Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018

Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018

Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018
Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018
Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018


Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018

2 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 CONTENTS COVER STORY 10 Office Lighting: Gel Light with Ergonomics INTERVIEW 18 Lighting Needs to be Human-Centric (Kuldeep Gupta, MD, Lumens Technologies & LightStyle Solution) 28 Innovation is the Key at Ayana Energy (Mamtha Mengarthy and Sundeep Mengarthy, Directors, Ayana Energy Pvt. Ltd.) 32 Starflux LED: Promising More Reliable, Consistent Lighting (V. S. Hooda, Director, MLTC Energy India Pvt. Ltd.) INTERACTION 26 Encapsuled: Stepping Out To Outdoor Illumination (Siddhant Jain, Director, Encapsuled) 30 Savvy Lights: Lighting In Perception (Hitesh Patel, Director, Light World) GUEST COLUMN 38 CSI Good Shepherd Church – A ‘Christmas’ Lighting Makeover (Dr. Amardeep M Dugar, IALD, Founding Principal of Lighting Reserch & Design, Chennai) NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES 44 Innovations in the Domestic Market CASE STUDY 16 Philips Helps Create a Comfortable, Productive and Sustainable Environment at The Edge 42 Ulm Minster, One of The Tallest Church in the World Gets LED Lighting 43 Chicago Events Shine Brighter as Hancock Skyscraper Gets Dynamic LED Lighting FEATURE 22 Zumtobel Illuminates Oslo Airport, Norway EVENT 34 ASEAN’s Largest International Exhibition on LED Products & Technology: A Legion of Opportunities PRODUCT FEATURE 40 Light Bulb With Security Camera NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES 46 Innovations in the International Market REGULARS 6 LED Applications 48 Event Calendar 50 News 58 Resource Guide INTERNATIONAL NATIONAL Winter Illumination in Tokyo by LED Lighting for a White Christmas 6 16 Philips Helps Create a Comfortable, Productive and Sustainable Environment at The Edge 22 Zumtobel Illuminates Oslo Airport, Norway CSI Good Shepherd Church – A ‘Christmas’ Lighting Makeover 38

Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018


Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018

4 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Office lighting is the specialised lighting segment that requires a strategic workout before zeroing in on any illumination criterion. The Cover Story focuses on how the perception of illuminating workplaces has changed over the years, especially with the advent of LEDs that has drastically augmented the options. Light solution providers’ opinions vary widely on the question of the right office lighting because lighting requirements in offices are highly diverse, depending on the nature of business and space allocated. In addition to that though, the demands made on office luminaires have fundamentally changed – and technological innovation provides users with diverse options in terms of energy-efficiency, visual comfort and human centric lighting, intelligent light control & design.

The issue highlights dynamic illumination at Oslo Airport’s Terminal 2, the one-of-its-kind lighting project, which has recently been executed by Zumtobel. Besides, there are a couple of new lighting solution providers with whom we interacted to find out as to what made them entering in to the lighting industry and what they have on offer in their respective kitties. The issue also incorporates an exclusive interview of Kuldeep Gupta, who has been travelling with LEDs right from its birth in to lighting arena. He shared quite interesting instances about his tryst with LED lighting. These apart, there’s also a mention about the 6th edition of LED Expo Thailand – ASEAN’s largest international exhibition on LED lighting products and technology, bringing forth the most exciting avenues to explore new business opportunities and penetrate new LED markets across the South East Asian region. Scheduled during 10-12 May 2018 in Bangkok, the Expo is organised by MEX Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. in association with IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. On applications front, the issue carries instances to hint how lighting designers’ imaginations are bursting at seams. One such instance is the holiday season that got extended a bit longer for Detroit Zoo, which featured more than five million LED lights, illuminating trees, buildings, and dozens of peculiar animal sculptures of the zoo. Another example is the world’s longest Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge project with 55-kilometre length, which has been lit with LEDs in various formats that include LED variable message signs equipped with own-developed intelligent control systems for the entire length of the bridge along with more than 28,000 ceramic LED lights from SANSI LED.

Learn more about what’s trending in the name of innovations & technology. The issue also carries glimpses of new launches in domestic and international markets in the LED lighting space, etc. through various articles. Please share your valuable feedback on what topics you would really like us to cover in our future issues. The editor can be reached at himani@mexexhibits.com FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK Vol 8 Issue VI Dec-Jan, 2018 Publisher and Printer Baljeet Singh Editor Himani Gulati Associate Editor Syed Md. Ehteshamul Hasan Content Writer Mahjabin Shahzad Marketing Head Gauravjeet Singh (9810301644) Sales Gaurav Chawla Project Manager (9999089867) Atanu Jana Project Executive (9999420794) Design & Print Production Ravi Pandey Design Studio Access Solutions Exclusive Agent: China/Hong Kong & Taiwan Worldwide Focus Media Co., Ltd. Ms. Judy Wang E: judy@worldwidefocus.hk T: +852-30780826 C: +86-13810325171 Place of Publishing: 9 LGF, Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, New Delhi - 110 065 Tel: +91-11-46464848 Telefax : +91-11-41071644 Email : info@mexexhibits.com Web: www.ledworldmag.com Printed & Published by Baljeet Singh on behalf of M/s MEX Exhibitions Private Limited, published at 9, Sant Nagar, LGF, East of Kailash, New Delhi and printed at Rakesh Press, A-22, Sector-68, Noida. Edited by Himani Gulati. The opinions expressed by authors and contributors to LED World are not necessarily those of the editor or publisher. All trademarks & tradenames mentioned in this magazine belong to their respective owners. LED World may not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior permission of the publisher. The claims and statements made in the advertisements in LED World are those of the advertisers and are in no way endorsed or verified by LED World.

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Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018


Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018

6 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 This winter, Tokyo experienced a snow clad Christmas. Streets and buildings were artfully decorated in LED lights that create an artificial snow-scape with none of the cleaning up the morning after generally when pristine snow turns to dirty, muddy puddles. More than a million, 1,200,000 LED lights to be exact were installed which turned it into a surreal, fairyland experience. Winter Illumination in Tokyo by LED Lighting for a White Christmas The Façade of La Salle Lit Up in Blue with LED Lighting LED Applications Around the World De La Salle University (DLSU) showed a spirit of sportsmanship when the La Salle’s Hall, building’s neoclassical columns lit up in electric, moody blue. The LED was acquired from a local supplier which were installed and programmed to display different colors for different occasions. This time the occasion was their loss against their archrival, Ateneo De Manila University whose color is blue.


Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018

7 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Detroit’s Zoo Shimmers With LEDs to Mark the Holidays SANSI LED Lighting Illuminates The World’s Longest Hong Kong-Zhuhai- Macau Bridge The holiday season extended a bit longer for Detroit Zoo, with the installation of LED lighting. The zoo featured more than five million LED lights, illuminating trees, buildings, and dozens of peculiar animal sculptures spread across the front half of the zoo. The wild lights were a huge crowd puller as it attracted many due to its beauty and charm.

Making it one of the seven wonders of the Modern World, SANSI LED completed lighting up of the world’s longest Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge project with 55-kilometre length. LED Street lights, a series of color-changing architectural LED landscape lights features that will run vertically along the bridge, and LED variable message signs equipped with own-developed intelligent control systems for the entire length of the bridge along with more than 28,000 ceramic LED lights, will be provided by SANSI LED.

Led world magazine Dec-Jan-2018

8 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 LED APPLICATIONS Bank of America is the tallest building rising, 871 feet above the city. It’s hard to miss the Bank of America Corporate Center among the buildings dotting the skyline of Charlotte, NC. The building is now a remarkable site due to its lighting upgrade with LED lighting installation. This has expanded the display options also easing maintenance and energy demands. With LED technology the light output is much more efficient and dynamic. Bank of America Tower Lights Up The Skyline of Charlotte 104 year old iconic landmark the Castlepoint Lighthouse has been installed with modern LED lighting technology. The LED lighting is capable of sparkling the monument into any colour of the spectrum, on the grand old lady of the coast. The permanent lighting post the Christmas Eve is touted to draw more tourists than before due to its appealing and colourful lights, Castlepoint Lighthouse Lit with LED on Christmas Eve


10 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 COVER STORY Office Lighting: Gel Light with Ergonomics Office – A term that automatically portrays a place, where 100s of employees are busy on their workstations, performing the jobs they have been assigned, according to their respective KRAs. And the space brings forth a very bright picture with all-round illumination including the corners. But are they well-lit or properly illuminated to help employees enjoy the lighting and feel more energetic than exhausted? This is an important question when it comes to lighting spaces, especially workplaces. Lighting has an inevitable impact on human beings. Since most of us spend much of our daytime hours at work, it becomes important to have quality lighting in the workplaces. It is this necessity that keeps not only the lighting designers but also the manufacturers exploring a lighting solution that can help employees feel good, concentrate, and be more efficient. No wonder, the office lighting trends continue to evolve with time and technological developments. Further, it closely follows the structural change, taking place in the office building, to not only match the aesthetics, but also the illumination requirements. However, despite the fact that LEDs have conquered almost every lighting application; it failed to take over and prevail in the office environment. For instance, the most recent switch is over to LED from T5, wherein offices have been slower than others to mark the change, largely because of the prevailing technology – T5, which is still highly efficient for diffused area lighting, and way cheaper than LEDs. Another example in the league is the louvers, a trend which came following a guideline that was written in the 1980s to prevent glare on computer screens. Recessed louvered fittings that create a cave effect became the norm in offices that still exist in most of the workplaces.

However, the latest guidance for workplace lighting puts the focus where it belongs, i.e.; on people. As rightly pointed out by Apart from the pretty obvious aesthetic advantages of good office lighting, it has also emerged as the necessity for employees’ health and better work performance

11 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Rakesh Zutshi, President, Elcoma, and Managing Director, Halonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., “With open-plan spaces becoming the new norm in the offices, the trends of office lighting has also witnessed a sea change over the years. From work lamps to ceiling lights and spotlights everything has gone through complete transformation as per the requirements of the modern workplaces.” This, together with the design freedom offered by LEDs, louvers are getting replaced with some kind of crazy modern designs or LED panels. Though slowly, but the tide is turning with LEDs, which are getting more and more efficient and highly controllable with each passing day, featuring quicker paybacks. As big manufacturers go all LEDs, it may soon be the only choice. As Zutshi suggests, “Office designers have now started using advanced LED lighting for illumination into modern offices and these lights are loaded with such inspiring features that the office workers can even adjust their temperature and colour rendering index as per their requirements.” According to V. P. Mahendru, CMD, Eon Electric Ltd., over the period of last few years, the LEDs have transformed the way lighting was perceived with the conventional light sources. “Fluorescent lights which at one point were the most popular choice for their high visibility and cool feature, have now been replaced by LEDs which have more variants than simply being cool with enhanced visibility and are even more efficient and economical.” Anirudh Kajaria, Business Head, Century LED Ltd. opines that earlier, people used to be only concerned about the illumination in their offices. “But, the time has changed now as they have started following the contemporary trends in the office lighting. Today’s corporate culture not only demands well-illuminated offices, but also asks them to look aesthetically advanced. Office lighting has now taken a centre-stage to create a more joyful and healthy work environment for optimum productivity.” Tushar Gupta, Executive Director, NTL Lemnis too advocates that over the years, lighting in offices has got a complete facelift. “Instead of generic coverage of office space, activity-based lighting is preferred, turning the whole concept of illumination in the office. The focus has shifted greatly from aesthetics only, to the specific-activity being performed at the workspaces thereby providing optimal lighting for the task that the employees are performing at that particular point in time.” Impact of LEDs on Office Lighting Office lighting has improved dramatically over the last 25 years. Gone are the days of flickering fluorescent lighting systems, which contained tar, mercury and polychlorinated PCBs, which are harmful to the environment and can adversely impact human health. Almost all the lighting solution providers are favouring LEDs for it being the most efficient and flexible for creating a perfect environment, irrespective of the spaces – be it office, residence, commercial establishments, hotels, hospitals, etc. This clearly shows that the advent of LEDs have fully changed the way lighting was used few years ago.


12 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 According to Zutshi, introduction of LEDs in lighting has totally revolutionised the lighting system. “Their exclusive features like energy-efficiency, durability, cost- effectiveness and ‘environment-friendliness have played a major role in making them preferred choice for modern offices. Not only this, LED lighting can provide illumination that is very close to the natural one and so their usage results into increased work- efficiency of the employees.” While Kajaria highlights another interesting angle when he says that LED lights provide right degree of intensity and brightness to create a conducive work environment, Gupta goes in a little more detail, “LEDs are a very versatile light source and offers clear, focused lighting with very little wastage. LEDs are not only energy-efficient, but are also maintenance and hassle-free owing to their long lifespan. With the onset of newer technologies, it is way easier to integrate with controls as the complete fixture comes from one source. LEDs have totally changed the aesthetics and design of office lighting.” Mahendru favours that with the introduction of quality LED lighting, the life of lighting system as well as the quality of light have improved drastically. “LED bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer better quality of light than traditional or conventional lights of the past. In addition, LED lighting can provide a wide range of colour temperatures to create desired ambience, many of which are fully dimmable with an extensive range of beam-angles that can be tailored to suit the desired distribution.” Current Trend in Office Lighting In today’s world, office spaces are designed and developed to function according to the specific needs of various businesses and enhances the performance of those who work within its walls. This has made the design of office so important and that’s why design trends are constantly changing and adapting to the demands of the businesses. Amidst all this, the role of lighting must not be ignored as it truly complements the design parameters as well as the purpose, which may get defeated in the absence of proper illumination. There’s no denial of the fact that lighting directly impacts our ability to work and be at our most productive, attentive, and creative every day that we step foot in our workplace. All this, when put together, defines the trend of office lighting. “In today’s time, the structure of the workplace is changing from a closed environment to a more open space to encourage collaboration and team working in the most efficient way. This has affected the lighting needs of a workplace. People now prefer integrated ceiling, where lighting system is used to create a channel of lights that gives an uncluttered and uninterrupted look to the place,” says Kajaria. Being a bit elaborative, Gupta adds, “For new offices, the current trend is to ensure maximum natural light, while designing the workplaces. This can be undertaken by using design features such as glass extensively. It has been scientifically proven that mimicking natural light properties can enhance the feeling of well-being and comfort.” He continues that since we know light impacts mood and performance, offices today can prefer to have the right fixture and the right LED in terms of CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature), CRI (Colour Rendering Index), SDCM (Standard Deviation Colour Matching) etc. This has actually become the trend with LEDs wherein the choices have become endless.

Going further, Gupta points out, “With evolution in technology, we believe that LiFi will become more accepted, which is at a nascent stage and will take some more time to be pervasive. However, soon the connected office will become a reality. A large number of companies are already experimenting with IoT lighting, indicating it as the future game changer. This will also promote employees’ well-being and enhance productivity, which in turn would become the growth driver for the lighting industry as a whole.” Zutshi opines that individual spaces being allocated to the employees are gradually declining in the modern offices. “Proper illumination has become the need of the hour. For this purpose, state-of-the- art connected lighting system is being introduced in the modern offices. Such lighting system allows employees to personalise the lighting and temperature at their workspaces using a specially designed smartphone app.” Stressing on the need of connected lighting, Sumit Joshi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Philips Lighting India, underscores that as India’s business landscape matures, expectations of a new generation of employees from their workplaces have increased. “We see employers adopting new technologies to boost their employees’ engagement and productivity. These developments have led to the emergence of smart and connected offices, where the ‘IoT’ (Internet of Things) drives new ways to collaborate, innovate and socialise,” shares Joshi.

According to him, it is not surprising that in today’s fast-changing business environment, new ideas such as Connected Lighting are being implemented in workspaces that facilitate a culture of innovation based on collaboration. “Applications of light continue to grow, redefining the role of light but also the way employees can optimise and interact with their respective workplaces. Therefore, with connected lighting, offices can offer employees the ability to personalise the lighting in their immediate work area that can have a profound effect on their wellbeing and effectiveness,” explains Joshi. Issues in Office Lighting There is hardly any doubt that the evolving landscape of the workplace requires innovative thinking. While offices focus on issues such as ergonomics and adequate breaks, lighting is one thing that they consistently overlook. There are a number of ways that lighting in the workplace can affect employees. In today’s corporate world, the main concern is proper illumination in the absence of which employees generally become the victim of stress and fatigue due to inappropriate lighting arrangements in the contemporary office spaces. This adversely affects employees’ health and productivity.

High glare due to increased use of laptops and high-performance monitors’ screens, are not letting them work continuously. Adding to these, are the frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations, followed by high cost of maintenance, which together have emerged as the major issues in today’s offices. Also, continuous surge in the energy cost has become one of the important factors to consider. For all these to be addressed, thanks to the country’s lighting giants, who are ready with their respective portfolios to tackle such issues. They promise the solutions that are majorly designed to withstand dire Indian conditions. Lighting from Cetury LED

13 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Factors to Be Considered for Office Lighting Various factors are considered while planning illuminating keeping in the way an office or work space is evolving. “There are some really important factors that one must keep in mind while illuminating the office spaces. For instance, the overall cost to install and maintain the lighting products in the entire office. The construction and style of the space should also be taken into account, while creating a perfect balance between the direct and indirect light. In order to restrict or reduce mental fatigue and tiredness, lighting with low glare must be used in the office space,” suggests Kajaria. According to Gupta, there are three main factors that are to be considered for illuminating an office – luminance requirement, light distribution and glare quotient. “Increasing the level of illumination enables people to work safely and efficiently. This does not change from office to office. However, there is a difference between lighting requirements of densely populated offices and those with wide open spaces. The focus is more on functionality in small offices, while along with it, the aesthetics is also a large contributor to the overall lighting design in big corporate offices.” Delving further in this, Zutshi advocates that creating a combination of various types of lighting for proper illumination is a must. “Colour, illumination levels, light output, proper lighting needs in each zone of the office - like reception area and the open office spaces, etc, are the major factors that are considered while going for illuminating an office. Be it a small office, or a big corporate one, not paying attention to any of these factors will not allow meeting the objective of proper illumination.” Mahendru insists that the placement of the light sources and the illumination level relevant to the eyes of the people are important to avoid glare or shadows. “Large offices have invariably large number of light sources, and hence, their placements with reference to the illumination requirement based on the activity performed in that particular area is more important. This problem does not exist in the case of smaller offices, as there are very few light points that too are more or less centrally placed for an evenly spread illumination level.” Growth Avenues There are quite a few components adding to the growth of office lighting. It’s not only the new establishments but also the renovation markets that are showing great potentials. “I believe that the biggest factor is still the fact that LEDs help rein in the energy requirements. Today, with the focus on environment, a larger number of offices are shifting away from the typical energy guzzlers at workplace and moving towards energy efficient lighting,” says Gupta. According to him, the cost of acquisition of LEDs has been going down drastically and then there are faster ROIs that have together made the replacement market more attractive. “Besides, the focus on new infrastructure development has also led to an increase in lighting requirements with visible growth in this segment,” he adds. Speaking about the potential, Gupta informs that for NTL Lemnis, it is a combination of both - new establishments as well as the renovation market. “However, the quantum is more for the renovation or replacement market. A larger number of workplaces today are looking at replacing the energy guzzlers like halogens and CFLs with the more energy efficient and maintenance free LED options and this is what we provide through a very robust product line,” he shares adding that most of NTL’s LED “APPLICATIONS OF LIGHT CONTINUE TO GROW, REDEFINING THE ROLE OF LIGHT BUT ALSO THE WAY EMPLOYEES CAN OPTIMISE AND INTERACT WITH THEIR RESPECTIVE WORKPLACES.” Sumit Joshi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Philips Lighting India “A LARGE NUMBER OF COMPANIES ARE ALREADY EXPERIMENTING WITH IOT LIGHTING, INDICATING IT AS THE FUTURE GAME CHANGER FOR ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY.” Tushar Gupta, Executive Director, NTL Lemnis Office Lights from NTL Lemnis NTL Spotlight

14 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 products can be easily replaced in the existing conventional lighting fixtures. “Out of the around 250 different types of products that we have in the NTL portfolio, over 100 are for office lighting, meeting any type of lighting requirements. Currently, we have adequate product range in our portfolio with which we can target major chunk of the market. But at the same time for the new office establishments we are putting focused effort on the development of new product range,” explains Gupta. Zutshi expects this office lighting segment to grow tremendously over the long term on account of the demand coming from massively growing modern offices and the new trend of shared offices especially across the tier-I and II cities. “India is passing through a phase of complete transformation in terms of modern office space creation due to the growing market of IT, ITes, BPOs and multinational companies. We are witnessing major demand coming from new office establishments all across the country,” he avers. Halonix is looking forward to capture major market share in office lighting segment with its latest range of products. “As a brand that stands for ‘The Right Light’, Halonix continues to push the boundaries to develop better solutions and adapted to Indian conditions across the spectrum of home and institutional lighting. With pan-India distribution, sales and service capabilities, we are delivering these efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting products to all the corners of India,” Zutshi asserts. Kajaria believes that if the office lighting solutions that you offer consume less energy and help in recreating a healthy work environment, then nothing can stop you from growing. “For Century LED, there is a lot of potential in the renovation or replacement market, where offices are switching from traditional lights to LED. And to capture, we have come up with productsthat are specially designed for small as well as large office spaces, with low Unified Glare Rating(UGR) and high energy savings,” he says. Going in similar line, Mahendru highlights that high efficiency, reliability and longer lifespan are expected to drive LED lighting demand over conventional technologies. “High brightness level, condensed size, low power consumption and robust nature of the sources of light are some of the factors projected to trigger lighting industry growth. Besides, the demand for the office space is on continuous rise, as the net space use is estimated to rise to 41 million sqft with annual growth of around 1.5%,”he informs. He strongly feels that demand for office and commercial space is expected to be driven by occupiers from IT/ITeS, banking, financial& insurance (BFSI) sectors. “Apart from these, start-up co-working companies and data centers focusing on digitisation would bring huge potential for our updated lightning sector with the support of LED lights.With all these in favour, we are very optimistic. Further, the infrastructure setup requirements by large MNCs facilitate us to bridge the gap by providing the best of smart Louvers Still Continues to Illuminate The Office Spaces LED Aluminum Panel Light Chandelier Office Ceiling Light Fixtures

15 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 lightning solutions to such companies. We offer products which are of global benchmark with best in quality at affordable prices as they incorporate best of technological and innovative products,”he asserts. Portfolio of Solution Providers So for all these, what our lighting solution providers have in their respective bouquets? Where do they have an edge over their competitors? Do their offerings have everything that is required to match the contemporary needs of modern offices or for renovating the existing workplaces? Where do they have the competitive advantage over others? How are they making it easier for the occupants to make more from their offerings? However, most of the lighting solution providers claim that they have products that can withstand Indian conditions.

The goal today is to go beyond creating an illumination that is sustainable and energy- efficient. The lighting requirement today is not only to gel with the architecture but to let occupants/employees feel energetic, making them more efficient, productive, and inspired. With well-being firmly in place as a lighting design staple, new products have been developed from the trends of yesterday that are being implemented in offices, making people happier, healthier, and more excited than ever to walk into work each day. Halonix claims to have created a competitive edge to beat the competition in the office lighting segment with its keen focus on innovation and quality control. “We have robust pan-India presence with our depots and service representatives available all across India. The success of Halonix has been built on the back of its unparalleled ability to develop, test and deploy lighting solutions because of the keen focus on innovation and quality control,” says Zutshi adding that as for now connected lighting systems are frequently in use for illumination purposes in offices. “These systems support sustainability goals and provide base for the growing push towards smart buildings across the country.” NTL emphasises that it has been the first and the foremost lighting electronics company, wherein its key USP is the robustness of the electronics. “Our wide range of product offerings helps us reach out and meet the requirements for any kind of office lighting. In addition, the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 22 helps our products provide optimal lighting for any workspace requirements,” asserts Gupta adding that for now ceiling and downlights are prevalent in office spaces. “Within the ceiling light category, there are various options for illumination like direct and indirect lighting, or a combination of both. Among the options of sizes, the most sold are 2X2 and 4X1. The lights could be mounted as recessed, surface or pendant.” Century LED boasts about offering a wide range of superior quality and energy- efficient LED lighting products at highly competitive prices. “Low glare downlights, tile lights, accent lighting and PLL–retrofit solutions are generally preferred to be used in office spaces,” opines Kajaria. Eon Electric vaunts its lighting products for offices as per global standards at competitive prices. “Our finished products pass through various stages of tests before coming into the market such as R&D and multiple level of testing, thus giving us an extra edge over our competitors,” avers Mahendru adding that recessed down- lighters are commonly used in number of offices and commercial settings, while the high-efficiency and directional nature of LEDs are very commonly used for industrial purposes. “We are the leaders in the energy- efficient lighting domain and we try to provide highly efficient and best of lighting solutions to our customers to facilitate them keeping a good balance between natural and artificial light to avoid shadows and glare in offices.” Amidst all this the global lighting major, Philips marks it as the era of connected lighting. “We, at Philips Lighting offer a wide range of connected office lighting solutions such as Power over Ethernet connected lighting that enables employees to customize their lighting and helps building managers gain valuable insights into the building usage. At the same time it gives office workers more control of an open plan environment, aiding comfort and productivity,” says Joshi. Highlighting why Philips is insisting on connected lighting, he explains that with a profit orientation, organisations are also focusing on building energy-efficient green offices, enabling optimal use of available resources. “Connected LED lighting also allows building managers to monitor and analyse building usage data in real time, enabling them to identify efficiencies and control other facilities such as air conditioning, heating and meeting room availability,” he elaborates adding that this can drive down energy consumption by up to 80% compared to conventional lighting, allowing businesses to slash their carbon footprint and drastically reduce their running costs.

Conclusion Since the impact of lighting is directly proportionate to employees’ productivity and efficiency, the focus of the lighting manufacturers have started shifting from merely offering products to becoming one among the solution providers. This automatically augments their purview to include wider perspective in their respective portfolios. The aim is to avoid bad lighting that causes several problems, such as headaches and eye strain, which can lead to more serious health issues later on. It can also cause neck, back, and shoulder pain because people strain their bodies to see things. Gloomy lighting can also cause depression and lead to more concerned state of mind.

Now being reasonably scientific, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) published a paper detailing how inadequate lighting can contribute to the poor response to treatment of and exacerbation of psychiatric conditions, including mood disorders; while light can have potent biological and therapeutic effects. This is why it is vital to get workplace lighting right. Pendant Light Fittings Changing Illumination - Matching Tone With Outside Lighting

16 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 The Edge is an innovative, multi-tenant office building in Amsterdam. The architect’s goal was to create an intuitive, comfortable and productive environment for employees that would inspire sustainable building design around the world. CASE STUDY Opened in 2015, it received an outstanding score of 98.36% – the highest ever awarded – from BREEAM, the world’s leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings. A key aspect of the sustainable design is a connected lighting system from Philips that enables employees to personalize the light- ing and temperature at their workspaces via a smartphone app. The system also provides data on activities in the workspace that helps further reduce the CO2 footprint. Philips Helps Create a Comfortable, Productive and Sustainable Environment at The Edge Making a difference in the workspace Babette Bouman, Architect at Fokkema & Partners in Delft, The Netherlands, led the interior design on The Edge. She believes that dynamic working concepts and innova- tive interactive technologies spell the end of the desk as we know it. She said, “If you have an activity-related work environment, you can choose wherever you like to sit. I think the office of the future will be meeting places, cafeterias and a place to meet col- leagues to collaborate.” Bouman put these ideas into practice in The Edge, a landmark 40,000 square meter building developed by OVG Real Estate. It has a host of sustain- ability features, including solar paneling, aquifer thermal energy storage for heating and cooling, rainwater harvesting and a striking 15-story atrium with state-of-the-art daylighting and natural ventilation. In collaboration with principal tenants Deloitte and AKD, Bouman was given free reign to design the office environment. Her concept included intelligent floorplans to enhance employee comfort and efficiency, flex workspaces, and the use of environmen- tally-friendly materials. “Deloitte is commit- ted to using and analyzing data to create responsive and sustainable environments”, she explains: “The agile work place concept is about flexibility, and this lighting system is also about flexibility. The connected lighting system and custom iPhone app allows you to adjust your climate and your lighting, according to your liking that day. So if the sun shines brightly, you can tone everything down to create a more comfortable way of working - wherever you are in the building.”\

17 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 How it was done OVG and Deloitte worked closely with Philips Lighting who delivered a connected lighting system that uses cutting-edge technologies to enhance the flexibility of the open-plan office. It not only allows employees to personalize the lighting and temperature at their workspaces using a smartphone app, but it also provides building managers with real-time data on operations and activities. This data helps facility managers to maxi- mize operational efficiency as well as reduce the building’s CO2 footprint, whilst the per- sonalization features create a premier experi- ence for employees. The designers had three key objectives for the connected lighting system: seamless integration with the build- ing as a whole; provision for customized solutions in The Edge’s unique environment; and smart interfaces that allow individuals to control their environment.

Life under a digital ceiling The system uses nearly 6,500 connected LED luminaires to create a ‘digital ceiling’ in the building’s 15 storeys. With integrated sen- sors in 3,000 of these luminaires that work with Philips Envision lighting management software, the system captures, stores, shares and distributes information throughout the illuminated space. Facility managers use the software to visualize and analyze this data, track energy consumption and streamline maintenance operations. The system uses 750 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches to connect lighting fixtures to the building’s IT network. With PoE, Ethernet cables send both power and data to the luminaires, eliminating the need for separate power cabling.

The integrated sensors capture anonymous data on room occupancy and temperature, data is then used to precisely deliver light- ing, heating, cooling and cleaning resources with maximum energy efficiency. Light levels, heating, cooling and cleaning are reduced in low-occupancy areas to save time, money and energy. What it means Individual employees use the system to create a personal space. For example, the connected luminaires use visible light communications (VLC) to offer services to employees in the illuminated space. VLC sends a code via the LED light beam and the employee’s smartphone camera receives this code, registering his or her location. With a smart phone app designed by Philips, the employee can control the lighting above a specific desk, even in an open-plan office. Employees also use the app to adjust the lighting and temperature in meeting rooms. Workspaces can also be customized on an ad-hoc basis to provide the lighting for a particular activity.

Of course, LED lighting is also known for its An Integrated System Philips connected office lighting using PowerBalance PoE and LuxSpace PoE luminaires Envision software Philips Envision is an integrated, end-to- end approach to advanced lighting con- trol, commissioning, and management. Envision manager is a multi-user software application that provides visibility into lighting system operations and energy management. It offers complete control, from a single lamp to the lighting in a multi-story building. Its powerful features include simple scheduling, routine maintenance management, real-time occupancy floor plans, and energy usage analysis for improved efficiency. Personal Control App The Philips PCA is a mobile app available for iOS and Android. It uses visible light communications to offer personal control of lighting scenes and room temperature at individual workspaces. The PCA sup- ports personalization even in open-plan offices, putting employees back in con- trol of their working environment. low power consumption, so energy savings were built in from day one. The expected savings are €100,000 in energy costs and €1.5 million in space utilization costs. The last word… The Philips connected lighting system at The Edge is the world’s first fully-realized system of its kind.

By communicating and interacting with the environment, office life becomes an im- mersive experience. Employees personalize their surroundings, thus making the building a more inviting place to work. The system demonstrates worldwide leader- ship in sustainable practices and responsive, human-centric working environments, which is shared by OVG, Deloitte, and Philips. Annemarie van Doorn, director of the Dutch Green Building Council, said, “OVG has created an exemplary office building that has exceeded any other that we have rated worldwide to date. Our hope is that other developers will follow this lead and endeavor to create innovative buildings that are in a league with The Edge.” If The Edge testifies to the end of the desk as we know it, employees and building managers seem to appreciate it. “We are very happy with the design and concept, as are the tenants and workers,” Bouman says. “The building itself works. You feel the buzz and you see that everybody is happy. When you see people sitting near the coffee areas, sitting outside from their workspaces and all the features of the building work really well, you can tell The Edge has so far been a success.”

18 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 INTERVIEW Lighting Needs to be Human-Centric How has been your journey till date? I started my career in 2000 with Wipro where I had been responsible for consumer and lighting products. In 2003, I joined GE, shifting my base to Mumbai. Stayed with GE for three years, got conferred with best manager award for growth. In 2006, GE organised a huge seminar to announce its eviction from the world of lighting by Starting his professional career in 2000, Kuldeep Gupta earned his lighting points owing to his personal interest that led him walk along with the country’s lighting industry. It was the time when Light Emitting Diode (LED) had started evolving to improve its stature from simply being restricted to automotive backlights or traffic signals to be a part of the much-more wider spectrum of the general lighting panorama. Gupta’s elongated association with light sources and lighting components, made him believe that the scope is wider than it appears, and that the industry is still at a nascent stage with immense potentials. No wonder, he went on to set up his own ventures – Lumens Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and LightStyle Solution Pvt. Ltd. – with the objective of bringing in the best for both – the lighting industry and the consumers.

Exploring the industry with his eyes, we, at LED World, sat in a rendezvous with him for not less than an hour to discuss about his industry experiences and phases the lighting industry has passed through in last decade. Here are the excerpts to follow: closing down its lighting division globally. This was so because the company strictly follows a principle to shut down a particular division, when the revenue contribution from that segment goes below 40%. However, this was not the end of GE as the company announced its investment in the Boeing Engine and LED. This was the first time that I heard the term LED. It was a wonder product then. The company introduced LED modules for signage industry.

Kuldeep Gupta, MD, Lumens Technologies & LightStyle Solution It was in 2007 that a Korean MNC, Seoul Semiconductor entered into India. The company wanted to do wonder and decided to set up its team here. In the process, it picked up a few big names from the Indian lighting industry. I was fortunate to get selected and given the responsibility of western region. There I started learning about LEDs. In about six month time, I was also handed over the charge of southern region, which eventually widened my Lighting is as important as oxygen, therefore, quality-oriented products should be produced and promoted. There should be human-centric lighting especially for corporate world as good lighting adds to people’s efficiency.

19 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 exposure and helped me grow bigger. Gradually, in 2010, I became the country- head for Seoul Semiconductor. When did you establish your own venture? From the very beginning of my carrier, I had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. In 2013, when I left Seoul Semiconductor, I setup Lumens Technologies Pvt. Ltd. That was the time when the market for LED was evolving and people were looking for alternatives. Accordingly, we brought in Hongli, as our associate brand as another option. Later, we kept on adding various brands under the portfolio of Lumens Technologies.

In 2015, we thought of diversifying and setup a new company, LightStyle Solution Pvt. Ltd. The time was right to ripe what I had sowed over these many years in the industry. Such a prolonged association helped me earn a very good reputation among the industry stakeholders and big-wigs. My goodwill paid me back as my current team comprises 54 dedicated, young and energetic people. We are moving ahead successfully with offices in Mumbai and Delhi, while our sales people are spread across the country. Based on the ideology of providing all the solutions under one roof, together we are trying to evolve by offering best of the technologies for this lighting industry.

What was the state of the country’s lighting industry then? Lighting industry in India, when I entered, was estimated at around $2 billion (Rs. 12,000 crore), which has now grown up to cross Rs. 21,000-crore mark. This is expected to touch Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000-crore mark by 2020. Because till last year, only new installations were done and now huge replacement market has emerged out wherein the LED lighting is replacing the existing conventional light sources. Thank to the push from the government to switch over to the efficient lighting system. How do you assess the response to LED in Indian lighting industry? India has started acknowledging this new technology, but is yet to pick up the pace. For instance, despite such a huge drive for LED from the central government, we can still see GLS and CFLs being sold in the market. And the contributors for all this are quite a few renowned brands, which are selling these conventional lights in commendable quantities. The point to be noted here is that the global lighting industry has fully banned using the incandescent and CFLs.

How do you see Chinese manufacturing vis-a-vis Indian? As of now, India is facing very tough competition from China wherein the Chinese manufacturers are willing to drive Indian market according to their own convenience. I might be wrong, but I reached to this conclusion after a recent meeting with some of the respected and top-ranked Chinese manufacturers. Unlike Indian manufacturer who prefer restaurant like business and produce only when there comes the requirement, Chinese manufacturers believe in bulk production and fill the market before it asks for. This approach ultimately brings their production cost down while the cost for us is 15 to 20-times higher. This is also because, in China, with the support from the government, the infrastructure is easily available. Their bulk manufacturing is their strength. But I am happy to see that after the initiative taken by EESL on behalf of the government followed by other domestic demand, Indian lighting manufacturers have increased their quantum.

How far Chinese would go with this approach? I can’t say. But as I feel now, their strength has become their greatest weakness. China has already become a developed country and it is hardly left with local consumption. Now the aim is to materialise its strength and cater to the rest of the world. Though, China is successfully supplying the high- quality stuff to its European and American clients, but for products with sub-standard quality, India is the easiest and the nearest market. At the same time, India’s local consumption is reaching a new high with growing market and increasing population but comparatively lower manufacturing strength.

How do you gauge the steps taken by the Government in this regard? As we all know, India is an energy-starved country. Undoubtedly, to save the energy and make it viable for far-reaching places in the country, the initiatives taken by the government to distribute LED bulb through DELP and to install LED Streetlights through SLNP incorporating EESL have been unprecedented, especially when it comes to embracing energy-efficient light source i.e. LED. This was followed by enhancing the country’s manufacturing prowess. But somehow, I feel that all the stringent policies and steps taken, didn’t work in favour owing to the absence of proper infrastructure. Not only that the indigenous manufacturing suffered, but also quality gets at a halt to an extent that failure has been reported more than success.

You mean the quality of light is hindering the growth processes! Yes. There is another important aspect of lighting, which most of us do not know. In fact, light impacts human behaviour so much so that it deteriorates the health without Brands under Lumens Technologies

20 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 even bringing to your knowledge. You know the mega hertz frequency in these lights keep counting our subconscious. And if the frequencies emitted by these light sources are not good, we would start feeling tired, may lose our concentration, feel irritated, etc. - all this together leads to a drastic change in our behaviour to a noticeable extent. In a decade or two, we would come to know that we got our lives decreased by not less than 5 years. Ultimately, the future generation would suffer.

How do you see this transition? Simple, we have become cost-conscious to such an extent that we are not even ready to consider the impact on human behaviour and health. Today, it may have been the concerns of only a few individuals, but this would ultimately change the fate of India as a country. We still have time to improve our tastes. We can do so by not only embracing the new technology but in a better way. We must stop making ourselves fool. There should be a descent standard to be followed strictly, without compromising on the parameters that may decompose our future generation.

How important is the role of government? The government is here to decide better quality of life for its citizen. This is such an important industry as it helps the world go on. There are two kinds of lighting – one is the original/natural (The Sun) and the other is artificial. In the current setup, we can observe that in our day to day operations, we face 60 to 70% of the artificial lights, making it a kind of oxygen. Therefore, for sake of the quality of life, the lighting must be good and healthy. The government should strictly implement stringent quality check through the set quality standards so that let the people not feel cheated with substandard products. We must start following business ethics in its true sense. Recently, the government has come out with few very good steps like making BIS mandatory, which is certainly going to help local manufacturers. We must appreciate our government for its initiatives in this direction as quite a few good things are happening. For instance, we are inviting foreign technology players to setup their manufacturing unit here in India to manufacture and market original products only. The same way, we can invite Chinese manufacturers to come, setup, establish here, produce in bulk and cater to the local needs. Even the local manufacturers should be encouraged. We should replicate the Software industry model.

Also, we as consumers must need to change our approach as why can’t we afford good quality products despite the fact that we have strong inclination towards quality. Why can’t we spend a few more pennies to own better lighting than throwing our hard- earned money in the garbage by opting for substandard products again and again. So, with all this, where do you see the industry heading towards? Lighting industry can’t stop. There is a huge potential waiting in line. As of now, most of the companies are registering not less than 30% CAGR and this will continue as the consumption of lighting sources has increased due to its variability in applications. Further, a fast-paced infrastructure development is going on. So, there is a huge opportunity. Also, the luxuries are there and a simple room has many light sources fixed for different purposes.

The concluding remarks! My final concern is that there should be a quality of life for Indians. Lighting is as important as oxygen, therefore, quality- oriented products should be produced and promoted. There should be human-centric lighting especially for corporate world as good lighting adds to people’s efficiency. Electronics should be made quality-stringent. There should be some parameters set for manufacturing drivers, which are usually a consortium of around 40 odd components. A minuscule compromise can dilute the quality of the whole system and that can bring down the life of the final product. Consumer Lighting from LightStyle Solution


22 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 FEATURE Zumtobel Illuminates Oslo Airport, Norway The international lighting major Zumtobel Group has equipped the new terminal i.e. Terminal 2 at Oslo Airport in Norway with its modern lighting solutions. Within the scope of the project, 21,200 Zumtobel and Thorn brand LED luminaires with Tridonic technology inside, have been installed. Oslo Airport has been on renovation mode. The recent extension of the Airport is considered as one of the biggest lighting projects in the global lighting industry, wherein the international lighting major, Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) has supplied more than 21,000 luminaires and installed a record-breaking 32 eBox devices – all to support its customer every step of the way. Thanks to the outstanding results that extended the association ZGS with Oslo Airport in another project as the Group has now been handed over the job of modernising other parts of the airport. With flagging off the Terminal 2 at the Oslo Airport, the Norway’s biggest and the most important airport signalled that it is readying for the future with the probability of third terminal is getting zoomed up. At the same time, the somewhat dated Terminal 1 is also planned to be revamped in the near future. Meanwhile, the Zumtobel Group prides itself for being the full-service provider of the complete lighting solution in Terminal 2, where it has installed intelligent lighting controls and emergency lighting systems to go in parallel with 21,200 LED luminaires from Thorn and Zumtobel along with various other technologies in terms of electronics and components from Tridonic. The total order volume amounts to more than 5 million euros.

Right from the very beginning, ZGS was greatly involved in one-of-its-kind lighting project wherein it also helped its customer with additional services. Throughout its association, the Group kept on advising the project managers on various related issues, besides facilitating numerous electricians with specialist training for the project. The Essential of the Project’s Lighting Requirements: It was particularly important to Avinor that the luminaires in the new terminal visually match the existing lighting in the other areas of the airport to the greatest possible extent. Going in line, the product design department at ZGS developed specific luminaires that fit optically to the conventional luminaires in the existing terminals. Besides the optical aspects, the luminaires needed to fulfil several legal requirements.

Project info: Norway’s Oslo Airport Customer: Avinor AS Location: Oslo Airport, Edvard Munchs Veg, 2061 Gardermoen, Norway Application: Public Building, Infrastructure, Airport Airport Oslo Norway’s most important airport with 25 million passengers per year and 13.000 employees.

23 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Products Selection: Zumtobel, to meet the objective set by the client, designed quite a few tailor-made LED luminaires for the purpose. Along with those tailored luminaires, the international lighting major also used its standard products to fulfil the illumination criteria. In all, ZGS has used various quantities of more than 25 different products. Through large-scale, conspicuous luminaires, lighting is a part of the building’s architecture and the terminal design. Two extremely large but customised Zumtobel luminaire types were fitted inside the terminal respectively on the way to the railway station: OILDRUM (height around 100 centimetres, diameter 60 centimetres) and UFO (diameter just under 110 centimetres). Numerous Thorn and Zumtobel brand luminaires were also installed inside the building, for example, about 1.2 kilometres of light lines and 300 TECTON continuous row LED luminaires. Thorn GTLED-RS luminaires light up the roads outside the airport and its underground driveways. All luminaires were also adapted to meet Norway’s special legal standards for public areas such as waiting zones and counter areas at airports.

Creating Seamless Transition: The new lighting solution so offered to precisely meet the lighting requirements of the airport not only seamlessly fits in with the new building’s architecture, but also matches the ambience in the old part of the building. Setting up the Control, Establishing a Connect: The control becomes important especially when the area of operation is larger than usual. The intelligent control system for 1,17,000-sqm Oslo Airport was designed to get adapted to the lighting in line with the natural daylight situation, besides effectively & efficiently regulating such a large number of luminaires.

The lighting is controlled with the ZGS Skyscanner, a daylight gauge head that has been designed to constantly measure the incoming sunlight and accordingly adjust the lighting in turn ensuring that in each area, a small amount of artificial light is contributed in order to create the perfect combination of artificial and natural daylight. The control system has been developed in such a way that it also takes the colour of the natural daylight into account and transfers the same to the artificial lighting inside the terminal building.

The Skyscanner device has been installed on the roof to constantly check the current lighting conditions and send this information to the LITENET lighting management system, which in turn enable the best combination of artificial light and natural daylight – not only in terms of intensity, but also the light colour. This helps the client save up to 82% energy and create unparallel visitors’ experiences. Notably in this terminal, the airport’s retail area lighting has been separated from the With it’s impressive, widely visible luminaires, the lighting solution is part of the new terminal’s architecture.

24 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 lighting control system, setting the space free to be dealt one-on-one basis. Each shop is managed individually through LITECOM, which allows the shop owners to adjust brightness levels and select lighting scenes according to their individual and specific needs and preference. Safety through Emergency Service: The terminal has been made equipped with a well-thought-out emergency lighting and a lighting control system from Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS). The Group has also commissioned retrofitting of emergency lighting systems in another area of the airport.

The ZGS emergency lighting system at the airport emerges as a true record-breaker especially when it turns out to be the largest eBox emergency lighting installation worldwide. With 32 eBox central emergency power supply devices, ZGS controls a total of 5,000 Zumtobel ONLITE escape sign luminaries. The eBox devices also make sure that power is always provided. Adding to the operational efficiency, all 32 supply modules are made visible on a browser-based programme and can be managed easily from any computer. Securing AMC Going forward, the client and the airport operator Avinor has additionally ensured legal compliance with all the rules and regulations by signing in the annual maintenance contract with ZGS. This agreement includes functional tests required by law, software updates and data storage, enabling ZGS to guarantee full system functionality all the times. On securing the AMC of the project, Thomas Knoop, Executive Vice President of ZGS, opines that installation as a trend setter in the airport lighting arena as the customer expectations go beyond the illumination requirements to include complete solutions covering everything, from luminaires to controls and to maintenance services. “The latest request to update the emergency lighting system in Terminal 1 really confirms the success of our business model,” he says without concealing his excitements. When it comes to advantage part, Oslo Airport benefits in several ways from the LED lighting solution. The luminaires designed, developed and installed are energy-efficient and are blessed with an extremely long life-span, compared to the other available lighting systems.

On completion of the project, Philip Widner, VP Sales, Northern Europe, Zumtobel Group, expresses his gratitude with these words that the company is proud to have supplied one of the most renowned and modern airports in Europe with its state-of-the-art lighting solutions. “The wide product portfolio of our brands made it possible to meet all of the requirements at Oslo airport and to deliver the perfect solution for a project of this size and complexity.” Image Source: Zumtobel The intelligent lighting controls collect information about the outdoor lighting conditions and adjust the lighting intensity and light colour accordingly. While the lighting in the terminal is controlled with LITENET to reflect the amount of available daylight, the shops are equipped with individually programmed LITECOM control units.


26 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 INTERACTION Encapsuled: Stepping Out To Outdoor Illumination Encapsuled, is a young and innovative lighting company, which started manufacturing and marketing IP67-rated designer lighting systems, meant especially for outdoor applications. The company that entered the lighting industry two years back, claims to have matched the aesthetics and the quality norms of the best European and American fixtures to be used all over the world. The machinery and technology are sourced from Europe. But to offer value, quality products are made in India referring that these products come at competitive pricing thereby creating a win-win situation for all. To know more about the trajectory that the company has strategised for its growth, we at LED World got hold with Siddhant Jain, Director, Encapsuled. Here are the excerpts: “Encapsuled is the sister concern of an already established brand Architectural Lighting Solution (ALS), founded in 2007 to cater to the specific needs of specifiers including building architects, engineers, lighting designers, landscape architects, and contractors,” informs Siddhant Jain. According to him, ALS has developed a wide assortment of fanfare for itself in the country’s lighting arena by providing lighting and design professionals an unequalled selection of optically efficient lighting fixtures combined with illumination expertise, personal service and unsurpassed customer support.

“We, at Encapsuled, introduce ourselves as a young & innovative lighting company. We manufacture and market technically up market lighting systems wherein all our products are made to match the aesthetics and quality norms of the European and American fixtures,” says Jain. He insists that the company is one of the best architectural lighting solution providers across the north Indian region with linear lighting being its USP. “Although there are quite a few players with their portfolio of linear lighting solution, but none come with proposition that we offer to our esteemed clients.” Jain adds that all this could become possible because of the support of our state-of- the-art infrastructure which, in order to streamline the work flow, “We have divided into various sub-sections like procuring, designing, manufacturing, quality control, R&D and warehousing & packaging.” “Further, the facility is equipped with the innovative machinery and technology that assist us in meeting the bulk and urgent orders of our clients within the promised time frame,” asserts Jain adding that the aim Siddhant Jain, Director, Encapsuled is to provide one-of-its-kind outdoor lighting solutions. “Our products carry a 7-year warranty, which no other manufacturer as of now has come up with.” All the architectural lighting products are manufactured keeping in view the harsh weather conditions specific to any particular geography. “Backed by our rich experience of over a decade in this domain, we are committed towards offering wide variety of products to count 150 odd types/designs. We keep adding new products to our gamut of offerings. Soon, around 20 innovative products are to be added to our portfolio.” When it comes to designing, Jain informs that the company takes valuable feedback from its customers on regular basis. “Besides, we do have a dedicated design team that keeps developing professional yet eye- catchy architectural lighting designs. This is actually one of the key factors along with cost-effectiveness and sturdiness for which we receive appreciation from our clients.” Going forward, Jain claims that the company shows strong competency and a high degree of integrity. “We are catering to the needs of both the lighting industry and the design community by offering quality solutions for industry professionals to attain the highest standards for all their lighting needs. Our broad range of luminaries is made out of the quality raw materials from reputed manufacturers and vendors.” Explaining the attribute of one of the fixtures that Encapsuled has recently come up with, Jain says, “The fixture is made of a profile as slim as 6mm. Dot free & absolutely homogenous light emission surface in encapsulated anodized aluminium profile for continuous, sharp linear light lines. These are designed to fit in to groves between tiles, furniture, shelves, marbles, and stone joints, architectural feature and facades.” This is not it. Encapsuled is committed to offer efficient products in professional manner to gain a recognisable space in the country’s burgeoning lighting industry. “We provide excellent customer service by offering our clients more than just a product. We employ creative lighting solutions using the latest technologies and incorporate them into professional and comprehensive presentations for our clients,” says Jain. According to him, put together, all these enabled the company to win a few notable international lighting projects with latest being the Dubai Frame, while two more Dubai Canal and Grand Hyatt are at the final stages of negotiation. “For these projects, based on our presentation, we have been asked to make tailored lighting products to meet the specific lighting needs.” To market its products, Encapsuled would use the established network of ALS’ dealers. For now, it has 200 dealers making its presence felt in around 200 major cities of the country. “We can say that we are capable of catering the lighting requirements of our far-reaching clients through our able dealers. We want to augment this network in order to further enhance our presence.” In the meantime, there are plans to open an office-cum-warehousing in Bangalore to serve the Southern region. “The decision was taken after we realised the region’s unmatched potentials for our kind of products as people there are far more forthcoming for designer and sturdy products. This is also because we are getting quite a few enquiries from South but our physical absence in the region made us miss many such opportunities in the recent past,” shares Jain and signs off.


28 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 INTERVIEW Innovation is the Key at Ayana Energy Ayana Energy Pvt. Ltd. is an LED lighting solution company that is 100% Indian-owned and -operated. It is based in Hyderabad with operations in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The company started its operations in 2013 with smaller base to gain experience in handling projects and providing customised solutions to its clients within the vicinity of Hyderabad. Gradually, it started expanding its operational efficiencies as well as capabilities to handle bigger projects across other cities. Today, Ayana Energy is associated with some prestigious clients and prides itself on its well-experienced team, the approach of which towards engineering & manufacturing of LED lights ensures that lights integrate a host of innovative features and have top-notch quality.

We, at LED World, caught up with Mamtha Mengarthy, Director, Ayana Energy to know more about the company’s future plans and how it is strategising its growth trajectory. Here’s the edited excerpt to follow: Mamtha Mengarthy and Sundeep Mengarthy Directors, Ayana Energy Pvt. Ltd. What made you enter the lighting industry? The company was established by my husband, Sundeep Mengarthy and me. Sundeep comes from the lighting industry and I am from the field of electronics manufacturing. We saw tremendous potential in this energy-efficient technology as it has the power to revolutionise the field of lighting. LED lighting, as you know, is environmental-friendly and consumes less power in comparison to conventional lighting. Both these features are the need of the hour. It was six years ago that we decided to conjugate our experiences and become a part of this revolution. You mentioned that design is Ayana Energy’s passion. What all goes in designing?

The innate small size of LEDs and the ability to control them paves way to endless flexibility in lighting design. This flexibility has driven our passion to constantly innovate our products. Clever design and innovative thinking are central to our company’s drive for efficient and aesthetic LED lighting products. It is important to update ourselves and our products with the advancements in technology, so as to be able to keep up pace with the market and also to offer the latest to our clients. We, therefore, come up with new products from time to time. For example, we have recently introduced a cost-effective dimmable/colour tunable lighting system for those customers who do not prefer the expensive home automation system.

We put a great deal of R&D followed by stringent testing procedure before zeroing in on any design. Each and every product designed here is subject to hours of scrutiny, rigorous testing and evaluation, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and standards. Why Ayana Energy took its time to explore outside Hyderabad? We were first generation entrepreneurs with a new brand. We started with small projects as we did not want to rush to an expanded market. We let ourselves grow organically and took time to establish ourselves in Hyderabad. Gradually, we moved on to handling big projects and are now associated with some prestigious clients. Further, we have expanded to other cities – Vizag, Vijayawada and Bangalore. We are currently working on expanding to other major cities.

How do you market the brand? Who are your target customers? We have a direct sales channel that is in contact with architects, interior designers and contractors. This category of clients has regular requirement of lighting for their numerous customers. Apart from them, we are in direct contact with B2B clients like software companies, infrastructure companies, healthcare companies, companies with retail outlets/showrooms, etc. Such clients tend to have requirements for their expanding business in same city or other cities.

We have recently started participating in government tenders that will allow us to

29 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 expand our customer base segment. Which all lighting applications do you cater to? We offer both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Based on the dimensions and other factors, we provide lighting design for various applications in domestic, architectural, industrial, solar or commercial setup, whether new or existing. Our experienced team visits the space/site to be illuminated, evaluates the lighting requirements and prepares a lighting design ensuring effective illumination, besides saving on energy usage.

Where do you manufacture these LED lighting products? We have a facility in Hyderabad that houses a dedicated & efficient team which is responsible for the assembly, testing, marketing and sales of our products. All our products are designed and developed in India using the best quality components, from both local and overseas suppliers. How do you see the prospects of the country’s LED lighting industry? As mentioned earlier, there is no doubt about the potential of this industry. This, coupled with low entry barriers, has let the domestic market flooded with many new players. This is, however, leading to an intense price war, because of which Indian market is experiencing one of the lowest prices in the world. This is badly impacting the growth & development of the industry especially, when it comes to R&D. In the near future, we foresee consolidation, when only serious players will be left in the industry. All this would lead to an automatic price correction after which the industry will more or less be stabilised.

As you said, the industry is flooded with innumerable unbranded players. Why do people opt for Ayana Energy? At Ayana Energy, we focus not only on selling our products but also on building relationships. To our customers, we also offer the experiences of our services along with LED lights. These services have helped us develop good rapport with clients and encourage them to choose us as their lighting partner. Right from the time of enquiry, our design team gets in touch with the client – they visit the site and gain an understanding of the requirement. Based on this, they prepare an optimum lighting design, suitable for the site, and at the same time, allows effective energy usage.

We have the capability to customise our products for clients that have specific requirements. We offer quality products and high warranty periods. We guide & assist our clients as and when they require us during the installation period. And more importantly, we are one of the few companies that provide on-site warranty. How do plan your future endeavor? So far, we have developed a sizeable client base in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. We now plan to spread our wings over to other states in India. We have started participating in Government Tenders that will provide us in roads to serving reputable Government Organizations.

We would like to further our business to CASE STUDY – 1 A software company that was established in the 1990s in Hyderabad is now a million-dollar firm with operations in different cities in India and overseas. We approached this client with an introduction to the energy efficient LED Lighting and offered them a proposal to replace their existing conventional lighting with the equivalent in LED Lighting, with which they could save more than 50% energy and thereby considerably reduce their power & maintenance expenses. We have successfully replaced their conventional lighting, across 5 cities, with our LED lighting. This customer was satisfied with our lights and was particularly appreciative of the reduction in their power expenditure. They now prefer LED Lighting to conventional lighting for their new branches and we are their official partner for LED lights. As on today we have supplied more than 10,000 LED lights to this customer.

CASE STUDY – 2 A digital media marketing company was relocating its office to a bigger space, where the decorator wanted us to provide lighting that was contemporary, unique and in sync with the interiors of the new office space. We custom-designed linear lights for them that were as long as 46 feet linear light for the conference room, 22 feet for the reception area and hexagonal lights for the meeting rooms. These lights were developed & tested in house at Ayana Energy and the feedback from the client for these lights was overwhelming. the next level by offering OEM services, for which we have been receiving enquiries. Meanwhile, the Government of Telangana plans to set up an LED Lighting park on the outskirts of Hyderabad, as a part of the initiative to encourage LED Lighting companies. Being part of this initiative would also help us meeting our objective of expanding our manufacturing capabilities.

30 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 INTERACTION Savvy Lights: Lighting In Perception A new-born brand that looks determined to create a space for itself when it comes to the world of decorative lighting and designer fixtures Savvy LED Lights are manufactured by Mumbai-based Light World, a company that manufactures decorative lighting and is well-informed about the wonder, lighting can create. Serving since 2010 with its astonishing designs, Savvy Lights’ USP is to spend less and deliver more. With this objective in mind, Hitesh Patel, the company’s director puts up a great deal of R&D before finalising any design. He does insist that each and every design so developed is subject to deep scrutiny, to not only match the interiors of any architecture but add aesthetics by lighting up spaces. It was actually the inquisitiveness, which compelled us at LED World to reach a person with fairly disheveled hairs and a pretty normal dressing sense without evincing any strong inclination towards designs. When we entered, he was busy with his iPad, exploring new ideas to get hold of his imagination Hitesh Patel, Director, Light World and develop further enticing designs of his lighting products for his valuable clientele. “Copying... Yes! And I bet nobody can do like me,” Patel says with a confident smile. So, is copying easy? Not at all! It needs special skills and maturity level to capture the details of a product that is already developed. “You must need to have a unique sense for understanding a design and replicating it,” he ushers with strong perseverance that all the designs are not the exact imitation, but with some or the other visible alterations/differentiations. “Because, there may arise copyright issues.” This clearly reflects his knowledge about the market and its indices.

It won’t be wrong to mention that irrespective of the persona of Patel, the lights that he and his team develops has some magnetic elements in them, which attract people so much so that any person with no discernible bent towards designing, gets a natural pull. Yes, it wasn’t a planned meeting but more like an impromptu. For some time, he remained reluctant to speak to us; but we kept trying and got him convinced to share about his tastes and eclectic designs. “Around a decade back, it all started by my elder brother. I joined my brother five years ago, after completing my graduation. Thereon, together we put a lot of efforts to reach to this spot. We studied the market, visited China quite a few times to understand the nuances of LED lighting and the designing factors. We worked hard, slowly crept into the groove, and came to know what would make us count in the market. Eventually, we started focusing on design,” explains Patel. Gradually, Patel nurtured his tastes and got his fondness aroused towards designs. “I

31 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 spend a lot of my time on developing new designs as copying doesn’t promise very bright future as LEDs do. And, every new design encourages me to go one more step and craft another eye-catchy structure – be it of metal or fabric. Thanks to the discerning league of modern customers who always kept appreciating these artworks of ours. This is how we have been stepping up in this fiercely competitive market,” he elucidates. Delving on the market presence of Savvy Lights, Patel shares that to market these designer lighting products, Light World prefers to go through its established network of distributors. “We want our channel partners to remain our contact points in the market. They bring us the demand and we try meeting their specific requirements, which of course, come from their respective clients. For now, we have around 80 distributors, spread across the country. Of these, half are our regular customers and source products from us quite frequently.” For these many years, the company’s distributors helped it to market its products majorly in Mumbai and surrounding areas. “We now want to move ahead and gain some foothold in other major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. For this, we also want to augment our network,” says Patel unveiling that the brand name for his lighting products has just been born and that the company was marketing its products simply under the Light World banner. “It is now that we decided to go with Savvy Lights as our brand name for all our LED lighting products. Accordingly, from now onward, we would be known by this name only,” he concludes.

32 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 INTERVIEW Starflux LED: Promising More Reliable, Consistent Lighting What is your way forward in the country’s lighting industry? We are a forward-thinking innovation & technology-driven company with a strong desire to create futuristic lighting products accessible & affordable to all. We offer a one-stop solution for all the lighting needs right from indoor to outdoor, commercial to industrial, retail to residential. From concept design, to development, to testing, to delivering the most innovative LED lights, products offered by us are crafted to meet international standards in terms of quality, safety, performance, energy efficiency, cost- effectiveness & durability.

How has been the company’s infrastructure? We have a very strong infrastructure. Spread across 14,000 sqft, our plant is located in Manesar near Gurugram in Haryana. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is fully-equipped with the most advanced equipment to follow modern methods of automated production processes that mitigates human error & faulty products, promising a more reliable, consistent LED light every time. Being ISO, TuV-certified, we have all the needed infrastructure including SMT line and MI line, backed by a very strong R&D to make sure that every light made by us are tested rigorously & checked thoroughly to deliver the best products. We do outsource dye-casting, besides LEDs, optics and drivers – all from respective reputed vendors. With all this in-house, we aim to fulfil future energy and lighting needs by providing the most efficient, safe, durable, elegant, eco-friendly and comfortable lights leading to a brighter, better, beautiful world. In short, we are here to stay with quality lighting products.

Startflux LED from Gurugram-based MLTC Energy India Pvt. Ltd. is a newly-introduced brand in the country’s lighting industry, which claims to be very deeply-driven with the sense of self discipline, diligence, positivity, responsibility and professionalism with a will to learn & adapt to changes, making things easier by providing the most comfortable light & convenient services to its customers. We, at LED World, caught up with V. S. Hooda, the company’s director to discuss about his vision & mission that led the company to draft its future growth strategy. Here’s what he shared with us: What made you enter into the lighting industry?

We are into the power project business that includes transmission lines and substations. There are various such lighting projects, which amounts more than 5,000 streetlights per year. This showed us the way to foray in to the lighting business, especially streetlights. Though, we started with streetlights to target those big projects, soon realised that we need to add commercial and residential lighting as well to our portfolio. Which other segments do you offer your products to? We have a gamut of products’ variants to serve the varied needs of the market depending upon the illumination requirements. As far as products are concerned, if you have limited range, you can’t survive. So, we have full range of lighting solutions - be it indoor or outdoor, catering to the needs of various segments V. S. Hooda, Director MLTC Energy India Pvt. Ltd. that include commercial, residential, healthcare & hospitality to present a basket to our clientele. There’s still a lot is to be added in this basket.

As far as bulbs and tubes are concerned, we were actually not interested, but following the requirements from the market, we couldn’t keep ourselves away from it. If you believe, despite having started with streetlights, our first invoice was that of bulbs and tubes/battens. This makes me believe that manufacturing can’t simply drive the market, but market keeps driving the manufacturing. How has been the response from projects? We have two types of offering – standard and made-to-order depending upon the client’s specific requirements. We are interested in government projects across the country. Initially, we started with Haryana, and now expanding our reach to Himachal

33 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and MP. There are some enquiries from our clients, who are catering to a few government projects. What is the USP of Starflux products? For streetlights, we have IP-67-rated products. With this thought that words may not make that impact, we wanted to virtually express the features of our IP-67 rated streetlights that most of the customers get inquisitive about. The one that is kept under water with beautiful fishes inside the tub shows that there isn’t any leakage of current as even 1V of power can be dangerous for the fishes, plying inside the tub around the lighting unit which has been in operation since long to demonstrate its water-proofing attribute. Let me tell you that this is also dust-proof and is fully fit for outdoor applications withstanding the harsh Indian weather conditions.

Where do you get the designs from? All our lights are indigenously developed. Most of our designs are patented. For designs, we have exclusive tie-up with designers to produce and offer fresh and innovative designs to our clientele. We are soon going to introduce our range of smart lights, which can be connected, operated, and controlled through Bluetooth-enabled devices. Many of our current collections can be operated using a remote control. We do have kept the options open for installing sensors in our lights, provided the customer is willing to. But, for now, the market is not ready for those feature-rich products as it would certainly add to the cost. What is the prospect of lighting industry?

The lighting industry has very good prospects. At least, for next three to four years the CAGR will be around 20 to 22%. After making BIS mandatory, the next move is the inclusion of star-rating by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). While BIS would certify the products, BEE would render star-ratings based on the performance standard of those products. Once it becomes mandatory for all the LED lighting products being sold in the Indian market, the substandard quality would be subsided automatically. How do you market your products? Though majorly, we are focusing on government projects, we have solutions for many segments which eventually make it necessary to rope in a network of dealers. For now, we have around 12 dealers. We want to augment this number further to soon make our presence felt at least in the major cities of the country. We are also there on the online-platform, where we are partnering with the online marketing giants, Amazon and Flipkart to market our battens & bulbs. We will later include other products depending upon the market response and requirement.

34 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 EVENT ASEAN’s Largest International Exhibition on LED Products & Technology: A Legion of Opportunities With immense networking avenues, LED Expo Thailand is an excellent platform to display your products to industry professionals both from national as well as international market The global LED lighting industry is up on the way to mark another milestone with the new edition of LED Expo Thailand, ASEAN’s largest International Exhibition on LED products & technology, which is scheduled during 10-12 May 2018 in Bangkok. The 6th edition of the Expo would welcome more than 300 exhibitors, who would prep their latest to display on an expanse of over 20,000 sqm of exhibit area for about 15,000 international trade visitors at the Impact Exhibition and Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.

LED Expo Thailand 2018 will cater to the demand of evolution in the existing lighting technology. It is a dynamic hub for LED & lighting companies to assemble, promote, discuss, transact, partner and gain insights on neighbouring markets. The global LED lighting market is growing rapidly and is believed to reach USD 54.28 billion by 2022; expanding at a CAGR of around 13% between 2017 and 2022. Thailand’s LED lighting market accounts for 12% of the total lighting market share with a projected growth rate of CAGR 30% during 2015-2020. LED Expo Thailand aims 10-12 MAY, 2018 CHALLENGER 1 IMPACT EXHIBITION & CONVEN- TION CENTER BANGKOK, THAILAND

35 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 to support and accelerate this upswing by providing a dynamic hub for LED/lighting companies, mainly from South East Asian markets, to congregate, promote and partner with neighbouring LED markets at a niche level. This time, in LED Expo, hundreds of architectural & interior design companies, construction companies, electricity boards, government agencies & state enterprises, industrial estates & manufacturing companies, LED & lighting dealers/ distributors/importers/manufacturers, LEED certifiers, lighting specifiers, etc., will be coming together to find out latest information regarding the most updated innovations in the LED world. Besides attending exhibition, the participants would get the opportunity to attend International LED Summit, which the organisers have decided to take to the next level with iLight Connect.

iLIGHT CONNECT: INTERNATIONAL LED SUMMIT The theme for this year’s Summit is iLight Connect that recognises the current and emerging lighting control protocols and incredible design possibilities, while reinforcing the increasing need for the players in the design, engineering and building professions to be connected in terms of inter-disciplinary communication. The Summit will be based on case studies, discussions over the latest trends, innovations and technology in both interior & exterior rifts. A panel discussion will hoist the influences and issues that designers, owners & operators come across when it comes to implementing the LED technology. Discrete speakers will throw some light on the opportunities that LED provide us today which we did not have in past. The main focus will be on ‘Future of LED’ along with other contemporary issues such as smart lighting & loT. All these are grouped under four separate heads to be addressed under four different sessions: • IoT and the Future of Lighting • Smart Lighting – Opportunities and Constraints • Lighting Festivals – Beyond the Wow Factor • Hotel Value Creation through Lighting Design The highlights of the show demonstrating FUTURE OF LED for a SMART LIVING are: Each year the Show brings innovative, engaging and informative additions for its exhibitors to showcase under a specific segment and attract focused buyers. This year’s highlights are: SOLAR ZONE This specific zone would be highlighting high-performance Solar LED products, services and technology for housing, commercial and industrial sectors to induce huge saving on electricity, besides encouraging the usage of renewable energy. DEALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS ZONE / BUSINESS MATCHING A specialized business matching program strictly for distributors and manufacturers, our dedicated buyer team will source out “wish list” of manufacturers and distributors to be pre-matched.

LoT (LED OF THINGS) It is aimed at bringing forth innovations taking place in LED signage system with sound and light effects to keep the visitors engaged. LED CAFÉ A great resting place for all trade visitors after a long walk in the hall, LED Café will serve a variety of refreshments and mouth-watering delicacies. The café will be decorated with creative LED lighting. LIGHTING & ENERGY SAVING CONSULTATION CENTRE This would facilitate a free discussion between trade visitors and industry professionals for their current and future business project to save the cost and use suitable products.

THAILAND LED SUMMIT Steered by the committee of experts, the conference attracts high-powered keynotes

36 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 and serves stimulating discussions in an open environment. The topics will cover the trends in LED lighting technology, lighting standard, government support policies and design solution. INTERNATIONAL LED SUMMIT International conference on LED and lighting technology is aimed at bringing the opportunities today, besides defining future trends covering important aspects like smart lighting, urban development, LoT and latest innovations in exterior and interior spaces. ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN VILLAGE This special village would showcase amazing works of famous architects and designers besides displaying student projects in Thailand to increase the efficiency of every building.

BUYER PROGRAM Created specifically to facilitate business matching at the show, the Buyer Program is an effective platform for the top qualified buyers from the procurement, purchasing and supply chain management divisions within the energy efficiency, LED as well as electronic sectors to meet with our exhibitors on a pre-scheduled, one-on-one basis. Re-invention and revamping of a show are requisite in order to keep enticing the visitors. The transient developments can be seen in the next edition of LED Expo Thailand which will be effective in upgrading your knowledge about the current LED market. Benefits of VIP Buyer Program: • Complimentary 2-night accommodation at Ibis IMPACT during 10-12 May 2018 • Access to the Business Matching Zone (complimentary refreshments and WiFi) • Free Copy of Show Directory Who all would visit the Show? Visitors from varied business spheres including architects, lighting industry professionals, lighting consultants, lighting engineers, electrical contractors, interior designers, government agencies, etc. would come to explore the latest developments in the LED world. More buyers from many other sectors are also expected to join the league with the introduction of new segments and zones! Thailand: A Gateway to Opportunities in ASEAN Region! Emerging Country: Thailand is the World’s 51st largest country by area, 20th largest country by population and the 32nd largest country in the world by economic size. Hub of ASEAN: With strategic location among ASEAN, it is easy to access to the Greater Mekong sub-region (GMS). Hence Thailand has high potential to be the regional logistics hub.

Growing Economy: The Economic Intelligence centre of the SIAM Commercial BANK (SCB) has predicted that Thailand’s economy is expected to expand further in 2018, to around 3.5 percent. Policy Support: Thailand has long been a proponent of free & fair trade and its attractiveness as a production base for leading international companies is enhanced by a number of free trade agreements. Energy Trend: Thailand is moving full steam ahead towards the use of LED lighting. In 2016, the turnover in the LED bulb market has increased 33% with a total market value of the THB 4,960 million.

ABOUT THE ORGANISERS: MEX Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. is an international exhibition company with a strong presence of over four decades in the advertising industry, over 20 years in publishing & 15 years in exhibitions. The company has produced more than 100 market-leading trade exhibitions for various segments in addition to publishing various magazines & advertising trade directories of repute. Successful exhibitions are conducted all over India, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and now in Africa. IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. is the leading exhibition organiser in Thailand. IMPACT organises and manages professional trade and public exhibitions, conferences, meetings and training, working hand-in-hand with international trade associations, organisers and corporations across a broad spectrum of industries. IMPACT creates effective market platforms and offers a comprehensive range of turnkey event management solutions ranging from market research, exhibition and visitor promotion and sales, advertising and promotion, public relations, the operation to on-site logistic management for exhibitions and conferences of all sizes and industries. It also specialises in business matching programs.


38 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 GUEST COLUMN CSI Good Shepherd Church – A ‘Christmas’ Lighting Makeover The CSI Good Shepherd Church in Chennai/ INDIA attracts hundreds of people from different religions everyday for prayer and meditation. The church building with its tall spire, gabled-roof, enchanting arch windows and doors was designed by architect Prabhakar Devaraj of Pithavadian & Co. and inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Dr. Azariah, Bishop in Chennai on 24th December 1994. Situated on the southern side of the Velachery- Taramani Link Road, the church is considered a monument of great sacrifice and dedicated service of the senior members of the church, liberal donation given by the Diocese of Chennai, prayer partners and well wishers. However, their existing lighting system of suspended 2x40W T12 fluorescent direct pendants with a colour temperature of 6500K was neither highlighting the gabled- roof architecture nor providing sufficient illumination especially for worshippers attending evening and nighttime prayer services. So in 2016 when the senior members of the church decided to go for a ‘lighting’ makeover, they were sensitive to their style of worship. They wanted to appoint someone who will carefully evaluate the existing architecture of their facility as well as the needs and desires of their staff and congregation. Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar of Lighting Research & Design was appointed as the lighting designer for this makeover. As with any existing structure, there were several constraints. The first constraint was to use the existing cable-suspension points of the old lighting system for mounting. The second constraint was to mount the luminaires without disturbing the existing network of ceiling fans. During mock-ups, the Tech LED 2x30W LED Pendent-luminaire system from Regent Lighting with 42% direct- and 58% indirect-element provided Location – Chennai, India Client – CSI Good Shepherd Church Architecture – Pithavadian & Co Lighting design – Lighting Research & Design Luminaire supply – Regent Lighting Asia Products Applied Pendent Luminaire System – REGENT Tech LED Direct+Indirect 30+30W Surface-mounted Luminaire – REGENT Flow LED 29W Dr. Amardeep M Dugar, IALD, Founding Principal of Lighting Reserch & Design, Chennai Regent Lighting Tech LED 2x30W 4000K LED Direct-Indirect Pendent- luminaire system appropriately highlights the off-white colour of the newly painted gabled-roof, and the colours of the wooden church furniture and red carpet besides matching with the existing cable-suspension points. Regent Lighting Flow LED 29W 4000K luminaire was an aesthetically appealing direct replacement as it provided a 270-degree diffuse illumination similar to the exposed battens for the pulpit.

39 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 the desired lighting effect besides matching with the existing cable-suspension points. A colour temperature of 4000K was considered the most appropriate for highlighting the off-white colour of the newly painted gabled-roof, and the colours of the wooden church furniture and red carpet. The pulpit also required uplift, as the existing system of 40W T12 exposed fluorescent battens was neither aesthetically pleasing nor providing sufficient illumination. The Flow LED 29W luminaire from Regent lighting was an aesthetically appealing direct replacement as it provided a 270-degree diffuse illumination similar to the exposed battens. This new LED system provided an average illumination of over 300lux as opposed to the older fluorescent system of only 100lux, besides consuming 40% less energy. The new lighting system was inaugurated during the Christmas celebrations of 2016 much to the delight of both the senior members and the congregation of worshippers.

Existing lighting system of suspended 2x40W T12 6500K fluorescent direct pendants was neither highlighting the gabled-roof architecture nor providing sufficient illumination. Existing system of 40W T12 6500K exposed fluorescent battens was neither aesthetically pleasing nor providing sufficient illumination for the pulpit.

40 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Light Bulb With Security Camera Tovnet LED bulb is not simply a light fixture. It is an IoT CCTV that can serve as an LED light and a CCTV with PC and smartphone connection by simply being plugged in to a light bulb socket The South Korean technology giant TOVNET has recently come up with its Tovnet LED Bulb that features a hidden camera for security purposes. The all-in-one unit that comes inclusive of everything one needs to set up on-the-spot security anywhere, a light bulb can be installed. This full- featured, remotely operated security system can be broadly used in any environment and like home, office, factory, shopping mall, restaurant, and so on, and can be operational simply by flipping a switch. The idea was to make a device that is very simple to use irrespective of geographies. With just three steps - insert a Micro-SD card, screw-in like a bulb and turn on the power, it starts auto recording. For installing this unique device, no drilling of holes or cabling is required, but the existing bulb holder. It can be remotely accessed via internet through mobile phones or computers, watching and hearing what is happening at there.

The LED light can be turned on and off separately from the camera’s power by using the remote controller that comes with the device, or the ON/OFF function in the smartphone’s app, the lighting can be operated separately from the CCTV where turning off the light will not affect the operation of the camera. Tovnet offers the functions of conventional CCTV and facilitates the footage and audio in real-time, which can be stored on an SD card of up to 32 GB. Using a 32GB SD card will allow the storage of up to 5 days worth of 24-hour long video footage.

Tovnet also uses the sensor light function with the motion detector. Using the sensor light function of the TOVNET LED Bulb APP will allow the LED light to turn ON when any movement is detected and to automatically turn off when no movement is there. The setting also allows having the CCTV operational only when there is some movement detected. The device can even be used both as a sensor light and as a CCTV monitoring for the front door. What’s more, there is the option of Infrared footage for night time. The sensor will detect its surrounding environment and the device will automatically shift to infrared mode in dark places or at night time. Once installed/fixed, the socket provides the unit with power, and the mobile device, smart phone or custom remote facilitates the control through the in-built wireless network interface. The high point of this light bulb is that the attached camera is not obtrusive or distracting. In fact, with the light on, it’s virtually impossible to see the camera at all. It facilitates high-definition, streaming real- time video of everything in the camera’s wide-angle view of up to 120 degrees. If PRODUCT FEATURE

41 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 someone wants to monitor what is happening, the user can view and record H.264 video or images through the web or on the mobile device be it tab or smart phone. The company believes that this is the best option for those customers who are interested in keeping their premises secure under the scanner, but are not ready to build or install permanent fixtures or a storage network. With this new technology, anyone can build a security system of nearly any complexity. The company has launched its unique product under a crowd-funding initiative to fund development and bring this exciting next- generation technology to the market with a vision to make the Light Bulb Security Camera a reality for homeowners, business owners and families around the world.

Tovnet uses WiFi connection to be functionally operational. For security issues, the company do not provide open API. However, if there happens to be a business deal, it can consider sharing the same to enable the user to control and read from it using a third party software (Home automation software, IFTTT, etc), making it more convenient for an upgradation, if so required. The bulb comes with a motion detection function that works automatically by motion control menu selection. In short, Tovnet LED light and security camera can be controlled by motion detection via mobile application menu selection. The video can be streamed between Tovnet cam and user’s mobile phone directly. There is no cloud storage server. However, the light switch for the bulb always has to be on i.e. electric power (running between 110 ~ 240V) must always be on. The light can also be used along with a dimmer. The light and camera can be independently motion controlled. When Tovnet detects motion, the LED light can be turned on for 2 minutes and the camera can record using a micro-SD card. The motion detection sensitivity can be chosen by 3 levels, low, medium, and high. Further, the light control via motion can be adjusted to only work between the hours of darkness. The LED light has a timer function, using which the user can set up time to turn on and off easily via mobile application.

42 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Ulm Minster, One of The Tallest Church in the World Gets LED Lighting CASE STUDY INTERNATIONAL One of the tallest churches in the World, Ulm Minster which is a Lutheran church in Ulm Germany recently underwent a lighting upgrade. It stands 530ft tall and looks magnificent. On demand of The Evangelical Parrish of ULM, the church got a lighting system which makes the architecture stand out while keeping the lighting hidden away discreetly. LED drivers from Tridonic, helped create a precise and elegant effect. The pointed arches between the nave and the aisle got pendant LED luminaires installed. Each luminaire consists of a vertical tube that can hold either 20 or 24 small LED lighting heads. Each lighting head is aligned in an individual manner according to its corresponding area to illuminate. Furthermore, each lighting head features the necessary optics for the lighting task. The spatial separation of the LED light source and the LED drivers allowed the extremely slim design of the luminaires, which eventually turn the lights for Ulm Minster natural looking The PREMIUM series of drivers from Tridonic renders adjustable output currents, the amplitude dimming process and the integrated DALI interface. Some 360 dimmable, constant current drivers provide all the required functionality to control and power about 500 lighting heads illuminating the inside of the church. The LED drivers were placed at a distance from the luminaires in collective housing under the roof of an aisle. Despite the long length line, it is the amplitude dimming process that allows the LED Driver and light source to meet all specifications related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Verified this fact with measurements at its own laboratory, the company Tridonic offers such tests to confirm the safety of the technology used in difficult conditions. The company offers these tests as a service as part of its design-in process.

43 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Chicago Events Shine as Hancock Skyscraper Gets Dynamic LED Lighting CASE STUDY INTERNATIONAL John Hancock Center is a 1,128-foot super tall skyscraper. It is one of the most famous buildings at North Michigan Avenue, Illinois, United States. As of now, it has been said the building is one of the oldest skyscrapers in the world with 100 floors or more and stands out beautifully against the backdrop of Lake Michigan. Recently, the building has undergone a lighting transition. Acclaim Lighting has announced an architectural lighting retrofit atop the John Hancock Center.

In order to celebrate holidays, changes in the season or Chicago’s popular sports teams the SSL building-crown lighting is going to play a massive role. It will dynamically change in accordance with the celebrations and illuminate the skyline of Chicago in a beautiful manner. The new and elegant LED lighting replaced an old and dated Crown of Lights that surround the building on the 99th floor and that can be seen from 360° for miles. The new solid-state lighting (SSL) system is controlled via DMX by an engineer sitting in a comfortable space of his office on the 16th floor of the skyscraper.

“Overall, the biggest accomplishment is being able to change the color and scenes on the Crown by just pushing a button,” said Doug Lombardi, president of Lombardi Lighting. “The John Hancock Center now has the option of 50 different scenes with the touch of switch, which has a positive, major effect on the local community. The lighting can now keep up with all the activities of a magnificent city.” The project is also giving good return on investment. The new lighting includes 72 4-ft, 24 3-ft, and 8 2-ft fixtures. The total power usage is 9400W for an annual electrical savings of about $21,000. Due to the installation of the new lighting system the maintenance and energy costs have decreased dramatically.

44 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 New product launches National Orient Electric is part of USD 1.6 billion CK Birla Group, has recently expanded its LED Batten range after getting immense positive response from consumers as well as trade. The company has expanded the range to include three new models - 18W tri-colour Moodlight LED batten which can provide three different colours of light as per consumers mood and or according to the ambience of the room, 24W Sunlight LED batten that offers high brightness and 20W Pearl LED Glass Tube batten with unique fixture free design & low glare light. This range of LED battens delivers better & long lasting lighting along with effective cost savings. Commenting on this development, Puneet Dhawan, Sr. VP and Business Head, Lighting, Orient Electric said, “Our recent campaign to create awareness and trigger replacement of age-old conventional tube lights with LED Battens has turned out to be a huge success. Our revenue from LED battens has increased by 4 times post the first phase of the campaign. Building further on this success, we are now introducing three new LED batten variants to suit varied aesthetic preferences and usage environments. The highlight of the new range is the fixture-free Pearl Glass Tube batten which I am sure is going to excite the modern Indian consumers.” LED Battens offer significant savings over the conventional tube lights. Replacing just one inefficient 40-watt conventional tube light (average usage of 10 hours daily) with an 18-watt Orient LED batten gives an annual saving of about Rs. 480* while also saving 80 kWh of annual energy and reducing annual CO2 emissions by 0.03 tons.

Orient Electric Expands The Range of LED Battens After Positive Response NTL Introduced Pharox Flare Plus Flood Lights NTL Lemnis is a leading LED lighting solutions company which exploits global design, production and distribution strengths of both its parent companies to offer inventive solutions for Home & Commercial lighting. Lately, the company has added a new range of flood lights to its existing energy efficient product portfolio, with the launch of “Pharox Flare Plus flood light”. The USP for each Pharox Flare Plus is the concept of modularity and external driver. This renders it risk free and good for safety purposes. An external driver helps in easy and better maintenance hence the flood-light delivers a hassle free upkeep.

The Pharox Flare Plus flood lights are available in four wattages: 40W, 80W, 120W, 160W. These professional range floodlights are going to play a significant role in filling up a very wide gap that existed in meeting optimal lighting requirements which are also energy efficient. The Pharox Flare Plus, in 40 W and 80 W are lights which can find application for various functions like high lighting, area lighting, and indoor lighting, basically at areas such as airports and atriums. The 120 W and 160 W can be used for Crane lighting, Light Towers, etc. and are therefore suited for Industrial and Outdoor lighting applications, etc. “The Pharox Flare Plus range of flood lights is a welcome addition to our product portfolio for the professional range and we are sure that our customers in the B2B and institutional segment will appreciate it. This modular range with a lifetime of 50,000 hours will provide a very welcome and energy efficient alternative to our professional range of floodlights, in an aesthetically pleasing and sturdy casing”, says Tushar Gupta, Executive Director, NTL Lemnis.

Wipro Lighting Launches Internet of Lighting Wipro Lighting launched its Internet of Lighting (IoL) solutions for Smart and connected indoor and outdoor lighting at its event “Light Show 2018”. With the arrival of IoT and Big Data, Smart and Connected digital lighting based solutions are the way to bring in intelligence & functionality into lighting systems, amplify user experience and provide preferred outcomes for customers. Wipro Lighting’s alliances with International Technology companies will give rise to a new revolution in work-lives. They have joined hands with Cisco for Power on Ethernet (PoE) based lighting solutions and Human Centric Lighting solutions for new age workspaces. Focused on improving workspace productivity and enhanced employee well-being. Their partnership with pureLi-Fi, Scotland will make it feasible to deliver high speed & secure data transmission through LED luminaires.

Wipro Lighting is ready to offer complete lighting infrastructure for the upcoming Smart Cities of today armed with smart and connected outdoor lighting solutions. In outdoor lighting, Wipro displayed its smart and connected outdoor lighting capabilities for improved public safety and comfort. According to the statement by, Anuj Dhir, Vice President & Business Head, Wipro Commercial Lighting Business, said, “It has been an incredible journey for Wipro Lighting over the last 25 years. As a leader in Lighting Solutions, we have always made sure that we provide our customers with the Gold Standard in Lighting Innovation. Design & Innovation have become a way of life at Wipro and cutting edge work is happening on new products and new technologies. Internet of Lighting (IoL) is our first step in that direction in offering our customers best of breed solutions in Lighting & Beyond”.


46 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 New product launches International Cree, Inc. recently announced the launch of the XLamp XD16 LED, which is industry’s first Extreme Density LED, and delivers up to 5 ½ times higher lumen density than Cree’s previous high power LEDs. It is built on Cree’s pioneering NX Technology Platform; the XD16 LED combines innovative lumen density, low optical cross-talk, unparalleled thermal contact and ease of system manufacturing to allow innovative new designs for a broad spectrum of lighting applications, such as color-tuning, street, portable and industrial. The XLamp XD16 LED supplies a lumen density of more than 284 lumens per square-millimeter that makes it the highest level achieved by a commercially available lighting-class LED. “Cree’s new XD16 LED delivers an incredible amount of light output for such a tiny package,” said Joe Skrivan, senior technical director at Black Diamond Equipment. “The XD16 LED’s breakthrough lumen output and peak intensity is a game-changer for our climbing headlamp products because we can design better beam control and decrease the overall size and weight compared to existing designs.” “Cree’s new Extreme Density LED demonstrates that true LED innovation improves our customers’ system performance without forcing compromise,” said Dave Emerson, Cree LEDs executive vice president and general manager. “The XD16 LED delivers unmatched lumen density without the design and manufacturing challenges associated with inferior LED technology approaches. Now, lighting manufacturers can easily achieve previously unattainable levels of light output and efficacy in their existing form factors.” Industry’s First Extreme Density LED Launched by CREE Burton Lighting Launches First of-Its-Kind High-Quality Neo-Vintage LED Bulbs Burton Lighting is a new premier LED lighting company which, designs and creates high- quality, Neo-vintage bulbs that are an answer to the quality issues from the previous generation of LED bulbs. Company Founder and CEO, Burton Vargas-Chambers, turned into an expert in lighting as he has worked in the film and television industries for more than twenty years. After working for such a long time he realised there was a gap in the market of Neo-vintage LED lighting. In order to compensate that Burton developed a new; superior LED lightbulb and launched The Burton Bulb.

The company is based out of Oakland, CA and is known to market itself as a boutique company which caters higher quality and features in LED products. Basically, the company makes products for film and theaters. Their lighting is also suitable for restaurants, bars, businesses, and homes. The products not only are energy saving but also display elegant and eclectic Neo-vintage style. “I have dedicated myself over the past several years to engineering an LED bulb that casts a warm, soft light, that is beautiful to gaze at,” says Vargas-Chambers. “The LED revolution has come, yet the vintage bulbs on the market still lack quality. The Burton Bulb provides bulbs that offer Flicker-less LED Technology™ and True Color Dimming capabilities. Customers can be Eco- friendly with the energy-saving benefits of LED, and at the same time be ‘on trend’ with the look of vintage incandescent lighting.” “My company is built on the principle of ‘creating an experience’ with high quality lighting, while focusing on the health of our customers,” says Vargas-Chambers. “Big companies have tried to save money and skimped on the quality. Our bulbs create an elegant and sophisticated ambiance with a steady stream of light. They are versatile, energy-saving, and emulate the vintage Edison incandescent bulbs.” ProLight Launches a New Range of Outdoor LED for Architecture Lighting ProLight Opto is one of the most famous Taiwan high power LED packaging manufacturer which has 12 years of dedication in R&D in LED lighting. They are known to provide LED solution for outdoor lighting market since many years. Lately, the night sightseeing has become very popular in China as a result there is an increase in the demand for use of mono color LEDs in architecture as well as landscape lighting. Prolight have come up with the series of unique color of LEDs which deliver more colour options for outdoor building architects. ProLight’s outdoor LED series use industry standard 3030 or 3535 LED package. The 3030 package is a one watt package, which is available in red, green, blue and special golden color (CCT2000K-2100K) / Amber color (587.8-590.4nm) and blue color (482.5-485.5nm). 3535 package is available in 1W /3W and 5W with golden color, amber color. The unique colors are also designated by designer, e.g. sunflower (583585.5nm) / magenta and temple red. These special colors can present exquisite lighting effect for night sight. Moreover, ProLight also have High Voltage LED series that is available in red, green, blue and amber colors. This certainly provides an alternative for various LED driver designs.

47 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Noribachi Starts its Own Internet of Things (IoT) Products Their flagship product, Pulse IoT is a platform that allows you to wirelessly turn on, off, and dim your LED lighting fixtures. Noribachi is based out of U.S. and is a LED lighting manufacturer for high output commercial and industrial applications. Recently, it announced the launch of a new and upgraded version of its famous Pulse IoT product line. The company is based on the principle of providing efficient and cost-effective energy use through inventive light emitting diode (LED) technology. Their flagship product, Pulse IoT is a product which renders you to wirelessly control your LED lighting fixtures. The Pulse platform makes it feasible for users to connect lights using a mesh network and interact with them wirelessly. With the use of Pulse, any compatible light can be changed into a “Smart Light.” Pulse IoT features an easy to program transmitter with an LCD touch screen interface. Users can create up to 18 groups of lights to manage in tandem. Lights can be wirelessly dimmed and turned on and off as well. Pulse is compatible with LED lights equipped with 0-10V dimmable drivers. Pulse uses a 900MHz communication frequency to enable wireless control for lights up to 200 ft. away. “We listened to the needs of the industry, teamed up with our customers, and took to our manufacturing process to design the BEST circuit boards and technology to enable interconnectedness between LED fixtures,” stated Rhonda Dibachi, CEO of Noribachi. Pulse is also designed to be flexible. “Everything right down to the circuit boards was created with quality and dependability in mind. We validated each individual component to ensure it worked and is specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges of our customers,” said Andrew Ameri, Control Systems Engineer at Noribachi. Pulse is made to work with the Noribachi products and can be added onto your existing lights. New product launches International LEDvance Has Come Up with Bluetooth Mesh- Based Smart LED Lamps LEDvance, coincided their launch of a new series of smart LED-based replacement lamps with the occurrence of CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This new series of replacement lamps can integrate Bluetooth mesh wireless support. The wireless solid-state lighting (SSL) products that target the residential market include A19 lamps and flex strips. Furthermore, the lamps are branded Sylvania Smart+ after LEDvance announced in December that it would replace the previous Sylvania Lightify brand that was originally launched by Osram with the Sylvania Smart+ messaging.

The LEDvance is superior and unique given that it can support multiple wireless networking products in the Sylvania Smart+ portfolio. The company is adding Bluetooth support to the portfolio with their long list of other products. Additionally, no gateway to link the lamps and strips to mobile phones or other smart devices will be required for the Bluetooth products. The Bluetooth mesh standard came up in July last year. “Unlike other proprietary lighting solutions that only offer mesh networking with their own products, our industry first Sylvania Smart+ Bluetooth lighting products are mesh qualified,” said Aaron Ganick, global head of Smart Business, LEDvance. “This means they can be incorporated into larger, more robust Bluetooth mesh networks that include other qualified products like thermostats, locks, and especially voice assistants. We are excited to be working with many of these ecosystem partners on next generation lighting experiences directly controlled using Bluetooth mesh. By helping to enable an easy-to-use ecosystem that is available to everyone, Bluetooth mesh is making the smart home more of a reality for our consumers.” Nichia Launches Ultra-High CRI White LED Optisolis Nichia Corporation has developed an Ultra-High Colour Rendering white LED with a spectrum that demonstrates the closest match to that of the standard illuminant. Named Optisolis, which was first presented to the industry at The Phosphor Global Summit in 2016, it is optimised for the general lighting market. This one-of-its-kind technological breakthrough is achieved using Nichia’s own blue chip and phosphor technology. Optisolis targets applications include Museum and Art Gallery Lighting, where the highest CRI is preferred, but UV radiation and light sources can be detrimental. Additional applications could include Colour Evaluation (e.g. painting, printing), Commercial Lighting (e.g. retail, etc.) or anywhere Ultra High CRI is desired. According to company, manufacturers can utilise Optisolis and trust in a spectrum where all colours are reproduced to the colour seen under a standard light. Most importantly, since UV emission is essentially non- existent in the spectrum, the degradation of irradiated materials can be reduced dramatically compared to that of other light sources containing UV emission, including other market available LEDs.

48 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 EVENT CALENDAR LED Expo Thailand 10th – 12th May, 2018 Challenger 1, IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand www.ledexpothailand.com MAY 2018 Thailand featured events HKTDC Int’l Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) Date: 6th–9th April Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre hklightingfairse.hktdc.com APRIL 2018 APRIL 2018 Shanghai Hospitality Design & Supplies Expo Date: 26th–29th April Venue: SNIC, Shanghai, China www.hdeexpo.com Northern Light Fair Date: 6th – 10th February Stockholmsmässan AB Mässvägen 1, Älvsjö, Stockholm www.northernlightfair.com FEBRUARY 2018 MARCH 2018 ISLE: Intl Signs & LED Exhibition, Guangzhou Date: 3rd-6th March, 2018 Area B, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou www.en.isle.org.cn Light + Building Date: 18th–23rd March Venue: Exhibition Centre Frankfurt, Germany www.light-building.messefrankfurt.com MARCH 2018 MARCH 2018 LEDucation 12 Date: 13th–14th March Venue: New York Hilton Midtown, New York www.leducation.org MAY 2018 PCB Expo Thailand 10th – 12th May, 2018 Challenger 1, IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand www.pcbexpothailand.com Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Date: 09th–12th June Venue: China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou www.light.messefrankfurt. com.cn JUNE 2018


50 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 LED Lighting at All Railway Stations by 2018 For a Eco-Friendly Environment With time trends change and people evolve. Taking cue from this, the Indian Railways have turned serious about cutting down the power consumption and switching entirely to LED lighting. This transition from conventional lighting to LED lighting has already begun. It has been announced to convert all stations 100 percent LED lit by March 31, 2018. “Ministry of Railways has decided to make all railway stations 100 per cent LED lit by the end of current financial year by March 31, 2018. It is a huge initiative to provide energy efficient lighting which will eventually greatly help in the conservation of environment as well,” a statement issued by the Railways said according to a report.

The implementation of LED lighting is considered to be one of the most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. LED lighting is not only robust but also yield better light compared to other lightings. LEDs use 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting as well as emit very little heat compared to traditional lamps. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat and CFLs release about 80%. The installation of LED lights have started and over 20 lakh LED lights in over 3,500 railway stations have been installed, up until November 2017. This move will not only reduce 10% of the total energy consumed for its non-traction uses, however, save over 240 million units of electricity, eventually helping the Indian Railways save a whopping budget of Rs 180 crore per year. Newswire NEWS For these stories and more, see www.ledworldmag.com National LED Industry is On The Rise Under Make In India Initiative LED lighting have been prevailing for many years, however, it has become the major source of energy efficient lighting very recently. Lately, the lights have become an integral part of the mainstream market owning to many projects and initiatives undertaken by the Indian Government. India market is projected to grow at 26.6 percent during next six years.

Last Year, an initiative was launched by the Indian Government to replace conventional lights with LED lights by deploying 770 million bulbs and 35 million street lights by 2019. Moreover, under Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana, 273 lakhs LED bulbs have to be distributed to BPL households. Also, the costs of LED lights are expected to decrease in the years to come. This would eventually drive the growth of the market over the next six years. According to recent data, around 770 Million bulbs are selling per day in India. This is the highest quantity in the entire world. The large demand requires large supply also, therefore, ‘Make in India’ initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will uplift the LED industry. Additionally, global LED driver market for lighting is expected to reach USD 24.98 Billion in the next five years at 26.3 percent till 2022. The increased application of LED lighting has greatly amplified in generic use, thus, increasing the demand for energy-efficient lighting systems. The integration of IoT and lighting and introduction of standard protocols for lighting control are steering the growth of this market.

51 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Varanasi Gets a Facelift with Major Tourist Spots Going to Get Illuminated with LED Lighting by June Varanasi is one of the cities from Uttar Pradesh that has been shortlisted as the smart city Centre has put its highest priority to improve the city. A dozen of locations and landmarks in Varanasi are going to get a lighting makeover by next July. The famous and iconic places like Dashaswamedh Ghat, Old Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Manikarnika Gate, Sarnath museum and Cantonment railway station will get advanced dynamic and static lighting system, as part of a beautification drive.

The budget for the lighting upgrade across the city has been approved by the famous urban affairs, tourism and railways ministries and the Varanasi Development Authority. Central Public Works Department (CPWD) has called tenders for three sites and bids for three others will be called soon. Lately, CPWD successfully accomplished the dynamic façade lighting of the Central Vista in Delhi, which has the famous North and South Block buildings on both sides of Rajpath. “The locations in Varanasi have been selected keeping in mind the huge footfall. While works to improve the sanitation, roads and other infrastructure are underway, LED lighting is being taken up to make the tourist places more attractive during night. We will complete the projects in the next six months. All agencies have come together to improve the condition of this holy city,” said an official privy to the LED lighting projects. India’s First ‘Energy Efficient’ Railway Station is Kacheguda Station (Hyderabad) The drive to bring the transition from conventional lights to LED lights has already begun. Most recently, Kacheguda railway station, located in one of the old suburbs of Hyderabad in Telangana, has become India’s first Energy Efficient ‘A1 Category’ Railway Station. “This title was earned by the station by achieving 100% energy efficiency, accomplished by the replacement of 1312 conventional lights with Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, 370 ceiling fans with brushless DC Electrical (BLDC) motors energy efficient fans and 12 air-conditioners with energy efficient inverter-type air-conditioners. The modifications will save 1.76 lakh units of energy and Rs 14.08 lakhs per annum”, a SCR statement said. Kacheguda railway station is a historic building with is over 100 years old and one of the oldest landmarks of Hyderabad. It falls under the South Central Railway (SCR) division. The railway station was built by the Nizam’s Guaranteed State Railway during the reign of Mir Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam in 1916. The building is built on Gothic and Mughal architecture. The beauty of the monument is enhanced with imposing arches and four domes on octagonal minars situated in four corners and declared a heritage site in 2003. “The south central railway zone has taken several measures to make this railway station as an energy efficient one. We are going to replace the conventional lights with LED lights in all the stations under the zone by March 2018”, according to Uma Shankar, SCR Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO). Rail Nilayam is The First Fully LED lit HQ Building of Indian Railways The Indian Railways are gearing up to bring about the change in their lighting systems. With many replacements happening all around India, Rail Nilayam, the Zonal Head Quarters Office of South Central Railway, has become the first fully LED lit Zonal Head Quarters Office Building of Indian Railways. It marks another major mile stone in the venture of SCR towards achieving the goal of energy conservation. SCR General Manager Vinod Kumar Yadav was very glad and acknowledged the Electrical Department of the Zone and Hyderabad Division for the achievement of replacing 3048 conventional light fittings with Energy Efficient LED lights. The connected load earlier, of conventional light fittings of Rail Nilayam was 112.25 KW which decreased to 65.8KW after the implementation of the new LED lighting, reducing the connected load by 46.45 KW. This project is expected to ensure savings of around 1.33 Lakh Units per annum, thereby reducing the expenditure by Rs.10.64 lakhs per annum.

52 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 iBahn Illumination Launches ‘Smart LED’ Lighting Systems With technology reaching its pinnacle it comes as no surprise when Indian company like iBahn Illumination launched its smart LEDs based on Blue tooth mesh technology. It was launched in .Hyderabad and the company plans to roll out its offerings to pan India in a phased manner. The products have been introduced basically, under two categories of ‘lamps’ and ‘downlighters’, specialising only in Smart LED lights, plans to follow them with other range of products. Rajeev Chopra, Founder & CEO, iBahn Illumination said “Our goal is to disrupt the market by offering a range of smart LEDs based on Bluetooth mesh technology, which will enable users to control the intensity and colour of their lights through our Smartphone app.” “We believe ‘Smart LEDs’ will be a Rs. 40,000 million ($600m) market by 2022. Our brand ‘Svarochi’ offers innovative products that are high on functionality, easy to use, locally relevant and affordable.” The smart lights have been launched under the brand ‘Svarochi Smart Lights’ which can be operated with a mobile app. The Sequoia Capital- backed project is a brainchild of the team who were the pioneers of LED Lighting in India.

Arjun Shahani, Co-Founder & COO, iBahn Illumination said “We envision that Smart LED Home Lights in India will replace ‘standard’ LEDs in the next 10 years. We have interacted with numerous architects, interior designers, home specialists, etc. in the Hyderabad market and the response to our products has been ecstatic”. “Svarochi” is a Sanskrit word which means “brilliant appearance” and “own ray”. All products, from software, design and technology are designed, developed and manufactured in India. These lights are compatible with mobile apps and can be controlled with it. Rajeev Chopra (former Philips India CEO and Global CEO, Business Group Home, Philips Lighting BV), recently announced the launch of the company, after raising its first institutional round of funding from Sequoia Capital.

BBMP Again Plans for Installation of LED Street Lights With recent developments and changes it is integral that Street Lights should also be converted into LED lights. In the past, many a times Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) presented this proposal which eventually failed to take off. However, recently BBMP has come up with a new approach to accomplish this project. BBMP Commissioner N. Manjunath Prasad explained that the government would in a couple of weeks call out tenders for the work of changing traditional street lights with LED light bulbs. It is expected to take few years for the project to be completed.

“There is no delay. This is first time that this kind of energy-saving model has been planned through which the BBMP does not have to spend single rupee,” Manjunath Prasad commented on the delay and the failure of the project. Basically, the concept of the proposed project is to implement the idea on Design, Build, Finance and Operate model. The tender was put out in the New Year. After that, the private company that gets the project would need to build it and then share the amount of the energy that is saved. Moreover, BBMP will not invest in it.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a wing of the World Bank, will conduct a survey of existing lights along with the areas where they don’t exist and prepare a Detailed Project Report. It will help the BBMP in implementation of the project. The private company that secures the project will spend and install the 4.85 lakh bulbs and get back the investment after 10 years. Additionally, a major share of the power dues that get saved will be taken by the company as its due.

53 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 LED Expo 2017 Reflected Growth Akin to the Booming Sector of Efficient Lighting Technology LED Expo 2017, India’s largest exhibition for LED lighting products and technology, concluded on a positive note with new record growth. This key business and networking event that took place in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, served as an eclectic platform to display the product and technical innovations from the LED industry and cost effective alternatives in full display. The three-day event was enchanting and enticing with some of the most eye-catching technologies by 374 exhibitors from 11 countries and attracted 12,524 visitors. The international participation, which grew by 75%, included companies from India, China, Demark, Finland, Germany, Hongkong, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the UAE and the USA. Overall, the show marked a 30% significant increase in exhibitors and 20% increase in visitors compared to the last edition.

Talking about their first time experience at LED Expo, a Danish exhibitor Mr Christian Krause, Director B.Sc.EE of VISO Systems said: “We manufacture light measurement machines that use high speed spectrometer technology to turn the lamps and take full photometric measurement within a few minutes. We have chosen India because the Indian LED market is expanding at a rapid rate every year. We feel Danish technologies will be beneficial to the local market in India. At Led Expo 2017, the response has been very positive and we got good leads. I am quite sure this is going to be a regular show for us.” ESSCI focused on building skills for professionals in the lighting industry through the LED Summit. It is an exclusive summit that had eminent speakers to address integral aspect of the light industry. This edition, the topic was “Accelerating Growth of LED Industry in India: Challenges & Opportunities.” The exclusive summit was co-organised by Messe Frankfurt India Trade Fairs Pvt Ltd, Electronic Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI) and MITSOT, and Regnant being the knowledge partner. The informative summit offered building skills for the lighting professionals in the LED industry, and smart lighting solutions to accommodate the tremendous growth and the innovations of the sector.

The exhibition saw many prominent members from the government bodies showing their support. Mr S.K. Marwah, Director of the Ministry of Electronic & Information Technology (IT) was impressed with the tremendous growth of the industry and said: “The 17th edition of LED Expo covered the whole value chain and has been receiving great response. The LED industry which is projected to grow at 30% CAGR over the next five years will create a huge opportunity in the Indian market. LED Expo will be an apt networking point for LED entrepreneurs, innovators and suppliers under one roof.” KMC to Light up City Streets with 2.7L LEDs Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is planning to replace all the existing metal halide lights (MHL) with LED ones by 2019. The corporation has decided to accomplish the replacements goal in phases. Initially, KMC electrical department will install 30,000 LED lights to illuminate Kolkata’s major thoroughfares. In the next phase, other important roads will come under the street illumination project. The last phase will take care of city’s lanes.

Apart from the switchover to LED lighting system along thoroughfares, the civic body also plans to install LED lights in city’s parks, the civic central municipal building (headquarters) on SN Banerjee Road and 16 borough offices located across the city. According to a KMC electrical department senior official, the initiative to shift to LEDs has been taken to get a control over the escalating power bill. Currently, the KMC maintains two-tier street lighting system — the metal halide lights and the tridents. This twin lighting system has adversely affected civic coffers. The electric bill shot up from Rs 10 crore a month in 2010 to Rs 18 crore in 2017. According to a preliminary estimate drawn up by the electrical department, the power bills could be reduced by half after installation of LED bulbs.

India Gate Gets New Facade Lighting A dynamic facade lighting with 16 million colour combinations at India Gate was inaugurated today by Lt Governor Anil Baijal. A total of 130 narrow and wide beam energy efficient LED fittings with computerised control have been installed for dynamic facade lighting. It will lead to 75% energy saving compared to conventional light fittings, an official release said. “This Dynamic Facade Lighting has 16 million colour combinations which will provide aesthetic appearance of India Gate during night time,” it said. Minister of State for Defence Subhash Ramrao Bhamre and Minister of State Housing and Urban Affairs Hardeep S Puri were also present on the occasion.

54 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Smart LED Bulb Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant is Available on Amazon For $12 Only With new technological trends and evolution in the existing ones it is imperative that we accept and adapt. LED lighting has definitely transitioned the world and now more so, with the invention of Smart LED lighting. Although, the smart LED lights are expensive that are from the bigger brands. This is soon going to change with the introduction of lower-cost alternative from brands like Eufy. The Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb is a very affordable alternative at just $18, but right now it’s on sale for just $12 and change. The Eufy Lumos works with both Amazon Alexa and with Google Assistant, and it also has an app where you can create scenes, timers, and more.

Some of the key details of the product are Comfortable Lighting: Dim or brighten for your ideal illumination. Voice-Controlled: Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility means turning on and dimming the lights is effortless, even when your hands are full. (Alexa and Google Assistant devices sold separately.) Access From Anywhere: Whether you’re at home or away, control the lights from your smartphone or tablet with the free EufyHome app (Android 4.3 and above or iOS 8 and above devices required. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network support only). Functional Lighting: Set schedules to automatically turn on and off and enable Away mode to simulate a non-vacant house while you’re out.

It comes with Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb – White (Product Size: 2.56 x 2.56 x 5.5in), User Manual, Safety Instruction Card, Happy Card and a worry- free 18-month warranty. Newswire For these stories and more, see www.ledworldmag.com International LED Lighting Market is Going to Exhibit a CAGR of 16.61% over the Predicted Period 2017-2025 According to the latest market research report “Global LED Lighting Market, by Product Type (LED Bulbs, Bare LED Tubes, LED Fixtures, LED Down lights and Others), by Services (Consulting Services, Installation Services and Maintenance & Support), by End-use Industry (Residential, Commercial and Industrial), by Application Type (Outdoor, Indoor, Backlighting, Automotive and Others) and by Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Middle East) – Global Forecast to 2025″, is estimated to be valued at over US$ 120 billion by 2025 and expected to witness a CAGR of 16.61% during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025, as suggested in a report released by Coherent Market Insights.

The increase in global demand for eco-friendly technologies is amplifying the rise of LED market. The significant importance of LED lighting solutions is consumption up to 50% less energy to generate an equivalent light intensity as Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL). This plays an integral role in decreasing the energy consumption that directly converts into a reduction of more than 700 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. The estimates have been obtained by observing the latest market trend for CFLs and CCFLs, basically these two technologies are the main products that will be exchanged by LEDs.

LED lights have various factors which make them better than the traditional lights such as more efficiency, higher color quality, longer lifespans and easy to use. Currently, companies such as OSRAM and Lightning Optoelectronic are launching their lighting LED products, including mono-color and multi-color lights, rendering efficiency and high luminous intensity. As an add-on they are playing a drastic role in the automobile industry, enhancing the over-all LED Lighting Market, due to advancement in head lighting, dynamic beam functionality, laser head lighting, front and rear lighting signature design, ADAS and autonomous driving and other technology.

55 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 Work has begun on the Hannibal Board of Public Works’ (HBPW) latest lighting upgrade project, along a section of U.S. 61. The upgrade of the current lighting system to LED lighting is not only going to save energy but also enhance the look of the highway. World over replacements of the traditional lighting with LED lighting have started focused on saving energy and cutting costs. The new light-emitting diode (LED) lights will be installed along the highway from West Ely Road/Pleasant Street to Highway MM/ James Road.

“The underground boring contractor (Bill Sullivan) arrived last week and worked a couple of days,” said Heath Hall, director of operations for the HBPW, referring to the week of Dec. 18. “The lighting should look a lot like the northern end of Highway 61,” said Hall. In August Jared Stewart, HBPW electric line superintendent, told HBPW Board members that the lighting work should take place before MoDOT’s planned improvement project along the U.S. 61/McMaster’s Avenue corridor. That MoDOT work is supposed to begin in the late spring of 2018. Last week, Hall said the HBPW hopes to have its lighting work completed “sometime before June 30th.” In January of 2017, the HBPW began installing LED lighting along Harrison Hill/Palmyra Road from U.S. 36 to U.S. 61. LED lights will emit more light, but use less power. You will definitely notice the difference between the new and old,” he said. “Also LED bulbs have a much longer service life than the existing high pressure sodium bulbs, meaning they will require less maintenance.” HBPW’s Latest Lighting Project Preliminary Work Starts The recent technological advancements and cost of LED lighting coming down has drastically enhanced the growth of LED lighting all over the world. More options and choices are available for consumers. This has eventually paid off in terms of reducing our carbon footprint, with emissions coming down by over half a billion tons in 2017.

The LEDs require less power when compared to the conventional bulbs. They use 40 percent less power than fluorescent light bulbs and double that amount for incandescent lights. To attain a bright level of 2,600 lumens, incandescent bulbs would need 150 watts while LEDs need between 25 to 28 watts only. LED lights are more efficient and long-lasting. Moreover, they can last up to years, this would decrease production of bulbs, eliminating emissions from the process and creating less waste. LEDs also don’t contain toxic elements like mercury as fluorescents do.

“The efficiency of LEDs is essentially what makes them environmentally friendly,” Jamie Fox, IHS Markit’s principal analyst for the lighting and LEDs group, said in a press release. “Therefore, LED conversion is unlike other measures, which require people to reduce consumption or make lifestyle changes.” 10 percent of this reduction by LED lighting came from the supplier, Nichia. Other companies, notably Samsung and LG Innotek, fell into the range between four to eight percent. This study only details about the occurring in the lighting industry and not LEDs that are in televisions and other devices, which also prolongs them and uses less emissions.

LED light bulbs can be a good replacement for the majority of business and residential buildings. Standards lights can be replaced and people can take advantage of the savings brought about by the installation. In 2017 LED Bulbs Reduced 570 Million Tons of Carbon Emissions

56 LED WORLD DEC-JAN ‘18 LED Lights Boost Plant Growth in Space At the University of Guelph, in the Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility (CESRF), researchers have been investigating controlled- environment plant production and how best to get the most out of plants in terms of food, oxygen, fresh water and carbon dioxide scrubbing, in simpler terms human life support which will sustain them for decades. Since the mid-1990s, they have been home to the Space and Advanced Life Support Agriculture (SALSA) program.

The most recent development in the research has been the implementation of light- emitting diodes (LEDs) as a source of photosynthetic energy for high-density production of a variety of crops. Basically, the research is meant to perfect and refine LED technology. With the advent of increase in efficiency and intensity of LEDs their application has certainly expanded. LEDs are being used as a sole-source along with being supplemental source for lighting plants. LEDs have one of a kind, narrow wave band of light that represents a small sub-section of the solar spectrum. There are many examples of LEDs that virtually fill the spectrum of visible light and beyond to include ultraviolet bands and far-red to infra-red components. Therefore, with new features of LED lights, it is evident to improve upon the sun in the production of range of plant commodities.

Chicago, one of the most famous cities in the U.S. is going to be one of the largest cities in the world to switch its street lighting infrastructure to LEDs. Around 85 per cent of its street lights will be replaced with LEDs over the next four years. The plan will see 270,000 high pressure sodium lights, which give an orange glow, switched to more energy efficient, durable and robust LED lights. The scheme started last year and is going to cost $160m. LED manufacturers generally claim the technology can check energy use by between 60 and 80 per cent, delivering ROI in two years or even less. It will also include a smart grid that specifies when a light is not working, as a result that residents will no longer have to report faults. “This project is a win-win - it will deliver one of the largest lighting modernisation programs in the country while addressing one of the top reasons residents call 311,” said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, referring to the number used by residents to make a complaint to the council. “Under this proposed project we will be delivering modern, reliable and high-quality lighting that will improve quality of life in every Chicago neighbourhood,” he added in a statement.

This move strongly hints at the global trend which has started everywhere as the increase in the number of cities have begun to switch to LEDs in order to cut down carbon emission as well as costs. Chicago Invests $160m in LED Street-Lighting Plan Smart LED Light Company Mr. Beams Acquired by Ring Ring is the famous connected home security gadget startup and has recently, acquired Mr. Beams which makes LED lighting with wireless connectivity and motion-sensing capabilities. The takeover of the company is going to help Ring strengthen its current portfolio of connected doorbells, video cameras and combination floodlight/cameras with economic, modular lighting that can be integrated with Ring’s software and services. Mr. Beams’ lights are available in variety of flavors, including pathway lights and lights that can fix easily to exterior walls, can also connect wirelessly, and imminent versions due out, later this year will get activated based on action detected by Ring’s smart devices, including its Video Doorbell products and smart cameras.

Ring founder James Siminoff says that “the tech will help with Ring’s larger goal of making neighborhoods generally safer, as well as protecting individual houses. The small, easy to install lights can be used virtually anywhere, letting homeowners easily create networks of lighting that can illuminate the area should they detect any motion, which might help ward off anyone intending to do any wrong”. As of now the financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. Mr. Beams will operate as an individualistic division within Ring, the company says, and the products will be released under its own brand as well as under Ring’s.


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