Lemon Frosting

Lemon Frosting

Lemon Frosting

CAKE CAKE Angel Food Chocolate Cake Combine and cool:  3/4c baking cocoa  1/2c boiling water  1/4c sugar Beat on low 1 minute then medium 1 minute:  16 oz 1 step angel food cake mix  1 1/4c cold water Add cocoa mix. Spoon into prepared pan. (Line 15 x 10 x 1 pan with parchment paper or foil. Stainless jelly roll pan works good.) Bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes. Invert on wire rack. Peel off parchment and cool. Dissolve for frosting / filling:  1T instant coffee granules  1 1/2c milk, cold Add:  1 envelope whipped topping  1.4oz sugar free chocolate pudding mix Cut cake into thirds and layer with filling ending by icing top of cake.

Apple Cake Cream:  4T butter  1c sugar Add:  1 egg Add:  3 apples, peeled and chopped  1c flour  1t baking soda  1/2t cinnamon  1/4t cloves  1/4t nutmeg  1/4t salt  1/2c chopped nuts Pour into greased and floured 8' pan. Bake at 350º 45 minutes. Frosting:  2T butter or cream cheese  1c powdered sugar  1/2t vanilla  2T apple juice Will get more moist if allowed to stand over night. Applesauce Cake Mix with a whip:  1/2c melted butter  1c sugar  1T cinnamon  2t baking soda  1/2t cloves  1 1/2t salt  2c flour  1 1/2c applesauce Bake at 350º 45 minutes. *Grama Gabelein Banana Dump Cake In a 9X13 pan put  2 1/2c flour  1 1/3c sugar  1/2c cornstarch  2t soda  1t salt  2c mashed bananas or more  2/3c oil  2 eggs, slightly beaten  2T vinegar  2t vanilla Put in pan, beat until nice and smooth.

Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Frost with Lemon Frosting when cool. Lemon Frosting  2/3c margarine  3c powdered sugar  2T lemon juice

CAKE Birthday/Wedding Cake Mix together:  1 box Duncan Hines White Cake Mix  1c all-purpose flour  1c sugar  3/4t salt Combine then add to dry ingredients:  4 egg whites  1 1/2c water (or ¾ c water and ¾ c liquid amaretto or hazelnut flavored coffee creamer)  2T oil  1-8oz carton sour cream  1t vanilla  1c almond slivers Beat for 2 minutes and bake. Cook at 350 degrees until cake is golden, pulls away from the edges of the pan, and toothpick comes out clean. Carrot Cake Combine:  2c flour  2t baking soda  1t cinnamon In another bowl combine  2c sugar  1c oil Add:  3 eggs  1t vanilla Add flour mix then fold in:  15oz crushed pineapple, drained  2c carrots, grated  1c walnuts, chopped Pour into greased 9x13 pan.

Bake 45 minutes until toothpick comes out clean. *Rach Carrot Dump Cake In 9 inch square pan mix with whip:  1 1/2c flour  1 1/4c sugar  1 1/2t baking soda  1 1/2t cinnamon  1/4t salt  1c shredded carrots  2/3c oil  2 eggs, slightly beaten  1/2t vanilla Stir in:  8oz crushed pineapple, drained  2/3c coconut  1/2c walnuts Bake at 350º for 40-45 minutes. Place pan on rack to cool. Frost with cream cheese frosting. *Grama Gabelein Chocolate Dump Cake ~ Lorene  3c flour  2c sugar  2t baking soda  2t baking powder  1/2t salt  6T cocoa  2t vanilla  3/4c oil  2c water  2t vinegar Add to bowl in order.

Mix at once until blended. Bake in greased 9x13 pan at 350º about 25 minutes. Rotten Cake Filling Cream:  16oz cream cheese, softened  1/2c sugar  2eggs  1t vanilla  2T margarine  2T cornstarch  4T milk Layer about one third of Lorene's chocolate cake batter, then spoon cream cheese mixture on batter. Cover with the rest of the cake batter. Bake at 350º 45-55 minutes. *Ron’s famous cupcakes.

CAKE Chocolate Pound Cake Cream together  1c butter  2c sugar Add one at a time:  4 eggs  2t vanilla Add:  4oz melted sweet chocolate Combine dry ingredients, add alternately with buttermilk:  1c buttermilk  3c flour  1t salt  1/2t baking soda Pour into buttered 10" Bundt pan. Bake at 300º for 90-95 minutes. Cool in pan for 10 minutes. Remove and cool thoroughly. Dust with powdered sugar. *Mom Chocolate Sheet Cake Boil:  1c margarine  1c water  3T – 6T cocoa Add:  2c sugar  2c flour Mix together then add and beat well:  2 eggs  1t baking soda  1/2c sour cream Pour into greased jelly roll pan.

Bake 20 minutes at 400º. Make frosting while cake bakes.

Boil:  1/2c margarine  4T cocoa  6T milk or strong coffee Remove from heat and add:  3 1/2c powdered sugar (1 box)  1t vanilla  (1/2c nuts or sprinkle over top) Allow cake to cool slightly then spread on warm cake. *Auntie Robin White sheet cake Omit cocoa in cake and frosting and add:  1t almond extract to cake  1/2t almond extract to frosting

CAKE Chocolate Torte  1c semisweet chocolate chips  1/2c unsalted butter  3/4c sugar  1/8t salt  2t espresso powder  3 large eggs  1/2c unsweetened cocoa powder Glaze  1c chocolate chips  1/2 cup heavy cream Topping  1/4 cup sliced almonds Preheat the oven to 375°F.

Lightly grease an 8" round cake pan; cut a piece of parchment or waxed paper to fit, grease it, and lay it in the bottom of the pan. To make the cake: Put the chocolate and butter in a microwave-safe bowl, and heat till the butter is melted and the chips are soft. Stir until the chips melt, reheating briefly if necessary. You can also do this over a burner set at very low heat. Transfer the melted chocolate/butter to a mixing bowl.

Add the sugar, salt, and espresso powder. Espresso enhances chocolate’s flavor much as vanilla does; using 1 teaspoon will simply enhance the flavor, while 2 teaspoons will lend a hint of mocha to the cake. Add the eggs, beating briefly until smooth. Add the cocoa powder, and mix just to combine. Spoon the batter into the prepared pan. Bake the cake for 25 minutes; the top will have formed a thin crust. Remove it from the oven, and cool it in the pan for 5 minutes. Loosen the edges of the pan with a table knife or nylon spreader, and turn it out onto a serving plate. The top will now be on the bottom; that’s fine.

Also, the edges will crumble a bit, which is also fine. Allow the cake to cool completely before glazing.

To prepare the glaze: Combine the chocolate and cream in a microwave-safe bowl, and heat till the cream is very hot, but not simmering. Remove from the microwave, and stir till the chocolate melts and the mixture is completely smooth. Spoon the glaze over the cake, spreading it to drip over the sides a bit. Allow the glaze to set for several hours before serving the cake. To prepare almonds: Toast in 350 degree oven until golden brown, about 10 minutes. Sprinkle on top and serve. Yield: one 8" cake, 12 rich servings.

CAKE Coca Cola Cake Combine in mixer bowl:  2c flour  2c sugar Heat to boiling, then pour over above mixture, mix well:  1c butter  1c Coke  1/4c baking cocoa  Combine then add and blend well:  1/2c buttermilk  1t soda  2 eggs  1t vanilla Add:  1 1/2c small marshmallows Bake in jelly roll pan (Becky makes in 9x13) at 325º for 25 minutes.

Make frosting while baking. Then ice while warm. Frosting; heat to boiling:  1/2c butter  1/4c cocoa  6T Coke Pour hot mixture over and blend well:  4c powdered sugar Then stir in:  1c toasted walnuts *Becky Coffee Cake ~ Mom Combine:  1c flour  1/2c sugar  2 1/2t baking powder  1/2t salt  1/2t cinnamon Add:  1/2c milk  1 egg, beaten Add:  4T melted shortening Spread in 9x9 pan. Cover with:  1c chopped pecans  1/2c cinnamon  1/2t sugar Bake at 375º for 25 minutes. *Mom Coffee Cake Combine, beat until smooth and fluffy:  1c sugar  1/2c margarine Add, beat until smooth:  2 eggs Add, bat until well blended:  1c buttermilk  1t vanilla  2c flour  1t baking powder  1t baking soda Set aside and prepare the streusel, combine, cutting in:  1/4c butter  1/4c flour  1/3c brown sugar  1/2c coconut or oatmeal  1/3c walnuts Pour half into greased Bundt pan then half of the filling, repeat.

Draw knife through batter in several places to marble. Bake at 350º 35-40 minutes. *Deon page 20 Forgotten Cake Beat until frothy:  5 egg whites Add, beat until stiff and dry:  1/4t salt  1/2t cream of tarter  1t milk Add 2T at a time, beat after each addition:  1 1/2c sugar Pop in oven preheated to 450º. Turn off oven and leave 12 hours without peaking. Top with berries and whip cream. *Grandma Marguerite

CAKE Hot Milk Cake Beat on high 5 minutes:  4 eggs Gradually add, beating until light and fluffy  2c sugar  1t vanilla Combine and add, beat until smooth  2 1/4c flour  2 1/4t baking powder Combine in saucepan, heat just until butter melts. Add and beat until combined:  1 1/2c milk  10T margarine Bake in greased 9x13 pan at 350º for 35 minutes. Good as cobbler over berries, apples, peaches. *Grama Gabelein Ice cream cake~ Kelli’s Layer in order in 9x13 pan:  10 ice cream sandwiches-two big boxes  1-12.25 oz. jar caramel topping  1c toasted, chopped pecans  2c Cool Whip, thawed  10 ice cream sandwiches  2c Cool Whip  1/4c toasted, chopped pecans Cover and freeze at least two hours.

Let stand 5 minutes before serving. Cut into squares. Drizzle with:  3/4 c hot fudge sauce, heated Ice cream cake Layer in order in 9x13 pan:  smashed generic Oreos  about 1 1/2c Hershey’s syrup  softened ice cream (vanilla, coffee, butter pecan, choc chip mint, etc)  caramel or more cookie crumbs  creamy cool whip  heath bar crumbles Cover and freeze at least two hours.

CAKE Italian Cream Cake Beat until stiff then set aside:  5 egg whites Cream:  1/2c margarine  1/2c shortening  2c sugar Add:  5 egg yolks Combine dry ingredients and add alternately with buttermilk:  2c flour  1t baking soda  1c buttermilk Add:  1t vanilla  3/4c coconut  1c chopped walnuts Fold in egg whites. Bake in three 8" round cake pans or 9x13 pan at 350 for 25 minutes. Jewish Cake Mix seven minutes.  1 yellow cake mix  1 package vanilla instant pudding  1c sour cream  1/2c salad oil  4 eggs Pour half into greased Bundt or angel food pan. Filling/Topping, mix, sprinkle half over dough in pan:  3T sugar  2T brown sugar  2t cinnamon  1/2c chopped nuts Add rest of dough then rest of topping.

Bake 1 hour at 350º. Glaze while hot:  1c powdered sugar  juice from 1 lemon *Mom Lemon Pound Cake Combine and set aside:  1 1/2c flour 1t baking powder  1/2t salt In separate bowl beat:  3/4 c unsalted butter  1c sugar Add one at a time:  2 eggs room temperature  1/2c buttermilk  zest from one lemon or orange Stir together. Bake at 300 degrees for 45-75 minutes. Mix: and brush on cake:  juice of one lemon  4T powdered sugar *Betty Rogers Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake Combine and let stand 10 minutes:  1 3/4c boiling water  1c uncooked oats Add and stir until butter melts  1c brown sugar  1c sugar  1/2c butter, softened Add one at a time:  3 eggs Add, mix well:  1 3/4c flour  1t baking soda  1t-T cocoa  1/4t salt Add:  1c chocolate chips Pour batter in greased 9x13 pan and sprinkle over all:  1c chocolate chips  1c nuts Bake at 350º for 40 minutes.

CAKE Pound Cake ~ Betty Stir together, set aside:  2 1/2c flour  2t baking powder  1/2t salt In separate bowl beat:  1c unsalted butter  2 1/2c sugar Add one at a time to butter mix:  5 eggs room temperature Beat in to butter mix:  1t vanilla  2t almond extract  1/2t coconut extract  1c sour cream With mixer on low add flour and beat until almost combined. Finish stirring with spatula. Bake 60-75 minutes at 300 degrees. Cool 15 minutes before removing from pan. *Betty Rogers Prune Cake Combine:  1 egg  1/2c sugar  1c flour  1t baking powder  1/4t salt  1/4c milk  3T melted butter  1/4t lemon extract  1/2t vanilla Pour in a greased 9x9 pan, cover with:  prune halves  (Apples or blueberries work too!) Sprinkle with:  Sugar and cinnamon Bake at 375º 30-35 minutes.

*Grama Gabelein

FROSTING FROSTINGS Butter Frosting  1/2c butter (margarine ok but not as good)  4c powdered sugar  3-4T milk (rum or coffee)  1/2t salt  2t vanilla Cream cheese frosting  8 oz cream cheese, softened  1/4c butter, softened  1c sifted confectioners' sugar  1/2t vanilla extract Decorators Icing  1c shortening  7c powdered sugar  1t salt  1/2c water  butter flavoring Beat with whip 5 minutes. Margarine may replace shortening but icing won't 'stand up' when decorating. *Mom German Chocolate Frosting Cream:  2/3c butter  1 1/3c brown sugar  1/2c cream or evaporated milk Add:  1c nuts  2c coconut Spread on cooled cake.

Broil until coconut turns crisp. Watch carefully.

Mocha Butter Frosting  1/4c + 1T baking cocoa  6T butter  1/4c hot coffee  1/8t salt  2-4c powdered sugar depending on desired consistency  1t vanilla *Like Grama Mellroth made Royal Icing  2 egg whites  2-3c powdered sugar  1t cream of tarter Beat with whip until fluffy. Dries hard as a rock. Vanilla Hazelnut Butter Cream Icing Delicious on a chocolate cake filled with Nutella spread. If available substitute liquid creamer for water and whipping cream. Dissolve and set aside:  1/4c hot water  1/2c hazelnut flavored non dairy creamer powder Cream 5 minutes that add above ingredients and cream again:  1c Crisco  1c butter Add and beat at low speed to blend:  2lbs powdered sugar  2t vanilla Add a little at a time until a smooth icing is produced.

Beat a low speed 5-10 minutes until very smooth. Add more cream if necessary to thin:  1/4c whipping cream at 105 Allow to sit about 1 hour before using to firm up.

COBBLER & CRISP CANDY Butter Pecan Fudge Makes two 9 x 9 pans. May be double if you need oodles. Butter two 9x9 pans; set aside. Combine in saucepan. Boil 5 minutes over medium heat, stirring occasionally:  1c butter  1c brown sugar  1c sugar  1c whipping cream  1/4t salt Remove from heat; add and mix well:  2t vanilla  4c powdered sugar Fold in:  2c pecan halves (may be toasted and coarsely chopped) Spread in prepared pans. Cool and cut into squares. Store in refrigerator. Almond Roca Don't make on rainy day! Do not double. Pour onto two buttered cookie sheets. Butter two cookie sheets; set aside.

Melt:  1 pound butter Stir in:  3c sugar DO NOT STIR AFTER ALL IS DISSOLVED or it turns grain. Cook on MED-HI (7) until bubbling. Reduce to MED- LOW (3) until 300º on candy thermometer. DO NOT OVER COOK; last 20 degrees goes fast.

Immediately remove heat and stir in:  1-2c almond slices (not slivers) Splatter/drizzle with melted:  Almond bark (white chocolate) or chocolate chips Break into pieces when cool. Store in airtight container. Rumballs Makes plenty. Suggest not doubling. The night before mix together:  3/4c rum  2c powdered sugar  1/2c light Karo syrup Mix together:  8c crushed vanilla wafers ( 2-12oz boxes)  3c chopped pecans  1t cinnamon  3T cocoa powder Mix both mixes together, form balls, roll in powdered sugar. Coconut Rumballs  8c crushed vanilla wafers ( 2-12oz boxes)  3c chopped walnuts  2 2/3c coconut  2-14oz can condensed milk  1 1/3c rum Mix, chill, roll in cocoa powder.

New Rumballs Roll in powdered sugar OR cocoa powder.  3-12oz boxes crushed vanilla wafers  3c chopped walnuts  3c coconut  2-14oz cans condensed milk  2t cinnamon  4T cocoa  1 1/3c rum Mix together. Roll into balls. Roll in powdered sugar. Modified from Karen Hallett.

COBBLER & CRISP COBBLER & CRISP Apple Crisp Combine in 8x11 pan:  4c apples  1/2c water  3/4t cinnamon  2T lemon juice Work together:  1c sugar (white or brown)  1/4t salt  1/2c flour  1/3c butter Add:  1/2c shredded cheese Cover pan of apples with topping. Bake 350º 50 minutes. *Mom Apple Crisp Streusel  1c whole wheat flour  1c brown sugar  1c oats  1/2c butter  1t cinnamon  1/2t nutmeg  pinch salt Berry or Peach Cobbler Place in bottom on 9x13 pan:  4-5c fruit Cream:  1c sugar  3/4c butter  1/8t salt Combine and add to creamed mixture alternately with milk, pour over berries in pan:  3/4c milk  1 1/2c flour  1 1/2t baking powder Combine and sprinkle over batter:  1c sugar  1T cornstarch Pour over all:  1c boiling water Bake 45 minutes at 375 degrees until top is golden.

Serve hot with ice cream or cold. (cut water if using canned fruit) *Mom Easy Cobbler Pour in 9x13 pan:  2 cans cherry pie filling Sprinkle over filling:  1 Jiffy yellow cake mix (dry)  slivered almonds Pour over top:  1/2c melted butter Bake at 350 until golden and bubbly. Rhubarb Cobbler Put in 9x9 pan (double for 9x13 Stainless pan):  4c rhubarb Spoon over rhubarb:  2 beaten eggs  2T flour  1 1/2c sugar or less Blend with pastry blender:  6T butter  1/2c sugar  1c flour  pinch salt  1t baking powder Add and sprinkle mixture over rhubarb:  1/3c chopped walnuts Bake at 350º 45 minutes.

CHEESECAKE CHEESECAKES Berry Torte Mix and press in 9x9 pan:  1 1/2c graham cracker crumbs  1/4c margarine  1/4c sugar Mix until smooth and pour over crust:  2 eggs  8oz cream cheese  1t vanilla  1/4c sugar Bake 20 minutes at 350º. Cool. Mix and stir over heat until thick:  2c blueberries or raspberries  1c sugar (or less)  1/2c water  1/4c flour  salt  lemon juice Cool. Pour over cream cheese layer. Berries maybe mashed and put on without cooking if eaten immediately. *Cid Cheesecake ~Amanda’s Ricotta Crust:  2 ½ cups gram cracker crumbs  ½ cup sugar  10 T butter Filling:  3 T lemon Juice  3 T vanilla  4 eggs  1 ½ c sugar  1 lb Ricotta cheese  1 pint sour cream  ½ c butter  1 lb cream cheese Bake at 350 for 1-1 ½ hours.

Leave in oven with oven off 1 hour.

Topping; blend:  1 pint sour cream  1/2c sugar  1t vanilla Pour on top of cooled filling and bake at 375º for 5-8 minutes. Cheesecake must set in refrigerator for at least 12 hours before it will be firm enough to slice well. Top will be runny if you cut early. Cookie Dough Cheesecake CRUST; combine:  1 3/4c chocolate wafer cookie crumbs  1/4c sugar Stir in:  1/3c butter Press onto bottom and 1" up the sides of a greased 9" spring form pan. Set aside. Combine in mixer, beat until smooth:  3-8oz packages cream cheese  1c sugar Add, beat on low just until combined:  3 eggs Add, beat just until blended:  1c sour cream  1/2t vanilla Pour over crust, set aside; COOKIE DOUGH BALLS, cream three minutes:  1/4c butter  1/4c sugar  1/4c brown sugar Add:  1T water  1t vanilla Gradually add:  1/2c flour Stir in:  1c mini chocolate chips Drop dough by teaspoonfuls over filling, pushing below surface.

Bake at 350º for 45-55 minutes or until center is almost set. Cool on wire rack for 10 minutes. Run a knife around edge of pan to loosen; cool 1 hour longer. Refrigerate overnight. Remove sides of pan. Sprinkle with:  1/2c mini chocolate chips

COOKIES COOKIES Biscotti Whip until mixture ribbons  3 eggs  1c sugar Add:  1T lemon juice  grated lemon rind  1t almond liqueur (or 1/2t extract) Blend until incorporated:  2c flour  1t baking powder  salt Stir in:  2 1/2c (1/2lb) toasted chopped almonds  optional: craisins, orange rind Form 2- 14"x2" loaves and place on greased sheet. Bake 20 minutes at 350º. Immediately cut diagonal 1/2" slices. Cool. Dip one side in chocolate or white chocolate. Store in airtight container. Freeze for longer storage. Dunk in coffee or wine.

Brownies ~ Mom’s Melt over low heat:  2 squares unsweetened chocolate  1/2c butter Remove from heat and add:  1c sugar  2 eggs  1/2t vanilla Quickly stir in:  1/4c flour  1/4t salt  1c nuts Spread in greased 8x8 pan.

Bake at 325 40 minutes. Brownies Cream:  3/4c cocoa  1c melted margarine Add in order:  2c sugar  3 eggs  1t vanilla  1c flour  1c nuts (omit if using optional mints) Spread dough in greased 9x13 pan. Poke into dough and cover tops before baking:  20 mints (optional) Bake 350º for 24 minutes in glass pan. Brownies ~ Mocha Icing  Powdered sugar  1T unsalted butter  3T baking cocoa  1T oil  1T vanilla  1/4c double strength coffee or coffee with extra instant granules. Chocolate Chip Cookies Cream:  1c butter  1/2c brown sugar  1c sugar Add:  1 egg  1t vanilla Combine and add:  1 1/2c flour  1t baking soda  1t cinnamon Fold in:  1 1/2c oats  1c chocolate chips Cover and chill 1 hour.

Form dough into 1" balls. Place 2 " apart on greased sheets, flatten slightly. Bake 10-12 minutes at 350º. Cool on wire rack. Or freeze dough and bake later. *Mom Chocolate Chip Cookies Joy of Cooking Cream:  1c butter  1c brown sugar  1c sugar Add:  2 egg  1t vanilla Combine and add:  2 1/4c flour  1t salt  1t baking soda Fold in:  1c nuts  1c chocolate chips Form dough into 1" balls. Place 2 apart on greased sheets, flatten slightly. Bake 10 minutes at 375º. Cool on wire rack. Or freeze dough and bake later.

COOKIES Chocolate Crinkles Mix:  3/4c oil  3/4c baking cocoa  2c sugar Add:  4 eggs  2t vanilla Add:  2t baking powder  1/2t salt  2c flour Chill. Roll in powdered sugar. GREASE insulated sheet. Bake at 350º for 10 minutes. Do not over bake. Graham Crackers Mix:  2c whole wheat flour  1c flour  1t baking powder  1/2t baking soda  1/4t salt Cream then add to mixture:  4T margarine  4T brown sugar or molasses  4T honey  1 1/2t vanilla Bake 15 minutes at 350º on greased sheet. Gingersnaps Cream:  3/4c butter  1c sugar Add:  1 egg  1/4 c molasses Combine and add:  2c flour  2t soda  1/4t salt  1t cinnamon  1t cloves  1t ginger *Mom Gingersnaps 2 May be doubled but it makes big batch.

Combine and set aside:  4c flour  1/2t salt  2 1/4t baking soda  2t ginger  1 1/4t cloves  1 1/4t cinnamon Combine in mixer beating until light and fluffy:  1/2c butter  1/2c shortening  2-3c sugar Add:  1/2c molasses  2 eggs Then add flour mixture a small amount at a time. Roll into balls and roll in:  sugar Bake for 15 minutes at 325 degrees.

COOKIES Lemon Bars Mix until creamy and set aside:  1 can condensed milk  1/2c lemon juice  grated peel of 2 lemons Cream:  3/4c butter  1c brown sugar  1 1/2c flour  1t baking powder  1/2t salt  1c oats Sprinkle about half of the oats mix evenly on bottom of 8x8 pan. Pat to form crust. Pour lemon mix over. Sprinkle with remaining oat mix. Bake at 325 for 30-35 minutes. Cool then refrigerate 1 hour. Cut into squares. Condensed Milk (works for one can): Place in blender:  1/4c margarine  1c sugar  1c dry powdered milk Pour over and blend until smooth:  1/2c BOILING water Luscious Lemon Bars Mix, press into 9x13 pan, bake at 350º 15 minutes, cool:  1c margarine  1/2c powdered sugar  2c flour  salt Combine:  4 eggs  2c sugar  1/4c flour  6T lemon juice Pour into cooled crust.

Bake 350º 25 minutes. DO NOT over bake.

When cool, sprinkle with  Powdered sugar *Mom Nanaimo Bars For Stainless Steel pan (larger than 9x13) Layer base, pudding layer, chocolate icing BASE; combine in sauce pan:  1c butter  1/4c sugar  4T cocoa  1t vanilla  1 egg Cook, stirring until mixture resembles custard, 5-6 minutes. In separate bowl, combine then add to above mixture:  2c graham crackers  1c coconut  1/2c chopped walnuts SECOND LAYER; combine in mixing bowl:  1/4-1/3c milk  1/3 package instant vanilla pudding Cream then add pudding mixture:  3/4c butter  4c powdered sugar Spread over base in pan and refrigerate 15 minutes.

FINAL LAYER; melt, then spread over second layer:  1 1/2c chocolate chips  3T butter  3T milk Chill. Cut into squares. Store in fridge or freezer. Individually wrapped is great. *original Deon page 138 Pecan Turtle Bars Mix for 2 minutes until crumbly then pat into 9x13 pan:  1c brown sugar  1c flour  1/2c butter, softened Sprinkle with:  1c pecans, chopped Combine and cook over medium heat until entire surface is bubbly. Cook and stir 1/2 to 1 minute more. Pour into pan, spreading evenly over crust  1/2c packed brown sugar  2/3c butter Bake at 350 degrees 18 to 20 minutes or until entire surface is bubbly.

Remove from oven; immediately sprinkle with  1c milk chocolate chips or white chocolate Let stand 2 to 3 minutes to allow chocolate to melt; spread chocolate. Allow to cool and cut into bars.

COOKIES Peanut Butter Cookies Cream:  1/2c margarine  1/2c Crisco  1c sugar  1c brown sugar Add:  2 eggs  1c peanut butter Add:  1t baking powder  1 1/2t baking soda  1/2t salt  2 1/2c flour Roll into balls, place on pan and flatten with a fork dipped in flour. Bake at 375º 10-12 minutes. *Mom from Betty Crocker Cooky Book Ranger Cookies Cream:  1c butter  1c brown sugar  1c sugar Add:  2 eggs  2t vanilla Add in order while mixer is on, add things 1 cup at a time:  1/2t salt  1/2t baking powder  1t baking soda  2c flour  2c oats  1-2c chocolate chips  2c corn flakes  (1c nuts )  (1c coconut) Bake at 375º 9 minutes.

Variation: Chocolate Rangers: 3T cocoa, rice crispies in place of corn flakes, change to 3/4t soda and 3/4t powder

COOKIES Rice Crispy Cookies Melt on low then cook 3 minutes after melted, then remove from heat:  1/4c butter  10oz (4c small, 40 large) marshmallows Add:  5c Rice Crispies Pat firmly into buttered 9x13 pan. Cool before cutting. Marshmallow All Bran Cookies Combine butter, marshmallows and 1 box of All Bran following directions above. Rice Crispy Peanut Squares Combine and cook over medium heat until boiling, remove from heat:  2c corn syrup  1c sugar  1c brown sugar Add, mix until dissolved:  2c peanut butter Add:  12c Rice Crispies Press into buttered pan. *Grama Gabelein Snickerdoodles Cream:  1c butter  1 1/2c sugar  2 eggs Add:  2t cream of tarter  1t baking soda  2 3/4c flour Shape into balls.

Roll in:  Sugar and cinnamon Bake at 400º for 8 minutes. *Mom-Ron used to love these

COOKIES Sugar Cookies Cream:  1 1/2c powdered sugar  1c BUTTER Add:  1 eggs  1/2t almond extract  1t vanilla Add and mix well:  1t baking soda  1t cream of tarter  2 1/2c flour Chill several hours. Roll 3/8" thick and cut with floured cutters. Bake on ungreased sheet 7 minutes at 375, until just turning gold on edges of cookie. Cool on rack and frost. *Mom Sugar Cookies ~ Soft & Thick Cream:  1c butter  1 1/2c sugar  1 egg Add:  1/2c sour cream  1t vanilla Combine then add:  4c flour  1/2t baking soda  1/2t-1t baking powder  1t nutmeg Bake at 375º 10-12 minutes. *Liz Butter Cream Frosting Cream until light and fluffy:  1/4c butter, softened  2 - 3c powdered sugar  1t cream of tarter  2T or more milk Cookie Glaze Combine stirring until there are no lumps.

Should be slightly runny but thick enough that most of the glaze stays on cookie!

 1c powdered sugar  2t lemon juice Serve hot or cold. *Mom Poured Fondant (Ladybugs)  6c powdered sugar, sifted  1/2c water  2T light corn syrup  1t almond extract Cakes should be covered with apricot glaze or a thin coating of buttercream icing. Let sit 15 minutes before covering with fondant. Place sugar in saucepan. Combine water and corn syrup. Add to sugar and stir until well mixed. Place over low heat. Don't allow temperature of fondant to exceed 100°F. Remove from heat, stir in flavor and Icing Color, if desired. To cover cake, place cake or cookies on cooling grid over a drip pan.

Pour fondant into center and work towards edges. Touch up bare spots with spatula. Let set. Excess fondant can be reheated. Makes 2 1/2 cups. Recipe may be doubled or tripled.

DESSERT DESSERT Birthday Tart Crust, cream cheese, glaze, fruit, crust Crust choice one:  sugar cookie dough Crust choice two: Cream:  1/2c butter  1/2c shortening  1c sugar  1 egg  1t vanilla Add:  2 flour  1/2t cream of tarter  1/2t baking soda  1/4t salt Bake on pizza plate 425 10-15 minutes. Cool. Crust choice three:  4oz cream cheese  1/2c margarine  1 1/4c flour  1/4t salt Cream cheese layer choice 1: Cream, spread over cooled crust:  8oz cream cheese  3/4c powdered sugar  8oz whipped topping Cream cheese layer choice 2:  12oz cream cheese  1/3c sugar  1T lemon juice  1c whipped cream (whipped) Glaze: Boil until thick, spread over cream cheese layer then cover with fruit, and drizzle over fruit:  1c pineapple juice  1c orange juice  2T cornstarch Fruit layer  Banana, kiwi, strawberries, mango, orange slices, pineapple… Ice Cream  2 quarts half-and-half cream  1/2 pint heavy cream  1 1/2 cups white sugar  4 teaspoons vanilla extract  1 pinch salt Combine half-and-half, cream, sugar, vanilla and salt in freezer container of ice cream maker.

Freeze according to manufacturer's instructions.

Chocolate Mouse ~ Tea Party Heat to near boil, place in blender:  1c heavy cream (non-fat powdered milk ok) Add to blender in order, blending well after each addition, allow egg to cook and chocolate to melt:  1 egg  1c chocolate chips  1t vanilla Fold in:  1 container marshmallow crème Serve in shot glass sized containers with tiny spoons. Chocolate Syrup ~ Dad Melt:  1/2c BUTTER Add, mixing over medium-low heat. Stir until one consistency. :  3T baking cocoa  1T oil (or one cube unsweetened chocolate) Add, stir to one consistency:  1/3c evaporated milk Stir until one consistency, add:  1/2c sugar When it is one consistency, it is done.

*Originally made by Grandpa (Miron) Sires.

Dessert~ Mom's Lemon Becky's Chocolate Mix and press in 9x13 pan. Bake 350º 15 minutes:  1/2c butter  1c flour  2T sugar  1/2c nuts Mix well, spread on cooled crust:  8oz cream cheese  1c powdered sugar  6oz cool whip Cover cream cheese with:  Prepared pudding mix lemon or chocolate Top pudding with:  6oz Cool Whip Garnish with:  Slivered almonds

DESSERT Lefse Gather up pressure cooker, potato ricer, flexible plastic cutting board, lefse roller, flour sifter/sprinkler lefse turner, griddle, towels, silicone brush, sugar & cinnamon shaker. May be doubled.

Cook 2 ½ lb potatoes in pressure cooker 10 minutes (or boil in water until tender). Rice potatoes to make:  4c riced potatoes Stir in then allow to cool to room temperature (may refrigerate for faster cooling):  1/4c butter Stir in:  1/2c whipping cream  2t sugar  1t salt  1 1/2c flour When cool, form into 16 patties. Roll each patty flat like a tortilla using a generous amount of flour. Sprinkle top with flour as needed so it doesn’t stick to rolling pin. Roll onto turner and transfer to 400 degree griddle. Flip when brown spots form. After both sides are cooked, stack between towels to keep moist while cooling.

May be buttered, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and rolled while still warm:  melted butter  sugar and cinnamon Allow to cool before storing in an airtight container and refrigerating or freezing.

PIE PIE Pie crust Cut shortening into dry ingredients  1c shortening  2c flour  2T sugar  dash salt In separate bowl mix wet ingredients well. Add to dry ingredients, stirring with fork just until well combined.  1 egg  1T cider vinegar  2T very cold water Form into a ball then divide in half. Roll out on floured board adding more flour if dough is sticky. Makes enough for a top and bottom crust. If baking pie shell empty, poke crust several times with a fork, then place dry beans in crust before baking to hold shape better. Protect edges. Bake at 450º 10 minutes. *Auntie Robin Apple Pie  unbaked pie shell  apples  1/2t cinnamon  1t nutmeg  1/4c flour  1c sugar Bake 400º 50 minutes, protect crust edges with foil.

1 ½ recipes equals two aluminum pie tins. *Grampa Gabelein’s favorite.

Apple Orange Pie Slice into unbaked pie shell:  4 granny smith apples Combine:  2T orange juice concentrate  1/4c water Sprinkle over apples in unbaked crust:  1 1/2c sugar  1t cinnamon  1t nutmeg  1/4c flour  (1c cranberries) Cover with top crust. Bake at 450º 10 minutes then reduce to 350º 35-45 minutes, protecting crust edges with foil. *Auntie Robin Banana Cream Pie Use vanilla wafer cookie crust for banana cream pie. Combine  3/4c sugar  1/4c cornstarch Stir in  2 1/2c milk (or light cream or half and half) Cook over med-hi heat until thick and bubbly. Reduce heat and cook and stir 2 minutes more.

Remove from heat. Stir 1c of hot filling into:  4 egg yolks, stirred with a fork Return to pan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, boil and stir 2 minute more. Remove from heat. Stir in:  1T butter  1 1/2t vanilla Slice over crust before filling with hot filling:  3 bananas Chill 3 hours. Wafer Cookie Crust Combine and press into pie plate. Cook at 375 degrees for 8 minutes. Cool before filling.

 1 1/2c crushed vanilla wafers  6T melted butter Blackberry Pie  4c fresh berries Sprinkle over berries:  1c sugar  1/4c flour  1 1/2t lemon juice or 1/2t cinnamon  (2t quick-cooking tapioca) Stir gently. Let stand 15 minutes. Turn fruit into:  uncooked pie crust Dot with:  1-2T butter Cover with well pricked top. Bake at 450º 10 minutes. Reduce to 350º and bake 35-40 minutes more.

PIE Chocolate Cream Pie Use cooked and cooled graham cracker crust. Combine:  1c sugar  1/4c cornstarch Stir in:  2 1/2c milk (or light cream or half and half)  3oz unsweetened chocolate squares Cook over med-hi heat until thick and bubbly.

Reduce heat and cook and stir 2 minutes more. Remove from heat. Stir 1c of hot filling into:  4 egg yolks, stirred with a fork Return to pan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, boil and stir 2 minute more. Remove from heat. Stir in:  1T butter  1 1/2t vanilla Pour hot filling into cooled crust. Chill 3 hours. Graham Cracker Crust Combine and press into pie plate. Cook at 375 degrees for 8 minutes. Cool before filling.

 1 1/3c graham cracker crumbs  1/4c sugar  1/4c melted margarine Coconut Topping Whip until stiff:  2 egg whites Add:  1/3c sugar  3 1/2oz flaked coconut Spoon over filing. Broil 8-10" from heat 4 minutes or so. WATCH CAREFULLY. Coconut Cream Pie Add 1c flaked coconut with butter and vanilla to banana cream pie recipe. Meringue Whip until stiff:  4 egg whites Slowly add:  1/4t salt  1/2c sugar Spread over cool filling. Bake at 325º 15 minutes. Cool 1 hour before cutting. OR mix meringue with filling if serving is custard cups. *Mom Dutch Apple Slices Sift together:  2 1/2c flour  1T sugar  1t salt Cut in:  1c shortening Add:  1 egg yolk  milk to make 2/3c Combine.

Roll half of dough to fit in bottom of jelly roll pan.

Cover dough, layering in order:  1 2/3c corn flakes  5c apples  1 1/2c sugar  1t cinnamon Roll out remaining crust for cover. Pinch edges. Beat and brush over top of crust:  1 egg white Bake at 400º for 20-30 minutes. When cool drizzle with:  1c powdered sugar  2t lemon juice Serve hot or cold. *Mom Lemon Pie ~Mom’s Heat to boiling:  2 1/4c sugar  2 1/4c water  3/4t salt Mix to make paste then add to boiling mix, stirring all the time. Cook until thick and clear:  3/4c cornstarch  1/2c water Remove from heat to add:  6 egg yolks, well beaten  3/4c lemon juice Return to heat and cook until mixture bubbles.

Remove from heat and add:  4 1/2T butter  1T lemon zest Cover and cool until lukewarm then spoon into crust. *Mom

PIE Lemon Pie ~ Sarah’s Combine:  1 1/2c sugar  3T flour  3T cornstarch  dash salt Stir in:  1 1/2c water Cook over med-hi heat until thick and bubbly. Reduce heat and cook and stir 2 minutes more. Remove from heat. Stir 1c of hot filling into:  3 egg yolks, stirred with a fork Return to pan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, boil and stir 2 minutes more. Remove from heat. Stir in:  2T butter  2t lemon peel Stir in:  1/3c fresh lemon juice Cover with meringue. Bake 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Cool on a wire rack for 1 hour. Chill 3-6 hours. Cover if storing longer.

Lime Pie Blend:  8oz cream cheese Drizzle in while beating:  1 can condensed milk (see below) Drizzle in while beating:  6oz can Limeade concentrate Pour into:  Cooked Graham cracker crust 12oz limeade can be used only if served in custard cups.

Refrigerate several hours. *Art Cobain Condensed Milk (works for one can): Place in blender:  1/4c margarine  1c sugar  1c dry powdered milk Pour over and blend until smooth:  1/2c BOILING water Pecan Pie Beat with fork:  3 eggs Stir in:  2/3c sugar  1/4t salt  1/3c melted BUTTER Add:  1c light corn syrup  1 1/4c chopped pecans  1/2c chocolate chips  (2T whiskey) Pour into:  unbaked 9” pie shell Bake 375 for 40-50 minutes. Combine and top with:  whipped cream  2T whiskey Pumpkin Pie Mix in order:  3 eggs  1 1/2c steamed blended pumpkin  3/4c sugar  1/2t salt  1t cinnamon  1/2t ginger  1/4t cloves  1 2/3c (13 fluid oz) EVAPORATED MILK Pour into:  Unbaked 9" pie crust Bake at 425º 15 minutes, reduce to 350º and bake 45 minutes or until knife comes out clean.

*Mom To Cook Pumpkin Slice sugar pumpkin in half. Bake upside down in a pan of hot water at 350º for 1 hour.

PIE Rustic Pear Tart Pulse to combine in food processor until butter is pea size:  2c flour  1T sugar  1/2t salt  3/4c butter, cut into ½” cubes With motor running, add water. Then pulse until dough sticks together but looks slightly dry. Check to see if it will hold together. Knead by hand until dough comes together as a ball.  About 1/4c ice water Flatten into a disk. Wrap in parchment paper, put in a ziplock and refrigerate 30 minutes. During this time cut pears and preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Toss:  4 pears, peeled, cored and sliced  1/4c brown sugar  2t vanilla  1/4t cinnamon  1/4t nutmeg  Pinch salt Line baking sheet with parchment paper.

Roll dough into circle on floured surface. Arrange pears on crust leaving a 1 – 2” border. Fold dough over pears. Brush with:  1 egg white, lightly beaten Cook at 350 degrees until golden brown. Allow to cool until juices thicken.

PUDDING PUDDING Baked Custard Combine  2c warm milk  3 eggs  salt  1/4c sugar  1t vanilla Sprinkle over the top:  nutmeg Pour into custard cups, place them in a pan of boiling water at 300º for at least 30 minutes. May bake pie plate but will need to bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. *Amy Lanning Perfect Custard Mix together in saucepan:  1/4c cornstarch  1/2c sugar (or brown sugar) Whisk in:  2 eggs In another saucepan, heat to scalding (185 degrees or at least steaming but not boiling)  2c milk Slowly pour milk into egg mixture, whisking as you pour. Return to heat and cook, stirring constantly, until thick.

It takes a while and then happens fast.

Stir in:  1/2t vanilla extract  1/2t coconut extract  1t lemon zest Spread on plate to allow to cool if you in a hurry. Serve hot or cold! Pear Tart For a really great dessert, spread cooled custard over a cooked pie crust. Top with sliced pears and drizzle with warm apricot jam. Vanilla Pudding ~Home Ec In double boiler:  1/4c sugar  3T cornstarch  1/4t salt Add, stir until boiling over direct heat. Place over water, cover, cook 5 minutes, stir, cook 5 more minutes:  2c milk Remove from heat and add:  1/2t vanilla