in the garden. Nice branching carrying
   Romance                                                           8 buds. Sdlg: TH33D. Poem of Love sib. X Friendly Advice.

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Mid-America Garden 2019
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019                                                                         FEEL THE MOMENT (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Midseason
                                             Feel The                                                        36"(91cm) Soul satisfying is the description that comes to
                                             Moment                                                          mind when growing this new introduction. The standards
                                                                                                             are ivory cream. Falls are creamy white, overlaid pastel blue-
                                                                                                             lavender, deepening towards the outer edges. Beards are
                                                                                                             creamy white in throat lightening to white on outer hairs.
                                                                                                             Super show branching. Good grower, lightly perfumed and
                                                                                                             fertile. Sdlg No. Z133-1: (V130-A: Innocent Miss sib) X
                                                                                                             (W51-1: Epic Romance sib)                             $55.00

                                       FRUIT SLICES (L. Miller ’19) TB Late 36" (91cm)
                                       Standards are soft orange-apricot with wine tinted midribs.
                                       Styles are apricot-orange with watermelon midribs. Falls
                                       are an unusual color of toasted watermelon with a lighter
                                       orchid wash under tangerine beards. A very pretty bicolor
                                       that is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks. Sdlg. 9213:
                                       (Rustle of Spring x Trial by Fire) X Flame Amber.  $60.00

                                                                                                                                                           Fruit Slices

                                                                                                           GARDEN SPOT (L. Miller ’19) TB Midseason 40" (102cm)
                                                                                                           Standards and Styles soft flesh Pink; falls are flaring, full orchid
                                                                                                           with a slightly paler center and flesh pink hafts. Beards are
                                                                                                           deep coral ending with a small hook of orchid. Well branched
                                                                                                           with 8-9 well placed buds. Makes an outstanding garden iris!
                                                                                                           Sdlg. 2413B: (In Love Again x Super Model) X (High Spirited x
                                                                                                           Autumn Riesling)                                             $55.00

                                                                                        Garden Spot

                                       GEM TRADER (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Early-Midseason 35"
                                       (89cm) A delightful mix of colors. The standards are soft
                                       lilac with a blended ¼” edge of buff pink and flush at the
                                       midribs. The falls are light burgundy, lightening at the
                                       beards and set off with a well-defined 1.4" edge of muted
                                       gold. Beards are soft old gold. Flowers are ruffled and wide
                                       and there are plenty of buds with some show stems. Just
                                       a slight perfume. Sdlg No. Y63-2 Bring Me Diamonds X            Gem Trader
                                       Handful of Magic.                                    $65.00

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Mid-America Garden 2019
GIRL LIKE YOU (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late 29"

                                                                                                                                        Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019
(74cm) On the shorter side, GIRL LIKE YOU is a very ruffled                                                  Girl Like You
and lightly laced rich salmon to orange self with a small
white flash below fully saturated red orange beards. Nicely
branched show stems are produced in profusion making
quite a lovely garden show near the end of the season. Very
rich and pretty!! Sdlg TG185ZZ. Abiding Love X Coralina

                                                                        HAUNTING SONG (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Midseason 38"
                                                                        (97cm) Not only a gorgeous garden Iris but a consistent
                                                                        show stem producer. It is a soft pastel pink with a few
                                                                        deeper pink veins radiating out from the beards. Beards are
                                                                        a light tangerine and the outer ¼" white. Wide ruffled and
                                                                        beautifully balanced flowers with a light perfume. Excellent
                                                                        increaser. Sdlg: X126-AA. (Magical X Amorous Heart)
   Haunting Song                                                                                                             $60.00

HEAR ME ROAR (Thomas Johnson ’19) Midseason 37"                  Hear Me Roar
(94cm) Lemon yellow standards and edge on rich mahog-
any falls. Very rich smooth colors with nice ruffling on good
stems carrying 8 to 9 buds. The ruffled falls show the petal
reverse which is yellow adding to the effect. A very loud
distinct color separation. Hear me Roar is a sib to Autumn
Tease. Sdlg TH68A. Seasons in the Sun X Risk Taker

                                                                         HELLO ROMANCE (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Midseason 37"
                                                                         (93cm) The standards are soft salmon pink, deepening at
                                                                         the midribs and the falls are slightly darker with the outer
                                                                         ½" shading to white. The beards are tangerine shading to
                                                                         white on outer ½". Lightly ruffled flowers and some excel-
                                                                         lent show stems. Sdlg. No. X127-FF: Magical X Avenue of
                                                                         Dreams.                                              $60.00
          Hello Romance

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Mid-America Garden 2019
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019                                                                           HIP HIP HOORAY (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason
                                                                                                               late 35"(89cm) We continue to work on the lined pattern
                                           Hip Hip                                                             trying to improve the form and color range. HIP HIP
                                           Hooray                                                              HOORAY does just that. Pristine white standards with the
                                                                                                               slightest lemon green central flush. Falls are lemon with
                                                                                                               violet lines radiating from the beard becoming more of a
                                                                                                               dotted violet wash at the end. A nice white border adds to
                                                                                                               the effect. Beards are a nice solid tangerine. Nice strong
                                                                                                               stems carry 9 buds. A very cheerful and happy iris in the
                                                                                                               garden that never fails to make us smile. Sdlg TG159ZZ.
                                                                                                               All About Me X Mardi Gras Ball                     $55.00

                                       HOUR OF THE DAWN (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early
                                       and sweetly scented. 35" (89cm) Golden yellow Standards
                                       and central flash on falls with a wide rust border and tanger-
                                       ine beards. It is really hard to miss this one in the garden,
                                       the colors make it glow and is especially nice in clump. Very
                                       bright!! Sdlg. TH79A: Party Guy X Dignified            $55.00

                                                                                                         Hour Of
                                                                                                        The Dawn

                                                                                                              HOW WONDERFUL (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early 34"
                                                                                                              (86cm) HOW WONDERFUL is a different color than we have
                                                                                                              seen. The Standards are a very pleasing blend of violet and
                                                                                                              flesh to salmon pink. Falls are a rich antique rosy pink with
                                                                                                              a lighter flash below beard. Really warm colors that are rich
                                                                                                              and smooth. Nice branching and form add to the beauty.
                                                                                                              We really like this one. Sdlg. TG41YY: sib to Easy on the
                                                                                                              Eyes.                                                 $60.00

                                                     How Wonderful

                                       HUNG UP ON YOU (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason
                                       36" (91cm) Standards are salmon to orange with a nice
                                       lightly laced edge. Falls are a very light rose, deepening
                                       toward the edge and nearly white below the beard. Hafts
                                       are orange on either side of the tangerine beard. Another
                                       one in the rich warm tones that glows in the sunshine. Very
                                       beautiful! Sdlg. TH78C: TC185A: (Totally Tropical x Formal
                                       Event sib) X TF94B: (Poster Girl x Cameo Minx)      $60.00

                                                                                                         Hung Up On You

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INSTANT ATTRACTION (Paul Black ’19) TB Midseason-

                                                                                                                                        Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019
Very Late 33" (84cm) This colorful creation is sure to draw      Instant Attraction
your attention. Mid-light lavender standards are a harmo-
nious contrast to bright gold fall centers blended to rusty
cinnamon. Styles echo the fall color. Bright yellow beards.
Stalks have 3 branches and 7-8 buds. Light sweet fragrance.
Sdlg. W153D: (P225C: (Never Been Kissed x Blyth O227-4,
Edgy pollen parent sib X Adoree)                    $60.00

                                                                       IRISH JESTER (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Midseason 36" (91cm) A
                                                                       unique color pattern for us and maybe a step in the direction
                                                                       of a green Iris. Even if you do not want a green Iris, this is
                                                                       gorgeous in itself with cream standards and cream falls with
                                                                       a green gold or olive gold area coming about 1/3rd of the
                                                                       way down the fall and is shaped in the form of a butterfly.
                                                                       Beards are lemon over white. Plenty of show stems Prolific.
                                                                       Fertility untried. Sdlg: X178-2: (Keppel 06-156S: Friendly
                                                                       Advice Sib) X (Rogue Trader x (Rules of Love x Decadence))
                                                  Irish Jester

KISS THE NIGHT (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early 35"
(89cm) Very dark almost solid black cherry standards with
a slight yellow ground showing in the center. Falls are a
rich butter yellow ground with a wide deep near solid black
cherry border and dotted center line that extends from
below the beard to the border. Rusty yellow beards com-
plete the look. Good branching with 8 to 11 buds. Very
dark and pretty!! Sdlg. TG404ZZ. Tuscan Summer X
unknown.                                            $60.00

                                                                                                                 Kiss The Night

                                                                       LASH OUT (Paul Black ’19) TB Midseason-Late 34" (86cm)
                                                                       ‘Lash Out’ offers a unique medley of color and pattern.
                                                                       Red amber standards blend to gold amber to light lilac and
                                                                       then to mid gold. Styles are gold. Standard color repeats
                                                                       in the falls and have a more distinct gold band. Strong
                                                                       growth produces show stalks with 3 branches and 10-12
                                                                       buds. Sdlg. V130B: (Passionate Embrace x (Bold Encounter
                                                                       x Foreign Legion)) X ((Bold Encounter x Foreign Legion) x
                       Lash Out                                        Silent Screen)                                      $60.00

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Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019                                                                              LATEST FASHION (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early-
                                                                                                                  Midseason 37"(94cm) Lovely blue white Standards are
                                                                                                                  infused pink in the center. Falls are ruffled salmon pink with a
                                                                                                                  lighter central area below violet tipped orange beards. Latest
                                                                                                                  Fashion has good strong stems carrying 8 buds. A beauti-
                                                                                                                  ful iris that is much admired!! Sdlg. TH143A. TD357ZZ:
                                                                                                                  (Head over Heels sib. x Sudden Bliss) X TD139A: (Rasputin
                                                                                                                  x Blyth O227A: (I’m Dreaming sib. x L159-2: (J219-1: (Enjoy
                                                                                                                  the Party x F160-1: (D46-1, Arabian Story sib. x Cast a Spell))
                                                                                                                  x G63-B, Mandarin Morning sib.)))                        $60.00

                                                                                              Latest Fashion

                                       LAVENDER BREEZE (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early 36"
                                       (91cm) Sweetly scented. Rich lavender blue standards.
                                       Falls are lavender blue with deeper lavender veins extend-
                                       ing to a medium lavender diffused band then encircled by a
                                       light lavender wire rim. Gorgeous full ruffled form with great
                                       stems and buds. Looks mighty fine in a clump. A good
                                       strong grower and very floriferous. Sdlg. TH13B. sib to           Lavender Breeze
                                       Arabian Treasure.                                      $55.00

                                                                                                                  LAVENDER WHIRL (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason
                                                                                                                  38" (97cm) Sweetly scented. A difficult iris to portray the
                                          Lavender Whirl
                                                                                                                  beauty. This iris absolutely shines in the garden especially
                                                                                                                  when it is in clump. Standards have a white ground with a
                                                                                                                  wide lavender dotted plicata band and a narrow buff edge.
                                                                                                                  Falls are pristine white with a deep purple plicata band.
                                                                                                                  Beards are orange with blue purple tips. As an added
                                                                                                                  attraction LAVENDER WHIRL has nice contrasting dark buff
                                                                                                                  gold style arms. Strong stems carrying 9 buds ensure a
                                                                                                                  long season of bloom. Very floriferous and a strong grower.
                                                                                                                  Recommended! Sdlg. TG78YY. Dancing in the Dark X
                                                                                                                  Petticoat Shuffle.                                  $60.00

                                       LEAVE ME BREATHLESS (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB
                                       Midseason-Late 37" (94cm) Slight fragrance. LEAVE ME
                                       BREATHLESS is exactly what happened when I first laid eyes
                                       on this one when it bloomed as a seedling for the first time. I
                                       remember gasping when I got down to the end of the row and
                                       saw it. Large showy flowers scream LOOK AT ME! A very fun
                                       pattern indeed I am going to let the picture do the talking as
                                       far as the color is concerned. Nice well branched stems carry
                                       9 buds. A favorite that never fails to delight. Sdlg. TG160ZZ.
                                       Read Between the Lines X TC339A: ((Hysteria x Blyth O201A:                                                              Leave Me
                                       (Lets Romp sib. x Mango Daiquiri sib))                  $65.00                                                         Breathless

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LEMON DELICIOUS (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Late 37" (94cm)

                                                                                                                                         Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019
Standards are lemon yellow, closed and ruffled. The falls are
creamy white, shading to creamy lemon towards edge and
a defined ¼” edge of yellow. Gold beards. Gorgeous wide
and ruffled form and super show branching. A sister to Misty
Sunlight. Sdlg No. X173-J (Keppel 07-68B: (04-49A: Silk
Road sib x (99-206A: Proposal x (Blyth: F175-1: Man About
Town x (Poetess sib))) x (Keppel 04-44A: (99-208B: Proposal x
(Blyth F119-3: Act Three x (D61-2: Poetess sib)) x House Afire)
X Magical.                                            BONUS

    Like A Breeze

                                                                                                              Lemon Delicious

                                                                         LIKE A BREEZE (Paul Black ’19) TB Midseason-Very Late
                                                                         38" (97cm) Mid-dark cobalt blue flowers are evenly ruffled
                                                                         and lightly laced. Strongly flared falls give it a resolute
                                                                         feeling. Two branches plus spur carry 8 buds. Great color.
                                                                         Sdlg. W116C: (Bubblicious x (Dearie x Drifting Bubbles)) X
                                                                         Lost World                                          $55.00

LONESOME PRAIRIE (Paul Black ’19) Midseason-Late 35"              Lonesome
(89cm) Mid slate tan standards blend upward to light slate         Prairie
olive. Hafts of mid soft yellow falls are washed light brown.
Show stalks have 3 branches plus spur and 7-10 buds.
Strong growth and very floriferous. Strong spicy fragrance.
Sdlg. W16B: Secret Agenda X Lost World                 $55.00

    Luck Be A

                                                                       LUCK BE A LADY (Paul Black ’19) TB Midseason-Late 37"
                                                                       (94cm) And a pretty lady she is! Light rosy pink plic marks on
                                                                       white standards blend to pale lilac bands. Pristine white falls
                                                                       have half inch red grape plic bands, hafts and V around burnt
                                                                       orange beards. Show stalks with 3 branches and 9 buds.
                                                                       Sdlg. X111B: U21A, Big Break sib X R100C: (Circle of Light x
                                                                       Ballet Performance)                                    $55.00

                                                    www.mid-americagarden.com                                                                              11
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019                                                                               MAGIC TRICK (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason-Late
                                                                                                                   34"(86cm) Cocoa pink standards with darker pink veining.
                                                                                                                   Falls are deeper cocoa pink with darker veining and a light
                                                                                                                   cocoa pink edge. What really makes this one stand out are
                                                                                                                   the large cocoa pink beards that are frosted white on the
                                                                                                                   tips. A nicely ruffled uniquely colored creation. Very distinc-
                                                                                                                   tive and pretty. Sdlg. TH33C. sib to Fairytale Romance.


                                       ME AND MY SHADOW (Paul Black ’19) TB Late-Very
                                       Late 40" (102cm) As dark plicatas go, this one is a MUST
                                       HAVE. Tall show stalks have 3 branches plus 2 spurs with
                                       10-14 buds produced by strong healthy plants. White stan-
                                       dards have purple plic sanding over centers blending to
                                       wide red black bands. Startling red black styles arch above
                                       wide, flaring and tightly ruffled falls of warm white touched
                                       light yellow on sides and edged with 3/4" near black plicata           Me And My
                                       banding and black sanding across hafts. Sdlg. V151B, Steal              Shadow
                                       Your Heart sib                                         $60.00

                                                                                                                  MISTY SUNLIGHT (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Midseason 35"
                                                                                                                  (89cm) A superb show Iris with an average of 12 buds. The
                                                                                                                  standards are lemon blending to lemon cream at midribs and
                                                                                                                  at the base. Falls are creamy white with1/8" edge of lemon
                                                                                                                  and the reverse of the falls is lemon yellow, showing well on the
                                                                                                                  ruffles. Gold hafts. Beards are white tipped lemon. Fertile and a
                                                                                                                  great parent. Some magic coming from Magical. Sdlg X173-C:
                                                                                                                  Sister to Lemon Delicious.                                $55.00

                                                                                             Misty Sunlight

                                       MYSTIC ART (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late 38" (97cm)
                                       Medium pink standards and edge on rose to lavender pink
                                       falls. Strange violet tipped orange beards add to the inter-
                                       est. Hard to convey the beauty of this one in a photo.
                                       Garden visitors often commented on their love for it. Sdlg.
                                       TH35C. Hold Me Now X Friendly Advice.               $55.00

                                                                                                               Mystic Art

  12                                                                           Mid-America Garden, LLC         Phone: 503 390 6072
OH WHAT FUN (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early 36" (91cm)

                                                                                                                                       Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019
A different reverse bicolor pattern. Standards are blue to light
violet. Falls are rosy pink with a lighter area below beard that   Oh What Fun
becomes a blue wash. Bright orange beards set the whole
pattern off. Good strong growth with lots of bloom make it
an early season delight. The flowers transition as they age to
this color, starting out with a more lavender pink fall border.
Very pretty through all stages. Check out the website for
both images. Sdlg. TG93A. reverse sib to Easy on the Eyes.

 One Man’s Art

                                                                     ONE MAN’S ART (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Early-Midseason 35"
                                                                     (89cm) A stunning color combination. The standards are
                                                                     creamy beige and falls are dusky rose with soft lemon overlay
                                                                     around the burnt tango beards and a ¼" edge of beige finish
                                                                     it off. Standards are slightly open but firm. Show stems and
                                                                     very fertile. Love this and want to see the seedlings from this
                                                                     Iris. Sdlg No. Y58-1 (W72-4: Hello Beautiful x (Italian Master
                                                                     sib x ((Enjoy the Party x Kathleen Kay Nelson) x Calling)) X
                                                                     U239-4: Painted Words sib)                              $65.00

ONLY A DREAM (B. Blyth ’19) F Midseason 37" (94cm) A
virtual self of honey cream yellow, though it possibly deepens
around the mid rib and the hafts. Beards are orange gold. The
other point about this apart from the unusual color is the form
and “show off” ability. It is superb. Wide, ruffled, beautifully
balanced. Stunning! It is fertile (S161-1: (Q62-1: Hello Its Me
x (O258-1: Puff the Magic x (L169-A: (J230-2: Enjoy the Party                                                     Only A Dream
x Kathleen Kay Nelson) x Calling))) x Pagan Knight) X Head
Over Heels) Sdlg No U188-A                              $60.00

                                                                       ONLY A LADY (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late 37" (94cm)
                                                                       Sweetly scented. Pink standards; white Falls with a very
                                                                       narrow pink edge and pink touched hafts. The beard is
                                                                       pink with blue at the end. Good form and nicely ruffled on
                                                                       strong stalks carrying 7 to 9 buds. Coming from our blue
                                                                       bearded pink line. Very pretty and elegant. Sdlg TH35B:
                                                                       sib to Mystic Art                                   $55.00
       Only A Lady

                                                    www.mid-americagarden.com                                                                            13
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019                                                                                  PAISLEY PRINT (Paul Black ’19) TB Early-Late 33"(84cm)
                                                                                                                      Showy clumps of ‘Paisley Print’ are a favorite of garden visi-
                                                                                                                      tors. Snow white flowers, falls with an artistic outer banding
                                                                                                                      of sanded mid purple veining giving way to more solid and
                                                                                                                      darker purple bands then grayed white bands and finally
                                                                                                                      purple wire rims. Vibrant orange beards set it afire. Three
                                                                                                                      branches produce about 7 buds. Moderate spicy fragrance.
                                                                                                                      Sdlg. X89F: Color Wheel X T24A, Color Wheel sib         $55.00


                                       PALOMA BLANCA (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late 36"
                                       (91cm) Sweet fragrance. Paloma Blanca is Spanish for white
                                       dove. Icy blue white standards and faint blended edge on
                                       white falls. Nice red orange beards are tipped blue white.
                                       Beautiful form with good lacing on the petal edges. Super
                                       clean grower with strong show stems carrying 8 buds. A very
                                       classy iris to close the season. Sdlg. TG225YY. sib. to Crystal
                                       Symphony.                                              BONUS
                                                                                                              Paloma Blanca

                                                                                                                      PERIHELION PASS (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason
                                                                                                                      36" (91cm) Cream standards are flushed and veined lemon
                                                                                                                      yellow. Falls have large butter yellow sunburst around
                                                                                                                      beard and is surrounded by a wide rust red band with
                                                                                                                      slightly lighter rim. Excellent grower and prolific bloomer
                                                                                                                      with strong stalks carrying 9 buds. A gorgeous garden iris.
                                                                                                                      Sdlg. TH18J: Pop Idol X Sib. to Hard to Resist.      $60.00

                                            Perihelion Pass

                                       PHARAOH’S POET (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason
                                       36" (91cm) Sweetly scented. Blue white standards are
                                       heavily infused rose pink. Falls are rosy pink with lighter area
                                       below beards and a lavender rim. A different color combi-
                                       nation giving a unique effect. Sdlg. TF125YY. Blyth T46:
                                       (Rite of Passage x Avenue of Dreams) X Avenue of Dreams.
                                                                                                $55.00          Pharaoh’s Poet

  14                                                                            Mid-America Garden, LLC            Phone: 503 390 6072
PHOTO SHOOT (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason-Late 36"

                                                                                                                                          Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019
(91cm) A super clean and sharp pattern really makes PHOTO
SHOOT stand out with its pristine white ground and precise           Photo Shoot
blue to violet dotting around both the standards and falls. A
dark violet black bar across the hafts and deep purple style
arms add to the drama. Even the beards add a bit of mystery
being yellow in the throat then becoming lighter with violet tips.
Super nice ruffled form completes the package. Not just another
purple plicata! Sdlg. TH156B. ((TE11A: Circle of Light x TC343A:
Sib. to Hysteria x Danger Money)) X TD314ZZ: (Blyth O211-A:
Ostentatious x (G48-5: Burst x Epicenter)) x Ring Around Rosie x
Blyth R41-6: Sib. to Stay Stylish Pollen Parent.          $55.00

                                                                          POETIC MIST (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early 35" (89cm)
                                                                          Light flesh pink standards; falls are pink with a washed
                                                                          mauve overlay. Darker violet lines extend from the strange
                                                                          violet beards with hairs topped orange. Nicely formed
                                                                          and ruffled. A pretty color combination! Sdlg. TG68UU.
                                                                          (TC339A: Hysteria x (Let’s Romp x Mango Daiquiri sib.)) X
                                                                          Haunted Heart.                                     BONUS
                                                     Poetic Mist

POWER OF DREAMS (B. Blyth ’19) F Very Early 36"
                                                                                                                     Power Of
(91cm) A gorgeous blending of colors and difficult to convey
in words. The standards are blended pastel lavender with a
salmon rose flush around the midribs. The falls are blended
pastel lavender and shaded on the upper half with salmon
particularly on the hafts. There is a fine wire edge of laven-
der. Beards are white tipped tangerine. Flowers are wide and
very ruffled with overlapping hafts. Show branching and a
sure winner at an early show. Fertile. Sdlg No. Y109-A (V332-
2: Colors of the Wind sib X Valley of Dreams).         $60.00

      Radiant Garnet

                                                                          RADIANT GARNET (Paul Black ’19) TB Midseason-Late
                                                                          33" (84cm) In the quest for a spectrum red iris, many inter-
                                                                          esting variations occur. The falls of ‘Radiant Garnet’ are an
                                                                          interesting descending gradation of ruby to garnet. Old gold
                                                                          beards sit in a nest of violet veins on white hafts. Magenta
                                                                          standards encase copper styles. Two branches plus spur
                                                                          produce 9-10 flowers with a nice sweet fragrance. Sdlg.
                                                                          X59B: S98MM, Etcetera sib X S114MM, Dare Me sib $55.00

                                                   www.mid-americagarden.com                                                                                15
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019                                                                           RESPECT (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early 35"(89cm)
                                                                                                               Sweetly scented. Wow, the picture kind of says it all. A
                                                                                                               clump of this definitely commands RESPECT!! Standards
                                                                                                               have a white ground with medium violet plicata dotting in the
                                                                                                               center and a wide buff gold band. Falls are pristine white
                                                                                                               with a wide near solid deep purple band and bar across the
                                                                                                               haft. Beards are tangerine with violet at the end. Strong well
                                                                                                               branched stalks carry 10 buds!! Beautiful!! Sdlg TG78A. sib
                                                                                                               to Lavender Whirl.                                     $60.00

                                                                                                                                                               My Heart

                                       RESTART MY HEART (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Early-
                                       Midseason 36" (91cm) Pure white standards, closed and
                                       very ruffled. Falls are a lavender wash over white with a ¼"
                                       well defined edge of white. Tan hafts and brilliant yellow
                                       beards. Branching is OK with some show stems. Plenty of
                                       buds. Sdlg No W53-1 (T57-1: (Keppel (05-114A: (01-99A:
                                       Mysterious Ways sib x (Shoop 91-26: (Summer Fashion x
                                       Coming Up Roses) x Lotus Land)) x Decadence)) X Hello
                                       Beautiful)                                            $55.00

                                                                                                                ROYAL PASSAGE (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason
                                                                                                                34" (86cm) Light tan Standards with peach centers. Falls
                                                                                                                are a rich red violet with a ruffled mauve band. Beards
                                                                                                                are tangerine. ROYAL PASSAGE is a strong grower with a
                                                                                                                sharp pattern and good ruffles. Won’t be overlooked in the
                                                                                                                garden. Sdlg. TG191ZZ. Sib to Hour of The Dawn  BONUS

                                             Royal Passage

                                       SECRET HOPES (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late 37" (94cm)
                                       Pink standards and lavender violet falls. Beards are red/
                                       orange. A nice sharp bicolor that is heavily ruffled. A strong
                                       grower with show stems carrying 8 buds. Very pretty! Sdlg.
                                       TH78A. sib to Hung Up On You.                          $55.00

                                                                                                         Secret Hopes

  16                                                                           Mid-America Garden, LLC      Phone: 503 390 6072
SECRET PAST (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late 35" (89cm)

                                                                                                                                       Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019
Sweetly scented. Buff gold standards over Medium blue to
violet falls. Nicely ruffled standards with a more “pleated”                                                         Secret Past
ruffled falls. Nice stems carry 9 buds. A nice end of the
season bicolor. Sdlg. TH147C. Hard to Resist X (TC380B:
First Avenue x Catwalk) .                            $55.00

                                                                    SHADOW BANDS (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early-
                                                                    Midseason 36" (91cm) Sweetly scented. Milk glass white
                                                                    standards are heavily infused lemon yellow in the center.
                                                                    Falls are a plush burgundy with a yellow sunburst flash in
                                                                    the center around the yellow orange beards. Very flashy and
                                                                    a vigorous grower with lots of bloom on strong stems carry-
                                                                    ing up to 11 buds. Nice!! Sdlg. TH83A. Risk Taker X sib to
                                                                    Hard to Resist.                                      $60.00
                                                 Shadow Bands

SHE’S LOVELY (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Midseason-late 40"
(102cm) The name says it all. Standards are soft pastel
salmon pink. Falls are white with an overall cast of blue-
lavender and soft pink hafts. The reverse of the falls shows
on the ruffle and is the color of the standards. Beards are
tangerine with the outer ¼" lavender. Wide flared and ruffled
with show stems. Superb! Sdlg No X130-1 (Magical X
Wishes Granted).                                      $55.00

                                                                                                                She’s Lovely

                                                                    SIMPLY FABULOUS (Thomas Johnson ’19) Late 36" (91cm)
                                                                    A beautiful shade of rose pink with lavender undertones and
                                                                    a slightly lighter area below coral to pink beards. Gorgeous
                                                                    ruffled and full form add to the beauty. We really like this one
                                                                    a lot, it is such a pretty and unusual shade of pink. Strong
  Simply Fabulous                                                   show stems will make this a great show iris as well. Sdlg.
                                                                    TG229XX: Poem of Love sib. X Don’t Stop Believing. $60.00

                                                  www.mid-americagarden.com                                                                              17
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019                                                                        SOMEWHAT FANCY (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Midseason 36"
                                                                                                            (91cm) Well-loved since its maiden bloom. The standards are
                                          Somewhat                                                          soft pastel lilac with a pink tinge throughout and a deepening
                                            Fancy                                                           at the midribs with a peach blush. The falls are soft coppery
                                                                                                            tan, deepening at the hafts and set off with a neat ¼" edge of
                                                                                                            the standard color. Beards are a striking lightly burnt tanger-
                                                                                                            ine. Plenty of show stems. Not a fast increaser but a good
                                                                                                            easy grower and it is fertile giving fun seedlings. Sdlg V282-1
                                                                                                            (T197-2: Stay Stylish Sib X (T201-1: (Alpine Harmony sib x
                                                                                                            (I’m Dreaming sib x Platinum Class Sib)) x Adoree) x (Wicked
                                                                                                            Woman x Popstar) x (Wedding Belle x Starring)))          $65.00


                                       STITCHES (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason-Late
                                       36"(91cm)Sweet fragrance. Light yellow standards with a
                                       very narrow darker plicata stitched edge. Falls are white
                                       with a narrow purple stitched edge and short purple lines on
                                       either side of fuzzy mustard beards. Coming from parents
                                       carrying the plicata gene but not plicata themselves adds
                                       a bit more genetic diversity to the pattern. A nice clean
                                       pattern that is proving to be a garden favorite. Good growth
                                       and heavily substanced flowers on strong stems carrying
                                       up to 10 buds. Sdlg. TH58A. Stole the Show X TD 334YY:
                                       (Nothing but Class X sib to Cameo Minx).              $60.00

                                                                                                           STORMRISE (Mirena Oberg ’19) TB Midseason-Late 37"
                                                                                                           (94cm) Like the sun rising under stormy clouds, Stormrise
                                                                                                           has standards that are a steely violet shaded deeper at the
                                                                                                           midrib and falls a bright yellow blending lighter at the edges.
                                                                                                           Gorgeous form on well branched stems have 12 to 15 buds.
                                                                                                           Slight fragrance. Secret Partner X Sea Power            BONUS

                                                                                                                                                         Sunny Seas


                                       SUNNY SEAS (L. Miller ’19) TB 39" (99cm) Standards
                                       and styles are brilliant yellow; Flaring Falls are full laven-
                                       der edged buff with butter yellow hafts. Beards are orange
                                       changing at the end to lavender with a small horn. Well
                                       branched with 9 to 10 buds. Reminds us of the sunshine
                                       over the sea. Sdlg. 9413D: ((Beyond Dreams X Pin Cushion)
                                       x L124A: unknown) X Blowing Kisses                     $55.00

  18                                                                            Mid-America Garden, LLC   Phone: 503 390 6072
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019
SUSSUDIO (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late 37" (94cm)
Sweet scent. Salmon pink self with a lighter washed area
below beards. Beards are a dark coral pink. A bit of an
unusual color that is very smooth and clean. Very pretty.
Sdlg. TH4A. Note to God X Chianti Classic.       $55.00

                                                                       TEN OF HEARTS (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Late 35" (89cm)
                                                                       Coming right at the end of the flowering season is one of the
                                                                       most gorgeous Iris we have ever raised. We are a bit sorry it
                                                                       is so late. The standards are opalescent white with a pastel
                                                                       coral flush up the midribs. Falls are soft peach shading to
                                                                       opalescent peach and heavy apricot coming about 1/3rd
                                                                       of the way down the falls and with heavier shading on the
                                                                       hafts. Beards are tangerine orange. Super branching if you
                                                                       have a really late show. Fertility untried Sdlg No V114-1:
                                                                       (Ginger Ice X My Beloved)                            $65.00
      Ten Of Hearts

THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB
Midseason 34" (86cm) Sweetly scented. A very unusual
color pattern. I have found that it is a love it or hate it Iris
with visitors. I love it but it is a bit gaudy for some. Clear
butter yellow Standards sit atop yellow falls with a heavy
maroon wash in a bit of a segmented broken color pattern.
Very unique and different. Sdlg. TG374ZZ. Cosmic Melody
X unknown (unreadable faded tag).                       $55.00

                                                                                                     That’s Entertainment

                                                                       THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (Paul Black ’19)
                                                                       Early-Midseason 32" (81cm) Fantastical visions can appear
                                                                       once you go ‘Through the Looking Glass’. This bright
                                                                       yellow glaciata has an unusual big white “what-would-be”
                                                                       a luminata spot if there were any anthocyanin (blue/purple)
                                                                       markings. Add your own anthocyanin markings and see
    Through The                                                        what you get. Strong growth produces 3 branches and 7
    Looking Glass                                                      buds. Sdlg. W71A: Affair to Remember X S62B, Affair to
                                                                       Remember sib                                        $55.00

                                                     www.mid-americagarden.com                                                                          19
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019                                                                     TIMELESS TREASURE (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB
                                                                                                         Midseason-Late 36" (91cm) Sweet fragrance. We look
                                                                                                         forward to TIMELESS TREASURE to bloom each year. It
                                                                                                         always puts on such a show. Moderately sized more tai-
                                                                                                         lored flowers are borne in profusion in a more open clump
                                                                                                         effect. This allows the viewing of each individual flower yet
                                                                                                         still giving a visual mass of color. A unique and bright color
                                                                                                         with pink standards over lavender falls with a deeper laven-
                                                                                                         der waterfall pattern that extends from the beard to a pink
                                                                                                         fall border. We Like!! Sdlg. TH7A. Silk Road X Repertoire.

                                                              Timeless Treasure

                                       TREASURE BAY (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late 37"(94cm)
                                       Icy blue white standards. Falls have blue white centers then
                                       a light to medium lavender violet wash ending in a ruffled
                                       clean ice white edge. Beautiful large full formed flowers
                                       are heavily ruffled and a bit pleated in the falls. Good
                                       show stems with up to 9 buds. Sdlg. TG62A. Don’t Stop
                                       Believing X Haunted Heart.                           $55.00

                                                                                                                                                  Treasure Bay

                                                                                                         TRENDING (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason 37"
                                                                                                         (94cm) A difficult blending of colors to describe. Standards
                                                                                                         are eggshell white with opal pink blushed centers. Falls are
                                                                                                         Lavender with an eggshell rim. What really sets this off is
                                                                                                         the beard. The beard is violet with orange hair tips becom-
                                                                                                         ing more solid dark blue to violet at the end. Gorgeous form
                                                                                                         on nice show stems complete the effect. We love this iris!!
                                                                                                         Sdlg. TH5A. Note to God X Haunted Heart.             $65.00


                                       UNDER DOG (Paul Black ’19) TB Midseason-Very Late 36"
                                       (91cm) Big ruffled blooms have standards of mid dusky
                                       spiced rose that repeats in 3/4” wide blended bands on
                                       light rosy butter falls. Soft tangerine beards add a touch
                                       of persuasion. Strong growth produces show stalks with 3
                                       branches and 9-10 buds. Color lightens with age. Sdlg.
                                       W20B, Time Out sib                                  $55.00                                Under Dog

  20                                                                         Mid-America Garden, LLC   Phone: 503 390 6072

                                                                                                                                           Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2019
Midseason-Late 33" (84cm) What a beauty she is as
she takes flight. Standards of heavily ruffled blooms are
shaded light pink and are edged with ivory lace. Wide
falls are light buff peach with darker veins and ivory laced
edges. Burnt orange beards are an interesting contrast.
Strong show stalks have 3 branches and 7-8 buds. Sdlg.
X28B: Haunted Heart X U73C: (Photogenic x O210B,
Always Lovely sib)                                   $65.00

                                                                  Wind Beneath
                                                                   My Wings

                                                                        WOMAN’S LOVE (B. Blyth ’19) F TB Midseason-Late 36"
                                                                        (91cm) Another gorgeous Iris coming from Magical. The
                                                                        standards are soft pink and very lightly laced. Falls are pastel
                                                                        magenta, lightening towards the outside and becoming
                                                                        creamier around the tangerine-over-white beards. Flowers
                                                                        are very ruffled to lace. Lovely branching and a lovely grower.
                                                                        All coming from Joe Ghio lines. Sdlg No. X131-6 (Magical X
                                                                        (Ghio 05-22-02: Sib to Center Ice pod parent x Unknown)).

                                                   Woman’s Love

YOU’RE THE ONE (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason
38" (97cm) Sweetly scented. We have been working on blue
bearded pinks for quite some time. Continually working
on getting the beard a more saturated blue. We really like
YOU’RE THE ONE. Standards are a light lavender pink.
Falls are a very light pink to almost white, deepening to a
light pink rim. Beards are coral pink in the throat and frosted
lavender at the end. Strong growth on nice show stems car-
rying 9 buds. Beautiful and elegant!! Sdlg. TH127A. Hold
Me Now X Those Violet Eyes.                             $60.00

                                                                  You’re The One

                                                    www.mid-americagarden.com                                                                               21
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2019                                            All Too
                                                                                  Exciting                                                          Absolute

                                                              A Certain
                                                                                                     All Ashore
                                                                            A CERTAIN GIRL (Blyth 18) F Creamy Peach S
                                                                            flushed Apricot; F, Peach with lighter central area. Early!! $35.00

                                                                            A NEW BEGINNING (T.Johnson 17) White S, flushed
                                                                            pink; White F w/ wide red violet border. Touched pink at hafts.
                                                                            ABIDING LOVE (T.Johnson 13) Ruffled orchid peach
                                                                            blend standards and rose orchid falls. Nice branching $10.00
                                                           Affair to                                                                                Action
                                                           Remember         ABSOLUTE TRUTH (Blyth 18) F Gorgeous form on                            Packed
                                                                            this lemon and white ruffled beauty. Classy!! $35.00
                                                                            ACTION PACKED (Black 11) Dark velvety wine-black
                                                                            falls & dramatic veining over buff standards. UNIQUE! $8.00
                                                                            ADRIATIC NOBLE (Keppel 17) Heavily ruffled and
                                                                            nicely formed Concord purple with slightly darker falls. $22.00

                                                                            ADRIATIC WAVES (Keppel 09) Mid violet blue
                                                                            standards. Satiny dark marine blue falls. Heavily ruffled. $8.00

                                                                            AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (Black 15) Dark rose garnet                          Adriatic Noble
                                         Alarm Bells
                                                                            and white luminata. Laced yellow edges. Strong growth produces
                                                                            many show stalks. Excellent parent.                   $13.00
                                                                            AFTER THE RAIN (Black 13) White with standards
                                                                            blushed pale violet. Classic tightly ruffled form. Show Stalks.$8.00

                                                                            AIRTIME (Miller 18) Soft blue pink self with blue beards
                                                                            ending in lavender pink flounces!! Nice Stalks. $30.00
                                                                            ALARM BELLS (Blyth 18) F Nicely formed and ruffled
                                                                            garnet rose bi-tone. Very pretty and popular! $35.00                                       Airtime
                                         All By Design
                                                                            ALL ABOUT ME (T.Johnson 14) White standards. Light
                                                                            peach falls veined & washed mid purple. Great clump. $10.00

                                                                            ALL BY DESIGN (Ghio 16)Melon pink Standards. Falls
                                                                            are white lined and stitched rosy violet. $18.00
                                                                            ALL ASHORE (Black 13) Top notch in every way - form,
                                                                            growth & stalk. One of the best yellow/blue combos. $9.00
                                                                            ALL THE TALK (T.Johnson 16) Ruffled and Laced mid
                                                                            red violet standards and band around darker lilac falls.  $18.00
                                                         All About Me
                                                                            ALL THINGS CONSIDERED (T.Johnson 16)                                                     All The Talk
                                                                            Classy formed ruffled ice white with violet tipped beards. FORM!!
                                                                            ALL TOO EXCITING (Black 18) Lovely light lemon
                                                                            yellow ground plicata with near solid deep purple S and F band.
                                                                            Excellent stalks with 11 buds. Late.                   $32.00
                                                                            ALOHA SPIRIT (Ghio 17) Exhuberantly ruffled orchid
                                                                            pink. Beautiful form                      $25.00
                                                 All Things Considered                                                                                                    Love

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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2019

                                                                                                  The Clouds

Argyle                      AMAZON QUEEN (Miller 18) Large flowers are a
Knight                      pleasing blend of butter yellow and orchid pink. Lovely!! $32.00

                            AMONG THE CLOUDS (Montanari 15) F Mid pink
                            standards. Blue lavender blend falls. Tangerine beards. $13.00

                            ANCIENT TREASURE (Black 14) Apricot standards
                            and wide band on brownish wine falls. Burnt orange beards.
                            APRICOT SMOOTHIE (T.Johnson 18) Light peach S,                        Treasure
                            center flushed deeper; F deep Apricot pink w/ wide lt. peach band.
                            Great stems & color!!.                                    $35.00
                            ARE YOU FREE (Black 16) Dark slate wine standards &
                            butter yellow falls with dark plum band. Very floriferous.  $18.00

                            ARGYLE KNIGHT (Blyth 15) F Butter yellow S; F
                            velvety burgundy red with lighter edge. Clean and ruffled! $

                            AROUND THE SUN (Black 16) Beautiful bright yellow                     Baby I
                            & white with excellent growth, buds and stem.  $18.00                Love You
Around The Sun
                            ARRIVEDERCI (Keppel 14) Soft peach standards. Wide
                            warm lavender falls. Big fluffy ruffles.  $10.00
Plum                        ASIAN PLUM (T.Johnson 14) Mid old rose with darker
                            red plum hafts. Burnt orange beards. Nice branching. $10.00
                            AWASH IN PURPLE (Black 18) Blue violet self with
                            white fall veining. Show stems with 9 to 10 buds. $30.00
                            AZTEC ART (T.Johnson 09) Bright gold standards and
                            large sunburst on dark mahogany falls. Colorful. $8.00
                                                                                                   Aztec Art
                            BABY I LOVE YOU (Black 12) Blue white, falls with olive
                            veins & wide band. Big & strongly flared. Popular.  $8.00
                            BALTIC SEA (T.Johnson 08) Extremely ruffled clear mid
                            marine blue. Strong growth. Show stalks.      $8.00
                            BALTIMORE (Keppel 17) Lt. blue S; Blue violet F with
                            veined white area around bd and lighter fall edge. $22.00
                            BARBARA MAY (T.Johnson 07) Impressive show stalks
                            with 3 open flowers. Strong growth. Disease resistant foliage.
 Barbara Rider                                                                    $8.00                     Baltic Sea
                            BARBARA RIDER (T.Johnson 15) Yellow standards and
                            hafts on lavender blue falls with brassy gold bands. $14.00
                            BARNEY’S GAL (Miller 17) Golden yellow standards and
                            central fall area surrounded by honey brown w/ laced edge.$20.00

                            BASHFUL LOVE (Blyth 15) F White standards over pink
                            falls with a small white central area. Ruffled! Lovely!  $16.00

                 Bashful    BASHFUL PRINCESS (Black 13) White standards
                            blushed pink. Cream to dusky rose blended falls. Luscious. $9.00
                 Princess                                                                                                 Barbara May
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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2019
                                                                      Big Break                                                       Beacon of

                                         Belle Fille

                                                                 BE MINE TONIGHT F (Blyth 15) Honey to apricot
                                                                 Standards. Velvety reddish burgundy falls with lighter edge. Sharp
                                                                 looking!                                                  $15.00
                                                                 BEACON OF LIGHT (T.Johnson 13) Bright and cheery
                                                                 clumps. White with yellow hafts and purple fall centers. $9.00

                                                                 BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (Ghio 16) Light peach apricot
                                            Beauty               standards & narrow band on white falls. Deep Apricot hafts.
                                            Contest                                                                $18.00
                                                                                                                                        Black Is Black
                                                                 BEAUTY BECOMES HER (Black 10) Classically
                                                                 styled flowers. Strong growth. Elegant show stalks. 1st runner-up
                                                                 to Franklin Cook Cup & top of 15 Favorite Guest irises at 2012 AIS
                                                                 convention. Wister Medal 2017                              $8.00
                                                                 BEAUTY CONTEST (Black 13) Strong pink standards
                                                                 and narrow band on purple falls. Fantastic unique color. $9.00

                                                                 BEDROOM ROMANCE (Black 16) Well budded flesh
                                                                                                                                                                  Be Mine
                                                                 pink & butter yellow blend with vivid orange beards.  $18.00
                                          Beauty                                                                                                                  Tonight
                                          Becomes Her            BELLE FILLE (M.Smith 15) Frilly violet and dark purple
                                                                 bitone with white luminata patch and petal edges. $14.00
                                                                 BERSERK (T.Johnson 14) Big blowsy white with most of
                                                                 fall heavily veined and washed dark purple. Fun pattern. $10.00

                                                                 BESIDE MYSELF (Blyth 16) F Yellow standards. Falls
                                                                 are white w/ rosy brown stitched and dotted edge. $20.00
                                                                 BIG BAND (Black 16) A complex mix of colors it has been
                                                                 a favorite since its maiden bloom. Great stems.  $18.00
                                         Big Band                                                                                     Rocket
                                                                 BIG BREAK (Black 17) Broken colors in white, red violet,
                                                                 apricot and purple. Good stems on strong growth.  $22.00

                                         Beside                  BIG PICTURE (Ghio 15) Light pink S flushed deeper; F red
                                         Myself                  purple with pink sunburst.                    $18.00
                                                                 BIG SPENDER (Blyth 15) F Icy blue white standards and
                                                                 edge on mid violet falls. Big and ruffled. A favorite!  $18.00
                                                                 BIGGER IS BETTER (T.Johnson 14) White standards
                                                                 and rim on mid violet falls. Huge marigold beards. Neat. $10.00

                                                                 BILLOWING WAVES (Keppel 15) Icy blue standards                                Berserk
                                                                 and edge on blue purple falls. Ruffled and flared. $14.00
                                                                 BIRTHDAY BASH (Ghio 15) Mid to dark pink with
                                                                 tangerine beards. Very nice ruffled form.  $18.00
                                                                 BLACK IS BLACK (Schreiner 10) Nicely ruffled pure
                                                                 black. Falls have satiny sheen. Super branching and buds. $8.00

                                                                 BLACK LIPSTICK (Keppel 16) Silky smooth deep purple
                                                                 black including beards. From plicata breeding.  $18.00

                                           Bigger Is Better                                                                                              Black Lipstick

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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2019
Blind                                                                                                                  Born
Ambition                                                                                                               This


                             BLIND AMBITION (Keppel 16) Sunshine yellow
                             standards and rim on white falls. Yellow beards ending in blue.
Grapes                       BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS (Black 12) Mid blue
                             standards. Blue white falls. Tangerine beards. Elegant show stalks.
                             BLUSHING GRAPES (Miller 16) Mid purple standards;
                             pink blush ground falls with deep purple bands. Charming. $
                                                                                        18.00                  Bluebird Of
                             BOLD PATTERN (Sutton 15) Yellow standards. Falls
                             violet becoming more red at the end and then banded with mustard
                             yellow.                                                 $14.00
                             BOLDY GO (Blyth 13) F Mid violet standards over black
                             violet falls w/ gold to bronze beards. Nice garden show. $10.00

                             BOMBASTIC (Blyth 18) F Rich golden yellow S; smooth
                             burgundy F. Wide and ruffled with show stems! $32.00
                             BOND GIRL (Keppel 17) Orchid pink with lighter central
               Bombastic     fall wash. Lovely ruffled and laced form. Floriferous!  $24.00                        Boldly Go

                             BORN THIS WAY (T.Johnson 15) Big and ruffled.
                             Light pink standards. Fuchsia rose falls widely banded near white.
                             BOTTLE ROCKET (M.Sutton 10) Mid apricot standards,
                             edge & veining on ruby falls. Orange beards. Colorful. $9.00
                             BRAINTEASER (T.Johnson 18) Medium rosy pink with
                             central fall wash of deep rosy orchid. Showy and different. $
                 Tradition   BRASS LAMP (Keppel 18) Brass gold S flushed rosy                       Bond Girl
                             mauve; F golden yellow. Show Stalks!    $35.00
                             BRATISLAVAN PRINCE (Mego 10) F Pale violet
                             standards widely banded tan. Dark blue purple falls veined white
                             over haft around persimmon orange beards. Nice.         $12.00
                             BREAK TRADITION (T.Johnson 18) Pristine white S
                             and narrow rim on precisely lined violet purple falls with tang. Bd.
                             Super clean!                                               $30.00
Bright                       BRIGHT SUNSHINY DAY (T.Johnson 10) Bright                                                  Brass
Sunshiny Day                 yellow & gold bitone. Falls are lined and speckled mahogany. You                           Lamp
                             can’t ignore clumps of this show-off.                   $8.00
                             BRIGHT WITHIN (Black 18) Butter S; Falls lt lav. on the
                             edges w/ deeper lav. Center wash and yellow hafts. Great stalks &
                             growth.                                                 $30.00
                             BRING ME DIAMONDS (Blyth 15) F Cream with
                             infused yellow standards and hafts. Gorgeous ruffled form.  $16.00

                                                                                                                    Bring Me

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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2019                    Burgundy
                                                                                Caribbean Queen



                                                          By Jeeves      BRUSHWORK (Blyth 14) F Soft beige S w/ a hint of
                                                                         lavender edging. Falls white with med lavender plic edge heavier       Bush
                                                                         at hafts.                                              $12.00         Honey

                                                                         BUBBLICIOUS (Black 15) Heavily ruffled and laced. Orchid
                                                                         to pink blend standards. Pale pink falls. Pink beards. $14.00
                                                                         BULLET POINTS (Ghio 18) Beige standards with faint
                                                                         violet dotting; falls white ground with near solid mulberry plicata
                                                                         band.                                                     $35.00
                                                                         BURGUNDY BLAZE (Blyth 15) F Light rusty tan S and
                                                                         edge on rich burgundy-brown falls. Well branched.  $18.00

                                                                         BUSH HONEY (Blyth 14) F Light honey yellow w/ deeper
                                                                         fall spot around and below beard. Different.  $12.00
                                                                         BUT DARLING (Schreiner 16) Standards apricot. Falls
                                                                         are deep violet with lavender edge.      $18.00
                                                                         BY JEEVES (Blyth 08) F Lavender standards and band on
                                                                         dark violet falls. White haft veins. Tangerine beards. $8.00             But
                                                    Call To Danger                                                                                 Darling
                                                                         CALL TO DANGER (Black 16) Lacy sizzling red self;
                                                                         with rose to ruby standards and velvety oxblood falls.  $18.00

                                                                         CANADIAN BRASS (Black 16) Brassy yellow gold with
                                                                         strong stalks carrying 9-10 buds. Nicely ruffled.  $14.00
                                                                         CAPTAIN THUNDERBOLT (Blyth 11) F Lilac
                                                                         standards & rim on dark violet falls veined white over upper half.
                                                          Caramel        CARAMEL MACCHIATO (Sutton 16) S. White flushed
                                                         Macchiato       rose pink. Falls white w/ salmon shoulders and veining blending to                  Canadian Brass
                                                                         a butterscotch rim.                                      $18.00
                                                                         CARIBBEAN QUEEN (T.Johnson 18) Icy blue white S;
                                                                         F light blue with deeper blue towards the edges. Extremely ruffled!!
                                                                         CARNIVAL CLOWN (T.Johnson 18) A unique &
                                                                         different color pattern. Wonderful growth and stems. Nice!$30.00

                                                                         CASUAL DESIGN (Blyth 16) F White Standards w/ gold
                                         Carnival                        halo. Falls white w/ lav. Washed edge. Bright tang-orange beards.      Cat Tales
                                         Clown                                                                                   $18.00
                                                                         CAT TALES (Black 18) Near purple black with yellow                                           Catch
                                         Catch My                        ground veining showing through in the fall center. Show stems!                            The Fever
                                         Breath                                                                                $30.00
                                                                         CATCH MY BREATH (T.Johnson 15) Heavily ruffled
                                                                         and laced. Toasted watermelon standards infused darker up midribs.
                                                                         Palest pink falls blended darker to margins. Beautiful.  $15.00
                                                                         CATCH THE FEVER (Keppel 18) Blended burgundy-
                                                                         red S; F rich blended burgundy-orange w/ red bds. Color!
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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2019

                                          Cherry Parfait                                                Tartan

                                 CELEBRATE BEAUTY (Blyth 16) F Champagne pink
                                 S; Silver to lavender falls. Nice clean bicolor with good stems.
                                 CELEBRATORY (Ghio 14) Coral peach standards. Apricot
                                 peach falls with wide blended grape band. Ruffled. $10.00
                                 CELTIC TARTAN (Keppel 15) Raspberry rose and
                                 cream luminata.                      $14.00
 Celebratory                     CENTER LINE (T.Johnson 11) Cameo pink with                             Line
                                 dramatic, bold grape veins over falls. Neat pattern. $8.00
                                 CHAOS THEORY (Blyth 15) F Flat medium violet with
                                 large white central area around orange beards.  $18.00
                                 CHARMED I’M SURE (Black 14) Luscious apricot,
                                 peach and pink blend, paler around vivid red orange beards.
                                 CHER AND CHER ALIKE (Black 13) Plum Bands on
                                 dark amethyst standards. Black falls. Fantastic clumps. $8.00
Chaos Theory
                                                                                                         Cher And Cher Alike
                                 CHEROKEE BLAZE (J.Painter 13) Ruffled brick red
                                 with darker fall shoulders and violet blaze. Gold beards. $8.00        Charmed I’m Sure
                                 CHERRY PARFAIT (T.Johnson 17) Light maroon S &
                                 edge on darker maroon falls. Short white lines around tang. bd.
                                 Lovely large ruffled flowers on branched stems.       $22.00
                                 CHIVALROUS (Ghio 16) Beautiful grape pink with deeper
                                 hafts. Lovely ruffled form. Blue tipped tangerine beards. $18.00
                      Cherokee   CHOCOLATIER (Blyth 14) F Nice reddish brown with
                         Blaze   rust beards. Clean and smooth. Pretty!  $16.00
                                 CHOOSE A DREAM (Blyth 18) F Pristine white S w/
                                 just a hint of pink. Nice rose-pink Falls. Very close to the elusive
                                 true pink amoena                                           $35.00
                                 CINDERELLA’S SECRET (Blyth 12) F Violet tan
                                 standards over deep apricot falls. Beautiful combination. $14.00

                                 CIRCLE OF LIGHT (Black 09) Dark indigo showing
                                 confined white plicata ground in standard and fall centers. $8.00
A Dream                          CLASH OF TITANS (Black 14) Heavily ruffled blue lilac.                 Class Ring
                                 Frosted blue beards. Titan sized flowers and stalks.  $10.00
                                 CLASS RING (Keppel 10) Dark maroon russet standards                                           Close To
                                 and wide plic band on warm white falls. Nice contrast. $8.00                                 My Heart

                                 CLOSE TO MY HEART (Ghio 17) Nicely ruffled white
                                 w/ peach to pink cast in heart and up standards. $26.00
                                 CLOTHO’S WEB (Mego 10) F Mid blue bitone with upper
                                 half fall veined white. Tangerine beards. Wide falls. $8.00

               Clash Of Titans

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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2019

                                                                        Cloud Gate                                                        Clouds Go By

                                                                   CLOUD GATE (Black 18) White ground w/ light plum
                                                                   banded S; darker plum edge on F. Impressive clumps w/ stalks          Colour
                                         Of The                    carrying up to 14 buds!!                           $32.00            Bazaar
                                                                   CLOUDS GO BY (Black 14) Pristine white with narrow
                                                                   blue fall band. Big orange red beards. Show stalks. $10.00
                                                                   COLOR WHEEL (Black 17) Blushed peach pink
                                                                   standards. Falls have peach pink centers with red grape band and
                                                                   then light peach pink edge. A favorite of garden visitors. Lovely!!
                                                                   COLOUR BAZAAR (Blyth 13) F Yellow standards; Falls
                                                                   white w/ yellow on either side of bds then rust on edges. Large
                                                                   white area below bds becoming a faint rust diffused border & then
                                                                   a wide yellow band. Neat!!                              $14.00
                                                                   COLOURS OF THE WIND (Blyth 14) F Clean white
                                                                   standards. Falls white ground w/ lavender dotted overlay and then
                                                                   a yellow band.                                           $14.00
                                                                   COME AND DANCE (Black 18) Classically formed and
                                          Commanding Presence      ruffled near solid mulberry purple S; F white w/ deep violet band.     Come And Dance
                                                                   Beautiful!!                                              $32.00
                                         Common                    COMFORT AND JOY (Black 18) Canary yellow S. Falls
                                         Thread                    are blended lt lemon & white w/ darker lemon hafts & lt lilac edge.
                                                                   Stalks! Buds!                                              $32.00
                                                                   COMMANDING PRESENCE (Black 14) Lavender
                                                                   blue bitone with paler fall band. Fabulous stalks and clumps.
                                                                   COMMON THREAD (T.Johnson 12) Big & ruffled                             And Joy
                                                                   white with mid violet blue plicata bands. Strong show stalks.$8.00

                                                                   COOL RESPONSE (Blyth 15) F White standards. Falls
                                                                   white w/ a lavender blue band becoming a lighter lavender band.
                                                                   CORAL CHARM (T.Johnson 13) Cream heavily veined                       Coralina
                                                                   pink standards. Hot mid pink to salmon blend falls. Bright! $9.00

                                                                   CORALINA (T.Johnson 14) Frothy, heavily ruffled and
                                         Cool                      laced mid peach blend, paler fall centers. Show stalks. $10.00
                                         Response                  COSMIC MELODY (Blyth 16) F Cream and lemon
                                                                   blended standards. Falls are white ground w/ slight violet lines
                                                                   becoming a violet wash and finally an edge. The white area is         Coral
                                                                   brushed lemon around and below orange beards. Nice!! .$24.00         Charm
                                                                   COSMIC VOYAGE (Keppel 17) Dark purple standards
                                                                   hafts and edge on yellow falls. Lovely form and color. $22.00

                                                                   COTILLION GOWN (Keppel 13) Soft lemon to peach
                                                                   blend. Brownish veins over centers. Wide & ruffled. $8.00

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