Review of achievements 2012-2017
(February 2018 revised edition)

                             Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones   - Review   |   1
                                                  On becoming Mayor of Liverpool in April 2012, I made a
                                                  series of commitments which included creating 20,000 new
                                                  jobs in the city. Making such a commitment at that time,
                                                  whilst the country was in the middle of a crippling recession,
                                                  coupled with a series of unprecedented government cuts
                                                  being imposed on Liverpool, was always going to be a tall

                                                  But Liverpool is a city that I passionately believe in. I have
                                                  often said that the city’s best years are to come, and I truly
                                                  believe that over the last four years we have proven what is
                                                  possible to achieve against all the odds.

                                                  Key to the success of this important commitment is how this
                                                  City Council can work with other agencies and partners,
                                                  pulling together the resources needed so that we create the
                                                  opportunities to work with new and existing businesses, in turn
                                                  helping them to grow and create those new jobs.

                                                  To do this, over the last five years, the city has focussed its
                                                  attention on five key Mayoral Development Zones and two
                                                  Enterprise Zones, each chosen as areas with the most
                                                  potential for generating employment, particularly for local
                                                  people in adjacent residential areas where jobs are vitally

                                                  We have used our land resources, connections and
                                                  partnerships to provide the sites, support and opportunities to
                                                  attract businesses to invest in these zones. Since early 2012,
                                                  over £2.45 billion worth of development within them has seen
                                                  existing jobs safeguarded in new and refurbished offices,
                                                  warehouses, industries, health facilities, schools and colleges.

                                                  This document looks back at the achievements over the last
                                                  five years across the five Mayoral Development Zones and
                                                  the Liverpool City Enterprise Zone.

                                                  And it doesn’t stop there! Another £1.3 billion is currently on
                                                  site in these zones, providing some 1,589 new jobs when all
                                                  the space created is filled. The City Council is also looking at
                                                  innovative new ways to increase its rental income from
                                                  purchasing key properties or land through the “Invest to
                                                  Earn” initiative, or through investing in expanding businesses
                                                  such as Liverpool John Lennon Airport so that it can share in
                                                  future profits to reinvest in our services.

                                                  I hope after reading about the great strides this city has
                                                  taken and continues to deliver, you will agree that Liverpool
                                                  remains an increasingly attractive place to invest and do
COVER PHOTO: TOP LEFT – BARCLAYS CALL             business.

Starting Point: Origin of the Zones                 1

Value added (what the Council does to help)         3

North Liverpool Mayoral Development Zone            5

South Liverpool Mayoral Development Zone            9

Stonebridge Cross Mayoral Development Zone          13

Central Liverpool Mayoral Development Zone          17

Knowledge Quarter Mayoral Development Zone          21

Liverpool City Enterprise Zone                      25

Liverpool Waters Enterprise Zone                    31

Summary of Totals                                   35

Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones         - Review   |   3
Starting Point: Origin of the Zones
The last five years has seen Liverpool show             The Mayor took responsibility for developing the
a remarkable resilience in a post-recession             strategic vision of the city, promoting Liverpool and the
                                                        City Region at home (opening our “Liverpool in London”
period with over £5.2 billion worth of                  office) and abroad, and implementing a single
completed investment since January 2012                 investment programme package that included:-
having brought new jobs and training                      a new Enterprise Zone for North Liverpool and the
opportunities, 12 new schools and over                     Central Business District which offers incentives for
5,000 new homes. Today, the city is                        companies to set up business in Liverpool and
experiencing its highest ever levels of                    encourages existing city-based business to grow;
investment with some £1 billion being                     the potential to capture the entire benefit of any
invested each year, and more schemes in                    growth in business rates from the Enterprise Zone
                                                           for use in five other key economic areas of the city
the pipeline.                                              – North Liverpool, the Knowledge Quarter in the
                                                           city centre, Stonebridge Cross, the Eastern
A significant boost to the city’s ability to promote,
                                                           Approaches (Central Liverpool) and Speke-Garston
encourage, foster and facilitate this investment and
                                                           (South Liverpool) areas (referred to as Mayoral
development activity came about when the new
                                                           Development Zones or MDZs).
Mayor of Liverpool came into office in May 2012.
This had been brought about by changes introduced       In addition, the deal has seen the Mayor acting as the
through the Localism Act 2011 and the updated           chair of an investment board – the Mayoral Develop-
Local Government Act 2000 which allowed local           ment Corporation – to oversee the Local Finance for
authorities to hold a referendum to change their        Growth package and all of the land, commercial and
governance arrangements to an elected mayor.            residential buildings including the assets that were
                                                        previously owned by the North West Development
Liverpool embraced this opportunity which offered       Agency, much of which sits inside these zones.
the chance to form a new governance model for the
city, the powers and resources of which would be        Now, five years on, this document looks back at what
primarily supplied by the City Deal agreement with      has been achieved in the Mayoral Development Zones
the Government. This deal has seen the establish-       and the Liverpool City Enterprise Zone, as well as the
ment of the first Mayoral Development Corporation       developing aspiration for the proposed £5.5billion
outside London, supported by a Local Finance for        Liverpool Waters development which is set to be
Growth package worth an initial £130 million.           delivered in the coming decades.

                                Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                   - Review       |   1
A565                                                            A59

     Liverpool2                                                                                M58

            Port of




                                           A5047                                                       M57



         LIVERPOOL WATERS                                                    A562

                                                   Port of
MAYORAL DEVELOPMENT ZONES:                         Garston





                                                                              Liverpool John
         LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE                                                Lennon Airport

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                                             Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                   - Review   |   2

                                                                     1                                                 3

Value added (what the Council does to help)
Liverpool is a city with a wealth of talent,               opportunities – including Council or other public
skills, land and property opportunities which              owned sites wherever possible – to potential
                                                           investors, or to existing companies based in the city
can benefit companies seeking a base to                    wishing to find land or premises in which to expand.
operate and flourish. Our task is to identify
the opportunities and bring investors to the               Once an opportunity has been identified, interested
table along with all the back-up needed to                 investors/companies are supported through the
                                                           range of financial support options for businesses such
encourage them to see Liverpool as the right               as the Mayoral Investment Fund. For qualifying
location for their business. Although some                 investment projects, the support on offer may involve
of what has been achieved in the Mayoral                   equity, loan or funding packages. The City is within an
Development Zones will have happened                       assisted area and as a result there is flexibility in the
naturally, the Council has been and remains                provision of funding packages available. The City also
                                                           has the City Enterprise Zone which can offer incoming
actively involved in helping several major                 businesses certain financial benefits to provide
projects come to fruition.                                 assistance in site assembly or preparation where
                                                           possible contamination exists, amongst others.
Our priorities are to encourage investment that
brings positive benefits to the city in terms of jobs,     The Regeneration Development Team supports
education and training facilities, and greater housing     developers and investors deliver their projects, from
choices, all of which form part of the Mayor’s             concept stage through to completion. Planning &
pledges. Our citizens need access to training to           Building Control officers offer guidance where
improve their skills, well paid job opportunities, and a   necessary through the planning stages, whilst advice
good choice of both rented and homes to buy in             is also given by the Heritage and Urban Design Team
order to keep them within the city limits as Council       where buildings need to be successfully meshed into
Tax payers.                                                the urban fabric in sensitive environments such as the
                                                           city’s commercial World Heritage Site that forms a
The City Council provides support through a number         major part of the Liverpool City Enterprise Zone.
of teams with a regeneration focus, and Liverpool
Vision, all of whom work together to market the city       In North Liverpool in particular, the Development
and showcase potential development sites and               Team has worked closely with Liverpool Football

                                 Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                       - Review        |   3

                              5                                                                                                  6

                                                             1.   Briggs Automotive, makers of the BAC Mono sports car, Speke,
                                                                  South Liverpool.

                                                             2.   Mercedes Benz Roanza Van, Derby Road, North Liverpool.

                                                             3.   “The Hangar”, Capital & Centrica’s latest industrial units
Club and Registered Social Landlord partner Your                  completed in December 2015 at Liverpool International
Housing Group on the £260million Anfield Project.                 Business Park, South Liverpool.
The scheme has not only seen LFC’s stadium seating
capacity expanded and a new square created, but our          4.   Apprentice training programme, North Liverpool.
housing policy officers have led on a major refurbish-       5.   Liverpool John Lennon Airport – now with LCC as an investor.
ment programme which has seen outstanding results
in refurbishing dilapidated terraced housing, bringing       6.   Refurbished terraced homes, part of the £360 million Anfield
vacant homes back into use for local residents.                   Regeneration Programme, North Liverpool.

                                                           In addition, the Council has become a third party
In terms of strategic forward planning, the council        investor in the development of Liverpool John Lennon
engages with major players and partners. In the case       Airport which has seen an increase in passenger
of the Knowledge Quarter Mayoral Development Zone          numbers, airlines and destinations served over the past
this includes the Council’s involvement with the           year. Investment will be used to further improve
Knowledge Quarter Board that includes representatives      facilities for passengers and airlines, with the Council
from Liverpool Vision, the two universities, the Royal     able to share in any profits made as the airport
Liverpool University Hospital, both cathedrals and the     continues to develop.
School of Tropical Medicine. The Board works to guide
the implementation of the Knowledge Quarter                Under the innovative “Invest to Earn” initiative, the
Strategic Investment Framework, a blueprint document       Council is able to borrow money to invest in property or
outlining the partners’ joint vision for the development   schemes that have potential to earn income. Since 2012,
of the zone.                                               the scheme has helped protect and create 1,600 jobs,
                                                           generated new economic growth, increased business
Partnership working has also brought other benefits.       rate income and delivered commercial returns of up to
Liverpool Science Park, located next to the Metro-         15%. This includes the purchasing of the Cunard Building
politan Cathedral, is a joint-owned business shared        which earned £1.3 million in its first year and has the
between the City Council, the University of Liverpool      potential to bring in a further £2 million in rents once
and Liverpool John Moore’s University. Its £8 million      new businesses and ventures have moved in; and the
IC3 facility, completed in March 2014 was part funded      Finch Farm sports training ground which the Council is
by the partnership, with the balance being provided by     now renting back to Everton Football Club and other
the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).             sporting clubs and bodies, generating a monthly income.

                                   Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                             - Review           |   4
North Liverpool MDZ
The largest of the Mayoral Development Zones,                   RETAIL/LEISURE
North Liverpool covers the area stretching from
the expanse of Liverpool’s docks in the north to                In order to enhance the Everton Valley area as a desirable
the edge of the City Centre’s commercial business               suburb in which to live, and supporting the many
                                                                opportunities which currently exist for high quality
core. Not only does it include a swathe of                      residential development, St Modwen’s “Project Jennifer”
traditional industrial and warehousing sites                    has provided a new district centre on Great Homer Street.
alongside the river, it also reaches eastwards into             The existing “Greatie Market” was relocated in order to
Everton Valley to encompass rapidly regenerating                make way for a new £50 million development that included
residential suburbs and district shopping centres.              a Sainsbury’s store and other non-food retail units,
                                                                McDonalds, petrol station, open market, community
                                                                facilities and leisure uses. Over 250 new jobs arrived when
WAREHOUSING/MANUFACTURING                                       the bulk of the building completed in autumn 2017.

Being located close to the Port of Liverpool, North Liverpool   North Liverpool is also home to both of the city’s football
is perfectly poised to provide additional warehousing and       clubs. Whilst plans for Everton FC are still at an early stage,
storage opportunities arising from its proximity to the         Liverpool FC’s £120 million redevelopment of its main stand
recently completed £300 million “Liverpool 2” deep water        completed in September 2016. The scheme is part of a
freight-handling facility.                                      £360 million regeneration of the Anfield area that is also
                                                                seeing over 600 terraced homes refurbished or
Cooking oil manufacturer New Britain Oils has invested          redeveloped, along with improvements to existing shops, a
£40 million at its plant in Regent Road since it opened in      business hub, new public square and a proposed new hotel.
2010. In April 2012 it built a new £9 million packing
warehouse next to the existing facility, creating 30 new
jobs. In early 2015 the plant was bought by Malaysia-
                                                                   NORTH LIVERPOOL MDZ
based Sime Darby Plantation for £1.07 billion and
production has been ramped up due to high demand for
its products, taking the total workforce to 70.
                                                                   STATISTICAL ACHIEVEMENTS
                                                                   SINCE APRIL 2012 (as at February 2018)
Great Howard Street and Derby Road form the main artery
route into the city from Southport, Lancashire and the north.
With some 25,000 vehicles using the corridor each day, the            £433m            Investment value (plus £178m
                                                                                       housing/student accommodation)
location has become popular with car showrooms and trade
counters. Redsun Developments completed its £4 million
Canada Dock Exchange scheme in February 2017. The first                      761        New jobs opportunities created
phase of 30,000 sq ft was pre-let to CCF Ltd (Travis Perkins
Group), whilst Screwfix Ltd were amongst the first
businesses to open in the second 35,000 sq ft phase.                         382        Existing jobs safeguarded

RENEWABLE ENERGIES                                                    £187m            Potential investment value of
                                                                                       schemes with or seeking
North Liverpool is enjoying a growth in firms specialising in                          permission (excluding housing)
waste to fuel technologies.

In October 2013, Olleco Energy completed a specialist                        363       Potential new jobs to be
biodiesel plant capable of producing 16 million litres of                              created by proposed schemes
biodiesel. It is the UK's largest purpose built plant
dedicated to producing biodiesel from used cooking oil, and
in 2014 the company installed its first Anaerobic Digestion              1,555          New homes built
(AD) plant to provide the heat and power needed to                         Average
operate the biodiesel plant. This has helped Olleco to step
closer to achieving its vision of 100% resource recovery by
producing a biodiesel that saves over 95% GHG emissions
                                                                             447        New homes currently on site

compared to fossil fuels.

                       Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                           - Review         |   5
1                                                                         4

                                                                  2                                                                         5

                                                                  3                                                                         6

1.   Olleco Energy’s purpose built bio-diesel plant in Foster             4.   Canada Dock Exchange – Phase 1 was completed by
     Street is the UK’s largest such facility.                                 Redsun Developments in May 2016. Phase 2 followed
                                                                               in February 2017.
2.   Anfield Business Centre completed its £1m
     refurbishment in July 2012. The facility is capable of               5.   Relocation of the Greatie Market off Great Homer
     offering fully serviced office units and conferencing                     Street was completed in October 2014, creating new
     facilities, with space for 200 jobs.                                      and improved space for 160 existing retail jobs.

3.   Liverpool Football Club’s £120 million extension of its              6.   St Modwen’s “Project Jennifer” saw a new Sainsburys
     main stand is acting as a catalyst for wider regeneration                 store and additional retail units built as part of a major
     in the Anfield area that will include commercial, offices,                new district centre.
     a training hotel and new homes.

                                 Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                                  - Review            |   6

                                                                                                                                                                                Walton Hall


 Port of                                                                                                              H-7                         H-25
                                                                                       H-37         H-6

                       A21                                                      H-20                             H-8        A7 A13

                                         A8              C2                                                                 H-16
                                   A17                                                               H-10                                     Stanley Park

                             A1     A4                                                                                                           A18
                                                                                            H-50             H-31
                                              A2                           H-21                   H-10                                   Anfield /                                       H-20
                                                                                  H-245                                                                               A15
                                                                                                                                       Rockfield Hsg     LFC
                                                                                        H-6                                              Refurbs
                                                                                                                 H-76                             C3 A16
                                                                       H-30                  H-141
                                                              H-80                                                                                     H-106
            A10                                     H-110
                                                                                     H-81                                                        H-249                           A11
                                          A6                                         H-21

                                                                        H-8                 A5
                                                                                      A20                                                                 S-21
                                                               H-34      S-31                                                                                H-21
                                                      H-20                H-7                                                                                    A3      H-8
                                                   H-20               H-26 H-20
                                                                                     H-51                                                                           H-20
                                                   H-9                        H-36 A7                                                                            H-28 H-27
                                                                                                S-348 A6
                                                H-38                                        S-159
                                                              H-130                                                                                                     H-152
                                                                                                                                          H-10           H-106
                                                                                       H-313             H-23     H-70


                                                                                                                                        Crown copyright and database rights 2018 Ordnance Survey 100018351

              Location of recently completed, current and
              proposed major development schemes

                  A   COMPLETED NON-RESIDENTIAL SCHEMES                                                                     H      PROPOSED RESIDENTIAL SCHEME (WITH NUMBER OF
                                                                                                                            S      COMPLETED STUDENT ACCOMMODATION SCHEME (WITH
                                                                                                                                   NUMBER OF STUDENT BEDROOMS)
                                                                                                                            S      STUDENT ACCOMMODATION SCHEME CURRENTLY ON
                      COMPLETED RESIDENTIAL SCHEME (WITH NUMBER                                                                    SITE (WITH NUMBER OF STUDENT BEDROOMS)
                      OF UNITS)                                                                                             S      PROPOSED STUDENT ACCOMMODATION (WITH NUMBER
                                                                                                                                   OF STUDENT BEDROOMS)
                      NUMBER OF UNITS)                                                                                             SITES WITH FUTURE EMPLOYMENT GENERATING POTENTIAL

                                                   Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                                                                              - Review           |   7
MAP    ADDRESS                        DESCRIPTION                            DEVELOPER              JOBS CREATED /      COST        COMPLETION
REF                                                                                                 SAFEGUARDED                     DATE
A1     New Britain Oils, 45 Derby     New packing warehouse                  New Britain Oils Ltd   30 new jobs         £9m         April 2012
       Road                                                                                         created
A2     Olleco Energy, Foster          New cooking oil biodiesel plant        Olleco Energy          10 new jobs         £7.2m       May 2012
       Street/ Birchall Street                                                                      created
A3     Anfield Business Centre, 58    Refurbished fully serviced office      Anfield Business       Space for 200       £1m         Summer 2012
       Breckfield Road South          space with conference suite            Centre                 jobs when full
A4     Bankhall Fire Station,         New combined fire station and          Merseyside Fire &      No new jobs         £4m         November
       Derby Road                     operational resource centre            Rescue Authority       created                         2012
A5     Notre Dame Catholic            New school to replace existing         Liverpool City         No new jobs         £16.2m      August 2013
       College, Great Homer St        on another site                        Council                created
A6     Milstead Primary School,       Replacement/extended                   Liverpool City         20 new jobs         £6m         September
       Iliad Street                   primary school                         Council                created                         2014
A7     New “Greatie” Market,          New market hall (first part of         Liverpool City         Safeguards the      £2.2m       October
       Great Homer Street             Project Jennifer)                      Council                existing 160 jobs               2014
A8     Former Veolia Site,            Conversion to metal recycling          European Metal         12 new jobs         £0.5m       October
       Bankhall Lane                  facility                               Recycling Ltd          created                         2014
A9     Vacant site adjacent to        New single storey steel framed         Higson Edwards         24 existing jobs    £0.4m       February
       steelworks, Luton Street       warehouse extension                    (Steelstock) Ltd       safeguarded                     2015
A10    United Utilities, Wellington   Infilling of dock to create            United Utilities       28 existing jobs    £198m       May 2015
       Dock                           secondary water treatment plant                               safeguarded
A11    Cabbage Hall Inn, 20           Extension and conversion to            Dales Manage-          49 new jobs         £2m         July 2015
       Breck Road                     hotel                                  ment Co Ltd            created
A12    Venmore Stroke Rehab           To convert day care facility to        Liverpool City         19 new jobs         £0.75m      July 2015
       Unit, Venmore Street           offices                                Council                created
A13    Everton Free School,           Extension of free school to cater      Everton Community      30 teaching jobs    £4.5m       September
       Spellow Lane                   for 200 students                       Education Trust        safeguarded                     2015
A14    Mercedes Benz Roanza           Replacement vehicle                    Roanza Ltd             15 safeguarded;     £1m         November
       Van, Derby Road                showroom                                                      4 new jobs                      2015
A15    Stanley Park                   Refurbishment and resurfacing          Liverpool City         No new jobs         £3.2m       August 2016
                                      of paths/car park                      Council                created
A16    Liverpool FC Stadium,          Refurbishing/extending existing        LFC & Athletic         Safeguards 125      £120m       September
       Anfield Road                   stadium.                               Grounds Ltd            existing staff                  2016
A17    “Canada Dock Exchange”,        New distribution warehouse with        Redsun                 100 new jobs        £4m         February
       Derby Road/Bankhall Street     ancillary trade counters               Developments Ltd                                       2017
A18    “Hotel Tia”, 21 Anfield Road   Conversion to 9 bedroom bed &          Mr J Ansnes            7 new jobs          £0.25m      March 2017
                                      breakfast hotel
A19    LFC Football Shop, Walton      New retail store                       Liverpool Football     60 new jobs         £2m         July 2017
       Breck Road                                                            Club
A20    Project Jennifer, Great        New District Centre with               St Modwen              250 new jobs        £50m        Autumn 2017
       Homer Street                   Sainsburys superstore, petrol          Developments plc       promised in the
                                      station, B&M plus other non-food       in partnership with    various services
                                      retail units, McDonalds, open          Liverpool City         and facilities
                                      market, community facilities and       Council
                                      leisure use, light industrial units.
A21    Cemex UK Ltd, Regent           To erect asphalt manufacturing         Cemex UK Ltd           12 new jobs         £1m         October
       Road                           plant with weighbridge, control                                                               2017
                                      room and staff welfare facilities.

MAP    ADDRESS                        DESCRIPTION                            DEVELOPER              STATUS              COST        POTENTIAL
REF                                                                                                                                 JOBS
PROPOSED (as at February 2018)
C1     New Merseyside Police          Site identified for relocation of      Merseyside Police      Application         £45m        Jobs to be
       Headquarters, St Ann Street    police headquarters                    Authority              anticipated                     safeguarded
C2     Greenway Environmental,        New two storey storage building        Greenway               Permission          £1m         3 new jobs; 12
       Redfern Street                 with incorporated offices              Environmental          granted June                    existing
                                                                                                    2014                            safeguarded
C3     The Anfield Project            New commercial and office              Liverpool City         Detailed            £140m       360 new jobs
                                      premises around Anfield Square,        Council/LFC/Your       planning
                                      along with a new 100 bed               Housing Group/         applications
                                      training hotel and new homes           Keepmoat               anticipated

                                 Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                                       - Review           |   8
South Liverpool MDZ
Attracting high value jobs, significant levels of               BIO-PHARMACEUTICALS
investment and modern, well-connected business
premises, South Liverpool is one of the city’s                  South Liverpool is also a recognised as one of the UK’s key
most sought-after locations sitting close to                    locations for bio-pharmaceuticals. Both Eli Lily and
                                                                Medimmune have invested more than £40 million in new
Liverpool John Lennon Airport and the South                     and extended facilities since the end of 2013, whilst
Liverpool Parkway Transport Interchange with its                Novartis completed a new £5million warehouse next to its
links to the national rail network. Since the early             existing facility off Speke Boulevard. Kays Medical
2000s, the zone has been transformed with high                  completed a new £5 million complex at Windward Drive in
                                                                December 2017 bringing 150 new jobs.
quality, handsomely designed business parks and
an infrastructure fit for 21st century businesses,
whilst over 2,000 new jobs have been created
here since the start of 2012.                                   Along with the rapid growth of popular new housing
                                                                schemes, the zone has seen similar investment in retail
AUTOMOTIVES                                                     facilities. Taskers opened a 100,000 sq ft homeware and
                                                                furnishings store off Speke Hall Road in November 2015,
South Liverpool’s reputation for automotives saw new-           bringing 100 new jobs. Meanwhile, the owners of the
comer on the block Briggs Automotive create 60 jobs when        successful New Mersey Shopping Park off Speke Road have
it opened a new factory in a refurbished warehouse at           commenced work on a £60 million plan to revamp the site
Compass Industrial Estate, close to the airport, in early       with a new multiplex cinema, restaurants and new retail
2014. The 60 staff now produce four of its single-seater BAC    units to add to the existing offer, bringing 400 new jobs.
Mono supercar per month, and the company’s order book
is overflowing as it supplies the vehicles to customers
across Europe, America and Asia. The factory is just a short
distance away from the Jaguar Land Rover plant.                    SOUTH LIVERPOOL MDZ
                                                                   STATISTICAL ACHIEVEMENTS
WAREHOUSING AND LOGISITICS                                         SINCE APRIL 2012 (as at February 2018)
The large, flat sites created from the former Liverpool
Airport airfield attract companies requiring large footprints         £193m            Investment value (plus £90m
for warehousing. Having created 600 jobs when moving                                   housing)
into its first £40 million 650,000 sq ft warehouse at “The
Vault” on Liverpool International Business Park in 2009,                 2,075         New jobs opportunities created
retailer B&M built a second £20 million 500,000 sq ft
warehouse called “The Cube” in January 2014, bringing a
further 300 jobs. Two months later, this was followed by a
                                                                         1,620         Existing jobs safeguarded
vehicle maintenance unit bringing an additional 30 jobs.
                                                                         £23m          Investment value currently on
In March 2014, Johnson Controls relocated from                                         site (plus £33m housing)
neighbouring Knowsley to a new £9 million headquarters at
Liverpool International Business Park. In doing so, it added
50 new staff to its existing 450.
                                                                             400       Potential new jobs to be
                                                                                       created by schemes on site
Genesis Business Park at Estuary Commerce Park opened in
August 2012, bringing over 80,000 sq ft of light industrial/             £69m
                                                                            house Potential investment value of
warehousing space providing space for 240 jobs.                              price schemes with or seeking
Companies who moved in included business centre                                    permission (excluding housing)
operator “Business First” and insecticide developer and
                                                                                   Potential new jobs to be
distributor Yanco. In February 2014, Capital & Centric
completed nine small light industrial units and seven small
                                                                         1,598     created by proposed schemes
distribution warehouses at “Speke Business Park” off
Goodlass Road, creating space for over 100 new jobs.                         792       New homes built
Other warehousing schemes recently completed include                      Average
“The Hangar” and “Innovate:Speke” at Venture Point,                          224       New homes currently on site
together providing space for 300 jobs.

                       Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                          - Review         |   9
1                                                                           4

                                                               2                                                                           5


                                                               3                                                                           6

1.   The Briggs Automotive Company opened a new factory at             4.   B&M’s 500,000 sq ft, £20 million “The Cube” warehouse
     Compass Industrial Estate to build the BAC Mono                        opened in early 2014, bringing 300 new jobs.
                                                                       5.   The new £44 million Merseyside Police HQ at Leeward Drive,
2.   The 44,000 sq ft Genesis Business Park was completed in                Estuary Commerce Park will safeguard over 1,200 jobs when
     August 2012, creating space for 140 jobs.                              it opens in spring 2018.

3.   Taskers Home Stores opened their new 100,000 sq ft                6.   Owner Speke Unit Trust is currently investing £60 million at
     store in November 2015, bringing 100 new jobs.                         New Mersey Shopping Park, creating 400 additional jobs.

                               Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                              - Review           |   10

                               H-12                                                                    H-28   H-68
                  Garston                                         A18                  C2         A13
                  Village                                    C1
                                                             C1                                                                      A11
            A14            C11
                                 C10                                                                                  A17

                                                                                             C6               C5      Point
Port of                                                      B1
Garston             H-169                                                                                       C4                                    A4
                        H-11                                                 A24                       A10                                A16
                      H-10             H-19                      A2
                                                                                       A23        H-214
                                                  A3                         A1
                                                                  Estuary Commerce                                 H-30
                                                                 A15     Park                      H-54
                                                                                                               H-4                                                            H-22
                                       Liverpool International          A8                             A7
                                            Business Park               C9                                                                                                  H-4
                                                                                                                   H-185                                             H-28               H-119
                                                                  A20                        C7                                    H-12    H-140
                                                                                                                                  H-20          H-7

                                                                                              Liverpool John
                                                                                              Lennon Airport

            Location of recently completed, current and
            proposed major development schemes

            A     COMPLETED NON-RESIDENTIAL SCHEMES                                                H        RESIDENTIAL SCHEME CURRENTLY ON SITE (WITH
                                                                                                            NUMBER OF UNITS)
                                                                                                   H        PROPOSED RESIDENTIAL SCHEME (WITH NUMBER
            C     PROPOSED NON-RESIDENTIAL SCHEMES                                                          OF UNITS)

            H     COMPLETED RESIDENTIAL SCHEME (WITH NUMBER                                                 SITES WITH FUTURE EMPLOYMENT GENERATING
                  OF UNITS)                                                                                 POTENTIAL

                                                                                                  Crown copyright and database rights 2018 Ordnance Survey 100018351

      MAP       ADDRESS                             DESCRIPTION                                    DEVELOPER                     JOBS CREATED /            COST         COMPLETION
      REF                                                                                                                        SAFEGUARDED                            DATE
      A1        Estuary Business Park:              New 4 x 2 storey commercial                    Genesis                       Space for 140 new         £6m          October
                Genesis Business Park               units with car parking                         Business Park                 jobs created                           2012
      A2        Shop Direct, Estuary                New photographic studios                       Shop Direct                   No additional jobs        £1m          October
                Commerce Park                       within existing building                                                     created                                2012
      A3        B&M "The Cube", Liverpool           New distribution warehouse                     B&M                           290 new jobs              £20m         December
                International Business Park                                                                                      created                                2013
      A4        Medimmune, 5                        Two storey and first floor office/             Medimmune                     50 new jobs               £9m          December
                Renaissance Way                     laboratory extension at side.                                                created                                2013
      A5        B&M Maintenance Unit,               New warehouse/vehicle                          B&M                           30 new jobs               £1m          February
                Dakota Drive                        maintenance unit                                                             created                                2014
      A6        "Speke Business Park",              7 warehouse and 9 office units                 Capital &                     Space for 70 new          £5m          February
                Land off Goodlass Road              with car parking                               Centric                       jobs created                           2014
      A7        Compass Industrial Estate           Refurbishment of 370,000 sq ft                 Network                       Space for 400 jobs        £1m          February
                                                    industrial workspaces                          Space                                                                2014

                                          Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                                                             - Review             |   11
MAP    ADDRESS                          DESCRIPTION                           DEVELOPER          JOBS CREATED /         COST       COMPLETION
REF                                                                                              SAFEGUARDED                       DATE
A8     Johnson Controls, Liverpool      New industrial unit/office            Johnsons           50 new; 400 existing   £9m        March 2014
       International Business Park      building with car parking                                jobs safeguarded
A9     Medimmune UK Ltd,                New central utilities building for    Medimmune          Not disclosed          £10m       March 2015
       Renaissance Way                  boiler plant chillers                 UK Ltd
A10    Speke Hall Avenue: Land          New petrol filling station and        Euro Garages       30 new jobs            £1.75m     April 2015
       off Speke Boulevard              Starbucks Drive through                                  created
A11    Eli Lily, Fleming Road           To erect four storey extension        Eli Lilly And Co   25 new jobs            £30m       March 2015
                                        within facility and install plant     Ltd                created
A12    Liverpool John Lennon            Extension/refurbishment of            Liverpool John     No new jobs            £1m        June 2015
       Airport                          departure lounge at airport           Lennon Airport     created
A13    Taskers Store, Speke Hall        New Taskers store, car repair         Cherokee           100 new jobs           £2.5m      November
       Road/Edwards Lane                centre and car hire centre.           Properties Ltd     created                           2015
A14    Port of Garston                  New 42,000 sq ft bulk handling        ABP Ports          No net new jobs        £2.2m      December
                                        facility                                                                                   2015
A15    “The Hangar”, Liverpool          Development of two 20,000 sq ft       Capital &          80 new jobs to be      £2.5m      December
       Inter-national Business Park     industrial workspace units            Centric            created                           2015
A16    Novartis, Site 2, Gaskill Road   New warehouse with office             Novartis           No net new jobs        £5m        December
                                        space and parking                                                                          2015
A17    “Innovate:Speke” Speke           To erect 4 light industrial units     Redsun             220 potential jobs     £10m       December
       Business Park, Evans Road                                              Developments       when full                         2015
A18    Plot 1, Spitfire Road            New industrial unit with open         Valedown Ltd       35 potential new       £5m        January 2016
                                        plan production area                                     jobs when full
A19    “L175”, Cell 11, Liverpool       New industrial/distribution centre    Peel Investments 280 potential new        £7.5m      September
       International Business Park      with associated access.               (North) Ltd      jobs when full                      2016
A20    Gefco, Liverpool                 130,000 sq ft new warehouse for       Marshalls          100 new jobs to be     £10m       May 2017
       International Business Park      Gefco                                                    created
A21    Liverpool John Lennon            Refurbishment of departure            Liverpool John     No new jobs            £4m        June 2017
       Airport                          lounge                                Lennon Airport
A22    Aldi, 249 St Marys Road          To erect new Aldi food store with     Aldi Stores Ltd    25 new jobs            £2m        July 2017
                                        associated parking
A23    New Merseyside Police HQ,        New 3 storey offices building with    Merseyside         1,220 jobs             £44m       November
       Leeward Drive                    dog kennels and exercise area         Police             safeguarded                       2017
A24    Kays Medical, Windward           To erect 3 storey office block /      Kays Medical       150 new jobs           £3.5m      December
       Drive, Estuary Business Park     warehouse / distribution centre                                                            2017
ON SITE (as at February 2018)
B1     New Mersey Shopping Park         Refurbishment with new cinema         Speke Unit Trust   400 new jobs           £23m       June 2018
                                        and restaurants, reconfiguring of
                                        retail units, etc.

MAP    ADDRESS                          DESCRIPTION                           DEVELOPER          STATUS                 COST       POTENTIAL
REF                                                                                                                                JOBS
PROPOSED (as at February 2018)
C1     Land at Spitfire Road            9 new industrial units each with      Valedown Ltd       Outline permission     £10m       320 new jobs
                                        integral office accommodation                            granted Dec 2014
C2     131-149 Triumph Way              To erect two light industrial units   Valedown Ltd       Permission granted     £1m        10 new jobs
                                        with parking                                             September 2017
C3     Medimmune Uk Ltd, Plot 6         To erect single storey laboratory     Medimmune Uk       Permission granted     £5m        No net new
       Renaissance Way                  with external hardstanding for        Ltd                July 2016                         jobs
                                        new AHU
C4     Former Rayware site, Speke       New B&M retail store/garden           T.J. Morris Ltd    Outline approval       £7m        320 new jobs
       Boulevard                        centre, offices and industrial                           granted April 2017
C5     Venture Point, Plot 3, Evans     2 storey office block with            MIH                Permission granted     £1.5m      20 new jobs
       Road                             attached warehouse                                       October 2014
C6     Former Tea Factory, Speke        New industrial/warehouse units,       Towerbeg Ltd       Outline permission     £20m       800+ new
       Hall Road                        offices, restaurants & hotel.                            granted August 2014               jobs
C7     Kirkby Tyres Ltd, Speke Hall     To erect 8 storage sheds with         Kirkby Tyres Ltd   Permission granted     £2m        40 jobs
       Avenue                           ancillary office accommodation                           June 2016                         safeguarded
C8     Actavis Biologics Ltd,           New storage warehouse for             Actavis            Permission granted     £10m       8 new jobs
       Estuary Commerce Park            packing and raw materials                                June 2014
C9     “The Hive”, Cell 9, Liverpool    To erect two new warehouses of        Marshalls          Permission granted     £8m        80 new jobs
       International Business Park      45,000 sq ft each                                        June 2016
C10    Land adjacent to 38 Speke        To erect warehouse unit for use       Mr T Griffin       Permission granted     £0.6m      10 new jobs
       Road                             as a leisure unit                                        July 2016
C11    Former Garston Public            New retail development with           Mr Adam Bailey     Outline approval       £4m        30 new jobs
       Baths, Speke Road                retail store and office above                            granted Nov 2015

                                Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                                     - Review            |   12
Stonebridge Cross MDZ
Stonebridge Cross Mayoral Development Zone                    RETAIL/LEISURE
sits on either side of East Lancashire Road
(A580), one of the principal routes into                      Although East Lancs Road has an existing retail centre at
Liverpool from Greater Manchester.                            Stonebridge Retail Park (featuring a Showcase Cinema,
                                                              McDonalds, Travelodge Hotel, Poundstretcher, Superdrug
Considerable site assembly, infrastructure and                and B&M Store - the latter of which arrived in early 2015),
environmental enhancement works have been                     some leisure operators have spotted a gap in the market on
invested in to make it appeal to modern                       this important key artery between Liverpool and
businesses looking for room to expand. With                   Manchester. In March 2015, Starbucks opened their first
                                                              drive-thru coffee shop, whilst later in the Autumn of the
the area’s particular strengths in the
                                                              same year, Marstons completed their £1.2 million “Vikings
manufacturing, logistics, service and food                    Landing” pub. The two venues brought 90 new jobs
sectors, the zone offers a range of investment                between them.
opportunities including high quality serviced
plots and new business units available for                    In Summer 2017, Home Bargains moved its retail training
                                                              centre into the former Carcraft building at Portal Way. The
commercial and industrial use at Stonebridge                  £10 million investment also created a further 40 new jobs.
Business Park and Gillmoss Industrial Estate.


Stonebridge has become one of the city’s premier
locations for distribution warehousing. The largest              STONEBRIDGE CROSS MDZ
employer in the zone is Home Bargains (owned by TJ
Morris) who expanded their existing 550,000 sq ft facility       STATISTICAL ACHIEVEMENTS
employing over 1,000 people with a new £20 million               SINCE APRIL 2012 (as at February 2018)
270,000 sq ft extension at G-Park. Opened in August
2014, it created an additional 150 jobs. Home Bargains
also has on site a sales training facility which acts as a         £77.4m           Investment value (plus £2.4m
regular retail store. G-Park is also home to parcel carrier                         housing)
DHL International and Burtons’ Biscuit Co.

Stonebridge Business Park is, today, home to housing
                                                                          670       New jobs opportunities
provider Liverpool Mutual Homes, social business NSC
(Neighbourhood Services Company), and Eurofoods. In
the last 12 months they have been joined by parcel                        200        Existing jobs safeguarded
delivery firm DPD - for whom St Modwen Developments
constructed a new 70,000 sq ft warehouse bringing 230
new jobs. St Modwen also recently completed an                        £30m          Potential investment value of
additional 62,000 sq ft of light industrial space in four                           schemes with or seeking
units on another site named “Stonebridge West” nearby.                              permission
Meanwhile, on the opposite side of East Lancashire Road
at Stonebridge Cross, Liverpool City Council has created
the largest single site at 54.7 acres (22.14 hectares) to
                                                                          500       Potential new jobs to be
                                                                                    created by proposed
prepare for a warehousing scheme capable of bringing 1                              developments
million square feet and creating 500 jobs. With our
development partner Gallan Stoford, we are currently
marketing this major opportunity. Preparing the site                        24       New homes built
involved diverting the River Alt, which has been placed in
a new landscaped wetland habitat valley around the
southern and western edges of the plot.

Further opportunities for warehousing and light industrial
uses are available within the zone.

                     Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                        - Review         |   13
1                                                                             4

                                                               2                                                                             5


                                                               3                                                                             6

1.   Artist’s CGI of the new Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable and            4.   T.J. Morris’s second distribution warehouse at Portal Way,
     Flower Market, Stonebridge Business Park.                              G-Park. It is now to be joined by a third warehouse and
                                                                            employees’ gym.
2.   Marstons’ “Vikings Landing” pub at the junction of East
     Lancs Road and Stonebridge Lane.                                  5.   The new distribution centre for DPD/Geopost will create 230
                                                                            new jobs. Currently on site, it will complete in early spring
3.   “Alt Meadows”, the new £1.2 million park created as                    2016.
     the result of diverting the River Alt to make way for a
     54.7 acre development site at Stonebridge Cross.                  6.   Artists CGI of the proposed 1 million square feet distribution
                                                                            warehouse to be built at Stonebridge Cross.

                               Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                              - Review           |   14




                                                                      Stonebridge Business


                               A5                         H-50                C1

                                     Stonebridge Retail



                                                                                            Crown copyright and database rights 2018 Ordnance Survey 100018351

         Location of recently completed, current and
         proposed major development schemes







Stonebridge West

                              Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                                         - Review               |   15
MAP    ADDRESS                       DESCRIPTION                           DEVELOPER          JOBS CREATED /       COST       COMPLETION
REF                                                                                           SAFEGUARDED                     DATE
A1     Home Bargains Warehouse       New distribution warehouse            T.J. Morris Ltd    150 new jobs         £25m       July 2014
       2, Portal Way, G-Park         building with offices and bridge                         created
                                     link to Warehouse 1, gatehouse
                                     and service yard
A2     “Alt Meadows”, land off       Re-routing of the River Alt and       Liverpool City     Not applicable       £1.2m      Autumn 2014
       East Lancs Road/              creation of a new meadow              Council
       Stonebridge Lane/             parkland alongside the river
       Parkstile Road
A3     Sugarbrook Starbucks, East    New drive-thru Starbucks cafe         Eurogarages/       30 new jobs          £1m        March 2015
       Lancashire Road                                                     Starbucks          created
A4     "Vikings Landing", Marstons   To erect pub/restaurant with          Marstons Inns &    60 new jobs          £1.2m      October
       Pub, Stonebridge Business     ancillary manager’s                   Taverns, and       created                         2015
       Park                          accommodation and car                 Wildgoose
                                     parking                               Construction Ltd

A5     Land off Sugarbrook Drive,    To erect new 70,000 sq ft             St Modwen          230 new jobs to be   £12m       March 2016
       Stonebridge Business Park     distribution warehouse for            Developments       created
                                     parcel delivery firm DPD/             Limited

A6     Land at Gillmoss Industrial   To erect industrial building for B8   St Modwen          30 new jobs          £10.2m     August 2016
       Estate                        use together with associated          Developments
                                     loading areas, car parking and        Limited
A7     Home Bargains                 To erect warehouse building           T.J. Morris        70 new jobs          £1.5m      December
       Warehouse 3, Portal Way,      and offices, vehicle                                                                     2016
       G-Park                        maintenance unit, staff gym &
                                     sports facility, gatehouse with
                                     service yards, car parking,
                                     fencing and landscaping.
A8     “Stonebridge West”, Land      To erect 4 industrial/warehouse       St Modwen          60 new jobs          £8m        April 2017
       off Sugarbrook Drive,         units (62,000 sq ft business          Developments
       Stonebridge Business Park     space)                                Limited
A9     Former Carcraft Site and      Conversion of existing training       T.J. Morris        40 new jobs          £10m       July 2017
       TJM Training Centre, Portal   centre to offices, and
       Way                           conversion of former car
                                     hypermarket building to form
                                     retail training centre with
                                     associated accommodation at
                                     first and second floor levels and
                                     2 retail units.
A10    New Fruit & Vegetable         To erect single storey building       Liverpool City     Circa 200 jobs       £7.3m      October
       Market, Stonebridge           and growers stand for                 Council            safeguarded                     2017
       Business Park                 distribution and business uses in
                                     connection with wholesale fruit
                                     and vegetable market with
                                     gate house, new access,
                                     parking and associated
                                     servicing, landscaping and
                                     ancillary works.

MAP    ADDRESS                       DESCRIPTION                           DEVELOPER          STATUS               COST       POTENTIAL
REF                                                                                                                           JOBS
PROPOSED (as at February 2018)
C1     Stonebridge Cross             To demolish existing buildings        Gallan Stoford     Permission           £30m       500 new jobs
                                     and erect 2 buildings (max            Liverpool Ltd      granted
                                     height not exceeding 20m) to                             November 2013
                                     comprise storage and
                                     distribution centre with ancillary
                                     office with associated
                                     landscaping, parking, servicing
                                     areas and ancillary works.

                             Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                                     - Review          |   16
Central Liverpool MDZ (Edge Lane)
Central Liverpool MDZ enjoys some of the                      RETAIL/LEISURE
highest take-up rates anywhere in the city.
Major employers include Nutricia Liverpool, the               New retail development centres around the former 400,000
worldwide lead in Advanced Medical Nutrition                  sq ft Edge Lane Retail Park which will be completely
                                                              redeveloped, rebadged Liverpool Shopping Park and re-
for use in dietary support. Barclays Bank chose               focused to target fashion retailers. A new 80,000 sq ft bulky
the area for one of its busiest call centres; the             goods retail park will also be built on a disused car park
life-changing Roy Castle Lung Foundation’s                    next to the site and rebranded Lifestyle at Liverpool
research hub is based here, along with the                    Shopping Park. Derwent has already signed up B&M, which
game-changing tech of Human Recognition                       opened a 30,000 sq ft unit in August, in addition to a
                                                              Halfords store and Hollywood Bowl. 17 units at “The
Systems and clinical food specialist Nutricia.                Western Quarter” opened in October 2017, with the
                                                              remaining 21 units will open in summer 2018.
Well connected, planned, and provisioned, the
zone sits either side of Edge Lane, the main                  EDUCATION
traffic artery into the city from the end of the
M62 motorway. It is home to both Wavertree                    In summer 2015, academy school operator the Lydiate
Technology Park and Liverpool Innovation Park,                Learning Trust announced it had bought Vortex House, a
both forming an industrious community of small                former modern office building on Wavertree Technology
                                                              Park. The building is to be converted to a Studio School,
and medium-sized digital and tech firms and                   funded by the state, and will offer business and technology
knowledge-intensive specialists. These include                courses to 14 to 19 year-olds as well as classes in engineering,
mobile communications, finance and pharma-                    accountancy and textiles. Its stated concept is to provide
ceutical companies; all enjoying super-fast fibre-            young people with a better, more practical understanding of
                                                              the world of work before they leave education.
optic broadband, acres of free parking and a
great range of local services on their doorstep.
                                                                 CENTRAL LIVERPOOL MDZ
Liverpool Innovation Park hosts several businesses               SINCE APRIL 2012 (as at February 2018)
specialising in digital and creative technologies including
AIMES Grid Services, website consultancy BMK Digital and
Zut Media. During 2015, Barclays Bank undertook a £6.4
                                                                    £103m            Investment value (plus £11.6m
million refurbishment of its 30 year old call centre,
increasing the number working there by 110.
                                                                       1,146         New jobs opportunities
These businesses are set to be joined by a new film and
television studio to be created within and surrounding
the Art Deco former Littlewoods Building. The £25                     1,130          Existing jobs safeguarded
million+ scheme announced in summer 2015 will employ
over 500 people. A detailed planning application is
currently anticipated. The developer, Capital & Centric,
                                                                      £40m           Investment value currently on
also completed a refurbishment of the “The Bunker” –
                                                                                     Potential new jobs to be created
the former catalogue storage warehouse, as serviced
offices for new and developing digital businesses.
                                                                          440        by current schemes on site

                                                                                     Potential investment value of
MANUFACTURING & LOGISTICS                                              £30m          schemes with or seeking
The zone is also home to several distribution warehouses.                            permission
In September 2015, Parabola completed a £2.5 million
                                                                                     Potential new jobs to be created
refurbishment of the 170,000 sq ft “Space 170” former TJ                540+         by proposed developments
Hughes Depot. When fully occupied by new tenants, it
will have the capacity to provide employment for up to
170 people.

                    Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                         - Review          |   17

1                                                                            4

                                                          2                                                                            5

                                                          3                                                                            6

1.   Barclays call centre at Wavertree Technology Park            4.   Capital & Centric’s “The Bunker” brought 17,500 sq ft
     underwent a £6.4 million refurbishment in 2015,                   serviced office space in February 2015. When full, it will
     making room for 110 additional staff.                             have room for 135 employees.

2.   A new B&M Home Store opened on Edge Lane Retail              5.   The iconic former Littlewoods Building on Edge Lane is set to
     Park in August 2015 bringing 75 new jobs.                         be transformed into a £25 million film and television studio
                                                                       expected to provide employment for over 500.
3.   Artist’s CGI of Derwent’s £100 million Liverpool
     Shopping Park. Over half of the scheme is now open           6.   Vortex House on Wavertree Technology Park has become a
     and trading.                                                      Studio School offering business and technology courses to
                                                                       14 to 19 year olds. It opened in September 2016.

                             Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                           - Review           |   18




                                                                                  A2                          B1
                                                             Liverpool                       A11                                    A10
            A1                              C1
                                                                Park                            Shopping                                       A9
                                                                           A5                      Park
                                 Park            A3    A4
                                                            Technology Park


                                      H-4                        H-108


                                                                                       Crown copyright and database rights 2018 Ordnance Survey 100018351

Location of recently completed, current and
proposed major development schemes





        OF UNITS)


                         Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                                          - Review                |   19
MAP    ADDRESS                      DESCRIPTION                         DEVELOPER           JOBS CREATED /      COST       COMPLETION
REF                                                                                         SAFEGUARDED                    DATE
A1     Edge Lane West               Widening to dual carriageway        Liverpool City      Not applicable      £20.5m     May 2012
A2     Edge Lane Retail Park –      15,700 sq ft retail space in four   Derwent             75 new jobs         £10m       November
       Phase 0, Binns Road          new units                           Holdings            created                        2013
A3     “The Bunker”, Littlewoods    Conversion of former storage        Capital &           135 jobs created    £4m        February
       site, Edge Lane              facility to serviced offices with   Centric             when full                      2015
                                    17,500 sq ft of space
A4     Barclays Call Centre,        Phased refurbishment of 120,000     Barclays            110 new jobs        £6.4m      October
       Wavertree Technology         sq ft call centre (increasing                           created; 1,130                 2015
       Park                         number of jobs from 1,130 to                            jobs safeguarded
A5     “Space 170”, Pighue Lane     Refurbishment of 170,000 sq ft      Parabola            170 new jobs        £2.5m      September
                                    distribution warehouse                                  created when full              2015
A6     Edge Lane Retail Park:       Refurbishment and                   Derwent             75 new jobs         £2m        August 2015
       B&M STORE, (former MFI       reconfiguration of existing         Holdings Ltd        created
       unit)                        derelict retail units

A7     Land adjacent to Saka        To develop land as household        Merseyside          6 new jobs          £1.4m      December
       Cash & Carry Warehouse,      waste recycling centre with         Waste Disposal      created                        2015
       off Cheadle Avenue           associated works including          Authority
                                    covered bulk recycling area,
                                    waste enclosure, site office, car
                                    parking and recycling areas

A8     “Studio@Deyes”,              Conversion from offices to state    Lydiate Learning    Not disclosed       £2m        August 2016
       Enterprise Way, Wavertree    funded School.                      Trust
       Technology Park
A9     Mill Lane Trade Park, Mill   19 starter business units/trade     Derwent             75 new jobs         £10m       July 2017
       Lane                         counters                            Holdings Ltd        created
A10    Liverpool Shopping Park –    New B&Q store and additional        Derwent             100 new jobs        £4m        July 2017
       B&Q                          retail                              Holdings Ltd        created
A11    Liverpool Shopping Park –    17 new retail/leisure units         Derwent             400 new jobs        £40m       October
       Western Quarter                                                  Holdings Ltd        created                        2017
ON SITE (as at February 2018)
B1     Liverpool Shopping Park –    21 new retail/leisure units         Derwent             440 new jobs to     £40m       2017
       eastern Quarter                                                  Holdings Ltd        be created

MAP    ADDRESS                      DESCRIPTION                         DEVELOPER           STATUS              COST       POTENTIAL
REF                                                                                                                        JOBS
PROPOSED (as at February 2018)
C1     Former Littlewoods           Phased refurbishment and            Capital &           Part approval       £25m       500+
       Building, 200 Edge Lane      development as new film and         Centric             granted.                       proposed
       and part of Liverpool        television studios                                                                     new jobs
       Innovation Park
C2     Wavertree Retail Park        To build 5 new non-food retail      Derwent             Permission          £3m        40 proposed
                                    units between the existing retail   Construction Ltd    granted June                   new jobs
                                    units, including changes to car                         2015
                                    parking and servicing layouts
C3     Land at Laurel Road/         To erect warehouse with             HD Properties LLP   Application         £2m        7 proposed
       Edge Lane                    ancillary showroom and trade                            15F/2045                       new jobs
                                    counter.                                                submitted
                                                                                            October 2015

                             Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                                   - Review         |   20
Knowledge Quarter MDZ
The Knowledge Quarter zone is home to a                        UNIVERSITIES & EDUCATION
wealth of knowledge assets, including major
teaching, public service and cultural facilities,              Both the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores
and a concentration of commercial knowledge                    University are major occupants of and investors within the
                                                               zone. The University of Liverpool has spent almost £100
related businesses. It forms a key priority of the             million here since April 2012, not only rebuilding and
City Centre Strategic Investment Framework to                  extending its facilities but also bringing over 100 new jobs.
help increase the area’s economic potential and                It is currently investing £73 million that will bring a further
to attract and retain research companies and                   106 jobs.
high growth businesses.
                                                               Similarly, Liverpool John Moores University has spent £40
                                                               million on its facilities (bringing over 140 new jobs) over the
Amongst its compelling economic assets are the                 last four years, and is planning a £100 million extension to
city’s universities, the Royal Liverpool University            its campus using the former Parcel Sorting Office site off
Hospital, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine,               Copperas Hill and additional vacant land behind the Adelphi
Liverpool Science Park, National Oceanographic                 Hotel. A revised scheme is currently in preparation.
Centre, Mersey Bio Incubator, the Art & Design                 With sites close to and around the university campuses now
Academy, Liverpool Institute for the Performing                becoming rare, attention is turning to the northern perimeter
Arts, and Liverpool Community College.                         of the zone along Islington where the Islington Regeneration
Between them, these organisations provide                      Company is working on a masterplan of three major scheme
                                                               to bring almost 1,700 student bedrooms to the area.
accommodation for learning, research,
incubation and commercialisation by new and
growing businesses.                                               KNOWLEDGE QUARTER MDZ

                                                                  SINCE APRIL 2012 (as at February 2018)
The new £335 million Royal Liverpool University Hospital is
now around 90% completed. It forms part of a new health
campus that includes the £25 million Life Sciences                    £602m               Investment value completed*
                                                                                          (plus £273m residential & student
Accelerator completed in summer 2017 and now providing
space for over 500 research workers; and the £118 million
Clatterbridge Cancer Treatment Centre that started on site
in early 2017. A relocation of the Liverpool Womens’
                                                                       1,402              New jobs opportunities created
Hospital to the campus is now also being suggested.
                                                                      £321m               Investment value currently on
                                                                                          site* (plus £346m student &
The zone is also home to the Liverpool School of Tropical
Medicine, who opened the £7 million “Wolfson Building” to                                 residential accommodation)
house the Centre for Maternal and Newborn Health in early
2015 bringing 180 jobs. A £4 million extension has now                        309         Potential new jobs to be
been proposed for the centre, bringing a further 60 jobs.                                 created by current schemes
                                                                                          on site
The zone is also growing to include additional opportunities
for health sector research and development. The Liverpool
Science Park (owned by the City Council and the two                   £115m               Potential investment value of
                                                                                          schemes with or seeking
universities) opened its £8 million IC3 building featuring a
commercial laboratory space targeted at fledgling new
                                                                                          permission* (plus £371m residential
medical research companies. Some 70,000 of its 80,000 sq                                  & student accommodation; plus £1bn
ft is now occupied. As well as a wide range of IT and life                                potential at Paddington Village)
science firms, LSP is home to Merseyside’s investment fund
for small life science firms known as Spark Impact.                              80       Potential new jobs to be
                                                                                          created by the above proposed
Plans have been announced for a £1 billion extension of the                               developments
Knowledge Quarter at Paddington Village, with two of the
three first buildings (Liverpool International College and        * includes pro rata completed (£286m) /on site (£49m) and proposed
Rutherford Cancer Centre North West) now under                      (£96m for demolition of old building) parts of Royal Liverpool
                                                                    University Hospital
construction. The Royal College of Physicians will follow.

                    Liverpool’s Mayoral Development Zones                             - Review              |   21
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