LECTURER IN FISHERIES - RECRUITMENT Deakin School of Life and Environmental Sciences - Resource Modeling Association

LECTURER IN FISHERIES - RECRUITMENT Deakin School of Life and Environmental Sciences - Resource Modeling Association
Deakin School of Life
and Environmental Sciences



  Professor Giovanni Turchini
  Associate Head of School - Research
  Life and Environmental Sciences
  Telephone +61 3 5563 3312

  Position description current from November 2017.

deakin.edu.au/life-environmental-sciences            * Equivalent to Deakin Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
LECTURER IN FISHERIES - RECRUITMENT Deakin School of Life and Environmental Sciences - Resource Modeling Association

Deakin University is ranked                    With over 53,000 students (17% international),
                                               Deakin is one of Australia’s largest universities
                                                                                                      OUR STRATEGY
in the top 3% of universities                  and its education and research activities have
                                                                                                      LIVE the future: Agenda 2020 articulates Deakin’s
                                                                                                      strategy for defining and distinguishing Deakin
worldwide across each of                       international reach.
                                                                                                      through to the end of 2020. Deakin aims to
                                               Since 1974 Deakin has been committed to                harness the power, opportunity and reach of the
the three major international                  lifelong learning; to providing students with          digital world in all that it does. It aspires to be
rankings*. We are also                         choices about how, when and where learning             Australia’s premier university in driving the digital
                                               occurs – almost a quarter of Deakin’s students         frontier – to enable globally connected education
ranked in the top 50 under                     study wholly in the cloud (online). Affirming its      for the jobs of the future, and research that
50 years of age in both                        long held reputation for accessibility, Deakin         makes a difference to the communities we serve.
                                               has rated first in Victoria for student satisfaction
the QS and THES. 89%                           for six consecutive years (AGS 2010-2015). In
                                                                                                      Deakin has a long tradition of innovation in
                                                                                                      learning and examples of Deakin’s success in
of Deakin’s research was                       2014, Deakin received the Premier’s Award for
                                                                                                      the current landscape of digital change include:
                                               international education provider of the year
rated at or above world                        and was named Victoria’s leading Education and         •• DeakinSync, an innovative communication and
                                                                                                         collaboration platform for students and staff.
standards in the Australian                    Training provider in the Victorian Governor’s
                                               Export Awards in both 2015 and 2016.                   •• World-first partnership with cognitive
Government’s Excellence in                     Deakin’s four faculties offer a comprehensive             computer IBM Watson to provide students
Research for Australia (ERA)                   range of courses across the arts, science, sport,         with personalised advice 24/7 365 days a year
                                               nutrition, architecture, business, law, medicine,         on multiple devices.
2015 assessment.                               optometry, engineering, nursing, allied health,        •• Technology rich, flexible and stylish learning
                                               psychology and teaching.                                  spaces across all Deakin campuses.
                                               Deakin has always had a strong reputation              •• Deakin was awarded the gold global award in
                                               for innovation and in this digital age, has been          the Reimagine Education awards for innovative
                                               driving the digital frontier in the use of new and        higher education pedagogies enhancing
                                               emerging technologies in research, teaching               learning and employability.
                                               and community engagement.
                                               Deakin has 4 Institutes and many Strategic
                                               Research Centres and is one of only a few
                                               Universities to focus on manufacturing research.
                                               Deakin’s carbon fibre research has captured
                                               the attention of automotive and aeronautical
                                               manufacturing globally with its Carbon Nexus
                                               facility acknowledged as a nationally significant
                                               piece of infrastructure embracing new ways of
                                               manufacturing in automotive, aerospace and
                                               construction industries.

                                                                                                      * S hanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World
                                                                                                        Universities (ARWU), Times Higher Education and QS
                                                                                                        World University Rankings

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LECTURER IN FISHERIES - RECRUITMENT Deakin School of Life and Environmental Sciences - Resource Modeling Association
The Faculty of Science,                              The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment consists of four schools, each with
                                                     a multi-discipline mix of teaching and research offerings and a strong emphasis on research
Engineering and Built                                excellence that informs our teaching programs.
Environment at Deakin                                SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND                           SCHOOL OF LIFE AND
University places great                              BUILT ENVIRONMENT                                    ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES
                                                     •• Architecture                                      •• Biological science
emphasis on excellence in                            •• Construction management                           •• Biomedical science
its teaching and learning,                           •• Landscape architecture                            •• Biotechnology
                                                                                                          •• Fisheries and aquaculture
research and research                                SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING                                •• Forensic science
training, community                                  •• Civil                                             •• Environmental management and sustainability
                                                     •• Electrical and electronics                        •• Marine biology
engagement, and staff                                •• Electrical and renewable energy                   •• Science
empowerment. We pride                                •• Engineering Management                            •• Sustainable regional development
                                                     •• Environmental Engineering                         •• Wildlife and conservation biology
ourselves on our national                            •• Mechanical                                        •• Zoology and animal science.
and international activities                         •• Mechatronics
                                                                                                          The Faculty Executive includes the Executive
                                                     •• Mechanical Design
and the partnerships we                                                                                   Dean, the four Heads of School, the four
                                                     SCHOOL OF INFORMATION                                Associate Deans (Teaching and Learning;
have formed with industry,                           TECHNOLOGY                                           International and Partnerships; Research;
community, government,                               •• Computer Science
                                                                                                          International Research Engagement), the Director
                                                                                                          of Research Partnerships, and the Faculty General
                                                     •• Creative technologies
and the professions.                                 •• Cyber security
                                                                                                          Manager. Collectively, this leadership team
                                                                                                          establishes and delivers on the Faculty’s strategic
                                                     •• Data analytics
                                                     •• Software engineering
                                                     •• Virtual reality

    Our mission is to prepare graduates for the careers of the future           Our students come from diverse backgrounds and we value this
    by harnessing emerging technologies to facilitate borderless,               diversity. Graduates are confident and competent in the use of online
    personalised education, and by conducting research that informs             technology and are ready to make a significant contribution to the
    our practice and impacts the communities we serve.                          organisations they serve. They are highly valued by employers for
                                                                                both their knowledge and their graduate attributes.
    Our undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees are
    informed by scholarship and are relevant to both national and global        We are committed to extending the boundaries of science,
    contemporary issues. Flexible learning strategies provide a distinctive     technology and design, achieving this through close relationships
    student experience. The faculty’s teaching aims to be innovative,           with professional associations, other education providers and
    utilising face-to-face teaching and online technologies to ensure a         universities, business, employers and government across Australia
    high level of flexibility for the diverse learning needs of our students.   and internationally.
    Our academic staff are engaged in both pure and applied research
    across their disciplines and are focused on issues which are of
    relevance to government, business and the community. To this
    end, we actively seek partnerships with relevant organisations,
    other like-minded universities and our alumni.

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LECTURER IN FISHERIES - RECRUITMENT Deakin School of Life and Environmental Sciences - Resource Modeling Association
The School of Life and                         The school’s multidisciplinary nature is
                                               underpinned by a cluster of foundation disciplines
                                                                                                     The School of Life and Environmental Sciences
                                                                                                     is the largest of four schools in the Faculty of
Environmental Sciences                         comprising biology, chemistry,                        Science, Engineering and Built Environment
specialises in a wide range                    ecology, geography and earth science. This
                                               diversity of expertise allows us to offer a
                                                                                                     which, in turn, is the fastest growing faculty
                                                                                                     at Deakin University. The school has close
of disciplines and provides                    wide range of academic programs at both               associations with a number of Deakin’s strategic
                                               undergraduate and postgraduate level. Our             research centres – the Centre for Chemistry
its graduates with a sound                     courses are informed through active and ongoing       and Biotechnology (CCB), Centre for Integrative
platform for the diverse                       research and industry connections and provide         Ecology (CIE), Centre for Regional and Rural
                                               our students with work-integrated and industry-       Futures (CeRRF) and Centre for Molecular
employment opportunities                       based learning experiences. Through these             and Medical Research (MMR).
that will exist in the future.                 means, the school produces globally capable           Our mission is to produce well-informed and
                                               graduates with knowledge, skills and experience       highly skilled graduates for the jobs of the
                                               to gain employment related to their discipline.       future, and to conduct research that makes a
                                               Our internationally and nationally renowned           positive difference to the communities we serve.
                                               academics and research staff are supported by         By connecting people through education and
                                               constantly evolving technologies and state-of-        research, we help to create a sustainable future.
                                               the-art infrastructure. Often in collaboration
                                               with government departments, industry and
                                               leading international scientists, we deliver high
                                               quality research outcomes, from ‘blue sky’
                                               discoveries to applied research and development
                                               tailored to industry, attracting over $4 million
                                               in funding each year. The School fosters a
                                               synergistic, collaborative and vibrant research
                                               culture, an outstanding research environment
                                               for early career researchers as well as world-class
                                               research facilities. The diversity and breadth
                                               of our academic expertise means that our
                                               research program can prioritise issues which are
                                               important for the future social, economic and
                                               environmental development and well-being
                                               of Australia and the world.

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LECTURER IN FISHERIES - RECRUITMENT Deakin School of Life and Environmental Sciences - Resource Modeling Association

The Lecturer in Fisheries will                 TEACHING                                               LEARNING AND TEACHING
                                                                                                      •• Demonstrating excellent scholarly learning and
be required to teach in the                    AND RESEARCH                                              teaching at the undergraduate level (including
areas of fisheries sciences                    LEVEL B                                                   for example in the cloud and in clinical
and technologies, including                    Level B members of staff typically perform             •• Making a contribution to the moderation and
commercial and recreational                    these duties at the following levels:                     maintenance of academic standards, and the
fisheries or other related                     RESEARCH AND SCHOLARSHIP
                                                                                                         development of course and unit curriculum
                                                                                                         that exemplifies Deakin’s curriculum
aquatic disciplines, and                       •• An emerging reputation in research and                 framework, and meets external requirements
                                                  scholarship, through publication or exhibition         such as the Higher Education Standards
undertake research and                            in quality outlets                                     Framework and professional accreditation
publish in an area of                          •• Contributing to their specific areas of research,   •• Contributing to research and publication
fisheries corresponding                           scholarship or creative activity                       in learning and teaching, including testing
                                               •• Contributing to research projects and                  the effectiveness of innovations designed
to their expertise (such as                       collaborations to create new insights and              to improve student and graduate outcomes
management, modelling                             opportunities                                          including graduate employment
                                               •• Contributing to research collaborations             •• Designing and implementing best practice
and stock assessment,                             and partnerships which have demonstrable               assessment of student learning outcomes,
policies and enforcement),                        outcomes                                               and participating in assessment panels

ideally supported by sound                     •• Contributing to successful development of           •• Counselling and mentoring students, including
                                                                                                         referring students to University services
                                                  research programs or partnerships, with
experience gained by direct                       particular focus on research collaborations         •• Providing leadership in teaching and learning
industry collaborations and                       with national industries                               through roles such as Unit Chair
                                               •• Supervising or examining honours students,
partnerships.                                     or making a contribution to the supervision,        SERVICE
                                                  management and timely completion of HDR             •• Making a contribution to the implementation
                                                  students                                               of the University’s Strategic Agenda
                                               •• Contributing to a culture of research excellence    •• Making a contribution to effective high
                                                  in the University                                      performing teams
                                               •• Contributing to the successful application of       •• Making a contribution to projects within the
                                                  scholarly and research expertise to innovation         University
                                                  and invention, with appropriate involvement         •• Making a contribution to external partnerships
                                                  in the commercialisation of outcomes
                                                                                                      •• Making a contribution to Faculty or School
                                               •• Providing high-quality quantitative data and           committees
                                                  robust modelling approaches for supporting
                                                                                                      •• Representing the School or Faculty at
                                                  the sustainable development and management
                                                                                                         academic, professional and civic forums
                                                  of the fisheries sector
                                                                                                      •• Making a contribution to community
                                               •• Undertaking and publishing innovative
                                                                                                         engagement activities
                                                  research that addresses fundamental and/
                                                  or applied questions in fisheries science and
                                                  fisheries management

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LECTURER IN FISHERIES - RECRUITMENT Deakin School of Life and Environmental Sciences - Resource Modeling Association
ORGANISATIONAL CONTEXT                                 POSITION LOCATION                                     PROBATIONARY PERIOD
The Lecturer in Fisheries will report to the Head      This position is located at Geelong Waurn Ponds       A continuing academic staff member will
of School through the Deputy Head of School.           Campus.                                               normally be required to serve a probation period
                                                                                                             of 36 months.
The appointee will be actively involved in
research, teaching and service related activity.
The appointee will contribute to consulting,
industry partnerships and professional activities.
The appointee may interact with other staff
within the School and the Faculty, their peers
in other universities, both nationally and
internationally, and with community, professional
and industry organisations. The appointee will
liaise with students at all levels.

Qualifications                                         Teaching                                              •• Demonstrated commitment to Equal
•• PhD in a relevant field of fisheries sciences, or   •• Demonstrated ability to contribute effectively        Opportunity principles and practices, and
   equivalent                                             to the Faculty’s undergraduate and                    Occupational Health and Safety
                                                          postgraduate teaching programs in a manner         Personal Qualities
Experience, Knowledge and Skills
                                                          that influences, motivates, and inspires           •• Interpersonal skills that support the ability to
Research                                                  students to learn                                     establish and maintain highly effective working
•• Proven research activity in fisheries sciences      •• Demonstrated ability to develop and                   relationships with a diverse range of people
   and technologies relevant to the research              administer assessment regimes and provide             including students, the staff of the Faculty
   directions of the School, including a sound            feedback that fosters independent learning            and School and with other members of the
   record in publishing in highly ranked academic                                                               University
                                                       •• Capacity to develop curricula and resources
                                                          that reflect an understanding of fisheries         •• Ability to adapt to changes in the environment
•• Capacity to supervise PhD and Honours                  (commercial and recreational) and modelling           and effectively meets new challenges
   students with successful and timely                    and quantitative methods in fisheries              •• Commitment to the University’s Mission,
                                                       •• Knowledge of multi-literacies and some                Core Commitments and Values which include
•• Ability to undertake industry-related or applied       experience in teaching effectively in a               - excellence, academic freedom, collegiality,
   research in a field of fisheries science and           technology-enhanced contemporary higher               continuous improvement, ethical behaviour,
   technologies (commercial and/or recreational)          education environment                                 accountability and environmental responsibility.
•• Ability in delivering high-quality quantitative     Other
   data and robust modelling approaches for
                                                       •• Ability to contribute to the development and
   supporting the sustainable development
                                                          maintenance of partnerships with professional
   and management of the fisheries sectors
                                                          associations, domestic and international
   (commercial and/or recreational)
                                                          educational institutions, industry and fisheries

                                                       PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS
                                                       Annual performance objectives and expected outcomes will be defined for this role in accordance
                                                       with the Minimum Standards and Typical Duties for Academic Levels (MSTDALs) and Faculty
                                                       Research Expectation Models (FREMs). Specific duties will be allocated with reference to the
                                                       applicable Workload Allocation Model (WAM). These documents are updated from time to
                                                       time and are available on request.

     deakin.edu.au/life-environmental-sciences                                                                                                                  6

APPLICATION                                      CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS                        REMUNERATION AND BENEFITS
Thank you for your interest in the position of   14 January 2018.                                     An attractive remuneration package is offered.
Lecturer in Fisheries.                                                                                This will include:
                                                 INTERVIEW PROCESS
HOW TO APPLY                                     Short-listed candidates will be interviewed by a
                                                                                                      Level B salary range $93,615 - $110,725.
Please apply online via:                         panel of esteemed colleagues.                        17% Superannuation.
deakin.edu.au/about-deakin/careers-at-deakin     Candidates may be requested to present to the        Relocation support, if applicable.
Include cover letter, curriculum vitae           School and the wider Faculty.                        Total Rewards at Deakin
and a response to the Selection Criteria.        Details of professional referees will be requested
Please quote reference number:                   prior to the interview.                              TERM OF APPOINTMENT
170783                                                                                                Full time and continuing.

SUPPORT FOR YOUR APPLICATION                                                                          SPECIAL REQUIREMENT
All enquiries will be confidential and should                                                         This role has been identified as having contact
be directed to:                                                                                       with children and requires the incumbent to
                                                                                                      apply for and maintain a Working With Children
Professor Giovanni Turchini
                                                                                                      Check (refer to Deakin’s Recruitment Procedure
Associate Head of School - Research
                                                                                                      for further details).
+61 3 5563 3312

                                                                                                      Deakin University values diversity, enables access and
                                                                                                      promotes inclusion. Deakin University is an employer of
                                                                                                      choice for women and strongly encourages applications
                                                                                                      from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

     deakin.edu.au/life-environmental-sciences                                                                                                                  7

Deakin has four campuses, one in Burwood,        Melbourne has been named the worlds’ most liveable city for
                                                 the fifth year running*
two in Geelong (Waterfront and Waurn             Further information regarding our locations and relocating to
Ponds) and one in Warrnambool. It also           Victoria can be found here:

has corporate centres in Melbourne               Our locations

CBD, Burwood and Geelong, a network of           Considering Relocation
                                                       Geelong/SurfCoast timelapse
technology-rich learning centres across
regional Victoria and international offices in
India, China and Indonesia.

                                                 *The Economist’s annual study

                                                    WAURN PONDS
                                                    Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus is located on the western edge
                                                    of Geelong and is a thriving regional campus attracting over
                                                    7,000 undergraduate and postgraduate on-campus students.
                                                    It boasts open and inviting spaces for socialising and studying,
                                                    innovative architecture, spacious new buildings and wireless
                                                    hotspots. The campus features expansive landscaped grounds
                                                    and extensive sporting facilities. The campus is home to the
                                                    Geelong Technology Precinct, which provides research and
                                                    development capabilities and opportunities for university-industry
                                                    partnerships and new enterprises in the region.

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