July Light of Dharma_v3_2_web_0 - Buddhist

July Light of Dharma_v3_2_web_0 - Buddhist

July Light of Dharma_v3_2_web_0 - Buddhist

LIGHT of DHARMA Buddhist Church of San Francisco July, 2019 Vol. 1, No. 7 1881 Pine St., San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 776-3158 buddhistchurchofsanfrancisco.org 仏法の光 BCSF LGBTQ+ Group Hosts Annual PRIDE Service BCSF Board of Directors Meeting, July 11th , 6 pm Important Ginza Bazaar Committee Meeting: Monday, July 8, 2019 @6 pm at Ed. Bldg Conference Room #1. On Sunday June 23, 2019, in recognition of SF Pride Month, BCSF held its annual Pride Service, hosted by the BCSF LGBTQ+Group. It began with the reading of our BCSF Inclusivity Statement, read in English by Adia Kimizuda and in Japanese by Miho Namba.

Leo Joslin then shared the Three Refuges, which captured the heart of our tradition’s spiritual diversity and openness. This year’s Representative Incense Offering was offered on behalf of those in the larger LGBTQ+ community who were unable to be present (due to fear, invisibility or death) including LGTBQ+ suicide, homelessness, HIV+persons worldwide, and victims of targeted violence , most especially transgender persons. Leo Balambao Sensei shared with the Sangha a poignant dharma talk, which was followed by a beautiful meditative musical offering on piano by Rev. Keisuke Miyaki-Lee. Lastly, T.J.

Miyaki-Lee read a poem full of hope and transformation. The closing gatha, “True Colors”, was enthusiastically sung by the Sangha, with added support from our BCSF Choir and friends from the GAPA.

Many thanks to Leo B, Adia, Leo J, Miho, Keisuke, Lindsi, Richard, T.J., Elaine, Rev. Kobata and Betty for their participation!

July Light of Dharma_v3_2_web_0 - Buddhist

Light of Dharma (formerly titled “Geppo”) is a monthly newsletter of the Buddhist Church of San Francisco. Please send any communications for Light of Dharma to: lightofdharma.bcsf@gmail.com The deadline for submissions is the tenth of each month for the next month’s issue. We apologize in advance for any errors. Please send any corrections to Light of Dharma. We thank the many contributors, photographers, writers and readers.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please visit the Buddhist Church of San Francisco website at: buddhistchurchofsanfrancisco.org On YouTube search “Buddhist Church of San Francisco” to locate our BCSF channel.

Light of Dharma Buddhist Church of San Francisco 1881 Pine St. San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 776-3158 lightofdharma.bcsf@gmail.com Buddhist Church of San Francisco Mission Statement The purpose of the Buddhist Church of San Francisco (BCSF) is to maintain a temple and to establish a Buddhist community of the Jodo Shinshu faith in San Francisco, CA. Building on our profound legacy as a Jodo Shinshu spiritual center, we strive to awaken within us the compassion and wisdom of the Buddha Dharma. BCSF endeavors to share the teaching of the Buddha with all those who seek the knowledge and the truth of the Buddha Dharma, to promote our Sangha (community); and to provide for the general welfare and services to guide the activities which strengthen our faith in the Buddha and advance our learning in the Dharma.

2 BCSF Ministerial Team Rev. Ron Kobata Resident/Supervising Minister Minister’s Assistants Leo Balambao Jerry Bolick Jack Dairiki (Honorary) Rev. Elaine Donlin (Tokudo) Leo Joslin Rev. Keisuke Lee-Miyaki (Kyoshi) Camille Pating Rev. Dr. David Pating (Kyoshi) Watch Videos of Sunday Dharma Talks on YouTube Go to YouTube.com and search for “Buddhist Church of San Francisco” Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma The Buddhist Church of San Francisco welcomes all those who wish to learn about the boundless wisdom and compassion that is Amida Buddha without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, color, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.


July Light of Dharma_v3_2_web_0 - Buddhist

KanGi-e (歓喜会) “Joyous Gathering” 3 The Obon season the busiest time of the year in our temple calendar. This entails observing an Obon memorial service, conducting the Ginza Bazaar and presenting an Obon Odori festival. These events having been taking place for over eight decades at BCSF. For those not familiar with of the term “Obon”, it is a transliterated in Japanese as Urabon, The original Sanskrit term Ullambana, was the title of a sutra, which translates as “hanging upside down”. This represents a Buddhist view of ignorance, where the world is perceived in reverse of its reality of impermanent and interdependent, seeing things from one’s conditioned, self-centered perspective as permanent and independent existence unto itself.

The condition of ignorance is identified as the root cause of the dis/ease we experience in our daily life. As a consequence of not realizing things-as-they-are (impermanent, interdependent) we seek to grasp for or refuse that which we presume to be otherwise. The conclusion of the Ullambana sutra depicts a scene where Mahamaudgalyayana, a disciple of Sakyamuni, along with friends begins to dance for joy after receiving the Buddha’s encouragement that assured him of his deceased mother’s liberation from a world of Hungry Ghosts that she had been trapped in due to her obsession only for his well-being at the exclusion of others.

The advice he received was to engage in Dana, sharing with others, as a way of realizing how we are always the beneficiaries of the all of the causes and conditions that enable us to exist as we do. For the July 21st, Obon service we will have Rev. Patti Usuki, from the San Fernando Valley Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, and president of the BCA Ministers Association, as our guest speaker. Rev. Usuki will also be giving a seminar on July 20. The focus of the seminar will be to review how Japanese Buddhist funeral and memorial practices have diverged through socio-cultural changes in Japan and America.

From a Shin Buddhist perspective the memorial aspect of the Obon observance speaks to the continuity of life from one generation to the next. We reconfirm our indebtedness we owe our fore bearers and oneness in the universal interconnectedness of life. Memorial gatherings are opportunities to stop and reflect on the fleeting nature of our existence and to receive the spiritual resource of the Buddha’s teachings that were shared for the sake of unenlightened beings trapped in the proverbial “burning house (world of impermanence)” of self-centered delusions (of an independent, unchanging, me, myself, I).

To listen to the teachings is to hear the compassionate call of Amida Buddha alerting us to the nature of our predicament, and be guided to the Pure Land of Oneness in the realm of Immeasurable Light and Life. It is in this spirit that we gather in grateful memory of our love ones to receive the light of wisdom and life of compassion. It is in this sense of Oneness in Immeasurable Life we continue to share with them is represented in the Obon observances that we celebrate in joy. Namo AmidaButsu by Rev. Ronald Kobata Resident/Supervising Minister Sensei’s Message Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma Condolences The Buddhist Church of San Francisco extends its deepest sympathy to the families and friends of the late Chieko Sato Harada, who passed away on June 13, 2019, Victoria Mihara Avery, who passed away on May 27, 2019 and Margaret Sanaye Kikkawa, who passed away on June 11, 2019.

July Light of Dharma_v3_2_web_0 - Buddhist

4 “Throw My Body Into the Kamo River: The Paradox of Our Jodo Shinshu Teaching and Funeral and Afterlife Rituals” Rev. Patricia Usuki Saturday, July 20th , 1:30 – 3:30 pm, Social Hall In this seminar, we will examine the evolution of Japanese funeral and memorial traditions with a view to understanding how and why practice and doctrine diverge. What does birth in the Pure Land mean? Are we welcoming back the spirits of the dead at Obon? These and other foundational issues will be discussed, along with the role of socio-cultural change in Japan and America. Rev. Patricia Usuki is the Resident Minister at San Fernando Valley Hongwanji Buddhist Temple.

After graduating from IBS, Rev. Usuki wrote Currents of Change: American Women Speak Out. Rev. Usuki graduated from Chuo Bukkyo Gakuin and received Tokudo/Kyoshi. Prior to that, she worked at Kokusaibu where her main project was producing Jodo Shinshu: A Guide and helping with materials and visitors in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Obon and Hatsubon Service Sunday, July 20th, 10 am Guest Speaker: Rev. Patricia Usuki The annual Obon service will be held Sunday, July 20th, 10 am. The dharma talk will be delivered by special guest speaker Rev. Patricia Usuki. Rev. Usuki will also be presenting a seminar on Saturday, July 20th, at 1:30 pm in the Social Hall. The family and friends of those for whom this is the first Obon service (Hatsubon) since entering the Pure Land, are invited to participate in the service, lighting a candle when the name of their loved one is read.

Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma Hatsu (First) Obon Ikeda, Sachiko Gusukuma, Yuki Yagi, Russell Masao Yoshida, Thomas Shoji Masuoka, Edward Fumio, Jr.

Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi Tio Yonekura, Alice Hasuko Ando, Dale Genji Inaba, Misao Empringham, Douglas Uyemoto, Sachiye Ono, Stanley Kazumi Adachi, Jeffrey Gordon Yao, Yutaka Koike, Kay Keiko Kasuga, Joe Orr, David Allen Yue, Franklin Avery, Victoria Lynn Kikkawa, Margaret Sanaye

July Light of Dharma_v3_2_web_0 - Buddhist

The FBWA shikisho and shikisho case commemorating the 16th World Buddhist Women’s Convention can be purchased on-line at the Marketplace on the World Buddhist Women’s Convention website (www.wbwconvention.org). The cost of the FBWA shikisho is $59.68 and the cost of the shikisho case is $43.40. Access the WBWC website and then click on Marketplace under the Table of Contents in the left hand column. You do not need a PayPal account to pay for the items. However, you will need a credit card to pay for the items. The items will only be available for pickup by you or a friend at the convention.

If you have any questions, please contact Jean Fukunaga. My eyes being hindered by blind passions, Cannot perceive the light that grasps me; Yet great compassion, without tiring, Illumes me always.

Shinran Shonin’s “Koso Wasan,” verse 95, from “Hymns of the Pure Land Masters” (Collected Works of Shinran, Page 385) In Jodo Shinshu, there is the light and the darkness, wisdom and foolishness. Rennyo, in writing of these contradictory tendencies, called it “ki-ho ittai,” a term used to signify the oneness (ittai) of the Buddha Dharma (ho) and all (foolish) beings (ki). In living this preciously impermanent – yet profoundly interconnected – life of Nembutsu, I feel an abundance of gratitude. Despite my foolishness, I am constantly illumed by the light of compassion. From my family, whose love has always encouraged me to embrace a journey of the heart; to my Dharma teachers, for their gentle guidance and wise counsel; and from my friends – both inside and outside of the temple – for compassionately sustaining me despite my foolishness.

The efforts of so many Buddhist Women’s Association sisters involved in the planning and implementation of the upcoming 16th World Buddhist Women’s Convention has continued to teach me about living the Nembutsu. Their selfless work, involving years of many long meetings, innumerable emails and miles of travel, all point to a compassionate light supporting and sustaining me (and everyone else who is fortunate enough to attend the convention on Aug. 30 through Sept. 1.) I hear the Nembutsu in each and every contribution made to this upcoming and historic convention. I hear the Nembutsu in the joy of the programs committee members as they’ve finalized the wonderful keynote speakers and diverse and interesting workshops.

I hear the Nembutsu in the excitement of the banquet committee as the members shape the convention’s Saturday evening program of dinner, Dharma and entertainment. I hear the Nembutsu in the satisfaction of each person who thoughtfully offered a hand, a meal, a suggestion, or an idea toward making this extraordinary event a deeply meaningful one.

And I hear the Nembutsu in all the quiet ways that the BWA has historically worked without recognition, fanfare or status that is usually afforded such a critically important and dynamic group. I see, hear and live the Nembutsu through the grace of all of these women, past and present. Namo Amida Butsu Hear the Nembutsu Through BWA’s Selfless Work for Convention by Elaine Donlin Reprinted from the Wheel of Dharma Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma 5

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6 Jr. YBA Corner By Lori Wakil We've come to the end of our school year and closed it out with lots of fun and sun! Memorial Day weekend was the annual Bay District Jr YBA Volleyball tournament.

The theme was Superheroes and SF chose "The Incredibles" as their team name. Ten players, including John I. from Placer, made up a competitive team. Although we lost more games than we won, the scores were close and we will be the team to beat in future years! June 1st was our last meeting of the year until September. It was a combined dinner meeting and celebration party since all of our members are graduates. We held elections for our SF chapter and have a new cabinet. Installation of officers will be at the September 8th Shotsuki Hoyo serivce. Hope you can come and meet our new officers! Sunday June 9th was the last Bay District Jr.

YBA meeting, held at Robert Crown Beach in Alameda. It was a hot day with a slight breeze, a great way to start off the summer. Elections were on the agenda and we're pleased to announce that our member, Brayden Y., was elected Bay District Treasurer! We ended the afternoon with dips in the water and some beach volleyball.

Our first meeting of the new school year will be Sunday September 8th, 11;30am, meet in the classroom. Any teens (8th-12th grade) interested in Jr.YBA are welcome to come and check it out! You can contact Lori Wakil (Lmwakil@yahoo.com) or Diane Matsumura (di.mats@yahoo.com) if you'd like more information. Have a great summer everyone! Welcome back to another T29 Light of Dharma article. Last weekend on June 7th through 9th, BCSF Scouts BSA Troop 29 hosted three groups of special guests: Pack 29 Cub Scouts, BCSF Girl Scouts, and Troop 343G. We all went to Camp Tamarancho to camp over the weekend and see what Scouts do.

It was hot, and dry during the day, and cold at night. But still, the Scouts managed to get through nature's challenges, cooking meals for the Cubs and leading all our weekend activities. The Patrol leaders of T29 organized special and fun events for the Cubs, Girl Scouts and Scouts BSA female troop. Scouts BSA is the new name for the Boy Scouts (which, as of last February, now allow separate male and female troops). Scouts BSA Troop 343G were our special guests, By the way, T343G is the first female Scouts BSA Troop in the Golden Gate District.

Our Senior Patrol Leader Mathew S. and our Assistant patrol leader Logan M., did an amazing job keeping the camping trip fun, clean, and exciting. Running three Scoutled stations were Josh M. (water balloons), Ethan C. (stomp rockets) and Logan M. (fire starting), they all did an excellent job running their events. Thanks to Mr. Tom Ryugo for pinching in and teaching the Scouts to fish and Mr. Jeff Masuda for running the always-popular waterhazard obstacle course. Thank you to all our Scouts, Adult Leaders and BCSF Community for supporting our BCSF Scouting Programs!

Scout Reunion At Camp Tamarancho Troop 29 May And April 2019 updates By: Ziggy H.

T29 Historian, First Class Scout Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma 6

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I felt truly blessed to be able to share my appreciation for our Dharma School teachers at our June 2 Sunday service. We are fortunate to be surrounded by teachers! Here at our temple we have not only Dharma school teachers, but also Sensei, the ministerial team, Bon Odori teachers, the Board of Directors, and the entire membership, each of whom is a teacher in some way. At home, our families and loved ones can also be teachers. Even our pets can pass on wisdom! For example, our Pekingese is getting very elderly and incontinent, wetting the floor more and more frequently. He is actually a teacher giving me lessons in patience! In reality, each and every one of us, in some way, is a teacher for someone.

This is because the Dharma is everywhere, working through everyone and everything. I recently had a medical crisis and it served as an important teacher for me. What happened is that one morning, after arising, I felt a serious pressure in my chest. It was very uncomfortable and I knew it wasn’t indigestion. I was having a heart attack! We called 911 and I ended up in the Intensive Care Unit for four days.

I was experiencing dukkha, first-hand, but I was also listening to the Dharma. I was reminded that if we focus on suffering, we automatically do whatever we can to avoid it. We try to push it away. At the same time, we grasp after what we think will make us happy and we try to hang on to it. Trying to hang on is like clenching our fists around what we don’t want to let go of. Rather than focusing on our grasping, we should remember that it is we who are grasped. As Shinran describes in the Tannisho, Amida grasps us and will never let go. If we listen closely to the Dharma, we remember that it’s OK to unclench the fist.

We can recognize that we are enveloped in Amida’s Infinite Light, and that Compassion can manifest in those who surround and support us. I felt such Metta from all those who supported me while I was in the hospital. Each and every one of them was a teacher in some way!

Rennyo sums up my lessons quite well. He writes: “On deep contemplation, we realize that the pleasures of human life last only as long as a flash of lightning or the morning dew, a dream or an illusion...If the wind of impermanence were to come even now and summon us, would we not suffer illness of one kind or another and die? ...Let us realize, then, that what we should earnestly aspire to is {birth in the Pure Land}...that the one we should rely upon is Amida Tathagata” (Fascicle 1-11).

With this awareness, we’re able to focus on what’s really important. We do not have to live like a clenched fist.

We can let go, say the Nembutsu, and open our hearts. When we unclench the fist, we return to what we truly are, the Oneness that encompasses all. With an opened heart, we are receptive to the Compassion directed toward us by our friends and loved ones, and we can approach the world with Metta. So nowadays, rather than getting angry with those we disagree with, we can be empathetic. And rather than being upset with our elderly Pekingese for getting the floor wet, we can be gentle and understanding toward him. I am so grateful to be surrounded by teachers, and to have a place where I can cultivate kindness with Mindfulness practices.

All are welcome to join us on Wednesday evenings for Mindful sitting and walking, followed by Dharma Chat. No experience necessary. Come as you are! Namo Amida Butsu! Mindful Reflections by Leo Joslin BCSF Minister’s Assistant Join us for mindful meditation, Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm 7 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

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8 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

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Delicious food, arts and crafts, silent auction, bingo, raffle, kids' games, and more. SATURDAY, JULY 27th, 2019 12:30 pm BCSF Kids Taiko 12:45 pm Opening Service 1:00 pm Ginza Bazaar opens and Jiten Daiko (Taiko) 1:30 pm Ito Yasakoi SF and Uzumaru SJ (Dance) 2:00 pm Sushi Cal (Okinawan) Band and BCSF Temple Tour 2:30 pm YamaSho-Kai (Bon Odori Band) 3:00 pm Theatre of Yugen 3:30 pm Ikebana Demonstration 4:30 pm A Conversation: Crystal City Pilgrimage and Texas Detention Centers with Dr. Satsuki Ina and Rev.

Ron Kobata 5:30 pm BCSF Temple Tour 7:00 pm Ginza Bazaar closes SUNDAY, JULY 28th, 2019 11:00 am Ginza Bazaar opens 12:00 pm BCSF Kids Taiko 12:20 pm Jiten Daiko (Taiko) 12:40 pm Jiten Daiko and Bay Area Miyake Taiko 1:00 pm 88th Bon Odori Street Dancing 3:30 pm BCSF Temple Tour 5:00 pm Ginza Bazaar close * Schedule subject to change. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS* Important Ginza Bazaar General Meeting Monday, July 8, 2019 @6 pm at Ed. Bldg Conference Room #1 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma The Buddhist Church of San Francisco thanks you for making our annual Ginza Bazzar and Obon a successful, enjoyable event.

We hope you consider it YOUR Obon. We thank you in advance for your generous support and participation. You can contribute in many ways and one of the most important is to SIGN UP ONLINE and VOLUNTEER for any of the many tasks and skills it takes to put on the Ginza Bazzar and Obon. Please go to: http://prestogem.com/vo/bcsfoctbento/groups/index/0 or call the BCSF office at 415.766.3158. to volunteer.

July Light of Dharma_v3_2_web_0 - Buddhist

The BCSF Ginza Bazaar Committee would like to thank the generous sponsors of the 81st Ginza Bazaar & 88th Bon Odori. Sponsors/Donors (as of June 25, 2019) Cultural Activities Saturday Sponsor Japan Center Garage Corporation Audio Visual Sponsor Everything Audio Visual Diamond Sponsor Hiroshi and Sadako Kashiwagi Platinum Sponsor Union Bank Susan Sakuma Gold Sponsors Arguello Pet Hospital Benkyodo Company Penny Nakatsu T. Okamoto & Company Yoko Sumida (In memory of Tatsuo Sumida) Silver Sponsor Cypress Lawn Cemetery Association Electrical Systems Amy Hanamoto Leo Joslin & Gary Tom Lorraine Suzuki Bingo Saturday Sponsor Moriwaki Imai & Fujita Inc Children’s Games Atlas & Janet Arakawa Shirley Murakami (Grandmother of Max & Mika Chan) 10 The Buddhist Church of San Francisco would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the San Francisco Japantown Foundation for their generous grants for the American Obon Dance Exhibit and BCSF Yagura Renovation, and to the Henri and Tomoye Takahashi Charitable Foundation for their generous grant to the American Obon Dance Exhibit.

Donations & In Kinds (Not complete) AsiaSF Satsuki Ina, PhD, MFT Asako Kawase Aiko Kitano Keith & Priscilla Kojimoto Fumiko & Daniel Kunihara Leftwich Event Specialists Inc. Jeff Livingston Lorraine Luna Macy’s Michael Mac McNamara Tara Mochizuki Sandra Nakamura Penny Nakatsu Oakland Atheletics ODC Dance Katherine Okamoto Richard Okiuye San Francisco Giants San Francisco Symphony Tad Sekino Smuin Contemporary Ballet Super Mira Takara Sake USA Sabrena Taylor Mark Tsujimoto (Estate of G. Kase) Estate of Sachiye Uyemoto Kayoko Wang Estella Weiss Chris Wong Elaine Yamamoto YamaSho Japanese Restaurant Family of Yutaka Yao Akemi Yoshimoto Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors! Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

11 2019 BON ODORI – July 28, 1 – 3 pm Above: Head teacher: Mrs. Fujimoto Left: 2018 Obon teachers and members of Ensohza FUKUSHIMA ONDO MAUI STYLE A wonderful workshop was held Saturday, June 15 in the BCSF gymnasium, led by Kay Fukumoto from Maui, and her son Mitchell who now lives in the South Bay. Kay and Mitchell are the fourth and fifth generations of their family to perform Fukushima Ondo during the Obon season. Kay's great grandfather passed this tradition down to his children and grandchildren. Kay shared so much information about the traditions of Bon Odori. In most Japanese rural communities, only one dance is performed during Obon.

Our American style Bon Odori with many different dances is not something people in Japan would be familiar. She also shared that the dance she taught is not known as Fukushima Ondo in Fukushima, Japan. You can find this dance, but it has different names!

Thanks to a gathering of folks from different groups, we will be performing Fukushima Ondo with live music. Jiten Daiko, Ensohza, and other friends of BCSF will gather to make this all work. thanks to Kay's careful tutelage , everyone was able to play, hear and see it come together . After two hours of learning the the taiko parts, the fue (flute) and vocals were added , and then the dance moves with some fun variations! She shared lyrics that were handed down to her on a fan that her family has used for these many years. If you go to Hawaii, you may find variations of this dance and the lyrics.

These moves and lyrics are special to Maui.

  • Come join us and enjoy what the Fukumoto family shared with our Sangha! Bon Odori will be Sunday, July 28 at 1 pm on Octavia Street. Bon Odori Practice Schedule Mon., Wed., Fri. 7:30-9 pm Monday, June 24th Wednesday, June 26th Friday, June 28th No Practice: July 1-5 Monday, July 8th Wednesday, July 10th Friday, July 12th Monday, July 15th Wednesday, July 17th Friday, July 19th Please use the Octavia Street entrance to the BCSF gym.
  • No experience necessary
  • Please wear soft-soled shoes for the gym floor
  • Don’t forget your dance equipment: -Sensu (folding fan) -Tenugui (towel) -Kachi Kachi (Japanese castanets) Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

81st GINZA BAZAAR & 88th BON ODORI July 27-28, 2019 PUBLICITY & DONATION OPPORTUNITIES: SPONSORSHIP LEVELS & BENEFITS / CERTIFICATES & MERCHANDISE DONATIONS GINZA SPONSOR $750.00 - PLATINUM SPONSOR -Name and logo listed on signage in Gymnasium & Octavia Street -Recognition in 81st Ginza Bazaar Program Book, Light of Dharma Newsletter, BCSF Website & Facebook Page -Recognition on Sponsorship Wall in Gymnasium -(5) Complimentary Ginza meal packages $500.00 – GOLD SPONSOR -Name and logo listed on signage in Gymnasium & Octavia Street -Recognition in 81st Ginza Bazaar Program Book, Light of Dharma Newsletter, BCSF Website & Facebook Page -Recognition on Sponsorship Wall in Gymnasium -(4) Complimentary Ginza meal package $350.00 - SILVER SPONSOR -Name and logo listed on signage in Gymnasium & Octavia Street -Recognition in 81st Ginza Bazaar Program Book, Light of Dharma Newsletter, BCSF Website & Facebook Page -Recognition on Sponsorship Wall in Gymnasium -(3) Complimentary Ginza meal packages ACTIVITY SPONSOR $1,000.00 - CULTURAL ACTIVITIES SATURDAY SPONSOR (Help fund & support all cultural activities, demonstrations & entertainment on Octavia Street on Saturday afternoon.

All activities are free of charge to the public.) -Name and logo listed on signage in Gymnasium, Education Building & Octavia Street -Recognition in 81st Ginza Bazaar Program Book, Light of Dharma Newsletter, BCSF Website & Facebook Page -Recognition on Sponsorship Wall in Gymnasium & Octavia Street -Public announcement of sponsorship at the beginning & end of each activity -(6) Complimentary Ginza meal packages $250.00 per day– BINGO SATURDAY & SUNDAY SPONSOR -Caller mentions sponsor name every 30 minutes throughout the day -Your logo or name on signage in bingo area -Recognition in 81st Ginza Bazaar Program Book, Light of Dharma Newsletter, BCSF Website & Facebook Page -Recognition on Sponsorship Wall in Gymnasium -(2) Complimentary Ginza meal packages $250.00 – CHILDREN ACTIVITIES SATURDAY & SUNDAY SPONSOR -Caller mentions sponsor name every 30 minutes throughout the day -Your logo or name on signage in Education Building area -Recognition in 81st Ginza Bazaar Program Book, Light of Dharma Newsletter, BCSF Website & Facebook Page -Recognition on Sponsorship Wall in Gymnasium -(2) Complimentary Ginza meal packages ITEM SPONSOR (New) $500.00 – CHOCHIN SPONSOR -Logo on 25-chochin to be displayed during Bon Odori Street Dance Festival -Name and logo listed on signage in Gymnasium, Education Building & Octavia Street -Recognition in 81st Ginza Bazaar Program Book, Light of Dharma Newsletter, BCSF Website & Facebook Page -Recognition on Sponsorship Wall in Gymnasium -(4) Complimentary Ginza meal packages Buddhist Church of San Francisco - 1881 Pine Street - San Francisco, CA 94109 415-776-3158 * Fax 415-776-0264 www.buddhistchurchofsanfrancisco.org bcsfginza@gmail.com Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

13 Founded 1898 Buddhist Church of San Francisco 81st Ginza Bazaar & 88th Bon Odori – July 27-28, 2019 DONATION & SPONSORSHIP FORM Due by: July 15, 2019 Organization/Donor _ _ Contact Person _ _ Address _ _ Phone Number _ _ Description of Donation(s): - Sponsorship Level _ _ - Goods or Services _ _ - Gift Certificates _ _ - Other _ _ Please contact us if you want your donation to be picked up. Otherwise, please return this form with your donation to: Buddhist Church of San Francisco 1881 Pine Street San Francisco, CA 94109 bcsfginza@gmail.com Thank you for your generous donation! An acknowledgement letter will be sent upon receipt of your donation by the office.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information. The Buddhist Church of San Francisco is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt religious organization. Federal Tax ID number 94-1549371 - For BCSF office use only - - Date Received: Rec’d by: Acknowledgement Letter Sent: Payment Received: - - Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma Ginza Bazaar Silent Auction The Ginza Bazaar Silent Auction offers many one-of-a-kind Japanese art objects, memorabilia, tickets to sporting and cultural events. The figure of Buddha on the far left below is estimated to be four hundred years old and dates to the Tokugawa shogunate. Be sure to check out the Silent Auction at the Ginza Bazaar and bid on these and the many other items and experiences which will benefit the Buddhist Church of San Francisco. Thank you for your generous spport. 14

15 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma Special Ginza Bazaar designed baked goods from The Cookie Stache The Cookie Stache and Tamari Hedani will again be offering her specially designed cookies at the Ginza Bazaar.

This year, in addition to buying them at Ginza Bazaar, you can also pre-order your favorites from the Cookie Stache website https://www.thecookiestache.com/2019ginzabazaar-presale and pick them up at the Bazaar. You can also contact her by email at: thecookiestache@gmail.com or by phone: 415.890.3603. As she has done in previous years, Tamari will generously donate 50% of the proceeds from all sales, at the Ginza Bazaar and through pre-sales to BCSF. Thank you for your generosity, Tamari. Memorial Day Observances As part of an observance sponsored by the National JACL and VFW Golden Gate Nisei Memorial Post 9879, Greg Marutani described his trip to Bruyeres, France where residents continue to remember the sacrifices of the Japanese American soldiers who liberated their community during WW2.

Jiten Daiko’s “Fizzy Fragments” On Tuesday, June 18, Jiten Daiko hosted a special program of original works in the BCSF gym. Some of the pieces were worksin-progress and explains the “Fragments” in the title. Japanese Benevolent Society in collaboration with JARF, sponsored an annual interfaith service at the Japanese Cemetery, attended by Keisuke Lee-Miyaki Sensei and the Sangha.

16 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma The Buddhist Church of San Francisco received this note thanking the Rev. Kobata and our Sangha for its contributions of origami cranes delivered to Dilley, TX, in support of immigrant children who had been incarcerated and separated from their parents.

JA and other activists from around the country demonstrated June 22 in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. Read coverage by the Rafu Shimpo http://www.rafu.com/2019/06/tense-moments-as-jaactivists-protest-at-fort-sill/ TSURU (CRANES) FOR SOLIDARITY

17 On June 8, the BCSF Choir joined seven Bay Area choirs at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple for a resounding Shin Buddhist Choir Festival. The happi-clad choirs, with the exception of the Palo Alto Choir, who chose to wear Golden State Warrior t-shirts, drove in from San Jose, Mt. View, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Berkeley, Southern Alameda County, and Sacramento. The Berkeley Buddhist Temple hosted and organized the day's events starting with registration. Workshops were presented by Dr. Steve Sano, professor of music at Stanford University and director of choral studies, and Mr. Dii Lewis, director of the Berkeley Buddhist Temple Choir.

A wonderful obento lunch followed. In the afternoon, each choir performed individually presenting songs of their choice. For the finale, all choirs performed jointly resonating in musical and spiritual harmony. In 2005, when the first Choir Festival was reinstated after a long hiatus, there were only five Buddhist choirs participating. In 2019, there are over eight choirs, but not all were able to attend this year's Choir Festival.

In joyful nembutsu, we are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Shin Choir Festival. We have connected with old and new friends and have learned and shared new songs and musical experiences. Appreciatively, The BCSF Choir BCSF Choir at the Shin Buddhist Choir Festival, June 8th Watch the BCSF Choir’s performance on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=Gbd0iFUEGC8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/d rhT1GE83jfgbx9s5 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

18 Buddhist Women’s Association Meeting May 19, 2019, 1:00 pm Attendance: Diane Durst, Yasuko Fukuda, Alix Holsten, Sadako Kashiwagi, Harumi Kishida, Priscilla Kojimoto, Junko Low, Tara Mochizuki, Ayako Nishimoto, Linda Ono, Betty Tsugawa, Suzanne Yamada, Sandy Yamakishi, Joyce Yamasaki, Yoshi Yao, Tami Yasuhara, Akemi Yoshimoto.

The meeting was called to order by President Sandy Yamakishi at 12:05pm with gassho. The minutes from the March 10, 2019 meeting as recorded in the May Light of Dharma were approved with no corrections (m/s/a: Durst/Ono). The minutes of BWA meetings are published in the Light of Dharma for review prior to meetings.

Old Business 1. Committee Report a. Recruitment and New Member Packet – no report b. Programs/Workshops – no report 2. Lady Kujo Service: Yasuko Fukuda chaired and Camille Pating gave the dharma talk. The service was well received; the dharma talk, which addressed issues relevant to women, received many favorable comments. 3. Hanamatsuri Bake Sale (Harumi): The bake sale raised $630, including donations. Priscilla said that is was good to have the table set up in the lobby before service as some buy early and others leave right after service. 4. Sewing Workshop (Diane): Many thanks to Yasuko for her assistance.

Approximately 15 attended the workshop and also enjoyed a delicious lunch. The workshop was successful as it allowed Diane to solidify ideas for sewing yukata.

5. Cherry Blossom Senior Appreciation Breakfast honoring Sadako Kashiwagi (Sandy): BCSF had two tables of 10, a nice turnout to share the morning with Sadako. Correspondence (Priscilla) 1. Donations received and acknowledged: Stan Adachi (for help at Jeff Adachi’s funeral and otoki), Junko Ono (for Stanley Kazumi Ono), Elaine Weston (imo Clive Weston), Estate of Midori Otsuki, Ayako Nishimoto (imo Yutaka Yao), Yoshi Yao (imo Yutaka Yao), Kashiwagi Family Trust (imo Yutaka Yao). 2. Received: thank you note from Ayako Nishimoto for BWA’s support and kindness to Yutaka Yao. New Business 1. BCSF-BWA Welcoming Committee for visitors to BCSF during WBWC (Diane) a.

Omiyage to Hoppo-Fukuoka BWA members to be given at dinner on August 30, 2019: Diane has ordered 300 pins with an image of the stupa, “Light of Dharma,” and “Buddhist Church of San Francisco” in relief. b. Diane is planning to decorate the Social Hall in anticipation of WBWC attendees and friends visiting BCSF in August. The displays will include photographs and stories of members of BCSF with the goal of forging connections between WBWC attendees and BCSF. Currently a delegation from Hiroshima is scheduled to visit on Friday and a delegation from Hawaii is scheduled to visit on Sunday afternoon.

There will probably be other individuals and groups.

c. Omiyage for people who visit BCSF. Still in the planning stage. Ideas include custom tenugui and custom postcard. Harumi mentioned that we probably have some Bay District tenugui (wisteria theme) and some BCSF t-shirts in storage that may make good omiyage. Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

19 2. WBWC District Meeting, May 18, 2019 (Sandy) a. Hoppo-Fukuoka will take place on August 30 at Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse near the convention venue. Reservations have been made for 100. Forty-one attendees from Japan are confirmed.

Attendees from Bay District BWA chapters should confirm by May 31. Cost will be approximately $100/person including tax, fees and tip. Attendees, including those from Japan, will pay for their own dinners. b. Marketplace: BCSF-BWA will not have a booth at the marketplace. c. Hotel Room: BCSF-BWA will be reserving a room at the hotel for members’ use as previously approved.

d. There will be a Bon Odori on Sunday, from 1pm – 3pm, after the closing service. It is open to the public. e. Misc.: approximately 1500 people have registered, ensuring that the event should break even. f. Shikisho can still be purchased on-line or at the event. 3. Toban list update and otoki help (Sandy) a. After discussion, we was decided that Sandy should contact the toban chairs for the month to get proper staffing. If they are not available, Sandy will contact other toban chairs. 4. Yoga (Diane) BWA is sponsoring Yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30 – 2:30 pm in the gym. The teacher is Diane’s sister, a certified Iyengar yoga instructor.

The suggested donation is $5/person/session, $4 of which goes to the instructor and $1 of which goes to BCSF. All are welcome to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:05pm with gassho. Respectfully Submitted, Tara Mochizuki June Toban: Yoshi Yao and Estella Weiss July Toban: Susan Sakuma and Suzanne Yamada Next meeting: July 14, 2019 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma Buddhist Women’s Association Meeting (continued) May 19, 2019, 1:00 pm

Acknowledgments for May, 2019 The Buddhist Church of San Francisco thanks our members and friends for your thoughtful and generous donations during the month of April. This list covers contributions recorded as of May 31, 2019.

Shotsuki Hoyo Dairiki, Jack Graham, James and Karen IMO Yuriye Ito Hamada, Miles and Lorraine Lowe IMO Suehachi Ohmura Haskell, Tokuko IMO Hatsuko Hall IMO Hatsuko Hall Hayashi, Joanne T IMO Richard Masato Imai Hedani, Dean and Family IMO Eiji Hedani Kojimoto, Keith and Priscilla MO Tsunesuke Hara Kotabe, Sharonlee E IMO Daniel T Kotabe Kunihara, Janet and Daniel Mamiya, Scott and Kimberly IMO Shigeko Mary Mamiya Masada, Miyuki IMO Charles Masada/ Chika Masada Masada, Shirley M Masuda, Michiko IMO Takayoshi Yamagishi Morino, Jean IMO Shokichi Morino Nakamura, Chizuko IMO Masato Nakamura Nanjo, Ben Tsutomu IMO Yoneko Nanjo Nishimoto, Edward and Ayako IMO Sen Yao Nonaka, Victor M Ochi, Mickie Omori, Linda Sekino and Steven Oshita, Yuriko IMO Kiyo Komiyama Ozaki, Nancy IMO Stan Ozaki Sawamura, Ellen M PHD IMO Katherine Miho Sawasaki, William and Nina IMO Sumi Tsujimoto Sekino, Osamu and Tsuruko IMO Yukio Sekino Sekino, Tad and Christie IMO Yukio Sekino Shimamoto, Amy IMO Yukiko Hosoda Shimamoto, Hiko and Susan IMO Gennosuke Shimamoto/ Iwa Shimamoto Taguchi, Michiko and Jiro Takeuchi, Elainie IMO Fumiko Tsuha Tanaka, Reiko IMO Takako Tanaka Tsujimoto, Peggy IMO Sumi Tsujimoto Uyehara, Emi R Watanabe, Reiko IMO Kiyoshi Watanabe Yamagishi, Akiko IMO Kimie Takahashi Yamagishi, Akiko IMO Yonezo Takahashi Yamagishi, Akiko IMO Edward Yamagishi Yamasaki, Kiyoko IMO Susumu Yamasaki Yao, Shinji and Yoshi IMO Sen Yao Yasuda, Yumi IMO Jane Yasuda Yoshimoto, Akemi IMO Motoe Koyama Memorial Orei Clapper, George, memorial services IMO David Orr Masada, Miyuki 13 year memorial IMO Charles Masada Oka, Yukiko, 33rd memorial service IMO J.H.

Oka 20 Funeral Orei Lane, Marion and Florence Yue, Final services IMO Franklin Yue IMO Yutaka Yao Chu, Traci Lee Kashiwagi, Hiroshi and Sadako Kishida, Russell and Harumi Lee, Annette Nakamoto, Haruko Gotan-E Hirota, Mitsuko Kamishita, Toshiko Kojimoto, Keith and Priscilla Naito, Kiyoshi and Tazuko Okamoto, Kumi Sekino, Tad and Christie Shintaku, Yone Takikawa, Noriko Yamada, Minoru and Suzanne Yamaguchi, Shinya Yamasaki, Kiyoko Obon Lanterns Hedani, Dean and Family Yamagishi, Akiko Special Contributions Anonymous, Charitable Gift for visitation Hamilton, Midori Minamoto, Charitable gift to BCSF Hanamoto, Amy, Charitable gift to BCSF Kwock, Lawrence A, Wedding ceremony of Stephanie Kwock and Alexander Revelo BCSF thanks Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop for the generous donations of pastries that the sangha enjoys each week in the social hall after service.

Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

Nishikawa Ryu Nihon Buyo, California Chapter Performance, June 8 21 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma Nishikawa Ryu Nihon Buyo, California Chapter of Japanese Classical Dance, presented Yukata Kai at BCSF on June 8th, 2019. (Learn more at https://sites.google.com/view/nishikawaryuca and https://www.facebook.com/NishikawaRyuCA/ )

Tomiko Arakaki Genpei Araki Shizue Brooks Nicholas Carter Pearl Liu Cheng Kiyomi Chishaki Masako Dacey Kenji Dairiki Fusako Doami Brian Tadao Endo Tadashi Enomoto Samoru Fujihara Andrew Fujimoto Masuo George Fukuda Teruko Fukushima Carrie Michi Hatta Jane Yoko Matano Hatta Lori Kayo Hatta Minekazu James Hieda Tetsuko Hideshima Tsuga Hinoki Tora Hiraike Buntaro Hirano Shoji Horikoshi Tama Ichiki Yukio "Jim" Ide Kuniye Ikeda Bunji Ikenoue Soichi Imada Mito Imaizumi Itsu Inouye Nancy Michiko Inouye Hatsunosuke Irie Motoo Itatani John Masao Kakiuchi Kaoru Kamida Sukeichi Kanai Haruko Kato Zengo Kato Chisono Kawamoto Sadaichi Kawamoto Seiichi Kawanishi Kumahiko Kimura Chimori Kubota Fujie Kudo Tadao Kume Kenji Kunihara Isaburo Kurita Kimiko Kurotori Emiko Kuruma Kimiyo Kuwada Seikichi "Curly" Maeda Tokushiro Maeda Ruth Fujiko Masuoka Kazue Matayoshi Clifford Isamu Matoi Roger Mitsugi Matoi Kyuemon Matsumi Hiroshi "Bob" Matsuo Nobukichi Matsuo Nobuko Matsuoka Akino Matsuyama Yoshio Mihara Sada Miho Haruko Misumi Roy Miyamoto Kiyoko Miyauchi Jitsuo Mizota Takeshi Mizota Kanekichi Mizuiri Ine Morishita Shigejiro Morishita Chitose Moriuchi Ken Moriyama Gary Evans Mamoru Murakami Fuki Nagamoto Uichi Nagamoto Robert Masahiko Nagayama Tokuji Nakamoto Asato Albert Nakamura Yukie Nakamura Minoru Nakatani Tomonori Nakura Phan-T Nguyen Gisaburo Nishioka Toki Noguchi Daihachi Ohmaru Chizuko Oka Tama Okamoto Owai Okamura Reese Takeo Okamura Hisayo Omi Roy Takashi Omi Masuo Ono Sadao Oride Shigeo Otsuki Steven Takahiro Outa Yuku Ouye Shizuka Ozaki Toshio Sada Kazuko Sakaguchi Kingo Sakaguchi Noboru Sakamoto Yoko Sakamoto Setsuko Sakiuchi Takeshi Sakuma Kayoko Sato Roy Akira Satow Sentaro Satow Raku Sekino Takaji Sekino Toshiko Shigio Donald Matsuyoshi Shimabuku Hikoichi Shimamoto Judy Itsuko Shimamoto Shoji Shimamoto Kumiko Shimizu Tashiko Shimizu Toru Shimizu Mary Chima Shinbori Cora S.

Shintaku Mary Tsuneko Shintaku Henry Hiroshi Shiono Genpei Sone Akio Suekawa Yasuko Tada Hana Takahashi Harry Hiroshi Takahashi Miyoko Takahashi Shigetaro Takahashi Kokuma Tamura Haruko Helen Tanaka Yoshitaro Tanaka Kayo Hamada Tong Misao Toriumi Kazue Tsuchida Akino Tsuchiya Keijiro Tsujisaka Kiku Ueda Sumiko “Sunnie” Unemoto Masuyo Wada Sanayemon Wakisaka Russell Yagi Mikino Yamada Masuso Yamamoto Nancy Tomiko Yamamoto Tamae Yamamoto Umeyo Yamamoto Robert Sumiyoshi Yamanaka Kikue Yamate Kouhachi Yoshida July Shotsuki Hoyo Monthly Memorial Service The memorial for your loved ones who passed away in July will be held on Sunday, July 14th at 10 am in English, and at 1 pm in Japanese.

You are most welcome to attend.

22 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

23 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

24 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma Soko Gakuen will be offering Japanese language lessons for children (September 2019 through June 2020), between the ages of 5 and 14 (kindergarten through advanced classes). There are now openings for all levels. Classes meet every Saturday morning between 9:00 and 12:00. Tuition is $350 per semester (including material & utilities fees: $50 per semester).

Soko Gakuen is devoted to the preservation of Japanese language, traditions, and Buddhist teachings. We insist on a high standard of conduct by our children and teachers.

To register for the children's class, come to the Educational Building (440 Austin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109) of the Buddhist Church of San Francisco on Saturday, 8/17/19, 9:00-12:00 noon. For more information, please visit http://sokogakuen.org or call us at 415-928-9608.Thanks. geppoNews-gakuenDayori...Dana, Conduct, Effort, Patience, Meditation, Wisdom Become a Supporter of BCSF Buddhist Women’s Association (BWA) The BCSF-BWA Mission is: To promote the teaching of Jodo Shinshu as taught by Shinran Shonin To provide fellowship and coordinate activities which support the welfare of the community To be a part of the spiritual and community activities of the Buddhist Church of San Francisco BWA has created a new level of participation open to all BCSF Sangha by becoming a BWA Supporter.

By becoming a supporter you will be included in our BWA activities and placed on our Toban List for being of service to our Sangha.

Toban” is how we perform “dana”, the Sanskrit word meaning generosity and being helpful. BWA has a system in place where we are called to perform tea service after the Japanese service as well as helping with servicing memorials (otoki) and temple events. We find these activities teach us “compassion of the heart.” BWA currently has 13 toban groups organized by a designated month. (That’s right your toban group may even get to skip a year.) We have fun activities throughout the year. If you are interested in becoming a BWA Supporter please call BCSF office at (415) 776-3158. You’ll be asked for contact information.

There is no fee associated with being a supporter.

Ageless Yoga is now offered at BCSF. This class is to improve balance, flexibility and core strength. Yoga helps to train and focus the mind. Maryann Shinta, a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, will lead this class. Classes are Monday and Wednesday 1:30-2:30 and is open to all in our BCSF community. BWA is asking for $5.00 donation per person per class. Wed. July 24th, Mon. July 29th Yoga may be held In the Social Hall, instead of the gym due to the Ginza Bazaar. YOGA at BCSF Mon. & Wed. 1:30-2:30 pm

25 Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma Perfect makes practice.

Practice makes perfect. 7 1655 1767 1806 1639

26 July Monthly Services and Activities Obon Seminar, Rev. Patricia Usuki, Saturday, 1:30 pm – 3 pm Obon Service, Sunday, July 21st, 10 am, Guest speaker: Rev. Patricia Usuki Shotsuki Hoyo Monthly Memorial Service, July 14th, English: 10 am, Japanese: 1 pm No Sunday Services, July 7th and July 28th Quiet Sitting, 9:20 am, every Sunday, facilitated by Jack Dairiki Mindful Meditation: Every Wednesday, 6:30 pm Facilitated by Leo Joslin. Sitting and walking meditation followed by Dharma chat and tea. Dharma Discussion: Wednesday, July 17th, 7:30 pm Third Wednesday of every month. Facilitated by BCSF Ministerial Team.

Evening Metta Service: Saturday, August 24th, 5 pm Facilitated by Rev. Elaine Donlin. Dharma talk, guided meditation and recitations in English. Last Saturday of every month (except July and December) Shoshinge service will return on Sunday, August 25th, 10 am Facilitated by Leo Balambao Sensei and BCSF Ministerial Team. Chanting Shoshinge and Dharma talk. Important Ginza Bazaar General Meeting Monday, July 8, 2019 @6:30pm, Conference Room #1 in the Educational Building BWA meeting, July 14, 2019, 12:00 pm BCSF Choir Upcoming performances: Obon (July 14); Kokoro Service (August 12); World Buddhist Women's Convention (September 1) Yoga, Mondays, 1:30-2:30 pm, Wednesdays, 1:30-2:30pm.

Instructor: Maryann Shinta. $5 donation per session. On Wed. July 24th, Mon. July 29th Yoga may be held In the Social Hall, instead of the gym due to the Ginza Bazaar. Taiji, Every Tuesday, 7-9 pm Educational Building, First floor. Info: email kwockdad@gmail.com Thank You to Our JULY Flower Volunteers 7/05: Rev. Kobata; Sumi Suda & Amy Hanamoto 7/19 ; Noriko Takikawa & Akemi Yoshimoto 7/12: Diane Durst; Akiko Arikawa & Susie Sato 7/26: Marcie Sada; Betty Tsugawa & Akiko Arikawa Buddhist Church of San Francisco July 2019 Light of Dharma

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday JUNE 30 JULY 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 27 6:30 pm: Mindful Meditation 7 pm: Taiji 7 pm: Taiji NO SERVICE No Metta Service 6:30 pm: Mindful Meditation 6:30 pm: Mindful Meditation 7:30 pm: Study Discussion 6:30 pm: Mindful Meditation 9:20 am: Quiet Sitting 10 am: Shotsuki Hoyo (English) 12 pm: BWA Meeting 1 pm: Japanese Light of Dharma Ÿ Buddhist Church of San Francisco Ÿ 1881 Pine St .Ÿ CA 94109 Ÿ 415-776-3158 July 2019 7 pm: Taiji 7 pm: Taiji 9:20 am: Quiet Sitting 10 am: Obon Service Guest speaker: Rev.

Patricia Usuki 1:30 pm: Yoga 1:30 pm: Yoga 1:30 pm: Yoga 1:30 pm: Yoga 1:30 pm: Yoga ( in Social Hall) 1:30 pm: Yoga 6 pm Ginza Bazaar Meeting Office Closed Office Closed Office Closed Office Open Obon Seminar Rev. Patricia Usuki 1:30 –3:30 pm GINZA BAZAAR 1- 7 pm Office Open 7:30 – 9:00 pm: Bon Odori Practice 1:30 pm: Yoga ( in Social Hall) 2019 7 7 14 1 14 12 20 1 3 21 10 27 28 15 17 19 22 7 6:30 pm: Mindful Meditation 7 pm: Taiji Office Closed Office Open No Bon Odori Practice No Bon Odori Practice No Bon Odori Practice 1:30 pm: Yoga 4th of JULY Office Closed 9:20 am: Quiet Sitting 10 am: Shoshinge Service 7:30 – 9:00 pm: Bon Odori Practice 7:30 – 9:00 pm: Bon Odori Practice 7:30 – 9:00 pm: Bon Odori Practice GINZA BAZAAR 11am - 5pm BON ODORI 1 - 3 pm 6 pm: Ginza Bazaar Cleanup 1:30 pm: Yoga 1:30 pm: Yoga NO SERVICE 6 pm Board meeting

You can also read